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the; timeb. found ku iwi IWHDI P NTTMRRR 16.208/
1 ' ' i' ?rirr
WASHINOTON, Aprll 4.-Forocast for
Bunday and Monday: ] ?
VIrglnla? Falr, contlnued cold Sunday;
freslhlo'brlBk north wlnds, Monday falr;
North Carollna?Fnlr. contlnued qold
Bundayi frosh north wlnds. Monday falr;
warmor, - ', . -,
Yesterday wob nn excellent Imltatlon of
, a^wlntefs day, nnd the weather pronhet
tlilnkB a portlon of to-day wlll be Ilke
wlse. The hlghest tempcrature wns notj
much above flfty. ? and. bv mldnlght the
? moreury had gone dowh. to ihlrty-soven.
There.wan not bo much wlnds as the doy
prevlous nnd the ralnfall, though not
hoavy, hud laid tho dust.
? -A..M..?'.. |0
12 M.? ?*
8.P..M. ?5
6 P. M. ?
? P. M. <?
I2mldnlght. __.
Hlghest temperaturo yostcrday. fw
Lowest temperaturo yesterday. JJ
Mcan temperaturo yeslordny....?*
Norrnal temperaturo for Aprll.... w
Duparturc from norrnal tempernturc. ro
Preclpltatlon durlng. post IA hours.... .03
Aprll 5, 1003.
Bun.rtses.fi:51 I HIGH TI1JE.
Bun sots....'..fl:33. Mornlng.J0.?
Moon acta....1:29'.I Evenlng.w;J8
Aprll 6, 1901, '
Bun rtses.....5:M I HtOUTIDE., , '
Sun Bew.....'.0:3(1 I iMornlng.llW
MoonsetB....2:17 | Evenlng.?
.Possnge of the Mann'-llquor blll.ls as
etired?Antl-Saloon I^eaguo sends out a
woid'Of warntog-Palm Sunday observ
anccto-day,?Annlveraary of r.he \. M.-C.
A. thla stfernoon at the Academy-Blll
offered to break up profosslonal Jurors?
Important olmnge ln the probate laws?
Southern Vohlcle Assoclation?r-Death of
Dr. Charles X,. Stegel?A lady., Injured
by a. blll board. asks for flve thousand
dollars?Sandrldge case agaln contlnued
??Important meetlng of Clty Council to
morrow nlght-Sham battle and clrlll of
Company C-Personnel of Codlflcatlpn
Commlsslon-Easter musle in , the
churches-Champlon chccgc-rollcrs to
ippear here-Arrangements for the great
Education Conventlon?Important iegts-'
latlvo ovents this waek?Case of .Judge
O. J. Campbell to come Up Thursday?
S?iitlment on the Jamestown blll ln the
Senate commlttee-Governor Montague
roturns after arranglng for Rettlement of
debt due VIrglnla by the Federal govern
ment-Negro place ls ralded?Cold snap ?
not llk'lv 'o-do mu* ilanwee tovegeta
tlon?Rlchmond College wlns base-ball
game?Commlttee of conference on Mann
blll tp meet to-morrow mornlng-Spec
tacular'runaway'on. East Maln'Street??
Flneshooting at .the gunclubs?-Import?
ant blll of Mr. .Settle-on-publlc .school
text-bqbks-^Falr member of the Glfien
Comnapy knocked senfelens by an electric
Bbock-?-Trlal of e-'-AIderman John M
Klng .takes place Tuesday?No letters
for veterans from Ronnoke ladv-*<eath
of Mrs. Ttebecca W. Turner?Mr- \y. ?'?
Tofld enters tho race for the ovj .ot'
tri??surer of Henrlco county: MANCHES
TER-Wpddlni; that was a surprlf? to
peoele' of Manchesttr-I^odge of Elks to
meet .to-morrow nlght-Queatlon of ln
creislns- Mlcfuor-llcense*,'com^s'.up Aprll
j4th-^?Street approprlMlon sf'U.not avail
Bble^?-Funerel- ---Bervloee??Hsrness ls
Bteleh-^?WcdUlnga spt fpr thls, week?
Church servicce to-day. ? .j
*.? r ' ,. VIRGINIA...',., ?' ?'??'.; $.W'
Prices. s'aies a*nd "goselb or the-Danvllle.
