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8 ?arton ?(eights, ?
Mr. Wlllnni H. Kcllogg, who has heei
Vleltlng Mr. D. K. Kellogg, near the Senn
Inary, has returned to his home In Nova
|iort Nows, Va.
Jack Talson, who has been quite ?lcl
t?t some time with the malarial fever, li
now ablo to bo out again.
List of scholars on tho roll of bonor foi
the week ending at tho Barton. Height?
Behool Friday, May 22, 1903:
Junior B Grade, M las Mabel Gllnn
teacher?Louise Traylor.
Sixth Urammar Grade, Miss Mahe:
Dllr.n, teacher?Stella James and Alice
Fifth Grammar Orado, Miss Kate Gllnn,
teaeher? Elizabeth Jeter and Grace Cham;
Seventh Primary Grade. Miss Winston,
teacher?Harold Goyno, Otha Klttlng??r,
Mnman Ragland, Bonnlbcllo Amory,
t?lhol Baughan, Violet Chamberlain, Gray
Ion Leadbelter and Oracle Phillips.
Sixth Primary Grailo, Miss Winston,
tniclier?Hugh Leach, Frank Taylor, Wil?
liam Taylor Itady, Kathleen O'Bannon
and Lillian Harding.
Fifth Primary Grodo, Miss Pauline
Gary, teacher?Evelyn Harris, Edith Fltsv
Wilson and Grace Hodge.
Fourth Primary Orade, Miss Gary,
tendier?Elizabeth Armstrong, Mary Car?
penter, Florence Harris, Louise Kcllogg,
Lindsay Satterlleld, George Flgner, Sam
Humphrey. Joseph Peaseloy and Edward
Second Primary Grade. Miss Gary,
teacher?Elliott Baughan, Harvle D. God
din.. Leslie Johnson, Rodger McLelland,
?Qiownle Brown, Marie Fills, Alma Horn
cr, Estelle Jones, Bessie Klttltiger, Louise
rtVcJdonfelt and Cora Plateau.
The Orphanage Society of the Metho
Hlst Church will meet Sunday at S o'clock.
'Aflor May It will meet on Thursdays at
half-pant 4 ?j'elock.
Mrs. Muggins, of Brook Road, 1? visit?
ing In Caroline county, Va.
The examinations at tho Barton Heights
schools will commence next week.
Mrs, Hill, who hns ??-on quite sick ~iit
Jior homo near. Lakeside, Is Improving
MIbs Ella Thorpe, of Dumbarton, who
has been visiting Miss Stella James, of
Brook Road, hps returned home.
Miss Bllllc Baughan, of Luck Avenue,
?who hns been absent from school for a
few days, has resumed her Btudles at tho
Barton Heights School.
Mr. David Grass will leave for Balti?
more, Md.. on a business trip next week.
Mr. Shad ford, who ha? been visiting In
lAlnl'nma, hns returned to his home.
Mr. Walker will leave Tuesday for St.
I.anilK, Mo., on business,
Mr. Tame? /Brown, ot North Avenue,
?III leave Monday for Ashland, Va.
The Young Girls' Sunbeam Society of
the Baptist Church will meet Friday after
neon at half-past 4 o'clock at tho church.
Miss Ixiuise Moores Is very sick at her
borne on Lack Avenue.
Mr. Hansford will leave for North Cnr
illne Tuesday on a business trip.
Mr. Douglass Wilkinson, who has been
rlsltlng his grandmother, of Crelghton
.load, has returned home.
Rev. C. P. Scqtt, who has been quite sick
?t his home on Virginia Avenue, Is Im?
Mr. TV. K. Bacho hns returned to hi?
home on Ijimb Avenue and Dove Street
from a business trip to Staunton. Va.
MIhs Mary Martin, of Louisa, Is visit?
ing her sister on Brook Road.
Mrs. Arthur I?. Scny and daughter. Vir?
ulilla, who have been visiting Mrs. Charles
C. Rndy aiwl Mrs. William Spratley, of
Highland Park, have return??! to their
home In Shores, Fluvnnna county. Va.
Mr. Bryant, who has been visiting In
New York, has returned to his homo on
North Avenue.
Mr. Young has returned to his home In
Breokland Park after a visit to Mr.
