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Any honost person who suffcra from
Rheumntlsm Ih welcome to thls olter.
vrT.^i.". a,Ml.eclallBt ln Rlioumatlum, and
, f.^iiLeal0.'1 mo,'? c<laos than any other
lv_i>Hlclnn' ' t,llnl<- Por 1(1 yrmra 1 mndo
{'SS*ti cxP,0,rl,?ncnts wlth dlfferent driigs,
(2/H.R "" ''iiown rcmodlos whllo senrch
ing tho world for-aomnUiIng botter. Mno
n?I "_'lBO J found a costly eliemlcal In
Ciermniiy whlch, wlth mv provlmm illscov
orics, givos me a certiiln cure.
iJ n Imcin that It enn turn hony jolnts
into flcsh ngaln; but It can curo tho dls
/oaso at any sl.ngo. complotely nnd for
?over, I hnvo dono It tully 100.000 tlmes.
I know thls ho well thal I wlll furnlsh
J"V rcmecly on trlnl. Slmply wrltc me n
PORtnl for my book on Hheiimatlum, nnd
J win moll you nn order on vour driigglHt
jor six bottles Dr. Shoop's Itheumntlc
curo. Tnkc It ror u month nt my rlsk. lf
lt succeeds, the cost Ih only JTi.fiO. It lt
lalls, I wm pay t)-0 drugglst myself?nnd
your mere word shall dncldc It.
I mean that oxactly. If you Hiiy tho re?
sults are not what I claim, 1 don't expect
a penny from you.
I have no aamplcs. Any- me.ro sample
that can nffoct chronlc Rh'cumallsm must
ba drugged lo tho vcrgo of dnngcr. 1 use
no Buch (Irugs, and It Ih folly to take
thom. You must got tho disease out of the
blood. i
My romedy dooa tliat cvon In tho most
dlfTlcUlt, obstlnate casos. lt haa cured tho
oldeat ensos that ,1'ever met. Ana in nll
my experlence?In till my 2.000 tcsls?I
novcr found nnntfior remedy thnt would
cure one chronlc caso ln len.
Wrltc mo and I wlll send vou the or?
der. Try my rimedy for n monlh, a? lt
ean't harm you anyway, If it fails lt ls
Address Dr. Shoop, Box 2S8, Raclne.
WlH. ?
Mlld casea. not chronlc. aro often cured
by ono or two bottles. At all drugglsts.
corgeous Pageant Presented
in NewOrleans.
Thrilling Story of Cleopatra lllustrated
in Twenty Beautiful Floats?Admlral
Schley and Gen. Joe Wheeler
Given Great Ovation.
(By Assoclated Press.)
NEW ORLEANS, LA., February 23.?
Rex made hls trlumphal entry into New
Orlcans to-day, und tho Krewo ot Pro
teus presented thelr gorgeous pageant to
right In the presenco of perhaps tho
largCBt mtiltltudu of peoplo ever gathored
ln tho streets of thls carnlval clty. Tho
number of strangers excecded that ot any
previous year.
Asldo from tho homago pald tho klng,
the feature of tho afternoon porado vas
the popular dcmonstratlon In honor of
Admlral Schley and General Wheeler,
both of whom had been creuted dukos
of tbe real for the occaslon. They rodo
neat tho head of tho processlon through
solld masses of Bhoutlng men and crowd?
ed galleries of applauding women,- At
tho concluslon of tho parade, Admlral
Schley, accompanlcd by Mayor Capede
vlllo and Oeneral Wheeler, was escorted
by tho Contlnental Guards, ln thelr plc
turesquo costumo of the Revolutlon, to
tho armory of the command, where Attor
ney Fllmoro presented the Admlral with
a lovlng cup bearing an engravlng of the
llngshlp Brooklyn. Tho Admlral made a
fellcltous acknowledgment of the gift.
Ptbteus rode through streets ?Ongested
Wlth peoplo at tho head of nn unusually
magnlflccnt pageant. Tho subject chosen
was Rider Haggard's novel ,TCIeopatra,"
and the thrilling story ot tho Egyptian
ljueen was lllustrated In twenty beautiful
floats. Followlng the parade Proteus
was host at a. brllllant ball at the French
Opera-House. Admlral Schley, General
Wheeler, Miss Roosevelt and Miss Root
wero tha dlstlngulshed guests,
Nearly overy State In the Unlon was
reprosented In tho attendanco, which also
Included many guests from abroad and
the offlcers of the battloshlp Texas and
tlie Frenoh crulser Tage. The curtain
roso at a quarter past ten, presentlng the;
maskers grouped ln a strlklng_ tableau.',
Tho maskers occupled tho floor for an
hour, after whlch tho ball became gen?
(Hy Assoetated Press.)
WASHINGTON, Feb. 23,-After fallure
ln the effort to obtain from Mr. Bowen
the lmmcdlate payment in cash of the
?5,500 stclrlng, which Tt "was provlded ln
the protocol of February 13th should bo
pald to Germany thlrty dnys from that
dato, Germany to-day requested Mr. Bo-'
wen to glve a draft for tho amount, pay
ablo in Caracas on the lattor date.
