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The times dispatch. (Richmond, Va.) 1903-1914, April 26, 1903, EDITORIAL SECTION, Image 11

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Many Evcnts of Importancc
Evcnluated ln Sevcn Days.
Gears Not Expected to Press Thelr
Operations Further-Money Situa
llon Has Materially Improvcd.
Panama Indomnity to Be Pald.
(Spoclnl to The Tlmes-iDlspatch.)
NEW YORK, Aprll ?&.?The fliinnclal
n>;o says:
Tho devolopmciils of the week so fnr
n-s thoy nJTeot tho futuro of tho nltuutlon
?w.-ro Inslgnlflcaht In cottiparlson wlth
ti.e mnny ovenls of commerclnl and fltuin
cl 1 {mportanco that have occurred dur?
lng tho past Tiionth. Such news as bc
enmo publlc was ot a fuvorahlo chnractor
whlch wns roflccted hy a contlnuanco of
tho upward movement In the stock mar?
ket thnt set 'ln durlng the Intter pnrt of
tho preccding week. A chnngo of specu?
latlve ^wntlincnt w.-is apparont to tho
most castial observcr of etock trnnsoc
tlons; and whllo lt Ih dllllcult to forcenst
thu futui'o of a market such as haa ox
lstod slnce tho beginning of tho yonr, It
ls nn ucknowledgod fact that many large
traders, somo of whom nro properly re
garded ns leaders ln Woll Stroct, havo
revorsed thelr posltlons and are now pro
dlcung a hlgher rango of prlces, It ls
but nntural that tho ostahllshmcnt of
tho rocent low flguren for our loadlng so
ourltles durlng n perlod of acknowledged
commorclal prosporlty should attract buy
ers wno rcoognlzo bargalns when thoy
see them. lt ls also unrcasonabla to pre
Bumo thnt tho "bear" operators who
wero Jatfjoly rcsponolblo for tho decllno
ln vnlues and who wero alded by un
favorablo dovelopmcnts of what mlght bo
tormed n "translent" chnrnctor, wlll at
ttmpt to prens thelr advantage.
To have atterujited to contlnuo the
Hownward movement below the prlcos cs
tabllshed by tho unexpected declslon ln
the Northern Securitles cano would havo
Lceu Imposslble. Thoir Wall" Street expe
ric-nco taught them that a roactlon almost
lnvnrlnhly followg a uharp decllne such
an that of two weeks ago, hence the re
ennt upward tendency may be attrlbuted
ln large measure to short covorlng.
Tho permSsslon granted hy Judge San
tiorn, of the Unlted States Clrcult Court,
to tho Northorn Securitles- Company to
recelvo dlvldends from the Great North?
ern and Northern Paciflc Rallroads ln
May was generally acceptcd aa an lndica
t'.oi. of lenlency on tho part of the courts
to thc corporatlon whose exlstenco Is
threntened. "Whlle a mlnor vlctory has
been galned by tho Northern Securitles
Company by the grantlng of thelr patl
tlon, tho legal atatus of tlie company ro
mulns unchanged. pondlng the declslon of
thn Kupreme Court, and tho porrnlsslon to
psy dlvldends wlll havo no effect on the
muln polnt at Issue.
Attentlon ls agnln raverted to thn mone
tary sltuntlon. whlch Is matorially Irh
proved. Tho present low rates, however,
chould not be ncccpted ?s a gulde to the
futuro of tho money market, for the noxt
tew months are Hkely to tax tha rosourcea
of tho banks to a polnt where hlgh money
wlll prcvatl. Conslderation must ho glven
to tho fact that tho Panama Canal pay?
ment. tho cstabllshment of local trust
company reserves. and tho Steel Corpora?
tlon s atook converslon wlll occur In the
early summer months. These requlre
monts wlll come at a tlme when thc re
pources of flnanclal Instltutlons aro about
to be tnxod to thelr llmlt by tho demands
for crop movlng purposes. It ls therefora
?well to dlscover to what oxtant tho banks
have fortlfled themselvet against thls
Aprll has fulflllod the expectntlons
bnscd on the precedenta of former ye.irs;
the month so far haa rosulted In New
York's flnanclaJ Instltutlons maklng a
grreater gnln than usual In currenoy sup
iilles.l It la probablo that May nlso wlll
be a perlod of Increaslng reservos, and
thnt nt tho end of tha month the banks
wlll be better fortlfled to meot tho ox
traordlnary roqulremonts of the eomlng
Bumniftr. In May last year the recelpts
from outsldo mnrkots wero {S.500,000. In
June they were $9,800,000. New York
banks thereforo recolved from other olticg
obout flS.300,000 durlng these two months,
thls, of course, exoludlng recelpts from
the Trensury. In the two lnst weeks or
Anrll. 1901, $1,100,000 came ln from out
of town; In May, $13,000,000; In June, $7.
00O,00O-a total of $21,100,000. These flg
uros would lndlcate a mnterla! Increase
(ti cash resources from the present untll
tha early summer, but. whethor tho galn
wlll bo sufflole.nt to meot the dlsburso
ments thnt wlll then occur wlll depend
lnrgely upon tho mnnner In whlch the
Trensury wlll decldo to make tho Panama
payment. , .
