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Ihree Tried on a Vory Gravc
Charge at Raleigh,
LM'-er oflho Movement ln North Car
olinaSays lt ls Not Ihe Purposo
/ of tho Organization^ to
Form o New Party.
(Speclal to Tho Times-Plspatch.)
RALEIGH, N. C April 18,-Three
young white mcn-Joe Slmth, Will Put
noy and Arthur Gooch-wore tried here
to-day, by Justlces Reld andWombio on
. tho chargo of a crimlrial assault-' upon
Ophelia O'NIoll, a fourteon-year-old girl.
A number of sensatlonal reports ns to tho
affalr had beon publlshod by a local
papor. and,tlwro was a big crowd. Tho
hearlng, however, dovolopod no ovldenco,.
so the court hold, of outrago, and the
prlsoners woro dlscliargod.
Mr. JV W. Balley, edltor of the Blbllcal
Recorder, who la mannger of the Antl
Saloon Poaguo movement ln North Caro?
llna, haa isBUod to tho papors of the
Stato a card, In whloh, ho deoluros that
the loaguo la not a movement "to ostab
llsh a new polltical party ln tho Stato,
?'but to improve the pattkw that now ox
ist by lmprovlrig tho consclences of thelr
constltuencles." He denles emphntlcally
a report from Ashoville that the leaguo
there will fuso with tho Ropubllcans, and
Baya tho rbport was started by onomlos
of tho leaguo movement,,and cloaes with
? tho statement: "Howovor, you cannot
expoct antl-saloon men to stay in saloon
organlzatlons." ;
The Secretary of Stato charterod to-day
the T. M. I. Prug Store Company, of
Asheville, capital $10,000, nnd the Char?
lotte Palnt ond AVall Paper Company,
capital $2,500. /?'
Prollmln&ry work for the grand stroot
folr and carnlval, to be ho'd May 4 ? to
10, is progi-osslng admirably. The , blg
aroh across Pafayette ,3treet, in front
of the Capitol. 'ls ln,.rf6urse of construc
tion. The mannfi*fnent nnnounces that
a couplo has beop! found who consonts to
be the prlnclpals* in a blg publlc weddlng
on the carnlval platform, which Is to be
ono of tlie foatures of the fcstlvltles.
The, couplo will como- from Henderson,
but the nnmes of the couplo aro not
glven but for publlcatlon. There ls evory
indjcatlon of a vory largo patronnge for
ttys carnlval If tho weather condltlons
aro at al! favorablo.
;/?*!? Gbvornor Aycock and Commlssloner of
Agrlculturo S. !?'. Patterson havo returnod
from'a trip to sovoral polnts in the west
ern part of tho Stnte, whero they mado
nddresses, notably the educatlonal and
missionary conference nt Burllngton thls
The Masons of North Carollna are now
inaugurating an aotivo campaign for rals
ing the balance of fuhds necepsnry for
erecting tho Masonlo Tomple here. It
?will be romembered that thoy have pur
chascd the slto of the Ralolgh Savlngs
Bank bulldlng on Fnyettevllla Street,
nnQ expect to erect theieon a sevon-story
temple, nt a cost ot $125,000. Somo $26,000
of tho amount needed Is yet unpledged
in stock, and Judge Fruncls P. Wlnston,
. of Wlndsor, ono of the most promlnent
and brlghtest Masons In the State, will
Btart out at onco, undor tho ausplces
of the Grand Lodge, and make a can
vass for tho dlstrlbutlon of theso bonds
nmong tho vnrlous lodges of Iho Stato.
It' is expected thnt work on the now
temple will bogln beforo tho fall. Tho
Rnlelgh Savlngs Rank took the $5,000
flrst mortgngo honds for the temple.
Aldermen Recommend That a.Supply
Be Brought from Frazier Creek.
(Speclal to The Times-Plspatch.)
WINSTON-SALBM, N. C. April 18.
Arrangements are belng mado for Wln?
ston to securo an addltlonal supply of
water. At a speclal meoting of tho Alder?
men'last nlght Mayor Eaton stated that
it had beon called to hoar the full roport
of Professor 4, -P, Pudlow of hls inves
tlgatlons an^l surveys"?of the vnrlous wa
tor sourcos wlthln reach of tho city. Tho
sourco recommonded by Profcssor Pud
low Is tho.FrnzIer Croek.