Mr. Bowon was agaln forced to decllne
thls request, which he dld polltcly, at tho
?amo tlmo remlnding Herr Baltazzl that
be was bound by tho terms of tho penco
portocol. which provlded'that tho ?5,000
ahould bo pald at Caracas on tho 15th
of March to tho dlplomatic representa
Uve of Germany. - .
(Hy Assoclateo r.csso
CDARINDA, IO.. Fob. 23,-Mrs, Eliza?
beth K. North Dowle was to-day granted
a dlvorc'o from John Murrny Dowio,
father ofl.ho_.lon leader, John Ale.xandor
Dowle, of ChlciiRO. -"it-Minaor
Mrs. Dowio, who had doserted her hus?
band. nll0K.es that ho was ropulslvo ovor.
bearing, and cruel. Ono of tho stlpula
tlons of tho dlyorcp wns that slm was to
allow her huahnnd $6,1)00, nnd thla sum
wus pald hlm In gold toiday" sumJ
As Mrs. North, n wldow, Mrs, Dowln
was probably worth *1CO,(X)0 nt tho tlmo
ot her mnrrlago to Mr. Dowle.
(By Assocliitod Prnas.)
CLEVELAND, O., Feb. 2_.-In a colll
!i|on between a west-bouiui pnsaengur
rain and nn enst-bound frelght on tho
_|g Four, nenr Barca, two mail clerk.. aro
reported to havo beon l-urned to death ln
tholr car, Both trains caught flre.
The trains met nbout hnif a mllo east
,C the street railway tuniiel and were
runnlng at full specd. Both englnes wero.
Mr. Claytoris Well.
Senator Graham Claytor, who camo
vory nearly dylng front' nocldontal bs
phyxlatlon from gas ln hls room oi.
j-ranklln Street, has entirely reooverod,
ind was In hls soat ln the Bonato Chani
ir yeatorauy.
Father of Hls Countt a rcat
Mllltary Lcadei.
Two Nolablo Banquets Last Nlght; One
at Murphy's, Olher at Jefferson.
Virginia Haa Slatue In Statuary
Hall?Houdon's Sest of All.
The Sons of lhe Amerlcnn Rbfolution
hnd a most enjoyable cclcbratlon last
nlght nt Murphy's Annex, The .banquet
nnd tho pbst-prandlal pVogrammo wcrb
arranged by Dr. J. A. "Whlte, Dr, B. B,
Mlnor and Mr. Arthur 13. Clarko. An cx
cellent foitst ot good thlr.gs wns spread,
and each son of tho Amerlcan Itevolutlon
ate wlth as much enjoyment, apparently,
as sonic of Woshlngton's soldlers who
.wlntered at Valley Forge might havo
done had such an opportunity been
granted them. About forty wero pres?
ent, (Jll promlnent men of clty or Stato.
When the dlscusslon of vlanris had been
complcted to the satlsfactlon of all, Mr,
Samuel H. Pulllam. second 'vice-prcsl
dent. was toastmuister In the' absence of
tho presldent, cx-Judge L. L. Lewls.
To tho toaBt, "Washlngton." Oeneral
Fltzhugh Lee responded. General Lee
spoko well. Mnny sald ho wa? novor In
better >voice or hrlrditcr wlt. Ho dwelt
on Washlrrgt*""'* ? "..ary maneuvres and
sald that they suffered not at all In the
Ilght of modern and more sclentlllc know
ledge of warfaro.
Tho fact of tho buslness ls, Father
George Washington has been hol.llng hls
own agalnst all klnds of modern llghts,
and Ls one of tho few hlstorlcal charac
tera whlch does not got umallcr og one
gets away from them.
"Lieutcnant-Governor "Wlllard responded
to lhe toast, "Vlrglnla," nnd mnde an
excellont speech, though he dld not have
llme to prepare hls extemporaneous
speech, as so many dellghtful Impromptu
speaTcers llke to do.
Dr. LawB. of Washington, late presl?
dent of the UniVersIty of Mlssourl, spoke
about the Houdon statue. snylng that
there were flve coples of it in eslstence.
He pronounccd tne Houdon thn best statue
of Washington, without cxceptlon, ln ex
Ho sald also that the staute of Wash?
lngton In Stautuary Hall, at "Aash
Ington, was not plaed there by
Vlrglnla at nll, though the Jjiscrlptlon,
whlch ls the same as that on the Houdon
statue says It was.
I>r. Laws saya It ls nothlng but a
plaster east, costlng only $2,000, and ls
not worthy of tho man or Vlrglnla. The
Natlonal Government hnd lt put there,
and Vlrglnla Is suffering the very un
profltablc advertiscment of han'ing put
stich a statue of her greatest son ln thls
natlonnl hall. Others nlno spoke. .
The evenlng closed wlth somo vocal
muslc hy Messrs, Tienry Hotchklss,
George Morgan and James Cowardln.
The Sons of the Revolution held thelr
banquet at the Jefferson.
Among those present were Messrs. J.