White, of West Virginia.
Mr. Simpson, who has been visiting Mr.
Alvln, of North Avenue, has returned to
his home In New York.
Mrs. Rice, of Hanover, Va? who has
heen visiting friends In Brookland Park,
has returned home.
Mrs. Bowie, of Caroline county, Va.,
Who has been staying with Mrs. J. G.
Jeter, of Ladles' Mile Road, Is now visit?
ing friends at Forest 11 III.
Mr. and Mm. WInans. who have been
Thaitlng Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Lea, have
return eil to tlielr home in Elizabeth, N
J? |
Mr. Wntts has roturned to hi? horn?
nfter a visit to friends In Washington
D. C.
Ml?. Tunlson, who has bien visiting rel
nllves In Norfolk, Va., lias roturn?d t<
his homo on Strawberry IIIH
Mr. H. 1?. Perkins, of Nowport News
Is visiting relatives In Brookland Park.
Miss Mary King, of Wllllamsburg, 1;
visiting relatives near Lakeside
.Mr. J'eto Crump, of Mayosvlllo, Is ex?
pected Friday to visit his aunt In Brook'
land Park.
Mr. Edwltl Booth? left yesterday foi
Norfolk. Va.
Mr. Wright has returned home after s
visit to friends and relatives In Washing
ton. D. 0,
Mr. White, of Brookland Park, has left
for North Carolina on business.
Miss Crnlg, of Petersburg, Va., Is vis?
iting In Brookland Park.
Mr. Cook, of Chester, la visiting on
Brook Bond.
Mrs. I?acy, who has been visiting her
Bister, has returned to her homo In Ame?
lia Courthouse, Va.
Miss Armstrong- has returned to her
home In Warren from a delightful visit
to relatives.
Miss Curtley, who has been very sick
at her homo in Brookland Park, is im?
Mr?, Klngsbury, of Missouri, Is the gueat
of Mrs. O. M. Moores, of Luck Avenue,
Mrs. Deltrlck Schwartz has returned to
her homo on Virginia Avenue after a
pleasant visit to her daughter, Mrs. Dr.
M. Hoke, of York, Pa.
Mrs. Thomas Armstrong and ohlldran
have returned to their home on Montelro
Avtvnuo, aftor a delightful visit to friends
In West Virginia.
Mrs. Jones, who has been visiting Mrs-.
Illll, near Lakeside, Va., has returned
to her home In Hanover county, Va.
Miss Alice Hill, of Cold Harbor, Is vis?
iting friends on the Heights.
'J ho next meeting of tho Epworth Leagu?.
will be hold at tho homo of Mlssos Ida
and Maria Lee, of Miller Avenue, on the
second Tuesday night In June.
Mr. William Johnson will leave Monday
for Petersburg, Va., on a pleasure trip.
Mr. Price fe'mlth left yesterday on a bus?
iness trip to Baltlmoro, Md.
Sir. Fields, who has been visiting friends
and relatives In Norfolk, has returned to
his home on North Avenue.
?Miss Carrie Brown Is quite sick at her
homo In Brookland Park.
Mr. Thompson, who has been visiting'
in North Carolina, has returned home.
Mrs. Tiller Is convalescing at her home
on North Avenue.
Mr. Bobcrt Scott, of Miller Avenue, has
returned to his home from Bedford City,,
Va., where he went to attend the open?
ing of tho Elks' Orphanage.
Mr. Q. C. Personette, who has been vis?
iting Mr. and Mrs. J. EJ. Schlssler?and Mr.
and Mrs. "*\V. L. Summers, of Virginia
Avenue, has roturned to his- home In Bal?
timore, Md.
Mr. 33. B. Vaughan, who has been vis?
iting Mr. XV. B. Eaton, of North Avenue,
han returned to his home on Chestnut Hill.
Mrs. Duncanson, of North Avenue, bas
left for Balclgh, N. C.
Mrs. Tiller, who has been quite sick at
her homo on North Avenuo, Is Improving.
'Miss Roildel has returned to her home
In Chesterfield from a visit to friends ?n
North Avenue.
Mrs. McGce, who has been quite sick
at her home on North. Avenue, Is able to
ba out.
