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A Move Inaugurated by the
Vehicle Association.
Visitors Attend the Academy?Officers
??. Be Elected to-Day and the
Convention to Wind Up With
a Banquet To-Ntght.
After a thoroughly Interesting business
Bcsslon yostorday morning, at which a.
i matter of much consequence to all mom
hers was discussed at somo longtli, the
convention of Vehicle Associations, now
In session In Richmond, adjourned at
noon for dinner, after which the entire
party was drWon to ?even Pines on a
?lumber of'trolley oars. Tho afternoon
was spent In being shown ovor the his?
torio battlefield, and tho roturn was mudo
later, In timo for tho visitors to seo tho
"French Maid" trip the light fantuntlc
on tho boards at tho Academy. Alto?
gether the day was pleasant to the buggy
The convention' will bo brought to a
close this aftoruoon, after tho annual
election of olllcers and the selection of tho
next mooting place. But tho festivities at?
tendant upon tho nssembly In Richmond
Will bo brought to a fitting! climax with
a aumptuous banquet nt Murphy's^ to?
night, and to-morrow the delegates will
begin leaving the city. '
Tho business session yesterday morning
was eonf'.ned amost oxcuslvely to a
discussion of tlio insurance problem, the
dealers In ope accord regarding -the pres?
ent fire rates as too high and rulte un?
reasonable. An a result,,a movement was
set on foot to organizo a mutual Insu?
rance company, but nothing doflnlte was
done yesterday. ? \
President Anderson brought the sub?
ject up by reading a paper on Insurance
rates: In part It was as follows:
"Tho Insurance people claim," ?aid Mr.
Andorson, "that rates are too low, and
that thocompaifles nro making no money;
but the"'annual cash dividends and sur
pitia .communications of these corporations
provo very clonrly that tho contrary Is
true. Ton Now York companies?the
Continental, German-Amorlcan, Germania,
Glen3 Falls, Hanover,. Homo, Niagara,
Phoenix, Westchestor and Willlamsburg?
have paid dividends for the last ten years
of 19.8 per cent, per annum, bosides add-'
lng to their surplus, ?15,089,050, or at th?
rate of 17 por cent, per annum, showing
?n annual average profit of 38.8 per. cent,
on tho capital Invested. This profit has
lieon made, too. In tho face of tlio fact
that tho an'orago expense account of f.ro
companies Is about 42 per cent, of the
premiums, a groat proportion of which
Is paid to local agents, who solicit and
handle a largo number of small policies.
Only 'five American companies ha?vo
$2,000.000 or more of capital?tho Aetna,
of Hartford; the Insurance Company of
..North America; Home, of New York;
Springfield Fire and Marino nnd Phoenix
of'Hartford. In tho last ten years these
companies havo pnld $18,170,000 In divi?
dends and havo added $8,003,921 to their
"It Is practicable to organize a co
pperntlye company along tho Unes of tho
Cotton mills mutuale, which charge tholr
membere a rate of thirty cents por an
hum, returning nt the end of tho year In
profits from 60 to 75 por cet. o? tho pro
. "For Instance, take 200 carriage fnc
lorles equipped after somo common stand?
ard, letting each one pay the reg?
lar rates charged, and becoming respon
nlble for, say, a like" amount to bo called
for In case of excessive .loss In any ono
year oxeeedlng tho premiums pnlri In.
trills would create a fund of about $500,000,
which ought to pay all posslbio losses,
yet' It is entirely probable that this,
nmourit is five times as great as the
nverago loss would bo In, say, tea years."
Southern's Detectives Have Worked
Out the Case at Blacksburg.
(Spocial to The Tlmcs-Dlspatch,)
CHARLOTTE, N. C, April S.-Tho train
Wreckers who.succeeded In derailing No.
17, tho Southern's fast mall train, ono mile
below Blacksburg- ono week ago to-day,
aro known to Detective H?n?y, of the
Southern. This Bturtllng piece of nows
was to|d your correspondent this morn?
ing by ono who knowsvwhereof ho speaks,
t.nst Saturday Detective Hanoy cqncluded
libi work at Blackburg, and the evidence
that ho had beep ablo to secure pointed
etrongly to the guilt of two white mon
who reside near tho knitting mill at
?Blacksburg. Monday Mr. Haney and
another detective of tho Southern wont
to the homes of tho men who wero un?
der suspicion, and ascertained that thoy
had gone, their families knew not whoro,
'As soon as those two men learned that
? tho cause of tho wreck of No, 97 was bo
Ing Investigated thoy became very ner?
vous, and In more than ano Instance dis?
played somo k'nowlodgo of tho affair.
