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Has Surprised All (he Town,
The most beautiful garments of every kind and for
every use, from the infant tip, including the boys, to the
handsomest ladies' garments, from a third to a full half
under the best prices these goods can ordinarily be retailed
for, And Cohen's stands back with an iron-clad guarantee
in any garment you buy,
Now is Your Time for
Muslin Underwear.
Nothing but the best
made garments, despite
these almost rediculous
prices. A full half floor is
piled up for your choosing.
200 dozen Night Gowns, mndo
of tine, soft muslin, some of
cambric, V-neck, hemstitched
ruffle, yoke of embroidery, inser?
tion nnd tucks, full sizes, Mon?
day's sale price GOe.
117 dozen Finest Nninsook
Long Cloth and Cambric Gowns,
that can. be made at $1.75 to
S2.A0, 20 various styles, choice
of any, 08c.
80 dozen Night Gowns, in half
dozen styles, nigh or low neck,
nil have trimmed yokes, neck nnd
sleeves, any for 30c.
flfl dozen Cambric, Nainsook and
Long Cloth Gowns, high or low
neck, long or short sleeves, all
trimmed in the dainty nainsook
embroideries or "Cal. laces, $1.25
best ordinary price, these'for 70c.
New styles of Handsome
Gowns, that were designed for
one of the finest New York re?
tailers, our Rolling price for them
will be $1.75 to $4.75.
Fine Nninsook and Loqg Cloth
Gowns, trimmed daintily in nain?
sook embroidery, half high neck,
long or short sleeves, for $1.25.
dozen in the lot, nil elaborately
trimmed in laces and embroid?
eries, none in the lot cost lesa
thnn $1.50 and up to $1.08, choice
of any, OSc.
Skirts, with embroidery um?
brella frills, or trimmed in Tor?
chon lnce. full lengths, special,
$1.0S for Skirt,,, in several
styles of lace nnd embroidery
trimming, that cannot bo equalled
anywhere for less than $.1.00 to
Another lot of Skirts are priced
$1.25 for the best that can bo had
at $2.25 to $2.50.
fiOe. for Skirts in the full walk?
ing lengths, lawn ruffle, tucked
and hemstitched hem.
DRAWERS?An immense lot
of Fine Cambric ones, trimmed in
various ways with embroidery
and luces, 75 to SSc. ones for 50n.
.'Wo. for Drawers, Ihn best stylos,
a I 50 to 50c.
10c. for Drawers, some trim?
med in Torchon lnce, others with
wide enmbric frill, hemstitched,
several hundred dozen to be sold.
, COVERS AT 50c, such ns you
2 have never purchased under 75 to
You can piok'ir?ih a lot of
200 dozen : any for 50c.
for 70 and
amities, all
cla bora t r-ly trimmed back anil
front, in the prettiest ?'Moots.
Other now Corset Cover crea?
tion?, are ready for you. priced
to $3.50.
, EXTRA SIZE GOWNS, in siz.es
*"l7, IS.'iind 10, high or low nocks,
of cambric, or fine muslin, 70, 88
and 08c
F.xtra size Drawers, with cam?
bric ruiTIp, hemstitched, for 30c.
CHEMISE are priced at 25 to
$4.50; all are special vnlues,
Sale of Bathing Suits.
Every variety of new idpas of
the best makprs in America, for
ladies, men and children, mohair,
flannel and Jersey Web, price?
$1.50 to $15.00.
Bathing Caps to match.
Other Corsot Covers
p; i-, ?ne perfect b<
Handsome Shirt-Waists
at Such Prices,
Sheer Lawn Shirt-Waists,
black or white; variety of styles,
worth $1.00. for 05c.
Persian Lawn Waists, prettily
trimmed, $2.00 ones, for $1.25.
Handsome Wnists. combinai ion
of Mexican dr.awn-work and cm
broidery; fur $2.50.
Variety of Persian Lawn nnd
Luna Linon Wnists, every con?
ceivable design, all sizes, for $1.00,
Fino Linen Lawn Wnists, front
of embroidery, new collar and
sleeves, $2.60 Waists, for $1.08.
Beautiful Embroidered Linen
Wolsis, nil sizes, for $2.75.
Pure Linen ones, with hem?
stitched tucks, new collar and
sleeves, for $1.06.
