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Congressman Francis Button
Harrison a Coming Man.
Search for the Man Higher Up S eem
Fruitless?Mr. Cromwell's Large
Fee?Twenty Thousand Own?
erless Ours In New York.
(Special to Tbo TimoB-Dlepiitoh.)
NEW YORK, March 28.-A gladiator
who promises "to make Rome howl" Is
daughty John W. Otites, lie has sharp?
ened his knlfo from Palm Bench to Chi?
cago and from Chicago to New York.
Its zip, zip has an ominous sound. He Is
out for the scalp lock of Plerpont Mor?
gan. That groat captain of Industry said
things of John, and John, like his com?
panion-picture, William S. Dovory, Is now
decorated with war paint and beginning to
"holler.", It will be a pretty war. Almost
is picturesque as tho descent of the great
Dovery on the Tammany wigwam.
? ? ?
Apropos of Mr. Morgan, I am reminded
of? his European collection of art treas?
ures. He possosscs objects of art In Eu
rppe.which have cost betwoon throe and
tour millions of dollars. These he do
slrea to bring to this country, and our
Federal laws exclude them without pay?
ment of duties ranging from one and a
half to two and a half millions. The Sec?
retary of the Treasury cannbt remit tho
j?ty, and these treasures remain abroad,
This Is a nice example of protective tar
'iffl . ?? . i '
A certain importer of pig lead caused
It to be run into the moulds, from which
It came out.as statuary, und It was in?
voiced as art. Lithographe came as art,
But It does seem that officials could be
appointed of sufflclont honesty and dis?
crimination to divide the art of commerce
from the sought-for objects of art which
add to tho wealth Of the private and pub
llo collector,
? ? ?
Congressman Francia Burton Harrison
has gone to the Pacino. On his return I
o?m told ho proposes to enter Into the
political field as an active worker. He,
doubtless; got a tasto of the smoke of
bloodless -battles In waging his light for
.Congress. He carried a staunch Republi?
can district by ,1,500 votes. He is a Demo?
crat, It Is always interesting to ?Tnd a
man ' entering upon a career with an
? aim to bo somebody In his country's his?
tory. Mr. Harrison' comes rightly by It.
His ancestors, havej, al ways been promi?
nent In Virginia. His'father, Mr. Burton
Harrison, Is well known throughout the
South, and the clever and charming'
novels and short stories of his mother
are known throughout the natloft; Con?
gressman Harrison can", be said to in?
herit a love for.publlc life, a high sense;
of honor, persistency, courage and ability.'
I n-enture to say that Mr. Harrison Is a
coming man in national, politics.
? ? *
? few weeks ago I wrote of. Gherarat
Davis. Some of his friends declared that
. "Davis novor again would accept pub?
lic office." Now they ull say that, Threo
times Caesar pushed aside the crown.
Ho, Davis, "would stick to his law," I
k'riow better. General Greene succeeded
-?in-having the.. Legislature add a Third
Deputy Commissioner" to the Police .Do-,
partirent, and the next day Mr. GherardI
Davis ceases "to stick to his In.???" and
pops Into the placo. Oh, office has charms
to sootho the ambitious breastl
It'would appear that our virtuous Gov*
ornor Odell In seeking to securo docking
.facilities for his lino of Hudson River
steamboats for a quarter of a century,
unintentionally, no doubt, dropped Dock
Commissioner Hawkee Into a deef) hole.
If Sergeant Cram, or Peter Meyo'r, or
Charlie Murphy, "tho wickod trio." who
recently presided ovor the Department
of Docks, had given tho same consent
or "recommendation" to a Tammany
leader, thoro would have been a riot.
What cries of "boodle," would have gone
up! In this case.a .virtuous member of tho
reform administration, with hopes beyond
lucre, simply wanted to do tho city a
good turn and Incldontnlly ohllgo the
Governor. It must not bo forgotten that
|Ur. Hawltos is a little out with tho Now
York county .Republican organization,
ind to oblige Odell '"was like finding
nanna :ln tho wilderness! . ?'.awkes was
Ike Caesar's wife, beyond suspicion; but
fills dock lease, like Joseph's coat, shows
he is Inclined to flirt with a dangerous
? ? e
I have been making a tour of the great
tunnels. One fact strongly Impresses the
lay mind. That Is, there seems to bo few
shafts to afford vontllutlon. The en?
gineers clafm that tho nlr In the tunnel
will be continuously fresh and pure. I
can readily see It will bo kopt in motion,
but G cannot understand how the bad
air, the air that has been pumped
through so many lungs and Is not forced
out of the tunnel, will be purified, I do
not hesitate to say that tho tunnels will
require ?? ?- elaborate Bet of vontllators
and Air pumps before tho trains have
been running thirty days.
The confidence of Both Low Is a beau?
tiful thing to see; It Is a harder thing
to understand. It Is offset by the confi?
dence of Tammany, Only one cloud
hangs ovor tho Rod Brick Tempio In
Fourteenth Streot. In It can bo seen
the figure of Crokor. If Crokor comes
home tho Democratic candidate will be
currying weights to tho wire and yet
with a chunco of winning by a nock.
If Crokor remains in Wantage the can?
didate will romp homo. Setti Intends to
make tho fight. He smiles not on I'lutt,
hut basks In tho smllo of Odell. not?
withstanding tho dock grab. Voting ns
he did against Jamos G. Blalno, he hns
struggled hard to find a hole In tho Re?
publican fence to climb through. He
sees It now und he Is making for It.
George B. McClellan, who has been an
inconspicuous Congressman for several
years, has hopes of being Mayor. That
ho will bo docile and "deliver the goods"
if elected, there Is no doubt, but his ca?
pacity for dodging legues, which might
have placed him on record, Impairs ills
The man who would make the best
Mayoralty candidate on tho Tammany
ticket, the one who would be certain o|
election. Is unfortunately one who would
not tlike the. nomination. I refer to
Randolph Guggonhelmer, who as presi?
dent of the City Council, was acting
Mayor of Greater New York .luring tho
regime ' of Iceman Van Wyck. He ran
beverai thousand votes ahead of his
ticket. Mr. Guggenhelmer has an enor?
mous following among the parente of
?school children, who are keenly nllve to
tho great benefits public education re?
ceived from hi? untiring energy and zeal,
and among tho Independent German
voter? who know ho Introduced tho lan?
guage of tholr fatherland In tho schools,
As president of th* City Council and as
acting Mayor he mode friend* among all
classes, who S?mn,l In him a fair. honor
Able, cOurteoue oily nfllelul, Few men
poa???? Mr. Gnpgeiiheliiier's qualifica?
tions, and li ho were nominated, the
'Ht-brow? would appreciate the compli?
ment and elect him. Bern, fta be wite of
Fari Seeds
tire the beet thus can be obtained
?free from weed seeds tutti impur?
ities attd.of strong germinating
qualities. H Is Very Important if
you desire to secure pood Bland?
and good crops. to purchase the
highest grade seeds obtainable,
This you can always do by pur?
chasing "Wood's Trade Mark
Brand" of Farm Seeds.
Wood's New Seed Book for 1903
mailed on request, tolls all about
Vegetable ana Flower Seeds,
Clraes and Clover Seeds,
Seed Potatoes, Seed Oats,
Tobacco, Seed Corti.
Cow Pea?, Soja, Velvet and
Navy Bearle, Sorghums,
Broom Corn, Kaffir Corn,
Peanuts, Hlljet Seed, etc.