, Farmvillt ahd'South'I3oBton,i6bacco mar
kets fbr tho- past .week-?r-Interest atVWIJ-.
aiamsburg in tho Chflsaneake nnd.West
? -irn?-Fsxmers. and ,po.ultry rfllsBrs PJOS:,
' berlng ln Bucklngham-Farmvllle Her
' ald to bb edltcd this wrek by.ten young
ladles from tho State 'Norrnal; Srliool-^
m\k.Easter',germajis nnd the E^ter glrls
at tbe Unlverslty?Soclety-letters coy
erlngMhe events of the week in, Norfolk,
Old' Polnt. Fredericlr*burg.- .Potej;?hurg.
Ivoxington, Danvllle. Chatham, Wllllams
burg'and Brlstol^^-The; travela of'<Difek
Bvrd. fourteen* years old, of Wlncheeter,
who-ls a deoirfcy'sherlrf in the .PhllfpMnes
?illvunenbure,Ifr-walting for tho prornlsed
.railroad?jCottoway county. commlttee to
ffdeclde .between Lee and >Iask!ns-?-Splen
* dld new home of the VIrglnla Club. of
Norfolk?New iwater !,sui?!y for Ports?
mouth. ? Berkley .and SuiToIk?-Not able
llterary work of Prof. Hall, of VS illiam
and Man--Ground-hog ca-ntiired In York
a.erreat curioslty?Chesapeoke- and Ohlo
otilnnrlng lts Cllfton Forpo slmos?-1- our
erownlnpr fl.ihermen re?cu"d on tho Trork?
VIrglnla (lefeats Gcttysburar at bni-e-ball
* to"3??Flne refldoncc burned in Fairfax
;_Body of an unknown-man found-ln Po
tomnc-at Alexandrla?Now bank opens
at Wllllamsburs?Blg slilnments of eggs
f/cm ' FrBderlcfiKburg--Three flshormen
drowned ln tho . Potoma<:-Increased
sales- on' Lynchbum tobacco market
Mrs.-Roosevdt; and her famlly ^szvff
Jjynnhaven Bay for AVaBhlngton-?Sult
over water alleged to have. heen drawn
from Lake Drummnnd-New bank start?
ed atManassns-Fnrmer nt Rernns lia*
R' narrow cscnpe-Harrv Flon-* Byrd; of
Winchestir, appolnted West Polnt cadet
by Senator Martln?.Klng and Queen enr
thuslastlc over a tomato Rtinr'e';Y,^rra?^"
ernment oftlclnl .recomniRnds . JJO.000 , ad:
JIK to PAtersburg postoffice. Marrla?res
-l? E. Harrlson and Mlss Hr-len Peebles
S'.i'rkR In Prlnce Gdorge. -Deaths-Dr. J.
W Hopkins at Ncwnprt News;. Lewla
iackson nt Drake's .Branch; Mrs, Kfite
'Hunter. HIcks nt Mantoudon. Pa.; Mrs.
Fanny A. Catlett ln Gloucestor; N. T-a
earrl ln Norfolk; Mrs. Martha A.-Waldco
ln Petersburg. .
?palea'on' the Wlnston-Salem tobacco
Unarketshow a blg Increaso over last year
?Soolety letters covering the evepts of
tbe week ln Wilmlngton, Charlotte^ and
Rajojgh?North Carollna truckers great.
W dlsturbod over possiblo damage by frogt
to'strawborrles and, frult?r-Several new
enterprlBes nre Incorporatod In Ralelgh?
Larger freo rural dellvery I11 Flrst Con
fresslonal Dlstrlct?Porson oounty school
erm Increaeed by speclal arrangement to
?even months?Death of Colonol Willlam
3, ? Croswell In Wilmlngton?Young glrl
?ntlced from home. betrnyed and. forced
to walk baok flfteon*rolleH?Four neirro
chlldren burned to deaSkh near Fronklln
?ton. _
Presldent Roosevolt raokes a sneech In
MhAjoapolls . on tho trust miestlon?G.
ffalSpap Slms, a bank cjerk and aociety
man of Atlanta. charged wlth tho embeTs
alement of $0-1,000, confeflses hls.gullt ?
Negro'Crum, collector Ofoport of Charle*
toiv haa beon nsked to reslgn thp posltlon
to relleve the Presldent of an emharrass
lng posltlon?rWnbaah ' Rallway has ad
Justed Its dirterenceB wlth lts omployes?