Rellnf ls hold, In mnny oun.rters, that
the Treasury wlll pay the Pmnama In
demnlty out of Its cash halance, not dls
turblng tha deposltory bnnks. Yet tho
fact rcmntns tliat tho government'B ensh
bnlnneo Increases vory slowly, nnd unless
thls balanco ls matorlnlly strengthoned
by July tho deposltorles wlll probnbly
bo called upon tn nsslst the government
ln maklng tlio payment.
Those Recognlzed by Grand
Councll, R. A.?Shockoe
Banner Councll.
The Rlchmond, representotlvea to tho
JRoyal Aroanum Grand Councll. whlch
met ln Roanoke, have returned, and ex
jpreBs themsolvea as very much pleasod
?wlth thelr trlp to the mnglc clty of tho
The work of the Grnjid Councll waa per
formed In an expedltlouB manner. The
reports of the oftlceru and eoinmttteea
provod that tho order ls in a very tlour
lshlng condltlon. Laat year was o? exoep
tlonally sutoessful one, and the outlook
for the presout year ls very ausplclous,
The nowly eleoted grand regent la the
rtev. F. T. McFaden, a promlnent Pres?
byterlan mlnlster of Lynchburg, and who
for many yenra ' has been n recognlzed
towor of strongth ln tha Orand Counoll,
The grand secrolary's salary was ln
creased on account of tho contlnued
jrrowth of tho order and tho consoquent
a^lditlonnl dutloa dovolvlng upon thls
oflico. Mr. James B. Ulanks, of Potere
burg. wns ro-elected grand aecrotary, and
a rosolutlon wws unanlmously ndopted
ccmmondlng the efllclunt scrvlces of thla
ftilthful oillcer. Grand Treaauror Uotts,
ot Fi-pderlckaburg". waa also ra-olec-ted and
jils snlni-y Incroased,
'Ihe Southweat captured the vacanoy ln
th-a Hno oillcer. and. Mr. James Mercrecdy,
of Roanoke Councll, Is now grand sentry,
Rlchmond received tho dlstlnctlon of tho
unanlmous eloctlon of ono of her repre
nentatlvea to tho posltlon of ISxocutlve
Commlteoman, Only one membor of thls
(mDortant conunltteo 13 elected nv Uim
Grnnd Councll. and lt ls always consld
ered a hlgh honor to he chosen for the
posltlon. Tho cholce was Mr, W. T. Dat>
noy, past regont of Bhockoo Councll, No.
S95, and a man who has dIKplaycd gTcat
enorgy and ent.huslnsm for the cause.
Bhockoo Councll, No. S93, ot Richmond,
t.'oh the dlRllnctlon of bcring tho banrior
cfuinoll In the matter of niimerlca! ln
ci'eaao, and a representatlve from the for
nier bannnr councll, In Norfolk, prosentod
to Shockoo a pretty champlon ba.nn*r,
Whlch was gracofully accopted by Mr,
Dabney for hls councll.
Tho hanner councll In t.ho matter of p<r
centngo lncren."?o was "won ln a walk"
by Henrlco Councll, of Richmond (Ful?
ton), tho not galn being over 200 por
cent. It was a source of genoral and
genulne regrot that slcknoss prevented the
attendanco at tho Grand Councll of Hon
rlco's loyal and zoalous represontntlve,
Dr. Jamea P. Crnna. and thn Grand Coun?
cll adoiited a resolutlon exprosslng th*>lr
rogrot and congratulatlng Henrlco Coun-'
McCarthy Councll, of Richmond, mnde
a mngnlftcent rccord, and hor report, pro
prntod by Representatlve Mlnor, recelved
llberal applatifie. Old McCarthy ln forglng
aliead In a ploxslng manner.
Unlon Councll. No. 61, of Richmond,
through hor bboIous roprcscntatlvo, W.
B. Garllck, mado a report whlch pi-oved
thnt this old councll ls dolng superb work
and ls nn honor to tho frnternlty. In
deed, lt looka aa If ArcnnumlFtn ln Rich?
mond Is jfrofrrooHtng stridlly, and all tho
counclls nro sharlng ln tho splrlt of pro
Mr. W. M. Blckers, of Richmond, was
ndvanced from t.ho posltlon of grand war
den to that of prrnnd guldo.
Mrs. Atklnson Sells Her Lease
and Furniture?Wlll Begin
on Her Hotel Shortly.
Mrs. A. D. Atklnson, of tho Lexlngton
Hotel, has retlred temporarlly from the
hotel buslness. On yesterday she trans
ferrod hor unexplred lease of tho Lexlng
ton Hotel. all tho furnishlngs of that
hostclry and tho Loxlnglon Laundry to
Messrs. A. G. Spratley and J. L, Rod
woll, both of thla clty, for $20,000. Tho
negotlatlons wero conductfid by Messrs,
Shclton and Mooro.
Whon seen ln referenco to the matter
last nlght Mra. Atklnson said that tho
deal dld not rncan that ahe waa to retlre
from bualnees permanontly.
"Wo wlll appear before tho Flnance
Commlttee next -week," sho said, "and
lf we can como to eomo understandlng
eatlsfactory to us ln referenco to llcensen
and taxes, we will probably begln at
onco on the proposed new hotel at Nlnth
end Graco Streets.
