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iTho Kiad You Havo Always Bought, and' wlilcli has been
Mn tiso^for^oyor,30, years, lias borno tlio Bignatnro of
^-0 - and has been mado under liis pcs.
CjPLSjd/?tf-tr#'A... 'sonalsupcTvislon since Hslnfnncy.
**t?r_-?v; f-cotcsiW; Allow no ono todeccivo yott'ih thls.
All Gountcrfclts, Imitations and** Juj.t-a?-g__._d'' aro but
I Experiments that triflo wlth and endnnger tlio health of
Infants and Children?Experlenco agn.inf.fc Experimcnt.
What is CASTORiA
Castorla ls a harmlcss substltute for Castor Oll, Paro
goric, Drops and Sootblng" Syrups. It ls Pleasant. It
contithiH neitber Opinm, Morphlno nor otlier -Narcotio
subj-tance. Its ago is its guarantee. It destroys "Wornis
and allnys. Fcverlshness. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
Collc. It relloves Tcethtng Troubles, cures Constlpation
and Flatulcncy. It assixnilates tlio Food, regulatcs tho
Stomach and Bowels, glving licalthy and natural sleep.
Tho Chlldren's Panacea?Tho Mother's Friend.
Bears the Signature of
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
Asli Wednesday. the First
Day of Lent.
Issues Directions for FastingancTPrayer
During ihe Forly Days?The Ser
vices to Be Held
Aah Wednesday, tbe first day of Lent,
tho season of fasting und prayer, wlll bu
observed to-morrow ln all the Cuthollc
und Eplscopal churches of the clty.
Tho day whl mark tho beglnnlng of tho
eolcnin Lenten perlod, whlch, partlcularly
among the two rellglous bodles named,
ls regarded as one of the greatest and
most Important instltullona of the church,
l'lom to-morrw up to Eustcr?l'orty days
there will he a ceusatlon ot worldly atnuse
ment of all sorts, and tho church-golng
people wlll devote themselves io fosllng
ond prayer. Servlces wlll be held daily
ln the churches,
Among the Catho!lc3 Lent la always nn
occaslon of great solemnliy. On to-mor
low tho churches will bo crowded wlth
thoso who go to have tlio cross mado
wlth ashes upon thelr foreneads. Thcre
alter each day several massee wlll be said
nnd at stated tlmes night servlces will be
jif'held. Special scrrnons will be preached.
f. Tho Lenten regulations havo just been
prcparcd and Issued by Uishop Van Uo
Vyver. They are as follows:
Ash Wednesday, tho flrst day ot Lent,
fails thls year on February 25th.
1. All the falthful who 'have completed
thelr twenty-iirst year are, unless legltl
mately dlspenstd, bound to observc the
last of Lent.
2. Thoy aro to take but one meal a day,
oxcoptlng Sundays.
8. Tho meal allowed on fast days ls
not to be taken untll about noon.
I. A small refreshment, commonly
called collatlon, ls permitted ln the evo
? ning.
G. The followlng persons nre exetnpt
from tho obllgatlon of fasting: Persons
under twenty-one years of age; the slck;
nurslng women; those who are obllged to
do hard lnbor and thoso who, through
weakness, cannot fast without great pre
Judlco to thelr health.
6. Tho falthful nro remlndod thnt be
sldes tho obllgatlon of fasting Imposed
hy tho church, tho holy season of Lent
ahould bo, ln nn ospecial manner, a time
or earncst prayer, of Korro-.v for sin, or
sccluslon from tiho world and Ita nmuse
nlnntminna oC K?nftrous ulms-glvlng.
7. Tho Pnschul time extends from the
flrst Sunday ln Lent untll Trlnlty Sundny.
during whlch tlme all CathoIIcs who have
nttnlned a llttlng ngo nro hnund to ro
ceive worthlly tho holy eommunion.
fli^rv/'l1? w "" W* tn th0 Unlted
Statos, dated August 3, 1SS7, tho follow?
lng wpeclal dlsponsatlons nre granted'
1. Tho use ot flcsh meats 18 permitted
nt allI meals on Sundays, nnd onco a dav
on Mondays, Tuos.Inys, Thuradaya and
Saturdays, wlth tho exception nf the soo
ond and last Saturdays of Lent But
flcsh moat nnd flsh aro not to bo used at
tlie saino meal during Lout, ovon on Sun?
