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LiveNews aridFresh Gossip From tlie Cities
and Towns of Virginla'
Jury ln the Corporation Court
js Now Considering Gases.
The Supreme Court of Appeals of VI r
ginin Wlll Pass Upon the Questlon
ns to Whethor Hotel Proprletor
Can Sell to Guests on Sunday.
(Spcclitl to Tbo Tinic-s-Disiintch.)
NORFODK. VA., March 3,-Judge
Hanckel and tho Jury of tho Corporn
tlon Court wero ocoupled with tho Ilquor
cases to-day. Thoy aro cases of appeal
from the largo flnos whlch woro Imposod
ln tho Pollce Court, luid to whlch tho
tfofendnnts have prepared tlio usual nrgu
ments and evldence that wero heroto
foro offoctuaJ ln roleaslng thom blamo
less bofore a jury. ln thoso cnses where
a dofendnnt could not provo that he luul
not sold Ilquor on Sunday, ho wns fined.
In ono caso, that of Barney McCann,
whero tho proof was posltlve thnt ho
sold llquors on Sunday, tho fino lmposed
by the Corporation Court on appoal was
$450, and tho defendant bolng unablo to
pay, went to jn.ll where he ls now. Ho
was flncd $150 ln tho lower court, and,
thlnklng that a hard'ship of whlch ho
could bo rollevod by tho jury, h* ap
pealed to bo sent to prison.
Anothor caso ls that of Sylvanus
etokos, of the Montlcello Hotol. On nn
?.groemont as to tho facts ho was CInod
l nomlnal amount for selllng Ilquor on
Bunday. Ho nppealed the caso to tho
Corporation Court, whero he contended
lhat hls llcenso ns a hotel keeper gave
the prlvllogo of selllng llquors to guosts.
Hls ploa was set aside and tho court an?
nounced that the law donlos the right to
?ell llquors on Sunday, no matter what
lho condltlons or who tho persons. Ho
cannot sorve llquors with menla at tho
tablo or ln any other manncr. An ap?
poal from that doclslon and the flne
of ?100 wlll bo carrled to the Supreme
Court of Appeals of Virginla.
Roar-AtVmJral Charles S. Cotton, com
mandnnt of thls naval station, has been
asslgned to tho command of tho roorga
nized squadron on tbe European station.
The squadron Is to ho strongthened nnd
it Is llkoly that tbo crul.er Brooklyn wlll
be Uio flngHblp. Thls will bo tho flrst
tlmo Admlral Cotton has flown tho two
starrod ponnnnt nt sea bocause ho hns
been at thls station Cor throe yoars. It
!s th3 deslre of the department at Wash
aigton to rccoRTiizo tho sorvlces of Ad?
mlral Cotton during tho Spnnlsh wnr and
the abllity be has dlsplayed on thls sta?
tion by rewarding him with thls most flo
strablo asslgnmont ln tho Amerlcan navy.
Tho Chesapenke Trnnslt Company has
? mndo a five yonrs' trafflo arrangemoht
wltb the Atlantlc Termlnal Compnny by
whlch the former obtains a station ln the
honrt of the city. Tho Chcsapeake Com?
pany ls tho now road to Capo Honry, Tho
Atlantlc Termlnal goes to Sowoll's Point
and ls a part of the Wllllams .yndlcate,
whlch controls the Norfolk, Portsmouth
and Newport News Company's proporty.
The nrrnngoment Is ndvatitngeous to the
Capo Henrv Rond beeause it nllows thnt
road to re'celvo and dellvor passengers
' ln Plurao Stroot opposlto the postofflco
by a doublo track. Tho doal wlll go lnto
lmmed'lato effect,
"Unldentlfled and unknown, tho body
found on Saturday floating In tho rlver
hero. was buried thls morning. The
burlul was mado by tho clty In tho lot
of tho stranger. ln tho Elmwood Ceme?
tery. There aro no trlnkots nor Jewols
nor anythlng but shrods of ordlnary
clothing by whlch to Idontlfy tho mnn.
Tho body was found horrlbly eut nnd
mutilated. It .waa nearly strlpped of
clothing. Tn*.re were nothlng but
shrods on tlie trunk of tho body and the
dar ktrousors and vlcl kld shoes on the
legs and fdet do not show any dlstlnc
tlve mark. by whlch tho body could be
Two men camo here thls morning from
tbo country boyond Newport Nows. Thoy
wero too lato to seo the body. but tho
descrlptlon of it that they obtalned from
tho coronor and tho polico deteotlves sat
lefled thom tha tlt was not tho bod'y of
thelr fnther, for whom thoy aro -oarch
tng. They eaid tholr father had dls
I,ppoarod and thoy suspocted thnt tho
body horo mlght bo hls. Thoy snld tho
deocrlptlon did not tally. Thoy wont
*way wlthout rovoallng tholr own Idont
ly, and without giving Informatlon of
[helr fatlier. Tho officers dld not ob?
tain any partlculars of the ldontlty of tho.
In lmportant onses of tho Court of
Law and Chancery, Judgo R. R. Pronlhi,
of tho Clrcult Court, wlll slt. to-morrow
ln place of Judgo AV. B. Martln, who ls
Biclc. Thore aro some lmportant cases
.whieh tho court does not wlsh to dolay,
i tOd for theae Judgo Prontla wlll slt, It
i? usunlly tho caso that Judgos Martln
and Hanckel enn Inturchango dutles, hut
at tho presont tlmo Judgo Hahckol, of
tho Corporation Court, !s busy with tho
ilquor cases nnd a much larger number
of ensew ni'Pcnlod to that court from tho
l'ollce Court than ever happoncd beforo,
nnd thcrefora ho cannot sorvo in Judge
Martln'a place, Judge Martin Is not _e
rlonsly Hlck,
Judgo Edmund Waddlll, Jr., of the
United Staios Court, hns mado an award
of flOu'ln tlio sult of Slmon 15. Tlschler
aguintit the ferry stoamor Clty of Ports.
mouth. Tho eult was entorod for the
sum of {2.0X.I on aocount of InJurUis re?
celved by Tisohler whlle on tho stoamer.
The torpedo boat destroyer Wordon, ono
of the flyers of tho harbor dofonse
flotillo. wll] have her offlclal trial trlp
over the Chesapeake Bay course Thurs?
day; the Trial Board wlll bo hcaded by
Captaln Charles V. Traln, Tho boat la
expected to develop over thirty knots.
