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N? Other Week as Quietas
the Quietest Week in Lent,
They Will Be the Qayeet Week? Norfolk
Ever Enjoyed, Because There are
Many More Peopleand They
are Better Able to Be Qay.
(Special to The Ttmet-DUpatcli.)
NORFOLK, VA.? V.troh ?,?-Thls has
beon tho quote? weeW .rit Ltrtt. That
moans, of course, the quietest weok of
tho whole year, for no other weok can
he ns quiet a? the quietest week In Lent
That does not mean that Hiero will be
little doing hem when Easter comes and
gives socloty the permission and the op?
portunity, ot the passage of wittier Mid
tho approach, the enlivening and reln
vigorating spring, to be gay; but It nicane
rather that, having beon so quiet, socle
? ty must bo unusually gay to recover from
the enforced, even If a welcome, restraint
?"?' of religious rest. That Is what socioty is
preparing for. The weeks following Easter
will bo gay. They will be the gayest weeks
Norfolk ever enjoyed because there are
many more people, and they are much j
better able to bo gay than tho people
of Norfolk have been slnco the war. As
during tho winter, this gayoty will not
bo manifested by great functions, to
whloh many persons go to see who clso
is thero and how thoy appear In their
, new clothes, There will bo many small
and genuine entertainments and recep
? tions, where tho members o C the social
sots meet for the recreations, pleasures
and tho delightful and sweet, but inno?
cent, gossip of the season?and for those
charming coquetries which are the essen?
tial accessories of all social gatherings.
As there wero no ovents this week, and
ns society was proparlng to bo gay after
Easter, there Is nothing to write of, ex?
cept visits and visitors and there aro
comparatively few of them.
Miss Bland Taylor was tho hostess at
a luncheon on Tuesday at her home, In
York Street, complimentary to her guest,
Miss Edith Duer, of Baltimore. Covors
were laid for ton nnd Miss Taylor's guests
?-, were! Miss Duer, Miss Compila Truxtun,
Miss Alice Kelly, Miss Lucy Baylor, Miss
May Cronshaw, Miss O'ertrudo Walker,
Miss Helen Taylor, Miss Hlldagardo
Chamborlalno and Miss Edmonla Whlt
j tie.
Miss Kathleen White was tho guest of
"honor at a luncheon given at tho Coun?
try Club on Tuesday. Covers wore laid
Tor eight, and those present were; Mrs,
Francis Ward, Mrs. Mcl-Iugh, of Roa
noke; Miss White, Misses Jane, Lela
end Maria Tucker, Miss Jennie Drewry
and Mise Mary L. Leigh.
The Embroidery Club was entertained
Wednesday by Mrs. Harry Myers at her
homo, In Ghent. Those prosont were Mi-h.
Richard Mcllwnlnn, Mrs. Charles H.
Wood. Mrs. Ltvius do Bordonaro, Mrs.
lunlua Lynch, Miss Salilo Zimmerman, of
Washington: Miss Leda Lyne, of Auburn,
A in.: Miss Annie Henry and Miss Holly
iay Wells.
Miss Elizabeth Bowdoln ontertnlned a
few friends Monday ovoning at her home,
in Ghent.; Those -present were: Miss Leda
Lyne, of Auburn, Ala.; Mr. George McD.
Gnndrldgo, Mr.' R. B. Pegram and Mr.
Joseph Young.
A Imx party was given Tuesday at tho
Academy to witness the performance of
"Tho Lady Slavey." Those presont wore:
Miss Nell Sorpell, Misses Emllv and Anby
Wilson, Mr, T. P. Thompson, Mr. Otis
Barren and Mr. James M. Thomson.
Mrs. J. B. Stonor ontertalnod a few
friends delightfully Saturday evening at
her home, in Freemason Street, In honor
of her guest, Miss Vest. Mrs. Stoner's
guests were: Mrs. Lawrence, Miss Vest,
Miss McAlplne, Mr. Horace Hoggard, Mr.
Kelly and Mr. Payne.
Mrs. William II. Liunsden la visiting
relatives in Augusta, Ga.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Consolvo have re
.turned from a-trip South.
Judgo Thomas H. Wlllcox returned
. Tuesday from Hot Springs.
Judgo A. M. Agolaste, Jr., left Tuesday
afternoon for Baltimore.
? Mrs. T. L. Drummond and the Misses
Fletcher are visiting Appomattox Court?
Mr. and Mrs... William Gatlls and son,
of Greensboro? are viking Mrs. W. S. Wil?
liams, In North Street.
