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Report Is Belleved Desplte
Lack of Conflrmation.
Bepresentative9 of tho Press Were Not
Glven Any Information at Either tho
House of Mr. Vandelbllt or of
VI n. Rutherfurd.
(By Aiaoclatert IVi-i?.j
PARIS, April 21.?Tho Amerlcan Col
ony horo has been considorably cxerolsed
by tho perslstent roports of tho appronch
lng marrlage of Wllllam ?K. Vanderbllt.
Most of thcEO rcports camo from Now
York, followlng tho court proceedlngs,
but all pcrsons hero havo docllned to
glvo any deflnlle Information on the sub
Ject. .,
At a late hour this aftornoon, whcn a
call was made at tho Vanderbllt resl
tlonco nnd a request sent ln for Informa?
tion concerning tho current rumora, word
was returned from Mr. Vanderbllt that
ho was so bunlly engaged that he had
been obllged to deny hlmsolf to all rep
resentatlves of tho prcsn and to decllne
either to afllrm or deny tho reports. Prac
tlcally the samo responso was glven at
tho rcBldcnce of Mrs. Rutherfurd. 'Jliofo
occupylng contldcntlal relatloa* with Mr.
Vanderbllt decllned furthor to dlscuss
Iho roports of hls mnrriagc.
Edmou.; Kelly, counsel for tho Unlted
Btates Embiussy, and Secretao' VIgnaud,
lald they knew nothlng regnrdlng Mr.
Vanderhllt's lnterents In Paris, and ho
has not been constiltcd rcgarding tho
legal formalltlcs for mnrringos. whlch
aro Indlsponsahle under tho Fronch law.
N'o ofllclals of tho embassy or consulato
?ro aware of any pnpnrs relatlng tj bucU
i mnrrlnge.
When a request was mde to-nlght ut
the resfdence of Mrs. Rutherfurd for
confirrnntion oV denial of tho report. ,vord
was returned that no answer would be
glven. One of the women In the house
expressed indlgnation at tho r-3:iiiest nnd
characterlzed them ns sllly rumors. It
ls understood thnt Mrs. Rutherfurd de
nlea belng engaged to Mr. VanderbllL
Notwlthstandlng tho rotlcence of all
parlles concerned, the rnembers of tho
Amerlcan Colony hold strongly to tho
oplnlon thnt Mr. Vanderbllt shortly wlll
bo marrled.
jft tho Uhoatres.
"Alabama" wlll be prcscntcd at the BI
Jou this afternoon for the beneflt of tho
Texas tablo of tho Confederate Bazaar.
Tho plcce wlll be glvoa by tho RreTimond
Collego Dramatlc Club. asslsted by Ftu
drntfl of tho Woman's ColleR". Mnnagcr
McKee han generously tendered tho uso
of tho house for this occaslon.
"Hor Wrongs Rlghted" contlnues
draw Inrge houses at the BIJou. In aplto
6i its excoriatlon by tho crltlcs. Tho
m PAPERS' </)
m. or else heard of tho {{\
Just ask nny muslcal frlend
whoro tho be.'t Planos for tho
least money can bo procurod,
and tho answor wlll be
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For y ears wo havo been toll
pjj you about'tho ninrits of our
gooda. Now wo wnnt you to
try thorn. A trlal wlll convlnco
tho most exneting muslcalorltio.
Small Musical
Instruments and
Sheet Music.
Wo havo tho most complete
and lurgest stock of Sheeb Musio
and Small Muslcal Instruments
in the South. OALL AND
The Oldcst Hrond-Street Huslc
m 2l3Easf Broad Strae!.
(? J. 0. CORLEY, Manager. iji
Recovery is hastened, health
restored and vitality renewed by
the use of
The perfect malt tonic. A food
a c, .M.axw'i// ghi Hquid form. It quickly builds
da^&fjflesh and tissue.
iC^^I^^K^al All dragglBts eeU lt. Pwparsd by tlie
Anheuser-Busch Brewing Ass'n
St. LouU, 0. 8. A.
pince Is a typlcal Itallan melodrama, full
of blood curdles and sonsatlona.'