The gunboat Dolphln, now at tho navy
yard, ls bolng mado ready for u Bouth-:
ern crulso, and lt is announced thnt 800
retary of tba Navy Moody wlll board tha
yacht ln Hampton Roads next weok for
an jnspectlon tour of tho governmeiit/s
new coallr.g statloiva in Cuba.
There was a rneetlng o< thh Seaboard
Alr I'lne Rallway dlrectors at Portsmouth
to-day. Thoso present were Presldcnt
John Skelton Wllllams, Vlce-President
and General Mamigvr .1 il. Htur. Mmurs.
J. W. Mlddendorff, f'.. U Addlsur., O. Syd
riey Shepard, Emest. Thalmann, Major
3. Ii. Dooley and MftJ1' H. I'uvali. Mr.
Duvall is riot a member of tho Seaboard
Air I<lne Board ot DIr?otors, but with
? tlie above named ?entleinon comprisos
' <ne Board of Dlrectors of tho Florlda
imtral and Peninsuia Rallroad Company,
Ka of the Seahoard'a alllea. After con
iuding the business of the meetlng tho
icctor* were entertalned at lunchoou at
tho resldence of Judge h. R. Watts,
general counsel, and lator tho whole party
loft on a speclnl traln of prlvate oo.rs
for n tour of tho Bouth for tho ptirpose
of IhSpeetlflg the oOlitpttliy's property.
ReprosentntlVos from tho Norfolk,
Portsmouth, Borltloy ond Prlncess Anno
Chaptors ot the Daughters of the C.on
fedornoy met In general session at I IcR
ott-Buchanaan Camp Hnll to-day and de?
clded to take the Inltlatlve lo bring about
a unlon between the two Stato dlvislon*
Daughters df tho Oonfoderaoj^ (whlch
now exlst ln Vlrgiula, Tho Jolnt meetlng
wns presldod ovor by Cho.rlos G, Elllott,
presldent of Plcltott-Buohanan Camp, of
Justlco Taylor refuseu to ontertain
chargos agalnst a woman for rsslstlng
an ofllcor who went to hor houso to arrest
snllors, for whom n roward of $10 and $20
ls pald. Justlco Taylor sald: "Thls Is
nothlng but blood monoy, that hns to bo
pold back by the snllors thoinselves, who
ln addltion are oonflned In tho shlp's brlg
ns punlstimont for ovorstaylng thelr llb
orty. No ofllcer of tho law, In my opln?
lon, has a rlght to earn hls llvlng except
In a logttlmate way, and I do not oon
slder sallors, when they may be at tho
very tlmo of thelr nrrest on tholr way to
tho forry to return to thelr shlp. I have
nctually had pollcemon como and ask me
to relense snllors In Jall In defnult of
flnos, so that they mlght carry tho unfor
tunntes to tho navy yard and got a re
ward." '
Interest in tho Movoment to Bulld ?
Monumont to Stuart.
' (Bpcclnl to Tlio Tlnics-DUpatC-.)
POWHATAN, VA., Maroh 8.?Yester?
day wns our regular County Court day.
Judge AVIlllam M. Smlth presldod. Sove?
ral clvll suits were heard. A falrly good
crowd was In attendance. Ip tho evun
liitr an enthuslastlo meetlng of. tho cltl
zens was hold ln tho courthouso In tho
Interest of tho Stuart monumont fund.
Tho meetlng wns presldod ovor by Cap?
taln Jamos Hobson and nddresses wero
dellvored by Colonel J. B. Philllps, of
Cumborland county, nnd Mr. J. H. Hob?
son, of Powhatan, after whlch a collao
tlon for thls fund was tnken up and a
nloc sum was'roallzed. Among thoso who
contrlbuted ond pald up was a colored
man, Tyler Drow, who attendod Goneral
Cocko ns body servant up to the tlmo of
hls death, and after thls was tho servant
of John Cocke, who was a member of
tho Powhatan Troop. Tho spoeches of
both Colonel Philllps and Mr. Hobson
wore Interestlng and enjoyed by all pres?
Tho wlll of the lato Major Charles Old
wns presontod In court and ndmltted to
probate. Tho document ls vory short nnd
ls wrltten In tho Major'B own hnnd
writlng, and ls dated March tho Oth. 1903,
and beqtieaths to hls wlfo, Mrs. Ann
Carter Old, all of hls ostate, both per?
sonal nnd real. Court Is In session to
day, but wlll adjourn thjs evenlng tor tho
Tho oystor dlnnor served by tho ladles
of Courthouso Church Ald Socloty was
good and woll attonded. and a good sum
was reallzod.
Tobacco Wnrehouses Full and the Prices
nre Well Up.
(Spocliil to Th? TlmeH-ninpntch.)
SOUTH BOSTON, VA., March 3.?All the
warethouses aro full of tobacco. to-day.
Much of lt has to bo unlouded on the
streets, owlng to tho glut. Prices are
well up and scarcely any grumbllng ls
heard by sellers.
Mr. Roy P. Beasloy, who has beon
connected wlth tho South Boston Nows
for ton yoars, has purohased an Interest
ln tho Chaso City Progress. Ho left yes?
terday for hls new fleld. Mr. Beasley ls
a young man, a son of tho odltor of the
Nows, wldo awake and progresslvq. In
ccnnoctlon wlth Profosaor Smlth. present
editor, tiho Progress wlll be mado one of
tho llves papers ln the Southsldo.
Mr, Thomas B. Traynham, of Blaok
Walnut, the falthful nnd fearless courlor
of Gonornl tt. E. Lee during sevoral years
of tho war, has gono to Old Domlnlon
Hospltal ln RIohmond. At Spotsylvania
Courthouso Mr. Traynham was wounded.
and his log had to bo amputated bolow
the kneo. Recently the "stump" has
glven hlm a great doal of paln. It Is
now certain that ho will havo to undergo
anothor amputatlon.
Mr. U O. W; Barnham, of Tonnossoo,
has been appointed secretary and genoral
managor of tho Y. IL C, A.
.- .
Pittsylvania Has Approprlation for Road
(Speclul to Tho Tlmos-Dlspntch.)
CHATHAM, VA., March 8.?Tho Board
of County Suporvlsors ln mootlng ordored
tho oporatlon of six road machlnos upon
tho highwnys of tho county this yeur, for
whlch tho sum of $3,000 wns approprlated
for oxpenses of tho maohlnes for the flrst
quarter, and maohlnes woro ordered to re
sume work tho tlrat week In March.
A copy ot tbo record of tho case ot Z.