?While they wero all along undor suspi?
cion, there was no tangible evidence to
connect them with the crime. As soon
?as this wns scoured tho men got wind of
?>t and departed for parts unknown, Tlio
'Southern refuses to divulgo tho names of
eithor of t)io men who aro suspected of
the crime. The road's reason for keop
ing quiet is that the men can more easily
bo located.
In a Short Time the Carolina Crop Will
Be Marketed.
(Special to Tho Times-Dispatch.)
MT, OLIVE, N, C, April 8.-Recent re?
ports sent out ns to damage by cold
snap to (he berry crop appears to be
exaggerated. Diligent Inquiry hore re?
ven?s tho fact that tho damage will
Jmrniy roach 10 per cent, Berry growers
urc always alert, and protect by etraw
mulching. The acreage is practically the
paino as last year.'
Thus far only forty crates hn,ve been
marketed from tnls point, the largest
berry shipping point In the State. Ber
Hos are selling to-dny In New York at
20 centB per quart for best stock. Those
marketed had fair size, but were off iu
color, duo to weather conditions.
This section Is ylsltod to-day by warm
fains?April showers. If the oxpected cold
snap of the Igt h Instant doe? not ma?
terialize shipments will begin In earnest
the lust week in April.
To give some ldoa of the volume of
the berry busjness nt this station, twenty
five employes are necessary to meet ship?
ping demands during the season. .
??? freight, depot ha? recently been on
G-|?1?\?G ?
When Sandow poees end th? rauiele
ridge hi? hack ?nd knot his am., we
think we have before us the very d?cret
.of strength In those magnificent muscles.
But we haven't, Starve Sandow, or,
what is practically the tame thing, let
hi m be dyspeptic, and hie muscle would
soon fail. Strength is made from food
properly digested and assimilated, and
no man is stronger than hie stomach, be?
cause when the stomach is diseased di?
gestion nnd assimilation are imperfect
Dr. Pierce'e Golden Medical Discovery
cures diseases of the stomach and other
organs of digestion and nutrition. It
enables the perfect digestion and assim
ilatiou of food so that the body is nour?
ished into perfect health and strength.
/ * 1 hnd what my nhyalclan catted indigestion.
He uav<?une medicine for the trouble bill it did
me no good," write* Mr. W. H. Well?,,of Wit
lord, N. C. "I wrote to Dr, Pierce and stated
my cane. He sent me a descriptive Hat and hy?
gienic rule*. I carried out these as beat I could,
bought aix bottle? of lila 'Golden Medical Dis?
covery' and commenced taking it. A few days
later I noticed a great change. / Pelt like a new ?
man, Before I.began the use of the 'Golden
Medical DUcovery' I aufTered greatly with pain
In atomach, my n?rvea seemed all ' run-down,'
I was very thin in flesh, but now ce? eat bearti?
and sleep good at ulghL"
Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Medical
Adviser is sent free on receipt of stamps
to pay expense of mailing only. Send '
twenty-one one-cent stamp? for the pa?
per-covered book, or thirty-one stamps
for the cloth-bound volume, Address
Dr. R. V. Pietce. Buffalo, N. Y. !
largcd by a 37-foot extension, and tho ber?
ry shed by a D2-.oot extension. At the
close of the berry season the passenger'
department of the station will be remod?
elled and a two-story building, 30x40 feet,
added to tho present depot.
Laurinburg Argues That It Should Have
a New Seaboard Station.
(Spcclnl to The Tlmes-DlapBtcM
LAURHiBURO. N. C, April 8.?
This town, especially the business ' ele?
ment, Is much disappointed at the recont
action of the Seaboard Air Lino authori?
ties in refusing; to grant us sufficient
depot facilities. At present the freight
and passenger depots are combined, and
the arrangement Is very inadequate in
mooting ..the needs and requirements ot
the traveling public. Frequently It occurs
that the exit to and from passenger cars
Is blocked by shifting freight cars, and
there Is great danger of accident, to say
nothing of the annoyanco occat-loned by
this nuisance.
