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fcecords of the Natlonal and
American Leagues.
Defeated the Phlllles ih Both Games.
Brooklyn and Cincinnatl Divlded
Honors?Boston Boat St. Louls.
Glants Won from Chicago.
Score. Yesterday. '
I-tlsburg 0-7, Phlladelphla 4-4.
Brooklyn 7-1, Cincinnatl 1-1,
Chlcngo X, New York 3.
Boston 0, Bt. Louls 1,
Whore They Play Monday. - i
Bt, Louls at Boston,
Clnclnntttl ut Brooklyn.
Plttsburg at Phl.ndvij.hl_i;
Chicago ut Now Yorit.
'fctanding of tho Clubs.
. Clubs, Won'. Lost. P.C.
Plttsburg .70 87 .-M
Chlcngo .III 43 .1113
. New York .(13 -13 .__
Cincinnatl .57 49 .f>3_
Brooklyn .r,2 51 .101
Boston .44 67i .41.6
Phlladelphla .33 _?! -340
Bt, Louls . 37 73 .S3ti
BROOKLYN, N. Y.. Aug. 22.-ln tho
double-hoader to-day tho Brooklyn and
Cincinnatl teams broko evon. Tho homo
?lub won the llrst I'amo and tho vlsitors
ho second.
Flrst Game?
Scoro: R.H. E.
Cincinnatl .000031000-. 4 3
Brooklyn .... .... 1 3 1 0 0 U 0 2 x?7 11 3
Baltorics: Hahn and Peltz; Schmldt and
Jiicklltsch. Tlme 1:64. Umplre, Moran. ,.
Bc'cdlld Game?
Score: R.Hi E.
Cincinnatl .0 0 2 0 2 0 0 0 0?1 5 l
Brooklyn .0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0? 1 b 3
Batteries: Ewlng and Peltz, Garvln and
Rltter. Tlme, 2:10. Umplre, Moran, At?
tendance, 0,500.
At Boston: St. Louls played wretched
bail ln to-day's fiiime and practlcally gavo
Boston the game,
deorc: R. H. E.
Boston .00020004 x?0 7 l
Bt. Louls . 100000 0 0 0-1 7 ?
Batteries: Wlllls and Moran; Currlo and
Ryan. Tlme, 1:27. Umplre, Johnstone.
Attendance, 2.5S?.
At Phlladelphla: Plttsburg won two
games from Phlladelphla to-day by su?
perior work at the bat.
Flrst Game?
Score: R. H. E.
Plttsburg .0 0 0 2 0 0 1 2 1?_ 13 2
Ph'lodelphla . 1 3 0 0 0 0 0 O 0-4 10 2
Batteries: Doheny nnd Phelps: Sparks
ond Dooln. Tlme. 1:53. Umplre, Emslle.
Second Game?
Score: R. H. E.
Plttsburg .3 0 3 0 0 0 1 0 0?7 11 2
Phlladelphla .000210100?1 5 1
Batteries: Philllnpl and Smlth; McFet
rldge and Roth. Tlme. 1:25. Umplre, Ems?
lle. Attendance, 0,352.
At New York: Chlcngo look second
jilace from Now York to-day. the local
team drnpplng back to third posltlon _)y
los'ne tbo opening gnmo of the s?rle_.
Scoro: R- H. E.
rhlrsiro .2 1 2 0 0 2 0 1 0?_ ld 3
_s>w York . 00000201 0?3 7 3
Bntterles: Welmer nnd Kllng: Miller
nnd Warner. Tlme. 1:50; Utnnlres, O'Day
nnd Hurst. Attendance, 17,721. ,
Scores Yesterday.
Detroit 3, Washlngton 0.
Cleveland 11, Phlladelphla 3.
New York 9, Chicago 6.
Bt. Louls 2, Boston L _
Where They Play To-Day.
New York at Chicago.
Boston at St. Louis.
'Vasblngton at Detroit.
Where They Play Monday.
New York at Chicago.
Phlladelphla at Cleveland.
Boston at St. Louls.
Washlngton at Detroit,
Standingof'the Clubs.
Clubs. Won. Lost. P.C.
Boston .*>" ?* ?"*"'
Cleveland .,r,!) ^ "'>51
Phlladelphla ??;;;;;;;;;;;; ? ? j*
New YorkV.V.:.M , ? .W0
Chicago .j< %- -\L\
St. Louls .$ $ ??!
Washlngton .a* '" '^
At Cleveland: Cleveland won easlly
from Phlladelphla to-day by battlng Ben
dor out of tho box ln thc.thlrd innl-ig.
<Lr,,ro ". "? t^'
Clevolafid .4 0 3 11110 x-11 13 3
Phllndelph a .0 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 0-3 42
} B Wooro nnd Bemls; Bendor.
Hcnlev and Powers. Tlme, VAj. Um?
plre, Sherldan. ,\f""^nce, 13,055.
_____ i ?--???
At St. Louis: Pelty, St. Louls' new pltch
?r, defeated Boston to-day ln a close
Scoro' "? *+? E.
Bt Louls . 0100000OX-2 4 0
Boston.0 1 0000 00 0-1 8 0
Batteries; Polty and Sugdon; Dineon and
?tnhl. Tlme. 1:20. Umplre, Connolly. At?
tendance, 4,100.
At Chicago: Chicago had tho game woll
In hand until the elghth lnnlng. New
Tork won out In tho oloventh by hltting
Owen nll over the fleld.
