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??G^.??1?3 PHLEGMATIC or the stout
{j I man who wants to take up nn
** ? advanced form of physical cul?
turo can rind nothing bolter
suited to his temperament and
physique thnn the Greco-Roman
.?fctylo of wrestling. Unlike cntch-as-catch
itaii. It does not require a great amount
itti agility. It demands hard and stendy
(work, and that Is what tho phlegmatic
-Snnn nocds, if ho is to bo developed prop,
Greco-Roman has been made a fat man's
fexerclse by the rulo which declares tiiut
bo hold of any sort is fair boIo?v the
(waist lino. There is no log wrestling
?whatever, even tripping?fair in the three
Other recognized forms of wrestling?be?
ing barred. Tbo legs are used simply and
Solely ns a baso.
Abnvo tho waist lino, however, any hold
Is allowable, and, n.i in catch-as-cateh
can, It can bo changed as often ns do
Bired. As a result, many ot the holds
?at? the same or antilogous to catch-aa
catcb-can holds.
Despite Its mimo, the undent GtopI?:
?athletes did not strlvo with ono another
In tills fashion. They wrestled largely
after tho catch-as-catoh-can style, for all
holds ?vero fair with them. They even
.went so far nt timos ns to allow gouging,
?ticking, breaking- of bones and killing.
ITotv this form of wrestling caino to
.bear ? partly Grecian title Is not entls
factorlly explained. The supposition Is
that the Romans, who used tills modlll
catlon of catch-ae-oatoli-can, not only
named It but created It. It was exceed?
ingly popular In the lattor dnys of the
Empir?, and to-day It Is favored abovo
nil other styles In thoso Continental coun?
tries that tlio Romans invaded, such as
Franco, Germany and Spain.
In thoso sections of tho Uniteci States
largely settled by Germnns nnd Scandi?
navians tho Greco-Roman bout Is held
In nil Its old-time glory. Each commu?
nity has Its recognized champion, who,
when farming Is not occupying nil tho
timo of the Immigrants, Is wrestling for
his hackers' delight with the champions
of neighboring communities. The Ger?
mans aro especially adopt In this form
of wrestling.
According to ?vxperts, tho defense lins a
little advantage In Greco-Rotnan of which
four of tlio more noted holds follow. As
In catch-as-catioli-caii.i many other holds
may be worked out by a little study and
practice of these holds.
Do not forgot that the exorcise should
bo taken moderately and that holds which
might provo too severe should not bo
carried out to tho end, Ho careful also
to see to It that your lungs wljl got an
unlimited quantity of fresh nlr whllo you
aro exercising, which for best results
should be a half hour or an hour after ?
u 111 Ulli.
The waist hold cun be obtained from
tho referee hold, with which, us In catch
as-catch-can, It Is customary to start
Ureco-Roman wrestling.
To secure the waist hold, put your head
against the chest of your opponent and
tightly clasp your arms around his waist.
Press hard from you with your head,
and pull hard towards you with your
liiuiils, so that the opponent will bo bent
backward and borne to tha floor.
To defeat tho aggressor, tho defense
should break tho waist hold. He does
this by arching his buck. Interlocking
his hands, prossing'hls bleeps hard against
tho aggressor's elbows, and walking
backwards. (Figuro 1.)
Such tactics will not fall to break the
hold, provided tho defense has not been
drawn In very closo by tho aggressor.
In enst? the wrestler has been drawn In
very closo, he should quickly loosen his
hold with ono hand, and placing thla
hand on tho opponent's face, raise the
latter's head up nnd off Ills breast.
During the scuttling Incident to the
referoo or many other holds, grasp the
opponent by a wrist and throw lilm
forwnrd In front of you. While he Is
going forward, spin lilm around, get
behind him, grab him around the waist.
lift htm high In tha nlr (figure 2), swing
his feot out in front of you, and throw
him to the floor. Or,.while tho opponent
is in tho air, throw your right hand to
the back of his neok, taking cure to keep
your right arm between his right arm
and body. Tills will give you the hold
cnlleil a half-Nelson when on tho floor,
and from that you should get a square
fall, (Hand back of neck).
Tho opponent has poor chances of break?
ing the beavo from behind. Attempting
to open the aggressor's Interlocked hands
by pulling at the thumbs is about hie only
Perhaps- nil thnt you did with tho body
heave was to land on top of the oppon?
ent, who fall on his stomach, and
Is now on hin hands and lencos try?
ing to rise, with your loft arm clasped
around his wnlst hindering him. But to
make suro that he will not regain hie
feot, try for the haramorlock.