Write for Seed Book and prices
of any Farm Seeds required,
Seedsmen/ Richmond, Va. .
American parents In Virginia, ho Is an
American, and creed should "out no loo"
among the American people.
? ? ?
Lawyers are dlsouestnir the ureat feo to
whioh William Noleon Cromwoll will bo
entitled ne compensation for aorvloos In
connection with the Panama Canal. Tho
general belief la that, ho will be entitled
to ?2,000,000, an equivalent of five por
cant, on the purohaae prloe, $40,000,000,
Mr. Cromwoll la the Junior member of
the law firm of Sullivan and Cromwell,
In titile olty. He is ocouetomed to larice
fees. In 1800 ho organUefl the National
Tube Company, with ' a capital of $80,
000,000, and he la oounnel for and director
In numerous large corporations.
? ?', ?
The Bearch for the Man. Higher-tip
goee on without Interruption,. Blssort,
the notorious wardman, testifies against
Inspector Cross before, the Police Com?
missioner and witnesses frcjm "the red
light distrlot" are secretly,' hidden by
District Attorney Jerome, to be brought
forward at'the proper t|mov The Man
HIgher-Up seems, however, to be about
as Illusive an Individual as The Man
with the Iron Mask, He leaves his Im?
print on tho entire force, from the ward
man to the Inspector, and the levy on the
brothel, tho gambling house and the out
cast Is duly traced ' from Collector to
Inspector, but at that point the Man
HIgher-Up vanishes In thin air. In the
high altitudes which he frequents, no
question has yet led.
Good Mayor Lew hoars that liquor deal?
ers raise among themselves $3,000,000 an?
nually. ' He hears It is pesaed along to
tho Man HIgher-Up. It Is a tidy sum
and the Mayor would like to know if he
Is "stuffed" or whether it be true. And
Just because Mayor Low said ho would
not talk with thorn without knowing
whore the three millions go, they say
thoy will, show him. how it goes In No?
vember. It Is hard to be a smiling smug
faced? Mayor of. this j?potless town.
? ? ?
Sentiment ran riot when It placed all
brute creation outsldo of a boo under the
proteotlon of the Society for tho Preven?
tion' of Cruelty to Animals. Every wlntor
Mr. Haines, Its presldont, haunts the lob?
bies at Albany seeking and securing pow?
er. The result Is that tho homeless cur,
Ill-favored, unkempt, uncloan, voves at
will, snapping and snarling. Policemen
foar the vengonnco of tho society should
tho cur thoy shoot ? tlowvt prove at tho
autopsy -not to havo had hydrophobia.
They say "wo must know the dog- is
mad before we shoot him." Fathers seek?
ing, to defend their children are liable to
arrest If thoy kill a dog. In the suburban
districts nf Greater Now York, curs dash
nlinut 1n droves to tho terror or parents.
These curs menace the little ones and
yet the society Is Inactive and tho po?
lice apparently powerless. It Is a curi?
ous condition of affairs. Persons own?
ing collarless dogs are repulred" to pay
a license fee of $2 or a fine of $50; but
dogs that have no owners dash about
feeding at the swill palls and chasing the
ohlldron in tho streets. It Is estimated
that, 20,000 ownerless dogs live a charmed
life under tho protection of Mr. Haines,
Prospect That the Acreage
and Output of Berries Will
be Larger Than Before.
(Hpoclul t? Tho TltneB-Dleputoli.)
WILMINGTON, N, C, March 28,?The
strawberry and vogotablo aarougo In the
two Carolinas Is on tho Increase, In
strawbbrflos tho aoroago Inorotieo this
year will bo noarly IG por o?nt, over
1001. j Tho acrougo on, tho Atlantic- Coast
Lino in North Carolina und South Car?
olina Is 0,474 3-4 acres. This oomprlsos
tho greater portion of tho strawberry belt
In the two States. Tho number of grow?
ers Is oetlmatod at 2,480. Many of these
growers employ from B0 to 100 hands dur?
ing tho picking soason and It ls'aafo
to estimate that 50,000 poople aro em?
ployed during the shipping season, says
tho ? Eastern Carolina Fruit nnd Truok
Growers' Journal. The Journal says It
Is thus easily to bo seen whut an enor?
mous amount ot money is paid out In
this eectlon every your that goes Into
dally 'circulation. Add to this ' tho sum
total of the amount roturned to this
section from the berrlos nnd vogotnblos
sold und tho wonder Ib that tho pooplo
of tho trucking district are not tho most
prosperous and Indoperdont on tho globo.
Tho flguros are astonishing.
Within tho next forty dnys or possibly
four weeks, strawberries will begin to
movo from eastern Carolina In car-load
lots. The Indications are thnt, tho sea?
son will bo fully a week nhead of last
year and the first car-load shipment for?
ward last Reason on the 2StH of April,
The vines tiro In god ehapo and every
thin? Is favorable for somo fruit of an
.extraordinarily high grade quality, Striv?
ing hns boon the order of the day for
some time and tho fields are already be?
ginning to present a beo-llke appearance.
The crate factories ure all running In
full blast and taken altogether tho out?
look for the Benson 1b most fnvornhlo.
The flelde have been white with bios
some. This territory furnishes the finest
strawberries In the United States nnd tho
berries find demand on every market.
Tho vegetable and Irish potato nrope
throughout this section nre up to the
average and bid fair to make a full and
profitable yield. Asparagus has nlrendy
begun to move from South Carolina ter?
ritory and lettuce, raddlshes, etc.. are
being shipped In largo quantities and Bell?
ing at good prices.
Reports from Missouri. TennosHoo and
Texas would Indicate that between the
floods and frrn.tcs the strawberry crops
of those sections have been practically
ruined. Tho dtimage is estimated at
from HO to 7S per cent. If. this Is-true
tho whole country must look hugely to
tho two ('atolluiiH end Virginia, for straw?
berries this senson ns tho K?stern Shorn
of Maryland crop la reported very much
short thia year.
.' : . '.,' ' r " ,,
Just over the Virginia Line
In Henry County.
Rocklngham County Vote? the Next
Month on. the Question of Issuing
$300.000 in Bonds For the Ma*
cadamlzing of Oounty Roads.
MAYODAN, N. C, March 2?.?Por
somotlmo past a' rumor has been cur?
rent In this section that a large cotton
mill was to be built at, the old Anglln
Mill place on. Mayo river; Just over the
Virginia line In, Henry oounty. A fine
water could bo developed there and It is
said the property hae, been purchased
for '\that purpose Tho nearest railroad
point 1b Prlco, ft email station on the
Wlnston-Salem, division of the Norfolk
and Western, about fifty mllee from
Winston and sevonty from Boanok?. If
this mill Is built, rumor ha? 'it that
the Norfolk, and Western will build a
?pur out from Price to tho alte, thence
along through Stoke? oounty, N, C, to
Danbury, touching the Iron ore eeotlon of
the Saurutown mountains and coming
back to their Une again at Walnut Cove,
N, C. Should this bo'done, a valuable
tobacco,' timber and mineral section would
be opetied up to the world. The Saura
town mountains are rich in minerals of
many kinds, covered with forests of splen?
did timber, .- and ' the oounty of Stokos
ranks uocond to none in the State In
the chewing qualities' of its leaf tobacco,
For years the people have tried to got
a road, and If the-matter Is, laid before
thorn properly, by responsible men, they
would doubtless vote a liberal subaorlp-,
tlon. Tho road In question would also
make Pledmpnt, Vade Meeohum and
Moore's Springs of easy access. All these
lie within a few miles of each other, and
tho health-giving qualities of , their
waters, backed by the pure breezes that
blow constantly from "Old Saura's" top
are unexcelled in this broad land.