Mrs. Moores, of Missouri, Is visiting
Mr.T. O. M. Moores, of Luck Avenue.
Miss Hattle Jenkins, of Yellow Tavern,
Is visiting In Goochland.
Miss Eva Mooren, of Charlotte, Is vlsit
!ng friends near the Seminary.
Mr. and Mrs. Berkeley, of Portsmouth,
are visiting friends on the Heights.
Miss Peaseloy, of Hanover, Is visiting
her grandmother, on Luck Avenue.
Mr. Motto Martin has left for Farravllle.
Miss Lona Kelly, who has been visit?
ing In Scottsville, Va.. Is now visiting In
Mr. Joo Henley, of Lakeside, Va., has
left for New Tork.
Mr. Alfred Smith has returned home
from a business trip to Lynchburg, Va.
Mrs. Carter, who has been visiting her
slater on Poo Street, has returned to her
home In West Virginia.
Mrs. Williams, of Luray, ? is visiting
friends In Brookland Park.
Mrs, Clarke, who has been vlsltlng'near
thn Seminary, has- returned to her home
In (Suffolk, Va.
\\Chestnut ?fcitt and J
i; ?fctghland ?Park \
Mastor Charles W. Vaughan, of Third
Avenue, Highland Park, gave a picnic
on the lawn In honor of his tenth birth?
day Wednesday evening from 5 to 8. A
most enjoyable evening was spent, and
after Indulging In gamos of many kinds
tho children gathered around the tablo,
where delightful refreshments wcio
served. Those present worn: Charles
Hoggs, Keeling Blsson, Linn Enslow,
Chorllo Cross, Prunk Wlngfleld, Georg?
Ciiry Kilillo Seal, Thomas Starve, Irvin
Tragle, Charles \V. Vaughan and Thomas
Mrs. Qulnby, of Third Avenue, Chest?
nut mil, who bus been visiting in Ash
land, has returned home.
Children's dav exercises will Ire cele?
brated nt Highland Park Methodist
Church this evening at 4:80 o'clock. Quito
an interesting ?rogrammo has been ar?
ranged under tho management of Miss
Lizzie Boggs.
Masters Charles find John Boggs, of
Lawrencovlllo, Va., uro visiting their
grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Boggs, of Highland Park.
Miss Rhynle Long, who spent the winter
on Cnestnut Hill, has roturned to her
home in Seaboard, N. C.
Mr. Lear, of Church Hill, has moved In
his handsomo residence on Highland Park,
which has Just been completed.
Miss Emma Bedford Is visiting Mrs.
Charles L. Eubank, of Socond Avenue.
Mr. Hellars, of Missouri, has bought
tho house now occupied by Mr. Cease, of
Highland Park. Second Avenue.
Mrs. William Spratley and daughtor have
returned home after a pleasant visit to
Shores, Va. ? ,
Mr. Luther Bowman Is having quite a
nlco residence erected on Third Avenue.
Mrs. A. L. Seay and children, of Flu
vanna, aro visiting Mrs. William Spratley,
of Third Avenue, Highland Park.
Miss Pattlo Christian continues quite
sick at her residence near Chestnut Hill. ?
Miss Nettlo Rcnnle, of Amelia Court
houso, has been visiting her brother, Mr.
Frank F. Ronnie, of Fourth Aven?o,
Chestnut Hill.
Dr. S. P. Christian has rteturnod home
atter a delightful visit to Dr. J. B. Wa.r
riner, of Hunt-slot Hall.
Mr. John Otla has returned after visit?
ing Mrs. A. L. Seay, of Shores, Va.
Mr. Mayor Wills, who has been quite
sick at the Old Dominion Hospital, ex?
pects to return to his home. Third Ave?
nue, Highland Park, this ween.
Rev. W. Johnson and family, who have
been visiting Mrs. Small, of Fmh Ave?
nue, have returned home.
Preaching at Highland Park Church this
morning at 11 o'clock by Rev. J. B.
?reaching at Mlzpah Church at 11 o'clock
by Rev. Dr. D. K. Walthall. No preach?
ing to-night.
Roll of honor for the week ending
May 22:
Senior A?Mary Huffman (22), Alice
Shafcr (1C). Sue Pemberton (19), Mabel
Heard (20). Wilbur Huffman (20).
