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Addressed Senate on Indlan
ola Postofflce Affair.
He Sald South Was Continually Being
Beminded of the Facl That Her
PeopleyWere Conqucred?Booker
as Secretary of Anything.
<ny Ajwocluteil Press.)
WASHINGTON. D. C, February 23.?
A large crowd was atlriicted to the Sen?
ate lo-day, most of them visiting Daugh
t-ira of the Amerlcan Revolution. Wash
Ington's farewell address was lead by Mr.
Dubols. of Idaho. Tha omnlbus publlc
bullding blll was passed and the post*
office appr/oprlation blll was considered
without flnal actlon.
Mr. Tlllman spoke tor nearly two hours,
prlnclpally ln reply to Mr. Spooner, on
the Indlanola pjsiolhce case. He sald
that II the policy of the admUilstrotlon
ln regard to th<i equailty uf lhe negro
was carried t?ut"'dr>d Booker Washlngton
should be appoliited to tho Cablnet he
would vote for'. h'ie "confirmatlon. He dla
not conclude' his .remarir.3.
Durlng the rcadlng of Washlngton's ?d
dress. Reed Smoot, Senator-elcct from
Utah, entered the chamber and took a
deal beslde Mr. Kerns. The Rawllna res?
olutlon calllng on the Secretary of War
for Information concernlng court-nmrtlal
cases In th? Philipplnes was favorably
reported by Jlr, Lodge and adopted wlth
an amendment llmltlng the reply to suni
mories of the records and testimony.
Another amendment, whlch waa adopted,
?xcludes the caso of Major Ln AV. T.
Mr. Kerns, of Utah, presented the cro
tl.-ntlals of Senator-olcct Reed Smoot, of
Ctah, whlch were read. Mr. Smoot i was
elttlng ln the rear of the ohambor when
lhe document was read. .
Mr. Burrows, of Michlgan, stated that
a protest had been flled with hls com
rr.'llee agalnst Mr. Smoot's admlsslon.
The credentials and protest were filed.
A House resolutlon was agreed to. pro?
vldlng for the ereetion In Washlngton. T3.
C. of bronze equestrlan statues of Count
Pulaski and Baron Steuben, of the Con
tlntntal army, and approprtating $50,000
for each.
".Ir. Mason then called up the post
offacft approprlatlon blll. Its formal read
Inc was dispensed with and the blll was
read for amendment. The statehood
amendment was passed over for che time
belng Mr. Mason ylclded to Mr. Falr
b.inks. who presented nn omnlbus public
bii-liilng blll.
Mcssra. Dnnlel and Martln. of Vlrglnla,
mnde nn en.mest plea for an lncreased
nnproprlntlon for n huildlng nt Ports
rrimith. Va. Mr, Martln explained that
the nmendment wns directly ln line wlth
trr- p.ii|aos?? <>f the hlll. and asked Mr.
FiilrbnnkR why he nb.teotcd lo It.
Mr Fulrhnnks declared lhat hls rea?
son wns that the commlttee had lnformn
tl.in thnt there was n real estate dcal or
COii.l.iriHllon to run up the nrlor*. Thls
Mr. .Martln empha tlcally denlcd.
(in a vfia ai nd nsi'y vote the amendment
was lost. 2n io :if.
All other nmeiirlment* were voted down
and the l.tll wns pnsi<a>d.
ConsMcra tlon nf trie postofflce appTO
prtntlon blll was "e<siinied.
The presldent pro tem Hpp.-lnt?*d M-ss-s.
Alcer nnd Baron vlsltors to tho Mllltary
Academy. He also nnpolnted Messrs Mc
Comns nnd Oanlel vlsltors to th Naval
Mr. Tlllman. who had he?n standlng
iri the nlsle rnde-i vnrlng to get recojrn'
tlnn to spenk ifigtirdlng the Idlanola,
Miss.. onse, Imiulred what wns up T tlio
post.affiee hlll went iif*r. The presldent
pro-tem replied he iin.lorstn.id the S' n.i
lor from Routh Cnrnllnn was eoirdng up
on hls fax-t. ni wl.irh the Senute was cn
vulsod. Mr. Tlllman snld he would have
to surprlse hls frlends nrd aistonlsli hls
enemles lf he wns not mlld and temper
ate In what he had to ?ay.
"lf we hnd known at the be-glnnlnK of
tba Clvll Wjjir," *nJd he. "what wc know
now. there .would'*'hnve been nn wir,"
He lnquired why thi* larg'* majorlty fif |?w
.ibldlng iioopte Iri Indlatnoln had .heen
puialshed hecausa*. there was n small. law
less and l.rutal element." ll wis i-on
triiry. he snld. lo tha? fundamRntiil prln
rtples of AnRln Snxon jurisprudenc*.
IN l'NION, NOT 01" IT.
Replylng to some remarks by Mr,
Spooner In hls speech. Mr. Tlllman eald:
"It Is not lu tho dreams of the wlldo?t
ass that roams over the Southern States
wlth a ?'iis skln on hlm that the Federal
Government Is not supreme." hut. he
snld. there were some cognlte proposll Ioiib
which hnv-e beon Ignored. He. snld that
In tho South the people have a constant
remlnder that thelr inacestors thlrty-flve
years ago were conquered. "We are per
petually remlnded." he sald, accentuat
ing hls words. "that we aro In the Unlon,
but not of It excopt to pay taxes."
