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Shot Whlch Mlssed Sklnner
Has Been Found.
Conalderable Dlscuaslon In Regard lo
*he Locatlon of Ihe Monuments to
Gonerals Naah and Davldson,
of the Revolutlon.
(Speolsl to The Tlme?-PI?pntchO
AALEIGH, N. C, February 27,-Slnca
tho trngody of last Saturday, when Lud
Jow Bltlnnor was shot and kllled by Er
>;ost Haywood, thoro has beon much spec
ulatlon as to what becamo of tho one
or two Bhots Ilred, whleh did not take
effect in Skinnor'a body. The place IS
now bolloved, to haivo beon located ln
a window on tbo third lloor of tha Den
ton bulldlng, dlrec'tly-opposlto tho post
olllco bulldlng, Whoro the shootlng oc
currod. Thoro is a small hole ln tlie
window glasH, such as a bullet would
havo made, und In tho opposllo wall, al
an angle conslstant with tho courae oi
a bullot flred1 from tho placo wlicro the
shootlng occurred, nnd ln llno wlth the
broken window, la a small hole In the
plastor, such as a bullot mlght havo
There aro no new dovclopments of note
ln tho Haywood-Skinner case. Counsel
for tho prbaocutlon had a conference
wlth wltnessoa thls mornlng to, as lt were,
canvasg the sltuatlon, but nothlng was
gtvon out for publlcation. No one accms
to know even when any steps wlll bo
tnkqn by the defense rogardlng tho much
tolked of habeaa corpuB procoedlngs.
Alr. W. C. Douglas, of tho counsel for
tlio defenso of Ernest Haywood for the
kllllng of Ludlow SAJnner, has wlth?
drawn from tho caso for the reason that
hls law partnor, Robert N. Slmrns, wlll
bo ono of the princlpal witnesses in tho
There Is very general satisfaction ex
prcssod as to tho Code ConimlsBlon se?
leeted by tho Democratlc caucus of mem?
bers of the General Assembly. The leurn
ing of ox-Jtldgo T. B. Womack as to
tho detalls of Iarv Is well known, nnd he
la regarded as emlnently fltted for the
posltion. Profesw N, Y. Gully belng
dean of law of Wake Forest College,
conccdcd to bo thoroughly r.tted for tne.
work, and Colonel Ro-tKian. of Washing?
ton, is recognized na ono of tho most
thorough and _uccessful lawyers In East
ern Carollna.
Tho legal fraternily of tho Stato are
much gratlfted that the much and long
noeded codlflcatlon Is to bo made.
Governor Bob Tsylor, of Tennessee.
ls bllled for a lecture here nest Monday
nlght. The "Flddlo and the Bowe will
bo hls theme. , , .
Governor Aycock is belng much im
portuned now about tha loea^on for the
mouumonta to bo ereetod by tho United
States government to tho momory ol
Governor Nash and Governor Davldson.
Tho peoplo of Groensboro demand that
they shall bo at Guliford bnttlegrounu,
Tho Soclety of tho Clnclnnatl, who
wero largely Instruniental In sccuring
tho approprlatlons, recoramend that tho
monument to General Nash bo in
Nash S/iuare, and that to Governor Dav?
ldson bo nt Charlotte. Deseendants of
tho two heroos Joln in urglng thla
course. ' ?_
The North Carollna Daughters of tho
Rovolutlon urgo that tho Nash monu?
ment be ln Nash Snuarc, Ralolgh, and
that General Davidson's monument be
placed at Davldson College.
Tho Secrotary of War has requested
Governor Aycock to name the locatlon of
the monuments. Tho Aldermen, Chom
ber of Commcrce and other organizntlnns
pf Ralolgh and Charlotte have adopted
rosolutions, urglng that the Nash monu?
ment bo In Raleigh and Davldson monu?
ment ln Charlotte.
Tho Secretary' of Stato charters- the
Wlnston-Handler Company, of Winston
Salem, capital 525,000, to manufacturo
all klnds of handles, golf clubs and nov
eltle.s. Also tho Ac-ceterlno Chemlcai
Company, of Warrenton, capltal $16,000.
Thls company wlll mako all klnds ot
chemicais nnd pharmaceuticol eupplles.
Tho Incorporators aro R. C. Flelds, of
Norfolk; F. P. Hansen, of Portsmouth,
ind W. T. Johnson, of Warrenton.
A delogatlon from Greensboro to-day
waited on Governor Aycock to urgo thnt
the monuuients by tho United S!:,<i.es gov
trnment to General Nash and General
Davldson bo put on the Guliford bntlle
rround. Tho Governor has mada no
ieloctlon yet.
Oil and Gas at Asheville,
CSnoelnl to TI\o Tlllli'?-Plspotch.1
ASHEVILLE, N. C? Fob, 27,?Borlng
operatlons for gas nnd oil ln thls sec?
tion wlll begln nt an early dato. E. E.
Btewart, of Now Martlnsvlllo, W. Va.,
Mio controls extonslvo oll and gas lcases
here, haa arrlved, and declnres hls in- j
iention nf maklng somo oll nnd gas ln
Vestlgations. Mr, Stowart ia accotn
panled bv Mr. Brentshire, also of New
llartlnsvllle, and an oll prospector. Mr.
Ptowart, roprosontlng Stowart & Sld
Joll,. has had an extensivo oll and gas
trnnchi.su here for a year or longer.
