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Thls, Llttlo One, Is tho story of Ethel
iflvlra, wbo llvcvl In the wlld Northland,
just wbero tlio pine troes come down to
vcep Into the nilrrnr of a great lnko.
Kthel Klvlra were her "Sunday-go-to
tneetlng" names, nml they went wlth n
flress that hnd lot."! of March, a susli that
bad Iots of rustlo, ond new shoes that
hnd lots of squcak. On week days her
mother called her "IJuddlo," whlch ls
shorter and oaslor to say, espoeially lf
one ls ln a liurry?ns Btiddlo's mother al?
ways wn?.
Buddle llved i In a log houso a short
ptone's-thrnw frnm tho shoro of (tbe lake.
And a wlld shoro It wns?not at nll tbe
enrt of Bhoro thnt you, Little One, would
llke; for thore was no snndy bench. to dig
ln. Here nnd thero wero short skctches
of roiigh gravel, whlch somo day would
be snnd. but mostly It wns black rock
r.nd deep, cold water, whlch tho sun nov-.
cr succeeded In warmlng.
As far ns you could see up nnd down
tho lnko, there wns no otber houso! and
Ihe only blur on the wlde sweep nf dark
blue water was the tnttered sall of somo
cc-stless Indlan, or tho trnillng smoko of
it dlsfant steamer.
Thore wns only one rnnd ln al! tbe coun?
ty rourabout, nnd thls kept so close to
tho lnko (forlfear, very llkely, lt would
get lostl thnt there wns ,1ust room be?
tween nnd the wnter for the log Iioiimc and
a'small haek-yhrd for the chlckens.
Across thc, road wns a eleared spaco, slop
tng up over a hlll. nnd In thls grcw pota
toes, onlons, turnlps nnd other vegctnbles
th.'-.t coi'-ld stnnd a cold ellmnto; fnr Bud
dle's linmo was so fnr north. real wlnter
Irsted slx months, nnd snmetimes longcr.
There wasn't nny sprlng to speak of
(wlthout complnlnlngl nnd nobndy could
tel? when summer ended and autuinn bn
Buddle wasn't very old. but sho was old
enough to havo three brothors younger
thnn herself?one of them a wee tot, wbo
elept in n hammock near tlio kltchen
slbvo, where mothor could keep tho pot
e-bolllng and tho crndle a-swlnglng nt tlio
namo timc. Whnt wlth looking after tho
wns only n dog, nnd n. yclloW one at t^hat;
but he lind one good quallty that evon a
yellow dog cnn havo; he was entlroly de
Voted to hls young mistross, nnd followcd
her about llke?well, llke a dog. If she
wandered too far up or down the rond, or
scomed to he dlsregardlng her mothor's
commnnd to koep out of tho wood, ho
would tako hold of her dress wlth hls
teeth and gontly pull her bnck.
Ono morning, iiiiiisunly warm. Buddlo
was sittlng on n doad, moss-covcred cednr
tree, Just Inslde tho edge of the wood;
throwlng llttle Ftlcks for Colonel to fetch.
Bolng a young dog ho wanted to play all
clov long, and he eottldn't understand why
Biiddle should grow tlrod of Ihrowlng
thlngs when ho nover grow tlred fetchlng
"No; you nccdn't hark," sho Fald. "It's
too warm to plny nny moro."
Sho bont tn tio her shoe-strlng, nnd Col?
onol, thliiklng nnother stlck wns comitig,
yolped wlth dellght, nnd crouched for tho
"You Mlckiilona dog," eald Buddlo.
"You'ro so hot now you can hardly
breatho. Oh. what protty tlowers!" sho
crlcd, suddenly notlclng somo whlto blow
snmr, growing ln tho moss of the log on
whlch she wns sittlng: nnd sho began to
gttther them Into n lxniquot, talklng re
provlnglv tho whllo to Colonel, who wna
more Interorted ln stlcks thnn flowors, and
bnrfced ploadlngly for just ono moro.
1 want to toil you somethlngf nbout tho
Blrang- (lower Buddlo found, Llttlo One,
because it iws over so much to do wlth
thls story. Botnnl8ts cnll lt "Clrcao al
pmn," but you nov.-.r could remembor that.