Rocklngham oounty votes next month
on tho question of Issuing $300,000 in
bonds for tho purpose of macadamizing
Its roads, and It Is hoped the "fors"
will win. The plan Is to belt ,the coun?
ty with a road starting, say at Relds
vllle. thence to Leaksvllle, Stonevllle,
Avttlon, Mayodan; Madison and along,
the southern border back to Reldsvllle,
Then It Is proposed to build another road
from the northern boundary of the ooun?
ty straight through by the county seat,
to tho southern boundry and one from
tho western boundary straight through
to tho eastern, crossing the. other at the.
county seat. Other plans have been sug?
gested, but. this seems to be the most
feasible and to meet the views of the
people bettor than any other thus ' far
sugg?stod. Speakers of note and ability
will llkoly be engaged and an active can?
vass of the oounty will bo made before
the mattoV comes to a vote.
Tho County Commissioners have or?
dered the election to bo held on April
18th and the general opinion Is that the
bond lssuo will bo voted.
Another rumor .which bobs up serene?
ly every once In awhile, has been hoard
from again roc?ntly, Sometime ago a
charter was granted a telephone com?
pany In Spray, and said charter was
very broad In Its e'eope giving them the
right -to operate a iphono line,? build and
operate electric railroads and so on. It
Is now reported that the primo object
for which that company was organized,
was to build an electric rond from
Reldsvllle to Spray, thence to Stonevllle
and on by this place, following about
the samo route as the proposed maca?
damized road the oounty hopes to build.
This would be a great convenience to
tho people In this end of tho county, for
while we are looated on a railroad, It Is
hard for us to get In an out, as wo woul?
It has beon a source of wonder to
many why tho Southern doesn't extend
the line from Leaksvllle, its present ter
mlus, to Mocksvlllo, where It would 'touch
tholr lino from Winston to Charlotte.
Years ago, the old Danville, M?oksvllle
nnd Southwestern which was surveyed
from Danville on by Leaksvllle to Mad?
ison and on to Mocksvllle, N'. C. graded
and laid the road bed all the way to
Madison and the matter? was then aban?
doned for some cause. Later the com?
pany that built the narrow guage from
Danville to Stuart, ran a epur from a
point on that lino about twonty-flve miles
above Danville to Leaksvllle, whore It
stopped and has remained to this day.
AlliAhis was before the present manufac?
turing town of Spray was over thought
of so the road was made a narrow guage.
Later, when Spray was started and tho
business began to take on considerable
volume, the guage was changed to stand?
ard, and the Southern took It ovijr, True,
the Southern won't let a fellow use their
mileage books on fhnt road, or on tho
ono running to Stuart, Va., which also
Is being mudo standard guage, but still
englnemen and conductors on thoso lines
get orders from the Southern station in
Danville and tho general Impression Is
that they belong to tho Southern. The
grade for the extension referred to from
Leaksvllle on by Madison to Mocks?
vllle Is comparatively easy, and doubtless
much of tho road Bed could bo ueod for
It seems to bo In good condition yet.
At Madison, this extension would con?
nect with the branch of tho Southern run?
ning from Greensboro to Madison. Then,
as stated. It would tap tho Southern road
from Winston to Charlotte, at Mocks?
vlllo, thus giving tho Southern vlrtuolly
a double trnck or rather two roads from
Danville to Charlotte.
Another thing, It would onnble them to
reach Spray from this end, without hav?
ing to go away around by Danville and
then back to Spray, as thoy now-do. If
you will take a map of this section you
will readily see whnt this would mean
In tho shipment of cotton Into Spray and
the Bhlpmont of all their products that
wont South,
D&bney '
3oi E. Broad St, cor. Third.
Tho best lino of Oxfords, wo
luwo over shown. All leathers !
All stylos ! Right prices I
ANNUAL ???t????? roti ??? *BAn BNritNo OBCfiMBB? 8IL iWf. OB?lti CON
.MTION AND AWAtilBJ)l^TOB,QBIIMAN AMERICAN ??????????0?1??????? ??
.,?.K''?NBW;'Jfbilie,. lUttlANtBBD ??MbBBt.'rtlB Jj?WB JJ?i/ftiB. ?????^?*; MW-JCO*R.
MAfift t? tub a ? ? ? t?? of runLic Accounts o?" ti?b common vTRALtii or vir?
UINIA, IN PURSUANCE TO T-H?TLAWe OF VIMOINIA. _ j ' v.?U ..,., :--. ;.
. Prnilc?ent. WILLIAM N. KIU5ME1M Secretar*?,'; OUAftL?? 0. ;8Mt?tlt PrlMlparoMe?. M
LIBBRTY BTRBBT, ? KW YORK ? Conerai Agent In Virginia, JULIUS BTHAUB A ?OJNI Beel',
otee?, RICHMOND, VA.; Orgauleed or Incorporated, MAitcM, lSTUl Commenc?e Bualtie??,
M'A ??? 7t 1872.
Amount of capital ilonk ?ubscrlbod.
Valu? of real,Mtat?.owned by th? compatir..
Loans on t .
which ......- . _. _
Interest accrued oh nil asid mortgage loan?,.
Value of lauda mortgaged, ealolnelve, ot building? and perlthable
?'?, provonicr.ts,.,..,,,..,. ... .,,..?.,.,,.... ......
value of bulldlnga mortgaged,....?...,..,.,.,..,,..,..,,.,.,,,,..,
reel, aaUte, owned by th? company,.'.,,.,.,,.,.......,.,.,,,,.,,,,..,.,., I '
mortgage (duly roeardod .and bel?g tiiu nrit Hang on ID? fea alinole )< upon ?/
not more than one yaar'a lutar??! la due,,,,.,.,.,,,,,,,,,.,,,.....
I 8,000 Of)
11,000 oo
Total value of salii mortgaged premi?*? (carried tnatdo)............. 123,000 00
er cent,...,.,,..,,........
vy. cou, 4 per cast. ....?.,
r, deb. 4 per cent.,..,.....
il. (L. A N.) 4 ?er cent....
r, gen, coupon ? per cant?.
United State? reg. ? per cent.........,.,,...,..,....
Brooklyn City reg. ? per cent.......,,....<?
Brooklyn City School Building reg. 9? Der cent.,...,
?. Y. City Adi. Water reg. Il per cant.
?. Y. City Adi. Water rog, ?Vi per cant............
N. Y, City ?opt. of Correction B'd'e reg, 8 Vi per cani..
?, Y, City Dock coupon ,'H'j per cent,,,..,..,...
N. Y. City Ducke hihI Ferrie? cou, BVt Per oeut.
?. ?. City School Ilouao rog, 8 por cent.,..
N. Y, City School? In Brooklyn reg. a Vi per cent,.,...
N. Y, City School? and Sites, Borough of queen?, reg,
a Mi par cent.,.,..,.,'<.,..>...............
Portland, Ore., Water 6 per cent,,......'.
Afeli., Top. * Santa Fe Uwy.
Atch., Top. A Santa Fe Uwy, '
Atlantic Const Line Uwy. col.
Central Rwy. of New Jereoy, _
Central Uwy. of Now Jereuy, gen, reg. 0 per cant,
Chi. 4f Alton Rwy.,rcf. ? mor cent.'.....
