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After Baby Comes
there Ib nourishment for both convales
,cont mother and nursing chlld la -
It is an already digested food easily
retained by the most delicate stomach.
It restores health and strength-supplies
the nutriment needed-builds flesh and
tissue. ,
K A real malt extract-not an intoxicant;
'B_JJcontains less t^an 2%oi alcohol.
All dnifglate nll lt. PrepAKfl bjr the
I Anheiiser-Busch BrewingAss'n
St. Louli, V. 8. A.
Dlstlllers ln the Countles Say
lt Is Unconstltutlonal.
The Claim, as Made by the Llquor In?
terests, is That the LaW is ln Viola
tlon of the Fifteenth Amend?
ment to the Constltutlon. ,
(Speclnl to The TImcs-DlspatcIO
GREEN8BORO. N. C? March 34.?A
Rowan county dlstillor wlll, lt is reported,
tcst tho constltutlonality of tho Walts
law, recenly passed by the General As?
TIUs law prohiblts the running Of dlsttl
lerles outsldo of Incorporated towns.
'Four of tho Stato's leading'lawyers
have been omployed to test the case in
tho Fcdoral Court by those distlllers hav?
lng largo lnvcstmentH In bulldlngs aud
equlpments ln the rural distrlcts, where
nearly nll of tho 600 rcgistorod disllllorlos
in North Carollna aro located. The con
tcntion Is that tho Watts law ls a vlola
tion of sectlon one of the fourtoenth
amendment of tho Constltutlon, to wlt:
"All persons born or naturallzed in the
Unlted States and Bubject fo tho Juris
dlctlon thereof aro citizens of tho Unlted
Blntes and tho Sae whereln hey resldo.
No Stato shall mako or enforce any
law whlch shall abridge tho prlvlleges or
immunltles of citizens of the Unlted
States and tho State wheroln they reslde.
peraon of llfo, llberty or proporty wlth?
out duo procoss of law. Nor deny to
any person wlthln Its Jurlsdlctlon tho
equal protectlon of tha law.".
. Tho buslness of the postofflce horo has
increased to such an extont that at the
closo of tho flscal year' on March 31st,
trc receipts for tho past twclve months
?wlll aggregato moro than ?4O.OO0 from
tho sale of stamps. Thls wlll placo
Oreonsboro In tho rank of a flrst-class
office und will mean a grently Improved
The first game of base-ball for the
season wlll be played at the park Thurs?
day betweon Oak Rldgo and Horner's Mll
ltary School. On Saturday Brown Unl
jVerslty and tho University of North
Carollna teama wlll contest nt tho same
Measuremcnts are belng taken to-day
of Courthouso Squaro for the uso of arch
Itects, who are preparlng plans for an
enlargement of tho county courthouso.
John W. Lomim, who had hls leg broken
by a traln about a year ago, and brought
suit agulnst the Southern Rallway, yes?
terday accepted J1.500 from tho rallroad
by wuy of a compromlse. ,
Tho rocrultlng .statlon for tho marlne
corps wus closed to-day, not a slngle re
crult havlng beon onllsted.
The family of Chlef Justlce Adams, of
ihe Indian Court of Indian Territory,
wlll leave for South McAllistcr thls- week
to spend tho summer,
Postofflce Department Explalns Why
Vick Was Not Appointed.
(ny AaaoclHted Presi.)
WASinNGTON, March 24.-The follow
jig postmastors havo boon* appolnted by
Iho Presldent:
Mlsslsslppl?Qullport. S, R, Brasselton.
North Carollnar-Wllson. B. T. Person.
I South Carollna^-Charleston, W, L. Har?
In connootlon wlth tho aippolntmont of
trlr. Porson, at "Wllson, N, 0,, the Post
odlce Dopartment Issued tha followlng
"Aftor a caroful Investigation the do
iiartmont camo to tho coucluslon that
Benator Prltchard wo? rlght In the state?
rnent that Vlck had not supported
the Republican tlckot. and consequently
had forfoltod hls clalm to party recognl
tlon. Thoroforo, Mr. Porson, who was re
commendod by Senator' Prltchard, has
been nominated.'?
Appllcants for Drugglsts' Llcenses in
Norlh Carollna.
(fipeclal to llio Tlmes-DUpatch )
RA.LEIGH, N. C, March 21,-Tha State
Board of Pharmacy waa ln sesslon hore
to-day to oxamhio appllcants for pharma
ooutlcal llcenses, of whom thlrty-slx
?tood tho examlnntion, two belng ladlos.