Thn prena notlces glven of the flrst np
penronco of tho Acadomy Mualcal Comcdy
Company In Norfolk aro hlghly eulogla
tlc. The company wlll playi In that clty
through thls wock and next, n.nd wlll ro
turn hero tho followlng wock for tho
bnlnnco of tho aeason, oponing ln tho vory
popular muslcnl comedy, "Tho Pcarl of
Pekln." "Tho Belle of Now York" wlll
"M'JjIss" has for a number of years
been "a book ahelvpd play" untll two aoa
sona ngo it was taken down) dustod and
glven a moat elaboratn prodtictlon by
Mpssra. Spenccr and Aborn. MIsb Nellle
Mclfonry plays the tltle rolo and "Yuba
Blll," anotlier equally Important part, wlll
bo enactod by M. E. Helsoy. Its comlng
engngernent at tho BIJou next week should
provo a most lntcreatlng and profltablo
'\\Chostnui jfct'U and ::
\ 7 Jfighland Par/cv.
Mr. Frank R. Ratcllffe has juat re
turned from nn extended business trlp
North, and wlll not go out on the road
ngnln for somo tlme.
Mr. Mayo Wllls Is qulte alck at tho rea
Idenco of Mrs. Charles W. Vaughan, on
Thlrd Avnmie, Hlghland Park.
Mrs. Stocklng, of Rlchmond, Is visitlng
Mrs. Wllllam Spratley, ln Hlghland Park.
Mr. Frank Netherland. who haa bccn
visitlng at tho homo of Mra. Francia Pem
berton. has rcturncd to hl3 home ln Wash
Miss Rhynie Bong, of Third Avenue and
Junipcr Street, is qulte slck.
Miss Allco Ratcllffe, who has been teach
Ing school ln Mathewa county for the
past sesslon, has rcturncd to her homo
r.ear Hlghland Park.
Miss Katharyne Gatoa, who Is spendlng
acme tlmo wlth Mra. Thomos Whitlng,
on Flrst Avenue, has bccn visitlng frlenda
ln Petersburg.
Master Roy Todd, who haa been qulte
slck at hls horne on Enslow Avenue,
Hlghland Park, Is entlrely recovered.
Miss Rosallo Holladay Shafer, who has
bc-en spendlng thc wlnter South, 1s now
visitlng Mrs. ' Walter B. Pcmberton, in
Blttlo Rock, Ark.
K4<s4^4-?>4^4 <M^>4<544>44>4?!>4?4^
% JFulton Tfews, |
^.+4444<?>f ^ 4^44>444^4^4S4S>4S>
Mr. John Beomons, an employe. of the
Virgjnla and North Carollna Wheel
Works, was painfully brulsod Monday af
ternoon whilo returning from work.
Mr. Beoraons was attemptlng to pasa
betwoen two cars of a llne whloh blocked
tho road, when tho ongino attached
started on*. Mr. Lcomons was thrown
out wlth mucli force against a coal ear
on another track. He was asslsted to the
offlce of Beo Willlams, where, upon ex
arninatlon. lt was found that hls hlp
was badly bruised and he had sustained
aeveral mlnor hurts upon hia body. He
wlll t>e oonflnod to hls bed for several
weeks, owing to his lnjuries.
Tho Chesapeake and Ohlo Rallroad
Company have completed thelr rnammotb
yarda below Fulton, widch have beon
under construction for aevoral years.
Thn company is now movlng the statlon
bulldlng. whlch formerly stood on Or
loans Btreet, to the centor of the new
yards near tho Vlrglnla and North Coro
Hna Wheel Worka.
An Important meetlng of Mattaponl
Tribo of Rod Men wlll be hold to-nlght
at Nelsen's HalL
Mr. and Mrs. R. Nelsen are contem
platlng a vlslt to thelr old homes In Den
mark. Thoy wlll leave the latter part
of next month nnd wlll be occompanled
by thelr nlece, Mlaa Marla Koch, of thla
clty. Thelr stay wlll embrace aeveral
The preparatory work of movlng R.
B, Harrlaon's drug store and the several
houses attochod haa been completed and
the houses wlll bo placed upon the rollers
to-morrow morning.
A largo crowd wltnesses the work
every day, and when the real work sets
ln no doubt the streets wlll bo thronged.
Tho Bullders" Deague of Denny-Street
Methodlst Bplscopal Church met yester?
day nftornoon wlth Mra. Wllllam Beo
nnrd, of Graham Street.
Captaln B. S. Rlco Is conflncd to hls
residenco wlth rhoumatism.