Chi. A Alton Rwy, let llon'BVi Der cent.
Chi., A Bauman Illnols Uwy. let consol, ? per cent,,.,
Chi. A Northweatcrn ltwy Sink, fund 0 per cent..,,,,
3hl. ft Northwoetorn Uwy Sink. Fun OU per cent.,'...?
Chi, A Northweatcrn ltwy. Sink. Fund deb. S per cent..
Ci.l, A Northweatcrn Uwy. Sink, Fund'deb, ? per Cent..
Chi,. Duri. A Qulticy Uwy,, Olii. A In. ? per cent.....'/
Chi., Mil. A St. Pirn I Uwy, I.? Oroiao ? par cent.
Chi., Mil. A St.'Tanl Uwy. 0. AP. W, 6 per cent../,
Chi., Mil. A St. Paul Uwy. South. Minn, ? per cent.,,.
Chi,, Itock Island A l'nelno Uwy. let ? per cent.;....
Cloy,, 0. 0, A St .L ,Hwy. St. L. Dlv., let 4 per cant..
Brio Hallway let consol. 7 per cent...,..',....,.,,.,,
Brie Hallway, Peno,, colla torni 4 per centi.
Hooking Valley Uwy. lat consol, 4V4 per cent.'
Little Miami ltwy. let ? por cent............
Louisville A Nashville A Mobile A Montgomery Bwy,
Joint 4M per cant.,.
Louis. A Nimh. Uwy. mildert 4 per Cent..,,,,,..
Louts, A Nnsli. Rwy. Boiithorn 4 per cent..
Minn. A St. Lotita ltwy., la. Uxten. let ,7 per cant,..?
Mlun. A St. Louis Uwy, 1st ruf, 4.per Cent.
Minn., St, Pnul A. Sault Sto Mario Uwy,, 4 per cent..
Mont. Central Uwy. 1st 0 per cent,.,.'..,..,.
NaMi,, Ohatt. A St. Loulu Uwy, let ? per cent.
N, Y? Chi. A'St. Louie Uwy. let 4 per cent
N. Y? Lack. A .Wait
Uwy, 1st 0 per cent.,?
it. Uwy Conror. (1008) deb. cert
Y., N. H. A
4 per cent.
N. Y., Sua. A West. Uwy., 1st ? per cent.
N. Y? Sub. A West. ltwy. term, fat S per cent......
Northern Pocilio, Great N. Uwy, Joint 4 par cent......
Oregon Short Line Uwy. parti. 4 por cant.?...?>.
Pennaylvnnla Co., reg. 4\i por cent.....
Pennsylvania Co. coupon -IM. por cant.?.
Pennsylvania ltwy. convert. (1004) BV4 per cent.
Southern Pacific Co., Central Pacifie col.? per cent....
Southern Uwy. 1st consoli. 0 per cent.
St. Paul, Minn. A Man. Uwy., 1st consol, ? per ceni..
Ht. Lawrence A Adirondack Uwy.1 1st ? per cent..,.'..
St .Louis, Iron .Mountain A So. Rwy.. ,uuiflod and ref.
4 por cent...........,'..?
St. Louis, Iron ?' Mountain A So. Bwy. gen. con?. ?
par cent,..'..??
Untoti Pacific Rwy. 1st lien, convert. 4 per cent.
Union Paclllc Rwy. 1st 4 per cent.....?
Utah A Northern Rwy., let 7 per cent.
Woat Shore Rwy. 1st guar. reg. 4 per cent.?'.
West Shore Rwy., let guar. coupon 4 por cent........
'Allegheny Stroot Rwy. 6 per cent.?.
Columbus nnd Ninth Avo. Uwy. let ? per cent..,..,?..
Lexington Avo. A Pav?ni? Ferry Uwy. 1st ? per cent..
Mlun. L. A M. Stroot Uwy. ft per cent...,....,.!.
Mot. Street Rwy. Co., gen ? per cent.
N. Y. Oaa A Blcctrlc Light, Heat and Power Co.,
4 per cent..;.
Thirty-fourth Street Crosatown Rwy, ? per cent.
Troy (N. Y.) City Rwy. ? per cent...'.
Killaon Bice. Illu. Co. of N. Y., 1st ? per cent.
?nnnwhii A Hocking Coal A Coko Co. ? per cent.
Western-Union Toi. Co. 6 per cent.....
Standard Oaa Light Co. ? per cent..............U.
Albany A Stisquohannn Uwy. 100 share?..
linlttmoro A Ohio ltwy. pfd 1,000 shares..;..;..?
Ilnltltnore A Ohio Uwy. com. 010 abures....,..',.'
Cnyuga A Su8o.aeb.anna Uwy, 1,000 shares.,,.?...
Chi., Mil. A St. Paul Uwy. pfil 2,000 eliarea..,?..?.;..;
Chi. A Northwestern Uwy. pfd 700 share?,,.'...'..'
Clav., 0. C. A St.-Louis Uwy. pfd BOO abaros.
Detroit, HUlsdalo A Southwestern Rwy. 200 shares.,
Dclnwuro A Hudson Co., 60 siluros.
flreat North. Uwy. pfd 400 shares.
Flocking Valley Uwy. Co.. pfd. G.022 ehnres
| 220,000 00
. 76,000 00
100,000 00
Bia.BOO 00
00,000 00
60,000 00
20,000 00'
60,000 00
115,284 00
60,000 00
28,000 00
60,000 00
60,000 00
7B.0*) 00
1200,000 00
60,000' 00
16,000 00
25,000 00
85,000 00
26,000 00
? 07,000 00
87,000 00
66,000 00
80,000 00
60,000 00
00,000 00
80,000 00
' 10,000 00
60,000 00
00,000 00
160,000 00
76,000 00
76,000 00
. 20,000 00
ioo\oon oo
60,000 00
26,000 00 '
10,000 00
26,000 00
26.000 00
26,000 00 ?
45,000 00
100,000 00
.20,000 00
26,000 00
25,000 00
160.000 00
82,000 00
87.000 00
48,000 00
60,000 00
86,000 00
100,000 00
71.000 00
86,000 00
60,000 00
60,000 00
60.000 00
86,000 00 .
10.000 00
44.000 00
0,000 00
25,000 00
85,000 00
25,000 00
? 26,000 00
85,000 00
25,000 00
60,000 00
25,000 00
85,000 00
80,000 00
25,000 00
25,000 00
10,000 00
100,000 00
91.000 00 ?',
: 80,000 00
200,000 00 '
70,000 00
60,000 00 .
20,000 00
60,000 00
40,000 00
?"" 200 00
Illinois Central Uwy. 000 shares. 00,000 00
10.000 00
00,000 00
181.050 00
80,000 00
20.000 00
100,000 00
60.000 00
250,000 00
75.000 00
46,000 00
50,000 00
. ,. . . 225.000 00
Union Pacific Rwy.--pfd. 2.000 abaros...'. 200,000 00
Minn. A St .Louis Rwy. second pfd, 100 shares.
Morris A Essex Rwy. 1,200 shares.
N. Y, A Harlem Uwy. 2.033 abarca.
?, ?? New Ila von A Hartford Uwy. 80 shares.
N. Y? Lacknwanna A West. Uwy. 200 abares...
Nor. A Western Rwy. pfd 1.000 shares...,.
Nor. A Western Rwy. com. BOO shares.
Pennsylvania. Rwy. 6.000 ehnres.
Pittsburg 0. C. A St. Louis, pfd 750 shnres.....