It wlll be several days bofore tho llst
of thoso successful wlll bo given out.
The Stato Board conslsts.of E, V. 55oellar,
of Turboroj F. W. Hancock, of Oxford;
W. W, iiume, of FayettovlHe; William
Blmpson, of Ralolgh, and W. H. Wearn,
Of Charlotto.
Tho Brooks Morcanttlo Company, of
Wallace, was chartered to-day wlth $3,000
capltal, J, W, Brooks and J. E. Plgford
fpelng tho .principal lnoorporators.
Efforts ,to get Ralelgh into a Vlrgpla
Carllna Bnse-ball League are not materj
ellzlng offectlvoly very fast, It seenis
?iow that tho North Carollna capltal clty
wlll let base-bnll go by the board thls
ieason. It la undorstood that Groensboro
liaa jolned the Vlrglnla-Carollna League,
(bt?n Ikti llpijJ J"?~
the others now Idontlfled wlth lt belng
Danvllle, Lynchburg, Roanoko.
A flrst mortgago for $310,000 by the
Ralolgh and Capo Foar Rallroad to the
ICnlckerbocker Trust Company, of New
York, was1 recorded In the ofllee of the
Reglster of Deeds' of Wako county to-Uay,
It provldos for forty-y?ar flvo per cont.
gold" bonds, the money to be used In
extending the road from Its present
termlnus, thlrty-olght\ mllos out frorri
Ralelgh to Lllllngton, in Ilarnett county,
and thoncc through Harnott andt Cum?
berland oountlos to Fayottoville. Ah
Iron brldgo ls to be put ncroBS Cape Foar
Rlvor at LIIHngton. Thls extension Is
already woll under way.
Tho prellminary arrangements for an
Assoclated Oharltles for Ralelgh were
mado at a mass-meotlng of citizens thls
afternoon, the purpose belng to correct
tho lndlBcrlminate system of charltlee now
ln voguo and reduce1 ,to a minlmum
streot .begglng.
Ladles Actively at Work for the Bazaar
to be Held in RIchmond.
(BpeclBl to Ttie Tlmei-DHpitelB,)
FAYETTBVlLLE, N. C, March 24.?
The members of Jeb Stuart Chapter,
Unfted Daughters of tho Confederacjr, ot
thls clty, are bestlrrlng themselves to
worthlly represent their Southern devo
tlon at tho Jefferson Davls Bazaar ln
RIchmond, where Mlss Blanche Morgan
has klndly consented to have charge of
the North Carollna booth, Mlss Morgan
has many friends and admlrors here,
?where eho frequently ylslts Mr. and Mrs.
W. M. Morgan at thelr beautlful subur
ban homo on Haymount.
Tho appeal bf E. L. Utloy for a new
trlal Is now wlth tho Supreme Court of
North Carollna, and the declslon la
nwalted wlth lnterest. The defendant la
represented by Colonel J. W, Hlnsdale,
of Ralelgh. and ex-Judge T. H. Sutton.
of thls clty, and the case of the State
Is In the hands of Attorney-General Oll
mcr and Messrs. A. A. Slnclalr and H,
L. Cook. of Fayettevllle, for the prosecu
tlon. Utley ls now under sentence of
twenty years at hard labor ln the penl
tentlary for kllllng T. B. Holllngsworth.
nlght clerk of tho Hotel Lafayette.
Thls afternoon many leudlng women
of Fayettevllle and Cumberland county
wlll meet to forrn an auxlllary socloty
to tho Llberty PolnLAssoclatlon. an ac?
count of thb organlzatlon of whlch has
already been given In Tho Tlmes-Dls
patch. Thls movcmetU Is almost a guar
anteo of the success of the assoclation,
for these same women rested Jiot untll
they erected tho beautlful soldlers' monu?
ment on St. James Square, making thelr
rtrst $500 by the Issuo of the women's
edltlon of the Fayettevllle Observer ln
Soptember, 1835. It is pleasantly recalled
that the nichmond Tlmes courteously
lent them Its splendld bordorlng lllustra
tlons, vlgnottes, etc, for thelr flrst page.
Workmon aro making extenslve In
terlor decoratlons, Includlng artlstlc wall
palntlng and a complete system of elec
trlo llghtlng, ln tho Flrst Presbyterlan
Church, whoso orgnnlzatlon dntes back
moro thnn one hundred years, and whose
present pastor ls Rev. II. Tucker Gra
ham, a Vlrglnlan, 6on of tho venerable
Rev. -Mr, Graham, of Wlnchester.
