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Tltn T1M.1H FOUNDRD 1W-,
Judge Wickham Makes
a Strong Denial.
He Gives Out a Letter from
Capt. A. B. Guigon.
All Kmds Are Made, but Only One of
Thom is of a Serious Character.
Different Views in Regard to
thc Clerkship?A Flerco
Fight for the Office of
County 1 reasurer.
One of the chlef features of thc polltlcal
compalgn that Is now stlrring Henrlco
county to tho dopths ls the strlng of
charges brought b>; opponents agalnst
many of the promlnent candldatos. ln
one or two cases tho allegatlons aro dc
cidedly sensatlonal In thelr character, and
when they aro mado ln open meetlng, as
now and then happens, they creato lio eu
ot a stlr.
Arnong tho lato developments ln thls
connectlon is the Issuanco by Judge T.
Ashby Wlckham, candldate for the Housa
of Delegates, of an address to tho people
of tho county maklng flat denial of cer?
taln reports clrculated concernlng hlm. I
It yceins that capltal has been made out j
of tho statement that tlio Judge advlsed I
thc Passenger and Power Company to j
plnco armed men on tho cars durlng tha |
Blnce much resulled from the presenco
of these armed guards and slnce the
qucstlons of law InvpTVcd were grave ones,
the charge was serious. Judge Wlckham
denlcs lt absolutely. He says:
To tho Peoplo of Henrlco County:
I wlsh to deny emphatleally, as bclug
wlthout any foundatlon ln fact tho report
whlch, I am Informed, Is now belng clr?
culated in the county, that I at any tlme,
or through any of tho offlcials, advlsed
thc Rlchmond Passenger and Power Com?
pany to place armed men upon Its cars.
Tho only coiv.ersatlon I had on thls mat?
ter wlth any ofllclal of tho company wus
with Mr. Gulgon. What passed betweon us
on thls point ls stibstantially and accu
rately stated In his letter below.
Letter From Captain Guigon.
Following the abovo. whlch ls slgned by
Judge Wlckham. Is a letter from Captain
Dear Judge,?I understand that lt has
beon stated ln tho county that upon the
hearing of the charges agalnst Sherlff
Solomon. I testlfled substantlnlly to the
effect thnt you had advlsed tho company
to place armed guards upon Its cars ln tho
county. and that tho Idea was so abbor
rent to tho offlcials of my company that
lt at flrst decllned to follow your advlco.
I mako haste to nsstire you that 1
gave no such testimony, nor, so far
as I know, dld any ono elso. Indeed. 1
have never heard In any of the confer
ences that the offlcials of tho company
havo had any statement tn that effect.
As a matter of fact, the only reference
to your name in my testimony, so far as
1 can now recall, was whon 1 was asked
If l had any conferences wlth you In
regard to any antlclpatcd disorder lnNthe
county. I replled that I had had several
cotifrences wlth you on that subject prlor
to the strlke. I was then asked If Sherlff
Bolomon was present on any or all of thoso
occslons, and 1 .replled tht he was not
present on nny occaslon, whereupon that
hrnnch of my examlnation was dropped,
and I am sure your namo was not fur?
ther mentloned by me. I could not have
testlfled in thn way indleated, because no
such con'i'orsatlon ever occurred.
If I had been permltted tn testlfy, I
would have stated tho facts comlng withln
my knowledge, as follows:
Several weeks before tho strlke, nnd
?eelng that lt seemed unnvoldable, I, as
one of tho law department of my com?
pany, went to seo you to nsk the appolnt?
ment of a number of guards as spocial
pollce agents, statlng to you that, In view
nf posslble disorder nt the heands of thu
lawlo_s element of the community, and th?
comparatlvely limlted rcsources of tbe
county, tt seemed to us destrable that our
guards should be duly constituted law
oftlcors and consorvators of tho peace,
?o thnt the moral effect of thelr presonre
would be Increased nnd posslble disorder
and bloodshed provented.
