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m WHOLE NUMBER, 16,325,
nTCTTArolsn^7vA7^A,r^RDA,Y' august 22,1008.
<PMW T1MW8. KOOMDlflt)
l ?
WASHINOTON, Ausf. M.-i'-ureenat for
^Mrelnra-a^lrS,s"uu^ay; warmer in l?
tcrlor Sunday7 frosh south west wlnds.
Summer seema to havo doparted. Judg
in? tiom tho pleaaant temperaturo o the
t ist fow dayH. hut tho weather ???*??*?
loerlnK Inlo tho ruturo, doscry a hlghcr
fdmporaturo for to-morrow, uceo.npanlcd
l?y froah south weBt_wlnds.
0 A. M.,.'/.',"".'.",'. .9
8 P. M.,. on
0 P. M.'<. ?2
8 P. M. ??'
12 Mldnlght.?. '"
Xverage.7.u ^
Illghoat temperaturo yesterdny.??
Lowoat Contporaturo.yesterday.m
Mean temperaturo yesterday.. '?
Normal temperaturo yesterday.????????? '"
Doparturo fr.gm normal tomp/raturo.... 03
preolpftatlon durlnB paat 2-1 houra.00
AllgUSl. 21, 1WM.
Bunriac.5.3! I HIO-BTIDBI
Bun aota.C:5t Morning .J ??
WoonsBts.UiM I Evening.4-1*
Intoresting offlclal 8tatfment..a^t^the
amount of taxes pald by the c?t> ?1 ? ?_
mond-Another model ln "J&^^^Jt
potltlon to bo set 'up ,0-(,"?7^AfnH,i,e
lindor^n^ |^^g
S^fU^,,lrc.,McSow3 ^rrA
fcotween a wagpn and a streot car
Wlndy Polnt Club preparlng for IU an
nual watermolon feast-?lempornrj low
pre.isuro of water In the Weat W?
morning?Cuhoh of ^pV^VmborT<>t
partmont of Educatlon-?Minlstei losea
he slght of one of ^ e eyes-?UlaWry oi
Move to arrango for J^:^0,", "ILmAN
a?ulKlami Purchase Expo?ltlon-rr>?'"
C HESTERGood men on tho I>?"? *0J?2
_-Mr. D. U Toney to ncLas auctloneer
t>.,?,,.._a nr mary plan nemg prcpanu
SfeVrvlces to be held to-morrow
nlght at Central Methodlst Church.
The State Bar Assoclatlon ln annual
sesslon at the Hot Sprlngs, wUh^h^
llant catherlng: movement to purtnu.<
' f" John Mafih.all home herg-j-rhe
Ktato flreinan's icnunamont at Danville
woTby tho Lexlngton team nf er an> ex
f,,r odlc* where there lt. no oppoaltUm.
hv ,ire,-Veteran at isatloiwl ??0>uler.-\
Home trles to drown Hlmself?Tho old
VirKlnla iPbters' law failcd tp hold J
Tf'-West St^orf6llc#-MaJqritx ropprlfof
clerk's oltlccs d^clares the clerk ha.uix
.-?hni-irrd hls dulles falthfully-Dr. A. C.
l-mes XoV.-iVt News. appolnted as
ffit s\Srgeo? ln marlnc, hospltal ser
,.i..?_a hook riKcnt arrestcu ai Jj*-a
Ii gtoZ char^ed SSth attempted assault
-?.Jovernor Montague snoaks to 3,000
n'edBlo' at Confederate reunion near Now
Ktafkot?Harry Waller, of Berryvjlle.
known'as the nVodern Samson. aitompts
pulclde-John H. Hherrlll. }? M. U-A>
p."rearv at Petersburg, resigns?-Sena?
tor I.upton nnnouncos hls purpose to run
Jn regular primary injils dlstrlcl.
?l-ho nsViait of a lady who had been
cre tatid b..rlefd ln Sallsbury^rThree,
tho smrt farmers meet at Rocky Mount
,?cTadoM i plan ^m^^^^^
Inrlonerident fiictorlt-.-i-A young wn.ic,
man' ln Jall at Sallsbury for cruelty to
a horso.
