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Tiiio TtMrtsTFouNni-p m, I WHOLE NUMBER. 16,175,
THE DISPATOIX FOUNDI5D 1850. | VVnULEi ixunuun, , . ,
"lUCHMOND, VA,, THUKSDAT, FEBttFlAllY 20, 1903.
WASTXINGTON, l^b. zc.-Forecnst for
ThUrsday and Friday. / ...
Vlrglnlo-Falr Thursdayt Friday raln,
fresh east wlnds,
North Carollna-Increaslng cloud.nesa
THursdayi raln on Friday, fresh oast
Tho Weather Buroau treated tho coun?
try well yesterday. Tho, sltlos were clear
and the temperature dellghtful 81m lar
condltlons aro expected to prevail to-day,
and to-morrow raln ls prorntsod.
9 A. M.>. 43
12 tnldnigllt .??.___
Hlghest temperature yesterday. |>1
West temperature yeBtorday.. ii
Mean temporaturo ye,Btf'W. \*
Normal temperaturo for I-"o.......... ??
Denafture from nortnnl temperature. Oh
Pr^eclpltatlon during past 24 hours... 00
ttm rlses.5:47 l -HIOH TIDE.
flun "ou.6:69 Morn njs.\f
Moon rlscs....6:08 1 Evenlng.4i?5.'
Shafer bulldlng wlll be purchMed.by the
government; Captaln Lamb S Ves^UPrthe
flght-Evldencc partly heard ln the Klng
c?e and eontlnued untll to-day?-Sale
blll to crente nn Insurance commlsslon
w ns in the Sennte--Taxcs "u*ll"d anrl
Cabell chlld-labor blll pns.ssth.f H0.^
_Lonten. servlces held y?torda>
Death here of a New York b-oker-??
Unidn of churches ls ?'>ntemplateci-?-Mtn
lsterlal Buslness Commlttee fnlls to meet
-Dr, Gordon B. Moor. chosen BUPerlii.
tondcnt of the Virginla ..Anll-Baloon
j_eaguc-Arrrted gunr.l of mil la sent to
ototurd - a truant wltness?GorporaHon
Co'lVniRslon about to <?rgax\tei-~n&n
over man killed by a tran?-Baptlst In
Ktltuto at Brlstol will likely be ?o d?+Re
ply to the articlc of Rev. J. H. Llgh
?Stoekholders of the Hot Sprlngs mee?
Baotlat mlnlsters to meet to-nigm?
Opinion Spressed that bo suftrage clnuse
wII klll the saloons n jyi-K,nJ?~r ri?
of Captaln, Martln W. Ilazlewood?-rhe
Carnnbell case to be a'-K"e<l ,'?:dnh>'
MANCHESTER?Much work before tno
Clty Councll-Clty ordlnaiices to l>?i re
vlsed?Ladles' , Rellef Commlttee .rnnk
lng dnlly vlslts to tho poor-Work ot tne
Clty Misslon?Speclal Lonten servlces?
More Elks, comlng In-The funeral of
krs Woolfolk-An cntertaliiuient for
charltv_The real estnte sltuatlon?
Well known people III?The foiIco Court
work-Deatli of Mrs, Flournov?A
colonial tea and sugar stew-^ llinifa
Workers to meet. /,
Norfolk county polltlcal fnctlons stlrred
over tho rccont CromwMI-Johnsj.ii enco n
tor?-Negro woman, charped w 1th mu'dei
of her husband, to be iried In Wllllarns
burg-The Malne ln dry-rtnek nt Newpo t
Kfi^.g-Kew bank at Frankiln-Tho
Chlckahomlny receding?- Lociil n|'???
petltlon for an elcctton ln Dnnv lle?
Confession of n horae thlef lnterccpted by
jalhn et Flncastle-Extonslvo canntng
preparatlons ln Richmond county--Suc
cessful farmorr, Instltute at Wliichrrter
ln favor of rond lmnrovement-A rawat
Callands?-Harvard professor l>"\' K
?nos.uws- In Charles Clty?Arthur
Thompson crushed to death ln Nelson?
York Rlver flshermen are behlnd tlme
Prosperous Lc-o county and Its deyelojv
n,pnt-?Cnnnery In Petersburg. ls nialtlng
contra-ts with farmers?Surfclk theatre
wlthout a manager-Hampil.-n-Slilncy
facuity lnvestlgatlnK rerent dlsturbance
:?Large sales on the Purinvlllp tobacco
market-Boy In Bedford shoots at a
iraln, knocks out tho hendllght. niid ls
arrtsted-"Piws in Boots" ai Rarlford.
Marrlages;?C. A. Bane and Mlss EIllo
N Gll.son at Enst Radfor.l: D. E. Mullan
tuid Miss Julla Brown nt Fre'terlcksburg;
S. E. Rodgers and Mlss 'Blanche. A.
Strlckler near Lurny: K. R. St^gor and
Mlss Altn M. Spenoer Ot Roanoko; E. P.
