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Tlie Times-Dispatch
Wc. A MONTH. .'**. A YEAR! *?"??"'? '?2S
$2 A YEAR. ?, ,,, ,.,
CARRIER, .",<.'. PER WEEK. I .
WTI.l. BE RE.IECTED. . ??_ T
ERS', 51" E. liiiOAD.
Mr. A. C. Braxton dld good work for
Vlrglnla nnd for the cntire Sputh ln the
admirablo address he delivercd beforo the
Southern Soclety of New York on Satur?
day; night nnd whlch wns prlnted In The
Times-Dlspatch of Sunday. Ho brought
lils Northern hearers face to face with
the negro questlon and showed them thnt
what wo have done to rld our politics
of the black cursc was a polltlcnl nnd
eoclologlcal necessity. Thero Is nbso
..lutely no ratloxial answer to anpwer to
tho argument whlch he made, and nll
falr-mlnded mon at tho North must rcc
cgnlze tho fact.
13tit thnt was by no menns tho most
lnterestlng nor the most lmportant part
ot Mr. Braxton's address. At tha out
eet ho lald down certaln prlvileges df
gr>cllllcs. and of government in whlch ho
eald the Southern people bollevcd, and
they nre worthy of tho most serious con
Blderation by Southern Democrats. Wo
We belleve that monopolles aro bano
"ul, particularly in the ncccssltles of llfe,
-iind should therefore be discournged; when
?linpracticable to prevorit their exlstencc
-Rltogether, wc 'belleve that they should
bo placed under tho strictost supcrvlslon
end regulntlon, to prcvent lmposition nnd
nbuse. We belleve that no institution
phould be tolcrate.d whlch tho government
ls unable to regulate nnd control, and that
the posslble oxlstonce in this land of n
power greater than tho government; ls
the doctrino of anarchy Itself.
\Ve bellevo ln a sound nnd stable, but
elastic, currency, whlch cannot be mon
We belleve that labor has as much riKht
and as great reason for organization nnd
eo-operntlon -is capltal, but that disre
gard of law ls equally reprehenslblo and
none the less demorallzlng and Injurlous in
We bellevo thnt in all matters, domestic
ns well as intcrnationnl. powor and re
Bponslbillty should over go hand ln hnnd.
We belleve that a largo army ls unne
ccssary, oppresslve and dMngerons to our
free instltutlons, but we advocato a lnrgc
and pnwerful navy, whlch, never imperll
lng domestic llberty, ls necessary for
lhe protectlon and extension of our com
rf.erce, the acquisltlnn and malntenanc*
ol forelgn markets fnr our surplus pro
duets, and. llko a falthful wntch dog, ls
dangerous cnly to our enemlea.
We belleve thnt many of our manufne
turlng Industrles, whlch the natlon so
tenderly nursed In thelr infancy and sup
pcrted In thelr youth, havlng now
rlvcd nt man's estate nnd ac'aulrod "falr
rcimd bellies wlth good capon llned,"
Bhould be flred out of tho nursery and
made to shift for themselves.'
; XVe bellevo that tho greatest human
ogency for the moral growth of the In
dividual, the prosperlty of our country
and tho preservatlon or our government
ls popular educatlon?tho one good llilng
of whlch lt is hard to got too much, and
that therefore the Stato should do Its
utmost to encourage and advance It with
allclasses of her cltlzens, regardless of
race or color.
Flnally, M"rVChaiirnrin. we bolievq that
Amerlca 3s the . greatest country* that
?oou ever made, tbat hero tho torch of
llberty is never to bo extingulsbed. hen
the human race is to reach the utmost
pinnacles of its perfectlon, and that we
nnd our posterlty, Ilnkcd to its Cortuhes
by indissoluble bonds. are, ns ono faml?
ly. with our brethren of tho North, tho
East and the West, to contributo to its
greatness and partielp.ite ln Its glorious
di-stlny. tlll human government shall
hnve perlshed from tho earth.
S.:me tlme ago we suggested that a
?ci.raferenco of pomocrats ha held in Vir
iglnla to, conslder thn polltlcal situ'allon
frum a natlonal polnt of vlew and to
tftrmulate an.l prorhulgate a compendlum
of iundamentals to bo commendod to the
next Natlonnl Democratic Conventlon as
the basls of a piatform. Wo ventured
the opinion uhat lf Vlrglnla would tako
the Inltiatlve In thls matter other South?
ern States would fall in line.
lt sceme t?i us tOiut ' the part of Mr.
Braxton's address whlch wo hnve quoted
"urnlshea fu<>)i a basls. it seem:; tn us
that nll Democrate could stand comforl
ahly on such a piatform, lt ls a brave.
yet eonsprvntlve deiln ratlen. and we be
IJqye th-it ihe Democrats of the North
would rally to bho support of the Demo
brate ?f tho South on a phitform IlKe thls.
lt is tlme for the South to spenk out.
l.t is tlme for Vlrglnla to urieah out and
take lhe Kid. lf Demqwacy is to bo
enved and preserved ln Its purlty the
Routh must do it. Mr. Braxton has fur
r.lehed tlio cue, und tho South h-J3" n
elorlous opi rlunity.