Georgla nen'oh. crop damaged by, cold
Weather?-Young woman ln Now ^ork
throws hereolf ln front of an elevated
traln and ls itnstantly killed?Mob ln
Now York attacked motorman because his
oar crijshed chlld to death?Clty Gaa
Works' of Norfolk has flled cmrges of
dlsortmlnatlon ln rates agalnst tha Baltl?
more and Ohlo Rallway-May cotton ad
vances twentv poials and passes top
nptch?A number of resldonts of. Mem?
phls sro to bartleflald of Shlloh nn the an
niversary ot the fl3ht?I.OHalUod prl?
mary to ba glven flrst satlsfactory trlal
ln Baltlmore on Tuesday-?Lo\ter8 flght
hard for glrl who afterwards rojecta both
pf them?Flshermen flrownnd ln Dela
?ware Rlver?Trouble in ,the Balkan
States grows more perlo'us?Sleamor wtth
blg cargo of gunpowder thought to have
blown up and foundered at wo,?~Xln_ea
Btates governmont to pay VIrglnla flve
and a half dollars and call the accounts
?nuare?Montrlp; a VIrglnla horse.- rln
faheo seoond ln handlcap race at Bennlngs
?-?Mohument to promlnen* Charlestonlan
to be made ,of Rlchmond, RTanlte?H,ugh
Gbrdon'MIII'er says that the next Govev
nor' of VIrglnla wllV'be 'a R?pub!lcan?
Klng has not been Invfte'd to vlalt -the
Pope?.Pope's health is very prood. says
hls phvalclan. who-denles all the rumors
Jn resrard to.tbe pontlffB'lll.health-^Bat
Ueshlp Maine to be'brought to HamDton
*a^adi' for -repaira- ? ?? <?.
He Will Be Asked About
the Wtdow's Mite.
Reminded Dr. Funk That Coln
Was in His Possesslon.
Not That He Does Ndt Belleve In the
Spirituallatlc Medium, But Says
That Posslbllity of Inter
ference by Llving Peo?
ple Must Be
Ellmlnated. ' . '.
(By Aaaw:lated Preaa.)
BOSTON. MASS., Aprll t.-Dr. Kich
ard Hodgson,'secret&ry-of .the Amerlean
branch of.the Soclety for Pre-hlstorlcal
Rorfearch," has reeelved' a' letter fro'm Dr,
Isaac Funk, of New, York, ( In regard
to the "Widows' mite" coln, the poseen
slon of.whlch a splrltuallstlc medlum re
vealed to Dr. Funk./by whom lt had been
forgottbn for nearly ten years.
Dr. Funk wJsh'ed to get ln communleation
wlth the splrlt of Honry Ward Beech
er. through whlch,the revelatlpn ln re?
gard to the coln was made jn order to
learn what dlsposltlon the. npte4. preach;
er would have made of .lt i..He..?'rote
to Dr. Hodgron to flnd.out lf Mrs. Piper,
the noted medlum, would assist ln the
CASfi. ' ?
Mr. Hodgson expressed doubt of the gen
ulneriess of the orlglnal splrlt messa_e.
"Not that J doubt Dr. Funk's elncerlty."
sald he, "but bayond that'. there ls the^
much more dlfflcuH problem of dlscov-'
erlng'whether the mossage really came
froma discarnate splrlt,.or was' r*veal-'
ed, by (etepathy through a llving person.
Though Dr.- Funk had-xorpotten about
tho coln. and though ' his brother,. whom
be told tofetura lt, haa forgqttfen, too,.
It ls not Imposslble. that-Inforniatlori; r&r
gardlhf 'thevcotn's locatlon .may1 have
come from them. they belng. uneonscious
ot lt, Or, niore- posslble. 'Stlll. jlt- may;
have come from-somebody' ontirely '6ut-;
alde. J Several?' peoplo .un'dqubtedly, have;
known ln some way or other where that
"You see- In 'dealing wlth commurrica
tlons from irpirlts, you must flrst ellml
nate all posslbllity of Intorfercnce from
llving i people,* and ln a.caso llke Ihls, lt;
ls. pracilcally lmpo*nlble .to do sO. I
had been .dealing wlth- Mra.-. Plper__ Xor.
sev.eral .years before. IfWftS'.wllllng-'toad
mlt that any of her messag'es came from
dlsoarnate Rpir|ts;'I was ,'sirre that, they
came 'from llvlng'persohs. 'tqlepiith'ttleaVy,
but occaslonally I was forced.td abandon
that hypothesls. .;
"If Mrs Piper ls used ln connectl-m
wlth thls'.matter. lt is-not at all sure
that deflplte answors to our Inqulrlee
will be obtalm-d. It' ls Just aa lf I'
gave somebody -r -J name ot a glvlng per?
son, whosei wh aboufs were unknown
and asked to have hlm traced up. It
could nof he dooc in a mlnute. I have
got to flnd somebody who communlcates
through Mra.'Plper, and get hlm to hunt
up Mr., Beocher, for. us."