Boone nnd Mlss Annle M. Payne in
Frankiln; W. M. Lewln and Misn Aubrey
Virginla Pettlt In Petersburg; W. B. Forrt
and Mlss Mary Elizaboth GUIIatn ln
l.ynrhburg. Deatlis-Wllllam T McNtitt
at Blrind Courthoufo! Jesse R. _Noeli,
Jr.. ln Danvlllcaaiiftsahftst Antlion nt I-nnsas
Clty; Mlss EminirnT AVaring In Essex;
Jolin M. Heflln ln Staunton; Nat G. Jo;iC3
at Hampdcn-Sidney.
The day and nlght ln the House Is glven
to the conslderntlon of tho revenue blll,
tvhlch Is adopted soction by sectlon with
somo lmportnnt changes-Several mnr
clages ln Rocklngham?r-Searols for tno
tithtr bodles unrecovered of vlctims of tho
OHve dlsaster-Methodlst Protestant
Colloge to bc locnted nt Greensboro
llouse passes a blll appropriatlng JJOO.000
to Confederate penfclons-Two Intr-rest
Ing wcddlngs near Weldon-Well known
fesidents of Cbnrlolte impllcatod ln con
tcslon of gambllng made by Charlotto
nl0n-Ashloy Bailey Silk Company to
ocate another factory nt Fayettevtllo.
Ten mlners killed, twelvo badly wound
cd and seventy prisoners taken as a ro
aull of a battle w-:t.li posse of doputy
niarabals nnd sherltts near B<-ttley, Wv
Va.; trouble grew out of atWmpt. to
tjervo blunket Injunction Issued by I<ed
eral court; more trouble is fearod-Jlm
Hayes and Bishop Walters hold a con
forenco at the Whlte House with Presi?
dent Roosovolt in rogard to the llglit
ugaltist Virginla und other Southern Con
Btltutlons?Dorhoorats rofusn to aceopt
compromlse plan of the Rc-publlcans as
to-Uio statehood bill nnd suhmlt a coun
tcr proposltlon?Senato passed postofflco
iip,-.' pprlntion bill und tninsnctod fjuite a
gooilNleiil of busiiioss?Cuucus of Dcm
ocrats callert to rtlseuss flllbuster plan to
jirevent oonsldorutloil of coutest from
MtsHnurl dlstrlct?Wlll of Dr. J. L. M.
Curry u.lmiitcil to probate In Washlngton
-?Governor Yates sald to have threaien
cd to klll edltoi! of soeloty paper because
Jie printed tlio name of the Governor's
wlfe-President Ly.m tl. Tyler dollvers
Ilrst of sorles of leetures at Johns Hop
Itlns Unlversity-Hou.-lu ttdopts .confor
ence roport on army appropriatlon blll,
nnd nlso the measure. for tho Inilldlng of
lliem ns far south us Culm-Sloclt prices
feverish nnd Irroguliir and tho iuKl?rtonri
?f murkel duil; money mnrkot tlgl.ter;
liond market broad, hut Irregular,
Tb-moi-row evenlng at S:30 o'elook a
niass-nieeting of eltizons has been cnlled
to bo held at Murphy'a Hotel foe tho
purpose nf dlscussing jilans looltlnrj to
having a gront popnlur entertiili-.moi.t Jj'eVe
in Mny, uot unliko in somo rospects tlip
jtito cuniivuls, aud on c?|ually us. litiko
senle. Such pla.is havo recen'tly heSii
(Uilotly dlscussed by lacrchaiits, but, thoy
nro to be mado publlc to-morrow. The
call for the nuiss-meetlng is slgned liy tl.e
Cohon Company, DojQhel John Murpliy,
Meyer Greontieo. tlio If'.ib Clothlug Qq'm
jmny, Sydnor und llnmlloy. John D. Doyle,
?the Globo Coinpan/ and others, . All
biislness tnoa and ull Jntoreated aro ln
,?itca to be presont, ,
Tlie House Will Pass the
i Senate Bill.
Telegraphs Broad Street Com?
mittee That He Has Lost.
With Odds Agalnst Him, HeSecures for
Richrhond that for Which Business
Organizations Had Petitioned
Him?-Friends of, Senator
Will Hold Meeting and
Ask Him to Attend.
Tha new addltion to tho postofnco will
be bullt upon the site of Shafer bulldlng.
Thoso who . have foughi for another
sito havo surrendered.
To Senator Thpmas 8. Martin ls due
tho crcdlt for accompllshing that whlch
ho was petitioned ? by tho Chamber of
Cornmereo and othor business organiza?
tions lo do for Rlehmond.
