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Big Shipments Made from
Norfolk to the North.
Exercises of Confederate Memoria
Yesterday?S. S. Lambert, Jr., Says
He Will Not Run lor the Leg?
islature Willi Whitehead.
(Special to Tho Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
NORFOLK, VA., May 7.?The ship?
ment of strawberries North In carload
lots has begun. Four cars left yesterdny
und three this morning, and heavy ship?
ments are expected to-night. Tho Fruit
Growers' Express now has on-the tracks
hern between ClftGen nnfl twenty enrs
Already iced for loading. Tho daily ship?
ments are expected to Incroaso soon to
twelve or fifteen cars a day. The ber?
ries aro nil going North. The cars nro
marked yesterday as follows: Boston,
two cars; Troy, N. Y., one car; Worces?
ter, Mass, ono car. This morning' one car
each wns sent to Boston, Worcester and
Providence, The loading to-day is for
Now York and Plttsburg". These flrst
shipments aggregate 1,120 crates, or
(17,200 ?quarts. Tho esttmnte for tho ontiro
crop Is 112,000 crates, or 0.720,000 quarts.
More than one-half of those berries will
go North by water, but all of them nro
the products of tho Immediate vicinity
of Norfolk. Tho crop this yenr is largo
and tho quality of the berries Is excel?
lent. Tho crop will bring about $700,000
The trial of Adolph Mlchelsohn, on the
charge of grand larceny, preferred by
W. Lindsay Bibb, was begun In tho Cor?
poration Court this morning before Judge
Hanckcl nnd tho Jury. The complainant
was the witness for tho prosecution, and
he stated that he made the charge of
grand? larceny because tho clofendant had
obtained $2,7(55 from him In chocks by
giving other checks which were worth?
less. The witnesses for the defense were
B. Miller, who went into bankruptcy at
tho samo timo; A. W. Goldsmith, a mer?
chant who loaned tho defendant a check,
nnd tho defendant. After the testimony
wns heard, .Tifdge D. Tucker Brooke,
attorney for the defense, made a motion
for dismissal,\ on the ground that the
checks on which the charge is based were
worthless nnd therefore lhat no grand
larceny has boon committed. The checks
which Mlchelsohn took from Bibb were
returned marked "payment stopped" nnd
"no funds." Tho court adjourned with?
out considering the question to allow the
members of the Jury to attend the memo?
rial services for the Confederate dead.
Tho courts wero all adjourned after a
morning session, and nearly nil business
was suspended during the afternoon for
the Confederate memorial ceremonies.
The procession, consisting of tho old sol?
diers In uniform, the. sons of soldiers,
the Soventy-flrst Regiment, Light Artll
)tv Blues, citizens in carriages, school
children, the fire department nnd visiting
camps of veterans from Portsmouth nnd
Berkley, marched through the streets to
tho music of many bands. _Tlie streets
vera filled with citizens nnd strangers
'to witness tho parade.
S. S. Lambert, Jr., ono of the Dey
candidates for the Legislature eighteen
months ngo, commenting on tho state?
ment from Richmond that thn Doy and
Trchy factions In this city had agreed
that he and Hon. John Whitehead wore
to bo tho Democratic legislative candi
dntes this fall, said thnt ho knew nothing
whatever concerning any such combina?
tion, nnd that the report Is,news to him.
Mr. Lambert, when asked If he would
ho a candidate for tho Legislature, this
fall, said he wns making no statements
n't this time, but that he wished to be
quoted as saying that under no consid?
eration would bo enter Into any combina?
tion with Mr. Whitehead or anybody. On
this point, Mr. Lambert ..expressed him?
self freely,
S. B. Cotton, omployofl nt the nnvnl
magazine on Julian's Creek, broke his
leg yesterday . A hand car used In trans?
ferring shells and ntlfer nrdnnnco Strunk
Mr. Cotton, knocking him down, thus
breaking his leg.
\n Old?-Landmark in Dog Town Has
(Special to Tho Times-Dispatch.)
IRWIN, VA., May 7.?The Chesapeake
and Ohio closed seven-night offices in
Rlvanna district last Tuesday, and ns
many operators wero thrown out of em?
ployment. Tho ofllces closed wore Vin
ita, Leo, Irwin, Elk Hill, Boswelt. Man?
teo, and Winglna, and tho position of
second operator at Gladstone was also
Since the death of Mr. William C.
Kean last March tho ilrm of. Brooking &
Koon hog been dissolved, and tho senior
partner, Mr. W. B. W. Brooking, la now
conducting the business undor his own
name. Tho Arm of Brooking & Kenn
began business at Dog Town in 1875, and
continued to do business tlioro for twen?
ty-eight consecutive years.
Mr. Arthur Morris, of West Virginia,
has been spending this week at Dog
Town, being in this section to socuro men'
to mlgrato to the coal minos, Ho Is
meeting with only moderato success, as
nearly all of tho negroes left In the com?
munity aro too wise to givo up a sure
tiling for an uncertainty.
One of tho most prominent landmarks
of Dog Town, second In Interest only to
tho store, wns demolished recently. The
uid wooden pump, which ims adorned tli?
front yard of Mr. W. B, \v. Brboklnu
for tho past twenty-four years, was ro
pluced by on iron concern, which, while
?lot nearly so ploturesque as iho wooden
on?, Is far moro serviceable. I^-on this
quiet valley Is pervaded with the spirit
of commercialism. Tho wooden pump,
so poetic and quaint, has given place to
a moro modem one of Iron, nnd.tho old
Dog Town ?tore, famous for Its ding!
nees?a relic of old times?has been given
several costs of paint, sufilclent. In fact,
to thoroughly modernizo lt.
P. I. Huffman Sells a Steer Weighing
1,46 6 Pounds.
