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County Authoritles Are Look?
ing to State Approprlatlon.
ll is Feared That Many of Iho Schools
May Be Forced to Close, as the
Local Money Has Given Out
in Many Counties.
(Speclnl to Tlio Tlmea.niR.int,1""-)
^RALDiair, N. C robrunry 23.?County
"and district publlc school autliorlllcs in
varlous parts of lhe Stato nre bccomlng
very much stirrcd up ovor tho sitilutlnn
rogardlng tho apportlonment of tbe soc
ond $100,000 for 1903 to brlng tho present
school terms up to tho four months'
llmlt, The monoy in many dlstrlcts Is
already oxljausted ahd schools must close
unless the State approprlatlon ls forlh
comlng. The sltuatlon Is such that tbe
Stato Superlntendent can noither dls
trlbuto tho money now or give thn looal
iiuthorltlos nny ossurance as to when
tho money wlll bo availuble, or lf at nll.
The fact ls, the payment of tho appro?
prlatlon Is entlrely dopondent upon tlie
bond Issuo blll now pendlng In the Log
Islature. If that paH*">s, thls and other
approprlatlons, nggrcgntlng about "350..
OC), mado by the 1001 Legislature, wlll
ho pald; If It does not paas there Ih no
chance for any of theso approprlntlons.
Whllo thero Is a strong probablllty that
the bond lssue. whlch has the full sun
port of the ndmlniatratlon, will pass, still
no assurances can be given the county
school authoritles utitU It does pass. In'
tho meantlme many schools musl close
for Inck of funds. and whon closed can?
not bo reopened for thls term.
The parsonage owned by the Metho?
dlsts nf Ralelgh District and occupled by
Presldlng lilder J. T. Gtbbs, was de?
stroyed by flro nbout 4 o'clock tlils
morning. A lamp left burnlng all nlght
cxploded In somo way, and when dls?
covered the names hnd gnlned such
headway that Mrs. Glbbs barely escaped
from the room, an.l nothlng of value was
ftaved from any part of the house. The
lost conforenco nsslgnod Dr. Glbbs to
the Durham District, but ho had not yet
moved to hls new ehargo. Dr. XV. IL
Moore, who suceeeded Dr. Glbbs here,
expected to havo movoJ lnto the parson?
age, wlthin the next fow weeks. Tho Joss
Is only pattiully cov*red by Insurance.
The- Secretary of stnto thls mornlng
ehartered tho Klklria Llvery Company of
Smith, IX iv. Bailey ond T. R. Crump.
?er are among the incorporators.
Formal Opening of the New Building
Given by Mr. J, B. Duke.
(Speclal to The Tlmc-B-DIspatcb ) f
DURHAM, N. C. Feb. 23.-Trlntty!Col?
lege to-nlght received hundreds of guests
from atl over tho Stntc on the occaslon
of the formal opening of her now llbrary
bullding. This conirnodious structure ls
the glft to the college of Mr. James n.
Duko. of New York city. It is Uie cul
rnlnatlon of a series of gifts to Trinity
College frnm Mr. Washlngton Duko and
hls sona, emountlng to over elght hun?
dred thousand 'dollars. The llbrary It
self, wlth Its complete and modern cquip
rnont, has cost nearly'slxty tbouaand dol
lnrs, and Mr. Duko has nlso provlded
for the purchase of several thousand new
books by nn addltlonal donation of ten
thousand dollars.
Tho exerclses of tho evenlng- began nt
So clock In the Craven Memorlal Hall.
The large audlence conslsted of the stu?
dents and raculty of the college, resl
donts of Durham. nnd guests from all
over tho State and other States.
Tho opening prnyer wns by Risiiop Wal
lace AV. Dunean. Spartniifctirg. S. C. He
was followcd by Hon. Jnmes H. South
gate, presldent of tho Roard of Trustees
-who gave a skotch of the movement
whlch has resulted In puttlng Trinity In
posscssion of ono of the linest collego
librarfes in this sectlon of tbe countrv.
The address of presentatlon was made ln
lx-hulf of the donor by Judgo Armlstead
Burwell, of Charlotte, N. C. On behalf
of the eollepe presidcnt. John C. Kllgo
mado a brlef address of acceptatice. Ho
spoke of the inl**sion of leadership nf
the college of the South and of the need
of the proper Instrunients for tho accom
plishment of Its work. He sald that
Trinity College felt that lt had a now
cullliu,- to do hard scrvlco In bc-half of
Southern progrrps. p\,r thls reason
Trinity esteeres nnd honors those whose
gifts incrense Its worklng resources.
Tho prlndpal address of tho evenlng
was dnltvcred by a nntive North Caro
llnlan and former student of Trinity
College, Mr. AValter II. Page, ot Now
York clty, tho edltor of World's Wnrk.
Mr. Page spoke on "The Amerlcan Cit
izen of our Now Era.'1,
At tho concluslon of Mr. Pnge's ad?
dress the llbrary bullding was thrown
opon to the guests of tho collego for
lnspeetlon. It is a: handsomo structuro
of granlto and pressed brlck, with ln
terlor tlmber in quartomd onlt,
It ls eiiuipped with modern steel stneks
heavy ouk chnirs juirt tables, handsomo
showcasos for tho hlstorlcal niuseum, and
wlth a llre-proof vault for tho preserva?
tlon of books and manuscrlpts. Hesides *
tlio large rendlng nnd stnek rooms and
muscum, there ls ndequato provlslon for
seminary rooms,. catalogulng rooma and
cloaic rooms.
He Shot J. H, Willlamson in Hamlet on
Saturday Nlght.