Reprosentntlve Lamb did not favor the
provlsion in the blll that ls golng to be
passed. He wnnted to get more Informa?
tion from tho eitizens of Rlehmond as to
thelr wlslies m the matter. Tlme was'
short. nnd whlle Captaln Lnmb wns
seoklng this information tha Senate bill
carrylng the approprlation necessary to
pay for tho Shafer bulldlng site at the
prlce at whlch It was condemnod by tho
jury reached tho House, It wlll pass the
Houso unleas there shall be untoreseen
Tuecday nlght there was a aplendld
nit-etlng- of representatlve business peo?
ple favorlng some other site than the
present one, held at Murphy's'Hotel. A
commltteo was appointed to go lo AVash
Ington to try and prevent the passage of
the Senate bill wlth the provlsion for nc
qulriftg tho Shafer bulldlng ntte. Col.
John Murphy was one of tho commltteo.
He v.-ns gettlng ready to put on his best
sult of clothes last nlght wlth a vlew of
golng to Woshlngton when there camo
a Ihunderbolt from a clear sky in the
followlng iressnge:
AVashlngton, D. C? Feb. 25.
Colonel John Murphy, Rlehmond,
, Va.:
I learn thls evenlng that Senalo
blll will be reported under. rule prci
hlbltlng amendments, ro nothin.
can bo accomplished.
Colonel Murphy at onee Informed the
other members of tho commill:o. Tho
trlp to AA'aahirigton wns cniiiJ of. 'i'he
Colonel went out to play whist wlth
some frienda. He took his defeat good
"I always dlo gamo," he aald, and
thnt w-a.s all he had to say about the
nows from AVnshlnglen.
The Colonel wore a pleasant smlle,
for he bad not Indulged In any exprcs
slon reflectlng upon' Senator Martin. The
two gentlemen are very warm friends.
AA'hon Senator Martin was in Rlehmond
a few weeka ago ho told a. Tlmes-Dis
pnlch representativo that the Shafer
property would be ncquired for tho pur
poses of a Federnl bulldlng here, He
sald that the treasury people and all
dlroctly concorned knew of thls.
Thero wore thosa w.io thnitg'.it Mr.
Martin wns "talklng through his bst,"
but tbe junlor So.'.'itor frim A'irr.lr.ia
evldently know what he was talklng
about. for his predictlon seems to be
nearly verlfied.
Mr. Martin -was [potUloned by tho
Cbnmbor of Commerce, tho Tobatto Ex
ohango and other business organlzatlona
lo use every endeavor to acipilre aro
Shafer bulldlng for a site for an addl?
tion to tho postofflco. It looks vety
much ns lf he had succee'ded. Ho hns
been condemnod by speeohes In a pub
llo/meetlng. but It ls pretty woll under-'
stood that there wlll nt tho proper tlme
be another meetlng, whloh Senator Mar?
tin wlll be nskctl to attend, an.1 Uioso
who nccused hlm of unfair denling will
bo n.shod to moet hlm there. Just when
thls meetlng wlll bo held, or where, it
cannot now bo stated. Congros.* ls busy
(Contlnued on Second Pngo.)
Klng Edward Tenders Them
for Exhibition at St. ,
Louls. |
fnv Aunnclntoil Prns*.!
LONDON, Feb. _,"i.?Klng Fdword wlli
send the late Queon Vlctorla's pricelosa
colloetloji of Julillee presonts l'or exhibl
tlon at tho Loulslaua Purchaso Exp'n
sitlon' ns his personal cnntribfHlon to
wards tho suecess of .tho exposltlon.
Tho Klng personnlly announcod his de
eislou to-day to D. R. Francls, presl?
dcnt of the St, Louls Exposltlon, who,
aeeompatiled by Ambnssudor Choato,
was recelved lu audlence by Hia Majes
!y at Rueklrurli.-im Palaco thls mornlng.
Klng Edward told Mr. Francls that ho
had been prompled ,to tako thls step
by hb< i kceu appreclatlon of tlio affe.e
tloii ati'd resmect In which tho Amorleaii
people always held his mother, and as
a tokon of his inllmato synipathy wlth
Amerlean Juterosts. Mr. Francis, on bo
liaif of tho cwposttlon, expressed his
thanks to Klng Edward" for iho proni
Ised cxlilbit.
The Klng was most cordial ln his ra
copvion of Mr. Francls.
For Six Hours it Wlll Be
Argued by Counsel.
.?.'?/? .'V
iludge Campbell and Lawyers on Each
Side Here?Two Reports are
Expected from the
Committee. , s
The Campbell-Crawford cowhiding case !
wlll bo argued by counsel ln the hall of
tho Houso of Delegates to-day and glven
to tho Courts of Justlce Committee for
their actlon .to-nlght. . .__
Judge Campbell and the attorneys on
both sldes arrlved lost nlght and are
ready for the final aet In the great
drama, so far as they are concorned di
rectly. All four of tlio lawyers will apeak
and three hours wlll be glven to each
slde. Judge J. Thompson Brown wlll lead
off for the prosecutlon when the com?
mittee convenes at 10 o'c.'ock thls marn
Ing, and he wlll bo followed by his law
partner and collsague ln the case, Hon.
