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Board of Arbltratlon Makos
lts Award.
Men Shall B.e Paid Semi-Monlhly-Tho
Chccks Shall Not Be Transferable.
Boy,s Under Fourteon Can
Not Work.
(By Assoclated Press.)
_.1RMINGHA'M, ALA., AugUSt^.-The
board of arbltratlon appolnted to adjtls
matters InWroversy botwefen,.coal opo
tntors aad miners In tho B?mlnghwn
district, made lts award tl.io t W
chalrman. Judge Gray, of Dclevito, at
a latel.our to-nlght. After recltlng the
clalin, mnde by Ihe miners <md.<merntors,
respecttvely, tho report, about 1,400 woitls
Mliiliniini nnd maxlinum rate ot tlio
fl] . iiT-ale; Hie rates per ton for mln ng
cl'aiPen the Pratt basls yary ac6onlli.S
to tho selllng, prlce of plg *?n, '" \
cents. when plg Iron ls selllng at $S
no" ton to 57 1-2 cents whon Iron i_
selllnc- at $11-50 l?r ton.
Tho same propoi'-ionato Increaserls. lo
be glven on dny wages for work ln nnd
'abmit tbe mlncs, but no Increase ls glven
by thls award for narrow work.
\. soml-monthly payment of wages. _
From nnd nfter October 1, the oatn
ftS of mlnprs and wages of day men
shall bo paid scml-monthly. and such
commi-snry checks or credi'ts ns the'cpe
htorW rnav Issue to thelr employes shall
Sferable, but shall be redeem
sarles upon which they aro drawn^on^
when presented by tho omployes to hon
they hnve boen lssued or fcy some mem
ber of Ch-lr famllles.
Itates for nnrrow work.
The total of tho maxlmum prlCP-on the
Pratt basls-^to bo pald for work _?: ead
Inprs, .x6tu_.l.--ot air <Sour.es .?.?*?? .^
$271 per yard ln lleu of ?2.M^per -yaid.
the -present' rate! rates for work In-alr
courbii. tc.remain on tho present basls.
C0, tbe subject of dltferent.a ^^een
an Inlelllgent award. Tho board sug
cests that a committee from both sldes
b.: appolnted to mako o-perlments and
Tho award on this wbfcct provldes or
a system of llnes to he lwpaed^ for-ah,
rence from work, oxcopt for sickness, oi
\Zr notlfylng ond obtali.lng consent o
tbe mlne foreman. An slteratlon of fln
Ihg ls a siispenslon from work for a flxed
httw?boadTn6t work twenty days ln
aS one month whon tbe mlne ls Iri oper
atlon twenty day.- or more, ???? ^ fln?*
ono dollar, or susponded the flrst six
days ln the folioy.-lng month, or^be ^
sltmed to another working place. llie
S? Unposetl shall bo collected_ through
tlu coml-in". offlcers nnd bo pald to the
-eere arl-m-astircr of District No 20
<$.uba.m.. of tbo Unlted Jilno^^
of Amerlca, on or beforo the tenth day
of each month. _
lt shal' be optlonat with tho operator
to impqso llnes or siispehd mlne workers.
or asslgil new places, ln cases provldod
foi abovo. , _
DIffcrentlal botween Pratt and othor
mines: . .
The dlfferentlal in the rate for minlng
coal at tlie Jefferson mlne and the Klm
berly mlne. of the Central Coal Company,
shall bo reduced two and a half cents por
ton, thc ardage at the abovo mlnes to
rcmalii us at present.
Employment of boy.. under fourteen
yoars of nge.
' A submlssion havlng beon made by rep
resentatiVes ot both sldes to thls cont. o
vcrsy of the questlon of tho ngo ;ut whlch
biv.s may be employed, ji is horoby
nw'.iided that on und nfter September 1;
190,1. no boys undor the nge of fourteen
pears shall be employed or per?
mltted ln the mlnes by any of Ihe mlne
operators who aro parties to thi- arbl?
.Vhon alftorehtlals for thln ooal nro
p:.id they shall not apply \o yard prlcos.
They Will H,ave Grand Picnic ancl Hear
?.-Good A'ddresscs.
