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Ideal Weather and a Flne
Crowd In Attendance.
Governor Montague Wlll Po Among
Thoso at Show To-Day-Red Rock,
a Two-Year-Old, Won Three
(Bpeclal to The TImes-Dlspatch.)
HARRISONBtTRG, VA.. August 19.
The flrst day of the Hocklnghnm Horso
and Colt Show was the most successful
cn record. The attendance was fully
1.600. The day was an ldeat one, and
treat'er crowds nre expected to-morrow.
''? TJie quallty of the Horses oxhlblted was
far suporlor to any previous show.
Tho two-year-old horso "Red Rock,
owned by S. D. Myers, took three flrst
prlzes, two as a sa(ddlo colt and ono in
<the park hacks. Governor Montague wlll
arrlve to-nlght from Frederick. county
ond wlll be at the show to-morrow.
The summary of the events for tho day
?Rcf_Mered Percheron StalllonE>-Kcota
iUtamount, owner Danlet Mouse, North
Klvcr flrst; Keota Bohln, owner Panlol
Mouse, second; Colonel, owner R. Leo
Coffman. Dayton, thlrd. '
Best Grade Draft Colt, under threo
years-MaJor George Chrlsman, Chr s
rnan. flrst; Heatwole nnd Suter Dale,
Enterprlse, second; Snmuol L. Menlfee,
Bockingbam, thlrd. ?,?-_,?
Heavy Draught Four-Horse leams
Flrst and thlrd prlaes to John F. Lewls,
of the Lynnwood Stock Farms, ln this
county; .econd to Major Chrlsman.
Heavy Draught Two-Horse Teams
3ohn F. Lewls, flrst and second; A. J.
?Heatwole, Dale Enterprlse, tlilrd.
Hacknoy Stalllons?Slr Roger, flrst.
- Hackney Colts, two-year-olds-P. L.
Tates, Harrlsonhurg, flrst; L. B. ???,
Harrlsonhurg, second; Dr. G. V.. Klcn
nrds, Island Ford, thlrd.
General Mlles' Colts. two-year-ol.ds-S,
D Myers, flrst; Georgo G. Herrlng, soc?
ond; 0. B. Cooley. thlrd, nll of Harrlson
Snddle Colts, two-ycar-olds-S. D. My
fers, flrst; John I. Harnsborger, Port Re?
publlc, second; O. B. Cooley, thlrd.
Thoroughbred Stalllon-The Socman,
towners McCue and Farrow, Staunton,
llrst; St. I.orlmer, owmer Joseph Clatter
buck, Dayton, second.
Roadsters?Truth, owners Gnrber ond
Garber, flrst; Bessle B.. ownor Dr. T. C.
?Flrebaugh, second; Babo, ownor I. L.
Flory, thlrd, all of Harrlsonhurg.
Ponles-John F. Lowls, flrBt; Dr. T. C.
iFlrebaugh, second; John A. Swltzer, thlrd,
Park Hacks?Red Rock, ownor S. D.
Myers, flrst; Queen of tho Valley, owners
Garber and Garber, second; "Wade Hamp?
ton, owner Captain John A. Herrlng,
Hlgh Steppers, best palr shown to pole
?Garber ond Garber, flrst and thlrd;
D_.eC.u_i antl Farrow, second.
Ladlos' Harness Horses, to he drlven by
i. Indy-Lndy Dlck-on, owners JfetJI???
Farrow. flrst; Blr Roger. *f't*J?M' 0?,.
Mary Wrlght, nccomli Lndy Dalntj, 0*11
crs Garber nnd Garber. thlrd. j,,.^.
Galted Saddle Stalllonsr-Dock BWW
hurn, owners McCue nnd WfMWi -BU?^
tnn, flret: Gononil Mlles, ?tt."*'8 i.it.n
Saul>-rol and Montrose Sadjte H?
uel C. ?flfr18',"rBJ M-rrlng. accond; Lady
^ otDr W H Fat.rn._y. Tlmb.rvnie,
sorond; Prlnce Redwood, owner Harry
T.nRihMid. Slniinlon, tlilrd.
Hnl mlle di.i.11 for two ^^r**M*
oJ,l,_Kiitv Wink, owner H, G. Herrlng,
flrst; Mff Divls. ownor Dr. E. D. DavU.
secokd! Slr Glbblc, owner Thomas G,
jlorring. Rrldgownter, thlrd.
Runnlng rnce. mlle heats, best two m
thrcc-Samo horses led In flrst two heala;
Thatl, exhlbltors E. W. nnd J, R- Wells,
Bull Run. flrst; Slenna B., exhlbltor Geo.
Ij. Horrlng. second: Barltonc Second, cx
hlbltor Benjatnln N, Merchant, of Mn
nassns, thlrd. Tlme, 1(61 1-4.