The other'namo for It ls "Enchontor's
Nlghtshnde," whlch you may not forget
s.i easll.v. It Is a smnll flowor, nnd the
flower boolis do not say much about it;
but I feol qulto sure lt must have orlg
natod on the. Aen.cn n Isle, whero Clreo tho
Knchnntress llved ever so many years
ngo. I thlnk vory llkely Ulysses, whom
you wlll road nbout somo dny, carrled off
the soeds of It when ho sailed away from
tho Island, and In the courso of time the
flower reached our lnnd. Anywn.y, you
would have guessed there wns somo sort
of enchautment ln the bouquct Buddle
threo boys, cooking meala, sowlng nnd
"l.eoplng thu houso lo rlghta" tho mother
had all sho could do wlthout watchlng
Buddlo; und her father was away nll day,
helplng to "Improve" the road, which was
in a sad way, or huntlng for tho cows,
Whlch Bometlmes went doop Into the wood
to escapo the tormentlng flles.
As the oldest brothor usually spent hls
tlmo "helplns father," anu as cburo was
no other llttlo glrls !?? play wlth, Puddie
hnd to amuse ji.ts.Ii aa best sho could,
One way was (b turn tho pages of a blg,
flne book of anlmal Btorles, n Chrlsunas
gtft from a Bummor tourlst acq ilntance;
nnd when all the plctures hud been looked
i ?. for the hundrodth time, Bhe w mld call
!, r dog "Colonel" and ramblo along tho
ridgo of the wood beyond the road, In tho
hope ot seeljiy at leaBl some of the ani
inr.ls plctured In h'-r Imok. Mut she nev?
er surprlsod one, though sho tnlght per
Iwps have como upon a rabbit or a Bqulr.
i.-i if Colonel liad not beon along,
she nevei went moro t|ian a v.-ry itttle
her motln i ? i ild .... ??'!..? I ear n I) eat
vou up." And >" lt w is i! ? i thi w >od
tre_> and thlckly-growlng > . ,, .- oneg,
Durlng the day, whon tha * .:. ..- i rept
lu tluough every rruok, it was hoci
ful among tho l laes and ttrs ???
und a great de-'l ho.-nicl to be [ ing oii
lliero; but when evenlng carne on H grew
dark and gloomy, nnd oh, so trtlll,
? nlgiit tbe only speok of llght for mlli
nnd miks came from the lo^-housa wln
luther a lonely placo, you'd suy, for a
Jitilo girl to grow up ln. liut Buddio peyi ?
thought of that. Bho was always buay,
*nd tho day? passed qulckfy enough. Ut
_iiw?. ihu had Colonel to .>lay wlth., Ho
y _.
gnthored, ovon If I hndn't trled to explnln;
for nn sooner bad she fnstened lt under
her hair ribbon thnn Colonel oxclulined ln
"really talk":
"Who enres nbout floworsl Throw me
liliOtlll'l- stlck m fotch!"
lf 1 weie tn gpenk to ynu, Llttlo OilP,
In "Heally talli, " 1 ,l;,re sny ynu would
jump a foot Buddlo was so startled she
almost rolled off tlie log?whlch ls sup
posed tn be nn easy thing to do ovon when
you are nOl frlghtuiicd.
"Why, ColOtlOl!" she erled, "I didn't
know you oould talk,"
"Indoed?" suld Colonel. "Well, I assuro
ynu I i.iii nn oxcollont talHer, If yon
Btavt mo off on Htibjeota in whlch 1 am In
torosted Llke nll persona that renlly
havo Bomethitig t,, bay, i nced to be
I drawn out,"
j Certalnly be dld not talk llko a common
I flog, and be dld nnt |ook llke llke ona. He
held hln head proudly, nnd his lutl liad an
upward apd orlstoeratlo sweep, Could
ti.ls 1,1 tlie samo yellow dog that be.r
!.-:,.!? 1. !:? ! .,i..wi,.l and iieeusod of
siealln ,.- ? ' U idflle rubbed hor eyea
j llord ' ? i 'i nguln V,-s; lt was tjio
? Bamo ? v ?:.,, his neck was the ropo
' collar wlth whlch she tlragged hlm about,
j lu ud mioii i,, bolllg an easy talker.
I Colonel Boouied tn be somathtnB <,f ;i intnrt
j rpiidor. "it la a common bellef,'1 be went
nn, "that ?'.l yellow dogs are good fOf ls
! to klck around, nr t,, put tho blatno on
l T.'licn 6Kgs are |nl8g|ng, NbW, I do nnt llke
I eggg, und 1 do liot know of a hlm;lri ycl
i low do|; that doi-s. lt only gOCH lo prnve
i tim old Baylng that lf you glvo a.yellow
j dog a had nome lt will stlck to hlm llko
I a burr to hls tall. Hut show me a yellow
j dog that ls not thu equal. lu Inlelllgenco,
I good luiinnorH, pourage and flibllty, of
! any black or brown dog."