Stock markot oponcd wlth advance of
d.-,v beforo stlll ln progress but therowas
a relanso that took prlces to lower lovel
iul a llnal rally maklng the closo irreg
u ",-??-Slr Thomns I.lptoii and lhe ad
mlrors of tho Shamrock III. are confl
nt ofP wlnnliiB race to-day prov.detl
thero is a good oreezo b owlng: weather
an promfies< a frosh wlnd from the
south or southwoat, and conditlons nt
mldnlght were promising with a twciyo
oi alr BllrrniK--Short Hose won stako
foaturo at Saratoga?Rettlng was very
heavv at Drli_hton Beach on the grand
clrcult races?Uullefln issued by tho
TenHtis Bttreau shows that tho increase
ln nopulation of tlie Unlted States dur?
lng tho pnat decado has been large;- than
ln any other country ln the world savo
Aigentlna. und has been twleo ns great
as In Europe?Wcekly revlew of trade
shows prosporous conditlons, though col
lpctlnns hnvo been slower than could be
wished-Flro in the Sour Lake oll flelrt
ln Texas has been oxtingulshcd, nnd tne
loss ls not much more thun lllty thou
sand dollars?Incendlary flres in El
I'.-iso, Texas, havo becomo so numerous
that the pollce force has hnd to bo In
croascd-Ono farmer kills another nenr
Mldlund, Gu., in a llght following a auar
rc-1 ovor somo trlvlal matter?Thn rovo
lutlon in Macedonia ls spreadlng. nnd '
' groat danger lles. In fnct, tnat tho latest
outbroalt ls near tho Bulgariun border,
and tho troops that will rbo sent thero
hv tho Turkish governmont are llable to
clash wlth those of Bulgarla defendlng
tho frontler-Advlccs are that the Rus?
slan squadron, havlng accompllshed lta
purpose, wlll sail away as requestod by
the Sultnn of Turkey?Grand Army vet?
erans adopt resolutlons ln pralse of Gen?
eral Mlles, und. wlll nsk that nll vete?
rans over tlio ngo nf slxty-two bo put
on tho ponslon llst?Professor Langley's
oorodrome ls vlowcd bv members of the
press, and ls soon to be a very cpmpj.l
cated pieco of machlnery; trlal mny bo
had to-day-Department of Agrlculturo
ls ready to do overythlng In its power to
encoiirage tho production of sllk In thls
(By Aasoclated Press.)
ROANOKE. VA,, August 21.?Tho Salem
.Woollon Mills and Salem Pants Factory,
owned by tho Saloro Woollen Mllla Com?
pany, aud locatod nt Salem, wero de?
stroyed ,by flro to-nlght. The flre started
In tho lowor portlon of the' woollon mills
? nd was caused by the lantern carried
by tho watchman comlng ln contact wlth
nnme combustlble matter. An oxploslon
followed ,and the bulldings were soon a
mass of flame.
Tho locul flromen were powerleaa to con?
trol tho flre, and the Roanoke depart?
ment responded to, a call for ald. but
reached the scene too late to be of ser?
vlce. The loss ls ostlmated at $150,000,
(wlth $50,000 Insurance, About 200 opera
tlves are thrown out of employment
Voices of Office-Seekers
Filling the Air.'
And the Spell-Blnders Pro
ceed to Do the Rest ,
Opposing Candldates Pass theCompll
ments of the Season and Tell Very
Plainly Thelr Estimates of Each
Other's Manncrs, Morals
and General Customs.
Last Night's Details.
But rarcly before In rhe hlstory of
Henrlco county, and perhaps, at no tlme
before, has there been In prospect and
progress ho hot and absorblng a polltical
battle as that whlch now clalms the atten?
tion of the people. As tho days between
tho present nnd the prlmary gradually
number fewer, tho flght waxes warmer
and stlll more warm untll It would bld
falr to oVershadow all else and keep tho
attention of tho public riveted to tho
stunrp, and to that alonei v
Some ten,' or tweh-e days intervene
yet before the ballotlng beglns. and thls
short tlme wlll. without doubt, be crowded
with orciits of surpasslng Interest to the
asplrants for positlon. The slege on the
ofllcos Is on ln rlRht good style. nnd camp
flres are blazing at many dlfferent polnts.
Around the polltical stump the voters
gathcr. and cheer and sometlmes hoot
whllo the spell-blnders spcak of the thlngs
that flll their mlnd. The rattle of blg
guns and small Is heord as the candldates
wade In and malie fierce onsiaughts upon
ono another, employlng as weapons every
trlck of speech.- rldlcule. sarcasm, and
what not to wln the vrte that wlll elect
Several blg polltical asscmblles w.ere
held,yesterday. and durlng th? days pre
ceding and several others are to follow
untll the prlmary puts a stop to the flow
ot words and decldes certaln thlngs.
The Balloon.
Last night at Terry's Hall. in Tuckahoe
Dlstrlct, was held a notable gathering,
the chief ovent of whlch, in the popular
estlmatlon. was a balloon oscenslon. Thls
unlque attractlon had been provided by
tho club and lt dld not fall. A large
crowd was present and durlng the better
portlon of the evenlng tho hall was entlre
ly fllled.
