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SOj SM&g flft-'l WHOL'E NtfMBER, l<JS,20a.
Sales Were Ligiit Durlng
the Past Week.
Only Ono Afternoon of Sales
ln Danvllle.
plarit Beds Have Been Made and All l?
Now Ready for the Year'a Work to
Go Actively Forward?Encourag
% a Reports In Regard to tha
(? "bondltlo'n of Farmers of ? ,,
I Southslde Vlrglnla.
(Sp*elal to' Tha Tlmes._ijpetcb.) '
??A>-VH__B. VA., April t.-Owin* to
rood weather the sales on the lqpal to
?acco markot ha<re been rather llght
tfats week. and the character of tobaeco
iffered haa been nbndescrlpt Only one day
ruesday, dld the sales last untll thVaf
ternoon, and thla; waa caused by the
recolpt' of a oonsiderablo quantity of
hogshead tobaeco reeelved by ' frelght
Only one or two goodlota of tobaeco have.
ghown up here.thls woek whlch were
taken" qulekly , at . a4v.anc.ed'.. prlcea.-.ine
weather openlng up haa gl-ven'the far-..
mers a cbahcoto'do thelr farm work.
and thla' accoimts" for' the1 small" recelpts
-of'farmers',tobaeco, but It (s thougbthy
many that tho majority ? of thewoed ln
thls sectlon has, beon. maxketed. ? ,. ...
Alttiough the sales have been llght and
the offerlngs' lndlffcrent there has:.been
a elight-advance. ln. prlcea -on. ??almost, all
arades, and when.anythlng of a desrabjo
auallty was offered ,il waa <lulcWyr taA*n
at kood prlces. ' '
Mr. L?w ls' Gregoryi represontatlvo of
the Amerlean -Tobaeco^ Company.-at
VFlorence. S.- q.,- was. on the.broaksr.thls
Sweek looklng at the character of . to
|Wcco sold horo. at thls. saason.. .
% It is p're-icwd that sales; will be sllll
llghtor - dolnr tbo,,(^mlng;week. ^as^the
farmers are all buslly engaged wlth thelr
work and tho demand for shlpped goods
ts not sufftciently str6n_ to. causo^heayy
.hlpman-i bt the" weed. ln bb*8be_ds, ,. ,^.
..-. ???'.',.' ' i. .'?? '?
Very Dull in Farrrtvllla. .
wfek^waa-very dul, ln thoTarmv l?
markot Rocelpts aro?becoroln* Jw??r
' each wfek as. theieesson advsncaj. The
offerinfi thls wefk wero mostly .of flno
wbacco, n#arly.all of tbe eommon and
iriedlura tbbnecoa, ha?vtnr boen sold.
Prlcea ebn'ftnue'.to hold up -welL there
boin*' no.dacllhovalnee }&J&Wr*$Rm
hTv'ry Uttle tobaeevi ln the handB of tbe
tarmers to- bo 'sold now. Cfcnsequenily
m?T?aer takmg:thelr tlmo to brlng.lt_?
"_rk" Tho factorlea areworklnr up
what atoek-they have.on hand 'Mt-.*nd
Jrtil be ablo to rlvo thelr employes holl
?av wlthln a short whlle. <
'%?Tmako of Engllsh strlps thls year
rlll bo very small. Nearly all the tobaeco
?old on this market the past ?mson was
luitable for home purposes. Several to
aacconlata Ip ?FarmviUe haye ln England
v now tho greatest quantity of strlpn shlppj-d
thero lsat seaeon, but on account of.the
low '?prlcea pre-valllng over thero,,fthey
jannot sell except" at a loss, whlch they
Jo not care todo.. ? ? . ,'?? '?''
'??Farmers' aro-takfng advantasre. or-we
er'etty weather and aro mnklng good
headway wltli? 'all farm work. All. of
them ha,ve a. full ? supply of tobaeco
plants. and when. the tlmo comes for
plantlns. nothlng will bjrln the r way to
kother them. -The scarclty.of plants last
aea^on Is'sald to have caused a shprtago
Ih the crop to.some extent, but thls will
not.happon thls soason.
Sales Plcked Up.
gftTTTH BOSTON. VA.. . Aprll. 4.~The
aales of tobaeco were very llght tho flrst
of tho week. bwlng to rain and swollen
?treams. It was almost ImposBible to
reach any ninrket. Slnce Wednesday tbe
trtata have been qulte full wlth ?muoh
lt a deslrable quallty, inuch of lt rang
ing.from twenty to forty dollnra ahere
Us-conslderable acUvlty,. and .Wdding
was Uvely. Prlcoa wero a llttlo htgher
tban for several. weeks past
* Some tlme ago i lt waa generally bo
lleved that there was , not more than
fftoon per cent. of the crop ln farmers'
hands. but now lt ls Bald that thero ls
muoh more ln the country than ls eup
posed. The crop, of 1802 has been a sur
rrise to all aa regards quantity and qual-,
|ty? Many are of the pplnlon that .thore
will bo falrly good sales until lato in
? May. "n thoVven months of the flsonl
vear flfty P*r cent moro has boen sold
on? thls market tban ever before. The
'.nanclal TondlUon of farmers was never
" Tobatco8 nUnts are plentiful and mnch.
wore forward than uauali ln fact the
pUtnts will be ready for transplanting bo.
.'Io>o tbe lands ara properly preparod. .
WI'nrton*Sa,em'* RelC('rd, ?
? (BiwIaVto ne Timpa-riapatch.)
t WINSTON-SALEM, N. C AprllI ? i
' rbr'Januany. February, and Maroh of thls
?oar the total quantltV'of manufactured
tobaeco produced In'thla clty was 0.020,,
?H8 pounds, and for tho coresponding
tbroe months of 1002 lt waa 6,382,37}
< pqunds/ an Inorease for tho period of
jooa of l,C3r,<07 pounds^ ,,'_'_.
