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Major John C. Alderson Re
lates Intcrcstlng Chapters.
HeHad Agreed Not to Call on Virgmin
to Furnish Troops, but Pressure of
Stnnton Was Too Great.
The Conscquence.
Tlie Tlmes-Dlspntch Bureaii,
No. 1417 G Street, N. W.,
Washlngton, D. C. Aprll 23th.
jrtnjor John C. Alderson, formcrly of
West Vlrglnla, but now of Wall Street,
aome tlmo nn offlcer ln the Confctlcrato
nrniy, told mo a most remarkablc Btory
nt tho New Willard to-dny relatlng to
PTC-sldcnt Llncoln nnd .hls nttltudo nftcr
the war towards tho States whlch had
eecedod from tlio Unlon.
"In Aprll. 1S05, Just after tho end of
tho war," sald Mnjor Alderson, "I was
Blttmg on tho porch of the resldence of
Lleutcnant-Govcrnor Price. ln Lewlsburg,
ln Grecnbrler county. I bad Just gotten
home from tho army, and you may well
belleve I waa enjoylng tbe rest and tho
company of tbe prcttlest glrl tn the world,
Governor Prlco's daughter. who was on
Uie porch wlth me.
"Whlle wo woro talklng." Mnjor Alder?
son contlnued. "a soldlor sitddenly gnl
loped Into slght nnd drew reln at the door,
He asked lf that was Governor Prlces
house, and upon my lelllng hlm that It
wns. ho aald ho brought a. letter for Gov?
ernor Price from tho Presldent of the
Unlted Kuu.-.i. He hnd evldently rMfien
S?M far ho looked grenllv fatlguod and
lils horse was covered wltft foam.
"I told hlm that tho Governor was down
on hls farm two or threo mlles away and
ttint ?s ho seemed tlrcd nnd broken down
i w ould dellver the letter. The. offlcer
JirsUated. but upon tlie iromng'lady.H.a*
Fiirlng hlm that 1 was as one ot _the fam
lly nnd that lt would be all rlght, he
gave mo the lotter. whlch was ln a largo
ofllclal envelope. The oillcer went Into
tho houso to rest and get somothlng. to
eat. I got on a horse nnd hurrled to tho
farm to see Governor Price.
"found tho old fcllow nt work tn tbe
nnm fannlng wheat," Major Alderson
went on. wlth a remlnlscent Bmllo, Thoj,
Sburled two or threo sucks of graln
to keep it from falllng Into tlie hands of
Xo Northern troops, ?"d n?w ???.M
re-urreeted lt nnd were. cleanlng lt to
have some broad. A negro was turnlng
Ihe wheat fan, another was scrnplng away
the cleaned wheat. and <'??r"" , J 7"
was standing by the. hopper working tho
craln through to the rlddles.
%' Jumped o? my horso and hurrled Into
tl1-.Gov"Vnor.' I sald In somo ^cltement,
?here ls a letter for you from tho Presl?
dent of tho Unlted Stntes.'
?"he old fcllow turned as whlte ns a
pbeet. You see we dld not know al that
Slult what course the Unlted States
" .-"VorrnK-nt would pursuo townrds tho
men who had fought In the Confoderate
, v held ofilce undor the Confederato
Government The old follow broko tbe.
feal and took out a >arg^ documenU pqr
Utous looklng lndeed. Ho road hurrled
HE average person
doee not.. purchaso
&MM m'bfe .than one
piano in a lifetirne. ln
order that thls one pur
chase should proye satis
factory you should not
experiment by buying an
untried mako oi" piano.
The highestgrade iiistm
nient sold by any manu
facturei* in tlio city. It
may cost you slightly
more than other piahos,
but the additionol safoty
warrants tlie outlay.
| Cash or Small Monthly
Payments, if Desired.
Largest riunufacturtrs ul Pianos and
lici-tf Or^uns in ihe v* orld.
No. 213 ?? Broad Street.
Members of the
Wednesday Club
And those who will attend the Musical Festival
will find here'proper apparel to wear on the
occasion. Full Dress and Tuxedo Suits, White
Dress Vests, proper hats, Shirts, Cravats and
lv and then laughed. \,n?Am,A
'?? 'it's nll Hght,' he Fald, and he narvdcd
me he ?tler7 I wns addressod to Llou
tonnnt'Governor Prlce and aigncd by
,r: la Klncoln. lt renucsted 1dm to
cnl] the Vlrglnla Leglslatnre tcgother at
a?co ln tnke actlon rognrdlng the ohanged
ccndlUbn of uffalrs ln the State. ln con
clusloh wrre those words. Whlch I Bhnll
ahvny" remotnberi 'I want you moy\pg>
come bnck and hang up your hats on the
Pi"Hut?oV?ne''vcry nlght that letter was
recelved" I thlnk." aald W/g"1^
??tho Presldent was ^^'"^Vstatea
plans for tho BoVcrnmont of tbo Statoa
whlch' aeeeded wero never ^rrlcd out.