Keeping tho left arm In Its original
poeltlon and your body on Its knees by
the side of the opponent, place your head
in his right armpit, an a fulcrum. As you
push (forward with tho head, grasp and
pull tho opponent's left wrist towards
you, and lift forwnfd with tho arm, en?
circling the waist- (Figure 3). If your
strength and ondurance aro greater than
your opponent's, thin action will finally
result In your getting his right arm bont
backward on his back, which Is hiun
morlock. Then, if you care to, you can
easily turn him over on his back and
To keep tho hammcrlock from being
seourod. tho opponent, tho moment that
the right (or loft) arm Is In chancery,
should place It under his body as far
out of tho aggressor's reach as possi?
ble. Even If the aggressor does get hold
of the wrist when It Is well under the
body he will bo apt to desist In his effort*
to eeouro. the hammerloolc In a little
while, If both wrestlers are pretty oven
ly matched In strength and skill.
It would be well not to curry the ham
merloek to Its full Issue. In this wijr
eovoro wrenching, or possible breaking
of arm. will be avoided. All that Is neoes
eary of arm, will bo avoided. All that
Is neeoesnry for the purposos of physi?
cal culture Is to try for ill? hummurlock
as a point and then loosen the hold.
In case the opponent Is about three
quarters d?.?wn, with ono shoulder and
an arm on the floor, work uround In front
of lily head, got one arm under his neck
and the othor In the pit of his upraised
arm and under tho middle of his back.
(Figure A.) This arm Is thus put out of
business. Put all your wolght on his
chost and boar down hard, which will pre?
vent him from resting himself by rolling
from shoulder to shouldor. The arm un?
der tho neck will keep the opponent from
supporting, ort bridging, tho body on
feet and head, thoroby clearing tho ehoul
dors of tho floor.
AVhon you havo your opponent In this
position, all you have to do Is to wait
until ho becomes exhausted and logiailly
Hoe down.
This hold Is analogous to the crotch
hold In cctch-os-catch-cnn. Each Is used
to prevent rolling, and tho action Is sim?
ilar despite tho diversity of location.
(Copyright, 1003, by Anthony Barker.)
By WILLIAM MURRAY GRAYDON. (Copyright, 1903.)
CHAPTER, 'ky 1J -?ON ?? ?IJ i?D.
"Our decision Is'iinuJ," .laek Interrupted.
?'Relieve me, sir, it is bettor for ull of ua.
;ttliut wo should part."
"Then I will not press you to stay,
?though you ari) tlirlco welcome," re?
plied Manrao l'unt. "Hut thore Is no
need to hasten your going, and to pano
out of the villa?.?? now would be a rlaUy
thing, fur spies may be lurking about.
"At tho earliest Chandra Singh's men
?will hardly be. hero before midday to?
morrow, so to-njght, ?it tho first hour of
?tlm morning, you tahal? leave. I will pfo
?vido you with food, drink and weapons,
end Homo ?if my men shall guido you to
ta minci templo ?if Vishnu Unit libs 10
cosses to ilio north, In a lonely part of
tho Jungle. There you will lind safe shel?
ter, und from time t" tini.? I ran dispatch
??ou word of tlio progresa pf affairs."
"And what will you tell thu rajah's
Holdlers?" imkerl Estcourt.
"That you escaped without my knowl
tdge. They will not barin mo, sahibs j
avo no fear."
?With this understanding tin? fllscueel?n
elosed, thniigli in Jack's opinion the ?eo
?jiiinder'F proposed explanation was not
?Jlkel? to EStlsfy Chandra Singh's ilorce
Th? day worn on iiiueli as usual, 1'<?.?
luid rjulel reigned In the pretty village nnd
ih?? environing .lungi??. Natii llanorjl
blecldly smoked hi? hookah! his bri hand
nvos siili bandiig??'!. for II Seemed Hint
?he bite of the serpent hnd nut entirely
healed, Qovlnd Punt wandered about
?restlessly like u rimii whoso mind In never
the same for a minuto at ? time.
Tu Sergeant Ruseles th.- thought of a
bii'inlght retrent from the enemy ?nul ?
