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fcusgrriK tbe mntler enrneslly ln tbe ho
tel lohblos lnst nlght, nnd Ihe 8'a?_"
itmouiH of lntorest eoulorod ln tho re
rorted actlon of the commlttoe.
He nnd Hls Friends Surprised When
Told 61 tho Vordlct.
When seon laat nlght. Judire Camp
"ball. who ls atlll ln the clty and who wlll
be here for soveral days yeU decllnodlo
tmy anythlng, about tho action of tho
bommlttee, 'of whlch, up to thnt time,
be had heard nothlng.
Tho Judgo was eenlcd in hls room At
JFord's Hoiel when tho reportcr knock
od. Two of hls friends woro present and
the lltUe company were cliuttlng pleas
nntly in the mldst of a cloud of ebacoo
smoke. Judge Campbell wns q,umUo ed
about the acllon of tho conimttoe.but
he declared that he had boen unablei to
Bscertaln what had boen declded. The
. only thlng be knew was that the gontie
mon of t_?, commltteo had detorniined
?to glve out nothlng. Both ho nnd hls
" frienda cxprossod great surprlso tliat the
newspapers should be able lo/loarn thin_B
denled to thoso personally lnterosted.
Not by any sign did Judge Campbell
manifest the feellng whlch must havo
ctirred liis breast when ho was told ot
Ihe decision of tlie commltteo. Ho spoke
calmly aboul. tho matter and asked vori
rais questlona about tlie attitudo of tho
tomrnlttoe. , ,?,,,?
"So not ono member suggosted anytning
nbout Impeachment?" ho uuerled caru
rullv. refittlug his plpe and llghtlng lt.
Then ho was asked to mako somo st,ate
Inont, but he 'declinod.
"No," ho declared; "I havo nothlng to
rov. lt's,, up to the Legislature now.
Even if 1 had'-.heard offlclally from the
unrrim!tleo 1 should probably not say any?
thlng; Ccrtainly 'under thn present clr
cumstancos. when I havo bad.no com
jnunlcatlon from them.'Jt would not ne
proper for me to do so." .
It ls llkely that Judgo Campbell wlll
fctay in the city untll tho reports aro
presented to the House. Ho may go
home to-day for Sunday. but ho will
come back. Accordlng to his own statc
ment he willbo hero for somo days JWt.
Whether or not be wlll walt for tha ro
tport ls a matter which, he say?, wlll on
ileclded by the length of tlme the com?
mltteo wiii 'consumo in preparing it.
Approved Sentiment of His Address.
Staternents from Lee and Hunton.
Editor of ,The Times-DJspatch:
Slr,?My aeknowledgment and thanks
fcre due you for tho prompt efhclency of
5-our effort to correct the misappi-ehen
_'on' by your reporter of my address at
I,ee Camp Hall on tho evenlng of Feb?
ruary 20th. ; -
The verbatlnii'report of that address
tend the "acconipanylne editorial corn
ments in yotiir tssue" of February _!d
?wero sufllciently convincing that I had
tiot made the declaratlon orlginally at
Itributcd to me.
But paxt of tho erroneous lmpresslon
has not been rernoved. It has not been
tnade plalu (whlch ls the truth) that
neithe tho aud'ienco nor the speakers
who followed me failod- to understand
the true Import of my remarks; and that
the latter, instead of crltlcislng my ut
tcrances, were entirely in accord wlth
them, and had no reference to me nor
to anythlng I sald ln thelr forclble pro
lests agalnst the opinon of some South?
ern men, that "jt was best tlie war ended
as it did."
To clear up that phaso of the, mlsap
prehension,. and ln dlsmlssal of thls mat?
ter, I rehi-^aritly.'.ask' for further space
in your colurnns for reproductlon of ex
tracts from letters I have received from
prominent ex-Confederates who wero
present at Loe Camp on the occasion In
questlon, lncluding the speakers on that
occasion other than myself.
What General Hunton says: "What I
pald ln condemnation of thoso who had
expressed pleasure at the failure of the
riear "Lost Causo" was not lntended for
you. J. heard no word uttc-red by you
whlch could be construed lnto the lan
gnage attributed to you by newspaper
report. Your spcech waa ono lhat re
ffiected crcdit on your head and heart
and dellgh'ted Vour'bld comrades."
"ln your flne.'s'jieech made recently at
Loe Camp Hall, y'ou stood steady, as I
heard it, on the same ground 1 took
nftcrwards, and did not re.ioico In the
fact that tlio war of lS61-'65 onderl ad
.vorsoly to tho Southern cause. I did not
rcply to ajsylhlng you had sald, but^ at?
tempted. ,tff.ksfTal&htoii. If posslblc, and
make mbre" cmphatlc your statoment on
thu same subject."
"I llstened wlth Intense lntorest to your
nddress last Frlday ovonlng. I sat lm
nic-dlately lu front of you and hcarci every
word ol' yorti flne effort, and the lan
guagb alti'lbutc-d lo you was never ut
tered. Tho speecli was absoiutoly fault
Jesa in language and sontinieut from tho
rtandpolnt of a 'Confederate soldicr. Thore
was not a senten'co or a word thal could'
? havo Ll-ou torturnd into an expresslon of
Batlsfactlon that Ihe South did not uchlcve
her Independence."
"I beard you witli great attontlon, and
J know the newspaper report on Saturday
mornipK was entirely niit-takcn and did
fou great lnJufiUcc, Permit ino to thank
you personally for that nobla address.
It was an lns'pjratlon glven by a loj-al
and patrjQtlc, heart."
Slmllarly uruphatie and gratifylng let?
ters hava heen-recelved from many other
well known c-x-Confederate soldiers. Judgo
George L. Clu'i.sllaii and Captaln W. Gor?
don McCabe among llieni. But those irlven
above Deem cohpluslve of tho subject. and
I havo no disposltion t* exploit my ut
torances before the* publlc any further
than Is absoiutoly neceesary to "iHralghten
put the record."
Respectfully nnd trulv,
Peteraburg, Va., Feb. Zu, 1903.
Jifter Eating
Nausea between moals, belchiiig, vom
iting, flatuleriLe, flu of nervoua hoad
aclie, paiu i? the stoniacli, aro nll
eymptoms ol dygpepsla, and tlie longo*
it is iieglecti'd the Jiardor it is to cure It.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
and Pills
Badicnlly and peirnanently cure it
itreugthcn aud tone Iho ttomach and
other digesttve orgons for tho natural
pei'fommncc of tht-ir funclions.
Acccpt no Eulistiime for Hood'e.