Ten thousand dollars'worth of bonds will
be sold to-day by the Board of Aldermen
for the purpose of furbishing the town with
electric, lights, Several bids are ln, but
It Is probable that the bonds will go to
the firm of F. M. Stafford ?& Company,
of Chattanooga. Mr. Stafford Is here look?
ing after tho matter.
This section is becoming rather famous
for the attention giving to trucking. The
present season In this Immediato ?riclnity
thoro will probably, bo 2,000 acres in
melons, cantaloupes, Irish potatoes, beans
and tobacco.
Convict Sentenced to Hang Use s Stee
From Shank of His Shoe.
(SpecinI to Tho Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
WELDON, N. C, April S.-Vance
Splvey, tho one-armed white man In
Halifax Jail, under sentence of death,
committed suicide Tuosday evening in
his coll by cutting his throat with a
piece of steel taken from the shank of
his shoo. lie was tried at tho August
term of Halifax Superior Court for kill?
ing Moore, a fellow convict, who liad a
bunk in tlio cell with Splvey at the Calo
donla Slate farm. Splvey was convicted
of murder in tho first degree and sen?
tenced to W ianged. An appeal was
taken to the Supreme .Court, which af?
firmed the Judgment of the lower court.
Governor Aycock had Just Issued a war?
rant for Splvey's execution on May lath.
Whon Splvey. learned of this yesterday
he nerved himself for a horrible death
by suicide. Ho was a very desperato
character and many people believed
that ho was Insane. Others thought
that ho' was naturally bad and that ho
deserved the death penalty.
? .
Air Brakes Fad to Work and Conductor
Slightly Injured.
S (Special to The Tlmea-DlspatcU.)
.LEXINGTON, N. C., April S.-Six
freight cars were smashed to pieces and
an engine seriously damaged in a wreck
hero last night. A southbound through
freight and a northbound freight woro
both on the siding to lot a fast vestibule
iwiss. After tho fast train was by tho
southbound freight backed out and
started south, tho northbound in the
meantime coming slowly down to the
switch to be ready to come out of the
siding as soon as tho southbound train
was clear, of tho switch. Tho air brakes
on the train In the siding failed to work
and the southbound train was struck
about tho middlo, It will take probably
twelve hours to clear the main lino,
trains passing- through the siding In tho
meanwhile. Conductor Gosney wus
slightly injured,
Murder In Western Section Near the
Tennessee Ulne.
(Spncliil to Tim Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
ABBEVILLE, N, C, April 8.?A tele?
phone message from Tryon to Ashovlllo
to-night tells of a murder in tho western
section ot this Btnte, near the Tennessee
line. William and Solomon Gordon and
two men named Gosnell ambushed and
shot to death Linn aosnoll as the latter
started to his work. According to the
story of a fourteen-year.old girl, the Gor?
don who (Ired the fatal shot said he had
killed two finer-looking men than Gos?
nell and escaped punishment, and he had
no fears In this caso, Thero has been no
capture as yet.
Marriage atWeldon.
(Special to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
WELDON, N. C., April 8,?Miss Annie
Morocock was married here this morn?
ing to Mr, ????a?? Russell, who was for
povoral years connected with the wji?'9"
sale house of Davis, Roper & Co., Peters?
burg, Ya. Mr. and Mrs. Bussoli left Im?
mediately after the eeromany for a visit
to relatives at Oxford and Durham. -
Another Primary at Newbern.
(Specilli to Tho Tluiea-PJapatcli,)
NEWBERN, N, C, April 8.?Tha Demo
cratlo primary election held in this city
yesterday failed to give a majority for
cundidute for Mayor. Consequently an?
other will bo hold to decido between T.
M. McCarthy und William Ellis, the two
leading candidates. J, M. ?target, the I
present chlof of police, wflft rohomlnatefl;
3, t?, Scales, for water and light t?dmnils
sloner; T. G. Hyhinn and A. 11. Bad
gert, aldermen for the fli-st wnnli F. V,
Avery and .1. B. Dawson, secondi t?, H.
