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'ttt?*-rTTTTTTTTTT T T T * ...... ,,
| Wh?^t Wa/ Done Last Week 1
In Thi-r Great World of Ckir.r. j
?{menean Jtffatrs.
The Intest developments in the New
York mavornlty campaign Is the Uncon?
ditional enterante of "Hlg Hill' Devery,
ex-polloe chief, n? an Independent; nntl
Tarnmany candidate for the people's suf?
frages. The city Is congratulating Itself
on at least an addition to Hie humor and
filctiires'|uen**fis of the contest.
A forma) statement was given to_ the
press bv Persldent )Uio**ev?-|t at Walla
Walla, Mont;, defining his position In con?
nection with the contest in Ohio over his
??ndorsement. He said he hn?l not nsked
nny man for his support nnd had not
raised Hie Issuo of endorsement, but be?
ing raised, of course, theme who favored
his administration would endorse. At
Tiicoina several Senators at a illniwr crit?
icised the President fncellnu?dy for < s
regariling the wishes of Senators In dis?
tribution of patronage, and the President
suddenly replied with great emphasis:
"That's nil right; that's nil right, but I
want this understood. I would like to he
Preslilent again, but I would far rather
be a whule President for throe years limn
half of ?i President for seven years. Re*
member that." ?- '?
The Pennsylvania Republican Conven?
tion lit Ilrirrisburg Wednesday formally
endorsed Preshlenl Roo*?-v?'lt un Uto
party's next nntl?inal Standard bearer.
No reference wus made to the press muz?
zling law, and the machine sin le went
through beaded by *W. P. Bnyder, for
Governor La Follet, of Wisconsin, In Ins
message to the legislature just before
adjournment, charged that a powerful
railroad lobby had been rit work. In
spite of this a bill was passed empower?
ing tiro railroad commissioners to ex?
amine the books of rn II ron du in deter?
mining thi'lr llciiise fees.
In his message to the Council Monday
Mayor Harrison, of Chicago, said that
existing street railway companies mit.?t
waive 89-y<*ar claims before extension of
franchises are granted. Ho also Insists
that any extension ordinance shall be sub?
mitted to the people for ratification under
the "public opinion" net.
In nn address before the class of ethics
of the University of Nebraska, at Lin?
coln, Charif.-ellor E. Benjamin Andrews,
who, ns the president of Rrown ['diversi?
ty, was a leading exponent of the silver
cause, announced that he no longer held
to his former views on silver coinage.
He said he bad been mlsleal by the ar?
gument of public men. who announced
that the supply of gold was being ex?
hausted, hut time has proved the prophe?
cy to t>e false. The gold output had
greatly Increased, and prices of com
niodttles Instead of going lower had ap
Kx-Presldent Grover Cleveland, at a
Carnegie Hall, New York, mass-meeting,
added hi? voice to thoi-e of Mayor Low,
"-'resident Schurman, of Cornell, and
others In protest against the outrages
upon the Jows of Hussl.-f. Ho caution, d
ngalnit too quickly assuming that the
"lin-slnn ?government was responsible for
the Klsliineff massacre, and urg?;d
against demanding governmental Inter?
vention. ?
Senator Hnnna gave to the press Tues?
day at Cleveland a statement that In view
of President Roosevelt's expressed desire
for the endorsement of the Ohio Republi?
can Convention such action would.not bo
opposed by him. This decision was a
matter of great satisfaction to Senator
Fornker, who has favored the endorse?
ment. Last year fourteen States en?
dorsed the nomination of Roosevelt.
'W.'J. Bryan. In a letter to the Indc
pendent dealing with the next Democrat?
ic nomination, quotes the criticism which
President McKlnlev made In 1K)1' on
Grover Cleveland, when he sal?! Mr. Cleve?
land was discriminating against one of
the money metals, "trying to make money
scarcer, and. therefore, dearer; money,
the master, and all things else the i-er
vunt." Mr. Bryan says that :t his party
wants the support of the wealthy it will
nominate a gold Democrat, but If It wants
the support of the masses It will nomi?
nate a silver Democrat.
Coincident with the -news of a pro?
jected wireless telegraphy trust In Ger?
many. It was announced by the Marconi
Company at New York, Wednesday, that
the various Inventions of Edison and
Pupln bail been added to thou?? of Mar?
coni in the possession of the company nnd
that Mr. Edison had accepted the appoint?
ment as technical engineer.
The experiment of sending fish from the
American market to the tropics was
made one day during the week by the
Reading Terminal Market at Philadel?
phia under the auspices of the Agricul?
tural Department. A 10 pound shad
frozen In a 300 pound cake of Ice. wrnp
ped In a two-Inch covering of felt and
rubber, was shipped to Port Antonio, Ja
The current Issuo of the Journalist
draws tho attention, of Uto newspaper
world to a new idea In circulation got
tlng which .the Ohio State Journal, of
Columbus, has recontly put In practico
with marked success. It engaged the
leading opera bouse for a week, .hired a
noted lecturer and gave freo stereoptlcon
and vaudeville entertainments to various
classes of people. In connection with the
entertainment a? brief talk was given
about the paper's now ownership and
plans. During tho week over 2,000 sub?
scriptions wore added In Columbus
Official announcement has Just been
rindo of the purchase of a controlling
Interest In tho American Watch case Co.,
of Toronto, Canada, by the American
Watch Manufacturing syndicate, com?
posed of the Walthnm, Elgin, Keystone
? nd Crescent Companies, representing a
capital of ji4.ooo,iMO. This combination
for the purpose of controlling tho Canadian
watch trade Is said to foreshadow the
formation of n watch trust In. the United
The American Society of Equity, or?
ganized at Indianapolis to maintain high?
er prices for farm products by ?co-opera?
tion of farmers, Issued a bulletin de?
manding higher prices for wheat and urg?
ing farmers not to soil under il a bushel.
