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The times dispatch. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1903-1914, March 26, 1903, Image 8

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Promotca Digcstion.Chcerrul
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Opium.Morpliino norMincral.
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ADetfecVRcmedy forOonstlpa
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FacSinute Si'gnnture of
For Infontfl nnd Ohildren,
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Thirty Years
Wlll Choose a Successor to
Lleutenant John W. Booker.
The New Orleans Trlp.
Tho Richmond Howltzors held thelr
rogular weekly meeting Tuesday night.
After transacting routino business tho
battory attended the Bazaar in full-dres3
Second Lleutenant John W. Booker,
owlng- to change of residence, has tendor
cd his rosignation to Adjutant-Gonora!
Nallo oa an ofllcer of the battery, and tho
followlng orders have boen issued:
"Armory Blchmond Howltzers,
"Rlcbmond, Va., March 24, 1903.
"Order No. 7.
"In compllance wlth Spoclal Order No.
27, from the Adjutant-Oonoral's ofllce,
tbo enlisted men of thls battory aro here?
by ordered to assomblo in thls armory,
in fatlgue uniform, wltliout sldo arms,
on Tuesday evenlng-, Murch 31, 1903, nt
? S:30 o'clock, to clect a socond lleutenant,
to flll tho vacancy caused by tho reslg
natlon of John W. Bookor.
By ordor "WHjI-IAM M. MYBRS,
"Captaln Commandlng Battery A."
"The Richmond Howitzers and Tholr
Historlc Home" wlll soon bo roady for
tho printers. This book wlll contaln a
hlstory of tho Howitzers from Its organi?
zatlon und a sketch of Richmond, to
i gother with advertisements ot promlnont
. flrras ln and out of Richmond. The His
' tory Committee, howevor, Is stlll hard
at work. Thoso books wlll be glven away
in Rlahmond, en route to and ln tho clty
of New Orleans. Thls book wlll bo a bl_;
advortiaement for Richmond and Vlrglnla
B3 well. ?,. ?
Tho following lott'er has been rocelved:
"Headquarters Flfth Rogimentnl Infantry,
"Georsria Stato Troops-,
"Atlanta, Ga., March 17, 1903.
"Captaln Willlam M. Myers, Richmond,
"Doar Slr,?Iyearnlng that you contem
plate, wlth your company, vlsiting Now
Orleans within tho noxt fow weoks, I do
sire, on bohalf ot the Fifth Reglment of
Infantry, Qeort_ia Stato Troops, to ox
tond to you and your command an invi?
tatlon to Btop over in Atlanta as the
jrucsts of tlio Flfth Regiment whilo pass
Ing through on your way to Now Orleans.
"Hoptng that you wlll find It conve?
nlent to pass through Atlanta and to stop
wlth ub, I remaln,
"Yours very truly,
"Colonel Commandlng Flfth Reglmont
Infantry, Georgla Stato Troops."
Tho city of Atlanta 1ms nlso oxtondcd
tho battery an Invitatlon to bo Its guests
during the trlp to New Orleans.
Slmllar Jnvitatlons hnvo been recolved
from towns nnd citles In tho States of
Tonnes. co nnd AJi.banin.
Tho danco wlll bn glven ln the armory
Frlday nlght. 27th. from 8 to 2 o'clock.
Rofreshmonts wlll bo served.
Lleutenant Edmund 1'. Taylor ls con
fined to hls room by lllness.
Property Transfers.
Richmond: R. B. Bowo nnd wlfo to Car?
ollno C, Hugh S., Harry C, Robert M,
and Joseph G. Beattlo, Agnes B. Stowart
nnd Mnrlnii D. Cooloy, 170 foet on tho
nouth sldo of Hanover Street, soutiheust
corner of Rowlaild Street, 1752.80.
' James 11. Evans to E. G. Talloy, 21 C-12
feet on tho east. sldo of Tlilrtleth Streot,
110 0-12 feet south of Clay Stroot, $1,67-.