You replled that you wero wllllng to np
polnt ns pollce ngonts nny but a fow
of our own regulnr employes, nnd you de?
cllned to appolnt any of tlie guards as
requested. You limlted me, at tho timo, to
?ome six or elght, nnd afterwards.de
ollned to apnolnt moro than six at that
tlme, nnd thoso appolntmonts you sub
?aquently made. You stated that It would
be imposslbla, wlth tho llmfted rcsources
of the county, for lt to supply guards for
our cars __n translt over our llnes, but
?ssured rne that tho county authorltles
would afford tho fullost posslble protec?
tlon to our barns nnd othor property slt
wated in tho county; and nfter talklng
over tho matter vory fully, you sald that,
In your oplnlon, tho host paln for the com?
pany to pursue would bo for us to place
diflcreot men to guard the company's
barns sltunted In tho county, and arm
them so that they could repel any attack
that mlght he made, untll tho sherlff c-iild
miniinrin sufflclent oflicers to glive amplo
Very truly yours,
A, B. GUIGT5?., Asslstant Counae.l
A Serious Charge.
Thls ls but one of many nf the rumors
that have beon aot In motion. The air is
full of them, and as tliot primary draws
near they multlply at a marvelous rale.
Among the clouijl of candidates for con
^.ontlpued on Seventh Page.)
Fathersof the Holy Ghost Are
Appointments Have Already Been Made
to Belmeade?French Bishop at the
Head of the Order Experiences
Surprlse at Condltlons.
Conslderable Interest ls taken by Cath
ol|cs here In the announcement from the
North that another Boclety of Cathollc
priests 1b to begln work among the ne?
groes of. Amerlca.
The order. ls a branch of the Order of
the Holy Ghost, whlch has lts head.uar
ters ln Fr'a'nc'o, and of whlch tho Rlght
Rev. Alexander Le Roy, of Parls, Is the
superlor-general. Blthop Le Roy has
just completed a tour of thls country.
Whlle hore ho vlslted Rlchmond and Vlr?
glnla, hls arrlval belng duly recorded ln
thls paper at the tlme. As a result of hls
frlp he wlli'at onco begln among the
negroes of thls country a work slmll?r
lo that he has conducted elsewhere. The
priests under him will enter a number of
States, lncludlng Vlrglnia, to which place
he has already made an appointment. The
movement is one of tho very greatest
Importnnco to Cathollcs here, and it is
attractlng no little attentlon. _j
Wlth a view to startlng the work Bishop
Lo Roy has just appolnted the Rev. D. J.
Fltzgiblean dlrector of the mlsslon for
the negro race in Amorica. Father Fltz
gibhon has been dlrector of St. Joseph's
Home for Homeless Boys, ln Phlladelphla,
Hc will be succeeded In that positlon by
the Rev. Lawrence E. Farrell.
Other appointments announced by Mon
slgnor Lo Roy aro the followlng:
Rov. Wllliam Stadelman, dlrector of
scholastlcs at Holy Ghost Colloge, Pitts
burg, to be superlor of the Holy Ghost
Colored Mlsslon nt Bolmonde, Va.; Rey.
Peter Goets, asslstant at Belmeade; Rev,
0, Plunkett, to ho superlor of colored mls
slona of Phtladelphi'a; Rev. W. S. Healy,
to be dlrector of colored schools, Phlla?
delphla; Rev. Alphonsus Gavln, denn of
dlsclpllne and professor at tho Holy
Ghost College, Plttshurg, to . bo assls?
tant of St, Peter Clavor's Church lor
colored people, Phlladelphla; Rev. Mlchnol
Ward, superlor of colored mlssions, Pltts?
burg; Rev. Thomas Glblih, professor of
Holy Ghost Colloge, dlreotor of cdjored
schools, Plttsburg; Very Rev. Eugene
Phelan, rector ot Church of Notre Dame,
Chlppewa Falls, WIs., transferred to
C'ornwells, to as-iimo charge of Holy
Ghost Fathers' Novltlate thoro; and Rev,
J. M. Pesnler, profesBor at the Holy
Ghost Senilnary, Cornwells, to bo dlrec?
tor of scholastlcs at Holy Ghost Colloge
ln Plttsburg.
The Order of the Holy Ghost is ono of
tho best known In the church. It ls one
of the few orders In France not molested
under the assoclation law. Thls wss be?
cause France Is Inlerosted ,in gettln. a
foothold ln Afrlca, whore the order is at
work and beca'usa It was advantageous
to have so many Fronoh prlosts there.
Mgr. Le Roy, the head of the order,
has dUtlngulehed himself for hls work
as an African missionary. He spent
twenty yeara on the Dark Contlnent, ana
Is coratnonly rogarded as one of the
greatest mlsslonarles In Europe. Hls ad
ministratlon as superlor-general of the
Fathers of the Holy Ghost ha_ been very
successful. Under him the order has
grown rapldly, and thero are now 300
priests and in all CO0 members of the con
gregatlons devotlng themselves to the
conversion and education of the negro
race In Africa.