Presldent A. M. Coleman, of the To
bapco Pifard of. Trade, makes the fol?
lowlng ruport of leaf aales on thls mar?
ket* ?
Sales for Maroh, 1803, 3.517.712 pounds.
It brought ?2o0.435.3l, an avorage of
18.81 per hwdred.
The sales for the ^ame month las'
year w?re 1,360.478 pounds. The Increase
lh favor of lost , month waa 1,101,189
, pounds,
Sales slnbo Octob.er 1.....,,..,., 17.W4,717
Samos tbno last year.'. B.W807
Increase for thls year .7.S0l),410
The average price on' all leaf sold for
tfea soaso^ was'* tr_otlou over ten e?nta
Strong Men on FJnal Revlslon
Messrs. Walker, Mann and Anderson
from Se.nate.-and Davltw, Boaz and
Keerell All Hlgri^ Fjtttd for :>
Intrlcate Taak.
Tbe aanouneement by Bpaakar Kyaa on
yesterday on the Hpusa end of tb? Jolnt
commlttee to revlse tha work of tha Oen
erol Assembly, and to report the aama
to an adjournod.' eesalon } ot that body
whlch will meet on Novembar 10th; next,
completea tha organlaatlon ot th? com?
mlttee, and it ls'cprnposed of the.follew-..
Ing abts and well known members of
the two bodiesi
- On the part-of the Senate, Meatrk-O.
Hardlng Walker, of Northumoerland;
\vllllam Hodges Mann, of Notteway, and
George Wayna Anderson," of Rlchmond
clty. On the partof the House, Messrs.
Rlchard B. Davls. of Petersburg! Willlam
H. Boaz, of Albemarla, and Jamea R.
Caton, bf Aleandrla. ? '?v '
The two presidlng offlcera have chosen
wiso:y,y?coordyigly to popular oplnlon, and
iW members named, are all lawyers; of
flne abtllty. and are ln tn-ery wayfltted
for the-Intrlcate work- asslgnedithem.
Colonel' George a Cabell. Jr., of Danr'
vlilo. made the flght successfully for.itbe
appotntihent of a commlsslon, a. dozen or
more efforts on-thls 'llne - havlng been
made "nnd ? falled on ? former occaslona.
Colonel: Cabell-'stated -bvtbo outset that
he would not under.'any clrcurastances
acoept a place on the'commlsslon should
he be named. and but for.thls emphatlc
declaration.-the Sneaker would undoubt
edly have -appolnted . hlm.. He followed
hls resolutfo'n up yesterday. wlth ? a wn
appronrlatlng 15.000 for. the expenf.aof
the commlsslon. and this will pass tbe
two houses wlthout'abeattoti.
The resolution under wjilph the ?ommle
tlon will.-.aot;-:P.TOlta^-tri?y"--*aja:inb?rs to'
?lt in" Wchmend clty or ^Isewh'eftfWiH*
State, the >latt?r prdyJalonn. havlng. been'
pdt ln to ?now them to'-pareel out. thi
various' aubjects" ahd to do .m'uoh, of tha
prelfmlnary work at thelr homes. '?-?')
.'senator?? Walker, wheee'name ls.'flrat, :pn
the Senate. !!?t, l? a nian emlnently fltted
for work lh votlng ,nlee: detalls. Be ls* a
snlendld lawyer." and: waa: an,".able 'and
vnluable member pf the Conatltutional
Conventlon, It l?< not unllkely that, S?nr
stor Walker . will ,be mad*> phafrmap ,of
the Jolnt commlttee,, and the body.will be
sllowed a clerk and stenosrsTiher^of their
own appolntrrent. ?J^daj*^W{riiarri"Hodgr9"
Mapn ls well known".'.throughout", the
H'"to as, lawyer and . legislator, and hla
ablllty for, the pecullar, work . aastgned
hlm ls -recognlzed everywh'-re.' The ap
polntment of Sepator Georg'p Wsyne An?
derson .!? consldered .an "admirable one.
He hns served ably in both branche*of
the T-egMature. and Is one of the most
c?reful,'lntelllgent and palnstaklng of all
the members of the upper branch of the
present body.
'Hon. Rlchard B. Davls. of Petersburg,
heads the llst on the House.slde.. He'ia
regarded as perhaps. the.:.)Vblest.'.I?wyer
fn the bodjv Hls leglilatlve esperience
Is wide. be havlng seryed-hls. people with
dlstlnction ln the General Assembly back
in the 'TCCs. Mr., Davls. ls expected ,to
tike.an actlve part in tbe work of re
vflslon and adjtisttnent,/and wlll .be one
of the decided1 lead^rs on the commlttee.
The Speaker could have made no
ftrongor appolntment than that of Hon.
W. H. Hoar., of Albemarlb. He has be
corhe a Jandmnrk In the Leglslature. and
was an able loador In tho ConstltutionsI
Conventlon. havlng served' wlth dlstlnc?
tion on the Flnal Revlslon Commlttee of
thnt body.
Colonel James ? Rv C/fctop's .appolntment
Is regnrded as a splendld: Qbe... He,,|s
servlng lil's flrst torm, tn the "House,* but
hns taken blgh rank ?' as' -a'i leglslator.
Colonel Catoh's work ln commlttee hns
been marked by Intelligence at- every
step. and he has had a great many Intrl?
cate,. mibjects referred to hlm as a sub
No ;pla.ns; for the .work of-the commlttee
have yet been consldered, but the body
wlll organiie shortly, ahd as soon as the
Leglslature tokes a reoess, on May 15th,
lt wlll get down to buslness.
