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The Thormometer Was Below
the Freczlng Polnt
Tldes ln lho Potomac Rlver Wash the
??' Wharves Away?The Naw Electrlc
/Rallway Will Be Built Wlthout
Staftbrd'sSubscription. I
(Spsclul to Tbe TJi-us-DlHinitch..")
/freozlng weathor of tho past two days
abd nights has done great dnmago to
frult and early vcgetnblcs in thls boo
tlon. Tho thermometer was down be?
low the/ freozlng polnt last nlght and
the nlght bofora, and oxperlonoed Judges
aay there Is no hopo for the peach cropf
Mrs. James L Roed, of AVostmoroland
county, wolked down to tho creek from
her house a fow-days ago, leavlng.her
elghteeii-uionlhs-old chlld nsleep on tho
bed. A short tlmo nfterwnrds sho sent
one of hor chlldren to nwakon nnd dross
the chlld and brlng It to her, but upon
arriving at the house lt was found that
tbe baby had awnkened durlng -tho nb
Bence of Its mother, hnd fnllen off the
bed and waa lying dead on tho floor, Its
Sieck havlng boon broke.n by the fall.
It Is now sald that tho Fredericksburg
?nd Itappahannock Eloctrlo Rallway'will
be hullt notwItliBtandlng tho refusal of
Btafford oounty to- cor.trlbute }60.O00 to
?Wards tho capltal stock. A meetlng of
the stockholdera was held a few days ago
nnd It Is stated that they wero much
pleasod wlth the favorablo outlook.
Owlng to heavy ralns and hlgh wlnda
the tldes on tho Potomac ,Rlver havo beon
higher than for yoars, and much damage
?waa dono to wharf property. At Lynch's
Polnt n port of tho wharf was swept
away and a quantity of lumber and shin
gles was carrled off or. tho tldo.
Owlng to tho promptness wlth which
the smnllpox case, whlch broke out ln
n rallroad camp in Culpeper county, was
Jsolated, no further damage is expected
' from the dlsdaso.
The homostead of tho late Dr. S. R.
McClannahnn. ln Culpoper county, has
been purchased by Mr. Luther Payne,
of Brlstersburg.
Mr.-James M. Woaver, a woll known
merchant of Culpeper county, was mar?
rled a few days ago In Smlthflold, W.
Va.. to Mlss Sarah Ethel Bayne, of that
? It/ls belleved that tho resldenco of Mrs.
Dunbar, Prlnce Willlam county, whlch wos
rocently burned. was set on flro. Two
tramps had applled for lodglng a few
hours beforo the flro nnd wore rofused,
Suspiclon points to them.
All Fruit Except Winter Apples Believed
to Have Been Killed.
TSpecIal to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
BEDFOnb CITY, VA., Aprll O.-The
i\-c/L& of Saturday nlght has practlcally
destroyed tho frult crop of Bedford,
wlth tho exceptlon of wlnter apples.
Heavy lee formed in tho streets, and
Iho scono was one of winter. The pencji,
penr; and othor blossoms wero blasted
nnd the hearts of the strawberrles that
wore blooming profusely aro now blaclt
nnd llfeless. Wlnter apples wero Just
beglnnlng to bloom. So far llttle In?
jury ls reported.
At-10 o'clock Sunday nlght the alarm
of flre was sounded and the two unused,
tumblo-down bulkilngs at tho "foot of
Depot Hlll wero found blazlng. Theso
old houses, bclonging to Mr. W. H. Mc
Ghee, had rocently been condomnea by
the Councll and thelr removal ordered.
Throe attempts were made to wreck them
by dynamlte by. somo unknown partles last
month, and lt ls generally conceded tho
houses wero set on fire. Tho flro depart?
ment gnvo its entlro attcntion toward
Baving tho odjoinlng proporty.
Tho TempferaVure Below the Freezing
Pomt at Manassas.
fSpecla) to Tbo Tlmes-Dlspatch,)
MANASSAS, VA., Aprll 0.?Tho cold
snap Saturday nlght and Sunday morn
Ing killed nenrly all the frult ln thls soc
Jl'tlon. Wlth tho frult trees ln full bloa
?I'som and tlio thormomotor at 25, It Is not
hlllkely that much frult, was left.
jia Tho Southern Rallway has nenrly com
a_jletod grndlng up to this polnt from Alex
andrla, and tho new doublo track ls
' now belng laid.
The farmers In thls sectlon have mado
but llttle progrcss wlth thelr plowlng,
owlng to the contlnuod w^ weather.
Mr. Willlam N. Llpscomb wlll shortly
begln the oroctlon of a handsome storo
.buildlng on the lot owned hy hlm at
the corner of Center and Maln Streots.
Fruit Injured and Tobacco, Where Not
Oovered, Was Killed.
(SpRflnl to Tbe Tiuios-Dliiputcli.)
MONTPBLIER, VA., Aprll C.-A heavy
frost formed hore lost nlght, and lee
.was at least half un luch thlck, Much
of the frult Is undoubtcdly klllod, nnd It
is thought thut the wheat crop ls in?
jured. All the tobacco plants not under
cover were killed.
The farmors nre baekwurd In tholr
spring work, owlng to tho rocent heavy
ralna. But few of the sohools in Han?
over havo closed, a? most of them wlll
to bo run slx months.
Great lnterest ls belng taken in the local
optlon -electlon to ba hold lu thls county
on Aprll 21(1).
New Telephone Line and a Bridge Badly
(Speelul tn Tlie Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
MANTEO. VA., Aprll B.?A tnlrly-mile
wlnd, followlng a nlght ruln, greeted us
fJaturduy mornlng, and Haturduy nlgUt
the temperuturn al R o'clock wus thlrly
one degreos. Hunday mornlng the ground..
was frozen, nnd yet, though tlie wlnd
had dled out durlng tlie nlght, frult trees
ln blossom do not m-.-ui to have beon
liarined by frost. Thls belng Ihe apple
year, ln thls locallty, nt li-ast, rnnkes
>ne desfrous of no moro sucli nlglits.