I Altl-.oiiKh LialdlL- llv.-il a long way from
any vljlage, she had S' ? n a great many
! dog?, Thoso wero mottly Intllan ours,
i wolfi?h<iook.!ng creatum, and thn great*
e?t thloves lu the wuhl. Negloetcd by
j iheir pyyners, they I u (ged i rorywhere,
tr&vellng mllfs ln lea'rol I I iod, and ,-at
tha1 be w;--< a mwl nlc? dog than
ih : ivenous ? i. at ire? that i imi slink
Ing uiound ii., |pg ni !jm' i ?<?)->? now and
lu ?'?'? !?":???' d' plckiug up a. meal of
; ? ? j arlngi or eggfpo/lla.
: say, glva tha yellow mog n show," do
?n?l, fclttlng up\on hls huunchea
? i maklng a grand flburisdi wlth hls
I r:tht foiepaw. "Othor Uojjo Jiavo uhowu,
l 1
John XV. Willinms, Jr., Is the brlght llttle son of Mr. and Mrs. John W. Williams,
of Pearlsburg, Vlrglnla
Mr, Willinms, Scnlor, Is the popular clerk of the Vlrglnla Housp of Delegates.
Maetor John W, will recl'.e "Tlio Sword of Lee," by Fathor Ityan, in an entertaln?
ment to be given at tho Confederato Bazaar, under tho dlrectlon of .Mrs. Georgo
A. Lyon.
but you never hcar of n yellow dog show.
Lot justlco be done though tho sky falls."
Wlth hls left forepaw ho made another
grand flourlsh. and pau'sed for a reply.
But all Buddlo could thlnk^ of ? was, "I'm
surc lt wouldn't be nlco to havo the sky
"Oh, that ls Just a flguro of spooch, llke
'let justlco bo dono,' " said Colonol. "Xo
body oxpects tho sky to fall, though I
darc say It would fall if Justlco were done.
Bi.ddln dld not qulto understand what a
flguro of speech was, but, llke a great
many older people, sho was Impresaed by
largo words and nn eosy style of tosslng
them off; and it soemod to her that Colo?
nel was a vory superlor person?if you
could call a dog a person.
"Ii." there aro no moro stioks to fetch."
said Colonol, dropplng ngaln upon all
fours, "I thlnk I will mako a few calls
on my frlends in tho wood."
"Won't you get lost?" aaked Buddlo,
poerlng doulitfully into the dark grove of
Bpruce nnd bals.im flr.
"1 havo nover been lost yet," repliod
Colonol, tosslng hls hond. "I vory often
go mlles Into the wood, for I cnn always
t.ose rny way bnck agaln. How would
you llko to pay a visit to my frlend, the
Lazlost Beaver? Wo'll bo suro to flnd
hlm at home."
"Benvers aren't lnzy," said Buddlo.
There was a beaver ln hor book of anlmnl
stoiies, nnd under it the rhyme:
"B ls for Boavor, who's never a shirk;
For whon he's not slceplng. he's always
at work."
And she had ofton heard her father say,
when ho came homo tlrod at twllight,
that ho hnd "worked llke a beaver."
"1 havo known a gront many beavers ln
my tlmo," Colonel repliod, "and 1 never
know ono to do a stroke of work if ho
could get out of lt. Indeed, 'lnzy as a
beaver" Is a common expresalon in thoso
pnrts. My frlend tho Laziest Beaver nov?
er worked In his llfe."
"Well, let'a go to seo hlm!" crled Bud?
dlo, hnpplly. "Only don't go fnst, ns I
can't Jiunp over thlngs tho way you can."
"Nover foar," roplled Colonol. "I wlll
show you tho easlest pnths. Bosldes,
thero Is no hurry, as wo havo all day be?
foro us."
As ho spoke he cleored a hiigo log wlth
a groceful lcap, nnd led tho way Into a
thlcket of young poplar treos.
Now, 1 am qulto suro, Llttle One, thnt
ln golng Into tbo wood, Buddlo dld not
moon to dlsoboy her mother; she nover
beforo had done so. You aro to hollevc,
tlco. Tho little branchcs caught hor in
her hair and trled to poke out her eyes,
But she soon learncd to bcnd her head at
tho rlght tlmo nnd shield her eyes -wlth
Iier'nrm; nnd as they got deeper Into the
wood, where the proud plne trees grew
atid thc llttlo buslies dared not lntrudo,
walking becamo almost as easy as along
a road.