?'?<? VAlifrh-tn, .'X-Mnyor of
?? I an atl irnoy iu tho At
? '?'?? - al U'ashlmrton, has
calllng attentliin to Uio
" l> ".I jx rrw u'.ae.i, onrj
ti ''? d, "ii tlie negro of the
Bouth by ,!,, , ..,,,.... ,, ,, ?nj. j0 (1|c.
black fi.Jl:a tia;ii thi: ?.?"'?-::
to 'Urnlsl) ti,'.!:i ptnsloi
Jhelr floscondanta Jucig.i <
tlior of tfta ex-tiluve pens....
hns heen before Congr.'.?n dtirlug tho jnst
ten yearn. 11,- Buya thnt nll money i?
fjefray tbo ei'jiensea of th.- t.nj i.as (?.,.,
lupplied by hlm, but that thc-re hns been
->fjf>iale found,' both wldte men : :.,) -l0.
jro ?neu nnd women, who have not hesl
Ittted to piuctiue up.,11 nw. Inexperleiice
>f tlio uiieducated notTPfca of th... Koutii
>ud havo dc(xdv*d an.| robU'.l them by
"aallectlnir money under pretepso ut ?fojjiu
i rney
!"< b'<"'l(ig
avi's aud
nn ls an
to Wnshlngi?i for the purpose of nldlng
tho |)ns,?n.go of snld blll. Not ono dollnr
of the many thbusnnds Jthu.s ralsed hns
ever been npplicd to Ihe objocts for whlch
lt was eollectcd. Some of those dliihonost
peoplo havo pretended thnt Iho money
wns lo bo uncd ln the omployment of par?
ties uud ln vnrloiis other ways to press
tho pnssago oC thls law.
Not contont wllh tho frnud thoy havo
already commltted,' they are now at
temptlng. ho ndds, to rrtlso ten cents por
cnjilta from. tho negro people, glving Iho
samo falso rensons. mul nddlng to thetn
thnt It ls necessary to have nn attomey
to lnduco the Poatofllco Department to
co-opernlo In proventlng frnud.
Judgo Vnughiln, who, by the way, Is n
Southern man, concludes by saylng thnt
he hO_t trled for yonrs to prevent these
frnuds, and thlnks thnt something ought
lo bo dono ln iho States to apprehend
tho men who nro thus preylng upon the
negroes and brlng thom to Justice.
Thls ls an old dodgo, and hns liccn of?
ten exposed, but tho average negro Is
easy proy to nny fnklr who comes along,
especially lf tho faklr pretends to ho dolng
something for tho negro through tlie gov?
Tho negro has been taught to belleve
that he is tho ''wnrtl' ot tho natlon" nnd
to look to tho government for support,
us ho formerly looked to hls mastcr. Hc
wns flrst duped by the pi-onitso that tho
govornpient was going to glvo 1o ench
nnd every blnck man "forty ncros nnd a
nlulc," nnd he has been In a state of
oxpectancy ever slnce. Ho has been
fooled tlme and agaln, but ho does not
learn by experlence, und nny fnltlr who
holds out to him tho hope of nn'appro?
prlatlon from Congress or some legisla
tion or Fedoral Court decision In his favor
enn he qulte suro of gettlng a part of
the negro"s monoy to furtbor the scheme,
Wo do not seo what the State authorities
can do "to protoct hlm from tho faklrs,
lf ho Inslsts upon being victlmlzed he
must take the consequences.
Tho TImos-Dlspatch hns never en
thused over the propositlon to placo a
statuo of Gcnerai Ixaa In the Capitol at
Wnshlngton, although wo liavo had no
special objuctlon to tt. Our only objec
tion, as stated moro lhan onco, is that
wo do not consldev It any great honor
for General Lee's statuo to bo placed ln
Statuary HaJl. ln company wlth tho
statue ot Brigham Young. nnd others
even more objcctlonablo, whom lt is not
necessary to name, nor do wo wlsh to
givo the Northern people any grounds for
bllevlng that tho people of Vlrglnia aro
deslrous of forclng tho government to
"recognize" the South's hero, But we
confess to a dlfferent feellng when wo
read from our Washlngton correspondent
that some of. tho Northern Congressmen
are maklng the polnt that Vlrginla has
no rlght to place a statuo of Lee ln Stat
utary Hall, a_ sho was not a State of
the Unlon when the act ot July 2, 1SM,
was passed. In that net ll is provlded
thnt "tho Presldent Is hereby authorlzed
toMnvite each and all the States to pro?
vlde and furnlsh statues in marblo or
bronze, not exceeding two In number for
each State, of deccased persons who
have been citizens thercof, and illustrious
for thelr hlstorlc renown, or from dls
tinguished olvlc or military oervlcos,
such as each Stato shall determino to bc
worthy of thls natlonal commemorntion;
and wh'en so lurnlshed the same shall
bo placed ln the old hall of tho Houso
of Representatlvos, ln the Capitol of the
Unlted Stalos, which ls hereby set apart,
or so much thereof ns may be necessary,
as a Natlonal Statuary Hall, for the pur?
poses heroin indicatcd,"
That act has never been repealed and
ls still ln force. lf it does not include
Vlrginla, no more does It includo any
State that has been admltted since 3SIM.
We do not. claim for Vlrginla nny rlghts
or prlvllegos that nre not enjoyed by
other States ot the Unlon, hut we claim
for her the same rlghts nnd prlvlleges
that other States enjoy, and thero must
be no discrimination agalnst her. AVe
claim that sho occtiples in the sistorhood
of States a posMIon quite aa honorablo
and important as that of any other
State; that sho is cntitled to all the
rlghts nnd Iramuiiltlcs of statehood, re
gardless of the fact that sho seaedod. Sho
hnr?_ .tho same right to ocenpy her niche in
Statuary Hall tli.u. New York, or Ponn
sylvonia, i r Ohlo, or any ollier Stato
has to bc ?/ thelrs, nnd sho has tlio
rlght, under the act of l.SCI, to put into
tliis nlcho a statue of Robert E. Lee, or
Stonewall Jackson, or Jefferson Davls,
or any othor man whom sho dollghts to
honor. And whon Congressmen from oth?
er Statos undortako to lnterforo or to
dl.tuto to her, lt arouses our resehtment
and our Indlgnatloii, and wo feel Ukc
tclllng thom to nilnd their own buslness.