Silk Finislipd Wash Pongpo
Wnists. various colors, for $1.50,
$3.25 China Silk Waists, variety
of slylps. black or while, for
Ladies White and Printed
The newest styles now
for half the cost they would
cost in making at home.
$1.10 buys Dimity nnd Madras
$2.75 and $3.50 for Dresses in
best styles, that would easily sell
for $5.00 or $0.00.
Many other prices to $25.00,
that were made to have sold for
Pure Linen Suits, full tailor
made, trimmed in clunv lace, for
Ladies' $ I Wash Skirts
for 50c.
Skirts of dotted Madras, tunic
effect, $1.50.
Stylish -AValking Skirts, pure
linen, $2.75.
Walking Skirts, of pure linen
slieeiing. strictly tailor-made,
$3.48; the usual boaster of $5.00
Ladies' Full Length
$ 1.50 Kimonas for S I.
Kimonas and Dressing Rncquos,
of fine -white and colored lawns,
85c. and $1.00 ones, for 50 nnd
25 dozen Lnwn Wrappers, in all
the newest styles nnd colorings,
sizes 32 to 44," for 75e?
MADE SKIRTS, of black tliibot
cloth, for $1.08.
$4.00 All-Wool Black and Blue
Cheviot Skirts, neatlv trimmed,
for $2.50.
All-Wool Voile Skirts, cut over
the newest pat tenis, $4.38, a
usual $0.00 Skirt.
Silk Taffeta Lace Combination
Skirts, that cost, to $.'10.00, aro
being sold for $20.00 each.
Sale of
Two lots, that lend a great va?
riety of styles, in muslin, em?
broidery nnd lace, and coaling
fully double, 25 and 35e.
The 50 nnd 75c. ones cost to
Hie. $1.25 Children's Long Waist
Muslin Dresses nre 85c
Stylish Boys' Dresses, ?n quite
a variety, are $1.50.
Infants' Stork Pants are abso?
lutely water-proof, the price fiOe.
Tho Acme Shoulder Diaper Sus?
penders for, each, 25e.
Boys' Skeleton Waists, with
rubber button hose suspenders,
sizes to 10 years, for 25c.
Lot of Muslin
sorts and kinds,
ones, for 35c,
Caps, various
some the. 65c.
The Worsted Drc/v
Black nnd colored nre. being
Bold out at most surprising re?
ductions. The stock comprises
moat any kind of fabric you can
$1.10 goods for 75e.
00 to 85c goods for 50c.
50c. goods for 3,ric, etc., etc.
The Manufacturers* End
of-Season Lining Sale
LOOO yards Gray Waist Lining
shipped us will be sold for 3%o.
All (lie bnlance of 5 and flc, Lin?
ing Cambrics, in white, black and
colors, for 3V?..O. a yard,
Their entire balance of Fine Mer
cerizetl Sat teens, costing to 37 Vic
n yard, choice 10c. a yard.
To tell of all the goods on sale at way under prices Monday
would take pages. Here is a succinct list that will give some
ideacof the thousand surprises in store for Monday's sale. Our
buyers are shipping without limit, all priced so that' you must
buy quick.
has new prices for a store full, of best goods.
All the Carpets, and there arc several hundred rolls,
arc being sold for less than cost before the arrival of the
new fall ones.
French Floral Crelonnos, 30
inch width, for summer drapeiies,
50c. grade, per yard, 10c
Bon Femme Lace Curtains, in
attractive designs, $3.00 value,
each, $1.25.
Linen-Warp Mattings, carpet
effects, '?i red, green or blue, best
25c. value, for Lie.
White Enameled Beds, with
brass trimmings, woven- wiro
springs und c< tton-top mattress,
? nil for $4.85.
M New Floor Oil-Cloths, best 25e.
quality, 10 patterns to select
fiom, 10c a yard.
Linen Window Shades, 1x2
yards, good spring rollers, 18c
Brass Trimmed Suit Cases,
linen lined, $1.25.
Canvas Covered Trunks, Iron
bound und bottom, brass lock,
The best Porch Shades, nil
sizes, all colors.
Fancy China Mattings, best Lie.
fc}? grade. 10c. a yard.
TTie Lakewood Bail-Bearing
Sewing Machines. 4 drawers,
quartered oak cabinet, attach?
ments, complete, $10.00.
Ix2-yard best ?Moquette Bugs,
usual $4.00 kind, for $2.50.
Tho Richmond Sewing Ma?
chine, high arm, ball-bearing,
fully warranted, vit h attach?
ments, $0.50.