' "I bad dyarxpsla tweuty-flTe yeara aud
\\00k difJerent n.-ui? .::, -. but ?0t no belp
nntll I begftn tak-ltig llood's carr.apari:ia.
Jfave taken four bottles ol thb tnedlcinfe
und can novr eat almost .,:.;. i!.;?:--, sieeji
well, bave no cranipj in niy stomach, no
iJiurnlne and no dlBtr-.'?s." Mne. Wn.Liy.u
Q. BAsniri', bi Olnoy t;t? Provldtnco, B. J
Hooti'H Sarsap-rllla promtu?? tc
?ur* tind koep>? tho promlae1
Always the FatV'
Dunlap Hats for tho now spring
are noV dii sale. /
The shapo is nnusually pleeismg.
If you can'fc call?'phono.
(Contlnuod from Flrst Puge.*
tlro Domooratlo sldo broko lnto tumul
tous applauso when Mr. De AJ-mond
arose. In blttorly earsactto torms lio ar
riilgncd tlie other sldo, ridlculiog the
"pathos" In tho Voico of Mr. Gwiuvenor
nnd excorlatlng 3VEr. Dol.ell'f or his ao
tlon whllo in the obalr last nlght, doolar
Ing that the majorlty now had ono who
could always bo relled' upon to flo that
whieh no one olse wouid do. '
Mr. Rlahardson oloeed for lxls sldo In
_ brlof but onergetlo spooch, and Mr.
Cnnnoti closed for tlro majorlty. Tho ap
pearance of Mr. Cannon was grooted
as that of Mr. Do Armond l(ad boen,
with tremondous applause from hls sldo
of the Houso. The Democrats, he sald,
In a at of plque becauso Butler had been
unseated, "refused to play," and In re
vengeful retaJiatlon proposed that Con
gre.a should ond ln nothlng. But hls
sldo of .the Houso,.. he...said, proposed to
"move oh" " (Republlcan applaoise) and'
do thelrduty..'"'' ;?- ??? ??????'
Undor ' the operatlon"? tho 'agclcultural,
sundry, postofllce and milltary academy
bllls were sent to conference and the
conferenoe on the Indlan blll adopted.
The Democrats foroed thlrteen roll calls
ln tho transaotlon of thls buslness,
The Houso took a recess untll 11
(Pr'AsBociivted.'Preagiy ?'.??
Senato td-day niade further progress
in tho disposltion of supply bllls, the
Naval and the Milltary Aeadeniy appro?
priatlon bllls belng passed.
Mr. Blackbum secured a vote upon hls
motlon to take up the Llttlefield antl-trust
blll, and on a roll-call tho motlon was
lost, 2S to 53, as follows:
Veis?Uacon, .Bailey, Bate. Serry. Bluck
burn, Carmack, Clay, Culberson, Dubois,
Harris, Heltfeld, Jones, of Arkansas; Mc
Comas, McEnery, McLaurin, of Missis
slppi; Mallory, Martln, Morgan, Nelson,
Patterson, Pettus, Rawilns. Slmmons.
Taliaferro, Teller, Tilman, Turner,
YVellingtorw_S. ., .. ?., ... ., ./,,
Nayes?Aldrlch, Alger, Bard, Beveridge,
Burnham, Burrows, Clark. of "Wyoming;
Cullom. Deboe, Dopew, Diedrlch, Dilllng
ham," Dilllve'r, DryderV,' :Falrbahks, Fora
ker, Foster, Washlngton, Frye, Gr.llinger,
Gamble. Hanna, Hansbrough, Hoar. Keen,
Kittredge. Lodgo, Millard, MItchell, Per
klns, Platt, of Connocticut; Platt, of NeW
York; Proctor, Quay, Slmon, Spooner.
Stewart, Warren, Wotrnore?3?. .
Mr. Quay asked to be evcused from
votlng on the Dlltle.flold blll beeause he
owned stock ln corporatlons wjilch he
said he supposed wouid be. treated as
trusts. ? - ? ?
The Senate went Into executlve sesslon
at 4:45. At 5:03 the doors were opened,
and bllls wore passed for the government
of Guam and Tutulla, Mr. -Hoar, took
occasion to criticTse the pollcy.of-gorern
Ing distahflshunPpossesslonsr and;praised
Mablnl. Mr. Hoar. said- he :h'ad. inquiry
mado regardlng Mablnl, and. the executlve
had rosponded that he was a freo man.
Ho said that although tho order had beon
made for Mablnl's release, it Tvas several
months before he was reloased, and that
when Gonoral Mlles vlslted tho island an
armed marlne was paclng up and down
In front of a placo where .Mablnl was con-s
Mri Falrbanks called up the lmmlgra?
tlon till, and sald that he was lnstructed
by the commlttee to move to strlke, out
soction il providlng for aif educatfonal
? test. Tho motlon was ngreed to,
On motlon of,Mr. Clay, of Gcorgia, the
provlslon. for, tho deportatlon of lmml
grants who become insane wlthln two
years was strlckon out. Tho blll wont
over, and the Sonate adjourned.
(By Astoelnted Press.)
WASHINGTON, D. C, Fobruary 27.?
A determlned effort on tho part of Sena?
tor Culloni to obtain Senator Morgan's
consent to flx a tlme for votlng on tho
Panama cannl treaty was mado whllo
the Senato was ln executlve sesslon to
dny, and' was mot by Just as deterrnlnod
opposltlon on the part of the AJabama
Senator. Senator Cullom ,asked for a
voto to-morrow; then for a vote on Mon?
day, and lastly for a voto on Tuosday,
' but ench request wns refused.
"I thlnk," said Mr. Cullom, "tho Sena?
tor is maklng a groat mistake. Tho
wholo country recognl7.es hls great ser?
vlces for the past twenty yoars In tiio
Interest of a canal connectlng tho two
oceans. Indeed ho may be called tho
father of the Isthmlan canal, but it cer
talnly wouid soem that by his presont
opposltlon lo tho Pnanma treaty he ls
slrangllng hls own offspring,"
To thls Sonator Morgan replled with
splrit. He snld that hls desiro for a
canal is now ns great as It ever was;
thnt lt wns Indeed so great thnt ho felt
that ho owed to hlmself and the country
to c-xe.rt hlmself to the utniost to provent
tho rntllicatlon of a treaty whlch ha
folt to bo so full of defeots as the pend?
lng ogreoment,
Mott BemUors bellovo thnt tho rofusal
to flx a time for a vote means that tho
treaty eanuot.ho ratlfled before tho close
of the presont sesslon.
lily ABSoclatert Pr..?s.)