Llttlo Inoz Hobson gavo a donkey party
at hor paronts home, No. 130O Tw_entleth
Btreet, Saturday afternoon frpm i to 0
o'olock, for tho beneflt of the Methodlst
Orphannge. .
Those presont were: Missej Mnrla Rlcb
ersoa. Edlth. Corine, Glndya and May
Gentry, Allco Bates, Marlo, Janlo and
Holen Nuekols. Alma Aibberson, Edna
Jones, Eouiso Dawronco, Ineg and Myrtlo
Uobson, Manilo. Ida and 01a Bolaney, and
Mosars. Clyde Thomaa, Wlllie Abberson,
Steven Brlstow and others.
Blttle Miss May Gentry won the prlzo
for placltig the appendago nearest tho
rlght placo, and the boy's prize fell to
Wllllo Abborson.
Little Etha and Gladys Dlxon are stlll
qulte 1|1 at their father's rosldence, on
Twenty-fhlrd Street.
The case of Mary HIH waa ealled last
nlght bofore Mayor Jeler, and as eho
falled to appear, her bond was declared
forfelted, and John Fantry, hor bohds
man, paid up promptly.
The funeral of Mr. James Searles, who
dled Monday. wlll tako ploce to-day from
the resldence. Nta. 1600 Twenty-thlrd
Streot, at 3:30 o'clock P. M.
Blttlo Blnda B., youngost daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. CiVarlcs Blxon, dled yester?
day afternoon, and wlll bo burled to-day
at 2:S0 o'olock from tho ruatdence, No,
fc?9 KKOfltx-iWra ftUwU,
Announcement ComesWlth
Somewhat of a Shock to
Henrlco Saloonlsts.
It comes Bomowhat ln tho naturo of a
shock to many of tho ealoon keopers of
Henrico county that they wlll be re
qulred ln future to pay tho full $300 tix.
Sinco tho passago of the now revonuo
blll dlffercntlatlng tho two clasaos of
saloons? country' and clty?requlring of
tho ono a tax of $170 and of tho othor
5350, thoae saloons witbln a rdlus of one
half a mile of Richmond have re3ted
In tho hopo and bellef that they would
have to pay only tho country llcense.
But the commlBsloners of the revenuo
wore furnlshed wltli a copy of the new
law yesterday, and tho oplrlon Is held
that the saloons In questlon, though ex
empt from tne provlslona of tho Mann
blll, wlll havo to pay tho clty licenso.
It ls understood that Judgo WIekliam,
of tho County Court, also holds to this
viow. ,
Tho vast majorlty of the saloons in
Henrlco nro wlthln a half mlle of Rich?
mond. Tho fact that they will have to
pay $350 in the futuro wlll put soveral
of them out of the buolness.
Owlng to tho fact that the Audltor has
formally notlfled tho commlssloncns of
tho pasoage of tho now laws tho grant
lng of licenses can proceed on Frlday,
and there wlll be no necesslty for further
delay. The appllcatlon of saloons withln
one-half mlle of the clty wlll be heard
on the 24th. Tho appllcatlon of those
further out, whlch como under the pro
vlslons of tho Mann law, ? togethor with
the contested caseB, wlll be heard on the
27th and 2Sth
W00000000000000000000000 ?
| ffiarton Jfceights. ?
t> \ *>
Mr. J. J. Feather has returned from a
vlslt to Newport News.
Miss Edytho Cosby. who has been
vlsltlng in Newport News and Hampton,
bas returned home.
Miss Bllss, who has been vlnltlng Miss
Hettie Kittinger, has returned to Pow
Mr. Walter Buford wlll leave this even
lng for Lynchburg.
There wlll bo a class meeting to-night
nt the Methodist Church, led by Mr. W.
A. Llghtner.
Mrs. T. B. Carter, who has been vlslt?
lng Mrs. George E- Carter, has returned
to Fredoricksburg.
Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Huff havo returned
from a trlp to Baltimore.
Mlsa Nannlo Halloway has returned to
Carollne after a vlslt to Mrs. J. O. Jeter.
Miss Hattle Wrlght, who has boen
qulte slck. Is able to be out.
Mrs. J. P. Haupt, who has been qulte
slck, ls lmprovlng.
Miss Ella Thorpe, who has been qulte
Elck at Dumbarton, Is able to be out.
Miss Ethel Coalter, who has bee.T qulte
slck ln Brooklancl Park, ls lmprovlng.
