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Miller & Rhoads.
Miller & Rhoads.
This Illustration Shows a
Warner Rust-Proof
No. 121 it's called. Mado of English Coiitil,'
with iho uow English hip.
Hoso supportors attached to botli liip and front,
in'ediuin bust, tfimined with laco and ribbon and
jK boned with rust-proof steel?$1.50.
f A "Warner Enst-Proof Girdlo for $1.00 ls mado
/ in Batiste and, liko aD tho Warner modols, is boned
with rust-prool steel.
Beautiful. Coats for the Baby.
Pooplo ihMt are not at nll interested in pretty thlngs for babies
won't be interested in this little item.
?rt,_ rf.<?fi.-t rnii??t coats nnd Irolley M.pes for the wee people thnt we ever
3aW S^sSteSto- S"lk Cashm.ro and Bedford Cord-M.60 to $12.50. j
Cnn't begin to describo thoir beanties?this is only inteuded to
bring,ydu in to look at 'mn.
The Dollar Muslin Underwear Exhibit
When Unaerwear, svich ns we havo
In our window, Is offered at One Dol?
lar, lt means that Uii_orwear per.eo
tlon (as far ns our present knowledgo
goes) has bceu reached.
Better made and flnlshod garments
you cnn't flnd anywhere at thls prlce,
and nolhirig iis good except ln other
eltlea,,where thls speclnl llno ls sold.
There's nothlng ln RIohmond to equal
ours at $1.00. '
I Social and ?
? ZPersonal ?
Tlie Woman's Club was a very pleasant
place for a vlsltor yesterday afternoon.
Mrs. Leland Rnnkin talked about "Re?
cent lHctlpn" and afteiworcl those who
ffemalncd for the lnformal recopllon and
a cup of tea or chocolate, were struck
ttfresh with tho brlght, oullv?nlng ntmos
phero and tho qulck, clcvor tolie of con
Versation whieh prevalled. Among tho
club vlsltors were; Mlss Masslo. of Now
Brunswlck, Canada; Mrs. Gllm.in and
Mlss Gllman. ol' Ounbtldgo, Mass.; Mi's.
and Mlss Slpe. of Virglnia; Mlss Lucy
Evans, of Florenco, S. C; Mlsa Cobbs. of
Waahlngton, D, C.i Mrs. ?nd' Mlss Mo
Ateo, of Mlssourl; Mrs. and Mlss SmlUi,
Of Canvbrldgc, Mass.; Mlss Marlo Sltnms,
?f .Hallfax county; Mrs. F. J. Brooko, of
Ala-andrlo, Va.; Mlss Nannlo Hollnday,
bt Raplflan, Va.; Mlss Lena Lonry, of
ArAeJla county; Mrs. James Wlnston, of
Clinton, Maaa.; Mlss Agjics McPnrlin. of
Baltlmore; Mrs. Hutchip, of Waahlng?
ton, Mrs. I/oulse Donnan, of Lexlngton,
.Va,; Mlss Mary Woolfolk and Mrs. Con
vo.rso. of Loulsville, Ky. ?
Tho sorvff rocltnl. whlch wis to havo
.been glven thls ovenlng at tluh club, has
been postponed on account *of tho III
ness of Mlss Hlldegiirde Hoffman, of
New York, much to the dlsappolntment
of those who had looked forward with
pleasure to hearing Mlss Hoffman;
The nnnunl meeting of thu Wonmn's
Club wlll take placo next Monday, March
Mrs. Raiidolph's Appeal.
TMrs. Norman V. Randolph, honorary
Chalrman of tho Tennessee tont, at tho
Confederato Bazaar, has sent tho follow?
lng appeal to Tennesee:
"The Jefferson Davls Monument As
ooolatlon last June declded that a Con
lederato Bazaar should hu hold during
the spring of 1003 In the clty of Rich?
mond. Slncjp.that tlmo tho dtroctors havo
boen aojjvojy .at ..'work in oach of tho
States. ' ,
A-Oril 15th, tho date appolnted for the
bpenlng of the bazaar ls fast opproach
Ing, and lt is hopod and believed that
Tennesseoans wlll contrlbuto as for as
they are able, to the succass of its ob
|?c_5. Evory Confoderato man and womafl
can glve somethlng, especlally as tho
express compnnies will brlng froe of
charge, all packaijes of twenty-llvo pounds
pr under. It ls suggosted that somo of tbo
tTennessco chapters mako a speclalty of
yjolUs, drossed and marked, roady for snlo.
lAddod to those may be articlos of use or
beauty, largo or small.
Tho veteran camps are roquestod to
tsend SR. or rellcs and pictures of thelr
Tennc.spco heroes, lt is speclelly deslrod
that evory donatlon, whether nf monoy
or otherwl.e, should be given ns a mo
snorial, and th.it a short sketoh of tho
tndlvldual memorlallzo. should accom
pajiy the glft, to be preservod and placed
ln tho Oinfederate Museum, tho rich de
posltory of herolo names nnd deeds.
It eeerns noodless to recall to tho rnom
ory of fttatespcoplo who woro so de
voted ?bolwoen tho yoars of 'Cl nnd '155,
that tho reprcsentatlvo of tho southern
oause, Jefferson Dands, hns nevor yet
toean properly recoBiilzed by hJs people-,
It ls probably a hottor thing to romlnd
them thnt packages ond boxe? ox piif*
oels ahould ho sont to tho Confoderato
Tlazaar with lho namo Tennessee, conspl
OUPUSly wrllton <>n the artdress wido,
Mrs. Wllllam It. Vawtor, formorly nf
Qtyines-oo, ls chalrman of tho Btale tont.
jAsslsting hor aro .Mrs, LoUnd Bniikin.
of Nashvllle; Mrs. Robort Loo Traylor,
formorly -Mlss Giyln. nnd Mrs. XV. T.
ArrnlHtoad, both of Momphls.
Mrs. t. J. i.itthain, tim TehneMoa dl
rectcr of tha Pnvls Monument As.ocln
tion lm-. npjiolntod .Mrs. M, R. Pflohar, nf
Nashvlllo, chalrman In Tennessee, Asso?
clated wllh Mra. Pilcher l* Mrs. A. E.