Llght-Welght Hunlors-Concho, oxhlb -
tor H. G. Herrlng, Brldgewnter, flrst;
Fellx, owner Dr. T. C. Flrebau_.li, ecc
Reglstered Morgan Stalllon.-John Ad
nms, flrst; Morgan Rockcr, wmJ, ?
owned by Dr. George E. Wllllams, of
S38SSK' Morgan Colt's-Flrst anrl
?cond U? to A N Rhodcs; thlrd
prl_c to Dr. George E. Wllllams.
Best Genernl Mlles' V.nrllngs-FlrBt to
John F. Lewls; second,; O. B. Cooley,
thlrd, Wllllam and Joseph Wrlght.
Best Yenrllng Colt by Thproughhred
Stnlllon-Flrst to Robert. Early, Kee-le
town: second. Charles Harrls, Dayton;
tblrcl, Joseph Garber, Dayton.
Mlss Edlth Cowlesa Guest In ,Freder
' ick.
(Speclnl to The.TImes-Dlspatch.)
W1NCHESTER. VA.. August M^MJsfl
Fdllh Cowles, of Wnsh ngton, riiuightei
of aommander Cowles, Unlted States
navv. who married Miss Roosevelt, tho
Presldent'.. slster, Is the guost of Mlss
Ednn Whelzol, near town. _,._?-,?,.
Prellmlnary arguments aro f*-P*ct?a
to come up next week before .Tudge T.
XV, Harnlaori ln thls clty In the sult of
Mrs. Thurman for a dlvorco from her
husband, General Charles Thurman, of
Clarke. ,_,_. '... ._ T ____,,? _.
Lnst.. SundaVji Mr. Lacey Lewls nf
Round Hlll, d scovored ln n lltter o
young plgs one that had two perfect
months and three-eyes. He dld not pn>
special attenUon to tho freak and it soon
The Lnmbs' Club, of Phlladelphla, wlll
vlslt Wlnchester next Tuesday. T o
Flflyrfourth Pennsylvanla Reglmont mil
meet hero about October 2lst.
Mrs Albcrt Gloavos, wlfe of Captain
Gleav'es, Unlted States navy, who was
spendlng the summer here. loft yester
dav for Tompklnsvllle. N. Y.. where sho
wlll board tho Presldont's yacht,. the
"Mayflowor," whlch is commanded by
Captain Gleaves. She wlll wltness tho
Intornatlonal yacht race. The Frcstdont
and Mcs. Roosevelt wlll nlso be aboaru
the "Mayflowor."
Labor Day. Monday, Soptembor 7th.
Two days ln Washlngton. Only .2.60 round
trlP' J. M. THOMPSON & CO.
Bear.the jylhB KM You Hava Alwajg Boiight
Stylish Furniture
"Well Mr. Hundley, I would like a few points on what you
saw and bought in Now York, Grand Bapids and othor markets
for our fall trade r1'' .
"You can juBt say the market is full of pretty goods, and that
Sydnor & Hundley bought liberally." t
" About when will our stock bogin to arnve ?
" I bought some six or eight full ours. One car from the lia
pids lyis already been shipped ; the others will follow rapidly, so
the bulk of goods bought should be on our floors by September
15th. I may say I had quite a complimont paid us. I was ap
proached by several leading firms, who wished us to handlo their
lines exclus'ively here in Bichrnond." (
" Give me a (bird's-eye view' of purchasos?
" I note our trade each year demands a bettor grade of goods,
and with this in view, I bought more froely in goods along these
lines. For instance, in parlor goods I bought a three-piece \\ hite
Mahoganv Suite, very raro and tony, to sell at about $250.00.
Also a very handsome Gold Suit, to sell at about the same money,
aside from a varioty of three- and ftve-piece suits, to soll any
whero from $20.00 to" $175.00. I paid partioular attontion to the
selection of Covers, as adapted to style of each piece, I was iin
pressod with thn show of Davenports, in old Colonial patterns,
and will have ;t fine line at from $27.00 to $175,00. I paid special
?attentlon to Leather Goods, in odd pioces and suits; a lino of
beautifully Tufted Chairs ancl Booker from $30.00 to $90.00. I
may add the samo of Leather Couches at about thoso samo flgures,
A very handsome lino of High and Low Boys aro also coming. I
bought quite a nuinbor of Celorettos in down-to-date idoas also.
I mado a point to soloct somo very attractivo odd Dressors, Chif
foniers, ancl Toilet Tables, in mahogany, bird's-oyo maplo and
curlv birch; a special GhiiTonior, called tlio ' Ladios' Comfort,'
with large drawers bolow, doors in tho centl'O ancl small drawors
above, In gentlemen's Dressing Oabinets 1 havo somo pri_o win
nei'H. ' Hall Racks, with wardfobo eft'oote, will bo very popular,
and I bought soveral, besido a nico soloct ion of Hanging Hall
Mirrors, with Sottees to match. In selecting D iniiiK-room Furni?
ture I paid special attontion, and bought the ' very pick of tho
market.' Thoro is a vast difforence in makos of ^oods, but seoing
tho goods on the floors enabled me to buy the vory bost qualitios
and valuos. Thoro aro numbors of othor articlos iu noveltins I
selected ioo numorous to recall, but you can say our stock displuy
this fall will bo a surprise to our many patrons,"
" Will thore bo anv rnarked changes in limshes this fall? '
"_._? Malio^.inv.Bii.l's-eveM.aple, Goldon Oak, ?vo., will bn
as popular as ovor,'whilo Curly Birch, Woatherod aud Antwerp
Ouk are fast seconds, and growing daily in favor, Just wait and
708-11-13 E. Broad Slreet.