T. 11. ISdwarda, speclal commlssloner,
to flenry Corr, 25 feet on tho north slde
of Orleuiis Sireet. 5-10,
Lucy Alfred Gruham's trusteo lo R. B.
Bowo, 20 feet on tlie south sldo of .Maln
Street, 22 9-12 feet west of Sludlson Street,
Frederlck F. Martin to H. S. Waller
Bteln, 30 feet on tho south sldo of Couttg
Stroet, W> feet east of Bt. 1'aul Streot, $-<i0.
Richmond Really and Pevelopmont
Company to XV. Ben Duvls, 40 feel on
the east Blde of Flfth Stroot, S3 4-12 feot
bouth of Maln Street, W.OOO.
Rebekah Wntkins aud R. Lancaster
Wllllams to Bello Hnmbletnn lllckok, ~o
tc-et on tho south slde uf Frankllii Street,
105 feet east of Shafer Street, .10.
Henrlco: O. I* Penoon and wlfo to F.
B. l.owl~ 60 feet on Uie north sldo of
Belmout Avenue, plan of Bclmont, .240.
T. A. fJBXnb and wife to XV. n. 1>. Mon
cure'B executor, lot. 1, 2 aml . ot block
7, Brookland Bsrk. 1700.
XV R. D. Moncure b executor to Bessle
A Moncure, lots J, 2 and 3 of block 7,
Brookland Park, 1600. , _,, .
Edwln Flcasants and wlfe and Edwln
Pleaaa-.t-' truateo to Clarence 1'. Har
iVood. 85 feet i?n tho weat slde of Thlrty
second Stroet, 114 feet north of Clay
Street, $420.
E, S. Read and wife to Nellie D. Vlnal,
lots 8 and 0, block A, seotlon 6, Hlghland
Sprlngs, 9A.
Falrmount citizens expect soon to havo
a flrst-olass water works system. It ls
proposed by the company, for whloh
Governor Charles T. O'Forrall ls attor?
ney, to bore an arteslan well and to ereot
two tanks of 00,000 gallons capaclty each.
Tho househoklers wlll have a plentlful
supply for thelr uso and the town wlll
have a flne protectlon ln oase of flre,
The sewerage quostlon ls of the most
lmportant feature, os Falrmount is rap?
ldly bulldlng up and bocoming thlckly
populatod. _
Mr. Joo W. Ralnoy, one of Falrmount s
young buslness men, was eleoted Town
Sergeant at the last Councll meeting.
jMr. W, C. Thomas was recently elected
spoolal police of Falrmount.
Mr. Jackson has lnaugurated a slng?
lng school, whlch- meets evory Tuesday
nlght at the Falrmount Baptist Churoh. ?
Mr. John Bass ls very slck at his home
on Chelsea lllll.
Heavy oak crossovers havo recently
boon put at oach street crosslng, adding
much to tho comfort of tho people,
Mrs. Gilliam D. .Lanoaro, of Crewe, ls
in Falrmount, having been summoned to
the bodslde of her slster, Mrs. Wlllle
Miller, who is sinking at hor home, No
1312 Twenty-thlrd Street. Mrs. Vlolet
Wllson ls also wlth her.
Mossrs. G. C. Smlth, James C. Gentry,
Georgo W. Walnwrlght, Edward Davls
and Frank A. Jones-loft Wednesday night
for Danvlllo, Va., to reprosent Falrmount
Loaguo at the Stato conventlon of the
Epworth League, whlch ls boing held
ln that city at this tlme.
Mlss Annle Lovlng ls vlsltlng her
cousin. Mr. Charles Lovlng, of No. 2200
Falrmount Avenuo.
Tho tost of tho dry powdor chomlcal
flro extlnfe'ulshlng apparatus wlll bo trlod
thls (Tliursd'ay) ovenlng at 8:80 o clock ln
tho vncant lot at tho corner of Twonty
secOhd Stroot and Falrmount Avonuo lf
the weather pormlts. All property own?
ors nnd Intorosted cltlzens uro Invlted to
attond tho test.