Sprlng lettuce Is now leavlng thls polnt
dally by refrlgerator car-loads, and a
closo estlmato Is that tho money frorn
the crop comlng to Fayettevllle and the
trlbutary countles wlthln a radlus of four
mlles wlll be about $50,000, Thls ls a
gratlfylng oxhlblt, when It Is consldered
that thls Is only one vcgotable, whlch
forms no proportlon to tho output of
peas, beans, asparagus, and espeolally
Tlie Cape Fear Rlver Is bolllng and
foamlng wlth Its sprlng freshet?enough
of a slght to repay a rlde to Its banks,
but not enough to cause alarm. as It Is
stlll 10 feot below the floojjlng of the
county brldgo.
Judg? C. M. Cooke, Jr? of Louisburg.
ls' holdlng Cumberland Superlor Court
here thls week for the dlsposal of the
clvll docket only.
Trinlty to Meet Emory Coliege of
Georgia on April 13,
(Speclal to The Tlmes-Dltpatcb.)
DURHAM, N. C? March 21.-Oreat In
testest ls belng taken tn fhe Intercol
leglate dobate between Trinlty and
Emory Coliege, Ga? whlch wlll bo htld
ln Craven Memorial Hall at Trinlty Col
lege Monday evening, Aprll 13th, The
subject for debate ls: "Rosolved, That
legal tirovUlon should be made In thls
country for the appolntment of trlbunals
of arbltratlon to settls 6trlkea and
lockouts, such trlbunals to have power,
when nogotlatlons between employers
and employos have falled 'to assume
Jurhdlctlon and to Judlcally determlno
ancf enforce for the Industry In questlon
Just rates of wages and condltlons of
Tho ropresentatlves aro: Trinlty?
MesBrs. L. P. Howard and J, P, Frlzzelle,
alternato, E. W, Cranford; Emory
Mossrs. L, B. Harrell and Reese Grlffln,
alternate, H. S. Strozler. The prosldlns
ofllcer wlll be Hon. B. F. Dlxon, and'tho
judges Governor C. B. Aycock, of North
carollna', ex-Govornor Candler, of
Georgia, and Hon. F. A. Woodard, of
Wllson, N. C.
Tho serles of Jectures by Blshop Al
phous W, Wllson, of Baltlmore, Md,,
gWen under the ausplces of the Avera
dopartmont of Blblioal llterature. wlll bo
dollvered In Craven Memorial Hall,
March 31st, Aprll lst and Jd. To all tho
lectures tho publlo Js cordlally Invlted,
The Trinlty Gleo Club, whlch is com-.
posed of twenty-threo. mombers, wlll
glve an entertainment Jn the Durhaw
Opera House Monday evening, March
30th. The club Is to glve olmllar enter
talnments ln the largur towns ot the
Stato, announcement of whloh wlll be
gltvon later,
. pell Under Car Wheels.
_.fSuoclul to The Tlme?-JMaDatcb.)
WIN8TON-SALEM, N. C? March 24
Fred Cowan, a whlte boy, whlle attemptV
Ing to board a, movlng frolght traln at
Mount UHa last nlght, fell nnd hls right
log was cruflhed by the car wheels, The
boy was carrled to Davtdson Coliege,
whoro hls leg was amputated, Jte dlod
thls mornlng.
Attorneys Succeed In Getting
a Contlnuance.
The Affldavit Glelms That (he Proiecu
tlon Tried to Work Up Publio Sentl?
ment Agslnat Hsywood?Ohurch
Thresttnsd Wlth Boycott.
/Speclal t? Tnt TlmM-Dlspatch.)
RALKIGH, N. C? March .4.?Ernest
Haywood was arralgned ln Wake 8u
porlor Court to-day on the grand Jury
blll of Indlotment, eharglng murder In
the kllllng of Lutflow Bklnner, and, after
a lengthy tllt between counsel over a
prayer by the defendant for contlnuance,
Judge Justlce ordored a contlnuance untll
the July term, wlth the stlpulatlon that
lt come up flrst on tho calendar for flrst
day of the court, that the venlre be
drawn then, and that the case go to
trlal Thursday, i
Haywood, through counsel, presented a
rather sensatlonal affldavit of fourteon
typowrltten pages, settlng forth grounds
on which contlnuance la asked, B!x
polnts were made, tho most notable.