Klcked Llko ? Dog.
The Staunton Spectntor hns these few
remnrks lo mnke: Wo hnvo no tenrs to .
shed over G6i.-t.Al Mllcs nt nny tlmo Of ,
nny placo. Wo look upon hls troatmont
of Mr. JelterBon UavlB when ln &$?*&% I
Monroe as a nrlsonor, as tiiijiistlilnb o
and cruol. But Oenonil Mlles " :?"<*?
a good soldler, ho has bravod death ? ??>
tlmes, nnd has W.Otl honor- nnd ulstlnot oll ,
whlch cannot now bo taken away. vyiien
a cominanclei'.ln-chlet o? our army 18 to*
tlred lt is ctistomary, and deconcy re
qulros thnt ho should be P^J&ft?"1. ''_ \
1 osltlon of actlvlty to tho positlon o n- I
actlvlty wlth nt least thoso pollto forms
whlch havo beon customary, nnd whlch
ol clttl gentlllty h>.vo always ulotAted,
and not.bo klcked llko a dog from n dooi
step Into tho streot_
Commissioner Kolner.
Tho Potomac Progrcss says! Commls
s one. Kolner, of the ABrlc.ilUira Dopart
mont, lins alely been rocoh Ing hlgn
pmlso from some, of the Icadlnarag;rlcu -
tiiriil' nanors of the North. 'lhoso pupeis
_ y tha. tl o Con mlsslonor of Agr oulturo
bf Kansas Ih tho only othor commlssloner
fn tho Union Whose reports and work
will compnro wlth Mr. Kc.Iner's George
Kolner wns a thorough farmei, havlng
ienrned hls btisliioss by practlcal expy
i .e ico bofore ho was a commlsslonor. He
knows tho adaptnbllity ot tho so ls of
the dlfforcnt secUons, nnd knows how o
&s^S_vv_s^_ w. ?
ffiein n'suc'essVand hc, hns deserved
. nitlclals who understand theu dusi
nesB?nnd take' a prlde ln 'their W raro
!.. rnll aVinrt Of SUCCeSS, 811(1 Will Bf.in
thi fS-bftltton and commendation ot tho
public ._ '
A Cry In Louisa.
Thls ls n leador in the Loulsa County
ErlhPri'oHu:a stoadlly growliig sentimont
nmon_ tha pooplo for a radlcal chango ln
the matter of worklng the public roads .of
[lifs county. Tho almost unlversalopnlon
__ij._3_?i. oTZ^bat "such ^ whero
thoTaKalnly of sand or g-^n to prma
tlon nnd other soils whlch will PftOKr!"
lireally a Qlsodvantage on cla;y.iols,,the
tendency ot whlch ls to absprb.the water
to such an extent that ln sensons ot nln.
sucl as wo havo had for the past slx or
elght months, ronder tho roads impasslblo
for heavy hnullng purppses. ~ntpr_
in the htiinble judmnon ol: the, Eiter
nrlse, the plan ot spending all nt oraiaii
_blelfinnd. In maklng P?W^ivoa?r
tho Wbrst nlaces ln our roads encli yoar,
Wt? pro" to bo tho true and wlse solutlon
nf' . _. verv knottv problem. At nny rate
we maVe tl e st.gges.ion tall^?te?)'
sure that It ls worth tho oonslderatlon of
^Vo.be^^that as much ns nlnety per
cent of tho public roads will stand the let
_!one pollcy. whlle tho othor ton por cent.
will requlre "doctorlng.
By the People.
Tlie Norfolk County Democrat wants
sonators olected by the peoplo. It says:
It Is, of course, true that the people
sometlntes selct pretty sorry stlck. for
govemors or something ot that sort. But
that doos not by any means constituto an
argument for the presont mothodot
chooslng senators. It is not wholly a quos
tlon of the mon chosen hy whlch the sys?
tem must be judged. Tho method of
operatlon must nlso be considered.
Now what aro tho facts as to the opera?
tlon of Uie present system. No man can,
as a rule, be chosen to tho United States
Senate unlei. ho ls amonable to the In
fluencc of certaln powerful Interests and ls
known to he so. He must be a man wltn
a collar on. Tho collar may not choke
and it may not bo consplcuous, but it is
there Just tho snme. _
It seoms to us thnt a system thnt works
this way Is not nn un qualified success.
About "Craps."