Falrmount ls soon to bo lighted by
eloctrlclty. Mr. Burkort, chalrman of
tho Eight Committoo, says swlng lamps
of the latest lmproved pattern wlll t>e
used, such us aro now bolng put in uso
ln Richmond.
' Tlie Commltteo on Streots met Monday
night at tho homo of J. H. Creory.
Messrs. Creory, Josoph Gregory and W.
Burkert wore present to oonB.WerJhe
conditlon of tho streots whlch wore
damaged to tho extent of several hun?
dred dollars by tho recent rains.
Tho Falrmount Rollof Assoclatlon wlll
hold Us next meeting at tho home of
Mr Roonoy, No. 1100 Twonty-llrst Stroet,
Monday ovonlng, Aprll 7th. ,?vH.,ni
Ttov Mr Babcock wlll begln rovlval
s. rvi.es'ut Falrmount Methodist Church
next Sunday, March 29th.
Tho town ls putting on a Sprlng-lIta}
attlro. Many houses nre bolng repalnted
and soveral dwelllngs nro golng up.
Tho rocont tlio on Short r SHeet,
Whloh destroyed sevonUJ J???
nled by colored people. was not ln I'Ulr
rnoiint as reported, but in tho county
between Richmond nnd Falrmount. Pho
town hns no oolored Inhabltants. _
Are Famous Sleepers.
Tho Baylng, "Sloepy as a fat baby,"
exproHsoH n good deal, for fat hahlns aro
famous llttlo follows to sloop. What a
contrast is tholr rofroshlng rest to tho
nltolilng and tosslng of a slcopless coffeo
drlnkcr. A BOOd elder of Sprlngllold, 111.,
found a wny to brlng refreshlnB sloep In
place of lnH.uiinln. "Untll threo yearK
aeo," ho Knvs, "f?r flfteen years I was
troubled wltii n thrnhblng In my stomach,
wan yery nervous, kidneys out of ordor,
troubled wlth severo headnchos and
.Irondful insomnla. '
"After Irying nll sorts of remedies I
camo to the eoncluslon that my troubles
wem tho result of drlnklng coffeo, and
seotng nn artlole ln tho paper about
postum T dotormlned lo try it. 8<> i
qult coffro and took on Postum. It
agroed wlth u1" from tho flrst cup. At
llrst 1 drunk It dllutcd, thon puro. I
iellshe.1 II, too, nnd lo my groat Joy 1
was soon free from stnnmch troublo, ner
yousneso all gone "nd 'X-M r|par, and ln
Btoad of b"lnK wakeful r*,r i.-ilf the r.lpht
I sloep llke a fat baby und got up ln the
morning rct'roshed. Tltls I pwo to hav?
ing qult coffeo aiul takon to drlnklng
postum." NniiiPH furplshed by l'ostuln
Co., Battle Creek, Mlch.
Nothlng marveloys about lt, hut il.oro
ls a reason. lf h.u'thy, sound sleep Ih
worth anythlng to you. drop coffee an.l
glvo Postum a short triul? say len days.
Thut wlll tell the tale.
Fault Found Wlth Barksdalo's
Servartt Act.
Thought it Mlght Serlously Affect
Labor People?Mr. Hobbs Says
tho Farmers Do Not
Want It.
ln tho Sonate yosterday tho Barksdalo
blll to prevent-'persons from porsuudlng
or ontlclng sorvants away was passod,
Whon it came up ?tho pondlng questlon
wns callod and tho act wont through by
ono voto to spnre.
Thero wero somo Sonator. who deslred
to speak upon thls moasuro. Mr. Hobbs
was ono of thom, Wo says tho farmors
wero opposod to lt. Tho ropresentatlvos
of tlio trucklng and tho mining seotlons
thlnk lt an unwlso moasuro. Tho la?
bor pooplo In cltles and towns are sald
to bo ngalnst It.