(.Spoclal to Tho Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
BEDFORD CITY, VA? Aug. 22.?Thoro
Will be a grand plcnlc of Boilford farmers
ln K.an_ Grove, about two mlles south !
?f Luray on. September lst, and as Com
mlssionar Kolner and many. able ngrloul
lurists will bo presont, tho occaslon is
h.rahled as a re_,-lett_r day for farm im?
provement. Messrs, 11. Byrne; J- M. Vest
B.'d .'. II. Taylor con.tltulo lhe commlt?
tee ot arrangerhorits nnd they oxpoot tho
tnr_esl crowd ever gathorod for a fann
nv institute.
Mr John A. Stewart will be master of
ceremonios. Short mlks wlll.be mad. hy
Messrs. Gc6r.se E. Murrcll, Thomas S,
West, J. Thompsen Brown, Otho Hull
and Prof. W .B. Alwood.
Tho canuery of 11. M; Johnston, of this
place, 1b now ln oporatlon und In every
fletull It ls the most Improved and com
plote p_tnt in thls .ectlon.
C'npU'in Tyler C, Jordnn. who organlzed
tho celcbrnted "Lighl Artlller.v of Bod*
ford," In tho Clvll War. ls hon- from
Mexlco, on .i vlslt to rchittve.*. Captaln
Jordnn wns :i gallajlt ofllcer nnd Hie men
Im led I" battle mr.y he Heen o/OWdIn_
around tholr boloved cnmmnjider, givlng
him such n welcome us only an old soi
d:er knows how to I. ve.
A hlsiorv of tho compnny hns recently
heen wrltton nnd jubh.hed by Rev. Joa.
Mrs^C 'W. Truman _nd _Ue. Robert
Whltt'et Jr., of Rlchmond, nro guosts
?hls week of Mrs, J. F, Bponcor,
l/otini. by Secret l3allot?Dr. Smith for
tho Houso.
(_pr-cl!il tn The Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
CAPE CHARLKS. s'.V, August 22.?Offl- '
ci.,1 returns from lo-dny's Democratlc prl*
nv.ry eleetion for candldates for Hou. o of
Delegates arid _<imnl.' ofllcers glvo thu
?ollowln. results: Dr. Charles A. Smith,
for HOUSe of Delegates; F. Tueker Wllr
kins, for I emmonwoajth's Attorney; H. A.
Jarvls, fpr.herlff, nn. Chftrjett U. Savage,
for .fimii.l^sloiii-! of ro/enue.
The primary passed orr very quietly,
though ihe contest for all tho ofllces was
a .piriiod one ull lhe candldates havlng
strong opposltlpn, The VOtlns "ns by bnl
The H;j_h Hill, However, H.s Started
Up h -Neyy M. II Royte ;,
(Speclal to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
VlWilUNA, VA., Augu.'l V..- Tho Blue
Wlng copper mlnu hns ihut down for
the ilmo bejng, and tho . up. rini.-iidei.t,
Mr. J. Ji. Hurt has romoved hla fam ly to
M.ir.hall, N. ('.
On the other hand tho Vlrglnln copper
rnltje Bt High Hlll. Va.. has started uj.
agaln, and for tho present is om_ loyint;
seventy-five hntids. They havo nlso Wtt
trncted for 2.000 cords of wood.
The Durcoy mlne s expccllng to put up
s,V rnl lafge" bulldlng ?'JjJ^fif jffi
era. eontrnctors woro down horo irom
Danville to nocure ^o cohtrftoti --j
,,,).. *.,.? tlol vei-v ro.ilc from tliis pmco
to Durgoy, N ... est-thllshed ahout a
mon3?!, ngo.' ls workin_J.njoothlyibe.ldos
ho nrivnto boxes olong the route tnere
nro four collectlon bones put Up by the
! H?ri^rr^??_r^
H.UbUr^ tncotoMldway nhdW
Hlll Vn. nnd back by Moffolt and Red
Bnn'k, Va. '
A Cltlzen of King George BHlen by a
Mocoaoln Snako.
(Spoclal to'Tho Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
COMORN, VA? Aug. 22.?Rosa Do Lane,
colored, wns sent to Jali yesterday by
Justlce J. Sydnor Massoy for thlrty days
for removlng the plnnts and shrubs from,
ond dlgglng into, A, gravo l? St. atephen's
burlnl ground. Sho stolo a hoo. witn
which sho did tho work. J; ??,.ti_.