On the whole the order preserved was
good. though at tlmes the meeting over
stepped the bounds. Upon one occaslon,
while one of the prominent candldates,
who was greeted by hlsses from one or
two sectlons of tho hall, was speoklng,
there was some outbreak and the chalr?
man was forced to fhout for order. He
threatened to put the offender out if he
dld not keep qulet, and sald that lf the
sergeant-at-arms could not perform the
task, he (the chalrman) would himself
deEcend from the platform and oject the
obstreperous one. The latter remarked
ncnchalantly that that wouldn't make
much difforence, but he kept very qulet
after that.
Ono ngod and halry Indlvldual asserted
himself upon frequent occaslons. Thls
member was rathor impatlent, and sev?
eral tlmes yelled "That's enough!" "Ab
brevlato!" and so on at tho speakers.
Every now and then somebody would
loan over and grab the Indlvldual to
keep him from cxplodlng afresh. But
finally he got the stand, and ho mado
a speech. Ho was much Intercsted ln the
balloon, and he dlscusscd it ad nauseam.
Tho balloon was thero, but lt had not yet
Reallzed That Death of Lord
Sallsbury ls Question of
Very Short Tlme.
(By Associated Press.)
LONDON, August 21,?All the members
of Lord Sallsbury's family are gathered
ln, or wlthln call of, hls bed-room at
Hatflold House. The end is expeoted any
mlnute, though oxygen may prolong hls
life for a fow hours.
10 P, M.-A bulletin IsBued at 0:45 P. M.
says; "There ia a sllght Improvement in
Lord! Sallsbury's condltion, whlch, how?
ever, Is stlll very serlous."
Slnce the bulletin Issued Fn'day night,
announclng that the conditlon of Lord
Sallsbury was cjrltlcal, tho members of hls
family. Includfng Vlscount Cranborne,
Lord Arthur Cecl). Lord Robert
Cecll, ' tho Rev. Lord WJlHam,
Cecll, Lady Qwendolln Cecll, the Barl
and Countess of Selbourno, and later
Premler A, J. ?alfour, who came from
Scotland, have been gathered ln the vlcln*
Ity of the slck room awaltlng the fmal
It ls reallued that death Is Inevltable,
though the patlent Js maklng a wonder?
ful struggle. For the past twentyrfour
hours he has been flghtfng for every
breath, helped by a contlnual supply of
oxygen. The weakness of the heart,
whlch has been the most dongerous foa
ture slnce tho patlent's last seissure, ,i's
hourly becoming aocentuated, and the
Marquls Is gradually slnklng away. He
does not suffer much pain, and has only
brlef perlods of consclouaness
ascondcd, At tho opening of tho meeting
tho hat had boon pansed around to buy
somo smoko for It, but tho sum recelved
wao not sufflclent, and the lnflatlon wa?
not sufflclent,
The Indlvldual In question gave a nltk
ol (nll ho had. he sald), and he now aroso
to mako n plco, Wlth tears In his volce,
If not in hls cyos, he declared that all truo
citizens, wlth the flamo of Democracy
floatlng In thelr hearts, should cbntrlbtite
to put Ihe flamo of gasollno In thnt bal?
loon, whlch was rapldly gottlng wobbly
and fleinorallzcd. The hat was passed
nround aguln, and a few moro nlckols
were deposltcd. Tho balloon went up sud
denly, Just as ono of the spcoches was
belng brought to a closo, and tho meet?
ing shortly aftorwards broko up.
Tho fapjaklng. /
Tho speaklng began about 0 o'clock
and contlnued for two or threo hours.
Flrst some of tho maglstrates spoke?
'SquiVe Lewls and a rupresentatlve of
Mr. Wyatt?ihen tho commlssloner of tho
revenue, Mr. C. W. Chlldroy.
Mr. Sumuel P. Waddlll, candldato for
re-cloctlon to. tho coujity clerkshlp, was
tltero and made a speech, In which he
mado tho contontion that his offlot was
tho one retttlned under tho now Constl?
tutlon ond not that of hls opponent,
Mr. Broaddus, of tho Circuit Court. He
recognlzed the fact that tho question
rafsed was altogether a secondury one;
that the offlco belonged to nelther of tho
candldates, but to the peoplo, and that
lt was for the peoplo to say who was to
get lt. Stlll, he thought It unfalr and un
just that hls opponent should bo spread
ing broadcast the report that ho was try
Ing to oust hlm from offlco, whlle the
very contrary was the case. He pro
duccd tho letter written by Mr. Broaddus
to the county commlttee, doclarlng that
he (Broaddus) was a dandlidate for the
offlco of county clerk, the positlon now
filled by Waddfll. Mr. Broaddus was
not in tho hall durlng the speech, but
camo In shortly before the meeting i
closed. /
The three candldates for treasurer were
present and all made speeches. Mr. Todd
waa recelved with great applause. He
jumped into Mr. Brauer, replied to cer?
taln ststements made by that gentleman.
and added some of hls own. He huuled
up tho Taylor defalcatlon matter and sald
that no man who would leave his offlce
with his books lying about to^be handled
by anybody should bo elected treasurer.