WASHINGTON, February .V.-The
Presldt-nt late thls afternoon sont the
followlng uieseage to the Senate:
"1 havo Just received a, cable from
Governor Taft, whlch runs as follows:
" 'Necesslly for pas.ago House tarlff
blll most uigem. The condltlons of pro
ductlvo industry nnd buslnes-s conaklor
ably worse than In Novembtr, tha dato
of last report, "nd growlng worse each
month. Some revlval in sugar, tobacco
prlce* due to expectation of tarlff Jav*.
The Interests of Flllplnos ln augar and
tobacco ?xtenslve and falluro of blll wlll
r?> blow In face of these Interests, Num
ber of tobaooo faotorles wlll hav* to
olosa and many etigar baolondas will be
put up for sale at a eoorlrloe, lf the blll
wlll not pass. Customs . recelpts hava
fallen Off thls rnonth one-thlrd, showingr
deerensa of purcliaslng power of lslamls.
Geberal business stagnant. All polltical
partlea, inchidlng labor ttnlons, most
BtrdnuoUs In petltion for tarlfl) blll, Ef?
fect of lt* falluro very dlscouragtng,'
"Vloe-Gevernor Luke Wright endorsea
ln tho atrongest _i&hller ftll tliat Gov
ornor Taft has sald, nnd states tliat'bo
has the gravost oppreh-Jhsion as to the
datnage that inoy ooma to tho islands lf
thore ls not ? substantlal redtiotlon In
tarlff levied agalnst Phillpplno goods
comlnff into tlie Uhlted States. I vory
eoj-nestly ask that thls matter rooeive
the Immedlate attonllon of Congress and
that tho rollof prayed for bo grantod.
"As Conirrass knows a serles of eaJaml
tles havo bafallen tho Phillpplno people.
Just a* they were emorglng from noarly
six years of dovastating warfare, wlth
the accomimnyltiK dostructlon of prop?
erty and breaklng up Of tho bonds of
social order ax^t the babits of pencoful
Industry, there ocurred an epldornlo of
rinderpost, Whlch destroyed. nlnety per
cent Of the oaraboas, tlip ,Fl_pino cat
tlo, leavlng tho peoplo wlthout draft anl
mals to till' tho lands or' to aid ln the
ordlnary work of farm-and vtlla?o life.
Tho extent of theldlsaster can bo seen
from tbe fnot that tho eurvlving enro
boas have increasod ovor tenfold in
value. At tho same tlmo a pecullar orl
ental horse disease beeamo epidemlo,
furthor crlppllng transportatlon.. Tho
rice crop, al ready reduced by vnrious
causes, Is but a fonrth of Its ordlnary
bIjso, has boen damaged by locusts, so
that the prlce of rico has nearly doublod.
"When under theso eircumstances there
is immlnont dangcr of famlno in tho Is?
lands. Congress ls tn.couxse of jt?*r
ouslv approprlnting threo.milllon flollars
to nicot tho Immedlato'.needs; but'tho In
dlspaiislblo and pre-emlnent need is tlie
resurrection of productivo Industry from
the prostraflon lnto whloh lt has been
thrown by tho causes above onumoratofl.
I ask actlon In the tnrifC matter, not
meroly from the standpoint of wlso gov
ernmonlal pollcy, but as a moasuro of
humanlty la responso to an appeal to
whloh thls gTeat peoplo should not close
Its ears. We havo assumed responslbiii
tlas towards the Phillpplno Islands whlch
wo are in honor bound to fulflll, We havo
the speclfio duty of taklng every measure
ln our powor to see to thoir prosperlty.
"The oalamltles which havo bcfallon
them aa above enumerated could not
have been avolded'by human wisdom.
They cannot be completely repaired, but
the aufferlng can be g-reatly allevlated
and a permanent basls of future pros?
perlty assured if the eeonomlc relatlons
of the islands wlth tho TJnited States are
out upon a satlsfactory basls.
"Whlte Huose; February 27, 1903.
(By Assoclated Press.)
WASHINGTON, D. C, February 27.?
Tho National Republican Edltorlal Asso
ciation to-day .adopted the followlng res?
olution; " >?- .,,r':r_... v *,l;'i
"Tho unbroken prosperlty whlch has
glven the country an unparalleled growth
and advancement slnco tho rostoratlon of
Republican rule ln 1S97 ls the complete
vindlcatlon of the value nnd success of
Republican ascendancy, and tho great
achlevements of tho strong, progresslvo
and brilliant admlnlstratlons of [Prosidonts
McKinley and Roosevelt, and the falthful
fulfillment of Republican pledges constl
tute the highest appeal for continued Re?
publican supremacy."
Prlor to tho adoption of tohis resolution
Senators Hanna and Depew made short
addresses. Senator Hanna was enthust
astlcally recelved.
Strong opposltlon to the endorsement of
the President's so-called Southern-pollcy
was doveloped at the sosslon of the
Executlve Committee, whero tho real in
terest of tho conventlon centered, Robert
Mitchell, of North Carollna, the only out
spoken opponent of Presldent Roosevelt
at tho conventlon, who.was not a mem?
ber of the Commltteo on Resolutlons,
stated plalnly to the members that ho
would opposo ln open session any en?
dorsement of the President's pollcy ln
rcgard to tfhe negro questlon. Whon tho
resolution was presented to tho conven?
tlon no mention of dlsfranchlsoment or
other Southern questlons was made.
Members of the committee denled that
any such resolutlons had been contom
platod. It was stated, however, by Mr.
Mitchell that the questlon of endorse?
ment on thls point had been proposed by
a dolegate,' and "that it was voted down
in tho committee "after a'warrri discu3
sior. in the interests of harnvony.'
John A. Slolcher,' of New York, was
elected presldent, and Robert Mitchell, of
Nortfn Carollna, and Mlnor B. Lewis, of
Virglnla, members of tho -.Tcecutlvo Com?
(Dy Assoclntod Prcm.)