AJ1 members of the Board of Managers
of the VIrglnla Home for Incurable. are
requested to attend an Important called
meetlng Wednesday at U A. M.
Fislierman Was Drowned by
Capsizlng of'a Boatln
" the Delawaro.
(Speclal to ^b. Tltnca-DIipatcb.) \
hlgb wlnd of yesterday afternoon was
responslble (or the swamptng of an IS
toot flshlng boat ln. the ?>?!?,ware Rlver
off Red Bank, whloh resulted ln the
droivnlng of Willlam Smlth. sgsd twenty
two $0&T9, ot No, J037 SpUth Flftk
Btreet, Camden. John O.' MeClintlck,
hls ,?tep-father, llving at ..the aame ad?
dress. was rescued from the qottom of
tha BUbniargert, craft by a . tugIjpaJ - ar?w
la. ? sewl-cooibiouB coadJUoa. ,
IVTrf^BYTCRlAN CHIJBCH ON wnnu nXHiY t-lf.g?
It is Belng Remarked at Cost of Flfty DoliarsTPer Mile-Pretty Markers
With Coats of Arms of Maryland fnd Pennsylvania
on Opposite Faces??Chu/reh ?ut in Two. ? '
(Bpeettl to -..The Tlnsts-Diapatch.)
' CtTMBERLAND, MD., Aprll 4.?There
are many popular errors regardlng; tho
Mason'and Dlxon llne, a boundary laid
obt ln oolonfa) days whloh lator figured
promlnently ln tbe aftairs of the RepUblic.
The work of remarking or restorlng, os it
were, thls llne ls raptdlv noarlng cpm
pietlon undor the dlrectlon of a Joint com?
mlsslon., ofjMaryland and Pennsylvania.
prpud because Baltlmore and Pennsyl
.vanla were 'Instrumental In havlng lt lo?
cated. ? Each. State approprlated S5,0.;0
for the' rostoratlon of tbe llne. 1 .
' Yet, the Mason and Dlxon llne Is known
as, the boundary between North ahd South
and frbm'-lt comes-"Dlxlc," a cognomon
for the', South, whlch has been immor
talieediin-song ari'd/story. ?
? The work of remarking or reconstruct
ing the lihe was started as the result of
an lnvestigation.by the Pennsylvania. Dc
partment of Interna.1 Aftairs. There ..was
bo trouble about thejlpoatlon of the boun?
dary and , lt was slmply to ? maintaih. ln?
terest in the hlstor-lcal Une that Mary
land lent eo-operat(6n' In the work of rer
marklng, whlch._begap..:acit(vely ih April,
1901, and has been pursued at Irregular
lntervals -ever since. The placlng of the
markers ls in charge of Edward'R Mar?
tln, whlle Captain- W.'C Bodgskins, of
the Unlted States Coaat and Goedetie Sur
vey. ls iri actlvo charge of the .fleld. work.
Ger-?ral James * Wi ; Lat ta,- secretary of
Internal. affalrs, is-.commlssloner ,on ; the
part of ? Perip'sylvarila.. and .Dr.. Wllllarn
B. Clark, ofj Johns' BopklriB". Uplverslty,
chlef of the Marylahd Geotoglcal Survey,
on the part of Maryland.
~&:OtiO ot the. ewoneous .Impres'srpna- re
-sr?^*i?a. the Mason and Dt^on, llne.ls ,tbat
lt was Aarked altogether ', with. stone.
Markers oi.gtbne were'u?ed wherever pos?
sible-by:Mas't??.and Dlxon, buuat.polnts
almost lnaccessn?ie they "were obllged .tb
resort tb mounds bt, earth or rock ?? and
both can be seen yei- intact after one
hundred-and forty yeara:. on hlgh.moun
tain points to which in tho&, days.ofin
ferior transportatlon tho ston^ could not
be carried. ?? ?" _ ?_?' "?*??-,' ?/i
; . ; IMAGINART LINB. >??$_
Another Idea genorally entertalned -.IfT
that; the"llne ls thlrty feet wide;. Re
centlysa-farmer asked; one of the engf
neers If he could not have a-.-aeptlon.-.of
the llne fer prlvate use. that lt .*as used
by helther State and he could -r.ealize
from It.by. putting out crops. The l'ne
ls. slmply Imaglnary and the fallaclous
impresslon that, If Is thirty feet ..comes
frem the. faet that In maklng the survey
Mason and Dlxon cut a; gap thlrty feet
wide through' the .almost Impenetrable
wilderness. traces of whlch remain to
thls day. The survey of thls Une was no
trlvlal englneerlng fea't, as some are wont
to belleve. It Is a well authenicated
faet that the work oost ln the nelghbor
hood of S300.000 and that at one tlme Ma?
son and Dlxon had ln thelr employ as
many as one hundred axemetu, The' work
started ln 1763 at the Instance of Wll-(
llam Penn and Lord Baltlmore and the
surveyors were three years ln surveylng
from the north-east corner to the foot bf
Sava'ge Mountaln.* In 1707 tbe Work was
finlshed from the latter polnt to VIrglnla.
now'West VIrglnla,' Englneera now at
work-oTrthe ltnemarvel at the thorpugh
ness of the work of Mason and -Dlxon.
who. desplte the lacks of means of trans?
portatlon and belng harnssed by the In
"aians,' ftccompllebed a task whlch thls
Guests. Who Were All Dent
Ists. Attehded His Funeral
andThen the Dlnner.
(Speclal to Tbe Tlmea-Dlapatoh.)
BVRACUSB, N. Y.. Aprll 4,-When Dr.
Stewart B. Falmor dled last Monday, at
the age of elghty," Jt .waa found that he
had made put a 11st bf frlends whom he
deslred to attend his funeral,'and after
ward ty'liold a bapquet tn hls moinory.