Mnlor AlderBon said that the lotler wns
addressed to tho Ue?*tg?W
the reaso'n that Governor Smith had l.ui
flee frorn Richmond at Uio ovacuntlon
nr that clty. nnd Presldent Llncoln dld
j,ot know whero hc was. , f
Mnlor Alderson's wlfe. a daugnter 01
Governor Prlce, wns a wltness othe
conference between a WgnUtt*^
Mr Llncoln and a commlttee ftom tne
Hoces. o", con.'en.lon. A delegatlon from
the conventlon, elderly men who wtahod
to keep Vlrglnla ln tho Unlon. had cor
?esnoiulont wlth Mr. Llncoln on tlio sub
cc an< p obably came to Washington
tl ser hlm. Mr. Llncoln was Informcd
[hat .f ho would Pled'go hlmself not to
call on Vlrglnla to coerco tho Statea
whlch had soceded, tho State would not
leavo tho Unlon. .,,?,?
"Mr. Llncoln sent hls representatlye to
Richmond on the 13th of April, 1861...
Bald Major Alderson. "A largo number of
men opposed to tlio Stato's loavlng the
Unlon met hlm thnt nlght In ono of
tbe parlors at the Exchango Hotel. The
meeting was prlvnte. but my wlfe, who
was then a young girl, in Klchmond wlth
her father, and a female companlon of
about hor own ngo. sat behlnd tbo por
tieres at ono ond of the room, nnd heard
aiul saw all thnt wns said and done.
"General Towell, I thlnk, was Mr. T.ln
coln's ropreaontalve. He was Introduced
to tho gontlomon present. chlefly the
inombcra nr the Porclgn Rrlatlons Coai
mltfee of tlie conventlon. Tho ohject of
tho conferenco was stated, nnd then Gen?
oral Powell. ndrossdng tho conference,
showed the members that ho had nuthorl
ty from Mr. Llncoln to promlsa thnt lf
Vlrglnla would not secede from Ihe
Unlon she would nover ho nskod to ald
ln coerclng the States whlch hnd done
"Whon Goneral Powell made thls nn
noiincomeiit the effect was oloctrlcal, my
wlfo says," siild MnJor Alderson. "She
has often told mo how thoso old men,
who loved the Unlon hetlor than any
other class in tho country loved It, danced
about tho room Hke boys, embraclng each
other, and laughlng and weeplng by
"General Powell returned to Washing?
ton the next day," Major Alderson con?
tlnued, "nnd nt onee went to tlio Vi'hltol
Houso nnd told Mr. Llncoln what ho
had done. That aftornoon Mr. Llncoln
told Mr. Slanton, Secretary of War. Stan
tr>n sent for Mr. Seward, Secretary of
State, nnd tbo two remnlned wlth the
Presldent until after mldrilght. Tbo world
knows how tlio next day Mr. Llncoln
Issned hls call for Tii.oon troops, and how
the next day Vlrglnla soceded from the
Unlon. It waa chlefly Slanton who made
tho Presldent vlolate hla pledge. nnd
plunee tho country Into four years of
Major Alderson says ho feols suro that
nelllier of tbo foregolhg stnrles liavo evei
been RUbllshed. To mo they wero of the
doepest Interest as evldcnclng tho love of
Vlrglnla for tbe Unlon. nnd tbe state of
mlnd on tlio part or Mr. Llncoln towards
the old State, bntb before nnd after tlie
1 havo heard several Hemocrats speak
recently offho emlneni fltness of Senator
P. M. Simmons, or North Carollna, for
the posltlon of cliairmnn of the Domo
cratlc Natlonal Commlttee; Ho ims for
elglit or ten yenrs boen tho olialrmnn of
the North Carollna Stato Commlttee; and
lt ls olahnod that he has mado the nblost
chalrinnn tbo party has ever liad lu the
State. Colonel John S. Cunlngham, of
North Carollna, who Is ln tbo clty to
day, exprossed'tho opinion that tho Na?
tlonal Commlttee could not flnd ln tho
wholo cuntry n man so well qtinllfled for
tlie posltlon of chalrman.
There ls no doubt of tho emlncnt lit
nesd nf Senntor Blinmons for the idaee,
but If Senator Gorraan la not tbe Denrio
cratlo nomlnoo for tho presldonoy next
year, he wlll alinost certalnly bo mado
natlonal chalrman.