On motlon, tho City Engincor was In
structod 'to procecd at onco to mako all
Tiecossary survoys of tho plpe Uno from
tho new place to the old pumplng statlon
nnd socure all rlghts of way. Tha polnt
declded on lles two and a qbarter mllea
from tho city. lt was explalned by Mr.
Pudlow that a teinporary plant glving
600,000 gallous moro of water could bo es
tftblished and operatlon bngun for about
}?,00O. The teinporary dovelopmont should
conslst of two pumps of 7,500 gnllons ca
paclty and two elghty horse power on
ginea. The cost on thls ls flgured as fol?
Cost of:-plpe, lncludlng the laylng of,
same, $10,000; necessary m.-u-hlnory. $5,000;
soat of 160 acres of land, $3,000; total,
$1*3,025. Of thla-- land one-thlrd of it Is
cleared and two-thirc" s of It ls wooded.
PRICE has thoroughly ingra
Hliit&'"QOQD LUCK" Bak-'
(log" Powder in the affections
'of the people. MUUons of
housewives use no other kind,
In the Sooth and Southwcst
the demaod for all other brands
(Cocnbtned falU belcw the sales
vbi it^QOD LUCK."
W__-,i|_c1wed by.
\RJchmond, Va,
lave Increased the Useful
ne.is of Thelr I'lanua
n Thousand l-oid
by Uslng
The Pianola.
Marvellous Illtisions
Are Wrbtiftrit by
T&lking Machlne.
The Actne ol Iteallam Reduced
to Mechanlsm,
A llmltless rcpcrtfllro.
A vnsl, f unrl of good
muslo nlwnys ln
your ronon.
' If you want ? Plano thnt wlll nover fall or tUmv?polnt yoU, thett dhooso it
Stelnway, Knabi, Hardmati,_______d? Kimbal1 or H,inM'
All tho Muslo of tho Oitl and Now World
Mr. and Mrs, Westmoreland
Davis Entertalned Large
Number of Guests.
(Speclal to Tho Times-Dlspatch.)'
WARRENTON, VA., Aprll 18,-The an
nual races 01 tho Warrenton Hunt Club
took place thls afternoon and marked tho
closo of the huntlng season hore, after
the perslstent Indomency of tho weather
during the past weok. The long looked
for lot-up waa slow in arrlving, yot dou
bly appreclated when It dld come. From
an emlnenco on the Barry farm the whole
flve'mlle eourso was plalnly vlslble, an
arduous stretch,' dotted with stone walla,
post and rall fences and b?ad dltches.
'Heavy and llght welght hunters ohamped
thelr blts impatlently. awaltlng wlth al
moat- human Interest the greatest test
of.'tholr speed and durablllty. Tho hlll
slde was a mass of color, and a nolsy- hjjjn
aroae from the large ?owd of speetatois
ossembled thero. Ocoaslonally W_ coaches
would rumbla up and blasts from thelr
horns go echolng through the surroundlng
hills. Tho slght was an lnap Irlng one.
The horses and rlders and the plcturoso.ua
country all combinod to mako lt so.
Although thcentrlos wero not especlally
numerous thls year, the excltement waa
intonse as the flrst sctuad of! horses llned
up for, thelr great trlal ot spoed and jump
Ing ablllty. In tho llght wolcjht hunter
chL there were four entrlea. Tho race
was an unusually speedy ono. Loo Evana
won thls race on Maddux's horso, Bllly
Bowloga." "Lonc Jack," rldden by J. H.
Carter. camo In a cloae second. Dundiia.
on "Slster Laura," waa thlrd. ln tne
heavy welght hunters' race th?? *??
only three entrlea. It wns anythlng but
spoedy. AmbroBe Clnrko won on Fllnt
Hill." Julian Kelth came ln aecond on
"Falrfleld." i.,.?j
Tho farmera' race was a very splrlted
one, ln which nlne horses were enterod.