Tho poison ln Oi* race conditlon In the
South, he .lenlured, lay ln ihe referee
Bystem whlch had been adopted. Tho
balance of power. he K-.td. In tho natlon?
al Republlcan conventlon* was held by
the macblne of the South, nnd that ma
chlne was romposer" of negroes, w hen
the people of tlie South, snld lie. l?se p?.
tler.ef. and "do r.ruet. l.liier, "f*-ttful
flendlsh and navage thlngs thero is a*
howl from men who know riotti nu aad
have never heen soutla of tlie Pofomao,
but who have theorlised."
Contlrnjlng, nnd i.ddr??sslng the Kepuh*
llcan slde. he said that ir ihln policy of
negro equallly ls carried out ard lf -,nnio
of ihom could li? Riven plapes ln tho
Cablnot, he would vot<; for them.
"1 wlll vote to eonfirm Hooknr Wash?
lngton as secretary of anything. Lot us
have a ne?rr<>. a gfinulrio negro, not u
mulatto or hybrld. Then let us rnako
them offlcers In the army und the navy,
Let us glvo ihern pro rata share of nll
tho cood Johs wherever they exlat. with?
out regard to local rondllloras."
He added tliat nothlns of the port
would be done After speaklng for near?
ly two hours, and, n )t coneludlng. ho
yleliled ror am PXfiCUtiVe sesslon.
The pOBlnfflee npprojirlatlon hlll Is still
before il.e Benate,
Al f.:"" o'elOck P. M. tlie Sonate ud*
(lly Aani.da.len PrnsA
-WASHINGTON. l"eb B.-The Unlted
Itatos Supreme Court lo-day d*elded the
prtse money eattB brought by Adtnlral
Dewey in hehalf of hlmaolf nn.l the offl*
iara und men of hls tleei on account of
Ihe vfauselH Hunk at Mnnlla lluy and after.
Lo not gripe r.or 1: j .? ?. the ai!;:.tn.
lary cailtli. 'Iwe; act keutly jej
IJrorxipiiy, clCBuie ellertuaU} und
Sold hy all dru?i,'h>>'*> ""? c*--ia?.
OUR NAME under your collar stnmps
von ns a wearer of tho best clothes
money can-btiy.
This ts the time when winter
gets it "right in tlie neck"?in
fact, he completcly "loses his
head," and the coming spring,
with its mclting" ways, means
meltinrr prices.
To-day about forty $15 Suits
are marked $9.75.
The n?w Dunlap Hats are in, I
and every one's praising the new
ward reclalmed. ln their favor: but the
eases of Admlral Sampson, for whose
name that of Admlral Taylor was sub
Rtituted in hls own behalf, and that of
hls offlcera and men. on aceount of the
Marla T.heresa, Bunk at the battlo of San
tlago, were declded adversely to the
Tho Theresa was Bunk after belng res?
cued. whereas the vesscls roclatmed at
Mnnlla nre still in use.
The court flrst passed on tho Dcwoy
case. Taklng up the question as to
whether tho Spanlsh vessels Don Junn de
Austria, the Isla de Cuba and tho Isla de
Luzon were properly adjudlcated as prizes
for the beneflt of captors In vlew of their
condltlon Immedlately after the engage
mont at Manlla. and thelr belng Biibso
quently ralsed and put Into commlsslon,
the oplnlon says thnt lf the offort at sal
vagc hnd falled or If the cost had equalled
or execoded the value, the captors still
would be entltled to bounty.
Taklng up the Snmpson casea on passlng
on tho case of the Marla Theresa. tho
court reverses the decree of condemnu
lion of the Dlstrlct Court to the effeet
that t.hat vcssel nnd a'l the property taken
from her and from the other vessels were
lawful prizes of war. nnd dlrects that the
libel flled by the naval offlcers be dls
Gly Ansoclateil FresK.)
WASHINGTON. Fob. 23.?The Supreme
Court of the Unlted States to-day afflrm
ed the Judstment of tbe Court of Appeals
of the State of New York dlscharglng
from the custody of the Chlef of Pollce
of Albany, N. Y.. Charles K. Corkran.
iv.ho was hold on a warrant by the Gov?
ernor of New York grantlng a requlsitlon
from the Oovcrnor of Tennosseo.
The case ralsed the question as to
vvhnther Corkran could have been held
lo he a fugttlve from Justice from Ten
nessee lf It wero shown lhat he was not
In the State when the alleged acts for
whlch he was arrested were alleged ta
liave been commltted.
The Supreme Court held that If on the
testlmony of Corkran, uncontradlcted. he
was not In Tennessee at the tlme men
tloned, he wns not a fugltivo from Justice
under the Federal atatute.
? ,???
(By Ansocluted Prees.)
?WASHINGTON. D. C, February 23
In the Unlted States Supreme Court to
tl_>y Justice Holmes dellvered an oplnlon
ln the Unlted States vs. the crew and
nfHcers of the warshlp Mangrove. The
cost lnvolved the prlze money for the
enpture of the Spanlsh steamer Panama
clurlnB the Spanlsh-Amerlcan war, The
New York, the India na and the Wllmlng
ton clalmed n part of the prlzo, ' but tho
court held that they were not wlthln sIr
nnlllng distance at the tlme of the cap
ture, and, therefore, were entltled to noth?
(By Assorlntofl PreM..
WASHINGTON, Feb. __i.-The Senate
Comrnlttee on Phlllpplnes to-day declded
to take no further testlmony regardlng
iitroclllci alleged to have been commltted
by Unlted States army offlcers In the
Phlllpplnes. Sevoral men are ln the clty
ln an effort to glvo testlmony regardlng
the* casea of Father Augustlno and the
alleged vlolatlons of tlte rules of warfare
at the battle of Calooran, and to-morrow
they will present tholr evldence to Sana
tor Carniack, of Tennossee, wllh a vl'fiw
to publication ln the' ? Congreaslonal
(By AsKftclHt.n Preii..
