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The times dispatch. (Richmond, Va.) 1903-1914, February 24, 1903, Image 9

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Stationery, Off ice Furniture and Supplies
t. havo a ls_r_*<_ stook dSf Dos'kf', Mlliig Ctiso's. Cahinets, _Bbok-C-_8_.s> OBtlirp, Sktionory and
Offlce Supplies, that wo will soll ut 20 por cont. ofT for cash, ouly to rfiducboiir INVEN'I.ORY
which wo will tako MAKOH lst.
? ft. ----?-?a e- '-_?_
Our Sdc
tloiml Book
Cases cnn
bo built to
nny size or
Blmpo du
wlth your
j llbrary. nc
v e r too
liirfro or too
small. A
constn tit
t) 1 c ti s u re.
Bckc mnde
and lowest,
In price. Unlts t-.2r? np; I_._sph ancl
tops. Till lst March 30 per cent, off
tliis price,
rr^_^^^_dL^__J-__j I /
$1.50 Up.
$3.75 Up.
10 J-i .. 7 x
styles nnd"
sizes from
65c up to
Bookkeepers' Chairs.
These clialrs aro
mado of the very
best, cnrcfully se
lectad wood; slm?
ple ln fltSfilgii but
of perfect con
Btruction. All
other kintls tn
Rtock till Mnrch
lst, SOpercent. otf
thls prlco,
Cash Boxes.
Enslosfc nnd shnplnst
mcthotlof llliiiRleticrrt,
nccouhta iitul " follow
Iiik up"' possiblo or
dcrs. Thoy iiroducu n
"system " in your of?
flce that is ntiiiioniul
vvorry fcnvor. Till lst
March 1,0 iwr cont. off
thls prlco,
Standard Typewriters
Thlrty or forly dollars wlll now
buy, ln our Tymiwritor Department,
n better rtmcliluo than ever bofuro.
Wo havo others, too, ns low iih ton
Southern Stamp and Stationery Co.,
Entlre Building. Twelve-Slx Mnln Street.
Agettt Olivor Typcwrltcr.
Will be Heard ln the Police
Court Next Saturday
Sfoung CUfton Maynard, tho Swansboro
vouth who was arrested ln Buchanan's
jowelry store Saturday afternoon by Po?
llceman Toler, had hls caso continued in
tho Pollce. Court to Saturday for wit
The young man, In the nbsence of his
parents. who are In Florlda, has not s
cured couiiscl. Hls futhor will be here
:ai ly this week. The boy ls only seven
tter years old, and if found guilty wlll
se sent to the Roformatory.
M_r. Buchanan will t?tify that Uie
foung man wns ln hls storo last Thurs
iny evenlng, and at thnt time a diamond
rlng was mlssed. When tho boy was
loarohod on Saturday, the inlssing rlng
vus found, wlth another.
The case waas not gono lnto at all yes
Nlck Bell, the colored walter, formerly
irnployed as a walter at The Larigely;
r as Hent on to the grand Jury'for housc
brtaklng. He is alleged to have en?
tered the Langley after ho had been dis
.hfcrged wlth lntent to rob.
Albert Senlmnii, for being drunk nnd
Jisorderly and for reckless driving, was
.'lned ,10.
Charles Jones, for assaultlng and. beat
l),B ames Rurrcll, was assessed JS,
Douglas Tyler refused to move on whon
Ihp pollceman told him It was his move,
und hls stubbornncss cost hlm J2.50.
Robert Franklin assaulted and beat hls
%v!fc $10 worth.
Charles Banks wns cliarged wlth taklng
scme candy that dld not belonff to him,
and hc was placed under bonds for ten
J. E. McCreery pald $2.50 for flghtlng
Or. tho street.
Wlllie Lawson was charged KO for beat
Ing Currle Frooman.
Wlllle Allen was sald to have attempted
;o cut Junlus Llgh'tfoot, but it didn't
imount to much! und J2.0O satisficd tho
Phonsy Qraves nnd William Hayes eaoh
f.ald $10 for fl_-htlng on the street.
Melvin Vla paid $10 for assaultlng Kato
Martin Molloy was dr-ducted of ta for
lrcspassing on tho premises ot II. M.
Paul Wllliams wns sent down for ten
laya for throwlng rocks.
Will Probably Succeed the Rev. Mr.
Crawford?Committee to Meet.
Dr. Gordon B. Moore, of Furman Unl
.ersity, wlll In all probabllity succeed
tho Rov. C. H. Crawford to tho posltlon
9f superlntendont of tho Aiitl-Saloon
Lea_.ua of Vlrglnia. :
Dr. Mooro. who ls one of the most
wldely.l_nown.__nd dlstingulshed Baptlst
minlstors in tho South, wus ln tho cltv
yosterday, Whllo members wlll not nd
mit tho fact, lt ls understood tliat ha
comes at tlio liivllatlon of tho E.ccutlvo
Commltteo of tho league, which has
practically offered Hlm the position He
went tuvuy yosterday wlthout antiouna
|n_r any decision. but lt Is generally be?
lleved that ho wlll accopt tho call
Tho Exocutlvo Co)miillloo of tho
Icaguo wlll moot Wcduosday afternoon ln
tho parlors of tho Y. M. C, A.
Thero soems but littlo doubt that tho
iaso of ex-Aldorman John M, Klng,
jharged wlth havlng acceptod a brlbo
irlillo a mombor of tho Council, wlll go
?n trlul thls morning lu tho Ilustlngs
_.ourt, So fur us could' bo oscortalned
yosterday afternoon, both sldos aro ready
lor trlul. and thero Is no prospeot of a
.urtlnu' delay.
-VYIII Probably be Onlled.
