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Falr GlrlsDHIl Agaln at Con,
ferato Falr.
Chlldron's S.how to Take Placo from 4
to 6 P. M.-Another Drlll Thls
Evenlng?Work of tho Boolhs,
and tho Prlzes Won,
A largo crowd fllled tho hall at tho
Confederate Falr last, nlght. There wus
somo dllllculty lu roplng off tho space.
noedod by CapUilh Sulllvan und her soN'
dlers for tliolr evolutlons, so tho drlll
took placo somewhat later than usual.
Tho glrls provcd nulto as attructlve as
usuul and ellclted qulto as many iitlmlr
ing commcnts from tho Bpectators, who
never soem, to woary ot seclug thom,
Captaln Sullivan, ln calllng the roll, gavo
her soldlers thelr family names for1 tho
flrst time, tho glrls havlng hltliertoim
ptrsoiiatcd churactors mllltnry and other
WlBO. - '
After the drlll Governor Monluguo in
troduccd Mrs. Yeamans, who mado a
short but plcaslng recltatlon to n plu.no
i uecompunlmcnl, played by Professor
' Frank Cosby. A number of tho Elks
4 came in later to add to the pleasure of
tho occaslon on behalf of tholr frlends
as well as th'oinsoives. ?
At tho different booths overybody
seemod happy and busy. The fancy
work booth had rocelved u donntion yes?
torday and mado llne sales. At tlie to?
bacco booth Mr. W. 11. Myers is re
ouested to call for a whlst set won by
him - Mr. Thomas Jnnes Is also adylsed
that be can got a. clgaretto caso boiong;
ing to hlm by asklng for It at thls
booth, Donntlons and checks were ic
cclvcd by tho chalrman and hor asslsl
ants yesterday.
The restaurant was dolng a flourlnsh
Jng buslness last evenlng. Mrs. >. u.
Wiilor's table ln the cenler of thefdlnlne
h_ll was handsomely ornamcnted wlth
Amerlcan fccautles, oandulabra and red
woxen tapors. and had for a ceniorplece
a beautlf Uly frosted cako restlng on a
lirror Mra. Miller sald tho restaurant
"ul had many vlsllors ?^'ng tho^ay.
?To-niglit tbe glrls wlll drlll n_.il ?
Thls afternoon the chlidren from the
Masonlo Home wlll vlslt the hall.
'One ot the most beautlful entertaln
riients connected wlth the Confederate
Falr wus the "UHputian M'trriage yes?
terday afternoon. Mrs. ,W. J. Peyton,
Mlss D C. Ellett and Miss "Eora Bur
ce_H arranged the portlcs, nnd they en
tcrcd to the strain of the weddlng maroh.
The chlidren ncted thelr. part to perfec
-Ttie clolU Julla Jackson, nt the candy
booth was won by little Elizaboth Browrr
for the sum of $(3.85. '
A pocketbook wes found In the to?
bacco booth und can bo had by calllng on
Mrs. 13. Raab. Nv>X? * --r ?'",".^1,1'
Jilrs E; Ran-b, No. 200 West Franklln
?The clgar, stand was won at thfjtO;
bacpo booth by.Dr. Galoskl. who wlll caB,
for sninb'. A" hands'omn elcctric fan ls-to
bo votod from thls 'booth.
A handsomo cake wns presented Mrs.
Nelson Powell at tho candy booth by
oUiliam. Miller, of tho West End bakery.
Through tho courtesy of Frank Roy
toek fho chlldren's show for tho benefit
or the Home wlll take ple.ce from 4 to.
6 o'clock to-day at the Temple. Admlsslon
1P cents.
(Among the hondsome donntlons to the
falr ls a. fine Ca'bl'e piano, which Is being
rn tiled - off at a very moderato prlce a
(Bv AsBoclutcil l're??.)
LONDON, March 24.?Consols touched
00 3-8 thls afternoon, tho lowest polnt on
record Blnce tho Franco-Prusslun war.
The fdll ls attrlbuted to the continued
dearness of money and the forthcomlng
Transvaal loan of $lf/J,000,000. Dally ec-n
feronccs regardlng the loan are being
held between Chancellor of the Ex
chcnuer Ritchlc and leadlng flnanclers.
The latter suggest that the tnteros't bo
flxed at 2 3-1 per cent., and thnt the pr.oe
of issuo bo 95.
Big Land Sale.
(By .VSBOolated PrefiB.)