As stated before, Bishop Le Roy has
recently mado a tour of thls country.
He was much surprlsed wlth the condl?
tlons he met here.
1 (By Assoclated Presa.)
CHICAGO. ILL., . August 22.-H. _?.
Rlcketts, edltor of the Memphls Sclmltar,
was found dead In hls bed at the Kalser-r
hof Hotel here to-day. He had been 111
for several days, and under the care of
a local physlclan. Hls condltlon was not
regarded as crltlcal, and his unexpected
demlse Is attrlbuted to heart disease.
(By Assoclated Press.) . ?
MEMPHIS, TENN., August 22.-H, P.
Rlcketts, assoclato edltor of the Sclmltar,
was widely known In newspaper clrclos
throughout tho South. Ho was born In
Loulslana forty years ngo, and wns ed
ucated in southern schools. He served on
nowspapers in dlfforent parts of the coun?
try untll the Sclmltar was establlshed
fourteen yoars ago. He leaves a wldow
and two chlldren.
(Speclnl to Tho Tlmes-DJspatch.)
Mr. Charles A. Talley, a well known
farmer ot Bpotsylvanla county, was ar?
rested by Oiilcer Wallor, charged with
taklng from the Chapcelloravllle tract of
tlmber land In that county, belonglng to
Charles M. Wyeth, of Baltlmore, about
flfteen tlnousand rallroad tles and a
largo ou. ntlty of cord wood and spoko
tlmbor. _ '?;
He gave bond ot one thousand dollars,
wi'th his father as securlty, for hls ap
penrance before a mnglstrate's court for
trlal on Monday,
Tho arrest has caused a sensatlon,.
(Speclal to Tlio Tlnioa-Dlnpiitcli,)
PETERSBURG, VA., August 22.-A gang
of slx negro plokpockets were arrestel
thls evenlng. Thoy had beon suspectod
for somo tlmo of robbing country peo?
ple, but |t was not tlll lato thls evenlng
thnt the police could got posltlve proof,
Jlm Tlas, tho leader, ls well known In
police clrclos. ,
Ho plcked ?7 from an old negro's pocket
this afternoon. Thls led to tho arrest.
Tlas acknowledgOB his gudt and says
he dlvlded the spolls wlth the other men,
(By Assoclated Press.)
BAUT-MORB, MD., August _2.?The
steamer Blueflelda, Captaln Hastlngs,
bound from Now Tork for Baltlmore,
loaded wlth merohandlee, 's dlaabled off
Hog Island, Va. Tho steamer Manna
Hata, Captaln Charles, left here early
thls A M. to go to her asalslance. The
nature of her Injurles is unknown. The
Blueflelda was duo to arrlve here thla
ntorniti*- '
Won't Do for President, Says
William J. Bryan. ,
Under Him, Says the Editor of The
Commoner, No Reforms Would
Be Posslble?Treats of the
Race Problem.
(Specljl to Tbo Tlm-S-Dlnpotcb.)
LdNCOLN, NEB., August 22.?Bryan. ln
tho Commoner of this week, comes out
in tho opon In opposition to tho sugges
Uon that Senator Gorman, of Mnryland,
should be made the Presidentlal nomineo
of the Democrats in 190.. He say&: {
"The Senator says that in ordor to win
we must have 'tho confidence of tho busi?
ness interests of the country,' and agaln
ho speaks of 'the suustanltal Interests of
the country.' In the flght now belng
waged between the masses and organlzod
wealth it is evldcnt that Senator Gor
man's sympathles |are wlth arganJfzted
wealth. "What reforms woud be posslble
under hls leadershlp? None; absolutely
none. Ho even endorses tho Aldrlch hlll,
v/hlch provldes fnr tho loaning of gov?
ernment money to the natlonal hanks,
Ho wants lt so amended that the Baltl?
more banks wlll get a share, but he has
no objectlons whatever to the plan. Hls
lr.tervlew shows that he Is not in sym?
pathy wlth the rank and fllo of tho party
on a slnglo question. Hls selectlon ns
Domocratla loader ln the Senato was a
great mlstake on the part of tho Dem?
ocratic Sonators nnd a groat mlsfortune
to tho party at large. Hls nomlnatlon to
the Presldency ls not to ho thought of.