Intermediate A?Bessie Marshall (25),
Ruth Rennle (26), Kate Lewis (25).
Junior A?Eula M. Bowman (9), Rebecca
B. Clarke (13). Ldna Bowman (9), Alice
Wilkins (15). Leila O. WIngileld, Annlo
B. Sale.
Fourth grammar grade?Mildred C.
Clarko (30), Bettle Ratcllffe (G).
Eighth primary grado?Ida Catlln (8).
Seventh primary grade?LUlle A. Gray
(13), BcksIc Anderson, Louise Austin (U),
Lewis Ratcllife, Sam Marshall, Wallco
Holden (6).
Sixth primary grade?Loulso Henlev (6),
Leslie Hlvlne (4), Sue Starke (3), Frank
Rennlo (2), Sadie Propt. John Divino.
Fourth primary grade?Harold Wilder,
Elenor Enslow, Roy Bowman, Earnest
Huffman (3), Blanche Huffman (2).
o J'aermouni \9fotos, 8
Rev. J. O. Babcock will prjAch at the
Falrmount Methodist Church Sunday at
?.1 A. M. and 8 P. M. His morning theme
will be "Jabez. a most honorablo young
man, who had a bad start In Ufe."
Night's subject: will be, "A Father's Dy
?i:g'Message to his Son."
Howard's Grove Fishing Club went on
their first outing to the swamps this
week. They met with much ouocess, cap?
turing about three hundred and fifty
fishes, and ono turtle wcigh'.rg forty?
flvo pounds. Those who enjoyed the
sport wero: R. W. Pierce, John O'Connell,
William Coloman, John Plerco, George
Wright, W. Bryant, George Hart, J
Hirt, Charlie Conawny.
Mr. S. N. Collins' c(?ndltion Is atll
critical. He has suffered two strokes o
paralysis since last Sunday.
Mrs. W. W. Pendleton, of Venabh
Street, left Friday for Fredericksburg, I
visit relatives, and expects to bo absen
several weeks.
Little Jim Anthony, of Twenty-seconi
Street, while playing with another llttli
boy last Wednesday, was painfully hurt
but Is doing very nicely.
Eddie Perdue has returned home fron
Frederlckslmrg, where he went as a dele
gate nf the Gray Eagle Tribe of Red Mer
to the Grand Lodge, which met In thv
city last week.
Mrs. Napier has taken a flat with Mrs
W. A. World, on Twenty-first Street.
Mrs. W. A. World's two 111 tin children
who havei been sick, are much bettor.
Mrs. C. 1?. Arnall, of Twenty-third
Street, Is much Improved.
Mr. R. C. Thompson and family are
boarding with Mrs. Cook at No. lili
Twenty-first Street, for the summer,
and will build their new bouse In the
early fall.
Mrs. Goodwin and children and Mes
dames Troxler an?l Gary worn tho guosts
of Mrs. O. W. Troxlcr last week.
Miss Hallle Fidler is sick at her slster'B,
Mrs. AS*. B. Huff, No. 1120 TwenUoth
Mrs. I^ena Keck Brauer, who has been
so extremely 111 foT some time, is con?
valescing slowly.
John Adklns, of Falrfleld, has recently
purchose?! seven lots on Twentieth Street,
and will begin building very soon.
? John Jeter was accidentally shot about
cloyen yearB ago by a companion, and has
suffered from tho effects of the wound
over since. Ho was successfully operated
on Friday by Dr. Parker, who removed
four shots from his forehead.
Parke P. Pollard, who has Just recov?
ered from a severo spell nf pneumonia,
has left to visit his mother, at Granite,
Mrs. C. S. Wright, of Marburg, visited
her brother, P. P. Pollard, on Twenty
fourth Street, last week.
Tho Daughters of Liberty have a flour?
ishing council, which meets every Mon?
day night at Howard's Grov? Hall.
Luther Cox Is still quite sick with ma?
larial fever ?on Twenty-third Street.
Miss (Leila' Llvesay will give a pie pirty
at her home, at tho corner of Twenty
second ami T Streets, Tuesday night,
for the benefit of the King's Daughters
of ChrlBt Church.