(Speclal to Tliu Tlmos-PlspntclO
HAMLET, N. C, February 23.-John
H, WJlllamson, a druggiat of Monroe
N. C? was shot and kllled at 0 o'clock
Sunday nlght ln R. Ammon's saloon by
Henry "loung, shoemnker of thls nlnco
and son of J. D. Young, of Rocklnghani'
Willlamson romonntrated wlth YcliiiS
who was curslng n thlrd party, when
Young suddc-nly and without a nioment's
. warnlng diw his plstol and iiretl tlnea
shols, ono of whlch took offloet ln Wil
llanison's cliest, klliing hhn almost in
Young mado hls oscapo and has not
been capturcd. This mornlng nt n spo?
clnl meoting of the town commjssldncrs
o reward of $100 was offored for tlio cup
turo of Young, und J. M, Jnmlson wns
sent Immediately to Ralelgh to wait upon
Governor Aycock und roquest him to nf
for an addltlonal roward. Tho coronor's
...Inquost was hold thls morning nt H
o'clock and a verdlct was rendorod in
nnoordanee wlth tho nbovo facts, Wll
Ilatnson's body was then turned over to
rclatives, who woro hero to rocelvo lt
nnd wlll ba taken to that place to-nlght
for burlal,
' ?*
Married at Hendcrson,
UAwiisS-Jlf) Vf 'ii?' Tliuv-l'l^'atch.)
nOYDTON, VA., l"ob, 1!3.?Mr. T. Lnh'd
Onffoid and Miss Colln'e Jones, botli of
thls. county. run away Saturdny 'and
Woro marrlud at Hendorsou, N, C*. Thov
h/ive returned homo, Tho couplo wore tb
1Af.VB'-u$,ri ""?"'?''.ed at Baskorvlllo ou tho
4th p" March, whon a sJiilcr of Mr. Gaf
ford's was to hava heen mttirled also,
malclng a dQUblo wodailitf, '
V ,t *,?.;...'.?"":?'.'.'
f The worst starvatlon is
Oxygen hunger.
It is a disease when your
blood is deficieut iu red cor
It ends in Cousumption and
Its sigiis are weakness, loss
offlesh, paleskiti, transparent
cpraplexion, loss of ambition,
and proneness to "catcli cold.''
The only cure is
It is a medicinal emulsion
of cod liver oil, eontaining
principles which vitalize and
oxygenate the blood and there
by gives fresh life and energy
to the tissues.
Ozomulsion is the good food,
the easy food, the unive'rsal
food, for all wlio are sick or in
need of slrenglh. To be had
at all druggists. Try it.
In order that you may test the merits
of Ozomulsion, send you name and full
address to -
De Peyater Street, - . rv'evv Yorlc,
tnentioninK this paper, and a largesampk
free bottle will at once be sent you bj
mail prepaid.
Dr. VV. F. Burbank. In a FIt of
Despondency, Attempts to
Take Hls Llfe.
fSptclal to Thu TI-Qc-a-Diipntcb.)
GREENSBORO, N. C, February 23.?
There waa a largo unlon meeting niemd
rlal aervlce by tho vorloue temperance
forces of the clty and communlty, led by
the W. C. T. L\, held at Grace M. P.
Church yesterday afternoon. The church
was well fllled and the servlce waa com
memoratlve of the grand llfe of Frances
E. Willard. Approprlate addresses were
made by several promlnent mlnisters and
ofllclals of ihe W. C. T. V.
The east bound train for Raleigh thls
morning carrled for Intermc-nt at Durham
and Chapel Hlll the reraalns of twb
Gaughtera of Methodlst minlsters and sor
rowlng relatives. Mrs. Jame3 R. Green,
daughter of Bev. Dr. E. A. Yeates, dled
at Winston yesterday and was belng taiten
to Durham for burlal. Miss Alva May
Abernathy, daughter of the lato Rev. J.
T. Abernathy and slster of Hon. Charles
L.. Abernathy, of Eeaufort, and Claude O.
Abernathy, of Chapel Hlll, dled yesterday
nt Advance. Davle county, where she was
teach!ng school, of pneumonla, after a
weck's lllness.
Ititelllgonco was reeelved of tho death
of Miss Besslo Harrls, of Winston. whlch
occurred at & o'clock Saturday nlght. Only
about a month ago she vlsited frlends
here and wns the center always of a
group of frlends ahd admlrers, She was
elghteen years of age, and dled after an
operatlon for appendicltis.
Yesterday afternoon. In thc McAdoo ilo
tel, Dr. W. F, Eurbank was dlscovered
ln hls bed bleeding to death from a cut
ho made ln hls wrist with a razor. He
had severed the veins and laid down, as
he relatcd, to die comfortably. The for
tunate early dlscovcry saved hls llfe, for
In a few moments physlclans were wlth.
him and stopped tho How of blood. Hc is
consldered out of danger this morning.
Dr. Burbank Is flfty years old and came
here four years ago. where he did a flne
practiee ns an ophthahnlst. He left
Greensboro. returnlng in about a year,
his wlfe havlng In the meantlrne dicd.
It was In a' llt of despondency that he
sought to take hls llfe.
Mr. and Jlrs. John X. Wllson, Mr. and
Mrs.- W. E. Harrlson, Mis.es May Harrl?
son and' Annle Land nnd Mr. W. R. Land
leave to-nlght for Rocltlngham. RIchmond
county, to attend the marriage at that
place Wednesday of Mr. William R. Lapd,
of Hamlot, to Mlss Mary Lo Grand,
daughter of tho lato James T. Le Grand.
The House Gives Two Hours to the
Revenue Bill.
(Spcclnl t? Tlie Tiuies-Dlspatch.)