It advises them, however, not to hold
for more for fear of running up a sur?
plus which must ventuully compel lower
In evidence that the effects of heavy
frosts of former years In Florida are nn
the wane comes the report Hint this
year's orange crop will oxceed last year's
by l,000,i?0 hoxes, the entire crop be?
ing worth $2.700,000. Also much new pine?
apple territory has been planted and the
yoar's pineapple shipments have reach?
ed 2,(K?,00O boxes, valued at 13 a box.
The Texan Railroad Commission refused
Monday to sanction contracts submitted
by Hie Rock Island system and the South?
ern Pacific? lines In Texas. The commis*
flou says tho proposed joint ownership
and-control are .unconstitutional by pre?
cluding competition between the two sys?
president Cassait, of the Pei'.nslyvanlu
Railroad, is credited with statin?; that the
recent doubling of tho capitalization of
the company is for the purpose of. making
Shannons Improvements all along the lint?,
which la t? be'practically duplicated, in
view of this statement tho rumor that the
Pennsylvania would buy Interests in the
New Yoi'lt. Ceutru' fulls tlirou-jn.
Whole Field at a Glance.
Words spoken Thursday in the House of Commons by the Prime
Minister of Great Britain unexpectedly and unreservedly aligned that
government chief, with his powerful Colonial Secretary, in favor of the
revolutionizing policy of an Imperial tariff or Zollverein. All tho talk of
Chamberlain's isolation by his Birmingham declaration last week was
thus contradicted in fact, and the only? great national stronghold of free
trade for over half a century suddenly finds itself in the hands of a few
protectionists. Mr. Balfour made it clear that such a change in fiscal
policy was impelled by the logic of commercial events rather than by
any change of theory, and that the Empire could not progress unless
some scheme of favored trade relations between its components parts
were adopted. Chamberlain explained further that the proceeds of tariffs
might go to supply old adage pensions or something benefiting the masses,
thus being not protective in intention, but only incidentally so.. A general
election on this issue is foreshadowed. The Russian Minister of Interior,
Von Plehvc, has made formal denial of the massacre inciting dispatch
credited to him and taken steps against the Jew baiting press. London
Times correspondent banished from St. Petersburg. China called Wu
Ting Fang to Foreign Office.
In the same week that an English Premier abandoned free trade it
happened that a distinguished advocate of free silver in this country,
E. Benjamin Andrews, formally recanted on the ground of later evidences
as to the supply of gold. President Roosevelt's prospect of the Republi?
can nomination has been further certified by the Pennsylvania endorse?
ment and the surrender of Hanna in Ohio. The actuality and magnitude
of frauds and irregularities in the Postoffice Department have been em?
phasized by the arrest of Miller and Machen and their accessories, the end
not yet. Secretary Root acquitted Major Howzc. New thirteen district
plan of naval defense adopted.
The most impressive new factor in the threatened and partly exist?
ing paralysis of commerce and industry through the universal activities
of organized labor is the bold utterance of labor's acknowledged friend,
Clarence Darrow, at Chicago, frankly criticising the selfish purposes in
much of the union's policy. Chicago is threatened with a serious situa?
tion by the demands of culinary help and the freight handlers. Denver
trouble averted by arbitration. New York's building tie-up more com?
plete and the union leaders are taking action to show that the employers'
combination is unlawful. Baltimore machinists out. Seventy-five thou?
sand textile workers out in Philadelphia. Mine conciliation hitch.
Further war between the Pennsylvania Railroad and the Western
Union was averted by action of the Rockefellers, who have secured large
equity in the Pennsylvania. Dollar wheat predicted by American Society
of Equity. Interest rate higher at New York. Marconi Company gets
Pupin and Edison wireless inventions. American Watchmakers' Syndi?
cate bought out principal Canadian watch companies. Spring exodus to
! Alaska begun. Mexican National Railroad to have twenty years govern?
ment monopoly in its territory. Beef Trust interdicted. Texas attacked
Insurance Trust. Emerson Centennial widely celebrated. New York's
250th anniversary noted. British-American arbitration agreement pro?
posed at Lake Mohonk. Booker Washington said lynchings drive negroes
?to cities. Women get highest honors at Cornell. Presbyterian General
Assembly finally adopted Creed Revision and took steps towar?? Church
Unification. Similar tendency in other church bodies. Earthquake in
Asia Minor, causing death of 2,000 people. Disastrous tornadoes in several
Western- States. Fatal outcome of Paris-Madrid automobile race. Irish
Lad won Brooklyn Handicap in 2.052-5, a new recoid for the mile and a
. quarter.