"This frlend of mlne. Lazlest Beaver."
sald Colonel, when Buddle stopped for a
little rest, "Is always golng to do some
thing, but never getr, around to lt. He's
been golng to re-bulld a dam for I don't
know how long, and he's always talklng
about repalrlng hls house. e.'hlch fell
down about hls ears last summer. But
be'd rather slt ln the sun and tell storles
and exchange news. He's tho groatest
gosslp in the woods?the crows nre noth?
ing to hlm?nnd every one that wants to
flnd out nnythlng goes strnlght to hlm."
"Whero does hn Uve?" asked Buddle.
"Just a little way from here, at Beaver
tOwn. lt used to be qulte a vlllage, but
last year tbe beavers movod to a better
Vlllage up tho rlver. Thc Lazlest Beaver
wns too lnzy to follow them; so he llvcs
nll alone In hls tumbledown houso, by tho
side of hls tumblednvm dam, and llcs out
In thc sun all day, and has Just the lazl?
est tlmo ln thc world. Shall wo move
nlong ngaln?"
They rcsumed thelr Journey, nnd pres
ontly camc to what scemod to Buddle a
pnth. But Colonel explnlnc-d that It was
only a deer traln, runnlng down to the
rlver, the ronr of whlch now reaehed thelr
ears, aud that lt led the other way to no
whoro ln partlcular.
"Ooodness! Must we cllmb over that?"
crled Buddle, stopplng before a wlndfall,
a tangled ma.ss of trees whlch somo great
wlnd -had blown down.
"Lie flat on my back and hang on
tlBlit," sald Colonel. Buddle dld as dl
reeled, and wlth a few easy leaps. Colo?
nel passed tho obstructlon and Innded
snfely on the other side. They way now
led down hlll to the rlver, whlch rushed
by them nll covorod wlth the foam of
mlles nnd mlles nf raplcls; and It looked
so wlld and dangerous thnt Buddlo hesl
tnted, when Colonel agaln dlrceted her to
get on his back.
"Oh, lt's nothing nt nll," he nssured her.
And lndeed It wns nothing for hlm; for,
lenplng from rook lo rock, ho clcared tho
strenm ln four Jtimps;
Just nbovo where they Innded a smaller
strenm camo In, nnd along the bank
thin Colonel led tbe way, untll thoy camn
to a meadow of lall wlld grass, whlch bor
that tho bouquet of Knehnnter's Night
Bhade In lur hulr wns to 1.1;.-.10, just us it
wns the causio of overythiiig ftlse that
happeued to her thut woadeiiul ctiy.
At flrst Buddie hud soino truuhlo in fol.
lowlng her guldo, who slipped through tho
brusb "vdjUU uu case boin ot much, yruc
\ J
I the llttlo rlvor on "? fa^thOF I>ank.
Colonol onco moro played tho part
rrybont, nn.i iu a few mlnutcs moro,
arrl ,?< 1 ut H.-avortoWii
pyi giit, lij . i--aiiipson-llodgea Co?
(.To b? continuwj ug_i flunday.)
. . . THE . . .
The story-telllng machtno ln tho houso
of Wally Wanderoon, tho llttlo old
man who la looklng for the Good
Tlmes we used to have, has told sun
dry talos thnt do not entlroly pleaso,
whoreupon Drusllla ncornfully tolls
what sho consldors real storles worth
llstcnlng to.
"I dunner what ho tnlkln' 'bout," said
Drusllla roforring to tho lnst remnrk of
the dlscredlted story-tolllng machino, "but
lf he fool wid mo I'11 whlrl In nn' tell
'lm oump'n ho aln't novor hcnr tell un."
"I'd thank you klndly," tho professlonal
story-tollor declared.
"Ia you ovor hear talk er Bror Babblt
an' do Beo?" DriiBllla's tono was allghtly
Biiapplsh, for sho had a dlm ldea thnt
thn atory-tollor had commonted unfavorr
ably on tho tale she had told.
"Brothor Rabblt nnd tho Boe?I don't
thlnk I evor dld," repliod tho mnn In tho
box. "But It prorhlses well. Brothor Bab?
blt nnd tho Bee?that Is a good tltle."