MIAMf. FDA., Mnrch' 2-I.-A salo of
70 000 acres of land south of thls placo
was made to-day, Ihougb tho agent mak
Ing the sale refuses at present to glve
'out tho namo ot tho purohaser; The land
sold is part of a vast tract formony
owne'd by tho Jacksonvlllo, Tampa and
Key West Rallroad, and which wns pur?
chased at tho master's salo recontly by
XV. F.. Coachman, of Jacksonvlllo, ond
E. C. McNolll, of Savannah. Tho tract
eolfl ls some of tho best truck land on the
?ast const,
Gold Mcdal
At Faii'Anicricim Exposition.
Unlike Any Other!
The full flavor, tbe deli
cious quality, the absolute
Purlty of Lownev'a Break
fast Cocoa distinguish it
from all others,
J>fo "treatment" w|th alkolles j
no atlu iteration wlth Hour,
Btarch or ground cocoa shellsj
nothlng but the nutritive and
dlgeatible pro'duct of the choip
est Cocoa lieana,
Ask Youp Pealer for It.
Wlll Play ShcrmanforCham
? shlp and $1,000.
Fin'e Exhibitlon of Pool Playing at
Sangor Hall Last Night?Clear
walnr Beat Eby Out by Oood
., tturt-Closos To-Nlght.
After tlio surlna ot gunies at Sangor
.tlall last nlght betwoen 'draitt liby, tlio
?world's charnplnii pool playcr, and W.
II. C'learwuUir, tlio ox-cliamplou. Eby. Is?
sued u uiinllengu to Ftank Sliortnan, ot
Wttslilngidn, for n aerles of gumea for tho
eiiarriplbnshlp nnd JI.iwj a sldo. or a part
Ihereof; und posled wlth Mr. Ous Mlchoi
biichcr, or Tlio "I'USCdd, iiw us a tol'fell.
"I litu llio ehtinipioii or lliu world," snld
Mr, Eby to a TlincH-Dlspiilcli niau lasL
nlght, "by vlrtuo bf havlng won the
incdul from tlie former cliainplou. Mr.
'Ulourwuter. Mr, Sliortnati has nui lielii
lliu chiiinplonshlp lur iwo years, but L
have been told Ilial when bc played au
exblb'llloii 'game ln llils clty xuvoiat
niontliK "go I'" stalt'd lliut he wiih ohain
?plou of llio world. Now, J post thls fur-.
foit ?i' 'JIW, on a but of $l.nou u sldo, Lliut
J c-ijii beat hlm. 1 wiitil thla uuostlon sel
llcu hnd I winiL to call hls blufl."
' Tbe forfeil money Ih iiow ln tlie linnchi
of Mr. MluliclbncHoi'j who wlll hold IL
a rcasnimblo lliiiu lo bo nm-'red.
Tiiore was somo lltiu playing ln tlie se?
rlos of gamcs last nlght. Mr. Clearwator,
by clcvcr nianlpulatlon of tlio ouc, excell
Ing Mr. Eby, inahlng "13 stralght at ono
tliiic. Mr. Eby ran 4L 'J'ho run by
400 Tnlnl. W8.
Tlie tournament wlll close to-niglil,
ivhmi the champlonshlp of the sorles wlll
he made. ? -
Thls series does not titTec.l tbe slandlng
.so far ns the cbampinnslilp Is concnrncd,
;as Mr. Eby has already won tliat from
Mr. Clearwater. and. unlll somo one elso
has played him In tbe moantlme. tbe ex
champlon Is not ellglldo to play agaln
for the -fnedal.
Tho attendnnco lnst nlght -was large.
but to-nlght prnmlses to ho tho biinner
nlght for nttendanco and for playing.
as both the experts wlll be on thelr
met I le.
The gamo starts up at 8:fio o'clock at
Sanger Hall.
(Hy AsBoelatL'd Press.)
LONDON, March 24.?Gibson Bowles
(Conservutlve) drew attentlon In the
Houso of Commons to-day to tho roflec
tinns of Mr. Ilaggard, tho former Brltlsh
irilnisior at Caracas, on Mr. Russell, tho
sccrelary of the Unlted States legatlon
at tho Vehexublii capltal. In tho Venezuela
blue book recently publlshed, and asked
Premler Balfour If lils Majesty's govern?
ment had been called upon to mako
uinends to the government of tho Unltod
States thercfor. The Premler ocknowl
edged Uhe pnssago roferred to.