-brlefly stated that counsel had not time
to prepare for hla defonse, and that a
number of wltnesses were absent, two
ln Virginia and Maryland; that owlng to
the sollcitor'a decllnlng to prosecute, It
had been tmposalble to obtaln an agree
mont wlth any one of tho prosecutlng
attorneys as to the posltive purpose to
have the trlal at thls court; that the cftse
ought not to be trled now, because of tho
provaJencS of a temporary and wrong
fully created publlc sentlment agalnst
hlm, caused by untruthful newspaper
publleatlons and false reports asslduously
clrculated by persons Interested ln the
prosecutlon. Several of theso publlea?
tlons are clted.
The affldavit declares that one man,
George McMulIen, haa been employed by
the proseoutlon to go about the county
and stlr up sentlment agalnst film. He
declares that R. N. Slmms, prlnclpal wit?
ness for the defense, has been perslstent
ly vllllfted and slandered by these same
agencles slnce tho character' of hls evl
dence was publlshed, and fntJmldatlon
used to prevent corroboratlve wltnesses
from consentlng to testlfy. So bltter was
thls feellng, It ls charged, that persons
had threatened to boycott Tabernacle
Baptlst Sunday schoot and church be?
cause of Slmms' promlnence there.
Names of Intlmldated wltnesses are glven.
Among wltnesses out of the State who
can't be gotten hero at thls time ho
named' Phlllp Busbee, now under treat
ment In Baltlmore; John S. Stump, ot
Baltlmore, and John n, Hammett, of
In concluslon. the affldavit declares
Haywood's bellef that wltnesses have
been Intlmldated and run off or lnduced
lo conceal themselves, and that ho could
not now have a falr trlal. But that at
tho next term, when tho management of
the prosecutlon Is tn the hands of a
sollcltor appolpted by the court, who wlll
say autborltatlvely thnt the State wants
the.truth In the matter, snd that wlt?
nesses, whlte and black, humble and
hlgh. shall be protected ln telllng what
they know, then "I wlll no.t have my wlt
| Don't
| Argue
"A man convtneed agalnst hls wlll
ls of tho samo opinlon stlll."
So don't waste time argu
ing about the elegance of
our Iron Beds. Just bring
your frlend around and
show hlm.
No man can disbelieve his
own eyes, and we have the
Beds right here for you to
look at.
These Beds are as nice as
- we ever saw. JBeauties Jn
I design and finish and dura
ble in construction.
They will range in price
$15 to$30.
We have Iron Beds that
are all an iron bed can be?
Springs go with every
Bed, and the terms are so
Furniture, ,
Floor Coverings,
609 E. Broad St. j
nessefl Min away fr-Hl Ralelgh Of advlsed
to say hothltig bt tola that thls l? whlte
people'S biifllnesB, or that If they made
etnlomenlfl IH my behalf, they wlll havo
thelr moutlis maHhod, or anythlng of that
Judge Justlce, ln ecmtlnulng the case,
nnmcd W. H. Oanlol, of Weldon, as soll'
ellor for tho prosedtitlon In the.otead of
Armlstead Jonos, who was oxeused bo*
calise of relatlons to Haywood,
\ SASt COAsfllNE
Coast Llne, Southern end Seaboard to
Use It Jolntly.
(Speeiat to The' TlmM-Dlspatch,)
WILMINGTON, N. C, March 24.?It
Is understood that the Florlda Ehst Coast
Rallro_d was utidsr discusalon at tha re?
oent conferenes of rallroad magnates on
Jekyl Island, whloh excltad publlc curl?
oslty to a great oxtent. Although noth?
lng waa glvon out, lt was generally be*
lleved that tbe East Coast property was
foremost in the matters dlscussed. The
reports now recelved cohtlrm thla. The
probablllty now seema to be that the
three big systoms enterlng Florlda, the
Coast Llne, Southern and Seaboard, wlll
have a sort of Jolnt proteetoraj* over
that Important llne,. and lt wlll be a
conneotlon of the three. The tendoncy ot
the trlple alllance of the three big sys
tems of the South Is to avold a flght,
lf posslble, as flghts cost too much mon?
ey and are too trylng on the nerves. The
Atlantlc Coast Llne ls the peaco maker
of tho alllance, and whllo it has not
beon announced on authority, It Is bo
llevod the Coast Llno ls the movlng
splrlt ln the harmonlous arrangemont in
Florlda, by whloh all wlll Hharo allke In
the proflts of the great East Coast prop?
erty; thereby preventlng the openlng of
another competlng llne for that buslness,
The Coast Llne keepB between tho
Southern and Seaboard, and In that way
prevents a falllng out. It ls a hard mat?
ter to keep the Seaboard and Southern
ln the same pew, but thte Coast Llne ls
able to koep them on speaklng and work
lng terms,
North Carollna, 3: Lafayette, 6.