He made a rather severe attack on Mr.
Brauer, and was frequently loud y
cheered. Mr. Brauer himself arose to
openk amld mlngled' cheers and hlsSes
nTreplled to Mr. Todd at length, and
for one thing said that no man was a
gentleman who would go Into another
man's house to uso a .telephone and then
report what ho saw there, Partloularly
If hls reports were untrue. All thls Mr.
Brauer says Mr. Todd has done wlth
re___3S_*i-hfS tho Leglslature came
next. and Mr. Rosenegk spoke In hlsi char
acterlstlc manner. He scored hls frlond.
Tom Gardner. and was In turn scored
when the latter took the Platform. Once
whon Mr. Gardner was speaklng ho arose
and asked lmpressH-ely that tho gentle?
man' try for once to tell the truth. Mr.
Rosanegk admltted that he was agalnst
the Mann blll because it was c ass legls
latlon. Mr Gardner plalnly declared that
Mr.. Rosenegk ..wu rppresentlng ??M'
loon interest, and hfmTelf waTtted to be a
cldis leglslator, and **ouW.*never_ha?
run If be (Gardner had voted agalnst the
Mann blll). ?? ? .aBJ
Mr. James R. Russell was the last
spoaker. and he was recelved wlth loud
cheers. He jumped on.Gardner, declaring
thft h st rlend was all rlght ln his place
but that tTTfs place was not the House of
Delesa-*. He ppsroked a contlnued round
of laughter. He-verred that Mr. Gardner
wa sanxlous to do what was rlght, but
tbat ho dld not know what rlght was.
And then the balloon; at last sufflclent
jy smoked, ascended heavenward.
(By Associated Press.)
CARTERSVILLE. GA., Au,g. 21.-A.sui
glcol operatlon performed on Major
Charles H. Smlth, (Blll Arp) revealed the
presence ln the gall bladder of a double
andful ot gall stones. more than two
thouVandin number. Thls cause of the
natent/s protracted illness, had boen
hardly suspected. the dlagnosis indlcating
"i^spltfot the operation Major Smlth
was Increasingly restless at a lato hour
to-nlght. Hls physlclans gave no hope
of hls recovery.
(By Associated Press.)
GREENILLE. ALA., Aug., 21.-Anthony
Tom. allas Willlams, has beon arrested
her.e, charged with blgamy. Willlams
came hero from Kansas Clty, and soon
afterwards married a young woman of a
prominent family. Recently came a let?
ter from a woman claimlng to bo Wil?
llams' wlfe. Polico investigation brought
from her rf plcture of herself, c ill and
Willlams hlmself. Confronted with th ls
ovldence, ho admltted tho fact. sqld hls
name was Anthony' Tom, and that ha
lived formerly at Kansas City. He is
under arrest awaltlng aotlon by the
ground jury.
Was StrucK ln the Groln by
the Pole of a Wagon.
Injury Serlous.
Conductor J. W. Wrlght, of Main Street
car No, 215, was palnfully Injured at
Tenth and Main Streots about t o'clock
yesterday afternoon, by belng struck by
the tongue of a blg wagon, owned by the
Old Domlnlon Transfer Company, and
driven by a colored man, named "Wash
The conductor was struck wlth great
forco ln the groln. Ho was carrled Into
Foythess' drugstore, and medlcal ald sum
moned, Dr. CaTrlhston, the company's
physlolan, responded, aa dld also the
ambulance. Mr, Wrlght Is from Nor?
folk, but he ls boardlng at No. 400
Wost Main Street, where he was carrled.
The Injurles aro Intornal, there belng no
abrasion of the skin, and the full extent
cannot be told yet.
A great crowd of people were attraoted
to the scene, and a number of oors wore
blocked for a whlle.
Pojlceman Bryant was on the car. He
says the drlver of the wagon was mainly
responslbla for the accldent, as he ap.
parently made no effort to stop hls team
befora reaohlng the car.
The drlver sald he dld attempt to stop
but as the wagon was comlng down the
Tenth Stroet lncllne ha could not do so,
The motorman of the qar, Mr. G. W.