_. Tho uso of butler, cheese mllk and
eggs ls also permitted ovory day ln Lcnt
3. It is allowed" to tako In tlio inornlnc
some wni-m llquld, as tea, coffoe, or tliln
oliocolnto, mnde wlth water, aiid wlth
thls llquld a moutlifiil of brond.
4. Those fnr wlinin the hour of noon
may ho an liieonvenlent tlmo for dinner
may Invort tho ordor und tnko tholr
collatlon ln tho morning, and thelr dlrmor
ln tho evenlng,
B. Tho use of liog's lard, or dVlpplnir,
lastoad of* butter, is authorlzed ln propar
Ing permitted food.'
d. Fersons exeuipt from tho ohllgntlon
Of fustlng nro froo to tako metit moro
lhan onco on thoae daya whon its uso i.s
granted by dlapensatlon.
By "vlrtuo of an Indult granted to us by
tho Holy Seo, Marol. 16th, 1...., wa per
mlt to all work ing men and thelr famllies
the use of fleah moat onco a day on nll
fast daya and ahatlnonco daya throughout
, the year, wttlt tho oxceptlon of Frldays.
. Auh Wednaadays, tho .Wednesday and
Saturday of Holy Week, and the Eve of
Thoso who avatl themselves of thls In
dult are not allowed to use flesh meat and
flsh at tho same meal, and they are earn
PBtly e__hort-ed to perform somo other act
of mortlflcatlon, such as abstlnence from
lntoxlcatltig llquors.
The Rev. Pastors are reminded that
on the flrst Sunday ln Lent the collee?
tlon for the indlan and Colored Mlsslons
ta to bc taken up in all the churches
throughout tho dlocese.
By order of the
Wlth the Eplseopallans speclal unlon
servlces wlll be held each day during
Lent at S o'clock in the afternoon. Thi
schedule Ib as folIowB:
Monday?St, Mork's.
Tuesday?Grace Church and Church of
tho Holy Comfort<_r.
Wednesday?Holy Trinlty and Monu
Thursday?St. Paul's. \
Frlday?St. Jam?.s and St. John's.
Saturday?All Sklnts', St. Andrcw's and
Chrl.it Churches.
At the Church of the Eplphajiy, in Bar
toji Heights, servlces wlll be held to-mor?
row at 11 o'clock. Throughout Lent ser?
vlces wlll he held on AVednesdays at 8
P. AL and on Frlrtays at _:30 P. ___.
Most Impressive Servicesat St. Mary's
Sunday Night.
Impressive servlces were held at St.
Mary's German Catholic Church Sunday
night, when the new statlons of the
cross ' were blessed. BIshop Hald. of
North Carollna, was present and preslded.
As a cross was placed on each statlon,
the bishop made approprlate rcmarks
and oftered a prayer.
The stntlons come all the way from
Germany, and are sald to he among the
most beaiiti.ul ln thc South. They rop
resent the journey of Chrlst to Mt. CaJ
Mr. Glass Completing Arrangements
for School of Methods.
Arrangements for tho School oC
Methods to bo held next summer at
Charlottesville havo nearly been com?
pleted by ilr. E. C. Glass, thc superln
tendent. Mr. Glass has gone to Cineln
nnti now on buslness relatlng to the
summer school, and soon he wlll be In
a posltlon to announce tho faculty. From
what has already bc-cn done the comlng
s.s.-iion of tlie echool of Methods prom
Ises to he far the best ever held.
Rubbing u-ith lininicnts, blistering, the ap
plication of plasters; in fact unything that
wilL produce counter-irritatiou, is good for
exleriial treatment ol Rlieuiiiatisrii, but
these siuiplc retucdiesdo not reach the sea'_
of the disca.se tior touch thc real cause,
aud rclief is therefore only temporary.