WASHINGTON, Fobruary 27.?An echn
of the foellng between tho Fali.bnnks and
MoLean faotlons ln tho Daughters of the
Amerlean Itovolutlon wns aaunded at thn
outsot of to-dayfs sosBlons o? the Con?
gress. As tho readlng of >tho mlnutes of
yesterday'a prooeedlngs waconcluded, one
of Mrs. MoLean's advocates moved a cor
roctlon. She sald that in tlio rocord -f
tho nomlnatlons, thore was no mention
of tlie aocondlng by Mra. McLean', of Mra
Falrbank's nomlnation, although the
speochea wore writtnn out and submltted
to her. The questlon of recordlng the
socondlng spcech rof Mrs. McLoan was
submlttod to an ayo and nay voto ot tha
Congress, and she was ordrd to b rcog
nlzed ln th cmlnutes. Tho Board nf
Tcllors mado Its report, Mrs Falrbnnk*
was formally deenrod presldont-genoral:
Mrs, Mli-anda B. Tuhocli, of tho Distrlct
of Oolubla, was. declared olfcted vlce
presldent-gencral, iri chargo of ?orsanlr.x
tlons. Other ofncers elected, w-e're:
Chaplaln-Oeneral, Mrs, T. H. Hamlln;
recordlng Secretary-General, Mrs. John
W. Holcombe; Correspondlng socretary
General, Mrs. Honry L. Mann; Reglstrar
Genernl, Mrs. Ruth M. G. Pealer; Treae
uror-Ganeral. Mrs. D, K. Shute; Hls
torlan-General, Mrs Anlta Noivcombe,
McGhee; Llbrarlan-Gc-nera', Mrs. E, I).
Rosa. all of tho Distrlct of Columbiu.
During the afternoon, the delegatea at?
tendod a receptlon at tho Whlto House.
Vory few of tho southern dlogiites wero
Court Opinion Says that Self Ignition is
lltr Aisot'liitcil I'roti.l
WASHINGTON, D. C, Fobruary 27?
Af-eordlng lo a rt?port to tho Stato Lopart
niont. vessels loaded wlth cotton nre fro
ciiieiitly reported as havlng fire aboard,
caused by tlio solf-lgnllloii Of llio cotton.
Experfs liavo como to thn roncluslon that
cotton, belng of tho samo composltlon as
wood, carinot of Hsolf become Ignlted.
One of tlio highest eourta of Prussla
recently declded upon nn iu'ijonaiit caso
of thls nature by deolarliiB tlmt lllt-ro
was no such thlng ns Belf-lsnlllon. I:;x
ptrts from Breinen and Hainlung vvero
usked to submlt thelr Opllllons also, Tlie
Bioslau Court's decision was: "SoIMbiiI
tlou of cotton ls ontlrely cut of tlio liiic-ti
tlon. accordlng to tho unlversa;lv aikiuuvl
ocigefl opinion of mon of seloncc- and i s
priience. Jt is a pocullarlty of cotton
that lt. may conceal coinbiisiiblo niattcr
wlthln it for weeka and longer, us wus
seen in thls very case, for soveral bales
of cotton that wero bavt-d from the ilrn
and lay ln a pond for some tlme durlrig
ihe followlng winter, suddc-nly burst Into
flaints late ln the followlng Bpiing, wlth
out any cause, on-was proved by conipe
tcnlj wllnesseir."
Omnlnds Bulldlng Measure
Jeopardized by Fllibustorlng
Democrat Arralgns Republlcan Part
for Falliire to Keop Us Promlso as
to Remediary Lcgislation?Sho,
Heard Husband Excorlated. '
By Walter Ed'ward Harris.
(Speclal to The Tlniet-DliD.tcli.^
Tlmes-DiBpaioh Bureau,
Washlngton, D. C? Fobruary 37, 1003,
The \ Domocrats are so nearly mastert
of tho Houso of Reprosontatlvea tliat
they aro practlcally ln control. Thero
has "heen practlcally no buslness done
elnce Wedneaday snvo the oustlng of
Butler,. the Mlssourl Democat, a.nd tlie
seatlng of Wagoner, tho Repuibllcan. The
threat of the minorlty that lf thef ma?
jorlty unseated the Democrat, without
ever having read tlie testlmony that flll?
busterlng tactlcs should provall untll the
end of tho sesslon, is belng fulfllled. F-ull
rellef ls not ln slght, and it ls not pro
bablo that thero wlll bo much moro lcg?
lslatlon by' th? Houso thls Besslon. Ob
structlve tactlcs wlll probably provall ln
opposltlon to every blll to whlch there
Is any objectlon.
Thls atidden Inauguratlon of a filibus
tering campaign has put In gravo dangor
tho omhibus public bulldlngs blll, and
tlio appropriatlon for tho, purchase of a
slte for the Richmond postofnee. Speak?
er' Henderson ls opposed to tho whole
blll. He has declared ho will not allow
It to be callod up. Hls attitudq.is be?
lieved to be due to that of the Democrats
In opposlng leglslation.
An eff'ort ls belng made by tho Domo?
crats to lnduce tho Speaker, upon assur
ance of no Democratlc opposltlon, to al?
low tho blll to go 'through. Ropresenta
tlve Lamb is very hard at work among
Democrats to agree not to oppose the
blll, and among Republlcans to induce
the .Speaker to recognlze Mr. Mercer,
chalrman of the Commlttee on Publlo
Grounds and Bulldlngs to call up tho
bill. Mr.11 Lamb hopes to be succesful,
but savs'ho wlll not clalm a "vlctory"
if he is.
It wouid look as though the bill wouid
pass, but it wlll not have the plaln sall
ing expected for it boforo the arbltrary
exercise of power by the majorlty in
seatlng a contestant without even read
lng tho ovldenco In the case.
Thls fllibuster is productlve of evll.
in so far as lt prevents the passage of
doslrable leglslation, but good will fiow
from the preventlon of bad leglslation,
whieh is always enactod ln a sesslon's
closlng days.
Thero is heard now more talk of an
extra session of Congress than at any
time since thi6 sesslon began. A num?
ber of the Democrats havo said they
wouid not hesitato to defeat appropria?
tlon bllls rathor than abandon their tac?
tlcs of obstructlon.
Although a rule adopted by the House
this afternoon, ? cutting off debate, wlll
expedlte buslness to-a. .conslderablo ex
tont, there wlll be the same round Ot
roll calls, und every one of these is
good for at least twenty or twenty-flvo
mlnutcs of the government's time. And
the House must adjourn sine dlo at noon
Wednesday. _
A talk with a Democratlc member of
the House to-day was interesting, as
showing the utter fallure of the Repub
lieans to regulato trusts. The ono thing
tho peoplo of tho country had a right to
expect Congress to do lt has not done,
and cannot now do were lt so disposed.
It wa.i proclaimed the length and breadth
of the land that tho chlef good work
whieh wouid be done by tho .Republlcan
majorlty at this session ? .wofuld bo the
remilatlon of the trusts. I . ?