RALEIGH, N. C? Feb. 23.?The Housb
of Representatlves spent nbout two hours
In Commlttee of tho Whole to-day cou
sldarlng the rovonue blll. Sectlon four,
rogulating taxes on corporatlons, waa
adopted. Sectlon iivc, repeallng all laws,
exompting property from tnxes, except
thnt owned by the Stato. municlpalltl'es
nnd churches, was adopted. Soctlona six,
soven, elght und nine. preseriblng tho in
horltanco tax nnd regulatlons for Ub pay?
ment by execulors. wero adopted.
Mr. Graham, of Granvlllo, Introduced
tho present publlc school law, wlth some
chnnges, for re-onuctniont hy tho Leg?
lslature. A blll was Introduced to Incor
porato tho High Polnt Flro lnsurance Co.
Mr. Robeson offered a blll to amend tlie
charter of tho Carollna Palr Assoclatlon
at I.iiislund to prevent tho salo of oiga
rettes aud clgaretto paper In North Car?
ln tho Senate tho Wilrnlngton pllotago
bill came up, but was postponed untll
Wednosday for speclal order, Tho Codo
commlsslon hlll,, establlshlng a cominlu
slon to codify tho laws of the State, camo
up-its nussed hy tho Huuso. and wns put
througli second readlng afer an'ell'ort by
Senator Durham to rofcr it to tho Com?
mltteo on Appropriatluns.
Other bills passed wore to utnond char?
ter of thu Bank of Fayctto; lo change
tlmo for holdlng court in BrmiHwIck; to
reguluto sule of scrap Iron lu Forsyoto;
to Incorporato Buios Creok, lhiniutt
Houso aud Senato ndjourncil ln honor
of Wushlngton's birthday.
? ?-?
A Party at Roxbury.
,_,__^.CSnoclttl to TUo Tim__.ni-piit.il.)
ROXBURY, VA., February '__.-Tho plo
party glven at tho Methodlst parsonuge
I'rlday nlght by tho young ladles of the
nelglihorlioorl was attended by a large
crowd and a handsomo sum wus .oiillzod,
Among thoso prosoiit from a dlstanco wore
Misses Loo ICay, iMlth ]Cuy, Diirthulla
Wllliams. Jesalo Ford, Pourl Terroll, Dea
sla and Mnry Balley, Roblnott Crump,
Mrs. S. W, Orump, Messrs. D, D. Bont
tlo. Qarth. Belknap, Wllllo Clarao, John
Clarko, Itoy Ford, Wllllo Taylor, Rohort
Motintcastle, WUhur Andenion, Jack Bat
hins, Bonnle Batklns, Allon gpilthlo.
Oames woro Iridulged ln untll a lnto
lKuir, when all returned home dellghtod
.w.l.ti tbe pleaBures qfi the evenlng,
Haywood Claims That He
Flred ln Self-Defense.
Robert N. Sims, Well Known in Ralelgh,
Who Saw the Wholo Affair, Makes
a Statement?Cause of
the Shooting.
(Speclnl to Tha Tlraei-Dlaontch.)
RALEIGH, N. C, Fbruary 23,-Counscl
for Ernest Haywood, who shot and kllled
Ludlow Skinner Saturday evenlng, sny
that habeas corpus proceedlngs wlll be
Instltute" ln a day or two, and self de
renso wlll bo proven. They Issued a
Btatement thls evening In brlef, aa fol?
"As counsel for Mr. Ernest Haywood,
we thlnk lt proper that we muke thls
statement. The accounts of the unfortu?
nate occurronce of Saturday afternoon
aro Incomplete and lnaccurate. Mr. Hay?
wood did not shoot from bohlnd, nor dld
ho shoot an unsuuspoctlng man. On
tho contrary, there had been a personal
altercatlon between hlm and the de
coased, begun by .Mr. Skinner, and, ln
whlch Mr. Skinner struck Mr. Haywood
flrst and knocked hlm down. Both men
then reached for thelr plstols, and Mr.
Haywood f.Tcd flrst, not harlng strlcken
a blow.
"Theso facts wlll be proven by men
of the highest character, who were eyo
wltnosses. .Among those who Baw the al?
tercatlon Is Hon. Robert N. Sims, and
ho saw Mr. Skinner strlke Mr. Haywood.
Mr. Haywood has mado no statement to
hla counsel or any other person refleot
Ing on the character of any one; and he
Is In no way responslble for any scandals
now belng reported or publlshed."
Mr. Sims. who ls ono of the most proml?
nent of tho youngor members of the Ra?
lelgh bar, sald to-nlght that he will tes
tify that he was in front of the postofflce.
saw Lufllow Skinner in convorsation wlth
Ernest Haywood, Baw Skinner strlke
Haywood on the slde of the head, so that
he fell elthor on the postofflce steps or
on the balustrado of the steps. Skinner
srprang oft several feet when Haywood
recovered hlmself, and aB he dld so, flred
at Skinner who sprang away toward the
street curb. Here he hesltated for a mo?
ment, wlth his face toward Haywood,
who flred tlio second shot, and Sl'nner,
who seemed to be turnlng when the shot
was f-rcd, staggered into the street and
Counsel say none of the scandal. to
which reference has been made in re?
ports, will como up ln tho hearlng, and
tho Impresslon now seems to be that eelf
defenso wlll bo establlshed.
John H. Wlnder. manager of Sunday
Croek Coal Company, of Ohlo, arrlved
from Clnclnnatl to-day. He la a
brother of Mrs. XV. R. Tucker, whose
relations to Haywood brought about the
trouble wlth Skinner. and ls also a broth?
er of Mrs. Ludlow Skinner, and married
a Miss Tucker. slster-ln-law of the young
wldow, Tucker. Wlnder, who, as the
male representatlvo of the famlly, wlll
dlrect the speclal proseeutlon of Hay?
wood, if thaere Ls any, pays he don't
know what will be done yet; that no
counsel have been engaged, and that ho
cannot say what wlll be done.