?flight inin deeper depths of tbo forest
wan extrembly dlejlnstoful: be would have
preferred a ?-???,?. mid u light, and lu? ?vas
Blsappolnl?tl that they ??'?re nut to be.
Estcourt ?van in equally low spirits.
"1 don'l like tin- prospect, Kane," he
Bald. "Heaven only knows ?vhat ?vili he
pome of u?! ?\? hive been betrnyi'd
our??, and it riny easily happen, n sen.ml
time I don't care fur myself, but ?vh<?u
J think of M id g?- "
"Haye ? ever ?-li..wii myself a coward,
Ttalph'r"? his sister Interrupted, "I am
not afraid. Indeed, I shall he glui? lo
leave here, for ? .m certain "???' Qovlnd
Tunt would ?" a-? nn Injury if he could-,
nnd that han o?d persea makes ino siiud
(ler. Have you noticed how b.- stares at
?bu; Jack?'1
"I have." Jack admitted. ''Rut if mentis
nothlng-ho t- rinite a harmless c?iap.
Keep your rournge up Madge. The
?ruin??.! temple -.?Hi be ti safe n-fug?. ?md
iftar the ISnsllsb ? .)(.? Delhi which prtaj
h,? env day ?vu shall manage to rejoin
Tin? Jong afternoon drew near Its ploifl
find Just hefor? tw.illgbt, when tin? ,-vo
tiing nir wits turning.? ?.n.i fre#h, the
young i.nti-i r stund outside |]?o house
abstractedly watching Ihe birds "f l?nl
liant plu? negli (hat were liuti, rln-r 111 th*
|r<*??e overh.-ail.
JIo heard u llfht footfall beli/nd him, ?
looked to mo Madge, pud beheld Natii
BanorJI. Tim Farseo's eyes, set in deop
and wrinkled sockets, burnt with a
strange Unlit, ("mi hand was pressed to
bis kunimerbund, as If he wns In pain.
"Snhlb, I would have n w ?.??| with you
in private," he said, "But thin Is not the
time, AVI 11 you iinef ni?? li Ilio pardon
within tin hour ?'
"What do you wish tr s.iy to me?"
"That which con.virna yourself-suine
thing of great ??\??.??????? " ,
"What Is It?"
"I bi'g thu Hiihlb to have patience."
"I don't like mysteri?s?but no matter.
Whero'wlll I find you?"
"By the snored tank, closo to the bronze
imago of Slvn."
"I shall lio there."
"The snhlb will not regret It."
With tint th?3 Parson glided away, and
n moment inter Jack descended the steps
and passed out of tho fortified enclos?
"G can't Imagine what tho deuce tho
fallow wants to tell mo," he said to
Ila sauntered down tho village street,
and was imlf-wny to the end when ho
ns startled by the loud fanfara of a
ivnlry trumpet. And lint.Ilatoly af?
terward thero dame a thunderous pound?
ing on tlio outer gates,
???G??? XVI U.
???. Miiliiun shuck nf lini alarm, the
onllnallon nf the Olio thing that It
mild mean, struck tn Jack's In-art as If '
n Icy linml had olutohed hliu there. |
".My limi, tin? iittiii'klng (orco has nr
rlvedl" in? cried aloud. "Our flight is
prevented- cut off!"
??????? Dm <?????? notes of the trumpet,
timing above tho hniiiineriiig blows! ?
lolsy alamor filled Hie UHI? ut roe t as
ho KOinlnOur'a men' poured from tho
double row "f buts, Mimmo Punt hliu
ii.-lf r?um ruiiiilng swlitly, nnd Jack
followed lilm. A montoni inter thoy
stood s|dq by siilo mi a Bliullow plat
Iiirnt nvi-r the gates, ami wpre peeling
anxiously through tlio loopholes hi the
?'.bandivi ShiMli had kept Ills wr.l. ami
witiiin mi |iour after Di" rollini "t tho
messengers t/> Jhnlapur tho storming
party musi ???,?? sol mu for the viiingo.
Thoro was still plenty nr Hum, tjioush
Dio shadows <>f ovonlng' vera falling,
and as far uh th.. eye could reach the
jungle rond >vas ohoked with arinoli
ami mounted soldiery, botwepn whoso
ranks glittered two pieces nf ?nnpon.