"It is easy to show''that tho leglslation
having for Its ostenslble purpose tho reg
ulation, not to say subjugatlon, .of the
trusts, is in reality ln the Interest of
combined wealth. The so-callod publlolty
featuro of the Department of Comraerce
blll Is Just exactly what a blg corpora?
tion wouid ask ln Its flght to crush out
smnll conipetltors. As a stock boomer,
nothlng could be better than the general
publlcatlon of Its hea-vy dlvldonds and
gcnornl prosperity. Of courso, Mr. Rook
efellor, whose averslon to having the pub?
llo know aught of hls affalrs has pre
vented the llsting of Standard Oil on the
New York Exchanjfe. mlght for a tlmo
object to having publlohed to the world
the truth about hls pront- sand mothods,
hut .his averslon wouid sOOn vnnlsh when
ho saw auch great roturns ln tho way
of lnereasod prlco of 'stock.'
"Upon tho other hanu, weak corpora
tlons, composed of mon with small means,
men wlio valnly bolleve thoy can success
fully pit industry, bralns, energy and a
llttle money agalnst unllmited capltal,
wlll suffer. Tlioy will he hurt Immeasur
ably by having all tho -ota.ls of thelr
bunlness publlshfTd tb- the publlc?that
part of tho publlo'looklng for profUablo
Investment. Thoy cannot stand tho com
parlson with tholr glanl competitors.
"Tho Elkins blll,. forblddlng rallroad.
to make dlscrlmlhatlons ln frelglit rates
as botweon large andsmiall shlppcrs, is
essentlally in tho Interest :ot ,,the rall
roads, thnn whlch there aro no better
oxamples of trusU. ... Mr. Elklng Is a
inultl-mllllonaire, 'lntorested- ln Wost
Virginla coal mlnes to a large oxtont,
but iniieh moro interested ln rallways.
Ho wouid not see.enacted a law whieh
caused them to suffer. Bosldes, since
the 'communlty of Intere.t' idea has be
como so common among ratlroads, it
mntters llttle whlch gets the profit. For
jnstanoo, wliat flnanoial dlfterencu can
lt mako whether frelglit from Oh(o
polnta gots to the seaboard ovor l.ie
Chosapoako and Ohlo or the Norfolk
nnd Western? The frolght re6eipts all
go lnto the coffers of the Penniylvanla
at laat, lt was different. twenty yoar-i
,-iKO, before tho days of' Plerpont Mor?
gan nnd other 'captains' of Industry,'
whon every rallway llno waa lndopnml
ent and nghtlng for trafflc. Seoret Vfc.
bates aro not nacMaary any longer.
Kal I road inHuonce eeourod the passago
of tho lnw rnnklng tha grantlng of them
au offenso, punlshable by a hoavy fino.
"Yet th.- Republloana havo proplalmod
to tim country that they havo ctirb.d
tho tru.it nvll.
"Jf tho votor belleve that trusts are
necessarv nnd benenclal ho can rest in
peac:..' They have not been hurt.
"If he spoll tha Trust EJvll with a
capltal T nnd 15, h? niust walt a whllo
lon.or to nn It eradlcated.
"if he doesn't our0 one wn>' or anoth?
er, but Is honest, he must bo dlsgusUd
yvlth the nilserable pretenco und fakery
of thu Iteptibllcana, wlw nay.they havo
.>.ia..ii:d legl.lntlnn that wlll forevet re
straln combined wealth from opptesslng
tho consumor nnd crushlng tho weak
There ls not In tlie llou*e of Ropreson
tntlve. to-day a pcrnoornt wrnm tho
KepiMdleanH hate no eordially ns thoy
do Mr, Uttloncld., And nll becnuse lie
drew niul Introduapd and had passed u
blll whlch wouid h?VB done a great deal
to carry out the announced dotormlna
tion of pr??:ldont Roo*?V4ill to rcgujate
tho tiimtfl ]if- aiinply took tho President
at M* word, But lliat blll wa. klltet. so
qiilokly ln th. Senate that eleotrootttloit
by oomparlson waa ka chceplhg ptixalysls.
Ahd every tim. the Republlbatia havo rtit
opportunity to show thelr dlslllttv of tho
man who took Mf. Roosoveltat hls wprd
they -tnbraee lt. Ir.sta.iccs' ot this klnd
may ,bo notod every day.
/ d.d not mnjoy rr,
_.p*ah#ng generally. lt la not best for
a Congrossmah to havo hls wlfe lu tho
gallery whon he goes to make a sot
spoeoh. .Ueprosehttlllve Olillstead, of
Pennsylvanla, wlll hardly vary from tho
rulo agaln. Mrs. Olmetoadwas In the
members' gallery Thursday for tho pur?
poso of hearing himvcohdtiet thn flght for
tho Ropubllcans oveV tho report of tho
ebmniltte. ousllng Butler, of Mlssourl,
and seatlng 'Wagonor. Mr. Olmstead
mado a protty good spoech, conalderlng
tho faot that he nor any other mnn hnd
lookod at even a tontli part of tho tes?
Mr. DeArmond, of Mlssourl, roplled for
the Domoorats. Ho has a roputatton for
fsarcasm. and irony nlinost oqunl to that
of John Randolph of Rofuioko. His
epeech In roply to Mr. Olmstead wns slm
ply terrlflo ln Ita soverlty. Mr. Olmstond
and hia colleagueo wero arralgnod in a
tnanner that has not beon heard ln .tho
Houso in many a day. Mrs. Olnistead
probably felt for hor huaband, but sho
could not have folt worso than no.
Mra. Olmstead is a R'lohmond lady.
Wllllam R. Hearst has been vory much
ln ovldenee about tho Capltol thls v.eok..
It muat not be lnferrod from th? that
ho has been offonslvoly coiibpIcuous. for
qulte the reverso is true. But hls frlonds
havo mado a point ^ Ptasmtlng'hlmto
everybody worth knowlng and otherwlse,
and the latter class is by no moans tn
slgnltloant about the halls ot our national
leButaMre'Hearst ls a vory plaln, unaa
mtmlng artd even dlffldent^donUeman,
though ho is tho proprlctor of tho Now
York Journal- ____________
(Br Aiunel.ted rrenn.)
NEW ORLEANS, Fobruary 27.?Wln
nlng favorltes wore the rule to-day. Sum
wary: ;''?'" ' . ,. ?
Flrst race?mlle?Bmbaxrassment (D to
2) first, Bondnge 5 to 2) eocond, Warcry
(8 to 1) thlrd. Tlmo, 1:45 4-5>
Second race?four furfongs, two year
olds-Becky Rlce fll to 10) flrst, Manshak
(11 to 5) second, McGonlgle (Ifi to 1) thlrd.