Lane 'And t?. G. Roberts, third ? h. t?.
Wood and Vf, t?. Phillips, fourth; Wal?
lace Rose and 13.'W. Watson, fifth; E. T.
Hollowcll nnd B* S. Gtliotl, sixth.
Beautiful Ceremony at Old Jerusalem
Church in King William.
(Special to The Times-Dispatch.)
April 8.?A beautiful wedding was cele?
brated In old Jerusalem Church at 0 P.
M. to-day, tho ceremony being perform?
ed by Rov. Mr. Button, tho pastor of tho
Tho contracting partios woro Miss Mary
Nelson Waring, of King William' coun?
ty, Va., and Mr. Jamos S. Christian, of
Now Kont coupty, Va. Miss Gertrude
Waring, sister of tho bride, waa maid
of .honor, and Mr. Charles Epporson best
man. Tho bride was attired In white or?
gandy, over white taftota silk I tho maid
of honor. In pink ''organdy, over pink
taffeta silk.*
Tho attondants wero as follows. Miss
Hannah Bowers'With Mr. Willie Gregory,
Miss Uva White with Mr. George Gregory,
Miss Irono Harris with Mr, Thomas
Waring, Miss Nannie Gregory with Mr.
Jessie .Richardson,' Miss Ethol Slaughter
with Mr. W. S. Llpscomb, Miss Lizzie
Lactr wlthMr..l3\ 11,Gregory, MIss.Bppor-'
son with Mr. Hurry Lacy, and Miss
Grover Wlllroy with Mr. R. T. Gregory.
The bride; carried bride's rodos and
maiden-hair ferns,; and was given away
by her brother, Mr. R. P. Waring. Tho
bridesmaids were dressed In white or-,
gandy, over white taffeta. ? reception
was given tho bridal party and several
fr|onds at the home of the bride's mothor,
from 9 to 12.
Tho bride Is'the daughter of "the late
Thomas::B. Waring. Tho groom Is tho son
of tho late B. D. Christian, of Now!
Kent county, who was clerk of the court
for his county for a- number of years,
and Is a prosperous farmer.
JETERSVTLLE. VA..' April 8.-Mr. J.
W. Elam and Miss Chira Wlngo, both
of Amelia, ?/cre married to-day at tho
Methodist Church by tho Bev. A. C. Jor?
dan. The church was beautifully deco?
rated with evergreens and lilacs. The
bride woro a blue traveling dress nnd
carried bride's roses. Her maid of honor,
Miss Wlngo, was dressed in white and
carried pink carnations.
(Special to The Times-Dispatch.)
LURAY, VA., April 8.-Mr. Josoph Lll
Can you find a woman and a cow in the picture?
Solution ..of j?Uz.lo in yesterday's Times-Dispatch: The face is formed by the
hay in the lower right-hand corner,
lard, a young farmer, a.%1 Miss Llssio
Sours, daughter of Julius Sours, were
married at the bride's homo this after?
noon, Rev. J. N. Stlrewalt ofliclating. ,
Smuggled in Tobacco.
.'Special to The ?TImos-Dlspatcb.)
NEWPORT NEWS, VA? April 8,-Four
Belgians?C. Acstcher, N. Desouter, John
Buckstrom and Joseph Murtjens?were ar?
rested to-night by United States customs
oilicers and the city police, charged with
smuggling ashore from the British steam?
er St. George thirty-three pounds ot Ha?
vana tobacco, valued at ?10O, It is re?
ported that the men succeeded in putting
oft 1.S0Q pounds at Now York without bo?
lng apprehended.
Sweetheart Treated Him Badly. v
(Special to Tho Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
MANASSAS, VA., April 8.?Joe Jonas,?
who committed suicido In Washington
yesterday by.Jnhallng Illuminating gas,
was buried hero to-day. .Tonas' family
lives in Nokcsville, this county. In a
letter young Jonas wroto to his mother
Just before his death, ho assigned as the
reason for hi. rash act. that his sweet?
heart had treated him badly,
Fire In Roanoke.
(Special to Tho Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
ROANOKE, VA., Aprii 8.?A small of?
fice building on tho Norfolk and Western
Who Uses
The Oliver?