Alston Cabell. Dr. Robert FI Williams,
Dr. C. R. Roblns. Mr. Wllllam Chase
Morton, Mr. Alfred B. Williams. Mr.
Wlllls Smlth, Colonel T. M. Talcott, B.
B. Munford, Jr., Hon. AV. R. Duke. J. R.
V. Danlel, Judge Dew and Mr. R. S. B.
?In the absence of Dr. George Ben.
Johnston. Mr. Cabell was the toastmaster.
Mr. A B. Williams, Mr. Smith, Judge
Dew nnd others responded to toasts. The
Jefferson served thern an elegant dln
(By Associated Press.')
GALVESTON. TEX., Fob. ta.-The cor
ner-stone of the "1,000,000 sea-wall was
lald to-day wlth imposing ceremonles nnd
a parade of cltlzens and olYIeers and'
marlnes and sallors from the Unlted
States battleshlps In the harbor.
Memory of George Washing?
ton Was Celebrated Most ...
Patrlotlsm was rampart in Riehmond
yesterday, nnd the natlonal day of the
Father of Hls Country was remembored
by young and old Amerlca allke.
Tho day was, probabiy, moro unusually
celebrated than upon any former occa?
slon ln recent yenrs. In addltlon to the
closlng of Federal, State, and munlcipal
oftlces, mnny maiiufacturlng concerns,und
other buslness flrms closed down. for* a
wholo and a part of the day. Tho batiks
and tho exchanges dld no buslness, and
the cluba had open house.
Lnst nlght mnny of tho secrot orders
held smokers and recnptlona ln commom
moratlon of tbat day. Tho most ekiborate
of thoao entertnlninonts waa thnt given
by tho Daughters of Llberty at Corcoran
Hall, wheru an oyster supper was scpKod.
Tho Bluos pnraded in tho nfternoon and
at nlghl had un cntertaliimont nt thelr
armory. A saluto was given the Wash?
lngton hl'inument in Capitol Suimre, and
tho handsomo body of soldlers innrched
through tho prlndpal streets, where they
were greeted by crowds ot peoplo on lioll
day parade.
On Maln Street vory llttlo buslness was
*-ono, but Broad Streot rnsemblod notliltig
loss thnn a hollday nppeurnncu.
Many prlvate partles wero given at
whlch tho many storlos concernlng the
groat Washlngton woro rolntod. Tlio jm*
trlotlo Boelotlea culebrnted ln tholr iisual
way, and the Rlohmond Grays' Associa?
tion obsemd tlmir annual rounlon In an
atrnospliero teoinins wlth WuHhlngtoulans.
Altogethor. a nioro gonornl obsorvunco
has not beon held hero for yenrs.
Tostorday havlng boen obaorved as tho
aiuilvorsary of tho blrthday of Goneral
WoHlilngton, tha Federal . olllceB were
closed, excopt thnt tho postnfllce was
opened for tho sale of etnmps up to noon
and thoro was a mornlng doli?i'ery of
malls. A few q? t,h0 olllqluls, or tholr as
slstants, woro ln tholr respoctlvo ofiloos
to attend to some buslnoas matterg-that
bad accumulutcd upon thelr .mud*
? ??? -___. **is4raS,llhriri\Gir S a
o.wilk Coats,,
Scc our line of Ping Pong Silk Coats, prices ..,,-_-__?
$s>oo to ..,,. *2f/.__r. J_y
Ladies' New Silk Frock Coats, in taflfcta, with *rr. ?-.
capes, and finished with stitching-, romaine lining, at ^/tV. UO
7?eu> Watting Skirts.
Earl of Dunraven Talks About
Irish Land Question. ,
Bill, if Drawn on Llne of Report, He
Says, Will Removo the Cause
of Friction, Whlch ls Reacting
on Great Britaln.
(By Assoclated Press.)
LONDON, February 23.?The Earl of
Dunraven was Intervleived to-night re
sardlng the report of the Irlsh landlords
and tenants' conference in Dublln. of
whlch ho was chairman. He spoke hope
fully regarding the prospects of leglsla
tion whlch he thought would end the dlf
flcultles In Ireland. Lord Runraven sald:
"The utterances of Klng Edward. of
Brltlsh publlc men, the temper of:.Ire
land, the reception of the conference's
report by the publlc-.and the actlon of the
government slnce the publication of tho
report are all favorable Indlcatlons polnt
lnj_ to the success of the governmei.t'a
Irlsh land bill, whlch, if it contains
Just and generous offer, wlll make good
the flrst Imprcsslon, on whlch all cle
pends. Tho blll, lf drawn on the llnes
of the terrns of the report, wlll lnsure
a flnal settlement and remove the causo
of friction in Ireland,'whlch Is reacting
unfavorablo not only in Great Britaln,
byt throughout the Emplre'. and on our
klndred ln the Unlted State..'