"The only falr plan for hotel llcenslng,"
contlnued Mrs. Atklnson, "Is according
to the number of rooms. And the laws In
i t-ferenco to boarding-houses should, lt
asems to me, bo moro closely enforced.
and boardlng-housea should not bo al?
lowed to take in translents wlthout pay
ir.jr tho regular liotel llcense.
"If the Flnanco Commlttee showB no
dlsposition to encourage us to bulld or
ptmain ln Richmond, we wlll go else
where, whero taxes nre not bo hlgh."
The retlrement of Mrs. Atklnson, even
t f-iiiporarlly, from tho hotel busincBa ln
Richmond ls a notch in tho buslness hls
tcry of the clty. She held tho manago
ment of the old St. James notel, ln con
nectlon wlth her husband, for several
years, comlng here from Lynchburg,
where sho was also In the hotel buslness.
A number of years ago she took tho man
asrement of the Amerlcan itotcl, now the
Ixoclngton, and haa held lt constantly up
to thls time.
Mrs. Atklnson ls tho personlflcatlon of
enorgy, Industry and pluck. Her buslness
hours are from sunrlse to sunrlse, -.vhen
evar necessary. nnd she is as tireless as
a swallow on the wlng,
Uttle over a yenr ago she concelved
the Idea of erecting- a blg (lre-proof hotel,
andl with many obstacles In the way pyic
ceeeled In gettlng posnesslon of tho deslra
ble property at Nlnth and Grace Streets,
known as the St. Clalre Hotel lot, whlch
cost about $37,000. Plans wero uYawn for
the proposed hotel, but owlng to strikes
and hlgh prlces for materlols tlie propo?
sltlon wns ahandoned for the time.
Now lt comes to the front agaln, and
lt Ls qulte eertaln lf tho Councll trents
her klndly that Mrs. Atklnson wlll bulld
tho hotel.
The new leflsen of the T^>xlngton wlll
tako charge on May lst. Both gentlemen
are well known hore. Mr. Spratley hns
been assoclatod wlth Rueger's Hotel for
many yenrs and does not lack experlence.
Mr. Rodwell ls a well known wliolesnle
Mr. Georgo XV. Lelgh. the chlef clerk
at tha hotel now, whoso abillty *s such
and whoso wlde acqualntanco with tho
traveling publlo mako hlm a valuable ac
riulsltlon to nny hotel, wlll be rotidned
by the new owners. Whlle there wlll be
chango ln ownershlp, thero wlll bo llttle
ohango ln methods and system, fnr there
could hardly be nn ImproVement upon the
plans; followed out undor tho dlroction of
Mrs. Atklnson.
A Grand Ball at Keysvllle.
(Speclal to Tho Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
. KRYSV1LLE, VA., April 25,?Tho long,
r&lnv aaasoii does not Inter'ore wlth tho
usual guyety In Koysvllle. Tho second
grand ball of tho saokoii, given by tho
young nion, camo off last nlght .at Ho?
tel "Charlotte." Ry 9 o'clock tlie spaclous
ball-room was fllled. At 13 o'clock nn
elegant supper was Borvod, after whlch
danclng was resumed. and kept up until
a late hour. Thoso present of tha evenlng
MlBaes Bertha Hanmer, of Flnneywood;
LIUlo and Delma Ppencer, Fort Mitchell;
Rosa B. Patlllo, Cliase Clty; Sarah Goocle,
Sklpwith; Lucio Morton, Lllllan Pollock,
Besslo Blshop, Nolllo Montague, Rich?
mond: Lotllo Staplea, Moherrln: Dnlay
rJlinckleton. Moneriin; Oslo Wllllams,
Pleasant Grove; Otlo nnd Tlelen Wood,
PleaH.ant Grove; Mr. H. W. Wall and Mrs,
CQgWH, Moherrln; Mra. J. AV. Morton
and Mrs. J. E. Eubmik wero cliaporones;
Mnjnr J. W. Morton.Dr. Thompson Morton,
Dr. Floyd Gregory, Messrs. A. R. and
p, J, Hanmer, Oeorg-e E. Pnssmore, H.
W. Fnrmor, C. M. Beasley, W. B. Nuw
comb, J. E. Eubonk, Luthor PollooK, of
Koysvllle; M. P. and Wlrt Wallace, Dou
blo Bridges; E. E. Flncli, Chase Clty.! J
A Oliver, Fort Mltcholl; Clarence Branch,
Chaae City, R. W. Marrson, Blackstone;
Jamea Shaekleton, Mehorrln; S. R. and
(J. ? Joffress, Greon Bay; II. C. Asli
w'ortli ElKin; E. T. Spencar, Fort Mitch?
ell, Samuel Gray, Illchmond, and XV. H.
. i ?.
Rlo Vista School.