Banaon, of tha namo clty, rogant of tho
Tonne.Bee Room In tbe Confederato Mu?
seum. V \_
Patrlotlc Meetlngg,
Tll_ ('oiili-O Commlttee ?t the Associa?
tlon f?r the Prcfcorvailon o( Virginla An
ilqultles will meet to-dny nt i I\ M. iu
tho Virginla HiBtoric.il Soclety.
A niftotlng of tho Confedorate Memo
rial Llterary Boolety tu called lor WeU?
nfcaaay ?t noon, ln th< i mfodorute Mu
'J'hr, Eutortaliimenl 'wmiilttoe. oom
poscd of the chalrman r the different
fitatu tui'V., 'if :!;,- '',,'.!? i.j.-iti, jiiiznnr,
v,ill meet M .?':?'. Stophei I'utncy, at No,
P21 Wost rinr.Jtllii Streot, lo-d.y al noon.
'i'ho Alabama Owiinittf-n will tno.-i with
%lta J. I'- Drako, No. 120$ (Irov* Avenue,
e( 4:80 1\ M. to-morrow.
i A mretlng of tho Bo'ld fcoutb Tablo
'Ciinnilm-' ls called for 11 A. M. today,
jn I>ce I'mnji Hall. Ml-'iU H^Ufjhman
Jiojh: to ?-.(..) f-vory worker for the fiblo
(it il,ai. tlmu und piae.0
4, ivJl atu-iiiiai/_jr/? both 41141 Henlor
nnd Junlor Oak wood A.ssoeIatlons Is re
quested by Mrs.-M.._: Snolllngs for a
meetlng to ho held thls afternoon at 4
o'clock, No, 2701 East Broad Slrcofe
? * ? ? ? ?
The commltteo of tlie Mlssourl tnble
ls asked to meot to-morrow nt noon In
No. 40!) East Franklln Btreet. Mrs. Ha
gan, the chalrman, is anxlous to have a
full meetlng. .
? ? ?
All members are requested to attend a
meetlng of tho German Ladles' Ala So?
clety at 3:30 P, M. to-dn:i In the Vlrglnla
? ? ?
Miss Maud Steel. ls vlsltlng her frlend,
Mrs. R. G. Blanton (noe Hattio Tyler),
ln Scranton, Pa. On hor roturn, about
Aprll lst, sho wlll vlslt relatlves ln PhUn?
delphla, AVashlngton nnd Fredorloksburg,
rcachlng homo about May lat.
Tho Girls' Mlsstonary Soolety of the
Socond, Baptlst Church. cornor Maln and
Slxth Stroets, wlll glvo a chlldron's party
'Frlday. March fith. from. 4 to fi P. M>
An attractlvc programme wlll bo pre?
sented and llght rofroshments sold. The
.admlsslon feo wlll bo only flvo cents.
Mlss Mamlo Randn.ll has returned to
hor homo nt No. 1204 Park Avenuo, aftor
a vlslt of two months to Now York,
Baltlmore and Washington.
Personal Mention.
Mr. and Mrs, Frank B. Road. of Bo
cns del Toro, South Amerlca, have boen
vlsltlng Moblle during tho Mardl Gras.
Mrs. Read is now vlsltlng hor father, Mr.
Willlam Flogcnholmor, of No.. G37 North
Slxth Streot.
* ? ?
Mrs. Andrew Grny, Mrs. John Sprlnger,
of Wilmington, N. C, who hns beon vls?
ltlng Mrs. Gray, at No. 205 East Franklln
Stroet, and Mrs. Jamos Ashby Monouro
lefl yestorday for a vlslt of somo longth
to Washlngon. D. C.
Mrs. and Mlss Gllman, of Cambridge,
Mass'.; nro at Mrs. McLood's, on West
Franklln Stroet.
Mlss Lilllan Kollam, ot Northampion
county, who hns boen vlsltlng Mlss Nol
lle Gray, at No. 310 En.st Franklln Streot,
left for homo yestorday. Mlss Gray ac
companlod hor, and wlll remoin in
Ncrtlmmpton for n weok or two.
# ? ? .
Tho committoo of tho candy booth ot
tlio Confedemto Fair wlll msot wlth Mrs.
A. B. Apperson, at No. 1223 Floyd Ave?
nuo,' Wednesday, March 4th, at 4 P, M.
Mrs. Smlth, tho wlfe of tho dean of
Harvard "Universlty, nnd Ml?s Smlth, wore
visltors at tho Woman's Club last aftor?
noon. Mrs. and Miss Gllman, of Cam?
bridge, were also among tho out-of-town
* ? *
Mrs. Horbert Gray, who has beon vls?
ltlng her brothor, Mr, Thomas Fllppon,
ln Cumborlond oounty, returned to Rleh?
mond to tako chargo of Mrs. Moncure's
oli'iidren during tho tlmo of tho lattor's
stay ln Wiishlngton,
Tlio committee of the Loulslana table
wlll moet thls mornlng at 31 o'clook at
No. 101 North Flfth Streot, the homo
of Mrs. E. C. Mlnor.
Mlss Colemnn has chargo of tho chll?
dron's nnnex to tho Loulslana. tablo, ns
slsted by Mlsses Adalr Mlnor, Carrle
Colemnn, Lulio Wihltloek, Mary Randolph
nnd Ella Cocko,
Tlckets for tho "Bostock Benollt" for
tho Confederate Baznur aro selllng rap
Idly. As tho tablo whlch solls tho gront
ost number of tlckots wlll recolvo a ton
dollar prlze. thore ls n llvely compotltlon
in tho matter of snlo.
Mlss Annahel Goorgo, of nnltlmc.ro, Is
?the guost of Mrs. John Moseloy Walker,
of West Graco Streot,
Frlonds of Mlss Mary W. Lowls woro
glrnl lo soo her at tho Woman's Club laat
.flernoon. Mlss Lowls Is Just back from
u vlslt of several weeka to New Vork.
