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?ceni* per hon,? for twfVre hours' work, or
two dollar? per day.
Seventy-Five Men,
The following special telcqram from
Baltimore received from tbo tegular cor?
respondent last nicht, er? roborntos the
Information thnt men nro being drawn In
Considerable number from Ilio Baltimore
line, and that, etifllrlont will soon be se?
cured to msn the lines of tbe company
bore. It also nppenrs that Strike-breaker
Farley and his men will leave soon. Hero
Is the telegram:
"C. W. Mcdlnger, ? professional strike?
breaker, of this city, has returned from
Richmond, nnd is recruiting motormen
nnd conductors. He sent twenty-five tuen
to Richmond yesterday, twenty-five to
dny, nnd expects to send twenty-five
more to-morrow, Most of tho men uro
e\prrienced. Mr. Mcdlnger scorned to
find no difficulty In securing men here.
"A companion of Mcdlnger said thnt
Fin-ley. Hip leader of tho strike-breakers,
wns anxious to secura a full complement
??f men for the Richmond cars Imm6
fllntoly, ?as it was considered that 111?
backbone ?f the strike wns broken, l'.ir
!?->. he snid. hnd received Information
Ilia I ;i street railway strike war, to be
balled in Newark, X. .T.. next week, and
be would have to leave Richmond to
look after this new tnr.k. It war Medln
gel? who ?,??? ?hol In the hand several
nights ago whllo working ns a motormnn.
II was reported at the time thnt the
wounded man was C. W. Wnolford, of
this city.
"There Is-no union among the street
car men of this clfy. consequently re?
cruiting is not difflult here. Two or throe
years ago nn effort wns mndo to organ?
ize a union hern, but the company
nulckly broke up the plan by discharging
?II the known leaders."
The opening up of the nichmond-Potor.i
burg line without accident or Incident,
und the continued peaceful operation of
rnrs on both lines In M'nnhestcr yester?
day, were the features of tito day's pro?
gress in munnlng tho various lines. Four
rar? nach on tho Hull nnd> Perry Street
lines were operated yostorday, the cars
helng manned by Captain Craighlll's
company, E, of tho Seventieth, tho
Lynohbnrg Home Gunrd. ? number .if
persons went over during tho afternoon
from this city t? Forest Hill Park nnd
found the shado and ? the water there
delightful on such nn oppressively warm
day. At the park tho utmost quiet pre?
vailed. On the streets excellent order
prevailed1?so excellent that it may bo
characterized as perfect quint during
tho afternoon. The same companies, two
nf the Richmond commands of the Scv
ehtieth, nnd two companies of the Blues,
were on patrol duty on tho streets. For
several hours Company A, nf the Bines,
were stationed on Johnson's Island, but
later were put back on patrol duty. ,
Col. Anderson's Inspection.
Colonel George Wayne Anderson, ac?
companied by several members of hin
staff, yesterday afternoon und evening
made a tour of all the car lines, tho trip
occupying over four hours. It was a
sort of Inspection Crip, and conditions
wore found very satisfactory everywhere,
with the exception of the two Incidents
on Venable Street already mentioned.
.The troops suffered Intensely from the
bout, ami generally made themselves as
comfortable us possible by rolling up the
sleeves of thoir blue service shirts and
In many cases opening them at tho front,
disclosing a V of baro breast, for the
undershirts; too, were turned back. Many
of them have, developed somo cases of
sunburn that will bo heard from later.
On tho whole, tho men ?re becoming
seasoned to tlio service, nnd few uro on
pick leave. Two of Crqitain Baptist's
company, IT, of the Seventieth, who
have been stationed on Jbhnson's Island
for ten days, are In tho- hospital, The
Bompiiny was yesterday relieved from Its
Island, isolation and put on tho cars of
the Ninth Street Holly-wood line. Roth
companies of tfio Blues aro still on patrol
duty In Manchester nnd Swansboro.
Sergeant Kuslpy. of the Lynchbnrg
Homo Guard, 13, of tho Seventieth, who
was fdiot In Ilio hip, resumed regular
duty yesterday with his company, and
was detailed to a Forest Hill cur, He
has entirely recovered fmni tho wound,
out will carry the bull with him. Sur?
geons now think It ranged down Into tho
leg several inches.
If There Are No Disturbances To-Day
the Trouble Seems Ended.
Willi the exception of a fow rocks on
?he Perry Street tracks and tlio shouting
of "scab" .by two or three individuals,
Ihc second clay of tho resumption of tlio
rars in Manchester was a moat quiet and
orderly one.
There wns no shooting or mele-throw?
ing, and tho good work of tlio sentries
du the slroels of tho night before was
All was still in Rwunsboro, nnd Forest
Ulli was aa placid und peaceful us a
spring neplr/r.
Tho cars' dufrlng ilio day were manned
oy small guards, but at night a detail of
tix men, with an officer, was the rule.
The- cars were In charco of Company E,
of Lynchburg, and tlio individual cars
rvore manned by Sergeants Martin, Cough,
Easley, Corporals MoG-heo, Legruncl, Cur
tar and Cohbe, with six men each,
Tho battalion under Major Clieatwood
vas distributed ns before, nnd Captain
Skipwith's company was reinforced by a
detail from Company W The s?rcela,
along which the cars run wero closely
enardec? dining the evening und night.
The heat waa intenso and caused much
RUflering among ilio soldiers. Privato
Lefcbvro, of Company C, was taken sud?
denly 111 while on duty nnd was Inkcu
into a resilience, whero ho wns treated
by Dr... Edwards.
No disorder was attempted, nnd those
Wim did not favor the bringing of tho
military to Manchester Maid: "1 told you
?so; I knew there would be no trouble,"
On tiie other bund, those who did favor
the Introduction of military upon tho.