Tlie roll of honor for P.'.o VUta echool
Is as follows i
Fdgar Baughnn, Kownrfl r.rowning,
Robert Brownlng, T>andon Brownlne,
GeorK? CuHon, Wllllo Chalkley, Guy
Franklin, Leo Fi'ankiln, Stuart Franklin,
Hugh Tumloy, Charles Thompson, Bes
sle Brownlng, Mairgle Hutchoaon, Irpeel
Jarrell, Edlth Perkln<V i-ona Pnttlllo,
C. S O. Earnlngs.
Followlng ls a coinpaiative statement of
the gross earnlngs of tlio Chesapeuko and
Ohlo for thlrd woek of April, 19T.3, {3t>3,
f3S 73; 1902, J33.428.lil; changes, Increase,
f3S.410-.57. For tha threo weeks of April,
1903, *'l,091.942.f?S; 1902, $970,231.18; uliuime*
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Naine. Street.
Town.'.. State.
Blll Fixlng Tlme of Electlng
Thelr Offlcers.
Terms Are Contlnued and Elections
Are Flxed for Second Tuesday In
June Instead of ln May, as at
Present?As to Vacancies.
A mensure of general publlo Interest
la that whlch has recently passed both
branches of the Leglslature. relating to
cxtending the terms of the varlous nffl.
clals of tlie several Incorporated town* of
tho State.
The blll, whlch wll be wldely road, !s ln
full as follows:
1. Bo lt enncted by tho General As?
sembly of Vlrglnla, That for the purpose
of conformlne the Constltutlon of thls
Commonwealth, the terms of all offlcers
elocted by tlio oualilled n-oters of each
lncorpornto town ln thls Commonwealth,
and of thelr successors now in oftiee,
whlch would termlnato prlor to the ttrst
dny of September, nlneteen hundred and
tluee, except for thls aet, be, and thny
nre, Iiereby contlnued nnd extended untll
Bnptember f.rst, nluoteen hundred and
threo, and therenfter untll thelr succes?
sors shall havo beon elected and hnve
ouullfted; provlded, that the terms of of
flcfl of all offloers olectod by tho qunlitb.d
voters of each Incorporated town, nnd
of thelr successors now ln olflce, whlch
but for the provlslons of thls act would
explre nftor September flrst, nlneteen
hundred and three, nnd prlor to Septenv
ber flrst. nlneteen hundred nnd four, be,
and they nre, hereby extended untll the
flrst dny of September, nlneteen hun?
dred and four, nnd theronfler untll thelr
successors shall have been elected nnd
have Qunllf.ed; provlded that ln nny
town whero the term for which
the pdlcerB of sald town has al
ready termltmtod, nnd when sald offlcers
nt the tlmo of tho pnssngo of thls act are
contlnulnu ln offlca untll thelr
slU'cesKurs aro elected . nml qunlllled,
the torni of snld offlcers ls ex
tendel untll tho nrst day of Septem
ber next succeedlng tho tlmo deslgnated
ln the charter for the regular electlon of
offlcers for nny such town, and thelr
successors shall be elocted on tho second
Tuesday ln June of suoh year.
2. Any vncancles that mny ocour ln nny
such otllco, tho term of whlch Is contlnued
nnd extended by thls nct. occurrlng dur?
lng such contlnuatlon or etonslon, shnll
be fllled in the ninniier now prescrlbed by
law for fflllng ""ch vacnncles.
3. The successors to any such ofllclnls
now ln olllee shnll be elected on ,tho se?
cond Tuesday ,n J,,no Imtncdlntely prlor
to the termlnntlon of tnelr terms of offlce,
and every tivo years tliereafter, and tliolr
terms of offlce shnll begln on the lirst dny
xof September next succeedlng thelr oleo
tion, and shall continue thereafter for the
perlcd of two years,
4. All other offlclals of any town ln thls
Commonwealth, whose term of offlce
would explro on other datos, are hereby
contlnued ln offlce as provlded in sectlon
one of. this aet, and. thereafter, until
thelr sucoessors are appointed and have
qunllCed, and any vacancles occurring in
any such appolntlve offlces durlng the
tlma of Ruoh continuatlon or extenslon
shall bo fllled ln the manner now pre
scrlbed by law.
5. Each and every ofTlelal whose term of
offlco is hereby extended. shall posess nll
of the rlghts, pnwers. and privlleges, and
bo subject to all of tho llabilltles durlng
such continuatlon or extenslon ln offlce
as at present provlded by law.
6. Such portlon, or portlons, of any act
of tha Genoral Assembly of Vlrglnla,
creatlng the chnrter of nny town of thls
Commonwealth, ond nny act or ncts
ninendatory thercto, an shall confllct wlth
this act pre hereby rapaaled,
7. This nct shall bo in force from and
after lts pasp.sge.
(Contlnued From Flrst Pago.).
celebrntion, tho rncnibora nf the dtplomat
le corps, the represontntlves of foreign
goverrimehts to the Exposltlon and othor
offlclal guosts wlll nssemblo at the St.
Louls Club and be conduoted from that
polnt under milltary escort to tho Ltb
eral Arts Bulldlng. A lnnohenn wlll bo
sc-rved ln tho Adnilnlstrntlon Bulld mg. At
r.oon the Assembly wlll be ealled tn order
by Corwin H. Bponoer, flrst vlce-presl
dent of the exposltlon, and the chalrman
of the Committeo nn Ceremonies.
The Fronch Ambassador wlll mako an
address. After the Hallalujah cliorua
from "Tho Messlah." tho Spanlsh minls?
ter wlll spoak. Reverend Samuel J.