Vlrginla ralsed no objectlon when ot.lior
States put their dlstlngiii-hed r.ons ln tho
nlches asslgnod lo them, and othor States
niiist not raiso objectlon when Vlrglnia
ej.erc.SQ3 her prlvllege. Thero ls somo
littlo Stnte soyorelgnty lofi, and Vlrginla
clalms uii that belonga to her;
Whllo nn tht. lubject. lot un say that
If a statuo of General I.ev ls tu bo made,
the work should be dono ln tliis genera?
tlon. when thero nre Jn Die land BClllp
toi.i who knew hlm In the flosh und knew
nd hla features. Nn
well eaulpped an
0 make the plece.
il Leo whon hia
1 "ii' " was belng
hls oye'rV fvuturo
>sc, Moreover, ho
subject, and hls
When u great scholar, or a gvoat pljy,
Blclun, or ii great lawyer, or a great n
n.'iiK-ii'i' illes thero h'.u!ways ln Ui. fi-h-mh,
of such a man u fpellng that there iu
great wasto, nnd tlmt ll |_ ? pjty th(>
man epuja not leavo us mi Inhcritance
to hls son, or his frl-ini, thi, knowledge
whlch lu Jlfcllma he litul accumulnt.-ii anti
onublu tl.o reclpient to taku up hls work
v.'Ih-:?? la. h.'l't pff and carry it on,
Eir Thomas i.i''>wnc soomj t-, havo hnd
thls thnutiht ln hls mJnd whl u tu. ..;,.,! i?
onu of hls delightful essaya thatt "jntiu,
taldsl uf iill )ny i!iid_-a.v_>__ tin/i; i.s om.
thought tlmt dojocte m<--~tli-it nit ji.<iulit.d
parts must ' pcrlsh wlth myself,
nor can ho lcgaolod nmong my
honored frlenils," That was a 'gen?
erous thought, nnd could hnvo como
only to a mnn of gon.i'otis Impulsos, a
man .who loved und voiilod knowlcdgo as
thls mnn dld, a man who loved humanlty.
But stipposo thlfl could be dono, ctupposo
n mnn could "Irgnry among hia honored
frlends" all hls nccumiilatlons ot know?
ledge; stipposo one oonld recclvo an 'od
utviUon by Inhcritance, There would bu
no Incontln. to tho chlldren of cdiioutcd
parents to sludy, Just ns thore ls now
littlo inccntlvo to Ihe chlldren of rich
parents to work. Whlch, boliiR interpre?
ted, means that tho Croator know best
when ho mude each mnn tho custodlan
ot hls own knowlcdgo, and when he do
crcod lhat oacli man's knowlcdgo should
pcrlsh Wlth hlm.
Yet, a. man's knowlcdgo nnd a man's
educatlon nnd a man's experlence do not
ol together perish Wlth hlm. Enough ls
left to incilo olher men to nd'dltlonul
study, nnd tho richest possosslon of tho
world to-day Is Ihe accumulalcd know?
lcdgo and experlenco of thoso who havo
passed away. I'hat Jis why thls genera?
tlon ls so rich, aud why thls genoration
ls maklng glgantic progress. Wo are
stnnditiK. as ll were, upon tho shoulders
or nll generatlons that havo precetled us,
We can look back over thelr llves, and
wo can look aiicad. Wo enn tako tho
experlenco of Ihe world, much of whlch
we havo recorded ln tho books, and we
can use that to our advantago und for our
advancenient The npplicatlon of thls
knowledge and thls experlenco to tlie nf
f.-iirs of llfe, is practical scle'nce, and we
aro careless and indifferent to our own
interests lf we fall to apply thls science
ln government, in buslness, In education?
al methods, ln all sociological condltions
and i)i rcllglon.
An Atncrican gentleman in J'aris who
witnessed a servlce flield fbr tho French
soldiers, was moved to make tho followlng
commonts to a relative to whom ho was
wrltlng. Jt is such an cxccllent cxposl
tior. of the "Law of Chrlst" that we
reproducc it.
I think a good deal of our dear ones
In henven und reallzo that ln a littlo whllo
tlio places that know us will know us 110
nirrc. lt wlll apparently mako no dlf
fercned to the places when we are gone,
But what nbout our souls. when thls agl
taied IICo ls over? What a blosslng to
have enjoyed the teachings of Chrlst ln
childhood! Sunday we were at the sol?
diers' niass at St. Phlllppe du Route.
I was glad to watch the common peasont
lads. In thelr course unlform down on thelr
knees praying, whllo tho mystery oC the
corrimunlon was being celebrated by the
prlcst at the altar. Tho hope of Frnnee,
ns tho liopo of all people, llcs In thoso
who publlcly recognlze God and on bhelr
knees pray for help, strength and guid
nnce. I recognlze now that Chrlst ls
grcatest, chlef and master, becauso Hls
sacrlllce was greatest, becauso hls ser?
vlce to mnn is so far and away the great?
est servlce over renderod. Tho great sc
crot of llfe ls servico through love. It
ls verv slmple for me Intelleetually, but
what is harder ls that progress toward
hlrdi levels of thought and actlon ls so
slow, Patlence ls not easy to acqulre.
though ono recognUcs it is one of tho
most important of the stepping stones up.
I hnvo boen readlng the eplstles of St.
Peter. How strong und vlvld they are!
He seems to teach that wo grow through
falth, knowledge, temperance, patlence,
eqdliness, charity, brotherly kindnoss. To
love, that is tho nll in jiU-_
An Ohio court has been aclled upon to
supprcss by injunctlon a certain brand of
piely. Isaac Tenncnt, a pious cltlzon
of Mount Gillad, ln that Stato. has been
attendlng rcrival servlces at tho Church
of the Unlted Brethren, and being more
or less enthused, he got in tho habit of
saylng "amen" too often and too loud.