At a meeting of tho Ladles* Aid Socloty
of Overbrook Church. lt waB declded to
dlsoontinue tho sesBlon of tho organlza
tlon for the present, as a majorlty of
the members are preparlng to leave tho
Helghts for the summer. Mrs. E. H.
I-en, who ls movlng her fiomo to tho clty,
tendered her reslgnatlon as presldent
Mr. and Mrs. Wllllam Munsen, of Bal?
timore, are the guests of Mr, and Mrs.
Fred. S. Jones.
Colonel Moores, who has been vlslt?
lng hls son, Mr. X. M. Moores, has re?
turned to Charles Clty.
Mr. J. J. Wright left yesterday morn?
ing to attend the Qrand Counoll, Royal
Arcanum. at Roanoko.
Mlsa Newman, of Hampton, expecta to
vlslt frlends on the Helghts Frlday.
Miss Jennlo Cullen has left for Now
Mra. C. T. Wllklnson left yesterday for
MIbs Oladj's HIggerson, who has been
vlsltlng Mrs. J. Y. Qreen, has returned
to Chesterfield county.
Cadet Edgar Roso, who has been vlslt?
lng hls parents, Mr. and Mrs. John R.
Rose, hns returned to tho Vlrglnla Poly
technlc Institute,
Mr. and Mrs. R. II. Woodwnrd. of Mld
dlesox, are vlsltlng Mr, and Mrs. J. B.
Mr. .1. W. MItchell and daughter, who
havo been visiting In Roanoko, have re?
turned home.
Miss Renu Flangan, who has beon
qulte slck at hor homo on York Streot,
Is able to be out,
Ttitt's Pills
Cure All
Liver Ills.
Perfect Health.
Kecp the syatem in perfect order
by the eccaaional ubo of Tutt'p
Liver PiUa. They regulat* tho
bowels aud produce
A Vlgorous Body
For ftlek headache, mulurifc, bil
iootmeaa, conetipation end kindred
ftiaeaaea an absolute cwi*
Indlcatlons PointtoFactThat
a Plea of Insanlty Wlll
Be Made.
Alfred Sandrldge was twnt on to the
grand Jury from tho ollt-o Court yesterday
mornln", after h!s case had been glven
s thoiougH pr^llmlnary examir.atlon.
He Is cbnrged wlth the mtirder of Nnn
nle Morrls. on the nlght of Marc.t Hh.
Fro;ei the manner ln whlch the wltness
09 wero examined, tho lltie of questlonlng
ai'd tho general outllnc of tho dofenso as
dlsclosod ln tho hoarlng of Mr. Harry
Smi'.h, coui ?el for Sandrldge, lt was
.?learly sten that tho kllllng nnd th* Ht
tempt at sulcido wero altrlbutable to psy
ohologlcn! causos and that nn effort wlll
be n.ade to show that t! e young -haii was
suflVorlng from tempomry Insanlty when
tho rnsh cced was done.
Mr. Smith endenvored to show, through
the ts.'lnesses, that the prlsoner h.aa un
dergono a sovore mcntal straln through
a love pfialr, and thnt only two davs l.e
*oi?i the r.hootlng. n ptningn Bcmj htd
beon enncted In the parlor of Miss Moi <
Wis ?boardinghouse.
Mr. BandrldgO had been devoted In hls
attentlona to' the young la.ly. Ho had
glven her a watch and chaln and two
rlngs as presents and tokeas of his love.
S^f. had at reptcd them, but when ho h'.O
reached tho stago of a proposal she had
"turiitf him down," bo to speak
Then the fury of a broken-hearted lover
assertcd Itself, Ho took tho watch, bi >ko
tho cryntal and the ohaln and throw them
In tho Ilro; ho trnmpled the rlngs under
foot, and exhlblted for n few mlnuteil
all tho slgns of nn tnsane man, made so
by tho turn affalrs-had taken In n-fer
once to his lovo.
A chango took place, however, beforo
the ovonlf closed, and when Iho two
young peoplo partcd lt was wlth npnar
(Photograph Taken In Jall.)
ently the best of fecllng towards each
He called agaln tho next nlght, whlch
was the Saturday before the shootlng.
There were, others ln the parlor durir.g
the evening, and nb one nbtissd that
anything hnd gono wrong .with the heorc
of Mr. Sandrldge.