Ix2-yarcl Matting Bugs, Smyrna
patterns, 00c.
30x00-ineh Persian Summer
Bugs, $1.00.
Wilton nnd Axminster Carpet
Hassocks, 30e.
Pillow Sham Holders, fit wood
or iron beds, 50c.
French Floral Muslins, for cot?
tage curtains, 25c. quality, per
yard, 10%c.
Fancy Muslin Curtains, with
flatted ruffles, $1.75 values, per
pair. $1.15.
Gilray Curtain Stretchers, tho
best that is made, Monday's price
Buy Linens for Years to Come.
sale of Linens all over the State but at Cohen's. No surprise.
All the judges of Linens buy for years ahead. Here are a few
of the prices:
Pure Irish Linen Table Damask,
snow white, extra weight, heavy
satin finish, best 08e. grade, in this
sale for.OSc.
$1.25 Damasks, 2 yards wide nnd
some of the handsomest designs
made, pure Irish linen, a yard, 85c.
Cream Linen Damasks, full 2
yards wide, always' 00c., this sale
makes price 30o.
Belfast Dumnsk?, the finest $1.75
and $2.00 ones snlrl in this country,
some outside folds show smoke, n
yard, $1.00.
Pure Linen, Snow While. 2-yard
wide. Damasks, best ever retailed at.
75 and S?e.. nre priced, a yard, 50c.
$2.25 and $2.50 Damasks, in the
most exquisite designs, for $1.25.
Hundreds of dozens Napkins, all
pure linen and some of the finest
$0.00 Napkins for $4.75.
$5.00 ones for $3.40.
$4.00 to $4.50 grades for $2.85.
$1.50 and $1.75 ones for $1.00.
$1.25 grades for 83c
170 dozen All-Linen Barnsley
Towels, open, hemstitched and Dam?
ask borders, prices usually $4.50 to
$5.00 dozen, these, each, 25c.
Pure Linen Damask Towels, knot?
ted fringes, all white and fancy
bordersj for 12'^.c
Tray Cloths, all-linen Damask,
hemstitched, each. 1 Or?.
The 45c. Damask Tray Cloths are
Bureau Scarfs, fancy styles, 25c.
usually, for 15c.
Ptvre Linen- Sheeting, the $1.25
grade, for 88c.
150 pieces All-Linen Shrunk Crash
(roller towelling), all white, a yard,
Large size and best. 12V?, to
10 2-3e. Linen Hjtck Towels* are
priced, each, 0e.
The Summer Silk Sale
follows the spring sale of Silks
with equal'astonishment. No
such prices have ever reigned.
No such prices can be dreamed
of in any other store. A few
price proofs :
85c. and $1,00 Liberty Foulards,
in this season's} newest colors nnd
designs, every one pure silk, price
40c. yard.
1 ?ot. of White Japanese Habutai,
tho kind that launders perfectly,
regularly 30c, price 21e. yard.
450 yards 27-inch Black Japanese
India Silk, lustrous, 50c. quality,
price 37Vio. ynrd.
1 lot Embroidered Japanese Waist,
Patterns, put up in boxes, white
and black, worth $8.50, price $4.75.
To close, 355 yards Washable Taf?
fetas, solid colors and striped of?
ferts, regularly 85e., price 45e.
ynrd. ?
1 lot Black Grenadines, pure silk
?pialities, plain mesh and striped
designs, worth $1.00 and $1.25,
price, to close, 50c. yard.
100 yards White Embroidered
llabnlai, in neat designs for -waists,
launders like linen, regularly 00c.,
price SOo, ynrd.
5 pieces Handsome Spot-Proof
Black Taffeta, soft, mellow finish,
for full costumes, regularly $1.25,
price S5i\ yard.
Ifj piceos lllack Crepe de Chine,
guaranteed puro silk, soft and
filing}', regularly $1.00, price 00c.
Yard Wide Ynnki Pongee, pure
silk, will wash, in white or black,
regularly $1.00. price ?flo, yard,
250 yards Pnre,.?.S?lk Black Taf?
feta, regularly 50c., price 35c. yard.
25 pieces Imported Black Taffeta
Metallic, will wear like iron, regu?
larly $1.00, price 00c yard, full 30
inches -wide.
370 dozen Ladies' Black Lace
Lisle Hose, in the finest 25c
grades, on sale Monday, a pair,
Special Lace Sale
Over 200 pieVs Point, de Paris and
Duchess Lares, some 10 and 12y2c
styles, are priced 5c a yard.