For Appetltes
Sterllng Silver ls the
only silver employed
by the
Gorham Co.
Thls ls votiched for by
th. trade-mark, whlch also
ensures appropriatc dcsign
and sound workmanshlp.
Yet it costs no more than
the unreliable wares of
anonymous makers.
Mr, Thomas B. Hall, of thls county,
has beon sollcltlng BUbsorlbors for the
FluVanna and James Rlvor Volley Tolo-.
phone Company, n loonl llno up from
Whltehall, In thls oounty, and from In*
formatlon glven mo by hlm, lt Ib reason
ably cortnln that we will shortly be In
communcatlon wlth tho Courthouse and
tho dlstrlot Intorvcning.
Thls llno, as projcctod, will termlnato
horo, nnd In tho ovont of Ita Installa
tion, lt.Is belfovod that a Western Unlon
tologrnph ofllco will bo Installed.
A_ thlngs now are tho people hawe to
either go to Wnrmlnlster to telegraph,
whore thero Is only a prlvate forry, or
to Howardsvlllo. where tho ferry Is also
prlvato, both plaoes In addltion bolng
Bomo miles dlstnnt. Thls obndltlon ts pe-'
cullarly unpleasant whon It Ib known
that more frelght Is rocolved and shlpped
from thfs station than nny othor one on
tho llno, save Whltohall. -,
For somo months n porslstont rumor
has from tlmo to tlmo boon In clrou.latlon
concernlng tho posslbllity of a rarnl tfrao
dellvory'of mall belng started, nnd whllo
somo aro dcslrous thnt lt bo ostnbllshcd,
othors nro cqually anxlous that It not bo.
Tlio only vnlld' roason. for not deslrlng
It thnt I hnwo honrd Is thnt now we have
an opportunlty of sondlng our malls by
way of 'Buckinghain Courthouse, when
hlgh water prevonts crosalng to tho tralns
hore. and so onables us to got letters
to Rlchmond or olsowhere wlth only one
days dolny; whlle wltli runtl dellvery, the
mnll will remaln In (he Manteo ofhce
untll the. rlvor fnlls suillclently to cross.
I learned to-day thnt Mr. C. I. Johnston,
of Wlnglna, In thls county, who haa been
slck sovoral weoks, Is but llttlo, lf apy
better. His daughtor, Mrs. Jnmes Mundy,
Is Improvlng after two months' Illness.
Fruit Trees Were in Full Bloom and
Crop is Destroyed.
(Spcclnl to Tlio Tlmes-Dlnputch.)
SCOTTSBURG, VA.. Aprll 8.?Tho pres?
ent cold snap has dostroyod tho promis
Ing frult crops of thls seotlon of South
sldo Vlrglnla. Tho troos wero ln full
bloom and tho weathor was sufflclontly
cold to mako Ico on tho small. ponds.
Mr. D. B. Easley, ono of tho best citl-.
zens, as well ns ono of the most proml?
nent farmers ot Hallfax, hns Just return?
ed from a threo months* stay ln the Vnl
ley of Vlrglnla, ln a much lmproved condl
tion of health.
Hon. J. T. Locy, a momber ot tho
Flnance Commltteo ot tlio House of Rop
rosontatlves, Is spendlng a fow days wlth
his famlly.
Clover lnjured and Strawberries Dam
' aged?Revival Services.
(Spcclnl to Tlie Tiuiiw.Dispatch.)
SOUTH BOSTON, VA., Aprll C?Yestor?
day morning on tubs of water on northern
oxposuros lco^ was nearly one-fourth, of
an inch thlck. Nearly all of tho frult
Is kllled outright. That. whlch yet ro
malns, apparently unlnjured, will, It Is
bellovcd, fall off In a fow days. Clover
wns badly lnjured. Strawberries aro
badly damnged. Tobaeco plants wero un?
der clotha and are reported not hurt.
Rov. J. W. Wlldman, pastor of tho Bap?
tlst Church, commonccd services at his
church laat nlght, whlch wlU contlnuc
durlng tho week. In tho absence of the
rector thoro will bo no servlces~'a.t Trinity
Episcopal Church durlng holy week. ^
Mrs. J. J, Lawson ls 111 at her homo.
Freeze in Loulsa.
(SpOCllll tO TllO TIU3C8-DlBpnti!'l.)
OFFLEY, VA., Aprll 0.?Tho thermom
eter stood nt 27 degroos hero Sunday morh
lng, and tco was found ono-quartcr of an
Jnott thlok, the ground belng heavlly
crustcd, The frult must be all klllod.
Enrly corn In gardons was cut down.
Much ?amnge !to tobaoco jjlants ls
fearod, whoro they wero not under can
Frost in Buckingham.
(Sroclal fo Tho Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
GRAVEL HILL, VA., Aprll 0.?A vory
heavy frost here Saturday nlght. Tho
frult- -crop ls about nll rulned. Thoro
may ba somo lato npplos left. lee formed
from a. half to one Inch thlck.
Unique WhlsRey Sltuatlon
Still Contlnues? the
Town Divicled.
(Spcclnl to The Tluios.DUpntcb.)
FARMVILLE, VA., Aprll 6.-Flre early,
Saturday morning destroyed the dwelllng
known ns tho I'nyno resldenco, ln the
ousl end of tho town, the proporly of tho
Farmvlllo Bulldlng and Trust Company.
The oi'luln ls unkiiowu, but ls thought to
havo beon the work of nn lncondlury, Tho
houso wiiii uiioccupled,
Tho alurm of flre yesterday betweon tho
hours of 2 nnd 3 o'clock wua occnsloued
by a sllght blu.o In u negro dwelllng ncur
tlio colored Haptiut Church.