Lewls, took tho conduotor's place, and
Llne Superlntendertt Haw Smlth ran the
car up to the shods, where ha was rejleved
by a regular
Conditions Promlsing for
Great Race To-Day.
Promlse That Wind Wlll Hold
Through the Day.
Has Lost None of Hls Confidenco in
Hls Challenger's Abiiity to Llft
the Cup?The Crews of
Ihe Racers Had a
Very Quiet
Forecaater Emery at the Weather
Bureau yesterday eent out the follow?
lng speclal- foreeast for the vlclnlty^
of the yacht race course for to-day."
"The weather Saturday over the
Internatlonal yacht race course wlll
be falr to partly cloudy, wlth fresh
Bo'utherly wlnda, probably shlftlng to
southweaterly." ;'j ,_,
The wind at Sandy Hook at mld
night was from the southwest tv/elva
mlles an hour; the weather was e ear
and the sky cloudleso. Indlcatlons i
are that the wind wlll hold through
(By Associated Pross.)
NEW TORK, August 21.?Sir Thomas
Lipton, the capta'lns and the creivs of
hlf,' fieet at Sandy Hook were by no means
dispirited to-day. Slr Thomas was optl
mlstlc, as usual, and cheerfully explalned
that yesterday'a race was not conc uslvo,
whlle Captaln Wringe, of Shamrock 111.,
was as good natured and hopeful as ever.
They appeared to belleve that there would
bo a dlfferent story to tell lf the next race
were salled in',_ ,;falr racing wjnd. It
was polnted out by an offlcer of the I5rln
to-day that Shamrock III. had novor
been exceodlngly fast ln drlfttng. The
orly race in whlch Shamrock II. ever
beat was salled in little better than a
calm, and in .simllar cases Shamrock III.
had been unablo to drop her pacomaker
untll the wind increased to ftvo knots or
better, after whlch she showed a remark
able Increase tn speed.
To-nlght the friends of Shamrock nl.
were hoplng for a wind that will enable
the boats to sall the raco an hour within
the tlmo llmit. Slr Thomas Llpton sald
to-day: ,
"I have not lost hope in the sllghtest.
The condltlons yesterday wero the worst
I have ever seen off Sandy Hook. I hava
been here now slnce June, and we never
had anything ?o bad. It was purely a
matter of luck. The Shamrock got no
show from the vrlnd. The Reliance wns
gettlng all the wind sho wanted to foot
away from us wlth, whlle the Shamrock
was lylng without a breath. Whenever
we dld get a breeze we lost no tlme ln
maklng up the Helianco'B galn, but tho
luck never lasted with us.
"As a matter of fact, the Shamrock
came about to come home, seelng lt was
hrpeless to contlnue, when she was get?
tlng no wind. The Rellance's salls1 were
fujl when our salls were lylng llmp.
"The Shamrock, whlle tho wind lasted,
dld better work yesterday than the Reli?
ance. Others mny say what they llke on
thls mattor, hut thls Is my positlve be?
Slr Thomas passed the day ln entortaln
lng the Earl and Countes3 of Shaf tesbury.
Colonel ond Mrs, Sharman-Crawford and
Adjutant-Genernl and Mrs. Carbln. After
tho Shamrock III. and Reliance had a lit?
tle spln about tha bay, Captaln Wringe
and Captaln Bevls. of Shamrook I., spent
the day amualng themselves.
On board the challenger there wero few
signs of actlvlty, Her crow were taktng
a resti but on bnard tho Reliance hor
men wero busy strotchlng out the head
of the malnsall along tho gaff and over
haullng her spars and salls.
,- ? , . ?
(Bpeclal to Tlie Tlraes-DtspntelO
WINCHESTEH. VA., August 21.-Mr.
Otto U. von Schroedor, a wealthy attor
nev of St. Louis, has purchaBed "Clay
rnont" near Cliarlestwon, W. Va? tho
summer home of tha lato Frank R.
Stockton. the novollst. Tho prlce pald
was $3" 000 There was nnother appllcnnt,
Mr t's Murphy, of Green Boy, AVIs.,
but he was a dny too lato. Mr, Stock?
ton naid s^.OOO for the place. Mr. Scliroo
der rocently vlslted Winohester. Clarko
and Frederlck conntles, Inspectlng i'olo
nlal propertles. Ho ls now at hls sum
mer horno at Nnrlh NorO, Vt.
'rL nerrvvill.' Colt Show Assoolatlon
wliiI clear about $2,000 upon its recent ex.
hlbltlon. T_
(By Associated Press.)
xriKNTBAPOMS. MINN., August 21.?