Mr. Balfour added:
"Slr Mlchnel Herbert hns Infortned the
Secretary of Stnto thnt tho passage os
enped hls attentlon. otherwlso It would
never have been publlshed. I need say no
more than that an error of thls klnd,
h'o'wever regretlnble. may occur In any
department, especlally when undergolng an
exceptlonal straln."
Senator Hanna's Daughter III.
IPy A??ni'ln|pd Pri>?0
CI.EVBHAND, OHIO. Maroh 2I.-Sena
itor Hanna, who arrlved here Saturday
to lake part In tho muulclptil cainpalgu,
recelved a numbor of telegrams from
Thomasvllle, Ga^ to-day concerulng tbe
serlous lllnoss of hls daughter Ruth, who
ls sufferliig thoro from typhold fever,
Whilo Mlss Hanna's condition Is not re
garded ns alarnilng yot. tho Senator Is
grently worrled, nnd may decido to break
some of hls cngngoments and go to
Thomasvillo shortly.
Amerlca Bertucci Fires Threo
Bullets Into Her
Shortly after nitdnlght thls mornlng
a young Itallan glrl, named Amerlca
Bertucci, llving at No. l&O-l East draco
trcet, shot herself threo tlmos wlth ??
?plstol, presumably wlth tho Intontlon of
ending hor llfo. Sho wns at llio tlmo In
a room wlth her two slstors, nt|d hor
actlou was taken beforo thoy knew nny
thlng of hor lntontlons,
Tbo llttlo glrls, Thoresa and Vlrglnla.
ran soroamlng from the room, and
awaltonod tho fathor. Alex Bertucci, who
in (v we" known 3toneoutter,
Ho summoned the arnbulnnco, whlch
soon came wlth Dr. Sandldge In chargo.
and shortly thereaftor Patrolman Clolds
by, of tho Klrst Dlstrict, was on tho spot.
To tho Dootor tlio glrl slmply sald that
8ho was tlred of llving, oJid jmd no other
reasons for shootlng herself.
Of tlio threo bullets flrert one ontored
thn left ohook, lodglng ln the roof of her
nioulli. The other. plerced *.ho rlght
Although tho Injuries aro sorious, tho
physlolan does'not thlnk *.hoy aro llkely
to provo fatal. .
Tho young woman -_y&? ..iftif-ejl to, jjw ,
C|ty( H03j?.lt,ak . .j [
A Beautlful Head of Kair
May Be Acquired?
A Wondar.Working Modirn Milr
Destroys the Microbe That
Causet Dandruff and Fall?
ing Hair and Kourlshes
the Hair-Root Back
to Health.
Makes Hair Grow-Prevents
Hair SpEitting?Renders
Coarse Hair Soft
and Silky.
Cleansea the Scalp of All Irritation and
Kceps It Healthful?The Life
' of the Hair ia in the
Restores Gray Hair to Its Natural
Color, Not by Dyeing, but by
ment Cells That Give
Color to the Hair.
A Trlal Bottle Free by Mail to(All Who
Send Name and Cotnplete
Perfect prcparations for the cure of
dandruff, falling hair and premature
baldness liave existed in the past only
in theory.
They were comp.ounded, without any
cxact knowlcdge of the real cause of the
diseases which they iwere intended to
cure. They were good enough for the
time?-because there was nothing better
known?but they are not good enough
for to-day.
We know now that diseases of the
hair and scalp are of parasitic origin.
This Iruth is the result of modern in?
vestigation and our knowledge of the
bacteriological origin of disease.
We know now that the itching scalp,
the falling hair and the dandrufT that
annovs nnd disilgures are tho work of
a pa'rasite hidden deep down in the
, To cure tho surfare indications we
must rcach the cause below.
This Cranitonic Hair Food does.
Being a parasiticido it penetrates to
the entire depth of the hair follicle and
destroys the parasite that causes the
It does moro?it fceds the weakened
hair follicle back to health.
It is both a germicide and a natural
food for tho hair. lt gives the hair new
life, limter nnd growth by fecding the
scnlp which holds the hair roots, for the
life of tho hair is in tho scalp.
lt is the only hnir and scalp food. and
there is nothing like it in the world.
It curcs dandruff, stops falling hair
and'prevents gray hair and haldness.
It is "invigornting. refreshing and of
dellghtful odor.
lt is nhsolutcly harmless, contains no
groaso, sodiment, dye matter or dangor
ous drugs.
It is pure, clean, clear as crystal, de?
llghtful to ttse and certain in its results.
Havo you dandruff? .