Every effort ls being made now to
stop the spread of the scandal whlch the
klliing has given rise to, the great bulk
of whlch ls sald to be really unfounded
by both sldes. A conscrvatlve statement
of the case appears to be that naywood
and Mrs. Tucker were Intlmately asso?
ciated. Thelr engagement and subse
quently thelr secret marrlage became the
subject of gosslp. Then probabiy four
months ngo a chlld was born to Mrs.
Tucker ln a Northern hospltal, some say
ln Baltlmore, some Phlladelphia and oth?
ers somewhere in Canada. Haywood de
nled tbe marrlage, some clalm, and others
say he dld not, but had started dlvorce
proceedlngs. Skinner, angered at the slt
uatlon, wrote a noto Saturdny to Hay?
wood demanding documents he had as
attorney of the Ludlow estate in New
York, In which Skinner had extensive
Interests. Haywood sent a verbal mes
sage back that ho was too busy to get
tho papers, but would do so later. Then
the mon met In front of the postofflce
and tho trngedy followcd.
Funeral of Ludlow Skinner,
(Special to Tlio Tlnies-Diapatch.)
RALEIGH, N. C? February 23.?This
ofternoon tho funeral service over the re?
malns of Ludlow Skinner. who met hJs
death nt tho hands of Ernest Haywood
Saturday afternoon, were held from
Chrlst Church. conducted by tho pastor,
Rev. Dr. M. M. Marshall. Thls was one
of the most largely attended funerals
ever held In Ralelgh. Not ono-thlrd of
tho crowd could galn nn eritrance into
tho church and tho streets were crowded.
The floral offorlngs wero beautiful and
covered the outiro altar.
R. W. Smith the Winner
(Speclul to 'Ihe Times-Dlspntch.)
CHARLOTTE N. C, February 23.-R.
XV. Smltih Is to be Charlotle's next post
mnstcr. Thls statement is conflrmed by
a dlspatch received from Washlngton lato
this afternoon. J, F. Newell, tho other
applicant, has, as lt seems, fallen com
pletely down ln hls efforts to land thls
good plum. Smlth was named for tho
position by tho Hlss wlng of the Repub?
llcan party, who decllned to act Jolntly
with the Newell factlon In tho reorgan
Izatlon of the Republlcan county Execu?
tlve Commltteo last Saturday.
Fraternity Banquet.
(Suo.ilul to Tho Times-Dlspatch,)
DURHAM, N. C, Fobruary 23,-Tlie an?
nual stug banquet of Trlntty's Chapter
of tho Alpha Tau Omoga fraternity wus
hold ln tho banquet hall of Hoto] Curo
linn Saturday nlght. A very elaborato
irieuu was served and a good many toastu
wero rosponded to. Bcaldes tho chnptor
hero, wero somo alumnl mombers present!
W. R. and F. C. Odoll, of Concord; P H
llaynes, of Wlnston; Audltor Dlxon. of
RalQlgh. and S, J. Durham, of Raiolgh,
Tho honorary guosts wero Professor XV,
II. Glasson, of tho dopnrtmotit of polltl?
cal seloneo at Trinity, and XV, A, Thomas,
of Vlrglnla.
Juslifiable Homicide,
(Spoclnl to 'j'ho 'riinijs.Dlaputcri.l
WELDON, N. C, February Kt.-Jamoa
Honry Banks, a poworful nogro, thls
mornlng attacked Nlght Yurdninster C,
A. Hudson, of tho Seaboard Alr Llne.
The negro hnd Hudson lu tho collar ilnd
hnd puslied hlm bnck agalnst a hlgh eni
bunkmont and strlklng hlm ovor tha
hend, when tlio yardmastor, reaiblng hla
perll, drow his pistol jind shot Banks
dead. Hudson gavo hlmself up, and ha".
a hoarlng to-night boforo a coroner's
jury, All tho evldonco showod thnt Fiud
son actod ontli'4ly in solf-defenso. Tho
ooroner'B jury rttfurnod a verdlct of Jus
tltiabie homicide,Vand. ho waa dlachargod
trom cuHtody., .*
At Pan-Amerlcon Exposition,
Unlike Any Other!
The full fkvor, the deli
cious quality, the absolute
Purlty of Lowney's Break
fast Cocoa distinguish it
from all others.
No "treatment" with alkalicBj
no ndulteration with flour,
Btarch or ground cocoa shellsj
nothine but the nutritive and
dlgcstible product of the cholc
est Cocoa Heans.
Ask Your Dealcr for It.
Its Succass on tho Eastorn Shoro Su&
gojta a Branch In Mnrylnnri,
(Hpcclul to Tlio Tltntn-DInpntch.)
O-VANCOCK. VA., February 2a,?The
success of the Enstorn Shoro of Vlrginla
Produco Exchango In Accomao and
Northampton oounticH han nttractod tho
attentlon of tho ftymcra of Somcrsot and
Worcoster countles, Maryland. Tho hand
llng of tho products of tho farmers by
ono managomont has alded greatly In
brlnglng about largor prices. and better
aistrlbutlon, whlch hrlngn a much izrentor
demand. Tho "oommunlty of Interests"
Idea has chnnjred tho state of tho fnrmer
horo trom almost destltuto clreumslancea
to prosperdty.