Pittsburg, Ft. Wnyno'.A Chi. Uwy. 450 shares...
Rcnssolaer A Saratoga ltwy.. 600 shares.
" ithem Uwy. Co., pfd. 2.250 shares.
American Exchange Nut. Hunk, 100 shares..',:.:..
Control Nat. Rank, 400 shares,..'........
Fourth Nat. I3nnk, 400 shares.
flermnn American nunk, 221 shares.
Merchant? Nat, Bunk, PO shares...
Nntlonal Dank of Conimorco, 300 shares.
Merchants Trust Co., 150 eliarea...
N. Y. Security A Trust Co., 20 ehares...
Consolidated One Co..-1.160 shares.
Metropolitan Street Rwy., 500 shares....
Pullman Co., 400 shares...
Standard Oil Co., 700 shares.
10,000 00
40,000 00
40.000 00
10,675 00
4,500 00
80,000 00
16,000 00
20,000 00
115,000 00
50,000 00
40,000 00
70,000 00
- .Value,
I 880,000 00
71,860 00
100,000 00
602,250 00
' 40,000 00
60,000 00
86,000 W
60,000 00
100,620 00
60,000 OO
. 26,000 00
50,000 00
48,000 00
00,000 00
200,000 00
67,600 00
17.250 00
20,000 00
18,760 00
82,600 00
70,860 00
40,700 00
68,800 00
80,000 00
60,000 00
07,200 00
84,600 00
? 11,200 00
02,600 00
40,000 00
108,000 00 '
00,000 00 '
78,000 00
86,000 00
108,000 00
60,000 00
11,500 00
0.600 00
88,750 00
82.600 00
85,000 00
46,000 00
185,000 00
40.000 00
20,250 00
1 27.000 00
. 142,600 00
20,240 00
80.000 00
40,440 00
62,500 00
21,250 00
116,000 00
02,800 00
27,500 00
46,000 00
68,000 00
60,000 00
25,000 00
11,000 00
47,080 00
0,420 00
26,000 00
28,000 00
28,000 00
20,000 00
80,200 00
22,600 00
55.000 00
25.000 00
40.250 00
80,000 00
27.600 00
20,250 00
10,600 00 '
85,000 00
81,000 00
58,500 00
800,000 00
147,000 00
60,000 00
20,000 00
75.000 00
72,000 00
80,870 00
121,800 00
10.000 00
10S.000 00
613.485 00
78.000 00
25,000 00
80.000 00
82.500 00
850.000 00
71.250 00
78.750 00
05.000 00
180.000 00
160.000 00
17.000 00
00,000 00
70.000 00
10.001 00
7.200 00
00.000 00
45,000 00
200.000 00
280,000 00
05,000 00
80,000 00
886,000 00
Total par and market value carried out at markot - ?? ? ???.,, .?- m .?
valuo...$8,700,700 00 ?8,007,826 00 88,
Oaah In company's principal office..".,',....,.;...,.'...,.? ?
Cash bolonglng'to the company In bank...?.'...'..
Interest duo and accrued on bonds not Included In market value.,.
Interest due nnd accrued on bank balances.????.?.????
Gross premium? (ns written In tho policies) In course of collection, not more tnan
three months duo.'<>.?.
807,820 00
20,680 20
601,431 20
81,015 40
' 7,057 58
809,408 38
Aggregate amount of all assets of the company, stated at their actual value.... 110,810,100 70
Gross clalme for adjusted and unpaid losses due aud.-to become due.... $ 00,863 00
Gross losses In process of adjustment or. in suspense, Including all report? . ? .
cd mid supposed losses......',...'..;,..'..,.'.';...'.'..'.. 481,003 00
Losses resisted, including Interest, costs and other expenses thereon. 04,230 00
Total gross amount of claims for losses.,. $505,40800
Deduct rolnsurunco thereon..,..,.,. 82,253 32
Net amount of unpnld losses.,,.,,.'..... 1 513,242 08
Qross premium? received and recolvablo upon all unexplred fire risk?
running one yutir or les? from date of policy', including Interest,
premiums on perpetual Uro risks, $3,131,353.40; unearned premiums
(60 per cent.)......;.,.... $1,?0?,??0 T3 I
Gross premiums received and receivable upon all unexplred fire risks
running more than one year from dato of policy, $8,041,T50 18! ?
Unearned premiums (pro rata)..,. $2,140,540 01' >,t
Total unoarned premiums as computed above.,'....'... $8,T18,223 T4
Due and accrued fur salaries, rent, advertising and for agency and-other mlscel?
lanoous expensen..-..?.. 4,009 84
Communions, brokerage und oilier charges dun and to become duo to aponte and
broker? on premiums paid and in course of collection,; $10T,OOT 80; return
premiums, $7,180.21; reinsurance premiums, $180,461.05. 800.T20 13
Total amount of nil liabilities, except capital ?tock and not surplus.'.,., $4.023,205 RA
Joint stock capital uctually paid up In cash.,...,;. 1.000,000 00
Surplus beyond capital ?nd ail other nubilities.i'.i-.V...?..'...??.. 4,005,88038
Aggregate amount of all liabilities, Including paid up capital ?took, and ? net
surplus....1..-.?10,310,17? TO
-,?;? ? ?, ;?.;?..
Gross premiums and bills unpaid at close of last year.?751.704 6T
Net collected... $ T51.704 6T
Gross premiums on risk? written end renewed during the year,,;,.. T.040.828 16
To ini.V.......,,? ?7,-708,122 78
Deduct gross premiums and bills In course of collection at this date... 011,720 20 ? ?
Entire premiums collected during the year.,......'..., '.. $0,880,402 40 .'-':'
Deduct rolusurunco, rebate, abatement and return premium?,.;..,.... 2,688,603 20
Net cash actually received for premiums.,..,.,,,,,,..,...',".-., $4.847,88020
Received for Interest on mortgages..,.,......,..,..;,.,. 63000
Received for Interest and dividends on stocks and bonds,.collateral loans, and from
all other sources.,,.,...'.'.,,,, 848,000 87
Income received from all other sources, vis! Kent?..,..-.,'..;. .4,380 75
Aggregato amount of receipts actually received during the year In cash..,.,.., ?4,008,880 33
Gross amount actually paid for losso? (Including $401,815 17 losses
occurlng In previous years).,. $2.727,487 48
Doduct all amounts actually received for ?divago (whether on losses
of the lust or of previous rears) $0,100.03 arid all amounts actually" ?
received for relnsiirauco In other ?impunies, $030,10.3.00. Total ?
deduction. ??>..',?, 043,803 60
Net amount paid during tho yoar for losse.?.,. $2,070,1T8 BO
Cash dividends actually paid stookholdurs during tho yoar.,., 800,000 00
Paid for Commission or lirokcrugo.,. T7B.4I2 20
Puld for-salarle?, fees, or, otlior charges of officers, clerks, agents and all other
'employe?.?-., 218,11174
Paid for Statu and local taitfs In this and-other Stnto?. . ? jofl.TOl ??,?
All other payments and expenditures.,,,.,.t ,374,030 50
Aggregato amount of actual disbursement? during tho yoar In cotta.,,.,. $3,851,404 ai
Risks written.,. $3,260,518 00
Premiums received (gross).,..,.,.,, ? 34.T24 01
Losses paid.-.,.,,.j>>??>? 111 ,? ?.,,.,.,.,,,,.,, 38,607 07
Losses incurred.,...,..,.,,,,.,..,....,,,.,.,,,.,,.;.,, 26,310 DJ
(Signed.) WM. N, KHKMER, Pre?ldent. ?