Scoro' ?"> "' Ji'
ChlcaBO.2O010O00102-O 11 S
New York V.0 0 0 1 0 0 0 2 1 0 5-S 13 3
Bottorlos: Flahcrt.v, Owon and Slattory;
Tannehlll und Bovllle. Tlme 2:12. Um?
piro, Egan, Attendance, 7,800.
At Detroit: To-day's game was romark
?bly clean and fast. Washlngton could do
nothlng wlth Mullin. t. m t.
Kcore- *>, "? "?
rietrolt . 100 0 00 2 0X-3 fl 0
Washlngton . 0 0 000 0 0 00-0 3 (I
Hattorios: Mullin and Buelow: Patten
? nd Kitlredgo. Tlme, 1130, L'mplre,
O'Loughlln. Attendance, 073.
Southern League.
Atlanta 2-2, Blrmlngham 2-1.
tlomphls 10, Little Rock 2.
'?Shamrocks" Defeated.
A fast and Interesting game of bail
wns played yesterday afternoon between
the Shamrocks and ,C. & O. Tanglefeet,
ln whlch the Shamrocks s>-ere defeated by
the score of 1ft to 7. _
Scoro by Innlngs R
C. & O. Tanglefeet.823 300O0O-4
Shamrocks .00008 12 1 0-14
Batteries: C. & O. Tanglefeet, Wllkor
son nnd Fleld; Shamrocks. Burnett and
Eyson. Struck out?By Wllkerson 9, by
Burnett 18.
The featuro of the game was the pltch
tug of Burnett for tho Shamrocks.
IVlelrose 22; Crescents, 12.
The Melroso nnd Crescents played a
irame that nboundod In rtuis on Boze's
fleld yesterday afternoon. The score was
12 to 12. In favor of tha Melfose.
The lattor wlll play at Twenty-nlnth and
p Streets n_._t Saturday afternoon, Au
-ruet 28th.
BooKles Have Lost Heavlly to
the Public,
Magnlflcent Son ofKlng Erle Not Only
Set New World's Record for Slx
Furlongs and the Mile, but
Showed Abillty to Go On.
(Speclal lo Tho Tlmes-Dlspntch.)
CHICA-O, lhli., August 22,-Tho sensa
tlon ot tho weok's. raclng at Hawthorne
haa been the romarkablo luck ot tho pub?
lic In thelr daily battle wlth tho book
mnkers. Blnco tho change ot raclng from
Harlom to Hawthorne, race-goers havo
been beating tho books so unmerclfully
that thlrty-odd book-mUkers aro losor* to
the'tune of J-00,000. In fact, tholr loslngs
have become so regular that the majorlty
of tho smnller book-makers Hre on tho
ar.xlbus seat, and their only chanco of
romainlng In the rlng must bo a marked
Change of luck. Should thls not como
thore will be a notable thlnnlns out in
tho number of,men hundllng the publlc's
money at the track.
? ? ?
Tho feature event of tho week has been
the marvelous work of Dlck Wellos, and
hc has proven bcyond a doubt that he is
the champion ot the West, lf not tho
cr.tlro country.
The mngnlflccnt son of King Erlo ha?
not alone set a world's record for slx
furlongs and the mile, but he has shown
concluslvely that1 even ut a mile and
an eighth ho ls the same fearless
champion 'that he is ,nt shorler dls.
tonccs, nnd hls noble slre, King Erle,
who died near Lexlngton, Ky., durlng tho
past week, has loft a worthy represent
ative, who will startle the world wlth hls
wenderful achlcvements beforo he becomes
a seasoned four-yoar-old.
A match that would no doubt draw ono
of tho largest crowds that ever witnessed
raclng ln Amerlca Is a posslblllty between
Dlck Welles, Waterboy, Hermls and Mc?
Chesney. .. ,
Tho condltlons of the raco to be that
each owner put up $25,000 and tho raclng
assoclation to add J25,O0O, and tho entlre
amount to go to the winner.
Should thls race become a reality every
lovor ot thoroughbreds will be on hand
wlth hls roll, and either become a prince
or a pauper by laying lt all on his par?
tlcular favorite.
There Is' also a match trylng to bo ar?
ranged between Hermls und McChesney.
Hermls' great vlctory at Saratoga, and
McChesney once more belng In condltlon.
tho match Ir more than probable, and will
make a very Interestlng ovent The peo?
plo of the West have never lost confldence
Ir, the mighty McChesney, and one and all
bellevo thnt McChesney would tako the
measure of Hermls in handy fashion.
The largo attendance at Hawthorne on
the openlng day were very agree.ably dis
appolnted when the newly appolnted spe?
clal constable, Lango, did not sw.riop down
upon them with hls army of hoodlu.ns,
arrestlng everybody ln slght, maklng the
placlng of a bet'among tin Imposslbill
tles. The alr was full of rumo.5. out the
self-made lawmaker did not appear, and
as day after day has pased, and tho blast
of hls bugle has not been heard, the wlse
have como to tho cohcluslon that Con?
stable Lange has enough to hold him
a whlle.
E. E. Farley, the "ringcr," was to
have been laken to Detrolt on Thursday
of this week to answor the charge cl
securing fcO.OOO under falso pretenses.
and for whlch the penalty in tho State
of Mlchlgmi ls a long term of imprlson?
ment in the penitentinry, w is oeld by the
authorltles as a wltness ln Chlcago, as
a wltness in the coming trial of tho people
agalnst tho bookm.ikers and proprletors
of various raco tracks In the vlclnlty of
Chlcago, alleglng gambllng on the tracks,
and whlch Farley was malrdy Instrumen
tal in brlnglng about.