Thls is from tho Hallfax Gazette:
"When farmors prosper every clnss or
business ls gonornl buoyant. Whlle tne
?wheat and ont crops In the Pledmont
section of Vlrglnla were short nnd In?
terlor In tho Valley tho crops were falr?
ly good. The grass crop In all sectlons
of grnss-grnwing countles was nn ex
ceptionally good ono and now commands
tho hlghest prlco for several yoars. The
' gardons wero never botter and vege
tnhles plentlful everywhere. The applo
crop ln most countles Is abundant, nnd
ls a sourco of great Incomo. The crop
ot corn nover looked moro promlslng than
lt does now, nnd even lf thore Is but
llttlo raln horeafter the yleld will be
g-reat, Tolincco ls promlsing.but owlng
to the scarclty of labor the acreago ls
less than last year. The prlmlngs of the
crop aro belng mnrkoted, and whero they
havo good color, nre commandlng ns good
prices as they did last yoar. when tho
general average was about nvo dollars.
The future for the agrlculturlst looks un?
usuaily brlght.
As to Virginia Land.
Tho IjOxlngton Gazette says:
Virginia land pleasos those who buy
lt. It hns often happened that whon one
man from tho North or Wes. locates In
Vlrglnln, ho soon brlngs others here
from hls section,
A lato vlsltor, huntlng a farm, was ln
Rlchmond recently. Hls namo was B.
J. Young, of Madlson, WIs. He rented
ono thotisand acros of good lnnd for gen
oral farming.
Mr. Young came to Vlrglnla upon tho
roprnsentntlon of hls frlend, Mr. C. Ij.
Colton, formerly of Edgerton, WIs., who
wns Induced by Superlntendent of Agrl?
culture Kolner, to locnte In the Stato.
Mr. Colton flrst wroto for a report, whlch
Mr. Kolner sont him, nnd Invlted him
to como to Vlrglnla nnd seo both cllmnte
and lnnd for himself. Thls Mr. Colton
did, nnd last sprlng bought 1,000 acres ln
Powhatan county. Ho has hoon well
pleased, and sinco has beon wrltlnp to
got hls frlend, Mr. Young, to come, Thls
gontlemHn Is now golng over tho Stato
looklng for a farm scarcely less smaller
thnn that puruhasod by Mr. Colton.
In Place of "Cote Day."
A wrlter ln tho Vlrglnla Mldland ls
huntlng for somothlng to tako tho place
of County "Cote Dny," now soo.n to stop
down and out. Hore Is hls suggestlon: Wlth
tlie date of tbo long ostabllshed court
day for tho timo and tho courthouse for
a plnco of mootlng, an orgnnlatlon of tho
people lnterested In lmprovomonts of any
kind for tho county or lts poople, wnuhl ln
tho oplnlon of tlio wrlter. bo a good sub
Htltnto for co.irt-day. ln a tompornnco
town such as Pnlmyra thoro ls nn roason
whv tho ladles of tho county should not
attend?Indeed thoro Is evory reason thoy
Hhould?then a bsskct lunch and n soclal
hour at noon tlme would be an nttructivo
At oa'-ch mootlng a toplc sulted to that
partlcular timo could bo soloctod nnd a
speaker choson whoso nchlevoments ln
that llne mako It lntorestlng and Instruc
tivo to others to llstcn to hlm. All oxcel
in somo certaln thlng and thus command
attention, Other sponkers could follow,
iirohlblllng a cli-Ui... of a ono Idon meot
Ing. Farmlng mclhods. stock rnlsliiK.
schools, roads nnd homo and farm lm?
provomonts would nll furnish mntorla
for limtructioii. A markot foaturo could
bo introduced lf deslrablo,
The Rfghl Prlnclple.
Tho Northern Neck Nows clscourses on
prlmarles thus: The prlmurlns, not boitiK
ut present legallsed, and tho oxponsrs
iherenf havlng to be pald for rntnbly by
ihe contesllni. ciindldotes. It waa coiiHid
erert thnt ln muny instances t would be
1 a hardshlp to nssess a cawlldato (nr an
ollico which pald next to nothlng. Foi
Insianee, ln somo eountlos. *i. ovorsoer or
the poor only goti nbout $15 por annum.
To iis.ess hlm for tho oxpenso of n pri?
mary at threo or four dlfferent precincts
would bc .U.siird. When what ox-l-Ologalo
l'llcher eallecl "tho trlbe" Is wllllng to
provldo for .. logaligod primary iljlojl wlll
give tlio people ihe right 1o solect thelr
own candidates from I'nlted Statos Sen?
ator down to constable wlthout an Inai
vlilual 9S_e._n.ont for lts exponse wlilcli
' bar_ out the poor mun. thou wo may-_se_
n falr trlal of a plan, tho prlnclplo of
whlch ls right,
And All tho Earth,
The Henry County Bulletln hns thla
to any: Wo nre Informed thnt somo ot tno
cnndldatoB for tho Leglslaturo are mtiK
lug thelr campalgn on tlio grounds timt
thoy are opposod to tho dog law, the
Mann Ilquor law nnd tho Mnrl ?"Vllla
dJspensnry, Why not adil thc K,"vv,'__
of tho nttoat and tho supronincy or tho
negro raco? That mlght catch a fow wno
of shoop? that he deslres lo put a grog
gory iit any mnn'a door whether.110 on
.loctfl or not, and thnt ho wnnts ho town
of Martlnsvlllo thrust back to |ho_,tiaya
whon thoro were.saloops oil evory eornorr
Thls renlly strlkes us ns n foty low
plane to ask tho votos of scnslblo peoplo
to stislntn,
Somo Oomfort.