(Special tu The Times-Dispatch.)
LEXINUTON, VA? Muy 7.?Sir. J.
Bruce Tutwlh-r hau Bold privately his
farm of __? acres, nituuied several miles
northeast of Lexington, fo Mr. William
M. tihowalter, for i}?,OX?. Thu farm 1?
In a high stuto of cultivation and has
good buildings.
The Jktit-ses Eot-Dl. of Waync-?boro, Va.,
have sold to Mrs. 10. C. Wash their house
nnd lot on Niii-.ou Street, ?ear the. Union
depot; Tho price |#aid was fl.'JXt ca?h.
Tilla property was 'once tlio residence
of tho luto Professor Hurry ICallll. It
vas also owned by Rev, John J. l^afforty,
editor of tho Chri-tUu Advocate of Rich
mond, whun a resident of Lexington, lin
ni'?iuioly following tfes Clvl) Mur. while
he was editor of (ho Lexington Oazetto.
Mr. P. 1. Huffman, Of Alphln, Hocls
bridge county, ho? sold a Meer that
?weighed 1,456 pounds, Tlio. prioo re?
ceived was J0_. This Is the lar^st steer
stdd In th-t section for Home time.
The Fifth Huuday mt?otlnt; of tho South
District Aujrutittt Baptist Association will
te hold at the 'Natural Bridge ?'untist
?tiareb for two days, Utiflnulng Friday,
May ?f?th. Among the speakers will be
minister.? of the Baptist denomination of
Rockbrldgo, as follows: Rev. John H.
Harris, of Natural Bridge; Rev. Willis
L. Way's, of Buena Vista; Rev. J. P.
Cowherd, of Buffalo; Rev. R. J. Dngan,
of Buchanan; Rev. n. D. Ragland, of
Nalttrnl Bridge; Rev. Charles Manly, of
Lexington; Rev. P. S wann, of Ooshen;
and Mr. XV. D. GresTmm, of Lexington.
A. S. Ely Conducting Campaign for the
M.iyornlity from Sickbed.
(Special to The TlmoS-Plspntcb.l
SUFFOLK, VA., May 7.?Prom present
prospects Rtiffolk's legislativo and execu?
tive branches of frovernmont will almost
entirely be In new hands. In the prima?
ries which will come off Mny 15th Mayor
Brewer, who hns been at the hoad of the
town for eleven years, is not a candidate.
The only two nspirnnts aro A. S. Eley,
a Justice of tho peace, and Robert W.
Withers, a young lawyer.
Ono tiling about tho campaign that's a
llttlo unique Is tho fact that Mr. Eloy
Is conducting his canvass from a sick
bed. He hns boon confined to his homo
for moro than five weoks, ns tho result
of n surgical operation, and though he is
Improving, tho chnnces oro ho will not bo
on tho streets by primary, day, and It Is
doubtful that ho will bo able to get to
the polls to voto himself.
Of the nine Councllmon of Suffolk, all
but two havo declared their purpose of
not standing for re-election. They get no
pay, and It is regarded ns a sacrifico for
a business man to ?ivc ro much time and
to got only abuso and criticism as a re?
ward. There likely will bo plenty of
new candidates before tho primary, how?
ever. The primary voto necessarily will
bo very small. Not only Is tho Interest
not strong, but more than ono-thlrd of
Suffolk's voters are not on tho books.
West Point Has Received Assistance
Sufficient for Immediate Wants,
(Special to Tho Times-Dispatch.)
WIEST POINT, VA., May 7,-Mr. Her?
bert J. Lewis, chairman of tbo relief
committee, Issued the following to-dny:
"I am Instructed by the Relief Commit?
tee of West Point, Va., to state to tho
public that tho liberal responses from the
sympathizers for tho needy and destitute
from the flro hns been sufllclent to relievo
tho Immediate wants of those who wore
In need. With tho excursion to be given
by the Sottthorn Hallway on Saturday
next, nnd the Bostock Animal Show ben?
efit on Monday, May 11th, wo will bo
fully able to relieve thoso who are ren?
dered homeless or almost destitute by
reason of tho lire hero last Friday morn?
Charged With Working Ex-Slave Pen?
sion Swindle on Negroes.
CSpcclKl to This Tlnivs-blstmtch.)
NORFOLK, VA., May 7.?S. B. Webb,
alias Harrison Webb, tho alleged negro
cx-slavc pension defrnuder, while be?
ing brought from Richmond to Norfolk
for trial In the Federal Court to-day,
?escaped from Deputy United States Mar?
shal Bland, who had him In custody.
It is believed that he is either In hiding
In Norfolk, or somewhere on the "suburbs
and the authorities hope to get him by
to-mnrrow. Webb Is charged with de?
frauding old negroes by collecting; ad?
vance money upon t??e representation
t lint lie could secure for them life pen?
sions, "because the government had de?
cided to pension all ex-slnves."
Negro's Body Drifted Ashore at Plum
Point Yesterday.
(Special to The Times-Dispatch.)
PLUM POINT, VA., May 7.?Tho body
of Emmet Coleman, tho negro man who
wns drowned In the York River about
three weoks ago, drifted ashore at Plum
Point yesterday. Ills throat had been
cut from oar to ear with somo sharp
Instrument and It looked as if ho had
been foully dealt with, but tho coroner's
jury hod no evidence.
South Norfolk Cases Turned on the
Word "Contiguous."
(Special to The Tinics-Dispnteli.)
NORFOLK, VA., May 7.?Judge W. N.