Time :501-2. *
Thlrd race?five and half furlongs?
Blrch Boom (6 to B) flrst^ Miram W; (2
to 1) second, Josetto (7 to 5) thlrd. Tlme,
Fourth race?sovon furlongs, Belllng?
Malster (9 to 5) flrst, Lofter (20 to 1)
second, Lord Nevllle (16 to E) thlrd. Tlme,
1:31 2-5. , .
Fifth race?mlle and elghth, selllng?
Peat (2 to 1) flrst, Latson (3 to 1) aecond,
Henry of Fransamar O to 1) thlrd. Time.
SIxlh race-mile-Imp. Albula (3 to T)
fivst, Joe Lesser (8 to 1) seoond, Honolulu
(10 to 3) thlrd. Tlme, 1:46 4-5.
Telegraphlc Brevltlea.
GRBBNVILLE, S, C?Joseph Keonan,
colore<l, was hanlged here to-day for
tho murder of Samuel Willlmon. a whlte
man, over a year ago.
monltor Florlda ealled to-day on hor pro
llminary trlal trlp. Tho object is to frfst
tho vessel prlor to her offlcial trlp, whlch
will probably take placo next wook. Tho
monltor 'was manned by only a yurd
crow to-day .
ter, the oeventebn-year-old school boy.
who was shot last Tuesday afternoon
by Rouben E. Pltts, a tencher In tho
Academv Fostor attended-, dled hero to
day. It is said that several of the
students attacked Professor Pltts whllo
hc was whipping Foster. In the scuffle
that followed Foster was shot by Pltta.
The Rivals.
Long hours, the Ocean mtirmurcd to the
Came boldly woolng from afar, and beat
In broken water-words upon tlie sand,
Tho muslc of a passlon passlng aweot.
Long hours, tho Land sent back her low
With bosom bared to meet her love's
Till gold and crl'rnson paled in watchlng
And twlllght touohed them with its ten
4 dernese.
Long hours tho Lady Moon, slow drop
- ping wost,
Thrllled tho dark water with her love
ly face,
Untll ho turned, ensnared with soft
And, with the heavens' lmage on hls
Drew from the fervor of the Land's
embrace, /
And left her loncly, teairleas, to tho
?Nannle Byrd Turner, ln March Smart
Knapp Had Attempted to Klll.
His Last Wlfe
(By Aesoclntel I'reaa.)
HA-MILTON, OHIO, February 27.-Mrs.
Badle Wenzel,,who came here last nlght
to see her brothor, Alfred Knapp, the
self-confessed multl-murderer, had a
long talk with the prisoner ln tho pres
ence of Sherift Blsdorff. Others also
talkod with him, and he>.was askeds"
"Had you not been arrested wouid' you
liave klllod tho wlfe whom you now have
"I know that she woke up several
tlmes since we were married and found
my handa on her nook, when I was
aaloep, too. Shfc wouid wake when I
grabbed her, and wake me and ask mo
what'I tneant by taking hold of her neck
that way, and I could not tell hor why,
beoause I was asleep and dld not know
I had done It. Just last weok she woke
up just in tlme, or she mlght never havo
woko At all. I grabbed her so tlght and
sho was ohoklng so that she wns noarly
gone when she came to and woko mo up.
I ean't soe what makes me do that,"
Tho prlsoner's manner In maklng this
answer was that of a porson vaguely
speculatlng over a nuostlon whlch he
oould not answer,
Knapp dld not show any feeling as. he.
told tho comploxlon of each vlctlm, her
slae, habltsr otc, and ln etieh case he
was correct In the detalls, j -,
Whon asked as to hls niotlves ho statod
he wus afrnld of thom for whnt thoy
knew about hlra. Ho Jntlmated that Jio
had lalked to hls wlvos about what ho
had dpno prevtously, nnd cspeclally to
Hannah Goddard, hls thlrd wlfe. iie.soid
Jennlo Conners. hla seoon4 wlfe, had
threatened to toll somethli-g and h. had
to get rid of her then, but he |tept Han?
nah Goddard qulot, beeause sl.e was ns
aullty as hlmself ln kllllng Mary Hok
hart. He killed Emtna Littleton, lu tho
lumber yard bocause he was afrald she
wouid tell on hlm- He sald hls wjvea
were klnd to hlm and worked liard, but
whon he got afraid of them ha put: thun
out of th* way and never liad any feer
of beln<r detected '
wiii Be Finest tfbrary Ever
bwri&d by an ihdlvidual,
ln lt areto bo Placcd Prlcoloss Treas
urea, Whlch Ihe Gr<eat Oomblnor,
i Has Coflodod-rBroniog, Palnt*
Ings nnd Prhttsd Flrst Edltlona
Oiy Amoolttoil PrMi,)
NlfJW YORK, Fobruary 27.-J, Piorpont
Morgan ls'tb li'mvA th? fhiast privato llbra->
ry ever oreotod. Tha olteln tha rear of
hia rosldonco, at Madlson Avenue and
Thlriy-sixth Slraat, coat $300,000, and the
bulldlng wlll coat nt leaut 1200,000 moro.
The struoturo wlll bo of whlte marblo,
and wlll be bullt in tho almpo of a T,
Wlth a frontago of 116.2 foot on Thirty
alxth Street, and a contral dopth of 76.5
feet. Tho two wlngs wlll bo about forty
feet deop. i v
. Mr, Morgan'a colleotlon is famous
throughotit tho world. In tho gallory
wlll-1ie placod, ao that thoy may bo prop?
erly oxhlbltcd to thoso who como to ad
tnlro tho Fragonard-Dubari'y pnncis,
whlch are valuod at $1,000,000. Tho Mann
holm collcctlon wlll also flnd a place,,
Its value belng $160,000; nnd among tho
other treasures that wlll be placod in
nlches along tbo walls, ln eablnots, nppro
prlately hung, aro the-Pfrnigot bronses.
valucd at $76,000; tho Gan-et Anticiues.
valuod at 175,000; Raphael'n Madonna of
St, Anthony of Padua, . JfiOO.OOO; Galna
borough's "Duebess of Devonshlro," $150,
000; Ruben'a "Portrait of tha Grand
Duke," $125,000; Heynold's "Lady Betty
Delrne and Chlldren," $110,000, and a land
acape by Hobbema, valuod at $110,00).