WASHINGTON, February 23.?The Sen
ute Commlttee on Phillpplno Islnnds to
'? day reported u(lversely Senator CarrniicV's
' rosolutlon dlrecllng the cornmlitee t,i con
1 tlnue tlie lnvestlgatlon of condltlons In
the Phllipplnes,
I The commlttee fleiclOd not to prlnt tha
compllatton of recelpts and expendlturfis
In the Phllipplnes, as It waa found tha
expense would bo about $65,000.
House Commlttee on Mer
chant Marlne Refused to
Report It.
iju A-noe-Utud I'n-vs.'i
WASHINGTON, D. C. February 2S.
The HouBfi Commlttee on Merchant Ma?
rlne and Fisherl&a to-day voted nol to
report the shlp subsldy blll to the House,
tln vote belnK 6 to 10,
Thoso votlng for lt were: Grosvenor, of
Onlii; Young, of Pennsylvanla; Green, of
Massaoliusottsi Fordney. of Mlchlgan;
WHichter. of Maryland; Llttbiflekl, of
Thoxe votlng agaln. t repnrtlng ll Were;
l'tepresentatlvoa Hopkins. of 11 Inols; M|.
,-.??? r,r M-iaron-'iv "tf-?nf. pf Mnne.
Bota; Jones, of Washinglon, Republlcans,
auu tjjiight, of Ml-Sins.ppl; Small of
North Ciu'oiina; DuvU. o_ piorlda; Mc
Dfttniott. of New Jeraey; Bclmont, of
New york. and Snook, of Ohlo. D.-mo
Koprehentative Vreeland, of ISew York,
i waa not ?.reaent,
Daughters of Revolutlon WJ11
Have a Wrangle.
Wants to Succoed Herself, Whlle Somo
Say She Is Inellglble ? Llvely Debate
Over the Seating of the
Vice-R. gents.
(By A-Soclut.n rr_i?..
WASHINGTON, D, C February 23.
The twelfth Contlnental Congresa of the
Daughters of the Amerlcan Revolutlon
convened In thls clty to-day, Approxi-j
mately 1,000 delegatcs and alternatea
were present from all the Statea tn the
Unlon. The congTeas wlll be ln aeaslon
throughout tha week, and already bld?
falr to be marked by aeveral warm con
tcsts, the prlnclpal one belng over the
offlce of preSldent-general.
Mrs. Charlea W. Falrbanke la a candl
date to aucceed herself for the aecond
time. She already haa-aerved one term
as prcsldent-genersl and one term before
that as vlce-presldent-general and the op?
ponenta to her re-elecUon claim that her
tenure In both oflices operate aa two con?
secutlve terma, an amendment to the
constltutlon Inhlbltlng the offlcers from
aervlng more than two consecutlve terms,
Tho advocates of her re-electlon contend
that tha amendment was not retroactlve
and thnt she ls therefore ellglble.
Mrs. Danlel Mannlng and Mrs, Donnld
McLean, both df New York clty, wlll be
conspleuous ln the aampaign for presl
dent-generaJ. The election wlll occur
Lrvmt/ir debate.
The feature of to-day's proceedlngs
were the address of welcome of Preal
dent-Gerieral Falrbanks, the response by
Mra. Mary Phelps Montgomery, of Ore?
gon, whlch took place thla morning. and
the ceremony of ralslng on the slte of the
Memorlal Contlnental Hall the flag pre?
sented to the society by the Sons of the
American Revolutlon. of Washlngton.
The afternoon season was ushered In
by a llvely tllt over the question of seat
Ing on the floor of the congress oll the
State vlce-regents os tho altornates to
the Stato regents. The motion to that
effeet was made by Mrs. Robert E. Park,
of Georgla, who wlth Mrs. Donald Mc?
Lean, of New York, led the afllrmatlve
slde of the debate, whlle BIra. A. G.
Draiper, of thla clty, led the negatlve.
It waa flnally voted to aeat the vlce
regents In the absence of the regents
Edwln VVarfleld, of Baltlmore. pre.l
dent-Bencral of the Sons of the Amer can
Revolutlon, mado an nddress. In whlch
he pald a hlgh euloglum to Preslderts
WashlnRton. I.lnclon nnd McKlnley. He
arralgned Congress for not havlng ap
proprlated money for the ereotion ot
Contlnental Hall,
(By Asioctated rr.ss.)
WASHINGTON. D. C. February 23.
The War Department has sent notice to
the Governora ot each State i^ the Union
that lt ia preparcd to aupply them upon
demand and according to their legal al
lowances with "rlot cartrldges." Thls Is
a new form of ammunltlon, prepared by
tho experts of the Ordnance Bureau. to
cnab!o offlcers of tho law and soldiers to
ropel rioters with the least possible loss
of life to the Innocent spectator.
The shell Is like that of the regular
shell used in the army rlfle, wlth the Im?
portant nxcoptlon that instead of the long
nlckel-plated and steel-clod bullet,. two
balls are placed ln tho mouth. Tho de
?tlgn waa apparently to securo something
of greator range than buckshot, yet not
dangerous to persons at a dlstnnce, The
cartridge la chargod wlth about thlrty-tour
gTalns of smokeloss pmvder. Tho balls
are mado of a mlxture. of tmid nnd tin ln
the proportlon of 1G to 1, and are sllghtly
coated wlth parafllno. ; The rilameitor of
the ball Is 0.3$ Inch, and tho weluhtls 42
gralns. The servlca prlmer for smoke
lees powder ls used.
The cartrldges have sufllclent accuraey
for cffecOve use at 200 yards.