Isaac always mado his way closo to the
front, and at each meeting, in the ex
cess of his plety, his ejaculations rever
beratcd throughout tho edlilco and hls
volce, whlch the plaintlff declarcd was
harsh at best, grated on tho ears of all
?he other members of the flock to an exr
tent that was unendurablo, and thoy had
to seek relief in injunctlon proceedings,
Tho court allowed a restrainlng order,
but later modif.'ed lt in such a manner
that Tenant had tho prlvllege of at?
tendlng meetlngs, but had to worshtp in
sllcnco. Tenant is wealthy and has em?
ploycd lawyers, who wlll carry the case
to the Supremo Court,
There was great trouble up In Shelton,
Conn.. on Sunday. Muskrats made the
troublo, and damage to tho ninount of
$33,000 wns the result. Theso anlmals bur
rowlng beneath the dam of th0 lnrgest
roservoir In tho town, lot out tho town
water, whlch swept away a second dam,
and an lmmense flood descended upon
Shelton. Brldges, houses, fehces and
other property wero washod away, and
whllo thero were several narrow escnpes,
thero was no loss of Ihe. ln thls part of
tho country beayers hnn-o heen known to
do a great deal of damage to farm lands
nnd county brldges by maklng their own
dams across tho streams, nnd thon. ap?
parently, just fnr mischlef. hreaklng
thom, |_ut tho imiskrat, whlle numerous,
hns never __.ttemp_.od SUCh untics ns that
recorded Sunday ln tho Connectlout town.
Usually John Erlcsson haa"roceivod "all"
tho credlt for deslgning tho Monltor nnd
too ofton the Monltor has reeelved credlt
for a vlctory which sho dld not wln ovar
the Vlrginla (Merrimac.. But now come
the heirs of Theodore R. Timhy who show
that ou January IS, isi;;, Tlmby illed a
caveat clalmlng tho Invontlon of the re
volving turr'et, which w.is the dlstlngulsh
lilg feature of Lhe Monltor. Tlmby .<??
celved about J5.000 in rpyaltles from tho
biillders of ih" Monltor. Now ins heirs
aiii for moro adequato compensatlon aiid
for full roroKiiltion ot hls servlces, To
thls end they huvo sont a petltlon to
Tho Timhy people mtty not got nny
monoy from lhe govornmenl, but an in
iiulry into tlio matter cannot but bo pro
mutlvo of Uin truth of history.
We do not Know unytning about the
causeg whlch led up to tlm terrlble
iragedy reported from Raleigh, We only
know that a promlnent cltlacn of tlmt
plty was shot and kllled by umoIIit protri
Iiuiit fltlzen; thut one llio huu been. do
stioytit nnd unoilii-r forever plouflojj, and
ull becauso of 4I10 n'leloiiH habll of carry
ing couciiulod weujxms. If thoso mon lun]
"hot bcep urmc-it, they would hoth have
been allVB to-day, They inlj-ht Ikiyd hnd
a dililculty, but thoro would huvo beon
no hloodehcd, it ls n atrnngo thing, In
deod, that ncnslblo men wlll trust thom
30?ves wlth a doadly wenpon.
In New o7le"nns"on Baturday nlR.it lnte,
Poter Pnrrell, a local polltlclan and offleo*
lioldcr of soma noto, went to hls home
nfter boing out with ihe boys nnd goltlng
protty full of tanglo-foot. whlskey, As
noon as ho ontercd the domlcllo, he com*
mcnced to nbuso nnd hnat hls wlfo. Flnnl
l.v, ho klclted hor out of tho houso, and
when hls son, n youth of twenty years of
age, romonstrnted, ho atlncked tho young
man. in the flght thnt ensuefl, youtig\
Fnrroll shot hls father dend. Thus tho
temperanco orators have been affordcd
another "horrlblo ex.implo" to dllale
upon, but thoy wlll flnd somo dimciilty In
dotormlnlng whlcli wns most to hlarnc,
mean whiskoy or a low nrder of polltlos,
Tho rlch and Tcccnlrie Mrs. Gardnor
who personally Inspected S.andow's mus
clog, hlred a Clilneso theatre ln
whlch to ontortaln her guosts,
fondled llon cubs ln tho 5"oo bc
foj'o a hugccrowd nnd onco rodo In nn
engine cnb when thore was no other wny
of renchlng her deatlnatlon, has given to
Hoston tlio Gardner MuseumJ
Tho bullding Itsolf was orlginnlly nn
Itallnn palace and wns brought ovor
liere nnd sot up almost stono by stono.
Tho renult is a thing of beauty. Ono pic?
ture In It cost j"3,0OO.
Tho mttscum Is fllled wlth ptctures and
other works of nrt.
Tho people of tho Eastern Shoro of
Vlrginia bonst of produclng tho best oys
t.ers and aweet potatoes ih lhe world.
Roady sale is found for both. They have
organizcd a produce exchango whlch has
aided greatly in brtnglng a'jout larger
prices nnd creatlng a groater demand.
An Onnncock correspondent of the
Baltlmoro Sun says the communlty of
lnterest Idea: "has changod the slato of
tho farmer hero from almost destltuto
circumstances to prosperlty."
Though dead, the lmmorlnl Georgo yet
speaketh. Ho said tho banks and tho
oxchanges must do no buslness yester?
day, and, behold, no buslness wns dono.
Notwlthstandlng the declslon of Judgo
Grosscup, tlio beef comhinc asserts that
all the hlde has not yet been taken off
"Dead men tell no tales," unless thoy
be defeated polltlclans, nnd then they are
sure to explnln how thoy were wounded
ln the house of thelr friends.
The Montgomery Advortlser suggests
"autobus." It Is nt least shorter than
automoblle, but It wlll probabiy kill as
Klng Edward Is havlng hls eyes treatcd.
Thls has no reference whatever to the
operatlon recently perform-ed by Mlnister
The Postofflce Department will spend
$100,000 for automobiles thls year. Tho
thlngs aro comlng at great Bpeed.
In addltlon to other honors, John Mitch?
ell has had a flvo cent clgar named for
Isn't lt getting abput tlme for some.
body to nomlnate Admlrnl Dewey for
tho presldency agaln?
And now, Judge Grosscup, wlll you
klndly glve your Judlclal attentlon to the
rotail manipulators of beofsteaks?