In recent years mnny farm ara from
tho Vlrginla Peuinsula havo moved to
the Maryland countloa, Thoy carrled
wlth them tholr ldeaa of farmlng nnd of
the best paylng crops. Thoy revolutlon
lzed the farmlng InduHtry thero to a larga
extent, and 'now Instead of corn and
wheat Irlshjand sweot potatoes are thelr
prlnclpal crop. Theso f.armors now want
the oxchango to organlzo a branch of?
flce in tho Maryland countles. ro that
they may renlize tho benoflts of tho com?
blnatlon and not como in competltlon
wlth tho Vlrglnia sweots. The exchange
has the matter under conslderatlon and
appolnted Presldent Benjamln T. Gunter
and Goneral-Monagor W. A. BuTton as a
commltteo to report at the next meet?
Rov. J. L. McCutcheon. pastor of the
Baptlst Church at Morgantown, YV. Va.,
has been tendered a call to the Onan
cock Baptlst Church. He camo to the
Shoro and preached on Sunday- He wlll
look over tho fleld before fir_S.ly decld
Rev. Charles Clements. pastor of Hall'a
Chapel, Shiloh and Saxls Baptist
Churches, in the northern part of Ac?
comao county. has reslgned. He leaves
tho first of March to engage In misslon
work ln thc western part of the State.
It Is stated that two new churches wlll
bo erected soon ln tho vlllage of Hall
wood, in Northern Accomac?Baptlst and
Methodlst Protestnnt.
Hotol Bloxom, Bloxom, was sold last
week to Mr. J. W. Barnes for $2,500. Tho
former owner, Mr. J. W. DIckinson, has
bought a hotel at Shamokin, Pa,
Mr. John H. TTopkins has purchased
four lots in Parksley. The firm, Parks
ley Coal and Supnly Company, wlll e 'ect
a three-story building there Immediate
Flourishing Council JuniorOrder Amer
ican Mechanics.
CSpeclal to The Tlmes-Dlspatcli..
CLIFTON FORGB, VA.. February 23.?
A flourishing council of the Junlor
Order Amerlcan, Meohanics has beeil
organized here by Deputy State
Councllor Garrettson, of Lynchburg. The
meeting was held in Nottleton Hall,
where moro than slxty members have
beon Inltlated. Tho name of tho new
council Is Alleghany Lodgo, No. 112. The
offlcers chosen to seni'e tho ensulng term
are Dr. B. H. Tatum, councllor; Jnck
Woodward, vicc-councllor; T. J, Wllson,
recordlng secretary; Rev. E. W, Mc
Corklo, chaplaln; Dr. R. S. Wiley, treas?
urer; J. D. Brooks, conductor; S. T.
Tcrry, warden; C. A. Hallock, Inslde scn
tlnelj J. O. Phllllps, representntlvo to
State Council. Tho offlcers uro well
known, and under thelr guidnuco the
council wlll undoubtc-dly flourish.
Oco Qulnlon, an employo of tho Chesa?
peake nnd Ohio shops, tell from an en
gino ono day. las week and reeelved sei.
eral palnful cuts nbout tho head. Hc was
romoved to hls hor.ie, whoro medlcal at?
tentlon was glven hlm.
The Alleghany Oro nnd Iron Company.
of thls place, has bought from the Vlr?
ginla Iron, Coal and Coko Compnny the
holdlngs of the Buena Vlatn Furnnce
Compnny. Tho prico paid was flBO.OOO.
George Johnson. allas Wllllam Wado,
colored, who recently broko Jall hero nnd
cscoipod, was recapturod ono day lnst week
In ICanawhti county, W. Va. Tho local
authorltlos havo hlm now securely behlnd
tho bars. Johnson was sont on to the
grand Jury on tlio ehargo of hlghwuy
robbery, but mado hls escape boforo hls
trlal camo up ln court.
A serlous shooting affnlr took place
nenr horo on Frlday. Robort Flotcher
shot niiothor negro iinined Spcncor John?
son In tho left sldo and Inlllctcd a serlous,
if not fatal, wound, Tho shooting was
tho outcomo of n ' family affalr, and
Flotcher was Immedlately arrested by
Constable V. W, Wheeler, who placed
hlm In Jall to awalt trlal. Johnson, who
Is ln a serlous condltlon, wns brought
horo to tho Chesapeako and Ohlo Hospi?
tal for troatmont.
The Ladles' Ald Soo.oty ot tho Bap?
tlst Church hold a Tom Thumb rocop
tlon and Dutch baby show at tho resl?
dence of Mra, S. W. Goodwln on Frlday
nlght, It was a financlal success, und
tho procceds go to tliat churoh.
Fire on the York.
fS.meliil to Ttiu Thni'H-ni-P-teli )
Vs ?ST POINT, VA,, February 211.?Nt_*vs
ronchod Wost Polnt to-day by men aoiiiinir
up tho York on a sehoonor thnt tho
houso on tho King's Creok property about
four niilos abf.ro Yorktowri, formerly bo
longlng to Mr. Paul Van Nuino, now
ovmod by Dr. Goorgo W. Rlolinrdson, of
Wost Point, was lii.-lumos, soomlng.. to
havo caught on the roof. It wns ot-aupled
by a wntchnmn put/thoro to gunrfl vulu
able oyster grourwls. It was lnaured for
1800, nothlng llko 'jj_ Yulua
Several Employes Injured as
a Result of a Fire and
Explosion Yesterday.
(Spcclnl to Tlm Tlm.n-Dlspat.h..
STAUNTON, VA., Fob, 23,-At about
6:20 o'clock thla aftornoori as workmcn
were connecUng plpos botween the old
and now 'gns plants, near tha Baltlmore
and Ohlo Depot, nn explosion occurred,
and ln a moment's tlmo tho new gus-house
property wan ln flames. The gas waa cut
ofC from the town Immedlately. The llro
company responded proippetly, prevetit
lng- tho spread of llamea, nnd ln a short
tlme tho flre waa under control.