(By Assoelated Press.)
WAUHINOTON, February 23.?A scheme
for tho organization of the new Depart?
ment of Commerce and i.abor haa been
lald before Congress by Secretary Cortel?
you In the eatlmates transmltted to thnt
body to-dny through the Secretary of
Trensury. In addltlon to the twelve
branchos of the publlc service transforred
to tho new department trom other dopurt
mentB whlch have been approprlated for
Secretary Cortelyou asks for approprin
llons for salarles aggrogatlng 5668.690.
The salarles caver the Secretary's offlce.
the Buroaus of Corporatlons and Munn
fueturcs and suhnrdtnate dl>.'lHlons. Sec?
retary Cortelyou asks for $7,000,000 for a
bullding for the department.
(Bj> Assocltttod Prem,)
tVASHINQTON, 13. C, February 83,
Tho Persldent to-day sent to lhe Sonato
a voto of the blll to plnce irancls 8
Davldson. late a hrst Ueutenant of tha
Unlted States cavalry. on the retired llst.
He polnts out thnt tho otTicer was dls
mlssed twenty-seven years ago and has
rtndered.no nervlce^to the government
since. and says It would be an Injustlce
to other ofllcers wlth honorablo recorda
to retlre Davldson.
... , (Hy Aa.?aji..|ate.l Pretm.i
VyASHlNCiTON. Feb, 13.-ln an opinion
d.-llveiiri t,y Justlce Holmes ln the ause
of Kidd vs. the Btate of Alabama. tho
Cnlted Slatias Supreme Court to*tlay held
that u Stuto has the rlght to tax the stocli
of a rallroad Incornoratoit In another State
whloh ls held by the Slate ueeklng to
I exerclse the power.
Tho opinion affirmed tha decfelon of the
Supreme Court of the Slute of Alributnsi.
.? ??- ,
?Will'am R, Day Confirmed.
| .n.- '-v.rl.nert |*-..?a*..)
WASHINGTON, D. C, 1-Vt. 23-Con
flrmatlona by the Senote: Wllllam R.
Day, of Ohlo. assnctnte JUKtlee of the
Supreme Court of the Unlted Stuies;
John K. Rlchards. ol Ohlo. clrcult
Judge for the Slxth Judlclal Clrcult;
Henry M. Hoyt, of rennsylvanli*. SQllo
\ltor general.
1 V ?.
No hlgher Standard
than that of
implicd by the trade-marlc,
the Lion, the Anchor. and
the _, is known to the
trade. The bulk of silver
warc other than Gorham
fails appreciably below the
standard, yet costs as much.
Adopted by the House and
Sent to the Senate With
One Amendment.
(By Aitoclated Pre??.)
"WASHINGTON, D. C, Feb. 23.-The
Houae to-day pasaed and sent to tho Sen?
ate the general deflclency approprlatlon
blll, the laat of the regular budgete, It
carrled $18,-8.781. The only amond
ment qf Importance was one approprlat
lng $1,100,000 to replace tho atores and
storehouse at Rock Island nrsenal, re?
cently destroyed by flre.
The blll to amend the railway snfety
appllance act was sent to conferenco,
and the confereoa were Instruoted, on
motlon of Mr. Underwood, of Alahama,
not to Inslst upon that portlon of the
House amendmont glving the Intorsttito
Commerce Commlaslon power to reduco
below flfty per cent. the numbor of
cars equlpped wlth pntont nlr brukes.
Tho Houae adjourncd untll to-morrow.
Rumors as to the Statehood Blll, but
/ Little Hope Entertained.
(By A--u-lut.il Prem.l
WASHINGTON, D, C. February 23.
All day thero haa been talk of compromtse
on the statohood blll. It was generally un?
derstood that what la apoken of aa tho
Spoonor blll?the two-State blll drawn by
tho Wleoonsin Senator?would be satlsfac
tory tothe Republlcans. The terms of thla
compromlse havo herotofora been known
os the State of Montezuma compromlse.
The Democrats, whlle talklng In a con
cllatory iplrlt. sald they had llttle hope
that the Republlcan propositlon would be
ncceptable to them. It 13 qulte llkely
that when this pro(pT5sltlon Is submltted,
the Democrats wlll havo a conferenco.
Probably'a countei1 propositlon wlll then
be mado, provldlng that when Arlzona
has a poulatlon whlch Is the average for
a representatk'e in Conjrress. It shall br
admltted Os a 8tato; also that a censua
shnll be takon every yoar. The Democrats
say they want a provlslon flxlng a date
whlch wlll brlng Arlzona Into the Unlon.
Thls would not be satlstactory to the
Whlle tho efforts toward n compromlse
are In progress, there aro only a few
S'-nators who expect an adjustment to be
reached and tho prospocts of statehood
legislatlon aro still rcrrfbte.
There.was nn carnosf conferenco ln the
faenuto Chamber after an adjournment.
partlclpated ln by Senators Aldrich. Quny,
Hanna, Foraker, McComas, Boverldge and
Keano, when lt was deflnltoly decided
thnt the propositlon for a compromlse nn
two States should be submltted to tho
Oenmcrats. Senator Quay presented a
niemorandum of tho Important features
of the compromlse to Senator Bate. who
wlll present It to a conforonre of Demo?
crats called for 10 o'clock to-morrow.
It Is said that tho Republlcan proposi?
tlon wlll bo rejected and a counter-prop
osltlon mado. Democratlc leaders say
that they ennnot accept the compromlse
suggested and Republlcans any that no
further susrBe.-tlons wlll be mado.
Presidential Nomlnatlons.