Hls wlsh was earripd'out, aiid the ban?
quet was held thls afternoon st the Yatea
House, after the funeral servlce..
The guests. were all dentists, and ln
cjuded ,the' members. of the State Board
of Dental Exarolners.
? Dr, Palmer became a dentlst by apcN
dent. In VMT, when he. was a school
teacher, he needed some teath fixed,\6ut
knew no dentlst except an amateur. Tho
young man took out,' nlne of. Palmer's
teeth. Then Palm.' Pal^ &? 'or a treatise
on dentlstry,'After soren menths o( study
and experlmentlng he predueed a> Rno
stlver plato, eontalnlng nlne teerTi, for
his own use. Hls frlends asked hlm to do
slmllar work for them, and he gave .up
school teaealng for deptlstry. He out
llved all h|. ''reguiar" contemporarles ln
thls seotlen. i
An Important) meetlng of the Junler
Oakweod Memortal Aasoclatlon wlll be
held ln. the brlck gbtipel of St,'John'a
Church Monduy, Aprll 6th, at S p, M.
The presldent urges every member tp be
present, as all arrangeiiwuto to* Wewo
a-lal D4y. wlll be umOa,
day tho surveyors at somfo potntsl flnd lt
dlfflcult to imitute. Thf> countri' :1s yet
rough, englneers pasBinig throujkh lt ln
maklng rallroad BUrveyii, Blatln* tliat It
Is tho moat diffloult of (access fthey over
oncountered. j '.j
Charles Mason and / Joromlph Dlxon
were astronomers of / celebrlyy in Eng
land. In 1849 n roVlslon .wAs made of
the llno by. oommlss/Jonera nfppolntpd by
the States of Pennsy/ivanla, Muryland and
Deloware) So aocu/ratewaa tho work ol
Mason and Dlxon /that .thfc chango In?
volved by tho corrtfitlon am/ounted to leas
than two acres, wljloh werA added to tho
area of MarylnndY ?/ '?'
Tho orlginal stfjne matfkors, many of
whlch are yot,l*taot we/re transported
from England. fi'hey ar4 of a llght grey
ish-brown color#'belng a| pecullar adml
ture of sand- a#!_ Umesiono and are diB?
tlngulshable.b#>a pecufllar odor, not. un
llke BUlphur. M, "When /a stone ls brokon
this odor, Is Jfulte . fvesh. The atono3
whlch were ? ?lanted. ekst of Sidellng Hlll
were landedl' at NeW Oastlo. Delewaro,
and transpo?ted acros/s tho country.'Those
for points'TWost.of ^Idellng Hlll,?'were
hrought trJf tho- Potoriiao' rlver' on flat
boata. ThoJSstones vi-elgb ln the nelghbor
hoo'd of'60J?pounefs7and.are 4 1-2 feet long
by one fojbf squarei It was no easy iriati
ter tQHrtfn'sport them through the wllder
ness.ufe has been necossary-to substl
tute aboMt seventy-flve new stones to re
pla'ce'tjfcSse carrled away-or broken. ?p.
The nefST stones are all of whlte marblo;
4 1-2 f*ft lohgarid-ten ?inches.s'nuare.! Ev?
ery flarthBtone is a ordwn stone, with tho
coat (f)farms of Benn on one sldo and the
escuf/dheon of Lord Baltlmore'on'the oth
. Tb* other .p.tones are .marked- wlth
.- ._. on one plde and an M on the other
ThJ[ stones ;on the entlre line numbor/200
l;up to Sidellng, H11M33 ?stones- h&v$
n placed at Intervals of a mlle. ? West
, Sidellng' Hlll they are bolpg- -place -*t
regula.r< Intervals of-from one-balf.' a
.lile to one and one-half miles. This.is
ecossaryjln the roountalns as.the'Stenes
?re set ln a straight llne so tbat one can
be seen from another. Thls ls done^to
help the local surveyor. They are thus
givea the basls for, work and are -on-.
,, abled.te run a straight llne. About.etv
M**&jjfive,stones will be replaced wost o*
8l?}el?fci_..Hllli l Mr. Martln has ,had many
lriteriM__nK experlances ln retraoing, and
recovMrfng Ftones. He has observed that
at Iet__st ?i?ht persons responslble for tho
removKj or demolltlon, of the stones havo
met ,?oTnth ln a tragic .way?by ruieide,
hanglngp'pi^urder and accldent The four
teen old'.'slo^vie pianted west of Stdel'ng
Hlll were recoye^-ed near Clearsprlng, Md?
and hauled to tho,points where thoy have
been set 'Some werihlVin use ln.bulldlngs
as, door steps,' other weX,. converted Into
porch steps and bthers wefew. used as sllls
ln carrlage yards. One'.was t_3?en up'ln
the streets of Clearsprlns, whero-. .Jt was
used as'a curb. Two were'taken bVut of
the Park Head Church, along tbe^JJa
tiohalPike, nine miles east of ,Hancock>_
There are stlll slx of ? the origlnal stones
ln use near Clearsprlnf aa'doorsllla. The |
people ln whose possesslon they.now are
refuse- to glve them un. Thls fact has
been reported to- the Maryland Commls?
slon. but .so far no legal proceedlnga havo
been InaUtuted to recover them.
At the town of EMlerslla, srx miles abovi
here. a boautlful crowp stone ha's.JUSt
been plaoed. It ls very obnsplcuous and
ls a' facslmlle of the stone now in pos
sesslons of tlie Ponsylvania Hlstorlcal So
?.clety of Fhtladelphia. , The latter stono
was found ln a cellar at tho. cornor/of
Calvertand Lombard??Streets, Bpltlmore.