There ls a dlfterenco between parlia
ment and a Jackpot. A klng can open a
A Monroe Doctrine that all the natlons
so readlly agreo to leave us no exclte
ment at all.
The usual varlety of Goorgo Washing?
ton outs are now enjoylng thelr annual
Tho annual cry from Macedonia, "Come
and help us," agalnst tho Turk ls now
boing heard.
The Franklln Times-Democrat has gone
lnto the Governor-making business.
It may be well to romind some that
r.ent beglns on Wednesday.
Aftnr nll tho cold snap dld' not develop
any decided scarcity of coal.
With a Comment or Two.
For somo reason or othor we often read
that somo man or"other has "dlsappeared
BUddenly." It would be truly remarkable
to read of one who dlsappeared' gradually.
?Orange Obsorver.
Do not the vnst majorlty of men disnp
pcar gradually?
Ex-Presldent Cleveland and the Vlr?
glnla Presa Association arrlved ln Flor?
lda last week about the samo tlme. The
Jacltsonvllle Tlmes-Union and Citlzen
published an editorlul of wolcome to Mr.
Cloveland, but sald not a word about tho
pencll pushers from tho Old Dominion,
all of which leadu us ,to romark that
Grover must ho greater than tho Vlr?
ginia press ln tho opinion of our Jnek
sonvlllo con temporary,?Cllfton Forge Re
Tlio coples of the Times-TJnlon whlch
reached this ofllce whllo tho Fabcr shov
ers wero in Florlda contnlned moro In
edltorinl nnd news columns about tlie Vir?
glnlans than about Mr. Cleveland.
Even tho hlgh wlnds that havo prevalled
ln most parts of tho Old Dominion havo
failed to . halie uny fruit from the Vlr?
glnla pluin treo. Superlntendent Slcmp
evldently has the situulloti Hioroughly
ln hand.?Staunton NeWH.
Porhaps all lhe fruit bad beon gnthored
before tho iiqw superlntendent entered
tho orcharcl. Wnlt tlll next reason.
The news that the Georgla pench crop
has not been hurt, but probabiy liolpwl,
by th.i cold wavQ wlll he received wlth
genulno pleasuro by tho whole couii
iry.? SavimiKili Nows,
Cnn't Lxiu'lly und'eratund how zero
woather cun ho of benellt to peaeh treea,
but glad to hear about it, anyhow.'
Not sutlalled- wlth "tho corn whlskey
wc-ll," thnt Plttsylvnnltt Mulhatlon has
now dlscovered u "gat- troo."?Uichnioiid
llo must bo irying to flnd u way to put
the Vlrglnla ecltlon. out of business.?
Montgomery Advortlser.
That wlll provo to bo a- enso af "black
jiuk agalnst tluinder."
H the Tlllman moutih could' l.o muz
zlcd nnd tln-. l'i csldontlal arm no Hhurt
eni'il, the rucn i>ue.itlon would bo nourer
iidjuatnumt.?NashvlU*J Nows.
li wpuld seem thal, so simplo n rau
tdy for the evil ought to bo appJIei". ln
tho courso of tlnia !
%?tri' jfcour With
Virginea ?ditors. :|
Tlio Emporla Mossenger conoludos a
strong artlclo on good roads with thls
"It must not ho supposed, howovor,
thnt roads can bo bullt ohcnply, Good
ronds cost monoy, and lots of lt, but ln
proportlon lo tho beneflts to every clti
zo'n, farmor, morchn.nl, physiclan, or what
not, they will bo cheap."
The Suffolk Hornld condenses muoh ot
tho artlclo that' Solomon chooo abovo
rlches In tho followlng:
"Yes, why not stop nll thls fuss about
tlie negro and let us linvo rest 7 IC he
ls not satlsfled wlth hls conditlon horo
in lhe South, lot hlm movo North or
soninwhcro else, VV*r* can spuro hlm.- Such
publlclty ns ho ls now gottlng wlll be
detrlniental to tho colored inun's lnterest
nnd retnrd hla progrcsa more than any?
thing eiso, Let hlm alone!"
Naturally tho Newport News Press ls
Iri favor of a strong navy." R says;
"A chnlu ls no stronger thnn Its wcak
est polnt. aml If wo would esmipe humllln
tion and incalcula.ble loss, It buhooves us
to strengtlien thls naval llnk in tho bul
warka nf tho niitlon'a honor and in
This Is from tho Norfolk licdgcr:
"It ls nnuounced from Itlchmond that
the up-couritry judge wlll probabiy como
out of tlio investlgatlon muscatbed?whlch
suggests tu ns to lmrulre how a mnn
looli.s when lio I1113 been pretty thoroughly
. The Roanoke Tilnos has thls to say ln
the way of a cust-lron truth:
"Thero Is one thing ln favor of which
the peoplo of the different counties must
make up their inlnds, lt' tahey wlsh rond
Improvement, and tho qtilckor tho bettor.
ll Is, ln order to make roads money ls
necessary, nnd a great deal of it, Talk
und printer's ink nnd theorizjlng and spec
uliitlng upon tho different wjtya of gcttlng
them without money wlll never amount
to a row of plns."
The Bcdford Democrat has come square
ly down on tho "hog nnd hominy" plat
l'crm. Heur it:
"Wo boast of our salubrious climate, of
our fertilo soll and of tho great varicty
of Its products, nnd yet u. glanco lnto our
grodery stores tclls a talo that should
innko us stop nnd thlnk, and at tho rlsk
of belng called moddlesomo we venturo
thls suggestlon of a proper subject of med
Itatlon, which wo put In tho form of n
qiwry. Why should so flne an agrlcul
tu7al county ns Hedford be compelled to
buy flour, bacon, la'rd, butter, beans, po
tatoes, apples, grapes and numerous other
products or tho fleld to fced Its agrlcul
turnl population, nnd corn, hay and mlll
foed for its stock. and grnss seeds and
nrllllclal fertlllzors for ita flelds? Wlll
our farmers medltato on thls prohlcm and
glvo us thelr answers?"