(Speclal to __? -lraci-Dlspatch.)
CHAPEL. HTLL, N. C, March 24,-The
Lafayette base-ball team defeated the
tlnlverslty of North Carollna team In a
woll played game here to-day by a scoro
Of 0 to 3.
'Mrs. Curry Leaves Ashevllle. ,
(Speclal ta Tbe Tlmea-Dlapatcb.)
A3HEJVILLE, N. C, March 24,-Mrs.
J. L. M. Curry has gone to Atlantlc Clty.
Colonel Connelley has also gone to At
lantlo Clty. Both Mrs, Curry and Col?
onel Connelley are in very lll health,
and are attended by Dr. W. D, Hllllard,
of this clty. i ?
New Bulldlng to be Erected for Another
National Bank.
(Speclal to Tbe Tlmes-Dlspatcb.)
MANASSAS, VA? March 24,-The
Comptroller of the Treasury has author
lzed the establlshmcnt of another natlonal
bank at Manassas, to be. called the Peo?
ple'S Natlonal Bank ot.'Manassas.' The
new bank will be' located'at the corner
of Maln and Battle Streets, on the lot
formerly owned by the,. MIsses Hazen,"
but which has been recently bought by:
those interested In"the bimk. The prop-'
erty was purchased at'-a, cost of 13,300,
The bulldlng now on 'the corner wlll be:
mov_|l to .another pajt ;'of the lot,. and
work on. the new bulldlng wlll be com
menced as soon as the.'capltal stock-has'
been subscrlbed. The. bank Wlll- be capl
talized at $30,000, shares;.SLOO each.
~?' ??.ir-^____,
. 'i-h' ?'-' '?';
All Danger of Concussion Belleved. to
Have Passed. ,
Young Stephon Putney;who was accl- .
dentally struck on tho hoad wlth a rock
at Woodberry Forest last Friday, is
much Jmproved.
The'Iad was playing mumble-peg undor
a tree ntor the academy, when a com
panion threw p. rock at a bird'in .'the
tree. The rock fell on tho young man's
head, and for a while itwas feared that
he had suffered concussion of the braln.
A telegram from Woodberry to The
Tlmes-Dlspatch yesterday states that
the boy ls much better, and there ls little
danger of serlous result.
A Meetlng There Thls Afternoon and
Another To-hlight.
Rev. C. C, Coleman preached a pow
efvl sermor Ins' iiiKlu 'ot r-roadus-Mo
morlal Chuich, hls subject being "A Soul
on Fire."
There wlll bo a nmoling at 3:30 o'clock
thls aftert'ioon, sr.d agaln to-nlght, when
Dr. Colcman wlll speak on "The Arms
of the Dovll Flsh.'
Groat luterost ls being manlfested ln
thoso ir.eetlngi.
. * .
Rev. Thomas ElgeKto Speak,
Rev. Thomas Elger, the prlson evange
11st, who addrossos tho Men's Meotlng
next Sunday, will speak to Sunday-school
teaohers and workers ln the Y. M, C.-A.
audltorlum Saturday next at 5 o'clock
upon the themo, "A Ten-Strlnged Instru
A Questlon Which Justlce
John Will Have to Settle
Lockod ln a cell at the'Second Statlon
Is a man who, on the blotter, ls docketed
as Wllfam French, and he ls charged
wlth havlng aasaulted and oruelly beatep
Mrs, Maggle Ramsoy, the deed havlng
been perpetrated moro than a month ago,
He was arrested by patrolman Cox.
There ls grave doubt as to tho Identlty
of tho man, Ho denles emphatlcally that
he la Willlam French, or ever as, Ho
olalms to be Qoorga Llvely, and resenta
hls orres't.
As stated ln tho foregolng, Willlam
French, It ls alleged, last month beat
Mrs. Ramsey, a rosldont of Hospltal
Stroet. Slnce that tlmo npmerous efforts
have beon made to apprehond and arrost
Monday nlght tbo ofllcers at tho Soc
ond Dlstrict recelved a 'phone mossago,
statlng that French liad been oupturod
ln the oounty, and was being hold at Iho
lyocomotlva Works, awaltlng tho arrlval
of tho patrol wagon.