Slrclalr won and Hatcher came ln sec?
ond Tho wlnner recelved a handaome sll
ver cup, preaentod by Westmoreland Da
Mr and Mrs. Westmoreland Davls, ot
Tuxedo, N. Y., ontortalned a largo and
fashlonablo number of gueats at a hunt
tea Frlday at 4 P. M? the. aftornoon pro
cedlng the races. Flrst there was a brlsk
chase aftor the hounda and flnally a re
turn to tho Davia residence, whero a
lavlsh entortalnment nnd good cheer
awaltod evory one. Pink coats were vls
Iblo everywhore-on the stalrs, ln tho hall
nnd In tho drawlng rooms. As the wlnfl
flowed the crowd waxed merry, nnd lt
was not long ore cllnlclng spurs were
keeplng tlme to a vory dellghtful orchos
tra. Cake-walka, huntlng songs and re
sponses to numerous toasts followed In
rnpld order. A huah spread over thoso
aMemblod aa Mr, Davls stepped forwnrd
and proposed a toast to tho easter of
hounda. Mr. F. A. B. .pwtinan. After
evory one had finished slnglng "A. Joly
Good Fellow," Mr. Portmai* respondod In
a manner woll befUtlng a sportsman.
There wero numerous excollont volces lr,
the throng. who gladly chlmed ln and
nelped to slng that old yet catchy r-^Uad,
"We Wlll All Go Huntlng To-Pay.
Suicide of a Well-Known Farmer a?
Mecklenburg County.
(Speclal to The Tlmes-Dhpatcn.)
CHARLOTTE, N. C. Aprll 18.-Mr. R.
A Puckett, a well known farmer of thls
county,'commlttod suicldo yesterday evu
nlng about 7 o'clock. An ordlnary pocket
knlfo was the weapon "used. '
Mr Puckett left tho home of hls daugh?
ter Mrs. Leo * Dunn, yesterday after?
noon to vlslt hls other marrlod daughter.
Mrs. Luby Bakar. On leavlng tho house,
Mrs. Dunn Kwvo hlm a bundle to take
to hor slster. Nothlng more was seen or
hoard from Mr. Puokott untll about 7
o'clock laat nlght. At that hnur. Mr.
Thomas Harris, who lives nbout a mlle
from -Mr. Puckett's home, henrd a strange
nolse oomlng from the dlroctlon of a
branch noar hls houae. Mr. Harris cnlled
to Mr. Abernathy, who llvos only a short
dlRtnnco from hlm, -and tho two wont
to tho branch togother. On reachlng tho
stream. thoy aaw Mr. Puckett lylng flot
on hols back In tho centor of tfio stream.
Blood was gushlng from two ugly wnunds
in hls neck. A short dlstanco from whero
Mr. Puckett was found, tho bundle hls
daughtor had glven hlm to tako to Mrs.
Baker was found swlnglng from a plno
llmb, dlreotly bnslde the road. In tho
bundle woro several nrtlcles ^of wearlng
apparal nnd a small noto hook. On one
of tho lenvns of tho book was found thla
aontonco; "I can't stand my brnln."
For snme tlme Mr. Puckett has heen
ln bad henlth. HIh norvea wero budly
unstrung, nnd It la thought that hls braln
wns more or loas nffectod. Tho famlly
had been wntrhlng hfm very nlosoly for
BoVeral weeks, hut ns hls condltlon aeom
ed to he Improvert, they dld not havo
the remotest Idna tliat ho Intonded sui?
Her Entlre Recovery Expected In the
-- Next Two Month3.
Mra. Wllllnm B. Plazlnl, who wns oper
a'tod ?n last January by Dr. Hugh M.
Taylor, to correct tho effects of the trnat
inent aho recolved at Long Branch. N. J.,
aftor the automobllo aceldont at Elberon,
N. J., lost August, In whlch she aus
tutnod a fractured llmb and other Inju
rles, was removofl from tho Vlrginla
Hospltal lost nlgbt to her homo, on 1'nrk
Aifenuo. Dr. Taylor ls satlsfled that tho
result of tho operatlon wlll be outlroly
succossful, but It wlll bo prolmiily two
months yet beforo Mra. Bizsilnl wlll be
eritlrcly rccovcred.
Twenty-three Initiated at tlie Council's
Lasl Meeting.
llcCurthy Councll. Royal Arcnnum, helrl
one of tho moat Inli rcstlng meetlngs ln
lt* hlstory ?n Thursday nlght last.