(Signed.!_ C' ?' SN'Tli; Secretary.
Stalo of New York; Clly of New York???!
Sworn to January 23, 1003, 'before CHARLES BOGAR MILU), Commissione?.
Julius Straus ? Son Agents
IOI3 E_. ?Via.? St?
?.?-?-_,U. ,_H?BBJ.?-J-1--.-?J!l--.|-U-???r?^ l'"...l_Jg___WPB|JJ-AU)'?
President, B. C. inVINT Secretary. ?, O. OARRUJUBSi Principal Office, 40T AND 40?
WALNUT STREET, PUILAIIHLPHIA; Ornerai Agent I? Virginia?11. 0. WUBRRVi Residence,
RICHMOND, VA,; Organized <>t incorporated. MMICU 2T. 1820; Commencer ?usines?, BEL'?
TButUKR 1, IH17.
Amount of capital ?tock subscribed.,,.,,,,.,,,,.,,,,,,,,,.,.,,, | 600,000 00
Amount of capimi stock puld UP in C?.sh. .,.,,,,....,...,,.,....,.., 600,000 00
i'iUu? o? real ceut? owocd b?. lue po)%Wiy.,?.?*.*?".*??^?^.>/.??..??.?^?.,... I 44M&I ?9
?,?s,??? M
?,400 9$
??.??? ?|
LoaM oft mortgage /dut? recot?n! end hainf the. Ant llena oft (h? fid ?Imp??)
. i upen Which not mora than ft??????? Intereit t? due. ??.,,,.,.?.?'? ,...,...,...
Loaba o? mortgage inrii lieti?) ntwt? *blch -mor? thAn .on? ?airi' Interest li .?imi
. (of which none Is In bfdMl* of forealoiiife),,,,.,....,.,..,,,,,,,,,.,,,,..,.,
i?itar??t dtteonetnnid^orW? Ap*n*M,r?U*( m?tj>ti atefuid thereon, ?it?Bao.?f
Value of land? mortgaged eicluifv? of liulldlngi ami parl?h?ble Im?
j at)M*fm?iita,?.,,).????.< ??.'"?%????-4."?,?-',??,?'?' ?i,iiiMM'i'M'.MiW?,M? 60
Value of imlldlngi mort|?gid (Inaerad lot ?i,aT0,4M ?*, coliaftai), <. -. ?,??a,??? oq
TdUl valu? ef'ial? mertgageil prtmlt?,.,!.,,..,,,>?,.'.......,,,. ??,????t?? 00
Clif of Csradeii T MF ??Ht .?tond?, .,.I
Citi* of Richmond fi per cent, certlflrJatca..,.
city of Tacoma water ?nd LlgaMionds.,,.,..,.,,.,.,.
City of Richmond 4 per cant, curtificstee,.,..,.,.,...,
City of Portland, Of?,, New Olty Hall gold bond?..,...
City of Petersburg, ?., ? par cent, bond?,..,....,.,..,
Atlantic City, N. i., City Water Work? band?,'....,.
City Of Dublin Water ?nil Lla-ht bond?..,..,..,......, ?
City of Blrmlnghsm, Al?., Public, Imp, gold nond?,..,
City of Mrmlnghsm, Aia,, Binilerr Hef. bond?..<.,?.?
Slty of Birmingham, Al?,, City Publio Imp. ?old bond?.,
State of,Georgia 4U per oerit, bond?,.,,,,,,,'.,.,....,
Lehlgh Valley llr. ? P?r cent. re?, bonds.,.,..,......,
Belt Hwy. ?nd Stock Yard? 0 per cent, lit mort, bond?.,
li, AN, Ry. ?en. innrt. bond?..,.,,...,.., ,,,.,.'<? ?it?"?'
1 Teta? A Pacino Ry. ? per cent. I?l mort, bond?,.,..,..
Camden A Atlantle'Hr. ? per cent, ref. bond?,.,.,..,.,
Clin, Hamilton ?nd Dar ton Ry. Co,, ? per cent, re?,
gen. mort, gold bonds,,.,,,,.....;,,,
Citi., Peyton A Ironton Ry. Co, ? per cent.. lit, mort
gold bondi......,..,.,.,. ,.,,,,.,.,?. '
Chi.. Rock Island A Pac. By. Co, gen, mort, gold bond?
North. Psolfic Railroad Prior Lien bond?.,,,.,.,.,..,.
Reading Company 4 per cent, gen, mort, gold bond?,...
Oblo Hiver Ry. Co. ft per-cent,? let mort. bond?.,......
Lynn A Boston Ry .Co, ut mort. 6 per cent, gold bond?
Lehlfta Valley Coat Co., Ht mort, ? par cent, gold bond?
Port of Portland, OM., II per cent, gold bond?,,,..,...,,
Lebign Coal A Nav. Co, ? per cent. con. tnnrt, bond?,,
Btanavlue A Terre Haut? Ry. Co. 6 per cent, let
gen. mort, bond?,.,,....,,,..,.,..............
Newark' Pa??. Hy, Co, 1st eon. mort, gold bond?..,.,,
Lablgh Valley Ry. Co, 4H per cent. reg. bond?.,,..,...
Terminal Ry. Asso,, St. L., 1st con. mort, gold bonds,,
Phil, City Pai?. Ry. Co, 6 per cent, bond?,,.,,,,',,,., ,
Cloveland Elee. Hy. Co. lai mort,.? per cent gold bonde
Lehlgh Cosi A Na?. Co.- col, Trait 4H per cent
Sold bond?.'...,............,
o Elee. Street Hy. lit mort, gold bond?..,.,,.,".,
Central of 0?. Ry. Co. con. mort, gold bond?,...,,,,.,
United Traction Co. of Ptttabtirg, gen. mort: gold bond? '
Colorido Spring?, Eleo, Co. let mort, gold bond?...,.,
Falrmount Park Trsns. Oo, lit mort, gold bond?,,.,.. .
Chi. Edison Co,, 1st mort, gold bond?,.,,.',;,,.,.,,,,., ?
Minn. Street Ry, Co, 1st con. mort, bond?.,,.???.
Trenton Street Ry. Co, con. mart, gold bond?..,,,,.,,,
Se?bo?rd A Roanoke Ry, Co, .1st mort. bond?,..,,,.,..
Wtl. A Chester Traction Co. col. trust irold bond*.
Cleveland, Loraln A Wheeling. Ry. Co, lit mort, con.
Sold bohd?.-,..'.,.,.!,.,,.
on Ok? A Electric. Co. lit mort, gold bond?.
Harriibur? Light, Heat and' Power, Co,, 1st mort? : -.
gold bond?.,.,,.,.,,.,..,.,..,.,,... 30,00000
Th? People'? Ily. Co, of Syrien?? lit mort. bond?......
Port Pitt Traction Co, lar mort, bond?...,.
Chi, Suburbsn Water ?nd Light Co, 1st mort, gold bond?
Weit Choiter Lighting Co, fit mort, gold bond?...-,
Wheeling Traction Co, ? per cent, con. mort, gold bande
Conn. Ry. A Lighting Co. ref, mort, gold bond?....,.
Eluilr? water, Light ?nd Ry, Co. purchase money
morta-sgo gold bonds.,,...,....,......,..',.',,:,.
Elmlri Witer, Light ?nd Ritlroad Co. second mort;
Brooklyn Union Elevated Hy. Co. 1st mort, gold bond?