Whon soon yestcrdity morning, tho
Jtev. :_,._ L. Goodwwln. of St. Mark's
JSjilscopul Qluu'ch, de'oliu'oa that he '__a_j
reeelved no call from Ashland or any
other placo thercabouts. Ho prefers to
walt until he gets one before b. iay..
what ho wlll do wlth it. "*_
It .3 understood that a commlttee from
the Ashland church came to Richmond
Sunday and heard Mr, Goodwln preach.
Thoy wero much pleased. and there ls
?very likellhood that a call wlll shortly
be forthcomlng.
The lmpresslon prevalls tliat Mr. Good?
wln wlll rernaln ln Richmond.
VTsilors Here.
Dr. Donald Guthrlo, of Baltlmore, and
Dr. Theron Rlce, of Atlanta, exchanged
pulplts Sunday. Roth will bo ln the
clty to-day. Dr. Guthrlo wlll bo tho
gucst of Dr. Kerr, aad Dr. Rlce of Mrs.
Jamieson, nt the Semlnary.
General Johnson Improves.
General Bradley T. Johnson Is, at the
Old Dominlon Hospital yot, but is much
improved, and recelves many old frlends
009000000000 0(79000800 &?>000
g ffiarton Jfe/ghts. |
The Washlngton Blrthdqy party glven
by the "Glrli.' Circle" Friday nlght at
the home of Mr. C. P. Scott was a great
success. Tho tables were beautlfully dec?
orated in the natlonal colors, and silrer
candelabra. Tho large number of guems
were wai ted on and entertained by the
glrls of the "circle," who were drcss<-d
ns Colonlal dames. Throughout tho e.vo
ning thero was much exijoyable musJo
and many recitations.
Mrs. John Thomas, of Carollne county,
ls thc gucst of Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Jetex.
of Ladles' Milo Road.
Mrs. Thomas Armstrong, who has boen
vory slck at her home on Montelro Ave?
nue, is now ablo to bc out.
Mr. Thomas Chinault has returned to
Carollne county afler a pleasant vlslt to
Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Jeter, of Ladies' .Mlle
Mr. J. W. "vtilllams has returned to hls
homo from a buslness trlp tlirough Vir
glnia and Wost Vlrglnia.
Mr. J. R. Eowles has returned from a
business trip to Loulsa.
Mr. Porcy Chisholm has left for Frcrt
erlck's Hall to i.lslt frlends nnd I'ela
Jliss Hickerson,- of Luck Avenue. "who
has been qulte slck, is now ablo to ho
luvltatlons hnvo been issued for a
birthday party to be gh-en bv Mlss Eve?
lyn Hurrls at her homo on Vlrginla Ave?
Mlss. Mary Jones, of Euck Avenue, who
has been vlsltlng Mrs, Conncrs. of Man?
chester, has returned homo.
What Postum Did There.
A wcll-known flguro at tho Natlonal
Cupltal is that of an attornoy-at-law und
sollcitor of patcnts, who has\ been prac
tlolns before tho courts and the Dopnrt
mont of the Interlor ut Washlngton for ?
moru than twenty-tive years. The ex
poiienco of this gentleman with coffeo Is
uimsually Intoresting, for it provos.fhat
although the IU results from coffeo nro
slow, they are sure. Ho says; "J lmvu
conaumed coffeo at my raeala for manv
years, but of lato years have been m'\
noyed by derang'ed atomach and aleep
li'i-snuss, palna ln my head, iiervousiies.-i
nnd confuslon of tho mlnd, About elgh
teon months ngo I quit coffeo und com
moiiccd to uso Postum Food Coffeo nnd
havo cxporlcnocd tho most plousing nnd
l-cnoilclal results therefrom.
Jt htta nided my dlgestlon. Increased
my uppctlto for hoalthy food, uppeiwed
iny Htomnch, lnvlgoratod my braln,
coarod and qulotod norves nnd mlnd. and
onutiieti mo to sloep soundly eight hours
_.,..._/., lho twonty-four. lt has Im
fi. i? ii?Uoyu.M!y IUU' olienrfuliiess to my
lrih. ,,auiJ_caU8ec' ma to look on tho
ha Mittod m? .' PUm *'? ffW?n?*- *
o or ,,? .,T t0 9?TnWre bral? WOl'k tlltlll
c UinnRv n iSP-Ji * ,WCmkl ?>?ns--i?r lt ft
?'"wy, V,? dol""'voa of Its uso.
i'or tho m.? il??/.tUm.,'"s n" ?b80luto curo
loi tlio His that coffoo causes. It not
only ouros tlio ravages of coffeo but
stlinula es to vlaror una hoalthy actlon
tho brulii and all tho organs o the im
man body, u hm. wlth mo aud w h
miniy o( ,?y frk-ixla, A.id thls ls ,?y
authorlty for tho stiitonient." Natuo
iurnlBliod by Postum Oomi>any, DuUlo
pre.lc, MleU,
? I - >_??'.?,;>':_?.:?
In Collaboration With a New
Yorker the Work Will
Be Completed.
Mr. Richard Goodall and wife, from
New York, are registered at Murphy's
Hotel. Mr. Goodall is here to collaborate
With Mr. Samuel Proskauer, of thls city,
on a'pure comic opera, the theme of
whlch ls entlrely new. Mr. Proskauer
concelved tho story whllo visiting South
Amerlca and the AVest Indles a Bhort
tlme ago. On arriving in New York be
submitted tlio book and lyrlcs ho had
written to Mr. Goodall, whom he knew
was entirely efllcient In preparlng the
work for the stage, as he is a stage dl?
rector of larjre productlons of this kind;
also an author of recognlzed abtlity, one
of hls lmportant productlons belng the
great English success "Morocco Bound,"
produced under tho management of the
late A. H. Chamberlyn. The musical
comedy was revlsed on Arneidcan llnes
by Mr. Goodall and pi-oducod under his
directioii at tho Park .Theatre, Boston,
ln January last year wlth great success.