Miss Rebecca Hardwlcke and Miss
Miry Slmson, delegates to the Homo
Mission Society, which was held at Nor?
folk last week, will address the Home
Mission Society of Fairmount Methodist
Church next Monday. A full attendance
of tho members is requested.
Christ Church Brotherhood, to which a
goodly number of Falrmount's young
men belong, will, run an excursion to
Dutch Gap June 2d.
The dangerous crossover on Twenty
second Street, near Carrlngton, has been
repaired, after a long wait.
Fairmount citizens are delighted to '
welcome the electric lights. The lamps,
were placed In position on the poles yes
terelay, and we look for the lights to?
night, which will add so much to the
comfort of tho people, and, by the way,
wo are having a better enr service and
cleaner oars, which Is greatly appre?
ciated by all.
Miss Martha M. King, of Brunswick
county. Is visiting Mrs. Elmore, at No.
1K20 Twenty-second Street.
Mrs. W. S. Haynes and MI3B Tda
Haynes will leave for Baltimore to-mor
r,ow, to visit Mrs. B. C. Stonnall, who re?
cently moved to that city.
Fairmount Methodist Sunday-school will
have their picnic at West Point Juno 30th,
and expect to carry a large crowd.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Atkerson have
moved to Mattox Hill to reside. Mrs.
Atkerson was Miss Florence West, of the
West ,End, and the couple were married
last Monday night.
Rev. C. C. Cox will occupy his pulpit at
both services to-day.
Mrs. Roonoy, of No. 1106 Twenty-first
Street, gava a box party Friday night
at her home, for tho benefit of the King's
Daughters. Mr. Aillo Huff was presont
with his graphophono and delighted the
hearers with some of his latest comical
selections. Mr. GInter added much to
tho pleasure of the evening by1 render?
ing spveral vocal selections. A large
crowd was In attendance and a nice sum
A. H. G. MEARS, Proprietor.
If looking for the largest crowd, llnost
dress, and best entertainment, go tb At
? lentto City, or eomo similar resort.
- If looking for the best place for Ashing.
gunning, sailing, Test and recreation and
??variety of natural advantages, Includ
' ing bathing, go to Hotel Wachapreague.
Near Cobb's Island, and with " similar
advantages, It Is one of the finest hotels
stony the coast. Hot and cold water bat ha
lind'by fur tho finest porches. Three tiers
verandas surround tho entire building,
aggregating 1,110* lineal feet, halls at rlsht
angles on every lloor, thus making ovory
. room an outside one. Rooms large,, anti
well venUltitedl nlco Ue.ddlng, good table
sorvieo, elo.
Hundreds of people would lie simply de?
lighted to know that tlwro Is such a placo
aa the Hotel Waehapreague, SPORTS
Como from Richmond and Norfolk via,
Old Point Comfort aiid Capo Charlea and
stop at Keller Btatlon, Va.'
For further information apply to
4.. H. G. MEARS,
.WaoliaproaguOj Ya?
P. S.?Flailing and gunning good at this
writing.- Nico churches and good doctors
In town, Loaded nhella, gum boots, oiled
clothing, lino clgarB, minorai and spring
waters and Almost ovory thing in the
sporting line on hand, Including blinda,
deooya, oto. (luidos on the shortest
notice. Write, tor Illustrated booklets.
A. m. a. m.
$10 Carts now
$12.50 Carts now
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$20 Cartffnow...
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$45 Carts now'...
Furnish Your Home at Gash Prices and Use
Our Modern Credit System.
Some people are so blind
to their own interests they
don't see the passing of the
caravan?the caravan of
high prices.
No agents, no notes, no
bonus of any kind, and no
prying into your personal
affairs. Everything marked
in plain figures, way below
so-calledcredit house prices,
and terms made to suit
Specials This
Week in
10 to 20 Per Cent.
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10 to 20 Per Cent. Off
Every Refrigerator.
to hold tho lco and. water to?
gether that were $14, now
SI ?.98.
Some aa low us $7,45, as high
as $-15.
Solo Agents for tho Direct Action Gas
Bango. Every one put,up tree of cost and
Pcet of aas Will Finish Biscuits
on Both Racks. This Included
Heating Oven and Baking.
Ryan, Smith & Taiman, sos e. Broad.