Mr. T. J. Hargesl, a promlnent geiitle
mnn of thls neiRhborhood, was bitten on
ono of hls hands several pJ$&M^fi:,5
copperhoad snnko. It boing Imporfs.blo
to nnd a doctor, Mr. Hnrgest blod tho
hnndfrc.lv, nnd, ln that w.ay, so-suc
ce .sfiilly. remove 1 tho poison that hls
condltlon has not d* yot bocomo very
Tho abovo Is un exact cut of tho pro?
posed standplpo whlch will shorlly. bo
erected ln tho center of tho speodway ut
tho Now Reservolr. It la snld thut tho
new structure will groatly Increase the
water prcsanro ln tho western portlon
of tlio city, ns well ns facllltate protec?
tlon agalnst tlro.
(By Associ.ited Pross.)
PENSACOLA, FLA., August 22.?Tho
Sunday Leagtio to-day sont lottors to tho
shorllt nnd Mayor domandlng a rlgld on
forcomont ot tho Sabbath obsorvanco
laws, whlch hnd become grndually ro
laxed nlnco the tcnjporaity enforcement
a month ngo. Tho Mayor replied that the
laws woro Stato st.ilutes, and that he had
no njithorlty for tholr enforeemont. Tho
sherlff rofufiod lo do anythlng ln tho mut
ler unloss thoso who called for the en?
forcement of tho laws would swear out
wnrronts for the nrrcst of the offonders,
,. (By Assoclated Press.)
I'l.NTA GORDA, FLA;, August 22,?
Thls mornlng at . o'elock E. H. Williams
was shot and killed by E. B. Polk. Both
woro promlnent. Doputy Marshnl Nlek
Lnngford nttompted to arrost Marlon J.
Wnlkor, who. wns lntoxlcated and reslslcd
arrest. E. E. Williams, who wns asslst
lug tlie doputy marshall, struck Walker
wlth a club, when Polk, who was wlth
Walker, shot him through tho j__ht
breast, Polk was arrested and lockod up
ln Jall.
(Speclnl to Th. Tlmos-Dlspaith.)
cni'TI-Nt-l-OKO, 1.. C. August 22.? '
Hrnartlng under oft'enslve nnd blasplio
i. otilh epllhots from John Powell, a col?
orod ilrlvor for Iho Groonsboro Transfor
.._.<l Bag .ngo Company, Mr, XV. F, Clegg,
proprietor nf Clegg's Hotel, flred a plstol
at ihe negro yesterday afternoon. Hls
Hlm waa noi apquvaW, and tho nogro
made tracks for tho Pollco Court. At
th. trlal Mr. Clegg gave bond for hl_
Facts About the American liullan'a
Heallby Halr.
The Anu'ikuin Indlnn, accusiomc-d
from tlme linmemorlul to go ba.oheadcd
in nll kind- of weather, ls never trou?
bled wlth fulllng halr or baldnoss.
The plOSO almosphero caused by our
"clvlll/.ed" hrad-gi-ar ls comlucivo to t.ie
hreedlng of iniiniti-nlinai gorms, whlch
dlg lnto tho scalp und thrlve on the _np
of tho hulr root.
Thin truo cnuno of baldness ls of ro
ennt dlacovc-ry and explulns the nnn
Huccess of all halr vlgors whlch treated
baldness as u functlonal dl-order.
Kewbro's Herplclde ls n direct extrf
rnlnator bf ""' _.*rn?' "u destroys the
1 cansi! nnd pormlts the halr lo grow ns
nature Intended."
tfuld by lcuiJlng dn>is_f|,,t?. ?'<id 10c.
ln -t-ini'H for siimplo to Tho Herplclde
Co., I'.trolt, Mlch. Owons & Mlnor
| l.rug Co,, Bpucljil ..gcul.