Vicsars. Dumne. Cochran nnd Thornton
woro palnfully, but not fatully, burned,
wlilla Messrs. Kapllnger, Suporlntendent
Glenii und Klng Wero sllghUy burned, All
llireo men were employedby tho gas com?
pany. Tho Idsb cannot be aacertalncd at
thls tlmo. SufClclent rcpalrs wero tem
porarlly mado. Tha plant la now fur?
nlshlng gnB as usual.
Tha Gypsy, Wllllam Massey, who nbout
three weeks ago shot and kllled hls wlfe.
was Indloted by tho grand Jury to-day
and sont on for trlal at tho March torm
ot the County Cdurt._
A Young Negro Run Ovor and Nearly
(Speelul to Tlio Tlmca-DUpntch,.
CHARl_OTTJ_:SViLL_-, VA.. Fobruary
23.?Allon Torry, a young nogro, wna
nearly kllled by a train at tho Unlversity
Haturdny evenlng at 0:30 o'clock, Ho 18
now at tho UnlvorBlty Hospital In a crltl
cal condltlon. Torry la a natlve ot Ivy,
thls county, nnd Saturday evonlng cllmbed
aboard tho local pasBoiigror train over
the i-ncsapoako and Ohlo Rallroad to
doadhoad hls way to thla clty. Ho
boarded tho train at Ivy all rlght, and
camo to tho city wlthout bolng dlscov
orod by tho tralnmon. As tho train ap?
proached thlB clty tho negro thought that
ho mlght bo diacovered by the polico at
tho Unlon Statlon and put ln jall. Ho
determlncd to Icavo hls hldlng-place at
tho Unlversity, thinklng that ho know tho
placo B.ufllclontly well to know whon to
Jump from the train.
Tho trnln was turning tho curvo at tho
Unlversity ovorhoad brldgo whon tho no?
gro propared for hls leap, and whon It
was bohtnd tho dlspoaaary, a fow teot
ncaror tho statlon, ho lot go tho stop
rail of tho car. Tho track at thla placo
is aa rough on tho outsldos, or patha run?
nlng by tho track, as on any ploco of
road ovor whlch tho Chosapeako and Ohlo
travols. Tho, unfortunftto man alao mls
calculated' hla distanco, and whon ho
struck tho ground hls feet allppcd from
under hlm. With a scroam ho fell under
tho movlng cars.
Throe coachos passed ovor the man's
loft leg, cuttlng lt off. Hls body was tor
rlbly brulsod and crushod, and hls akull
wns fraoturcd In three placos. Ho lay
only a few mlnutcs where he foll beforo
ho was plcked up by tho medlcal stu?
dents ot tho dlspensary, who heard hls
crlos. Help was summoned and he was
carrled on a strotcher to tho hospltai und!
reeelved the proper caro and attentlon,
It was rumored thla monlng that tho
negro dled during last nlght, but chls waa
found to bo untrue, though hls oi.l'clnn
ls, of course, crltlcal, The ma.i Is nit
known in this clty as far as could bo d'ts
Blaze in the Residenco of Governor
McKinney's Widow.
(Speelul to The TIaics-Dlspatch.)
FARMVILLE, VA., February 23.?Tho
alarm of flre yesterday morning was
occasloned by a small blazo ln one of
the upper rooms of Mrs. McKinney's res?
ldence. The bed ln the room of Mr. J. A.
Armlstead caught from an overheated
stovo, and but for tho qulek work of the
publlc it might havo resultod more seri?
ously than.lt did. Only the bed clothing,
a sult. of clothes and an overcoat were de?
Flre early yesterday morning totnlly
destroyed tho residenco of W. H. Burger
near Farmvllle. Thc origln is unknown.
It was wlth much dlfflculty that Mr.
Burger, who Is a very old man, and was
slck in bed, cscaped wlthout being burn?
Confirmation servlces were hold yes?
terday ln the Eplscopal Church, Eishop
Rnndolph officlathig.
Washlngton's birthday Is belng observed
here to-day by the closlng of tlie post
office and tho two banks.
Tho Ilampden-Sidnoy gymnasltim team
wlll glve an cxhlbition in tlie Gymnasium
Hnll of tho State Normal School to-mor?
row nlght commenclng at S o'clock for
tho beneflt of tho Normal Annual. The
admlsslon feo will bo -6 cents.
Bishop Wilson to Preach the Washlng?
ton and Lee Baccalaureale.
(Speclal to The Tlmes-Dlspntch..
LEXINGTON, VA., February 23.?BIshop
Alpheus W. Wllson. of Baltimoro, of tho
Baltlmore Co'nforonco of the Methodlst.
Eplscopal Church, South, has accopted
tho Invltation to preach the baccolaurcuto
sermon at the Washlngton nnd Leo Unl?
versity commencement, Sunday morning,
June Hth. BIshop Wllson was one of tho
cummoncement spcakers ot Washlngton
aud Leo about twenty years ag-o.
The assistant professors nt tiho Vlr?
ginla Military Inslltuto gavo a dollghtful
danco Saturday night in the Jackson Me?
morlal gymnasium. A nunibor o? young
ludles wero present, nnd tha occaslon was
onu of much onjoyment. Muslc was fur
nlshcd by the Vlrginla Military Instltuto
Informatlon has beon recoived hero from
Hinton, AV. Va., thnt tho forgor who as
sumed tho name of Covey and attempted
lust full to pass bogus checks in Bcx
Ington and was arrested hero, ha.t mado
a confcsslon of hls crlmo ai Sqmmers,
W. Va., and hns been scutcnccd to Ilvo
yiiara ln tho West Vlrglnia penitentlary.