Mr. John Schlnttult, of Howard's Grove
Hill, Is sUIl in a critical condition with
neuralgia of the brain.
Mr. A. N. Calhoun, of Nottoway county,
?3 spending some time with his daughter,
Mrs. Mary Miller, on Twenty-third
Tho Ladies' Aid Society of the Bap?
tist Church had a tacky party at How?
ard's Grove Hall Thursday night, for the
benefit of the church debt. A nice sum
was realized and tho occasion enjoyed
by all present.
Mr. XV. H. Rowland, of tho "West End,
visited his daughter, Mrs. J. N. Ratney,
on Twenty-second Street, Thursday.
Tlio funeral of Mrs. Tom Collins, of
Twentieth Street, who died at the Re?
treat Thursday night, will tako placa
from Christ Episcopal Church to-day at
3 P. M. Mrs. Collins had been , In 111
health for somo time, but had been con?
fined to her bed only four weeks. Sho
leaves, besides her husband, throe boys
by a former marriage, MossrB. Willie,
John and Preston Anderson, and one
sister, Mrs. Bowers, of Scott Street, to
mourn their los3.
Mr. Sallywhlte, of Twenty-first Street,
Is quite sick.
Mrs. Hott, who has been 111 so long, la
resting easier to-day.
Mrs. Sarah Pavoy Is visiting her daugh?
ter. Mrs. Gray, of Boiling Green, who Is
sick, but Is Improving.
Mr. Joseph Gregory Is beautifying his
homo by having It ropalnted.
The cantata of "Esther, tho Beautiful
Quoen," In which a number of Fair
mount's singers took parts, has closed
engagements for tho season, but' will re?
open, again in the fall for exhibition.
Little Laura Wright is quite indisposed
at her parents' residence, on Twenty
third Street.
Misa Linda Jeter Is drilling the chil?
dren of Falrmount Sunday-school for a
fan drill for the piano fund. Sho Is also
rehearsing the llttlp ones for children's
day, nnd the twelfth anniversary of the
Sunday-sohool, to be tho first Sunday In
Mr. R. O. Atkinson, of Mosby Street, Is
much Improved.
Mrs. Thomas Anderson, of Twonty-soo
ond Street, Is having new front fences
nnd other general repairs' made to sev?
eral of her houses in Fulton, on Louisiana
Mrs. William Lynham, of West Endj
Mrs. Preston Nash, o? East Franklin
Street: Misa Mary Mead and Master
Lyne Mead, of Venablo Street, lire the
guests of Mra. Nettle Newberry, on the
Winter's addition to Howard's Grovo
(known as Sales' estate), was sold last
week to a. syndicate, which proposes to
Improvo and develop tho property at
once. AVorJunen are now busy laying off
streets and otherwise, improving this
tracts preparatory to placing It on tho
market. It la located nt tho terminus
of tho Falrmount or Twenty-third Street
branch of tho Clay Street car lino.
Messrs. Willie White and John Garrett
will bo ordained dencons at Falrmount
Baptist Church Sunday evening at 8:B0
o'clock. Rev. Dr. Solly, of Emmanuel
Baptist Church, will ? conduct tlio ordlruf
tlon services, assisted by Rev. Joel T.
Tucker and others In the laying on of
There will bo preaching at Bulah
Church to-diy. at 8:30 P. M. by the pas
tor, HW, A. ?sburn, also Sunday-sahool
at tho usual hour-3 o'clock.
Miss Bertha Peace and Mr. William
Burnett w??ro married Sunday' last by
Rev. J. Tuckor, of Richmond. Thoy will
make their future home at the home of
tho groom, near Black Creek Church.
Mrs. A. Martin has returned Rome from
Richmond, muoh delighted with her visit
to friends and relative?.
Mr. Luck haa moved ono of his dlargest
saw mills, Jumbo, on the Watt farm,
wharo he will bo busily eraploy?d for
threo month*) or mora.
Mla?v Kate und Mr? Nannlo Adam?
?pent a very ploaaant day In Richmond
with their friends and relatives during
thl pa6l week.
Little M Is? Mat tie, Kollum Is on a visit
to hot aunt. In Hunwor.