Tlion you have a contagious disease,
unpleasniit, unlioplihy nnd one that will
lend to baldness unless cured.
Crnnitonia Hair Food will posltively
cure it.
Does your scalp itch?
Then you aro suffering from a para?
sitic dis'ense, cllstiessiiig, annoying and
ono that indicatos uncleanliness.
Cranilonic Hair Food will absolutely
cure it.
Is your hair falling?
The cause is a parnsito in tho hair
follicle, cating nwny tho delicato mem
brnno which holds tho hair root in plnce.
The only wny <o stop falling hair is to
destroy tho p'nrnsitc which causes it.
Cranitonic Hair Food does this, nnd
then foeds tho follicles nnd roots and re
builds tho waste tissito.
Tho result is a now growth of strong,
boautifui, lusirous hair.
Crnnitonio Hnir Food is for snle by
nll donlors for one tlollnr tho bottle.
who would like a microscopic exnmina
tion of their hnir, ?n(l will sond a few
hnirs pullod from the head, or a sample
from the daily combings, will roeeivo
from our doctors, by mail, AHSOUJTE
LY FRF.E, a fioe REPORT and DIAG
To enahlo tlio publlc to obscrve its
purity and loaru nf its possibilities, a
trlal hottlo of Crnnitonio Hnir Food and
a book ontitlod Hair Educniion will be
sent by mnil, prcpnld, to all who send
nnmo and comploto address to CRANI
Hrondway, New Vork.
Trades and Labor Councll Oppose the
Barksclale Measure,
The Central Trades and Lebor Counoll
apent conslderuble tlmo last nlght In dls
cusslng the blll of Senator Barksdale
.sooklng to mnlyi lt unlawful for one cm
ployer to seok to entlco away another
employer's labor. The spooches wero
pructlcally all In donunclatlon of tho
proposed nioasuro, and later resolutlops
woro udopted unanlmously settlng forth
that tho Councll waa dlamotrlcally op?
posed to tho blll. that tho body held Mr.
DnrkBdolo an enomy of orgaulzed labor;
that. ho waa stlrrlng up clnss projudlca
and aooklng to havo unconstltutlonal
measurea enactefl,
Tho commlttoe which Is maklng prepn
for tho enfertaipment of the
ropo?ted sa^
Iratlons for the eniertaipmei
State Federatlon WaV 6th., ro|
Jsfft'ptory jtrogresa, [
Dr. Wllson Ansvvers German
Scholar at Every Polnt.
Learned Address at Unlon Somlnary
Convlnced Dlstingulshed Audlence
That Babylonians Oot Religious
Doctrino From Hebrews.
The Iccmoclastlo theorlos rcgardlng thn
orlgln ot tho Hobrow, and honco tho
Chrlstlan religlon, as promulgated ro
centlyn Germany by Professor Delltzch;
under tha partonage of the German
Katser, recotved a staggerlng blow last
nlght from Dr. Robert D. Wllson, prof.
ot Semltlc phllology and the Interpretntlon
of tho Old Testamont in Prlnceton Seml?
nary, who dellvered an oxceptlonally
ablo address at the | Unlon Theologlcal
Semlnary, thls clty.
A splendld audlence greeted the learned
speaker. It was a gatherlng noted for Its
erudltlon. The colleges of the clty were
excellently representea.
When Dr. Robert P. Korr, president or
tho Board of Trustees of tlio Semlnary,
called tho dlstingulshed company to or?
der, Walt's Chapal was nearly f.IIea,
Dr. Wltherspoon offered the openlng
Dr. Kerr has known tfr. Wllson for n
numbor of yoars. and exprcs-sed the ploas
ure that was hls on thnt occOSIon to wei
come hlm to Rlchmond to lend hlm to
a Rlchmond audlence.
If Professor Delltzch ls right, contendc*
Dr. "Wllson, ln the statement that the
Hebrews got thelr religlon from the
Babylonians, and not ivlce. versa.
as the Chrlstlan world. hn* always held.
Moses was wrong ,lp 'copf/rtliig that he
first got the name' of Jelijovah for Gort
at the burnnlng. bush, as Abraham would
appear to havo had It long beforo, _nc;
the professor ..V. Imated that tho "whoie
dlvlslvo theory of tho Pentateuch, so
long held,,would go to smasn.