Offlcer Cox, fHhe house man, was dls
patched ln the wagon to tho polnt and
French was turned over to hlm, En
route to tho statlon the prlsoper oscaped
by Jumplng from the wagon, and tho
offlcer had to return empty handed.
Yesterday he went ln searoli of tho
man who oscaped hlm* Ho returned wlth
the fellow he Btatod waa Frenoh, and
ho was lookod up- Now French (V) sayu
that he Ib not French, nnd was nover in
! the patrol wagon at all. It'a a'case of
mlstaken Identlty, he clalms, and Jus
I tlce Jo|m wlll declde the point to-day.
is coming next week
in person. He will call
at your house and present
you with a large package of
Give it a fair trial, and
you will learn why he
became Sunny Jlm
The Buslness Man and
His Stenographer.
The strongest points about a
typewrlter do not always conslat
ln the novel points?these are usu
ally the weaker ones.
Tffo strongest points about the
Standard Vislble Ollver Typewrlter
ls the thorough rellablllty of. the
machlne, whether used all day or
only now and then; lt wlll always
bo found ln porfeot order and
ready to do the most of the best
work tho easlest.
Besldes the testlmony ot over
flfty thousand tisers an examlna
tlon of the machlne ltself wlll cort
vlnco the most skoptlcal, It ls
buut of tho most substantlal ma
terlals and of the flnest workman
shlp, It Is solid, compact, and
nlmple, havlng less than half as
many parts as any other machlne.
Its every mechanlsm is sirnple, yet
effectlve, with every part as flnely
dnlshed as a flne clock, The Ollver
Is entlrely free from all the so
cnllod ? lmprovemcnts, whloh are
contlnually out of ordor, and
shorten the llfe of tha maohlne?
..thoy serve only as traps to catch
? ? " -the'unwary, who, carrled awny by
thelr Ingonulty, forget that lt is
a sorvlceable maohlno, nnd not a
toy, they rted.
The Ollver ls tho only maohlne
that can be relled on for perfect
alignment under all clrcumstances,
? nnd tho alignment ls unforced; the
doublo typebar ls 'the solutlon of
that problem,
The Ollver ls the up-to-date vis?
lble wrlter, unrlvalled for speed,
maiflfoldlng power, and thorough
rellablllty?it stands to-day abso
lutely and -uiiquallflodly without
a peer. - , ,
Investlgate this morltorlous ma?
chlne berore you buy. The SOUHT
COMPANY is tho agent.
Slx RIchmond Men Who Wlll
Take the Trlp to San
Franclsco. v
The Master Plumbers' Assoclation of
RIchmond held an Interestlng and llvely
sesslon last nlght at Davldson'B Hall,
corner of Broad and Boventh Btroota,
when delogatos to tho twenty-llrst annual
cor.ventlon of Master Plumbers weTq
eloctod, Thoro wore many oandldates, and
the cholco was closoly contosted,
Messrs. Morgan R. Mills, W. A, Mount.
astle, W. W. Haley, A. J. Bowman, J.
W, Sargent and Chrls, Mannlng, Jr.,
woro eleoted, after a^number of ballots
had been taken, ""
The onventlon wlll be held In San
Franclsco on May 19th, 20th and 21st,
when iplumbors from all sectlons of the
Unltod States wlll gather' and dlscuss
matters of lnterest and importance to
tho ever Incroaslng trado. The assembly
promlses to be the beBt attended and
most Interestlng ever hold by the ordor.
The looal assoclation always pays tha
expenses of Its roprosontatlvos to annual
conventlons of the natlonal ordor, and
partlally on thls account tha cholce last
nlght was blttorly contestod, many mem?
bers deslrlng a vlslt to tho coast. and
also an opportunlty to particlpato In tha
dlscnsBlons whlch wlll assuredly come up
ln tha assembly,
The chosen delegatos wlll leave Rioh
mond for Snn Franclsco not later than
tho 10th of May. Thoy wlll be gono for
probably three weaks.