Mr. P. T. Payne Is visiting in Baltl
Mrs. John S. Tllmey, of South Orange,
N,. J., is tl>o guest of Mrs Laura Cooke,
In Court Stroot, Portsmouth.
Miss Kathleen White, of Ablngdon, Is
tho guest of the Misses Tuckor, In Col?
lege Place.
Miss Antonio Wells Is visiting in Wash?
. Mrs. Jamos R. Hubard has returned
from Baltimore.
Miss Leda Lane, of Auburn, Ala., who
has been visiting 'Mrs. E. T. Lamb In
Few People Know How Useful It Is In
Preserving Health and Beauty.
Nearly everybody knows that charcoal
Is tlie safest and most efficient disinfec?
tant and purifier In nature, but few roal
Ize Its value when taken Into the human
svstem for the samo cleansing purpose.
Charcoal le a remedy that the moro
you tako ot It, tho better; It is not a
drug at all, but simply absorbs tho gaaes
and impurities always present la the
stomach and intestines, and carries them
out of the system.
Charcoal ?woolens tho breath after
smokln?, drinking or after eating onions
and other odorous vegetables.
Charooal effectually clears and Improves
tho complexion, it whitens the teeth and
? further acts aa a natural and eminently
safe cathartic.
It absorbs the Injurious gaees which
collect In the btomach and bowels; it
lUlnfects the mouth and throat from
the poison of catarrh.
All druKgist? aell charcoal In one form
or another; but probably tho best char?
coal and the most for the money is in
Stuart's Absorbent Lozenges; they are
imposed of the fines?, powdered Widow
?barconi and other harmless antis?ptica
?n tablet form, or rather In ><ie form of
latge. pleasant-lasting lozenges, the char?
coal beimi mixed with honey,
The dally use of these lozenges will
goon tell in a much improved condition
of the general health, better complexion,
tweeter breath und purer blood, and tho
joauty of It Is that no po-salble harm can
.??.suit from their eontinuod use, but on
?he contrary, great benefit.
A BuffPlo physician, in speaking of the
benefit* of charcoal ?aye: "I advise
Stuart'* Absorbent Lozenges to all pa?
tient? nuffarlng from gas in tlie stomach
and bowels, and it clears the complexion
and purifi?e *ne breath, mouth and
throat. I also believe the liver t? great?
ly benefited by th-s daily use of them;
they coat but twenty-five cents a box
at drug store?, and although in some
aanse a patent preparation, yet I believe
I get more and better charcoal In Stu?
art'? Absorbent Loxenges then In any of
UM ordinary charcoal tablets,''
FISHER'S, Malti, and 14th Streets.
Spring Opening
Beautiful Spring!
We're not quite sure whether
she's here or not, but shrewd
buyers are already making their
selections from our lines of
Smart and Snappy
Spring Suits.
It's nice to have first choice and
'to wear the new things first.
ammonir, ??, ?t
s, KUrriNHciMeK * co,
Our Spring line of Suitings range from
$5.00 to $7.50, to
$10.00, to $12.50, to
$15.00, to $18.00, to
$20.00 to $25.00,
in every new cut and in all the newest
materials that are on the American and
foreign markets. j
Every foot of space offers something
new, exclusive and attractive for the
coming Spring and Summer months.
We want them to come and bring the little men to see the
beautiful new Clothing in our Children's Department.
Sizes from 7 t? 17, full cut, in all the latest styles, from
$1.50 to $5.00.
You take no risk in trading here, for if you're not satisfied
?there's no ifs, ands,. whys or wherefores?you get your money
back at once if you want it.
S**? Q-P"? !??&**?
Ghent, is now tho guest of Miss Elizabeth
Mrs. ?. C. Brown, who has been vis?
iting friends In Westmlnstor, Md., re?
turned, home Saturday,
Mr. Lewis Byrd, of Gloucester, Va.,
was tho guest last week of Mrs. Corbin
Waller In Boush Street.
Mr. Charles S. Cotton left last week
for tho Isthmus of Panama, where ho
will mako his future home.
Mrs. J. Ircdell Jenkins has returned
homo from a visit In Baltimore.
/ Miss Elisabeth Gallagher, of Charles?
ton, W. Va., Is visiting Miss Mary Hum?
phreys In Ghent. ^
Miss Vest 'Is the guest of Mrs. J. B.
Stonor In Freemason Street.
Mr. Conover, of Now Jersey, was tho
guest of Mrs. William. Gwathmoy In Ghent
last week.
Mrs. W?llford, of Richmond, Is the
guost of Mrs. F, M. Kelllam In Duke
Miss Mary Ross Young, of Washing?
ton, is the guest of Miss Abblo Clark in
Fairfax Avenue. /
Mrs. W. H. Wblto'ls visiting Washing?
ton,'' whero sho will make her future
home. Sho will bo accomplinled by her
daughter, Mrs. Anulo Smith.