Professor Wllson presented the tabu
lated ' rcsults of hls comparlsons
of the Babylonlon, Hebrow Aramaic,
and Arablc languages to tost Pro?
fessor Delltzch's theory that tho He?
brews got thelr religlon from the Baby?
lonians. He compared thelr vocabularlos
and found that tho rcsemblance of He?
brow to Arablc was fifty-slx iper cent,.
us agalnst a twenty-nlno per cent- rc?
semblance between the Hebrow and
Babylonlon. He found that the I-Iebre-w
and Babylonlan dld have tho same words
for many rnlnor things, but tho resem
blanco dlsappeared ln going to hlgher
Taklng tho words of tho CommanO
ments, he found that the Hebrow -won?
"klll" has no resemblanoo to nny worr}
ln the Babylonlan; so of the words "steal,
adultory, _?vot" They 1-ad a word "Sab
bath," but nothlng llko tho Hebrow ln?
stltutlon. Evon lf Babylonians had a
Sabbuth day by such a namo thor.. was
no cessatlon of won: oxcopt for D.e
klngs and physlcluns. Thero was proba?
bly a Semltlc Sabbath, which both He?
brews and Babylonians copled and de
veloped along dlfforont llne*. The Baby?
lonlan Aind Hebrew words for rulor, kln'ff
and Juuge wero very different. Of tbe
dozens W Babylonlan words for prophetf
and seers not one was lnnprossod on Che
Hebrow, and the ono Hobrow word for
prlest waa not In the Babylonlan lan
Dr. Wllson proceeded: "On tho dootrlnes
of God, sln, grace. pardon, roponlunce,
saWatlon. falth, fhe Mosslnli, the klng
dom, whnt evlde.nce Is thero thnt the
Babylonians Innuenced tho Hebrews? Of
the Hobrow words for sln, only one Is
found lu the Babylonlan, and this Is the
prlmltlve Somltlc root. All other words
for sin are absont, and on the other
hand all tlio Babylonlan words for sln
are absont from tho Hebrow. Of the
words for grace, two aro found ln nll
four' languages, but tho two specifically
technlcal oxipresslons in J_K)brow do nol
occur. Of the Hebrew words for par?
don one occurs In a moral sense In tho
"Tho word Savlour, so preclous to us
in Its Engllsh form of Jcsus, never pro
sents Itsolf to us on tlio monumonts; nor
does 'to anolnt,' nor doo.v-tho doctrino of
salvatton through o Redeemer, nor of nji
anolntod servant of God, appear on tho
tablots of Babylon. Nor ls thero any
such thlng as a predlellvo prophocy, as
dlstlngulshod from fortuno telllng or
soothsaylng. nor a doctrlne of tho klng
dom of God,1 Not ono of the Hebrew
words for falth occurs in tho Babylonlan
tonguo, oxcept 'to ileo for refugo,' and
thls onco or twlco In lts llteral sense.
"Whon we como to the doctrlne of Ood
we flnd that the two systoms of religlon
and tho two vocabularlos aro at tha on
tlpodos. Elohlm, which In lts slngular
form ls tho ustinl word for God In tho
Syrlao and Arablc, does not ocour In tho
Bnbvlonlan. The word 'llu.' the word
for God In Babylonlan. ls used compara
llvely soldom by tlio Ifeiirew wrlters,
and thon usually pnetlonlly, or wlth nt
trlbutes, ar of heathen gods, tt ls nevor
found In Syrlao or Arablc, except whon
borrowed from tho Hebrew elthor dlreotjy
or lndlreotly.
"An attompt has been m?<ie by Profes?
sor Delltzch to show that tha Hebrews
dorlvod tholr spoclllc word for Ood, Jo
hovuh, from tho Babylonians. Tho proof
of thls: On three tableiB In tho 'Brltlsh
Museum dawd In tho tlmo of Hainmu
robl, professor Delltzch reada Ha-ah-ve
llu or'Ja-hu-um-Hu; tb/it ls, aa he rouds
it, 'Jehovah ls God.' Professor Barth as
salls thls intnrprotatlon, aHlrmlng that
the namo ls connected rathor with tlio
name of a god made known by somo of
tho old Phoenlclan monumonts.
"As you reeall tho testimony," con
tended. tho speokor, "I havo p'rosentwl
to you, oould you have possibly ^xpocted
s'trbnger. oonflrmatlpn of the clpsp pre
,__os_1q relatlons ot Babylon pnf Uxw\
Test for Yourself the Wonderful
Curative Properties of Swamp-Boot
To Prove What Swamp-Root, the World-Famous Kidney, Llver and Bladdei
Remedy, Wlll do for YOU, Every Reader of the Weekly Tlmes-Dlspatch
May Have a 5atnple Bottle FREE.