The Flro Company Given an
Enthusiastic '_I_e.ept.on
at Home,
(Speclnl to Tho Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
LURAY, VA., August B.-By a repor*
tor's error,'none of tho papers yestorduy
roporlod tl.ot Luray Flro Company won
flrst prlio ot $50 ln the free-for-all contost
at tho Firemen's Convontlon at Danville
yesterday, maklng tho run ln 30 seconds
tho be_ftl.no mado durlng the day, Tho
tenm broke all records for tho luO JMfi
dash to tho line, thelr tlmo boing " -
seconds In tho freo-for-nll raco, nnd1', 6
seconds, in tho Stnte contost, in wnion
they lost by brenklng thelr rool.
Tho compnny reached homo to-nlght aml
wero e-corted to tholr qunrtors by tho
Lurny Cornot Band, the Pngo ?1 fton on
and a groat number of cttlzons ot tho
l?A "speech of congratulntlon ancl wol
como wus mndo by Captaln R. F. Loddy,
of the Pugo Riflomon._
. he Stocks o. Thls Company Mnde a
Substantlal Net Gain During Week.
Slowlv'and tincertalnly and,yot steadlly.
tho stocks of tho Vlrglnla-Carollna.Chem?
lcal Compnny have been ol'rnbing up
w_r_ durlntr tho weok. At tho end ot
the weok tlfo quotatlons on tho common
stock aro but .Ughtly above? where.thoy
started Monday mornlng. The common
stock oponodTMonday nt 191-2 and closed
fi ?w On Tupsday tho openlng nnd
ein_in_ Wns at 221-2 and on Wednesday
fhostocl after openlng half a polnt
lower. closed at the samo flgure ns on
Tuesdnv. On Thursday tho openlng was
nf _ 4l _ht advanco, and tho clpse a
-.actlon"of _. polnt above the dny beforo
_<? 91 i.R On Friday tho common .siock
Spenedfat 211-2,.th.fnlghest polnt of'the
week, nnd closed at nn ndvanco ol 24 3-4.
Yesterday tho markot opened wlth com?
mon nt 23 7-8 and closed w th a small
cai at 24, a substantlal ndvanco over
kondn. oponing. or just flvo, I'olnts. Pre?
ferred stock, whlch was selllng Monday
at 90 nt tho oloso reached tho hlgnest
rnark of the week F-rlday, when lt opened
at 95 and closed at 94 78. Yostorday's
^tolet.^^ho' week'. record gets
promise of further advances under ds
advantngcous markot condltlons. Wlth
another week ns good ns the one just
clpsod tho common stock will reach 29
or SO and the preferred S. or 9S. The
effect of tho statement sont out by tho
dlrectors is beglnnlng to'bo felt.
Ambulance Surgeon Busy Patching Up
The nmbulnnce, ln charge of Dr. Sycle,
was kept busy last night ln respondlng
to calls from the Flrst Police Station.
Four dlstlnct cases of cuts were re?
ported as follows, and properly attended:
At 6:10 o'elock, Edward Greon, flngor
cut off.
At 9:35 o'elock, J. H. Mann, cut on
head In two places.
At 10:15 o'elock, Mary Cox, cut on jaw.
At 10:50 o'elock, ^ James Scott, cut In
bock. _
All parties wero colored, and none or
the injurles were serlous.
Excursion Train Running at Hlgh Rate
ofSpeecl Wrecked.
(By Assoclatad Proaa.)
.xcursion traln on the Northorn Paciflc,
.onslstlng of nn englne and soven
maches, on routo to the Elks' clam-bake
it Olympla, was wrecked about 11
a'clock thls morning two mllos south of
hero, Two persons were killed, four
tatally Injured and about thlrty seriously
hurt. All were Portland peoplo.
The traln was runnlng nt a good rate
of speed, when tho ralls spread, throw?
lng tho englne down an embankment
forty feet deep. Three coaches piled on
top of thc englne, und, to add horror to
tho scene, tho boller of the englne ex
ploded, throwlng Bcaldlng water nnd
steam for many yards around. Noarly
ovcry ono ln tlie flrst coach was Injured,
most of them havlng tlielr legs or arms
(Special to The Tlmes-Dlspatsli.)