Niocolls. of St. Louls wlll dollver tha
benedlctinn. A centonnlal snltite of 100
guns concludcs tho programme.
Rlate Day ls tlio last of tho trlnlty of
oxcltlng days of tho dedlr-atlon pcrlod. A
great civic parade nf nonrly 100,000 por
sons wlll traverse tho courso of the mill?
tary pngeant. lt ls under the grnnd
marsha lshlp of E. J. Rpencor and wlll bo
replote wlth hlstoric Interest. Expenslvo
floats deplcltlna tho earllcr dnys of tho
Lnnlsliuvi dornaln, Indlans nnd trappors
and other ploiures of tho llfe of tho po
rlod nro belng sonelly prepar?d by tha
prnmoters. All of the oommerolal hodles
of the olty wlll partlclpnta. Many ex
travagantly decorated velilelas wlll be pt
loted In the proresslon.
After thls parade has boen revlewed by
tho vlnltlng gnvernors of States on the
Exposltlon grnnrt-statid, tho audleneo wlll
be Invlted to essontbU ,n tho Llberal Arts
Bulldlnp. whero they wlll be ealled to or?
der by Wllllam H. Tlu'.'npson, treasurer
nf (he Exposltlon and chalrman of tho
Grounds nnd Bulldlng Commlttee. Rev
erenq Wllllam R. Hnrper, presldent of
tho Unlverslty ?f Chlcngo, wll) dellver
the Invooatlop. Fnrmer Hnlleil Stntes
Senntor Wllllam Undsay of the Falr Nn
'tlonnl Commlssion, ls the presldent of tho
Governor A. M. Boekery, of Mlssourl,
Wll) make nn address, nnd Governor Bon
'.ainln R. Cdell. of New York. ls to re
Bpond. Bahhl I.con Hurvison. of St.
Louls, wiii pioiKMini'o the benfdlption and
tho ealute of 100 gm* conolude the pro
grfiiiiino. IniniidlPtoly aftor Uie ex
erelses ln the bulldlng the Governora of
States wlll procoed to the sltea of thelr
State bulldlng on the wooded plateau,
where the corner-stones of aeveral of
these etructures wlll bo laid.
The Board of X>ady Managers wlll ?n
tertaln the wlves of the members of tho
dlplomatlc corps, members of tho Su?
preme Court, 'members of the Cablnet,
members of tho Jolnt Committeo of Con
gress, tho ndmiral of the navy, the Heu
tenant-general of tha army, tha grand
marshal, the Governors of States, the of
flclntlng clergymen nnd members of the
Nntlonnl Colebratlbn each dny of tho cele.
(Contlnued from Tenth Page.)
wns dull nnd unchajiged; closing stendy.
Prlme crudo, f. o. b, mills, SIQKiiWc.; prlnio
summer yellow, 43y&<2P44o.; off Kiufinier yel?
low, SJigSSiAo,; prlme whlto. 4IV&470.: prlme
wlnter yellow, 4GS"47c.; prlme moal, $27?
27.60. v
Steamer Perkoley, Ouy, Norfolk, mer
cliundlse nnd passengers, Old Oomlnlon
Steamer Pooahontas; Ornvcs, Jnmos
Rlver landlngs and Norfolk, irerchnndlse
and pnsscngora, Vlrglnla Nnvlgntion Co.
Steamer Snglnnw, Tunnell, Philadelphia,
Pa? inerchandlHe and passengers, Clyde
Steamer Porkeley, Ouy, Norfolk, mer
chaudlee nnd passengers, Old Domlnion
To Snll Aprll 2(1, 1003.
Rfeamer Snglnuw, Tunnell, Philadel?
phia, Pn., niore.haiidlsa nnd pasaengers,
Clydo llne.
Steamer Custleton. Tnnlla.
Steamer nii.stleton, Stettln.
Schooner Henry W. framp, Him.gor.
Schooner Frank T. Blmnson, Portlaud.
Steamer .Slioiiandonh, IJverpool.
Steamer Prnncls lf. Llggett, Sau Pran
Schonner I.aurn L. Spinguo, Uim,
Bohooner Cora P- Oressy, nostop,,
Schooner Jcwnle l.lppltt, Salem.
s1xm1lli0n bonds
Money Is to Be Used In Con
structing its Extenslon to
Birmingham. Ala.
(Simeliil to Tlio Tlnic?-I)l?patch.)
J3ALTIMORH, UD.i Aprll liS.-It ilovtl
oped In tlnancial clrcles to-day thut the
Seaboard Alr Llne rallway has sold to a
syiulicate JO.OOO.IWO of 4 per cent. bonda for
tlio ooiistruellon of Its extonslon to lllr
iiiliighiiin, Ala. Thls ?yndicate waa fortn
ed by tho New York banklng house of
Ladenburg, Thalmnn & Company.
Tho syudlcnte formod by OiIb liousa ln
chnlus soveral linltluioie capltallsuts, nnd
lt Is sald that about one-slx'.h nf tho un
(lerwi'ltlug wns taken ln ilils clty. Among
iho local liistltutluus whlch aro Inte.r
estid ln tho syndlcatg are tho Hul'.linoie
Trust and Guurantee Company, tlio v.'on
tliuiital Trust Company ?nd the ??>t?<?
tlouul Trust Couipany.