Lord Dunraven repiled to the adverse
crltlclsm of the report, saylng that the
conferees could not lay down a specilic
formula to be adopted. They were obllged
to deal wlth the matter on the broadest
lines, conslderlng both tho Interests of
tho natlon and those of tho Indlvldual
landlords and tenants. He dld not think
that the government would be able to
speclfy a strlct formula, whlch. lf at?
tempted, would confuse the Issue. The
minor dctaiis of any plan based on vol
umtarlsm must be left to the purchasers
and selk-rs. The conference only soUght
lo formtilate-the condltions under whlch
lt would be possible to complete the
transfer of the lnnd wlthln a reasonable
perlod. His iLordship concluded by say?
lng that he dld not thlnk that the de?
mand on the State trcasury would be dls
proportionate to the beneflts gained.
Cry for Apartment Houses Here Find
ing Some Response.
: Two mort__apnrtment houses are now
belng contemplated. Captaln Andrew
Pizzint and Mr. Louls Plzzinl, hls brqther,
have plans under conslderatlon whlch i
if carrled out, will call for an exp?ndl
ture of $-..000. The slte of the proposed
structure Is yet to be determlned upon.
Tho Hotel Majestlc, of New York city '
wlll llkely bo reproduced, Thls ls re
garded os one of the L-est _an_i)y hotel3
ln the world.
Property on West Avenue was sold
yesterday by the Real Estate Trust Com?
pany and the purchaser. whose name ls
not glven out, will erect two modern
apartment houses on the site.
Sultan of Turkey Agrees to
MeasuresProposed in Joint
Note of Powers.
CBy Ass<>clatea Press.)
Tewflk Pashn, tho Mlnlster of Forelgn
Affalrs', nollfled tho Austro-Hungarian
and Russlan nmbassadors to-day that
the Sultan had asreed to adopt tho
schemo for reforms ln -Macedonla. Tho
powers'recommend, ln addltlon to the ap?
polntment of an Inspector-general of
gendarmerle for three years, wlth
ample powers to act Independently
and to requlsltlon troop in case of
emergency, und tlio rcorganlzatlon of
tha . gendarme.rio nnd pollce undor
European ofllccrs, <_nd that Cliristlans
bo adinltted lnto the gendarmerle ln num?
bers proportlonnte to the populatlon, wlth?
out belng requlred to read und write. tlie
Turklsh langunge. Amnosty ts also do
iiiiindcd for all persons who havo beon
arrested for polltlcal offense3.
The scheme for administratlon nnd fl
nanelnl rnforms in Macedonla, uh proposed
by tho powers ln Iho note,, besldes plan
nins a more eriultablo colleetlon of tnxes,
prpv.lo.es that local expenses shall bo n
llrst ehargo on tho roventies of each vll
>et. ln tho event of thero belng a sur
pIuh It mny bo sent to Constnntlnople.
-dcusurcs nro nlso demiinded for com
pclllng Ihe Albnrilans to respect tho ltiws.
Tho power whlch It ls proposod to glve
to tho inupoclor-gencral of gondarmeilo,
whoso appolntment or reeall nnd whoso
siifcosHor must ho eoiiflrmcti by tho pow?
er:., thus vlrtually cletaohlns hlm from
tho dlrect control of tho uutliorltles at
Constnntlnopli), is ulmoHt suro to Incur
opposltloii from tho Turklsh Govortinicnt,
The latter also wlll moHt llkely object lo
tho proposed tlnnnclnl urranremoiits uud
to' tho busls on whlch lt is planned to ro
crult tho gondarmerie, whlch. woro tho
KiiKgestlons uf tho powers carrled out,
would ln sovoral districts be enUroly com
pesod of Cliristlans, owtng to tholr pro
doirilnancti ln certaln parts of Macedonla.
lt la understood, however, that tho pow?
ers nre deturmlned to admlt of no mod
Iflcatlon of tho I'efnrm schomoi that thoy
demand Its appllciitlan wlthout dolay and
that thoy uro prepured to udopt coerclvo
measures to Insuio Its belng .acrupulous
ly carrled out,
An Imperlal Irado hns beon Issued an
thorlslng *.Ue Tul'klal. mlnlster of ,war
to piirchiiso ten ulldiUonal Muxlm rauia
lli'u uuiia,
And Then Edward Nash Was
Overpowered and Taken
to the Statlon.
Imaglnlng hlmself a. cltlzen of the wlld
and woolly wost, hls braln bonumbed by
too much whlskey, Edward Nush, a ne?
gro well known to the pollce. dashexi out
of a bar at the corner of Second and
Byrd Str-eets thls mornlng. dlscharglng
n revolver in the alr. As a consequenco
May Carter, a negro v.-oman. about nlne
teen years of age, was wounded ln the
left brcast, while Nasb. was overpowered
and arrested by Patrolmen Neisz, Toler
and Bryant. He Js now a prisoner at
the Second Statlon, and this mornlng,
provlded the woman is sufficlently well,
ho wlll be airalgned ln the Pollce Court.
The woman was shot down ln hor
tracks without so much as even suspect
ing that danger was near. She was re
turnlng to her home ln Morgan's Iiow,
near t'he sccne of the tragedy, when
the shooting oeeurred. She was removed
to the parcntal roof, and heTe. Dr. iTeg
enhelmer. of the ambulance corps. dress?
ed tho ivound, whlch he pronounced seri?
ous nnd possibly fatal.