Mrs. ' H. R. Lowls, of Jamestown, N.
Y., is tho guost of Mrs. C. W. Hatch, In
Duke Street.
Mrs, Fritz Louis Snndoz will loavo Sat?
urday for San Francisco and will sail
from there to Yokohama on April 2d to
Join her husband, Lieutenant Sandoz.
Mrs, F. L. Santfoz returned from a short
trip to Philadelphia.
Mr. Thomas P. Thompson returned from
Atlanta, . < .'??'.
'Admiral C. T. Cotton returned from
Wush?n7?K>n. ' , ' .
Miss Paulino Smith, Who has been vis?
iting friends In Portsmouth, has returned
to Newport Nows.
The Misses Ward have returned from
Virginia Beach.
? Miss Suslo Hitch Is visiting friends In
Now York.
Society Rather Dull, but the Caste
German is Coming.
(Special to The Tii??i>nUpntcli.)
CATE CHAULES, VA., . Maren 28,-.
Tlila has beon the dullest week soclnlly
slneo the Lenten Henson Rot In, Tho
Biustcr gorman, which will bo given at
tho. Arlington Hotel, will start now life
in society circles, and envonil marriages
will add Interest to the list ot enter?
Mrs. Marlon Barlow and Miss Barlow
huvo returned to tholr homo in Wllllams
burg after a visit to Mrs. John Daniel.
Tho Misses Evelyn Nottingham ami
.lesso Savage wore tho guests of Mrs,
Julius Wilson, of Niissawiulox, last week.
Messrs. Herbert N, Foil, of Wilming?
ton, Pel., and A. 'M|. Nottingham, of
OnancocU, Va? were hero several days
las( week.
"Circumstantial Evidence," a molo?
drama In four acts, was played to a full
house at l'arson's Opera House Tuesday
night. Tho piece was Interesting from
start to finish and possessed many other
good qualities. Tho different ciharaotors
wore faithfully portrayed, tha ucting be?
ing especially good.
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Kelso, of Massa
ohusetts, are among the guests registered
at tho Arlington, Mrs. Kelso is hore on
a pleasure trip. After seeing tini ai true
ilnns of Cape Charles, they will go to
Skldmore Island for a gumilng trip.
Mr. Thomas B. Hobertson, of Eustvlllo,
well-known throughout the State us a
rising young attorney and as editor of
tho Eastern Shore Herald, Is a candidate
for the position of Commonwealth's At?
torney of Northampton county.
Mr. Walter Williams, cashier of the
Munford Bank at Oluocestor, has been
a visitor to Capo Charles for a week.
The Hist cake of Ice from tho new Ice
plant of Heckle & Kollogg was delivered
to C, W. I'ursons yesterday morning, Jt
weighed three hundred pounds and was
? clear a* crystal.
Presentation of "Appomattox"
on Monday Night Was
Most Successful.
(Special to Tho Tlmee-Dlspatch.)
ROANOKE, VA., Marcii 28.?A very
Interesting subject under discussion by
many people who figuro In society Is in
rogurd to the decision of tho ?vestry of
St. John'a, the principal Episcopal
church of this city, to have paid <pewe.
It strikes thoso who havo been paying
only a small sum to tho church, and,
naturally, thoy do not llko the change.
It will be, however, the only church la
the city that makes a charge for pews.
Notwithstanding the muny rival at?
tractions that surrounded tho perform?
ance of "Appomattox" by tho Players'
Club last Monday night', there was a
largo audience out, and tho entertain?
ment was pronounced tho best given by
tho club. Tho picture of the club in ?the?
Timoa-Dlspatch caused a great demrfnd
for copies,
Tho club now has "Wealth and Matri?
mony" In rehearsal. Tho east of char
actors Is as follows: Jumos Marsh, .a
merohnnt, Mr. Thomas Spencer; Henry
Cameron, a banker, Dr. Moomaw; Do
Lancy DeVoro, Mr. W, M. Reiche; Count
Fritx Hoffman, Mr. Friend; Charlie
Hughes, clork of the merchant, Mr. Fred
Barkfldalo; Major Fltzpatrlck, Mr. Dud?
ley; Preston Barret, Mr. Dooley; Detoc
tivo, Mr. Sampson; Lucillo Marsh, Miss
Alleo Hypos; Pnnsy Marsh, MIhs *rlnco;
Miss Dasher, Miss Schull; Mrs. John-son -
Morrlson, Miss Griffin; Mrs. Abbott, Mrs.