A' llttli) In fidvnnco of Ilio r.isi wei
1'mir li'iisonien, who bini drawn roll} h
f?ro I ho vory ??''?<?*. Two, a sowar ami
a trumpeter, were, the uniform of tho
revolted Third cavalry, Thu ? bini was
palroin Khan, (?alitala of tho rajah's
body giltinl, nnd tlio fourth ivas nomi
otli.jr tinn? Joel Spanish.
.."Us eyes gli-mm-d ns fli-n-ely -is evrr,
Hit iiuirkM >>r Illness showed mi his
shrunken feature?, and his right arm.
Which, It will b0 ??????????1??-????, had beni
cut to tha bono by JuvH'a tul war, ?till
t TTTTTTYTTT-ryrrT ???? ? ? G Tt T-f:
rented in a sling.
The knocking censed at the sound of
Manrao Hunt's voice.
"What Is your errand?" ho demanded.
"Wo seek tho ?? em Indar," replied. Bai?
rn in Khun,
"I nin lie!"
_ "Then hear tho word of Chandra
Singh. Out of respect for your yours
and for tho regard ho has felt toward
you in tlio past, his highness wishes to
deal with you gently. And that ho will
du on one condition. Deliver to us tlio
four foringhoes, and you und your poo
plu shall not bo harmed."
Thero was a brief interval of sllonco,
and tu .lack, who was for the moment
tonguo-tled, tho seconds scorned ns
many minutes. It was evident that tlio
display of strength was purposely mudo,
und that Hnlrnjii Khan expected the
presence of thn trooper?) and the can
j?..11 to bring ilio zemindar speedily to
terms, But In this ho was deceived.
"You unit what Is Impossible,'1 Manrao
Punt replied. "My guiiHls uro snored to
mo, and ? have promised thom protec?
tion. Vnu cannot havo lliom."
"You defy tlii> commanda of hie high?
"Vini bave my uue??rer."
Rnlrani Khan, apparontly staggered
by such firmness, turned In tbo snddlo
to whisper to .loi?! Kpniilsh. Jack sud?
denly shook off Ilio lethargy that held
hill), and laid a tight hand on tlio gemili?
diir's arm.
"Tills must not bo," lie nnld, hoarsely.
"Give tile fello??? a different answer,
Quick, ere It Is too late! We will sur?
render ourselves. It la a duty wo owo
"Hut certain death nwnlts you nt
JllUlupur," Manrao Runt replied. "And
the fair ineiii-sahlb, to whom your heart
Is given! Think of whnt her fate will
be! Kalilli. permit mo to havo my wuy.
I Insist upon it."
Km- u moment or (wo the young nin
oor waged a hard struggle with ?oir,
and bin love for Madge proved stronger
than tin? claims of grutltude. To doom
tiie woman <>r hi? heurt to a terrible
dealh, m- perhaps to worse, ?vus an lin
passlble thing.
"I will say nu more," ho cried, "since
you uro determined ?? light. YVq'11 all
tako n band in It. and liemvon send u<
tim victory I Rut <h> you think ?ve stand
any sort ?if a eliaiic?) ?gainst Umso sciiuii
drels? 'limy must bo at least I* 10 strung -"
"l,l?t?-li to my last ?vnriis. tHull fool and
traitor," cania a harsh volco from the
WtTII, "I??? yOlj still remain obstinate'?"'
"I will yield the forliigbeos to none,"
replied Manrao l'unt, "so long ?is a sin?
glo cl (argo is left for our muskets."
"Hlt'cily Will yuu repent this!'? cried
Ralrain Khun, with un oath. "I*>y the
.soul nf Brahma you shall miffer tho full
penalty "f trsasonl"
"And tlio feritigli?.??) dogs will wish thoy
Irul never beon burn," lultlcil Jnul Bpau
The lior.-emeii ?v)ncli-i1 sharply riiiind
?uni l'iio of llieiii tinned In tim saddle
tu ?li..-, i.ui-jo his i-i..iu!, tito bullet from
which flattened against tho wall. De?
risive yells wero uttered by the enemy,
and lustily answered from within the
"Sahib, bo of good spirit," tho zemindar
said to Jack, as tho two leaped down
from tho pint form. "My house Is strongly
fortified, and will not he easily taken.