- .
(By AaaooiHtad Prcaf.)
NEW YORK, Aprll 4.?The Amerlean
plavers in thls year's cable match wlth
Gre'at Brltaln won agaln. thereby re
tainlng the trophy glven by Slr George
W Newnes. The flnal score was 61-4
to*4 1-2 In favor ot the Aiaericans.
Threw Herself ln Pront of an
Up-Town Elevated Traln
and Was Kllled.
(Bpeclal to Tb* Titnea-Dlapatell,)
NH_rur YORK, Aprll 4,?A woman about
thlrty years'of age, aiid well dressed ln
mourning, co'rfiltted 6ulclde thls after?
noon by Jumping ln fr.ont of an up-town
elevated traln.
Sho hurled'her?U ln front of the traln,
the approach of whlch she had been
awaltlng. and was cut almost ln half
by the wheels of the car. The motorman
ln an attomptto stop his traln, brougbt
|t up so short as to throw many of tho
passengers from. thelr feet and seats.
For a moment panlc relBned through tho
cars of the traln. A great number of
people saw-the sulclde., For some mln?
utea tt'-was tmposslble, to'. get the body
.from the tracks and.the traln oould ndt
be moved, becauso of the posltlon of th%
body between the wheels. Flnally the car
waa Jached up suftlclently to permtt the
removal of the body,
1- ? ,! .-P. '
? (By AMOclata-l P.i>a?}
W'ABHTNGTON. Aprll i-iBeosuse sllght
changes ars needed In some'of the gun
emplacements of the battleship ' Malne;
that vessel will be brought to Ifampton
Roads, aiio the necessary repatrs de?.lded
upon, and haster-fd forward ln t)me for
the Malne to aooompany the North Atr
tiuitlo Squadron-on Ui A?om trlp.
Antl-Saloon League Issues
Word of Warnlng.
Advlses Its Frlends to Hold Up and.;
&**1 Move Slowly. Also to Keep
- "'? '" Thelr -Plans
" Secret.
?Whlle lt is constantly working ln the dl
rectlon of local optlon, the Antl-Saloon
League of Vlrglnla is fearful that some
pf its frlends' and sympathlzers are rush
lng^tqo fast to hold electlons. \ .
? fn'Hhe.current lssue of the Chrlstlan
Foaefatlon, whlch has just come from
tbV'pross, a warnlng ls Issued. Qulto a
number'of electlons are already sched
ulcd for the early future, and the league
speaks a- word of cautlon. Under the cap
tion, "Premature Local Optlon Elec?
tlons," lt says ln part: ,
. "Some of our frlends are preparlng to
hold local optlon electlons wlthout or?
ganization. tt'e foel that a word of coun
set Is not out of place. No local option
electlons should be held wlthout organi?
zation. Enroll the people Into ananti
saloon league* and hold executA'o ses
slons. Be careful to havo frlends only at
these sesslons, men who will not make
known to the enemy tha pUns to bc car?
rled out. ? ? ? Appolnt a large law en
forcement committee, who will pledge
themselves to use all the legltfmnte
means at-thelr command.ln seeing that
the law ls enforced lf you- win. Promlse
the people that your organization is de
termlned to prevent 'blind tigers' and all
lllegal selllng as nearly as possible.
Many people will favor the nbolishlng of
the saloon If they can be assured and
! convinced that those who vote the sa
I loons out will see that bllnd tlgera and
! lllegal' selllng Is prorented.
"Do not hold q local optlon electlon now
unless vpu have publlc sentlment organ
l.ed sufllciently to Insuro a reasonable
enforccment of the law."
This "word of counscl" from the league
ls partlcularly lnterestlng, In vlbw of the
great rush throughout the State on tho
part of temporance workers to hold local
option eloctions, Some of. there eloctlons
whlch havo already been arrangod for,
aro aa follows:,
Panville: ElectloD to be held durlng
Riohmond county: Sonewall Dlsarlct,
eloctlon In Aprll. ?
Hanover county:. Ashland and Beawer
Dam- DlBtrlcts, electlons ln Aprll.
York county: Flrst Dlstrict, electlon
very soon.
Gloucester county: Whole county elec?
tlon on April 30th.
Wlse county: Llpps < Dlstrict, electlon
held yesterday.
Spotsylvanla oounty: Several electlons
very soon.
Wythevllle: Town electlon on April 23d,
Orap'ge county: Gordopsvllle, electlon ln
Buekingham oounty: Courthouse elec?
tlon In Aprll.