Mr. Proskauer's book and lyrlcs In?
terested ?Alr. Goodall so much that ho
agreed collaborate wlth him. He also
succeeded lu lnterestlng Mr. Byrd
Dougherty, the clever New York com
poser of oporatic muslc, and who ls wrlt
ing the muslc for this opera,
Mr. Goodall wlll remain hero some four
or flve weclts to complete the work in
collaboration -wlth Mr. Proskauer, and
whlch he has hnd In hand for souie
time. There Ls a possibility of the
opera's Initlal productlon taking place
here lij the near future.
Mr, A. Baldwln Sloan, the celebrated
composer, has written the muslc for one
of Mr, Proskauer's recent lyrlcs; and Is
Intended for one of the most celebrated
prlmn donnas ln tho country.
Mrs. Goodall Is a beautiful and tal-<
ented young woman. Before her mar
ringo she was the German Countesa
Gerlas. Hor grandfather. Count Gerlas,
was tho Intimate frlend and compnnlon
of Emperor Fredcrlek, the present
Kalser's father. She is tho mistress of
seven languages, and is a talented vlo
linist and palntcr.
Will Observe Shrove Tuesday at the
Country Club House.
Tho Itnllun-Amerlcan cltlzons will oh
scrvo Shro-i'o Tuesday at the Italian
Country Club, on Brond Street road, thls
evenlng:, nt which time there will bo a
supper. gamea and danclng.
Presldent Chasle Trailorl has com?
pleted arrange-nients for a celebratlon
that will ecllpse all provious efforts,
Property Transfers.
Rlohmond: Mary E., Wllllam B, Gray
nnd wife, S. S. McKunnoy und Muttie E.
und Charles Gass'or, Ji'., to Henry Schluo
ter, 15 feot on west sldo of Fourteeiith
Stroot between 'Jncltson and Duvul, $l,CU).
J. C. Hofheimei- to AA'altor P. A'ulteh,
'20 2-,'i feot ou north sldo of We.st Avenue,
11!" 1-3 fei^t weat of Boyd Stroot, "1,200.
Henrlco: Tax Titlu Company of Hleli?
mond to Emma M. Cosby, 30 feet on west
sido of West Street, 150 feot south of
Wood. $"2,85.
J, AVells' Torry nnd wlfe to LoRoy E.
Brown. .! acres near Nlno Milo Roud, 1
aero and (5 feet nn AVaslilngton Stroot,
iiorthonst corner Blalr, subjoct io pay?
ment of threo notes aniountlng tn 91.1M-.t>-.
C. "XV. Tlirockmoi'ton, spocial commis?
sloner, to Garlnnd II. Ellls, 82 1-2 acres
on Brond 'Street Road, 8 mlles from ltleh
niond, ruservlng '>? vondor's llen for $700
and iiitoi-est, J1.20O.
Young Men's MIsslonnry Soclety of
Graco-Stroet Baptlst Ohurch's truateo to
Pnnnio fjutton, 55 feot ln Duvul's addl?
tlon, S-fjO.
ITunry S. AVbiRton and wlfo to Ger
trudo St. C? wli'e of AV. 11. Eanes, 30
fuot on wost sldo of A'lno Slreet, 1DO feet
eonth of Mnlnl iflSO.
fjiimo to Edivaiird T. Eanes, 30. foot nn
west sldo of Vliio Blroet, 120 feot south
Cf Muln, "1S0, rl -
House Held an lmportant Ses?
slon Yesterday.
Ino session of senate
Latter Body Adjourn3 to Honor thc
Father of His Country -Great Pr g
ress Mado on Tax Bill?After
Buildingnnd Loan Assoc'ns.
The Senato waa In sesslon a few mo
ments yesterday. and adjourned out of
j rer.pect lo tho memory ot Georgo Wash?
The House devoted the day to a con?
slderation of thc tax bill, and very nenrly
cbmpleted the arduous, tdsk.
A blg liglit was made to ralse thc license
tax for thu sale of plstols, nut it was
a loslng ono, and lhe matter was left
ns In tiiie original blll, tho llcenso boing
placed iit $20.
The feature of tho sesslon was the ef
fcrt of Mr. Smlth, of Clarko, to have tho
tax reduced'oh xnutunl bullding and loan
assoclatlons. whlch recoilcd und resulted
ln the doubling of the tax on all bullding
ar.d loan assoclatlons fiom top to bot
tom, tho lax belng graduated In tlie blll.
Alr. Jennlngs, of Lynchburg, spoko agalnst
the Increase, but ho was defealed, Messrs.
Early, Sipe, Gent ar.d others declarlne
thnt they should be put out of buslness.
On account of tho celcbration of Goorge
AVashlngton'a blrthday, but llttle ot ln?
terest took place ln any of the commlt
The House.
The Houso was called to order at 10
o'elcck by Speaker Ryan ar.d prayer was
cffererl by Rev. II, P, Atkins, of the
Christlan Churoh.
The only bllls offered were by Mr. Bls
coc provldlng for the establlshment of a
normal school for glrls In the cHy oC
Predericksburg, and by Mr. Smith, oC
Ciark, to allow the Board of Supervlsora
of VA'arren county to borrow money.
TRe general tax blll was taken up aa
11 speclal orderfl and much progress waa
made with lt, but few omondments having
fceen offered.
AA'hen the section was reached wmich
relates to the tax on steam laundries, Mr.