/Mr. Fulton Presents a Svvecp
Ing Measuro.
Southwest Member's Bill is More Dras.
tic and Sweepinf^ in its Provisions
Than Any Evir OfFerod in a
Virginia Legislaturo Before.
Tho most sweeplng antl-trust measure
ever offered ln a Virginia Leglslature
was prosentod by Mr. Fulton, of Wlse, ln
tho Houso on yesterday, and lf it should
becoma law, lts offoct would not only bo
to ro-eruict tho provlalons of tho Wharton
nntt-compact lnsurance law, but to pre?
vent evcrythlng' whlch stnacks of under
Htandlng ngreement or comblnations bo
twoen pornons, flrms or corporatlons In all
llnes of trado, comtnereo and manufac
turo. Tho blll was roferred to the General
~aws Committeo, whoro lt Is oxpected to
have a long nnd peaccful sleop, Ibut lts
bara lntroductlon has causod qulte a
flurry about the Capitol. Tho flrst sec
tlon of tho blll, whloh Is quoted boiow,
will glvo some lnsight Into Its swooplng
"Be It enactcd by tho General Assembly
of Vlrglnla, That every pool, trust, agree
ment, comblnatlon, confodoratton, under?
standlng or consplracy, entered Into or
creatod or organlzed by any corporatlon
organlzed undor the laws of thls or any
othor Stato, or nny partnorshlp or Indlvid?
ual or other assoWatlon of porsons, what
soever, wlth any corporatlon, <Stc, to rog
late, control, or flx tho prloo of any artlcle
or artlcles of manufacture, merchandlse,
mechanism, commodlty, convenlence or ro
palT or any product of, mlnlng, of any
kind or class, or any artlcle or thing of
any class or klnd, bought and sold, or tho
prlce or premlnum to be pald for Inzur
lng property agalnst loss or damage by
(flre. lightnlng or ntorm, or to malntaln
said prlco or prlces when so rogulated.
detormlned or flxod, and all agrcemonts.
comblnations, confoderatlons or oonsplra
clos or pools, mado, created or entored
Into or organleed by any corporatlon, &c.
to flx tho amount or llmlt. the quantlty
of any artlcle or thrng whatsoevor or of
any artlcle of manufacture, &c, ls hereby
declared lllegal."
It ls mado a vlolation of thls seotion
for any person, flrm, _c to refuse to buy
or sell from or to nny ?othor person.
flrm. &c, for tho renson that the latter
ls not a momber of tho trust and thero
are strlngent provisions agalnst threats or
To encourago or bo a party to such oom
blnatlons, &c, ns are deflnod ln tha flrst
sectlon of tho blll ls made a "consplracy
to defraud," as Is also any move looklng
to tha lessenlng of any of tha artlclos
onumernted or frea and full complctlon
in the manufacture and salo,
The Clrcult Courts aro glven orlglnal
Jurlsdlction nnd lt ls made tho duty of
the Attorntey-Genernl and attomeye for
the Commonwealth to lnstltuto and
prosecuto proceedlngs to prevent,
restraln nnd punlsh nll vlolatloue
of tho act. Threo fold damnges, casts and
attorneys' foos ara to be allowed thoso
Injured by vlolatlons of tha act and tho
offondlng penion, flrm or corporatlon is
mado to forf.ili from $5 to J100 por 6ay
durlng any vlolatlon,
Beyond thls, tho rlght to agaln do busl?
ness ln Virginia is to bo forfolted and por?
sons vlolatlng tho nct shall bo deemed
gullty of a folony, for whlch tho punlsh
ment shall bo Imprlsonment tn tho penl?
tontlary and a flno not to oxe'eed tl.OOO.
It ls mado Ineumbont upon the Corpora?
tlon Commlssion to lnqulro annually of
persons, flrms and corporatlons In Vir?
ginia as to whether or not they ara vlolat?
lng tho nct and tho latter aro requlrod to
submlt a most ewb'epln_ affldavlt on tho
auhject. Tho blll ls a very lengthy ono
and consumos twonty pagos of closely
typewrltten matter. The general lra
presslon ls that it wlll never pass.
Savannah, Ga., May 7-14, 1903, via
Soulhern Raiiway.
Ono Faro, plus 26c. for tho round trlp
from nll polnts. Tickets on salo Mny
4th to 7th lncluslve, return llmlt May 20th,
exeept by payment of 00c. tickets extend
od to Juno lst. Ratos open to tho publlc.
New Orleans, La., Mny 19-22, 1903, via
Southern Railway.
Ono cent per mlle travoled, maklng
rouild trlp from Richmond $20.90. Tickota
on salo May Itltl: to L'ist, lncluslve, re?
turn llmlt May 2lth, exeept by payment
of BOc. tlekets extendod to June IBth.
Ratos open to tho publlc
to Baltimore, Fltiladolphla. New York and
Fastern polnts ls the popular York River
Route. Leavo Richmond dally, exeept
Btinday, on and aftor AprU 27th.
$2 50 ono way; ?t.00 round trlp, between
Richmond ond Baltimore.
Low rato oxcurslon tickets, llmtted to
thu-teen days, to Phlladolphla and New
York, on sale dally.