Tho Salem Tlmcs-Roglslcr, In search of
comfort, flnds lt thus: ._,, - _.. _
Thoso peoplo ln Ronnokn county who
aro disposed to grtimblo nt thc W* levj
of soventy conts 011 the $100 for nll pur?
poses should flnd somo comfort from tlio
fact that the lovy ln our slster county
of Botetourt ls higher by twenty. conts on
the $100. Over thero. however, tho super?
lntendent of tho counly poor farm hnd
n noat balance ln hnnrt nvor ftn_e,*"
pensos_ and ln that he boats us. Ouis
dldn't pay runnlng exponses for tho yenr.
The Country is Safe.
Tho Vv'o-t Point News r rjolces. It savsi
Wall Streot speculators haye dnzzJerl
tho country of late yenrs. It has turned
out multl-mllllonalres who havo swarmod
over tho land as though tho oarth was
thclrs. Hlgh flnanco hns hnd a wlld day
of boomlng everything good and bod,
and now hns como the lnevltablo col
lapse. But tho country Is safe.
AgedBlble. 1
Tho Pulaskl Nows-Revlow says:
J. H. Harman, of East Riidford, clalms
to have the oldest good book ln thls sec?
tion. It ls a Dutch Bllla (Blble), and hns
on tho publlsher's lenf tho date 1716. Ihe
Blblo belonged to hls grandmotherj lheio
ls not a looso leaf ln the book, hut some
of tho odgos aro faded, from dampnes..
nt somo timo. Thero ls nlso pn tho fly
loaves Inscrlptlons ln Dutch, glvlng mar
rlagos and deaths wlth uatos us far
back as 1764.
? ?
King George Socinl Life.
(Bpeclal to Tho Tlmes-Dlspalch.)
KING GEORGE, VA? Aug. 22.?Thi
Misses Washlngton gavo a largo,party at
tholr hospltable home "Wlndsor," Friday
evonlng, whlch wns greatly enjoyod by
at least a hundred or more guosls. Music
convorsatlon and dancing woro enjoyed
to a pleasant oxtont by all present. Sup
por and rofreshments wore served at 11:30
o'clock, after which dancing was Indujged
ln for awhlle, after whlch oll tho guests
departed for home wlth pleasant rnemo
rles of a dellghtful evenlng.
The lawn party glven at Waverly,
the resldence of Mrs. N. B. Doherty, last
week for charlty, was ln every way a suc
coss. A large company nssembjod to en
joy tho concert and an evenlng of ploas
nnt reunlon wlth frlontls. Tho snug sum
of $50.50 was reallzed for the benellt of
the worthy poor of Klng George.
Mrs Henry B. Lowls entertainea a num?
ber of young friends at her handsome
home, "Cleve," on thc Rappahannock
Rlver, Wednesday evenlng, whlch was
creatly onjoyed by all present,
Tho Young 'Poople's Tennls Club was
ontortalned by tho 'Misses Taylor Satur?
day afternoon att "Powhatan. .Much of
the playlng was speclally good, the play?
ers sliowlng much sklll.
Mrs R. V. Suttle, resldlng In the lower
part of Klng George, ls better, aftor an
lllness of flve weeks.. -,--_??., _-.,.?
Miss Bessle Pierson, of Kansas Clty,
Mo., ls a guost of Mr, and Mrs. J. Is.
Peed at thelr hospltablo homo ln Klng
GMrBand Mrs. Charles Keafauver, of Bal?
tlmore, aro also guests of Mr. Peed and
?tMri!''Paul Bradloy, wlfe of Rov. Paul
Brndley, of Churchland, Va., and her son,
Paul, are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Henry
T. Gurnott, at "Spy Hlll."
Gurgles l-rom Carysbrook.
(Special to The Tlmes-Dlspatcli.)
CARYSBROOK, VA Aug. 22.-A se
ries of meetings conducted by Dr. A.. B.
Woodtln Is ln progress at Bethel Churcn
near hero thls weok, '; ???_,. ?'.
Whllo horo, Dr. Woodfln ls the guost of
C. E. Jones. ... . _ ._
Mrs. James Gaston. of Atlanta, Ga ls
nt the "Rectory," for a month,a> vlslt to
her friends. Dr. nnd Mrs. N. B. Oay.
Nal J Krklns, who Is well known in
ed'uca'tional clrcleji, wlll leave ln a few
davs for Aspln, Col., to accept a posltlon
ln a flne school. Aspln Is a growing town
and affords a good opening in many llnes
?Mr-%*W?mam Bugbeo ontortalned a party
of young peoplo very oharmlngly-at.her
homo, "White Cottage," on Tliursua.
?.MlSBBLlzzie Hldon Is ln Lynchburg, vis?
itlng friends, where she is a guest in a
dellghtful houso party, which will con?
tlnue for two woeks.