The Harvard College observatory Is said
to have received a telegTnm Thursday
fiom Prof. Perclvnl Lowell from the sta?
tion nt Flagstaff. Ariz., saying that a
large projection on Mars was found May
'26th" by Hllpper. The projection lasted
35 minutes.
yesterday's Public Opinion translates
from the Berlin Mechaniker the account
of a new directive force which Herr
?ruhn thinks he has discovered. It is
present everywhere, and acts on all
bodies! but is not terrestrial magnetism.
Its existence is proved In suspending a
rod of non-magnetic mntter by a thread In
Hie interior of n glass Jar. proof against
light and cnlorlc rays. When the thread
Is twisted 00 degrees the rod rotates only
BO degrees, thus showing- that a force
tends to retain the rod In a determined
position. _
Within the past week or two A. Fred?
erick Collins has conducted a commer?
cial test of electrical transmission of
speech without the Intervention of wires
between ferrv boats moving In opposite
direction's between Nov.- York and the
Jei-jfv' City Station of the Erie Rail
rond." According to the Scientific Ameri?
can the system consists of antennae, as
In wlreles's ' telegraphy, earth pintos, or
wnter contact, and the Instruments for
iruifunltijlng und! receiving vlbratlonsl
The flagstaff h at tho vessels' prows
served as masts for the antennae, and a
battery of fifty cells Just outside the pilot
house furnished the current. Tho ex?
periments have proved successful In spite
of difficulty In making the water con?
tact without putting the vessels In dry
dock. At present the voice Is carried a
distanc? of 1,000 feet. So fnr this wlre
I less telephone system has not been syn?
Aftei a long series of severe tests to
determine the advantage of carrier pi?
geons fur Intelligent service In the navy
of Germany the authorities have de?
cided to erect permanent pigeon stations
at points on the North Sea and Baltic.
It has been shown that the birds have
sufficient endurance to fly home from a
point 300 kilometers from land. The min?
imum speed likely to bo attained Is one
kilometer a minute. The messages will
he Inscribed upon thin vegetable paper
enclosed in an India rubber case and
secured to the bird's foot by means of
an India rubber ring. As soon as re?
ceived tho messages will be transmitted
to headquarters by tho wireless system.
Currier pigeons hnvo long been in use in
tho Germnn army.
.After January 1. litflR, the uso of white
or yellow phosphorous. In match-making
will be illegal In Oermnnv. This ncllon
of tho Reichstag was duo to the Injurious
effect of phosphorous on workers in
mutch factories, where necrosis results In
throe or four years, and then becomes
berodltary. It is said that tho govern?
ment hns found a safe nnd harmless
match-mnltlntr ?ubstltnte
Prof. John Trowbrlrlge, Hnrvard's phy?
sicist, writing In the New York Evening
Post, has taken a decisive stand iignlnRt
tho generally nccepted idea that tele?
pathy is an established fnct Rclontlllc.il
ly. Furthermore, Prof, Trowbrldge Insists
?that telepathy will not be a fact "until
It has a history of rspentablo pheno?
mena." He thinks It merely a belief
without grounds that would be accepted
in a court of law or in a scientific labora?
The annual report of the Prison Com?
missioners for Scotland says that there
were more cases of Imprisonment last
year thnn In any/ormor year. The num?
ber, flf,3,721, Is abnormal, higher than for
Ireland or Eiyrland. One reason Is that a
much larger percentage do not pay llneH
for miner offenses. An Increase of as?
saults of husbands on wives and cruelty
to children Is reported, HUM
A. F. Norton, who Is running eight
stores In Indiana, "as Christ would run
them," has Just added another to his,
list, to ho' run In the same manner. It Is
at Hartford City, n,nd tho merchants of
that place are endeavoring to drive him
out of the town. Norton refused to em?
ploy union clerks, but hired church officials
and advertised all goods below what oth?
ers could buy them for. Labor unions
started a boycott and the landlord noti?
fied Norton to vacate, but to no purpose.
The peojiio continue to flock to buy where
goods mo cheap and another building has
l?i? on rented.
The New York City Board of Building
Trades took official notice of the recent
organization of building employers in a
statement Issued to the public last Mon?
day. It gives notice of the unanimous
;udoptton of a resolution empowering a
?committee of five to gather evidence of
unlawful combination in restraint of
trade on the part of tho contractors and
to submit same to the proper authorities.
Tho employors are charged with con?
spiracy to stultify competition.
Eight hundred machinists of Balti?
more struck for ten per cent, wage in?
crease, making the minimum In that city
$2.75 a day. Two firms refused the do
mand and threatened to Import non-union
men, but the Crown, Cork and Seal Com?
pany, employing one-half the machinists
of the city, consented at once, Increase
to begin Immediately.
The Texas State Federation of Labor,
which severed Its connection with, tho
American Federation of Labor one year
ago. voted to reaffiliate and has taken out
a new charter.
The 12,000 cooks, waiters and kitchen
help of Chicago presented demands for
Increased wages. Wednesday, and a ten
hour day and threatened, to go on strike
if these concessions were not made by
Monday next.