Twenty-throo young men woro Initiated
Into TiiQ mystorles ot the ordur, and eev
oral appllcatlons for memberflhlp wero
rcported by tho secrotary. Aftor thesl nl
tlatlon and the transactlon of tho rogult r
business, Pnst Regent James A. O Koeie
was prosented with a beautiful gold past
regonl/s jowol by tho ofllcers and moni
bers 6f tho councll. ;??-;?; _?.?,? ?f
Brother Roscoe C. Nolson, ohnplaln of
the councll, mado the proaentntlon ln a
unlquo and eloquent Bpeech,, to ttblqn
Past Regent O'Keete ?sP0,m'cdJ\* ,?u"
but feelltig words, oxprcssIttg nla.t"1'^.8
and nppreclatlon of the action of hls ret
low-members. , . .. -
Mr E. W. Mlnor, reprosentativo to tho
Grand Councll, whloh meots In nofinoko
thls month, also mado a very stlrrlng
"s^venty-flve members havo been Inltlnted
slnce Janunry1 lst.
Changes Recently Made Are Announced
by Clrcular3.
vTho following appolntm?nts haii'e been
mado'from tho offlco at Portsmouth of
Mr. Charles R. Capps, general frelght
agent of tho Soaboard Alr Llne;
Effectlvo April 15, 1803, Mr. Edwln But- t
lor is appolnted New England ngont of,
tho Seaboard'Air Llne, with headquarters
at No. 306 Washlngton Streot, Boston,
Mass., succoedlng Mr. Charlo? P Smlth,
promotod. ,
Effectlve April 15, 1D03, Mr. Charles L.
Smlth ls appolnted general eastern frolght
agent og the Senboard Alr Llne, with head?
quarters nt No. 387 Broadway, New York,
N. C, succoedlng Mr. J, L. Adams, re
Effectlvo April 10, 1003, Mr. Eugano
Forshee Is appolnted sollcltlng frelght
agent of the Soaboard Alr Llno, with
headquarters at Wllmington, N. C, suo
ceedlng Mr G. F. Fletchor, roslgned
April ,1st
Mr. Forshee will report to Mr. Thomas
E. Meares. general agent.
Broken Telephone Pole Was Death of
Charles Bowles.
Charles Bowles, the colored man on
whom tho broken end of a telephono fell
Frlday afternoon ? on Nlnth Street, dled
last nlght at 7 o'clock nt tho Old Oo
mlnlon Hospltal. Bowles was removod
from the City Hospltal yesterday morn?
lng to tho Old Domlnlon, and every thlng
posslble was done for him at both places.
The skull was badly fractured, and tho
physiclans dld not hold out much hopo
from the flrst.
Coroner Taylor sald late last nlght that
ho had- not boon notifled of the doath.
Paper at Roanoke.
(Special to The Tlmea-Plspatch.)
ROANOKE, VA., April'18.?A mooting
of the dlrectors of the proposed Republl?
can paper to be establlshod In Ronnoko
was held to-dn>', Congressrnan Campbell
Slemp presldlng. S commltteo was ap?
polnted to apply for a charter, and the
president was authortzed to omploy agents
to socure tho necessary amount of capi?
Fell Under a Train.
(Speclal to Tho Tlmos-niapateh.)
PYNCRBURG, .VA., April 18.?Cllfton
McCrnw, an omployo of tho Norfolk and
Wostern Railroad, whlle attempting to
Jump a frelght thls evenlng sllpped and
fell under the whoels, Ono leg. was cut
off nnd tho other ls so badly Injured that
it will probably have to be amputaied.
McCraw's condltlon Is regarded aa dan
Received Many Encores.
(Spoolal to Tho Times-Plspatch.)
WBPPON, N. C, April 18.?The voico
and plano rocltal glvon hero laat nlght by
.Mlsses Edlth Hateher and Martha Snoad,
of Rlchmond. Va., was one of tho most
delightful muslcal entortolnmonts ovor
glven ln Woldon. The ontortalnm'ent was
of a hlgh order, nnd overy number on
the programmo was ejjthusiastically en
Alleged Bigamist Acquitted. .
fSpoclnl to The Tlmps-Dlsnnteli.)