Another lot of Fnney Laces, In?
sertions and Edges, wide skirt frill?
ing widths, for 10c
Torchon nnd Medi?is Laces, an
immejiso lot of -wide, showy 8 and
10c. styles, for 3 and 5c.
Valenciennes Laces by the hun?
dreds of dozens, 50c values, a dozen,
35 nnd 40c. Vals, for 25c dozen.
'Hie usual 25c ones are priced
15c. dozen,
Wide French Val. Insertions and
Edges, a yard, 5c, &c
TIONS, 8, 10 and 12*/ac, for 17 to
35c. ones,
For Less Than the Cost of
the Raw Silk.
37c for the Finest 50 and 03c
10c. for 15 and 18c. recently
priced P.ilbons.
12'/i. and 17c for Bibbons that
cost fully double.
5-inch wide Fine Bibbons for 20c
88c for HibLons mude to have
sold for $1,50.
All colors of Baby Bibbons now
21/.C n yard.
All the slock of Bibbons, as of
feied, contains the best and most
wanted shades, inclusive? of whites
and blacks.
Boy's Handsome Wash
Suit./* for Almost
Tliis wonder purchase must be
heeded by all mothers that have
boys. Strong, well made, stylish
and the prices 2l)c to $1.00. They
cost the maker 75c to more than
Cotton Wash Fabrics
are selling for just about one
half their intended prices, in?
cluding the finest and newest
styles Mercerized goods.
(Sale on Main Floor.)
Mercerized Silk Ginghams, in all
the solid weaves and fancy wash
silk designs nnd colorings, instead
of 25c, per yard, 12%c.
Mercerized Silk Mousselines and
Foulards, pretty color combinations
antl Rtylish designs, 50 and 00c.
qualities, for 25c
Crystnline Organdies, woven laco
stripe and fancy floral effects, per?
fection of style, the usual 45c. ones,
for 17c.
22c Crepe Chnllies, cream grounds,
with floral, bnuretto rvid polka-dot
effects, imitation of tho 75c. wool?
len ones, for 0%c
Ganzo Linens, with white silk
woven stripe effects, the always 50c.
grade, for 23c.
35c Bombay Silk, highly merce?
rized, near yard wide, raven black
grounds, polka spots of white, for
50c Silk Pongees, ii the solid
colors only, for 20c
16 2-3C Satin Striped Madras
Suiting, in the bourette effects, for
8 and 10c Organdie Batiste, white
grounds, fancy printings, for 5'4c
lPc. Mercerized Cord Mousselines,
novel designs and colorings, per
yard, $y3c.
Scotch Madras Ginghams, all .
woven colors, the 10c. grnde, for
i2y.e. Batiste, liph? and dark
grounds, stylish designs and color
combinations, for 8y,c.
Cohen's Embroideries.
will amuse thousands of buy?
ers Mondajf. Not even one
half their value prices. New
"JUNE LOTS," that the im?
porter was anxious to close
All the Finest French Embroid?
eries, mostly Swiss, that cost usu?
ally 40 to 50c, are priced 25c.
Fine Nainsook Embroideries or
Wide Cambric ones, regularly 10
and 25c, for 12*/2c
Hundreds ,0t yards Cambric Edges
and Insertions and Bibbon Beading,
a ynrd, 5c
?0 2-3c for Wide Skirting Em?
broideries, cost to 35c .
38c for Finest Swiss and Wash
Chiffon Embroideries, cost to 85c
l?Gc. for $1.00 and $1.25 Embroid?
Allover Embroideries, such ns you
pay 75c for, are priced 39c
Finest. Swiss Allovers, some with
Vnl. laeo insertions, $2.50 nnd $3.00
styles, for $1.25 nnd $1.50.
Cohen's Small Ware
occupies 'an entire aisleway
just now. It's much for little
and little for almost nothing
for tens of thousands. We men?
tion these of all the rest:
Stockinet Dress Shields, 10 nnd
I2V2C ones, are 5c, pair.
Smith's Gold-Eye Needles, al?
ways 5c, for 3c paper.
1,000 gross Pearl Buttons, all
kinds, for 2y2c. dozen.
10c Military Hose Supporters are
ltV. pair.
Bibbon Sham Collars nre 5c.