Portlock, of tho Norfolk County Court,
has rendered a decision In tho South Nor?
folk liquor cases nnd adliered to his
former action in granting licenses to
seven places in Liberty Street. Tho ques?
tion at lssuo wtiB whether South Nor?
folk was contiguous to tho city of Nor?
folk. Judge Portlock in rendering ills
decision, quoted mnny decisions from tho
highest State courts defining tho word
Tho American and English Encyclopae?
dia of law defined tho word ns "adjacent,"
"touching," "near," In several of the de?
cisions quoted, rivers nnd wide stretches
of water wero referred to, and the courts
decided that land on tho one sido was
contiguous to tho other. Tli's decision
grants tho licenses on the ground that
South Norfolk Is a community contiguous
to Norfolk.
Halifax County People Protest Against
Grain Distilleries.
(Spocial to The Tlnies-Dlspatch.)
SOUTH BOSTON, VA., May 7.--Some
of the licenses granted to grain distil?
leries last week by Judge Bnrksdalo have
been revoked this week by his honor,
When application was mado for licenses
tho people in the vicinity did not know
thnt under tho now law thoy oould
protest ngnlnst tho Issuance of license of
distilleries when tho Federal govern?
ment had given permission.
As soon as It became known, strong
delegations appeared In court against the
granting, hewn the revocation. Tho
liquor manufacturers nro greatly dis?
gruntled that their occupation Is gone,
All temp?rance people are in u very hap.
py mood.
Princess Anno Dry.
(Special to aim Tlmi'B-nUpiitch.)
NORFOLK, VA.. Muy 7.?Princesa
Anne county has gone dry with the ex?
ception Of il'? Senbourd lllstriet In which
Virginia Reach Is located. Sixteen sa?
loons hnd already closed because of tho
now license luw. Out of twenty-ono su
loon-kcopers In Princess Anno, only six
applied for new licenses. Tho only ap?
plicant who hnd a petition signed by
the ii-otcrs lost. Ho had HS names out
of tho required 107. Virginia Roach sa?
loons got license on the "hotels by the
bea" provision In Mann bill.
To Test Screen Ordinance,
(Special to The Tlmos-I>jsr>atoh.)
The City Council, at a special moating
last night, decided that the matter of
appealing to the Corporation Court from
the decision of Pollen Justice Kdwnnl O.
McCuo, regarding tho ordinance ordering
tho removal of screens from the front of
saloons, be referred to tho City Attor?
ney and to the Commonwealth's Attor?
ney, with Instructions to take an appeal
or such steps as may be necessary to
lest tho validity of tho ordinance passed
by tho body.
Clifton Forge Licenses. -
(?pedal to The 'flints-Dispatch.)
County Court convened at Covlngton on
Tuesday, with Judge Henry W. Holt In
tho chair. At this session eleven liquor
license?, were granted to the town of
Clifton Forgo! Twelve were reconimciuled
by tho Council, but one applicant droiped
out, owing to the heavy tax Imposcn by
the recent ?uusmr? of tho Munn bill,1
Wiloy, Harkcr and Camp Com?
panies Consolidated.
The Elks of Petersburg Will Celebater
Their Thirteenth , Anniversary This
Month?Will Send a Big Dele?
gation to Bedford City.
(Special to The Tlmei-Dlspatch.)
PETERSBURG, VA., May 7.?Wiley,
Barker and Company, of New York, with
branch offices in Petersburg and Norfolk,
and tho Camp Manufacturing Company,
of Franklin, Va., havo consolidated, nnd
tho new company Is known as the Wiley,
Barker and Camp Company. The large
concerns mnnufaoturlng North Carnllnn
pino have for sevornl years endomvored
to consolidate. The successful consum?
mation of tho donl between the Camp
Company and the Wiley Harkcr Company
means much to tho North Carolina pine
Interests, This company is now tho
largest factor in tho pine Interests In that
Stato. Wiloy, Harkor and Camp Com?
pany will handle upwards of two hun?
dred million (200,000,000) foot per annum,
with headquarters at Now York and
branch offices at Boston, Mass., Phila?
delphia, Pa-, Baltimore"; Md., Pittsburg,
Pa., Norfolk, Va., and Petersburg, Va.
This corporation will sell the entire pro?
ducts of Camp Manufacturing Company's
mills at Franklin, Va., Ajrlngdale, Vtu,
DeWitt, Vn., and Norfolk, Vn. Also tho
entire outputs of Cape Fear Lumber
Comber, Angola Lu in bor Company and
Northorp mills at Wilmington, N. C. ; the
output of McKennoy planing mill, Mc
Kenney, Va., and Tunis Lumber Com?
pany, Norfolk, Va. Tho tlmbor holdings
In Virginia nnd North Carolina are held
In very few hnnds, not over'ten (10) con?
cerns controlling at least So to 90 per
cent, of the entire output.
Tho following nre tho officers of tho
Wiley. Harker and Camp Company; 13.
M; Wiloy, president; R. J. Camp, vice
president; John Barker, treasurer, and
Citarles T. Strnn. secretary. Mr. A. B.
Morgan, of Petersburg. Va., Is manager
of tho Norfolk and Petersburg offices of
till company.
Mr.Jolin J. Hall, of Petersburg, and Miss
Nnrelsse Johnson, of Greenville, Miss,,
will bo married nt the residence of the
bride-elect's uncle, Colonel Matt. F.
Johnson, at Natchez, Miss,, Monday,
Juno 36th, next. Miss Johnson Is the
beautiful and accomplished daughter of
tho late Colonel nnd Mrs. George John?
son, of Greenville. Colonel Johnson, who
died about a year ago, was one of the
largest planters fn tho South. Mr. Hall
is n trail-cling salesman for tho T. C.
Williams Tobacco Compnny, of Rich?
mond, and a grandson of Mrs. Robert
Gllllnm. of this- city.