AV, G. Loving, of Nelson. The speeches
of Judges Brown and Loving' wlll con
sume about an'liour and a half togeth
er and they wlll be followed by Major
Conrad, the brilliant Aralley lawyer, who
ls defending Judge Campbell.
Major Conrad, who will have three
hours at His dlspdsal, will hsrdly con
clude untll the afternoon sesslon.
AVhen Major Conrad shall have flnlsh
ed his speech, Mr. Auforey B. Strode, of
Lynchburg, wlll elose the case on be
half of tho prosecutlon. The argument
wlll likely run late lnto the evenlng, as
the committee will hardly wlsh to sit for
more than two or three hours without
a recess.
The House yesterday adjourned untll
10 o'clock- to-morrow, ao as to glve tlio
uso nf the hall to the committee during
all of to-day, and little else of import
nnce ls oxpected to be dispoaed of In
legislatlvo cireles. JudBe Campbell and
Judges Brown and Loving came ln on
tbe aftornoon Chesapeake and Ohlo traln
togother yesterday, and the former, who
wns accompapled by his friend, Dcpu
ty Clerk R. H. Drummond. of Amherst,
took his old quarters at New Ford's.
Ho recelved his friends in his roome dur?
ing tho evenlng, and appeared to bo In
tho best of splrits.
Major Conrad came In from Washing
ton later and is quartered at Murphy's,
whoro Judges Brown and Loving are
also stopplng. Mr. Strode was the last
of the lawyers to arrivo, and ho came
over the Norfolk and AVestern and got
in about 10 o'clock. Tho popular young
nttorney, who has addod so much to his
reputatlon by his connectlon wlth tho
case, has about recovcred from his re
eont Indisposltlon, and was ln good
splrlts. Judge Loving was also con
slderably Indlsposed when here last
week, but Is ngaln in pretty good shape,
Nono of the attorneys, nor Judge
Campbell I cared to talk concerniiiK tho
oaso last nlght, but,tbe former wero evL
dontly antlclputlng/a great legal battle,
and eacli one lookod/as though ho were
ready to bear his part.
Tho argument Is undoubtodly going to
bo brilliant and Intorestlng to a degree,
and for thls reason a great crowd of
nnxlous spectators/ls expooted to surgo
ln tho hall of the' Houso to-day,
Judgo Brown lnys no clalm to ora
tory, but ho is a profound lawyer aucl
ls oxpected to talk "straight at" tbe
The other attorneys are all endowod
rlohly with tlie glft of forenslc oloquenee
nnd are expocted at tlmes to sweep tho
atidlencp, If not the committee, from
tholr foot.
Thero ia stlli n great denl of Hpeeulo
tlon as tn thn outcnnie of the case, but
lt seems to bo wftlled that there wlll
be two reports from the commltteo,
(n.v Asuiiciiitiiil TrcBs,)
ClIARLOTTE, N, C, Feb. 23.--AV. J,
Thompson, formerly a travellng repro
sentativo for a Loulsvllle, Kyi, houso,
WUS shot tlireo tlmes and fatally wound
*d ln the dlning-room of his resldence,
at Maxton, N. C, at 6 o'clock tlds oven
lng by E. N, Mol.ean. a hephew o(
ThompHon'swIfe. Thompson, who was
undec the Influence of whiskoy, objeotod
lo the presenco of McLean, who htul
been suniinoned by Mrs. Thompson on
account ot her husbaud's condltion, nnd
an altercatlon ensued. .McLean olaims
that tho shoptintt'VwM entlrely ln eel.f-,
Chlef Executlve and News
paperMan at Serious Odds.
Governor Yates Stood With Hand on
His Revolver and Threatened to Kill
Man for Putting Wife's Nama
in His Paper.
(Speclal to Tba Tlmea-Dlspatch.l
CH1CAGO, ILL., February 2Si?An ex
traord'lnaxy... story, tn which Governor
Rlchard Yates tbok tho leoding part,
waa.- made; publlc late this afternoon.
It was notning leiis H'.aii a threat to kill
au editor and publisher of a weo.dy so?
clety nbwspaper of this clty, in whlch
Mrs'. Yales' namo ever and agaln ap?
Accompanied by Colonel J. H. Strong,
Governor Yates paid a vislt to tho olllco
of tbe Club Fcliuw in the audltorlum
towor and threatened to kill Editor Por
cival L. Hardin. Tho call was mado
some tlme ago, but the clrcumstances of
It have been guarded wlth such vigi
lance that they did not become publlc
untll to-day. And further, becauso both
men are stlll In ilghtlng mood and may
open hostilitles at any tlme.