Aftor shooting the woman Nash made
no decided effqrt to get away. Ho
scarcel'y reallzed the purport of tho ac
cldent, and before thls dawned on hlm
tlie other womeri had rclleved hlm of hla
weapon. They detalned hlm until tho po?
llce arrlved.
Patrolmen Bryant, Toler and Neisz
were in different parts of the clty at tlie
tlme of the shootlhg, but all were nt
tracted to the spoE by the sound of the
shols, threo of whlch were dlscharged.
They reached Second and Byrd Streets
about the same lnstant nnd at once os
certnlned the trouble.
When the officers, however, attempted
to arrest Nash- he_^iowed flght, declar
Ing thut enough pollce were not ln Rieh?
mond to effect hls capture. It was only
whlskey talking, and thls the offlcers
knew, for without bo much as strlklng
the man ho was'overpowered and held
untll the patrol wagon arrlved on tho
scene. In thls ho was hustled nnd carrled
to the station.
j aTf/ t/te ZjAoatri?s.
? *????*? ??'?'? ? '.'i .....,i...,,
"Zig Zag Alley;' Is appropriately
named a trlck farce. The slap stlck
plays one of the most imporUmt parts
in the plece. Its characters are made
up of an Irlshm;ui?one of tlie regular
stage klnd?a. Hebrew pawnbroker, who
conformed to all the rules of farce
comedy, but was not at all llke any of
hls race; a messenger. boy, too qulck to
be anything like the real artlcle; two
dress-sutt tramps of the usual type; an
Jrlsh -wash lady, a soubrette, who dressed
llko the . prlncipul female rlder* in a
clrcus, and_a lot of glrls, who aro Just
thrown ln for "looks."
All of these sing and dance and gen?
erally mlx themselves up through the
three acts ln a manner that It altogether
satisfactory to the audlence. At least,
so It seemed last nlght
The performance ls half vaudevilie,
and there were several members that
were exceptionally clever. The trick
bicycle ridlng of Zeb and Zarrow was
one of these. Thlo ls one of tho best
acts of its kind ever seen here. The
two perforraers can do almost anything
on a wheel. It must make the mem?
bers of the orchestra feel very uneasy
durlng tbe progress of the act. It seems
about certaln that the rlders wlll spill
themselves over lnto tho orchestra Just
before they finish thelr exhlbltlon. Ella
Shields, bllled as the "Southern Night
ingalo," does a slnging act that calls for
several encores. The conversational
song in the second act also caught on
Llllle Sleger rcnrlered a concert solo,
the effect of whlch was somewhat spolled
by the pantomlmlc buslness of the oth?
ers who occupied tlie stage durlng this
The performance lasts nearly threo
hours, and it was enjoyed throughout
by the usual Monday nlght audience.
Broadhurst ^& Currle's blg muslcal
comedy, "Mr. Jolly of Jollet," which,
comes to the Academy to-nlght, is tho'
latest offerlng of these popular mana
gors, and from Its record up to date It
bids falr to outstrip many ot its older
rlvals ln the rnce for publlo approval.
The author. Charles Newman, has se
lected a themo for the story of hls play
that wlll Interesl nll people who enjoy
the relatlon of facts nnd fancios of stage
llfe, It tolls of ,a promlnent trageu.un,
who on account of his waning popularity,
Is obliged to enter the variety buslness,
and, togithei' wllh hls leading ludy.be
come a comic song nnd dance team, lt
wlll ba seen at once lhat thero ls a great
tlold for burlesqulng certaln characters,
and tho comlc treatment of tho sltua
tlons and uialogue by the nuthor hns re
sulted ln nn extromely clevor entertaln?
ment. The company Is hended by tho
unlquc comedlan, Edward Garvie, and
lu additlon to a Inrgo company of clever
performors It carrles a speclally solectud
chorus of lovely blrls.
In Lewls Morrlson's elaborato presen?
tatlon of Iho now "Fuast" much dllll
culty Is exporleiieed on ono,nlght Btands
ln placlng'tho scencry, which Is of an
imiisually elnhorato nnd lntrlcate klnd,
lt ls therefore cttstoinary for tho ad
vanco agent to questlon tlio local man
Bgera ns to .tho exact nicasurement of
tho stage, helght, .leptli and wldtli, Ho
then notlflea the stngo citrpenter back
wlth the company. who provldes nccord
Inglv. Another necessary feii.tu.ra is a
number of trnp doors from whloh flnmou
leap ln'the BroeUen secno nnd Sntnn's
Inips dlsnp-pcar lnto the llames of tho
lower Inforno at hls command.
ln ono Westorn olty somo soasons ago,
aftor the usual Inipilrles us lo nioasurc
mants, whlcli seemed to nnnoy tho 'ocul
ninnngor for somo tuiexplnlned roaaon
(possibly hecauso ho "ran a dalry and
dldn't know mueh abmjt thoopry hoitBo"),
the agent askeil, "How many trnps havo
you?'" "Your folks iieodn't woiry about.
tholr olothoa r.eln' cat up, Wo don't
need no trnps horo. Thoro nln't boon n
rat or a mauso seon In tho houso slnco
wo hud theso hero cats ln," wns thn un
oxpeated reply. Lewls Mqrrlson hlmself
wlll appear ns Mephirffl fop the last time
at the Academy to-inorrow matlnee aud
nlght ln a spioudid now productlon of
Spoke Under Ausplces of the
Unlon League Club.