(By A-socUted Preis.)
WASHINGTON. Feb. 23.-The Presldent
to-day sent the followlng nomlnatlons to
(he Senate:
Postmastera?Georgla, Hattle F. Gllmer.
Loulslana?Rnoul J. Bienvenu. St. Mar
tlnsville; Joseph T. Lablt. Abbevllle;
Henry C. Ray, Monroe.
Misslsslppi?John C. Cllfton. Senatobla.
North Carollna?George XV. Robblna.
Rocky Mount.
Jefferson Grove to Meet To-Night.
Ball at Belvidere Hall Friday.
Jefferson Grove, No. 14. Drulds, wlll
meet to-nlght at Sprlngfleld Hall, Twonty
slxth and M Streets. ?.
On Friday nlght Belviflcre Grove, No.
21, will glve n ball at Belvidere Hall.
Mr. L. C. Olssolbrecht has received a
letter from E. II. Goetze. of San Frari*
clsco. a memher of the Suqreme Grove,
commendlns hlm for hls good work for
tho order in thls city,
Tannehlll Denies.
A letter hns heen received here hy Mr.
L. C. Olssetlarecht from Jesse Tannehlll,
the well known bnll player, ln whlch ho
denies the stnlement thnt went out that
he and hls brother Loe had beon whlpped
in a light by Cy Seymour. the hnll player
ln Clnclnnti. Tannehlll sald that he beat"
Seymour alone, because he had boen in
sulted by tha latter.
An lmportant Opinion Deliv
ered by Justlce Brewer in
Supreme Court.
(By AssocUtad Pre??.)
WASHINGTON. Feb. 23,-Justico Brew?
er to-day dcllvered the opinion of the
Unlted States Supreme Court In the caso
of tho Unlted States vs; Arthur LIner,
holdlng that ln oascs in whlch th? prop?
erty of prlvate Individuals ls destroyed
through government lmprovements thu
ownors are entltlcd to recover damagea.
Llnox and WalUams are tho owuera of
rlcu plantatlons on tho Havannah Itlvor.
and whlch. It ls clalmed. huvo heen rulnca
b>, floodlng. owlng to tho conntruotlon of
a daiu hy the government. They brought
sult In the Pedural Clrcult Court of South
Carollna nnd were awarded 310,000. To
duy's opinion iirTlrma the opinion of the
Souih Carolliin court.
The coun he|d the destrnction of the
land to be equlvnleut to taking lt for
the purpotie of making lmprovements.
The Chlef Justlce "-."-J....JuMlre.s Hinl.-.n
and Whlto anl'ed?-'Guf? "''"""ntliig opin?
ion. whlch wan _yye*?<i by Ui&k last
.named. _M \ 7 \
Temporary Organization Is
Effected and Offlcers Chosen
.njury to an Aged Lady?Last Dance of
the Season ?Two Funorals?Coun?
cil Oommlttee Meotlngs.
News Notes.
The Tlmes-Dlapaich Bureau. I
No. IKtt Hull Street. .
"Cnder the moat favorable and flatterlng
ousplcea a lodge of Elka was organized
and temporary offlcers woro eiected In
Mar.ohestor lart night. wlth a charter
membershlp of the cream of Monchos
ter'a cltlzenshlp, and wlth a set of offl?
cers that reflect most gracefully upon
the new organization.
Dlatriot Deputy Phll G. Kelly had
chorge of the errangoments ln hls offl?
clal capaclty. and Secretary T. R. A
Burke. of tho RIchmond Lodge, acted aa
temporary chairman of the meeting.
There wore o numbor of other mombera
of Richmond Lodgo preaent.
Tho meotlng waa called to order by
Mr. Eugone W. Llpscomb, through whose
cll orts, asslsted matorlally by thoso' of
Mr. T. L. Cerslcy. the bhafter list. was
aecurcd. After the meeting was called
to order Mr. Burko was asked to tho
chalr, and Mr. Louls Solgel was made
tomporary secretary, The followlng set
of offlcers wns thon unanlmoualy chosen:
F_"xalted ruler. Eugene W. Llpscomb;
eiteemed leadlng t knlght. Ernest H.
WcIIb; esteomed loyal knlght, J. H. Pat?
terson; estcemed lecturlng knlght, Ben
P. Owen; secretary, Wllllam J. Morrlsett;
treasurer, T. H. Beottlo; tller, John
Moore; trustees, Georgo ol. Gary, W. B.
Brndloy and E. T. Duval.
Mr, Bon P. Owen was aelocted as a
commltteo to aecure a hall for the In?
stitutlon and inatallatlon on March 16th
and for a permanont placo of meeting.
and Messrs. CharleB F. Jonea. John W.
Moore, W. R. BentUe. J. F. Duval and
T L. Cerslcy were appolnted bb a com?
mltteo of entcrtalnmont for tho occa?
Wlth the organization of the lodge and
the Inatallatlon before the clore of the
Icdpe year?the lst of Aprll?Manehoster
wlll have a representatlvo at the next
Grand LodRo meeting In Baltlmore In July
Tho Instnllntlon wlll probably bo held
at the Masonlc Hall on the nlght of
March 16th.
Mra. Mnry Llpscomb. mother of Chlef
of Pol'co Llpscomb, who fell ln h?r
room the other dny nnd badly lnjurrd
her hlp. wns not consldored so well lu-it
nlnrht. She llves at Ninth and Stock
ton Streets.
The dance Riven by the Monday Ciuh
at l.MirW Hall last nlght was the la.?l
untll after Lent. Thero was a Inrso
nttendnnce lnst nlffht. and a pleasant
tlme was had by all present.