Mere aro just, a few representativo
Richmond concoma that consider the
Oliver "standard Visible Typewriter
superior to all other writing in neh I nee I
Ask them nbout It. They bought
Olivers aftor careful consideration??
and In many cases wo TOOK OUT
OTHER MACHINES, which these'con
cerns (until thoy, by thorough Investi?
gation, ascertained tho merits Of the
Oliver) HAD considered the best made,
and substituted tho Oliver.
Some of thoso bought more than
two, as Indicated by figure opposite
name! ' ? >?
.American Tobacco Company, 2.
Allen & Glnter Branch. 2.
Jefforson Hotel Company, 2.
Mooro & Co., Warner, 0.
Old Dominion Steamship Company, 2.
R., F. and P, R. R? 8.
South Atlantic Lifo Insurance Co.i 2.
Smlthdeal Business Collego/ 8.
The Timos Company, 2. ,
Virginia-Carolina Chemical Co., 10.
Va. Elee. Railway and Dov. Co,, 8.
Wood & Son, T. W., C,
And ovor two hundred others.
Twelve-Six Main. Street. '
Rubber Stamps, Sccond-Hnnd Typo
wrltors"of all makes Ronted,
' Sold, Exchanged.
coal wharf In the West End caught fire
to-night from a lamp. Tho prompt ar?
rival of the Uro department prevonted the
Bpread of? fiamos, and tho damage was
slight. ,
' Disturbance on Car. ?,
William George, colored, was arrestod .
last night! by Patrolman Kcllam, of the
First District, for raising a disturbance
on a Clay Streot car In tho extremo east?
ern end of the city. The negro and the
cur conductor had a misundorstundlng
about a faro. ?"?
Many Members of Richmond Lpdge
Going to Baltimore.
Richmond Lodge of Elks mot last night
in regular session nnd balloted on several
candidates for membership. Reports
from the committees wero received.
After (the meeting a lnrge numtter of
names were added to the list of those who
are going to Baltimore to attend tho
Grand Lodge meeting.
Secretary Archie Burke has tho list,
and advises all who contemplate going
to Baltimore to send ln their names cpiluk,
as' It will bo hard to get accommodations.
Mr. Burke will be b?foro the Grand
Lodge as a. candidato for grand secretary.
He has already been endorsed by a num?
ber of subordinato lodges throughout the
(By Associli tod Press.)
WASHINGTON, April' 8.?The Navy
Department Is Informed that collier Jus
line left Cavit? yesterday for tlio Inland
of Yap, in tho Caroline group, on her
way to San Francisco. The visit to Ynp
Is made for the 'purpose of taking thoro
a lawyer 'r.->m Georgia, 'who Is looking
out for the interests of certain residents
of Georgia who cmim to bo heirs of the
late King O'Keefo, of Yap, who Is said
to have left a valuable estate Tho
claimants are tho wife and children of
tho alleged King.
King O'Keefo had several dusky wives
and children In his Island kingdom, nnd.
thoy will undoubtedly resist any attompt
on the part of tho American heirs to se?
cure possession of any part of his es?
Signs of Polluted Blood.
There ia nothing so repulsive looking and disgusting as an old sore,
You worry over it till the brain grows weary and work with it until the
patience is exhausted, and the very sight o? the old festering, sickly looking
place makes you irritable, despondent and desperate.
A chronic sore iathe very best evidence that your blood is in an unhealthy
and impoverished condition, that your constitution is breaking down under
the effects of some serious disorder. The taking of strong medicines, like
mercury or potash, will sometimes so pollute and vitiate the blood and im?
pair the general system that the merest scratch or bruise results in obstinate
non-healiug sores of the most offensive character,
Often an inherited tain t breaks out in frightful eating sorej upon the limbs
or face in old age or middle life. Whenever a sore refuses to heal the blood
is always at fault, and, while antiseptic washes, salves, soaps and powders
can do much to keep down the inflammation and cleanse the sore, it will
uever heal permanently till the blood itself has been purified nnd the deadly
germs and poisons destroyed, and with S. S, S. thiscan be accomplished?the
polluted blood Is purified and invigorated, and when
rich.purebloodisagainclrculating freely throughout
the body the flesh around the old sore begins to take
I ou a natural color, the discharge of matter ceases
and the place heals over.