But this I will tell you, for your own
ear alone. If it should como to the
worst .and the assault Is successful-, there
Is a way of escape which will hardly full
With this enigmatical statement, the
young oltieer had to be content, for
Mnnrao Punt nt once loft lilm to speak
to his; men, who had mustered in forco,
all arinod to tlio teeth, nnd wero look?
ing to their lord for Instructions, He
told them what to do In sharp, decisive
"We will make no stand hero. Tho
ouler gates will yield at Uio llrst blow,
and the cannon are useless, since thoy
can bo trained only In front. Drug them
quickly to tho fortrossl Let tho women
nnd children go for shelter to the templo
in the tamarind grovol You, my trusty
fellows, will Ho under cover half way up
the street and pour a singlo volley at tho
enemy when thoy havo forced an ?
tranco. Then fallback to the inner gates
?tho bugle will bo the signal."
Tlio purplo gloom of night had now
taken tho piuco of the short Indian twi?
light. There was no confusion or pnnlo
Within the villano. The zemindar's light?
ing mon n uni be rod nbout three-score, und
while some trundled the two pieces of
artillery to tho roar, tho others sought
advantageous positions commanding tlio I
outer giites.
Nor wero dm enomy ldlo. 'Hint Chan- !
dia Singh's Iniuildabie Boldlors had dis?
mounted nini wore preparing for an at?
tack wns proved by various ominous ,
sounds -peal nf trumpet, tho authorita?
tive voleos of nfllcluls, tho creaking of
gun wheels, clnttor of hoofs and Jinglo
of equipments,
Meanwhile .lack nnd Mnnrao Punt has?
tened to tlio house, whither tho alarm?
ing nowH hnd, of course, proceded tliem.
Rugglns was full of fighi, and Ralph Wet
court accepted ilio misfortune as calmly ?
as a bravo man should.
"Wo must hold our own," he said.
??That'll nil thero Is about It."
"1 bollovo we will," Jack answered con?
fidently. "It strikes mo this placo Is a
sort of little Gibraltar."
Ilo drew Madge aside, and In a few
comforting words assured her that thero |
wns little fear of ft defeat.
"Whatever happens I will shnro It with
you," the girl replied. "Ralph has given
me a pistol, nnd I ku<iw how to use It."
"For my suini, dear, promlso thnt you
will keep out of danger," Jack said up
peiilliigly, nml that assurance sho roluot
antly gave her lover.
No such courage was shown by Natii
Hani-iJI; bis teelli fairly chattered and
every fold f|f his garmont Shook with
fright, As for Gnvlnd Punt, whoso com- |
plexlon bad turned a shad? or so pule
ho antsrlly nbuuea nnd upbraided the zo
iiilmliir, who dually lost patience.
"It? careful, brother, lest you forfeit
that name," bo said sternly. "And worse
may befall ynu| ?ore In my own house?
hold I am muster, And by Brahimi, un?
less you do my bidding und handln a gun
with the rest of us, I will trout yo.i as I
would u t rullnr."
"JOvIl was tbo day I came under this
roof!" ("Invimi Punt "muttered. "We shall
all be. utterly destroyed."
Brief as wns the time since tho first
alarm, tho monti wns now in sight rtver
the i"P nf tho Jungle, and Its silvery
glow made other light unnecessary. As
yot the enemy had not begun tho ns
BMUlt, and tin? Httlo band nt tlio bmise,
assisted by thu mule servants? availed 1
themselves speedily of the opportunity,
not knowing how long It might hist.
To each of his guests tho zemindar
gave a rifle, keeping one for himself,
and ha had Just enough to go round.
Bullets, powder bags, and canisters of
loose powder wero collected* In a con?
venient place.
The two cannon that belongeff fit the
Inner gates, nnd tho two that TThTI Won
brought thero from the front, Tiled the
four embrasures. All the pieces were
brass elght-pouhders, but they wero of
an antique pattern, rusty and age""worn,
and had not been used for many "years.
"Are they lit for service?" asked Jack.
"They will speak for themselves very
shortly, euhlb," Mnnrao Punt replied.
"Hy the head of Manadera, I would
scarcely bo afraid to wager that these
sunn of evil will return to Jhalapur with
a tolo of defeat."
Tho zemindar's confidence hnd some
foundation. The wall of this little
stronghold was massive, and next to
that came a ditch, and then the high
palisade surrounding the house enclosure.
That ? small garrison would prove more
than a match for a besieging force half
a dozen times as largo seemed not too
much to expoct."
"We're ready for 'em now!" exclaimed
Rngglc-s. "They're a long timo about
making a Htnrt?"