?rene said: "If wa had not had military
here thero would have been all nuis of
tumble, and tho city would hayo been
The cara liad fair patronage The ,-lt
irens are tii?'d of the present condition
of tilings, and want ????, contending forces
to como io ?-nine, agreement, They vani
to g?, oui to the parks and to Richmond,
Hot evenings In town are not what thoy
I.avo been used to, and when the break
for tho cars la mudo It will ha u quick
turi decisive one
With the end of relieving the situation
in view, a petit Ion l? in circulation nuk?
ing tho Passenger nnd Power Company
nid the strikers to ugno to call upon
ihr Governor and ask him to name u
iommisslon of five men to hold pensions
{or the consideration of grievances of
Both sides. The decision of thin commie.
?Ion is lo hold, good for two year?.
Tlio petition was in the hands of a
prominent Councilman, who during .tin?
i?y secured a iarge number of tlgnalurcs
?f Councilman and other city official?,
A copy of Ilio petition is hi lug circulated
Wiring tin; business men with encourugr
jig result?.
? report wus around the city yesterday
Is a strong point* with
Hood's Sarsaparille. A
bottle lasts longer and does
more good than any other.
It is the only medicine of
which can? truly be said
-\ man who rose to the occasion."
If you have any unpleasant
experiences during to-day's
celebration, we have a new
suit -waiting here lor you from
$7.BO to $25.00,andeverything
else for man and boy to wear
and resist wear.
Strawe at Wc-worth double.
?Z?o table of Children's .Snl?ors?worth
up toi 1.25.. '' '
Khaki Pnnts?ta.60.
that a crowd of guards und strlke-brouk
ers had created considerable disorder in
the vicinity of Seventh and Perry Streets,
between tho hours of 1 and :t o'clock
yesterday morning. It was said that resi?
dents of that locality were terrorized
by the shouts and tho firing of pistols.
The report spread so rapidly and thor?
oughly over tlio city that, finally, tho
Mayor set .about Investigating It. He
waited upon Captain George Sklpwith,
who had charge of the post at Seventh
end Perry Streets, and told him of tho
rumor. Then the matter was sifted to
t.iio bottom, and it was learned that the
firing was dono by some one In tho
Southern yard?. Just off Perry Street,
Watchman Harris, who was on duty
all night nt the oflice of the Passenger
and Power Company nt that corner, said
he heard the firing, and presumed It
was done by watchmen In the Southern
yards. Ho said ho often heard such
firing, and it did not startle him. Ho
also said thnt tliorc were no guards or
Htrlkn-brcakors at tlio office all night,
after Ilio laut cars left for Richmond.
A detail of four men was left ns guards
at tho oflice, and It was certain that these
men did no shooting.
The Mayor was satisfied with the result
of hit- Investigation, and oxpresod re?
gret that such a groundless rumor had
gotten in circulation.
The Petersburg cars ran until ? o'clock?
without accident or Incident. Ono of tho
old men. Conductor Cheiilham, went out
on one of tho cars, and It. was reported
at headquarters: hist night, that two more
of tho old men would go on the oars
The special policemen had llttlo to do,
nnd It Ih thought that after to-morrow
the soldiers will bo withdrawn nnd tho
cars run without, special protection, tho
people Ceding that they, themselves, can
put a stop to what llttlo disorder might
arise after thai. time.
Much depends on (ho work or to-day.
This is pay-day at. many of tlio big shops
and is a holiday. If no disturbances driso
from this combination, the military feel
their work will have been completed.
Attempt to Wreck a Car Last Night.
W?rs Across the Track.
AVhlte thero woro no mishaps of a seri?
ous sort, several narrow escapea mado
ilio, trips of the cars on tho Seven Pines
line yesterday flavor more or loss of ex?
citement to ilio little bunch of passen?
gers gathered op. each. When night, bo?
gan to shield tho fields nnd bushes along
the way in darkness, tho care wero
stopped for tho day, nnd well no, for it
is obviously not yot sui'o to run them
after this time.
Tho most serious happening of tlio day
was a palpable attempi to wreck tho fast
flying car which was pulling in from
Seven Pinci abpttt dusk. At Fair Aaks,
a railway switch fills across tho car
track, and on this switch was a flat car
used by tho railway. It was nearly 8
o'clock when Ilio Seven Pines car, malt
lug tor Richmond on Urn lust trip, went
lying in the direction of ji'air Oaks, and
it was at that, ttino Just possible to soo
clearly up the track. It was well that
this was so, as tho sequel showed.
Fifty yards from Fair Oaks, the motor
nntii begun to twirl his breaks In ? floreo
fashion, as a result of which vigorous
operation tho car caino to a standstill.
Not many feel away, standing half way
across the track, with its sharp end point?
ing at the middle of tho cur, was tho
ponderous fini enr. to which reference
luis been made. Had it been a llttlo
darker, it would not have been seen in
time and tho result would have boen
disastrous. As it whs, tlie soldiers Jump
oil off, and with Ilio assistance, of tlio
car. pushed tho obstruction, nut of tlio
'Mien the car went on and reached niell?
inomi in safety. Thorn wore eovernl ne?
groes aboard who had been to Seven
l'Ines for "I'cckernilon." Two or throe
torpedoes went off under the car when
It wiiH nearly lo tlio barns ami the darkles
begun to be flustered. They imagined
it ivas dyiiamlto and were preparing to
make a trip through tho air.
Wire Stretched Across.
Throughout the morning mid early nf
ternoon several little incidents occurred
to give the soldiers work and worry. The
?first car out ran sp?he into a heavy wire,
stretched aerosa Ilio track from pole to
poi??. Fortunately ,ni' Motorman Matt?
iiox, who was in charge, II was a vestii
hilled winter car he was running. If Ilio
front liad been open, ?0 that the wire
could havo reached Mm, ho would havo
hocii ? overely cut.