0, 3. S, is both a blood purifier and tonic that puts your blood in order
and at the same time tpnes up the system and builds up the general health.
If you have a chronic sore write us. No charge for medical advice, ,
Talented Baltlmorean Is to
Appear at Belvldere
Rev. Maurice Ponflcld Pikes will ap?
pear to-night at Belvldere Hall, undor
tho auspices of Randolph-Stteot Baptist
Churoli, In his groat iocturo, "FlU, Mis?
fits and Outfits." The leotum beginn
promptly nt 8 o'clock.
. Mr. Flkes Is Well known in Richmond.
Ho haa boon Wonderfully successful In
meetings at Plno-Blreol and G race-St root,
Rlohmond. No doubt many from thoso
churches will bo glad to hoar him, as well
as hundreds of others. "Fits, Misfits and
Outfits" Is most charming, it Is humor?
ous apA at tho stimo time wholesome and
Inspiring, ;
Below aro glvon nome authorltntlvo
opinions on tho ability of Mr. Flkes as a
"Your lecture on 'Fits, Misfits and Out?
fits' Is first-class. Everybody who heard
It at tho First Baptist Church enjoyed It
immensely. It is both entertaining and
Instructive. It cannot fnll to be popular
wherever delivered. I hope to have you
at our'church' again soon."?J. Whltcomb
Broughor, pastor Patersqn (N. J.) First
Ono of tho most brilliant speakers thnt
ever addressed a Cranbury_jLudIonco. ?le
"has just enough snap, force, humor and
eloquence to hold nn audience spoil
bound for a whole evening.?J. H.
Butcher, secretary County S. S. Associa?
tion, Cranbury, N. J. /.
t jtt the Uheatres? %
% ?
The members of tho Southern Vehicle
Association were present at tho Acade?
my last n'ght nt the performance of
"Tho French Maid," which was given
with all tho brightness and charm that
the Academy Musical Comedy Company
has made ?familiar.
Dainty Dora do Felippe wore tho badge
of the association, and Charlea Glblyn,
In his topical song in tlio second aot, In?
troduced a. verse composed In honor of
the association. It had to do with tho
young married couple , who purchased a
baby carriage, but In the after years
when success came, thoy bought a buggy.
It was a merry nnd facile jingle and It
brought tho houso down.
The play Is going delightfully and tho
company grows in favor. One of tho
novelties of the performance is tho ciga?
rette song and chorus, in which tho lights
go out and tho bright ends of tho ciga?
rettes In the hands of tho chorus shlno
out ' brilliantly. J it Is a very effective
conceit, and, waa arranged by Mr;. Gif-/
fen, who got his idea from the "play,
"Sherlock Holmes."
There will be tho usual performances
for the rest of tho week.
Next week the Academy Mpslcal Come?
dy Company will appear In "The Girl,
From Paris." Tho company is already
up In the musical numbers, and tho .per?
formance promises to bo tlio best thing
tho organization has yet done; 'Mlfcs
Deyo, who is to talco tlio part of Julio
Bon Bon, is expected hero on Friday.
She lias appeared in the picco before, ana.
is already up Jn her part.
"Mlstross Nell." with clever Miss Percy
Haswell In the title role, supported by tho
George Fawoott Company, will , bo tho
attraction beginning witli to-day's mati?
nee, at the Bijou. Tho nppearanco of
this clover actress and tho company will
bo of moro than usual intorost bocnu,so
of the fnct thnt "Mistress Nell," although
ont of the most wldoly talked of plays
of the present generation, serving to mako
an actress famous In a night, hns nevor
boon seen In this city, theroforo, It cornos
as a novolty.
Thoro will bo no performance on Good
Bin Hole Torn in Side of the
Steamer Alleghany by
British Steamer.
. (Hy ABBoeliitod Prima.)