Sebrell, of Southampton, champloned the
cause of tho old colored washer woman,
whom, he sald, might be taxed lf tho
largruage were not made plalner. Ho
thought wrltitfers and flat-lrons might
be construed as machinery. Mr. AVhlte
hcad, while ndvocating the report of the
commlttee, was asked by Mr. Boaz if he
c-culd explaln the dlfferenco between a
macnlno polltlclan ond other polltlclans.
Tbe reply of tho member from Norfolk
was that steam and machine laundries
were needed In Norfolk In order to wash
the solled llnen of the polltlclans.
Mr. Cardwell moved to restrlct tho sale
of plstols to bhose allowed by law to
carry them, and he spoke ably for his
amendment. and it -was opposed by Mr.
Mcrt, of Brlstol, who is a dealer ln hard
ware. Mr. Rlco. had previously offered
nn amendment. flxing a license tax of
"o0 upon "persons selling plstols. A llvely
discusslon ensued, whlch wns carrled on
mainly by Messrs. Cardwell and Mort.
The blll flxes the license tax at J20.
The amendment of Mr. Cardwell was
rt Jected as was also that of Mr. Rice.
Mr- AVhitehead got In an amendment in?
cluding dlrks and bowle knlves in the
sc-ction. and a rnolion by Mr. Ivoake to
strlke out the entlre section was lost.
Durlng: tJho conslderation of the blll the
AA'estmlnstcr klndergarten, sixteen strong,
was brought ln, nnd the llttle pupils
waved dimlnutive Unlted States flags vig
orously In honor of tho father of hls
Mr. Sebrell moved to so amend as to
provlde for the pay7nent of an addl?
tlonal tax upon merchandlse sold through
slot machlncs, and it caused much dis?
The amendment was lost, and tho House
pi-oceeded and made much progress with
the conslderation of the measure. Mr.
AA'httehead got through an amendment
prohlbltlng tbe dispensing of lntoxlcatlng
liouors, throush slot machines, and Mr.
Kurman offered a bill to make valld a
certaln deed by A'irclnia F. AVeaver, con
veying certaln land in Riehmond clty.
Mr. Featborston at 12r3S P, M. moved
to adjourn out of rcapoct to tho memory
of George Washlngton, but the motlon
was lost, ayes, 22; noes, 22.
Tho member from Campboll' has not
yet mlssed a day since the sesslon be?
gun, and ho thought that an ndjournment
was due to the Father ot Hls Country.
Mr. Cardwell mo-ved to strike out the
sectlon providing for tho tax on under
takcrs but, he withdrew it in favor of
one offered by (Mr. Sipe, whlch dof.ned the
term "undcrtakor" more expllcitly. Thls
was adopted, and Mr. Sebrell succeeded
in gettlng an amondment adopted pro?
vldlng that tlio tax on undertokers ln
counties nnd towns shall bo $5.
There was some discusslon over a mo?
tlon of Mr. Smlth, of Clarko, for a grad?
uated tax ln the lnterest of tho wcakor
cdmpanles. lt was rejectud and Mr. Early
moired to strike oui $50 as the tax on
Bullding Assoclatlons and Insert $100. Thls
wns caj-rled, and the joko was on Mr.
Smlth. By hls motlon to reduco he got
an oxact iloiiblliif,' of the tax. Messrs.
Slpo, Gont and others doclarlng that they
should be either prohlblted from dolng
buslness or mnde to_ stop charglng ihe
peoplo usurious lnterest for i7ioncy lonn
Mr. Jonnlngs, of Lynchburg:, opposed
tho amcnihnent, but lt was almost unanl
mously adopted.
The House at 1:15 P. M. adjourned to
mcot at 10 o'clock to-dny.
Tho Senate.
Tho Sonate proceedlngs werQ opened
without prayer.
Mr. Scars presented potltlons ln fnvor
of tho ijrassaeo .af tlio Mann blll.
Thero belng only thlrtuon Sonators
present. Mr. Barksdalo said;
"Mr. Presldent, I move that tho Senato
do now adjourn in respect of tho mem?
ory of tho Father of Hls Country."
Tlils mntlon wns adopted by a votn
of 8 to 6. Tho Bcsslon lasted only two and
u. hnlf mlnutcs.
Now Lodge Instiluted at Monroe Hallon
, Snturdny Night.
Monroo Lodgo of Unlted 'Moderns wns
orgnnized at Monroo Hull Saturday nlght
wlth a charter llst of forty-slx .inombors,
Tliero woh a largo atleridinico, nnd muny
Modorns from tho threo othor lod_-e_'lu
tho olty woro present.
Stato Suprenu. Ci'lco Chniicellop D. AV,
Thuyer wus present mld eiuiducled tho
wnrk of orgaiiUutlon, assisted by Dlstrlot
Organ Istors AV. H. Cavedb nnd ] 1, r.
Blshop, Clmrlos L. A, Dooppe, clianoollor
of Fulton Lodgo; 0. F. Tinslcy, regont
of Dlxlo Lodgn, and J. H. Oroery, .olian
cellov of Vlrglnla Lpdgo, wero present utid
atislsted lu thu eeromonleu,
After tho Instltulloii of iho lodgo and
oxemplllh'aii"ii of the degroo woric of tho
OVdor, tho followlng oillcm'u woro oloeUid;
Chiinceilor, charles I. Phllllpa; pnst
rhniicollor, , Dr. AI. I,. Anderson; r.Ront,
T. M. llnrgrnvo; orator. flj. W. Mlller;
RUldo, E, 0, Maltcrri; rcctjrdor nnd llnnn
cio, W, Frecl RIchardHOii; wnrden, W. II,
liagby; walohmnn. Wllllum F. Rtlcknoy;
trilBteCB, Dr. M, I_. yMiflcraon, Charlea 1.