Rhcuinatisin is <lue to Uric Acid and
other irritant poisons in the blood, aud
as it circukiles tlirougli tlie system, these
acid poisons nre deposited in thcmuscles,
joitits nnd nerves, and
?fij_posure to night air,
cold east witids, orany
sudden cbange iu tlie
weather, will briug on
an attnclc which may
last for n few duys or
linger on for-i-onuis.
Every battle with
-R__.ei.mati.i__-. leaves
tbe blood in poorer
condition, while tbe
. corroiling ncids are
gradunlly cnnsuuiing
the oils nnd fluids that lubricate tbe
tuuscles nud joints, and they become slifl
und Bometimes iuimovnble.
Rheuinatistu, with its sbarp, cuttlug
pains, can never be couqnered until tlie
ucid blood lins been clcansed aml puri
fied, nud nll irritating substances neulral
lzed und filtered out of tlie system, uud
notbiug does this so promptly nud effec
tually ns S. S. S, Under tho purlfylng
nnd tonic effects of thia vegetuble rem
cuy tlie blood is made pure, the general
health is rapidly built up und tbesulferer
ol-tauis happy rclief from the torturiiig,
ungglng pams of RUeuuiatisiu.
Get rid of Rheu
niatisin before it
itjiakes you n ner?
vous, peevish
cripple, or pain
racked ipvalid.
, write for our special book ou Rheuoasi
Mstn. which will he Bent free.
The Swlft Spooifio Cq., Atlanta, (__ , ,
A Stato Base-Ball Loaguo ls
Soon to Be Organized.
'Squire Donatl Already ln Negotiation
With Good Players, and Says Rieh?
mond Wlll Surely Capture
the Pennant.
Wlth the nows that the House of "Dele?
gates yestorday mornlng voted to ex
empt base-ball and foot-ball conteats
?from -Uxatloh ia Vlrglnla, 'Squire V.
(Oharley) Donatl announced that a Stato
assodatlon of base-ball ciubs has been
perfected, thus assuring the vevival of
the natlonal game ln Riehmond this sum?
mer. The season will open not later
than, May lst. ond wlll contlnue without
cessatlon until cold,, weather interXeros
?with th? play.
'Squlro Donatl, who wlll doubtless be
elected presldont oE tho league at a meet?
lng to be held ln the near future, says
that the association wlll be composed
of four clties, wlth flve towns candldates
for franchlses. Riehmond, Petersburg
and Newport News wlll certainly be ln
the leagiio, but whother Norfolk or Man?
chester wlll hold tho faurth franchlse ls
yet a quontlon. Both citles aro making
efforts to land the covetcd membershlp,
and at present chances nra about even.
A league meetlnig ,wlll bo held probabiy
?wlth thla Iflon. ln vlew hn him loontod n
pnrk olnmir In tho olty. lt wlll Im altunled
wlthin a /ow mltiuto" wnllt of thn oenta't
of town, boing nonr thn Coalnn, Hnre,
an oxcollent ploco of land for bnao-bnlj
phiylng haa been lennrrt by thn rnnnngor,
nnd wlthin tho noxt fnw d.iyn ho wlll un*
dortnko the noocHtwy Improvomenui, Ho
protntnofl to glvo tho plnyorn tho bont
cllarnond In tho Stntn, nnd iiN?urcs tho
publlc that tho Rrand Ntnnd nnd
blnnchera wlll far mirpans iho accommo*
datlonn in othor cltlen.
?Mnimgcr Brookwoll, of Potoraburg, l
conCilont that a'n nll profen?ilonal tonm
wlll arouso tho pooplo of hl? town, Ho
haa dooldod to romortnl th0 park nnd
grounds and glvo thn iponpln a flrnt class,
wlnnlng aggrogatton.
Rlohmond haa nlwnyH bonn n hiiccosb
ful hall town, and even ninntetirH hnve
mado monoy out of the namo ln thls clty.