Ho would, if niado the standard-hoaror,
poll. a mllllon votes le_s than a ticket
wlth no name at all on lt, for wlth no
nomlnatlons mado thero would stlll bo a
hope that tho olectors would flnd somo
body who stood fnr somethlng. Who wlll
he tlie next roorganlzer to exposo hls
weaknoss to publlc gazo?".
Brvan ln the Commoner, also cnters
Into'an'exhaiistlvo dlsciisslon of tho raco
problem nnd recmt mob violenco. Ho
charges tho Republlcans wlth stlrrlng up
raco aiitagoiilsin ln oruor to keep tho
black vote solld. Ho says the trumpet
flourlshlng appolntnients of negroes hy
Roosevelt excltes race prejudlce ten tlmes
as much as wns tho ease under McKIn
.ey< _?
(Snoclal to 'I'TTi'Imes-Dlspatoh.)
STAUNTON, VA., August 23,-Sum
Casey, colorod. allas Charllo Johnson.
alias James, was araested horo to-day for
the murder of SaBle McCoy. colorod, in
Lynohburff Casoy on August Oth shot tbo
woman and on August 15th she dled. A
few davs afterward- Casoy, not knownlng
tho woman was dead, wiotea lovter and
asked her to address hlm hore ns San.
Casey. Not h ea.H>F trom her he wrote
hv agaln a.klng her to wrlto ),lm as
Cliarll- Johnson. The letters addressod
to the decoased woman were reco ved by
tha chlef of pollce atT.ynohburg who com
?Sn.S.ed tho -aots to Clile. Slropson, of
Staunton. Thursday rjasey called at the
postofllce for a letter addrossed to Sam
Casey, and was told there was no mall.
To-day he called for hls mall, and was
handed two decoy letters wrltton by chUW
of police of Lynchburg, one addrossed to
Sam Casey and tho other to Charles
Johnston. Just as thes* letters were hand
ed him Pollceman Holt waa on the scene
and arested him
Casey ls now belng held for the Lynch"
burg authorltles.
LYNCHBURG, VA? August 22.-ChleI
of Police Pendleton left thls afternoon for
Staunton to brlng Casey back here.
(By Assoclated Press.)
BERLIN, August 22.?It Is announced
that Baron von Stengel, the Ba'.arian
plonlpotontlary In the Bundesrath, haa
beon appolnted secretary ofthe treasiiry.
in succession to Baron von Thtelmiinn,
who has reslgnod owlng to the dlfflcultlos
connected with carrylng out the reforms
ln the lmporinl financos.
Von Thlolmann's rotlroment appears to
hnve been due to hi3 lack of Ingenulty in
flndlng fresh sourcos ot revenue nnd
ways to conomlze. Hls usual expediort
was to placo a fresK loan, In order to
balance the hudget. lmporinl threes rose
fractlonally to-dny. whlch was nttrlbutod
by some newspapprs to Von Thlelmaiin's
leaving tho finance mlnlstry. Hls buciget
stntement, In whloh he sald ho belleved
it would bo necessary to lay an Imperlal
tax on beer, now tho prorogatlve of tho
various States, was ba'dly recelved.
(By Assoclated Press.)
PHILADELPH1A. PA., August 22.?Two
chlldron were killed _y mhallng llluml
nutlng gas early to-day, nnd three other
persons are In a hof.pltal ln a serlous con?
dltlon from tho samo cause. Tho dead
chlldren aro Clara and Bertha Roder.
Thelr mother and two other chlldren aro
ln a dangerous condltlon.
Mrs. Roder ln.er snld sho had attompt
ed to murder her chlldron and cominlt
sulclde. She lockod hersolt and chlldron
In a room and turned on the gas, but be?
foro all woro dead tho husband ronclwd
home. Thn woman gavo as h. renson foi
tho attemptod murder of her chlldren and
her self-dostructlon, that _hor husband,
who Ib a toxtllo strlkor, was wlthout
money, nnd that the fnmlly, who were
wlthout food, would have boen forced to
vncnto tholr 1lomo to-day.
(By Assoclated Press,)
WYNNE, ARK., August 22.-A deptity
marshal has nrrosted seven promlnent
whlto planlors of 1'oynsett county on the
chargo of wlilto-cnpplng. .