On the next ni^ht tho sceno ngaln
changed. Thero wei . no witnesses to what
was said or done In tho parlor at that
last intervlew.
"Lord, Mr. Cook, Mr. Sandrldge has
shot mo and I am dying," was '.he last
words uttered by the girl as sho lay ln
the throes of death on the parlor lloor,
when Mr. cook ran down Mnlra at ihe
sound of screams and shotB.
"I have shot Miss Morrls and myself,"
ls what Sandrldge said.
Then as ho walked toward Dr. P*rk
er's offlce, with Mr. J. S. Montgomery,
he said:
"I hopo she won't die, but I hopo I
wlll. Go with mo to tho dock."
And when he was arrested by O.Tloer
Mol. Folkes, ho said:
"I am not ln the habit of catryng a
plsrtol, but I put this one ln my pocket
for a speclo.l purposo to-nlght, n::d had
mado up my mlnd that lf everythlng went
all rlght, it would be well; lf not I would
klll myself."
This was the story as braught out by
Mr. Smith ln his croBS-oxa-nlnaHon.
Young Sandrldge looked pnl) and ner
vous as he sat bcsldo his counsel. but
ho was alert and closoly followod tho
ovidence. By his sldo sat Rov. Mr. Cook,
hls aplrltual adviser.
Tho oourt-room was fllled to suffoca
tlon, a number of ladles belnar present.
Tho coso was tho last ono on tho docket,
but the blg crowd wnlted for it, standing
through tho long dockot of minor oases
that preceded.
Tho witnesses examined were Miss
Rota Morris, a slster of tho dead girl;
Mr, J. S. Montgomery, Mr. Goodmnn,
Mr R. II Cook and Pollceman Folkes. ho
Bldes Dr. Sandldgo, of tho Ambulance
Corps, and Coroner Tnylor.
Three Soldiers Meet on Anniversary of
Their Musterlng.
Hon. C. A. Heermans, momber of the
House of Delegates from Montgomery,
and forrnorly a oltlzen of Richmond, was
relntlng an lnterestlng colncldonce to hls
frlends at Murphy's last nlght,
Tuesday was tho annlvorsay of the
mustoring ln of tho young guard of the
Commonwealth, nnd yesterday that of
tho hattlo of Bethol. Mr. Heermans was
ono of those who mustered In this well
remembored company, and at the samo
tlmo ciune in Messrs. Charles Young and
Thomas Robertson, of this clty. They
woro also together at the battle of
Bethol. By tho morest accldont the three
met at Murphy's on Monday, and they
spent soveral hours In deallng on roml
nlscences, and ln flghtlng over thelr bat
tles. Mr. Heermans and his old comrndes
greatly onjoyed tho occoslon, and they
wlll llkely havo many more rounlons.
Last of the Japanese Delegatlon to Go.
Tobacco Notes.
Dr. nteda. who for the past two or
three yeora has beon at the head of a
delegatlon sent here by the Japanese gov?
ernment to study Amorloan methods ln
tho culture .and manufaoture of tobocoo,
left yesterday. He wlll vlslt two or threo
polnts, ond about Muy 16th wlll reach
Ban Franclsco, from whlch place he
wlll fiall for home. The delegatlon
has beon recallcd, and ho ls tho last
to leavo. Durlng hls rosidonco in this
city ho has made many frlonda, who wlll
rogret lus departure. It ls understood
that Mr. Yezo. a Japaneso government
ofitelal, wlll-Bh'irtly bo lu Riohmond. He
is on a. tour of tho tobacco aections of
tho country.
Mr. Thomaa Gnllaher, tho blg manufoc
turer of Belfnst. Irehitul, ls cxpoeted in
tho clty wtthin tho ne.vt few days.
Mr. R. <Lf Dlbrell, of Danvillo, wi?
Jhp clty, y.estwduy^ - ? . . ?
Crocker-Wheeler Company,
JYlanufacturers of
Washington Office: 1417 New York Avenue.
Electrical Engineers
^y for an economical drive of Pumps, Blowers
Hoists, Printing Presses, /Vlachine Tools, etc.
Offices and Works, AMPERE, N. J.
And its rcturn prevented by
Best on enrth for Constipation,
Biliousness, Dyspcpsia 'and Liver
If a liver would live
As a liver should live,
And kcep froro all liver Hls,.
lle miist take for his liver
That certain health giver,
Dr. David's Bost Liver Pills.