Mr. M. B. Jones, a tobacco buyer at
Chase City, Vn., has ontered suit in
this city for 15,000 against Messrs. Crao
flock and Jones, lessees of the "Virginia
Wnrehmise In Petersburg. Tho plnlntiff
maintains that Craddock and Jones
agreed to pay such drafts ns ho might
draw on them for the purchase of to?
bacco, and that their failure to pay a
draft drawn by him for tobacco pur?
chased damaged his credit. Crnddock and
Jones maintains that they did not enter
into such agreement.
The large shipments of lumber from
Petersburg has caused a consMerable ad?
vance In prices. Manufacturers nre buy?
ing all tho standing timber they can find.
Mr. Robert Gllllam, clerk of the courts
1n this city, has received tho honor of
being appointed commissioner of affida?
vits In Petersburg for North Carolina.
The Elks of Petersburg will celebrate
their thirteenth anniversary tho latter
part of this month with a. picnic at "El
lersilo,*' In Chesterfield county, near this
city. The lodge will send a dolegntlon
to Bedford City on the occasion of the
dedication of tho Elks' National Home in
Urn; city.
Mr. Charles A. Clarke, who Is more
widely known by the traveling public
thnn nny man in Petersburg, has been
made manager in Petersburg for the
"Trilby" excursions.
Sheriff Prince, of Sussex county, to-day
carried to that county for trial John Bnl
ley, the negro charged with attempted
criminal nssatilt on' Mrs. Crokor. Bailey
hns been In jnll hern Mnco bis arrest sev?
eral weeks ago.
Effort is Made to Organize a Lodge of
(Special to The Timcs-Dlspatch.)
CHESTER. VA., -May 7.?Mr. G. W.
Jones, deputy of tho "Indopend(.-nt Order
of Odd-Fellows,',' lectured bore last night
at the public schoolhoute In tho Interest
?>f that order, and deslros to organize a
lodge horo. There wore not a sufficient
number of applicants received, and no
lodge was organized, hut it Is probable
that sultldlent Interest may bo excited
Inter on to establish ono, Many are
speaking favorably of the Bohotno.
A called meeting of tho Woold ridge
Confederate Camp hns been ordered by
Commander John f, Brnnstord, of Bon
Air, to be held at -Chesterfield CotirthotiKo
next Monday. A meetings also of the Pen?
sion Board will take placo nt tho saine
time. Tho unveiling of tho Chesterlleld
monument will bo considered then, und a.
day set for tho unveiling*.
Schoine of Commissioners and Work
by Contract is Proposed.
(Special to The Tiinon-Hispatch.)
it meeting of the citizens of Appomattox
at tit? courthouse to-day resolutions woro
passed requesting the representativos In
bol h branches, of the (louerai Atyaombly
to secure the onuctmont of a rond ?aw for
the county. Tho law is to provide for tho
Working of the roads by contract.
A road commissioner for each district
Shall lie provided for, lo b? elected by
the people, These commisslonurs ahull
divide the roads of tholr several districts
Into sections, and shall preparo speclliea
tloiis for working them, and shall then
let tho working of tho roads to the low?
est responsible bidder. It was recom?
mended that tho commissioners shall re?
echo for their aervicea a per diem of
Heard in Boykins.
(Special to Tin? Tlnus-lllnputrti.)
HOYKJNS, VA., May 7.-R0V. W. C.
Illiiir, of Qreonvlllo, Vu., who has ac?
cepted tho call, to 'tho Raptist Church
of this town, la now at work hi his now
Mr. John N. Sebrell, Sr., of Courtland,
Va,, was in lioyklus a few days ago in
tho interest of Ills candidacy us clerk of
Suuthuinpton county.
Soon to be Married.
(Snei'hil to Tlia Tliues-lllspateh.)
l-JEKSHURC. VA., -May 7.?Tho Wed?
ding of Mr. Walter Gregg Leitli and Miss
Carrie Loe Rollins, both of this county,
Is announced to takes' place on tlio '?ist
at tho buuVj residence
W. T. Smith, of Fredericks
burg. Successful Applicant? i
Pennsylvania Veterans to Como to
Fredericksburg on May 12th?Tho
Steamer Tourist Soon to Give
a Trade Excursion.
(Special to The Timea-Dlapatch.)
d'TtBDERlcrjCSRURQ, VA., May 7.
The competitivo examination for tho ap?
pointment of a cadot to Annapolis from
this district -was announced this after?
noon as follows: W. Taylor Smith, Fred
orlcksburg, principal; H. B. Parson, Ao
coinao, flrst alternate; G. C. Scarborough,
Onancock, second; IL M. Brent, Heaths?
vlllo, third.
A reunion of the Ono Hundred and
Twenty-seventh (Pennsylvania Volunteers
will bo hold hero next Tuesday, May
12th. Tho committee of arrangements
hns notified Mayor M. G. Willis that a
party numbering about ilfty will reach
hero on an early morning train of that
day, and Mayor Willis has responded, as?
suring tho committee of a warm wel?
come by our citizens. All of tho battlo
llelds In this vicinity will bo visitad dur?
ing tho stay of tho veterans.
The Board of Pension Commissioner?,
of Spotsylvahla county, at a meeting
this week, approved soventeen applica?
tions for pensions and declined twelve
Tho steamer Tourist, of the Foople's
lino, will give a trado excursion on Tues?
day. May 12th, from Urbanna and all
Intervening wharves on tho Rappahan
nock River to this city, reaching hero In
the afternoon and leaving tlio following
day at 11 o'clock.
Mr. E. Leslie Spence. Division Com?
mander of tho Sons of Confederate Vete?
rans of Virginia, was tho guest to-day of
Mr. Fleming G. Bailey at his historio
Chatham, and to-night nddreasod R, 8.