Miaa Ruth White 1? somewhat Improved,
Her friends are still alarmed about her
Little LoaYoy ?Burastt Is Kitting on nlue?
ly from injuries received sevoral days
ago from n. fall. *??
Mrs. Fannle Sniffer Is still 111 at the
home of Mrs. Stewart, at Cold Har?
Mrs. James Jones seems to be doing
well this morning.
Miss Gertie Burnett Is 111 with the
measles and pneumonia.
Corinth M. B. Church. Preaching ev-r
ery second and fourth Sunday at 3 P. M.
Sunday-school at 2:15 P. M.
Special Invitation Is extended to the
city people who come to Seven Pines on
Sunday afternoons to visit tho church,
which is a very pleasant walk from tho
Chlldren's-Day exercises on last Sun?
day went off beautifully, each pupil do?
ing himself and the school full justice,
besides being very happy. The hearts
of all present wero gladdened. Tho
church-was .well filled on this occasion.
Miss Carrie Lyne and Mr. Chares Rold
went with the yachting party on tho an?
nual outing of the yacht Cecelia to Drew
ry's Bluff on yesterday.
Miss Annie Reld, who has been quite
sick, Is now convalescing.
Airs. Elizabeth Rold, of Greondale vis?
ited her niece. Misa Rosa Reld, at "Old
Mrs. James B. Lyne hod tho misfortune
to sprain her ankle quite seriously a few
days ago, and as yet has not recovered
tho use of It.
The following were guests of Mrs. Rosa
Reld during the post week: Mrs. S. F.
Dohorty, Mrs, Androw Hundley, Mrs.
Emma Bradley, Miss Edith Bradley and
Miss Besslo Gary, all of Richmond; Mrs.
Charles Bowery and Ml3s Florence Chad
dlck of New Kent ?and Mr. and Mrs.
James Crlttendon and llttlo daughter,
Mary, of Charles City county. '
Mr. Willie Lyne has tho pavllllon at
"Pine Grove" and will open up during
tho coming week, whero he will havo on
snle choice confections, Ice-cream, soft
drinks and everything that goes to maleo
nn .up-to-date stand. This 1h a long-felt
need, and as Mr. Lyne la p. very popular
young man, no fonr Is entertained of his
not bolng successful.
His many friends are wishing him well.
He will havo on aale the dally Rlohmoml
? ? ?
There will bo services at the Methodist
Episcopal Church at 11:30 A; M. Rev. J.
W. Flzer, who so acceptably preached
bore on the fifth Sunday In November
last, will supply for tho pastor during hla
absenoo from town.
Sorvlcoa at Marshall Momorlal Church
(First Unitarian) to-morrow at 2:30 P,
M., when tho pustor, Rev. A. N. Somera,
will discourse on Emerson, it being the
um? hundredth anniversary of Etnorson'a
The Highland Springs Branch of the
National Woman's Alliance will hold nn
loo-eroam suie on Memorial Duy, the 80th
of May, when muny choleo varieties of
a truly delicious kind will bo served by
dainty maidens.
Rov. J. F. Cuthrloll la vialtlng his
mother In Portsmouth, Va. He will bo
absent from his charge for a short while
only, He will also visit Baltimore dur?
ing hla abaouco.
There will be a strawberry festival and
entertainment on tho 27th lust In Aloth
odlst Church Hall. There will nlao be
on sale Ice-cream and cake and all that
goes to make a true festival, and it will
no doubt be largely attended and enjoyed
us 1? usually the case.
Mrs. Joel Kldd Is t>lowly recovering
from hor recent Illness.
Masters Wayland and Douglass Kldd
are able to' bo out, after a very savero at?
tack of moaslos.
Misses inn Lou und. Jane Kldd are ?till
oonfiued to their boda with measles.
Mustoi? Stuart MoOulr? Turnar I? re?
covering from tho measles, hue Is not
yt't able to be up.
Mr. and Mrs. D, P. Wlllson and Mrs.
H A. Davis were gueula ol! Mr. anil Mr?.
J. W. Dudley of Sunsot CotUge, last
oynlng at dlnnor,
'.ho roao guidon at Captain Alfred
Woodman'? Is very boautlful and wall
worth a trip to ?ao It.