All the week railroads centering In
Chicago were making preparations for
the expected strike of S.OOO freight hand?
lers for 25 per cent. Increase in wages.
A strike of 8,000 barbers and 5,000 yard
laborers was also impending.
The Employers' Association adopted a
constitution Tuesday, in which the mem?
bers are required to give bonds to In?
sure obedience to the governing board.
This board Is given authority to decido
nil controversies arising between mem?
bers of tho association and their em?
ployes or between the different mem?
bers, and to regulate the conduct of the
merr'bers. The constitution expressly
disavows any Intention to control or In
any way deal with prices or to restrict
?ducattGnai Si?calm.
Figures given out by Chicago Univer?
sity show that fifty-seven more women
are In attendance than at the samo time
last year, notwithstanding that the segre?
gation system has been In effect this
The Chicago Board of Education has
decided that It 1r corporal punishment
to shake a pupil and therefore prohibited.
Tho limit of 500 fixed by tho founders
as tho maximum attendance of women
at Stanford University having beon reach?
ed, tho faculty has decided to allow no
inoro women to register as special stu?
dents after August next.
The government of China hns Just ap?
proved the action of the Governor of
Szechuan in Western China In Bonding
ten young Chinese student? to take
courses In American colleges, They will
he under the care of a Chinese graduate
of St. 'John's College, Shanghai, and,
therefore, under Christian tutolnge.
The Philadelphia conference of tho Afri?
can Methodists at llarrlsburg, Monday,
formally criticised tho Rev, Dr. Charles
II. Parkhurst, of New York, for using
tho term "nigger" In a recent address
dealing with tho negro question,
A report Just Issued by Do Walter Laid
law. secretary of the Federation of
Christian Organization of New York
city, shows that only half as many
homes are owned hi New York as in
Chicago, while among ollles of 500,000 pop.
ulatlon Baltimore hns tho highest per?
centage of home ownership with Chicago
St. Louis, Philadelphia, Boston and Now
York, In the order named. Dr. LnUlluw
corrects the Idea that an Increase of for?
eign citizens is followed by an Increase
or liquor saloons in any locality.
The Bureau of Forestry at Washington
has Just given to the prosa the report
of nn Interview with R. L. McCormlck,
President of the Mississippi Valley Lum?
bermen's Association, In which the prac?
tical advantage of scientific for?
estry la set forth. Mr. McCor?
mlck refers to -the Increased price
of lumber In spite of the modern improve?
ments in lumbering and nays that tho
trouble lies In the dwindling supplies
of the timber Itself. It Is. therefore, a
nuittfif of commercial soll'-lnlereat that
is driving lumbermen to accept the bu.
leau'e vuffgesMou? und co-ouerutlou,
?fioroign SPoli'tics,
In tho official Messenger at St. Peters?
burg Tuesday an explicit ?1,-ninl wus
made Of the London Times' report on May
ISth touching the slieg??l dispatch of In?
terim- Minister Von Plehve t,, the Gover?
nor of Ressembla virtually Inciting the
massacre ?it Klshlneff. It denies that nnv
sncli letter ever existed. To ,1 Jewlsri
deputation from Klshlheff Von Plehve de?
nied being n .ludophol-ie, and said ho
Would prosecute negligent utTlclnls. Later
reports from Kisbltieff s.-iy tint 7m houses
were destroyed. BOO stores sacked find 10.
0i)0 persons rendered homeless, while
f<,rty-ilve were killed, eighty-four wound
ed and 600 slightly Injured. The lieh Jews
were net attacked,
In support of .bis cabled appeal for help
Consul-Genera* McWftde reported to the
State Department great distress from
famlne'ln Kwnng-SI Province, China. He
snys fathers are selling thelt children nt
$2 nnd };", each, nnd mnny fnmllles are sub?
sisting on a few OUn?es Of rice, herbs,
leaves, etc. In one place 200 have died (if
starvation. MbWftde says the bosl feeling
oxlfts toward .Ainorlo.-iiis In China,
The Hrltlsh government has withdrawn
the second clause of the education bill,
containing some of the most Important
features to which the opponents object,
it is thought this decision u;i* influenced
by Saturday's big demonstration In Hyde
Park, when thousands of the passive re?
sistance advocates marched,
Under the will of bis grandfather, King
Francis, which wns recently opened, King
Alfonso of Spain has inherit? d V.'m.WI.
In a letter to n correspondent,; copies of
which are being Circulated In St. Peters?
burg, Count Tolstoy says, speaking nf the
atrocities at Klshlneff: "For ihe Je \s as
for all, one thing only Is neci Bsary for
salvation?follow as close as possible the
universal rale. 'Do unto ethers as you
would they should do unto you.' They
should fight the government, not by vio?
lence, but by virtuous living, excluding
all violence toward their neighbors."
It was reported officially from Constan?
tinople Thursday that over 3.000 Bulga?
rians had been arrested In different parts
of Macedonia, following the revelation ?if
the system of Macedonian organization,
by a captured Bulgarian named Lazo. A
large number of Insurgents were killed
or injured by the explosion nf dynamite
collected at Smerdesh, which was set oft
by Turkish shells. The Macedonian com?
mittee reports that the Turks have burn?
ed tho village of Vanitzl. and that only
forty-eight of '.00 Inhabitants escaped
alive. The Albanians are continuing ac?
tive opposition in their mountain fast?