Chew Camp, Sons of Confederate Vete?
rans, of this city.
Mr. William Swift, of Spotsylvanla
county, lost a few days ago a largo num?
ber of railroad ties In a forest fire.
Run Over by a Train at Danville Yester?
day Afternoon,
(Special to Tho Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
DANVILLE, VA., May 7.?Blanch Car?
ter, a colored girl, was run over and In?
stantly killed by a shifting train in the
yard of tho Southern Railroad here this
afternoon at 5 o'clock. The Carter girl,
in company with another woman named
Hatty Brown, was walking on the track
toward the station, when tho shifting
engine on tho main line caused them to
cross over on another track to avoid It.
Tho Danvillo and Western train was bo
ing backed Into the station at the time.
The women's hacks were towards this
train, and the noise made by the shifting
engine bo deafened them that they wore
unaware of its approach. Tho Carter
girl was knocked down and horribly
mangled, the trucks of tho flrst car pass?
ing over hor breast. She died In two
minutes. Hatty Brown mado an attempt
to drng her from under the car, but was
forced to release her to preserve her own
life. A coroner's jury was summoned,
and, after viewing the body, they ad?
journed until to-morrow morning, at
which time the accident will be investi?
Died From His Injuries.
?Specliil to Tho Tlmcs-DlsDntcli.)
BLUEF1ELD, W. VA., May 7.?Ben
Mills, who -wns caught under a moving
freight train, near Ingleside, and had his
right arm crushed off and severely
bruised, died last night at a late hour.
Ho wns a prosperous farmer and well
thought of.
Arrangements for Exhibition
on Saturday on Grounds
Near Alexandria.
(Special to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
ALEXANDRIA, VA.. May 7.?The Cam?
eron Run Hunt Club ia completing ar?
rangements for its flrst annual 1-lorsp
Show, which Is to take place Saturday
next on tlio grounds of tho club, near tlds
city, It is expected that a largo number
will bu In attendance Tho Committee on
Arrangements is composed of Messrs. D.
N. Rust, Jr., Alvln O. Portner, Courtland
H. Smith, Paul V, Portner and Charles
R. Hooff, Jr. Mr. Rust, as secretary, has
charge of tho stabling and the carriage
spaces about the ring. In order to be eli?
gible for this show, horses must be owned
by tho club, or by other recognized hunt
clubs, or by residents of Virginia, Mary?
land and the District of Columbia. The
show will Inaugurate tho season with tho
Virginia Horse Show Association, and tho
performances will begin at 10 o'clock hi
tho morning.
Tho following will be tho classes:
Farmer class-Best pair heavy draft
horses shown In harness, to bo owned by
bona lido farmers who reside In Alexan?
dria or Fairfax counties.
Horse and runabout?Horse to count
soventy-ilvo per cent.: runabout und ap
polntments to count twenty-flvo per cent.
Pair of luirse??Over fifteen hands, to
be shown to an appropriate vehicle.
Tnndem-Tho wheeler to bo fifteen three
or over.
Four-ln-hnnd?Wheeler? to bo fifteen
Combination-Shown fl?1 ,n harness and
then under saddle by driver.
Hacks-Fifteen hands or over, to bo
shown at a walk, trot and canter, each to
count twenty por cent.; conformation,
thirty per cent.; manners, ton por cent.
Roadsters-Beet gentlemen s roadster,
speed and manners, fifty l"* oent-? _??n
formatlon and manners, fut y per cent.
, Heavy-weight hunters-Performance,
fifty per cent.; conformation, fifty per
"liodlo-welght hunters-Performance,
fifty per cent.; conformation, fifty per
Light-weight huntors-Performanoo, fifty
per cent.; conformation, fifty per cent.
Green hunters?For hunters that have
never won :i blue ribbon In a jumping
contest, Performance, forty por cont.:
conformation and manners, sixty por
ladles' h-inters-Performnnce to count
seventy-live per cent.; manners nnd <|uul
ity, twcnty-tlvo per cent.
Thoroughbred hunters-Must bo regis?
tered; performance, fl""7 per, cent.; con?
formation, lifty per cent.
Corinthian class-Open to all hunters;
to be ridden In "hunt oolors" by moinbors
of rccognl?ed bunt clubs. Performance,
.-evenly-live, per cent.; appointments,
twenty live per cent. _ ,_,
^hmiipionship?For hunters, heavy, mid?
dle and light-weight, having won nrstnt
this or Chevy Chuso Show, 1903 and 1W3.
Two Leading Boss Painters
Join the Contractors.
The Contractors Say that if tho Men Do
Not Return to Work on Monday
They Will Fill Their Place?The
Men Confident of Winning.
(Special to The Tlmes-Dispatoh.)
painters employed by L. J, Neal, ono of
tho prominent painters and, paper hang
era of the city, cult work this morning
because- Noal notified them that ho could
no longer grant them an olght hour day
at tho same pay thoy formerly received
for nine hours. Up to this timo oniy tho
painters omployod by J. T. Biallenllno,
about seventeen In number, have boen
out. All of tho other boss painters
granted tho domands mado by the union,
It wns thought yesterday that all of the
trouble would bo settled loat night, but
tho faot that tlio boss painters aro mak?
ing tlio fight with tlio contractors, no
agreement could be reached, and this
morning Neal wont In with B&ltontlne
and tho contractors. Tho contraotors
have "given the carpenters until Monday,
and If they do not return to work by
that time they say thoy will proceed to
Uli their places,
Tho trial of "W. M. Nagle, charged,
with felonious shooting, waa sot tor
trial In th? Police Court this morning,
but jipon tho requost of tho Common?
wealth's attorney, who said that he did
not want tho caso token up until Bas?
ket, who was nhot by Nagle, either dios
or boglns to Improve, tho case waa again
continued. Nagle Is still In Jail, no effort
to secure bail for him having been made.