Augusta Chronlclo: A Parlsian paper
suggests that we Joln Pranco nnd Russla
a'.d mako 11 trlplo alllanco of It. Thnt
would bo a spectnele truly, the two great
republlcs of tlio world arm ln arm with
the ono clvlllze.l autocratlc monarchy!
Louisville Herald: The receptlon given
by New Orleans to tho Presldent's daugh?
ter ntteyts the supremacy of that splendld
culture, that courtly conslderation for'and
noblo deferenco to womanhood which
makes the Soulhland the parrtdlso of the
falr sex.
Nashvllle American: If the Democratic
party ls to recover Its posltlon in the
1111 tlon it must call its stronif men to tlio
fmnt and rele.gate tho SoclalWs an.l
w.nktings. Some mon are belng talked
nf for Presldent who aro not blg enough
to be ln a City Council.
Norlli CarolinaSentiment.
The Durham Herald ls trylng to cheer
tho fallcn. It says:
"When Vick recognizes lhat hls docapl
tation means the securlng of the North
Carollna delegatlon by Mr. Roosevelt ho
should eonsolo hlmself. in that he was
sa'crlflced for the good ot tho party."
Tho Wihston-Salem Sentlnel rises to re
"Presldent Roosevelt's adminlstratlon
has been dlstlnctly yellow. If the Dem?
ocratic party thinks that is what Lhe
eountry wants, then Mr, Wllllam R.
Hearst. edltor of the Now York Journal
and Amerlcan, Is Just tho man It should
romlnaf-O. l!e can glve us the real ar?
tlcle, wlth a few lurid slde touches,"
The Greensboro Telegram gocs for the
law-makers thus:
"A member of tlie General Asembly
sald ln a speech yostcruay that he and
his fellow law-makers were 110 better
thnn tho peoplo who sent them to Ra?
lelgh. The trouble ls. we fear, that too
many of tho leglslators are not ns good
as the people who sent them."
The Ralelgh Poat says:
"There aro many cvidences that tho
demngogues who still play in the back
yard of tho Democratic party nre bocom
ing moro and more offonsivc to all honest
"Webster's Weekly seems dlsposed to. In
sinuato somothlng about rlngs and thlngs.
lt says:
Senator Oivermnn hns appointed Mr.
Fred L. Carr, present member of the
Legislature from Green county, hls prl?
vate secretary. Senator Slnimons set the
proccdent two years ago by making Rnp
rosentat(vo Watts, of Iredoll,. hls secre?
tary. If Watts Is made chnirman of the
Democratic State Executlvo Committoe,
nnd Can- secretary, It Is belloved that
Messrs, Situmons nnd Orerman can aafe
ly trust the Legislature and SUu,; Com?
mltteo to bohave themselves whllo our
Senatora aro atudylng jinlinnal affnlrs.
Tho edltor of tho "Warrenton Record
has .evldently been travellng by buggy
or wagon over tba red hllls of hls county.
Noto thls paragraph;
"Mud" ls a present. Hvlng, natlonnl
lssue, affeotlng thn hapiptnesH -jf all
chiHses and agea overywhere. Its exter
mlnatlon would bo ono far-reachlng, per?
petual vlptory for peaoo nnd prosperlty,
Mud coats the natlon more rinnunlly than
all other rtralns up.-?, itH roBQUrcoa coni
hln.od. it breods I'solntlon nnd Ignorance!
poverty nnd polltitlnn.
Tho Carollna Legislature ls near its
end, nnd tha Ashc>.>llla Cltlzen has thls
to say of it:
Wo do not hosltato lo say no such con?
ditlon ever beforo evlsied nt ihiu Btago of
lhe sesslon, when the calendais of both
n.ntsea were "cleared" of work, Thls iH
aUogethor a hlgh lestlmnnlal tn tho work?
lng energy, u? wpll ns capaoity, nt oui'
prOBplit General Assembly, for whlch tho
niemberH deaervo tho approval uf thler
Remarks About nichmoncl.
Pi'o.lericksburg B t nr 1 Rlclinioiid's
Ciiuncllmeii aro propurlng to glve her
people p'ura food. 11 ow would lt do to
a.tl.1 puro water to tho prnposlllnn?
Surely tho people: aro tlrcil of trylng to
dlije.st Juma.s Hlvcr mud,
Virglnln.. Ginsetto""' (vVlillanisburg); Af?
ter iiiia i.r two more laiYorts t|iu itlch
moud papers wlll havltlio Trigg uhlp
yurd lu I'ull blast ufciu'il
and Hair Tonic
Kakes ihe Hair Grow,
Keeps the Scalp HeaSfhy. (
Sold Everj'wherc in
$1.00 and 50 Cent Bottles.
A.E..BremerGo., chicago.
!-*-_<{'___ )^WiT_i___5______>___-r tfn'^i?_v-,-^.^--j-S
\ \
?--+^-M-M-^+-M-+4--f-f>-r -M-+-H* *
Blrmlngham News: lf tho Democrats
cannot get together wlth Mr. Bryan's
help, thoy may be forced to get togethei
without lt.
Florlda Tlmes-U nion: "The wlsest man
In publlc llfe ls ho who knows tho publlc
mind just before/tho peoplo reallzo what
thoy hai.o declded to do." Ho who works
on thls Idea may sucoeed ln holcllng olllce
if that bo the helght of hls ainbltion?he
wlll "never say a foollsh thlng and never
do a wlso one."
f^ivannah News: Tho negroes of MIs
sisslppi aro aald to bo organlzlng in the
interest of a presldcntlnl boom for Sena?
tor Hanna. Hls introductlon of the ex
nlavo penslon blll has wnrmed thelr hearts
to hlm. The blucks aro rnpldly reuchlng
tho concluslon that ..iey prefer money
to soclal rccognltlon at the White House.