Mlss Eliznbcth Robjns, who went from
Baltlmore to Olnclnnntl, hns been havlng
a ohai'inliiB vlslt thoro wlth frienda. Mlss
Roblns wlll vlslt hor aunt In Nowport
News before conilng back to tho clty.
RIohmond spplety is looklng pieasantly
forward thls month to tho roturn of sev
enil of Its popular membors who havo
been spendlng tho wlnter abroad, Mrs. j
inui Mlss Grace Shields and MIhs MarJa
Mr. nnd Mrs. Davldson. of West Vlr?
glnla. who hnvo boen for the last fort
nlghl ln Rlehmond, left yestorday morn?
lng for home.
. t .
Mlss l^nillo Lyon* ifi spendlng tho month
of Mitrch ln Wniiblngton wth her slater,
Mrs. Clftude S. Swansrm.
Tho Kxr-cutlve Ooininlttoe pf tho Con
fodoruto linznar Assoclatlon mot yester
<ia> mornlng nnd declded to print an ud
dltlonal fiva miouHB.nd of tho revlsed elr
culars for dlatrlbutifin.
Mr. Ayros, of Hlg Stone Gap, returned
hcrne Sunday nlght after a fortnlght't'
stay in RIohmond.
Tha costumes for ths youncj soldlers who
wlll fako part In tho milltary drlll at the
Confederate Fair wlll be a red clreular
skirt, a red milltary Jncket and a J.iunty
red cap. The fc-irla aro much interteted.
ln tho drlll und aro dolng rinoly. j_
Commltteo Thlnks Superln?
tendent Noeds New House.
Secret MarrlngO--'Declared Insanu
Servlces at Sncred Heart Church,
Boslock Benefit Tickets?Per- _?J
sonal nnd General,
Th. Tlmes-Dlspatch Bureau, V
No. 1102 Hull Btreet. J
Manchester Councllnien whp are mem?
bers of tho Cemetery Commlttee aro
lucky nien, for ndded to tho. pleasure of
tho regular meetlngs the'member. oC'thc
commltteo nro us'unlly enturtalned i by
Suiierltitendent Allon nnd hls charmlng
wlfe and daughter.
The commlttee met lost nlght In regu?
lar sesslon. They found tho Buporlnten
dent very much under the weather, Buf
ferlng with an abscess and a severe caso
ol* iiouraigla. Undor tho clruumsttinces
Mr. Pettit, of tha commltteo, was chosen
sucrotaiy pro tem. Buporfntetidoiit Allon
got out of bed to weleoine the commlttee,
but ho was unablo to ofhoiate ns seero?
Thoso present were Chalrman Forgu
son, Mlnor, Cox, Rudd, Patruni and Pet?
Tho roport of the superlntendent showed
tho oxponses of tho dopartmont for tho
month of Fobruary to hnvo been $108.30;
tho receipts, $16. ?
"Theso are the smallest receipts of any
month sinco I have boen ln lho ofllco,"
sald Suporlntondent Allen. "But they
Indlcnle a most encouraglug oondltlon of
the people as regards mortallty."
A roport from the suporlntondent re
gnrdlng the oondltlon of Che superln
tondont'B residonco causod a dlscusslon
as to repalrs, and'lt was the senttnicnt
of tho aomniltteo that a now houso was
badly nocded. ' In nccordanco with thls
sentlmont nnd upon motlon of Mr. Pa
tiani, a commltteo of four wus appolnted,
Includlng Hie chalrmau of the commltteo,
to act In conjunctlon with Suporlntondent
Allon, and to roport back to tho general
commlttoo, Ihe cost of an entlrely new
"I thlnk the Finance Commlttee wlll
agroo wltli us that w'o naed a now houso
whon thoy nre placed In possesslon of
tho facts r'egardlng tho presont condi?
tlon ot thU ramshackled building," sald
Mr. Rudd.
"I havo heon on thls oomintttco for
soven yeara," sald Mr. Patram, "and we
havo beon maklng llttlo ropalrs he ?'nnd
thoro, and there is nothlng to' show.
Thls old bulldlng has be'en horo for
twenty years, and wo are badly m need
of a now ono."
Tho scntlment of tho other memboi.
was along tho samo line.
It was mnghly esUmated thnt a new
houso wouid cost from $1,500 to $1,800,
and Supcrintendent Allon sald he could
eut down tho chargos of constructlon
consldernbly if ho wore allowod to supor
lntond tho work and havo tho employ
ment of mon to asslst hlm. The sub
commltteo conslsls of Mossrs. Ferguson,
Patram, Rudd nnd Pottlt.
At 7 o'clock last nlght tho recolvors of
tho Richmond Tolophono Company woro
hung on their hooks nevor to rospond
to tho old famlllar call of "Hollo. Cen?
tral!" ngaln. All 'phone sorvlco ls now
dono through tho Bell 'phones, and tho
Richmond Instruments wlll bo removed
as qulckly ns possible.
Mrs. D. B. Llpscomb und daughtor, of
Forest lllll. havo gone to Baltlmore for
a stay of about two weoks. On tholr ro
turn thoy wlll stop over nt Old Point for
a fow days.
The funcriil of Mr. Rowzey Gllhort
Latham wlll ho from Fifth-Strcot Metho?
dlst Church nt 2:30 o'clock thls .'lftornoon,
and tho lnlerment wlll bo In Hollywood.
Mr. Latham dled Sunday ovonlng nt
6 o'clock, nt hls homo on Stockton Stroot.
aged soventy-two yoars. Ho had llved
m Manchester for forly-four yonrs. All
during that tlme ho wns ono of tho lend
Ing splrlts ln the growth of the clty. Ho
was actlvo In buslness nnd religlous
movonionts, and wns n vctprrin of tho
lnto war, having served In Crenshaw's
Battory. Ho camo to Richmond from
Frcderlcksburg, but wns born ln Ohlo,
having loft that Stato for Virginla when
ho was a lad of slxteon.
Up to the war ho wns employed nt tho
Dunlop & McCance mlll'. After the war
ho was with Dunlop and tho Gnllego Mllls
Conipnny for a numbor of yoars, and lntor
conductod tho Manchestor Mllls, wljlch
ho foun'ded In 1882,
Ho holpod Nbulld Fifth-Strcot Metho?
dlst Church, nnd was suporlntondent of
Central Methodlst Sunday school for a
numbor of yoars. Ho wns groatly Inter?
ested In Sunday-school work nnd taught
many of the chlldren of Manchester.