At different puintH ?long the truck
spikes had beei) driven Into the rails. I lio
Koldleri pulled B0|J1Q of them out; at other
placet ilio car run, unharmed, over them.
An old stove was alno found In tlio mid?
dle of ti.e track, and removed.
Tht Seven Pinos curs are In the hands
of experienced mon, who are thoroughly
capable of run.g them In Hie face
of all sons of obstacles. Tho cars shoot
n long tlio ? racks ?u a speed resembling
that af a steam engine,
Something About tiie Boys Now Guard?
ing Their Nalive City.
Some ol the military on duly in various
cpnrtcrs of tlio city may think thoy
hnvo a hard timo, but the men at the
regimental armory are having moro mo
i.uiony and aiiOit tim? most uncomfortable
; -1111111 ? ? -1- ijuurtera of any, Tlio regimental
Ulld battalion Malf. or u.llliy of tliein,
leu ? a humdrum oxlutoncu in the quarters
in iijo li'trtiiw.?.?-! corner of the building,
with liitie flirtici excitement thuii.th?
ringing of tlio ?phono bell. licTo'ia tho
entire lisi of ll?e regimental and battalion
Hlaff. ommlsslonod ami iioij-cpniiiila?
Colonel ."id ?cline Hrlginllor-iioner'iil,
George Wayne Andorepn, of Richmond,!
commanding ?Seventieth Regiment.
hicul.n.mi-Colon. I William .1.' Pony,
of Kl.iUiilon, temporarily detained noni
active service by reason of injury: not
Major (Villini?) M. Randolph, of char
ion???-, m.?. Burgeo.ui
?aptajn C. Gray Boatleuj, attached to
colonel'?; Staff at headquarters.
Captain and Quartermaster, Ashby
First Lieutenant nnd Ordnauc? Officer,
Leland Rnnkln.
First Lieutenant and Acting Commis?
sary. William Cameron, Jr.. who hns gen?
eral supervision of tho feeding of nil tho
men hero.
Captain W. ?. Thompson, of Company
F. Seventieth, detailed to headquarters
nnd detached from his command for tho
Lieutenant and Assistant Surgeon W.
Armlstend Ollis, of Richmond.
First Lleutonnnt and Battalion Adju?
tant first Battalion, John C. rage.
Non-Commissioned Staff.
Julian C. Boshor, sergeant-major.
Charles Chapman, regimental ? quarter?
Landy Thompson, commlssnry sergeant.
Charles H. FJnos, color sergeant.
Battalion Staff.
John C. Wecltert, eergeant-mnjoi?, first
Windsor W. Domain?, sergeant-major
third battalion.
Hospital steward Just detailed tempo?
Almost all theso officers aro Veterans
of tho Spanish war, nnd nil havo seen
long service.
Tho Richmond companies of tho regi?
ment nnd tlio Blues are detailed as fol?
Company A, the Grays, with Major T.
J. Nottingham's battalion In Fulton.
Compnny B, C.iptnln A. XV. Miller, nt
the armory, Seventh and Broad,
Company C in Mnnohestor on patrol
Company F In Manchester on patrol
Company IT, Captain F. II. Baptist, de?
tailed on cars in Richmond, after serving
big ten days oh Johnson's Island.
Companies ? and B, of tho Blues, In
Manchester on patrol duty.
Tho Blues are glnd to bo relieved of
their long patrol service In tho lower
part of the city. For five days thoy wero
on duty eight hours per day, continu?
ously patrolling tlio streets In tlio east?
ern end of the city.
Privato E. A. Berry, the Apollo of
Company A, of the Blues, was ordered to
'Johnson Island yesterday, Ho did not
know where the islo with such a proton?
tious name was located, and started up
tho James River division of tho Chesa?
peake and Ohio hunting for It. After
several miles' vain search and counting
cross ties, ho learned his mistake and
retraced his weary steps. At least, ho
tells that story on himself.
Among tho members of Company A,
of tlio Blues, Is Mr. B. C. Banks, one
of tho legislative clerks during tlio recent
session. Mr. Banks makes ns good a
soldier as clerk.
The Charlottesville Company, tho Mon
tlcoilo Guard, Is ono of Iho companies of
Lieutenant-Colonel Vtiuphun's battalion
nt tho Reservoir, which, though llttlo
mentioned, hus done valunblo nnd faith?
ful service. It is D Company, of the Sev?
entieth, and under the old regimental
plan was D, of tho old Third, Captain
Thomas P. Peyton commands It, and John
A. Maddux, who was a sergeant during
the Spanish war. Is Its first lieutenant..
There is a vacancy to bo filled in tlio
olllco of socond lieutenant. Tho company
is. a historic organization, nnd in tlio per?
sonnel of its officers and men will com?
pare favorably with nny other.
At tho regimental armory, nt Seventh
nnd Marshall, is tho flag of the old Sec?
ond Virginia Tnfantry, United States Vol?
unteers, which was carried by tlio regi?
ment In tho Spanish war.? It is, now tho
Individual property of Sergeant Woekort.
Thero Is very llttlo sickness nmong tho
men, but those located In low malarial
quarters aro taking tlio precaution of
indulging in quinine as a protection
against fevers. Tho battalion si.-geons
aro very careful as to tho health of Iho
Strange Ruling of 'Squire Clark in
Norman Nunniilly, the young man ar?
rested In Swansboro for refusing to move,
was dismissed by 'Hqulro Clark: yesterday
evening, on tho grounds that thoro was
no "move on" ordinance in Chesterfield
This decision has put. tho soldiery In
an embarrassing position, and; It Is
claimed by them, will Interfere to a great
extent in keeping proper order ami pre?
serving peace and dignity. One pinnilnent
member of tho company said last night
that It was tho first stumbling block
placed ill their way.