Gudger-Moody Contost.
ca,.o?i..i t? >i-i,,> 't'iii\??niAi)'ili'li 1
ASHEVILLE. N- C., Feb. itt.-The tes?
tlmony of tlio contostunls in tho con?
test begun by tho lato Major J. M. j
lloody ugainst Hon. J. M. Gudgor, Jr,,
For the seat from thls distrlct In tlio
I'Tlfty-elglith dongi-oss has been oon
Mr. Gudgor will begln tho taklng of
Vs forty days' testlmony ln a week or
lo, nftor whlcli tho contostanUs havo ten '
Jays In which to produce evidence in i
Young Couple Married.
(Snccliil to Tho TlinoB-Illsiiiitcli.')
KIN8TON, N. C, Febriiury 27'-Last
jlght at the Baptlst Church, whlla rog
ilnr prayer-nieetlng was golng on, Mr.
rlerbprt Cummlngs, a seventeen-year-o)d
)on of Mr. J, B, Cummlngs, a prominent
oierehnnt of thls placo, wnlked in church
jv|th Miss Eva Smlth, nged alxteen years,
Jaughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Smlth,
lf this placo, and were married, Rev, C.
jy. Cowau omclatlng. Thoy wlll mako
ICIneton thelr bome.
Hon, A. C, Braxton May Yet Run for
the Sepate,
Hon. A, O, Braxton, of Staunton, waa
i vlsltor at tbo CapitoJ yesterday, and
was on hl.i way to New York on prlvato
puslnoas. Mr, Braxton sald he would
aot run for Governor nor for Congross
ln tho Tenth Dlstriot, nor agalnst Major
panloj for United States Sonale. But
further than this he would "not commlt
himsolf oa to political futures, Ho ?aid
jjo had boon urged to puter tlio raco
ignlnst Sonatoy Martin m WOB, but ho
lad not glven a rnonient'a thought to
)bo matter to b? ablo to pay deflnltely
Irhat he would. do,
Mr, Braxton wa? warmly greotad, by
ki? ?ld ti'lond- nbout thti ttwUel* k_ i.
S_Qo$h?r's Qlrl.
There CJtlsts ofteft ? very faeautlHij
companionshlp hetween tlie mother and
her daughter, Tho hititnacy i? frank,
free ancf eympnthetlc. But some day
Uie mother feels as lf somethlng had
chllled thla intlmacy. Tlie chlld is
ulleut and sad, and seeitui to ehutt her
mother inst.uu of
seeklng her.
Thls chatigc very
otteti occurs when
the young glrl la
crossing th. bor?
der Htie of woman
hood. She la mor
bld, nervous, fear
ful, as she enters'
upon thls new ex
The use of Dr.
Plerce's Pavorite
I're.criptlon at
such a time will
do more thuti re
store the normal
balance of mlnd
and body. It wlll
establish the wom
only function upon
a basis of sound
health, as well a9
improve the appe
tite, nourlsh the nerves, aud promote
the general physical health,
?Two yeafs ngo my daughtcr'g health began
to fail," writcs Mr?, Dan Hull, of Brodbcad,
Green Co., Vfln. "Rverythlng that could be
thought of was dotie to help her but lt was of no
use. When flhe began to cotuplaiu nlic wai
qulte atout; weighed^ 170?the picture of good
health, utitll about the nge of fourteen: then ln
six iiiontui abe was so run down her welght wai
but no. 1 felt I could not glve her up as ahe
wan the only chlld I had, and I raust aay, Doc
tor, that only for your ' Favorite Preacrlptlon.'
my daugliter wouid lia?e been ln her grave to
day. When she had taken one-hnlf bottle the
natural fitnction waa eatablished aud we bought
nuother one, malcing only two bottlea in all, aud
she coinpletcly rccovered, Blnce then ahe la aa
vrellaacau be."
The Common Sense Medical Adviser,
ioo8 pages, in paper covers, is sent frt*
on receipt of 21 one-cent stainps to pay
expense of maillng only. Address Dr.
R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
The Dayln the Senate and
House at Ralelgh.
(Speclal to Tho Times-PIspatch.)
RAL.EIGH, N. C, Feb. 27.?A number
ot local and many general bllls were
passed in both House and Senate. The
Code Commission bill was amended ln
tho Senate to include the names ot the
commlssioners chosen in tho Democratlc
caucus last nlght, and the blll passed,
the comrnlssloners belng T. B. Womack,
N. Y. Gulley and W. B. Rodman. The
bill was sent to tho House for con
A joint resolution that the Senate pro
ceed to eloction of trustoes of the uni
vorslty at noon to-morrow passed.
A bill regardlng flre waste and pro
vldlng a great nuniber of rcgulations aa
to care of bulldlngs insured eliclted
lengthy discussion and was tabled.
The Senate passed the followlng not
able bllls that had. prevlousiy passed
the House: _.?'?'?'"_
To incorporate Currituck Rallroad
Company. _ ,, . ,
To amend oharter of Stone Mountaln
Rallroad Company.
To enable Norfolk and Western Rall?
road Company to extend Its llnes ln
North Carolina.
To incorporate Trlnlty College.
Tho followlng bllls were passed and
sent to the Houso:
To Incorporate Virglnia and Carolina
Rallroad Company.
To allow Gullford Battleground Com?
pany to dedlcate ground to the United
States government to erect monuments
To allow ooronera who are physiclans
to hold post mortem examlnatlons.
To amond charter of Asheville and
Crook Mountaln Rallroad Company.
To convort $.200,000 fund from swamp
lands ln hand of State Board of Edu
cation lnto a pormanont fund for aid
ing ln erectlng and Improvlng school
houBes by loaning money to countlea and
To rogulato appointment of dlrectors
of State instltutlons, bo that not moro
than one dlrector be chosen from one
county, and that superlntendents Bhall
be in no way connected with the board.