1'lillllp.-, 3. D. Cm.lg, .Ir.
Monroe f.odgo hns stnrtcd out wlth n
Irifgo membeiHhlp of the most r.-ptc
Hontntlvo men of tbe clty and ls bound to
fu-RC rnpldly to tho front, not only ns
K-nnrds numbers, but In nll tihliiRs frn
lerniil. Tlio new lodge wlll m.oi rogu
lnrly on tho flrat and thlrd Mondays ot
every month.
Tho honor roll of Ilcrmltnge School for
lnst woek Is as follows: Hlrarn Snnders,
Charlio Scay, Melvln Sexton, Mary
From.in, Tlettlo Fromnn, .Vnnlo Ladd,
Evn Lndd, Bisslo Stiiplos, Mary Soay.
.ho followlng ls tlie roll of honor for
Deep Run School:
Clrammur grade?'Helen Bowles, Fearl
Biarr, flernle Cottrcll. Agnos Bowles,
Hclcn Sniller, Fanny Splller, Walter
Duvn), Harry Scott, Rrulph ICuhn, Wllllo
Prlmary grado?Sadle Bowles, Stanley
Browning, Jlmmlo Barr.
Tho roll ot honor for Thlrty-slxth Stroet
School ls as follows: Florence Donnelln,
Edlth Tyreo, Florence Wharton, Vlrglo
Lnnty, Ermn Batcs, Bfrva Bates.
Tlio followlng puplls bf Laurel School
Huccessfnlly passed thc lntcrmedln,te ox
amlnatlonB: Klslc Harvol, Lottlo Jones,
Ethol Jonos, I/othrldge Mclton. Granvllle,
Jones, Wllllo Smith, Ewell Perross, Bcs
sle Smlth. Carrle Goodmnn, Bello Wal
ton, Julia Ford, Frank Toombs,
Tradesand Labor Council to Meet To
Night?Barbers' Union.
A regular meeting of the Trades and
Labor Council wlll be held to-nlght. The
unlvcrsal card system wlll be ono of the
questlons to be discussed.
Local, No. JSS, Unlted Brotherhood of
Carpentcrs, wlll meet wlth the Jolners
to-nlght ln a smoker.
At tho organization of tho Barbers'
Union Sunday afternoon Jlr, Samuel
Splegel was eiected temporary chairman,
and Mr. Gus Runge secretary. Another
meeting wlll be hold next Sunday at No.
227 North -Seventeenth Strcoc, at 2 o'c:ock.
The charter list wlll bo held open untll
2 o'clock thls afternoon, at tho Model
Shops, on Maln Stroet.
Highland Sprlngs.
There was a large congrcgatlon Sunday
nt the Methodlst Eplscopal Church to
hear Rev. F. Q. Wells, of Richmond. Hls
sermon on "Prc_ponderenco of Thought'-*
i was masterly and was hlghly appreclated
by hls hearors. Mr. Wells also preached
j to a large congregallon ot Beulah Church
i (Charlos Clty Road. ln tho afternoon at
[ 3:30 o'clock.
I Rev. A. N, Somcrs fllled hls pulplt at
the Marshall Memorlal Church at 3:30
o'clock to a good congrcgatlon.
Mr. and Mrs. Calrnes, of Conneotlcut,
arrlved Saturday evenlng and exrpect to
take lmmedlate possesslon of the slate
roof dwelllng In Kalmla A.venue, known
as Paradisc. Mr. Calrnes will engngo ln
buslness here.
"Falrvlew," tho home of Mr. and Mrs.
Frank P. Read, was sold the past week
by Mr. Reed to parties Uvlng in RIch?
mond. Mr. and Jlrs. Reed will occupy
for the present the house recently put
?up by Mr. Reed in Elm Avenue.
Mrs, \v. P. Turner, who tho past week
has been 111 wlth the grlp, was ablo to b_
out yesterday.
Mrs. Davls, who has been qulte ill tho
past few days, Is much more comfort
nble. She Is stopplng wlth hor frlends,
'Mr. nnd Mrs. J. W. Dudloy, at Sunset
Sampei P. Turner. of RIchmond, __<_
ccimpanled by hls IltUe son, Samuel, Jr.,
were guests at Bellevlew yosterday.
Mrs, Strawbridgo' and chlldren, of Rich?
mond, vlslted Mrs. Atchlson ln Dalsy Ave?
nue on yesterday.
J. B, Atchlson, also of RIchmond, was
a irtsltor on yesterday of Mr. and Mrs.
Judge In Norfolk.
Judge Waddill is In Norfolk holding
court and will bo thero for_a day or two.
Dlstrlct Attorncy Lewis went down thero
Rev. Alr. Cave Discussed a
Very Live Topic on Last
In hls sermon at tho Thlrd Christlan
Church Sunday nlght the Rev, P. A. Cavo
discussed tho very llve loca.1 subject, "Tho
Ohurch and Politics," a themo which has
agitated ministerial clrcles here for some
timo recently.
'That tho church," sald Mr. Cavo,
"must be concerned for tho weifare of
tho people; that sho must tako notlco
of human rlghts and manlfest an actlve
interest in the prcservation and lmprove?
ment of publlc moruls goea w|th tho say?
lng; that tho church at certaln times and
in certaln places has assumed too much
ln shaplng tho politics of tho people la
verily truo, but certaln lt Is that not
rnany Protcstant churches havo been great
offendors ln this respect ln recent years,
"Indeed, the Protcstant church hns beon
all too eautlous.and hus ofl'crod npologles
i'or fallures to porform ner duties that
huvc beon absolutely defonseless In tho
light of God's rlghtoous law. Nor, touch
ing tho moral Issues that appeal ln valn
to the sohemlng polltlclan of to-day for
riphloous settlemont, is tho church as
pronounccd in her utleranco and as ac
tlvu in her offorta as sho ought to bu.