It was declded not to grant '.he sequl
sltlon of tho Governor of Ml:hi___ for
tho person of Farley untll r.fter this
trlal, whlch, it is understood, will be
be'gun at once.
. ? ?
The recent dlsturbances brought about
by Farloy and other unscrupulou? persons
who havo been harasslng th? variuus
managements around Chlcago havo
shown tho necesslty for a raclng bill
ln Illinols, the samo as thoro ls ln N?w
York, Mlssouri, "Callfornla and othor
Western Statos. Such a law would prevent.
dlsgraced and ruled-oft owners from
vontlng thelr splto on the tracks on ay
count of thelr just piinlshment.
What wns thought would lead to a
sensatlonal oxposures in raclng clrcles at
the. Chlcago tracks has simmered down
to have beon nothing moro than a wnr bt
words betweon Ed Corrigan and Startor
Holtman, about tho exact placlng of tno
s|x furlong post nt l?mwthorne rac. trick.
Corrlgnn wnB not satisfled that the po
sltlon of tho post gave the horso on the
Insldo and tho ono on tho outslde an
eo.ual chanco at the start. He so notlfled
Mr. Fltzgornld, president of the Haw?
thorne Jockey Club, and Fltgerald told
Corrlgnn" to move lt.
Holtman becamo angry at what ho do
slgnated Corrlgnn's interference wlth hla
work, and they had a very noisy argu?
ment, untll finally Holtmnn became so
exclted thnt ho tendered hls reslgna*
tlon, whlch was not ncCepted. A sur
voyor wns cnlled i.pon to determlne the
exnet positlon of the barrier, nnd both
parties romaln of the flrm opinion that
thoy were correot In the way thtiy war.ted
it, They allowed the surveyor to mov.
it, and thoro it Is now, both clalmlng
vlctory. Holtman ls stlll startlng, and In
all probabllty will continue to do so for
an Indeflnlte perlod.
? ? ?
Chnrloy Elllson and John Colemnn. two
western plungers, won heavlly nt Sara?
toga durlng tho past weok, nnd both do
elare if thelr luck remains wlth them a
short time, thoy will have all the money
thoy want.
A letter rocelyed from Los Angeles
states thnt the new raco track belns
constructed at that place is about com?
pleted, and the ope'nlng season is expect?
ed to be a brllliant one, and ls anxlously
looked forward to by all lo.ers of sport
not only ln Callfornla, but throughout the
country, ns Callfornla is eVSVybody's home
durlng tho wlnter months, when tho
raclng seuson will be at lts helght.
Little Rlchmonds, II; Wllson's Pets, 10.
The Uttle Rlchmonds defeated Wllson's
Pcts yesterday afternoon In Swansboro
hy ii* score of II to 10, Eleven Innlngs were
Scoro hy innlngs: K
t lttla Rlchmonds .... 1010120000 1?11
W son'. Pets . 0 1 % \ 1 0 . 0 0 0 O-10
The features of tho gamo wero the pltch
1ns of Callahan and the playlng of Dia*
coiit on third.
Raclng Publlc Demands an
Answer to Questlon.
Talk of a Special Sweep Stakes of
-.125,000?McChesney, Waterboy,
Irlsh Lad, Hermia and Afrlcan
der? New Pacing Mark.
NBW YORK, August 22.-WII1 the que_>
tlon of the best raco horso on tho Amer?
ican turf bo sottlcd thls season by an
actual raco botween thoso who may falrly
b6 consldered contestants for tho title
at welght for oge7 This Is the questlon
whlch Is excitlng the raclng publlc just
now, and the answer Is yet ln the star^.
Thero are live horses now runnlng on tho
Eastorn track, uny ono of whlch has
staunch friends who believe hlm to be
the best blt of horseflesh which looks
out of a bridle. They aro Waterboy, Mc?
Chesney, Herrnls, Irlsh Lad and Afrlcan
det, .Flrst Waterboy wlns a cracklng good
race, nnd Is halled Klng of the Turf.
Then Irlth Lad cllps tt blt off the rocord,
and hls friends' hats are In the alr. Agaln
Herrnls rounds Into form, and ls promptly
declared the peer of all thoroughbreds.
So lt goes, and the raclng publlc ls be?
coming keyed up to a pltch whlch do?
mands a settlement of the questlon.
Mr. E. R. Thomas, owner of Hern-ls,
ls thoroughly convlncod that ho has tho
best horse In tho world, now that tho
son of Hormance hne/ rounded to hls old
form, and Is prepared to back hls Judg
ment agalnst anybody's horse for any
amount. He ls sald to havo suggested a
sweepstakes of $25,000 each, to whlch
elther or all the horses named would be
ellglble. The mouths of all lovers of the
thoroughbred began to water at the very
Idea of a raco between these great racers
for a purto of $125,000, tho greatest ever
raced for. It is doubtful, however, lf
thero ls much chanco for such glorlous
srort, though lt Is barely posslble that
elther the Saratoga or Conoy Island offl?
cials may arrango tho match, If not at
that hlgh figuro, at somethlng whlch wlll
make the purso as blg, If not blgger, than
anything ever raced for on the American
If a special for these fivo horses should
be arranged on one of tho metropolltan
tracks lt would draw _>uch a crowd as
never before seen at a race track ln tho
Unlted States, and the bettlng would go
lnto seven flgures.
It seems certaln that unless drawn to?
gether by a special purso the questlon
of supremacy wlll have to be settled by
word of mouth lnstead of over the track.
Every one of these horses ls now ss flt
as ever he wlll be. Herrnls, Irlsh Lad.
Waterboy, and Afrlcander havo shown
thelr fltness in races, whlle lt Is sald Mc?