Tho pooplo bm/o dtaplayofl a wlUlngncM
to turn out, and tho grund stand and
bleaoheri* at Broad Street I'nrk havo wen
durlng tho past few ytara heen tho ucene
of many excltlng and wcll'/patronized con?
test s,
'8<|uIro "Charloy" Donatl says that he
ln porfoctly wllllng to huck a local, all
profosfllonal, pald team, for he ls sure
thnt the publlo wlll glvo hlm thelr
patronnge. Ho ln now negotlatlng wlth
ono or two well lenown players, and Jtwt
as ooon as tho dotnlls of the new league
haivo beon completed, he wlll em.pl oy a
mnnagcr for the local aggregntlon.
"It la my intention," sald the 'Squlre,
"to glve Riehmond the. best nine ln the
aisoclation, and the folks may gamble
upon gettlng away with the pennant. I
will compol my manager to respect the
salary limlt. hut I will have a team that
understands the game. I am now nego
tiatlng wlth a couple of pltchors and sev?
eral flelders, all of whom wlll probabiy
be seen ln a Riehmond unlform tMs sea
Mr. Herbert "?"". Waldrop, the well
know young Brook-Avenue merchapt,
was married at 4 o'clock yesterday af?
ternoon in Henderson. N, C, to Miss
Edlth Jennlngs, of Staunton.
Mr. and Mrs. Waldrop are expected
Can you flnd the old gentleman that paid her farc?
noxt week either at Petersburg or New?
port News, when the applicatlons of Nor?
folk and Manchester wlll be flnnlly pass?
ed upon. Newport News ls ?heartlly ln
favor aof grantlng the fourth franchlse
to Norfolk, whlle Riehmond ls oome
what Inclined the same way. Peters?
burg ls ohamploning the cause of Man?
chester ond wlll make a strong flght
to land the team ln the town over the
Those who have the lnterest ot the
league at heart aro entlrely lm>partlal.
They caru llttle whether Norfolk or Man
cester is taken fn the league ond wlll
vote for the clty that glves the most
promlslng result from a money-maklng
standpolnt. Bo"Eh citles have thelr good
polnts, but Norfolk belng much larger
eeems to glve moro proralse. Then, too,
by placing thls clty in the league,
more complete and nearly unlform clrcult
would be establlshed.
The better and more complete the clr?
cult. the better the schedulo, is the ar?
gument that ls being advanoed. In thls
way rallroad fares would be cut ln half
and a blg saving i>ecorded weekly, there?
fore, it looks very much as lt the
eastern end of the league wlll be ccm
posed of Newport Nows and Norfolk
?ind the western by Riehmond and Pe
Messrs. Brockwell and Denny. repre
sentlng respectlvoly Petersburg and
Newport News. have beon ln conference
wlth "Squlre Donatl for some tlme. As
a result it hns boen determined to or
ganlzo a Stato leaguo. and wlth this Idea
ln vlew the threo gentlemen have agreed
to put good teams ln tho fleld from tholr
respectlve towns. Since then Manchester
and Norfolk havo beon communlcated
with, and each ls at prepent trylng to
land a position in the four-c-arnered asso?
Messrs. Dnnatl, Brockwell nnd Denny
have, after maturo dellberation and con?
slderation. decided that a four-club
Stato assoclntlon would prove a wlnner
and re-estnbllsh ln the State tho old fond
ness for the natlonal game. Thoy aro
convlneed that four ciubs would mnko
money, nnd thnt propcrly managed all
would qnlt the soason blg winuors.
The gentlemen have decided thnt the
pntvons of tho gamo, tho fnns, nre on
tltled to a first class artlcle of ball, and
accordlngly It hns been agrood that pald
toams Bhall reprosent overy clty In the
association. Of course. the snlary llmlt
shall be kept wlthin bounds, and no team
will bo allowed to bnnkrtipt Itself by ex
pondlng too much money ln paylng play?
ers. The llmlt wlll ho $700 por month,
nnd each organization wll bo llmlted to
elevoii plnyors.