Sho needs to bestlr hersolf nnd manlfest
decpor Intoi-ost In tho thlngs thnt con?
cerned hor Lord and whlch now alfect
tlio lnterosl of hiunuiilty.
"Henco I say," continued the prouebcr,
"tlie church cannot I'ullllI hor Ood-given
iii'sslon ln thc world aud not havu Bomo
whut to do wlWl polltlcs.
"Hondor, thei?ure, unto Cacsar tho
thlngs that aro Cuesnr's, nnd unto God
the thlngs tliat aro Ood's. Horo is tho
chtirch'a warrant fOF talclng part in pol?
ltlcs. Christlan mon and women owo
something to tho government under whlch
they llvo besldes posalvo submlsslon urid
Jiicok sllonco,
? "No mnn, theroforo, enn he a good clt
lycn of li'no klngdoni of tienvon and a biul
cltlzon of tho klngdom of earth. Tho gov
oiiiiiiont Is un liistltutlun of God, Ho has
ordalnotl tho nnd for whlch It wns Instl
tntcil und tho purpoau. whlch It ls to
"Tho church should take a flrtn stand
for tho prlnclples of Chrlst lu any and
overy party whero sho mny oxort ihor
lr.Iliio.nco and power far thu protnotlSn
of good men to offlco, tho iinprovemant
ot publlo moruls and tlm exlouslou of tho
ii'lr.n of rlghtcousiiim
"Tho churoh of Clirist should no ln pyl
Itlcs to tho extout of hor Inlluenuo to con?
trol our iBKlslutois nud glvo oharaoter to
our leglslatlon und Just und rlylUcoua ud
_iiiii._.trut.o_. pt our Ja/wt;.''
FC? RJ Riehmond, Frederlcks*
n W Ob burg & Potomac R. R
Tralns Loavo Riehmond-Northward. ?
i'lr /*i'J["?'\?ni':.Vyul St- ''"-rough.
o:lii A.'.M., dally, Maln Ht.'I'luotgh.
t!;4.a A. ?M.. dally, Maln St. Thror.gn. All
Pullmnn Cars.
":f,>l A. Mi, excopt Mondnv. Byrd Bt,
Through. All Pullmnn Cars.
7:15 A. M? woek days. Elba, Ashland ac
8:00 A. M., Sunday only. Byrd St.
":I0 A. M? woek days. I'.ryd St. Through.
12:0.i noon. week days. Hvr.l St. Through
4:00 J". M.. week days." Uyrd St. Fred*
orsburg nccnmmodntlon.
S'25 -.r'..M" ',I.,1-?r. w,lln 3t> ThroiiKh,
G:2? P. M., woek days. Elba. Ashland ac*
com moda tlon.
8:06 T>. M., dnlly, Byrd St. Through.
11:10 F. M,, woek days. Elba. Ashhina ac*
Tralns Arrive RIchmnrid-SnuthwaTd.
0:40 A. M, week days. Klha. Ashland ac*
8:CO A. M.. dnlly. rtyrd Rt. Through.
8l2n A. M., week rl.iv:.. Hvrrl St.. Frcd
crleknbuiK accomnindji.tlnn,
*o:S *V, % Y0?k1;*,a'"?t ?y*?l St Through.
2S tI'-..^- dl},1_1 Mn,n Bt- Tkrotilhi
":00 P. M.. woek days. Elba, Ashland ac
in'V 4 ' -,,M" , ' !'''*""'?., ,''*????'' St' Through.
tOr25. P. M. dally. Maln St. Through. All
Pullman Cnrs. "
11:00 P. M. week days. Elba. Ashland ac
11:a?i "ri ^l" weeif "ays' B*vr'' 3t- Through.
-All Pullmnn Cnrs.
12-i?;t'^- B1',-, a'*!,y. :m''n Sl*- Through.
Nntir?-Pullmnn Sleeplng nr Parlor Cars
? "i-*? U?Tl.n-'Vr:Jv('v,' ISr**' aororrimoila tionp.
?^' !?',?U s E'C W' nnvp w- p TAYLOR,
Gonl Man'r. Ass't Gon'l Man'r. Traf. Mnn'r
American Line.
SalllnK wednesdays at ? "> A M.
gt. Paul, Feb. 23. Phlladelphia, March 11.
St. Paul. March IS. Vaderland, March.21.
Red Star Line,
Salling Saturday at 10 A. ,M.
Kroonland. Feb. 28. Finland. Msrch U.
Zeeand, March 7. A'aderland, March _.
Plers lt and 15, North Rlver.
Offlce, 73 Broadway, N. Y.
AV. B, PALMER & CO., .
Via C. & 0. Railway and
Old Point
Leave Riehmond via Chesapeake and,
Ohlo Railway dally, except Sunday, at 4
P. M., connectlng at Old Polnt wlth the
superb steamers of tho Old Bay Line.
leaving at 7:15 P. M., arriving Baltlmore
G:30 A M., ln tlme to make connectlon
wlth all tralns North, East ond AVcst.
Short rail rlile and al! nlght on oue of the
finest steamers. in Southern water. Re
turnlng, arrive Riehmond 10 A. M.. dally,
except Monday.
For tickets and g-eneral Informntion
tjpply at general offlces Chesapeake and
Ohlo Rallway, Riehmond Transfer Com?
pany and 100(5 Eaat Maln Street.
Night Une (or Norfolk
Leave TUchrnond dally at 7 P. M., stop
plng at Newport News ln both dlrectlons.