Vla 0. Jt 0. Hwy. and Old Puint,
l.ciive Illi'luiHiiid vla Q.ii O. dally
?xcOPt Bunilny, ut 4 P, M., con. at
Old Polnt with BtPitiiierH of Oll Ilay
I.liiu, InuvliiK T;18 1'. M., arrlvliitf
iMltlmoro Q:8Q A. M., con. North,
Pi<t* end Weat. for tlokota nnd infcirmiittoii ap
My to O. & O, llwy. and Traimfer Coiupuuy, 100(1
Kuat Muln Streot.
Steamer POCA1IONTAS leavos MON
DAV. Ui:;DNK.SIJ.tV and FRIDAY at 7 A.
M. I'or Norfolk, Portsmouth. Old Polnt,
Newport Newa, Claremont nnd Janiea
River landlngs, and oonnecting at Old
Polnt for Waahlngton, Ralttmoro and tho
North. Btate-rooins reserved for the nlsllt
at moderate prlces. Blectno enra direct to
wharf, Faro only 11,60 and tl to Norfolk.
Musle by Grand Orfheatrton.
Freight recelved lor abovo-n'imed plaoea
and all polnts ln Fastern Vlrtftnla nnd
Notrh Carollna. 1RV1N WEISlGER.,
Genera', Munager.
_. A- Barber, Jr., St-cretary.
Clyde Steamsfoio Go.'s
Appointed sailing days: Every
at davlight. Frui_ht recelved. daily tilf
\6 l\ M.
2 Hours and 25 Mlnutes to Norfolk*
7:45 A. M.?Week daya?I>ocal to Newport
Nows anO wny atatlona,
0:00 A. M.?Hally?t.iriitiil?ArrlrM Wllllam*
burg 0:ofl A M., Newiwrt NfW 10:80 A,
M., Old Tolnt 11:00 A. U.a Norfolk 11:81
4:00 P. M.?Week dnra?Spocial? An-Iren Wllj
llnmahurg 4:r.0 P. M., Newport Ncw? 5:80
P, M., Old rolnt 8:00 P. M., Notfoltt
0:25 P. M.
B:00 P. M.?Tlallf?I/icnl tn OM Polnt
10:10 A. M.-lVwk daya?I,ocal to Cllfton ForgS
and way atatlona.
2:00 P. M.?Dnllj?Speclal to ClndnntU*
I/Otilsrlllo. St. I^itila nnd Chlcneo.
5:15 P. M.?Wcok dny??I.ocal to Poawell. .
10:30 P. J[.?Pully?f.lmlted tn ClnclsisAll, '
Loulsyllle. St. tt.nlt and Chlcago.
10:20 A. M.?r>:illy?F.iprca to t.ynctibtrrg,
Cllfton I'orao and prlnclpal atatlona.
B:1R P. M.?Weclt daya?Loral tn nmtno.
Norfolk and Old Polnt 10:05 A. M. >l?Ilr.
11:45 A. M, Ey. finn.. and 0:30 P. M. dally.
Newport Newg Ty>cnl 7:20 P. XI. Et. Sun.
From Clnclnnatl nnd Wo?t 8:15 A. M. ilalhj
and 3:30 P. M. dnllr. Mnln l.lnn Local/ from
Cllfton Forna 7:15 P. Xt. Ex. 8nn. Ronwell
Accom. R:35 A. Xt. Er. Sun.
Jamoa Illyrr I.lne Local frnm Cllfton ForffS
fl:35 P. Xt. dnlly. Drcmo Accom. S:40 A. Xt,
ovs. BbYtH, w. o. wAirrnEN,
Oen'l Mnnnirar. Plat, Pa??. Aet.
RP O D Richmond, Frederlck?^
i "i W fi burg & Polomac R. R
Tralna Leave Rlchmond?Northward.
4:16 A. M., dnlly. Byrd St. ThrougUi
6:45 A. M., dally. Maln 8t. Through.
7:15 A. M? week days. Elba, Ashland ao*
8:00 A. M? Sunday only. Byrd 8t*
Through. i
P:40 A. M., week days. Bryd St. Through.
12:0.". noon. week days. Byrd St. Through*
4:00 P. M., weok days. Pyrd St. Frcd*
erlcksburg accommodatlon.
6:06 P. M., dally, Mnln St. Tbrough.
6:25 P. M., week days. Elba, Ashland OCH
commodntlon. I
8:0* P. M.. dally, Ryrd St. Through.
11:14 P. M? week days. Elba. Ashland ao*
Tralns Arrlve Rlchmond?Southward.
6:40 A. M., week days. Elba- Ashland ae*
8:00 A. M? dally, Pyrd St. Through*
8:25 A. M., week davs. Byrd St.. FreoVi
erlcksburg ncoommodatlon.
12:05 P. M? week days. Byrd St Through*
2:05 P. M., dally. Maln St. Through*
0:00 P. M.", week. days. Elba. Aahland a?
6:48 P. M.; dnllv. Byrd St. Through*
9:00 P. M? rlnlfy. Byrd St. Through*
10:25 P. M., dally. Maln St. Through.