It came from a' polnt 165 miles from tho
north-east corner, near Fairvlow..' on
North Mountaln. Tho.stone . liad.laln
thero slnce 1S7G and had bebn forgotten.
It was shlpped to Arthur.p, Bacr,& Co.k
leather doalers, who dosired to prosonflt
to Druld Hlll Park. but those in chnrge
of the park refusod to receivo It. ?? ' It
was' then rolegated to the cellar, and was
forgotteh. Mr. Martln found.a man near
Cloarspring, who had hauled, tlie stone
to the rallway station -for Mr. Baer, who
had bark intcresta ln tha mountaln. Thls
led Mr. Martln to look up the BaerB-to
flne that tho flrm had'gono out of busl?
ness. He nt length located whero the
flrm had once been ,ln buslness and called
there, eyplalnlns his misslon, only: to bo
told thnt thore waa no.stone In the cel?
lar, He perslated, however, wlth h|n
beltef that It was on. tha premlpes, and
was at last pormitted to mako searrh. H(s
Mrs. Clara J. Brown Brlngs
Sult for Five Thou>
sand DoHars,
? ? ?i
Mrs. Clara J. Brown yestorday Ipstituted
sult In the Clrcult Court. for $5,000, nam
ln_ the BIJou Tbeatro and tbe clty of
Riohmond as oo-dofendanta.' Somo tlme
ago tho lady was lnjured by belng etrock
by one of the "three she^t" blll-boarda
that ornament eertatn tboroughfares. , A
hlgh wlnd loosened the slgn from Its
mobrlnss. and It wasypreclplUted agalnst
her wlth.much forc?, .
Samuel H. Cottrell and Bon entered
sult In the Clrcult Court yestorday asalmH
the Smokelees Fuel Company for 15,000
damaipes. ',_,'" '.
The Aprll term of tho Chancory Court
will convene to-m^rrpw myrn^ifc,,, .
?irlnmw presWing*
joy was unbbunded whon he-dlscover?d
the rello undor a tot of rubblah. ~ He
had been In pursult of lt. for several
years,'; Mr. Martln secured the flrst defl
nlte information as to where ,tho stohe
mlght be found from a man once opulent;
who had an humble posltlon In a factory,
Ho, too,. for .years had ncver ,'thought
about the etbne and hla meraory became I
refreahed when Mr. Martln entored the
place where he worked and broachod the
matter to hlm.
RBPAIR8 8TONES. -;<'? <
The prettlest earth mound on tho llne ls
to be found on top of the Llttle Alleghany,
mountaln, on. the. Kennol ostnta, ; near
Wsllersburg, Pa., and the prettlest.stprie
ls on WIHs Mountaln'near'Ellerslle, Md.
Mr.. Martln has; many interestlng experl
ences, and flnds much -local Iegend >arid
fable formed on tho oonstructlon'.-, of the
famous boundary. , If it ls possible to,
repalr a broken stone, Mr. Martln-has lt
bauled to a nearby blacksmlth stop, where
it ls put tbgether wlth Iron bands. Chips
-from the.stone. are eagerly eought as
rellcs,.; . The:, new .stones are made : at
the quarry of. the Beaver Dam Marblo
Company, near Cockeysvllle, Md.
'The work .bf remarking whteh is far
advahced' cannot* be cbmpleted "untll next
aummer, ,the snow ,and ice. havlng been
aihlndrance.-thls wlnter. ;The;stones are
dragged to rugged hlghts with farmera'
teams. ?'Several' were gptten to the.sum
mlt of WIHs Mountaln.on the tramroad.rOf
a brlok plon.t- !\ : ?'?'?..
?" There'isa story of. lnterest ln conr
nectlbp^w'Ith'the flrst strone" set up'ln'the
north-east. corner; near, North .'East, Md'.,
i'n'd'Newark.vDel. !ylt had becomc. accl
denlally 'broken*. before the Revolutloh.
and' the- pleces.were. fastened tpgether
wlth leaderi band.'-after the", war ,breke
but;.' these bands,'were- removed by? f,he
p'atrlots ahd' mblded . lnto bullets, -' -wh'ob
were" flred ~a,t tbe BrltisK at the .battle
of' Brahdywlne. ' The upper part of, the
stope.'feliahd was lPst, dnd> through tlme
the fbwer "part. .became oovered wlth
earth.' 'The stone waa'located ln a dark
ravlne arid .Unlted-State Tbpographical ?n
gineers "fotind '. tbe';spot;'... "Workm'en tn
slnki'ng'the hole 'fo..plfcei.the' new stone
found the long: burled, portlona of the ojd
Btbne.'. ' ? ?_;;:'..'>,. ?"'-_'?'__ ','
"?"." '? ?.'in;.two;8Tate& ? ?
;,.The, Presbyterlatij Churoh at Ellerslle,,
slx'ipllea above - CumbVrlaiid^ ls'cut ln two
byi'tfoe' Une,'' ao* to 's^eafe?one half belng
ln JJJaryland '.and ' one.' hal'f ln , Pennsyl?
vania. The.ehurch ls leased, by the ;re
formod' dongregatlon, 'one half of whlch
sits.InMaryland .and;pne half ln Penn?
sylvania, Whlle, dellverlpg hls sermon
the venerable ' pastor, Rev. Dr. ' A. R.
Kreamer,-frequently steps from one State
to the. other-ln-the puiplt The beautlful
marble corner-stono stands ln,tho yard
ln front of the church; and just,inside the
fenee'whlch.Jines the publlc roadway.