V, Ciirtor, now servlng a sontonce of six
niontlis In tho county Jall, was on Mon?
day mado by tilve oounty clerk, to bo used
in trying to sucure a pardon, Cartor was
convlcted of belng an aucompllco ln a
very brutal assault upon Mr. D. C. Ed
wurds, of the county.
A mall bag was found on tho Soutluyn
Rallway botwoen thls place and Whittlo's
Doj>ot Saturday afternoon by the traok
At Drako's Branch.
(Speclnl t? Tlio Tlmeo-UUpatcB,)
DRAKK'B BRANCH, VA., Maroh 8.?
Anothor addltion to thls rupldly growlng
and opterprlslng llttlo placo ls Mr, A. W.
Gholson, of Brookncal, who now occu
ples the Danlel roBldoiico. ilo Is u jewoler
by trado und has a U-mporury oilice ln tho
bank building.
Thero woro very largo broaks of to?
bacco to-dny nnd prices wero vory sntls
factory, Tho roads uro improvlng and the
Indlcnilons nro tlmt tho breuks wlll bo
vory largo lliis month,
Tho Mnrch tonn of our court, whloh
roininaiiRod yestorcluy, was llko mnny
other blesslngs, short nnd sweet, only
hiBting h few hours. Judgo Oroen knowu
jiow to cxpedllo mntters, hut tlio Hocral
or tho Hliort Bi'Hsldn Is duo largely to tbo
good order nnd luw-nbldlng nhunicterls
tics of Ohnrlolt'j county peoplo.
Fallure ln Lynchburg,
(Speclul to Tliu TtpH>?'Dl?PUtcl},)
DYNClIHURG, VA., March 8.-A potl
tion ln baiikiuptcy hns been llled ln tho
elcrk'a oltieo of tha Unltgd States Dls?
trlct Court from Robert 5, Shelton, a
grocer of thls clty, with llubllllles of
$182.63, all of whlch, with tho exucyillon
of $G, duo to u Uivltlmoro coffoo f.rm, nro
duo crodltors lu thls clty. No iusscu or
ex<'mptlons nro meiitlunod,
^.n Hssl.nmont wns inudo hero to-ijny
by Dai'io Guldo, proprletor ot tho Faust
Bft.loon and restaurant. YVUit-iii V, Wll?
son, Jr., Is trustoo. The debts aio pla.od
at ROCK), aud the assoU ut 13,500.
Manager of State Farm De
llvers Address In Charlotte.
Tho Attention of the Leglslature Is In
vlted to the Fertillzer Tag Tax and
the Provlslon That Thls la to Qo
to a State Test Farm.
(_p?cl_l to Tho Titno?-Dl?p?tch.)
March 3.?Upon tho tnvltation of a num?
bor of our leadlng tobacoo planters, Pro?
fossor Holgea, goneral manager of tlie
Stato "Test Farm," addro.sed on yester?
day, our fiCaroh court, a largo and hlgh?
ly appreclatlve audlonoo of the cltlzens of
Charlotte., Ho gavo us a claar and oon
clso acoount of what had already boen
aeoompllshed, whlch was followed by
suggestlona and valuablo Informatlon
In regard to tho treatment of orohard*
and reoommondatlons for tho proventlon
and destruotion of insoot- pesta, bearlng
special reforenco to the San Joso scalo.
A rosolutlon, thanklng tho Profossor
for hls very Intoroatlng, lnstruotlvo and
abla addresa waao unanlniously adopted.
A coidlal lnvitatlon was also oxtendod
by hlm to the planters of tha oounty to
vlslt nnd lnspoot the 'JTe-t Farm," whlch
wns duly appreclatedy and lf accepted by
those who opposed thls institutlon, bo
causo of thelr want o ffalth ln its utillty,
wlll doubtloss vlndlcate thu wlsdom of
its iidii'ocates.
Upon tho concluslon of Profossor
l-lolgos' address, tho preomble and reso?
lutlons printed ln full below were Intro?
Aflei a dlscusslon of tho subject by the
manager and othera, a motlon was made
to refor tho paper to a commlttee appolnt?
ed by tho Chalr, whlch should roport to
nn adjourned meeting at noxt court. But
ns lt hnd boen stated tlmt the subject
was now under the oonslfi-ratlon of the
General Assembly, and prompt action was
necessary, an amendment was offered re
qulrlng the commltteo to roport back to
tho meeting.
A suhstltute was then offered, that the
paper, ln cludtng tho preamble nnd rewi
lutlons, bo adopted as' a whole, whlch
was carrlod wlthout a dlssontlng vote.
Tho meeting was thon adjourned.
For tho Informatlon of the Goneral As
sombly, whlch ls now consiclerlng that
ordlnanco of the Constltutlon whloh
oovers tho Dopartrhent of Agrlculture,
ns well as to ellclt an exprosslon from
tho tobacco planters and famiM's of tho
Stato relntlvo to tho measures thoroln
recommeudod. tho meetlns requested the
ptibllcntlon of thls pramblo and rosolutlon,
as Collows:
"YVhorons, tho act Impostlng a tag yj,x
upon fertlll.ers dlrect, that tho surplus
arlslng aftor ipnylng all tho necessary
oxpensos, of tho Department of Agrlcul?
ture, shall bo enpended by tho State
Board of Agrlculture In maklng tost with
fertlllzer nnd crops;
"Wherca., tho poopie of Charlotte coun?
ty, ln furtherancb of thls object, donaterl
to' tho Stato of Virginla an oxcollont
plnntatlon of 500 acres, ndmlrably adapted
to theso pttrposes, having speclal reitp*
onco to oxpcrlmonts with tobacco, ti.e
stuplo crop of tho county, upon whlch all
our agrloultural Interosta ns woll as the
manufacturlng and buslnoss Interest of
tho oltles nhd towns of thls sectlon de
pond for prosporlty;
"Wheroas, tho fund arlslng from thls
tax oxcoods now ?33,000, whlch is f>o
foid tho Incomo of the dopartment .prior
to tho Imposltlon of this tax, giving rise
to a largo ancl hurdensomo surplus, whlch
cannot lapso lnto the treasury of the
Stato or bo used for ordlnary exipenses.
nnd consoquently has been davlshly nr_|f
Injudlclously oxponded wlthout maklng
adoquato provlslon for tho equlpment,
fenclng. dmlnlng and support of sald
"Test Farm": '
'Thoroforo, Rosolvod, flrst, that we, tho
peoplo and tobacco planters of Charlotte
county, In conventlon nssemblod, wouid
rospoctfully ancl most humUly petition tho
General Assembly to' oppolnt a commlt?
teo from Us own body whlch Bhall -vlslt
and lnspoct sald "Test Farm" to ascor
taln Its conditlon and beauty, Its organl
zatlon, oqulpmont and management by the
Stato Board of Agrlculturo.