11:00 P. M., week days, Elba. Ashland aCM
commodatlon. ^
Note?Pullman Sleeplng or Parlor car*
on all tmlns except lornl flreommodntlons.
w. d. duke, c. w. culp. w. p. tayix>r*
Gon'l Man'r. Ass't Gen'l Man'r. Traf. Man'f
rlvos Norfolk 11:2o A. M. Stops only ai
Petersburg, Wnverlv nnd Suffolk.
Pnrlor Car. Petersburg to Lynchburg and
Roanoke. Pullman ' Sleepers Roanoko ta'
ColumhiiB, Bluefleld to Clnclnnatl: also
Roanoke to Knoxvllle. and Knoxvllle ta
Chattnnoogn. and Memphls.
12:20 P. M.. ROANOKE EXPRESS ta*
Farmvlllo. Lynchburtr ?nd Roanoke.
Arrlves Norfolk 5:20 P. M. Stops only at
Petersburg, "Waverly and Suffolk. Conneet*
wlth stnnmerji to Boston. Provldence. Ne"W|
York, Bnltlmoro nnd Wnshlngton.
6:5(1 P. M., for Norfolk and all statlona
enst of Petersburg.
LINE. Pullman Slecper. Rlchmond ta
Lynchburg, Petersburg to Roanoke;
Lynchburg to Chnttanoosra. Memphls andi
New Orleans. Cafe Dlnlnc Car.
Tralns arrlve from tho West. 7:S5 A. M.<
2 P. M. nnd 8:50 P, M.; from Norfolk 11:10
A. M., 11:42 A. M. nnd S:50 P. M.
Offlce No. S3S Enst Maln Street. _
Gen. Pnss. Agent DIs. Pn.is. Asrent,
Beginning April lst. 1902,
Cars leave cornor Perry and SoventW
Streets. Manchestcr, every hour (on tha
hour) from 8 A. M. to 10 P. M., last can
11:60 P. M.
Cars leavo Petersburg, foot of Syca.*
moro Street, every hour from 6:30 A, M*
to 10:80 P. M.
8:30 A. M. To all polnts South.
9:00 A. M. Petersburg and Norfolk.
12:20 P. M. Petersburg and N. & W. West*
3:00 P. M. Petersburg and Norfolk.
f4:10 P. M. Ooldaboro Local. i;
6:56 P. M. Petersburg local.
6:5G P. M. To polnts South.
9:35 P. M. Petersburg and N. & W\ West*
11:30 P. M. Petersburg local.
4:07 A. M? 7:35 A, M., 8:25 A. M., except
Sunday, 11:10 A. M".. 11:42 A. M? 2:00 ?,
M., 6:50 P. M., 7:45 P. M.. S;45 P. M.
t Except Sunday.
C. S. CAMPBELL, Dlv. Pass. Agt
W. J. CRAIG. Gen. Paas. Agt.
7:00 A. M.?Dally. Local for Charlotte.
12:50 P. M.?Dally. Llmlted, Buffet Pull?
man to Atlanta and Blrmingham, Nevr,
Orleans, Memphls, Chattanooga and all
the South.
6:00 P. M.?Ex. Sunday. Keysvllle LocaL
11:05 P. M.-Dnlly. Llmlted: Pullraaa
ready 9:30 P. M? for all the SouUu
Tho fnvorlta route to Baltimore anfl
pastern polnts. Leave Rlchmond 4:30 R,
M. Dally, oxcept Sunday.
B:00 A. M.?Except Sunday. Local mlzed
for West Polnt.
2:15 P. M.?Local for West Polnt
4:30 P. M.?Except Sunday. For Weat
Polnt, connectlng wlth steamers for Bal
tlmore nnd rlver landlngs.
6:55 A. M.- and 6:25 P. M.?From all th*
8:25 P. M. r M I
8-40 A.M.? From Keysvllle.
9:15 A, M.?Baltimore and West Polnt
4:50 P. JL?From West Polnt
U. C. AOKBRT, 0. XI. H. H. HAItnWICK. O. P. A*
O. W. WKSTRl'HY. P. P. A.. Rlchmond. Vn.
Ain Line Railwav "
2:20 P, M.-Si>aboard Mnll-10:35 P. M.-?
Seaboard Exprets-rTo Savanuah, Jac.H*
sonvllle, Atlanta and Southwent.
9:10 A. M.?Local?For Norlnm and Hara.\
let. >
u:35 A. M.?No. 34?4:55 P. M.-No. W
From Florlda, Atlanta and S0uthwe.1t.
6:30 P. M.?From Norllna aiul local
*"CltyTlokot Offlce 1006 East Maln Street.
?Phone 405.
r: , -_j_i^j-^^-:-i-?: ? . . -.7=5*
.; ? Nlght Llns tor NorfolK
I^eave Rlchmond dally at 7 P, U-. stop*
plng at Newport News lu both direction*.
Daily except Sunday by C. aud O. 1U>I?
way, 9:00 A. M? 4 P. M-. 9 A. M. and I
P M by N. and W. Rallw-uy; all llne*
oonuoct at Norfolk wlth dlrect ?teataer*
for Now York. salllng dally except Bua^
dav. 7 P. M.
Steamers ?nll trum company* wharf
ffoot of Ash StreeO Rocketts.
H B WALKEB, Vlco- Presldent and
Trafilc Mana??r. New York,

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