? The mourid was erected lphg over a
century ago,: because if was' lmpo?slble
. to drag. a stone, markor up) the almost
'fj'wrperidleulaf ? mountaln slde. It .would
be^a..?,Jmost as dlfflcult to-day were lt not
for the'Vtramroad that brlngs down lnto
Bllerslle'C.c'ji- for. a/fire-brlok plant Tho
plaln Btone n\arker that now surmounts
the mPund was\ Jmulod up ln a tram-car
last: summer and p\)anted by the englneers
ln oharge of'the.'retaajarking. The letters
"P" and "M," and theVflgurea "1706" and
"19(0" are'on'oppeslte sllifles,
The cpit of! rernnrklna|t the llne has
avefaged $50 a' ihlle. S.
???::??;????... ->r
Descrlptlon of the Game That
is to Be Played Here
.. Slibrtly.
.The appearance i here withln the next
few weeka pf M. Bollinl, tha famous
cheeBs-roller of Boaton, who has ncoepted
the c'hallon'go of' Paul' Valdrlgbi, the Rlch
mcnd'cheeee-rnller, for the champlonship
oftha world, has oreated much lnterest
'Tho game ls comparatlvely now in thls
cpuntry, i but it ls . one of the natlonal
pastimes of Italy,'and one that^lngs
and Quee'ns < and nebles, as well as all
other clasKoe, Indulge ln.
The Itallan' Country Club here has
Intrdduced lt among lts games, and some
good cheese-rpllora have developed.
It ls slmple, but exolting. Spe,*ully pj;e
p'areddlsks of bard Itallan cheeses are
in troduwd, welghlng,' accordlng to the
agreoment entered lnto by tha contaat-'
ants, frptn ,'S6 to 100 pounds, ? or even
more. These dlsUs.reaemble umall grlnrl
stones, and have convenlent ntohes out
tntham toflt tho hand. An alley, slnji
lnr to a bowllng ttlloy, ls used for the
test. The player wnds at one end of
the alley, whlch ln some Instances is
two or three equares long, and rolls
the eheese down,. the objeot belng tn ro!J
U'fartheat wlthout upsettlng.
A' great deaj of sklll is neceasary to
bo a geod ojieeso-rollar. It's llke play
Ing bewls, #nd a' r.heese rolled by an ln
expertenced pr elumsy man may roll otlly
a.few yards before. dropplng ftat to the
ground. *
A lar^e crowd wlllsee the contest here
lietween the3e two b.'g mep, and alroady
there ls talk of puttlng up another Rlcb
mond moj? agalnst tha wlnner of tbo
k?obtest, l
- \
To Be Glven Plrs^atlsfactory
Trlal ln Baltlmore.
There Has Been New Reglstratlon
\ Slrice Last One and Each Voter
. Has Namo of Party Beslde
His Name. ...
(Sprclal to The Tlmes-Dlipateh.)
BALTIMORE, Aprll 4.-A novol e_perl
ment will be trled ln thls clty on. Tues
day. It wlU bo the flrst tost of the prl?
mary electlon law under favorable con
dltlons. The law'wds paused at the ses
Bipn, of tho Xogialttture last year,' and
was used for tho flrst tlmo by both par
tles in natning thelr candldatos for Con?
gress last" fall. Tho new .'syate^n,- how?
ever, dld not recolvo a fair trlal. as,'tho
reglstratlon lls'ta dld not conve/. tha IH
formatlon'whothor tha voter was a Ro?
publlcan or a bemocrat. Tho.1 cohgrea
slonal prlmary was, thorefore, a. sort'of
SO-as-you.-pleaso'affalr.'; ' 1 . ?' . .
'??: Slnce thon, however, there haa been- n
completo reglstratlon of voters: Ab oiych
voter opplled for enrollmentho won oskcd
the quentions: "Are you ^a'RebublleanY"
"Are you a.' DomocrntT" "If. he sald ho
was a Republlcan tho word "RepubUoap"
was enter'eid oppostte his name. Tho samo
system.was.followed ln tlio case of'Dem
ocrata who atated thelr party. In. the
caso of votors.-.who refused to dlyulge
thelr party a'tatus, ,the word; "deollnod '
waa entered oppostte', thelr/namos, .Y.: .
?'' Of 'the 101,i_l' voters who roglstored 44,
663 sald they wero Democrats,. 39,077 sald
they fwere ,Repub)lcans , and ? 15.593 . de
cllned , to statei thelr, pplitloa. .Monday
will be'.reglstratlbnkday.on -whlch. votors
wlU have an opporttmlty to ohango -..tholr
polltlcs from ono party. toanother, whlle
thdsa- who have'decllned to roveal thelr
polltlcal -leanlng cah have themselves
reglBteredas Democrats or Republlcans.
Tha '36,000 voters who', accordlng to the
pollce'- census, .refralned last fall from
feglsterlng Vtll aiso.Vpe- glven a ohance
Vd-haVo' thelr names snrolled. '; It:l*
,'pro'bable,' thereforo.'that when-. tho ,11st
blo'Ses at 9 o'clock' Monday 'nlght ;lt will
coptalhihe namesi ,of .'about .55,000 Dom
ocrnts and about 50,000 Republlcans.
tha votlng.on Tueaday wlllbe conflned
esolusivbly' to those- who have regjstered
as< Democrats '.or:;'Republlcans.. None oth
er's need apply. i The' Prohlbltjonlata. So
claUsts and other 8lda-partlea whloh dld
not. p'oll 10 -per'.cent,. of' the , total vote
east at the last electlon will have to get
the nomesof thelr'candtdatoa on the of
tycial ballo't,' tb be voted May Bth, by re
sortto'petltlon. ' ;?
The nomlnatlons 'to "bo made ? aro ? for
Mayor, Presldent of, the second braneh
of. the; Clty Councll, ?'. Comptroller, . four
membfr0 ',"* the pecoro" hranch of Clty
Councll and 24 meTb'-rs of tbe flrst tranch,
or one ln each word. In eaoh party In?
terest in the prlmary has been aroused
to a hlgh pitcb .by the ?' multlpllclty of
candlda-tes: for tho several offlces by the
terrltic onslaught upon,the.'.organlzations
of the twb partleis by butslders, and by
the oxtravagant expendlture. of money.