Mr. Baldwin'B bill to prevent hlgh hats
in theatres waB tabled.
Among bllls Introducod waa one by
MoNelll to make it disdemeanor for phy
Blcians to prescrlhe whiskey on Sun?
day, except ln good falth. ?
Dy Mr. Whlto: To rogulato flre In?
surance and Inorease publlo rovenue,
passod lmmedlately.
By Mr. Mann: To f\x place of meet?
ing of the Board of Dontnl Exumtncrs.
By Mr. Brown: To incorporate South
port and Northeaatorn Rallroad Com
By Mr. Pollock: To establish lm?
proved roaps from Kinston to Jackson
vlllo, Onslow qounty,
The blll for general school law waa
mado a spoclal order for Monday noon,
Among bllls Introduced ln tho House
By Mr. Phllllps: To protoct cltlzens
of Brunswlck,
By Mr. Klng: To glvo Justlces of peaeo
powor to Benteneo oonvicts to publlo
By Mr, Doughton: To amend law re
latlng to prlmary eleotlons.
By Mr, Whlto, of Jonos: To prohlblt
Tho blll for tho new oyster law
passed its roadlnga; provldes $000 salary
for oystor commlssloner and $700 for hls
asslstant, and prescrtbes regulatlons
whlch aro expected to stop the carrylng
of Binall oysters to other coaata for re
plantlng a practlce whieh:jm gmtty
hamperod tho Industry in tjila State.
The revenuo blll pasaed tho thlrd read
inff, A large numbor of amendmenta
wero offered. but all except ono wero
voted down. That was by Mr. R0U??
ton, reduolng tho tax on oil dealers from
$5100 to $100.
Mr, Graham's resolution for an Inves
tlgatlon of tho cost of enlarglng tho Cap
Itol, In uccordance with tho orlglnai
plans, passed, with the clause maklng
$100 appropriatlon for archttect ellm
RAIiEJGH, N. C, Fob. 27.-The State
Sonate to-nlght tabled the blll offored
by Mr, Bollamy, provldlng that tho races
of a school dlstrlct may be separately
levled upon for achool purposes, The
Confederate ponBlon blll, appropnatlng
$200,000, waa passed, with an amendment
to Include desertora who returned to
tha Borvlce. The sesslon was two hours
and over one hundred Jocal bllls were
The House paaaed a great number of
blll?| those of noto wero:
To Incirirpnmta ilounolco lM]and Cele?
bratlon Company,
To proinoti) fish Induutry lu Jnlawl wa?
Crenllng oodfl nnmnilsBlon,
Kx-Governor Doughton Intyotmced the
hlll known aa the nuwhlnery jvot aa pre?
pared hy thn Joint innuioe ttominlttee,
iw;4 m ceploi wm'? wdsr?4 j>mwa?
Trolley Car Frightens a Team
In Chesterfleld.
Frank Berberlch Recelves Internal Inju
rlee Whlch May Prova of a. Moat
Serious Charaeter?Taken to
a Hospltal.
(Speclal to Tbe TlmM-Dlipttch.)
PBTBRSBURO, VA? Fob. 27,-Frank
Berberlch, a woll known farmor, llvlng ln
Chesterf.old county, about throo mllos
from PetorBburg, was sorlously lnjured
thls mornlng by hls team beoomlng
frlghtinod by a trolley car on tho Rleh?
mond nnd Petersburg Rallway, whlle he
was on hls way to Petoreburg. Mr. Ber?
berlch was drlving a aplrlted team to a
wagon londod with peanuts. Whon he was
near tho orosalng at tlio turnplko, an ap
proaching ear frlghtonod hls horsos. Thoy
daahed off, throwlng hlm tc*._?o ground
and sevoral bags of peanuts fell on Mr.
Berberlch, and ono of the front wheels
struck hlm on hls head, making an ugly
soalp wound. One ot the rear whoela
passed ovor hls body, brOaklng soveral
of hls TlbB and probably causlng other
Internal injurlos. Thb motorman took
Mr. Berberlch into hls car and brought
hlm to Petersburg, where bo underwent
trcatment by Dr. Rennie at the Homo
for tho Slck. The extent of hls InJurleB
Ib not yet 'fully known, but it ls feared
that hls Internal lnjurles are serious..
Femalo labor ls groatly ln doma'nd in
Petersburg at this time, and tho com?
panies employlng thls labor are making
every arangemont for thelr convenlence
ns ono of the lnducemcnts. Tho John
N. StearnB Sllk Mllls Company are ad
vertlslng for two hundred boys and girls.
The Amerlean CIgar ? Compuny, whlch
would liko to havo about flfteen hundred
whlte girls, has thus far secured hardly
half of thls number. They aro contln
ually coming to the clty, however,, and
the good reports glven by those, who
are at work In tho factorles wlll soon
bo known throughout the adjolnlng coun
tles, and lt ls hardly Jlkely that there
wlll-bo a scarclty of whlto'labor ln Pe?
tersburg very much longor.
The last meetlng of tho Board ot Dlrec?
tors of tho Ccntral Stato Hospltal was
held to-day. Presldent Robert Gllllam
presided, and nearly overy member of the
board was present. Tho board to-day
wound up its business, and made every
thing ready for the Incomlng board.
The board to-day closed up the affalrs
of the hospltal, whlch are now ready to
bo turned over to the new board. Tho
board to-day examlned lnto all the af?
falrs of the lnstltutlon. The now board
wll flnd overythlng in excellent condl?