"If wo aro lo bo prevented from clear?
ing the streets of idlers, we will have
trouble," lio said.
At tlio hen ring of tho caso ;t was
shown I hut the youth had ncfof] in a
surly way, nnd acting upon Instructions
to break up anything that might crealo
disturbances, he was arrested.
When 'Squire Clark gave his decision
thoro was n. great amount of noiso and
disorder In the room, and cries of "Good!
"If this Is an indication of what Is to
come," suld an officer, "we may expect
troublo on tho Fourth."
Largest Crowd at Reservoir Last Night
Since Strike.
The street car travel to tlio Reservoir
last night was far larger than at any time
since tho strike begun. Hundreds of peo?
ple wero out at the West-End Company's
pleasure grounds, and Iho amusements
woro running full blast and being liberal?
ly patronized. Tho cars were well-nigh
crowded. Not nil of them were, of course,
but Iho Ilrst ono that passed thu corner
after The Tlmes-Dlspatch representative
reached thero was so crowded that but
one person of the, half a dozen or moro
walling for one mudo nny attempt to get
on. Another, probably a llttlo off sehe?
dole lime, came a minuto behind I his ono,
and it, too, wns soon filled with those
who worn waiting for a run against, tho
breeze and for a chance to breathe tha
fresh, puro air of tho country.
Not an unpleasant Incident occurred, so
far as any ono knew. .Many huiles, prob?
ably inori) tinn? inen, worn riding on tlio
earn. Tho Mnln and Broad Street linos
vied with each other In hauling pnsson
gi is. At tho Reservoir tho presence, of
moil In uniform wero iho only evidence
that thero had been a Strike or disturb?
ance, The peoplo wero quiet and well
behaved In every instance.
They Will Be Resumed This Aflernoo"
at the Reservoir.
Colonel Anderson, in command of tbo
troops on duty hero, is or opinion that
there is no dongor of disorder to be
aprehended ns a result of tlio resumption
of tho park concerta, und thoy will ac?
cordingly lie resumed, beginning this af?
ternoon at,5:?0 o'clock when ?? concert
will be given at tlio itcscrvulr by l.udel
la'a liane), continuing until 7:X ? pro?
gramme "f patriotic ulrs appropriate to
tlio duy will bo played.
Tho schedule of concerts for next week
Monday, S:.iO to 30:50 l.'libnburuzo Par.
Tuesday, sumo hours, Jefferson Park,
Wednesday evening, Uaiiiblc's 1 till.
Thursday evening. Monroe Park.
I'Vidav ?'vcniiig, Mar-ahull Park.
The resumption of the conceria was tlo
ciili'tl upon uftcr ? careful Inspection of
ilia entii'u situation Ity Colon?.?! Ander?
son, und Is tnken to mean tItiti order
has been thoroughly restored throughout
the city, Tliis will bu in tho naturo of
a lest of lliis beller.
Lawlessness Condemned,
Editor of Tlio Tlinoli.pispatch!
.Sir. I In common wllli all law-abiding
and sclt-respet ting people of Kkhuioiul and
lliMiili?! county, have boon greatly sur?
prised at tlio spirit of lawlessness th.it
li.is prevailed, in this vicinity in tlio past
tow days. 1 never thought it wind?! ever
be so that life und properly would be
endangered a? ii has been or that our of*
licere both city and oxnmty (especially (ho
county) could have been bo blind and ln
dUpoBod la see thing? an they uro. i'
ii.'llevo II largely owing to the fact that tho
lawless element kuuwlnu as they did that
they wero practlcallv exempt from ar?
rest, that tliev have been so persistent and
successful in creating tho disorder that
has existed In tho past few flays.
When tho Mayor of the city gives *i
presslon to such statements ns are no
credited to him nnd our olllrcis openly
bnnst that It will be a cold day In Jim"
when they raise their hand ? gainst Rich*
niond people, to protect Vankeo hirelings
brought hern to nm the cars; when they
nrresl n. num for defending himself when
hit with a brick nnd refuse to arrest ?li?
man who threw the brick, thus showing
the disorderly olomcnt their completeilnV
iiiunlly from arrest; when tho Sheriff "?
Honrlco countv fn\n thero Is no disor?
der that ho can en si 1 ? handle tbo situa?
tion in tho face Of the fact thai car*
nro persistently rocked, thus endangering
tlio lives of passengers, truly wo have
reaped what wo havo sown. I hope wo
may never hnvn such a spoetaci" w""
nessed in our blty again, Now what CilJ
we do to better the condition? Wo simula
show the authorities, both civil and mili?
tary, our willingness to Aid them '" re?
serve order. Wo should see that our
boys are kept off tho streets at night
mid mado to behave themselves during
the. day. Wo should counsel our w.lin?
ing people to talk nnd act toward H e ills?
orderly element In the manner that will
show them they have no sympathy WIU1
such lawless practico. Wo should alii in
every way wo can to bring? about on or
derlv state of affairs, BO'tho car company
can run their cars as they have so iihly
demonstrated thev can do, If not inter?
rupted in tlio discharge of this duty lo
the public. When this Is done and the
military Is withdrawn, wo will bo amply
repaid for our efforts. May wo never bo
liiimllltated again ns we havo been (luring
Ihn past week Is tho wish of many of our
fellow citizens. ..??.^
xv. J. MOiinissiSTT.
Richmond, July 3, 1003.
Hero in a Black Skin.
(Special to The rimes-Dispatch.'!
????t??. VA.. July 3.?Mr. W. 13.
Moore has sold his store-house In this
iliaco to Mr, J. w. Edmondson. who Is a
prominent country merchant Of Mecklen?
burg. Tills is valuable property, located
as it Ir on Main Street, having nn cnllro
glass front.