People May Bo Led for a Time by a
False and Tlnsel Military Glory, but
Will Return to Principles of
Washlngton. .
(By Asjociotcd Press,)
CltlCAGO. ILL., February 23,-The
anniversary of tho blrth of Georgo
Washlngton was gonorally observed In
Chicago to-day, tho prlnclpal celebration
belng that under the auBplcos of the
Unlon League Club thls evenlng In tho
audlturlum, Senator George Hour, of
Jlassachusotts, was the orator ot the
day and dcllvercd an eulogy upon Wash?
lngton before an audlence of 4,000 people,
Hla address was ln part as follows:
"Ed-ward Everett ln a great oratlon bo?
foro tho war called upon hls countrymen
as lt seemed for a tlme in valn, to for
get, to turn a deaf eor to unpotrlotlc
counsels,: to tho mad cry of treason and
dlsunloniand return onc<? more to the
patrlotlc counsel of Washlngton, It
seemed for a tlme as It the appeal wero
unheeded, but tho spasm of popular
madness and rage passed by and Wash?
lngton resumed hls placo again as our
supreme counscllor and leader. He be?
came onco moro the cxamplo and idol ot
every Amerlcan soldler and statesman.
and the farewell address became once
ngain the polltlcal bible of every Amer?
"Doubt not that thls shall happen
agaln und agaln. Other temptatlons wlll
come tous and party splrlt, like Satan
sltting at the ear of Eve, wlll' speak
again Its baieful counsel ln the ear of
tho people. . Popular .excitement wlll be
klnd led by the lust ot emplre and passion
for conquest- The ,'oyes of the people
may bo dazzled fen- a tlme by a false and
tlnsel military glory, but whlle tho plc?
ture of Washlngton hangs ln every vll
lage, whlle hls statue adorn our prln?
clpal cltles, whlle hls monuments adorn
every State, whlle1 tho detall of hls great
career Is studled in every unlversity,
whllo hls image ls ln the heart ot every
youth, tho people wlll come back again
to the wlse. sober and Justcouns.el ln whlch
llcs tho path to truo glory and safety,
Iho Amerlcan people wlll never long go
astray, so long as to every great question
of natlonal pollcy, of natlonal duty 'they
know what Washlngton ."would havo sald
and know what Washlngton dld say."
In the evenlng the prlnclpal event was
tho banquet at the Union Leaguo Club,
where Senator Hoar was the guest of
honor. Other speakers of tho cven_ng
were Presldent Bancroft, of the Unlon
League Club; Presldent Ellot, ot Har?
vard College; the Rev, Frank W- G"n
saulus and Slahop Gaylor, of Tennossee.
(By ABSoclated Press.)
ATLANTA, GA., February 23.?The an?
nual banquet of the Vlrglnia Soclety ot
Atlanta was held to-nlght at the Fled
mont Hotel, wlth Thomas Nelson Page.
of Vlrginla, and John Fox, of Kentucky,
as the guests of;honor. Toasts were.re?
sponded to by these two authors andby
BIshop Behjamlne J.' Kelly, of Savannah,
Clarkc Howell,.and Henry IL Cablniss.
Tho toasts of the evenlng were in honor
of George Washlngton and General Ro?
bert E. Lee. Before the banquet, Mr.
Page addressed a large audlence at the
Grand Opera House, and pttid a glowing
tribute to the memory of General Robert
E. Lee, the South's great hero. He spoke
under the ausplces of the Vlrglnia So?
clety of Atlanta. ln part, he said:
I have searched ln valn ln history to
f.nd Lec's superlor, and only onco or
twice haive I found his equal. My bellef
Is that the North hiis prodted as much
by her monopoly of history "wrltlng as by
her monopoly of other manufactures. Nor
do I charge agalnst thoso wrlters more
than lgnorance of facts. No proud monu?
ment rlses to-day ln tho Capitol of thls
natlon to do honor to its greatest soldler
and its greatest cltlzen. The tlme is not
yet. It is still a delcute matter to
handle, and we should be patlent wlth
those whose associations have flxed un
changeablo prejudlces ln thelr mlnds.
Some daj- there wlll stand In the na
tlon's Capitol a great monument to hlm,
erected not only by the southern people.
whose glory ls that he was the frult of
their clvlllzatlon and leader of thelr
armles, but by the Amerlcan poople,
phose pridc lt will be that he wns their
fellow-cltlzcn. .Meantlme, he has a nobler
monument than can bo built of marble
or of brass. Hls monument is the adora
tion of.tho South. hls shrino Is ln every
southern heart.
Mrs. James C. Boyd,
At 0:10 P. M. yesterday Mrs. Jane C,
Boyd dled at tho resldence ot her son.