Wllllam Owen Wllson, of South Bos?
ton, Va., hns beon eiected by tho
Athletic Commlttooof-Washlngton und
Lee as manugor of the foot-ball team for
next season, nnd Wllllam Rnndolph Bled
soe. of Lexington, Va., assistant mana?
Washlngton nnd Loo Unlversity hns
been awarded tho buso-hall championshlp
for tho western sectlon ot tho stato by
tlio Vlrginla Inter-Colleglnto Athlotlc As
aoclatlon, and tho ohnmplonship for tho
eastern aootlon gpes to Rlohmond Col
lige. As Wiishlngloti nnd Leo defeated
Rlohmond College hist soason, the awnul
glvos Washlngton and Leo practically tho
Stato chumplonshlp.
Homo of Mr. D. W, Morris on n Hlstoric
York'Rivor Plantatlon.
. (Spuolul to Tlio T'!iil-.-l)|_.titeh._
YORKTOWN, VA., Fehruury 23.?D, W.
Morris lost by riro hls dwelllng nnd con
tentB at 1' o'clook thls morning. IHs
liorno, Bollfleld, ls a liortion of ono of
llio hlstorjo old plnntntlons of Eastorn
Vlrginla. Ho was urausod from sleep
by doteotlng tho odor of scoreblng wood
und on arlaliur dlucQYor.d tho liousofull
of smoico. Riislilng (lowmUuirs Uin tiro
vvtis found to bo btirnliig brlskly from llio
outslde, In a few moniejits vhn entiro
dwollliiff waa a musa of flnmcB. Grubt'lng
a tow<?l soalced In walor ho ro-eutetreu.
the b-vl-rouiii ln seurch of hls wlfe. Bv-um
......... V
t In Lighter Vein!
A. _____________-... -?
Many things can be treated in a light and frivolous manner
Good lifjht, however. cannot be treated lightly. Good light
enables you to keep nood eyesight. It avoids doctors' bills as
well as gas bills. We will prescribe for all light troubles free o?
cost?and sell you the necessary medicine cheap.
We hope b -forc many more months are past to have the
*? mantle of fame coverus on account of our good work in mantels.
I Ministers and missionartes help people to be good?we come
X next and offer them every facility- to keep clean. " Cleanliness
-f is next to godliness." We have the best assortment of bath
X room supplies in the city?this fact won't wash r>ut. See ?
T Both phoncs 0 36. 26 N. Nlnth Street, Riehmond, Va.
minutos elapsed beforo sho could bo
found, and only by the use of the wet
cloth could she bo kept from suffocatlng
and be carrled safely out of doors.
Tho only property saved was a small
portion of the kltchen furniture, even
tholr wardrobes being destroyed. The
only plece of cloth Ing Mrs. Morrls man
aged to save was a new hat, which ahe
had Just purchased. , Mrs. Morrls was
Bpcedily convcyed to tho bospltable home
of Mr. Thomaa Lockey, where she apent
tho balance of the nlght and ah was
dono that could be to make hor comfort
Tho houso wns n frame Btructure and
burnod florcoly. Had lt not been for the
favorablo wlnd, tho flamos would liave
beon commurtlcatcd to the barns and out
bulldings ncarby.
Tho loss wlll foot up about $2,000, as
Mr, Morrls esttradtes. Insurance money
wan loft wlth a frlend some tlme ago
and lt la not known whether tho policy
was written or not. The only other occu
pnnt of the bullding was a colored farm
hand, who was aroused by Mr. Morrls,
entlrely obllvlous of his perll.
A Deligjhtful Valentine Party Given by
tho Misses Sanders.
(Spocial to Tho Tirnes-Dlapatch.)
CATHARPIN, VA., February 23.-A de?
llghtful valentlno party was given at the
homo of Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Sanders Fri?
day nlght, the 20th, In honor of thelr
charming daughters, (Misses "Nellle and
Pearl Sanders, who, as hostesses, re
ceired most beautlfully, and were as?
sisted by Miss Sasscer, of Maryland, and
Miss Loulse Lynn, of Fairfax. It wns
a soclal ovent of great pleasure, and will
long linger in tlfo memorles of thoso who
attended. A novol nnd hlghly enter
talnlng feature' o" tho evening was ln?
troduced, In whlch the young gallants
present were requlred to proposo to the
numerous young ladles, and, lf accopt?
ed, wero given a heart, othcrwise a mlt
tcn. Tho one gcltlng tho greatest number
of hearts was given the llrst prlze. Thls
was awarded Alr. Jett Pattle, of Prlnce
Wllllam. Miss Boss, of Montgomery
county, Md., had the fewest number of
hearts left, showing that her hand wns
greatly sought after, and was given the
flrst lady's prlze, a handsome souvenlr
valentine, deslgned speclally for the oc?
Thon camo the bestowals of love, which
was measured by ounces. Mr. J. B. Gray
son, of Fauquler, captured tho greatest
mcasure, 190 ounces. Instrumental music
was a promlnent feature of the evenlng.
Refreshments wero served as the hour
approachd mldnight. Thoso present were
MIsses Brower. Eleanor Wllklns, Addle
Wheoler, Katle Cushlng, Sallle and Ella
Buckley, of Prlnce AVlIliam;-Miss Loulse
Lynn, of Fairfax; Miss Kate Gray son,
Mrs. F. H. Sanders, Mrs. Walter L. San?
ders. Mrs. Charles F. Brower. and Mrs.
Clarence L. Lynn. of Prlnco Wllllam. The
gentlemen present were: Messrs. Norman
and Mac Buckley, Omoir Wells, Lynn
Cushing, Jack Pleroy, Frank nnd Jett
Pattle, Wlll Davies, Wlll Gllbert, Brown
MetcaJfo, AAT. L. -Sanders and F. H. San?