A crlminni prosecution luis been begun
at Munich against the caricaturist Heine
because, of his cartoon in the Simpliclssl
jni?s representing the German chancellor
Instructing Baron Von Sternburg In adula?
tion of the Stars and Stripes.
The 2'iC.lh anniversary of the founding of
New York cltv was celebrated at the City
Hall Tuesday with high lal?loials of the
State and nutlon present. Mayor Low
presided, and In speaking nf the Dutch
founders of the' city credited them with
the only chief magjptrato- the city had
ever given the nation. A, letter from the
President Was read'and Secretary Root
made a speech. Exercises were held In
all the public schools.
In the first stage of the Paris-Madrid
automobile race, which was run from
Paris to Bordeaux, 3-13 miles, last Sunday,
breakdowns and collisions resulted In the
death of seven persons, Including Marcel
i Renault, who won the Paris-Vienna race
last year. The entries numbered 3H.
Crowds had assembled along the line and
several of the spectators were run over
or killed by the explosions of the ma?
chines. Owing to these accidents Premier
Combes ordered the race to be stopped.
Only. sixty tourists rode through to
Madrid, and the Royal Automobile Club
decided to return the prizes to the donors.
On the same day England was shocked
by an accident near Bristol, when a rnta
i tor-cycle swered from Its course and
plunged Into a crowd of onlookers, killing
two and Injuring others.
A series of tornadoes and rainstorms
caused great loss of life and property In
Kansas, Nebraskn. Iowa, Oklahoma and
Illinois Sunday and Monday. Hundreds
were made .homeless at Enid, Oklahoma.
| and Oklahoma City was under water. Six
paersons were kllleal in Iowa tornadoes and
many Injured. Six Inches of hall, with a
terrlfl Btorm, damaged crops and build?
ings In the vicinity of Richmond, Va.
"Jlor? than a million" Is the estlmntcd
loss caused by lire which burned the
?warehouse of the Front Street Wnrohouse
Co., of Philadelphia. May 24th'
Nearly 100 buildings wore destroyed hy
Are at Laconla, N. II., May 20th, rendering
350 persons homeless. Loss. J400.000.
Seven trainmen were killed In a freight
train collision on the Southern Railway
near Birmingham, Ala.. May 27th.
Twenty-two emigrants were drowned In
a collision of a British and a Norwegian
steamer In the North Sea May 27th.
The final order in the beef trust rnso,
restraining, the packers from combining to
regulato the trade, was entered by Judge
Grosscup In the Federal Court at Chicago
Tuesday. The order covers all points In
the previous decision, and Is considered a
complete victory for the government. An
appeal will be taken.
Judge Bradford In the United Stntes
Court at Wilmington. Del., grnnted tho
Western Union Ta-legraph Company a
temporary Injunction restraining the
Pennsylvania Railroad from removing tho
wires nnd poles of tho Western Union
from the Mnrylaml and Delaware division
of the railroad.
Attorney-General Bell, of Tcxuh, began
suit Tuesday at Austin against flfty-ulne
foreign Insurance compnnles doing busi?
ness In the State anil seeking forfeiture of
their permits, and against one State com?
pany. The ground of the action Is that
these companies entered Into an agree?
ment to fix fire Insurance rates at Aus?
tin In violation nf the Stnto anti-trust
Tho Impersonation of "Shylook" In the
"Merchant of Venice" by Jacob P. Adlor,
a Hebrew actor, spi-aklng Yiddish, at tho
American Theatre. New York, hns at?
tracted the attention of the dramatic
crtu-s. it shows the character of Shakes,
penre's money lender In a loss sinister
light thnns Is customary, bringing out his
human traits. ?-_
"The Law of Mental Medicine," by
Thompson J. Hudson. (McClurg.)
"Rejoctq'd of Men," by Howard Pylo.
(Harpers.) ..,?..
"A Spectre of Power," by Charles Eg
bort Craddock. (Hnuiihton.*
"Texas." a new nunibi-?* of the American
Commonwealths, by Pr?n___,Garrison, of tho
Ilnlverclly of Texas. (Houghton.)
oT?rtj Tfjustc, oCettors.
Tho one hundredth unnlversary of the
birth of Ralph Waldo Kmerson Monday,
Which was observed with special euer,
oises In schools and colleges all over the
country", had Its most Intimate celebra?
tion In the town whore tin? poet and phil?
osopher spent bin ?fe. At Concord the
ciia-monlea wore pin lined by tho Social
Circle of. which Emerson was a member
for forty-two yours. There was a giith*
erlng of school children in the forenoon
and a banriuet at night While the principal
addresses were delivered. In tho First Par?
ish M'ellng House In the nfleriiuoii by
Prof. Norton, Colonel Hlfi'glnson, Prof,
William James and Sea-Uo** Hoar, . :
The main feature of the. Amoiiua? Uni*
tartan Association's Emerson services was
the address or President Eliot.