Thn Natlonai Apsoclatlun of Funeral p|,
??4nr? Vo-day el?'cted tlio followlng offl
V?l. Prns'ukiit Colonel J. M. Connolly,
ofr__ii.nBCarolna: flWt Vlce-Preslrtont,
T, ?? Ponwell, Topeka. Kan.; Secretary,
w M"vunatrlck, -imwood. ill, fre-eleut
FdV Traasurer 0, A, Miller. Clnolnnatl
(reVeffl) St.Louis was ohosen as tho
next moetUT?j2___,_
NSNYf t?niKlit vetood tho councll'a or.
th*?h?eMayor con fortf thnt the wards are
Th_Mayoi (m|y onfl pr00|nct< Un,
A_l'W?^aw Constltut'Ofl ho cannot.volo
a sectlon o/ tho ordlnunce, se fa, vetoe.d
pw jiotlro 'jpeMurs,
Those Who Have Been Put In
Various Dlstrlcts.
Had Much to Do With Oyster Legisla
tion?Hon. R. B. Davis Not In the
Race?1 he Candidates in
ln tlie primary reoontly held ln the
Tenth Senatorlal District. whlch had beeh
declarod Irregulor, owlng to uae of the
ballot Jnstead of the vlva voce plan, the
nomlnatlons made at tho same tlme for
the Houso of Dolegates. ln Shenandoah
and Frederlck countlos seom to have been
overlooked. In Frederlck county. Hon.
B. C. Jordan, lncumbont, was ronoml
nated praotloally wlthout oppositlon, and
will be re-electod wlthout dlftlculty. Mr.
Jordan has represented his county ln tho
Houso for several terms, and is one.of the
Influentlul members of the Houso.. Dur?
lng the current sesslon henssumed espo
clal promlnenco by reason of hls proposed
and stlll pendlng oyster leglslatlon. L
was as a result of hla detonnlned effort
to Bccuro an Investlgatlon of the status
of thls Important lnqui'ry thnt a logis
lative commlssion was appolnted to go
over the torrltory anil; ascortaln how
much doploted oyster rock thoro ls wlthin
the llmlta of tho Baylor geodetic survey
that may be advantagebusly lensed to
oyster planters by the Stato, thus, as
ho contendi, preservlng and ronewlng tho
oystor Industry and enlarglng fts scopo,
and at tho same tlme brlnglng ln a hand
somo revonuo.
In Shenandoah county Mr. C. M. Chlles,
of Strauburg, was nomlnated for tho
House. Ho Is a business man of ablllty,
and ls about forty years of age. Tho dis?
trict ls now represented by Dr. S. J.
Huffman, a Republlcan, It ls not known
at thls ti'mo whether the othor factlon of
Shenandoah Democrats wlll mako an?
other nomlnatlon, or whether thoy wlll
nomlnato Mr. Chlles,
Mr. H. A. Lntane haa been declarod tho
nomlneo of the Democrats ln Bolotourt
county, as prodlotod by Tho Tlmes-DIs
patch. Thoro wns no oppositlon. Ho will
succeed Dolegato Allon, who ls a Com?
monwealth's attorney, and wlll contlnue
Ir. thifc offlce.
Tho renomlnatlon of Dolegnte Jnmes C.
Gravos, of Orango, Ih ploaslng to luls
frlends generally, He Is the lncumbont,
thls belng hla flrst tortn. Ho was re?
turned practi'cally wlthout oppositlon.
Hon, R. B. Davls, of Potorsburg, wlll
not nsplro to re-olecti'on. Mr. Davis was
promlnent In tho recont sesslon of tho
Houso hy reason of hls posltlon as rank
lng membor of tfho Courts of .IiiBtleo
Commltteo, whloh triod Judgo Campbell,
and becaiiae of hls hlgh ranlt as a lawyer.
Thoro aro sovoral asplrants for tho nom?
lnatlon, and tho Indlcatibns are 'that
Petersburg wlll niaintnln Its roputatlon
for sendlng strong men tn tho General As?
sembly. Already thoro are threo nspi
rauts for the honoV. They aro Messrs.
Charles E. Plummor, Bartlett Roper, Jr?
and J. H. P. 1/olgh.
Tho ronomlnatlou of Dologate N. D.
Early Jr., In Groeno. and Madlson, ls
very grutlfylng to the many fn'ends of
that gontloman In thls clty. Mr. Early
ls ono of tlio qulet members of the Houso,
and though ho has beon a member for
several terms, Is seldom heard on tho
floor. Ho la generally on hand where
there ls any votlng to bo done.
In tho FUtsylvunla prlmurlos the re?
sult )ms not been po.ttlvoly useortalned.