Chesney has fully recovered from " hls
It Is to be hoped they wlll get to?
? ? ?
Dan Patch has cllpped another trac?
tion off the pacing record, and It' now
stands at 1:50 flat. He dld lt in such
style that McHenry, hls drlver, Is confl
dent that the great son of Joe Patchen
can go the mlle lri two, lf not three,
seconds faster, and may do lt before the
end of the season. In the last half cen
tury the pacing record has been cllpped
20>4 seconds. From Pet's 2:19.4 to Dan
Patch's 1:50 is a great gap, but the clip
plng has been done by fractions of
seconds slnce 1892, when Mascot mado
the dlstance ln 2:04.
Dan Patoh's performanee was a splen
dld one. Condltlons were not favorable
for fast time, the track was not par
ticularly good. and a strong wlnd was
blowinjr across the track. A great crowd
saw the performanee and cheered both
the horse and tho drlver.
Lou Dlllon was not so fortunate In try?
ing to lower Cresceus' flgures. She made
a miperb effort, but condltlons were
against licr. nnd she could not come
withln more than a second of the record.
From her performanee. however, it ls
not unlikcly thnt the trottlng flgures, ns
well as those for pacing, wlll be flxed at
a new mark before the season ls out.
There la tak about tho Jamnlra Raclng
Assoclatlon maklng a demand on tho
Jockey Club for better dates and moro
days of raclng. It ls sald, In connectlon
wlth these stories, thnt the Jamalca As?
soclatlon lncludes somo of the strongest
polltlclans In tho Stnto, and may use
polltlcs as a club to get what It wants.
It is not llkely there is anything ln theso
reports. In the flrst pace, the Jamalca
track has been treated very falrly; In
tho next the Jockey Club is not par
tlcularly amenablo to polltlcal pull, and
lastly, In case of a contest between the
two forces the Jamalca people would
stand to get tho worst of It, and they
know It. So lt ls a pretty Bafe proposl
tlon to say that' thero wlll be no frlctlon
between the trnck and the Jockey Club
thls season. at all events.
? ? ?
Tho courts have declded the controversy
over the control of the little negro Jockey.
Wallace Hlcks, and he wlll contlnue to
rldo for Perry Belmont, under the mnn
agement of Antolne Pllcquo, who brought
hlm from New Orleans. The actlon for
control of the boy was nomi'nally In the
namo of hls father, but It ls belteved
Hatfleld, who formerly eontrolled the
boy, was back of tho actlon. One of the
funny thlngs developef, by the proceed
lngs was the fact that Hlcks If now pos?
sessed of a valet, who ls ns black as the
little Jockey and about three tlmos as blg.
The valet was the most oxclted man In
Saratoga when tho court proceedlngs be?
George Octom does not want to ride for
the Thomas and Shi'elds stable under hls
present contract, but, as the stewards
have declded that his contract ls vnlld
ond blndlng, he wlll have to do It, unloss
tho stewards nre ovorrulod. Captain S,
S. (Brown, who hns flrst call on Odom's
services, has become lnterested ln the
matter, and wlll brlng ft bofore the Jockey
Club. There ls frlctlon botween the Uttle
Georglan and Mr, Thomas, and, hesldes,
Odom holds thnt he should not bo ex?
pected. tn rtde for the comblned stable
for the same money ho got from Shlelds
? ? *
News hns reached hero that Jocke'y F.
McGInn, who went to France to ride thls
season, ls comlng back to Amerlca, He
does not llko the Frenchmon and tha cli
mnto dlsagrees wlth hlm. Ho has been
falrly successful, but belleves ho can do
better 011 Ihe American trnck. He ls ac
counted a good Jockey, and wlll he wel
comed. _?"#??
James R. Keene brought flve mares
wlth foals and a yearllng from the other
slde thls week, and they have been sent
to hls hrcedlng fnrm, ot Lexlngton, Ky.
Two of the mares were puichasod at
tho sale of Colonel Harry McCalmonr.
The othors, Nuiitch Glrl, Sunllght and
Lady Inveroauldj were shlpped abroad by
Mr. Keene about two years dgo.
? t ?
fjerbei't'a raclng days are over, He has
be*n fllfeclCflwHh poor iintlerpinlng, nnd
ns'ho Is a heavy, blg Imrne. It has boen
a dlftlcttlt mattor to mnke him stand
*r_lnln_ prosonf nenson. ltls he.t rnce
(hls year was in tho _uh.urb..n Itandleflp,
whon ho tvn*. nosed out for flrst honors
by tho threo-yenr-old Afrlcnnder. iterbert
hns twlco finished ln the money ln rhe
Brooklyn Hnntllcnp, onco u.ird when he
was a tiiree-yenr-old, and onco .eor.nl ns
n. foiir-yonr-old,
He hns been a grand Imrsc, unme ,.s n
pobblo nnd n copslslont performor. Ho
hns well oartind the plnce ln the slurl
whlch hls owner. Walter Rolllns, has de
clded lo give hlm.^ t _
John E Maddan's Up /or tho Futurlty
Ir "wntch Abdell -"Mndden connldcrg him
one ot the best two-yenr-olds of the se'i*
son, nnd his recent wlnnlng Indlentes thnt
ho will woll benr watchlnn ln nny com
pa n y.
? ???