Tho Vlrglnla Leglslaturo has liardly
evor done nnytliing that so pleuacil mo
aa thn paasaga of tho blll appropriatlng
$200,090 for tbe Jamestown Exposltlon,
said Colonel Cunlngham. "Tlio Stato wlll
get bnck every cent of It. Tlio exposltlon
ln golng to be u wonderful succoss us nr
advertlaemeut of tbe roBourcos of Vlr?
glnla, 1 hopo North Carollna wlll have
n iino exhlblt umi 1 bellevo sho wlll.
Kvery stato ca'rvod from Vlrglnla lerrl
tory should bavu nn exhlblt of proihxta
and the fao't that Vlrglnla gavo to the
Unlon the lorrltory from wlilch ab many
States worn carved should cauao the N'a
lionai government to rhako tlie exposl?
tlon a llberal approprlatlon."
Colonol Cunlngham ls muoh Interostod
at preaent In tho meeting at Reky Mount
on Mny i?t, of tho North Carollna Farm?
ers' Associatlon, of Whlch ho la tbo jires:
Although tt 1b geherally obnoeded by
uiuiiini of tbo Unlverslty of Vlrglnla |n
thls oiiy that Pr, John Bassott Moore,
of New Vork, wlll bo chosen prealdent ot
the l/nlverslty by tln- Board of V'|?ltora
at the meeting next T tesday, it ls suid
that Prof, P, 1'. Vf-nable, nn nhuniuw,
but now at tlie Unlverslty nf North Car?
ollna, has Irleuds un tbe board who wlll
vote for hlm. lt la not known here
wfiether tbo namo of Clonel Guorge \V.
MUes Wlll bo voteil upon.
Hon. John Goods la ln Norfolk, vlslt?
lng hla son, Mr. Jamea U. Qoode,
Tho minfstur frojn Slam, whose namo
fow can spa'l and uone pronounce, went
down t" 01<J Polnt |ast nlght, where ho
wiii leiitalii s'Hiie daya. He auffera witti
litaomnia, nnd declarea he has not ulept
f..r a month. lt v.'.is vuggeated lliat lio
t.ike a sbort vuciilion nnd BpontS lt ln
Philadelphla, out ho preferrcd Old Polnt
SV, E. li.
Richmonders in New York.
(Rpeclttl to Tbo TliiH'S-Llhi.nieb.)
NEW V'jKK, April IS.-Holfuuin?A. li.
lll\i.it, It, L. ..J"i.lur '.c.
Hertford Affrighted Over tlie
Appearance of a Genulne
Walking Splrit.
(Speclal to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.J
Tho communlty of Pine Town, N. C? ls
ln a stlr over tho elopcmont of Wm. 'Mc
Coy Jackson, a young whlto man, who
sklpped wlth tho wlfo of Mr. Josso B.
Sdubbs. When last heard from those two
young pooplo. nelther of whom aro twcn
ty-llvo years of ago. woro golng toward
Newport Nows. Tho dlstractod husbnvid
oft'ors a roward for lnformatlon relatlve
to hls wife.
Tho town of Hartford ls ln the clutfohes
of frlght, slnce tho appearance ln tho
local gravcynrd of a genulno walking
splrit. Men and dogs have hunted tho
thing, but it invarlably gets out ot tho
way. Just what Hertford's ghost ls, no
body lcnows, only your oorrespondent
wont there thls week nnd found many
who aro llrm bellovers ln the plienom
Th farmers of P.asquotank county hold
a meetlng Frlday nlght at Salem Church,
N. C. Speaklng ad general dlscusslon
of farm futuros were Indulged ln. lt wns
declded that o, lot on Newbegun Creek is
to bo purchasd and a largo wnrehouse
and shlpplng wharf for farm products
wlll bo erectod thoro.
A cannlng fdctory has been establlsh
er"1 at South Mills, tho Dlsmal Swamp
clty, whlch exits wlthln tho very gates
of'tho caiial. Thls hustllng llttlo placo,
whlch has no rallroad, and can only havo
nccess to the outslde world, when the
canal gates nre opened. ls rfiaklng an ol
fort to oncourago adjnccnt farmers ln
tho ralslng of tomatoes to supply tlie new
mlll, whoso output wlll bo frm 2,000 to
3,0Gi.i cans i>er day.
A cotton-seod oll mlll ls to be orected
at Hertford ln the. near futuro.
The blg Brown saw-mlll plant, recently
burnod at Edehton, wlll bo rebullt and
put ln operatlon at once.
Mllllons of shad havo been turnod Into
the Perqulmans rlver thls week. by the
government flsh hatchery.
Government Sends Samples
to Be Inspected by Local
Mr. E. K. Vletor, tho German consul ln
thls clty, has Just received two samples
of brlght tobacco shlpped here by the
Japaneso government for Inspectlon of
Richmond tobacconists.