Tho fmances are in flne shape with a
good balance on hand in the hospltal de
pository. Thero aro 1,058 patlonts under
treatment and, but two appllcatlons on
flle, one of whleh ls a penltentlary con
Mr. Waterman, electrlcal engineer and
representatlve of Mr. Frank Gould. Mr.
W. C. Whltner, hydraullo and mechanlcal
englneor In charge of the new develop
ments of the Vlrglnla PaBsonger and
Power Cfmpony, and Mr. S. W. Huff,
general mannger of the rallwaye operated
by tho A'lrglnla Passenger and Power
Company, arrlvod ln Petersburg to-day,
and inspecled tlie lmprovements now be?
lng made near the looks and blong the
Upper Aippomattox Canal. Work on
these lmprovements ls golng forward sat
Thero were thtrty-seven deaths, ln Pe?
tersburg during tho month: Whlte, eleven,'
colored 26; rato of mortallty of whole
populatlon. 17.76 per thousand por annum,
whlte 11. colored 21.
Mrs. Anne B. Mallory, the aged mother
of Mr. John A. Mallory. suffered a slight
stroke of paralysls yesterday. Mrs. Mal?
lory ls now elghty years of <ige. Sho was
muoh better to-day, and hor complete
recovery. Is expected.
Large browda havo attended eaoh eve?
nlng tho ravlvol Bervices at Market Btreet
Methodist Churoh. Tho Rev, Mr. Beau
ohamp has preached each, evenlng thls
Mr. Spencer Perklns, of thls clty, and
Miss Mabol Perklns, of Dlnwlddlo coun?
ty, woro married at Halifax, N. C, Wed?
The Portner Brewing Company will soon
begln the bulldlng of thelr large depot
and offlco at River and Socond Streots, In
thls clty. Tho old bulldlng on the slfe
has beon taken down, and tho square
oloared proparatory to the''bulldlng.
Labor is reportod to bo searce ln Dln?
wlddlo county, On * account of its
scarclty. ono of the saw mllls la that
county hns beon compolled to closo down.
Tho Young Men's Business- Assoclatlon
held a vory intorostlng meotlng last eve?
nlng. ?
The capltnllsts of Peteraburg may be
ealled on to asslst in bulldlng one hundrod
cottages In the clty, whlch wlll bo ne
cessary for tho aceommodatlon of those
who come to Peteraburg to work ln the
sllk fnatorles and elgar faotorlos.
Captaln W. H. Wllloox, of the Peters?
burg Company Uniform Rank Knlghts of
Pytlilaa, hns roeolved tho Bll'vor loving
cup won by the company In the compe
tlve drlll of tho Flrst Vlrglnla Reglment
Uniform Rnnk Knlghts of Pythlans at
Roanoko, Fobruary 13th.
Clty Engineer Condemns the Munlclpal
Hall of the Clty,
(HpecUl to The Tlmon-DUpatcb.)
DANVILLE, VA., Fobruary S7,-Clty
Engineer Bahon to-day condomned the
Munlclpal Hall as unsafe untll the plas
torlng had been repalred. Recently
large sheets of plasterlpg have fallen
from tho celllngs, and lt has boep a
mlracle that no one has boen lnjured
Tho engineer looked the hall and forbld
Its uso untll lt had heon repalred.
The argument before Judgo Alken on
tbo matter of calllng a local option elec?
tion, consumed the. entlre day in tlio Cor
/poratlon Court to-day. The Prohlbitlonlst
were reprosented by R. W, Pontross, and
the saloon men by Messrs. .Groon and
Wlthers, Judgo Alken has not deoldod,
but it ls genarally bolleved that he will
order the election somo tlmo in Aprll.
Flve or Six Bulldlng Lots Sold During
Last Week.
(Speclal to TUo Tlinos-Dlioatch.)
OHEBTBR, VAm February 87,?Some
flvo or alx lct? hai/e beon sold In thls vjl
lage of late, and, lt lu sald, dwelllngs wllj
bo erpotod on them In the vory neur fu
Vr, Jamei V, JKerbe, ft bullder of Har.
Rlubur/j, P?? |ias beon lylHtHnir hls -\*?
ter, M'rs, Wlnne, at the Drewry man?
Blon, noar Manohester-, foi- tbe past ton
aWH, but retui'iiad tliln) murnlng for homo,
Ut, K?i-b? Ji*a V.urtfOWd *? fttteua U?
carnlval at New Orleami,. ln oompany
with Mr. and Mrs. Witine, but owlng tn
Horae delay ln thelr plans, and the oarly
closlng of the "feast" there, they declded
to walt another year.
Mr, and Mrs. Charles E, Friend and
llttle boy, ln company with Mr. Zerbe,
cwne from Manchester yesterday ond
vlslted relatfrres here.
The ladles of the Methodlst Church hore
wlll have a muslcnl nntortolnmont and
oyatoi' and meat uuppor lu Chostor on
the 18th of March, proxlmo, Tho musloal
entertaihment wlll be hon ln the publlo
eohool house, nnd the Bupptsr at Mrs,
H. D. Dahl's.
The young people of thls vlelnlty wlll
have no further opportunity to dellght
themaelves skfttlng thls s'eaeon. The
water ha/vdng boen turnnd off to provont
malaria ln the eprlng and summer.
Blg Factory Shuts Down Out of Re
spect to Solomon Steptoe.
(Spoclal to Tho Tlmcu-Dlapatch.)
BEDFORD CITY, VA., February 87.
Soloman Steptoo, ono of the most re
apectod colored men of Bedford, dlod yeB
terday, and tho large plug tobooco fac?
tory of Berry-Suhllng Company wlll olose
at noon to-morrow for tho afternoon, out
of respeot to hls momory, The fu?
neral sorvlces wlll bo conductod at ?
o'clock from tho Baptlst Church" as hls
own church Is lnadequato to accommo
dato tho lnrgo gathorlng oxpectod.