Mnyor Chnrles F. Ornlnger, of Uuls
vlllo, who ls nlso presldont nf the Joekey
Clilb of thnt clty, was one of the vlsitors
nt Snrntoga thls weok. Mnyor Graingor
haa taken nn actlve interest ln raclng
durlng tho pnst yoar or so. nnd ln dolng
tnuch for tho beneflt of tho sport In Ken?
tucky. _,ast vear he wns elected presi?
dent of tho Jockoy Slub, nnd together wlth
Chnrles F. Prlco, the general manager,
conchictcd a successful meetlng Inst
"Charley" Dwyer hns docldod to In?
creaso hls stable of racers, nnd ho hns
purchnsed tho two-year-old colt Wotan
from W, M. Scheftel. ,No price wns
glven, but the flgure must havo been n
good one. for Tralner Blrd l_ay entor
tained hlghh opes for the youngster's
future. Wotnn Is a blg bay colt hy Wag
ner-Undeclded, and has won four of hls
seven Btnrts nnd finished second In an?
other. '
? ? *
Green Morrls expects to shlp hls stablo
to Buffalo next week. Tho horses are
engaged In the stakes there, and somo of
them may bo raced) on the openlng dny
of the meoti'ng.
? ? ?
The track at Aquediict hns been length
ened to.a mile and a qusrtcr. Thero Is
also a seven-furlong stralghtaway chuto
belng mado. Cnrpentors are nt work
bulldlng a 125-foot extenslon to tho grand
Beat Waterboy and Heno at
Saratoga Track.
(By AB?oclated Press.)
SARATOGA. Aug. 22.?An immense
throng saw Afrlcander beat Waterboy
and Heno for the Saratoga Cup of $9,000
nt the raclng park to-day. The track
was fast, as evldenced by the fact that
a track record was mado by Afrlcander,
whlle the track record was equalled by
Mr. Whitney's Rellable, the winner of
the flrst race.
Heno led all the way to the stretch,
Waterboy runnlng second to tho three
quartor pole, where Afrlcander passed
him. FuIIer rode Afrlcander ln flno
slyle. wlnnlng in a hard drive in tho
last 100 yards. Waterboy was flfteen
lengths behlnd.
The Grand Union Stakes of $10,000 was
won easily by Highball, a 12 to 1 shot.
Summary: __? ' ?'. ?
First race?seven furlongs?Rellable (3
to 1) flrst, Hurstbourne (8 to 5) second,
Duke ot Kendal (8 to 1) thlrd. Time,
1'25. "*
Second raco?the ShillcIIah Steeple
chase, full course, about two and a half
mlles?Lavator (5 to 2) flrst, Land of
Clover (15 to 5) second, Arlan (6 to 2)
thlrd. Tlme. 5:04.
Thlrd race?the Grand Union Hotel
Stakes, six furlongs?Highball (12 to 1.
flrst, Dlmple (12 to 1) second, Rapld
Water (G0 to 1. thlrd. Tlme, 1:141-5.
Fourth race?the Saratoga Cup, ot
$0,000, mile and slx furlongs?Afrlcander
(16 to 5) flrst, Heno (? to 5) socond,
Waterboy (6 to 5) third. Time, 2:58.
Flfth mce?flve and a half furlongs?
Hamburg Belle (13 to 10) flrst, Ixmg Shot
(20 to 1) second, Race King (6 to ? 1)
thlrd. Tlme, 1:07.
Sixth race?mile and a sixteenth, on
turf?Black'Hussar (8 to 1) flrst, Past
(4 to 1) second, Satlre (7 to 2) third.
Time. 1:49 3-5._
(Bv Assoclated Press.)
NEW YORK, August 22.-The closlns
day of the Brlghton Beach grand clrcult
meetlng hnd beautlful weather and a
eood card. but tho raclng was tama com?
pared wlth the provlous days.
In the 2:0. trot Major Delmar was bar
red in tho bctting. tho three others sell
ln_' Rvthmlc, $50; Monte Carlo, $15, and
Prince of Orange. $35. Dolmar lost tho
flrst heat bv a break. but won the next
two by soveral lengths^ Summaries:
2:17 pace; purse. J1.00O?Albock won ln
two stralght heats: Bertha W., second;
Direct L . third. Best time, 2:11,
2'01 trot- purse. $2,000?Major Delmar
won second and third heats and race;
Prince of Orange. flrst heat, second;
Rvthmlc. third. Best time. 2:071-4.
2'0-pa-O' purse, $1.000-half mile dash
Prl'nce Albert flrst. Knox's Gelatlno King
Se2?'-3 trot-'purso, $1.000?Masetto won ln
tw- stralght heats; Sill Barr. second;
Marv D., third. Tlme. 2:101-4.
"?05 paco; purse, $1,000?Joo Polnter won
Jn'two stralght heats: Terrace Queon,
second: Carl Wilkes, thlrd, Best tlme,
(By Assoclated Press.)
CHICAGO. IH.. August 22,?Results at
Hawthorne: . T-__-, .? . ...
First race?one mile?Londln (0 to 5)
flrst Brush Bv (5 to 2) second, Lady
Matchlfss (20 tol) third. Tlme, 1:41 2-5.
Second race?stoeplechase, short course?
Fallella (8 to 1) flrst, Arius (10 to 1) sec?
ond! Oiiver Mo (15 to 3) thlrd. Tlme,
'Thlrd raco-mlle and a quarter, the Au?
gust handicap-Glftssful (7 to 1) flrst.
The G ver (13 to i) second, Bessie Mc
Cirthy (10 o 31 thlrd Tlme, 2:05 2-6. .
Fourth racc-slx furlongs-Sohwnlbo (15
to 11 flrst Wainnmolnen (38 to 5) sacond,
Toah 7 to 1 thlrd. Tlme. 1:13 1-5.