"2 That they shall lnvostlgato nnd as
certain tho amount of money arlslng from
sald State tax; Its modo of coilectlon and
oxp.ndlturo; whether tho dlvorslon of thla
fund between tho oxponsos of tho do
pnrtment and tho "Tost Farm" has boen
such ns to promote; wlsely and Judl
clously, tho objects for. whlch tho De
partmont of Agrlculture and tho said
"Tost Farm" wero establlshod by tho
Goneral Assombly.
"3. That wo onrnestly rocommond and
petition tho Gonoral Assembly to partltlon
sald funds by law, sottlng nsldo a sum
BUlIlclent for tho support of tho Dopart
mont ot Agrlculturo; flxlng tho number
nnd cpmponsntlon of its omployos; tho
bnlanco to bo approprlated to tho "Test
Farm," nnd to bo expended In such nian
nor ns may bo provlded by law Im carrylng
out tho purposes and objocts of tho poopie
of Chnrlotto county ln establlshlng
oqutpplng and operatlng a tobacco ox
perlment station and model furm ln our
"4, That ln tho soloctlon of tho Stnte
nonrd nf Agrlculture, tho Governor sbnTI
nppolnt Ihrco mernbora from thoso dls
trlcts ln whlch tobacco Is a leadlng In
clustry, who shall, with tho dlrector and
tobacoo fxport constltute an Advlsory
Board of Control, whlch shall dlreot the
oxperlmentH ln tobacco, and so conduot
tho stntlon ns to brlng It tn*o touch with
tbo tobneco planters of the Stato, maklng
It n nueloiiB around whlch thls parnmount
intorest of thls soctlon may crystallzo nnd
Oyster Planters Report Larger Shlp
ments Than Usual,
(.iihIiiI to '11)0 Tlui-s-UUpatch.)
FRANKTOWN, VA., March 8.-A
fow farmers have plunt.d somo lrluh
potatoes, and inany others nro maklng
largo preparatlon to plant. A consjd
eral.lo crop of Bngllah peas I. bulng
8 Tho oy.ter pluntora havo shlpoed moro
largely than usual, und lho luscloua bl
vulvo has commanded good prices.
Tln> old orookud rail fenccs aro fastj
disapi-eurlng, und aro .iibstltuted by wlrp
tanooa ot superlor quallty. /
Tho report is tlmt Mr. h 12.. Mumford
wlll shortly estnbllah a bank tn East
vllle, tho county aeul, whloh wlll bo a
great convenlpnco to lho buslness man
of that nolghborhood.
Mr. Jno. K. Notllngham, Jr., a talentert
young lawyor niid a graduutu of tho
Unlversity of Virginla, is a cuulldate for
Cotnin. nwealth's Attorney of this coun?
ty, Mr. Nuitin.hum ts a, bos of Hon
John a. ttottlngham, now ln tho \Le_
Islaturs Of Vlrglnla.
Several farmers ln tho county and
some near thls havo scourod forelgnora
na lahororu. Sorhe of tlwpo nre rus
-lana, ffora -Aatle Oarden, N&w York.
Freight Brakeman Run Over by Fast
P?8_enger Traln.
(flpeelal to The Tlmos-IMHptitcb.)
DAiNVI_4j_, VA., Maroh 8,-arvln A.
Lynoh, front brtlkemnn on freight trttin,
No. 81, wm Instantly kllled by No. 82,
fast mall at Pelham thls mornlng. The
freight tralhtook tho sldlug at Pelham
at B o'clook to, let tho passenger traln
pass, but Lynoh wae sent forward to the
swltoh to throw the swith out to let the"
freight traln out aftor the passenger had
passed. It ls pres-to-d ho foll nsleop, aa
hls remains- were found torrlbly mungled
aftor the passenger traln had passed. ?
Lynoh wa_ about twonty-flvo years of
age, and leaves a wlfe and two small
chlldren. Hls remains wero brought to
thli clty,. where they wero prepared for
burlal. He had only beon ln tho cm
ployment of the rallroad a lltB* moro
than one month.
Attempt to Burn Columbia Fire Englne
House In Alexandrla.
(Bp?:lnl to Tho TlincB-Dlnpatcb.)
ALBXANDRIA. VA.. March 8.?An at?
tempt was' made about 2 o'olock thls
mornlng to destroy the Columblan flre
onglne houso, sltuated ln the oentre of
the oity, by fire. Volumes of smoko
awakoncd the flremon. A goneral nlnrm
was turned ln and tho maln bulldlng wus
saved,. but the two outhouscs wore do
stroyed, Valuablo appiuatus, lneludlng
a flne hose carrlago, was burned. Tho
flromen are positlvo of tho lnoondiary
origin of the. fire. They say a man wns
seen comlng from the roar of tho bulld?
lng Just before the alarm. Tho pollco wlll
? i i . ?
Klng William News.
(Speclal to Thi Times-DUpatcb,)
ETNA MILLS, VA.. March 8.?Mlss J.
D. Powell, of Mangohlck, Va., has beon
called to RIohmond on account of tho
lllness of her slstor, Mrs. Ordway Pullor.
Rev. L. A.. Clltler preaohed at Corlnth
Chrlstlan Church Sunday, the flrat time
he has fllled hls pulplt thls year, Hls
people were glad to havo hlm back agaln.
Mr. Singleton Walker. of RIohmond,
spent Sunday in Mangohlck wlth hls
aunt, Mlss A. T. Mooklar.
Mr. George Acree, of Richmond, spent
Sundny at tho homo of Mr. Harry Terry,
of Mangohlck.
Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Bennett, of Caro
llne, are vis|ting Mrs. Bcnnott's mother,
Mrs. W. A. Sweet.
Mr. Frahk Snead, who has been at
tendtng William and Mary Collego. Is at
home, havlng boen forcod to dlscontlnuo
hls work there on account of hls oyes.
Mr. Alllo Mitchell continues quite slck
nt hls homo ln Mangohlck, Va.
Mr. T. W. Garnott, of Bouluhvllle, Is
quite' slok wlth grlp.
Miss Mary Ann Thompson, of Colno,
ls recoverlng from her recent lllness.
Hard Work Appreciated.
(Speclnl to Tho Tlmes-Dlspntch.)