Chattanooga Tlmes: Whon n man of
tho Senator Quay pattem can "hold up"
tho Unlted States Senato for weeks to
forco tho possagd of a bill In whlch he
has a blg personai Interest?a rdllway
charter ln New Mexlco, and also has "a
man" for Senator from that terrltory?
whon thls happens openly, Amerlcan.;
should be modest nbout crltlciplng gw
ornment mcthodg m South Amerlca, Hus
sla and Spaln.
The Tight Wad.
. If a body meet a body
Oolng after rye,
If n body bo tlght-waddy
Tohter man must buy.
?Chicago Tribuno.
Failed to Recognize lt.
"Ho senj; a, copy of hls dlalnct story
down lnto tho country whero ho studled
the dlolect."
"And dld ft make the natlvcs angry?"
"(>h. no; they couldn't understand it,"
?Chicago Post
His Sort.
"What kind of tobacco do you smoko,
Rlvers." asked the friend who had drop
ped In.
Rlvers hestltated a mornent.
"As a rule," sald Brooks, comlng to hls
rellef, "he smokes cut plug, except when
I run out of lt and happen to havo somo
other klnd in ray desk."?Scranton Re?
The Other Kind.
It may be true that George ne'er told
A falschood, but I guess
If all tho truth were spread out flat
Boforo wo'd dlscovcr that
Ho acted moro or less,
. ?Chicago Record-Herald.
A South Carolina Finding,
, AVluit was tho verdlct the coroner's
jury returned?"
"Willful noglect of duty on the part of
the deccased. He went out unnrincd,
knowlng tho other follow waa ln town."
?Chicago Kecord-Ifcrald.
Birds of a Feather.
Whero's your ground hog now??Rich?
mond Times-Dispatch.
Evklc-ntly ho has jolned hands wlth the
coul trust ln an effort to freeze.out the
Amerlcan peoplo. Hogs, llko hlrds of
"feather, flock together.?Fredorlcksburg
Personai and General.
Tho Brighton Railway Company ln Eng?
land Is perhaps tho latesl to tulopt the
Idea of runuii)-. motor cars on Its tracks.
It Is thought that for locnl servlce in
purtlculur the automobilo servlce wlll he
much moro ecoriomical than tlio heavy
Presldent Roosovelt's autograph out
in glass wlth a diamond Is a unli.ue
souvenlr whlch wlll soon pass lnto tho
possesslon of tho Northw?tern Unlver?
sity of Chicago.
Rov. Charles C, Trucsdell, who dled laat
,.eck, has been at the head of tho Chi?
cago Rellef and. Aid Socloty slnco 1871.
and was one of tho most widely known
experts In thls Uno in tho country.
BIshop Tugwoll, of Western Eciualoriul
Afrlca, ls ofl.en asked, when m Eng
lund': "What Ih tho size of your dloces.?
"I generally nnswer," ho suys, 'by sny
In'g 'you can put England ? nnd Wales,
irelnntt nnd Scotland, Franco and Ger?
many liito nny illoceso and still have
room to spiu'o,' "
ln ono of hls South Afriean speeches
Mr. Chamberlaln iiskodi whether tho now
colonles wero yot ablo "to stand alonv."
Was it mallep or acoldent tlmt led tho
sU-nogruphiT to I'eporL hlm tlj) iiutuil'liig
Into tho abllity of tho colunlus to uiatid
u loan?
Presldent noosovolt has consented" to
uct us'ii roeniber of tho gene'ruj oonunlt
tcoi whlch is In charga of tho fund be?
lng ralsed to bulld u memurlal to Henry
Wtird 1-eeelier, ln Brooklyn.
Tho Kalser's clgav.i uro half aa long
again aa those <>n whlch thu onliiin.y
niot'tal pulls. They com,. from lliivuiui,
whero thoy uro made especially for thu
Etnpcrov, Isjaoh boftrs a "liaviuia rlng"
oriuiniontod wlth tlie Empofor's portrait.
Ho pays :t0 to 30 ceiits uploco for them,
wllllo even hi Goiiniiny, whero tobacco
Is very clieap, slmllat' elgiiTa could not
bo bought for lesn tlum jf 1.20,
A snow Hlorm costS tha o|t.V'. of Nuw
york u p'-'liy penny. On Wednesday s.ooo
iimn iiiai 'aeveral thausanil tpairuj w rj
engaged at clearlng awtiy Iho tmow.
alitl |t Is ..stlniateil thut tlio littlo )).(z
isiii-1 u( 'Ptiosdiiy wlll cost Iho clty ti-tis
wy no lesa than JSOO.CUQ
The M&n
1102-Strawberrles dlscovered ln Florlda
by Chrlsiofo Colombo.
1003?Rvnchod New York over th0 B,
A. L.
"diPD?Klrkwood put an oyster ln blg
lfiOO-OyHtor still thoro.
Up to thls tlmo wo havo hecri undor
a bushcl,
OW light couldn't shlno,,for wo wera
ln dnrknoss nnd could not havo told
vhoreof wo spoko, if wo had spoko.
Jgnorancc was not bllss, for wo wer?
worrlcd very much, and hatcd to show,
oi.r Ignorancc.
"Wc blded our tlme, whatcvor that ls,
nnd we wntted not.
"Wo seldotn wot, but tfhere aro tlmes
vhen peoplo havo to wot, and thls haa
been, ono of those.
Wc nlso wnxed wroth, because yye dldn't
know what to havo said If wo had b-eon
We, nlso seldom wnx, but thls tlme wo
wuxed a wholo,Int of wroth.
Now thn light has broken ln upon us,
nml wo can tell wlth tho oa.slcst graco
pbaslble wlmt It Is to havo somo molst
banner Evans is the party from whom
we got tho Informatlon.
Mo sald It wu" a ded suro thlng that
v.n'd havo aome "molst snow" on Sun
dny, If wo dldn't havo somo raln.