Mr. W. S, Forbos, on Franklln Street.
Mrs. Boyd was sovenly-scven years of
ago. Though her health hnd been do
clinlng for several years, hor death wns
a groat surprlso to all of hor famlly
and frlends. Only a weok ngo did hor
condltlon becomo nlarmlng. Her frlends
and acqunlntances wero very nurhorotta
and her douth will croata profound sor
row, not only Jn RIchmond. but ln other
communltlea, where sho was known and
Sho was born and roared In Gates
county, North Carollna, whero Bho wns
lirst married, and rosidod untll nftor her
husband's death, Sho nftorwurds ro
piovod to Oharlotto, In 180y, whoro sho
llved untll her romoval to Rlohmond ln
1880, Mr. Hoyd, hor second husband.
dlod aliout olavon years ago. Mr. W. S
Forbos was her only chlld, Ho waa'nii
Infnnt when lliu father dlod. To her
niatornal wlsdom and dovotlou ho la
largoly Ipdohted for hls nohlo qualltles
ot mlnd and,heart. Sho exurtnd n po
tent uiul wholosoino lnfluenue over hor
flvo gi'iindclillfiren, to whose welfaro kIiq
tiovoted much tlmo and labor. Tholr
rsorrow ovor her douth la deep and koop.
Mra. Boyd wns baptUed lnto followslilp
of tho Baptlst Churoh lu North _-?iro|lnu
at tho ago of twonty-sovon. For many
yeara sho waa ono rt the most exomplary,
Influential niu'l tiftlolent memberH of tlio
Tyion St. Bui-tlst Church of Cltarlotto.
Sho rounltod wlth tho Flrst Baptlst
Church of 1'llchmoiKl ln 1SS0 during tlie
pastorato of Dr, Huwlhornc. and slnco
thou |ias been ono of Ita moat loyul
membera. tn gentlonoss, muekiiess,
ciheorfulnea.*, pallonce and pnrsovorfliicc
ln tho perforniancQ of her ohllgutlons to
God ajul man she wus un tdcul C'lirls
tlan, Her deparfure waa as calm and
beautiful an an uulumuul sunaet. Wllh
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Bladder Trouble?
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lt theso danger slgnals are unhoeded,
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ilesh, sallow complexion.
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Blnghamton, N. Y? on every bottle.
out struggle or fear she passed from the
-world's dlm twlllght lnto day.
Notlee of the funeral service wlll he
given later.
John H. Anderson.
The death of Slr. John H. Anderson oe?
eurred Sun.lay afternoon at hls home,
No. 308 North Twenty-slxth Street.
Mr. Anderson was slxty-nne years of
age. Ho was a. nati.ve of Naw Kent
county, but had long mnde his home In
thls city. He leaves hls wldow and sev?
eral chlldren.
The funeral wlll tako placo at 11 n'clock
thls mornlng. The interment will be made
ln Oakwood Cemetery,
Miss IVlnttie Bowles.
Miss Mattle Bowles, daughter of "Mr.
S. P. Bowles, resldlng near Epworth,
Klng Wllllam county, died at 9:30 o'clock
last nlght, aged twenty years.
Tho funeral wlll tako place from Heb
ron Ohurch at 11 o'clock to-morrow
mornlng, belng conducted by Rev. H. A.
Miss Arnette's Funeral.
Tlie remalns of Miss Laura Arnette.
who died Saturday last at tho home of
her mothor, No. 10(1 South Mndlson
Street, were yesterday borne to her for?
mer home, Lousla. and there In the pres
ence of lovlng frlends and klndred Inid
gently to rest.
She was a girl of flno charnctcr and
noble tralts, und bore her long sufferlngs
with great fortltudo.
Mnny nnd beautiful were the rnre
Ilowers attestlng tho aipproclatlon ot
thoso who loved Iier.
Funeral of Miss Rilchic.
Tho funeral of Miss Vlrglnla .".itchln.
.vho dled several days- ngn |ft Wushlng
:on, took placo yesterdny afternoon frnm
tho Mu!n Street Stntlon. The Interment
was made in Hollywood Cemetery.
Jacab Kcister,
(Sneclail to Tlio TIuii-s-MN'-.h.-Ii ;
BLACKS-BURC-. VA., February 23..-,
Jacob Kolstor dled on Friday lust, aged
elghly-elght yoars.
The funornl services wero conducted In
tho Methodist Church hero nt 2 P, M.
to-day. Jonatliiin 11, Evans Camp, Con
foderato Vetornns, ncted ns escort. Tho
pnll-bearersw6rn tho followlng mcnibcrs
of Evans Camp Gimrd, Bons of confoderar.o
Veterans; J, P, llarvey, C, XV, Clardnor,
C. L. I'edigo, II. S. Hubbert, W, W, Ar*
go'nilght and A, L. LnncBstor,
Tho Interment was mado ln tho famlly
burylng grocml, Mr. IColstor leaves sev
eml soiis nnd daughters.
Mr. ICelster was lllied hy all who knew
hlm nnd a large copcourso of frlends
pn'd thelr last sad respocis to hls mem?