Price, 25c. a box everywhere.
Price, 25c. everywhere.
owEiis & mnm drug go.,
Kichmond, Va.
Pollcy Men Arrested and
Glven Penalty?Fined for
Working Lame Horse.
Juatlco John had the most important
docket of tho year boforo hlm yesterday.
Besides the two murder caaos, referred
to elsowhere, there were a number of
other casea of some Interest.
Tom Carter and Itorace Taylor, colorod,
were found guilty of promotlng pollcy and
were flned $20 and fient to Joil for one
day. Tho caao. waa workod up by Ser
geant Sowoll and Actlng Sorgeant Wyatt.
Beslio Bowden was llned $6 for working
a lamo horae, as reportod by E. R. Law
ronce. of the S. P.-C. A.
Mr. Bowdon protcsted that whon the
hbrao went lamo ho orderod his drlver to
tako it to tho slablo.
W. B. Jenklna, colorod, on tho chargo of
scrlously cuttlng Bouiso Jofforson ln tho
back, had his caae contlnued to May 2d.
Georgo Hunter waa placod under six
nionths' security on tho chargo of cuttlng
Archer Robinson three months ago.
James Johnnon, a poor, forlorn-looklng
whlto lad, waa sont to tho Reformatory
for havlng two rallroad brasses ln hla
Nat Panzlo^went down for ten days for
Bell Tyler was charged $5 for belng dls
orderly on tho street.
J. C. Btpscomb was assesaed $10 for fast
rld'lng. V- ?'' ,
For belng drunk and dlsorderly ln a
bar-room, Aldor Ollver pnld $0.
Bcsllo Rood, as a sitsplclous charactor,
wont down for nlnety days.
Emma Taylor, colored, wns chargod $2.50
for belng dlsorderly on tho street,
John Wllllams abusod and struck Mary
Bcckett; $10?both colorod.
Many Attractlons Secured for the Chlm
borazo Hospltal BenefiL
Georgo O. Bltt, ropreaentatlve of the
General Amusemont Company. of Cln
clnnatl, Ohlo, who la co-oporatlng wlth
tho ofllcers of tho Chlmborazo Hospltal
in tho Interoat of tho May festlval to be
held horo for the boneflt of that worthy
charlty ln Brond-Stroet Park. May 18th
ISId, hna returned from tho West, whero
hu went to aecure addltlonal attractlona
for the exhlbltlon .
Mr. Bltt reporta tlvat ho aucceoded ln
securlng a number of attractlons nover
befora scon nt any slmllar entertalnmont
held In the South. Theao attrnotlons are
novol nnd promlso to be exooptlonably
interestlng to amusoment lnvors.
Preparations for tho festlval aro golng
forward at a rapld rate, and tho clty
morchanta iro ovlnelng tho groateat In?
terest in tho undortaktng. Thoy promlso
to mako an lndustrlal oxhlblt whlch has
not beon rlvaled eluce tho daya of the
old Stato Fnlr.
Tho rallroads enterlng tho clty are ar
ranglrig epoclal excurslong for festlval
week, and It la eipocted that vlsltora
from all parta of thls Stato and North
Carollna wlll toke adv.antage of tho op
portunlty to vtslt Rlchmond at that tlme.
Shootlng of Annie Lee Was Shown to
Be Accidental,
Mr, Caaper Fischor waa dlsmlssod of
tho chargo of tho murdor of tho colored
servant glrl, Annlo Loo, by Justlce Crutoh
fleld ln tlie Pollce Court yesterday niorn
lng. It was aihown that iho shootlug.
whlch ocourred on Bunday morning, waa
. purely aooldeutal, Tho fuct was ulso
<rA\rou?tit outj ?t; tha jpoi'wioi'u la'iuoyt.
VIHGINIA. IN POnSUANOB TO THE I.AWS OF VIRfllNIA. ,,,-?? . _??,. ?,,??.?
Mniugcr fnr Unlted Stnteo. J. MONTUOMEHY HAIIE; Prlnclpnl Offlce ln Unlted HtntM,.
0(1 AND M PINB 8TIIEKT, NB\V YORK; Incorporatod, 1797; Commenccd Bnslneas ln tna
Unlted Htatea, 1877. I
CAl'ITAL. .... ?? ?.
Araonnt of capttal paid np ln eanh.1/. $600,000 o?