A few days since Mr. John 13. Roberts
was driving along tho public rood with a
little boy In tho buggy, when a swarm of
tiles mado an attack upon tho horso s
head. Tho animal ran his head into a
bush on the roud sido und In doing so
pulled Iho bridle off. He then dashed off,
running rapidly along the road. A col?
ored man named Gran Smith, who llvod
near the road, who was sick In bed, was
told that tho horse wns running away
with a lady. Ho Immediately ran out,
seized tho horse and with great effort
stopped him. When tho horse was check?
ed the negro exclaimed, "I. have saved
your life, and Ibis makes two whoso lives
I have saved." Such an act of heroism
deserves to be mentioned.
Whllo the oat crop in Mecklenburg Is
almost an entire failure, tho farmers aro
greatly encouraged at tho prospect for
tho tobacco and corn crops, which are
exceedingly fine at this time.
Acted in Accordance with His
Right in Asking for Mili?
tary?News Notes.
There is very little doing In Manches?
ter, outside of. tlio running of cars, con?
trary to tito wishes of many people, and
hardly any business is being done or any
other subject discussed,
In somo quarters there is great fooling
against Mayor Maurice because ho felt
it liis duty to ask that the military ho
sent to Manchester to prevent any dis?
Politics ban dropped into the matter
and from present Indications Mayor
Maurice will be opposed at tho next elec?
tion on this point. The opposition may
fall out before election, however, as tlin
Mayor has many of tlio buslnss men with
As nn Indication of how far politics has
crept Into the question', members, of the
Police Hoard have Issued a. statement in
Which they disclaim any responsibility
for tho action ot tin. -Mayor in asking for
? As a malici? of fact, tho Board at Its
meeting Wednesday night did not re?
quest or liuthorlzo the Mayor to ask for
troops, but It did direct him to swear In
us many special policemen us ho might
think necessary nnd to tako steps looking
to Ilio prevention of riot or disorder.
Tlio Mayor has the power to ask for
soldiers, biniseli, and his action waa ap?
proved hy the chief of police and tlio city
Mayor Maurice did not hear either of
tlio cases of arrest for refusing to movo
yesterday. They went over to Monday,
when all similar caeca will bo disposed of,
Miss Lula Raines, of Swonsboro, la vis?
iting relatives in Danville.
Mr. G. F. Hull has qualified as gas
.lames Pierce has qualified as adminis?
trator of Ilio ostato of his father.
Many picnics will be given at the re?
sorts near Manchester to-duy and a large
number of citizens will go to Beach Park
and tlio seashore,
Tlio postonico will be open from 10 to
11 o'clock to-day, There will be one de?
livery and on?? collection this morning.
Rev. 13. V. Baldy will preach at Baln
bridge-Street Church ak usual,
Clopton-Streot Church pulpit will ho oc?
cupied by Rev, W, W, Slsk.
Rev. Asti. DiltvoH'a subjects ?f ? ? 'to?
morrow at FIflli-Stro?t' Church: Morn?
ing, "Focea at Work"; evening, "The
Life Look."
Rev. ,r. ,T. Fix will preach at the Pr?s?
bytoilan Church,
leaves Richmond (|jyr<l-St.?.iet Station)
EVERY SUNDAY at SiliO ?. M., Peters?
burg 9:05, arrive? Norfolk H ?? M, Willi
through coudai', ??, Virginia Beach, ?nul
connecting at Norfolk With SPECIAL
CARS for Ocean View, Returning, Icavi
Ocean View.' l? I?. M? Cupo Henry ?15,
Virginia Beach ?;.::?), Norfolk ":V?. arriv?
ing Richmond 10 p. of? THREE (3)
HOURS longer at Virginia Beach than
any other route. * .
Provisions of Conventions
With Cuban Republic.
Ratifications Must Be Signed In Wash?
ington Within Seven Months-?This
Country Relinquishes Sover?
eignty Over Islo of Pines.
(By Associated Press.)
HAVANA, July .'!.?The United States
naval? .stations treaty and the Islo
of Bines treaty were to-day read
In tho Senato and referred to
tho Commlttco on Foreign Rela?
tions without comment. Tho text of both
treaties Is brief and simple, tlio nfival
stations treaty containing seven articles
nnd the Isle of- Bines treaty four arC?el'es,
Tho ratifications of both aro required to
bo exchanged at Washington within soven
In tlio nevai stations treaty, the United
States agrees to pay $i',000 annual rental
as long as It occupies the stations. Arti?
cle ono provides that Cuba Is to acquire
forthwith all privato und other realty
within the required areas, tho United
Slates agreeing to furnish tho money
necessary for tho purchase of tho pri?
vato properties, such sums to bo advance
payments of the rent.
Under article three, the United Stales
agrees to prevent tho establishment of
commercial, Industrial or other enter?
prises within the areas.
Article four says fugitives from Justice
who aio amenable to Cuban law, und who
take refuge within the areas of the naval
stations, shall be delivered to the Cuban
authorities on demand und fugitives
amenable to the law of the United' States
shall bo delivered to the authorities of
tho United .States from Cuban territory.
Article five provides that materials of
nil kinds, merchandise stores and muni?
tions of war Imported to the areas for
exclusive uso and consumption therein
shall not be subject to custom duties.
in the isle of Pines treaty tho United
States relinquishes to Cuba all claim of
title to the Isfo of Pines, which bas boen
mado or may bo made by virtue of the
treaty of Paris.
Article two says this rellnqulshmont Is
In consideration of tho grant of coaling
and naval stations heretofore mado to
the United States by Cuba.
Article throo says citizens of tho United
States, who ?it the time of tho exchange
of ratifications of this treaty aro residing
or holding property In tho Islo of Pines
shall suffer no diminution of tho rights
and privisions acquneci prior io tue ciato
of tho cliangn of tho said ratifications.