Pearl Shirt-Waist Sets. 3 to a
net, very cheap at lOe. set.
All widths, from y3 to 1 inch,
Carter Elastic, worth" fi and 10c,
for 5c. yard.
Sample sale of 1,000 Hair-Tooth
Nail Brushes and Whist Brooms,
worth 20 to 25c, choice nny for 10e.
Largo size Household Ammonia, '
4c bottle.
Large cakes Palm Oil Soap, li/?.e.
1,000 boxes Baby Talcum Powder,
made to sell at loie, box, highly per?
fumed, Monday 5c box.
Half Saving Bargain
has its double-quick price encouragements. Nothing that
you sec in all these thousands of square feet of space is any?
way near full price, and for all that, only reliable stuffs
are sold. Your money back for any purchase you may
make, at will.
dark grounds, bourette effects,
the 10c ones, for 0y2e.
6 nnd flc Light and Fancy
Dress Calicoes for 3%c.
12t/a and R3 2-3e. Mercerized
Stripe nnd Corded Madras, shirt
nnd suiting patterns, for 7'/2c.
Yard Wide 7c Blenched Cot?
tons, very fine round thread, for
10 - nnd 25c French Madras
Ginghams, woven si ripe and bou?
rel te effects, for 0"?4C
75 and fie Apron Ginghams, all
colors, for 3n/,c
15c Madras Finished Percales,
yard wide, for 8y,c
Yard Wide flc Long Clolh for
102-30. Pique Welts, light nnd
?lark grounds.', for 7e.
8 1-3c Fancy Printed Scotch
Bntiste for 4r/,c
Ynrd Wide 8 nnd Oc Bleached
Cottons for 5V,e.
Best Yanl Wide 10 nnd 10c
French Percales for 5%p.
Fancy Woven Bourel te Suit?
ings, imitation of the 00c. wool?
len ones, for 0y?e.
Ynrd Wide Sea Island Ber-.
cales, the grnde tbnt sells for
12'/.e-, 4,200 yards to he sold ffir
I'/?-yard-wide Blenched Sheet?
ing, the 10 2-3c grnde, for 10c
Sale of Sheets and
Sale of While Crochet Quilts,
heavy Marseilles designs, the usual
$1.50 ones, only 02 to be sold for
$1.00 nnd $1.25 ones, some
fringed ones among trie lot, full
don?le bed size, for 85c.
One Lot of Bleached
137 dozen 8-4, 9-4 and 10-4
widths, full 21/2 yards long, go
on sale Monday for 50c
Bleached Pillow Cases, 42x30
and 45x30, plain and hemstitched,
your choice for \2y}c.
A lot of Pillow Cases, regular
12y2c ones, for 10c
Bleached Sheets for 35e.
Unbleached Sheets for 25c
These White Goods.
2,000 yards of the Finest Sheer
White India Linons, 1% yards
widt?, that cost usually 19 to 25c,
are priced Oe. yard.
India Linons, in the line sheer
grades, cost 12'/2c ordinarily, are
Sheer Persian Lawns, about
1,000 yards on sale Monday, a
yard, 5a/,c
Sliirt-Waist Madras and Fique
Cords, various styles, manufac?
turers' lengths, goods costing
usually 10, 10 nnd 2V., choice Re,
White Victoria Lawns, only fi?O
yards in the lot, priced Monday
Full 40-ineh White Tndln Lin?
ons, in mnnufaeturers' lengths, a
yard, 7yzc
A lot of nwiss Muslin Cnrtnirs,
plain anil fancy dotignR, sevoral
hundred, that cost up to ft*?; CO
for BOc
Lace Curtains, a large lot, with
very slight defects, $1.50 nnd
$1.75 ones, for 7fle.
1.200 yards new this season's
Pilladme, manufacturers" cndi,
of 12y,c. graden, for 5c
Fancy Swiss Curtain Muslin,
1,(100 yards of Ihe newest white
embroidered ones, per yard, 12'/.c
ICE TEA GOBLET", per dozen,
Glass Floral Vases for 10c.
3-piece Heavy Japan Toilet
Scfs for 80c
!Vos. 7 and 8 Full Size Wash
Boilers for 40 and 5!)e.
14-qnart Galvanized Pails for
Covered Dust Pans for 8c
10-quart Granite Dish Pans
for 45c
8-quart Preserving Ktttlo for
that cost. $"5.00, for $17.50.