Crash, went one of the enomyi*s pieces
of artillery. Cnush went the second. An
ocho of splitting wood mingled with thu
reverberations,,and thon a immun wave
hroko against the outer gates of tho vll
lago, will oh had been badly shattered by
tho cannon halls.
A rattling thud, and tho gntes wero
down lint. A trumpet poaled loudly nbovo
tho sound of cheering, nnd through tho
archway swarmed Chandra Singh's dis?
mounted troupers; nn instant later, ns a
withering volley was poured Into their
compact ranks, tho Invaderli recoiled, tem?
porarily checked,
Tho red flashes blazed llko fireflies, and
then, out of the curtain nf gray smoke,
the zoiiilmi.ir's men fell buck nt the bugio
call. Ah soon as the last of them had
entered, tho Inner gatos were closed, and
the transverso burs wero dropped luto
their sockets.
"Wo'vo hit them hard," exclaimed
Jack, "and wo must follow up thu blow
and try to dishearten thom. Bo ready to
servo the guns."
JMunrnn l'unt's commanding voice sent
tho greater part of his trusty fellows to
tho loopholes, whllo tho others grouped
themselves about the cannon, which Jack
and Hstcourt undertook to look nflor.
Charges of powder and bags of nmskot
balls were rammed lulu tho brazen muz?
"Here thoy corno, tho dovllsl" cried
Ruggles. "Lot 'em havo It hot!"
Tho onoiiiy had quickly recovered from
tho deadly volley that laid so many of
{hem low. Tim silver glare of the moon
showed them advancing up tho village
streot, dragging their two pieces of arill
lury with them.
"Flro!" shouted Mannro Punt.
There was a cracking fuslludo from the
loopholes, und Ilion, as tho lighted port?
illes dropped upon tho touch-holos, tho
cannon thundered one by uno, mid hurled
bull?te und iron missiles Into the onpour
Ing mass. . ,
U wits moro than tho diire-duvll pluck
of the mutineers could stand. Thoy broke
and scattered, leaving dead and wound?
ed in tho path, but thoy had no Intention
of retreating, Having sought cover for
themselves and their guns to right and
left, thoy were presently dring struggling
volleys ut thu wall, and pounding away at
thu big gaies with the Held pieces.
Fur half on, hour, almost without cessa.
tlon, the battle raged fiercely. At the be?
ginning some of the rajah's soldiers liad
olrcled round the fortified enclosure, only
. to find at both sides and the rear a sheer
wall that oould not be scale?!, since the
semlndar had posted, alert sentries at In?
tervals along the top.
So the attack was directed entirely
against tho front, the beslegere blazing
away with rlllcs at the length of the wall.
while tlio defenders at tho loopholes,
among whom wae Oovlnd Punt, returned
a hot fire.
The artillery duel woe carried on at a
disadvantage, through a cloud of smoke
that hovered over the scene. Although
Manrao Punt's gunners aimed at the big
rod flashes, thuy could not ?Hence the
enemy's two pieces, which seemed to
shift their location after each discharge.
Nor did Bairum Khan have anything to
boast of. In splto of tho fact that his
guns wero ten-pounder?. The heavy shot
merely chipped the surface of tbe wall,
or splintered and cracked tho outer side
of tho gates, which were constructed of
more than one layer of ?tout timbers.
"Whew, It's hot work I" exclaimed Jack
as ho wlpixl his forehead with a powder
grimed bund. "They'll get tlrod of tills
by and by and I don't see what else they
tain do."
"I was right, sahib," replied the sso
mlndar. "The sons of evil aro wasting
their blood Iu vain, When I fortified tills
placo I remembered what I learned whllo
serving with the army of the honorable
"The devils are getting the rnngo a
bit bettor, sir," cried Rugglen; nnd even
ns bo spoke one of the native marks?
men reeled from bis post on the plat- |
form and fell backward Into the ditch.
It' was ? trivial Incident, but It proved
a precursor of disaster. ????? that mo?
ment tho situation seemed to tnke ?
steady turn fur the worse. Misfortune
followed misfortune. \
The enemy, pushing forward under
cover of the smoke, and ensconcing
themselves In the gardens nnd behind
the huts, not near enough to lire with
considerable accuracy nt the loopholes
ln tho wall.