Mrs. Martha J. Franklln.
rS""<*M i The Tiini.?.|i|*.>iiteh.1
FAMPLIN CITY, VA., l>Vb. '.'.t.-Mra.
Martha J. ""ranklln rtlod ut her resl?
dence hero yestordiiy of pnuumonla, uf
tor nn lllness,nf nlno days,
Sho ls siu'vhod by a husband. Mr, J.
R, Pranltirn. nnd slx uhlldren?Mrs. J.
r>\ Connully, Hon. XV. C. .Messrs. lt. L.
W. J. l-Yankllti. of Pampllu, Mr; S. H.
franklln, of Dynehburg, und Mrs, C. T,
Watklns, pf Riehmond.
Mrs. Mary El|-abeth Bratly,
(Buectul tn Tlio TI-ui>?.I>Uputdi.}
I,YNC.U3URa, VA., February ffj.?Mrs.
Mary liHlBabcth Hrady, who had heen ln
111 henlth for the past year or so, dled
nt 2:16 thls morning at the Home and
Rctreat. Deceascd wns a daughter of the
late Henry Bloshy, and was born In this'
city forty-clght years ago. She is sur-:
vived by the following chlldren: C. Rl.
Brady; of RIchmond; Jlrs. L, D. Creasy.
nnd Mrs. C. S. Coffee, ot Lynohburg.
Mrs. J. S. Palrper. ..,.',
(Snerlnl to Tlie Tlmes.nisiiat.il.. -
HEATHSVILLE, VA? February 23.?
Mrs. J. S. Palmor dled of consumptlori ,
at .her home. in Cherry Point, North
umberland county, Sunday night. aged"
about' thrlty-elght years. Sho Is sur?
vlved by a husband nnd flve chlldren.
Her remnins wlll be Interred In a prl- ?
vato cemetery to-morrow afternoon. Rev.
G: W. Beale wlll offlclato.
Mrs. Sallie A. Anderson.
fStiecl?l to The Tlmes-Plspntch..
ROANOKE, VA., Feb. 23.?Mrs. Sallie
A. Anderson, wldow of Dr. Charles B.
Anderson, was strlcken with paralysis at
7 o'clock thls morning and dled at 11
o'clock. The deccased was a natlve of '
New Kent county, but had reslded. tn'
Roanoke thirteen years, -'She is sur-'
vlved bj' soven children, ' four sons and
three daughters. Her--remai'ns wlll be
taken to Richmond for Interment;
E. U. Polter.
(Speclnl to The Tlmes-Dls.iatcb.)
EXMORE, VA., Februnry 23.-E. _,
Potter, one of the oldest and most proml
nent citizens nf Accomac, dled at hls
homo ln Bell Hnven to-night from pa
ralysis, wlth which he hnd been a suf
ferer for a number of years. Hla age-.
wns about slxty-seven years.
Mrs, J. C. Scheffer
(Kneeliil to Tlie Tlmus-I)|_imtch.) ,
STAUNTON. VA.. Feb. 23.?A telegram.
was recalwd hero to-day annnuncing the ?
death of Mrs. J. C. Scheffer ln Washlng-.".
toni D. C. Alrs. SchclTci* was tho wlfe
nt Julius C. Seheffer. former proprletor .
of the old Vlrxlnin flolel. ot thlH clty.
Robert Rognrs.
S ?' ' tn The TlB)m.-.)|_|m.c_0
ROANOKE. VA., Feb, _.?Rnbwht
Rngors. a brlckmason of thls clty, dled
to-day from a compllcation of troublea, -
aged forty-four years. Ho Is survlved
by hls wlfo.
Miss Morecock's Funeral.
.Si?.i>lnl to llio Tlincs-PI.pntvh.)
WILI-lAMSBima. VA.. Fobruary _3._-.
Tlie fimorul ot Mlss Vlrginla. Morecock waa
largely attended ?t the Eplscopal Church
yesterday. The servlces were Improaalvely
l-erformed by tho Rev. w. A, R. Good
wlu, tho roctor, and Rov; h. B Whar?
ton. D. D. Tho tloral offerlngs wert'
U-autlCul aml ln profuslon. The Interment
wan lu Cedar Orove Cemetery,
ANDERSON.?Dled. Sunday, at 2:10 P.
,\l,, at hla resldence, No. 80s N. Twenty
alxth Street, JOHN H. ANDEHSON,
formerly of New Kent county. Va.
Funeral TO-DAY (Tuesday) at 11 A.
M. from resldence, InUrment Oak
..alttmore and Brooklyn puy_.-ra copy.
BOYD.?Dled. February 23, 1503. a.t 6:11)
o'clock, at tho residence of her son. Mr.
W. 8. Porbes, Mra. JANE C. B&YD,
aged aeventy-aoven years,
Kumiral notice later.
GARKI-TT,?Dled, at Longawood. Klng
William county. Va.. February 83. Ifl-J,
RETT. Infant aon of J. a, and Ada
Mcticiuy Garrett. aged flfteen moabbi.

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