ALEXANDR1A. VA., April 18,-JnmeB
F. Grant, nf Towson, Md.'i was .thiB eve?
nlng aequitted In iho Corporatlon Court
on the ehnrge of blgnmy, Hla second
wlfo was not present, but hls flrst was tha
prlnclpal wltness agalnst hlm.
Collislon Near Cape Fear.
(Hpuclal to Tlio TlnifiH-Dlspatch,)
W1PMINGTON, N. C,, April 18.-The
steamer Atlantlo, of tho Atlnntic Flshe
rlos Company, collldod with tho govern?
ment suctinn dredgo Capo Fear, near
Cape Fear. ye.storday afternoon. The At
lantle'a bow wbb smashed ln and a hole
knocked In hor sldo, but she enmo up to
the city -undor her own steam and haa
been hnuled out on dry dook for repairB.
Tho government boat oscaped wilh Bllght
Alinor WooUwunl,
Stewart M, Woodward,
Lumber KSerchants.
White Plne, Hardwoods, Mahog?
any, Rough and Drossed.
Rlver, Ar<-h. Urngg, Sovonth, Klghth,
Nlnth and Tenth Streeta.
Maln Ofllce: Cor. Nlnth and Arch Sta.
Uecntur, Stockton, Kverett. Maury,
Thlrd, Fourth and Flfth Streots.
Branch Olllce: Cor. Fourth and Stock?
ton Sti'eetj.
Injury. Tho Attantlo wns rao Ing with
another flslilng ;ateatner, and whon noar
the dredge ahe sheorod,. runnlng Into tho
Cape Fear. '?
Cloar Weather To-Day. \
Thero Is an exceliont" prospoot for> a
cloar antl plensant Sunday. Thore may
be a falnt auggestlon ot cloudlness durlng
tho dny, but taken all In all the weather
Is oxpected to be all that ls doslrod.
The Wonther Bureau hardly expects
nny moro cold spellfl. It may get Chiliy
now nnd thon, but the soason tor ovor
coats and wraps ls now of tho past.
Richmond County Wets Win.
(Speclal to Tho Times-Plspatch,)
WARSAW, VA? April 18.-In the local
optlon oontest ln Stonow.-iU Plstrict, of
Rlchmond county, the wets won by tho
majority of slx votes.
quite a blow for us to
say' that in our .
latting, Oarpet,
<?? ?nci ???
we've never been beaten in
price or quality ; but a_.sh.ort
study oi' our stock will as
sure you that we are enti
tled to a little self-praise.
(Per Roll of 40 yards,)
419-21 East Broad Sfreet,
(Uotween Thlrd and Fourth.)
Sole agents for tho celobratod
i__u-t__m*_i' ?""-_? ii
"Hestlri tho world,"
S75 to $100 Eaoh,
all strictly gnaranteod as
representocl. Wg'vg sold
AlasUa Refrigerators here
for fourtoen consocutive soa
soiih ! Isn'tr that enough of
a coinmenclation ?
If you need it we will
givo you all the OREDIT
you wiint for the asking I
Royal Arcanum Hosts fcegln
Thelr Annual Meetlng,
iVm Contesl- Expected for Ooveted
Honors Wlthln the Bestowal 'of the'
Qrand Council?All Richmond
Oounclls Dld Well.
Tho Royai Arcanum host wlll swoop
down upon the Maglo Olty of tho South
west on Tuesday.
Tho Grand Counclf wlll on that day
conveno ln Roanoko, undor the most fav
orable aua'plces ever oxperlonood by this
gVoat fraternlty,, whloh ls doln_ so mnoh
to propagato, tho prlnclplea of brotherly
love and, provlde hotnes and comforts
for tho wldow and orphan.
Tho yoar rocord has beon one of un
procedentcd success, and tho Vlrginla
Jurlsdlotlon has broken all records, tho
" numorlcal galin for the year being
phenomennl. * ' /
The twenty-first sosslon of the Grand
Council, Royal Arcanum, of the Com
monwealth ot Vlrginla, .wlll assomble In
Exchango Buildlng, cornor Balom Ave?
nue and jefforson Btreot, ln tho clty of
Hoanoko, Va,, on Tuesday, at S o'clock
P. M. ?' ?'
Tho Grand Council ls composod of ub
offlcors, Paat Grand Regents, llfe mem?
bers, stnndlng commlttees, Stato modlcal
examlner and ropresentatlves from Bubor
dinato counclla, as proA'Idod by law.^
And each mustbo clothed wlth the proper
Jowol of his rank.