Tho performance will bo gk'on for tho
benefit of the Odd-Fellows. Tho story of
the play Is as follows; "James Marsh,
an old merchant, the father of two
daughters, Is on the verge of falluro,
when Henry Camoron, a banker, oaks
permission to nddress his eldest daugh?
ter, Lucille, who Is engaged to a young
man In Denver, Col, Tho morohant keops
this engagement a ?ecrot, and persuades
the girl (who rosonts tho neglect of tho
Colorado man) to consent to marry tho
banker and save himself from bank?
ruptcy, Later a Wgh tea Is hold, which
Is rich in gossip, at which various
types of people aro introduced, all moro
or loss Inclined to matrimony, with
wealth as tho principal Incentivo. Sonio
of the lovomaklngH aro beautiful In sen?
timent, while others are ridiculously
amusing and keep tho audience roaring
with laughter. Tho Colorado man makes
his appearance and tho hanker sorrow?
fully doparla, but later tho sklos clear
up and all ends well.
Tho performance of "Puss and Boots,"
gVi'on at tho Academy Thursday night
for tho honoflt of the Ladles' Auxiliary
of the Young Men's Christian Associa?
tion, attracted a largo audience, and w;is
a gront success, Noarly throo hundred
children were In tho extravaganza, or
fairy story, whatever It may bo termed,
nini all did tholr parts well. One of the
m<ist interesting'features was tha wed?
ding scene, with children as the wedding
party, . A little daughter of Mr. nnrl
Mrs. J. B. FUhhurne, a beautiful child,
was the brido, o-nd Master Stafford
Bryant, the faur-yeaV-old eon of Commis
elonor-of-llevonuo Bryant, was the
The carnival man Is In town again
(preparing to advertise the show. There
Is h rival carnival man living here,
Billy Hammond, who came hero laet year
and married a Ronnoko girl. Ho Is ad?
vertising In the Clipper for people to
como to lloanoko with ?hows tho sumo
week the carnival of tho commercial
travelers Is booked to tukn placo.
Popular Virginia Resort Is
Having a Clay Seasort.
The Weather Has Been .Ideal and Golf
and Tennis Have Had Many En?
thusiastic Follower??Walking
and Driving Popular.
(Spoelal to ??? Tlmes-DlepatoM
old point Comfort, va., .Maroh
28,?This over popular Virginia resort Is
experiencing-one of tho gayest eprlng
eoasons known In years, The hotels are
all crowded and the season will last well
into May.
The weather Is Ideal and golf and ten?
nis have many onthuslastlo followers.
Walking and driving are popular with
thoso not energetic enough for golf and
tennis. Bridge, too, Is much In favor,
and every evening there are a great
many games,
Perhaps the pleaaantest hour of the
day, Is from flvo to six In tho afternoon,
when tea le served in the ' sun parlor of
the Chamberlln. Women In pretty
gowns, officers from Fort Monroe In the
bright artillery uniforms and soberly
garbed civilians aro all there, malting
a most fasolnatlng ploturo.
Quito a number ,of entertainments were
given last week, and among them sev?
eral very handsome ones.
On Saturday Mrs. George F. Adama
gave a luncheon %for ten at tho Cham?
berlln. The beautiful decorations wore
In pink carnations and the favors bou?
quets of double violets. Mrs. Adaras'
guests were Mrs. Aloxander Mc. Mc
Cooko, of Washington; Mrs, Marsh, of
Canada; Mrs. Frank L'Estrado and Mrs,
George Seagrave, second, of Now York!
Mrs; J, W. 'McMurry, of Hyo, N. Y.J
Mrs. John GJftorS, o? the Soldiers' Home!'
Mrs. Clermont. L. Best and Mrs. Richard
Johnson, of Fort Monroe; Mrs. Charles
Agustus Brown and Mrs. John B. Klm
berly, of. Old Point.
Tho hop In the bull room of tho Cham?
berlln on Saturday night was largely at?
tended, . both by the hotel guests and
girls and officers from Fort Monroe.
On Monday Mrs. Francis W. Brown
gave a Inuncheon At the Chamberlln.
The decorations wore quantities of Jon?
quils and the favors were Jonquils.
Covers were laid for Mrs.. William E.
Clarke and Mrs Frank L'Estrado, of
New York; Mrs. John Glftord, of the
Boldlers' Home; Mrs. Alexander Mo Mc
Cooko and Mrs. Frank Taylor, of Wash?
ington; Mrs. J. W. McMurry, of Rye,
N. Y.; Miss Abmagor, of Baltimore; Mrs,
Richard Johnson, Mrs. Honry C. Davis
and Mrs. Clermont L. Best, of Fort Mon
roo; Mrs. Charles Agustus Brown, Mrs.