For somo years past tho Japanese have
heen endoavorlng to ralso a quallty of
tobacco slmllar to that produced in Vlr?
glnla and North Carolina. Wlth thls end
In vlew they some tlme ago engagod Mr.
W. Adnms. of Oxford, N. C,
to como over ond teach them
nnd Mr. Adams, Is now thero.
Furthermore, they sent over several
Japaneso ngents who have recently beon
recalled that they mlght go home and
teach the np.tiy.ea what thoy. learned
The bendlng of tho snmples marks the
ciilmlniitlon of tho offorts of tho govern?
ment. Nntlve Japnucso farmers have nt
last succeerted ln prodliclng a flue curod
brlght. loaf, almost liidlstlngulshable, ex?
cept In body, from the Vlrglnla weed.
Thoy aro onger to know lf It comos up
to tho standard, nnd henoe thoy havo
sont to Mr. Vletor BOHoral snmples for ln
spectlon hy hlm nnd other Iilohmond to?
bacconists. Mr. A'letor spoko of lt in the
hlghest terms.
Tho matter is of dlroct Intorost to the
local trado slnce, as tho Japaneso learn
better nml better to produce thelr own
tobacco, they wlll buy less and less of lt
from thla side,
New Sherwood, at Old Polnt, Has This
Distinguistied Gucst.
A inuiiber of very dlstlngulslied guests
aro at tho New Sherwood, Old Polnt, Juat
now, belng no other than tho Slanic.ie
I inlnisters aud tho members of that lega
[ Hon, Tho mlnlstor boaia tho honored
r.niiie, Pliya AkluilaJ; hls secrotary, Mr.
I.. I.oflus, und Mrs. I.oftus, \V. r,. Krnn
I ral aiul Nnl Cbewn. The SIhuicho mlulster
i ls sufferlng from nervous proatratlon and
I ls at tho New Sliorwood for an Indellnlto
McGill Catholic Union
On Monday evenlng, Aprll 2Uh, at 8:80
P. M., Rev. Charles Hiimilgiiti, of St.
Joeeph's Cljurch, thls clty, wlll dellver hla
lecture, "Ollmpsos Df Spaln," beforo tho
McGIll Unlon. Father llannlgan la ono
of tlio nblest spi-alierH ln tho clty. Hls
recent permons, on Ht. Patrlck's i'uy and
on Easter Sunday, attracted niuoh atten?
tlon and won hlm mnny admlrers. During
imc tho roverand father spent six months
triivellng Ihrough Spaln, and vlslted the
princlpul towim and many places of in
Visiting Nurses.
Durlng tbe mouth of March tho visitlng
liurses pald 3iS> vliilta; had 'SS new pallt,
ond 18 new putuntn. Thoy suppjled, niedi
ilni: lo 11 COBes, Kiirglcill dresulrig to 15,
K-nt llncn to t?. und supplled i???-?;? l-<i dlet
lo 7. They luaued inllli tlckuls to 11 caien.
lee tlcket* to 3, refurred 7 to tho niy
Mls.slou, (iblalnod doctors' eeni'lcca for S,
and suppllc-it curotakera for 3.
Mr-. Smoot Alisent.
Pu.?lne?a ln Philadelphia and w.-n.iilug.
t<iii wlll keep Mr. Willard Hmiiol urt.tj
?jom tli? clta" untll next vuek.
Well-Known Man Vlctlm of
Heart Disease Yesterday.
Takes Place from the Second Baptlst
Church?Served GallarUly ln tho
Civll War?Most Excellent
Just as he entered tho door of hla resl?
dence yesterday afternoon about 2 o'olock
Colonel Wllllam P. Smith, one of tho best
known resldents of tho clty, foll mortally .
strlcken wlth an affectlon of tho hoart,
wlth whlch ho had been troublod fos some
months. By tho tlmo relutives reachod hls
Bbla ha was doad.
Colonel Smith, who was connected wlth
tho Clty Treasuror's olllee. left homo as
usual yostorday morning, apparently ln
hla ordlnary health. ln tho courso of the
day'a work ho felt falnt. and about 10
o'clock ln the morning ho went outsldo
for n brcnth ot fresh alr. Whlle standlng
Just across from Porrl's Hotel, ho was
strlckon wlth heart trouble, wlth whlch
ho has suffercd for tho past year or moro.
and beforo bystnnders could como to hls
asslstancc ho foll to the pavCment.