Mr. Latham leaves two daughters and
threo' sons?Mrs. G. W. Berry, of Man
ohostor. nnd Mrs. O. S. Reiims, of
Lynchburg, nnd Mossrs. L, M., J, B.,
and R. 0. Lnthnm, of Manchester, Ho
was twlce marrlod, hls llrst wlfe bolng
Mlss Bottlo Jonos, of Frcderlcksburg,
and hls soc'ond, Miss Snrnh C. Han?
cock, of Chestorfleld, who survlves hlm,
Uo hns twenty grnndchildren and four
Iie wns a man with n noblra Christinn
ehnracter, and hls loss wlll bo sorcly
Tho pall-boarers wlll bo hls grand
Actlvo?Messrs. C. H., Tloraeo K. and
Wm. R, Berry, and Leroy, John and
IKrnest Latham.
Honorary-Mossrs. G. \V> Roams, S.
P. Jones, C, V. friinn nnd Alonzo Holt.
Revt), Asn Prlscoll nnd W. A. Langhon
wlll conduct tho sorvlnos.
D's. P? V. i Rtickar, F,. G Hlll and
'Squire Jiird.'ui hold n commlsslon of In
nncy on Loo H. Phllllps ye.stordny morn?
ing nnd adjlldgod hlm Insane, Ho had
grown vlojent ln Opplomnn's storo, and
wns tnlcnii to tho station houso hy Of
Ks'tftbiisiipcl ti Oontsvti'y Ago.
Y EltY Bianioml we pffor for
, sale pusses tha sonvehinR
Horufciny of ouv rtiuinond
osirerts, aud ia Kuanmtonri tojho
a1>Bolutely_ perfpot.
" Wh'oia QUALITY is coiifiifl
orfifl our pricos aro THE LQW?
S2,"Upon satlsliictory ivferencts wc
wlll be pleased to send goods on upproval.
Jc?4lUrs, Silvcrsuilths and Statlonera,
1107 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Washlngton, P. C,
The Talk of the
3,961 Persons Sufferlng
From Rheumatism Call for
Munyon's Wonderful
The Prcc D'strlbutlon Now aolhg on ut the
Offlce ot the Tlmea-Dlspntch?Crowda ?(
Cltiicns Show Their Appreclatlon of
Professor flunyon's Muiilflcent Offer nnd
Ohtuln a Sinnple of His Rhcuinullsin
Yostarday a,Wl norsons had nvallcd
themselves ot Pror. Munyon's munlfluotil
offer lo obtaln.a freo samplo pf jilg Uuar
antced Rheumatism Cure, whloh Ta now
belng dlstrlbuled froe from the'offlce of
The Times-Dispatch.
All walks of life wero roprosontod. Mem?
bers of Congress Btuod slde by slde wlth
poor lahoi'crs, and bankers, merchants.
d'epnrtmont clerlus and mechanlcs vled
wllh each other ln obtalnlng a Imttlo of
these wonderful llttlo pnllots, whloh havo
cured so many thousands of rheumatism,
Prof. Munyon's represcrilatlva was seon
at Tho Tlm'es-Dlspatoh offlco, and. ln an?
swer to a roporter's inqulrlos, snld; Wo
havo no'doubt whntever as to tho result of
thls test, havlng passed through tho most
searcliirig Invostlgatlon ln all tho prlncl?
pal citlea of Uio United Statos, mado by
tho lendlng nowspapcrs, and In no caso
have we fallod to ouro loss thnn 90 out of
evory 100 who have used our remedles as
dli'ectod. Oh, , yos,r' ho remarked. "this
company putn up a curo for overy dlseaso
?just as eftlcaclous as thls rme, and bo?
foro wo aro through wlth thls Invostlga?
tlon wo expect the cltlzons of Richmond
to conflrm tholr bell'ef In Prof. MunVon a
remedles ns bolng tho greatest nchlovo
ment of modern medlcnf aclonce."
Munyon's romedles nro rndlenlly differ?
ent from those used by the rogular school
of homboopathy.i Thoy nro the result of,
?tho comblned ofTortB of over twenty of
thn most skllled phvslolnns ln Amorlcn
and Etirope. Thoro ls no oxporlmentlng,
no guosswork, no dangor, no loss of tlmo.
If you have a. disease. Mtinyou hns a
curo. Hls remedles are sold by nll drug
glslfl. mostlv at 25 cents, and may savo
your Hfc. Try them.
Rheumatism Cure.
Munyon's Rheumatism Curo Is guaran?
teed to curo rheumatism In any part oi
tho body. Acuto or muscular rhoumatlsm
can ho cured ln from ono to llvo dnya.
It -pee'dlly ciires shootlng palns. sclntlca,
lumbago nnd all rheumatism palns In the
back, .hlps and lolns. lt seldom falls to
glvo rellef nflor ono or two dosos. and
almost Inva-rlably cures bofore ono bottlo
has boen used.
Stomuch and Dyspcpsln Cure.
Munvon's Stomach nnd Dyspopsla Curo
cures all forms of Indlgestlon and stom?
ach troubto, such as rlslng of food, dls
tross nftor entlng, shortness of broadth
and all affoctions of the heart caused by
Indlgostlon, wind on tho stomach, bad
tasto, offenslve brenth, loss of appotlte,
falnlness or wenkn'oss of stomnah, coated
tonguo, heartburn, shootlng pnlns of tho
stomach, constlpatlon, dlzzlness; falntness
and lack of energy.
Munyon's Nervo Cure cures nll the
syraptoma of nervous exhnustlon. such as
depressed splrlts. falluro of memory, rest
less or sleoploss nlghts, palns in tho head
and dlzzlness.?;? It otiros genoral deblllty,
stlmulates and strengthens tho nerves
and tonos up the whole system. Prico,
25 conts.