Clarke countyt Whlte Post, electlon thls
month, _ . _ . , k
Loudoun' countv: Leesburg Di3trlct.
electlon thls month.
The league exnresses great regret at
the fallure In Charlottesvllle, It urges
the people there, howc/er. to go to wnrk
to see "that some , of the gambllng
places are broken ,up, and that s-reens
and obstruetions are removed from sa
Joons, as well as closing.them at an early
hour." -Furthermore. It advlses the cltl
zens of Charlottesvllle to push on wlth
the organization of. voters. am.1 prepare
for another effort two years hence.
(By 'M?neHit?A ' PrcaiO
PHILADBLPKIA, PA.. Aprll 4.-A dls
agreement between the mine operators
and mlners to-day regardlng the Strlke
r.immlsslon's ruling on the number of
?jfours to conetUUte a d*y'? worfc-,
In the closlng of numcrous collierles
throughout the anthractte coal.region.^.The
greatest dissatisfactlon wae cxprcssedln
the lower regions and Irt Pottsvllle, Sham
okin, Mahanoy. Clty and contiguous towns.
a majority of the mines were Idle apor
tlon of the day. At some of the collierles
the mon laid down thelr. tools after they
had worked elght hours, and at' others
they. remalned In themlnes nlne hours,
but.refused to work ten hours. when ro-(
questsd to do so by the superintendents.'
The operators assert that they,will,pay
the irien only' for the actual tlme worked,
and the mlners ciaim thls to be a viola
tion of the agreement ?
Meetlngs of the local unlons were held<
and ln many.of the cases the mlners :de
clded to return to work Monday.: and subr
mlt the questlon to Jpint concUlation ;com
mltt'ee's of operators and'mJne'workersc
as suggested by the commlsslon.. Offlclals
of the unlons.' as such, are 'not permltted.
to ipterfere. In . the controversy,
? .?'" ?
fBy Aasocisted Prvss.J-.
CHICAGO,. ILL.. April 4.?As theresult
of.an Aprll fool Joke the prlvate bank
of -Kaspar and KarJ experiepced a run,
durlng whlch fully $200,000 has been with
drawn by 400 of t_e 900 depositors. The
presldent. Wllliam Kaspar, expressed con
fldehce that the stor'm -had , been weath-.
ored. He expected no further wlthdraw
?ls to-day; but declared entlre readlness
to meet any legltimate'demands" that may
be made. ' i
A man whese ldentity has not been re
vpaled to Mr. Kaspar sald in a near-by
salooh Sunday, with an alr of :de'ep mys
tery.. that the Kaspar and Karl bank
woiild 'have a sensatlonal Aprll fool joke
for Its depositors. The' remark galhed
many meanlngs In ctroulatloh, ? and. the
followlng day the run began. i
Forecast of the Llne-Up.of
the Committee?All Tide
water Hopeful,
From present Indlcatlons it seems likely
that the jamestown'Exposltlon blll, ap
proprlatlng $200,000 for the great eelebra
tion to take placo.ln 1007.will be favor
ably reported from the Senate Commit?
tee on Flnance, though the vote will be
rather clofc.
An advocate of the blll thus slzes up
the present standlng of the committee,
on the measure:
For tho blll?Messrs. Donohoe, Massie,
Claytor, Anderson, Garrett and Sale?_.
Opposed?Measra. Wlckhnm, Kcezell,
Lupton and St. Clair-4.
Doubt'ful?Messrs. Chapman and Shack
clford nnd Harvey?3.
i The friends of the measure'aro bulld?
lng strong hopes on the llno thnt thay
will keep all they havo and will galn
others. both from the ranks of the'oppo?
sltlon and the doubtful, whon appoar
unce is mado bofore the Senato commit?
The Tldewntor people havo the pro
jnct very closo to thelr hearta and dls
cuss the outlook ln a most hopeful man
"The general publlo cannot yet con
celve what thls exposltlon means to
Vlrglnln," said n Tldowator'niomber last
nlght. "lt ls a stupendous undertnklng,
but os large as It ls. lt ls not too heavy
and unwleldy for the patrlotlc people
of Vlrglnln to carry'ton, successful-ter
mlhatlon. whlch moana to' Vlrglnla more
than hiere language can express."