W. H.FRED-""'
BM AN. _j'^J
Gentlemen: Some two years ago I was so run down that I lacked strength, had no appetite and
could ,not sleep nights. Sometimes it seemcd as though my back would break in two after stooping.
I had to get up many times during the night to ttrinate and go often through the day. After having the
best physicians prescribe for me without relief, I decided from my symptoms that the medicine I
needed was Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, the great kidney, liver and bladder remedy. After trying a
sample bottle with good results, I purchased slx bottles of the regular size, and after taking them was
entirely cured. Swamp-Root is a wonderful remedy when a man is not feeling well, after expostire or.
loss of sleep and irregular mcals. It is also a great medicine to tone up a man's system. Other mem?
bers of the police force are using and recommending Swamp-Root. They, like myself, cannot say, too
much in praise of this great remdy. \ . _
The offlcers (whose signatures accompany thls letter), as well as myself, tnank you for tne-gooa
you have accomplished in the compounding of Swamp-Root. . '?'__
We remain, yottrs very truly,
To Dr. Kllmer & Co.,
Blnghamton, N. T.
___, /tfcr-*ry?~- Chlef of Police.
Offlcers of the Blnghamton, N. T? Police Department
cause rheumatism, irravel, catarrh of the bladder. paln or dull
acho in the baok, Jolnte and musclos; makes your head aehe
and back aohe, causes lndlgostlon, stomaoh and Uver trouble;
you got a sallow yellow' oomplexlon, makes you feel as thoogh
you had heart trouble; you may have plenty of ambltion, but
no strongth; get weak and waste away,
Swamp-Root ls pleasant to take and ls nsed ln the leading
hospltals, recommended by physicians ln thelr prlvate praotlce,
and is tnkon by doctors themselves, because they recognise In
lt tho greateBt and most successful remedy that sclence hae
ever been able to compound.
If you are slck or "feel badly," begi.n taking the famous
new dlscovery, Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, because as soon as
your kldneys are woll they wlll help all the other organs to
health. A trlal wlll convlnco any one.
Weak and unheaithy kldneys aro rosponslble for more slck
ncss and sufCerlng than any other disease, therefore, when
through neglect or other causes, kidney, troublo is pormlttod
to contlnue fatal results are sure to follow.. Kldnoy troub o
Irrltates the nerves, makes you dlzzy, rostless, sleepless and Irrl
tablo Makes you pass water often through tho day and obllges
you to get up.many tlmes during the nlght. Unheaithy kldneys
? . _.._?_ni. i,Mno'v iit,nr nnd bladder remedy, ls so remarkably successful that a speclal
N' Y' . ^ , a ??,?? onann nnnt la whnt vou need. you can purohase the regular flfty-cent and one-dollar
^'ffi-^J^^ remember the name, Swamp-Roo^-D, Kllme,..
Swamp-Root. and the address, Blnghamton, N. Y? on every bottle, -_
and of the later conflrmcd hostllity be?
tween the two? That long llno of oppo?
sltlon extends from the time- when
Abraham was called out of Ur of the
Chnldees to leavo hls country .and kln
dred until, In tho Apocalypso and the
later Jewlsn lltorature, Babylon Jpecame
the helght and front of tho offendlng
agalnst tho Iflngdom ot Israel. All through
that extended lltorature of the ancient
Hebrews. all through thoso long annals
ot the Assyrfins and Babylonians, when
ever tho Hebrews and the Assyrlo-Bab
ylohlans were brought lnto contiiot, lt
was by way of opposltlon, With few ex
boptlons prophets and kings and poets
emphasize and relterate tho antagonism,
essentla and etornal. exlsting between
the worshlp of Jehovah and the worshlp
of tho Idols of Babylon." ______
The hall rang wlth applause when tho
nddress was- coucluded, and all felt con
vfncod that Dr. Wllson had whlpped the
German schdlar at evory polnt. Dr.
?, ?op n.on the'youthfu. shbjeots, of tho
Kalser had botter come over hero to
s^dy rathor than for our young men to
S AOnVumbe0rrof learned company wero ln
vlted totho resldence ot Professor John
orfwhere refreshments were, served and
nn opportunlty was glyen to know tno
erudlte vlsltor personally.
An Entertalnment at the Cavalry Armor
Beginning Thursday Nlght.