Former Delegiito Gregory la one of those
nomlnated. Delegato John E. Taylor is
another who ran, but hls nomiimllon ls
oiot yet posltlvely annouuced,
Local Stock Companles to Be
Formed for the Purpose.
Col.John S.Cunningham PresidedOver
the Meeling, the Purpose of Which
Was to Remedy the Existing
Low Price of Tobacco.
(Speclal to The Ttmes-Dispatch.)
RALEIGH, N. C, August 21.-Botweon
two and three thousand farmers gatherd*
at Rocky Mount to-day from nll over the
eastern tobacco growlng countles to at
tond an Important meetlng to oonslder
ways nnd monna to remedy the existing
iow prlces ofleaf tobacco.
Colonol John S. Cunningham, of Person
-county, preslded. Aftor sevoral houra of
spcech maklng a commltteo, appolnted to
report plans to remedy tho evll com
plnlned of, mado lta report embodlod for
tho establlshment of local stock com
panlos to Wtiy, store i and manufacturn
tobacco. whlle lt ls below tho coat of
The conventlon adopted the commlttee's
? Tho plan auggestod by Secretary of
State Grlmes, prevalled, though one sug
gested by J. E, Pougo of Ralelgh met
wlth ivery favorablo consldoratlon, and
many furmera thought lt should havo been
Tho" planj adopted, provldes that the cor
poiatlon to be organlzed mny buy, soll,
handlo and- ln any manner deal In
joaf tobacco and manufactured to?
bacco; to nianufaoture tobacco Into plug,
twlst, olgars, olgnr^ttes, chmoots, smoklng
tobacco, and.any and all other forms;
to oporate wnrohouses upon commlssion
or otherwlse, also prlzo houses. atotn
mories, and any and all other houses
Incldent or necessary to carry on a gon
oral tobacco business.
Farmers may take stock ln warehousea
nnd it ls bolloved thnt a good slnrt has
capltal, lns'fead of cash.^
Tho meetlng wns an enthualastlo one.
and It is bellovod that a god atort hns
been mnde toward tho cstabllahment of
Independent factorlea.
Tho plans outllned and adopted are
morely tho foundntlon upon whlch. fhe
Indopondent structuro |s to ba bulldod
by tho plantlng of fnctorlea and plaolng
buyors ln the marketa of the State.
(Bv Associated Press.}
SOUR LAKE, TEX? Aug. 2t.-The flre
lu the Sour Lake oll flelds was fully ex
tlngulshed late last nlght and th's morn?
ing tho oll nelds wero about all cleurod
of dubrls and all thlnga havo been or are
belng put ln shnpe to resumo oporatlons,
Tho loss, as slated last nlght, Is over |50?
000 not $100,000 as stuted ln speclnl dls
pa.tche.8 to Northern papers,
(P/ ABnoclulod I'row.)
GENEVA, ALA., August 21.-Luther
Tinsol, a negro. was hanged by the sher?
iff here to-day for tho murder qn Novem?
ber I 10OJ, of Mra. John Owons\ wlfe of
a promlnent cltlaen <?f .WiJ county, She
wna killed by a rlllo ball whlle rldlng wlth
her husband. Tlusol dled 02 .nu.iiK.ult.
Sixteenth Sesslon of the
State Bar Assoclatlon.
Judge Graham. of Tazewell,
Makes a Cultured Address.
Senators Danlel and Martin Are There,
and Mr. Qoode Tells a Story About
General Hunton?Many Ladles
Are Present and Meetlng
Full of Interest?ToEn
. i -i
tertain Association.
(Speolal from Staff Correspondent.)
HOT SPRINGS, VA., August lll.r-There,
are about t-wo hundred lawyers here ln
attendance upon the flfteenth annual con?
ventlon of tho Virgim'a Bar Assoclatlon.
whlch opened hero to-day. There are
probably as many wlves and daughters
of Vlrglnla lawyers hero also attendlng
the conventlon. ostonalbly, really enjoy
Ing the pleasures whlch thls beautiful
resort afford3. The temperaturo to-day
was about that of mlddle of September
ln lower Vlrgmla, nnd the perfectly clear
sky had tho doep blue of autumn.
The featuros oC tho sesslon to-day *r?re
tho addressos of Judgo S. C. Graham, ot
Tazewell, the president, and J. iF. Bullltt,1
of Blg Stone Oap. Judgo Graham's paper
was scholarly and thoughtful, traclng
from earllest tlmes to the present.the In?
fluence of the bar and the bellef in the
struggle for Indlvidual llberty.
Mr. Bullltt's papor, deallng wlth trusta
and organfzod labor, |s creatlng much talk
to-nlght, and wlll be common ted on very
widely. Tho abstraet prlnted below glvea j
a falr IdeaVoi thn:vlewaot an.able law?
yer on tnese tlmely- questtons.