Morte?(ro loans on real eatnte flrat llena.'..? 40,222 22
Intcroat due on all aald murtgngo loana, $185; tntereat aecruod thereon, $160. *o o"
Vnluc not
Par lncludlng ac
Valuo. criied lnteroat.
Unltod Statea rcg. bonda. I 070,000 00 $ 400,087 00
Rlchmond Clty, Va? reg. bondu. 00.000 00 00,000 00
Hutler con.nty, O., rcg. bonda. 60,000 00 64,000 00
Cnpltol Rebulldliig Jlouds of New Mexlco. 6,000 00 0.400 00
Chlcago, nnrlliigton A Qnlncy Rwy. rcg. bonda. 100,000 00 107,600 00 ,
Chlcngo. Rnck lalnnrt and Paclflo llwy. rog. bonda.... 100.000 00 103.500 00
Pennaylrnnln Company reg. bonda. 100.000 00 100,000 00
N. Y., Chlcago A St. Loula Rwy. reg. bonda. 100,000 00 104,500 00
West Slioro llwy, rog. bonda. 67,000 00 02,700 00
Long laland Rwy. Oon. Mort. reg. bond. 20.000 00 21.600 00
Atclilson. Topeltn and Santn Fe llwy. rcg. bonda. 26,000 00 ^>^X 22
Contrnl of Oeorgla, Itwy. rog. bonda.i 80,000 42-Bj?? 55
Rnltlmoro and Oblo Rwy. rcg. bonda. 10,000 00 10-200 00
Norfolk nnd HVstorn llwy. reg. bonda. 50,000 00 59-955 55
Now York Clty Lonn. 100,000 00 52*922 22
Now York Lonn.*. 100,000 00 103.500 00
Unlted New Jeraey llwy. and Canal Co... 10.000 00 28.000 00
Chlengo and Northweatern Tlwy. Co. pfd. 20,000 00 40.000 00
Renssnlnpr nnd Snrntnga llwy. Co.. gunr. 27,000 00 60.700 00
rittabnrg. Ft. Wayno and Chlcago Rwy. Co? gnar.... 40.000 00 78'405 55
ChlMgo. Mll. and St Pnul Kwy. Co., pfd. 20.000 00 82-*92 22 .
Chlengo, Mll. and St. Pnul Rwy. Co.. com. 2,000 00 ??'SS2 29
Illhinls Contrnl llwy. Co.. Lonsed Llnea. gnar. 50.000 00 -Ji'522 22
Twln City Ilapld Trnnalt Kwy. Cn.. pfd. 30.000 00 i?-555 52
Goorgla llwy. and Banklng Co., gunr. 20.000 00 5t,000 00
Totnl pnr nnd mnrkot Tnlue cnrrlod out at mnrkot ' ?? ? .? ?, ??. -, .
vnluo....'.$1,407,000 00 $1,763,260 00 $1,763,200 01
Cnah ln tho comrnny'a prlnclpal offlco.?. ooo'ono nt
Cnah belonglng to tho eorapnny In bnnk. ti'tm ni
Interrst accrued on bonda nnd stocka.???. nin'rJr ni
Agents' bnlnncca ropreacntlng bualnoaa wrltten nnbacnuent to Octobor 1, 1002. o'iSn 'ln
Cntnmliislona on nnpalil return nnd rclnsnrunco prcniluma. rn -<%
All other proporty belongbig to the company._!!___.
Totnl aaaota.$2,411.474 89
Grosa loaaea ndjuatod and nnpnld due. $ 03,178 80
Groaa clultna for loaBca In proceoa of adjiiatment or In auspcnso, lncludlng
oll reportod nnd auppnapd loaaea. 00,104 71
Groaa clnlins for 1ob9ps reslated. 82,100 00
Totnl.$182,478 01
Deduct rolnaurnnco due or accruod. 23,000 25
Not amonnt of nnpnld losacs nnd clnlma.?. 9 160,464 38
Groaa preraluma (leaa rclnaurnncc)) rccolvod nnd rocclvahlo upon all
tinexplrod flro rlska ninnlnR one yonr or leaa from dnte of pollcy,
lncludlng Intcrcst, prcmluma on perpetnnl flro rlaka, $l,42t-,044.00: _
unoarned promluma (60 pnr cent.). $710,55^85
Groaa promluma (leaa rolnaurnnce) rccolvod nnd recclvable upon nll un
explrod flro risks runnlng more tlinn ono ycnr from dato of pollcy,
$1,370,805.70; unonrncd preraluma (pro rntn). 731,854 05
Totnl tinearncd promluma ns computcd aboro. -'4i?'JTI 22
Duo nnd nccnied for anlnrlcs, ront, exponsea, tnxca, bllls, nccounts, iten, etc. 20,01- 60
CommPislona. brokcrugo nnd otber chitrgca duo nnd to bocomo due to ngenta and _
brokpra.. e2*T4S 92
Ileturn premluma, $0,750.00; relnsurnnce, $5,002.02.... 12,413 43
Totul amount of all llnbllltlca, oxccpt cnpltcl Btock and not aurplua. $1,685,710 4U
Surplus orer all llablUtlea. 725,704 4?