Daily except Sunday by C. and O. Rail?
way, 9:00 A. M., 4 P. M.. 9 A. M. and 3
P. M. by N, and AV. Rallway; all llnes
connect at Norfolk wlth dlrect steamera
for Now York, salllng dally except Sun?
day. 7 P. M. ,
Steamers sall from company's wharf
(Coot ot Ash Street) Rocketts.
H. B. AVALKER, Traf. Mnn. New York.
1212 East Maln Street. Riehmond, Va.
Transportalion Company,
Steatnship Line. Direct Route to
Boston, Mass., and Providence, R. 3.
Steamer.s leave Norfolk for Boston Tues?
day, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. For
Providence- Monday, Thursday and Satur?
day at G F. M. Accommodatlons and cul
slne unsurimssed. Passengers and freight
taken for oll New England polnts. Tick
_t? on sale at Chesapeake and Ohlo and
Norfolk and Western Rallway offlces and
No."81t"> East Maln Street
?1 Steamer POCAHONTAS leaves MON?
M. for Norfolk, Portsmouth, Old Point,
Newport News, Cloremont nnd James
Rlver landlngs. nnd connectlng- nt Old
Polnt for AVashlngton, Baltlmoro and tho
North. Stato-rooms resorvod for the nlght
at moderate prices. Electrlc cars dlrect to
wharf. Faro only $1.50 and $1 to Norfolk.
Muslc by Grand- Orcheslrlon.
Freight received for abovo-named places
and all polnts in Eastern A'trsdnln and
Notrh Carollna. IRVIN "WEISIGER,.
General Mannger.
E. A. Barber, Jr,, Secretary.
Easily ,
No troublo to seo tho
likon'ess or tlio art qual?
lty ln the pliotograplis
wo muko. All tho (jic
turos wo turn out aro
really oxcollont.
AVo guahintee thc finish,
thu llkonosa and tho
nonnandnoy of tho work,
Prices HoftHonublo.
The Elite Studio,
Art 1'hotouriiplicr.s,
307 I.roml Street.
f. A. WHITTY, florist,
Broad and Ninth Sts.
Vlolota, 75c, liutiiJrefl,
?"??.??"?'?. i..."- -,_,_;i.......
7:45 A. M,-l_x, Surtday-Locul to Nowport
Isows. *?
Po7di]?6lnTDany~E,tprCSS t0 Nor?olk *"<
4i00,P"-.iA,t'7,K.x' S'in.-Exprosa to Norfol
and Old I'olnt.
6:00 PM,-Dnlly-r.henl to Old Polnt.
,? ,? ,-vr'VN_,rjII1|r:-w'''s'rBOUND,
10:10 A. M.-__,x. Sun,-Local to Cllfto
2.W?i 1f;-D;'llb;-Exprcsn to Clnclnnatl,
f-oulsvllle, St. Louta nnd Chicago, '
io _ ,' M.--J_'x1Sim.-Local to Doswell.
i 2?'i' M1--D?lly-Kxpre.<.s lo Clnclnnatl,
Loulsvllle, St. Lpuls nnd Chicago.
10:&.&_ M---Pn"y-To Lynchbtirg and
CUfton Fnrgo.
i5:.5 ^JJUtS*' Sun.-Local to Breme.
l_en 1. Manager. Dlst. Pass. Agt.
._i_ ?_\
_nCHEDULE IM EFFECT DEC. 14, 100a, '
7:00 A. M? X_, 7. dnlly. for D.nrll1o. Char.
lotto nml nll locnl x.atlons Sonth. ronnoctlni
nt PnnTtlliv for atatlons to Lynchburg, aiid
wlth D nnd W. Ilnllvvn. for M?rtln"lll_ ind
stntinnn on thnt llne. At Greensboro for ill
slntlons enst nml ?vo?t thersnf
13:60 p. K., So. 13, llmlted train dnlly. fnt
Jack*oiiTllli? nnd .11 Florliln polntaj EInvnna K?_.
nan, etc. Consctets sit Mosolcy wlth I"iir ro-HI.
nnd Porrhatni. Rnllron.l; nt -Sreensboro for Duf.
linm. nnlclk-h nnd Wlnntnn-S_l?m; at Dan-rilla
wlth No. _?. tlnllprl 8lnte.. tnst mail. aolld
trnln, dally, for Now Drlcnns nnd polnta
Coliiinbli). Suvnnnnh nnd Jii.Unn-rlllo. Drnw
iiiK-ltoom' BufTot Bleopor Richmond to Atlanta
nnd Blrnilnuhnm. Throucb conch for Chua
Clty. Oxforrt nnd Durham. Throngl) -trnln,
wltb Slecper, Snllshury to U?mpbla. Dlnlng
Cnr R.-rvl....
11:05 P, M., No. 11, Soother- t_xpr.??, dnlly.
for Atlnntn, Auttusta. ^eksonriHo nnd polntf
Sonth. aipppor for Dnn-llle, Greonsboro, Sal<
Inbiiry nnd Charlotte: open at Itlcbmond 0:8f
P. lt. Connectlon wllh Now York and Florld(
Express and Sonth-i-estcrn Llmlted, whlch ca_?,
rlo thrnimh Sle.pera to Anitastn. *_.annatv,
Jncksonvllle. Tampa. Nashrllle, ?emohlN. At<
lanta. ,Now Orleans, etc. Completp Dlnln?-0M
scrr lee. Also. rullmnn Tourlst Sloaoer Mon,
dnys. W.>i.ii->s<?iy* nnd Frldaya TOa?tiln.__<.n tt
Snn Frnndseo, wlthout clmnitc. wlth conuectloa
"?r nll polnts In Texas, Mexlco and Callfonda.
6:0O P, It,, No. 17. local -U'ly. except 8o_H
dny, for K>ys.llli> nnd Inter_>i('-ltnte polnta.