There will bo a moetlng of the prop?
erty owners of Nowport district, "War?
wick county, at the Hotel "Warwick
Monday, for tho purposo of discussing tho
advisability of holding an election to de?
cido whether or not bonds for ?35,000 shall
be Issuod to improve the ronds In the dis?
trict. The Legislature recently autho?
rized tho supervisors to Ibbuo tho bonds,
and tho property ownors havo asked tho
supervisors to meet with them Monday.
Tho police ?till have no clue to the iden?
tity of the man who struck Hurrey, tho
sailor belonging to tho Olympia, who
was found In a pool of his own blood In
an alley between two unoccupied houses
beneath the Twenty-eighth Street bridge.
Hurrey is rapidly recovering now, nnd,
although twelve stitches had to be taken
In tlio back of his head, the wound Is
nothing like so serious as It was first
thought it -was.
Interested in the Municipal Election to
Be Held In June.
(Special to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
CLIFTON FORGE, VA., May 7.-Thero
is quito a stir in political circles In Clifton
Forge, and much Interest Is being mani?
fested over tho coming municipal election
In Juno. There are three* candidates for
Mayor. W. F. Tinsloy, formerly of Rich?
mond, who has been Mayor for the past
several years, has decided to be a candi?
dato for county treasurer, and will not
enter the raco for the mayoralty. George
"W. Warren, former editor of the "Clifton
Forge Review;" J. L- Mlllner and JoBeph
Llpop are the candidates for Mayor, and
m> It will bo a threo-cornored fight the
majority will be small. All are prominent
In the business circles of tho town, and
at this Juncture it fs difllcrult to tell who
will be elected. The former Mayor. Mr.
ThiBlcy, who has announced his Intentions
to enter the race for county treasurer, has !
been chairman of the County Democratic
Committee for a number of years, nnd
hi? prospects for election aro exceedingly
bright. Ho was for a number of years
connected with tho treasurer's office In
Ex-Congressman Hon. Harry St George
Tucker, of Lexington, spoke In tho Bap?
tist Church here Tuesday night in the
Interest of education. A large crowd -was
present to hear tho eloquent speaker.
The work of finishing the laying of the
new granolithic sidewalks has boen re?
sumed, and rapid progress Is now being
made by the contractor, A. "W. McClay,
of Richmond, who has a large force of
hands at work.
The commencement exerolses of the
Cilfton Forgo Seminary will be held on
Thursday and Friday, the 14th and lEth
of this month. An Interesting programme
has been arranged by the faculty, and the
event Is looked forward to with much
-pleasure by tho young people of tho town.
i . ?
Soon to Present "The Fascinator,"
Composed by Mr. Samuel Appleion.
(Special to Tbo Tlrai-s-Dlspatch.)
WARRENTON, VA., May T.?Through
tho efforts of Mr. Samuel Appleton,
this community will shortly be presented
with a charming light opera, entitled
"Tho Fascinator."? Mr. Appleton him?
self has composed the music, which Is
light and catchy. Tho flrst rehearsal
was held at the residence of Mr. Thad
deuB Fletcher, on Tuesday evening, and
all who attnded were satisfied that tho
affair will be a suocess. The entire cast
will porh'aps he given an opportunity to
show Its histrionic ability at the next
rehearsal. The promoters of the Bcheme
are making every effort to stago the
opera Insldo of a month's time,
Tho Southern Railway Is making ex?
tensive Improvements to the station at
tho head of Groen Street. The town has
changed greatly during tho past six or
eight months. Now buildings are going
up and old ones are being repaired every?
. ''
Liquor Men In Charlottesvllle Want to
Control the Council.
'Special to Tho Tlmos-Dlsputch.)
Ono of tho fiercest primary elections over
hold In the city will occur to-morrow,
tho result of the recent local option elec?
tion and the stringent ordinances regu?
lating the conduct of saloons having
caused the whiskey men to make a spe?
cial offort to secure a Council friendly
to tholr Interests. As far as It can be
dono, the fight will be drawn on tho lines
of "wot" or "dry," or the ndvocaoy of
or opposition to tho res?rlctlve ordi?
nances. From present Indications thore
will ho a few changes in tho personnel
of tho present Council, but It Is not prob
ublfl thnt tho whiskey Interests will con-,
trol, This Is the first time that there'
has boon any open fight on the part of
tho liquor men to control the City Coun?
cil, and its result will be watched with
groat Intorest.
-? . ,
Several in Norfolk Have No Certificates
of Immigration.
(Hpeclul tu 'flu- TlnicH-nianufh ) *-.
NORFOLK, 'VA.. May 7,?Charley Keo,
of the government service, camo hero
to-day from Boston and rounded up
elcvon Chinamen i?us>,-ectod of not having
cett-tlfleate* of Immigration. On examina
tion It mi determined by the United
States Court here that five of the China?
men should o* deported Five were al?
lowed ball for rurther Investigation and
one was discharged. TiTo Chinamen wore
all arrested here. Tho arrests caused
a great sensation, and many Chinamen
aro hiding. '
? ? ?
Staunton Alumni Want Him as tho
University's First President.
(Special to Tho Times-Dispatch.)
STAUNTON, VA., May 7?The local
Alumni Association of the University of
Virginia held a meating yesterday In tho
olty clerk's office, Vlco-Presldcnt Thos
D, Ranson In the ohalr, and Dr. Hampton
Wayt secretary. Tho matter of seloctlng
a presldont for tho Unlvorstly wns dis?
cussed at length. A resolution endorsing
Hon. A. C. Oordon, of Staun ton, for the
position of president was adopted, and
the secretary was directed to forward a
oopy of the resolutions to the Board of
Visitors of the Unlvenslty for their con
blderatton. The association will meet
again on Saturday.