Aftor Lent the danee? wlll bo resumed.
The funernl of Mrs. Helen E. Rlst
who dled nt tho homo of Mrs. Hnnn.ih
Holt. hor mother, N*o. Mi* Perry Stre>-.t.
on Sunday, wns from Mnunt Plsznh
Church. nenr Mldlothlan, yesterday af?
ternoon. the servlces belng conducted
by Rev. R. M. Chandler.
Sho was the wldow of Wyndom Rlst.
nn-l Ih survlved by n four-year-old chlld,
The remalns of Mrs. Sarah F. Tounst.
who dled at her home nenr Bon Alr
Sunday afternoon, wlll be burled ln tho
famlly burylng-trround thls afternoon at
__:f? o'clock, tt_e servlces to bo con?
ducted by Rev. Porter Hardy.
A tea wlll be Riven at the residenee
of Mrs. A C Hardinp on Maf-ch 5th
fnr.tho beneflt of Balnbrldgo-Slreel
Miss TVale Fahr has gone to New?
port, Tenn., for a vlslt to frlendR.
Tie Biilldl^e- and I.ands fomrntttee
wlll meet nt 7:-l0 o'clock to-nicht.
The Ordinance Commlltoe wlll meet at
7:30 o'clock tn-morrow nlght.
John Prue wns sent to Jnll by Mayor
Maurice yesterday for ateallng an over
Rernnrrt Cole nnd H?nry Kahn were
fined K-.KO ench fnr flphtlng.
A notice has hoen posted In the he-nd
aunrlprs of th?v Flre- Department by Chlef
Cronks. rennastlnj, all peraons not to
loaf about the place.
A Fund Started to Continue the Search
for the Missing Child.
.Speclu] to Tlio Tlm<-8.r>li<|iiitc!0
CREWB, VA., February 23.?Mrs. W.
G. Lutton has but recently returned
from a vlslt to Mrs. Joyncr, Luln Joyn
er's mother, at Churchwood, Sho re?
ports that the llberal contributions of
Crewe poople ln ald of thls wldow and
her llttle ohlldren have been greatly ap
preclatod by thom. Tho mother seems
greatly cheered slnce hearing that a
fnmous dotectlvo would take hold of the
matter. nsklug only that his expunsos
bo pald.
It Is now Mra. Lutton's objoot to ralso
funds for thls cause, Penpla of othor
States ara b-comlng Intercsled. A lady
In North Carollna hns rec.-ntly contrlb
utod $25. Several lotlers hnvo b?on re?
eelved from Indlvlduala in dlfferent s?'c
tlons,,-nsklng how they cun ald ln thls
worlhy ennso,
Mra. Thnmns Colllngs gave a-dPllght
ful entertalnment Saturday evenlng In
honor of hor brother. Mr. Wlllle Colllngs,
of Norfolk. CnrroniB and othor gamea
woro greatly enjoyod hy the young peo?
plo, among whom woro Mlsses Llzzte
Hlnes. Mazlo Gllls and Nelllo Bobhltt;
Messrs. T. C. Colllngs, Wllllo Colllngs
and others, Prlzoa ln a contest wero
won by Mlss Mnzle Gllls and Mr. Wlllle
Colllngs. Delightful refrcshments wero
Tho postofflce and bank closed here to.
day ln honor of Waahlngton's birthday,
"I write to let you know how 1 _,rinrocl_t? vnn?
Omc-toii, I coiiuiionceit t?kln_ thitn Uii NoTeS
C?r_,.id took two t.u OBnlboxBi ?nil n??V?d ? t.JS
?_-!n ?nd W_dii._d?y, Anrll Ub, I Pii?"|%_?__
??. _ worm VS ft. Innc attd over _ ..inuiiii. _.,n_fl.
worttn. Pre. lon. lo n>y Uktuit (.._._,?_- | muJI
?_-i.-U.ia_i."' * upe"'vor,?' ' ?l"ay-8?d ? ,w.il
VVm. K. Jlrowii, m Franklln Sl., Brooklyn, M. _f,
Beat For*
The Bowels
Pl??-?nt, Pilnulilo. Potfnt. T?it. Oond. no (lnnd,
Hevcr si oken, \-__ken tu Orlpv, l... _5c SOe. Ke.or
Ji'lil ln bulk Tlm _<Miiiimi liililol _tmuii.ll CUO.
iiu_r?iit,:_(l to cure or ycur uioii.y tm. k.
Sterllng Remedy Co,, Chicago or N.Y. 594
Dr. Tudor, presldlng clder of thls dla?
trlct, prenohed at the Mothodlst Church
yostorday, and also conduetrd aervlcoB at
tho Y, M, C, A. In the afternoon. '
Rev. Stephen Morton/ of Wythevllle,
haa aocepted the call to Ine Dlsclploe*
Churoh, and ls expeoted to take charge
Bomotlme In Marclu
(Contlnued from Flrat Page.)
sllps from one Btate to another does not
ooiiatlluto an act of lntaratate oommorce.
Justlce Harlnn'a opinion ln the Cham?
plon caBo prococded entlrely on the the
ory that tho tranamlaalon af lottery tlck?
ets from one Btate to another ls a form
of tntorslatc commerce, because thoy aro
a aubjoct of trafllc and have a monoy
vnluo, and honce that the law was a
regulatlori of IntcrBtate commerce.