Tho followlng commlttees are appolnted
for thls sesalon, tho flrst named to be
chairman theroof:
On CredontialB?John F. O'Connor, No.
1063; W. D. Folk, No. 1251; H. K. Flcld,
No. 027.
Tho Commltteo on Credontlala wlll
moet.at 5 o'clock P. M. Tuesday, Aprll
21st, ln wrltlng room of Ponco de Leon
Hotel, Roanoko, Va? to rocelve and ex
amlne-'the credentlals of representatlves,
alternates artd vloltlng Past Rogqnts.
Pleaso bo prompt.
On Dlatrlbutlon of Roports?H. A. Al?
len, Jr., No. 405; G. B. Gill, No. 298; B.
W. Mlnor, No. 4C3.
On Returns?Charlos G. Bosher. No. 20;
J. G. Osborno, No.' 1348; Wllllam McCal
lum, No. 1141.
On Appeals?J. J, Prufor, No. 400; E.
S. Turner, No. 1893; L. J. Ollvor, No. 003,
On Mlleago and Per Dlem?W. F.
Coates, No. 410; W. T. Parham. No. 700;
R. S. THornpson, No. ,403;v J. A. Grose
closo, No. 1272; W. B. Gnrllck, No. 61.
On State of the Ordor?W. T. 'Dabney,
No. 895; R. C. Stearns, No. 1460; O. R.
W6od, No. 1248; J. M- Daniels. No. 15744;
Dr. D. A. Buchor, No. 2023.
On Medlcal Examlner's Report?Dr. C.
W. Gleawos, No. 1218; Dr. J. F. Crnne.
No. 733; Dr. R. W. Mlller, No. 2019.
Asslstant to the Grand Secretary?E.
L. C. Scott, of Henry Clay Council, No.
58-1, Ashland.
Tho stnndlng commlttees aro as follows;
Laws?D. H. Appich, No. 02"; G. Frank
Garbcr, No. 490; Wllllam M. Myors, No.
895. '
Flnance?J.. Taylor Bllyson, No. ,1139;
J. P. Banks, No. 208; James Mecredy,
No. 1228.
Tho Flnance Commltteo, Grand Secre?
tary and Grand Troasurer wlll meet at
the offlce of the chairman, No. 1015 East
Main Street, Richmond, Va., on' Monday.
Aprll 20th nt 4 o'clock P. M.
Installlng Offlcor?Supremo Sontry, Rev.
E. H. Loisenring, of Chambersburg, Pa..
has been commissioned by tho Supremo
Regent as InstalUng offlcor for thls ses
Headquartors wlll be at Hotel Ponco
do Loon.
The electlon of offlcors ln the Grand
Conolaves of all brganlzatlons, especlal?
ly when vacanclos are to bo fllled, ls
always a matter of great Interest. The
unwrltton law of succesalon gcnorally as
suros the advancement one notoh or
evory man ln llne but thla leavos a va
cancy and thero Is always a contest .for
tho llno vacanoy, whlch ls tho namlng
of a futuro flrst-poBltlon offlcer,
Rev. H. T. MoFadden, a promlnent
Prqsbyterlan ralnlstor, of Lynchburg, wlll
bo duly elcctod Grarjd : Rogent for, the
coming year. No man/ln tha Qrand Coun?
cil onjoys groator dfstlnctlon for Arca
nus zeal and general abllity than thls
popular preachor. He ls an excellent
spoaker and hls rlnglng volce wlll be a
clarlon call to duty that wlll enthuss
tho Arcanum ranka throughout the old
The Exocutlve Commltteo ls compoBed
of certaln Grand Council offlcors and one
member eloctod from the floor, Mr.