"Tltlel" protosted Drusllla, "Whnt you
call lt dat fer? 'Taln't no tltle; It's dos
plaln ovo'y day tale."
"Oh, do toll lt, Druslllal" crled Bweetost
Susnn. "I've heard you tell It onco, but
I have forgotton It."
"Dat aln't sayln' much fer do talo," l
apondod Drusllla. '"Taln't much, but lt'B
bottcr dan dem whnt you-nll been tellln'."
Theroupon Drusllla bogan to plck her fln
ger nalls, a sure algn1 of ombarraBsmont,
Presently sho began and told tho story of
"Doy wuz a tlmo whon Brer Rabblt
hnd a mlghty hablt er chnwln' sweotgum,
Day ln nn' day out, no matter whar you
seod hlm, hls Jaw would bo a-workln';
an' 'twan't no cud dat ho liad; it wuz
des plaln sweotgum. Ef ho fall tcr fln'
It fresh tor his han' ho'd bark do fust
sweotgum tree he oum ter aa' den go
back dar In a day or two an' glt do truck
what oozo out at do placo whar ho
gnyawcd de bark off. Ho done dls bo
much dat all hls fambly, an' der fnmbllns
atter 'em, down tcr dls day an' time, dono
got in do habits er workln' der Jawa nn'
barkln! moBt ovo'y tree doy oomo ter.
Dey don fergit all 'bout do BWeetgum, ylt
rtnt ain't hender um fum workln' der
Jaws nn' bnrkln' trces.
"Well. one day, whlles Brer Rabblt wuz
takln' a walk ln do woods for ter glt de
frcsh alr ho run 'orossa great blg sweotgum
tree. Somo un had Btrlp de dark fum
ono slde, an' lt wuz falr reekln' wld
sweotgum?not de yollor Rort dat b'urns
yo' mouf, but do whlto klnd dat tas'os
good. Whon Brer Rabblt sey all dls. ho
mako up hls mln' dat hc'U glt hlB riii
er aweotgum, an' tako somG ter >do ol'
'oman nn' do chillun.
"Brer Rabblt feel so good, he dld, dnt
he took off hla hat an' sot lt on ono sldo
er hls head, nri' strut up tor do sweotgum
troe, an' rap on de bark llko he knockln'
an* Jump, an' dough <lo blg trco wbnr
Mr. Beo live at wuf, n mlghty fur ways,
twant long 'fo doy got dar.
"Do door or Mr. Bee's house wnn't so
mlglity fur fum de?Broun', an* whon hls
fatnbly hoar somo uri knockin' dnr, dey
swnrm out fer tor seo whnt do troiiblo
wuz, an' no aooner |s dey como out, dan
doy see Brer Rabblt wld de slck Bce, nn'
wlilles dey wuz mlghty sorrj; fcr tor seo ono
er der fambly In a bnd way, dey wuz
mlghty glad ter know dnt Brer Bablt wuz
good nuff fcr tcr fetch 'lm homo; an'
doy say dey aln't nothln' In der houso too
good fer 'lm. /
"Brer Babblt thank you klntlly, nn' siy
ho nln't done no mo' dan whnt he'd speck
some us tor do fer hlm?not dnt ho spoct
cdany an' overybody ter do lt. keze dar
wuz Brer Fox what hnd been er
pursuln' on nftor hlm nn' hls fambly
sonce do year Ono. Bon all do becs, der
slstern nn' der brers, *ny dat dey wlsh
doy'd know'd lt long 'fo dls. knzo doy'
'a' mndo It hot fer Bror Fox.
"Bror Rabblt eay dey rtiay havo a vlslt
fum Bror Fox dnt vo'd dny er do dny
atter, kazo ho done henr Brer Fox say
that lie know whnr dey vVuz a beo tree,
an' dat ho wuz gwlnter glt somo or do
honey. Bon de Boon sorter llf der wlngs
nn' trut 'roun' nn' say doy hope lie'll
come ter der house.
"Whllcs dey wuz Jawln' wld ono nn er,
some nn um crawled on Bror Babblt, nn'
when ho fllnchod dey nx 'lm what de
mnttor. Bror Rnblt 'low. he dld, dat he
wuz born tlckllsh nn' he'd dle tlckllsb,
nn' dey hatter scruzen 'lm. Becs got lotiT
mo' sense dan folks, nn' soon ns dey Kn"
out dat Bror Rabblt In tlckllsh, dey gun
ter play pranks on 'lm. Doy'd zoon 'roun'
hls hend, nn' llght on hls years, nn' dey
kop dnt up tell Brer Rabblt cfm't do
nothln' but dodgo, fus' ono way nn" don
dnt, an' de, mo" he dodge, de wuzz de
Bees got, an, he des bleezo ter tell um
"Dey foller'd 'lm lltle plece, de Been
dld, des fer do fun or de thing, but blme
by dey turn 'roun an' went back home.