Tho unique condltlun ot tlio whlskoy sit
uiitioii'ln Farmvlllo Ib mlll tho one loplc
of convei'satioii. A potltlon as a gulilo
for tho Town Councll to act by ln belng
carrled around to-day. Tho Councll doos
not fcel ii t llborty to opon a dlsponsary
ln tho town unlll they got the seiillnimu
of the people. Thero are a great many
\Mho wero not ln favor of a dlspoiiBiiry,
so long uu there was a chance of hnvlng
thq Haloon, but prcl'er u dlsrionsury to a
ury town. Ono of tho petltlor.s is oppoa
Ing tho dlspens-ry, und the olher for.
TllO Councll will meet Tuesday nlght,
the Hlh instuiit, und thelr actlon, ko fnr
iiu thu openlng of h dlspensury Is cou
ceined. will depeml itltoguther u.ion tho
polltlons belng eunled moiind to-day, Tlio
urunks hore last Siiliirday wero niimcroiis,
but wbare the whlakey came from no one
soeifls to know. lt lu reported flvo gal
Ioiih of It came frum Burkevillo and wua
ulbtrlbuted among the negro populutlon,
Heavy Loss to Orowers In
j- Princess Anne County.
Hlgh Tides Swamp the Road to Kntttt'?
Island and the Mall OarHer Could
Not Make Hls Regular TWp.
Preachers Are Cut Off.
(Speclal ta The TimM-Dlapttcb.)
BLOSSOM HILJj, VA., Aprll O.-The
reoeht cold wavo, acoompanled wlth hlgh
wlnds,' heavy ralns and very hlgh tldes,
and flnatly such a ohango ln tho atmos
phere as to produce leo on the water
and cause a orust of lee on the ground,
has had a vory' deprosslng effect on the
farmers of thls sootlon. '
The peaoh crop, whlch has ln many
respocts becomo a very Important one,
Is consldered to be almost,, lf not en
tlrely, cut off. Such a*loss wlll be keenly
folt, for tho peuch crop ls a source of
conslderable revonue, and many farmors
were addlng largoly to thelr orohards.
Tho'lands of thla sectlon are woll adapted
to tho culture of frult ot all. klnds, and
ospeolally of tho peaoh, whlch commands
Ihe hlghest prices on the markets and is
pronounced in all rpspects Hrst-'elasB.
Tho loss wlll be qulto heavy and tho
Crult grently mlssed ln tho cltles.
1 The hoavy ralns have had the effect
of injuring the Irlsh potato orop, whlch,
in many instahces, tsvrottlng, and a "bad
Btand" is generally prodlated. Tho Irlsh
potato bug Is on hand, and'is eatlng off
the new plants as fast as thoy mako
thelr appearance. One old farmor told
your oorespondent the other day. that
"the bugs" woro even standlng over tho
holos whore thoy had eaten the Irlsh
potato aprouts ot'f, and woro wlnking at
the sprouts to comejtp, so thoy could re
new thelr feast and agaln eat them off.
Tho recent westerly gnlcs have had
tho ofl'oot of raislng the waters of Back
Bay to suoh an oxtent that Knott's
Island ls cut off from' the maln land,
oxcept by boat, and a great Inconve
nlonco is the result The road leadlng
to Khott's Island, whloh is about four
mlles long, Is uoross a marsh, whlch
soparates Back Bay from Currltuck
Sound. It is sald to be completely cov?
ered wlth water, and In somo places the
water is from two lto three feot deep
on tho jroad. '-Tbo mall, which ls carried
fom Munden Polnt, Vu? to Knott's Isl?
and by prlvato convoyanco, could not
make Its regular trlp on Saturday.
Tho quarterly conferenco of the M. E.
Churoh was to have boon held on Knott's
Island last Saturday. and Sunday, but
dld not convone on account of the con?
dltlon of the road, and a gonoral dls
appolntment was the result. Tho mlnls
ters, Rev. J. Powoll Gnrlaud and J. B.
Phaup, presldlng elder and preachor In
charge of this clrcuit, made tho attempt
to cross the road and hold the quarterly
meetlng, but tho risk was too great, and
thoy returned to tho homo of Mr. John
E. Moore, whlch ls very near the
Marsh road." At last nccounts Mr.
Phaup was consldorlng wlth somo se
riousness the feaslbltlty of attomptlng
the trlp, but Dr. G.arland could not bo
persunded to leavo "torra flrnia" untll
tho waters had vory much rocoded,
whlch was concedod to be good, sound
Body Identified.
(Speclal to Tho Tlmcs-Dlspatcb.)
body which was found floatlngln the
Potomac off Aleexandrla Saturday was
yestorday identlllecl as that of Thnddeus
Baden, of No, 1320 Twelfth Street.
Northwcst, Wnshlngton, a former em
ploye In tho Govornment Prlntlng Ofllce.
The remalns were removod to Washlng?
ton and burled to-day. It Is stated that
about two wooks ngo Mr. Baden mys
terlously dlsappeared from home, but
the pollco were not notlfled ns hls fam?
lly hoped lo have hlm return wlthout
unplonsant notorloty. Ho ls survlved by
a widow and four chlldron. The theory
of sulclde ls dlserodltcd by them, who
hold tho bollef that ho met doath accl
That Does Good
A medicinal food tha.
attacks microbes
and drives out
disease ^
The only vitalized Emulsiori of Cod
Liver Oil with tho hypophosphites ol Ume
3iitl soda and fjuuiacol.
For weak, thui, consumptive, pnle-faced
people, and for those who sufler from
chronic skin disease and weakness ol
lungs, chest o( throat.