"I havo f.'oXi men at my b.ack," Gover?
nor Yates ls alleged to have sbouted to
Hardin, "and I would pardon any one
of them who kllled you. I am Gover?
nor. I do not care a snap of my flnger
for any danger that might confront me
for shootlng you down. I would be free
in an hour."
Governor Yates held his hand In hia
overcoat pocket. where he stated ho had
a .revolver. Editor Hardin also had a
revolver in one of his trousers pockets,
and is sald to have told the Governor
that ho had hlm "covered" wlth his
weapon, a.nd to havo added: " If any
shootlng Is started I will take a hand."
Editor Hardin sald thls afternoon that
ho did not care to talk about the matter.
Gov. Yates in Springiiold .was greatly ex
clted' when tho above Btatement was
shown hlm by your correspondent. It
so happened that Coloenl Strong ls his
guest to-day.
The two men retlred to tho prlvate
oftlce In the^leglslativis maiision and
talkod for an hour. At the end of thls
time Governor Yntes asked Colonel
Strong to. tell your correspondent he had
nothlng to say at present.
"To-night." sald Colonel Strong, "Gov?
ernor Yates wlll issue a statement. At
present ho will not dony or.confirm the
Presldent Lyon Tyler Lectures
on Their Ciose Re- ,
(Speclal to Tlio ? Tlnu's-blspntoh.)
BADTIMORK, Jia, February 25.?Pres
IdBBt Lyon Gardlner Tyler, of AVIlllam
and Mary Collego, began his sorles of
leoturos on "Maryloiul Colonlal Hlstory;
Relations of Vlrglnla and Murylnnd," In
McCoy Hall. of tbe .lolins llopklns Uni?
verslty ' to-day. Presldent Tyler sald, In
"Perhaps no other two polltical cnmiiiii
nitlcs ln all hlstory have borno to each
other mor.e pocullar and liitlnmfo reln ?
tlons than Vliginlu tilid Marylund. Tholr
hlstory?pjlitical, economloal and soeliil
lias tho peoullor cliarui of iwo greal. Coni
inpowealth'/i dovelnplng fi'om small bo
ginnings slde by slde la thV full llght of
modern nfidllzntlnii, pursulng for the
most ipart pnrallel llnes on all
plans and by tbe Inltlnl acllon
and oounter actlon of tholr cur
ronts of life ilrawlng eloaor togetlier
year by year, nnd evoiitiioily sprt-arllng
tlieir lnfluonco boyond thelr own conflnes
tll they effected tbe dosilny of nelglibor
ing SUttes." ? ? ,
"Presldent Tyler spoko of tho tniluoncetj
that tbe communlty o.f wator witeroats
exerted upon tho fortunes of cojnnml
Marylftnd and Vlrglnla, the rivers al
most entlroly taklng the place of high
way?. Ho also spoke/pf tbe synipatby
of polltical actlon wAlch tlio pbyslcal
.featvu'e* of the iwo/Stfltos weateii,
The Prosecution Limited
to a Specific Charge.
* .,
SpicyColloquy With Alderman
Bahen Follows.,
Officials from the City Engineer's De
partment and One from a Bank fo
Be Examined To-Day ? Case
Likely to Go to tlie Jury Be?
fore Night?Evidence
Wlth counsel for tho defonse and pros?
ecutlon stubbornly contestlng every lnch
of ground, the admlsslon of the sllghtest
blt of testlmony offered by the latter be?
lng bltterly opposed by tbe former; tho
trial of Jolui M. Klng, former Alderman
from Jefferson AVard, charged with hav
ing accepted a bribo, rockecl through yes?
terday ? afternoon. Three witnesses, gen
orally regarfled us ' tho strongest the
prosecution has, . Messre. Charles Gassor,
J. C. Weinbrtm. and J. A. Gude, wore
examined before adjournmont waa taken
last night at 7 o'clock. The case will bo
resumed thls mornlng at 11 o'clock, when
Mr. Taylor Slratton and others con?
nected with tbe City Erigineerlng De
partment-, will bo placed upon tbe stand
by tho Commonwealth. ln addltion aev?
eral bank ollicials wlll probably submlt
thelr evidence. lt is quite probable that
before nlghtfall thls afternoon all of the
testlmony will havo boen heard and the
case be ln tbe hands of the jury. Wheth?
er a verdict will be reached remains to
bo seen.
Whilo the evidence submltted yester?
day by tho ?witnesses was not at all sen
sution-.il in vicw of their testlmony before
tho Police Court, tlie irlal yesterday was
not wlthout sensatlonal features and ex
citoment sufflclent to satisfy oven the
most ardont admiror of tliliigs thrilling.