"It means the greater dovelopment of
her buslness Intereats, the ? bulldlng up
of her wast farm lands, the Investment
of capltal ln enterprlses, mercanttle und
Industrial. whlch have beendormant by
reason ot the fact that the opportunlttes
nnd facllltles for sqecess have not beon
brought forclbly to tho attentlon of those
looklng. for Just suoh openlngs. Tha
increase of her populatlon by a' class
of people the State would welcome.
whlch means tncreased t&xable values.
ln conjunctlon wlth'the undliputed fact
that a greater demand ,wou,ld follpw for
the eornmodltles she manufa'cturesi, the
i\pld silver, coal and, other ores'and mln
ersls whlch are to be found ln suoh pro
ruslon in the varlous sectlons of the
State, whlle the farnVng Intereats would
recolve an Impetus whlch would resitft ln
Incalculftble benefU to-'Un oW ? ? ? ?
Does Not Want toBe on Foot
ing Wlth Count Tolstol.
Astounded That the Councll Biirna ln
cense tb an Atithor Whosfs Personl
ficatlon of Satah?|s Extremq
, ' ly Popular, in .Russla.
' " (By Aaaoclated Press.)
ST. PETERSBURG,. friday, April 8.
Father John ofi Cronstadt has rofused
to i accept.- honorary 'rnembershlp ln the
Councll'bf the Unlverslty bf Dorpat, to
whloh be was elected with the vlew of
appeaslng;tho wrath of the clerlcal party
at the electlon'of Count Tolstol thereto.
Father John, ln a letter to the unlvor?
slty,' declares the "degradlng honor of
belng* placed on the same footlng as that
Godless man, Count' Leo Tolstol, the
worst heretic of our evll days, and sur
passlns' ln intelleotual prlde all former
"I do not want to be assoclated wlth
antl-C.nst,'" ho says. "Moreover, I a,m
astounded that the councll burnB Incense
to ah author who ls the personlflcatlon
of Satan."
Father John' of Constadt (Joann Ser
giefrt ls;knbwri by name to almost every
person ln the Russtan emplre. When he
ls expected' at' a rallroad station or a
house thousands of peoplo gather to see
hlm. and tho words, "Fathor John ls
golng to pass," are sufflcient to cause
tho congregatlon of an lmmonse crowd
anywhero. ' He ls' the son of poor pa?
rents, and from very early years showed
that: he. possessed remarkable powera.
. ?" ' I. a '
. , , (By Ansoclatad preaa.)
WASHINGTON. D. C, Aprll 4.?Ad
vance printa. of volume ;6, .serles.I.,' of
the officlal records ? of tho Unlon and
Confederate navlea in the Clvll War. have
como from the government prlntlng of?
flce, They are publlsheil by Charles
Stewart, actlng superlntendent of naval
war records, under dlrection of the Sec
retarv of tho .Navy. Thls' volume glves
tho operationa of the South Atlantlc
Blockadlpg Squadron from'October 1, lSfi3,
to September 30, 1S64. Amon's' the lnter?
estlng features ls tho report of an at
tempt mnde' by ' the ' Confederate ? -eub
marlhb boat "Davld" to blow up the "New
IroiiBldes." Descriptions are glven of tho
boat, ahowlng It'to have beon about BO
feet long, olgnr-shaped and wlth only
about two feet showlng above water,
i ? _. i a I'
- (By Aaaoclated Preaa.)
NEW YORK, Aprll 4.?Under the walls
qf the Tombs prlson Wo,rd.on Smlth, a
fQUCteen.ryear-o|d,boy, employed aa mess
enger. by Sargent & Company, hnrdware
manufao|ti?ers, was-held up by two men
to-day-and robbed of fl,<00 belonglng to
his emplqyirs. ?. ?? ?
The boy's story ls that tho robbers
draggod hlm Into the rear room of a
store, took the money from hlm and tled
his hands wlth. a handkerchlef and his
feet wlth a towel, As soon os they loft
hlm he mannged to free hlmself and no
tlfkd his employer's offlce,
" , a. .. ,i . <
' (By .tsso-Uted Preaa.)
ATLANTA. GA., Aprll 4.-Reporta from
the vlcinlty of Fort Valley. Ga., the head?
quarters, of ono of the richest aeotlons
ofitha frvlt belt ln this State, araao
the effeoS tUt the proapoct thete is
discouraging for' the peach crop, and ln
some Instances the outlook la gloomy
for frult growerB. I
' e . '
? . , (Br Aaioclated -Presi.) .
Shamrock III wlll return ? to the Clyde
ln the middle of > May, when ahe will be
jury-rlgged. The challenger wlll sall for
America at the end of May.
Sir-Thomas Ltpton has declde to take
both the Shamrocks to New York. Hls
aatlsfaction ' wlth the' early performance
of the challenger has decided hlm to cur
tall the frials" tn Brltlsh waters. He
hopes that slx weeka of tuhlng up ln
America wlll Insure the challenger belng
ln the best.trlm for the cup races.. ?...