Flftl-1 race-mlle nnd an eighth-Floyd
K (3 to 1) drst. Our Besslo (6 to 5) sec?
ond, Serge (10 to 1) thlrd. Tlme 1:53 3-5.
Sixth race?flve nnd a half furlongs?
Peter Paul (4 to 1) flrst, Wltcheraft (3
to 1) eecond, Cllfton Forge (6 to 6) thlrd.
Tlme, 1:06 4-5.
Thls Is to notify our patrons that we
have closed the branch offlee at Jefferson
Hotel. Carrlnge, cab, coaoh and bng
gace calls loft nt Murphy's Hotol an?
nex and at tlio offlee, No. 810 East Malu
Streot will recelve prompt attentlon.
Rallro'nd and stennisrlp tickets sold to all
parts of tho world, "nd baggaga checked
Ir destinntion of tlcket., nnd to hotols
nnd resldences ln other o tles. Pullman
rc-ervatlons made f?'*.a'U"e?' ori
General Munager.
'Phone 40- ___
' Richmond, Vn.. Aug. 22, 1001.
There Was a Great Medai
Shoot Yesterday Afternoon,
But the Others Pushed Hlm Very
Olosely?Nlnety-eight Per Cent. Is
Made by the Winner?ThB
Other Scores.
One of tho moat Intorostlng as well
as excltlng modal contosts at clay
plgcons c.er hoid ln tho Stato was pulled
off at tho regular shoot of tho Northslde
Gun Club yesterday afternoon.
The prlnclpal event of the ovenlng wns
tho contest for tho handsome gold modal
donated by Mossrs. Harrls, Fllppen nnd
Company at tholr blg free shoot last
May. Tho condltlons undor whlch thls
medal Is shot ls, lt hns to be won three
consecutlve tlmes In or_er for tho winner
to own lt, It has been travollng nt a rapld
galt slnco tho firBt contest, hnvlng been
won by the following shooters: Andorson,
Dr. HIHsmnn., H. Brown, H. C. Boudar,
and last won by P. J. Fllppen, who put
up a beautlful raco. In tho flrst flfty
targetB, Andorson. L. C. Smlth and Fllp?
pen were tled on forty-slx each, Anderson
and L. C. Smlth each maklng a run of
tnlrty-two targots, elther of whom It was
thought would wln out, but each dropped
thelr last two blrds.
Fllppen remarked confldently to one
of hls friends, ho would wln out or "Mol
tlo Stark's a wldow." Thls was really
the prettlest and hardest race ot hls life,
and he purposely saved fl.ll hls norve and
energy for thls partlcular event. No one
dreamed that he could stand tho great or
deal. but as he centered target after
tnrget, and the scorer called up the
"puverizod mud ples," lt seomed to g..e
hlm renewed energy, and he contlnued
to call to tho puller for blrds, until he
smashed out twenty-four to hls credlt,
amld applauso and hearty congratula
tlon. L. C. Smlth was keeping close com?
pany by only dropplng two blrds ln tho
last twonty-fivo, whlle Anderson wns
practlcally out of the race after hls
elghteenth blrd.
Brown shot under great dlfflcultles, hav?
lng two shells to burst in hls gun, tho
powder ond gas escaping from the gun,
struck hlm ln the eyes wlth consldersble
force, but even after thls ho shot well.
The slght was not impaired. Mr. Johnson
shot a good galt the entlre race, as may
bo soen by hls score.
In the regular event at twenty-flve tar?
gets, handlcaps added, contest for the
Hunter Arm3 Company medal, for East
End members. WIltBhlre and Martln tled,
each havlng a perfect score. In the shoot
off of tho tle, Martln won out. Martln
shot well through the entlre programme,
breaklng ninety-one out of one hundred.
Tho regular shoot, none but Northslde
cllglble to contest. Martln won the Peters
trophy, whlle Mr. J. W. Brower capturcd
the Robln Hood medal.
There was an extra, not scheduled, a
live blrd raco, between Mr. Martln .and
Mr. S. McLelland, each kll|Ing thelr ten
blrds stralght. Tho retrlo.lng was dono
by a handsome Engllsh settOr, tho prop?
erty of Mr. Martln.
There. wlll be a large delegatlon of
shooters to tho Blackstone. tournament
next Wednesday. Tho presldent of tho
club has secured J. A. Anderson to man
age the shoot It Is.safo to say, "twlll
be a success.
For the number of shooters, the repre
Bontatlon at yesterday's shoot was the
largest ever known.
Tho following clubs wore represented:
Mr. T. H. Fox, Ashland Club; Mr. Chalk
ley, Ft. Smlth Gun Club, Ark.; Mr. R. H.
Johnson, West End. A number of shooters
representlng Deep Run, Northslde, East
End and Rlchmond Club.
The many friends of Mr. Colqultt were
glnd to see hlm face tho traps. Thls was
hls debut for the season, but he demon
strated that he had not forgotten how to
smash them. At one tlme Mr. Colqultt
held the champlonshlp of Rlchmond. and
lt seems as though he has lost "none of
hls cunning."
Regular shoot at twenty-flve targets,
handlcaps added to scores:
Fox, T. H.;.... 20
Anderson, J. A.'... 23
Fllppen . IS
"Henry" . 9
L. C. Smlth. 21
Wlltshlre . 25
Smlth ./-. W
Boudar .'. 21 ,
Colqultt ..' 17
Lunsford . 18
McLelland, W. S. 22
Martln . 25
Pembcrton . 23
Alllson . 16
Lorralne . IS
Drawer . 19
Baker . 21
Chalkley . 17
Coleman . 20
Johnson . 22
Brown . 22
Roblnson . 18
Steele, Dr. 13
Contest for Harrls, Fllppen and Com
pany's modal, at flfty targots, twenty
flve up ln each event, no handlcaps; scores
as follows.:
Flrst Socond
Evont. Event.