Hence the prospect of a'large vote at the
prlraarles,-whlch will afford a most ex?
cellent opportunity to stiidy the opera?
tlon of the law and to detormlno whethor
H shall be a flxturo here, and whethor
lt will be apptlcabla to such largor citJos
as Now York, Boston, FhlJ.adelphla, Pltts
burg, Clncl'nnattl. Chicago and Atlanta, s
The prlmary for both partles will bo
hold simultnneously in" the same room,
wlth the same set of, electlon', offlclals,
those offlelalB belng selected by tho B.oord
of Electlon. Supervlsors.
Tliey aro flubject to the olosest acrutl
ny. and thoso with unsavory polltlcal
or'crlmlnal records are barred from ap
no|ntment. "These Judges sorvo fromyenr
to year and,also net ns reglsters of votors.
Two are Democrats and two are Repub
i llcans. The prlmary. wlth a fow devla
Vtlons, ls eonducted in tho aamo mannor
nb\ a general electlon under tho Austral
ianS ballot system. Vlolatlons of the law
are iXunlshablo in the same monner- as,
thoso- ohe.the general eloctlon law?that1
lo. by.terrtos in tho penitentlary.N
-The ohlof -vdirtorence hetween tho. prl?
mary nnd tho ?0jgeneral electlon ls ln..?t,^'
ballot box. In f.tihe former twpjoxes
nrb used, ono for thf??,RapublUn and one
fo.? the Democratio ba?l?s. On Tuesday
the Republlcan boxes wlll be docorated
wlth a plhk poster. Intp thls box must
go all Republlcan ballPts, iwhlch wlll be
prl'nted'on plnk paper, For pemonratlp
ballots whlte paper wlll be used. Theso
ballots wlll be aeposuted by tbe Judgea
ln the box, over whlch a ploce of whlte
paper wlll bo posted. Tlio Democratio
ballots wlll be counted flrst,
St. Nicholas Pelle 111 Requites
Efattle for Tler Sake.
<Sp?cla| to Tho Tl?nea.Dl9i>?tcU.l ,
8HBNANDOAH, PA-, Aprll i-Two
young men of St. Nlpholua. a suburb,
lutd 9 terrible flstlo encountor to pee who
Bhould be flrst iu the regard of'the bella
of the vlliago
Frlends of the young mon got togethor,
seoonds were ohosenfand all repairedto
a vaoant lot. whera fourteen hard rounas
were fought. Rflln stopped the battlo,
but not before both were well-nlgb ex
baueted and had to bo asslstod home.
Tho young wonian now refuses to speak
to op even notlce. eltbej; of tfte. young
weu. -
Conferees StandFlve to'
One ln lts Favor.
..... i ? ? ? .',
Advocates of the v Measurijf i
Are Very Happy.
coa1m1ttee becins >
> Work to-morrow'
Brlef Seislon of. the two BranchM.
House Paaaea .Large NurhbarV of
Bllla, Inciudlrtg Orie to, Prqtaet:: ';>;
* Wholesale Merchants~;Peil?
. jtentlary Bllla. are -.-"? ''-:
?Also Passed.
.The passage ofthe Mann Uquor amendt' -?'.
ment to. the, general revenue blll ?eenrasl??''''.
now practlcally asaured, the Conferene*
Commlttee :(havlng., been named ? on tha ',v
matter ' yesterday, , and , standlng jflve ;,*?.?':?
one ln'favor of the 'amendment'ofHlW..^:
Nottoway Senator,. as,'lt came toi''w^}.'."
Sonato. -.' , !?..-, ?'?'? '? ?'?;?'?:;'! ;;.
,- The only ? matter of swe'eplrig. pubilo tom''. >;
terest 'whlch'waa up lh the Leglalatura
yesterday waa that relatlng to ?the,'statUfj.;'
of the general' revenue blll.- and thetv
Senate. shortly ttfter!'cbnvenlrig at nooi* j'?;
?ae't the, ball, lnj motlon by refuslng to. r?S, {'.
ccdo froni lts amendments. Thls: was but I,
*tbe ; formal - way ; of 'leadlng up to '-'.Ujfi.-, ;
appointment bf a- .iolrit'conferenea'^riVi-.
mlttee'to '-take irito ? con'sldorfttlon/tai'"'??
dtsagreeing votes of the ,twb houses; anijl,- ".
tjft o/fow m'omehts .tbe follqwlng .':__i'^v
houncemeDts vrere made: Sepate-f;Mesatii? ,;.;
Wlokham, of-Hahovor; Keezell/bt ? Roefc-* .
ingh'am,- and' Shackelford, ot Crarig?.y>:-',::.,
-House?Messrs. - Boas, pf'. Alhemarlar ;:'.'.'
Jennlngs, ? of Lynchburg, and. Folk'eajrot;
Rlchmond.r.{ . ? ? ? '-?' ' 'i'". S
Vlt may be'skated as afac't.'thataUtha"?:;''?.
lnterest ? expressed 'ln regar'd' to'th^-.;,;;
personnel of tbp! 'commlttee, ?: related'n',tfc-\ '?
the rate of tho'Mann llquor amend?ant>, y
and when the jolpt commlttee. waa .an-'
npunced -the.' advocatea.-.of yth'e ,:fAm$l*r''V
measure exprea'aed absdIute''confideneo'liJ!,'i
? the-result. - ...,_!' .y.. ,
.- They,ugur? It out thls- way: That fll
.'the;:Sena,te 'cbhfMefes'-'-.vpte'd for the twja.?;
sufe'ln ;'tha't bodyfofiA'wlll standV.by'iHt, ;
ln conferehce,:ahd tHey'put down.:Me>*ri:;'?:?'