.? ?- ? ?'
? (Bj AB?oclated Pre'asjl
MBMPHIS, TENN.V Aprll 4.?A number.
of'people' left to-day for Sh'lloh,'Tonn.,
battiefield, to partlclpate ln the annlver
sary cerenlonies to be hold there on;Mon
day nexti Among. the party' were former
Congressman Josiah Pattersbn, Colonel
Luke W. Findlay and General George
W. Gordon. A large gatherlng of people
wlll be, present. , k> ? .
The trlal of ex-Aldorman John M,' Klng
la Bcheduled to come up ln the Hustinga
Court for the-second tlme Tuesday, Aprll
7th. i As wlll be remembered, the jury was
unablc to agree when howas trled the
j flrst tlme.
Mr. J. N. Boyd and Mr. J. Jordan
Leake. both closely Identlfled wlth the
Triggs ? Shipyards are both roglstered at
the Holland House. Thoy are doubtless
In the Metropolla on' buslness ln connec
tlon with the reorganlzatlon of the Trlgg
She Came in Contact Wlth an
Electric Pocket at the
Academy of Musle,
Mlss Florence Rother, one of the ohorus
glrla'ln the Academy company, narrow
ly escaped electrocutlon durlng tho per?
formance of "The ?.ady Slavey" last
nlght. ?
In tho second aet Mlss Besslo Tanna
hlll had occislon to make a quick chnnge
of costume, and In rushlng from the stage
to her dresslng room, her traln came |n
contact wlth Mlss Rothor, who, ln getting
out of the way,; stepped on nn electric
pocket on the stage. Sho reoelved a
shock that knocked her some dlstance to
the tloor, whero she lay uiicon?clous for
several mlnutes. The only bad effect,
however, ls a blg bump on the back of
her head. Sho btavely went through the
roat of the aet, but wlll be conflned to
her room for a day or two.
__ *
(IIt A??ocliitert Pri>*?.)
NEW YORK, Aprll 4.?The pteamshlp
Coamo. from San Juan. p. R., with Mlss
Allco Roosevelt on board, anchoied off
Quarantlne to-nlght, Inslde the narrows.
Owing to tha heavy sea klcked up by
the northweat gale. lt wa* Imposslble
for the port doctor to board the Cqamo,
and no communlcatlon could be'had w(th
the vessel.
The Coamo left San Juan Tuesday.
Mlss Roosevelt spent two weeks orl tha
Island as the guest of Mlss Ellzabeth
Hunt and Governor Hunt's famlly. Tho
Coamo wlll dock early. to-morrow morn?
Presldent Goes Througn
Massof Humanity.
Was Greatly Applauded bjj
People Who Wanted to Shako
His Argument Was Along the Sarf}
'Lineof Sscretary Root'a Recent
, Speech In New England, '
He Says to Cut Down
Outlea !? to Crip
ple Industries.
- (By Aaaoclatad Preaa.)
most enthusl&stlc reception ever tendered,
In' the Twin CltleS waa that to Presldent'
Roosevelt to-day.. From tho tlme he ar.-,
rtved ? to-nlght ? untll: his departure'fro'ni
Minneapolls at 11 o'clock for the west.'
he was the reclplent of a contlnuaj ova-c
tlon, the streets through whlch he paaa-'?
ed in both cltles belng a 6olld mass of
people, and .Armory iHall, at the, Unlyer
slty of Mlnnesota, belng crowded to-lt*
llmlted capaclty. .;,"? ''?'':
-ne speech, whlch was ori tarlff and re- ;
clproclty, brought out much enthualasw./.
the Presldent treatlng' extenstvely of ?the ,
'Cuban sltuatlon, declaring'that we must''
have mllltary and- control of southern
waters,.and saylng that'the United.Statea-';
Is-the m'ost, prosperous natlon ever knowniy;
It waa consideroda-great apeech,(-<yj^hu
the crowd pushed forward to -haJie^ftLi"
hand,'whlch! was'denled them. ': '{'/.'>'>'?'</'.
Thbusands/of .persons llned tbe] rbnt'e-'b*-,
the electrlc 'Cars .that brought/the <Uj-'
tlngulshed guest-and!p'a'rtyfroih'sfc.I,aul'?H
perhaps 200;000' persons ,altpgeth.ar-^4?vving'.
seen ' hlm'. in.,th'(},.tw^iilt(e6,"' . '. \ ??.';'
Beforo gblrig to!.the/armory, the-Presli
deiit; was' p're'yailea 'ttpon to address the/'
stvd^nta.of-.thb unlverslty ln the c'hapeU,';
The'hjiir'wasI.cro'.wde'd.to its llmlt. and-'
Mr'. Roosevelt'.spoke to tlio studpnts-'.
brlefjy after, the tenor of :hts twbv
ppeeches , tb college students ln- Chicago. ?