NEW' YORK, April $,?Tho Atlas Line
steamer Alleghany, from Port Llmon,
Costa Rico, was badly damaged In the
harbor of New York lo-duy ns tho result
of a collision with the British steamer
Joseph MorrywouUior, hound out for Bal?
timore upd Cork, Ireland. Tlio Alloghany
was ?truck 011 the starboard sido ?nd a
huge holo torn In lier. She took water
rapidly, and soon hor bow wns under
water, She Iny near Liberty Island, The
passengers, many of the ni In a panie,
were roscued by a passing tug ami
brought to tho city. The crow remained
on bonrd, gnthored at tl(o stern, which
wns not submerged,
Tho collision occurred during a tTJtck
fog, and It is enld the Alleghany was
nnohored at tho time, waiting for clearer
woathor to make bur way up tho hnvbor
to her pier. Th? ship's water-tight com?
partments, six: In number, kept her from
sinking entirely.
The MuiTyweathor stood by until the
passengers hnd been rospuod. Her mom
wns stove In, und shu anchored oil' the
Statue of Llborty until the extent of her
injuries could be ascertained. The Alle?
gheny wns towed to Brooklyn. The Alle?
ghany sailed from Port Llmon, March
Many (loop Values
Are evidenced on every iloor and in every depart.?
ment, which you can have on CREDIT.
A v?ry .handsome
aWoll.od front
Golden Oak Dress?
ing Case, largo
mirror. )
Bed*room Suits
$21.00 Ones...,.$14.93
$_r..oo Ones.,,..?.-...-.?..i.$17.ufi
$3??.?? Ones.t,.','?.$2?.??
$GO,0O "Ones.U.$?.60
$12X0 Ones. ..,..,....?...$8,?0
$18.00 Onos........,$12.03
$23.00 Ones.$14.08
$30.00 Ones.$18.03
$50.00 Ones....$3GJ0O
Solid Oak Chi.??
fon 1er, flvo large
drawers, solid bruna
handles; a-bargain,
$11.00 Roll, 40 yards. $7.50
12.00 Roll, 40 yards..... 7.98
14.00 Roll, 40 yards. 0.60
17.00 Roll, 40 yards........ 11.00,
Others 11^ conts per yard up.
? .1
Our lino comprises tho beat make,.!
?id every one guaranteed Ice ?a?<_p?,
Made of hard wood. -Easily cleaned.
Fifty styl<ie and sizes - to tsolect/foomi
$10 ones for $6.99
$12 ones for $7.99
$15 ones for $8.49
$18 ones for $11.50
$20 ones for $12.50
7 *nd 9 West Broad Street,
The Cheapest Cash or Credit Store In the City.
??J5,tt,'P?' of tllu Coinunny in full?PROVIDENT SAVINGS ?IFB ASSUUA'NCE SOCII3TYV?VF..
SSJK-\P.RK' Location of -Home or Prluclpal Office of-said Company??tin BROADWAY,NtVHV-,
YOBI-L CITI; Clinrnotor of the Business transacted tir tho Company??,??-'? ASi)nR,-*NC-; Tr?s?..?.
iden'?BIWABD W. SCOTT; Secretary?WILLIAM E. STEVENS; Organl-Hd nnd III. >rporntod-^;,.V
??EIinUARY 25, 187G?; Commenced Business?AUGUST. 10, 1S75; Nume ot tha Go?terai Agent?
In Virulilla?WILLIAM ?. ??????; llesldoiiei.?WASHINGTON, D.C.
Amount of cnpltul etock...?.',?.???????.??? ^.
?_ , .... "-'.-.-.-...';-:'-' No. t'a Amount.,' : ?
Numlior ot policies mid tho amount of Insurance offcetod thereby In forca ?
ut oud of previous year.,.,.;...., ai,455 IS) 03,832,130 00'?
Number of policies Issued during the yeur and the umount of Ineuranco
effected thereby... 10.0SS . 83,371,018 00' .'?
Total.,.?'?,. r>0,fi-13 $1.0,-04,0-1? 00 :t
Numhor ot policies nntl tho amount of lnsiiruuco which bnvo ceiiRctl to
bo in forco durine tho year...?.,... 10,315 31,0-14,41(5 OO .
Wholo number of policies ln force, nud the amount of liabilities or rlslts
tliereon ntvend of yenr.?...'?.;'.40,223 $08,1150,033 00
-Amount ot premiums received,., ;.;. $3,044,750 05
Amount of Interest received.. ? 101,713 74
Amount of route rocelved.........'. 153,27702
Amount of all other receipts.,..,,, ' 150,073 30
Total.....'.V..-..,.. $-l,H0;41G 0T
Amount nf losses pnld.., $1,204,047 60
Amount of miituretl ontlou'racnts paid.