Boac< and Jennlngs,} bf ?thb' Housei.ade, ':
as favorlng the blll]'! and Mr. Fdlkesi.gaV.
bppbsed to tt '? lt tals forocast"shall \ba
cprrect,v ahd from-the very-hestlhformar .,:?
tlon obtaihable If isbplleved tb be, th? ,
Mann 'bll|!. amendment.'.will'f-be 'retajne^-.;:
in -the measurev andrflna.lly' adopted b?r ?
both-.branbhes. ! ; ??? ? -'' '.. '
The Coiiference-Commlttee wfll meet
at 10 o'clpck" to:morrow ? mornlng .to he.
gin its arduous' taek, .and' lt! ls hard, to
say whpnlt'wlll b'o/M&TOpleted.'-A^greJi^ .
niany lmpprtant ?jnafcteYs Yhavo been 'dla*.'-.;:;
agreed: upon,' but tynej'raVVie' Hone' ajroun4
Whlch' half so much f piibllo, lnterest; aeeiBf
to oeriter as that. relatlng t6' the aale.fpf
lntex'-catlng llquors.4;;, -.'.-.; i:,'i,
It would causeiio great. surprlseahoulej .>
thare be some modlflcatlon of the sectioTi
relatlng to the'doUbllng o^ llquor'llcens.a^ i<
but passlns*events would soem' to atrong* :
ly'lndlcate the final passage of the Mann ;:
blllas lt camo frem; the , Sonata.'-^Ibp ,;
frlends ,ln the House, declare tbat'If tba-!.;
Conference ? Commlttee ? shair ..repor*)''
agalnst It'thoy 'wlll?: havo .enougb'-vot,ei/.:
at the proper tlme. tp.reject.that part oC^;
the report 'and pass;,-tbe- bllL ^al.thf',';1..
sesslon of tbe Leglslaturewas protraot-V;,' ??"
SOMB.'BiLLS |'UP,' ; ? ;. ri
Tha House'. passed;.a'numborof 'r;
many of which wero -looal lm thelr r
ture. Some of-gpneral Importance '?;;?;:?
a'.number of companloh bllls, relatlnl':.-,..
tho government of tho penltentlary. /,'-'-,?
other was that of Mr, Caton. to preven-';*
the frnudulent saJe ln*,bulk of ;stock?;'oHt|a;
goods.. by retall- merohants,': The'Hobba^
bloodhound blll wasi reported. to the,\
House an\l.. read- a flrst tlme.. and Mr, ';
Powers offered a bllldeslgnrd to'breale
up professlonal jurios. Another -was of?
fered by Mr.. Cabell, apprbprlatlng $5.0C!I'',,
for tbe expinsos'. pf-', tbe. CpmmlMee. oj?? '..
Flnal Revlslon and.'.Admstmeiit.i a^d tha> ,
Speaker appqlnted- th'q: followlng ,mpm*'".
bers on that. commltteo on the part ojf
the House: Mcssr3, Davls, of Peters-.:,
biirgj Boaz,. of Albomarle, and Caton, of
The Geverppr transmitted to the tirt,;;,-.;
houses a letter from the Unlted State*
War Departroont, e.sklng tho co-opera<<
tlon of VIrglnla In the mnttor of camJ,
pletlng the roster of Confederate scldlera, !j
nnd Hls^jixcellonoy recommended suchj .,'
eglslatlvo acu^on as would further the -,
soheme. 'VvJ . . '1 r-'i_V&
The Senete sesslon ?.vwas very brlef, and .
beyond the action bn ^\the rovenu. blll
related nbove, nothlng wSuis done. saya .
the glvlng of a number bf bilfH3 their con^
Btttutlonal readlngs. \
The Sanate. \ ?
The Senate sesBlon yesterday waa cof<?V
flned almost entlrely to tha calendar. Tfl?) ;
day's work began wlthout prwyer, . /
'When' the general revenuo blll c?ma
up Mr. Wlckham moved that tbo Senato
adhore to Its posltlon as to all Its amend* ,
ments, and ask for a confcronce. Thls,
was agroed to. und shortly Mr. 8oa? ap?
pea'rod and tnformcd the body that tlvi
House had agreed to the Benate's actlon,
Thoreupon tho Chalr natnod Mess,raf
Wlokham, Keeaell and Shaekelford ?aam
ferees on the part of the Senate. AU
theae gentlenwn aro upderstood to favo*
the Mann llquor amendment,
Senator Mcllwalne, from tho Cororalttto
for CourtB of Justlco. reported wlthout
amendment Senato blll 821. To am?n<|
nnd re-enact an aot entltled an act to
nmcnd and re-enact the fourth subdMMoa
of seotlon m of the Code of Vlrglnla, M >
nmoiided and re?enaeted by tha acU. ?fa
proved March 3. 1898, January H. \m
and February H. Wl, so as to authortat ,
boards of aupervlsors of eounties ln trWW
cirpult judges roside to inalte ajlnwancs*
for the offlce root and oontlnsant offlcji
expensos of such Judges.
Seuator Mcllwalne. reported wltl\ among*
ment House Bill W To antepd *nd r*
enaot Scotlon J09O of the.Cade- of VU*
ginla, ns amended and re-enacted by U>?
act of tho General A?fs?mbly, approv**
Junuary IS, ??8. w as.to placa ,th? ooun?
ty of Craiff ?Uh those. eounties wa?t o< i
tho Blue Rldue, whosa cause* ln tt*
Court of Appeals an heard ln 8^Wtf__
Senato Blll No. S51. To ayHwrtm M
Board of eupervlww *4 tb# aiW?? ?*W*t

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