Among tho books that will flnd iodge
ment ln tho llbrary are the Guflenbare
Bible, whlch was tho flrst boo_ priritPd
wlth movablo typcs: tho Crat follos, of
Shakespeare, flrst edllions of tho noeta,
quartoa of the Elizabothan ago and a
prlcelesa varlety of prlnts, manuscrlpts,
flrst edltions and othor treaaures of tha
book lover, many of whleh ara not to bo
found elsewhoro in the world.
It ls stated to be Mr. Morgan** Intantion
to Invlte tho most famous Amorlcan ar
tlsts topalnt a sorles of panols ln tho new
llbrary, whlch shuil form a. Iastinj*.monu?
ment to tho value of Amerlean art.
(By ASJocl?t?d Presi.j
WASHINGTON, February 27.?At the
aeventh annual moetlng of the South?-n
Hlatory Assoclatlon to-nlght, the foll<rw
Ing were choson ofllcers: President,-Geu
eral M. J. Wrlght; Vlce-Prcsidont, Gon
eral M. C. Butlor; Colonel Georgo A. Por
terfleld, Thomas Nelson Page, Woodrow
Wllson, Hon. S, Pasco, and Thomas .H,
Clark; Secre'tary and Treasurer, Coiller
: Sultable steps were taken to honor thn
mqmory of Dr. J, L. M. Curry, who had
been presldent for fSre years, succeeding
W. L. Wllson, tho flrst cpresldent of the
Confirmed by the Senato.
(By As'soclated Pross.)
WASHINGTON, D. C? February 27.?
Conflrmatloiis by the Senato:
Thomaa F.-McGoverin, marshal, North?
ern Distrlct of Florlda; Mareus C. Mc
Lomore. United States attorney, South
orn Distrlct of Texas; John M, Holren
dorf, eollector of customs, Distrlct of St.
Mary's, Georgla.
Willlam B. Courtney.
Mr. Willlam B. Courtney, one of tbo
best known cltlzens of Richmond, died
laat evenlng at 8 o'clock at hia resldence,
No. 118 South Flrst Street.
About alx weoks ago Mr. Courtney?up
to that tlmo in oxcellent health?waa
stricken wlth paralysls, Slnco then he
had been gradually elnklng and more
recently but Bllght hope Imd been enter?
talned for his reoovory.
Mr. Courtney was a son of Mr. Joseph
C, Courtney, for a long tlmo a. dry goods
mercharit of thls elty. Ho waa a nephew
of Major T. L. Courtney and Major A.
It. Courtnoy, fcoth well-known rosldents
of Jtichmond. For somo tlmo Mr. Court?
ney was himsolf engaged in the dry
goods business, flrst ln tbo flrm of Court?
noy & Powel! and lator wlth Fourqurean,
Prlco & Company. During the lost few
years and up to tho time of his lllness
he had beon connected wlth Cole's ox
Tho war rocord of Mr. Courtney ia bost
told bi tho languags of hls old comrada,
Major Honry C. Carter, formerly cap?
taln of tho Thlrd Howltsors, now i tip
staff of tlie Court of Appeals. Major
Carter says: Willlam B. Courtney on
Usted as prlvate ln the Thlrd Company,
Richmond Howltzors, at Richmond on
the 21st of Aprll, 1861, and aorved wlth
that coramand ln all llie1 battles in whlch
lt was engaged from tho battle of.Bethel,
on June 10, 1861, to that of Spotsylvanla
Courthouse, on the 10th of May, 1E61, In
whlch engagement ho wns capturod and
remalned In prlson untll tho olosa of\the
war. No better soldler than ho waa
eerved In tho ranka of tha Confoderaoy.
Ho won the bearta of all his comrades
by his klnd and geniai dlsposltlOn, anfl
tbe respeot and admlratlon of liis otncors
by hls unfaillng and unflinchlng dls
chargo of overy duty Imposed upon,1'1"1'
in camp, ona the maroh and In pattie.
Mr. Courtnoy was thrtce rnarrled. H s
flrat wlfo was Miss Fannle Evans. daugh
ter of Mr. James Evans. doceaaod, tho
great Mosonlo leaders. so woll i-ememlw.
irVo^ chlldren ail of whom realdoi^
Phlladeliilila survlves thla "w0"?/, i
thlrd wlfe waa Miss Nowell W. ^Aado,
daughter ot Mr. John G. Wado, of the
flrm of Sinter, Myers & Company,
wKh wlth ioar small chlldren, survlves.
Mr Courtney alao leaves three brothors,
Me'fsrs Frank and Caldwell C. Courtney,
of KanWCIty. and Mr. Edward Court
nov of Phlladelphla, apd two slators,
Mra' Stratton Bnyder and Mrs. Jaekson,
both of Washington,
Tho funeral wlll take place from the
Second Baptlst Church, of. whleh tha do
ceasod waa a member. The arrange
menta for the servlce have not yot boen
Daniel T. Mitchell.
Dunlel T. Mitchell dled nt hls roslileuce,
No." 120i) Norlli Twenty-tljlrd Btreet,
FalnnouiU, at 3:30 o'clock yesterday
mornlng, after a long lllness, of ooti
sunvptlon. Mr. Mitchell loaves a wlfo
and one chlld. He was about. thirty
years of ago, and boforo hl3 Jllness had
boen a flri'iiiiin ln tho employ of tho
ChosapeaKe and Ohlo Haliway.
Willlam. P. Chrlstlan.
M?. Willlam P. Chvlstian died at his
resldence. No. 1501 Grove Avontie,. laat
nlgbt . sbortiy before ft o'clock. He
bad-been IH for soma tlmo, havlng suf?
fored a stroko- of pnralysls two yeara
UtT Mtt,
Sent* nn Sale,
Open dally from 10 A. M. to 8 P. M.
Admisslon, 25 centa. Freo on Saturday*
Open. dally from ? A. M. to 8 P. M..
Aamisslon. 25 centa. Freo on Saturdayi,
ago, slnce which time ho had been an
He waa flfty-ono yeara of age.' He ls
eurvlved by hls wlfe, who boforo her
tnarrlago was Mlaa Marla Berkley, and
four chlldren. They aro Goorgo B.,
Horaco B? Flemlng, John Newton and
Jeannotto Chrlstlan.
Tho deeeaaed waa a brothor of Mr.
Percy Chrlstlan and. ot Mra. W. JU
Flemmlngr. ?
Tho funoral arrangementa have not
yct been made,
Leon J. Boujasson.