Before the Introduction of nny testimony
and even before the jury had been ein
panneled and sworn it deveioped that
thero exisls an improsslon ln the mlnd
of at least one oltlzen, the Common
wealth's Attornoy, that an effort has
been made to tamper wlth tlie jury.
Thls resultcd In a rathor excltlng and al
together sensationnl elash ln the court
room between Alderman Jamea Bahon
and Mr. Rlchnrdson. i
Whlle t;i* work of drawlng the jury
wns yet going on there fell llko a bolt
from tho blue nn objectlon to a jurymnn
on tho ground that ha had been ap
proaohed by Mr. Bahen ln the interest
of tho defendant.
Edward Donohue, one of tho men who
had been drawn on the jury llst, wus
called. Mr. Rlohardson asked hlm if lie
ha.d not been approached by Alderman
Bahen ln regnrd to tho Klng case, the
Commonwealth's Attorney so formlng his
qucstlon as to convey the improsslon thnt
tho member of Iho Clty Councll hncl com
pllmcnted Mr. Donohuo upon belng on
tho jury, addlng that ho was slncerely
glad, bccnutie ho had a friond (moanlng
evidently Klng), who would como up for
trial. He asked that tho jury man bo
llght on thls acqualntance.
Tho jurymnn odmltted havlng spoken
to Mr. Bahen, but added emphnttcnlly
that tho convcrsatlon took place beforo
ho was drawn on the jury llst. Judge
Ingram promplly rulod thnt Donohuo
was not a proper person to servo ln tho
trial of the case. [ ?
judge Ingram Instructed the Common?
wealth's Attornoy to investlgato the caso
and it may ngaln crop out. .? Whilo tbe
court was at tlie noon recess Mr. Bahen
ai.nroached Mr. Rlohardson and donlod
pailtively that ho liud spoken to Don
?'"But you did talk to Druggist Lewis,
of Broad Street, who was on a panol for
thls case, rlldn't yoin Mr. Bahen? asked
Mr. Rlchnrdson.
"I did not," replled tho Alderman.
"Then Lowls Hed," Mr. Rlohardson ls
ropoi-ted to havo replled, after whloh tho
conversntlon ceased.
Alderman Bahon wns a mombcr of tho
old Street Commlttoo on whlch Klng
served nnd where the aileged brlbery
iMr?rRlchardson Avas nshed last nlght
na to the pt'Ogress be had mado In Ihe
iri'i-estlgntlon of llio suprmsert work on tho
jury but he rofused to dlsquss tlio mat
ter, sbitliig tliat he. wuihl report a!oii'?
to iho court nbnut th" nlTalr.
Thn trlut. when It was tlnullv 'coin
monced nbnundod ln coutesls botween
tho attorneys over tlie aflmlssjon of tes
tiiuony, and to tho mlnd nf a. li'j'man it
looks very much aa l,f Klng nnd hia
counsel drew flrst blOOU out of Iho fray.
Judge Ingram declded ono linportant
point, and lt ru'btvilsos to amount to a
good 'deal ln tho hoarlng of tho case, und
may htvre an hnporl.inl benrlng on the
Cnal result. llo nilort, after bearlng
leiigtbv argument fi'om Mossrs. Wyiulham
Moredith and Hlll Cartor, reiireseiithig
Klng, and Mr, D. C, Ulalmrdson, actlng
as prosocutor, that no ovlilcuco of othor
aileged bribory on part of tho dofeudant
except tho crlmo roi'crrod to in tha Indlet
moiit eoijld be udmlttod. Thls prohlbits
tlie Commonwealth's Attorney from at
touiptlng to show that KJng ac.ce>ptml
jc<mtinue<5( pn pecond. Pago.ji
1 _ /
,Ten Striking Miners
Killed in a Conflict.
Posseof One Hundred Alen to
Serve Federal Injunctlon.
Miners Were Practically All Foreigners
and All Led by Jess Bolinski, Who
Figiired Promlnently in tho
Homestead Strlke?Martlal
Law Declared?Moro
Trouble Is Feared.
(Sperlnl to Tho 'fimcs-PlRpntch.V
VA., Feb. 25.?Ten striking mlnors ara
dead and twelve ani fatally wounded at
AtKlnsvlUe, a mlnlng town near here,
aa a result of an atton.pt to sorvo a
? blankot Injunctlon Issued b/ the Fed
oral authorltles.
Unltod States Deputy Marshal Dan
Cunriingham, of Charleston, and Sheriff
John K, Cook, of Ralolgh county, and
a'posse of one hundred men went to tho
scene of the strlko thls morning and at
tempted the sorvlng of tho rvrlt of in?
junctlon, when floO miners, armed with
Wlnchesters, opened flre from ambush
on the oiilcers and posse, whlch was
returned with volley after vo'.l?y; Ten
miners wero killed and twelvo fatally
wounded. O'ne colored deputy, Walter
Freemun, was killed, belng shot through
head and breast.