Ozomulsioii is a scientific food, pre>
pareel under aseptic conditions in a mdd'
ern laborntory under supervision of skilled
'J'o be had of all clruggtets,
A Large Sample Bottle Free
wlll be sent byus to any address on request, bc
thut iiivaluls ln every walk o( llie.ciu U-st u foi
llu-inselves aml see what O*oinu|slon wlll do loi
lliein. Send us your imme and complete address
iiientloniiig tliis paper, and the large sample frei
bottle will at ouce be sent to you by mall, prepa|4
The Ozomulslon Co. ,
TldewaterFarmers Thankful
Over Resuits of Frost.
Rev. Dr. V. McFaden Haa Nervous
Prostratlon Whlle in the Pulplt.
Suit for Damagea Because As
saulted and , Abused.
(Bpeclal-te The' Timei-DUpttch.)
NORFOLK, VA., Aprll 6,-The early
crops of strawberries, potatoes, beans,
peas and ououmbors were badly lnjured
by the ooid weather of Saturday nlght
and agaln laat nlght Ico formed both
nlghts. The'farmers are congratulatlng
themsoives, howovor, on the fact that the
crops. weroInoi entlrely killod.
Whlle they are badly bllghted, they will
recovor from the bllgbt.
Two of tho handsomest yaohta of. the
Now York Yaoht Club woro In Norfolk
harbor to-day?the Kanawha, ownod by
H. H. Rodgers, actlng presldont of tho
Standard 011 Company, and tho Tusca
roro, ownedby Walter Jcnnlngs, also of
the Standard 011 Company.
The Kanawha, * commanded by Captaln
Mlller, wlth her ownor, Colonel Rlce, Mr.
Bfcnjnmln and other New Yorkors aboard,
ls bound from New York to tho West in
The Tuscarora coaled thls afternoon and
will leavo ln the morning for a trlp up
the James Rlver, Two woeks will bo
Bpent in oruislng about Baltlmore and
Washlngton,; and thon tho yacht, whlch
has boen ln Wost Indian watora durlng
tho wintor, will roturn to Now York.
Rev. Dr. V.' MoFadon was prostrated
whllo preachlng'at tho Wrlght Momorlal
Methodlst Church, Portsmouth, last nlght.
He was nbout to flnlsh an oloquont ser
mon on the New Jorusalem, when nervbus
enorgy forsook; hlm and ho collapsed.
Medlcal attontlon was seourod at once, so
that rellef wns qulck. i
Dr, MbFaden ls stlll sufferlng from ner?
vous prostratlom duo to many sorvlcos
and ovorwork, but ho Is stronger to-day.
J. H. Gurganua, of Pnctolus, N. C, who
was hold In.Jnll horo for several days on
the oharge of abscondlng to escape the
payment of his debts, Ihns been relcased
on an asslgnmont of his property for tho
beneflt jot his credltors.
Charles H. Todd's ense nttracted a num?
ber of spectators to the Court of Law and
Chancery thls morning. Ho sues tho Nor?
folk, Portsmouth nnd Newport News Com?
pany for $5,000 damages. The allegatlons
of the plalntlff aro that ho waa assaultcd
nnd abused for not paylng a fnro on the
rallway that tho company had no rlgbt
to chnrgo. A flght nnd abuslvo lnngungo
occurred betweon hlm and tho ticket col
lcctor. and tho conductor nttemp'ted to
tnko hlm'off on tho ferry-boat, when he
dld not wlsh to go. There aro a great
number of wltncsses, Ineludlng tho traln
and boat crews and the pnsscngors who
heard tho altercatlon In regnrd fo tho
ticket and saw the flght whlch followed.
Tho trlal occUplcd Judgo W. B. Martln
and a Jury all day. Thls Is the flrst caso
Judgo Martln- has heard slnce his return
from Ashovlllo, where he went a month
ago for his .health, His health ls restored.
Died in Bed.
(Speclal to Tlie Tlmcs-Dlspateh.)
? ORANGE, VA., Aprll (j,?Mr. H. W.
James, agent of the Southern Rallway
nt thls place, was found dead in bed
early Sunday mornlng. Mr. James' hoino
wns In Norfolk, and hls remalns wero
taken there for burial Monday evenlng.
Ho was about flfty years of age, and un
marrled. Mr. James has been horo only
about four months. He was formerly
connected wlth tho Norfolk and Western.
Supposed Attempt to Lynch
the Negro Acoused of
Shooting Conductor.
(Speclal to The Times-Dispatch.)
FARMVILLB, VA., Aprll C?The town
authorltles and a few cltlzens were made
to feel very uncomfortable last Satur?
day nlght, when lnformatlon was recolved
by them to the effect that un attempt
would surely be made by a mob from
Crewe to take from the county Jall and
lynch Alex Davls, who, lt ls alleged, shot
Conductor Luthor Robertson ln Crewe
yard last Tuesday nlght,
Tho flrst lntlmntlon that trouble would
llkely occur was roported to Mayor Blan?
ton by Mr. C, C. Dllloti, who, ln cltlzen's
alothes, was dolng pollce duty that nlght.
Mr. Dlllou says: "Shortly after U o'clook
a tall whlte man wlth sandy mustaoho
approached hlm and odmmenced to make
Inquiry about Mr. Llgon, the regular po
lloo; the man after explalnlng to Mr, Dil
ion how Couduotor Robertson was shot
told him that ho had come 15 mlles, and
that there would be some trouble hore to
nlght. Just thon a frelght traln came
In, and on It wore about K or 30 persons.