Central of Georgia Ry. Oo, (Chat. Dlv.) purchase money
? mort, gold .bond?.i.,
Elgin. Aurora ?nd Southern Traction.; ? ;,r
8bawlnlgan Water A Power Co. 1st mort, ? per cent,
. 1,500 00
ao.ooo oo
'40,000 00
OB, eoo 00
15,000 00
110.000 00
?i.OOO 00
100,000 00
10,000 00
80,000 00
? ??,??? 00,
88,000 oo?
100,000 00
60,000 00
03,000 00
. 10.000 00
80,000 00
20,000 00
25,000 00
88,000 00
84,000 00
?'? 60,000 00
? . 86,000 00
60,000 00
16,000 00
. 80,000 00
100,000 00
BO,000 00
83,000 00
75,000 00
7B,000 00
60,000 00
80,000 00
50,000 00
80,000 00
.60,000 00
60.000 00
60,000 00
50,000 00
60,000 00
30,000 00
60,000 00 >
' 60,000 00
60,000 00
.40,000 00
_ Market ;
? .Value, net '
Including ??
erued InlefMt,
I , J.MO 00 -
?' ?,B0O 00
41,700 00
f4,488 00
17,020 00
91.9TB 00 ,
80,037 BO
???,??? 00
88,800 00
?' 88.8??* 00 .
87,087 BO
184,000 00
88,880 00
" 73,895 00
10,400 00
88,800 00
'. 33,800 00
8,000 00
20,000 00
25,000 00
20,000 00
60,000 00
60,000 00
86,000 00
10,000 00
80,000 00
60,000 00
tondi .v.......:., .. ;..,.;... :..;..;..,.. se.ooo oo
Erie Ry.'Co. 41 per cent, gnn, lion Bold bond?.,,
Reading Co. Gold Railroad nnd. Marine Equipment
Trutt "Sorlo? ?".;..,.,
Wsbish Ry. Co. (Omaha Dir.) 1st mort, sold bond*..
0. A 0. Hy. Co. gen.. mort., gold bond?.;.'.'.,.,
Ponn. Hy. Co. convert, gold bonds,.
St, Loul? A San Frinclico Ity, Oold Equipment Note?
"Berte? ?"..,".
Panile Steel Co. lit mort, bonds....;...,...
Edison Elee. Light Co. trust certif?cate?... ;.
Weitlnghouie Elee. A Manufacturing Co. gold deben?
ture certifica tee.,.
United Railways Gold Trust Certificates.
tspbalt Company of America collateral gold cer. -
Fire Allocution stock, 31 shares....
Phil.. Germantown and Norrtstown Rwy, Co. ?tock,
881 ?hire?.....
Chestnut Hill Railroad Co. ?tock, TO ?bare?..
Philadelphia Boiirae, 20 ?hare?.,....'..
Philadelphie Bourse, preferred ?lock, 16 ?b?re?.,.
Underwriters' Salvage Co. ? ?hare?...-,?'.?
Phil. Traction Co.," 500 ?hires.,'.
United Power ?nd Tran?. Co. ?tock, 116 shares....,.),,
Miami Valley. Insurance Co., 2,000 ?hare?.
Illinois South: By. Co, com ! stock,- 00 shsres.........,
Colorado Spring? Elee. Co. ?tock, 250 ?hare?.
Elmlra Water. Light and Ry. Co. ?tock. 03 ?biree.-..
Passale Steel Co.. 400 share?...,
U. S. Steel Cor.'com. ?tock. 200 share?.
B. A 0. Ry. Co, com. stock. 200 share?,
' ia Company com. stock
United Gas Imp. Co.
oo ahare?,
tock, 100 ?hare*.,.
50,000 00
, 25.000 00
25.000 00
81,000 00
25.000 00
40,000 00
13,000 00
36,000 00
HO. 000 00
100,000 00
1,650 !00
16,660 00
8,500 00
1,000 00
" ' 8T5 00
? 600 00
35,000 00
2,8*5 00
300.000 00
80.000 00
25.000 00
0.200 00
40.000 00
20.000 00
20.000 00
10.000 00
5.000 OO
88,000, 0 0
8,600 00
03,000 00
48,000 00
'aB.?Bo ?o
44.600 00
25,250 00
22.250 00
88,590 29
74.000 00
23.037 50
88,000 00
14,600 00
25,760 00
35.800 00
23,500 00
12,000 00
?7.?T4 00
4,650 00
100 00 "
875 00
600 00
?48,750 00
6,620 00
1,250 00
5.000 00
I 8,750 00
. 820 00
160 00
7.250 00
20,000 00
0.800 00
11.200 00
Total nar and market value, carried out at market
value.,.........?.,.?8,071.75000 ?3,100,020 25 ?3.100,020 :
Amount carried forward..,.. ?4,037,848 6?
OollaUral Loan??
$3,000' mortgage, premise?, 210 Bennett Btroet,
and 216?3???210 Roechrr Street. Syracuse. ?. Y.
250 shares Merchants National Rniik st?ck......
?? ?bare? United N. Jersey Ry, A Canal Co. stock..
Diamond Stato Steel Cu, 1st mort. 4 per cent. gold.
bonds..,. .,
188 ?hare? Consolidated Lake Superior Co., pre?
ferred ?tock.. ,..
233 shsres Consolidated Lske Superior Co.. ejm?
. mon etock.,.
100 shar'a? ?????)??????!?' Ry.'Co, stock,....'.
63 share? United Gas Impravcmeut Co. stock....
200 shame U. 8. Steel Corporation, common ?took
500 share? Cambria Steel Co, common stock......
100 shares Brie Hy, Co, comnj-m sti.ck.
200 sbare? Cambria ? Steel Co., common ?tock...,
100 share* U. S. Steel Corporation, common stock,.
100 shore? U.S. Stoel Corporation.? pfd stock,?...
100 ?hare? Phil. Co., common stock.........
400 share? Phil. Electric Co. stock.'..
Consolidated Traction. Co., 5 per cent. mort, bond?
Wlltdnshurg A East Pitt. Ily. 6 per cent, mort, bond?
Welsbach Company 5 per. cent, bonds.
2<I5 shares United Gas Improvement Co...,..),....,
400 share?'Lehlgh Volley Hy. Co, stock.
500 shares Erie Ry, Co. common ?tock.,,..
100 shares Continental Tob. Co. pfd rtock........
200 ?hares Phil. Co., common ?tock.........
100 shares Union Traction Co, stock.
50 shsres United Gas Improvement Co. ?tock....
City of Montgomery, Ala.,. 5 per.'celiti mort, bond?
50 shares'.United lias Improvement Co. stock....'
100 sbares'U. S. St?el Corporation, pfd stock....,.?
500 sbarca Reading Co., common stock.....'..,;..,?.
20O ?barca .Phil.? .Electric-.Co. stock....,.!
Total par : and market ' vaino ' end amount' ? ?. .???'???.^ ,0,n a?? ? 2in S2S oo
loaned thereon;.,.'..'..' ?.;.'.?..,. ........ $363,000 $2ST,003 60 $218,8*3 ? 210,8? 00
Caah In-the Company'a.principal office. ?? ???.?,??.?? Q2l'e41 ?
Cash belonging tu the compuny lii bank...,..,.....:. aoaea 05
Interest duc hnd Hccriiiid on bonds not included In market value.,. -017 83
Interest dueland accrued on collateral loan?/,..V'i""?"'. 72? ?t? 52
Groaa premium? In courae of collection, uot moro than ? three monthe- due. ??.???>< ? ??.?*? "?