Tho prlsoners will bn taken to Helonit
to nppear before thn United Statoa Dis?
trict Court. _,
Tho negro lnborers employed at a saw
mlll, ln Poynsett county were .recontly
forced to lenvo under thrO'afs of vlolenco
by a hand of whlte planters, ciuislng the
inill to stispend. Thoarrests woro mado ;it
tho lnstlgnatlon of tho mlll owner,
(By Assoclated Pj-esa.)
ROME, August 2U.?Monottl Gai-lbaldl,
eldesl son of the ltallan patrlot, dleil nt
?:ir> P. M- to-day. Ho had hoen suffering
from a llvor complaint, compli'cated by
dyaentery, and due to malarla.
The Result of a Quarrel In
Franklln County.
The Slayer Comes to-Rocky Mount and
Glves Himself Up to the Law?The
Wounded Man Lived Only
a Few Hours.
(Speclal to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.) j
ROCKY MOUNT, VA., August 22.-Alex
ander Hodges, a young man of famlly,;
shot fatally John W. Hall yesterday ln
tho nelghborhood of Gogglnsvllle. lt ls
understood that Httll was drlnklng and
quarreled wlth Hodges and threatened
hls llfo.
Later it ls reported he camo to the
home of Hodges, who shot him through
?the broast wlth a heavy oharge from a
shotgun, tho charge enterlng just above
the left nlppla. ,
Tho wouii'iie'd man' llved only a few
Hodges cnme to Rocky Mount to-day
and gave himself up, and was commlttee!
to Jall, confesslng to murder.
(By Aasoolnted Press.)
In tho United Statos Clrcult Court to-dny
the Natlonal Homo for Di'subled Sold'lers
filed n. hlll agalnst J, 13. Parrlsh, a con
traclor, seeklng to annul hls oontrnct for
bulldlng the hospital group of bulldlngs
at tho Mountain Branch, near Johnson
Clty, Tenn. , . _
Tho bill nlso seoks ln onjoi.i Parrlsh
from dlsregurdlng tho notlce of annul
mont whlch was served AiiRiist 16th, {
The ground of iiiiiitilinont alleged ls that
be falled to prosomita the work dlllgently.
Judge Clark Issued a reatralnlng order
and set tho liearing for September 1 .th,
? 9 ., , . i,
(By Assoclated Preaa.)
CHICAGO, ILL., August 22.? Miss Bes
sle Anthony, the Wastorn golf champlon,
provod her rlght to the tltle agaln to-day
by defeattng MIbb "Johnnle" Carpenter
in the flnals for the Onwoiitsla cup, throo
up and two to play.
Slx years ago Mr. Peyton R. Cargbtfton
plunted a froestono Callfornla $Jaoh
atone In lhe yard of hla rosldenco, No.
7Ki Wost Grace Street.
Yesterday ho gatherod from the tree
a peach that Ih 10 H Inchea ln clrcum
ference, 3 1-2 Inohi-s in dlameter and
_'el__? ?.J2 of a pound, Troy w*__*Ut.
Virginia to Get More for
Oyster Lands.
Rhode Island Charges as
Much as Ten for Hfers.
Rhode liland. With Much Smaller ArM
of Oyster Rock, Derlves More Rev?
enue from Thelr Rental than
Does Vlrglnla?Leglslators
Learning Much About
Perplexing Problem.
(Speolal from a Staff Correspondent.)
N_-WPO-vT J-ffffS, VA., August _?.?
Although It Is well settled that the spe?
cial commlttee of members of the Gea
eral Assembly whloh Is Investigatlng the
Stato oyster beds wlll declare a consld
erable area barron and recpmmend that
It be rented, I thlnk It ls no more certaln
that thls actlon wlll be taken than that
every member of tho commlttee, wlth
ono exceptlon, wlll hereafter be convlnoed
thnt the man who leaaos the oyster beds
should pay u higher rental.
At present not an acre of oyster bot
tom Is loasod to Indllvduals at a greater
rental than the sum of $1 annually, and
by special acts much ls rented at a lesa
sum. Conipared wlth other States, Vir?
ginia recelvos almost nothlng from her
oyster grounds1.
Rhodo Island recelves an annuai rental
of $10. nn acre for all oy9ter ground cov?
ered by loss than twelve feet- of water,
and $5 annually for ground over whlch
thoro is more than twelve feet. A small'
portlon ot ground Is rented at $1 an acre.