George F. Adams, Mrs. John B. Kim
berly and Mrs. Brown, of Old Point.
One of tho prettiest dinners of tho week
was given by Mrs. Tyler, of Southampton,
I,. ?!., for her daughter, Miss Daisy 'Tyler.
Tho guests were Major and Mrs. Clermont
L. Beet, of Fort Monroe; Miss Taylor, of
Washington; Miss McMurry, ot? Rye, N.
Y.; Miss Lucy, Brown, ot Old Point,'and
Lieutenants Robert MoMUllan, .Edward
Hill. Richard Ellis and Nichols, of Fort.
Services In the post chapel at Fort Mon?
roe are held twlco weekly during Lont
and are attended by many of the guests
fiom the hotels. Tho Sunday morning ser?
vices aro especially well attended. This
morning there was a gamo of base-ball
tn tho parado ground In tho post between,
tho bachelor and married officers of the
Artlllroy School, which was tho source
of much amusement and also enthusi?
Richmond Ladles Representing the Ba-.
zaar Are Assured of Co-operation. ;
(Special to The Timee-IJIsptttch.)
PETERSBURG, VA., March 2S.?The
Petersburg Chaipter, United Daughters of
the Confederacy, Tuesday afternoon had
the pleasure of welcoming to. the hall of
A, P. Hill Camp Mrs. Joseph Bryan,
president of the Confederato Bazaar As?
sociation, and Mrs. E. C. Minor, second
vice-president, both of Richmond. Tho
meeting was unusually well attended.
Tho audlonco was most charmingly on
tortalnod and enthused by tholr presen?
tation of a noble work, that of erecting
a memorial arch to Mr. Jefferson Davis,
tho only President of tho Confederato
States. Much vnluablo Information was
given In tho addressos of those Indios In
regard to the movement. Mrs. William
R. McKenncy, pr?sident of tho Peters?
burg Chapter, presided. Mrs. R. T,
Meado, president of the Grand Division
of the United Daughtors of the Confed?
eracy of Virginia, In hor ueual clear
and courteous style, mado all fully ac?
quainted with the object of tho visit of
these indios to tho Petersburg Chapter,
and hor own untiring work in its behalf,
The ' object of tho visit of Mesdames
Bryan and Minor was to Intorest tho Pe?
tersburg Chapter In the work. Thoy
loft with tho full assurance that Peters?
burg, which nlways responds to any call
from tho Confederacy, would cordlnlly
Tondor all tho aid ehe can In this work,
About People Wall Known in the Coun
ty Seat of Rockbridge.
(Souciai to Too Tlmev-Dlaimtcli.)
LEXINGTON, VA?, March 28,?Professor
C. L. Crow, of the Washington and Lee
Unlvorslty faculty, Is in Norfolk to at?
torni the murrlago. of his alstor, .
Rev, J. H, Light, pastor of Trinity
Methodist Church of this placo, and Row
R. E, Hut ton, of Lexington, are in Fred
orlcksburg, attending the annual moot?
ing of the Baltimore Conference M. E?
Church, South,
Mrs. Paul M. Ponlok Is visiting the fam?
ily of ,Rev, Dr, William R. Laird, In
Mies Annlo Funkh?user, of near Win?
chester, who is a student at Dayton Acad?
emy of Rocklngham county, Is In Lex?
ington visiting the family of Mr. E, R.
Funkhouser. ,
Mr. D. F/lward Witt, son of Circuit
Clerk R. lt. Witt, has gone to Btiltl
moro, whore he has accepted a position
witii an Insurance company.
.Mita Miranda Ruoker, of Buena Vista,
spent tho weok In Lexington as tho guest
of Miss Margaret Witt.
Row Dr. James A. Quartes, of Washr
Ington and Lee University, will preach
Sunday morning at vTr)ntty Methodist
Church, In the absence of the pastor,
Miss Josepha Allan la In Richmond vis?
iting M'ss Hurcoll. Sho ? 111 bo in that
city for several weeks,
Mr. Mason C, Deaver, tho efficient mall
lug clork In the Lexington postofflce,
has been notified by the Postoffice De?
partment that his salary will bo Increased
\ from f300 to a year t.o ?t?OO after July let
Sayettr"My Lady" to ?er Maid:
may alwaya'be depended upon to exemplify^the fcteet
modes decreed by the highest authorities; on worrian's,
attire "
' j^m. She Knows Whereof She Speak?.