With thls llmlt, lt is flgured that ench
team can got througQi tlie eoasnn without
ontalllng nny flnanclal loss to thoso who
put up tho money, and at the samo tlme
n flrst class artlolo ot bnll glvon the
ipooplo, At any rate, R ls Intonded to Im*
provo porformnncos for tho past few
yeara. v
Tho outlook for ball In Nowport Nows
thls season ls better than over boforo ln
tho hlBtory of tho gatny ln Virglnln, and
thera see-mn llttlo doubt but thnt a brlght
seasnn ls ln front of a twun ln thls olty,
Heretoforo the patronngo of the game ln
this olty haa beon handlcappod by tho lo?
catlon of tho ball park, whloh has beon
fully an hour's rldo from the buslness
portion of tho town. ThlB haa held tl>j?
partonage down conslderably, nnd all
teams have suffered more or loss for
want of support,
Mr, Denny, wWo wlll baok the team thla
summer, wlll al?g act ns manager, Ho ls
determined to rrAk* tha jaunr* mav, und
to reach Richmond this morning.
The above Information was contalned
ln a telegram sent by Mr. Waldrop lost
nlght to hls manager.
Tho Tlmes-Dlspatch also reeelved tho
followlng from La Crossc, Va.
Mr. Herbert Waldrop, one of Rlch
mond's merchants. left La Crosse, Va.,
wlth Mlss Edlth Jennlngs, of Staunton,
for Henderson, N. C, where they were
married at 4 P. M.
Mr. Cease Convalescent.
Mr. G. M. Cease, the prominent llquor
dealer, who was operated on at St.
Luke's Hospital last Thursday by Dr. Stu?
art McGuire, ls now convalescent.
They Spend Day and Night at
Alexandria?Children Con?
trol the Capitol.
The Governor and six members of hls
staft spent yesterday ln Alexandria,
where they went to particlpato in tho
celebration thero of Washington's birth?
day. Those who went with Mr. Moti
taguo were Colonel Georgo C. Cabell,
chief ot staff; Colonel John S. Harwood,
Colonel Mann S. Valentlne. Colonel Hen?
ry M. Lowis, of Charlottesville; Colonel
L. W, Lano, Jr., of Wllllamsburg, and
Colonol R, N. Hai-per, of Leesburg. Tho
Anderson Light Infantry, of Richmond.
a part of tho Scvonticth Reglment, waa
escort of the Governor and hls party.
Captaln Thompson wns tho offlcer Iu
ehargo, Hls Excellency wlll not bo
back untll this morning.
State oflices wero closed yosterday on
aceount of legal hollday. Executlve
Clerk Blgger wns at hls desk ln tho
Govomor's offlco for some tlme, havlng
returned from Roanoko clty, whero ho
spent several days, greatly to IiIb own
Many kindorgartcn chlldren vislted tho
Capitol nnd Llbrary* during tho day, ln
ohnrge of thelr teachera, and a, luipplor
company than theso llttle peoplo wero
never soon, They wore shown the
Houdon statue of Washlngton, and In tho
Llbrary bulldlng they saw tho porti-aits
of tho many men who havo mado Iho
Stato Illustrious. Thoy wont Into ench
of tho ofllccH of (he Stato lio|inrtmonts,
nnd tho queatlons they asked would havo
tnada Webster's Unabrldged look palo.
Commissioner of Agrlculture Kolner
waa at hls ntllce for soyeral hours. Hn
hns not yot declded whon ho wlll call
another mootlng of tlio St. Louls lOxpo
Bltlon ComnilsHloncrs, Mr. a. E, Mur
rell, the chief clerk of the hoard, Is now
In St, Louls, whero ho ls lonklng ovor tho
Hltuatlon from that atandpolnt. Ho wlll
flnd out what spneo wlll bo asslgtied to
Vlrglnia. Ho wlll ho back shortly, so
as nol to loso moro tlmo than necessary
from tho Leglslature.