Whether thoy wore blndt or white Is not
known. Mr. Dlllon roported hls converBa
tlon with tho'trtrnngor ln full to Mayor
Blanton, and tlio Mayor, Mr, J. L. Hari
and the pollcoman went nt once to Mr,
Hart's otllco, where they dlscussod tho
tnatter. Judge Crute was 'phoned and
the facts told to hlm.. Ho ImmeUlntely
oame down town. It was then getting
lato, and partloa of strongers are roported
to havo boen noon In dltforent parts of
tho town. Now nnd then a plsto) shot
wns heard ln tho east aud western part
of the town, nnd the .author/lties woro of
tho oplnlon thnt it was the slgiml for
the assembly.
"Mr, Hurt wont at once to the home of
Mr. George Cox, tho boarding-placo of
Chlof of Pollco Eogus, niul aroused hlm
from sleep. Thoy w'ent to the Jall and
took <ho negro, whose frjghtful condl?
tlon was oxcoedlngly pltiful. Ho was car
rtod ln the olerk's offlco at flrst, but lutor
trlkon to tlio oolora'ti aohoolhouse on the
outBkirts of tho town, whoro Mr. Fogus
remalned wlth hlm untll .mornlng, when
he was taken back to Jall. The negro's
moaiiM nnd itIos were awfulj ho wus
unable to spoult a word," '
Whothor thero wns a mob ln town
Saturday iiIkIu for the purposo of lynoh
Ing Davls wlll, porhaps, iiever be known,
but ihlngs oortnlnly looked very suspl
cloua, It is bolloyod, however, that- the
partv who had the converaatlon wlth
Mr, Dlllon was sookihg lnformatlon.
It ls learnod here to-day that doteotlvos
wpo have beon at work. on the oase In
Ivynchburg say that Dav|s cannot bo ihe
rlght man. DavlB haa always sald he
could prove an allbl lf slven a chance.
He wlll bo held here untll he can be
Sftl\m ? hoarlng _t Nottoway CourHioua* i
\ \ ? ,
beaf Gitlzen of Chester fleld
Kllled on Track.
Though Faclng Incomlng Traln, Nelther
Saw or Heard ita Approach?Qood
Roads Meetlng Called?Robbery
at Chester?Other Notes. .
(BpOol.l to Tba Tlmoi-Dliipttch.)
CHESTER, VA., Aprll U.-Suhday morn?
ing about 11 o'olook Mr. George W.
Thompson, an' aged cltlaon, llvlng near
Bollwood'a, was kllled whllo walklng the
Seaboard Alr Llno traok. Mr. Thomp?
son waa aovonty-two years old, and oame
here from the North a number of years
ago,. and was qulte deaf, Ho had'.order
ed some cars. to be put ln Bellwood's
Sldlng for tho shlpment of- wood, and
Sunday morning he thought he would
walk there?a short dlstanco. from his
home?and see lf the cars were ln, and'
whlle walklng'ln a out, And whoro tho
road ourvos ln Bellwood's farm, noar the
turnpiku, golng towards Rlchmond, he
mot tho Soaboard Alr Llno 10:10 o'olook
traln from . RIchniond. The englnedr
gavo tho dahgor slgnals and put on tha
alr brakos aa soon aa p'osBlblo, .but waB
too noar hlm whon tho danger was seen
to Bto'p, and struck hlm faco fo'remost,
bre'aking rlba, both arins and logs and
crushlng his skull.
The traln held up aftor runnlng past
hlm, nnd on examlnatlon by the/ crewi
he was found to be dead, Ho hardly
know what struck hlm, his body belng
thrown forward about- slxty feet and j
prbstrate ln the dltch.
A porter waa loft wlth hlm nnd Justlce
G. 32. Robertson, at Chostor, was notlflod,
who lmmedlatoly went to the scene by
tho electrlc road and hold a formal ln
quest. Tlio Jury slmpiy rondored tho d.v
clslon that tho decoasod canio to hla
death by bolng run ovor by tho Sea?
board engtno, tho porter tosttfylng to
thnt fact.
Dr. J, F. Ragland was present nnd' ox
amlned tho romalns, and rendered his
verdlct Mr. Thompson was known to bo
deaf, but.,had good slght, and the only
wny to account for tho romarkablo ac?
cldent ls tlie ldea that walklng to the
cold wlnd of yestorday morning, Mr,
Thompson must have had his head bowed
over, p.nd nolther hoard or saw tho en
Bbio. Mrs. Thompson was notlded by
tho mnglstrate, who wns prostrated by.
tho sad nows, and nelghbora took chargo
of tho body to preparc lt for buriul,
Tholr only boii, Mr. Warron " Thompson,
had Just gone to Massachusetts to take
chargo of a constructlon foTco a day
or two beforo tho accldent, Tho wldow
ls left alorio, but will be klndly lookod
after by nolghborB.
On Friday nlght In thls vlllago some
one entored tho kltchen of Mr. W. H.i
Fowlkes, breaklng tho bllnds and wln
dow, but taklng nothlng therefrom. Mr,
Fowlkes spoko harshly to his dog, which
was barking ln tho nlght, and he sup
poses thnt frlghtened tho party away.
A buslness men's club wna organlzed
horo Saturday nlght, and' some'-proposl-"
tions road from parties wlshlng to estab
llsh enterprlscs here. Thls club was or
ganlzed ln order to further tho_ buildlng
up of thls beautiful llttle place, admlra
bly well located. both for prlvate resi
dences and buslness enterprlses, belng
the center of several rallroads. The
buslness, club wlll doubtless do much to
Improve the place.
A meetlng of the "Chesterfleld Good
Roads Assoclatlon" has been called by
the presldent to be held et tho court
house on the second Monday (court day)
ln Aprll. The maln objeot of tho cnll ls
to oMscuss tho plan offered by Mr. C. N,
Frlend and urge Its adoptlon for a road
law by the Leglslature. Other lnv..ortant
matters also wlll be looked aftor con
cernlng the roadB. Capt. John Lumb wlll
be present and addross tho assoclatlon
on the road quostlonf and Mr. Grant, of
Henrlco, also has 'been requested to at?
tend and toll of roads ln hls county.