The two hundred lawyers here embraal
many of the best known men In the pro.
fesslon In Vlrglnla. Senator Danlel and
Senator Martin are here, and Representa?
tlvo Jones ot tho Ffrst Vlrglnla District,
and Representative Flood, of t^e Tontb.
Senator Martin ls accompanled by Mrs.
Martin and the latier's slster, Miss Day,
of Islo of "WIght. The two ladles are al
ways centers of groups of frlends of both
Senator Daniel andi Senator Martm,
Mrs. Martin and, Representative Flood
drove over to the Warm Sprlnga thls
aftcrnoou to call on Senator Morgan, of
Alabama, -who ls apendlng the summer.
there. ? ?
Tho Vlrglnla Senators were two of tha
four other leadors ot the Senate who
voted wlth Senator Morgan against th?
ratlflcatlon of the Panama canal treaty.
"I cannot say that we are greatly
grieved at the refusal of the Colombian
Congross to ratlfy tho treaty," said Sena?
tor Danlel to-day; "pooplo will now ad
mlt that we do know Bomething about the
subject, though advocates of the Panama
route would not say as much last sprlng.'
There nre fourteen of the one hundred
membem of the rocont Constltutlonal
Conventlon ln attendance on the meet?
lng ot the assoclatlon, lncludlng John
Goode, of Bedford Clty; Eppa Hunton,
Jr. of Fauquier; Francla L. Smlth, of
Alexandrla; John S. Barbour, of Cul
peper; Hal D. Flood, of Appomattox;
John W. Danlol, of Campbell; A. G. Glllea
ple ot Tazewell; A. C. Braxton, of Staun?
ton; Claggett B. Jones, of Klng and
Queen; Alexander Hamllton, ofFeters
burgi Garland Pollard, of Rlohmond;
J C. Wysor, of Pulaskl; XV. B. Fettit,
of Fluvanna; C. V. Moredlth, of Rlch?
In addltion to tho Rlchmond lawyere
named above, are S. S. P. Patteaon, R. A.
Bargamln, D. Q. Eggleston, A. XV. Pat
terson, General Eppa Hunton, H. M,
Smlth, E. C. Massle, W. L, Royall and
perhaps othera.
One of tho moat promlnent men here
Is Caporton Braxton, of Staunton, author
of the constltutlonal proYlslon -for a Cor
poratlon Commlssion. Ho ls always sur
rounded by a group of lawyers. and the
commlsalon ls alwaya belng dlscussed.
He ls to read a papor ru the flfteenth
amendment on Monday. Aa Mr. Braxton
apent several weeks ln the Congresalonal
Llbrary colectlns. data referrlng to the
1 adoptlon of tho amendment, lt Is expected
that hls paper wlli be ot especlal Intereet
and value. __???
Hon. John Goode, who was a member o.
Congresa wlth General Eppa Hunton, told
me a story to-day conoernlng the General
that ls Interostlng. Goneral Hunton had
Just passed us. Mr. Goode said that whon
Congross agreed ln 1877 to eleot a Jolnt
hlgh commlssion to doclde who had beon
choson Presldont, Hayos or Tllden. lt
wus learned tliat Vlrglnla ooqld hatra ?
plnce on tho cdmmlsalon lf the delegs
tlon would agree on a man. The selectlon
was mado by havlng General Hunton and
John Randolph Tuoker draw strawg,
whlch wore held by Ben Hill, of Georgl*.
General Hunton won.
There Is no complete llst of memb.r?
present avifllable, but tha following are
some of those whosa names I have not
mentloned; Goneral XV. H. Payne. of War*
renton; Judge A. A. Phlegar, of Mon.?
gomery; S- Gordon Cummlng, of Hsmp<
ton, Paul Pettlf, of Fluvanna; A. B.
Strode of Amherst; John T. Harrls. of
Itocklngham; Allen Jones, of Newport
News; John W, Price, of Brlstol; George.
Frlck, of Norfolk; Judge R. R. Prentlse
of Norfolk; udgo George Hundley, ol
Amella; \V, h. Barrott, of Newport New?|
XV L. Ilenley, of Willlamsburg; <?, |?.
Jones, of HIghland; Leo D. YarreU, o*
Emporla; Judge J. XV. Henson, of qilae:
Judgo E. \V. Nlcholas, of Culpewf
Burnes Glllespie, of Tazewell; Judge Johe
Horsley, of Lynchburg; Judge E. E. Moiv
U_*H ?* >V "Uir"" i Judfc'a w? w" ?W? ?*

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