Their Improvement Will Help tho Bus?
iness of Covington.
(Special to Tho Tlmos-DIapatch.)
COVINGTON, VA., May 7.?An un?
usual amount of work will bo done on
tho roads In Allegheny county this spring
and summer. Somo of tho roads nro in
good condition, but others, especially
those In tho northrn and westorn parta of
the county need work. Thursday work
will be started on the road from Coving
ton to Ilot Springs and after tho con?
templated Improvements havo boen made
thoro tho roods running from Covington
through the western part of tho county
will be Improved. Few peoplo from tho
country visited Covington during the win?
ter on account of the bad roads and so
any Improvements which may be made
will bo of value to tho business men of
Covington as well as to tho farmers.
Railroad Circles Greatly Interested ?n
Reported Alliance.
(Special to The Tlmen-Dlspatch.)
PORTSMOUTH, VA., Mhy 7.?The live?
liest Interest is felt in transportation cir?
cles hereabouts regarding the publication
In tho Star of Gould's intentions with re?
gard to tho Seaboard. There appears to
bo a well defined idea that nn offensive
nnd defensive alliance will be entered
Into between tho Goulds nnd the Williams'
interest. It was reported from Gloucester
last week that agents of John Bkelton
Williams were buying land near tho ter?
minal property of the "Wabash.
It is believed by many well Informed
transportation men that If Mr. Gould
found a railway alliance necessary in his
fight with the Morgan-Pennsylvania In?
terests, he would In all probability chooso
the young railway presldont who has
twice defeated Mr. J. Plcrpont Morgan In
his efforts to get control of the Seaboard.
Tho recent visits of the Gould yacht to
these waters aro taken to mcjin that the
railway magnate Is investigating the nat?
ural advantages of this port.
Many Young Virginians Seek Parsons
Burroughs and Baird.
(Special to Tho Times-Dispatch.)
BRISTOL, VA-. May 7.?Miss Cora
Rumbloy, of Glade Spring, Va., and Mr.
Thomas J. Morris, of Chicago, wero mar?
ried in this city Wednesday last. The
ceremony was solemnized at the homo of
the bride's sister, Mrs. C. J. Kcsner, on
Virginia Street. Mr. Morris Is a suc
ceflsful young business man of tho Windy
City, and his bride is a. pretty and ac?
complished young woman. They havo
gone to Chicago to reside.
Among tho young Virginia couples who
have sought happiness and found It here
during the past week were Mr, Whv
Howcll and Miss Lucy Lawrence, of R?ul
ford, married by Parson Burroughs; Mr.
Carlos Fletcher and Miss Cora Small
wood, of Brewster, married by Row
Bnird; Mr. Truman Hurst and MIbs Mary
Thollnson, of Pattonsville, by Parson
Burroughs; Mr. London C. Haynos and
Miss Victoria Collier, of Big Stone Gap,
by Rev. Baird.
Beautiful Home Ceremony at Clalrmont,
in Pulaski Yesterday,
(Special to Tbc Timca-nisp-tcli.)
PULASKI, VA., May 7.? aalrmont,
the home of General James Macglll, of
this place, was the scono of a boautlfttl
wedding to-day, when his daughter, Miss
Annie Stuart Macglll became the bride of
Mr. Richard O. Macglll, of Baltimore.
Tho woddlng was a very rnilet one, only
the Immedlnto families of the bride and
groom being present. Tho groom is a prom?
inent young business man of Bnltlmore
and the bride is well known In Virginia
and Maryland. The bride was given away
by her father, her only attentfant being
hor sister, Mrs. W. W. Chaffln. Mr.
Charles C. Macglll, brother of the groom,
was best man. After tho ceremony an
elab?rate Bupper was served. Mr. and
Mrs. Macglll left on the night train for a
tour of tho Northern altles.
Tho ceremony was performed by Rev.
W. A, Brown, rector of the Episcopal
Church hero.
(Speelnl to 'Rio Tlmei-Dlspatch.)
LEESBURG, VA., May 7.?Rev. Alex?
ander T, Lunsford, of Round Hill, and
Miss Evelyn L. Toting, of North Fork,
wore married by Rev. W. M. FcrgiiBon
In "WnBhington. Mr. Lunsford is pastor
of "Wesley Chapel, Methodist Episcopal
Church. The attendants were Mr. II.
Chlpley and Mrs. V. C, Williams, matron
of honor.
(Special to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
LEXINGTON, VA., May 7,?Mr. Sam?
uel (p. Hall and Mrn. Agnes Agnor woro
married yostorday .aftornoon at the home
of tho bride, near Colllerstown, Rov.
David 13. Mays, of tho Mothodlst Epis?
copal Church, officiating. The nowly
wedded couple will re?lde In that neigh?
(Special to Tho Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
Mr. William Adkins, of this city, and
Miss Willie Scruggs, daughter of Mr.
J. T. Scruggs, of tho county, wero mar?
ried at tho parsonage of the First Bap?
tist Church, tho Rev. John B. Turpln,
D. D., officiating, The only attendant?
wero Mrs. R. E. Scruggs and Mr. Tilden
(Special to The Tlmos-Dispatch.)
LLESBURG, VA., May 7.?Mr, Aubrey
C. Oleen, of this county, and Miss Annie
N, Scott, of Vlonna, Fairfax county,
wero married hi Leesburg on Tuesday.
(Special to Tho Times-Dispatch.) .
11. E, Epperson and Miss Manilo A? R.
Browder wero married yesterday after?
noon at Llborty Church, the Rev'. W. G.
Boggs officiating
(Unrein 1 to Ttio Tlnios-nUpstch.)