W. T. Dabnoy, of Shockoe Council, No,
895. Rlohmond, and a man who has dls..
tlngulshed hlmself In servlco for hls own
Counoll and for tho Order at largo, la
promlnently inentloned as thC membor
to bo choson for thls very Important com?
mltteo. ,
For tho posttlon of sentry. thero wlll
be a llvely flght Tho candldatea so far
mentlonad here aro Mr. E, W. Mlner, our
popular Counollman and a zealogs mem?
ber of McCarthy Council, whlch has dono
flne work thls year; Mr. E, L, C. Scott,
asalstant to tho Grand Secretary < and
for many years the falthful representa
tlve from Henry Clay Counoll, Ashland,
and Mr. J. L. McCreedy. ' of Roahoka
Counoll, a man who. atands well wlth
tho Grand Council and tho fraternlty. ,
Thoro may be other candldates and the
race Is a protty one,
In the ordlnary course of evonts, Mr.
W. M. Blckers wlll bo advanced from
Grand Wardon to Grand Gulde.
Distlngulshed Counoll Shockoe, No, H?5,
of Rlohmond. wlll show up as, havlng
excellod hor reoord and also as havlng
Initiated morg members during the paat
year than any Coupoll In the Sjtate,
McCarthy Counoll, of Rlohmond, wlll
show up wlth a rocord-breaker also, Bho
haa dono magnlflcent work.
Henrico Council, Fulton, has more than
doubled hor membersblp during the post
yoar, a phonomenal rocord. and Dr.' Crano
wlll be warmly oongratulated when he
reads hls report aa representatlve from
grand old Henrico.
Unlon, No. 61, Chureh Hill, hasn't been
asleap by a great deaJ and geulal brother
Garllck wlll havo a llne report.
Vlrginla Elba, Belvldore wlll ench hnve
enoouragliig roports and prove that they
ore ln tho ring. ? ,
Tho Rlohmond Delegatlon wlll leavo
pyrd-Stroot Statlon on the morning of
tho 3lat and wlll oooupy ft spootal Pull
man car. In addltlon to the regilgrly
eleotod ropreeenttttlvos from tho Rich?
mond Couimlls, the followlng membors
of the Grand Counoll, by vlrtuo of pf
ilco, wlll go: Supremo Representatlve and
Past Grand Rogont S..VL, Bloomberg; Past
Grand Regent* John J. Wl'l-ht and Joa.
L. Beck; Chairman of Flnance Conimu
too J. Taylor Bllyson; ? Grand 'irustee.
judgo John J. Ingram; Grand Wardon
W; M. ttlckere; Member QoiniuHt?e on
Surprise Special $ale
AQES,0 TO 16
Mhdo of n motthim BhndocaRslmoro,
nicoly trlminod, ahd wnrrntUcu to
glVo porfoot aail-tfiMitloti?on snlo
6110 duy*-at tho low prlco of
II ?-.'"? ? "
?T $1.40, $1.98, $2.40, $3.48, $5.00
For tho Btnali boya of fl to 8 ycarw of ago thoruaro .S-illor Oollar Nor?
ivivs nf 8 to 17 vcora of atro thoro nro Doublo-Brurs ctl and H-riooo muca-? i-uu
Xlcs aro WoS" cliovlots, GnsslmoruB, S?rg<*t nnd Scotche. hi now,
nattoriifl nnd 'eolorlnga. nlooly tallored and por/ect flttlng-all howocI with
tho famwiB Iron-grlp sfcftoh nnd worrnntod not tq rlp. , ^
. Boys' Knco Pants. 2T.0. -18c. \ gHk S^Mnder*.. Wo. 85o.
Foat Black Hoso, _0o,. JEo. . Negllgco ahlrta, 80o. ?o
BwentcrB, all nl_en, 4&>. 08o. ?,V"?'?Jir Un(lorw.c'*r' 26c' 48?'
Golf und Vaoht Capa, 25o, 48o. Nlght Gowns, 48c.
Fl YPR-.M0N0AY ONLY-^n's fuii 3*
r L 1 **?n alzod homst'd whlto handk'ohlofB W? |
Baths / "
Pasteur Filtera
Water Heaters
Gas Ranges
Richmond Plumbing & Mantel Co.
PHONE 636.
. ?-?u-l._?SS
Successful uumbers weok
eucliBg April 18th:
56459. 35.00
53910. .1-00
03374. 1-00
52637.. }.00
56420....?. l-.OO
02025. 1-00
59673. 1-00
01554;.... 1.00
02105..... 1.00
50878......??. 1-00
01553. 1.00
59695. 1-00
01341........ I'OO.