For Spring 1903 the new Lonfelo Models'
are unquestionably proper. They have
long skirt which securely encompasses
theh.ps, producing a perfectly smooth
sloping surface?the all-?ssential with
a snug fitting outer skirt.
One Hundred and
Fifty Styles.
1 $1.00 to $5.00.
A Shape for Every
& Figure.
Performance In Richmond for
Beneflt'Of Louisiana Tabl?
at Confederate Bazaar.
(Boccini to Tho Tlmee-Diepnteb.)
The managers of thoV. V. V. Dramatic
dub have made .arrangements to pro?
duce "Charley's Aunt" In Richmond on
April 29th, and In Staunton on May Hat.
The Richmond performance will bo for
the benefit of tho Louisiana table at tho
Confederate Bazaar. The Btaunton per?
formance will bo given for tho benefit
of th? King's Daughters' Hospital.
"Charley's Aunt" la this year's Eos
tor pl.ay, tho proceeds of which will go
to tho hospital, Tho costumes for tho
men 'who are to take the part of girls
havo been made to order and tho play?
ers promise the Easter girls pointers on
tho latest spring styles.
Tickets to the Easter Club germane
will bo sold to tho following men: Mon?
day germani Brawley, "W, M. Bryan,
Barron, W. C. Campbell, J. C. Camp?
bell, Cohen, Conquest, C, N. Davis,
Drake, J. Daniel, Frost, H. C. Grant,
Hay, G, P. Hamner, D. Harmon,
Htraoka, J, Humo, C. Humphrey,?. B.
Johnson, R. Kern, G. Langhorno, Mc?
Veigh, J. Osborno, J. B. Pollard, H.
Russell, M. Russell, Schoen, Smytho,"
Urauhart,.B. Valz, C. R. Williams, Win?
ston, E. Woods,
Wednesday germon: D. Blair, Braw?
ley, Butllngton, Burdett, ' Carlo, Coch
ran, R. B.'Cooke. Cohen, Council, W.
C. Campbell, C. N. Davis, J. Drake, L.
Freeman, Frost, Gaunt, H. C. Grant,
G. P. Hamner, Hay, HIraoka, D. Har?
mon, Heald, J. Hume, C. Jones, R, Kern,
G. Langhorne, Lcake, M. Nolle, G. Nel?
son, J? Osborne, S. Preston, Schoen,
Urqhart, Voso, T, F, Watklns, C. R.
Williams, D. Williams, Winston, E.
Woods.' *
The following men were recently ini?
tiated Into tho P, K, fraternity: Rloti
ard W.? Boiling, of Huntsvlllo, ??a.;'M.
Carter? Hall, of Froderlcksburg, Va.; II.
Norton Mason, of Louisville, Ky.; Lem?
uel M. Bonot, ot Abbeville. S. C; A.
W. Tuckor, of Norfolk. Va.; Andrew A.
Manning, of Bpartanburg. S. C; Edward
V, Vnlz, o? Staunton. Va,; J.'W. Som
ervlllo. of Mitchells, Va,; Charles P,
otearnos, of Brandy, Va,; John E.
Humo, of St. Elmo, Va.; Oliver B. Pat
ton, of Huntsvlllo, Ala.; Marlon P,
Brawley, ot Charleston, S. C; and Hugh
Nelson Page, Jr., of Norfolk, Va,
Candidates for the track toam have
begun practice. Manager White hae ar?
ranged a meet with the University of
North Carolina on the 17th of May, and
one with Johns Hopkins is In eight. Mr.
Kenneth Brown of the Harvard track
team, la coaching the team. ?
Mrs. Peters, who has beon very sick
for? some time, is4 rapidly recovering and
will soon be out again. The Colonel Is
also recuperating from his recent 111- '
ness. .
? Miss -Hazel Bolton, the obnrrnlng
daughter of Major Cn&nntng Bolton,
will sail for Liverpool on the 4th of
April. ? ,
Miss Anne Leo, of Richmond, expects
to bo tho gueet of the Misses Cocko
during Easlor weok.
Mrs. Charlos A. Graves Is visiting her
sister, Mrs. John A. Graham, of Lex?
ington, Va.
Mrs. Barrott, of Germantown, Pa.,
who has been visiting her mot'nor on
Chancellor Street, has returned homo.
Miss Hume, of Chapel Hill. N. C, Is
the guest of Miss Dunnlngton.
Roanoke Baptist Association in Session
and Deacons Ordained.
(Special to The 'nio??-DI?patcli.j
CHATHAM, VA., March 28,-The min-'
Isters and laymen of Roanoke Baptist
Association mot with the Baptist Church
of this place Saturday, the 28th, and will
continue through Sunday. Saturday
night Messrs. G. H. Vaden, J. Hurt
Whltehead, Asa Vlccellio, and Dr. W.