-_- v
Where Money Begged for a Bllnd Father
ia Alleged lo Have Gono.
pathotlo vorsos, asklng charlty, and a
tendoncy to witness plays at tho theatre
blood and thunder melodramns pro
forred-and Indulge his nppetlte wlthl
fruits and caudles, ls alloged to have
nrovod tho undnlng of Wllllo Nuttor.
aged fourteen. He, was art'OBled lnst
nlght by Deteotlvo Captain Tomllnson,
as tho porformanco at tho BIJou was
For 1S03 tho now Longfclo Modola wlth
the long sklrt, securely encompasslng the
hlps and produolng a perfeotly smooth
aloplng surfaco, aro Idoal for correot
dresslng. Hose suportera come wlth* the
modelu, 425 and W at il and }U0. At *?
v^;l^v.:'.V:-'.-V'',-...i/.:'.'.'.-,-.':.'.:. ::,:?:,,? ?:?.'"" .--?:.-; ?.v7.'v'.'v---,v>;
.|-M.M..Hi.M I i i I 1 I t 1 II j IIIJI I-M' 11IM1 1"H"I"H "M 11 I 11 lt 11'1'g
A Handsome $15 Mandolin will be given away
I Absolutely Free to the customer purchasing the
I largesfc amount of musio from to-morrow, March 16th, |
X to Wednesday, April lst. Out prices ?in-musio con
Jf tinues. Don't fail to attend the big sale. >
f t.I'i'l"l"l-I"l"l"l'l'M'm t 1 M-H-H I 1 I 1"H 1 1M i..|..i..H?t-i..t.i..i i t.M-M.l is
A BElt, 1002. OF THB ACTlUli CONDITION OP 'f.,? 7 0 1B"''1'*' ?"'^
.. ???? ?? ^Aiff*9P"W/J..M_i^Ti?2hK!X 'mrmnND. VlItniNIA; Charactor of tbe bu?.
l.nnTuVe n??^?K?X% P^nTV^K^ ? , V
mencad BuBlness, APRIL, 18T1
$100,000 oa
Amount of.cnpltnl stock.J'l'lll.'J,' " '? Totnl.
Ordlnary XDa?atrt?l- ? J-?.lA,l_0UBt -,
NO. Amount. No. Amount. NO. Amount.
Numbor of pa1lcle? and the amount of
iHn"dnSSre?l^^!7..!,:.f^,!?.881 $2,080,877 300,083 $30,000,233 310.806 $20,088,030
Number of poIlcleB Issued durlnif the .
^r?e^etSSdth?ib^.l,.,,.t..!, .!l?r."" 8,883 1,MW J?W 12,437,333 187,210 14.Ml.T0a,
Totn,.?.,~oja7 $4,788,749 301.042 $30,430,501 807,770 $44,220,838
Number of pollcles nnd tlie nmount of ...???.
'foreo" dudng1 th? yenr?.''.?,''. .f.!?. 1? 000 071,220 88,203 0,132,770 Jg_U?; ? 0,804,008
Wholo miiubcr of pollolcB ln forco, and
IhnreoHt'cuS Wlr" ."..'.'?? 5.828 $4,112,510 803,830 ,$80,803,815 808,007 $84,418,831
, ..$1,338,818 18
Amount of prernliinis recelved.??. T1 4472573
Amount of Intorest recelved." g 004 20
Amount of ronts recelved.>. _!
$1,888,948 IS
L . , .,. $302,0(18 81
Amount of Iobbcs pnld. * 1803 02)
Amouiit of mnturod ondnwmonts pnla. " 00 000 80
Amount pald ror inrrcmler vsIwsb..?????_?. 0.028 10
Amouut of dlvldeuda pald tp policy bplders.I '.' 12000 0O
Amount of dlrldends pnld to fltn1??hold?r?B.'''1Vn'in:i,f52i''.ll'.Y: ;... 71080T 10
Amount pald for expenses (Includlnjt taxei, $20,70l.BJ). __!__
, . . .,.-. $ 115.80S 50
Bonds, markot vnlue.'. .? T 60,338 00
Stocks, markot vnluo........<.>...???.;?;?.'""'"'.'..,. 08,850 00
Cash I
KSS?pm?o? m-.tocka{iih-boniV oVoiiior'coiiVtoVai.::::.;.;. ?4.0,8 g
lnterest due and accrued.'??;.'.'.'.','.....r 1,060 88
KentB due and accrued,....?.??''.*?_.' 48,720 88
Uncoiloctod and doforrcd promlums. ' _
_, , , I.$1,275,700 23
Total.?..'.......1 4.888 63
Leso lodgor Uabllltlos. -...................