ROYK.INS, VA? May 7.?Mr. R. M.
Hart, of this town, and Miss Bessio Ray,
of Windsor, N.' C, wero married iast
night at the homo of the bride. There
will be a reception ylvon to-night at
l.Vutel Boyltlnu. ,
Landslide at Mouth of Tunnel'
In Giles County.
l !
Tho Gang of Laborers, White and Col-1
orod, Were Double-Tracking tho
West-End Tunnel, Near Egglo
ston Springs, In Giles.
(Dy Awoeloted Preis.)
ROANOKB, VA., May 7.?Dotalls rcachedj
here thlB afternoon of a fearful catostro-j
pho which occurred lato yesterday eve*
nlng in tho cast end of the West-EnJi
Tunnel, known ns Tunnel No. 2, at Eg?
glcston Springs, Giles county, on thefj
Norfolk and Western Railway, in WhtchjJ
six men wero killed and live Injured,
three of them fatally, while two othcr<
were almost miraculously saved.
Railroad contractors were engaged lif
double-trncklng tho two tunnels at th?
point named, and It was duo to thoi((
operations that tho accident hnppencd.
It scorns that when tho tunneling for?j#
had removed tho earth and ptono foi^
the tracks at tho point where tho calutn-4
Ity occurred, a huge slide of solid stone
gave way on the mountain sido and carn?^
down at an angle of about 4S dogreos3
striking tho gang fairly nnd literally;
crushing the life out of six men.
Three bodies have boon recovered, an?^
It 1b believed others will b gottn out bey
fore morning. A wrecking car Is at work{
clearing away tho debris. Tho entrance
to the tunnel Is now clear and safo andi?
no further trouble is antlclpatd. Thai
killed and injured aro all colored men?)
Doctors wero on the scene within twenty/
minutes after tho accident and renden:?.:
all possible aid to tho Injured men.
This stratum of solid rock was foundV
on examination to bo connected only by_?
clay seams, and when tho foundations
was removed tho stratum, some feeb
long, came with a tremendous force andt
without warning, catching the men In tho
death-trap. Ono man was In a nicho o?
tho tunnelway, and was only gmicd oa
the face nnd head, and escaped wlttv-1
slight injuries. Ho was removed without
great dlfllculty. A second man, who stood?
on the outer edge of the slide, was onlyy
slightly hurt, ?>ut thsy?o others wore j
more unfortunate, and wero so badly In?
Jurcd that It Is feared they will die.
Tho bodies of the other six men, some
of whom are whites, aro still under th<
mountain slide. A wrecking car nnd dor?
rick were taken out from Radford, bu|
so far have been of no avail. There U?
no likelihood that the bodies can bo re-:
covered soon, as the rock will have to be?
dynamited nnd removed bit by hit.
Ths 1b considered dangerous, as the.
length of tho stratum cannot be ascer-,
talned, and there Is imminent danger,
of a second crash as soon as the baso
Is removed, and a consequent loss of oth?1
or lives.
So far it has been Impossible to se?
cure tho names of tho victims. Thoj
arc, only known to tho contractors, and
they can only Judge by tho mlsHing mem?
bers of the force.. Ono thing that is knovrj
Is that it was a mixed gang, compos?!
both of white and colored laborors.,\ \
Tho accident did not materially delay J
train trafile on the main line. The traira /
were delayed, however, by another slid?
In Big Tunnel, at Montgomery, twenty
miles east of Eggleston, over four hours:
The latest advices from an official
source, bo far as tho Norfolk and West-'
crn Railway Ib concerned, aro to thoi
effect that only seven men wero killed \
outright, but a prominent contractor com?
ing to Roanoke from the scene gave the
facts substantially as rolated above.
To Tost Mann Bill.
(Special to Tlic Tlmti.Dlipatch.)
first contest In Virginia to determine thw
scope of the new Mann anti-liquor bill
will be mado In the courts of Stafford)
county. Licenses wero granted April 16tt?_
to several bar-rooms In the county undert
the provision of the old liquor laws. April
ltlth tho provisions of tho Mann bill went/
into effect, and tho temperance people o?,
tho county claim that the liquor sellers,!
In order to continue business, must com?
ply with the provisions of the new law.
An order for injunction to prevent tho
parties who have received licenses from,
continuing In business under their presenil
licenses has been sued out uefore tho
County Court of Stafford, and the issue
will be tried May 12th next.
-.- j
Virginia Theological School Gets Re?
mainder of Washington Estate.
(Special to The Tlmeo-Dlspatch.)
WASHINGTON. D. C, May 7.?Tho will
of Ellzalveth Busoy, dated March 16, 1697,
was filed to-day probate. Bequests as fol?
lows are mado: To her sister, Ellen Dun
lop, $'.,000; to her newphew, Henry D.
Crampton, $2,000, and to tho Union Theo?
logical Seminary In Virginia, the remain?
der of the estate as an endowment, to ba(
known as tho William G. Busey fund, th*
incomo of which is to bo used for the edu-j
cation of poor young men studying fon
the ministry in the Presbyterian ChurctvJ
_ I
Richmond College field day will be heU'
to-day, and there is more Interest In th*
work than ever before.
Following the athletic sports, President; ?
F. W. Boatwrlght will tender a reception
to the boys.
If so we can contri?
bute greatly to tha
pleasure of it, by out???;
fitting you properly!
and comfortably.
We've khaki Riding
Trousers, short and;
long--$3.BO. j
English Whipcor'dJ
$7.80 to $10. . )
English Rldlngj
Crops, $2,80.
The Strand. LEQGIN.
Tho simplest, coolost and most oouve?
nlont leggln modo. \
Grain ami smooth leather. Blaok and, I
Tan colors, fO. *

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