Vnriotis Dinner Sets, that cost
$10.nr>, for $12.00.
100-pieee Decorated Dinner
Sets for $0.50.
00 sels of China Toilet Sets,
various decoraiions, for $2.25.
Handsome $0.50 Toilet Sets,
with elop jar, $0.50.
.7ar nnd Pedestal, $13.00 ones,
for $!?..r)0.
oriiers, $4..50 and $7.50 com?
A lot of Fruit and Berry Bowls
for 12c
White Meat Platters and Cups
and Saucers for 5c
A dozen new, Chinn Custard
Cups for 50e.
and fringed, 5? ones, for 2c.
Large size 7 and 8e. Towels for
TowelliiV. fi?ft finished, gray
twill, for 3?/,c
Turkish Bath Towel?, tho
largest, size, 25c. ones, for 15c
Lace Yoke 2">c Vests for 15c
Fancy Trimmed lOc Vests for
Full Size Elastic Bibbed 12ysc.
Vests for 8c
Silk Vest"?. In cream only, in
the luce or plain ribbed 50c gar?
ments, for 25c
Misses' 10 and 12%'?!. Bleached
Ribbed Vests, full trimmed neck
and arms, 5c.
Ladies' Low Neck Corset
Covers, trimmed neck and arm
holes, all Fizes, full fronts, 17c
good muslin, tucked yokes, with
Drawers for 10c, several style?,
best 25 and 20o. ones.
Lace. Trimmed Underskirts,
worth $1.00, for Me.
Wash Madras Skirts, with urn-/
brella ruffle, for 50c.
Skirts, with lucked ruffle, full
lengths, for 3Ac.
Black Silk Mercerized TTnder
skirfs. regularly 75c in basement
for 50r.
White Persian Lawns That Cost
to 50c. for I2j4c.
That's only one item out of a hundred that arc selling1 for
one-half their cost and less. All the newest White Fabrics are
00 pieces Sheer White India Linon,
the best 12'/3 and 15c. grades, a
yard. 10c.
25c grades are priced 10 2:3e.
White Embroidered Dotted Swiss,
in the fine seed dots, always 10n.,
priced, special, 12'/5c
The 25c Close-Dot Embroidered
?Swiss for 10 2-3c'
White Striped and Figured Shirt?
ing Mndrns, in various styles, 54
pieces to bo sold, a yard, 0%c.
Silk Mercerized Striped and Fig?
ured Madras, Dimities, Pique Cords
and other 25 and 10?. styles for
White Silk Mercerised Brocades,
in the now designs, 25 nnd 35c best
prices, these 40 pieces to be sold, a
yard, 10c
120 pieces Long-Fold White Tndia
Linons, 0 and 10c usual best prices,
these, per yard, 0%c
?An immense lot of White Pique
Welts, in the fine, soft finish, 25c
grades, aro 10 2-3c
40 nnd 50e. Tiques for 25c
The usual 10c ones for 12y,o.
White Whsh Organdie, nlwnys
25e., priced special, ifte.
English Long Clolh, line, soft fin?
ish, bbot $1.00 grade, a piece of 12
yards for 79c
Real French Mull, puro white,
usual best price 40c, to bo sold, per
yard, 12i/,c
Finn gride White Plaid Wrapper
nnd Apron Lawns will bo sold for
Imported Persian Lawn, very
sheer'and fine, l'/4 yards wide., for
While Wash Chiffon, 45 inches
wide, best 37>/ce. grade, for lile. .
Southern Novelists
No. 7.
M, G. McClelland and Am?lie Rives,
Two Gifte:! Cousins.
Mary firr-?n-way McClelland was Vaorn In
?NelHi.il raaanaiy, Via.. about lha year 1??54.
phe grew ui? in ?? neoliialon almost equal
i?. liait a.f Charlotte Bronte, and Hite tho
latter, laaaai great ?mlajru 1 ?.?ills which ?lo
vc-)o(-aai themselves independent!}* of en?
Ml?s McClelland"? mother was a culti?
vate! and Intellectual woman of Pun
ich descent ?iifl her companionship wan a
Jielp anal stimulus t<> her daughter's men?
tal development. From her childhood,
WIsh Mi-f'lelliitaal showed a strange blend?
ing of tho Imaginativo and practical In
j.er iiutiirc. She was singularly ha-liaful
a anal efficient In all the iiiiua homely du
.?<;?? s of dally Ufo, While at the saine tliun
her lniai-iiiailf.il was weaving hrght Im?
ages that .Biiriaaiindcd ner mentally with
fairy laiul.