Steptoe was a trusted sorvant of the
late Judgo MIcaJah Davls, anfl was a box
rnaker and carpontor by trade, From the
days of slavery ho had been capable and
thrlfty, and had accumulated a good
doal of property.'
For o<i*er flfty years ho had made boxea
for Judgo Davls, afterwards for Berry
Brothera, Major Davls' grandchlldron.
Walter Steptoe, a son, Is profossor of
Greek at tho St. Paul's Industrlal Bchool,
at l>awrenceville; another son, Robort,
passed tlie Virginl* Stato examlnatlon to
practlce law, but dld not follow his pro
Indicatlons of a Rich Mine Not Far from
(Special to Tho Tlmes-Dlspateh.)
DURAY, VA., February 27.-W. T.
Smlth, of Columbus, Ohlo, has bought
large copper and manganese rlghts ln the
sectlon of ComP'on, thls county, and will
begln work prospectlng with a large body
of mon in a few days. Tho searoh for
copper ls now golng on in a dozen or
more sections of Pago county. Recent
developments are of a naturo to strongly
promise a rich mine at Hoak Mountaln,
eight miles from Duray. About $10,000 hns
been spent ln the last elghteon months
ln developlng tihls mlno, whlch Is owned
by n stock company, with hoad ofllces
ln Pittsburg, Pa. Tho work of digging
Broad Street People to Mako
No Further Flght.
The people who have been flghtlng for
Bomo other slte than the present one
for tho now postolltce havo uurremlorud
llke men, ' They wlll not oarry the flght
on any further, One of the advocates
of a new slte sald laat nlght;
"We havo done our level best td get
the poatofBoe where there could be a
bulldlng erooted that wouid be a oredlt
to the clty, Many of our good fellow
oltlzens dld not take the Bome view of
tho mattor as we dld. Wo have loat',
wo aro wftfippod out, and there ls no
uso ln keeplng up the oontroversy ?ny
It Is undorstood that Representaitlve
Lamb ls dotag all wlthln hla powor to
got the Sonate blll through the Houso.
The followlng communlcalion haa beon
furnlshed/The Tlmea-Dlspatoh for pub
Richmond, Va? Fob. 1!U. 1003.
In view ot tho Btatomontu mado ln tho
dally pross nnd published IntervlowM
with Senator Martln, ln whloh he states
aa followB: "Thoro nevor was a BUg
gostlon, as I undorstand the matter, that
I could not undortake to secttre tho
Maln-Stroot alto by an lnoreoao of tho
appropriatlon, lf that should turn out to
bo nooeseary, and appoared to bo expe
dlent. Nothlng of that eort was ever
suggested t omo,, and I wouid have dls
sentod from it lf It had beejj BUggested.
Wo slgn the followlng statement! Tha
commltteo that vlslted Washlngton on
January 10th ln oppoBltlon to tho pa-tah
Ing up of the present custom house, met
Senator Martln by appointment ln &
commltteo room at the Wlllard Hotel,
and Benator Martln explolned that he
had Kjoncludod arrangomonts ito pur?
chase the Shafer bulldlng, and had a,
letter from Mr. Monoure, agreelng to
dellver the bulldlng for ,$176,000, whieh
ho had flled with bho Troasury Depart?
ment. The followlng statement waa
made to Senator Martln!
"We understnnd the situatlon thor
oughly; wo know that a law haa been
passed approprlatlng $176,000 to buy the
Shafer buildlrtg, or to tako it undor
condemnation proceedlnga at a prloo
not oxceedlng $175,000. Wo do not ask
that you undo what has already beon
dono. We thlnk oomplloatlons wlll
arlso -whluh wlll provent the acqulaltlon
of the Shafer bulldlng for $176,000, and
in the event thlB should develop, all
that we ask Is that you agree to an
amendmont, leavlng the $175,000 appro?
priatlon to be used by the Secretary
John, you'ro not half bo good as my other servant. Can you flnd the other
Solution of puzzle in Friday'a Timea-Dispatchi The smoke from the chim
ney forms his profile. /
maln shnfts of great dopth, from which
mlnlng ln a. lateral dlreotlon is to begln,
has not yet been completed.
Homor Soekford, formerly of Alma,
this county, pload gullty of tho murdor
of Mrs. Willlam Gebauor, at Sprlngfleld,
Ohlo, and was sentencod to imprlsonmont
for llfo.
Its Abolition Will Be a Source
of Much Sorrow?Cltlzen
(Bpoclftl to The TlniM-DUpatoh,)
TWVMAN'S MILL, VA., February 27.
YeBterdny was the regular monthly court
day at MJadlson. A number of horse deal?
ers were on hand, and horaea brought '
flne prloaa. Madlson oourt Is greatly en- ,
Joyed' by the farmers, Thoy alwayB at- I
tend, and aomo of them havo not mlssod J
ono for years. There will bo much re- |
grot among them when, under tbo new
Conattttitlori, lt bocomos a thlng of the
Mr D T Tinsley went Wednesday to
see an 'ngo'd aunt, Mrs, Ellon MoLenrd,
who was qulto IH at her home near'
Charlottesvllle. News of hor doath was
rocelved horo yesterday.