Ho.,was then drl.ven.to tho armory, whero :
he was lritroduced by Presldent Northrujp.
of the Mlnnesota..Unlverslty.
My Follow-'Cltlzens';'" ','
At tho special' s.ession of ''the ,Senate
held ' ln .'March 'the,wCuban. reclproelty.
treaty. was , ratifled;V. When '.thls . treaty
goea.lnto offect,' l^vwtll.'confer substJ^tiaJ
econpnilo . b'eheflts iajike upon Cuba, be?
cause.ofitho wldenlngof hor'markat lt?
the Unltod,States, and upon the.Unlterf
States,. because of the.equalwldenlng and .
tho progroselve control lt will glve t<i fl
our people .ln the ,Cuban market. Thli H
treaty ls' beneflclal to both partlea ant/1'
justlfles itself. ; . - .- ? './
From every -. atandpolnt. of , wls(j,,,an-.?.??
enlightcned homo and ;forelgn pollcy t!
rallflca,tlon of the,Cuban treaty markj
a stop of substahtlal progress ln U ..
growth of our natlon, toward, greatne1
at home and abrond., '
PI-nt_PPINB/,TARrFF. .'. ' '? 'i ''
Equally Importah'ty/was tho aatlon e* !
the tarlff upon produets bf the.Phlllpplaes.'
We gave thom a reductlon of twenty>nY?
per cent, nnd would havo glven thero a>
reductlon o( twenty-flve por cent. morf
had It not boen for tho opposltlon.
We are n'ow In a condltlon of rhjs*
perlty unparallelod, not merely. ln our iwn
hlstory, but ln the hlstory of any other
natlon. Thla prosperlty ls deop root*_
and stands on a flrm basis because lt ls
due to.the fact that the ayerage Amerl;
can has In hlm the stuff out ot whlch
vlctora are made ln the great Industrial
contesta of the present day. just as in'
the great mllltary contests of the pasti
and because he ls now able to usa and
develop his qualltles to beat advanta*?
under our well-establlshed eoonomlo ayav
The present phonomenal prosperlty haa
been won under a tarlff whlch wns mada
ln accordance wlth certaln flsed. an?
deflnlta principles. tho most tmportant 'el,
whlch Is an nvowod dotermlnatlon t?
protect tho Intorosts of tho Amorioan pro?
rtticer buslness man, wage-worker, and
farmer allke. The general tarlff pollcy;
to whlch. wlthout regard to chnngea \n
dotall. I fielleve thls country Is Irrevocav
bly coir?o.nted, Is fundamentally baaed
upon amj^e recognltlon of the dlffarencV
hetweer. ihe cost of productlon-that la.
tha con of |sbor? hero and abroad, an<
of tha rwjedto see to It that our lawa
shnll lu no event afford advantago ln
our own market to forelgn Industrlei
over Amerlean Industries. to forelgn cap
Itnl over Amerlean capltal, to forelgn
labor ever our own labor.
Tt Is. <>f course. a mere trulsm to say
thut wo want to use everythlng ln ou?
power to foster the welfare of our entlrf
body polltlo. In other words, we need to
traJU the tarlff as a buslness proposltlon, ?
from the standpolnt of the InteresU ol
the country as a whole, and not w1th?>
refcrence to the_ temporary needa of any
polltlcal party.w It ls almost as neee??
*ary that our pollcy should be stable ?s
thit It should be wlse.
The buslness world. that ls, the enttra
Amerlean world. can not afford. If lt has
any regard for Its own welfare. ev?n tn
conslder the advlsablllty of abondonls'if
the present systtm.
T?t, on the other hand. whore tha In?
dustrial condltlon* ao frequently ohjyifo,
as wlth us must of necosal'v be the c?N,
lt ls a matter of prlme .imp-vtanca th^t
we ahould be able from t' - m tlme t'i
adapt our economtc pollcy -> > ehnnsre.1
condttions. Our alm shot;: ' to pr??
serve the pollcy of a protaa < tarlff, In
whloh the natlon as a. wnois haa He
cuisced. and yet whert^er ijnd whenavt*
aecssary tc ch*n?e the dutles tu pwtiwf

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