Afta-r irvln? a goa;,l ninny ?ha.at iale>?
end |aoetnB. Mi.ih Ma-i'Icllanal wrote about
pa year lk-? ?* romance cntltlvd "?bli
vlon," which was published by ll?iny
Holt and which at one time gave her
an assured position amongst the novelists
of 1ho ?lay.
By strange coincidence, the main fen
lure of this tali', boars a strikng resem?
blance tai that of Hugh Cnnwnv's "f'nll
ed liack." tliouwli Misa McClelland had
never rend tha* latter work when sha.
wrote "Oblivion." Her heroine <liltr? Hugh
Con way's) stiftt-red a temporary torpor
or ??uaspeuslon of her mental faculties
from a severe .shock lo mind and body,
?bo being carried ?way by ;i terrible lliaai.l
in which .slid lost hep baby ?anal from
which fall? was rescued by a hardy mouni
tulneer, one of "nature's noblemen." Ilia
relatives gave kindly aid and shelter taa
tbis lovely, high horn young woman, who
was like a little helpless, dependen! child
during the Interval when her reason anal
memorv lay dormant. Miss McOlellniul
depicts with great power and ll.l lity Hie
among these primitive mountain people.
"their simple destinies , and jaw?. ?>)>
sfMire." The mountaineer who had res?
cued the. lady grew ta> love bei. alinaast
to worship lier? and Irt hi? longing t?? ?le
vote Ids whole Ufo Jo her service and j.ro
tei'tion, bo entreated her ta-a marry nnrt
I she, though already a wedded wife, was
saa obllvioilH of the pHHI.Ihat lit h.-T I'
responsible condition ?ha aeaiuiesood with
passive, childish docility. Hut before tho
marriage took placo trio heroine had u
fall and consequent illness, which pro?
duced a revolution In her condition "a.
counter ?hock," as it wtro that brought
her to her senses. Her memory return?
ed, her reason reasserted itself and tho
oliallco of happiness was ?lashed ii'iam tile
lips aif the young mountaineer. Following
tho awakening of hor mental faculties,
the heroine was brought into communica?
tion with her husband who luid mourned
her a.a alcaal. anil the happy pulr was rc
iirall'il whilst the noble innutulneer camo
fa liis death lay an accident, Instead of
dragging out hang c-miily days, ah t]?'s
is laalal In a thrilling, pathetic way tliat
established Miss McClelland at onoo In
tho Affection an?i admiration of .her read?
"Oblivion" was followed by "The Bolt
Made Man," which appeared In I.lppln
i'ott ?nul which served <n fWhnnee tho
reputation Miss Mr-('i<-ilun<i hail alrcay
gained in literacy a'lra'las. Her hern wns
drawn wth b ?trans, vigorous touch, and
tho power ami tideiitv with which she de?
scribed rough Western life pxoltd? iho
astonishment and admiration of men who
Iraai passed years of their Ufa. In such an
environment. Her rapid anal fruitful pen
produced within tjia next few years the
following work?, besides occasional short
storlaas published in Harper and other
"Tan Minutes to Twelve"; "ITInceBs";
"Jean Montellh"; -'Madame Silva":
"Burkett's l.oek"; "Hr,a.iai Oaks": "Tho
filai l'a ist Road"; ?Mammy M'y.-*c"; "The
"Wonder Witch1'; ?'White Fiero-V'; "Manl
toy Island"; n na-meli-ss novel, to which
' I'cudcrs wcru Invited to. contribu?a an ap
proprlate name, for which n prize was of?
fered, She also wrote a prlao story
("Sam") for which she received fl.000 from
'"i'lie youth's a 'a.mpanlon."
Unfortunately her cnreer was cut short
by her developing that dread disease, ?con?
sumption. w.hon she hud scarcely reached
tin. zenith of hor powers, and thus cut
?lia.it her Ufa In August, ISO.'). The writer
kiia w bar well in private life, and can
testify thai har kindness and helpfulness
tu i ha.si- arounal hor anal dependent on her
were ivan oui..i,. to bo admired than her
literary tnlents, She was tut admirable
rat.lour, i. niarkably Vigorous nnd
(trapillo. Bile was a. cousin Of Amelle
Hives, both being descended from Colonel
William <'?iia.ii, of Revolutionary fame.