At New York, the Society of American
Author?, gave a dinner at the Wnld-irf
Astmin, after which addresses on Kni?-r
son were made. Mori?tir? I', i'oiiway said
that Justice had liimlly been done to tlie
phivfulness of Emerson, his selntllant wit
and his r-barming riiinily life. President
fSchtirnian, of Cornellf said: "Emerson
exercises more Influence to-day, I venture
to say, thafl any other prophet, sacred or
profane, does at the present time." In
poem, Edwlh Markham described Emer?
son as a "new Adam," "with no pa-st be?
A Paint and Powder Parly.
(Special to The Tlmt-s-Iilspntch.)
GREENSHORO. N. C, May 30.?Miss
Hontile Bishop enterctninod last night at
a "paint and powder party." In honor of
her vlHltor, Miss Minnie Farmer, of Win?
ston,? The Illshop residence. Which Is
one of the most elegantly appointed in
the South, was tastefully decorated In
red. making the olden time costumes and
painted nnd powdered faces of the guests
nn effect which was In every way pleas?
ing. During the evening tho vote was
taken ?is to who was the prettiest, young
lady .-nui tho handsomest gentleman pr?s?
cut. Misses Mat-gnret MefHmoh, Louise
Brndshaw. Helen BoUlden nnd Eugenie
Harris having the same number of Votes,
CUt r<ir the prize, Miss Meirlmon being
successful. The visiting lady's prize was
awarded to Miss Eugenie Harris, while
Ed. C. Land was unanimously chosen
as the handsomest boy. After delicious
refreshments hud been served, an Italian
stringed band entertained the company
with several well rendered selections.
Miss Bishop's guests Included Miss Eu?
nice Farmer und W'nde Stockard, Miss
Mamie Walker and Ed, C. Land. Miss
Daisy llolcomb. of ML Airy, and Cumins
Mebnne, Miss Lilian Adnms and Vivian
Blackburn, Miss Lena I,ee and Will Mc
Glll, Miss Louise Prudshaw nnd Mr.
Colonian. Miss Elizabeth Patterson nnd
W. M. Rldeiibour, Miss May Stewurt nnd
S. Glenn Brown, Miss Eugenia Harris,
of Chanel Hill, nnd Ligan Porter, Miss
Emrna Sharpo and ('liarles J. I,nmbe, MisS
Celeste Marbut. of Morganton, and Ir?
ving Eldrldge. Mis?, Margaret Merrlrnon
and Fred Sturdwiok, Miss Pottle Alken
and John Glenn, Miss Dot Thnckor and
Herbert Lenk, Miss Carrie Wood nnd
Walter Bandy, Miss Elizabeth Sergeant
and Clem Leftwlch, Miss Emma Fry nnd
Will Dick; Miss Marguerite Harlowe and
Waldo Porter, Miss Helen Boulden nnd
Meredith Turner, Miss Orlo Leo and Jules
Lindau. Miss Annlo Glenn nnd Mr. Man?
ning, Miss Bessie Grlssom nnd Charles
Yutes, Miss Mary Benbow nnd Charles
Alderman. Miss Fun McNeeley, of Sal?
isbury, nnd Chnuricey Eldrldge. Stags
Archie Daltnn nnd Thomas S. Bell.
Pulaski Institute.
fSpeclnl to The Tlmen-ni?nnteli.)
PULASKI, VA., May 30.-Tho com?
mencement exercise!? of the Pulaski Insti?
tute commenced Wednesday and closed
Thursday. On Wednesday nfternoon from
4 to ?o'clock a very nice programme was
rendered In the assembly hall to the pa?
trons of the schools. Te hall had been
tastefully decorated with roses nnd potted
plants, nnd presented a most pleasing ef?
Tho programme was rendered at the
Opera House to a Inrge and appreciative
audience of invited quests.
These exercises murk the close of the
first session of this institute. The entire
commencement wns nn artistic treat,
which will long be remembered by the
people of Pulaski.
Bonaparte's Snake Story.
Charles J. Bonaparte, of Baltimore, has
Just received from Nortre Dame Univer?
sity the Lazare medal for 1003. says the
Boston Post Mr. Bonaparte, a grand?
son of the one-time King of Westphalia,
Is a rich and philanthropic lawyer.
Ho is a Harvard man, one of the cUss
of '71. At Cnmbrldge he Is still remem?
bered for his stories. For as a youth
ho had a strange fondness for humor of
the Incredible Munchausen sort, and it
wns of this humor that his stories par?
One of them concerned ? hoop snnke.
"There wns a farmer,'" young Bonaparte
would begin, who was out hoeing. He
was hoeing at the foot of a hill. All of
a sudden he heard a noise, nnd, looking
up. there was a hoop sn'ike rushing down
on him like the wind. Its tail wns' In
its mouth, and In the form of a perfect
circle the snake rolled down the hill upon
"The farmer was frightened, hut he
put up a good fight. He whacked the
snake with his hoo. It let go of Its
tall then and made a bite at him, but he
?warded oft the bite with his hoe handle.
The fangs of the Infuriated reptile sunk
In the handle very deep, and the farmer,
with a heavy rock, killed the snake.
"Then ,he took up the hoe and begnn
to work. After a while ho noticed that
the handle seemed thicker than usual.