The "Woraun's tttudy Club" will hold
thulr biet mootluf of tho olub tos tlm
season on next Wednesday afternoon*
??7th last., at 2:30 o'clock in Library Hall?
anel each member Is especially requested
to bo present.
Mrs. Warrlner of Richmond, visited fit
Highland Spring's during the week.
Mr. and Mrs. James leidet of Richmond,
visited MrB. Joel Kldd and family Friday
The sudden demlso of Mrs. Virginia?
Hobson, -wife of Mr. II. C. Hobson, of.
Becchwood Park, was Indeed a source of
regret to her many friends. Mrs. Hob-?
eon was suddenly stricken with paralysis
o? the brain while alone, doing her house?
hold duties anel was found lying on the
floor In a dying condition, never again
speaking or seeing her loved ones. vDr. '
S. A. Roupo was the first physician to
arrive and did all possible to restore her
to consciousness, but without avail, as
death sooa ended her sufferings. The
funeral took placo from her late home
Thursday afternoon.
Sho leavos a husband and several do?
voted sons to mourn their loas.
Mr. and Jira. Ella3 Whltlock paid at,
visit to Richmond last week.
Mls3 Mary Baker Is spending the weoW
with her parents and having a delightful
Miss Mrytlo Sharpo has returned home^
after a pleasant visit In Riohmond.
G. M. Wlnn hns returned to his homo
In (Fluvnnna, after a visit to friends In
Richmond, New Kent and with his son,
R. B. Wlnn, of this place.
Krnest Purdam, night operator, had
gone to Old Point to work, and Robert
Durrett bus taken charge of this place.
Mrs. W. H. Baker has returned homo?
after a week's visit in Richmond.
Air. and Mrs. N. Boyle and Miss Grace?,
Brackett, of Riohmond, will spend Sun-?
flay with Stiss Myrtlo Sharpe.
Mrs. J. T. Ituffner has moved to Rich*?
mond, whore she will In tho future re-t
Miss Irene Sharpo Is visiting her homfl
In this neighborhood.
B. A. Watklns went on aa business- trlfl i
to Riohmond early In the week.
One of tho section hands had his eyo
knocked out by tho breaking of one qf
the spike hammers. He was taken ta
the Retreat for the ?lck in Richmond.
Mrs. H. D. Baker, of Richmond, visited
heir paronts, Mr. und Mrs. Seyler, during
tho week.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Mallory, of Richmond,
spent a row days with Mrs. Mallory'a
father, Mr. Thomas J. Carter at tho old
J. Kldwell of Richmond, spent a day,
at tho homo of Mr. and Mrs. T, B. Hurt.
Milton John of Richmond, who has boon
111, Is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
J. A, John, whero ho will no doubt Quick*?
ly reouperute and will be rapidly restored
to his former good health.
Tho roll of honor pupils of Antlocfy
School Is us follows: Cleveland Bottoms,
Ourtloy Ohadrlck, Valentine Hurt, Eller*
Apperson, Ovyn Eberhard, Ada Burnett,
Margie Brlghtwell, Ueulah Chadrick.
<i&&H>$-3>3>$$- ^H-$$&t>$<i><H>4*frH>
Henry Cooms has moved his family In
their new home, near Cretghton Road.
A lawn party Is ponding for the beneflf
of tho Sunday-school.
Beselo's I.amlis Social Club met at
headquarters at their regular meeting;
end there being a good attendance?, pian*
were discussed for tholr entertulnment,
whirl? bids fair to be exceptionally good.
Mr. end Mrs. lUou are? visiting at ih?
home of Mr. und Mrs. ".'olOwuit,
Mrs. A. B. ..lulo hua roiativ?? veiling
her from Norfolk, Va.
Mrs. J. Brni'ilchifj Is able to be out ugalq
after a protraated illness.
On the fifth Sunday ?fternoon at 8:34
o'clock P. M., R?*v. R. H. Bonnutt, pr?M
siding ?aider of thai Richmond district, wtl|
lu-xiioh ut Utile Trinity M. B. Church.
VI".?a??? notu ehangu of hour for this dun.
day only-froia U A. M. to 8:1? V, M.
Ttw quarterly Oual'oret-cx. win b? li?l?t
Uoiiiay, ?Tun? Ut, at 8 V. && tUmi? pita*. .

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