6lB6 A. K. and <:25 P. K. From A-lnnta,
Aiumatn. Jackson.llle, ? Aaher.lli. and all p*ntt
8:40 A, K. From Keys-llle nnd local itatioaa,
3:25 P, M. From Dnrham. Charlotte. DanrUV.
and Intermedlato B.atlon*.
r.ocAL Fn._i_._rr.
Nos, 61 and 02. botween Mancbeitw aa4
1:30 P. ___., Nt>. 18, Ualtlmors Llmlted, dallj
excopt Sundays, for West Piilnt, connecUng ai
West I'olnt wlth steamers for BalUmora uf
York Rl.or landlngs llomltiys, Wcduisdayi an.
9:15 P. M,, No. 10 (Mondays, Wcdncsdayr
and Frldays), locnl express for 'Weat Polut anl
Intermeillntc atatlons. ConcecU u-'th stage al
Letter Manor for Walkerton and Tappahannock,
8:00 A, M,, No, 74. local mlxed. Lea.es dally
except Sunday, for West Polnt and Intermedlntt
stntlons, tonni'etlnc rlth stuprea at Lcat?
Manor fot Wnlkerton and Tappuhnimoclt
0:15 A, M., No. 15, dally, from Weat Polnt,
wlth connectlon from Baltlmore Sundays, Wtd
nesdnya and Frldays.
10:15 A, M., No. 0? Wcdncariayi and Fridayf
from West Polnt and locnl -tatlons.
4:50 P. _?? dally, ezcept Sundays, fro?
TVest I'olnt and Intermedlate atationa.
Bteamers aall from W.st Polnt 8:80 P, Tt.
Mondays, Wedneadays and FrWluys, and wlll
call at Allmonds, Claybaxik and GlooceatW
Dlstrlct /?na?enKer Ag-ent,
020 Eaat Mnln 8tt/: ;, Rlohmond, Va.
8. 0-... ARD-vYICK.
Qeney.'...'- n??pn_rer Agent.
General Manaueu;^ /.-Bhlncton, D. 0.
Am Line Railwaw
10:28 P. AL Sea-board Florida Llmlted t?
St. Autrustlhe.
. 2:15 P. M. Seaboard Mail to Savonnab
Jacksonvllle. Atlanta and Southwest.
12:32 A. M. Seaboard Express to Savan?
nah. Jackson-villo, Atlanta and South?
0:10 A. M. Local for Norllna and Hamlet
6:40 A. M.. No. 34. from Florlda. ,t
6:10 A. M. No. 50, from Florlda, Atlont-.
and Southwest.
4:55 P. M.. No. 66, from Florlda, AtlanU
and Southwest.
_:45 P. M., from Norllna and local polnta
?Phono -105. 1006 Eaat Main SL
8:30 A. M. To all polnts South. -
9:00 A. M. Petersburg and Norfolk.
12:20 P. M. Petersburg and N. & XV. "Weat
3:00 P. M. Petersburg and Norfollf. ?
t4:10 P. 3)1. Goldsboro Local.
5:56 P. lf. Petersburg local.
6:50 P. M. To polnta South.
9:35 P. M. Petersburg and N. __"W. AVest.
11:30 P. M. Petersburg local.
.11:50 P. M. "Florida Special.".
4:07 A. M., t3:'0 A. M., 7:35 A. M., t8:4?
A. M? U:10 A. M., U:42 A. M? 2:00 P. H*>
6:50 P. M., 7:13 P. M.. S:B6 P. M.
t Except Sunday. t Except Monday. .
C, S. CAMPBELL, Dlv. Pass. A?_. .
W. J. CRAIG. Gen. Pass. Agt.
rlvcs Norfolk 11:20 A. M. Stops only at
Pctersbun;, Wavqrly and Suffolk.
0:00 A. M., CinCAGO IDCPRESS. Bultol
Parlor Car, Petoraburg to Lynohburg eund
Roanoko. Pullman Slecpers Roanoke ?
Columbus, Dlueileld to Clnclnnatl; als<
Roanoke to Knoxville, nnd Kaoxvllla to
ChattunooKa and Memphls.
12:_0 P. M., ROANOKE EXPRESS- foi
Farmvllle, Lynchburg and Roanoke.
Arrlveu Norfolk _:20 P. %t. Stops only a
Potorsbiirpr, Waverly nnd SutTolk. Connecti
wlth sieninerH to Boston Provldence, N?W
York, Baltlmore and WashlnKtop.
6:06 P. M? for Norfolk and oll statloni
east of PetorsburB.
I_JNK. Pullman Sleeper. RIchmond tt
Lynchburg, Petershurg to Roanoke:
Lynchburg to Cli;itt:inooira, Memphls an.
Now Orlenns. Cnfe Dlnlntr Car.
Tralna nrrlvn from the West 7:35 A. M,
2 P. M. nnd 8:5- P. M.; from Norfolk H:Iv
,\ M? U:<2 A. M. and 6:50 P. M.
Officc N'o. M.S lCiiat Maln Stroet.
Clon. Pass. Agent. Dls, Pass. Agent
l3IC.iri.0r_D AND reTERSBURG
Beginiiing April lst, ltiO__,
Cars ieavea corner Perry aud SaveniK, '
Struett., MancheBier, overy -iour (ou tat\
hour. _rom 6 A. il. to 10. P. ii., lost car V
V.-M P, M, W
Cara leava fataraburic. foot nf Byca
inore Street. ever*. nuur from 6:30 A. ___.
to 10:30 P. M.
Clyde Steamship Go.'t
Appointc.1 sailing tluyas Ever;
ut ila.vliyht. Eroight reeelved d?il/ til
fi i\ M,

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