He looked at It. Actually it was swell?
ing. Yes, it wns swelling (so powerful
was the hoop snake's venom). This hoe
handle, before the afternoon was over,
had grown to the thickness of the fann?
er's leg."
Many Attractions There Al?
ready for the Pub?
West End Eloctrlc Park Is now npeo
for Un? season and all of the new at?
tractions, Including the "Miniature Rail?
way," "A Puhico of Illusions,", and ?
"Trip to the ' North Pole and tho World
Beyond," will bo open Monday. Forest
Hill Park wits opened to tho public with
now attractions yesterday.
Good Kalt Pork, pound.+.?.8c.
Rest f?rn nula tod Sugar per pound.^.?. ...4154c.
Light Tlrown Sugar, per pound.,......... .?le.
Arlmcklcs' Ariosa Coffee, per pound..4..0%c
Rest Lump Starch, per pound.j,.4c.
Fresh Soda Crackers or Ginger Snaps, per pound.^..4V__c,
Tail cans Best. Salmon, 7c, or 4 cans for.-,.?5c.
Home-Made Sweet Mixed Pickles, per quart, 13c; or, per\_gallon.50c.
New California Prunes. 7 pounds for.......25c.
K.co Now Potatoes, per peck..,.,. ... .25c
Wnshbonrds .'..*..8c
Gibson XXXX or Oscar Pepper Old Rye Whiskey, per bottle.?.""..;.75c
Freezing Salt, per pe.-k.?-....10c
Xew N. C. Hoe Herrings, per dozen.?..?.',18e.
Hustler Soup, best laundry Soap, 12 bars for.?,.. ,25c
Duffys Malt Whiskey per Bot. 80c.
Good Green or Mixed Ten, our regular pOc. kind, now. per pound.?.... .40c.
Blackberry or CnUiwIm Wine, per quart, 12c; per gallon..*...,,45c
Star or lied Seal Lye, per can.-,..., ;4c.
liest. Canned Tomatoes or Sugar Corn, 4 cans for.......25c
liest. Dunloh Meal, per peck, 18c; per bushel.05c
Host Potted Ham or Tongue, 3 cans for.,.10c.
liest Chipped Beef, He per can, or 3 cans for.25c
Mnlta Vita, per package....12c
Snow Flake Patent Family Flour
Per Barrel #3.80, per Bag 24c.
Good Brooms?2-string, 10c.; 3-string, 12c; 5-string.?.20c
New N. C. Cut-Herrings, per dozen.12c.
per hnlf barrel. $2.75; per barrel.-*,...$4.70
Matches, per dozen.,._...'. .4c.
Small Smithfield llama, per pound.IGo.
Mountain Rolled Butter, per pound.?....15c
Large box Mustard Sardines, per box.?3c
Small California HnillB, per pound.lie
Large can Asparngus, 20c, or 3 cans for.80c
New Carolina Rice, ? pounds for.25c
Gold 'lust Washing Powder, 2 packages for.6c
Bon Ami, for cleaning, per package.4o.
Sapolio, for cleaning, per package.7c
Ennmelino Stove Polish, per pneknge.4c
T. M. Shoe Blacking, 2 cans for.6c'
Good Green or Mixed Tea lb 30c.
Lion or Cardova Coffee, per pound.0Vi?
Veal Loaf; per can..... ,0c
Tallin Penches, per can.4.7c.
Xew California Dried Peaches, per can.8c.
Witch Hazel Toilet. Soap, 3 to box.10a
Large Irish Potntoes, per peck.20c
Fresh Mixed Cakes, per pound.-..7c
Virginia Claret Wine, per gallon.'..60c
Corn Starch, 1-pnund packages.'.a.5c
S. Ullman's Son,
Wholesale arid Retail Grocer,,
1820-1822 East Main Street. 506 East Marshall Street.
'Phone 316. 'Phone 34.
Remittances must accompany all shipping orders.
Harry Tucker
E wore late In getting our copy
of the Butchortown Gnzette
this week, but we have Just
learned that the editor bad been
on a temperance lecturing tour,
and had to postpone the edition
until be could communicate with his
friends in regard to bail.
Wo are happy to state, however, that
it Is now at hand, and after carefully
reading It over, wo givo tho following ex?
tracts from tho news and editorial col?
""We wish to state that wo are person?
ally responsible for everything that ap?
pears In these columns, and If anybody
don't like anything wo say, they know
where wo can be found from 3 P. M. to
10 G. M.
"A fellow sent us a letter not long
ago that would have called for gore,
but ho forgot to give his name and nd
tlross. It's a mean man who will wrlto
a letter and not plnco bis William Henry
at tho bottom.?Ed."
Denis Hawkins' daughter gave a so
ctablo the other night and It was a grand
sucess from tho start. The progrnmo
opened with a gallon of whiskey, nnd
mike Whiilon tupped a keg of beor, for
a chaser. After the refreshment were
served a dog fight was pulled off In tho
back pnrlor. Tlion the musicians played
Htiuaro dances till ?lny light.
Miss llrlget Pickles won the prlzo for
being the best dancer, which wns a box
of caramels, but when tho box was opened
'twas insect powder instend of enram?is.
Tho clerk had made a mistake. The
Judge said ho would have It exchanged,
but Miss Pickles said nover mind, In?
sect powder was needed nt homo moro
than caramels: so It went thus.