After tho ' return flre from Ihe posse
tho miners made a retreut .o the coal
-sheds of the Wright Coal Coninany,
wliero Bovonty of them wero inken pris
oners and' disarmed." Tho dth?'3 iled'to
the woods, and moro troublo ta expected.
The wounded miners were taken by
speclal train on tho Plney Branch of
the Chesapoake and Ohio to the Mlnors"
Hospital, at McKendree, nnd the sov
enty prlsonors wero brought ; here and
lodged ln the HnJeigh jall. .
Thls Is tho reourror.ee of an old griev
ance, alleged by the mlnors, and whlch
was the cause of a great deal of. trou?
ble last summor, and most all the strtk
ers aro foreigners, they belng chle.'ly
mndo up of Poles, Hungarlans and Ita
llans, somo of whom aro avowed nnar
chlsts of tho worst type. Tho strlkers
aro clotermlned iu thelr reslstanco of
the legal nuthorltios. and camp firea
aro blnzlng to-nlght in the inountains,
and probably a battle may result beforo
morning, as lt is belleved thot thq min?
ers will attempt to releaso those now
in jall. MartlaKlnw has been doclnred
and overytlilng has taken ou a warllko
Tho leader of tho strlkers, Jess Bolinski,
ls a tough chiu-aotoi', who flgured prom?
lnently in tho Homestead striko a tsw
years ago,, and is looked upon by hls
followers ns an orncle. and belng a des
perato churaotor. there is llttlo hope of
tho troublo belng settled wlthout more
Tho Icllliiig of tholr comrades aftor tno
flrst brush of tho hatllo has not .lauiHed
them ln any degree, and they aro ns hol
llgerant und warlllto to-nlght as evor.
The sherlff, who came to Beckley with
the prlsoners, wlll return to the sceno
of hostllltles to-nlght, and an attempt
will be made agaln to-morri.\v to enp
turo the rost of tlie strlkers. It ls
fearerl thnt tho strlkers will mako
?wholesale destructions of properly to
nlght. as lt Is Impossiblo to seouro
Rtuirils enough to protect both thernil
road and colllorles.
Tho bodles of tho strlkers killed to
dny aro to-nlght. in a couplo of cablns
near tho sceno of the connict and will
bo Interred to-morrow. Thoro will be
but iV.w toars shod, as but one or two
of those killed wero married.
A nrelimlnnry hearing wlll bo glven
to-morrow morning to tho strlkers who
were captured to-dny beforo Unltod
States Comtnundor Watsnn, and if held
to Federal grnnd jury,'whlch they sure
ly wlll be, they will bo convoyod to the
'? Contlnued on Ses-enth Pago.
Ho and Famlly to Move Into
Mayo Resldence. 611 East
FranKlin. April 1st.
Major and Mrs. Normnn V. Ranlolnn
have purchased tlio residencu of Mrs.
Louisa R. MuVc,.No. till 13. F.nnklin Street.
The resldence was nc.julrcd through Sm
tou & Company. rciil estato agonts. at
'J.S.5W. Major and Mrs. Randoiph wlll get
possoHslon about April 1st. Tho Randolph
rosidenco wns told to tlio Presbytorlan
Commlttee on Publlcaliou.
Before leii.vlng for Florlda yesterday
nftornoon, Mr. Fl'IU Sittenlhig niinounceit
that lio woul.l orect ten re.ideiices ou at.
James and L?lsll Streot? for teiiauts.
Light colored brielt wouid bo u.seil. The
houses are to bo t.wo .stcries Jiii_li. aml
tho reut will bo apprnxlmately fclOO a year.
Mr. and Mrs. Slttonling will bo gone two
weeks. Work on tlio houses wlll bogln
shortly after thelr relurii fron. Pulru
Llttle nows Is devoloping just now ln
tho real estato world. No sales wero ad
vertlsed tot yesjlordaj:, .
Conference with Hayes
and Bishop- Walters.
No Currendy Legislation at
Present Session.
Representatlve ,Hay Made a Strong
Speech in Favor of Approprlation
for This Purpose?Senator
Smoot is Proud of His Vir
of Interest.
By Walter Edyvard Harrls.
?!?': (Speeliil to The Timos.niHpntch.)