The Ocean Shore Huntlng and Oyster
ing Grounds Involved,
(Speclal to Tho Tlnies-Dlsimtch.)
ONANCOCK, VA., Aprll 6.?The case of
Walsh vs. Bowden, Jeffreys et als, wlll
come up ln the Clrcult Court of Acoomao
county Tuesday. Thls ls a test Vaap and
ono that InvolveB many thousnmls of
acres of oystor grounds on tho ocean sldo
pf Accomac and^ Northampton countles.
Walsh had Bowden and others arrcsted
for trespasslng on and taklng oysters
from grounds contlnguous to hls farm,
The flrst land grants ontered ln tho sev
entoenth and efghteonth centurles, undor
tho old Engllah reglme, generally gave
Are alwaya "beau?
tiful" and alwaya./
" happy " accord-1
ing to the aociety J
reportera, and ln I
tlna case the re- J
port is niostly true. *
There may be un- ?
happy brides in
'fiction, bnt there
are few in real llfe.
But how hard it ia
to look upon many
of the wivea we
know and believe
that they were
once beautiful and happy. Pain, the
reatilt of womanly disease, has niorred
beuuty and undenuiued happiness,
Bcauty and happiness are both restored
to Uie sufferera from womanly dlseaaea
by the uae of Dr, Pierce's Pavorite Pre
scription. It curea the pain-produclng
ills peculiar to women, eatabUahing reg
ulanty, drying weakenlng drains, heal
ing influrnmation and ulceration, and.
curing female weakueas, It rcatorea
rouniiucsa to tbe trankcn check and
plumpnesa to the ahruuken body.
?I li?t thnu_ht fbr aome tlme ( would -rtle
you ond tell you of tbe great lmprovement ln
my heelth slnce taklng your ' Favorlte Prescrlp
tlon.' ? aay* Mrs. ?. 6, Jouea, of I'oiest, N. C,
"Whew I pegan Us use fwas ? physlcal vrretk
aud had despalred of ever bavlog any health
agaln. Could not alt up all day, and waa so
wenk 1 could not wallc one quarter pf u mlle,
I noted u great lmprovement lu my health be?
fore tbe flrst bottle was used. Waa sufTering
wltb almost every pain tbat o woman Issubjecj
?oj hsd Inflarntnaflon of ovarles, painful and .
?uppreaged ptrioda, and other symptoms of le
laole dlseaae. After tukiug sts bottles of fa?
vorlte Prcscrlption,' I felt llko a new person,
Can rlde liorseback aud takeall kinda of e_ar
<ii?c aud not feel tlred." ,_
If you are led lo tbe purcuaae of " fa?
vorlte Prescription" because of lts re
Biarkable cures qf other women, do qot
occept u substitute which haa none of
theae cures to its credit,
If you are lookinufor a perfect la*_
UVC ta t>r. I'iwCC'B PlCaUHUt fcllctta,
Bone Palns, Itchlng, Scabby Skln
?walllngs, Osrbunclea, Plmplei, iorofula
permanently oured by' taklna Botanlo
Blood Bnlm. .lt deatroya the notlvo PolBon
ln the blood, If you have aehos nnd palns
In bones, bnok nnd Jolnts, Itchlng, Scabby
Bkln, Blood feolB hot or thln, Swollon
Glnnds, Rlsltigs and Bumpson the Skln,
Mucoua PatohOB In Mouth,, Soro Throat,
Plmptos or offcnslve aruptlone, Coppor
Colored Spots or Rasli on Skln, all run'
down.Or.norvous, Uloers on uny part ot
tho-body, Halr or Eyobrows falllng out,
CarbunoloB or Bolls, take '
. Botanlo Blood Batm, Guaranteed
to cure even tho worst and most doop
seated oas?s whoro doctors, patont medl
clnoB, nnd hot Bprlngs fftll. ' Honls nll
Bores,. Btops nll aohes nnd palns, rodtices
nll swolllngB, ibiikfiB blood pure nnd HclV
completel.v ohanglng'tho entlro.body Into
a oloan. healthy condltlon. B/ B. B. hns
oured thousands of cnses of Blood Polson
evon aftor roaehlng tbo last stages.
Old Rheumatlsm, Catarrh, Eezema
aro dauaod by an awful Polsoned condl?
tlon of the Blood, B. B. B. stops Hawklng
and Splttlng, Itohlng and Soratohlng,
Achcs and Palns| ouras RheumatlBin, Ca
tnrrh; honls alls Scabs, Scalos, Eruptlons.
Wntory Bllstors, foul festerlng Soros of/
Eezema, by glvlng n pure, henlthy blood
supply to afrected parts.
Cancer Oured.
Botanlo' Blood Balm Curos Cancors of
all klnds, Suppuratlng Swclllngs, Eatlng
Sores, Tumora, tigly ulcors. It kJIIb thj?
Cancor Polson and heals tho sores or
worst canoor perfectly. If you havo a
perslstont Plmplo, Wnrt, BwcIllngB,
Shootlng, Stlnglng Palno, tako Blood
Balm and thoywlfl dleappear beforo they
dovelop Into Cancer. Many apparently
hope'esB caseB of cancer ourod by tuklng
Botanlo Blood Balm.
Dar n large bottle r?r ?!, nt any
,lru?_l?(, t.ulten* tilrected. Ilntnnie
llluutl llalm (Cl.II.Il. j nlwnjr*cure*
whon tho rlght quantity t. Ukni.
If not enroil y i>u r money will
,Fu nd e J wllh. fl3(Pm? ,. /0_/> . _?_
_out iir?inn-nt.CA.>?>~TO UjfltAAAJCQ
Botanlo Blood Balm (B. B. B.) fs
Pleasant and safo to tako. Thoroughly
toatcd for 30 yoarB. Composed of Puro
Botanlo' Ingrodlonts. Strengthons wonk
kidnoys and weak Btomachs, curos dys
nepsla. Completo dlroctions go wlth each
bottle. Prlco $1 at all drug stores.