Replylna to the contentlon thut the
"intute ln thla caae prohlblts rather th?n
r.gulotea commerce, and that such waa
not the Intention of tho Constitutlon, Jus
tlct Harlan aald:
''Are we prepared to say that a pro
vlBlon whlch ia In effect' a prohibltion
of the carriago of such artlcles from
State to State Is not a flt or appropriate
mode for tho rogulatlon of that partlc?
ular kind of commerco? If tho suppres*
Mon of lottery tralllo. carrled on through
Interstate commerco. Is a matter of whlch
Congross may tako cognlzanco and ovor
which Ita power may be exerted, enn It
be posslble that It Is helplcss lo suppross
such trafflo, as carrled on through In?
terstate commerco? Must It tolcroto tho
trafflc and almply regulnto tho manner
In whlch It mny bo carrled on7 Or may
not . Congross, for the protectlon of tho
peoplo of all tho States. nnd undor the
powor to regiilnte Interstate commerce,
devlse such means, wlthin tho scope ot
the Constitutlon, and not prohlbltcd by
It. as wlll drlvo that trnmc out ot com?
merce among the States?
"ll n State. when considering leglalatlon
for the supprosslon of lotterles wlthin
Its own llmlts. may properly tako Into
vlew the ovlls that Inhero ln the ralslng
of money In that modo, why may not
Cnngross, Invested wlth the power to reg
uluto nll commerce among the several
States, provlde that such commerce shall
not bo polluted by tho cnrrylng of lot?
tery tlckets from ono Stnto to another?"
Referrlng to the fnrA that tho law
makes the offenso crlmlnal. he sald:
"Surely It wlll not be sald to be a part
of any one's llberty. as recognlze.l l.y
the supreme law of the land, that he
'ahall be allowed to Introduce lnto com?
merce among the Stntes an element that
wlll he confcssedlylnjurlous to tho publlo
Summlng up. Justlce Harlan said: "We
decided nothlng moro In the present caae
than that lottery tlckets are subjects of
trafllc among those who choose to sell
or bOy them; that tho enrriage of such
tlckets by Independent carriere from ono
Stnte nnd another It thereforo Interstnto
commerce; that under Its power to regu
lala commerce among the soveral States
Congress?subject to the Ilmitatlons Im
po's'-d hy the Constitutlon upon the oxer
c'so of the powers granted?has plennry
authorlty over such commerce. and mny
prohlblt the carrlace of such tlckets frorn
State to State and that leglalatlon lo that
ind and of thnt chnracter ls not Incon
sl.stent with any llmltatlon or rostrlction
Imposed upon tho exerclso of the powers
granted by Congress."
Those who Jolned with Justlce Harlan
In sustalnlng the law were Ju?tlces
Brown, Whfte, McKenna nnd Holmes.
Chlef Justlce Fuller and Justlces Brewer,
Shtras nnd Peckham unlted In a dlssent
Intr opinion, dollvcred by the Chlef Jus?
Tho Chlef Justlce snld that the naked
qur-stion Involved In tho ra.se is "Whether
tlio prohibltion by Coneress of the car?
riago of loilery tlckets from ono Stato
to anothor hy means other thnn the
malls Is wlthin the powers vested In that
body by the Constitutlon of the Unlted
States." He contended thnt "the lottery
act cannot be broupht wlthin the power
to regulato commerce among the several
States unless lottery tlckets aro nrt'cles
of^commerce or unless the power to reg.
'ilnte Interstate commerce Inelird's 'he
nhsolute nnd excluslve powpr to prohlt.lt
the trsinsportatlon of anythlnir or any
ho'H- frnm one State to another.
"An Invltat'on to dlne or to take a
dr'vo. or a note of Introductlon. all be
come nrtlcles of commerce under lhe rul?
lng of thls ca.se by belng deposlted wlth
an oxpress company for transporUtlon."
Concludlng, he says: "I refi.-ird thls
deolsinn nn Ineonslstent wlth the vlowa
of the frnmer* of the Conbtltutlnn and
of Marshnll. Its great etpoun-lor. Our
form of Rovernment may remain not
wlthstandlng letrMntlnn or iler>|rl'**i, but
ns long njro ohserved. lt Is wlth Rivcrn
ments ns wlth reltplons?the form may
survlve the s.in*>tnnr?."
Tn overrul'nB the Court of Appeals and.
the Clrcult Court In the Francls caro,
ln which the nffense ehnrped r>nn?.l*ted
ln cnrrylng ?he policy sllps nr oertiflcates
frnm Kentuckv across the Ohlo Rlver to
Ohlo, Justlce Holmes snld:
"The n.?">nmptlnn ha? been that Ihe
?*lln? carrled frnm ICentncky lo Ohlo
were papers purportlnu to bo or to re1(-.
resent n tlrket or lnterest In n lollory,
but ln our opinion these papers dld not
purport to bo or do either. A pnper
representlnp an lnterest in n lottery ls a
doeument nf title to the purchaser nnd
holder?the thlng by holdlnsr whleh ha
may rririkri Rood hls rlght to n chniieo
Inthe same. bnt the sllps trnnsported
were not tho rlurnhaspr's documents. It
ls truo thnt they enrresnond In eontents
and.Ro ln one sense renresente,! or de
plct'ed tbe purehnaer's Interests; hut 'rep?
resent' 'n ?he stntu'e means represent
to the piiri-hnopr. lt mov ?.?nnd ?? *??(?
Indtcted IWn*tc. nnd thls th"?o sllps dld
nnl do. Tlie fiineMnn*. of lhe ?II.M
rn'irlif hnve he?n nerfnrm?fl hv rleurrln
tinno m n }innU nr bv rraemorv If the
whole Inttery r.u?<lness hnd heen done
by one mnn. They ns llttle ropresented
the purehn?er's .chnnees ns tbe stub*. In
n check book represent the fuims com
InK to the nnvees of Ihe cheeks."