Fox . 18 21
Anderson . 23 23
"L. C. Smlth". 25 21
Johnson, R. H. 21 23
Boudar . 17 23
Fllppen, P. J. 24 22
McLelland, W, S.10 20
Martln, J. T. 21 23
Brown . 23 22
Wlltshlre . 17 18
Coleman. 18 17
McLelland, B. 20 21
Pcmborton . 11 14
Roblnson . IS 18
"Henry" . 13 18
Colqultt . 20 18
Shoot-off for tlos at twenty-flve tar?
Anderson . 21
Illll.nuin. 23
Fllppen . 24
Regular Weekly Shoot of thls Organl
zatlon Was Held Yesterday.
The regular weekly shoot of the Albe?
marle Gun Club was largely ajtended yes?
terday afterno_n, both by shooters and
vlsitors, at thelr shootlng grounds beyond
Now Resorvolr. Twonty-flve shooters took
pnrt ln tlm sport, taking twepty-flve shots
onoh. Thoso who took shots were not ln
thelr usuul form, but all mado a very
crodltoblo ahowlng.
Mr. John Thomas was hlgh gun. break
Ing twenty plgcons out of twenty-flve,
Mr Henry Farmur camo noxt wJth twen?
ty ' whllo Messrs. R. QlftSgQW, Cultoii,
lioschon, Landruni. nalletl nlneteen each,
A very handsome gold medal, coallng $25,
wlll bo purchased by tha club us a prlze
to thp person breaklng the largost num?
ber ot plgeons. Thls _Jub ls composed o_
All Summer Goods, Remnants and Odds and Ends
MUST GO. It's a great time to save money. Many
of the summer stocks are at one half original prices,
The Basement Offers Many Bargains.
Here are August opportunities. But there are
others that can't get in a word. Will you come to our
store and see them.
At 10c for flummer Corsets of
Htrong net, woll boned andj strong
sldo steels and good shapo, sl_es 23
to SO.
At 5c?Qolored Dotted. Swlss Cur
taln Muslin, 40 Inches wide, sold at
17o. yard.
At fiV_c?Flannellette, strlpe. flguro
and dots, smooth Burface, wlth'good,
hoavy flecco back, usually sell at
12.4c., Monday 6V_c.
Talcum Powder, 1-pound cans. 16c.
At 12i/S,c?White Curtain Muslin,
dotted and laco strlpe, sold at 25c.
yard, 40 Inches wlde.
At .c?The Everet Dreso Glng
hams the very thlng for children's
sohool dresses, selllng overywhere for
At 29c?Mon's Fants Ooods, all
wool, sold for 60c. and 75c. yard.
At 8o.?Dark Outings. always sell
for 8 l-3o. yard.
At 10c.?Red Flflue, sold for 26o.
At $1.00?Heavy White Cotton
Blankots, extra largo slze, j regular
prlco was $2.00.
_^t 4%c? Apron Ginghams that sell
for 7c.
At lc?Ladlos' White and Colored
Llnen Collars, to be sold 2 for lc,
they aro the 10c kina.
At 75c?Engllsh Corduroy, for
men's pants, that sells for .1.25 yard.
At 3c?Pure Housohold Ammonla.
Remnants Floor Oll Cloths at great
Remnants Mattlng nt great sacrl
flce. " , ,.
Odd pieces Laco Curtalns at half
prlce. . , ,,
At 5c?White Dotted Swls-, sold
for 12%c.
At 2c?Remnants Dressmakers
Bost Kld-Finlsh Cambrlc.
, At 2c?Remnants Organdy and
Lawns, that sold for 8c.
At 4c?Remnants Percate, Flan
nelletto and Glngham, that sold _or
At 5c?Remnants White Organdles,
that sold for 26o. and 87V4c yard.
At 7c?Remnants of White Goods,
in plaln and flgures, that sold for
12V_o. nnd lfi 2-3c.
At 6c?Remnants Colored Strlped
and FIgured Batlste, that sold for
20c. yard, I
At 8ytc?Remnants Sllkollne, that
sold for 12V_c.
At 8c?Remnants Black Cotton,
Frult of the Loom and other well
known brands.
At 10c?Remnant3 WTilte Goods,
that sold- for' lfi 2-3c to 20c yard;
nlso White Organdies, that sold foc
At Sc?Mosqulto Nettlng, alwaya
?ells for 8 l-3c yard.
At 8c? Russlan Duck, In blaok
and blue: algo wlth white dots; reg?
ular prlce 12Mc
At 15c?Unbleached and Bloaohed
Sheetlng, 10-4, the kind that sells for
23c. yard. i
At 33c?Bleaohed Sheets, that sold
for 50c plece.
At 6t_c^Flgurcd Cotton .Crepe de
Chene. that sold for 20c. yard.
At 25c?Window Shades, that sold
for 60c. and 75c, only 2 or 3 of a
kind, flxtures eomplete.
' At 39c?Light-Weight Crepes, that
sold for $2.00; tan only.
At lc?Loather Belts, that sold for
15c '
At 15c?Corsot Covers. made of
best cambrlc, trimmed. wlth Ham
burg, real value 42c.
At 3c?Wrltlng Paper, that . sold
for 10c. box.
At 5c?Oerman Llnen Crash, that
sold for 10c. yard.