Wednesday Mr. Jamos Carpenter, on
hls return homo from Orange, had a
stroko of paralysls, and fell from hls
horse, hurting himsolf badly. He rallled
a little before hls friends got hlm horm>,
Miss Annlo Utz and Miss Lisszle P, n
lconbaker aro vlsitlng Mrs. B, W. |;vy
nian, of thls placo._jg
$10 and upwnrds loaned on Planoa
?nd household furniture, on the
bulldlng and l?an t^joolation plan,
whloh makes tho cost much loss
than you pay clsawhere, and allow
you to pay lt off ln monthly pay?
ments, runnlng from ono to twelve
months. Get others' ratea, then
?eo us.
Tldewater Loan and Trust Co.
Huite 33-31, Thlrfl Floor,
Merehants' National Bank Bulldlng,
11C8 Bust Maln Stroet.
Take Blevator.
of the Treasury ln hls dlsoretlon to
mako a eoleotlon of slto."
To thls Senator Martln replleds "That
ls porfootly satlsfootory; I aoe no ob
Jeotlon to that whatovor.'.'
With thls atatement tho conference
ended, and our commlttee met tho Main
Stroot Commltteo ln the lobby of the
Wlllard Hotel, and the samo Btatomenl
waa made to that oommlttee, headod by
Mr. Cabell, who acqutoscod ln thla ar
rangomont. The two dolegattons tlion
prooooded to the Capltol and appearod
beforo the House Commltteo on Bulld
ings and Grounds, Senator Martln ac
companiod both delegatlons, and Con
gresaman Lamb met tha delegatlona at
the commlttee room, and both Senator
Martin and Mr. t<amb remalned in the
commltteo room and heard the followlng
statement made, whldh statoments can
be verlflod by referring to the Rioh
mond dally presa?tho Nows and Lead
er of January 10th, and The Tlmes and
Dlspatoh of January 17th.
Mr. Charles Hutzler and Mr, Charlea
B. Cooke stated to Chalrman Moroer,
of the Bulldlngs and Grounds Commlt?
teo, that thoy dld not come to attempt
to undo the law whlch had been al?
ready passed, but to ask. for an amend?
mont provldlng that, should the condem
natlon proceedlnge fail to seoure the
Shafer bulldlng for $175,000, that that
appropriatlon should be made availabJe
for tho purohaae of a slte to bo bo
leoted by the Treaaury Departmont. We
quote from tho papers aa follows: "Mr.
Cabell aocepted vory gladly the pro?
posed amendmont of Mr. Hutsler and
he thought overy one else dld." Senator
Martln waa ln tho commlttee room and
heard the entire argument, and tho
matter waa thoroughly underatood.
? Reapectfully submltted,
The faota abovo stated are nbaolulely
true, but Mr, Pegrom thought aa tho
matter waa settled there waa no neod
for further ptiblicatlon,
Mr, J. M. Fourqurean, the other mem?
ber-of the oommlttee, la out of tho clty
nnd could not ho reaohed, and wlll not
return for a weok or more.
Senator Ople Is Stlll Oonflned to His
The conditlon of Senator J. N. Ople,
of Btaunton, wno la IU at hls rooms lu
the Valentlne Houao, is but llttlo lf any
better, *nd hls friends are pxprosslng
some anxloty ooncomlng hlm. Senator
Op|e decjlnes to no to ihe hoapltal, but
la rocolvlng every possible care where
he ls. Hls mother ajuX eon are pow at
hls bedalde ond he ls under tho medtcal
care o{ Dr. Qmw ?e? Jalu.'-ton.,
No. Aitetat*
Notnber bt pollciea Issuod during the rear and tba amount of inaufahoe ?.?.?__,_?
Dltoctad thorobr.,.,,,.,,,..,..,;..j?????'ni?mmi4?u IM fl.OBi.w ~u.
Total.,..1.,.i'C'tl'I' wi IliMLOODW.
Number of pollcles and tho amount of lnaufanea whlon Bat* eaaaad to bt la ??__,_?
foto* durlnK tha jear.,...,.,.>.__? 78,000 W
Wbol* numbaf of pollelea ln force, and the amount of Uabilltle* of rlaka _?._?_?_.
thareon at eud of rear..,....,,.,.......287 I aM.ftot) 00
Amount of iiremttime rncelred.,.. M?'?i5 ii
Amount ot all other recelpts, rlj.i Babaorlptlon account,,..,..,...,.,.. is,S9T bb
Total.??'?''_____.".M ? M,8U **
Amoilnt pald for expenaee, (Ineludlng taxee, $640.77).,..,.124,826 48
Amount of all othor dlsburaementa, rl*.: Premluma eecared by notes, ?...??
deftrred and uwraportcd, bonda and caah at bank.,.,. 83,183 82
Total......'?.? 69,813 21
Bond, market raluo....... W>><X* 22
Oaah In banka, truat eompaniea and eompany'a offlce.,..,.,.,,,.... AOia oa
Bromliun notaa. oto...,.,,,.,..,,.,........ 6,776 66
ncolleotad and deforred promluma,..................... l?,aue a*
Oarrlod out at market Talua?Total. ? 88,18* 8a
Net. . Ameant.
Nnmber and amount of polloles lasuad during the year 1002. 101 8288,800 01
?rotal. 101 *w>o,ow uj
Daduet numbor nnd smount Tvhtch baye eaaaed to be ln foroe durln* 1002._7 23,000 Oi
Totnl numbBr and mnount ot pollelea ln foree at end of year 1002........ W ??M,600 04.
Amo1unnf,nn8TOiia,'mentB, promluma, dnea and feoa eolleeted or ??cu?d1 in ^eTtaJa durlnir
thn roar 1002 In ensh and notoa or credlta, wlthout any deduotlon ror loaaea, '
ilrldanda, oomralBalona, or othor expenaas. ?">??? ai
iSSftj_ ZZS^r&SZ*
Stato of Vlrglnla; Olty of Rlohmond-Wt ? _.?__:'? T-m unnnn __.._. ____.