Dey aln't sooner do dls, dan hero come
Brer Fox prancln' thoo do woods wld?
'Ifowdy, Brer Rnbblt, howdy, nn' whar
you been dls long tlme, an' how's yo'
fnmbly nn' nll de chlllun?' Brer Rnbblt
say dey aln't rtoki" so mlghty'well, nn'
den he nx Brer Fox how hls folks ls.
Bror Fox say dey er ' des nntchally
fcrumptlous, fat ez buttor. nn' hnppy ez
de dny's long. Brer Rnbblt sny he mon
stus glnd ter hear nech good news.
"Den Brer Fox sny: "Whnr you bin,
Bror Rnbblt, nn' whar you glt so much
nlce s-weetgum?' Brer Rnbblt 'low, ho
dld, dat he got It nt de glttln' plnec,
whlch it wuzn't so mlghty fur off. Brer
Fox nx "lm whar do placo wuz, an' Brer
Rnbblt dat ef Brer Fox'll make llke
he's rur.nln' atter 'lm, hc'll show 'lm de
'Howdy, Brer Rabblt? "Howdy," says Brer Fox.
at do door. He start tor say, 'Howdy,
evorybody,' but bofo' ho kln glt de words
out'n hls mouf, ho Jork hia han' 'wny
fum do treo, an fotched a squall dat
mought or boen hourd a mlle. Ho donu
das Uko do treo burn hlm, but 'twunt
no burn; 'twuz dos a boo? an' a mlghty
llttlo un at dat?ono or dezo yer klnd
what w'ar black strlpod brltches.
"Bror Rabblt say, 'WhiA you want tor
st'ob mo wld yo' knlfo fer?' Mr. Boe 'low,
'What you mnKh mo fer?' Bror Rnbblt
sny ho aln't see do Beo toll nttor bo got
stobbod. Mr. Beo 'low, 'You s?en mo now,
don't you?' Bror Rabblt sny, T feol you
lots wuss dan I soes you. Whyn't you
holler 'fo you Jnli me wld yo' knlfo?' Mr.
Dog say, 'How kln' anybody holler whon
dev'glt do brof khook out'n um? ~
got heols nn' I got wlngs, but when I got
a lond er good?goody, I cnn't uso
my wlngs sn froe. nn' den I'm bleczo ter
pull out my knlfo.'
"Bror Rabblt han' hurt hlm so hnd whar
ho got stiing at, nn' ho nialto so muoh
fuss about lt, dat Mr. Boo to!' 'lm lm kln
kyo It hy putttn' somo yeur-wnx on it
nn' sho' 'tiuff do stlnged plnceqult hurtln'
whon Brer Rabblt grensed n wld somo
wax out'n hls year. Den ho got hlm n
great blg chnw er sweotgum, nnff for
ter last 'lm n woek. hn' be got a wholo
lot mo' an' put.lt on a blg poplnr Jeaf
an' say ho gwinter tnko It tcr hls ol'
'oninn an do ohlllun. '
?'All dia tlmo do Bop wuz Blttln rlgMt
whar he wuz wIiph Brer Ilnbblt hurt
?lm. Bier Rabblt say, 'Iloyo; nJn't you
gone yot?' an' Mr. Beo nny ho feelin 80
had an' weak dnt be diinnof who r ho
gV homo er not. Bror Rabblt Jow
h, mlghty Borry, '">' "" "x ef h0 <anl
do sump'ii for ter he'p lm"
"Why hees <lle when they stlng nny
thlng, ' 'snld BUStoy John, "I board grand
"Woir'an'^BOOd." repliod Rrusllhi. wlth
a trlumphnnt toss of her head, "You hear
mo tnlkln' oz hard oz I k|rt| now. den,
llsfn at me whiles 1 tolls do tnlo-ef you
Kln o-ill It n ialo. Whaiboills wuz I?
"Where Brother Rabblt was nsking
Mr Beo if ho couldn't dn somethliis to
hpip hlm." snld bweetost Sus-m.