(Hy AiBOclalcd Press.)
ASIIK-VILLK, N. C, July X?Tlio Na?
tional Music Teachers' Association will
meet next year In St. Louis. The South?
ern Association has not decided where It
will meet. Nashville Is likely to lie tho
, The following officers wore elected: .
National Association?Thomas A. Beck?
ott, of Now York, president; Clarence G.
Hamilton, of Providence, B. T.. vice-pres?
ident; Francis L. York, of Detroit, secre?
Southern Association?.T. W, Jcudwlne,
Roanoke, Va., president; Miss ? While,
Salisbury, N. C., vice-president: August
M. Geiger, Gainesville! Ga., recording sec?
retary; Miss Julia Richardson?, Roanoke,
Vn., secretary; Vt'lllium 15. Gusscn, Knox
vllle, ,-tudilor.
?By AnsnclntPd Prese.'.
ATLANTA, GA., July* 3.?The tennis
championship In doubles of the Sonili
Atlantic States reni ai na in Atlanta and in
tho possession of Sani. ('. Williams and
Clarence Angler, aa thla team to-day met
11 uri defeated the crack team from New
Orleans, composed of Payne and Seguin.
By tjuick wftrk tho Atlanta men captured
the first sot hy a. score of 6-2, In tbo
next set, however, tho representatives
from New Orleans settled down to more
careful team work and played the Atlan
tans a deuce set?Williams and Angler
winning, however, by a score of 7-G,. Tlio
next sci wan also a deuce and was play?
ed with equa] care by both teams,-tho
Allnntans winning by a scoro of 7-5.
The llnals In singlen wero postponed un?
ii! to-morrow on account of rain. Tim
winner of tiie match between Angler and
Payne will meet Williams for the cham?
illy Aksiii.-IiiIciI Press.)
KANSAS CITY, MO., July ft.-Lulu
Prince Kennedy, under sentence of ion
years for tlio murder of her husband,
Phillip II. Kennedy, local agent of the
Merchants' Dispatch Transportation Co,,
in January, 1WU, was to-day granted a
new trial i>y tho Stufo Suprema Court.
Mrs. Kennedy shot her husband a ninni h
after ? lay were? married mid two days
alter h,? hail brought suit to have their
marriage, which ho assortoli hail h-cn
forced, set aside.
Charles W. Prince, tho woman's falb?
er, and hor two brothers, William and
Albert I'rince, wero charged v.iih being
accomplices. Will was convicted and tho
olhei'H are vet |o bo tried.
illy AksocIhIoiI Pieni.)
WASHINGTON, July .'i.-Tho N'allenili'
Association of colored dentists Is holding
its third annual meeting bore. To-d iy
papers were read by Urs. R. G. Baker,
of Baltimore; l). A. Ferguson, of R|oh?
moud, Vu.; ?nul Aillo M. Waring. W. S.
1.often ami o, W. Onley, of Washing?
ton, li. e. Di', Ferguson Is president of
the at soclutlon,
Afro-Americiins Adjourn,
illy Associmeli l'i-??*?.)
LOCl.SVU.LF, KY? July 3.-Tho closing
day of tin? Afro-American Council was
marked chiefly by tlio presentation of
resolutions embodying an address to tho
country at largo on the race problem?
After ils adoption tlio convention ad?
journed sine ,(|e.
Very Brief Session.
I?. 10. I.ce Camp, Confederato Veterans,
held a very briol' meeting last night. The
night was su hot, tho attendance wus so
small that only routine business was
liitnsuctcit, a,u| u10 faithful few soon got
away tu cooler ami moro comfort.iblo
New Charters.
(Special ti, Tho Tlnies-Dispalcli.)
RAI,Kir. n. N. ,?,, juiy 3?Tho Wil?
mington Grocery Company was chartered
lo-day with ,Vlw capititi subscribed.
The incorpora tors aro l?. I?'. Hull. A, M,
Hall, W. H. Il?,|| ?,,,? ,j. |? Boitwriglil.
A .charter was granted the Finger l.uni
hcr ? ompany. of Lexington, capital ?50.C0Q
uulliiirUcd. $K>,'.?iy subscribed. The block
holders firn H. IC. Finger, W, A. Anthony,
?. J. Buchanan and D. F. Conrad.
Southern League Games.
At Atlanta: Atlanta 13. Montgomery 4.
At Birmingham: Birmingham 0, Nash?
ville* 2.
At. Little Bock: Little Rock 4, Shrove
port 8.
Hews notes
ffinffclnl tn The Tlmed.ninpnteh,)
AniNG'DON?.Iuly 3.?For tlio first timo in
two mouths this section was to-day visit?
ed by a good rain. Tlio rain continued
fol' I wo hours, nnd during ramo A. (,'.
Jlonnlior, a well-to-do farmer, near tills
placo, had two fino mulos killed by light
nounced nt to-day's session of tho Vir?
ginia Summer School of Methods that thn
attendance had reached nine hundred, tho
largest number over scon at tlio school
ho early In tho session. Lust yenr thn
lb?? nt the corresponding time was only
seven hundred und sixty. Twelve States
uro represented, ouIhIcIo of Virginia, ns
follows: North Carolina, 1?; Maryland, 1-:
Mississippi, 10: South Carolina, 7; West
Virginia, Gj Georgia, 4: Now Jersey, .1;
Missouri, ?I; Pennsylvania, 3; Texas, l;
Alabama, 3; Minnesota, 1.
STAUNTON, VA,?Captain Wllllnni
Duvln, passenger conductor of tho West?
ern division of the Chesapeake nnd Ohio,
.lumped off No. 4, eastbound, this morn?
ing, near Ivotigdalo, und was seriously in?