At 15c?Remnants 25c Art FIgured
At Bc?Black Cotton, 1 yard wlde,
the 1492 brand, sells for 7c.
White Madras and Persian Lawn Shlrt Waists Must Go.
Whlto Lawn and Madras Waists,
sold for $1.00 and $1.26; clearlng
price, 39c __, , .
White Lawn and Mndras Waists,
gold for $1.60 to $2.00; clearlng prlco,
White Lawn and Madraa Waists,
some Pique, to be sold for less than
tho materlal cost; all trimmed; somo
yoko fronts; sold for $2.25 to $3.50,
clearlng prlco. $1.25.
$1,00 Colored Madras ? Waists, to
close, 25c
Cheaper than ever these are mark
ed ln our determlnatlon to close out
all summer stock.
Black and White Percales, strlpes
and faney imd plaln chambrays; some
are the plaln tallor-made, othera are
liicked and pleated and nlcely stltch
ed; real prlces, $3.00 and $4.00; clear?
lng prlce, $1.48.
We'll Lose Money on These Men's Shirts.
Haven't any tlme to waste. We need the room for our fall stock. To
morrow you cnn buy Men's Madras and Percale Shirts. sold at $1 and $1.25.
all thls season's styles, for 69c
50c Percale Shirts. wlth palr cuffs, 25o.
Black and Navy Blue Russlan
Duck. wlth whlto dots. somo chani
hrnv somo tucked, all mnde In tho
new^t sTyles; sold for $2.50 to $3.60;
? clearlng prlce, 98c.
Wo aro selllng those 60c Silk and
Wool Challles for 16c, yard.
At 15c yard?Silk Surah, sold for
50c. yard; good. _
At 25c?Remnants $1.00 and $1.26
Faney Sllks and Foulards.
At 39c?Foulards and Fanay Sllks,
sold for $1.00 yard.
25c Ladlos' Whlto Rlbbed Shirts,
to closo, 16c.
75c and $1.00 Silk Belts, to close,
*%o. and 7Eo. White Silk Belts. to
cIobo, 25c.
25c. Patent-Leath,er Belts, to close,
Stock Sheetlng for Infants' use;
special prlce, $1.00 a yard.
$2,00 Henrletta Accordlon-Pleat
Undorskirts, to close, $1.25.
50c Mon's Yale Suspenders. 25c.
WOMEN'S $1.25 WRAPPERS, 79c.
Wlde nssortmsnt of pre.ty stripes
and flgures. The fronts are cut full,
wlth backs tlght-fltting. Neatly trim?
med with brald; blshop sleeves; tlght
flttlng waist llnlng; the sklrts are
cut full -wldth.
$1.00 Percale Wrappers, to close,
Wklte and Navy Blue Wool Eta
mlne, sold for 25o. yard; clearlng..
prlce, 12V4C.
Llght Colored Cashmere. sold for
25c yard, 16c.
$1.00 Mlxed Dress Goods, Silk and
wool, to close, 45c
$1.00 All-Wool Etamlne, to cloge,
All Black Goods reduced.
$1.60 Tassel Bead Chalns, all colora,
60c Bead Chalns, to close, 85o.
25o. Ladles' Silk Mltts, 14o.
All Lace Mltts and Glovea are to
be sold regardless qt the cost.
$1.00 kind, 50c.
$1.25 kind, 76c.
$1.50 and $2.00 Slde Bngs, to clogo,
50c Side Bags, 19o.
$1.00 Side Bags, 50c.
Walking and Dress Sklrts.
All Bprlng styles at half prlces.
$5 and $6 All-Wool Walking and Dress Sklrts $1.98.
$7 and $8 Walking nnd Dress Sklrts, to close, $3.
At 60c?Whlto Table Llnen, 2
ynrds wlde, real prlce 76c
60c and 75c Infants' Cnps, sllghtly
orushed, 19a.
60a Men's Faooy Underwear, to
close. 25c,
60c. Jeans Drawers, to elose, ?5o.
$1.00 Bodspreads, to olose, 76o.
centlemen In the West End of the clty.
Snd has a membeilMhlji of forty, wllh
nmny others yet to joln. The club has
only organlaed slnce June. Mr. Otls
Thompson of base-ball famo, Is Iteprcs;
ldenl P Tha Indlcatlons nre that w II
koep pace with all othor gun clubs ln
tho Stnte ln polnt of numbere nnd craok
The followfng was ^^?Jt'\g^i
Hayes .25 17
Roy Cary . $ X
R. Grasgow .t? {^
Rlchard Cary .* it
C. H, Farmer.f J2
Thomas .%5 Jn
Culton . ? .?
Woodnll ..:? h
l.andrum .?i in
Iloschen.:,?, Jj
Dupout.7- Yi
Ed. uarnes .j? >%
E. Barnos .?. ? ij
Oiiver . *? M
Evans . 25 10
Charters .25 l_
W. Farmer .,. 26 12
J. Cary . 25 u
ll. Farruor . 25 20
1', Jlundloy . 25 13
Brown . 25 16
\V. Glasgow . 25 13
J, Androws ., 26 13
The following scores were made at
Thursday's shoot:
E. Landrum . 25 15
XV, Glasgow. . 25 15
lt. Glasgow . 2- 15
Fltts .25 15
Edwards .23 13
Wray .25 15
Hayes .25 15
Degen .? 15
Wltt .25 15
Maltz . 8 15
For tho flrst tlme ln many yeara all
tho union barber shops ln St. Paul wlll
be eloaeil on l.ahor Day. The barb_?
wlll be consplcuous ln the parad..

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