Our New Spring Line ot
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the styles, prices and serviceability aie far superior to anything we have
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Vexed Questlon Has Not Yet
Been Dlsposed of. '
Tended to Undo'What Has Been Done
The Conservatives Are In Con?
trol of the Committee
The Minlsterial Unlon of Riehmond
la up agalnst lt agaln hard and strong.
Apparently a. Batlsfactory lssue was
reached at the end of the recent troub
lous tlmes, but thl3 lssue Ia turning out
to be aomething entlrely different from
what was expected, and there are more
troublous tlmes ln sight.
The apparent vlctory of thoso who
wlshed to have the sessions of the
union opened to the dlscusslon of va?
rlous subjecls, commonly known as "llve
topics," "current events" and bo on,
turns out to be no vlctory at all. Though
they were voted down in the generai
meetlng, the conservatives who wished
the doors closed to all such dlscussions
have practlcally a control ot tho sltua
tion. As wlll be recalled, provlslon
was made for a Buslness Commltteo, to
which was to be referred all topics
proposed for conslderation by the gen?
eral body. If thls committee reported
favorably any matter it would be ad?
mltted; otherwise lt would not.
The members on the commlttee wero
appointed by the several denominationnl
meetings, and it develops that of the
four already appointed three are conser?
vatives?"Dr. R. P. Kerr, for the Presby
terians; the Rev. Carey E. Morgan, for
the ChrfBtlans, and Dr. C. S. Gardner for
the Bapttsts.
Tho fourth member Ia tbe Rev. XV. B.
Beauchamp. for the Methodlsts. who is
ln Une with thoso -who wlsh the union
opened for legitlmato dlscusslon. But
Mr. Beauchamp roeognlzes the Inevitable.
He said yesterday that the conservatives
had a majorlty and he expressed the be
Uef that no subject whatsoever would
ever get bv that commlttee.
Entlrely apart from thls. however, Is
the actlon ot the Eplscopal Clericus yes?
terday, whlch actlon glves a new twist
to the sltuatlon. Por a long tlme the
clerlous was unablo to decide whether
or not lt ahould take any step at all.
But few of its members have been at
tendlng the meetings of the unlon, and
as a body It hardly felt in the posltlon
to act Flnally, however, after a very
conslderable dlscusslon, the followlng
resolutlon was adopted by a vote of IU
"Resolved, That the clericus will ap
polnt a member for the Business Com?
mittee of tho Minlsterial Union, provlded
that no questlon for dlscusslon shall be
considered ia the union untll it has boen
referred to lt by the expressed consent ot
every member of the committee."
"We feel that every denomlnatlon
should be in a position to protect It
self," doclared a member of the cleri?
cus afterwnrds. And that ls all ho would
say about tho matter.
The actlon of the clericus practlcally
puts the unlon back whero lt was at
flrst and destroys the work accompllshed
as a result of the long and nnlmated dls?
cusslon at the lost moetlng.
Tho Kerr resolutlon was reconsldered,
because lt provlded for unanlmous voto
ln tho unlon beforo any matter not
strictly devotlonal could bo lntroduced.
But lt ls just as hard to got a unanlmous
voto In the commlttee; one man may
block cverythlng, and then the unlon Is
Just where lt was at the beglnnlng. Whon
tho resolutlon from tho clericus is lald
before the body there wlll probabiy bo
Just such another dlscusslon ns waa
had beforo.
The result is freely predlctod by mnny.
It has already been demonstrated that a
mnjorlty of thoso ln the unlon aro agalnst
tho "unanlmous voto" Idea, nnd they wlll
probabiy voto thnt way ngaln. Tho
clericus wlll not como ln on Uny other
consldorntlon, nnd thoreforo tho cleri?
cus wlll stay out.
"It wlll cortnlnly rosult ln tho wlth?
drawal of tho Eplscopallans lf they per
slst In tho stnnd thoy havo taken," sald
a Presbyterlnu mlnlster yesterday. Whnt
ls moro remnrkablo, thls mlnlstor Is ono
of tho consorvallvos.