Samplo sont frco by wrltlng Blood Bnlm
Company, 418 MltchoH Stroet,' Atlanta.
Ga. . Descrlbo your trouble. nnd spcclnl
free modlcnl ndvlco to suft your cafio also
sent ln scnlcd lottor. Enough Blood
Bnlm ls sent freo.to provo Ita marvoloua
curatlvo powera. Do not hesltate to wrlto
at onco, aB Blood Balm is'scnt frco and
tho Atlantlo Ocenn as tho eastern bound
ary ot the sensldo farms. Tho Intorvonlng
spaco of water, mnrBh and beaefh- runs
from two miles In wldth to elght miles,'
tho entlre length of tho Penlnsula, and
Tian beon always used by tho cltlzons of
the Stato In common for oysterlng and
Mr. Walsh now clalms oxcluslve rlghts
under tho old patont, and ls, ondeavorlng
to enforco thom.
In tho Walsh cnso nbout 3,000 acres of
mnrsh and oyster grounds, sltuatcd ln
Assoteaguo Bay, In tho northeastorn cor?
ner of Accomnc county, nre Involved. Tho
mnmmoth development of tho oyfltcr In?
dustry on tho sensldo slnco tho extensivo
plantlng began has mado theso lands of
gieat valuo.
A groat many of tho sonsldo farms of
tho Vlrglnla Eoatorn Shore havo tho samo
legnl stntus, henco tho almost unlversal
Interest folt ln the questlon of whethor
tho old Engl(sh granta.wlth the Atlantlc
Ocenn ns tho boundary, stlll hold
good. Should Walsh wln his caso tho on
tlro ocean sldo of the eounties would go
Into Utigatlon, and lt would bo a harvest
for thp lawyers.
Water-Power of Holston River in Dis
pute Between Two Companies.
(Spcclul tp Tlio Tlmos-DUpatch.)
BRISTOL, VA., Aprll 6.?The matter of
devoloplng the wator power ln tho Horso
shoo Bond of tho Holston River, ten
rriiles east of Brlstol, for the purposo of
txneratlng elec'trlolty for manufacturlng
purposes lnv Brlstol, Is now a thlng of
contentlon between two companies, name
ly: Tho Holston Water and Eloctrlo Pow?
er Company und a company organlzed
by A. T. Smalllng, who owns tho lands
about tho folls ln the rlvor.
Tho court has Just granted tho former
company tho prlvllege of a rlght of way
through the lands of Mr. Smalllng for
the purposo of doveloplng the wator pow?
or, and a Jury pf vlow hns completcd lts
work, havlng nssessed the damages to Mr.
Smalllng at *38,300. It will not bo surprls
ing lt these flgures cnuso tho Holston Com?
pany to abandon tho Idea of develop|ng
tho powor, but'ln such an 'event- lt ls
understood that Mr. Smalllng's company
wlll tako up tho sdhome,
The plan, If carrled out, would be of
lncalculable worth to the Industrlos of
Brlstol, yleldlng, as lt would, much power,
thus offerlng lnducements to new Indus?
trial concorns.
Locust DaieWon. ^
(Speclal to Tbo Tlmes-Dlspnteb.)
ORANGE). VA., Aprll 0,?Locust Dale
defeated Brown's University School on
Looust Dale grounds by scoro of 8 to 4.
Battorles: For Locust Dale. Curtls and'
Fltzpatrlok'i for Brown's, Wntson and
Company ls Preparing to Pen
etrate Shenandoah Moun
talnsWlth Railroad.
(Speclal to Tho Tlmos-Dlspatch.)
force bf men |n'charge'of A. A. Chap
nian,. a. clvll englneer, nr.d \V. H. FtlekV
urd, repro?ontlnB tho Virginla Central
Rallway, wont to Dry Rlvor Gap to
day ta complete tho stuklng out of the:
npproach to the proposed tunncl by whlch.
aome road wlll l>asa through the Shonan
doah Mountaln. Several of thn local.
roprosentutlvus of the VIrglnla Central,
aocompar-led by tholr counsel, were ln
Washlngton lost vvoolc, Thelr Imslness,
could not bo learned, but there. are all.
klnds of rumois floatlng about ln ro
gard to tholr purpose, bvlt none wlll verl
fy, and wlll only say, "Just awalt de-.
The-County Board of Supervlsors to
day passed resolutlons agalnst the ap?
proprlatlon to the JameBtown Exposl?
tlon. Thoy requested the Rooklngham
Reprosentatlves tq use tholr Influonv'o
toward dofear,lng the blll,
-P, L. Yates, of the , stock flrm of p,
L, Vates & Son, who was ser|ously Inr
\jurad 'Saturday evenlng, ls Bomewliat
lmproved to-nlght. Mr. Yatotf was caught
between a movlng cor and a post on the
cattle peps near hore. Hls rlght arm
was fructurod |n two places and the
leaders ln his Flght le* torn
Mrs. Andrews ls Heard front
at Memphls.
The Brandon Qoea lo the Shlpyard for
Repalrs?The Torpedo Boat Dea*
' troyer Oomea to Newport News
'' for Coal?Courta ln Sesslon.
(flpocltl to Tba Tlmoi'Dlspntch.)
NEWPORT NEWS, VA., ? Aprll 6.-A
telogram was rocelyed horo from Mem?
phls, Tenn., to-day statlng that Mrs.