"The Mother Goose Markot." ono of
tho most unlque and onloyablo ot onter
talnmonts, wlll bo glven Thursday and
Friday nlghts and Saturday atternoonln
the Cavalry Armory, on Sovonth Street,
eyond Deigh. undor the ausplces ot tho
ladies of Immanuel Bnptlst Church, ror
tbe benefit of tho bulldlng fund.
Thero wlll be attractlvo booths, ln wh ch
wlll bo dlsplayed for salo many deslrable
ar'nc.loM Refreshmonts, Acllghttul va
chnractor, wlll also bo on hand.
In the enterttilnmont provldod a great
numbor of chlldron wlll take part, and lt
wlll be of a most enjoyable naturo.
Admiral Dewoy Will Inspect the North
Atlantlc Fleet.
(By AsBocluti'i! I'roBS.) ....
WASH1NGTON, March 24.?Admiral
Dewoy ls to revlow and Inspect tho
North Atlantlc fleot off the Virginia
enpes on lts roturn North from South
""orders to-day wore Issued by tho Navy
Department to Admiral Hlggiiison, vvho
ls ln command, to proceed to dilll
irrounds, twonty mlles east of Ciipo
Henry to arrlvo thoro not lnter than the
mornlng of Aprll 27th. and thero awalt
he aainlral of tho navy. Admiral Dowoy
wlll Joln-tho fleet elthor wlth tho Mny
nowor or Tno Dolphln.
lmniedlutoly after this revlow the fleet
wlll procoed to Now York,
(Hy Assoclulatl Prous.)
UKIAH, CAI?. March -1--A lono hlgh
wayman hold up tho stage botween thls
nolnt and Mendoclno City to-day and shot
and Instantly kllled tho armod messen
ger Q. A. Overmeyer, The drlvor, Harry
Owaly whlpped up hls horses and amlrl
a raln of bullots escoped unlnjurod, Tho
stago was hold UP ln the samo spot,about
n month ngo. To-day's stago carrlod a
heavy treasure.
Santo, palmist.
Roturninl for n Short Tlmo.
Wfe jifiuiliiig-s, fiOo and $1.00,
309 N. 3d. St.
Danger About Memphls Prac
tlcally Passed.
Below Memphls the Rlver la Rlslng, but
Every Precaution is Being Taken to
Strengthen Levees and Avert
Danger of Breaks.
MEMPHIS, TETNN.. March 24.?Tho
rlver has rcmalned staUonary all day
at 39.4 feet, which haa been somothlng ot
a surprlso in the face of tho fall whlch
haa occurrod slnce tho crest of tho over
flow was roached. Tho tonts supplled
by tho govornment have arrlved and are
belng ornployod ln glvlng sheltor to tho
destltuto refugoos.
Asslstant Goneral Pnssonger Agent H.
D. Wilson, of tho Iron Mountnln Rall?
way, to-nlght nnnounees that tho com?
pany hns repulred the damage from tho
flood to Us tracks ln Arkansas, and that
tho llno wlll bo oponed west oarly to
morrow mornlng. A Cotton Bolt passen
gor traln, tho first Into tlio clty frorn
tho Wost slnco tho breaklng of tlio St.
Francls lovoo at Trlce's Lancllng, wlll
arrlvo to-morrow mornlng at 5:-IO o'clock.
Shortly afterwards tho Iron Mountaln wlll
send tlio flrst traln out of tho clty. Tho
Choctaw. Cotton Bolt nnd 'Frlsco wlll
use tho Iron Mountaln track untll thelr
own can lio repulred. To-morrow night
wlll seo nll Wostorn llnoa operatlng pas
senger sorvlcos nn schoduled tlmo. Freight
trafflo wlll bo rqsumed tho followlng day.
(By AMoeluied Prriw.)
NATCHEZ, MISS., March i!4.-Sycninore
lovoo Is now bolng slrengthonod from tho
rear nnd dykes to draln off tho soopago
nro bolng nrrangcd. Tlio rlvor rose two
tonths ln tho past twonty-four hours,
readlng '19.7 on tho guago, or ono-tonth
lowor than tlio lilghost stnge In 181)7, Tho
rlse does not allay tho foellng ot unoasl
iiess and pituiters ln many placos
aro propnrlng for every omorgoncy.