Soveral mlnlsters wero soon yesterday,
but they dld not enre. to dlscuss tho
matter for eoiislclerntlon. Dr, Georgo
f'.anpor, presldent of thn iinlnii, said ho
regrotted oxcecdlngly that tlio sltuntloii
was HUeh ns It is. Ifo wlll probnbly
call thn Buslness Commltteo tognthor ln
a fow days.
(By AsB.ielittoil Vn'**.)
SAVANNAH. OA.. Fob. -S.I.?Tho
sohoonor D. II. Rivorn, from Trlnldad
(Captaln 0. Peck) has arrlved wlth four
of tlie crow of.tho Unttod States colllor
Alaxandor aboard. The Alexander broko
hor siiaft on tho tenth of February.
Five of the ofllcers and potty oflleora ot
the Alexander volunteered to man a small
boat and seorch for help. Forty-eight
hours aftor leaving the colller they wuru
is a blesaing. Those who need Glassea,
whether chlldren or adulte, may roly, on
our export service and securo the best only
at lowest possible prloes. Wo look to the
preservatlon of tho eyestght as well as the
appearanoo of tho wearcr. Complete
Optlcal Manufacfcuring planb on the
plcked up by tho schooner Rlvers. The
four seamen who came to thls port are
Peter McGllnchey, boatawaln; L. Rey
nolds, paymaster; Harry Ross, quorter
moster, and John Staunchon, second bs
sistant englneer.
(By Asfloclateil Press.)
JACKSON. MISS., Fobruary -..-Annle,
the flve-year-old daughter of Governor
Longino, to-day tell from a second story
stalrway ln the Exeoutlve Manslon and
sustalned injurles which will probably
prove fa_I. Goveriior Longino, who Is
attonding tho Mardl Gras celebration in
Natchez, was summoned home by tele?
New Position,
Mr. Calvln C. Cook, formerly conneoted
wlth tho Richmond, Npws, and recently
wlth The Tlmes-Dlspatch, has accopted
a lucratlve position wlth tho Plttsburg
Herald. Mr. Cook has boen connectM
wlth the newspaper Interests slnce boy
hood days, and hls success as a news?
paper man has boen notlced by othor
papers, and Mr. Cook starts ln hls new
fleld wlth brlght prospects, accompanied
by tho congratulatlons of his old em
ployers, and his many frlends wiah hlm
S. A. L System's Earnings,
Followlng Is a comparatlve statement
of tho approxlmate earnings of the Sea?
board Alr LIno for tho second week ln
February: Week endlng HFebruary 15.
1903, $249,357; 1902. $231,215; Increase, $16,112,
Two weeks endtne February 15, 11)08, $509,
725; 1902, $483,5...; Increase, 526,172. July
lst to February 15, 1903: $7,733,194; 1902,
$7,090,326; IncreaBe, ,642,868.
With Railroad Men.
Mr, D. C Ogg, tralnmaster of the
Chesapeake and Ohlo Railway at CUfton
Forge, ! was Jn the city yesterday.
Mr. XV. D. Foster, who, for somo years
past has boen connocted wlth the telegraph
department of tlie Chesapeake and Ohlo
Railway, has reslgned hls posltlon to
travel for tho R. J, Reynolds branch,
Contlnental Tobacco Company.
Mr. Butler Still in Bed.
Mr. N, M. Butler, drlver for Mr. R. C.
Jones, who was hurt Saturday evenlng,
whon a streot car wrecked tha wagon of
Slr. jones, is still confined to hls bed.
Presldents Stevens and Wil?
liams at the Y. M. C. A.
Tho flrst anniversary of .tho Rallroad
Department of tho Young Men's Chris?
tlan Assoclatlon wlll ho observed to
nlght at 8 o'clock wlth speclal servlces
held at tiho Maln-Slroet Statlon.