CHINCOTBAGUE. VA., March 3.-At a
rocent meotlng of tho Oyster Leaguo, a
resolution offered by Mr. O. M. Jonos,
was passed, thanklng Inspector S, A.
Taylor for hls actlvity and good work
in opposltlon to tho Jordan blll. The
delegates sent to Richmond reported that
Chlncoteaguo's representatlve ln tho Leg?
islature, Mr, S. Wllkins Matthows, hacf
labored wlth great zeal and enorgy In tho
snme good cause, as it ls regarded hero
Jamestown Approprintion.
(Spnclal to The Ttmes-Dlspntch.)
NORFOLK, VA.. March 3.?An ordl
nance was Introduced lnto the Clty Coun?
cll hore to-nlght to grant $200,000 to tho
Jumestown Exposltlon Company. It was
referred to the Committee. on Finance,
and It wlll doubtless bo favorably ro
British Steamshlp St. Leong
ards Receives Asslstance
of a Wrecking Tug.
(Speclal to Tho Tlmos-Dlspatoh.)
NEWPORT NEWS, VA., March 8.?
Captaln Shrlne, of the Erltlsh stonm
shlp St. Leonards, wWch ls loading at
pier C, sent to Norfolk to-day for tho
wrecking tug Willliam Coley, to asslst
the vossel. It haa doveloped that on
her voyage from Antwerp orio of the
plates of tho vossel was sprung and a
leak started. Thero was fourteen foot
of water tn one of tlio irossel's alr-tlght
compartmonts and had the shlp not been
rlitted wlth tho compartmonts, sorloua
troublo would probably havo boen the
result. Tho tug camo over and a dlver
made 'tomporary ropalrs. Tho plato wlll
bo put ln shapo before tho yessel salls,
but she wlll not luwo to go to the shlp
Rov. T. Bonton Hlll, pastcr of tho
Baptlst Tnbornaolo, has reoonsidorod hls
determlnatlon to accopt tho call extended
hlm by Park Flace Baptlst Church, Nor?
folk, nnd announced to-day that ho would
romaln horo,
Nows was rocoivod hore to-day from
Baltlmore to the effect that Captaln R.
jM, Speddon, presldent of tho Spedden
SlltP-Bulldlng Company, of Baltlmore, de
nies that his company is eonsldorlng tha
ndvlsabllity of movlng its .plant hero.
Captaln Harhey, of tho Old Domlnlon
Steamshlp Company's stoamor Boikloy,
wns made ohlof freight agent for tho
company at thls port to-day. Flrst ofll
cor Atwell Guy suc-ceeds to tlio command
of the stoamer. , , .,
Tho committee arranglng for tho an?
nual banquet ot the Chamher of Com
merce announced to-day tho llst of guests
who wlll be Iiwlted to attend tho affair,
whloh wlll bo glven at Hotel Warwick,
on March 10th. Governor Montaguo, Liou
tenant-Govornor Wlllard. Presldent Ste
vens and Genoral-Managet Doylo, of the
Ohosapeako and Ohlo; the Mayors of
Norfolk, Portsmouth, Hampton, Bmlth
iteld, Phoebus and WHUamsburg are on
tho llst. _ ,
Preston Fitsihush. ft c"Iorert sludent
in tha Hampton Normal school, foi
merly a government employo at Wash?
ington, was arrested to-day ono. war?
rant sworn out by. Morchellan Rlohard?
son, nlnoteen yoars old, nlso a studont
at tho lnstltutlon., on the charge of be
trayal. Tho date of the alleged crlmo
ls pliioed ln last Septcniher durln, the
school's vacatlon. r. . .?
In Mllsubeth Clty Oounty Court Ihe
Jury falled to ngree ln thai ea_? of lsn
bella Jordan. ohai-ged w|th inurderin_
Oeorge Davldson, both oolored. ' 1 ho.
jury ls reportod to have stood ton for
convlctlon. ,
Hon. T. A. Peoet, peruvlan mlnister to
tha United States government. and fam?
lly nro sojourning at Old Point.
John E. Oboi.-chain. of Newport News.
and Mlss Katle Pleefcer. nleee of Judgo
Plecker, were married i? fla?lMvu to
To Do a General Mercantlle
Buslness In Carriages.
Robert Woodley, Colored, Arreslod by
Pollce Offlcer Hoelan Yosterday.
Local Branch of Retnll Clerks'
Protectlvo Associatlon.
(Speolnl to Tlie m_it_-DI?Piitc*.)
PETERSBiVRG, VA., Maroh U.-Tho
W. H. Harrlson Compnny waa char
torod to-day by tho Corporation Court
of Potorsburg. Thls company ls formed
for tho purposo of oonducUng a goneral
moroantllo buslnosi/ ln oarriages, wa
gons, carts nnd othor vehlolos, harnass
and loathor gooda, With tho right to
manufaoturo ond soll suoh goods. Tho
capltal stook of tho company ls to bo
not less than $5,000, nor more than $10,
000, dividod Into sharoa of $50 oaoh.
Tlio olllcora of tlio.company aro: Prea
Idcmt, IX. XV. Harrlson; Seerotary and
Troasurrer, Goorgo W, Harrlson. Dl
rectors. R. W. Harrlson, George XV.
Harrlson and Roano Ruffln.
Robert Woodloy (colored) was ar?
rosted by Pollco Oillc?r Heolan to-day
ou tho chargo of steallng. Ofllcor Hoo
lnn was nttract.d by tho susplclous ao
tlpn of tho negro on Hallfax Stroot, and
dutormlned to watch hlm closely, Ho
lator notlced that the nogro had hls
hand through tho wlndow at Sawyor'fl
dvelng and claanlng establishment,
whlch ho hnd provlously brokon and
was holn'lng hlmsolf to goods dlsplayed
ln tho wlndow. Tho negro wont lnto
a bar-room and waa followed by the of?
flcer. He, howovor, escaped throusb
a door In tho renr. Ottlcer Heolan and
Offlcor Colller thon wont to tho homo
of tho nogro's grandmothor, on .Hard?
lng Street, and foUnd tho boy in bed.
Whllo tho oflleer wns soarchlng for hlm
he Jumped down tho stalrway und bld
hlmself ln an outhouse.