James City Man Wins a Brido in
(Siirrlal to Tn<> Tliiii-s-lMspatcli.)
CHATHAM, VA., Fob. 2.*).?A beautiful
homo weddlng wns porformed at hlgh
noon Monday, whon Miss Kllzaboth A'lr?
ginla Crews and Mr. Hanson Noville
Martln, of Toano, James Clty county.
were married at Bello Clrove. the home
of tho brlde's mother, Mrs. L. J. Crews.
Tho parlora. whlch hnd heen prdviously
dnrhened, wero olabordtcly decorated wlth
eye'rgroens, potted plnnts nnd cut flow?
era, and the soft light from myriads ot
beautlfully decorated lanips presented a
sceno of rare beauty.
Eloped to Lynchburg.
(Speclnl to Tlio Ttuies.DIsimtch.)
SILEPPARD'S, VA., February 23 ?
Miss Mary Cox, of Knoxvllle, Tenn,, who
haa been ' on a vlslt to her unolo near
Ihi's plaoo slnco hist Chrlstmns, and Mr.
Garnetto KUIotto, of Curdsvllle, olop.'.i
ln Lynchburg, whoro they wero married,
Thoy returned to Curdsvllle, spent tho
day nnd left foi- tholr futuro home near
Cure Caiarrh by Nature's Own Methotl.
Evory Breath of Hyomcl Brings Reliuf'
Nearly evory ono who has catarrh
knows how foollsh It is to try an.l curo
It by drugglug Iho stoiiinch. Temporary
reiiof mny bo given, but a curo seldoni
Untll rccontly your physiclan Avould
havo snld tho only way to cure oalarrli
would bo lo havo a ehango of cllinuto,
but now with llyomel you am curry a
hoalth-glvlng clIniiitB ln your vest ponket
nnd by broaihlng lt u fow nilnutas four
tliuea a day soon curo yuiirsulf.
Tho lon.llng dt'UffglsLs of thls clty havo
sold hund'reds of Hyoniel outtlls, aud tha
moro Ihoy huII the moro conWncod th.ay
aro that they nro pcrfucUy safe ln guar
iinteoltig tn rofund tho monoy lf Hyoniel
does not curo.
Thoso who uro subject lo catarrh or
catarrhal poldu wlll do thpniselves an ln
Josttco lf they do not iiurclitise n. llyouie)
outllt at ona^,timl?'*__U I'tepared for
llift* BudxV*"* ? m ?mwnmi aoawii. .
la assured with every palr
of glassea we flt. Comfort
g 1 o s s o s, con tentinent
glassea, perfect fltting
glasses, We wlll sell you
a perfect flttlng palr of
glapses.that -wlll make you
feel contentcd?and bo a
comfort at work of any
Why not know for cer?
taln whether you need
glasses?it may sava you
Irom unncccssary suffer?
ing from headnches, ner
vousness, etc. Wo wUl
tell you ln a few mlnutea.
FOR I903
Wlll be 1-eudy
lt you have not subscrlbed send ln
your order at onco and sftve $1.00.
If j'oii havo changed your telephone
uumbcr notlfy us prompt>7.
i-onoLJ375. HQ9 E. Main St.
Big Suit Again st Southern is Settled
Out orCot-rt.
(Speelul tn The Tim.a-nispnt.li..
BOYDTON, VA.. Fob. 23.?Mr, Robert
Wllliams, af thls place, has compromtsed
hls sult agalnst tho Southern llallroad
for Injurles sustalned by hlm same tlm*
slnce, whlch suit has been pendlng in
the North Carollna court at Greensboro
fur moro thon a year. Tho case was
set for last weetc, Willlamson clalmed
twenty thousund dollars. Tho matter
was settled out of court by tho dot'un
dent company paylng tho plalnUft three
thousanil dollars lu full of all domonds.
Mr. Willlamson wi_3 an eroployo of Uio
Both tlto rcctor und tha ladloa of tlie
Eplscopal Church aro maklng every ef?
fort tu rcbuild tlielr burned roctory. Thelr
purpose is to try nnd bulld u flre-proof
building, or aa riour one os possible, lf
Ihoy can secitre the necessary funds. The
roctory lot Is located in __ nelghborhood
wliera tlicro nro large woodon bulldlngs,,
and to protect thelr new bulldlng agalnst
Uro tho tvetor Is oxtremoly anxious thnt
lt bo flre-proof. The lucllea and the
roctor Im-ve worltod ralthfully, but they
still need ubout one tliousimd dollars to
carry out thelr plans.
Tho Board of Hupervisors of Meckleu
luirg met hero ln regular siesiilon thl.s
morning. Mr, Charles S. Hutchlson waa
oloctod chairman ln place of iho late
Walter V. Gregory. Mr. F. B. ltoberts.,
of Cliaso City, wus appolnted by ...i
court to tuko tho placo ou the board of
Mr. Gregory, decoased. Mr. Roberts ftt
tendod to-duy for tlio flrat tlme,
Tho low prloea of tobacco has hnd
tho effeet of greatly deprcsslng tho far?
mers ln thla county, and there wlll not
lio us inuuli tobucco pluiit<_d tliis yc?_r
us last,
Colonol Thomas _\ Ooode, who, wlth
hls famlly, have been apunding the wm
tor iu Plortdn, la reported as belng com
fortubly well o(t lu health. The Colo?
nol haa boen ln poor health for qulto a
good whllo,
Sonator J, N. Hutchlson, from thla, tbe
Twonty-flfth Sonntorlal Dlstrlot, ls at
liome ln very bad health. Mr, Hutchi
aoti hns falleu off about sisty pound-i.
llo hopesa now tluit he U improvlug ln
heal.h and stroxigth. Ha has been tq
Buffulo fc-pi'lnssj.

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