T. Canada wore ordained as deacons.
W. A. Cherry made his first shipment
of lettuce On Thursday to p. Northern
market.- His crop this year Is very fine,
but the continued wet weather has re?
tarded Us heading.
' The.freshet early In the week carried,
away several small plantation bridges,'
but no dumage has beon reported ns to the
largo bridges. Farm wot;k, which is very
much behindhand, was delayed several
A light frost formed Wednesday night
and was seen by early risers Thursday
morning, but was not heavy enough to
kill the fruit, but will Injure It.
A rural free delivery route will be es?
tablished from Callatids about the 1st
of May. a carrier has not yet been
named, as there are several applicants.
Tea InTazew?ll.
(Special to Tho Tlm?s-Dlepntcli.)
TAZBWELL, VA., March 28.?A delight*
fi tea was given Wednosday evening by
ilr. and Mrs, Henry Preston at tholr
beautiful residence In honor ot Mr. A,
Cummins and ' his bride, formerly Mlee
Williams, ot Lynchburg,
Among those present were Mr. and Mrs,
A. Cummins, Mr. and Mrs, ?. ?. ? Alder
son, Mr. and Mrs. William C. Pondleton,
Mr. nnd Mrs. Georgo W. St ,Clair, Mr.
?lid Mrs. W. B, Stras, Professor and Mrs.
G. L. Byronv Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Chap,
man, Mr. John W, Crookett and Mr. Rus?
sell of New York. I ?
H? Will Preach the Baccalau?
reate at William and Mar)
Mr. end, Mr?. John 0. Spence Enter?
talned at Their Home on the Courl
houto Green?Min Beule 8cott \ .
Entertains Very Enjoyably.
(Special to Th? Tlmes-Dlipatch.)
WHiULAMSB?RG, VA, March as.
Dr. R. D. Smart, ?aator of the Bpworth
Methodist Churcs, Norfolk, haa acoepted
the Invitation of William and Mary Col?
lege to preaoh the baccalaureate sermon
at the commencement, Sunday morning,
June ?Hat, at li o'clotk. ,Dr. Smart la on?
of Virginia's foremost pulpit orators.^,
Mr, and Mrs. John IB Spencer last
night ontertainod atj.-,"grand" at their
hospitable home, on Ciurtbjouse Green.
Those present were Mrl and Mrs. J. B.
Spencer, Mr, and Mrs, ,p, B. Chapman,
Dr. H. A. Wise, MlM.Wglnla Peachy
Wise, (Postmaster T. O. feachy, and Mr.
H. 8. Beoher, of WilllVniburg; . Mnjor
and Mrs. Oakley1, Judge Vnd Mrs. Bunn,
of Madison, Wls.; Miss *ion Williams,
of Eden ton, N. C.| Dr. Hy tense Bruca,
of Hudson, N. Y.
Miss Bessie Scott entertained to-night
at her home, at Ewoll, in hVior of Mr.
and Mrs. A- C. Peachy, of Ne^ort News.
Those present were Mr. and MV Peachy,
Mrs.' H. A. Wise, of New Tprk? Mr.
and Mrs., J. B. Spencer, Mls\ Nnnnlo
Tumor, of Lanexa; Mr T. G.vpeachly,
of WJlllamsburg,
Mr, Edmund W. Warburton hai. a? his
guests Miss Letltta Gregory GaWeath,
of Spartanburg, S. C, ; Mr. Dugal valker,
of Ulchmond, and Mr. M. W. Strus, a
noted Now York artist. "\
Dr, Kent Black and son and-the for?
mer's sister, Mrs. Afferson, of Mal?n,
W, Va., children of Dr. Harvey Blacl at
one time superintendent of the Eaa^rn
State Hospital, were hero this weekpn
a visit.' \..
Mrs. Dulaney Ball, formerly Miss 8e)y
W right, a native of this city, and a mem?
ber of a prominent Virginia family, wy
hero this weok. , A
Mr. and MS-s. J. V. B. Vrcelsnd, o\
New York city, wcro among the dietim
gulshed visitors hero thlsKwoek. Mr. and
Mrs. Vreeland's hoii le' now establishing
a station of wirelose' telography for thc|
government at Old Point.
Mrs. W. C. Johnston and son, Corlyale.l
returned yesterday from a visit to rola
tlves In Manchester. I /
Mrs, Perkins Baas and Mr. Jolnf F.