Thero ho wns found and takon ln charge
by the offlcer,
A local brnnch of tho Retall Clorks
Protectlvo Associatlon was organlzed
i>tsc nignt nt Rcd Men's Hall, on Bank
Street Tho followlng olllcorB w?re
Presldont, C. C. Cashon; Vlee
PreHident. I. N- Wotfe; Socond
Vlce-Presldent, C. AV. Crowdor; Record
Ing and Correspondlng Seci'etary, John
Pulloy; Troasurcr, P. F. Brockwell; Ad?
vocate Agent, N. U-. Turner; Gunrdlnn,
F. W. Tucltor. Rcllof Commltteo, 15-i
lon Adkins, Bonjamln Moore, Walter
Kanes. Grlevanco Commltteo, R. T.
Morrls, Ishnm R. Dyer, N. U. Turner.
Trustees, XV. XV. Brister, Frank S, Blako,
lshnm R. Dyer. :
An adjourned mootlng of tho associa?
tlon wlll bo held, subject to the call of
tho president, when tho olllcors wlll
be lnstalled from - the Richmond Asso?
Rev. A. J. Frlstoe, of Chattanooga,
Tenn., wlll probably como to Potors?
burg during the month of April to con?
duct a serles of rovlval servlces at tho
Second Baptist Church.
Mr. Frlstoe was at ono t;mo pnstor
of thls church rrhd Is widely known ln
Petersburg. whero ho hon many friends.
Mrs. Marlon Peebles contlnues 111 at
tho Home for the Slck. though hor con?
ditlon Is thought to bo lmproved.
Rev. A. M. Hall, of tho Mothodist
Conferenco, ls 111 at hla home, In thls
Rov. J. A. Thomas, pastor of Wesloy
Church, has been 111, but ia now much
Mrs. Bottlo N. Stevons Is qulte slck.
There wero 157 arresta In Petorsburg
during Februnry.
0 '
The Steamer Olive Has Beon Floated
and Towed to Franklin.
(Spoclal to Tbe Tlnic-8-rilaputcli.l
SUFFOLK, VA., March ..?Wllllnm E.
Rawloa, colored, twenty-threo years of
ago, last ovenlng wns killed at Elwodd.
He had Just unloadod ono car of lumber
and was on tho second whon tho standard
broko. Ho was crushod to doath,
Tho stoamer Ollvo, wrecked hy cyolono
Fobruary 10th ln Chowan Rlvor, npar
IJolly's Wharf, N. C, to-day was towed
to Frnnklln, Vn. Prosldont Protlow aald
to-nlght that tho compnny had not posi?
tively deoided as to Its rebulldlng, Both
docks wero torn to pieces, but tho lower
part of tho hull nnd tbo mnohlnery aro
Intact. Flvo moro bodles, all colored,
aro rooovorod.
Pollce Chlef Brlnkloy roportod to-nlght
.that a well known socloly woman had
taken laudanum wllh sulcldal lntcnt
shortly aftor supper UiIh evonlng. Ho
wouid not dlvulgo hor name. Blsappolnt
mont in lovo was tho causo, Chlof Brlnk?
loy says. Tho Indlcatlons aro thnt sho
will rocover.
Late to-nlght Mr. 13. T. Bradshaw, of
Mngnolla, had tho Suffolk pollco looklng
for hls daughtor, Hattlo, slxtoen yoars
of ngo, whom ho suspoctcd of having run
nway to get marrlod. Mr. Bradsliaw eaya
Eva Duko, who ls about hla daughters
ngo, camo homo with hor aftor school
thls ovonlng. About 8 o'clock, whon somo
ono flred a plHtol signal ln tho road, tho
glrls took a waik, and at 10 o'clock Brad?
shaw hnd heard no word ns to Hattlo's
wheioabouts. Ho thlnks sho hns gono to
mnrry a young man, whoso vislts to tho
glrl ho hnd lorblddon.
. , -o ?
Quarterly Dlstrict Conference of Meth?
odlst Church^s.
(Btiocliil to TUo TUacu-Dlsputch.l
ASHLAND, VA? Maroh 8.?Tho soc?
ond Quiwturly Conforonoo of thls dls?
trlct M, E. Ohuroh waa held yesterday
afternoon In tho Llbrary Hall of Rim
dolph-Maoon Colloge, and was preslded
over by Rov W. 1.0. Tudor, P. 13. l>ele
gates R, E. BUickwell, R, B. Sinlthy,
Rev, Br. Huntor, li. E. W, Moyberg and
J. W, Frasslor woro presont. Tho usual
routlna buslnosa wus transaoted and the
followlng dolegiit'es to tho dlstrlct con?
ference, whloh moots ln August at Chos
ter, Va.; R. E. Bluckwell, R, B. Smlthoy,
L, E. Wi Meyborg; altornutea, W, S,
Brown, O, W, Huntor and I, N. Yaugh
an. Professor R. 13. Blnckwoll wus elect?
ed' a dalegate to u mootlng, whieh will
be hold nt Nashvllle. Tenn,, for tho pur?
pose of looklng towards the revlslon of
tho ordor of e-ervica of the churoh, and
also the propariiiB of a ooniraOii coto
chlsm Thoso nieotings oocur at Htnto^
lutervals nnd aro moro tlmn |nterost|,i'g.
Mr. Blackwoll leaves on tho 4th. ,
Tho regular monthly meeting nf the
Town Councll wlll be held thursday
night at 8:16 o'clock. Thoso wh6 ure ln
torosied ln tlio pussoga of tlu/hoij ordl?
nanco wlll no doubt bo out 'i\ forco.
A local optlon olection vjfll be hold in
Ashluncl Dlstrlct this spri,.g. A potltlon.
whuU liaa Vom tfroulaW for sowo days
and haa obtalned numorous slgnatures.
Wlll bo presuntotf to tho Judgo of tho
Cotthty Court, osklng for a wrlt for
suoh art olectlon. TiilM wlll bo done at
the noxt meotlng ot the County Court,
Wednesday, Maroh 18th.
A meetlng of tho Antl-_Aloon Leaguo
was hold last night, at whloh Boveral
now petltlons woro put ln olroulatlon.
On Sunday.nlght a largo meotlng for
tho furthoratioe of the temperanoo oftuso
'wlll be held ln the Baptlst Churoh. Thls
meotlng wlll he undor tho attsplces of the
Antl-Saloon League, and ln all proba
blllty a spoakor 'of prornlnenoe wlll be
ln nttendanco.
Rov, W. E. Edwards, ?>. D., and pro?
fessor of blbllcat lltorature at Ratidolph
Macon, continues serlously 111. Ilo haa
beon conflnod to hls room for weoks
and hls condltion ls crltlcnl, Dr. Ed?
wards Is one of tho moet popular mln
Isters In the Vlrglnla Conforonco, and haa
hosts of worm frlonds all ovor thls
Warren Oounty.to Bulld a Brldge st
Carson's Ford.