From thls attack ho recovored aftor n
short whlle. Roturnlnpr to tbo oflico he
completed* hls work and shortly bofore
2 o'clock ln tho aftornoon he left for hls
homo ln tho Bellovtio Flata nt Flfth and
Cary Streets. Whetlior be walkcd or rode
nobody knows. About 2 o'clock members
of tho famlly heard n fall ln .tho hnll
nnd rushlng out dlscovered Colonel Smltli
lylngr prono upon the Btalrs whero ho hnd
sunk down under another attack of heart
dlseaso. Physicians were nt onco mim,
moned, but tho stflcken man was bo
yond nld. His death followod ln a few
A native of Frederlcksburg, whero he
wns born nbout slxty-three yeara ago,
Colonel Smith cnme to Richmond ln 1856,
when oulto a boy, Sincn that tlmo ex?
eept for a few yenrs durlng Ihe war and
a few yeara aftor the war when ho wont
to North Cnrnllnn, hls resldence hnd been
here. As a young mnn ho was corinected
wlth the dry-goods store of Samuel L.
Prlce. When the war began ho eiillated
wlth the Rlchniond i-Iowltzera until he
was Berlously dlsahled and had to be
sent to tho rear. After (lghtltig bravoly
In several other battles he was wounded
at Gottysburg, where he lost a flngcr igid
a lefr.*
For a number of years after the war
Captaln Smith waa assoctated wlth the
flrm of II. B. Tallaferro and Company.
commlssion mercliants. ln buslness ho
wns successful. Elght or ten years ago
ho ran for tho offlco of city treasurer,
but wns defeated by V.r. Charles riillllps.
About slx yenrs ngo ho became A clcrk
under Mr. FhllUps In tbo treasuror's of?
flco nnd thls posltlon ho occuplud until
tho timo of hls death.
Throughout the clty Colonol Smith was
well known and hlghly esteemed. Ho
was a member; of the Bnard of Vlsltnrs of
Lee Camp. Soldlers' Homo, and was evor
actlvely Interested tn this work. He
was n post enmmnnder of tho Grnnd
Camp of Vlrglnla, and a post enmmnnder
of R. K. Leo Camp, Confederato Veter
ana. He was also actlve ln church cir
clos, havlng beon for a number of years
secretary nnd treasurer of tho Sunday
schoDl of the Second Baptlst Church.
Colonol Smith Is survlved by several
chlldren. HIs^ wlfo dled several yenrs
ago. Hls chlldren aro: Mrs. V. c. Tomp?
klns', of Ralnigh, N. C; Mrs. E. S. Wood
all, of Washington; .Mra, H. B. Woodward,
of Richmond; Miss Aramlntij. Smith, of
Richmond, and Mr. Frank B. Smith, of
Richmond. Ho leaves nlso one brother,
Mr, 15. S. Smith, nnd one slster, Mrs.
Elonnor W'llllams.
Tho funeral wlll tako placo at 4 o'clock
Monday afternnon fram the Second Bap?
tlst Church. Tho Intermont wlll be mado
in Hollywood.
The followlng delegatlon from Lee Camp
wlll meet at H:;;o o'clock nt tho Camp
Hall nnd attend iho funernl: Dr. James
P. Smith and M.ssrs. A. O. Jones, B.
Joter Bosher, E. S. Cardoza, O. B. Mor?
gan, James XV. Pegrami Josoph W. Thom?
as and John E. Laughton, Jr.
Trlbute to His Work Appears In the
Chicago Livo Stock World.
The work of tbo Department ot Agrl
culture is Increaslng every day, and Coni
nilssionor Koiner Is one of tho husiest
of Stato offlclo'ls, The corrospondehCB
haiidK-d lu a day ln tho commlssloner's of
fico Is riulte large, nnd seenis to be grow
Ing all the time. Tbo names of more than
tiilrty thousand farinors aro on tbo per
manont malllng list, and on an ayerage
of flve hundred namos n month are bo?
lng added to thls number.
Commlssloner Kolnor ls dolng a good
work, whlch ls roeogntzed even outsldo
tho Btato. A great tributo to hlm oml
Vlrglnla appeared edltorlally In a rocent
lssuo of tho Clilcago Llvo Stock World.
Food That Rebuilt a Man's Body and Buit
it Right.
By food alone, wlth a kuowledga of
what food to use, dlsisaeo cuu ho waideil
off and health uinliiUUnod, also many
even ohrnnlo diseases oan ho cured. lt la
inanlfcW.ly best and nafost to depend up?
on food to cure rather than too niuoh
A caue ln polnt wlll lllustrato. A well
known man of Keadlng, Pa.. treasurer of
a eertaln club there, saysi "I havo nover
wriltim a testlmunlnl letter, but l havo
been using Grope-Nula about a y?ar and
havo recovered my health, and feel llutt
I would llko to wrlto you about it, for
the case ls oxtraordlnary,
"For llvo yenrs l was a suff*rer from
a droadful condltlon of the bowels; tbo
trouble wns inosl obsctiro." Here fol?
lows a detalbd descrlptlon nnd the con
dltlun certalnly waa distresslng enough
(detalls can be glven by mall.).