Lllllo B, Androws, -tho seVenteon-ycar
old wlfo to J, T. Androws, of thls olty,
was In Memphls and hud ubsoiutoly l?
fused to roturn to her husband, "
Mrs. Androws dlsdppoared from' tha
clty Friday, and tho pollco learned that
sho bought a tlckot for Memphls, Tenn,,
and loft hero on tho Chesapeake ond Ohlo
traln for Rlchmond. Androws, who Is
a shlp carpoutcr, nnd ls employeil at the
shlpyard, roportod tho loss of his wlfo
to tho pollco und atatcd that Bhe too*
$76 of his monoy away wlth hor. Ho
wantod tho chargo of grand larceny,
brought agalnst his wlfe In order to
have hor brought'back. \
Tho pollco '.ln formed hlm that n, wlfe
could r.ot sloal from her husband; that
what bolonged to hlm also bolonged to
hor. Androws' thon loft tho pollce station
and as far as citn bo ledrnod, has mado
no effort to locate tbo glrl. Tho tole
gram rocolved to-dny was from a Mem?
phls newspaper to n local paper,
Mrs. Andrews waB formorly MIbb Llllle
Marablo, a'popular young glrl. Sho,mar
rlod Andrews when sho waa only fourtocn
years old, nnd it is said that their do
mcstlo aftalrs have'''hot beon progresslng
vory smoothly for somo timoi No ono
knowp why tho glrl went to Momphla or
who she Is staylng wlth thoro.
Tho contost for queen on tho mllltary
and flremon's carnlval onded to-day by
Mlss Maxlo Doylc withdrawlng from
tho contost. Mlssos Ellyson and Doylo
were tho only candldatcs who had' not
wlthdrawn. Saturday MIbb Ellyson'8 voto
ran up to nearly doublo that of hor op
ponont'B and tho latter wlthdrow from
tho race to-day.
Tho Old Domlnlon steamor Brandon
wont to tho shlpyard to-day, for repalrs
and paintlng.
Tho torpedo boat dostroyor Chauncey
arrlved horo to-day and wont to the xioal
dock to load bunkor coal.
Tho Brltlsh stcamshlp St. Dunstnn, Cap?
taln Fortay, nrrlved horo to-day' from
Portland, to load a gonoral cargo for
Antwerp. Tho St. Dunstan will. replace
the St. Enoch, -.whlch wns recently >gold.
Both tho Clrcult and Corporatlon Courta
adjourned to-dny for the term.
? Hugh Nolson, an old whlto man from
New York, who has been working thls
clty ns a travellng salesman, was arrsst
ed to-day on the chargo of obtalnlng
money," under. falso pretonaos. Ho will be
trfod to-morrow. ...
Badly Crushed by a Rock and Leg Atv
(Specinl to Tba Tlmu-Dliptteti,)
OLADESBORO, VA., Aprll 0.?Mr. En
by Wlllls, of near thls place, whlle as
work In tho'mlncs, was so badly mashe<
by a rock falllng on hlm that sam?
thoucht ho could not rocover. The sur-;
geons amputated one of hla logs,, andj
lt Ib thought now he wlll rocovor, j
Deputy Marshals Chlldrcss and Cooh
. ran mado a rald on a moonshlne stlll*
a fow days slnce. They found a barrefj
of llquor and a stlll. but tho prbprlotor'
sklpped out, and as l!e left tho place he
opened flre on the deputy marshals,
lilttlng both wlth soveral shot, but thet.'
wounds aro only sllght, and thoy will
soon recover.
Mrs. Mary A. Marshall became vlo
lently insano a fow dayB slnco, She ia lij
a very deplornblo condltlon.
Mr. A. J. Wlllls. who was out ln the
lung wlth a knlfo _,by a negro somo
months ago, and who" people thought wM
getting woll, ls getting worse. Hls ca<4
Is a bad ono.
Tho small-grain crops are looklng
better horo than usunl thls sprlhg.
Mr. N. Bowman. an old soldler of tho
Confedorucy, ls very slck and not ox
pectcd lo llvo many dnys, Mr, J. N.
Smlth, also an old soldler, is very low.
Mr. John Marshall, who Is nlnoty yours
old. can do as. much work In a day ns
most young men. Mr. Marshall can re?
member' when thls county was most all
In tho orlglnal forest, nnd when bears,
wolvos and pnnthers wero plentlful heiav
The Three Men Were Rescued and
Were Nearly Frozen.
(Spcclnl to Tbo Tlmes-Hlapatcb.)
VfARSAW, VA., Aprll C?Jott Brann,
Warren Brann and Thomas Wllson, who
wero thought to havo beon drowned ln
the Potomao Rlver ln a heavy gale by
tho capslsdng of thelr boat on Saturday
mornlng last, woro not drownod as re?
ported, They wero rescued about threrf
hours affSf the accldent, pnd wero taken
to Salnt George's Island, In Maryland,
Thoy wero nearly frozen. Tho young
mon rcaohed tholr homos ln Northum
berland late yesterday.
A Shooting Affray.
(Bppcial to Tbo Tlmos-Plsiintcb,)
BRrSTOli, VA., Aprll O.-.lumey Carter,
asslstant depot agent at tho VIrglnla and.
Southwostern Rallway depot at Elltsa
bothton, was shot by Fred.' Boyd, a young
man, on Saturday nlght, ns the rosult of
a dlspute. about a frelght clalm, .The
men had not boon aimrrollng but a short
timo, when Boyd pullod a rovolvor from
hls coat and flred upon Carter, ' The ball
enterad Carter's leg near tlie groln, barely
ihlssln'ii a largo veln.
Boyd.w'as placed uhder nrrost and gave
bond for hfs appearanco for trlal.
If you need ?
medlolno to tone
np tho eystem,
purify tho Wood,
or strohttthen
tho stomnch we
urgo you to iry
tho Bltttors. ft
mvtr falla,
It also ourea
l.a flrlppe and
A'uiai iu, Try ?*.

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