The blll, as amended and passod, roads
as follows:
(Bo lt onacted by tho General Assombly
of Virglnia, Thnt if any porson shall
knowingly entlec, porsuado or procuro
any sorvant who shall havo contructod
ln wrltlng or orally to sorvo hls omployor
to unlawfully loavo tho servico of hls
master or omployor, thon such porson
and servant may bo suod atngly or Jolnt
ly by tho master or omployor, and on
recovory may havo Judgment for doublo
tho vnluo of tho actual damages sus
2. Any person vlolntlng tho provlsions
Can you flnd Clara's mother? _
c-,....--. ?c -.?-.!? in v?Bt~rd_.v's Tlmes-DlsDatch: The sky Une forms ala
Solutlon of puzzle ln yesterday's Tlmes-Dlspatch:
of thls aot shall bo doomod gullty of a
mlsdomoanor, and fined not oxceodlng
one hundred dollars, or conllnod ln Jall
not excoodlng throa months.
Mr. Barksdalo statoa that tho peoplo
of Hallfax county desiro the pussago of
tho aet. ? ,, . ,
Thero are some who aro lnollnod to
thlnk that the blll mlght bo so construod
as to serlously ombarrass worklng poo?
Medal Contest to Take Place Thls
Evening at the Y. M. C. A.
At tho Y. M. C. A. Hnll to-nlght the
Praetlcal Class of tho Richmond School
of Expresslon, conductod by Mrs. W. E.
Thurston, wlll contest for tho modal of?
fered annually for proflcloncy, the mom?
bors of tho class bolng Mlss LUlle Hoch
ler, of RIohmond; Mlss Clarlce Edwards,
of West Point, and Miss Lura Bates, of
Washington, D. C.
Dr. Jero WItherspoon, Dr, W. R. L.
Smlth and Mr. J. D. Crump wlll aet as
Tho medal wlll bo presonted by Dr. W.
R, D. Smlth.
The programmo wlll presont other at
traotlvo f.atures, and tho ocoaslon prom?
lses to be ono of much Interost. Patrons
and frlonds wlll bo cordlally welcoinod.
j{t tho Vhoatres,
"Tho Lady Slavey," whlch is to in
augtirato tho season of the Academy
Muslcal Comedy Company, bears a rep
utatlon such as fow works of llke char?
ter hiwo boon able to boast slnco that
form of thcatrleal ontertalnmont becomo
so wldoly popular.
Tho play has beon flled for tho comlng
prosentatlons in Richmond wlth much
now, bright and thoroughy up-to-date
materlal, both as rcgards muslo andi
comedy, whilo tlio danclng wlll bo moro
elaboruto than thelr orlginal productlon.
Tho "Lady Slavey" wlll mako her llrst
bow on Monday noxt. Seats go ou sale
"Slberla," whlch tho Fawcett Com?
pnny is proseiillug ut tlio Bljou thls weok
wlth such succoss, belongs to thu rommi
tlc inolodrama realm, whlch has takon
such a f.'rm hold on tho popular sontl
inont wlthln tho last fow years. It 1. an
ailnilralily construotod pmy, so llllod wlth
heart Interost tlmt lt carrlea tho audience
ulong on n hlgh tldo of onthtislusm.
Tho Fawoott Company always iplixys to
Inrgo and onthuslustlo houses ln Klch
inond, but it is doubtful If the membors
of thu organizatlon havo ovor boon ro?
celved wlth such frantle domonstratlona
ns they havo during the run of thls won
dcrfuliy popular nieloilrauia.
Thero wlll bo a malliieo to-day, n_-.I tho
regular perforiHiinees for tho rest ot' tho
WOok, To-morrow nlght a bciroflt por
foriiiuiieo wlll bo glven for lhe Confed
erato Homo for Noeily Womon. Mr.
M-Koo und Mr. Fawcett dn.ideu to help
tho good causo along lo tho extent of
fioniitlng tho full .recelpts of ono perform
At the Academy of Muslo next Sntur
tuy ovonlng >I. C. Barnubee, XX'. II. Mao?
Dohftlrl, Grace Van SttltldlfeiM *"?'*???