"Nothlng ln the way of troatmeut
of drtlgs benoflted ma ln the leaat. and
an operatlon was soriously ponslderod.
In Miy, i:v>). 1 commenced using Grape
Nuts us a food, nnd with no Idea that
lt would In nny way help my condltlon,
ln two or three wecks' tlmo I nottoad
:tn Im i-rov.-m, nt. nnd thoro W'ts a steady
guln from that tlmo on. until now I am
praottoally well. 1 don't know how to
explala tbe hoallng vulue of tho food.
but for somo roason, ulthough lt ha?
taken nearly a year, J havo rocovoivd iny
health, imd tho oliange ls ontlroly attrlb
Utable to Orapi Nuts food, for I |QHg
ngo <jutt medicine. I eut only Grapi
Nuts for nrcakfast and luncheon, but at
my plght nlnnoi I liavo BO assorti'd
iiitnl." Namo 1'uiiilshed hy Poutuiu Co ,
Batllo Creek, Mlch.
Not even Lcprosy is more dangerous and deadly than
Contagious Blood Poison. It is the greatest foe to human
life and happiness, and the most loathsome and hateful of all forms of
Blood Poison. The virus of tliis awful disca.se spreads quickly through
the system and contaminatcs every drop of blood and affects every bone,
inusele and tissueof the body. Tliis monster scourge begius with a tiuy little ulcer or sore,
sometimessosmall that the natural eye is deceived, but thiS little sign of infection is soon
followed by swell ings in the groin, a red rasli or eruption upon the skin, the mouth aud
throat become sore and the hair and eyebrows full out, and if the.progress of the disease
is not checked now, it passes ou to another and even worse stage, when copper-colored
splotches and foul and offeusive ulcers break out upon, different parts of the body,
and not even the muscles and bones escape the ravages of the destructive poison, which
penetrates deeper and deeper, and gradually tightens its eoils and crushes out the life.
Contagious Blood Poison brings suftcring and pain to the innocent as well as the
guilty, for lt is often communicatcd to others through haudling the clothing of one infected,
using the same toilet articles, drinkiug out of the same vessel, shaking hands, aud in vari
ous other ways. But this merciless disease does not stop at adult agc, for it is transmit
tedto children, and is responsible for the fearful increase of Scrofula, Catarrh, ill develop
ment sickeuing sores and stubborn, decp-seated skin troublcs, so common among children;
and these patient, helpless little sufTcrers must share the humiliating pcnalty of somebody's
sin If people only knew the horrors of blood poison they would shun it as they do Lcp?
rosy, and fear it as they do deadly Cancer and would never rest till every atom of the
poison was forevcr destroyed and the disease complctely stamped out.
You cau't do this with Mercury and Potash, for, while they drivc in the eruption
and sores and all external signs of the disease, it is still raging within the body, and
only by increasiug the dose and saturating the system with these drngs can it be held m
check. And thus the battle betweeu Contagious Blood Poison and Mercury aud Potash
gocs on till the Stomach rebels and will no longer retaiu the medicine, the bones become
aflccted, and Mercurial Rheumatism, chronic'indigestion and other troubles develop.
Until the discovery of VS. S. S., the great vegetable blood purifier and touic, no cure
was known for Blood Poison. Like Leprosy it would run its course and was as surely
fatal as Cancer. S. S. S. is an autidote for the destructive virus aud peculiar poison that
causes this horrible disease, aiid has been known for nearly
fifty years as a safe and reliable cure for this contagion.
So thoroughly does S. S. S. cleanse the blood and sys?
tem that all danger of transmitting the disease to others
is removed, and no taint or sign of blood poison is ever
found among the children or grand children of those
once cured by S. S. S.
If there are any ulcers, sores or pains in the bones, stiffness of muscles, rashes
or pimples upon the body, you may be sure that the fires of contagion are still alive and
the virus still at work in the blood and system, aud only by crushing out the.life of thrs
serpent disease can you hope for release from its coils.
S. S. S. is a specific for Contagious Blood Poison and a cure for this serpent's stmg
Write for our book on the disease, which tclls of_ thc different stages and symptoms,
with directions for home treatment. Medical advice without charge.
Flag and Salutes at an Alti
tude of a Thousand
Messrs. Bowman, Patton, Kolner, W.
W. Baker a.nd Murrell, commlssloners
and assistant commlssloners for Vlrglnla
to tho St. Bouis Exposltlon, wlll leave
to-day for 'tbe Mlssourl metropolls, to bo
present nt the formal dodlcatlon of the
exposltlon slto on Aprl^ SOth. These gen
tlernen 'wlll havo an opportunlty to wlt
ness one of tho greatesu and most uniquo
' ,. ,,.U aerial dlsplaya ever
wltnessed In thla country.