Mr, Leon J. BOttJaason, the old French
hattor who for many yeara had been
a famlllar flgure in Richmond, dled Thurs
day nlght at hls resldence. No, S10 Eaat
Broad Street.. Ho,came to tho city about
flfty years ago and was at that tlme
twonty-ftve yearn of age. He leaves ne
relatlvcs or connectiona here, but had a
nephew In Paria.
James L. Ege.
Mr. .Tamea Lawrence Ege one of the
oldent oltizona of Rlehmond, dled laat
night at 10:50 o'clock, at the resldence of
hia daughtor, Mrs. D. M. Coates. No.
615 North Tonth Streot. He waa ln *>>e
cJghty-sevcnth year of hia age,
Willlam J. Nelson.
(Speclal to Th* Tlm?i-Dl>ptt<_t.)
STAUNTON. VA., February 27.-WnV
Uam J. Nelson, who dled at Florence,
AJa? yesterday. waa a natlve of St&un
ton, and father bt Mr. R. B. R, Noleon,
of the Staunton bar. Mr. Nelson was
sevonty-four years old. When ho rosided
in Staunton ho praotlccd law and was a
partnor of Major Thomas C. Eldar, of
thla clty. Mr. Nelson left Staunton ln
18S9 and wont to Alabama. whero ho con- .
tlnued to practlce fkw. The remains wlll
he brought to Btaunton for enterment.
Mr. Nolson ls survlved by his wlfe and
six cMldron: Mr, R. B. R. Nelson. Mra.
E. S. Sublett and Mrs. K. N. Trout. of
Staunton: Mr. W. J. Nelson. of Peters
burg; A. M. Nelson. of Roanoke, and Mr.
Charles Nelson, of West Vlrglnla. He
has two brothers who Ilvo ln Lexlngton,
Va., one of whom ls a profeasor at Wash?
ington and Lee Universlty.
,',.,' J. Foote Johnson,
(SpecUl to Tbe Tlmes-Dlipttch.) .
; ROANOKE. VA.. February. 27.-J. roof* '
Johnson, dled at the Clty Hospltal at 1
o'olock to-day from .pneumonla.'aged fifty
seven years. Tha deoaased was a natirs
of Bedford City, and a son of the late .
J. Footo Johnson. who was one of th*
most prominent lawyers of the Stato. and
a brother of Hon. J. R. Johnson, of Chrls.
tlansburg. Ho came to Roanoko tblrteen
years ago, and beld a number of Im?
portant clerlcal posltlons, and waa regard.
ed as a very expert clerk. He Was nn
marriod. Hls remains wlll bo taken to
ChrUtiansburg to-morrow mornlng for in
Mra. J. Garland Hamner.
*? (Bpeclal to The tTlraM-DUpitch.)
MANA6BAS. VA., February 27.?Mrs. .
Hamner, wlfe of Rev. Dr. J. Garland
Hamner, pastor of tho Preabyterlah ,
Church, dlod.at her horrie here thls morn?
lng after a brlef lllness of two week*.
Mrs. Hamner had been a suffeiar for a
number of years, and an acute attack
was tbe cause of hor death.
Bhe was a nobla and generous Chrls?
tlan woman and always sought to upllft
and do good to those about her. Mrs.
Hamner was about flfty-fl?ve years old.
and leaves a hushand and four chlldren.
Tho intermont will take place In Baltl?
more on Sunday.
Mark Bird.
fKncMnl tn Th* Tlmrj-nispltyh.)
?\VOODSTOCK, VA., Feb. 2i.-M_r*
Blrd, a hlghly respocted cltlzen of thw
place, died suddenly Wednesday night .
from heart falluro. Ho was alxty-llve ,
years old, and throughout tho Clvll War
served in tho Confederate cause ln a ,
company of the Tonth Vlrglnla Reglment ,
and was a member of Shenandoah Camp
Confederate Veterans. He is survlved
by two brothers and four slstors.
Mrs.Lucy M. Roberts.
(Speeiol to The Tlmo?.DIspat<_0
LOUTSA VA., February 27.?Mrs. Luey
M"Roberts. widow of the late J. A. Rob?
erts died at tho home of her daughter, .
Mrs' H C. Morris, last Wednesday morn
InK ' ag'ed seventy-nlno years. Mrs. Rob?
erts ls survlved by two chlldren, Mrs. H.
C. Roberts nnd Mrs, H. C. Morris, both ,
of Ivoulsa. \
James O. Colgan.
(Hpeolol to Tlie TluiM-Dlspatch.)
' HAMPTON, VA? February 27.?James
oAColgan, of Hampton. a Unlon veteran
of the Clvll War, dled to-day. sixty-three
years old. A widow and two daughters
survlvo him.
Mrs. Franey Davls.
(fin^clnl lo Th" Tiin,>s.PI?ontoh.1 ,
LURAY, VA? Feb. 27.-Mrs. irraney
Davls dled at her home, near Grova
Hlll, last nlght, aged elghty-four years.
Sho was thn mother of Somuel E. Da?
vls, a woll-known cltlzen of that lo?
cal Ity.
CHRISTIAN.-Dled, at hls resldence, No.
?' 1501 Grove Avenue, at ?i30 o'eiook? P.
M., Frlday, Mr. W1LLIAM P. CHR-8
TIAN, In hls flfty-fltth year.
Funoral notloe will be glven lster.
MITCHELL.?Dled, at hls resldence. Noy
1200 North Twenty-thlrd Streot, Fnir
mount, at 0:50 o'olock A. M.. Frlday,
February 27, 1(103, DANIBL T, MITCH
HLL, Ho lenves a wlfe and ono chlla,
I Funeral notlce lator.
PACINI.? Dled, Thursday nftornoon, Feb
ruary 26tb, at 3 o'clock. at the resldence
? of hor motlier, No. 1018 East Broail
Htfeet, LELIA M.. daughter of Mary
J. ilnd llio late Peter Psclnl.
O'CLOCK from pt, Poter's Catheqral.
ItlVlOS.-Dletl. early Frlday mornlng, Feb?
ruary 27. 1003, at lils home Castle Hlll,
Albernarle county, Va., ALFRED LA-N.
DON RIVES, ln tlie soventy-thlrd year
of bls ago. . ' .?'??
Funeral wl ttij:.. placo from Castle
near Cobham SUlfttAY MORNJ'^G- at
II O'CLOCK. Interment at Gracs
Church,- AKiemorlo county.
?tylLi^.-MS.?Eijheral servlce pf CBASBfl
W1LLIAMS. wl|l ba held at Bbenwer
| Baptlst. Church ' SUNDAY MORNING
at 11 O'CLOCK. Friends invlted.

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