"Well den " i-oninrkfd Pru-illl". "whon
Brer Rabblt nv 'lm dnt, Mr. Roe say bo
mlghty much erbleegnlw, IU lnte might iy
for U'r portor l-i'oi Rabblt, he sny. lnjt
Of ho'll bo so c-ood ez ter Clto 'lm bfti k
tor de blg poplar, whar ho !'''?'? at, ho'U
bo mo tlnu thankful. 8o Mr. Beo sny, nn'
nn son'ior do ho say lt dun Brer Rabblt
helt out do poplar leaf wirit ffot de sweet
pinn Oll lt. an' Mr. Boe e,-uwlo-l on It.
Den, ufter Mr. Boo toTI 'im whlch wny
1 tcr go, Brer Rabblt went wld a hop, sklu
plnco, 'When wo como ter do place,'
Brer Rabblt say, Tll whirl short ter left.
an' den all you got ter do ls ter go ter
blg treo whnr de Beos live at an' knock
cn do door wld yo' cane an' tell um
fcr ter fotch you oui some sweetgum, nn'
bo pnrty qulck nbout if..'
"Brer Fox 'low dnt doy nln't nothln*
enser dan dat; an' when Brer Rabblt
turn 'roun' an' break Intor u run.' Brer
Fox tuck out ntter 'lm licketty oplit. nn'
'twuz nbout ez much ez Brer Rabblt Kln
do ter keep Bror Fox fum ketcbln' 'lm
sho nnff. dough dls want In de bnrgalu.
Wlioh dey come ter do place, Brer Rnb?
blt lie dodgo tor de left, nn' Brer Fox
cnme mlghty nlgh runuln' rlght lnter do
treo, Ho stop, be dld, an' look 'roun' fer
ter seo how de lon' lay, an' den ho went
ter do treo whnr do Bce.s live at, nn'
knock on lt wld hls walkln'-cnne, nn'
?boller nn' lell do Bees fer ter fotch 'lm
some sweetgum, an' fcrter fetch lt in a
"Brer Rabblt, he got off a llttlo ploro.
nn' den stop fcr ter see whnt gwlnter
1-appen. He nln't huil long tor watt nud
*der, knze lt want no tlme 'fo' ho aeed
Broi Fox snap at hisse'f, fust on one
sldu an' den on do yutlier. Den bo qult
Slliippln' on' tr'y ter wlpe de Bees nut'n
hls facc an,' eyes, nn' den he got down
on de fc'ioun' an' roll over an' over.' Do
ino' he roll do mo' lie want ter roll, tell
bli.ieby It look llko lie wuz gwlms 'roufl'
like a whlrlyglg. An' he want only rollln';
be WUS squallln' nll do t|me llko he bad
):ls luin' kotch lu u steel trnp.
"He nln't roll dls way long, Unzo lt
got so hot fer Brer Fqx dat ho fetchod
linn srjueul an' broko out thon do woods
llkr do ol' boy wus atter 'lm. 12a ho
run de Bees strung out behlne 'lm so
tblck dat dey look llko a fog, un' den dey
cIqso ln on 'lm. 'Tuln't no needs fer
ter tell you what happen ter Brer Fox.
When de Bees let 'lm '.lone ho wuz a
plum nlght. He lay dar Rroanln' an' llekln'
hisse'f fer do IoukohI, but bimeby, 'long
todes nlght, he got up nn' drng hlsso'f
off home. Brer Rabblt. he stayed walch
lr,' wliut /le upshot wuz gwlnter be, an'
when rla swnrm wuz nt Un blgj;est, ho
des lay down on de groim" an' holler nn'
laiigli tell he can't laugb no ino'; but
",tuig 'bout de tlme when ho thlnk
1'ier Fox ls nhle fer ter ijlt on hls
foots ag'ln, Brer Rabblt Jump up un'
crack bofe heels tergeddor pn' dance nff
lmnio, fles ez Bpry az any er hls elillliih."
"Wliat do you tnlnk of that?" Wnlly
Wnnderoon Inqulred of tho urofoHslonal
"You u?K me," rcplled that lncllvldual,
"Ind lf 1 unawer you you wlll nbuse nnd
vllllfy mo nnu tnreatc-i me wlth all sorts
of punlshmynts,"
"Not thla timo," sald Wally Wandeioou.
"l'm curlous to know /what you thlnk
nbout the story."