Munvon's Kldnoy Curo cures palns ln
tho back, lolns or grolns from kldnoy dls?
easo, dropsy of tho'foet or llmbs, fro
quent fleslro to pass water, dark colored
and turbld urlno. sedlment ln the urlne
and diabetes. Prlce, 25 cents.
Catarrh Cure.
Catarrh Posltlvely Cured.?Are vou will?
ing to spend 50 ocnts for a cure that posl?
tlvely cures catarrh by removlng tho
ciuiso of tho dlsoaso? If so. ask your
druggist for a 26-cent bottlo of Munyon s
Cntnrrh Curo nnd a -6-cent bottle of Mun?
yon's Catarrh Tablets. Tlio catarrh cure
wlll e'radlcate tho disease frnm tho sys?
tom. nnd the tablets wlll cleanso and
heal the affllctert parts nnd rontore thom
to a natural nnd healthful condltion.
Munyon's Llver Cure corrocts headache.
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Tho fnct of tho inarringo of Mr. If'ir
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and Miss Ida Wllllams, of Huntlngton
W. Va,, has Just been mntln publlc, The
oeronmny was porformod In C'hllllcotho,
Ohlo, last Deeemb'er,
Mr, Fltzgeralcl wns a son of Mr.
Frank Fltzgernld; of thls city, and
nephew of Messrs. W. D, nnd lluuter
Ferguson. Ilo ls now wlth hls father
ln Kentucky bulldlng a vlnduct.
Tho Almshouse Committoo wlll moet
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Mr. Belvln |s selllng shnros of Iho
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At Work Again.
.Mr. W. G Thweatt, of the Wentern
Unlon Tolegraph Company, who wn?
shocked by a llvo .wlre 6?,turday nlght,
was at work yesi;erday/is tl"*U-h no.
thlng out of the ordiuaryjhad happened.
Ii . ! '
(Contlnitorl from Flrst Parta,)
ot a flne. that can be lmposed, and thls
is dlscretionttry.
Tho fnct thnt the juror asked such a
dlrect questlon made an Impresslon upon
tho liearers, and the momeiil the Jury
was agaln out there was a bttza of con
versatlon over tho room. F/very ono
suomed ? to thlnk thnt the quory was
omlnous for tho defendant, but he dls?
played nol the sllghtest omotlon.
It was reported late last nlght that tho
Jury, had coased ballotlng, whloh ls re?
garded as slgnincniit, but along mi on?
tlrely dlfforont line. ThlB'lends OHlllmeis
to belleve tho uselcssn'ess of further ni
fort at arrlvlng nt a verdict hus tnnni
fosted Itself,
But bo all of thls oh It mny, thoro nro
those who slill adlrm that a verdict t'",
bo reached, and that It wlll rosult ln
acqulttal, It may bo sald, howovor. th at
thls opinion Is hnld only by nrdent mi|>
porlors of Klng. A. majorlty or tho spec
tators and so-callod students of tlie uso
nro-flrm In the bollof that a hutig JU J
wlll result, nnd tlmt Judge Ingram wlll
eventtmlly bo roquliod to dlsehargo. tho
twelvd mon wlthout over having a sii. ?
factory roport ono wny or tho othor from
From the pre*ent outlook lt wouid soem
that Judgo Ingram hus dotormlnod io
loavo no stone iintiiniod In tho hopo of
KoLtlng a vordlot in lho nll-lmportant
easo. Certaln lt la that he wlll keop tho
Jtirv olosotcd to-day untll a lato hour,
and* thoy may ho brought baok to-mor?
row. Thls action, howovor, Is dopendent
entlrely upon tho health of tho mombcrii
of tho .'jury, whlch-Ih not tho best, Sov?
oral hnvo boen complalnlng, und It la
foarod that "II wlll not nhow up thls
morning, ln whlch avont thoy wlll bo
brought baok to-morrow, Just as lf noth?
lng had occurrod to lnterferod ln tholr
Aboundlng ln novoro orltlclom, during
whloh the strongest Inveellves woro
hurled to tho Jury agalnst tho testlmony
of cortain wltiiossos, argument of counsol
In tho Klng caso wns thundorod forth
for hours during tho morning nnd after?
noon scsslnns yostorday. Thls lasted untll
nfter 7 o'clock. whon t,ho energy of Com
ir.onwcallh's Attorney R.lchardson had
beon spont ln ahsworlng specchos of hla
oppononts, and ho sank in hls soat cx
hausted, having mado ono of tho bost
nnd strongest efforts of his llfe.
The strongest torms wero usod by
Mossrs. Mdretllth and Carter in denounc
Ing Gasser, Gudo and Welnbrunn, -tho
chlef wllnossos for tho prosocution. Es?
peclally was thls truo of Mr. Morodith,
who charaeU'i'l.od tho inen as a band of
cojisplrators, nnd sald tholr testlmony uc
tually mado a stench In tho nostrlls of
docent pooplo.
Tho Iristructiotis of tho Judge to Jury
wero lengthy, nnd when read wero. glven
the closest attentlon by tho Jury, the
prlsonor and tho attorncys aliko. They
wero couched ln such languago as to
loavo no doubt as to the polnts Involvod.
The chargo follows. and ln turn Is fol?
lowed by a fow words Judge Ingram ad
drossod to tho Jury:
If tha Jury bellovo from the evldence
beyond all reosonablo doubt that the
prisoner, John M. Klng, wlthln twolvo
month. bofore tho flndlng of tho Indlct?
mont agalnst hlm, and ln the clty of
Rlohmond, acceptod from Charles Gas?
sor, J. C. Welnbrunn and' J. A. Gude, or
elthor of them, acting for hlmself and
the othor two any promise that they, tho
sald Charles Gasser, J. C. Welnbnmn
and J. A. Gude, or olthcr of them, nctlng
for hlmself ancl tho othor two. wouid
inako to hlm tho sald John M. Klng, a
glft of nlno hundred dollars, or any part
thorof undor an agreement, or with an
understandlng thon and there mado, and
had by, and between tho sold Charles
Gasser, J. C. Welnbrunn and J. A. Gudo,
or olthor of thom, acting for hlmsolf and
the other two, nnd sald John M. Klng,
that ho, tho sald John M Klng, In tho
mattor of awardlng certaln contracts for
pavlng, gradlng nnd Improvlng the streot.-?
of tho clty of Richmond, whlch by law
wouid bo brought beforo hlm In hls of?
flcial capaclty us an aldecman of the,
clty of Richmond, and a momber of tho
Commltteo on Streets of the Councll of
sald clty wouid cast hls vote, glvo hls
opinion, ond rende.r hls Judgment in favor
of tho sald Charles Gasser, J. C. Weln?
brunn nnd J. A. Gude, or olthor of thom,
for hlmself and tho othor two ln rela?
tlon to snld mattor, or ln favor of award?
lng to them tno sald Charlos Gasser, J.