LEXINGTON. VA.?The body of Miss
Nora Moore, who wan drowned Sunday
night In a creek near Lexington, wan
found this evening on an Island In North
River, above Buena Vista. The body was
concealed in a brush pilo nini only ono
liuticl was visible. Tho place where found
was over inllo nnd a lin If below whole
the creek empties Into tlio river.
ROANOKE!, VA.?Halllo Taylor, a crip?
pled negro, has been arrested charged
with taking liberties with two little girls,
whlto und colored,
(Hy Associated Tre?!.)
MOUNT liOLLY, N. J,. July 3.?Mrs.
Annlo R. Pliures, who line! been on trial
here,this week, charged with the? murder
of lier husband, Albert Pitares, by pois?
oning, was acquitted by tiie Jury late
tills evening. She did not seem surprised
ut the verdict, and took It calmly when
Judgo Garrison said:
"Tiie prisoner Is discharged."
She olasped the hands of Eekard P,
Budd. lier counsel, and said:
'.'Itthank you over so much." Sho then
left the court-room with Mr. Budd.
Whon court convened to-day Prosecutor
Atkinson mado his closing argument, and
lie was followed by Judge Garrison. The
court's ciiargo wan an Impartial one,
though lie told tlio Jury that, tho testimony
of Gariicld Taylor, Mrs. Phares' para?
mour, should bo thrown out entirely, be?
cause It was absolutely unreliable. Tho
Jury took only one Ballot.
Evidencein Inquest Into Death
of Recorder Brown Leads
All In One Direction.
(By Associated Press.)
PITTSBURG, PA., July S.-Thc inves?
tigation by the coroner as to the causo
of Hie death of tlio lato Recorder J. O.
Ml own was resumed to-day.
Miss Suslo McLean, a member of the
family with whom Mr. Brown boarded,
tCrStlh?d that when Dr. McKelvcy was
called Brown was In a stupor, having
taken fifteen trioual powders. Dr. .Mc?
Kelvcy gavo orders that all medicines In
Brown's? room und his revolver wero to
lie removed, and that ho should nut bo
left alone at any lime. Witness told of
Brown's efforts to get her to leave tho
room. Sho finally did so and watched him
from ilio hallway.
lie went lo a drawer in the bureau nnd
took out a small box. Tho witness went
in and after a struggle with him, In
which lie displayed unusual strength, got
the box from him. She noticed tlio word
"cyanide" on Dio box.
Miss McLean said once when sho pe?
ti i.ded to withdraw she saw him go to
the chiffonier, where tho revolver' had
been kept, und malto a search for it.
In-own was left nlonc at. times during
Sunday. Ho died that afternoon.
\\ hilo It was not stated by tlio witness,
the inference was that Brown had secured
poison during a moment ho was left alone.
The coroner asked the witness If Mi?.
Brown had talked iiliout going back to his
wife, Tho witness answered:
"About two or three weeks beforo ho
died I heard him say ho would dio be?
fore ho would go back to livo with his
Miss Nettle McLean told of Mr. Brown's
going into her room and searching where
ho knew she kept a revolver. He ?inked
her to givo him a revolver, She said she
believed Brown committed suicide, becauso
he said he wanted lo die and that ho
vould be dead before midnight Saturday,
Offers to Aid Investigation
into Irregularities in Furn?
ishing Army Gloves.
(By Associated Press.)
WASHINGTON, V. C, July 3.-T|ie Hoc?
r'etiiry of War to-day received a letter rum
Keprcseiitativo Llttuuer, of New Yin';,
offering lo aid the department in ovoy
wuy in ills power in prosecuting t|ie iuvs
tigitlion of charges Of iiregulurlty In c?u
iiL-ctlon with tlio award of contracts for
supplying the urniy with gloves, and en?
closing a copy of bis testimony il re?
gard to his connection with the army g|ove
ceiitracts, as given In the recent judicial
. Before going to Now York to-day Sec?
retary Root issued forni al instruct-On? lo
Hie Inspector-general to make a tiirougii
nnd completo investigation of ili: l.yuii
Contract, The inspector-general, ?r such
iilllcer as ho may dolali, shall hiiuiro au
lo every feature und dottili Of ilio egn
tract for gloves, and report whether tlio
Congressman was ?? party to tho con?
tract; also whether uny ottico? of tlio
army knew of Mr. Littuucr's connection
with t lia glove contract. The Secretary
is determined that every lac ?hull bo
BHCOl'tUllied, hi order that ilio department
may lake tho proper iiclion.
Mr. Thomas- H. Norwood. i,f Butctoui I
nnttntv. was iu the city Vcateday.
Favorite in Chief Event at
Sheepshcad Easy Winner.
After Trailing His Fiold to the Stretch
He Takes Command and Scores a
Victory?Other Turf
(By Associated Press.)
? low York, July 8.?Pine cool weather
prevailed at Sheepshcad Bay to-.dny, ami
a big crowd was In attendance. Tho Pansy
selling stakes for two-year-olds at six
furlongs over the turf coureo, iho feature
of tbo card, was won by tho favorii",
Numcukl, who, iifter trailing ?,?;? Held to
the stitch, took command and won easily.
Ho was the only winning favorite. Sum?
Pint race-last live furlongs of Futu?
rity course-Raglan (8 to I) first, Armenia
v.V\ to I) second, M, Theo O? to lj third.
Timo. 1:01.
Second rnce-ono mile?Black Hussar ((
to 1) first, Irascible (3 to 2) second, Princ?
Chlng (30 to li third. Time, 1:403-6,
Third race?Tho Pansy, six fut longs on
turf?Nameokl (oren) first, Sacrcdus (I
to 1) second, Waltcrhi (30 to 1) third.
Time, 1:15.