Amelle l.aauiso itiyes was born at Rich?
mond. \'a . August Kl. lR(13- lr* 'll0se days,
win ii people search so closely Into hered?
ity in.I arcrlhfl such great potency to Its
Inlluet., It |v interest lug to trace hack
Am..lie H!v.-' intellectual ?ifts '? her ml
enteil i;ranll:il I,,-r, William Dabei) Hives,
Honator, diplomatist nnd imthor. After
serving in Hie State beglslatura? and Con?
gress from \K.\ pa 1S*.*9, be was sent 'if..
United Stales minister to Franco, where
he remained till in. After his return to
this country he served as Hnlted Htntes
?enator till r-..,-,, in isilt he was' sent a
second time as minister to France, tit
which capacity he served till 1833. Retir?
ing tlun from public Ufo he devilled Ids
leisure to writing the life and times of
?Madison, ajf which throe volumes were
published, but this valuable nnd Impor?
tant work was nevor completed. He also
published "Tho J.lfe of John Hampden,"
"Tho ISt.hlos of Christianity" and romo
nilnnr works. He died In lBfiS. His wife
wrote a narrative of her resldenco In
France In -sprightly ami charming style,
and some other works, so Amelle Rives
derives a vein of literary tnlen from both
grandparents. She was named after her
aunt, who wus born In Paris during Wil?
liam Q. Rives' first residence there (1832),
and who was named Amelle I.nulso In
honor of the then reigning .king nnd
queen. The latter, 1 have heard, stood
godmother to the American babe. When
the latter grew un sha married Mr. Henry
Klgourney, of Bostfin (nephew of tho
poetess), ami l.oih of them, with their
i h reo youngest children, were drowned at
boh In the French steamer Ville du
Hooi-e, Kovemlaar 'SI. if-T.'t.
Amelle .Rives Is undoubtedly n perso.,
o? tropically rich gills. At the outset
she poureai forth such an exuberance nt
rli'li. glowing thought.? und fancies ft
seemed to give a splendtii promise fur
the future. Then she In so versatile; bj
turns a poet.'a dramatist., a novelist anal
n writer of short stories. It seems to m?
her powers sh'ow at I heir beat In lier long,
short stories (If I may be 'allowed sa '
paradoxical an expression!. In "The Far?
rier IjIss of Piping l'ebworth" she rearhoi
lln the writer's opinion) her climax.'pass
' Ing beyond ll'e Una of talent into that of
genius. It Is ft talo full of life and fore?
mid deep humnn feeling, the diction
beautiful and the-thoughts oven more so.
Another short tale that appeared In
Harper was most poworful nnd pathetic,
with n distinct reminder of King I.enr.
This was "luja," being the story of how
a simple, primitive old farmer went to
Now York to visit Ills daughter. India,
who had married u rich man there, and
how she. ashamed of him, amid her fash?
ionable friends, had disowned him. nnd
how the brokon-henrtejl, iWcsoloto f?li!
man had roamed about through the great,
strange city, nnd had come to his death
through her nnklndness and neglect. Near
the same time also uppenrod "Virginia
of Virginia." and "Was It u Crime?" Her
first .published story was "A Brother to
Dragons," which appeared In tho At?
lantic Monthly, nnd at once attracted at?
tention and admiration. Her olher novels
were: "According to St.' John;'' "The
Quick and the Dead;" "Barbara .Deeiing,"
a sequel to the above; "Thi. \\ itnoss of
the Sun:" "Tanls, the Sang Digger.'
One of her most charmlnt; works Is a
novelette written early In her career, and
entitled "Tho Man With the Oolden Fil?
let." , '
Tho crlllcs dealt very severely with
"The Quick and tho Dead,'.' far moro va
than there was any call for. It appeared
tr> me: This doubtless had a chilling ef
focton a proud ami sensitive naturelike
Amelle Rives, leading her to relax fol
a time In lier literary offoHs, but since
then she has resumed her place and
rank In the literary world and her writ
lngs are announced ns one of tho nttrao
tlons or Harpers. She Is also richly gift?
ed as a poet and dramatist, but of this 1
will speak later, under Its proper heading.
It seemH as If nnturo had given lier more
than one mortal's fair proportion of en?
dowments, for in addition to other gifts,
she has tin?t of great personal beauty
nnd is said to have a marked talent for
painting. A rich substratum of cultura
gives additional beauty to her style and
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