WASHINGTON, D. C, Feb. 25.-It. Ia
learned to-nlght that Blshop Walters, of
the A. M. E. Church,' and James Hayes,
tbe negro lawyer of Rlohmond, who ia
assoclated wlth John AViso as counsel for
tha ncgroes ln tlie sult ln tho Supreivio'
Court of tho United, States. to test the
eonstitutionality of \ho suffrage clauso
of tho Vlrglnla Constltution, hnd an cx
tended conference wlth Mr, Rorjseyelt
yesterday. Thoy dlreoted tho Presldent'a,
speclal attontion to: the "lncreaslng num?
ber of States of the Soutb whlch are -
movlng to dlsfranchise the negro. Blshop
AA'altors also explalned his plan to ralse
funds from the negroes of the North and
South to flght thls movement by havlng"
tho Supremo Court pass upon , suffrage .
clauses, such as havo been . adopted iti
a number of States south of Mason and
Dixon'B line. t ,"-~
A weeit ago 1 stated In this correspond
ehce tliat there was no llkeliliood of any'
currency legialntion at this session bf
Congross. Co'nditlons havo changod eoii
slclerably, but thero is no more prosp?:fc
of a now currency law now than thero
was then. i The Fowler bill, tho flrst
of tho currency measures offored, is stili
"up in the alr" in the House. It'.has been
debnted for some days, but it has'not
the rlght of way over anythlng, and thero
in no prospect of its ever gotting to tho i
Senate. - .
Roprosentativo Padgett, of Tennessce,
told tno to-day ho thought there .wns no
prospeot of any currency law belng
eiiacted at thla session. A number of
Republican members express tho samo .
oplnlon. Mr. Pugdctt presented tho nil
nority report from tho Committee on Fi
nanco when tho Fowler blll waa brought
in, and Is exccedlngly well infornied.
"Of courso wo cannot say wlth abso-'
luto certainty," he snid to-day, "but I do
not think nnybody cxpeets any new cur?
rency law thls year. I do not thlnk tlio
Fowler blll wlll even get through tbe
Senator Aldrlch's blll ls now on tho
Senate calendar. So aro a great mnny
othor thlngs; so many tliat thore Is noth
Ing llko certainty of anythlng getting
through. Senator Aldrich sald yentorda.v.
however. that lie belleved his bill will
uas?. But tho Kesslon will last but a few
duvs longer. The Fowler blll and tho Al?
drich blll are so radicaliy different that
there is llttlo llkeliliood of elther body
accoptlng tlio othor's measure.
Tba Democrats havo a currency bill
pending ln the House, offered by Mr.
Pugsley, of Now York. I do not thlnk lt
wlll have unanlmous Democratio sup-,
port. Tho Fowler blll is thougbt to. ba
onnosed by every Democrat, nnd .thero .
?,v bo somo Republican membera who
aro agalnst it. Tho foaturo of tho blll, to
which groatest objection is raised Is tliat:
whlch makes currency issuod by bun.es,
wlthout doposlt of government bonds.
current only ln certain disirlcts. the couiir
trv belng dlvldod into threo currency dis- ...
ti-icts. Tho Aldrich blll allowa currency ,
to be Issuod on munlclpal bonds as well
us on goveriiment sccurltles.
i acnts livcd so close to AVasblngton they
t lt 1 ke it wa-s ahnost thelr homo clty,
and thev wanted lt beautlflod as much
us posslble. Ho sald he waa not frlght
", bv tlio cry tliat ho "would hear
r,C i,te constltiients" If ho voted. .for
obl. Ho know they folt m ho d d:
ai Washlngton should bo beatt Ufed
a" gi-oatly as Iho govermucnt could uf
f?Tho blll pa-ssed tlie Houso liiy a largo
niaj.iltv. R now l'lck-s onl>' tho VnM~
dont's slgnaturo to mako it alaw. Un?
der tho terms of tbe blll both the Penn
syivanls and the BaUlmore and Ohlo
?re io receivo Jl.a^O.COO each l'or their tta
Uona here; the-avo roads will bu.ld 14
? mi,,,, :<tc.ii''ii /' %.---i'ibusetis Avenue.
nprthwest o(4 v'%>:t'>l and but a few
blocks awav.' ? >'\ .
Virginlnns wlll bo Interested to know,
if not purtlcularly grotltlgd, , thal 'he
Hon, Reed Snioot, Morrnofi apostlo and
United Stales Senator-elo.'t from tha
Stato of Utali, Is of dlreel Vlrglnla de
"My grandfather emlgrated from Vlr
giuia to Kfiitueky ln tho early part of,
tbe last century," s?ild Mr. Smoot at tha
Capltol to-day. "Wlieu his son. my fath
er, was a young man. be settled in Utiih.
I um pi'PUd of my Vlrglnla uneesiry."
Thero wlll bo 110 seri,>ua fight asulnst
tlie soatihg of Mr. Snioot, I tl.ink. RU
i-rededentl.'ils luivo been r'llsd. A protost
has alao been fllcd witli them, but It
ls not tluiught lt will amount to much.
Coiigressniun shvanson has been In his
seat i)P two consecutlve days now, apd
isuld to-day lie thought he was about n?
well as ever.
The Presldent sent lo Senato to-day
the nomlnatlon ot U. Bt Nlohvl* Jo. b?

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