Total llnbllltlca. $2,411,474 83
Groaa promluma.$2,502,270 00
Doduct rolnaurnnce, rchntc, nbntenicnt nnd roturn premluma. 070,020 00
Totul prcsmluma (other thnn perpetunla). *}>801,640 10
Intprest on mortgngo lonna. '.??
Intorpat on bonds nnd dlvldenda on ntocka. > StS ??
Proflt on aale or maturlty of ledgor aaaeta. onr'Si? r'S
Preraluma In courao of collectlou Dcccmbcr 31, 1001....._207,007 oS
Total income. $2,220,120 75
Grosa amonnt pnid for loaaes (lncludlng $134,C06.;iO occurrlng ln
prevloua yenra).$1,023,113 00
Doduct amount recolvod for snlvago, $0,470.34 nnd for rolnaurnnco in
othor compnulea, $116,018.48. Totnl deducUon. 122.8S0 82
Not arnounc pnld for loaata. $ 000,723 13
Pnid for commission or broknrnge. 317.,00b SJ
Pnid for anlnrlon, fcea, or otlicr chnrgca of offlcora, clerka, ngenta and all other
cmployes. 188.140 57
Pnid for Stutc nnd locnl tnxoa In thla nnd other Stntes. 42.43-t 44
Pnid for ronta. JS'ZsMs
All other paymonta and jxpondlturea. i3.njs 11
Caah romlttpd home offlc?. 101,403 88
Cost of collccllon, commiaalon and brokorago on premluma, ln courao of collectlon
llBCCiubcr 81. 1001. 54,000 17
. Total dlaburBementa. $1,757,645 6J
Iltska wrltten.,. *3'1S2'Iii ?9
Premluma recciTed. BQ.OM 41
Loaaea pald. 21,034 67
Lossoa lncurrcd. 20,880 84
(Slgned.) J- MONTGOMERY BARE, Rcsldent Manager.
Stato of Now York; Connty of New York?bbi
6ubacrlbed and aworn to Janunry 2S, 1003, before GEO. R. COREY, ConimtaBtoner.
AGENTS, U15 E. Main.
Wo make a speclalty of Hlgh
Grade FI13I-.D S13BDS, buy ln largo
quantltles and are preparod to
make low prlces, quallty consldered.
Wrlte us when buylng.
N. R. Savage & Son
Graln and Sead Mercl ants,
Richmond, Va.
Jaw Mills!
Yos, of course, wo manufacture
them?and of the very best con
atructlon! Wo have 'bullt many a
suw-mlll during our vast experl
ence of dver thlrty years! We
know o. great deal about them.
We also repalr them at reusomible
prlcesl Estlmatea cheorfully glvon
or malled upon request.
Richmond Iron Works.
(Estab'd 1S69. Incorp'd i902.)
15th & Brood and 16th & Grace Sts.
Richmond. Va.
plapo to havo
your prescrlp
llou llllod ls at
are Popular and Old Frlend.*
that havo never qunrreled and never
wlll, It ls hard to get people to quar
rol wlth style, qunllty, iinish and com
fort, combiiied iti just tho rlght pro
Moreovor, wo rIvo moro nctual car
rlaBO oxoollonco to tho ilollur than any
other llrm ln tho olty.
Depot Rockaways,
Sureys, Phaetons,
Runabouts, Wagons
nnd all tho LATEST ST VIjKS.
R. H. Boscher's
15 5. 9th St., Richmond, Va.
li'.o East Man, Street,
iSitfir ewpywusfiaj

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