Mr and Mrs. Horndon Martln havo re?
turned to Rlchmond, after a vlslt to Mr.
and Mrs. Lanford. , ... ..
Douglas Ellorson. of Rlchmond. Is tho
guest of Jullan D. Jones, at "Carysbrook.
B Judgo A. E. King nnd family have re?
turned to tholr home In Roanoko, after
spendlng a monlh as guests ot W, __.
Fluvanna Affalrs.
(Speclnl to Tlio Tlines-DI-patcb.)
COLUMBIA. VA., Aug. 22.-Durlng the
recent ralnfnll thero hns been a mnj-ked
Improyement of crops ln tho counties nf
Fluvnnna, Cumborlnnd and Gooolilond.
Tho foimor report a Hne prospect for both
corn and tobacco.
Mrs" Dr. R. H. Hughes, of Lnurcns,
South Carollna, who hns been vslllng
her mnthor. Mrs. C. B. Cosby, wlll re?
turn to her homo to-day, much to tho
rosret of hor many friends.
Mra. Frank Meotze, of AVashVngton, D.
C., Is visitlng relatlves ln Columbla thls
^Mls's Vll'glo Baker, of Rlcjimond, ls vis?
itlng her oousln, Miss A. T. Rlohnrdson
Mlss Julla Flannngan. of Charlottesvllle,
Is visitlng her oousln, Miss P'ttm.a "',,,,
Miss Harrls, of Sianarclsvlllu. la Wf?
Ing tho week wlth her frlend, Mrs. \. . O.
Mlss Maudo Shepherd, nfter a nlonsnnt
stay at Ocoan View, hns returned to i o
liimhla. much to the delight of hor many
?raiite-il tu cure or yuur ujou?/ ???-?
ever see t-me equal.i
Eighth and Broad Streets*
Your Money Does
Doubie^ Duty Here
We cannot talk too~^a^>^^
for a house like this to carry no suits over to the next; season ?_ the reason
buys any SUIT that was 8.10.00
buys any SUIT that was $12.50
buys any SUIT that was $15.00
for this sacrifice.
Boys' Clothing
One-Third Off.
In other words, they are worth a
half more than we ask, although they
are the finest makes. Get your boy
ready for school now. t
Derby and Soft Hat
.Half and Less.
All these hats are the latest styles.
but to do business in August we must
give new sryle prices. Come and
see them and judge for yourself.
Men's Furnishings for Little.
We have slashed the prices right and left in Men's Furnishings. Inspect our
stock and you will buy, for the prices are less than anywhere else in town.
9/ews and 7/iews Selected J^rom
Xead/nff jimerican SPapers
Tis Pity.
John Temple Graves. of Georgla, aftor
readlng Presldont Rosevelt's sta o paper
from Oystor Bay upon the ?uWoot of
?'mob law," defends &nchlng as the only
pmilshment that flts the crlme whlch pro
vokes lt. Thoro is a groat deal of hu?
man nature ln tho argument of Mr.
Graves-but no law. Tho law should bo
enforced, but, as Mr. Graveo po nts out.
lt lsn't nnd probably never will be ln
illm.natlng, lynchlng for thls cIms of
crlmes. . 'Tis true, 'tls plty, and puy
?tls 'tls truo."-Seattle Tlmes.
A Statesman Wanted.
As the Clvll War was a much blggor
affair than tho war with Spaln General
Mlles perhaps thlnks he would have the
advantago of President Ttoosevolt ln a
pFes.dentia] contest. But the war.i of tho
past aro not siipplylng tho llve issues of
tho psesont. The country wants ?? "tato-i
Z ln tho Whlto House.-Kansas City
Tiliman's Passes.
The loss of hls rallroad pass ln tho
West by United Statos Senator Till?
man roveals that Tillman, the arch-foo
of corporatlons and the raonev power,
travels on a pass. Everybody knew be?
foro that Tillman was a rufllan. a fou
mouthod blackguard, wltllln or wlthout
tho United States Senate; everybody knew
he was tho lowest kind of a "wnltc-tnL.h
demagogue. and lt will surprlse nobody
to know that ho accepts and probably
sollclts the bounty of the corporatlons
ho cursos early and late. Men have been
so saiuruted wlth alcohol that they havo
beon descrlbed as "drunk clear through.
Tillman ls a demagogue clear through.?
Portland Oregonlan.
The Professor Slips.
Profossor Brander Matthews, of Co?
lumbia Unlversity, ln a. very senslble ar
tlclo ln Hnrpor's Monthly on the use
of forelgn wordss ln English, makes somo
queer slips, whloh profossors and linquls
tlc authorltles should not make lf they
wlsh to speak wlth the volce ot au?
thority, and not merely ns mngazlne
scrlbes. He spcaks of "opera, tho gon
erlc name of the lyrlo drama, as J_atln,
whlch, Indeed It orlglnally was. But as
tho namo of a muslcal play lt was flrst
uw. d by tho Itallans of tho ond of tho
slxte'enth contury, and lt was at that tlmo
a naturnll_ccl Itnllan word. Tho rest of
tlie world got It from them. Professor
Matthews dosorlbos "appendlx,' "index,
nnd "vortox" as Greok, whlch they are
not. They are good Latln wordB, and
may be found in any Latln lexlcon by
any professor who will tako the trouble
to" look for thom. No doubt it was a
sllp; but lt was the kind whlch lmproy
ers of mnnners, morals or. speech should
nm make.?Now York Sun'.