"Well, to tell you the truth," responded
tho profosBlonal story-teller, "I hnv?
never heard nnythlng llke lt. It ls prob?
ably negro folkloro, but to be cnndld wlth
you, I don't see the polnt of.tho tnlo."
Huli! 1 bet you Brer Fox soed p'lntH)
ln It an' folt um too." remnrkc-d Drusllla,
wlth a Bhnw of Indlgnntlon, "I hcar my
grnnny tell.dat tale long 'fo' Mlss RusiiYf
dar wuz born. BUt dafs nec-lcr here" nor
dar," she went on. "Whnt I want to
know Is when we er givinc ter glt nway
fum here. Jt's long past de tlme when
ileze chlldun oughtcr Wn startln' homo.
I aln't noways skeered, but I'd llko tei
know whnt l'm a-doln' an' wben l'm
a-gwlnler do it."
"Why, It's enrly yot," remnrked Wally
Wnnderoon. "There ls certalnly tlmo for
another story."
"Not llke dem whnt dnt man ln a box
tolls," remnrked Drusllla. ?
' "And I wanted to lntroduce you to th?
Doodnng, one of tho most Interestlng
creatures you ever saw."
"Not me!" exclnlmed Drusllla. "X don'l
wantcr to know no ytither creeturs 'cep'
dem what l'm 'qualnted wld. You'll
hntter scuzen me."
"Some other tlmo wlll do ns well,"
sald Wally Wandcroon, "though l'm
nfrald I.won't be here when you want to
come ngnln."
"Aro you golng away?" Sweetest Susan
"Yes; I nm golng to flnd the Good Old
Tlmes we used to have If I nm compellcd
to travel the wlde world all over; and 1
hope to f.nd a bcter storytellcr than tho
ono you hnve heard. or elsc flnd a remedy
for thls sclentlflc foollshness, whlch is
n disease hard to cure."
"I llko hls storles vory well," sald
Sweetest Buinn.
"And so dld I." remnrked Buster John.
'r."He-too long-winded ter sult me," Dni.
[sillfl deelnred.
"Woll, I'll sco nll of you again," sald
Wolly jvinderoon. "I'll hnve to come
bark' to, feed th' Doodang. nnd then we'll
have' srime storles that nre storles."
"Plense come before we move to town,"
Sweetest Susan Inslsted. "We are go?
lng to move next yenr."
"If I can." rnpllo-1 Wally Wnnderoon,
"But it's n pltv you are "golng nway from
tho countryslde. You'll thlnk of It many
n long nnd lonely day."
"Why. we are back w'nere we startet!
?from!" oxclalmed Btistor John. looklng
around. "Ilow dld wo get here and not
know lt?"
But Wally Wnnderoon was no longei
wlth them." He had dlsnppeared. Tha
modest home nf Mr. Bobs was In plain
vlew, nnd thls: prevented the chlldren
from n bewllderment whlch, under other
circumstances, would havo been trouble
."Does you all reckon dat we've srod
what we seed an' heard what we heard?
It seem mo' llko a drcani dan drcarns
"Well, we nll couldn't dream the ramo
iream, could wo?" Buster John lnqulred
with some snow of rontempt for the very
natural doubt expresscd by Drusllla.
Thls secmed to settle the mntter wlth
the chlldren, nnd. after seolnff Bllly Bls
cult snfe home. they found lt necessnry
to mnke preparatlons for return Ing to
thelrs, for tho sun was low In thc sky.
(The End.)
lltting Glitssbs improvo nnd
pivserve tlm Kyesight, Wo
funiUli such only, (ind gimr
niitoowitiufuction. Presorlp
tlon work qur spoclalty, wo
nro ul.so hoadqunrters for
Free lnstructlon
and Frue Dark Room.
The lutest nml best in Kotliiks,
(Jaiiii'i-iis, Photo. SuppltM, Uo
velopingnml Prllltlng,
.'. Mail Orders Solicited .'.
TneS. Galeski
Opttcal Co,
9th and Maln Streets.
Wlthout the use of tlio knlfe we cura
Cancirs. Tuuior.s and Chronlo Sores,
charging nothing fot' exumlnatlon. Ouf
imilentB are our best frlends Come and
hoo tlie cancers .wo havo remnved uiiij
curcd from our now huppy patients, anu
nre dally curlngr. Ttiev nr^ wonderful.
If then you nro not satlslled, we wlll pay
nll your expenses.
Keftam Ban'Ger Eiospital
Twcll'th nnd Bank Strccta.
Richrnoud. Va.

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