We know wlmt raln ls when we see It,
nnd wo know tliat lt dld not raln on
Sunday, hen-fa thoro must havo beon
some "molst snow.V
Wo had boen uiiaAr, tho trnpres-don that
it would turri out*:*tp\be aoinethlng Ilka
regular snow, and haaljnado all arrange
rnc-ivts nbout havlng a blg flro ht oui
llttle hall room, Wo had pastcd a neu
plecb of paper over the holo in tha wln*
rlow and had put a plece of earpet and
some old clothes down at the crack under
the door
Wc felt all rlght to ward off the worat
kind of snow.
And then wc wnlted.
When tho rln-wn aroso over the Jefferson
Hotel and told us It was tlme to get un
.ana ..light. the flre, wo looked out th<
'vfriidoW nt tho molst snow.
It was thcro.
And people wero gottlng up across tln
street and comlng out to sweep off thelt
front steps, and tho Bong of the mllk
man wns heard merrlly ln the dlstance.
Afl the sun cllmbed up from Sevcr
1'lnes, and east hla eyes toward us ht
tipped a wlnk,
Then we awnkencd the Six, and told
th.-m to go out and seo tho snow.
They got. thelr slnd ready and we tlet
our sllk haiidkerehief and some stock?
ings nround thelr eara ar.d out thoy wcnl
lnto tho back yard.
In tho afternoon we nll went out to th(
cemetery and read the epltaphs, and
plcked out n. good ono for the weather
And now we know all about molst snow.
Wo had the pleasuro the obher day ol
meetlng a blg fellow twlco our size. who
came hero ahead of "Mr. Jolly of Jollet."
As he wns blgger than us, wo had t?
agrco to cverytnlng he said, and we had
to keep laughlng all tho tlmo,
Mannger Charlle Rex also laughed. and
It wns all nbout two umbrellaa that the
blg man frind.
The moon was shlnlng and wo asked
hlm what ho was dolng wlth two um
"It was a dark and stormy nlght," h<
saia. "1 was In West Vlrglnla-Wheel*
"Then you must have been -worklng ln
the mines." we sald.
He-frowned at us, and Charlle Rex
satd "Shuh."
"No, slr," he continucd. "I put up at
the hotel and told t'ho proprletor to cal!
me at 7:11 in the morSilng so's I could
cntch mv traln. The wlnd howled out
aide as I wrote my namo on the blotter.
" "Where shall I put this grlp and thi*
enne?' 1 asked the man, 'ao's r can get it
qulck when I want to run for tho traln
ln the A. M".7"
" 'I'll put lt rlght hero, behind tho cor?
ner of thla safe.' he sald, 'and when you
como down ln tho mornlng you can tak?
It and go ahead."
"Then I handed hlm my eane, that
some people gave mo once forrecltlng
a plece at a Fourth of July celebratlon.
He put It behind the safe, and I wlth
drcw to my room.
"At 7:10 A. M. n rock ivns thrown
agalnst my wlndow and I got up. and
when I saw I 'had one mlnute in -which
fo catch the train. a streak of llghtning
could not havo caught me.
"Down stalrs I rushed, reached behind
tho safe for my enne, selzcd lt, and
caught the tall end of the traln as it
wap pulling out.
"When I had tlmo to draw my breath,
?T looked Sn my hand. aml there wer?
these two nmbrellas and nary a cane.
"Next timo I leave a cane In a hotel
ofTlce I'm goner take lt wlth tne."
We hud to take hls word for it, be?
cause he -wns blgger than us, nnd bo*
causo ho said he'd put us next to some
of the pretty glrls in hls show.
Short Talks to the Legislature.
Frcdcrlcksburg Star! .
Some of our logislalors go up agalnst
the Barksdale pure electlon bill llke a
vawl boat opproachlng an iceberg. Doubt
icss both aro cbllling proposltions.
Penlnsula Enterprlse:
The legislature of Vlrglnla. it is gratl
fylng to note, ls dlsposed to make tlie
approprlatlon asked for to the Jamcs
town Exposltlon, and if the papers of
tho Stato reflect tho wlshos of its peo?
ple, and ihey scfcmi to bo too unanlmous
to leavo much doubt ln tho matter, tho
ald for tho tindertaklng should bo as
surcd without further delay.
' Norfolk County Tlmes:
The Legislature Is worklng hard nnd
falthfully ln splte of the flings its ene
mles aro conslantly making.
Cllrtoh Valley Nows:
Mr. Pollock turned down nsr superlnten?
dent of schools because of a purely "per
uaniil" mnttor botwoon hlm nnd Mr. St.
Clair, tho representntlve frnm Glles? And
Mr. Pollock a gHJOd iiiun, too, und well
qualiiletl for the place? Fool who? That
"pernnnnl" matter ls not the mllk ln th??
cocounut nt all, we venturo to any.
Enstern Shnro liernld:
Soveral bills looking to changea ln tho
llquor laws beforo tho Legislature. We
do not thlnk, however, that thoy meet
condltions propor.ly. The members of tha
Legislature could flnd an oxoollent law
ln tliat now la forco ln Marylnud. Put
on a Hlgh license, and reqiilro euch up
pllcnnt to como lnto court endorsed hy a
dozen ropntnhlo freoholdors of hls com
munlty. Thon tho day of llttle, dlsromi
lable gorggorles in out-of-the-way places
would bo over wuh, and much that is ol>
jcctlonuhlQ in t**o lhiuor buslnoss woqld
be gotten rlil ot, It would he a great
bunciu to our sectlon to havo such a law
Up to lhe Stanclarcl.
Norfolk County Tlmesi
The Times-nispatcb is meusurlng full>
up to tha Htandiird Its frlends predlcted
when the conaolldatloii w.'is inado. II
Ih r aploiidld paper and ahould go lnt?
ovory Vlrglnlau homo.

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