$1,18S,?4 41
?, IIIU.-M-I TBIUO,...... 00,030 UU>
s, markot vnluo..........>...???.;?;?.'""' *.,. 08,860 00
cfltnto, unencumbpred, markot v-niuo.....'. '..!... 775.38084
9 soeurcd ,by flrst toortiraire on real e?tato....,..,.?.TO 1174 H8
tn banks trust compan&a and ffW'iff.::::;.*: 10,412 78
1 ou company's pollcles, aaslsued as collatoral. 119 80
'"n?...0",.<!3i."?:.;?:? kl'i^ii''iti'{,???.''o*r*o'tii?'coiiVt'o'r?i.'.'.'.'.'.. M.qta ai
Cnrrled out nt market value?Total.........'..?.*.... tl.871.B80H.
$ 18,874 00
iSSSi nf iu!ffifflty "on"'poTtcieB^Ao*?'ln 'Jorco' 'llst'DecVmber:'iooi.''oa
ATi. ?ft ii5 4 nor cent. ActuarlCB nnd Amerlcan cuporlenco
mort'umy Vldo OOOl ?uT 10O2 Amerlcan ?WtoWO.^o^W
?t:8 :pe?:A0-DVAu,v.ii:vJiV:'v.?^ si.om 13
$1,010,?T II
. Bt."_P ?.i;=V linlililVioi V?l?.i'prernluma pald In advanco.
$tJr??2d?? ^i\.eiUSl?V^bfii ?' kWuS. canPcellod whoso rescrves aro ^
not Included above.".-___
Ordlnnry. Induatrlal. . Total. I
V No. Amount, No. Amouut. No. Amooot,
Number nnd nmount of jwllcles ln forco ^^ ^ 8U(g08 08i415 $9,070,410 08,028 |10,8M,1H
Number1 and aiMouutJ^oV"poiiclea^ Is^suocl ^ mfil2 30O00 8i0o8,010 80,003 8,838.021
'""Totnl ? ^.^.'.'.'.'.".y.'.'i'.'.'i.i'^W I1.-W8.S18 122,484 $12,687,430 124,821 $14,023,838
Dednct0 number'nu'd\imouiit'wbfcli1 havo 245 800 20.800 8,000,218 2T.18T 8,258,01i
coasod to bn In forco durlua 100-,.,._a-i >,W|""" . J- ,- ... . .-.
Totnl numbor and nroount 0C pollcles* ? loao,8 0fl,6T8 $0,378,203 OT.40-4 $I0,788,tK?
lu forcu at oud of year lOOi. i.si^ ?A'^'uut'? No. Amouut, No. Amount.
Amount of Iosscb nnd clalraa ou polH-'ln* ?"" a . B B00 w 3 $ $.800 08
Wifi f^ /ea^lOOa,. '., ? ? ? ? 21,008 03 1_M8 183,086 SO 1,824 148,084 18
.20 $24,609 03 1.800 $123,085 88 1,623 8148.884 T8
Amount of Iobbcb nnd clntrai on pollcles ^ jUOiMa gfl : 083 |l8eiesa j9
pald durlnt' tha yoar 1008,,.u..< ? ? ? ? ? <? " f ? ''wllwtod or seeured ln Vlrclula durlns tha
^"l-'ot YwSTWInif'SSirA e?S!t$! wllfcSSt ?..y Oeduettou for Iohob, dlVldcudj^commU.
stoua, or ollier ospunses.' ". '.
3. 0. WAUCHIl, Prosident.
(Blunod.) W. t. T. UOGEItRON. SecroUrjr,
(8l?uod.) ._--,
Stato of Vlrglulai Clty 0,B^crhqm^n<,^nl,u,ary 24. 1003, boforo ISAAO HELD, Notarjr Pilbllc.
lettlne out. on a charge of vagroncy, and
thls mornlng exiplunatlons before Justlce
John wlll be In order.
The ofllcers say that tho boy may havo
a" Ulna father at homo, for whom hs ls
sald to have begged. but they ccmtend
that tho unfortunato man recelved very
llttla or tho charlty colleotod by the son
for he lavlshly expends tho monoy glven
for clmrltable purposes on the thealr
and caudlos,
When arrested last nlght "Llttlo
WIIllo" was ln front of tho BUou. He
had boon polntcd out to the offlcer by
an attaeho o( the theatro. Captaln Toni.
linson had somo trouble ln 'taklng hlm
to the Second Statlon, tlie boy flghting
and reslutlng arrest every step ot tlie
Wrlto fop Prices and Sumplija.
1217 e. Pary 8C, BICHMOND, VA. .

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