Bass, Chicago; Rov. Ira 8. Dodd, lever
?alo-on-tho-Hudson, N. T.; Dr. Hotinsa
Bruco, Hudson, N. Y.; Major nndMra.
F. W. Oakloy, Madison, WIs.; MhfEl
lon Williams, of Edenton, N. C, lave
boon among tho prominent guests aithe
Colonial Inn this week. '*.
Miss Nannie Davis, principal of the
Model School, has beon very- eick Vlth
grip, but Is able to be out again. '?
Mrs. ?. ?. Wise, of Now. York, Vho
? has been visiting her parents, Dr. irtrt
Mrs. E. G. Booth, nt Carter's Grove.tlll
return homo Monday.
Mrs. Charlotte Hubbard, who has Vm,
^siting relative? In Richmond, has g.
turned home. V
Mr?. Van F. Garre tt and children m\
leave soon for Now Orleans to attei
tho marriage of Mrs. Garrett's sister)
Mr. Edgar Holt, of Rlohmond, speri
several days hero this weok.
- Mrs. Sarah E. Chapman and Mise
Annie Chapman, accompanied by their?
guests, Mrs. Dr. Harper and Miss Mary\
Carpenter, of Madison, WIs., have re- \
turned from a trip to Washington, D. C.
Messrs. J. B. Spencer, II. ?. Phillips, and1 \
T. H, Geddy, a committee from the Pe?
ninsula Bank, were at Torino yesterday
to completo arrangements for establishes
a branch bank there; Thoy mot all th*
prominent business mon, and arrang??
menta wore practically completed for tie
opening of a bank.
C. M. Bergh and Bon, of Toano, ha?
soTd Mr. C. P. Richardson's form, fv
James City, for $5,000. They ' also srjl
two farms belonging to Mr. R. H. Slat,
and a part of the "Chapman" place,
to Western men.
Captain John R, MoMurdo and Mr.
J. Clowes, of Richmond, woro here ye?
'terday. ' '
Dr. W. P. Hoy, formerly an assista^
physician at the Eastern State Hosplta,
and a very popular young gentlemai
spent several days hero this week. I
Tho appointment of Messrs. ?, ?
Clowes, of Richmond, a Willlamsburg bpy,
H. D. Cole, of this city, and Judge Gar)
nott, of Mathews, as, members of th
Eastern Stato Hospital Board, gives geni
eral satisfaction hero. I
.. ?/?<??? ?? ??//> Monday too Numerous to Mention
There Will be Astounding Values on ??aie monaay ?^
Here. Come and Inspect Themtor Yourself._
22c for niercorlwjd figured madras ?hlrb waists worth t
7c for 4GMnoh India Linen worth I8&0.
18c for figured piques for waists and suits worth wo.
15c a yard for dotted i?u11b, 860 quality. *
Sc a yard for striped and olieck ?melme worth 8/4
and lOo.
12 J?2c iv yard for fanoy madras,
73c a yard for new check and stripe taffeta silks
worth 11.00.
42 l*2c for llneHt wash silk all colore, 76 quality,
39c for blaok s tripod silk grenadines, special for
Monday. ?
49c for Pongee Mercerized Polka Dots, worth 76 & ???
29c for black tuffata silks the 6O0 grade,
We Hwe e ?tonchio Assortment^ ***** neckwear at Special Prices.
Ladies' Shirt Waists,
S9o for Black Taffeta ?ilka, the
f>0o grade,
2fla for Madras and Percale Colored
Shirtwaists, EOo quality'. ..
4To for striped and figured Lawn
and Percale Waists, C9o quality,
89o for fancy Pliiue Waists, tucked
newest patterns, worth |1.40.
White and Colored Silk Waists
at special Monday price's. ?
$1.49 for l!?mbroldered Front fine
Lawn Waists, worth 13 and M?1*- '
Dress Qoods, Spring's
Newest Creations,
I80 for Colored Ktamlnes, newest
shades, worth 49c.
3? I-?? for Fine Mohairs, BOo quality
39o for All Color Voiles, f?o qual?
69o for II quality Wool Grenadines,
all new shades.
6 i-3o for Striped Percales, I yard
So for light and dark corded Ma?
dras, 15o quality.
200 More Rolfs of Matting
Just Received from Auction.
80 for choice remnants of Mat*
tlnes-soine line quality In this lot,
10c for China Mattings, l?o quality,
33 l-?o for heavy blue and green
Mattings, ?o quality.
16 3-30 for Japanese MattlnRS, 85o
and 8O0 quality. - .
^23o for extra heayy Carpet Pat?
terns in Japanese Mattings, 40o quali"
Ity, -
Better gradea Just ?* cheap.
1 . . ? ' .'. '

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