(Speclal to Tlni Tlmai-Dlipntcb.)
FRONT RO-AL, VA., March 3.?The
suporvlsors of Warron oounty liavo dn
oidod to span the Shenandoah River at
Carson's Ford, wlth a muoh needed steel
-Structuro, C40 feot ln longth, tho ap
proaches to whlch wlll be 160 foot each. ,
The pooplo of Fork Distrlct wlll havo a
convonlent Ingress to Front Royal and
this part of the distrlct Approxlmato
cost, 116,000,
Tho Committee on Good Roads, ap?
pointed to draft a blll to bo proaontod
to tho Legislature to bond tho county for
$00,000, postponed thelr meetlng to a
later date, owlng to the absenco of mem?
bers or that body.
Mr. M. J, Fulton, of\ the flrm of
O'Flaherty and Fulton, has beon oalled
to Summorfleld, Grnyson county, by the
lllness of hls father.
Tbo Manaseas" Gap Copper Company,
ongaged In mlnlng ln 'thls seotlon, report
rocent devolopmonts of gold and sllver
and onginaors deolaro tliat the copper got
ten out by them oomparcs favorably
wlth that obtalnod ln Montana and Bra
The dlrectors of Front Royal Horse
Show havo , rocelved thelr ohartor and
lovors of flne bred horses and of a good,
up-to-dato show, aro assured a treat at
thelr next annual exhlbltlon.
Southern Pushlng Its Double Tracktng
to Charlottesvllle.
(Speclal to Tbo TInici-Dlspntob.)
TWY MAN'S MILLS. VA., March 8.?
R, L. Bond is trying to secure one hun?
dred hands In thls section to work on
tho Southern Rallway, that Is to bo
doublo trackod from Orango to Aloxan
drln.. Mr, A. A. Porter. is at Culpepor
bulldlng camp, for T. I. Ollver & Co.,
contrnctors for a portlon of tho work,
lneludlng tho largo cut near Culpeper;
It Is also sald that tho road wlll bo
doublo trackod to Charlottesvllle.
Quite an Interostlng temperanco meot?
lng was hold here by tho W. C. T. U.
Sunduy aftornoon, commemoratlng the
death of Mlss Frances EX WlUard.
Last Frlday John Harrls, a worthy col?
ored man of thls placo, went to Crlglors
vllio. On hls roturn that nlght ho mlssod
tho ford ln crosslng tho Robertson Rlvor
and drove over the bank. Ho and hls
horse wero both drowned.
Winchester Stonemason Is Making
Every Preparatlon.
(Speclnl to Tlio TlnicR-DUp-tch.)
WINCHESTER, VA., March 3,-At a
rummage sale (or tho bonom. of the Wln
chostor Memorlal Hospltal to-day an ex
qulslte pleco of French brlc-a-brac, worth
at loast $30, sold for twenty-flvo conts.
Visltors to Mount Hebron Cemetery
thla afternoon woro surprlsed to see John
Woomer, a well known stonemason. dlg
glng hls own and wlfe's graves. Ho ls
making evory preparatlon tor thelr depar
Mrs. J. E. Coop to-day rccolved a tol
cgrani announclng tho trnglc doath of hor
nephow, lsalah L. Glalzo, who was kllled
by tho promaturo exploslon of a blast In
Tennessee. A widow and tnree small
chlldren survlvo.
- e
Negro Man Loses His Life Near Orange
, Saving His Famlly.
(Spocliil to The Tlines-Dtupntch.)
ORANGE, VA-, March S.?Tho houso of
Granvlile Vost, colored, near thls place,
was destroyed by fire on Sunday nlght,
Ho rescued hls famlly, but lost his llfo,
havlng Inhaled some of the firo In got
tlng out hld infunt chlld. Ho dled last
Tho' Town Councll of thls place met
.last nlght and ralsed its bar-room llcenso
from J20 to $250 per yoar.
Tho negro, Gasklns, from Mannssas,
shot Sunday nlght by Spoclal Ofllcor
Jacobs, as reported yosterday, ls not ex?
pected to llve.
Flag-Ralslngat Warsaw.
(Speelnl to Tlio Tlmea-UUpatch.)
WARSAW, VA., March 8,-Rappahan
nock Councll, No. 51, United Amerlean
Mochnnlcs, of this place, held an at
traotlvo flag raislng at tho graded school
at thls place thls aftornoon. The Hon.
Thomas A. Downlng, of Loncaster, a
prominent Junlor, was the loadlng ora
tor of tho day aud presented tlio flag
to tho school.
Mr, O. M. Shnckloford, of thls placo,
presented tho Bible, and Mr. A. Woll
ford, member of tho board, accoptod
tho flag und Bible on the part of tlio
school. Tho attendance was large ona
tho exarclscs was hlghly Interestlng.
Mlss Bortha Morgan ralsed tho flag.
Runaway Sallors Wanted.
(Speclnl to llio '?_e?._i?imtolO
Tho battlesWp Malno is ooallng pr*
paratory to jjftlllng for tho Wost W
E'r r #?bKW?n^ he
tlons of twenty of the mlsslng mon have
beon flled at polioe hadquarters by the
Bhlp's" olltcers._
Favor the Mann Bill,
fHnuolnl to Tlie Tliui'ti-llUpiitcli.')
OUN^S H1I-U VA- Morch 3'-Tho Ques?
tlon of llauor or no llquor hus gotten to
be tho topie of the day in thls vlclnlty,
There wlll ho a mass meotlng held near
thls Plaoe Wednesday, the <!th, to form
resolutlons to send to the Legislature ask
Ing for the passaga of tho Mann llquor
Farmers aro vory haokward wlth ttholr
work, but tho majorlty of them took ad
vnntage of tho good weathor last weok
to prepare thelr plant beds and to do
some plowlng.
BROWH'S BronchlalTrochBS
Olt/a movt __/_/_j'.y rallaf ln
Sold In Boxet only. A volii Imltatlons,
The Flrst Wagon Load from
Potomac In Frcderlcksburg
Mlss Rhoades Had Started from Homo
from Indlann on Feb. 15th and Has
Not Boon Heard from Slncet
New Penslon Board.
(Spiolnl to Tho Ttmoi-Dlapntch.)