01713.,.. 1.00
02849......,.... 1-00
02402............'?.?? I-00
Take VIN-GU-Gl and you'll
Manufaoturod by
Laws W. M. Myors; Llfe Mombors Smlth
and Whlte, of Unlon Council.
ro W. Arnold, grand regent, Alexan
rtria'' Rev. F. T. Mcadden, grand vlce
regent/ Lynchburg/ C. C. Berry, past
grand regent, Stauntoh; J- B, Bl?nks,
grand secretary. Peteraburg; A. B. Uotti.
grand treasurer, FrederlckHburgl A. i,
Llncoln,' grand orator. Marlon; v?. ;H,i
Hurkuunp. grand ohaplaln, Froderlcks
burtt' Dr. W. H. Ewald. grand gulde,
Portsmouth! W. M. BIckers. grand war
den. Rlohmond! Howard G. Arons, grand
sontry, Norfolk.
Another Arrest Made,
(Py Assoclatod I'roas.)
BIRMINGHAM, ALA? Aprll 18,-Josoph
Rubel, a saloon keopor, was arrestod to
day, chargod wlth : being accessory to
the murrter of Ellas M, Latham, a trav?
ellng rnan, who was shot yestorrlay ln a
dlllloulty wlth Glenn Havls, .ln tho Mor?
rla Hotol. Ho Is a brother-in-law of \\ II
llam Wlso, who was also arreated. lt l?
chargod that Wlso and Rubol wero both
wlth Havls wjien ho shot Latham.
Gold Medal Lost,
A gojd medal bolonglng to tlu> North'
sldo Gun Club was Inai on" last Thursday,
and a llberal roward wlll bo pald lf re
turnod to No. iu9 East Broad Street. It
was engraved Robln, Hood-Tj'ophy.
Rheumatism **<> >t? ?lo jo rm*T'0N8,
W_,?.??VWII,"uWw*jWWS,MtW*vr|lt r
L. J.Hayden
Manufncturer of
I? ono ot tbe Grcateat Healera of tho Slelroli
Karth. Cured all Dlseaaea or no Chargo. 1 curo
ttUtdlieMW thnt are known'to the buman .mco.
SeCSicf'hMlth. ? Zl the follogg dbauaai
Oilna'r Sore TbroBt, UiiiK*. Dyapepala, Indlges
ffon" OwStTpatloii. 'niuMini?fl?ui ln any form
P_lnai and Achoa of auy klnd. Co'ds. Hroiiehlal
Troul.les, Sorea. Skln lMaeuaMt, all Itchlng 8i>>
aatioiui. Lu Orlppo. or rncumonta; Ulcera. Car
I ineea, Bolta. Onncer. the worat forms/ .*lth;
out he u?e of knife or. luatrumenta: Bowroafi
I'lnu.iVa ou faco and body; D al-etea of Kldnuyu,
or Ilr ght'a I)l?ea-e of tho Kldiieya. I cure any
dUeaaf,no roatter of what nawra. ????'"?
lent to any adrtrcBa by expreae. For full nar
tleuiara aend n 2-ccnt stamp for anawer. No.
007 Penn-ylYanla A reritto, Southeaatt Waahtn.;.
ton. I). C. nranch atoro. No. -101 Y>eat Broad
Street. niebmond. Va.
Jau Mills!
Tes, ot courao, ? wo manufactura
them?and of tho very best con
structionl Wo have butlt many a
saw-mill. durlng our vnst oxpcrl
enco of ovor thlrty years! Wo
Know a ereat deal about them.
We also ropalr thom at rnasonable
prices! Kstlmalos chcerfully glvon
or malled upon request.
Richmond Iron, Works.
(Estab'd 1809. Incorp'd 1902.)
lCth & Broad and 16th & Grace Sts,
Richmond, Va.
307 North 7th St.
Tcleplionc 2833
Kosldenco 3389
m. a. whTtty!
'Ptaones 509 and 2389. \
100,000 Bedding Plants.
targest Stock fn the South.
New Orleans, La,, May 10-22, 1003, vIh
Southern Railway,
. Ono cent por inlle travoled, mnklng
round trlp from Ulchmond $20.00.
Tho Southern Ib tho ahortest 'nnd most
dlrect routo and through car llno to Naw
H?tt"i Qiiou tP tlta wukiUa.

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