C. Welnbrunn and J. A. Gude, or elther
of thom, for the benefit of hlmself nnd
tho other two, tho sald contracts for pav?
lng, gradlng and' improvlng tho streets
of tho olty of Richmond, then tho Jury
should flnd tho prisoner gullty, although
thoy mny further bellovo that tho sald
John M. Klng, In cnstlng hls vote. giving
his opinion, and rondorlng hls Judgment
upon tho subjoct, dld ln relatlon to sald
mattor What It was hls duty to do, and
although they mny further bellove frnm
the ovldenco thnt tho snld John M. Klng
hncl no powor to do what ho had prom?
lsed. Tho court Instructs tho Jury that
although the testlmony ot an acooni
pllco if unsupported ls always received
with iprent cnutlon, yot nn nccoinjilico
Is unquostlonably n compotent wltness
unlexs he hns boen provlously sontoncod
for nnflnfnmbus offense nnd ho Is com
petent alono?that ls a prisoner may ho
oonvlctod on tho testlmony of nn nc
compllco uncorrobornted by thnt of nny
other witnoss, lt bolng tho duty of tho
jury ln all enses to consldcr the ovldonco
nnd judgo of the credlt of tho wlt?
nesses. The nourt Instructs tho Jury thnt
tho crcdlblllty of tho wltnesses la n quos
tion oxeluslvely for tho jury, nnd tho law
Is thnt whoro a number of wltnesses
tostlfy dlreetly opposllo to each other
tho jury ls hot bounti to regard tho
weight of evldence as cqunlly balancod.
The jury havo tho right to clotonnlno
from tho nppoaranco of wltnesses on tho
stnnd, thelr mnnner of tcstlfylng and
thelr apparont enndor and falrness, tholr
apparont Intelllgenco nnd from nll >tho
othor suiToundlng clrcumstanees npp.ar
Ing on tho trlal whlch wltnesses aro moro
worthy of crodlt nnd to glvo creclR, oc
Tho eourt Instructs Uho jury that tho
law presumes lho prisoner lo bo Inno
cent untll ho ls elenrly und cnneluslvoly
proved gullty of tho chnrge contnlned ln
tho ecrtlllcato ot' the justlce and lu tho
copy of tho Indlctmont on whlch ho Is
tiled boyond all roasonable doubt, and
If thoro ls upon tho mhids of tlio jury
any ronsonnble doubt of lho prlsonor's
gullt, bnsed upon tho ovldenco In tho cuiso,
tho law mnkos it thelr duty to aoqull
hlm; tihnt oven If thero was Husplcion
n." probiihlllly of hls gullt, howovor strong
such susplolon or probnbillty, lt wouid
not bo sulllclpnt to convlct, nor wouid It
b? suftlclont lf tho groater weight or pro
poidoranco of ovldenco supportod the
chnrge ngninst tho prisoner, nor that
upon the doctrlno of rhnncos lt wero moro
probable that tho prisoner ls gullty, but
to warrant hls convlctlon his gulll muat
bo proved so oreaiiy and concluslvoly that
thoro ls no roasonable theory baseil upon
tlu- evldence ln tlio enso upon wrtilch he
can bo Innocont. A ivasonublo doubt ls
that stato of ndnd whlch, after a full
enmpurisun nnd conslderntlon of nll tho
eviilence. both of iho Poni'mon wealth ahe)
the defenso, leaves.tho inlnds of tho Jury
in thnt conditlon that they cannot nny
thnt thoy feel nn nhldlng fnlth nmountlng
to n moral certnlnty, from the ovldonco
in the caso. that tho defendant ls s'ullty
of tho charge. M you hnvo such doubt,
If your convlctlon of tho prlsoner's gullt
; does not nmouut to mara] certnlnty frpnj
I tho evldence In tho caso, thon tho court
Instructs you that you must ucuult |h*,
.. jo, ?? \ _?;?_?_
prisoner. ,Btit tho court nstrtie s tjiejnry
as a mnttor'of law that ln considorlng the
cnse the.jury rtre not to go _>W?&?
ovldonce to httnt up doUbts, nor rntist they
enterlnln sUtih doubts ns are merely
ehlmerlcal of conjeeturrtlLa doubl to J fl
tlfy an nfcquittnl must b* ft J*?*?n*b ?
doubt, andlt must nrlse from a candld
nnd Impartlal Investlgatlon of all the eV
Idonco ln thrt casfr, nnd unless t,1s such
that, were. the samo klnd of doubt Inter
posed ln tlie gi'ftver transacllons Of Hfc,
lt would cause a reasonablo and prudent
mnn ln hesllnte and pause, It Is Insuftl
cient to authorlze a verdict of not gullty.