Among other aerial displays is one
conslstlng of soven maninioth balloons,
slx of them wlth a capaclly of 200,000 eu
blc feet of Inflatlng gnrtj ench, and tho
seventh with a gas capiclty of 400,0'ifl
feet Theso bajloons wlll bo s'-nt to
an altltude of 1,000 feet.land then tho
apeetncular featuro will ?bo had. By
mearis of eleotrlo connectlons nnd at n
glven slgnni, tlie largo balldon, whlch wlll
roprosent tho Unlted Btt-.ten, wlll iinfurl
an Amorlcan flag 400 by 2W.feet In d -
menslons. Immedlately followlng thls
twenty-one aerial bomba wlll be buccos
slvelv flrcd ns a. ?aluto to tho flag. At
tho same tlme from the other Blx bal?
loons whlch represent slx leading forolgn
natldns; the flaga of thoso natlons wlll
be slmuHan'epusly unfurlod, each flag be?
lng 200 hy 1 0 feot.
Thls riovol Bpectacular effect ls but
one of many that wlll be soon ort thls
Entertalnment at St. Mnry's Hall tho
Evenlng of the 29th.
Tho leading evont In Cathollo Boclnl ole
clcs wll bo the dramatic entertalnment to
be glven by tho young ladiQfl of 1ho Bon.
edlctlno Academy undor tho dlrectlon ol
Mrs. Jennle Yeamans prlnclpal of ? tho.
Conservatory nf Muslc.
Tho entertalnment wlll tako placo at St. j
Mnry's Hall, No. 313 Rast Murshulll
Btreet, Wednesday, Aprll 29, n>03. ut t
o'clock P. M.
nebocen's Trtumph ls a vory attrnctlve
drnma of threo ncts, and has met with
groat supcess whonever presented. Tho
young ladles havo been dlllgently roheara
ing for somo tlme, and to Judgo by the
demand for tickets they wlll bo greeted
Wlth a erowded house.
Mrs. Jennio Yeumuns, who has been
condui-tlng a oluss of expresslon nt the
Instltuto wlll herself play one of tho
leading roles, and tho other members
of the east wlll bo Miss Klonnor Steln
breekcr, as Itebecca; Miss Adele I.ovlng.
as Mrs, Pelalno: Miss Bosa Balion, ns
Mrs. Bokeman; Miss Alma Domlnlulo. ns
Clartssa Codman; Bobecca Club: Miss
llella Tolker, ns Dora Oalnos; Miss Bosa
Slewors, RS Saiiio Morrell; Miss Kstelle
llulchor, as Jennio Woodman; Mbs
Marla BtumpC, ns Nellio Bunbar; Mlsa
Marle Auderson, ns Kmma Stevens; Mlsa
Grace. -Miller, as Qraco (Irceiiwinxl; Miss
ll.iih.i i.evy, as Marla Oray: Mlsa Carrle
Pragg, as Alli-e I.cihIs; Miss M.-ubilliui
Domlnlple, as Uusslo Green; Mlsa Kora
Kllzpati-lek, ns Kate Connor, un Irlsb
Glrl; Miss Mary Bossleux, as Oyp. a col?
ored servnnt.
Mr. Schadd Cetter.
Mr. ,1'ilui Ki-liudd. who was ojnTated
on at tha A. (!. 1.. Hospltal, Nortli Caro?
lina, la iinu-li liniuo'ieri, and wlll bo home
to hls U'lonoV Lu a- ?'?>* wiuika.
TJAVING just replenished or stock of wire
-*-1 wo can make prorhpt sh'ipmerit of your
orders, at Rock Bottom Alarket Prices. Send
in your order beforo the other fcllow gets
ahead of you. We also have a complete
slock of Poultry Netting, Styron Fencing, \
Crimp and Corrugated Roofirlg, lin 1 Jate,
and Larcy's Magnesia Roofing.
All inquiries cheerfuliy answered.
BALDWIN & BROWN, *?<i$$2?^f.
Another Week Crowded Wlth
Much Important
If the Leglslaturo shall carry out lts
present lntentlons to adjourn on May
ttith, less than threo weeks romaln ln
Whlch to do tho mass of work whlch llea
boforo tho body. Whllo It is posaible that
tbo session may bo oxtendod boyond
thls duto for several weeks, yet ovory
effort ls belng mado to get through, and
tho greator porlloh of tbo heavy work, ut
lenst, wlll bo belilnd the members on that
Tlio hlggost thing on tlie Sonato slde
ls, of courso, tho Campbell caao, and u
Senator said last nlglit that ho thought
tho Leglslaturo should remaln hero nnd
dlsposo of lt, if lt roqulrcd a few weeks
oftor tho tlmo tlxed.for tho roccsa, Tho
Sonato calendar contalna a largo num?
ber of bllls of moro or loss lmportance,
and others aro belng consldored daily
by tbo commltloos, The aanio Is truo of
tbo House.