Fourth race?ono mile and three fur?
longs?Sunrise (3 to 1) first, Thorny r'rofl
(7 to 1) second, Colonsny (.% to 1) third.
Time, 2:10.
Fifth nice?selling, iHst six and a halt
furlongs of Futurity course?Young Hen?
ry (8 to i) first. Mlnotour (il to .'?; t?bohdi
Nevermore till to l) third. Timo 1:19,
Sixth l'ace?on? mllo and a sixteenth on
turr?Kallf (12 to 6) f.rnt, Lord Hedge (7
to r.) second, Daly (2 to 1) third. Tirou,
R, De Knyff Declared Winner of Second
Honoi?Nervy Work.
(By Associated Press.)
DUBLIN. July 3.?R, Do Knyff to-day
was officially declared to have won rsoc
ond place In tho automobile race yester?
day for the James Gordon Bonnott cup.
Mi Farniun was third, it minuto sep?
arating him from De Knyff. Jonatzy won
thn cup by eleven minutes. Ills average
speed was 49 1-1 miles per hour, exclud?
ing ?tops, the record for tho Jumes Gor?
don Bennett cup race.
Consul-Goneral Evans, who saw tho
raco at" one of the most difficult cor*
tiers, said:
"The wiiy tho Germans and French?
men went ?it full ?pood around tho curvea
was one of tho nerviest bits of work f
luid ever kcu In my life, though Foxlinll
Kecrio was not a whit behind lu daring."
Jcnatzy, who Is credited with going
down one hill nt thn rat" of ninety miles
an hour, said to a reprchcntatlvo of the
Aiwoclaied Press:
"It must have been something like that.
TI?, tirsi time 1 negotiated it I saw a big
rut. got my wheels In It. ntayed there
and swung around the corner ut the end
lu safoty, and at top speed. The seventh
mid most critical (?me I lout the rut. hut.
tit ill hoping to Hud It, I kept up the speed,
failed tu get tlio rut and had to take the
corner, anyhow." /
Donerai opinion In Ireland discounts-'"
nances the holding of further motor races
In tills country, as tliey are too great ?
dislocation of the regular order of Hing??,
to say nothing of tho risk of flfo and
Washington Park Results.
(By Aitoclnir.l I'm?.)
CH.GAGO, n^L., July 3.?Resulti) at
Washington Park:
First raco?two-year-old??six furlongs?
llelge.rson (.". to li first, Ounganii"ii (12 to
1) second, Cognomen (? to 1) third. Tune,
1:13 3-5.
Second race?three-year-old? and uji, i-.x
nnd a half furlongs?Jane Holly C! lo 2)
Ilrst. Travers <2 to U second, Warto Nicht
CIS to 1) third. Time. 1:18 3-5.
Third raco? throt -yearVoldK' one mil?,
and .seventy yards -Santon t? to 5) first.
Bondage (12 to d) second, Galba (10 to
ll third. Time, 1?? ;?-?.
Fourth ritco?three-year-old* and un.
mllo and ?? .sixtientlt?MoiUirkA (3 lo 6)
tirst, Jack Demuad (7 to 11 second, Her
mencia (? to li third. Time. 1:45 n-r?.
Fifth race-twc-ycar-old Ailles, five fur?
longs?Witchcraft (,"? to 2) Ilrst. Ml??
Crawford (il to 6) second. Determination
(S to 1) third. Time. l:0u 3-5.
Sixth race?three-year-old? and up, mue
and an eighth llavlland (13 to 6) first.
Rolling Poer (13 to M second. CaxtOll (13
to 1) third. Tine, 1:52.
Had Old Shamrock Beaton
When Latter Lost Her
Club Topsail.
(Bv Associated Press.)
NRW YORK, July 3.--? sudden slitti
of win! to-dny brought Sir Thomas Lip?
ton's ftimer challenger crippled and limp?
ing aiross the ilnlsh lino minus her clui
topsail,, only four minutes behind the
sllpp/ry new cup hunter, Shamrock III.',
after tho latter had beatoli her eight min?.
Utes und twenty seconds in twenty-six
inll?-? of a sall-stretching trial before the
old boat was partly disabled.
Tuo club topsail polo on Shamrock I,
brtko almost at Ilio head when ?ho had
f<t u- miles to sail. Sho was thirteen
mimtos behind ilio now boat when th?
dilungo was ropnlrod and tlio race ro?
simeli, liefern ilio accident tlio Sliatu
Mck III. beat tlio old boat four und a
naif minutes running lo leewurcl, ilfteen
miles, and nearly four minutes 111 sailing
a long leg close hauled.
The "cw c?p seeker was hardly up to
lior standard to-day. Ordinarily in a
light wind such us prevailed she is ten
minutes Imiter than lier uuinesako lu a
fifteen mho run, but changes which had
been mude In lier trim und reduction in
lier ballast hud not improved her.
For the llrst time since arrivine on thl?
side of tlio Atlantic, Sir Thomas and De?
signer Fife remained on hoard the Erin
wlille tlio racfi wns sailed to observe, the
now boat's actions at a distunco. Morn
changea muy bo expoctert until SI*
Thomas nnd Mr. Fife hivrn tried her
undor a great variety of conditions.
(By Assoda ? cd Press.!
PiTTSBUlUI, PA., July 8.?Philadelphia
was outplayed at every point,
? Bourc. It. II. E.
Pittsburg . Oll?OOlSx-7 11 1
Philadelphia .QO Q.? 0 3,0 0 0-3 ;> 8
Batteries: Kennedy and ? helps; Uuggle
by and Unnlii. Attendance, 3,000. Time,
1:10. Umpire?, Johnstono.
Eastern League.
Buffalo li, Kochesfcr 7.
Provldciiic 10. Worcester %
Baltimore 0. Toronto ft.
Jersey City 2, New York 0.

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