We've got a now artls>'. it hiippeneil
this way. Wo got a one-half ton of coul
i lust week, tint of course that's nothing
strange, We ??et a one-half ton of coal
most any time from tho C, & O. yards.
When our office boy knows a thing or
two with tho ndltlnn of a bag, ,
Well, It hapened tills wny 'bout tho art?
ist. You see tho labor editor has bon do?
ing all of our rough work, such as put?
ting way coal, but had gono over on
Oregon hill to Interview Phtil Parsley,
and the office hoy was up In the alley
shootln' craps?we staked him?and there,
wan no one to call on but the artist, aniL
as It iwhs to bo expected he rira wed tho
line lit honrln', so we paid hlni what was
coming to him, which was ?IB cents und wo
showed tho nearest way to the lily set?
tlement nnd then wo shed'ed our unpack?
ed and proceded to be one oursolf.
We would have called tho poltetloal edi?
tor down to help us but ho was busy
writing nn editorial defining the differ?
ence between political healers nnd Chris?
tian .science boalar. Just then, here cuino
Buck Nickels, tho best sign painter lit
town, lookin' for a Job. Wo caught him
and now wo are show of having tho right
kind of pictures every week.
An appendix with this number tells
why tho spelling und punctuation Is not
according to that sot forth in tho dic?
tionary, It says:
"Wo find that all typewriters do not
spell nllko. Some spell with and somo ?
without. But us wo were lu a hurry, !
we liad to stand for It this week. ' Next
week wo are going to get ono with brown
The Shrewd Manager,
It was the mitinee performance of the
play and tho audience was composed of
?tho usual crowd of gushing matinee girls,
says the Baltimore Herald.
"lire!" cried a stage hand, hoarsely.
It wns a terrible moment. Alri'Udy
faint streamers or smoke were drifting
out into the iiinll.-!i.-?? and the conse?
quence of a panic would be dreadful.
To disivilss tho audience quietly but
quickly would savo tluu viist concourse
of women.
"1 have It!" crlod tho manager, ?and.
In a moment ho was addressing the au-r
? "The management lias prepared souve-.'
nlr boxes of fudge and caramels and they,:
are now being distributed to patrons In,
the lobby!"
The theatre cleared as If by magic.
A Slight Error Corrected.
Editor of Tho Times-Dispatch:
Sir,?In Thursday's TlmeB-Dlspa-tch In s*
l?itter from a staff correspondent. Mr/
Wnlter Edward Harris, I am given thd
credit of loading Governor Montague lntti
the hunt in which he was so fortunate as"
to kill a deer. Tills is a: mistake, an atf.
that time I was at home sick and grentl-/!
disappointed that I could not pnrtlclpatalj
in the hunt. I know this mistake wa??i
unintentional on tho part of Mr. HarrU^I
and I hasten to correct it.
Belflcld, Va,, May 28th.
tch.) "-..'"-_?;
of Fau-*
A Close Race.
(Special to Tho Tlmes-Dlspatch.!
the election of another sheriff o. -
quler county Is some distance in the fu-c
ture, it already promises to bo a very"1
lively light. There are two candidates Irttj
the field, and they are so evenly matched/
that it Is a hard matter to pick out the?/
winner. Alec. Hamilton, who was apn
pointed sheriff upon the death of BherlffJ,
Whlttaker. Is very popular, and possesses
tho advantage of position; but James O?-*}
linger has a legion of relatives well dis-?
trlbut'ed over tho county: ho Is an excel-?
lent campaigner, and he has already spen^
much of his timo In the saddle.
General Johnson Well.
General Bradley T. Johnson paeee<j
through town yesterday on his way to?
Amelia Courthouse. Ho-is looking veryb'
well, and though still weak Is greatly?
improved In health.
Knights of Columbus.
A special meeting of Richmond, V*w
Council, No. 895, Knights of Columbus?
will be hold at room of McOlll Union,
Ninth and Marshall Streets, ' at 6:00 P.,
M. to-day.
The Times-Dispatch has Just received
from the Pelouzo Paper and Typo Com?
pany one of tho latest specimen book*
of the American Type Founders Com?
pany, showing all of tho new faces of
type manufactured by this company, as
well as Borders, Ornaments, Flourishes,
Brass Rules, etc. The book, which con?
tains 300 pages, Is printed with the ne-y
American Line?Point Set?Point Body
series of type, attractively arranged lu
designs, Illustrating the highest character
of the typographie nrt. and printed 1rs
colors, thus showing to the host advati.
tage the muny beautiful and useful faces.
The book will bo a valuable addition
to tho libraries of the printing fraternity.
Boars tho _^1h9 KinilYo- ?,a,B Alwa?s B0U?tfll
Having connected myself with the Star
Clothing House, Main and Fourteenth
Street?, it gi.fua nit? great pleasure to have
my olal friends and patrons to call and
see mo, as I will be able to deul with)
them now tltu same as In the past. My
new t'.rm curries nothing but the best
for Men and Boys', and a call will b?
highly appreciated.
Vouii truly,
Be?m tho _ /} 1 ''- K'n- ? oi Haw A*way3
Big attar?
' fit

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