? ," 8wom to Fobruary 18, 1008, bofora 0. __? MOOBE, Hotary FsMfe.
A Party of Hlgh Telephone
Offlolals ln Richmond Some
Tlme Yesterday.
A pdrty of hlgh telephone offlolals,
among thom Mr. Fredoriok P. Fish, pres?
ldont of tho Amorioan Telephone and Tel
egraph Company', Mr. Edward J. Hall,
president of the Southern Bell Telephone
and Tolegraph Company; Mlr. Wt IV
Gentry, gonoral manager of tftie South?
ern Bell, and Mr. B. H, Bangs, the elee
trlcal onglneer of that company, stopped
in Richmond yesterday for several hours,
Whllo en routo' upon an extenslve South
orn tour of lnapootlon of the propertleo
of thoso companlos.
Thoy woro moro than ploasea with the
very satlsfactory and agrooable relatlone
Whlch thelr oompany haa eatabllshea with
thls communlty, but probably the moat
pleasing taBk whlah they had Bot for
themsolvoB whlle in Richmond was the
announcement of the promotlon of eevaral
offlolals ot tho company, well known ln
Rlohmond. _. .
Mr, Hunt Chlpley bocomes attorney ot
tho Southern Bell Telephone- and Tele
graph Company, with offloo headauarters
ln Atlanta. In hls hands wlll fall the
legal buBlneas of tho Southern Bell ln
the sovon Statos lh wWoh lt do" bu?
ineBB-ths two Vlrglnlas, the Carollnas,
Qeorgla. Florlda and Alabama,
Mr, Fulrftuc _J. Montague. who hasbeen
local managor ot tho Bouthem Bell for
seme tlme, ls appolnted superlntendent
of the flrst distrlot of the oompany s bus
Ineas, coverlag the Vlrglnlas, the posltlon
Mr, Chlpley has held,
President Edward J. Hall, of the South?
ern Bell, yesterday also announced the
appointment of Mr. J. R. A. HobBon a
Rlohmond man. os superlntendent of the
fifth dlatriot of the company's bUBineaa,
with hoadquarters at Savannab.
These promotions beoome effectlve
March 81at.
The promoUon of Mr. Chlpley ond Mr.
Montague are-made by the oompany n
recognltlon of thelr valuable servlces ln
stralghtening out the unfortunate tangle
lnto whlch the company's relatlons to the
olty had fallon some Ave years ago, ana
in establishlng Ue Bell Company s busl?
ness ln tho olty upon a flrm and satls?
factory basls, ,
Mr. Montague has for two yoars ana
more conducted the buslness of the com?
pany with energy and auccess. Mr. Cnlp
ley's work ihas been rather, the promo?
tlon of Ita Interests Dy tho securlng of
a franchisa ordtnance deflnlng its rela?
tlons to tho clty. Tho passago of thls
ordlnanco after ono of tho most notable
tflghts over waged ln the Clty Councll. and
the subsequent absorptlon ot tho rlval
company,.attost Mr. Chlpley's' clalmB to
consldoratlon at the hands of the South?
ern Bell, whlch havo won for hlm a po?
altlon of large responslblllty, whlch car
rloH witJh lt a very handsome salary,
The party of dlstlngulshed telephone
ofTlclalB mentloned abovo paaaed through
Richmond yesterday morning on route
to Norfolk. Aftor spendlng a few hours
thoro, they rotumed to thla clty in the
aftornoon, wero drlvon about and glven
oveiy opportunity of Inspootlng the plant
recently Installod hore, and in the evo
nlng dlned at the Jefferson. Several gen?
tlcmen had been lnvlted to meet them at
dlnnor at tho Jefferson, Among those
who were present wero Judge James
Kelth, Mr, T. M, RutOiorfoord, Mr. J.
Taylor Ellyson, Lleutenant-Governor Wll?
lard, Mr. Wllllam B. Mcllwalne, presi?
dent of the Poteraburg Telephone Com?
pany; Captaln Robert E. Lee, Mr. George
S Shackleford and Mr, Eppa Hunton.
Prosldents Fish and Hall exprossed
thomsolveg aB very muoh pleased with
what they had seen of Rlohmond and
Virginla, apd were conlldent that tho fu
ture wouid brlng a large development of
the tolophone buslnesB ln thls State. They
left last nlght for the South.
The Norfolk Landmark, ln Its leadlrig |
edltorlal Tuosday, says:
"Rocognlsslng tho right of tha publlo to
complaln of the dllatory eourae of the
Legislature with regard to the prlmo duty
of the present Bosslon-the revlslon of
stntuto law to confrom to the new Con
Btltullon-Dolegate George Y, Hunley, of
olutlon deBlgned to establish a commond
Muthows county, proposes to brlng tha
law-nmkers to taw by submlttlng ti res
abln sort of cloture,
"Thls resolution provldes that after the
5th of Mnrch. 1*?. "? *>>'? *lial! be Intro?
duced whlch does not rolato to tho re
oastlng of the statutes.
"Tho recoptlon whlch the members of
tho Gonoral Assembly glvo to thls tlmely
pioposol of Delegato Hunley's wlll ba
closeiy obsorved by the peoplo, who havo
grown vory Impatlont with thelr repre
sentatlvea ln mchmond. To defeat tha
resolution wouid ba to wave deilnnco at
publio sentliiien t. __' W'i 4
"Thls Ib not tho lirst time the Delegate
from Mathews has hlt tho liull's eye,
He sooma to bo ono of the comlng men ln
Vlrglula's ipolltlcs."