Of the 5,135 acres In that State leased
last year, 2,672 acres pald a rental ot $10
per acro; 2,469 acres were leased. atan an?
nuai rental of $5, 'and for 1481 acres the
State received $1 an acra.' Ther6 has beon
no land i leased at a dollar slnce 1897.
Vlrglnla ronts out .7,803 acres of oyster
pluntlng ground, Includlng 9,684 acres on
the ocean or eastern slde of Accomao and
Northampton, at twenty-flve cents an
acre, wlth tho exceptlon of a few recent
asslgnmonts at $1 an acre, and 3,900 acree
of doop-wator plantlng ground at a ren?
tal of twelve and a half cents an acre
for the flrst flve years, twenty-flve cents
for tho second flve and flfty cents for the
next1 ten.
The total amount received by Vlrglnla
last year from her 47,80? acres waa .__,
285.66, whlle Rhode Island, with only 5,185
acres, received $38,213.
There are reasons why oyster beds lrl
Rhode Island waters, by reason of their
proxlmtty to populous centers, should be
more valuablo than those of Vlrglnla, but
lt would seem that there should not be
such groat dlfference unless the Vlrglnla
beds are much more greatly depleted.
New York rents her oyster plantlng
ground to the highest bldder. No land Is
rented for lessi than twenty-flve cents an
acre. Tho average Is sald to be many
tlmes that.
I havo not been ahlo to obtaln the
terms upon whlch Connectlcut has leased
out 64,097.1 acres of plantlng ground. That
State has only 5,687 acres of natural oys?
ter beds. She has done moro for the
protectlon ot planters, so far as marklng
the natural rock, than any other State.
The llnes are Indicated nt lntervals hy
spar buoys. 2x4 Inolies and slxteen feet
long, anchored by means ot btones SOO
pounds in welght. The buoys, whlch are
of wood, of course, are replacedi twlce a
Tho boundarles of the State oyster beds
In Vlrglnla waters have never been
markod. When thoy wore surveyod by
Mr. J. B. Baylor plats were made and
deposlted ln tho clerk's offices of the va
rious counties ln whlch tho grounds wore
lecnted. A plnnter mlght get off hliv land
and nnto that of the Stato wlthout know
Ing It, though ignorance is not belioved
to he very freq.uently at the bottom of
bucIi procodure.
No othor Stato pays so much money
for the protectlon of lts oyster beds as
does Vlrglnla. The oyster ,navy Is for
the protectlon of tho natural bods. upon
whlch the tongers can go and take up
tho oystors. Yet the seven thousand
tongers ot the State last year pald ln
taxes only $16,598.70. whlle the cost of tho
oyster navy wns $20,993.86.
It Is a most remarkable fact that the
tongers do not _niy lnto the treasury
evory yenr enough to keep up a navy
to protoot the bods. The pollco boats are
not for the purpose of keoplng plrates
off the rented ground, ht* to keep the
tongers and the plnnten. allke off the
natural rock durlng the oloaod season.
"Increasfi our taxes bnt do not break
tho Baylor siirvey." has been heard a
thousand tlmes from the tongers slnce
tho special ooinnilttoo has heen tnveatl
gating lnto tho condltlon of tho State oys?
ter hons Tho commlttee has no.hlng._to
do wlth tlie questlon of taxatlon. Jt has
onlv to roport whether thero ls withln
tho llmlts of the Baylor survey any har
ren area whlch should bo rented to plant*
It wlll report afttrniatlvely. Whllo tha
report wlll fVobably not touch on tho
questlon of Increaslng the rental of ground
to planters, nr of Increaslng tho cost of
tongers' llcenso, the members of tho com?
mlttee havo heard nil that wns said and
they wlll havo beconm protty fnmlllar
wltli condltlons ln tlio oyster country by
the tlme thelr tour of Investigation ahall
lutve beon completed.
Mr Rlchard Armstrong, of Ha-npton,
a very oxtenslve planter whom I have
quotod before lu this correspondence. is
rather ot the oplnlon that tho New York
niothnd of rentlng the oyster bftfs to the
highest bldder ls the best, flxlng a mlri|.
muin rental. An nbj.ctlon to It flee In the
danger ut wealthy men forclng tho prlce
ncyond the reaoh o^th^oorer^^
As to tho mniiiier ln whlch the land,
whlch It Ib pretty well assurod the I_eg
l-hitiire nctlng. on the r.-Omm-ndatloi.
+i the commlttee. will open to the plaat

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