All other property belonging tv. the company,, via.; 'lUuita duo and accrued. ??,
014.00; due from other componle? for rclnauronco on loa?ea ?lre?dy paio,
$16,680:40',;..'...?...?.:., ;.....;..',..'..
18,804 M
?8.184,188 88
18,840 01
The gros? ?mount of ?II the assets of thn comp?ny.vv.*'vi.l,.'"iiv,,ili??'ili'
Deducted, from tho above asset? on account of bad and doubtful debt? ?nfl secuniiee. _
Aggregate-amount of all ussets of the-company ?tated'ut their actual value..,, ?0,160,838 81
? ; ?...?? 'liabilities.. ' l'-- ? ' . ,' '
Gross claim? for adjusted and unpaid los?e? due nnd to become due.... ?172,157 24
Or??? Io??o?.In prpcMs of adjustment, or In suspense, Including all ro- .,_:_-.
ported ?nd- supposed lusses.,..,.;.-...,. a7l'?2? ,2a
U??e? r??lned, Includlug Intcrost, cost? and otiior c*pcn?c? .tli?reon.
44,880 -88
Totnl, gross ?mount-of-claim? for lo??c......,.,'?'..;..;.. ?841,75188
Delluct, reinsurance thereoii.,.. W, ...J,-..? ?ji"?v ?"
$ 818,210 81
Net amount of unpaid lo?sos.,.,..,,,.,....
Gross bromiuhls received nilil'recnlvablp upon all unexplred Dro? risks
' '.rnnuliig one year or less from date of.policy. Including Interest, pro- t
mlum? on?perpotual-fire risks. $2.470.020.2U?'unuariied premium? ? . ??
(60 par, ciiut)....).,.,..,,...???,.?? $1,233,403 18
Gross pr?mliims received ntid recolvablo upon ?11 unenplri-d fire risks
runulnp; morn thaiianu yoar from dato of policy, $2,000,103.10; uu- .... -?
earned preuiluois (pro" rat?).......,.',...;....'..????? i.b??.??? w?
Total ujicariiod premiums..Y,..,,...,....,,-,?...??.?????.??????,??<v?.?'."i 2,800,011 O?
Amount reciiiluiiihle li? the Insured oo perpetual firn Insurance policies being no ?no
15 per cent.'-of the premium of deposit received. ......,.:,??'??????.??-?''?? ;?'*.
05 (iu*- will. ? "? mu uirilii.illl ii| ,????,?,? favHi.vM, ?* ....??.? ?. .
Comnilssloiis, .brokeragi! und utlier. chnigea dun ?nil to'become duo to agents ouu
brokers on premiums puld find In cuurso of collection,
1,880,785 M
, 102,006 Of
?4,975,808 6!
600,000 ?
874,020 7'
Total -?Iuount "f all liabilities,'oicopt capital ?tock and net ?urplu?.
_tig stock; capital 'actually paid '.up In cn?h.,.,,,.,.',..,.>">?
Surp.lu?, beyopu, cnp|t?l aud all ?other llalillltle?,.'....'..,.? ?
- Aggregati) ?mount of all liabilities Including paid up capital etock and net aurplua $0,150,823 81
Qros? premlurn?' and bill?, unpaid iit, c)o?o ,nf. last yea'r.'.,.'.. ? 88S,210 02
urvs?;-prpui((mi? on Vi.???" Ivrltteii '?nd: rlnew?rt' during 'ine year,;...... 4.70o,oui po
' Total'' ' '' "? ;' ' ' ' -,* ?'......... '>?'??>.'..'...'.'!...',,. $5,504,302 52
D?duct-\r?M?'premium?' and'u??)?,-'l?i"cour?o'of collection ?t thl? dato 724,0<6,52
Entire .premium?,? collected during the yniir.,,,....,../?.?..??./>'.* j?f'?mu S?
Deduct rulnsurniice, rebute, ?batement nnd return premiums.,.,. i,4.7,u0q ai
Npt cash actually ' received for .'premium?.,.'..,.m.?..,.,..
!5Sce?ve?i % ''j'?t ^?CW! ???'?& '$ ' ?' #???l?lt.fi| ' lonU.'] V^d
frnni ?Il .nlber. ?onreu?.,,.,.', r...,. ? ? ?? >? ? Vo'i'in?'ou,' ' 't???t?'"?y '.Vii' '?i ' ',.'.'
lucopie received (rom all other ?our?e?: Rent, $3),208.28? Proti? on sale pf.ua.
?ote. $47.130.00! MlKcellftiK-ou?, $?,'418.07,.,.,..,.,,.,..,.,....
Depoalt ; pu?mltime not. included aboT?.: 5
8,442,863 80
70,7Pa 03
141,750 01
87,740 8{
83,757 2?
Aggregato amount of roceint? actually received during tho year In caib.,.',.',,,.. $3,812,370 1?
Orbi? amount actually paid'fer' |o??e? .(Including ?383,600,13 '"???.'?????,^^',,
Dedi?cTa?f nmcuX'^'ia?f^rpcelVedl&Mjw''(?'b?ttaer'.op 'lo.?e? '
of 1 " last or of previous year?). ?13,6l2.4i1 ?nd ell nrnoiinM ae
tu'?lly iec?lved'for relmurance Ili other cpmpanlee, ?280,020.80, r
' Total!deduction.,,'.,'.;.?.......,.".'. ???!.????."" . ^ ,, '!,
Npt ? mount paid'tjiirluig the" year'for loeaca,.".,.,..'....,,v.,,,. ?2,106,820 }l ?
Ce.b dividend? actually pJd ?tockbolder. di>ring;the year,.?.*,,2oo'ono Oo
lutere?t p$l4,,'?...?'.?." ??.?..,.??..?
l'old for -commliiiop or brokerage
.-?gouts ?nd all. other
? ??V SffiiSi; V??. Tor otbeV chaf?e?' of o'fflcVri.'.cicrk., ^gi
PaldeifoPr ?SUt? 'and- ioc?lj'?'?? "liV th? ' ?nd' O'tbVr' sVate?....,,...,,.,;,.
Repair? to?? re?! ,e?tote. ,,?,,,,,,.,,.,.,..,,,,.,.,.. ? ? < ....??.? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? > ? > >. ? ?
Ampt'pt''vT'a?p???V ptemium 'r'eVurnod during' th?' yeVf on 'perpetuai' iir?" r?ik{.[',
? Aggregale amount of ?etual dlebur*empnt? during the yoer Inoash.;.,.,.???,. ?8,608,040' 0$
Risks wittcn ....'....?.,..,,,.,,,,....,.,<;.'.!?'..????.?!.:??!.?;..' ?3,200,803 oo
Premiums rpcelycd (gru?? .,,,',.,..,..,,.m ? > >, ? ?'.?1.? ' ? < ? ? ' ? ?. S?'S?? S3
Lo.?e? paid......,,,',,,..,...,,.,,.,..,....??.?. .?;?. .....t.............. 2?.046 8T
Losses Incurred.,..,..,,.,,..,...... ? ; .?." m '"? '"'?'""." f ""' *.f ' ".,' f?ii<? w
?. O.'.IRVIN, President.
11. G. GARRIGUES, SecroUry.
' .,,?,' , , , , I \
Sworn tp January &? ?00'' befor? EDWIN S. QAVI4V Notary Publio.
/"'? AOCNT8.

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