Bostonltths, orlglhnls nnd liowly JfiBAftfl
flrtlsts, wlll present "Mald Marlati. ? Ihe
, bsouoI of "Bobln Hood'' re.ulf os a much
blggor.conKpany thati Us P*-0*1011^^,' ?}."*
contnlns a.story of tho '?m.01u?t2"*-:te"'Jj
tho Sherlff, Llttlo John, Mald Marlon and
nobin Hood, wlth nlchard Coottr lo
Llon*. i'orces flghthiB ln the wars pf the
erusados. Tho sConio dlsplny when lt Wns
orlglnally presented lato lnst senson at
tho New York Gardon Theatro, *aa
very mngnlrVcent, nnd the costumos ox
eelled nll pr'evloUs pt'oduotio*ns m*"10. *5
tho Bostonlans. whllo tho opora won im
modlato favor, so that ts rovlval nt tho
Academy of Muslc wl bo "uro o bo
attractlvo. Thoso who wltness*. lt ln Now
York wlll note aome vorj lmportant
changos tlmt havo boon milde in both
book ahd scoro, Sovoral now ^mbm
havo boon Introduced and tho ensombio
groatly olaborntod. Tho BoBtonlans , 011
gagomont wlll open Fr day ?l^ *m
"ttobln Hood." Thero wlll he a matlneo
on Saturday, ______
Not Likely That Petition of Students
Wlll Bo Grantod.
Tho petition of tho Richmond College
studonts asking for tho abolltlon of ex?
aminations has beon roferrod by tho fac
ultv. to a commltteo conslstlng of Pro?
fessor- Whltsitt, aB-iaiw an^ltch*
oil. A roport Wlll probably bo submltted
nt tho soml-mohthly meotlng of tho facui?
ty on tho flrst of noxt mouth.
Thoro appoars to bo not tho sllgntest
posslblllty that tho petition wlll bo grant?
ed. It Is sald, however, thnt. tho facuity
wlll probably recommend to tho trustees
at tholr noxt meotlng thnt the colloglato
yoar be changetl from two to threo terms,
ns has boon dono nt Johns Hopklns, Cor
nell and othor lnstltutions.
(By Assocliited PreBB.).
WASHINGTON, March 20.?Secretary
Hay has delivered to Senor, Mayor tles
Flanchos, tho Itnllan ambassador, nn or?
dor On tho ? Unltod States Treasury for
$,",000, tho sum approprlntod by Congress
as lndomnity to the helrs of Glovannl and
Vlncinzo Slro, Italian subjocts who wero
kllled at Irwln, Mlsa., July 11, 1901, and
of Salvutoro Ltborto, who Was lnjured at
the samo tlme.
Richmonders in New York.
.S[>.clal to Tlio TlmuB-Dlspatch.)
NEW YORK, March 25.? Normandle,
E, Normlngton; Unlon Square, A. T..
Mlllor; Contlnontal, J. Baker, O. H. Rus
soll, I-I. A Atklnson
Cabinet Members Return.
(Ily Auuoclato. Pr_n..)
WASHINGTON, March _G?Attorney
Gonoral Knox has returned from a snort
vacatlon Bpont at Palm Boach, Fla. Soc?
rotary Shaw has also returned from a
trip through tho South
Charged With Taklng Blcycles
from People?Wanted in
Newport News.
Fred H, Cartor, colored, ls ln a wholo
lot ot troublo. He was arrested by De?
tectlvos Tomllnson and Glbson on tho
charge of taklng two blcycles from differ?
ent peoplo, and thero are othor feolors
out l'or hlm ln Nowport Nows. Tho two
cn-es hero agalnst hlm went ovor to April
.tlii and communlcatlon wlth Newport
News wns estubllshod.
Tom Harrls wont down for nlnety dayB
for stenllng a plstol.
Charles Folnor and Nell Grlflln pald $5
ench for belng dlsorderly on tho street.