Steambnats nro requlred to oxorclso evory
precaution and to steor clear of tho lovoo
work. Thoso instructlons aro hamporlng
thom In tholr rolloC work, ns provlslons
and fndder must bo dellvered and tho
only way to do It is by llghterhig lt on
barges. In those onaos tha barges are
wweu to tho luiil l.y shjlfs, Alarming
roports as to tlio condition of tha lovoe
four mll*s routh of Arkansas Clty, Ark.,
reached thls clty to-day. but lato reports
from the intorlor points woro to tho of
feot that tho levee, whlch hnd beon cav
Ing ln badly, would be held ln by tho
forces omployed thore.
Samuel Cloerly, a promlnont planler of
Racoourol Islawl, Ui., arrlvod ln tho clty
to-day and says lhat tlio Island, whlch
Includes nlno flno plantatlons, ls ontlrely
undor wator,
t ?
Wlll Not Accept.
' (Uy AMoclstod I'n'si.)
i Jj'Hff YORK, Muivh iM.-Uopresenta
h ' -nf tlio Manhattan Ulevatod Rallway
10ir. -fe'. Assoclation onllod upon Oen
eral';>.'"* ' - -Hkltt to-day lo luforin hlm
thnt tho no.. .".3'Aiu would not accopt the
schedulo of wages and hours offered by
the oojiipuny.
Serlous Scandal ln Britlsh
Mllltary Circles.
He Rose to Hla Posltlon fr om Ranka
and Is Hlghly Regarded In Army and
Civll Life?Few Have More
Honorable Records.
(By AsBoctated Press.)
COLOMBO, CEYliON, March 34.?
Charges of the most serlous nature have,
boen brougiht agalnst Major-Generol Slr
Kector MacDonald, commandlng tho
forces ln Coylon, ln consequence of which.
tho Governor of that lsland, Slr Joseph.,
West Rldgeway, has beon authorhsed to
convone a court-martlal to try General
MacDonald. The latter, when tho ohargos
woro flled some time ago, went to Eng?
land to confer wlth hls frlends and au-<
porlor offlcers, and now, lt is understood,
he will return and face the charges, whloh,
it ls alleged, are based on Immoral acts,
(Ily Asaocluteel Press.)
LONDON, Maroh 21.?The announcement
from Colombo that Mujor-General Mao
Donald is to be trled by court-martlal on
most serlous chargos of Immoral conduct,
wlll undoubtcdly provo to be tho greatest
sonsntlon In Britlsh mllltnry circles slnce
the caso of Colonel Valentlne Baker, who
was seutencod August 2, 1S75, to pay a
llne of $2,500 and to undergo twolvo
months' Imprlsonment for assaulUng a
woman ln a rallroad carrlago,
General MacDonald was regarded as ono
of Brltaln'H great soldlers. Ho rose from
tho ranks ln tho Gordon Hlghlanders to
his present posltlon, nml tho servlce 11st
shows no moro honorable war record than
that of MacDonald, whllo fow olllcors pos
si'ss harder won decorutlons. Ho wus ex
trc-mely popular ln tho army and -llvll
llfo. Whllo tho army offlclals and many
of hls brothor oflloors woro awaro that
charges wero peudlng agalnst General
MacDonald, no Intlmutlon of thelr na
ture leaked out until the dlnner of tho
ottlcors of a Hlghland reglmont, March
21st, at which General MacDonald was
not present.
l.ord Kohorts, the commander-ln-chlef,
pald trlbuto ln a speech on that occaslon
to tho Hlghland otllcers who had served
wltih dlstlnctlon. but ho dld not mentlon
MacDonald. Thls attraoted conslderilble
notice, and tho sonsatlon was liiereased
whon another speaker. who was not awaro
of the facts in tho uass, taudod M'aoDon
nld as a typical Hlghland soldler. and
found that hls remarks woro rocelved la
cold slleneo by the. majorlty of the ofll?
cers present. General MacDonald, It ls
announced, left England for tho Contlnent
somo days ago, and lt ls understood that
ho Is roturnlng to Coylon under the ad
vico of Dord Roberts, nfler hearlng Mac-.
Donnld's vorslon of tho charges.
-?????? - ?. ?
Appenls to Ihe President.
(Hy A**oel?tert t'roiu.) - '.
WASHJNGTON, D. C, Maroh 24.-Estea
G. Rathbono, former dlreotor of poata
of Cuba, has appealed to Presldent Roose
velt from the aotlon of Secretary of war
Root In dlsmlsslng the charges flled by
Mr. Rathbone agalnst General JLeonard
Wood. Tho BUbstance of th? ohargos and of
' Seorotary Root's endorsemopt of the ??*
jers havo been pubilshed recently.

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