If aftor eonsldorlng all theovldence, you
can sny thnt you have fth abldlng convlc?
tlon of tho 'rullv of tlie ohnfge, you are
satlsllerf boyotid a rensonable doubt.,
After readlng instructlons tho court fur?
ther sald;
Now, goritletnen of the Jury, I have rend
to you tho liistl'iiollotis of liho court, whlch
em'body the law(.of tlils case, und whlch
nro to scrvo for yoli ns a chnrt to guldc
you In pnsslng Upon tho evltlonco. I havo
somothlng clso to say beforo tho nrgu
mont'.ln thls enso. Yours Is the greatest
responslblllty thnt can ever dovolve on
Iho cltlzens of a free Commonwenltli, and
ln Its performance yoti-have, In tho prop?
er dlschargo of diity, to conslder tho
rlghts of the Stnto' orf liho ono slde and
tho''rlghts and llberty .of ono of hor ell
izens on tho other', 'A'qu are rosponslhle
to noniiclenco aml Iho.solomn oaths you
took upon yoursclves when-you swore to
well nnd truly try the Ibsuo between
tho Commonwealth and tho prisoner at
llio bar. I appeal to you to keep over
boforo you In your doliberatlons that sol
omn nnd serious oiith. j
I linvc onjolned upon ydu slnco you woro
flrat accepted as Jurors to hold no con
vorsntlon wlth anyono concernlng thln
caso, and to nllow'no ono to conversewltih
you concernlng . 1 havo also cautloncd
you ngalnst eonsldorlng In any wny nny
statomonts or suggostlons< contaluod In
tho' newspapers concernlng lt. I 'agaln
most earnestly- call your attentlon to
theso Injunctlons. In your dotormlnatlon
of Iho Issucs hore you aro ntrlctly con
llned to the ovldonce as dellvercd boforo
ycu lu open court by the witnesses nnd
to tho exhiblts flled, and to tho law as
contalned ln tho Instructlons.
The fearless -Isclmrgo of duty ls the
rlchest herltago ot a freo peoplo. Hs su
premest test ls tho fair and Impartlal nd
mlnlstratlon of Justlce.
Boforo proceodlng further wlth thlff
case thoro Is a' matter connected wlth it
which I deslrc to havo detcrmlned. But
I derflre to state "ln so dolng I do not
Intond to rellcct <upon any juror ln thls
case, for I know of nothlng In tholr con
duct to call forth any crlticlsm of them.
Thoy wore seloctod ln the manner pro
vldotl by law,' being drawn by the clerk
of thls court from the rogular Jury box,
thelr nnino being thorcln ' dcposlted
months ago by the judge qt thls court,
who Is dctained by sickness and ls pre
vented from slttlng ln thls casp. They
wero drawn In tho presence of the Com?
monwealth's Attorney and myself, Be?
fore tholr-acceptance as trlnl Jurors they
wore subjected to a most careftil nnd
rigld cxaminatlon on tholr volr dlre by
me, and both the Commonwealth's Attor?
noy and the counsel for tho prisoner had
the rlght and wero Invlted to questlon
them further, and for cause to tmpeach
any or all of tho panol,' but notwlthstand
ing tho manner In whlch tho Jury havo
been seleeted and ompancled there havo
appeared Sfatements In tho press ns
comlng from tho Commonwealth's Attor?
noy that certain of tho Jurors, whpse
namos are unknown or not glven, or
personally Interested In tho dlschnrge of
tho prisoner. 'Section 4020 of the Codo
provldes "andi in any crlmlnal caso the
court may diachnrsre tho Jury when lt
happens that they ennnot ngroe In a ver?
dict. or that there Is a manifest neces?
slty for such dlschargt." My constiuc
tlon ot thls statu'tc Is that at nny tlmo
before tho verdict In thls caso, It It can
bo shown to the court by aatlsfactory
evidence, that any Juror on thls pnnol
Is Impropcrly or personally Interested ln
elther tho dlschargo or convlctlon of tha
prisoner then a manifest necesslty exlsts
for "the discharge of thls Jury ln tho.
mennlng of tho statute; and I shall im
hosltatlhgly dlschorgo tho Jury lt the evi?
dence can bo produced, and lf so,no plea.
of former Jeopardy wlll bar tho subse
quent prosecutlon of tho prisoner. As
wns sald by Mr. Justlce Gray In Slmmons
vs. United States, 142 U. S., pago 148:
"Thoro can bo no condltion of thlngs ln
whlch tho necosslty for thls power Is
moro manifest ln ordor to preyont tho de?
feat of tho ends of publlc Justlce thnn
when lt is mado to appear to tho court
thnt othor by reason of facts oxlstlpg
when thn Jurors were sworn. but not
then dlsclosed or known to tho court or
by reason ot outsldo Influe.nces brought
to benr on tho Jury pendlng the trial, the
jurors or any 6f them or subjoct to such
blns or prejudlco as not to stnnd Impar
tlnl botween tho government and tho
A recent doclslon of tho Court of
Qiieen's Bench, mnde upon n full revlow
of the Engllsh nuthorlt'e* nnd nfllrmed
In tho Exchequor Chnmbor. ls to the
samo effect. Wlndsor vs. Rog. L. R., 1
0. B. 2SO-390.
"lt such ovidenco oxlsts I deslro It pro?
duced. It Is duo to the Jury. U ls duo to
tho proper and brderly ndmlnlstrntlon of
Justlce that Is should be dono.
The Day Given to Argument.
Contrary to oxpectatlons, tii?rc was no
testlmony Introduced yestprdav, Tho
defenpe ? declded to'dlsponso wlth the
ovldonce of Clty Engineer Cutshaw, who
was to havo gona on tho stand for tho
purpoae of contradlctlng Gasser. By
previous nrrnngomont, Commonwealth's
Attorney 'Rlohardson" opened the nrgu
mtiit. ;'?', ''''?, ,?'"?
Mr. Rlohardson spoko for about an
Is an hereditary disease, and one for
which a tainted ancestry or blood poison
ed parentage is responsibie. It is trans
mitted tbrpugh the blood and shows
itself in swelllng and ulceration of thu
glands of th* neck, catarrh of tlie head,
weak eyes, sores, abscesses and skm erup
tions, with a gradual wasting away of
strength and vftality. It also attacks the
bones and joints, resulting in white awel
liiiK, hip disease nnd deformities of every
kind We see tbe elTects of this awful
blood taint every day, but it exists in so
many forms tliat often it passes for some
thing else nnd is treated as anotherdisease,
Scrofula robs the blood of its nutntive
riualtties, nnd it becomes too poor to pro?
duce healthy growth PICT
nnd development, and Int. Ull" I
thin, emaciated bodies -.? ?
and pallid, waxy com- Ur M -
plexiousare the result. TAIMTCn
Only a coustituiional ? *-???? ?(_--?
remedy, one that works ANCESTRY.
through'tbe blood, can
reach a disease that has been transmitted
through generations or been lurkiug m
the blood since birth. ,,.."* .