Colonel Bryan's "Chestnuts."
Wllliam J. Bryan has bought a team of
horses for UfiOO nt Mllwaukee. Ihls
ls mentloned slmply as an lllustrat on
of the "hard tlmes" whlch attended tho
prosslng of tho crown of oratory ,on tno
brow of Amerlcan Democracy, lhe news
Item statos that the team is "a palr of
spnnklng chestnuts," If they hnd been
a palr of snanked ohestnuts they might
very properly bo named 1806 and lPOO.?
Troy Tlmes.
Jim Hill's Idea.
And now comes the rallroad man, James
J, Hlll, wlth tho vlow that tho United
States government should never be wlth?
out an nuny of at least 200,000 roady In
stantlv to take tho fleld, and with the
famlllar doclaratlon that "wo must have
ponce, for our lndustrial and oommer
olal growth, nnd peace wo will have, lf
we have to llght for lt," Thnt Is usually
tlie talk nf a man who prefors a peaco
tli.it has to be fought for to a peaco whlch
sprlngs from peaco, and suoh a man seems
to he the defendanj: ln so many suits to
onforce tho antl-trust I^s. But JUBt
wh.re he . .pecteel or hoped-for war la to
Bprlng up Mr. Hlll does not venture an
t.pluion.-Sprln_ffleld Republlcan.
Domocratic Harmony.
ii there Is anybody who doubts thot
harmony ls really to prevall among tho
peinocrats during thla fall and PMg/Mrt
campalgiia lio Hhoulii note the news from
lowa. A hard llght ooourred be woentho
gold or roform Pemocrots an4$}*$$**?
Hor In tha party's State convention,, A
tow days u?o tho Sta e Central Commlt?
tee me tn'Vrepnro tor the comlng cs.n*
n.i'_n uml those present includod both
rro.sin.Jrs and former ,.4vopatw of hII
vi-r VolnuBO. Tho ?ath. rlng dclded unnn
Im.ius v"thi.. the sllver questlon should be
io^aoriu, nnd both groupsuntedto
dr, tho very best thnt they wuldni/w."?
tlcket. The fact that eoromon eonaent to
unliy or actlon and ?P?e_f]Lff"Jd_,?_ fSl
cured nt th's conforonce 'ndlcatos tiwt tiia
i Pryaniles reall.e not only that they ar?
beaten but also that they should take a
now attltu.de.?Provldemce Journal.
Law is Sufficien'.
Except on ono or two mlnor points no
now laws or changod laws are needed
to stay tho lynchlng epldomlc In some
States, as in llllnols, the penalty .for as
sault upon woman's honor is not as so
vere as publlc sontlment domands. lt
would also be well to assess a money pen?
alty agalnst tho community whlch por
mlts a lynchlng. But wlth theso excep
tlons tho laws are well_gnough. What ls
needed is greater respect for law as tho
bulwark of llberty and koonor recognltlon
of the fact that there can bo no llberty
without law. , .
Here Is tho only remedy for lynchlng
that goes to the heart of tho evll: That
every man shall understand, when ho
Jolns a mob or permlts a mob to havo Its
way, he Imporlls hjs own safety, and that,
whother done by one man or a hundred,
murder ls murder.?Chicago Inter-Ocean,
Busines., Not Politlcs.
Presidont Roosevelt has tho right Idua
about tho draft of the currency measure.
whlch wlll bo presented to Congress at
lts comlng sesslon. The President b?
lieves that no partisan conBlderatlons
should enter lnto the framing of thls
bill. Ho wishes to see enacted the best
and most practlcible law wl_lch can
be devlsed, and to thls ond he would
have the whole riuostlon takon out ot
Advice as to the form of the measuro
rs sought from Mr. Clevoland, Mr. Car
llslo and othor leadlng Democrats as
eugerly ns from Republlcan statesmen
who have made a study of flnanco. Bank
ors and other men of affalrs are asked
to 'contributo to the jreiioralstoro ot
informatlon. whlch wlll be at the servlco
of the mon who flnally draw tho bill.
In this way a law to glvo our curronu.
ihe needed olastlcltyi can best bofrarnod
and the method omployed in Its proparn
tion should Insure its early enactment by
Congress. A sincero effort Is belng mado
by the Presldent and his advlsers to pro
vlde a meaaure satlsfactory to all friends
of honest money, and thero ls reason to
believe that lt wlll not be opposeil by
the ralnorlty party as a whole. A quos
tlon of such Importance to tho country
should be met wlth Htateamanshlp, not
partlsanshlp.?Ohio Stoto Journal.