Tho most ImpOftant matter pendlng
thero Is the blll relntlng to tho orgatilza
tlon and government of corporatlons,
nnd tho pasaage thercof is nwaiti.d wlth
great Interest by tho Corporatlon Onni
.missloii aud tho publlc.
V A largo number of bllls nro upon tbe
I louso calendar, though most of them
|ro local ln thelr naturo. Many roports
from standlng eommlttee.s are expected
lit thls week, and tlioy will bo consldored
iinil (llsposed of wllli all posslblo speed.
Itlls not oxpected thnt Iho body wlll get
away prpmptly on Mny lr.t'u.
Killed by the Traln.
j (Speclal to Tho Tlnies-Dlsputeh,)
BARBOllRSViLLH, \V, VA.. April 25.
W'lillam S. Boyd, whllo wnlklng along
DmM'hesapeake nnd Ohlo tracks ut Mll?
ton \to-day, was struck by tialn No. 98
and Instuntly kllled, Mr. Boyd resldod ut
Mllton, W. Va., and waa einploycd by
thn Chesapeako nnd Ohlo Railway Com?
pany as lniiiipmaii at that plux.-e, which
posltlon lio hus tllled for tho last twenty
four lyi'iu's.
Mr, Boy.l was about sixty-l'our yenrs
obl ajud leaves a wlfe, ono son aiut two
Hejwaa botn and raised ln llanovor
county, VOri and was llvlng nt Oordons
vlllu when ho moved wlth his famlly to
thls lplace twenty-llvo years ngo. Mr.
P.nydl liprved ln tho Confederato army
tbicc lyears and waa a good soldler. lio
va.s nlkiud husband unfi father, was l'atth
t'ul ln\ tlio dischargo of hla dutles to tbe
Cheauneakd and Oblo Railway Company
ujjl'i w.m a moat exucllent cltizen, und tho
$10 and upwards loaned on Pianos
ind household furnitur?, on the
bulldlng and loan assoclatlon plan,
which makes the cost much less
than you pay elsewhere, and allow
you to pay lt off ln monthly pay
monts, runnlng from one to twelve
months. Get others' rates, then
seo uh,
Tidewater Loan and Trust Co.
Sulte.33-31, Thlrd Floor,
Merchants' National Bank Bulldlug.
1103 East Maln Street.
Tako Elcvator. ?
From Nature's Roof-Garden, In Tho
Land of the Sky."
? ? ? "Agaln let mo thank you for
Kwoet 'Meinorles of Montreat.' As a py!>?
ble east into tho bosoni of one of your
nioiintalii lakes. so your booklet awakous
a tluiuaand jlt^llng recollocllons of my
sojourn at a placo lliut lmpresses me aa
belng 'a llttlo plcco of lleaveu lylng on
our earth helow.' '?'" ' '
-.Surrouiided, aa I am by thoso alroady
weary of tho rush, und fret und fover
of lifo ln a great clty; weary of mlles
oi' brlek and mortar, I am, wllh prlilo
and plensure, polntlng them to your
towerlng peaks, and poaooful valloyi your
most generous and hospltablo home,
Whose aubllmo surrniiiiillngs glvo ono tho
very hoart heat of Nature; the placo that
blowa cpbwobs from weary brains.
"Tlred Nature's sweet rostorcr?MON
Extract of lotter from Mrs. Kato Dn
Ment Thompsoii, Park Avenue Hotel,
New York. Hotel opon all the year.
For doscriptlvo booklot. prlco of board,
etc, address, w, D> Paxtpn, prop., Mou
treat, North f'arollna.
Account dadlcallon of Odd-Fellows'
Homo at Lynchburg, Va., May 11th,
speclal fast traln wlll he run vla Norfolk
and Western Ky., leaving Norfolk Sunday,
May lfith. 11 A. M,, stppplng at Suffolk
aiul Petersburg, Betiirnlng leave Lynch?
burg 11 P. M. May 111 li. Round trip from
Petersburg $3.60. Pasongors leuving Bieb
mond at 12;'iO P. M. Sunday, May 101 li,
wlll coiuu-ct with speclal traln at Peterii.
A. Dl.rscil. Chalrmnn.
Uvieayed family has the, syinputhy of all
who know them.
Showers To-Day.
Tho Weather Buro.-iu holds out for to
day tho jirospept of u cool nnd cloudy
Kuiiday, wlth showers moro or less fro
(juent. It wlll probably b? ju?t aucti
ii nnt her day as yesterday afternoon and
last nlght, only. perhu|is, slightly coolwc.

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