In nddltion to tho usual reports and ro
uiarks hy Stato, tntertiationnl and local
sccretark-s and railroad ofllcials, tt ls ex?
pected that Presldent Georgo W. Stevens,
ot tho Cliesapeako and Ohlo Railway, and
Presldent John Skqlton Wullums, of tha
S-ivbourd Alr LIno Railway, wlll ench pro
sont a un.- Inntern to tho men on their
respective rallroads socurlng tho hlghest
number of members. A Boclul reception
und rcfreshments wlll follow tho regular
Tho followlng ls Iho stutl.sllcnl report
of the dopurtinont for tho your 11)02:
Vlelts to tho rooms. 30,533
Isatlis taken . 3,437
Sccretary's vlalts to shopa and
yards . 213
Svicrotary's vlalts to slck and In
Jnred . Ti
Ltttors written in rooms. 2.IS26
I'npers dlstrlbuted . 3,781
i-'ooks d|j_wii from CUfton Forge
Llbrary . 108
31 educatlonul clusoes. nttoiuhuice.. 49tf
11 sooluls and entorlaininenis. at
tundiinoe . l,_S3
25 Bpeuial gospol nu'etlngs for men,
nltondaiico . 1,120
71 I'llliln clussc.i, fittoiulaiieo,.....,., R.946,
4H mon's nieetlngs, attoudance. 9,570
Professcd ooiivorsloiis . 144.
Memhorshlp for flrst year. ati)
tlT-suiit mmb-__hlj? _.%.,. 454
New Navy Beans, per quart.. r8c
New Lima Beans, yc pound QC
or 4 pounds for.fcuC .'
Be?t Granulated Sugar. lb_43c
Lake Fish, per dozen. ..12c
T. M. Shoe.Blacking, 2 boxes. .5c
Best City Meal, per peck, _\?_
18c.; or, bushel.09G
Large Canned Virginia To- ?..
matoes ., pC
Whi^e A Sugar, 6 pounds for. .25c
Arbuckle's Coffee, pound.... .ioc
Cordova Coffee, pound.gc
Good Salt Pork, per pound... .gc
Imported Macaroni, pound..,.6c
Blackberry or Catawba 1 ffj _
Wine, per quart. I Hw
Extra Fine. Naval Oranges, per'
dozen.15, 20, 25 and 30c ,
Snowflage Patent Family OC.
Flour, barrel, $3.90; bag, '??
Good Green or Mixed Tea, 9C<ra
per pound. ?*?"??
New Lake Fish, par dozen... 12c
Carolina Rice, per pound.5c
Fresh Country Eggs. dozen.. .18c
Downtown Stores. 1820-1822 East Main
Street. Uptown Store, 506 East Mai
shall Street.
Both 'Phones at our two Stores.
Bad taste, no appetlte, stomach re- ?
volts at the sight of food, hoadacho,
tired, languld feellng, sharp palns In
rlght slde, bad complexion, don't
sleop well, feel out ot sorts all over.
were made to curo all such symptoma.
They glvo a. good appetlte; makes you
sleep well and get up feellng re
freshed; evory thing you . eat tastes
good; wlll cnuso the head to feel clear
and tho bralns more actlve; ln fact,
they wlll efflect an enttre ehango of)
splrit and appcanvnee ot any one who
has boen suafforing with an InacUve
llver (bo Biire you got the rlght klnd).
BOXES 25c.
Prepared only by
Hancook and Clay Sts. nnd Bevorljr
and Randolph'Sts., Riehmond, Va.
'19 and upwards loaned on Pianos
md housohold furniture, on the
bullding and loan OHSoclation plan,
whlch makes tho cost much less
than you pay olsewhere, and allow
you to pny It off In monthly pav
ments, runnlng from one to twelve
months, Get others' ratea, then
soe us.
Tldowalar Loan and Trust Co.
Suite 33-31, Thlrd Floor.
AlovchanU' NaUonal Bank Bullding,
11C8 Eust Main Btreet.
Tako Elevator.
Excelsior Face and Foot Powder
liiUrnutionnl .Vliuiiifiicturln? Co.,
Goo, II. "Durgoea, Com'l Agt.,
115 W. Cary St., OHy,

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