Willlam Smlth, colorod, for belng dlsor?
derly and nttomptlng to cut R. W. Nor
man, was charged $10.
Julla Johnson was drunk and dlsorderly
and had $2.60 placed to her account.
Francls JohnBon, colorod, had tne Bame
amount charged up.
John Anderson and Edward Horne.
plnyed craps; .2.60 eaoh;
Joanetto Lowls, for bolng dlsorderly on
the street, wlll toll about lt to-day.
The caso of Iron theft from the T|do
wator Quarry Company went over ^aln,
thls tlme to Aprll 2d, for Important wit?
In no other cut glass ls found such
cry-tel uleariiess.porfecMon p cut
tluif, beauty of deslgn and brilllance.
THI: 11. D. TAVJ.OR co.
.Jxclusivo RIohmond Akoi
1011 J,, Maln St. 0 K.-lroiul &fc.
Kxclusivo RIohmond AKonts,
n? ?* ??,_ ocanfiniq nf th. happy home. of to-day la a (und of
"i-ftSHSJi i2^rkhtll?ng and tho best methods of promotlng
SS 23 haoJffiV' Wiih proper. knowledge, each hour of
health and WpHk. ? 0f effort may bo made to contrlbute
to that end ??d-ue oinosg . f th b t mediclnai agents
SSSded WU the wellSSLed, medlcinal agents are used
SS"when natuTe needs assistance and while the importance of
r&Xo- the svVteS effectually, when bilious or constipated, has
cleansing he system e ^ lt wa_ nece88ary
J?nLorr ti X satts, extracts of roots, barks and other cathartics
whieh we?em& to be, objectionable and to call for con atantly
inX?X^anCs8having learned that the most exceHent laxatlve
nnd carmlnatlve prlnclples were to bo found ln certaln plants,
SlnctaX in Se leaves, the Callfornla Flg Syrup Co. dlscovered
fm0th.dof obtalnlng such prlnclples ln their purest conditlon and
nf^Jesontinrthem with pleasant and refreshlng liquldsin the form
most aSSfbl to the system and the remedy became known as
SyrupSl^ F?gs-as flgs were used, with the plants, in maklng it,
beCThis ?SeXmfd^?now rapldly comlng into universal use as the
h_0t nf fSv lSatives, beeause it ls Bimple and wholeBome and cleanses
Snd swSsS^em effectually without disturbing the, natural
iCtJSZXwithout unpleasant after effects and its use may be discon
*""?_ ^^^SS^^ it9 "-??? should remember
?h?MtUt_Tone remedy whlch physlclans and parents well-lnformed
anprove'and recommeTd*U use II whlch ,they and their Uttle ones
aUke enjoy, beeause of its pleasant flavor, its gentle action aud its
benfyCr^pof Fig.is for sale by all reliable druggists, at the regular price
of flfty cents per bottle, in original packages only, having the name of
.Iie rmedy-^yrup of' Figs-and the full name of the Company
cilifornia Fig Syrup Co.*-printed on the front of every package.
Loulsvllle. Ky.
San rrsneiico, Cal*
New TovK? N. T.
New Way to
Repair Shoes
A wholo solo. No Jolnt. . No
? nalls. No pegs. Every palr re
Btftched. Best leathor.
Men's, $1.00; Ladles', 85c;
Half-Soling Men's, 76c; Ladles',
60c 'Phone, 2667. Wlll send
anywhere and dellver,
Electric-Power Shoe Factory,
716 Eaat Maln Streot.
Cut thls advertlsement out, It
ls good for 10 cents dlscount.
Can Cancer Be Cured ?
It Can.
Wlthout the uae ot the knife we curo
Cancers, Tumors and Chronlo Sores,
charglng nothlng for examinatlon. .Our
patients aro our best friends. Come and
see tho cancers we hayo removed and
cured from our now habpy patlenta, and
aro dally curing. Thoy are wonderful.
If then you nro not satlsfled, we wlll pay
nll your expenses.
Kellam Cancer Hospital
Twelfth and Bank Streets,
Richmond, Va.