Judgo Barksdale.
Judge W. R- Barksdale, of Hullfox.
who has rocontly undergono a t-eoond
operwtlon nt one of tho hoapltala hero,
ia able to be eut, and was ou ihe floor
sot tha ?Sonate >:<_iteiday..
Mr, Robert N. Harper Elected
(Speclnl to Tha TtmM-D!lD?t__.)
LBESBURG. VA., Febniarr 2T.~T_?
stoekholdors of the Horae and Colt Show
Assoclatlon of Loudoun have elected tha
followlng offlcera for tha oomlnaj yeatn
Robert N, Harper, preaident; W. G, Bhia.
tla, vloe-proeldentl H. H. Buaaell, sao.
ontfvice-preaident; B. T. Hlekman, aecra*
tary, and B. G, Garnett, treasurer, >
The Board of Dlrectora la compoaed M
follows: T, E. Baundera, J. B. Hut?hla?
son, B. C, Chancenor, John T. HourW
bano, Harry Harrlson and, Chaxlea R>
Mr. iAban Lodge, of Ohlo, brortjasr ol
Mr. Harmon Lodge, of Round Hlll, died
at hia home a few daya ago, aged aeveaty
two years.
Mr; Samuel Leazar, of Mlddletown, M"d?
brothor of Mr, F. W. Shafer, of thla
plooe, dled on Wednesday, aged aeventy
flvo years. i
Mr. W. C, Buatia haa leaaed "Oak Hlll,"
tho rosldenoo of Mr. Honry Falrfax, at
Aldle, durmg the latter*s abaenee tn. Rich?
Fourtaan-Year-Old Boy la Ono too Many
for the Chamberlln.
(Speclnl to Tho Tliiea-Dlapatch.)
banquet waa glven at Maaoaio Teraple
ln Hampton to-nlght by the Maaona ;of
the Penlnaula, in honor of the now grand
maater of Virginla, EM. N. BuOank, of
thla olty. Several dlatinguished men
were preaent and delivered toaats,
among them Governor A. J. Montague,
whoae toaat waa "Virginla," Grand*
maater Eubank reaponded to the toaat,
"Grand Lodge of Virglnia,"
A fourteen-year-qld boy, who went to
the Chamberlln Hdtel last Monday and
engaged tho boat room ln the houae,
waa aalced for hia board money thla
evenlng, and he left by the rear door.
The police are looking for him. On
hia arrlval he sald he waa expeotlng hia
father from Bt. Louls, The fatlwr. did
not arrlvo, and to-nlght ho waa asked
to pay up. He became lnd>gn*nt and
snld he would get the money from hia
room. He cannot be located. It haa
been lntimated that he la one of tha
gang of boya organiaed to> syetennatlcal-.
ly rob hotels.
Plcked Up In Norfolk.
(Soocfal to The Ttmea-Dlapatch.)
NORFOLK, VA., February. 27.?Barl
Mountcastlo, a. lad of aomo fourteen
years, a New Yorkwr, la dotalned bera
for hls father, whoae name the polloe
do not know. Tha boy ran away from
homo and waa traced vla the Old Domla.
lon line to Old Point, where he stopped at
tho ChamborUn, -ooming atterwwd to
thls clty where ha was apprehended, HUl
fajnlly is prominent.
The followlng noticea of appolntmtmt*
have been iemied by the Seaboard Ai?
Effectlvo Mareh lat, 1W3, Mr, Chaflea
B. Armatrong ls appointed tr_vell_g
freight agent of the Seaboard Alr I4?e
Rallway, wdtli headquarter* at Room 203,
Marquotto bulldlng, Chleago, IH.
Mv. Armatrong wlll report to Mr. P. H,
Thomoa, oommercial agent
Bfteotive March lat, 1003, the offloe ofj
tho general .western agent of the Sea.
board Alr Line Rallway at st, Louls,
Mo., wlll ba removed from Room 407,
Merchants' B-chiinge, to Rpom. IM, La*
cledo bulldlng.
Tlie abovo ohange ahould be noted tn
?ddre_sln_ poniniunioatlo|iq to Moasra.
J. G, Cantrell, general western agent)
Charles Rippln, contraotlng frolght egemt.
and Caarles O. Htcks, so}(pittng freigM
A Strong Flght.
Mr, Willlam Steger, of DanvilJe, la
put tlng up a, strong flght for one of tha
olerkahlpa to the tuw Corporatlon Com.
misslon. Mr, Steger has flue backlna
among the business men, eepeelally ol
hls saation, and they are very uctlva ln
his support.
r. ? ,'?,,?,' ,.'. '.,,.?ri.:i;.,;j
TRS. ;
a lot of land deacrlbud as follows: Ti_>.
teen acres 011 the C. O. read, located 111
Varlna Maglsterlsl J>istriot. , Henrloa
county, Va.. and aold qn the l&th d_y o|
Fobruary. 1WW, for deljnquept taxes, iey?
les, interests and couttf duo thoreoil, foi ?:
tha year 1W3, to the CoirimonweaHh oJ
Virginla; an applleattoit for the purcluaa
thereof naa been flled in thla offloe, and lt
appearlng frpnt tha record* of thla offka
that you are lnterested in tne agld land,
vou are further notlfled to appear here la
four nioiuhs from the date. of thla nohva :-..
und do what may bo neceasajy to p?h
test your interest*.
Glven under my hand thla 6th, ?*y oi
February. 1*^^^ ^
Clerk Henrlco County Court, VlrtirJv

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