Justlce Harlan dellvered a dlssentlne
opinion ln thls ense. _?
?TH* A?soHa.tcil Proan..*
NEW TORK. Fob. 2S.-While there
was no nftlclal celobration to-day. thn
day was gonerally ohserved as a holl*
onv ln the o-rentor oltv. and there w.ih
conerous dlsplny of huntlnR In honor of
the flrst Presldent. The publlc m'lmois,
Fodernl Stnte. olty nnd oounty nUlees,
cxcbanBe?. banks. etc. were closed nnd
ln the down tnwn district llttlo himl*
nrsR wnn trnnsneted. Mnst of tha ro
tnll Htor?R. too, wore elnsod.
Tho weather wns brlght, nnd ln onn*
Bennenca there was an exodus to tho
country. ?_
(Ii.V Ai'?IJ,'lll",.l I'l'.iirf. 1
LONDON. Feb. *"?.?Repiylng to a fiues
tlon tn Ino House of Commons to-day
Gprnld Bnlfour. 'presldent of lhe Rorird
of Trade. eold the penernl llnes of agree*
me.nl between tbe Drltlsh Opvornment
nnd the Intfrnntlonnl "VJercantlle Marlno
Company had been determlned upon. nnd
the House woiiid hnve an opportunity to
dlscuss the nrrangoinentB before lt wuo
i anally oonoluded,
Friday Night, Feb. 27,
Admlsslon, 26, 50 75c, and Sl
RoRcrvcd Scnts.
Y. M. O. A, Butldlnp, Ttiesdny, 2*td, 1
P. M. Academy, FrlUny, 37th, 7 P. M.
Orders booked now linvo flrst scloo*
tlon on tho 21th.
"Wednesday, Feb. 26.
Matineo and Nlght.
lnGoctho'8 Beautiful Romance
&*iWfL s tb
A prodnctlon colehrated throughout tho
ontiro Engllsh Rpcnklng world.
Y. M. C. A. HALL, TH'JBS.- FE3, 26
Three goncrntions of "MonolisU. Never
before hns this oeeurred upon anj' stage.
Grandfathcr and father and son.
child wonder violinist, aged 4 years 0
HANS VON DREHER, renowned Gcr
man I'ianist.
Scats on sale at Y. M. C. A. llall Tues-"
day, -1:30 P. M.
Open dally from 10 A. M. to a P. M.
Admlsslon. 25 cents. Free on Saturdays.
Opcns dally from 9 A. M. to 8 P M..
Admlaslon. 23 cents. I'ree on Saturdays.
Vitality for the Warm Weather
Ry Taking tho
Physica! Culture.
Announcus thu opening of bcr last clnss of
eho'swi-.un in Physica] Culture on Thurs
.()ii,v'"iift-L'rnoou. 'Fubnuirv :!0th, at 4.30
? o'Vloi'k, nt tho Women's Chrlstinn Associ?
ation. Flrst afternoon free.
For fttrtlior partlculars apply to
12 H. Fourth Street.
Tho intense enthuslasm or Mnjor A. Tt.
Venable ln tho cause was, as before, tho
movlng feature of last night's meoting
of the J. E. B. Stuart Monument Asso?
ciation at i-.ee Camp Lali.
Major Venable wine up to town from
Fannville w.th a parcol o( resolutlons ln
h!a pochet nnd flre in his heart to further
the worli of ereetlng a llttlng equestrlan
statue here to the lionor of his beloved
oommander, who gave hls lll> in defenso
of hls country in tlio great struggle for
constltutional llberty, Mnjor Venable
had the full sympathy of lha-commlttee,
and hls aotlvo and vnluablo suggestlons
woro adopted after thoy had been revlsed
Bomowhat hy iiimselt and Mr. Joseph
The commltteo appointed to confer
with the Ftnanco Commltteos of ihe Leg?
islature reported a hlll pcrmlttlng the
selcctlon of a slto in the Cnplto) grounds.
and calling for an approprlatlon of
$10,000 to bo pald when tho Association
shall havo raised ' "10,000 from other
sourues. The proposed sito ls at tho in
tersi.otlon of two llnos, one drawn south
crly through tho center of tho Capitol.
tho othor drawn casterly through the
center of an Imnglnary extension ot
Franklln Streot,
A p^rsonal examlnatlon hnd convlnced
the ISxecutlve Commlttee that thls ls nn
idenl slto on tho crest of tho slopo he
tween tho Capitol nnd tho Fed?i'ul bulld?
ing. Tho Tlon, Henry Wlckhum, chalr
mnii of tho Sonate Flnance Commlttee,
wlll soon present thls blll. ,
Actlve "efforts wirl now be made tn lu
dwue the Clly Connoll to I'ultlll tho plodge
mudo by rts predecossor, whlch at the
tlmo of Stuurt's death, promlsed hls
?wldow to "eroct a suitabio innnuinent to
hls memory." A llbernl approprlatlon
would bo oonsldored a dlsclmrge nf thls
ohllwatlnn Tho ennvnss of tho clty und
Stnto for Indlvldual siibsorlptloiiB Is also
to be vlgnroiiKly prosocuted.
Those present were Cnptnln M. J. r?tm
mnck In the chair, Captaln XV. Ben
Palnier, secretary; Mr. Jeffrey MonlaKiie,
ass otant secretary; Colonel Charles T,
O'Ferrall, Colonel John W, Gordon. Ma?
jor A, 11. V'Miahlo, Mr. Joseph Bryan,
Mr. 1,, .U. Vaughan, Mr. Joseph W.
Thomas. Mr. Frank T. Sutton and Judga.
~3, C. Mlnor,.

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