Amount paid annuitants..
Amount paid for Harrender values..
Amount of dividends pnld to pollcyholders.
Amount of dividends paid to stockholders.....
Amount pnld tor espunse. Includiti-- taxes.
3,071 20
10,807 40
140,501 72
0,074 80
1,340,003 81
Bonds, market valut)...... ? 045,830 75
Stocks, market, value. 03,553 80
Heal estate, unencumbered, market value. -,.718,000- 00
Lonas secured by llrst mortgage on real estate.,. . 024.U00 00
Cash In banks, trust companies nntl company's offlio. 500,132 27
?,?????? on company'? policies, usslgucd as collateral.?...., J.SBU,fl48 Oft
Premium notes, etc.........;.'?--V. -8tl,570- 81
Loans Beuured by pledge of stocks and bonds.\,.?--'....? BiOOO" 00
Internst ?ino and acci-uod.....-.-? B0J4C.? 18
Bents duo und accrued.-?:?. 5?40t 0?
Uncollccted and deferred premiums (not)...',. 4TO.S20? Off
Loan? 'otherwise secured.r.-.- ,,^,??? 2?
Agents' balances mid bills receivable. 210,200' 08
Carried out at market value?Total.
Amount of losses unpaid (unadjusted, $123,50; lloslatod. 513,010)., f 100,540 00
Aiuaiiiit of liability on im?telos, etc,, In forco 31st December, 1002J.
on liaiils of 4 and f!V4 per cent, couitdnod experience and America!?
px purl elicti mortality tattle...'.?................. .? 5,111,253 00
Present value of annuities, surrender 'values not culled for, trust funds
nnd accrued Interest.??.
20,454 5.
Tuta!.$?>,-8?,2?? SS
No? Amount, ' -
102 ?412.84a 00
?IS 60.801 00 ;
Number and amount of policies In force December 81, 3001.
Number and amount of polielus Issued during tho year 1002.,,,,.,.,..._
Total.?.?.??????.-3I) *?-.?H0 Of
Deduct number and amount which linvo ceased to bo In force durlug 3002. 23 44,122 00^
Total Hin?ber and amount of policies In force at end of year 1902.t.207 $428,118 0.
No losses Incurred or paid. ' '??..'? ??"'''.'???', ..,,.,,
Amount of assessments, premiums, dues nnd fees collected or secured In Virginia
during the year 1002
In casti und notes or erodile, -without any deduction for
hissed, dividends, commissiona or other oxponsea,
?14,TT7 6.'
Vf. SCOTT. President.
E. ST?VENS, _ecrot?rr.
Stute ot New York; City ot New. York??s:
-nu- uv ^ t0 February 10. 1003, beforo 0???. EDGAR MILLS, C!ommU?lpn??.
SOth, with thirty-four pusuengora on board,
Sha was built at Glasgow In lvn. She was
Blu feet long, f.8.2 font bourn und ?? feot
deep. She registered 1,600 tons.
Considering Bids.
The siibcommlttoo of tho Water Coin
mltteo, which bus under consideration
the numerous bids for tho stand pipe Iu
tho Leo Distri,:t anil tho pipe, etc., lh.it
will be used, by tho department this san?
s?n, Wits iu session for ilio most. o? yos?
torday, hearing tho different bidders, A,
report will be formulated' lo-dny, und to?
night a. report will bo ?ubmlttod to the
body pi the whole.
Via. Seaboard Air Une Hallway, Accout
Following Occasion.
United Confederate Veterans' Reunion,
New Orleans. La,, Muy 19-23, vm?. one
cept per mile each way for the'.rmj'iui.
trip. Tickets on salo May Wth tu Siel,
liiolusWo; return limit May Wth, except
by payment of fifty cents, UcUetsj e*,
toncled to June lidh.
Meeting American Medical Association,
Now OrJoaii?, Ln., May 8-8, 1803.
Ono fu re for the round trip, Tickets ou
sal? May 1st to ?Jth, inclusive; returns
limit ten days from' ?1*??> of- naie,.

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