$10 and upwards loanod on PlanoB
ind housohold furnlturo, on the
bulldlng and loan assoclatlon plan,
whlch makes tho cost much less
than you pay clsewhero, and allow
you to pay lt off ln monthly pay?
ments, runnlng from ono to twelve
months. Got others' rates, then
seo ua.
Tldewater Loan and Trust Go.
Sulte 33-34, Thlrd Floor,'
Merchants' National Bank Bulldlng,
11C8 East Maln Stroot.
Tako Elovator,
Baptist Editors Vislt Her ln
a Body ; Also Went to
Tho annuul moetlng of the Southern
Baptlst' Press Assoclatlon ln Biloxl,
Mlss., has just closed, nfter a most pleas?
ant and Interestlng session. Two or throo
promlnont Richmond mlnlstors, lnelud?
lng Er. R. H. "Hltt and Dr. R. J. Wll
llnghani, wero preHent.
Biloxl Ib, ? next to St. Augustlno, the
oldost town in Amcrlei-, and Its hlstorlo
aurroundlngs aro full of lntorest. Tho
featuro of the meeting thore was a. vlslt
of tho assoclatlon to Heauvulr, tho Davls
home. Lator, tlm odltors called ln i.
body upon Mro. Jefferson Davis, who |~
staylng ln Biloxl. Mrs. Davlu nianlfosled
much plrasuro and gratlflcatlon ut tho
vlslt, Sho appeared to be In hor usual
hen.lt h. __
Dr. E. E. VolU, odltor of tho Baptlst
and Bell.ctor, of Nushv llio, wus elected
presldent of the assoclatlon, The Rov.
Frunl! Barnott wns mado socrotary.
Pr. Philips Away.
The Rev. Dr. A. L- Ph|ll|p-?i scrretHty
of tlio I'resb'ytorl.'in Commltteo on Publi?
catlon am? WPWOl siiperi.ilen.lcii]. of H;..n
.1 a.M.<l Young People- PrCloUcS.
I,,; left lhe clty for a week'n work ln
ho So .th At Ornngeburg. S. CV ho ad
d eBS-d a Broaehors' Instltuto for colored
mlnlstors undor the M.trtln s-home. Ilo
will jo d Sunday-school Instltutes ut Ai
ien and Ohurloston, iij tfouth Curallu.
You Recognize a
Qood Likeness ?
We make photographs that look like
the subieot?perfeotly posed, pro?
perly lighted, well finished and
righ't in all respeots.
Prioes reasonable.
The Elite Studio,
Art PhotosraphcM,
307 Broad Street
A Pretty
Business Suit.
prcttie!.? iSd niMt -fyllsh sult you ovor got for tho monoy.
?ewis /irenson.
"Correct Jailoring." eo* Sast Main Jtreet.
Do You Know
?h~. th~ llfo of a Shirt or Collar
dapendsUpon the way lt \* *??*?>
the way lt ls washed and Iroried?
YoTwIII insure the llfo of your
Llnen by sendlno lt **> "?'
No 311 North Twenty-flfth Street.
'- 'Phone 2164.
Tvoewrltefs?All Klnds
__f.t-.di~d ~>~Vm ?"14. e-ulian. ?1. ~'P?lr-., -nd icnteU
ffiXE& mnmA^iti' r_~!!: &t___ia__\
jSuu't buy until J <"?,.?? I"""ll1
,.r.J?rtl.-d advic-. l?iiuin?
...ol writluu on ouri ? un
?toc~ for wli'dinn III M_
}'l'il!ie'?"?hi'mird"on u_ii.oviT, Jt jrou KnutnUOOPtyi'Ot
Opens dally from 8 A. M. tp 8 P- M..
Admlsslon. 25 centa Free on Baturduy*
well and you look
well when fitted
with our superior
Spectacles or
Eye-Glasses. Vhe
best that optical
skill can produce .
is at your service ?
c/?? at reasonable
"Good For the Kyes.'
Cor, 9th arid Main Sts,

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