S. S, S. cleanses the blood of oll scrofu
loiis matter and tubercular deposits, and
wlien rich, pure, health-sustaimng blood
is agaln liowing in the veins there is a
Kradual disappearauce of all tbe danger*
ous symptoms of Scrofula; strength
retunis, and a complete cureiseffected,
B. S. S. cbptaiiis no strong minerals to
further break down nnd derange the sys?
tem, but can be tukeu by the very old, as
well as tbe middle
aged aud young,with
out nnyharmfujafter
effects, or the least
injury to the most
delicatu constitution.
lf you have any signs of vScrofula, or
your childrcn ure atunted or slow of
, growth, pale nnd sickly, write us, and qw
| Shyeiciaiis will advise you free of charge.
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hour, He revlewed the testlmony from j
his point, dwelllng upon the heinoiisneas
of the brlhe-taker. He told of the sy.s- \
ternatlc. schemo by whlch he clalmed
tho. clty had been robbed through the
corruptlon of Klng.
Not a sclntllla of evldence was over
lookcd ' by the Conimonwealth's Attor
Slr. Moredlth bolng out of the room
whon Mr. Rlchardson closed, Mr. Cnr
ter uroso to speak In botinlf of Klng. g
He devoted hlmself brlefly to dlscuRalng' J
tho Instructions nnd replled to Mr. Jtlch- J
ardaon upon a number of polnts made n
by hlm. I3ut his best eftorls wera clvcn-M
to lambasUng the prlnclpal witnossea for jgffl
the Stnto-Gasser, Gude and Welnbrunn? m
Intlmating that thelr ovidcnce.had been %
Imponchod and ho falth was to bo placed -
in whut wns sald' by them.
With tho concluslon of Mr. Carter.
addresa, court took a recess untll 4:0c *
o'olock for dlnner. When court re- <
sumod agaln Mr. Meredlth arose to con- >
clude tho argument for the defense.
"The taBk whlch Ue? bofore you and
mo, gentlemen," began Mr. Moredlth.
"has been half porformed, but I wlll
havo a few words to pay upon the caso.
It rcmlnds me very much of a modern
comedy l saw recently. I rarely go to
the thentro. It mny be on account ol
my lncreaslng nge. but I seldom vlslt a
playhouso. However, some tlme ago
whon I notlced ln tho pupors that a
company of my old friend and college
mate, George Fawcett, of Baltlmoro,
was to play in this clty. I declded U
take a trlp to tho (BIJoU.
"And, gontlomen. thls trlal remlnds mt
vory much of tho performance 1 saw.
rt wns called 'Tho Llnrs,' and so should
thls play he named. whon wo oonslder
the perjurers and falso swearers who
have been Introduced. Tho three chlc!
parts In thls play, In fact, nro belng ta?
ken by solf-convicted p?rjurera."
Mr. Meredlth pleaded that ho coult!
not understand how for a mlnuto tlu
Jury' could hosltato in finding a verdict
for the accii3ed.
"IIow can you hesltate?" quorled he,
"Thls testlmony wo havo heard actually
bristles, aa does a porcuplno, with
doubt. It stenchn ln tho nostrlls of do
cent peoplo. and there ls absolutely no
testlmony Introduced horo to corroborale
tho chlof wltness-Gude-not a sclntllla.
Now, Bontlcmon, con you be levo Gude.
If you can 1 loso my falth ln Virginla
common sense.
Mr Moredlth gave somo tlmo to dls
cuflHlng tho nlloged consplrncy between
the threo eontrnotors for rnldlng tho cll9
treasury. as ho put it. Thoy wero nu
gry beenusc Klng Btood ln thelr way and
tho Indlctment and trlal wns a result of
thls and thls alono, Mr. Moredlth gavo
con"iderob)o attentlon to tho testlmony
of Gnsser, saylng there wns no trouble
to eontrndlct hlm a number of tlmes. Ua
roferred to tho testlmony ln robuttal of
Mesrrs. Holton nnd Tallaferro, conclud
Ing thnt evldontly Gasser had no respeet
even for the dead. referrlng to tho state?
ment ho is nllegod to hnve mado to the ^
lnst namod nbout certaln corruptlon m
tho old Stroet Cominlttotj;
"Not oven tbe dead arn free fW>m tho
slBtidors of thls mnn Giwer, and lt wai
rovepge and hntred for Klng ?l"ne thnt
kd to nll of thls trouble,"
"It has been stated' by Mr. Tallaferro
that Giwsev told hlm thnt Klng and six
othor members of tlio Street Commlttee
were corrupt. Tlio C'ommonwenlth s Ai
tornoy made no efforts to nscertnln wjm
theso othor men wore, alttinugli tho wit?
noss wouid doubtless hnvo anwffvA; an/
questlons along thls llhq. Hc had thelr
.iamos ln hls pockot, Ho daro not dovolop.
thls. for somo of these names, ulteied W
the HlnndoroiiH tonguo. wouid havo PJtWgJ ,
tbo peoplo to attach no falth to hls Btatp
ments. Tho men were too bninaculato
Mr. Moredlth closed .with a good worn
fpr Pcnny Rulllvnn, ona of Klngs Ull.
Mr, rtlohardsnn hnd the closlng and used
lt well. Ho commencod'by denying th-it
he 'wns up agalnst a bi'k'k wall, statlnff
that ho wns perfectly -atlsfkd with tho
Jury ln the caso, and wllllng to l*<*vo~
oase With the Jury. Tlio faces of tha
Jury, he sald, convlnced hlm that he wan
oddrosslng honornbla Virginla gent|eiii*i>
Mr.'RIchnrdson's closlng offort wn? on.
of tho strongest of the day. He ex
clalmcd that the defenso had not nd
vancod u Blnglo argument and thelr en?
tire efforts had beon glvon to the us?
Of vltuperation o.galnst wltnesaea for
tho"pros4icution. .
i When Mr. Rlchardson cloaed tho eaat
was glvni to tho Jur/ with the result al*
ready ioW u

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