Here and there gnps suddenly ap?
peared In thn lighting lino of tho garri?
son, ns the zemindar's men dropped to
tbo platform or Into tho ditch. Niith
RunerJ! wns hit In tlio arm, and ho ran
?vlth unsteady gait to tho shelter of the
One of the bums cannon, struck fairly
In tlio muzzle by a round shot, was
split halfway to the breach nnd torn
frrun Its supports. Another got Jammed
nnd refused to work. Then a third gnu
burst as the portfire fell on tho touch
hnle. Instantly killing, the three men
who stood by?two/Hindoos and Rug
Jnck was hurled off his feet, nnd, ns
ho rose dizzily, filled with rago nnd grief
by thn slglit of tbo gallant sergeant ly?
ing mangled In u pool of blood, a pair
of slim nrniH encircled bis neck, and
Madge's frlghtoned eyes looked Into his.
"Von borei" lin gaspod.
"I saw you fall," the girl half sobbed,
"I thought you wero dead!"
"Tills Is no placo for you," tbe young
Officer said, hoarsely. "For God's ?ako,
go back!"
Bho clung to him tho tighter, nnd be
gathered her In his iii'iim and ran towards
tin? house.
Ho wus within tho pallsadn when be
heard a trumpet bluro above tho crneklo
of musketry. He stopped, glanced be- j
hind htm, und observed, that Estoourt,
tbo zemindar and Others were tiring down |
frinii the top of the wall.
"Heaven help usi" cried Manrao Punt.
"They liavti heaped up bags of powderl
The fuso Is burning??"
.There ?vus a terrine, atuiuihi??; explo?
sion, a sheet of vivid llnmo that passed
us quickly as lightning, and then ? great
whlto cloud thut concealed everything far
tin instant,
As tho pungent smoke lifted and scat?
tered und the sparks and debris fell llko
rain, a gup toothed- with Jugged timbers
was .visible between the blackened col?
umns or masonry. Tho gutes, already
battered nnd weakened hy the cannon-'
ndo, had boon blo?vn t? plooos by the'pow
.? ?&9 be. SOUUuued.'Tuosdayji
History Repeating Itself.
Persecution of the Jews' In Russia ri?
dille tho effective method employed by
King Kdward I. of England, to wipe out
th? national debt, in ids reign the na?
tional debt was held by the Jowii, and
Whon It beciitno too heavy In his opinion,
ho expelled thorn from the country, idi
outstanding debts and mortgages being
forfeited to the crown, and so the debt
straightaway became a thing of the past.?
Chicago News.
Messrs, XV. M.GIhnore, Geo. Atkin?
son, W. XV. AlHiriintliy, XV. R.
Robertson, A. T. Harris aud other
Gentlemen?Attach a R?*d Tog to
the attached list of goods found
upon your respectivo floors, and dis?
poso ?if each article at reduced jir?co
fiy allowing ?M 1-il per cent, off regu?
lar price Jf any article does not
movo readily, cut to such price us
will movo it. You may circularize to
thu j,libilo to reiiMiiuililn extent 111
onler to malie qulok silici.
Messrs. Sydnor& Hundley t
Gente?Aro you aware that you
havo ordered Red Tags put upon
many good values and In a number
of cases goods recently received;
Mr. W. M. GUmoroniid Othersi
Yes, wo know what you sny Is
true, but wo wish tho stock minced
for tho summer season without ru?
garti to vaino.
To the Public :
The Us? of nrtlqlos referred to
above is too largo to publish. H?n?
chales every variety of WikkIh, and
is largely composed of lino goods,
6 Fine rinhogany Suites,
3 Walnut Suites,
8 Nice Gulden Oak Suites,
2 Birdeye Maple Suites,
I Curly Birch Suite,
About 100 Beds,
25 Bureaus,
75 Washstnnds,
20 Tallies, 12 Wardrobes,
50 Rocking Chairs,
Odd Chairs,
50 Pieces of Parlor Furniture
12 Hall Racks,
Library Tables,
Folding Beds, Reed Rockers,
Shaviiij.?: Stands, Go-Carts,
12 Dressing Tables.
Chiffoniers, Sideboards,
Dining Tables, DiningChairs
China Cabinets,
Cam hi nation Cases,
4 (lluss Top Iron Hospital Table?.
Library Suites, Settees,
Chairs, Ladies' Desks,
Brass and Iron Beds.
Cellarettes, Davenports.
Couches, Folding Crib Beds,
Ctc, Etc., F4c.
BEGINS ?1?? !8th.
XV. XV. A H l? UN A THY,
A. T. HAJUtlS.

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