Tho flrst largo wagon load of tresh fish
of tho aoason waa brought to thls mar?
ket to-day from tho tPotomao. Tho lot
lncluded soveral hundred horrlng, a
numbor of poroh and a fow rock. Selne
haullng has oommenoed. at several of
tlio largo shorea on tho Potomao, but
the catulies havo so far been so small
that thu llsh wero not ohlppod but usod
for eatlng purposea at tha atores by tha
MIbs ' Lucy Rhodes, of Spotsylvania
county, wan very itl and hor pareuta
tolagraphed for hor slator, who Is ln In
dlana. " A telogram waa received ln
anavvor, statlng that tho young lady had
started for homo on Fobruary 151b, but
nothlng has been heard of hor. Every
offort to locato her has fyeon ln valn
and tha famlly la vory much dlBtronted,
Clrcult Jcdgo J. B. Mason, of thls olty.
has appolnted Mtusra. R, M. Jones and
B. A. Bell aa members of tho Penslon
Board, of Stafford county for 1003, to
1111 vacanolea causcd by others declln
A numbor of veauelH are In Acqula
Creek, a trlbutary of the Potomac Rlv?
er, loadlng with wood for tho Washlng?
ton market. Tho shlppers of wood
have ao far thls season aecured good
pay Ing prices,
Mr. WIUIo D. Rlchardson has taken
charge of tho weather observatlon liars.
for tho Weather Bureau at Washlngton,
ln placo of Mr. E. C. Rowo, who for
tlio past nlno yeara has hold that poal?
tlon, and now reslgns on account of
111 health.
Captatn and Mrs. W. F. Coatea will
on Saturday nlght, Maroh 7th, from 8:30
to U o'clock, celebrato tholr flrui an?
nlveraary of thelr marrlago and cards ,
havo been sont out for the occaslon.
Judgo A. W. Wallaco, of the Corpora?
tion Court of thls clty, la qulte alck,
at his homo, but thought to be Im?
Mr. M. C. Hull. of thls clty, who with
Mrs. Hnll went South about two weeks
ago, ls crltlcally ill at the boma of rela?
tlves ln Montgomory, Ala., and In ro
sponso to telegrams, relatlves ln thla
clty havo gono to hls bedslde.
Dr. R. J. Payno, of Stafford county, has
been callod to Newport Nows to tho
bodslde of hla brother, who la crltlcally
IH tl,oro- ? ~, *,
Tho entlro famlly of Mr. C. W. Bar
low, of Stafford county, la down with
tho grlp. ? X ;,;
Captaln Robort Hart, of the W.ems
Llno of steamers, woll known hero and
along tho Rappahannock Rlver, ls In a
hospital at Baltlmore undergolng treat?
ment. , . , ? '
Messrs. C. C. Carmlchaol, George B.
Pearson and Jamos T. Lowory, proml?
nent cltizons, who havo boen conflned
to their homes by lllness, aro now oon
valesclng and expect soon to rocover.
Local Optlon Electlon ln Stanley Dto
trict on March 27th.
(Spoclul to Tho Tl_i??-J>l?P-tch.)
YORKTOWN, VA., March 8.?Judgo
Montague, at tho late aesslon of tho
Wnrwlck County Court, grantcd tho local
optlon electlon asked for In Stanley Dla
I trict, and uppointed Friday, the -7th In
I stant, as tho dato of tho electlon. It is
lenrned that at least two-thlrds of the
' votors havo slgned tho petition. The same
condltlons oxlst ln Bruton Dlstrlct, of
i York county.
Mr. H. M. Clemonts. of Loo Hall. ia
! rushlng tho contemplated cannory with
! all posslblo spoed, and leaves ln a day
or two for.tiio North to purchaso tho noc
otfHary machlnory, whlch will bo Installcd
as qulckly as posslblo after arrlvol.
Tho Board of Town Trusteos obtalnod
an Injunctlon from Judgo Blackatono,
now holdlng hls rogular term of ho Clr?
cult Court ln Newport Nowb, rostralnlng
M . Chnrlos Gallagher from ?$%?*$?
lots clnlmod by them "town WWW
Thls action la but tho &$??l?<-fB?g%
longed legal -truggUv Mr., QaUaBtoer ij
dctermlnod to havo I la i JBJU ln tne
fi-n. invoatlgnted and declded.
Mrs DW Morrls spent yesterday and
to-day ln Nowport Nows raplen shInyiflu
/i?ni?tnA wardrobo caused by tho dlems
deplotod waiaiooo
Morrls bctinco^nuo to bo allllctod WlU
Injurlcs recolved lu tho conllagratlon.
Pural Free Delivery.
(Bpechil t0 Th* ,Hiiie?-I'l?Piitch,)
STAUNTON, VA., March 3.?Tho rurai
freo dollvory carrler mado thelr inltlal
trlp yostoi'day. Thoro havo been estab<
llahed aovon of tihese routes from ths
Staunton postolilco, whlch covor a\\ tha
prlnolpal roads leadlng from Staunton.
Thn carrlors roport that thelr patrons ara
hlghly pleasod with tho now servlco.
Colonel S, Brown Allon ls ln Rich*
rnond vlsltlng hls slster, Mra. R. S. Ham?
llton, who ls at St, Luko'u ..ospltal.
Mlss Sue Kent, who has boon vlsltlng
Mrs. Qeorgo M. Cochran, of -thls city.
roturnod to Richmond yesterday,
? -9
Automatlc Fire-Alarms.
(Speclul to Tlio Tluiea-Dlspntcli.)
a meotlng of tlie Town Councll lt waa
declded lo oqulp the town with a oom
pleto system of automatlo flre alarms,
complylng with tho reciucst made by tha
Flro Depnrtmont. Tho oxuet number 0?
boxes to bo placed ls pot known, but the
alarm v-111 bo ooundod by gonys at all
.f tho roel-houses and by a "wlld-cat
whlsllo at tho tannery plant.
A good-ronds meotlng wlll ba held in
tho assomhly hall on court-day, Maron
? 8 '
Fire In Dinwiddle.
(Speclul to Tbo ?flwes-PUpttlcli.)
RjQAJilis, VA? March 3.?Frank Jones,
who resldes ln tho nelghborhood of
ReamB' Postofilce, Dinwiddle county, had
tho mlsfortuno to havo a bnrn whlch con
tulned provender und farming ImplemenW
consumed by flre lnst night about 8
o'clock. The orlgln of the flre ls un?
known. Insured, but amount ls not
known. -\
The best naying Inve3tment ln th#
South?Tho Times-Disptttclt waut aAa.?
Try one. _
Try a Tlmes-Dispatch want ad, It wlU
supply your want *??

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