Hatless Women In Church.
The ladles belonglng to tho Protostant
Eplscopal Church who happen to bo so
Journlng In Asbury Park wlll horeUfter
wear tholr hats when thoy go to chuich,
or they wlll be debarred from tho! prlvl
legos of publlc worshlp. It has become
tho fashlon of late years ln our summer
resorts for ladlos to dlscard thelr houd
gear, and lt cannot be sald that It ls
elther nn unhoaltby or . unslghtly fnsh
lon. Benrlng ln mlnd the constant up
peals thnt are mado evory wlnter to
ladlos to rcmove thelr boadgear ln tho
theatros, the summer resldonls of Asbury
Park, not havlng tho fear of the Apofjtlo
Paul boforo thelr eyes, consldorod that
the samo rule mlght apply to tho church,
and they adopted tho rule of nttcndlng
dlvlne service wlth uncovered heads. But
on Snndav lost the hatless women were
called down by the rector, aoting under
Instructlons from Blshop Scarborough,
of the Now Jorsoy Diocese. Tho worthy
Blshop dld not forget ihat nccordliig to
the ansplrod aposlle to tho GentllcH.
"everv woman that prayelh or propho
sloth wlth hor head uncovorod, dlshon
oieth hor hend. for that Is even nll one
as lf sho were shaven, ' and tho ladles
wero ndmonlshod thnt thoy would not
be ndmlttec to church unless thoy brought
thelr hats wlth them. "No hnts, no
prayers," Is hereaftor the rule, so far as
women are concerned, ln ihe Eplscopnl
churches ln New Jersey.?Brooklyn Times.
Lynchlng Not a Remedy.
It Is encournglng to flnd lendlng South?
ern newspapers rlslng to_.ehuko and con
fute the apology for lynchlg whlch the
Souther orator, John Temple Graves, of
Georgla. mado at the Chaulauqua Confer?
enco last weok. Mr. Graves mado a pune
gyrlc of womanhood the stnrtlng-polnt of
hls defense, nnd took the ground that
lynoh law, however deplorable, Is here to
stay becauso It ls necessary to protect
womanhood. But tho Columbla Stato tells
Mr. Graves that hla Idea If lynchlng fpr
"the ono crlme" is mistakon slnce "lynch?
lng has bocomo universal," and lt points
to tho records In Mr. Gtnves's own State
ns evldonoo. The Rlohmond Tlmes-Dls
palch d'/ilares that "lynchlng is not a
remody for anything.' and tho Charlotte
(N. C.) Observor, while lt rornarks that
1 "oxnorlenco has shown that It ls idie to
' talk1 of ahatlng lynchlng whlle the crlrno
1 contlnuos." goes on to admit that the
worst foitturc of the ni^tter ls tha lynch
in_r seems to nexonse .he numbor oi
?orlmM" TWbIb a well-known fact, easly
prSvtn by stntlstlcs, but wod^'mt re?
member to have aeen lt admitted in tt
For Sale.
1903 Latest Model Gasolino
Steam Locomobile (ZAfifi
Runabout. ?P^UU
Steam Mobilo Runj- (ClQA
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Aufomoblles. Bicyclcs and Ma?
chlne ry of Every Descriptlon,
Our $8 Pholograpbs?
Wo will make them through the
dull months of hot weather for
$5.00 Per Dozen.
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ruuko theso llne plctures
Yoy renp tbo bonoflt.
All Slttlngs hy engngomont.
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O. H. STAUNTON, Manager.
Foiirqurean & Ruffin.
Wo havo a nlco Btook on bmwl. Buyort
should got our prlcos.
5th Avenue, Chestnut Hill.
? F.ioi_e_83
Southern Journal hefore.-Boston Trane
crlpt, _
The President'8 Duty.
Tho ronorted actlon of the ColomWan
Senate Jn unanlmously rejoctlng the can
al treaty lmposes a duty upon Presldent
Roo-ovelt whloh shinild ho promptly and
%TVhyeWne-SaSr tl.e Admln.strat.on
i? n-rartaJn vlth all ivosslhle dlspatch
vhanfer there ls any li!.o|lhood that the
foolish aml greedy courso of the t.ogoui
.eS-ore Wl? h<> reversod ln tlme for
1 iho ratl Icatlon of the treaty withln the
-tinulat-d limit. If. n* appoarancos Indl
cato" tho Colomhlan politlolans aro piub.
hom ln thelr fatuous supposltlon hat
they can 1 aekmall tho Unilod Sta.es Inlo
burranSer tho Prc-ident should at onco
oloy the manrlates of the Spoonor iie ,
wl.chreciui.o_ hlm, ln caso of Oolombln's
.efusal to accept the treaty, to procoee.
wlth tho lasK if Mo>rln? ^e^neeepsary
t.ri.tpiv from Nlcarugua and Costa Itioi.
ln ordor to coiis.truct a panal hy wh t,
n tho nnguage of the stntute, "ls com.
I monlv known as the Nlcarugua rout-."
PhllaTi elplila Bulletln..

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