The beautlful tulip poplar tree in tno
lawn at W.oodburn, tho home of Judgo
(Vi-tian, was struck by llglitnlng a fow
(1'iv.s ago. Tho tree stands near thc nis
torlo dwelling, and the shock from tho
bolt was felt by tho varlous members ot
tho J'udgn's famlly. Woodburn was tho
homo of President Tyler at ono tlme, and
tho tree wns set out hy him on tho aay
hls oldest son, known afterward asFHnce
John, wns born; Durlng tho Clvll Wai
Genernl J. E, B. Stuart (who was well
acquaintod wlth Judge Chrlstlan, und
often called at Woodburn) spont many
nigniB reneslng under tho old tree. Upon
ono occaslon Judge Chrlstlan cntertalned
General Stuart and BtafC uiidor tho trco.
(l_y Assoclated Press,)
PUILADKLPHIA, PA., August tl.-Tho
ar.nored crulser Pennsylvanla, named by
the daughters of tho Stato's senlor Sena?
tor and polltlcal loader, was launched at
tho yurdB o? the Wllllam Cramp
Shlp and Englne Bulldlng Company to
day. Tho malden plunge of tho formldablo
addltlon to the Unltod Slutos navy was
wltnossed by tho largest and ono of tho
most dlstlngulshod asfiomblagos that hns
ever gathered at Cramp's shlp-yards.
Mlss Coral May. chrlstoned tho shlp.
(By Assoclated Press,)
KNOXVll.LK TENN., August 22,-The
ll'Jtl. nnnlversary of tlie organlzatlon of
tho Stata of Franklln wns celebrated
at JonP.bbro lo-diiy. Tha uttondnnca from
tho BOVOU counties p( Tunnossoe ni:d North
Carollna, formlug iho Stato, was large.
Speakors 0. note wero present from all
ovor tho country. Thls ls tlio flrst publlc
observanco ol tho kind.
Suporlntentlcut of Leper Colony Hns
Been Suspencled,
(I)y Asi-c-latort I'reas.)
SAN JU_?N, 1'OHTO 11ICO, Aug. 22.?
Aeting Oovornor llartzell has suspendcd
Dr. Natcr, superlntendent of tho loper
colony, and Jose 'Aldrlch, hls nsslstuni,
on tho gtrcngtli of a report of Aeting Ll
rector of Charltles (leoneaga, rev-uUtng
a horrible aiul dniigernus sltito of nffulr_
at the eutrance of Unn Juan harbor. Ao
cnnllng ln thls roporj, uhU'kcns niul plgs
ralsed by lep.rs had been freely sold ln
tho clty, mi<l gui.t.'i, rabblta, pnultry aud
do.;_ had been hurded ln tl.e iiallcni-'
<l?iatti-iK. ln itidc.'-.rlbabio llltb. Inter
courno between tho loper colony nnd the
malnliiiul hus beon permltted. All thc
regiiln tlons wore vlolated.
Aldrlch hau also b.en arrested on the
e.trnln... 6hftfg? o_ transporilm? <^?"_
from the loper colony nnd hns ''*?*?,""'
MO, T-ie Aotlng Governor lw? ??
fm r_,,,'mRis ?" tho loper colony to ?e
killed to-day, and hns declared tlM no
wlll prob. the scandal to tha uottpm,
Flghtlng Contlnuos on tbo Balkan Par..
(By Assoelntod rross.)
griaayi August 21-Tlio vlllaSjSfl of Botty
Italtoro alnl Armesko near Hoilnu, iiav*
been bomuardod, and thelr Insitrgont gat
rlsons annlhllatod, At BoUfI nlono tl\?
hundred Butgarlnns nro r?n?rt?^i? 2"^
been killed, The women nnd children es
capod to the mountnlns. _',._.,.'_,_
. In ah engftgement at Ostrorot, August
19th, fourteen Komltajls woro killed and
thlrty-sevcn woro wounded.
Durlng another flght, ncrtr Okrlda, 217
Bttlgarlana were killed. An lmportaht
ae.._n Is proceodlng noar Florlna. The
commandant thoro domands lmmedlate
rolnforcomonts. Twolvo battallons hftv
startefl for Florlna from Monastlr.
Major William B. Tate.
,. (Special to The Tlmes-Dlspatoh.)
BRISTOb, TI3NJ.., Allg. _2'TM,UJ' "i1
llam 13. Tate, a woalthy baohtlor, who
had been tho benefactor of uisiibled ox
Confederato vetorims in Tennessoo, dloq
at hls homQ at Johnson Clty to-day, aged
elghty-flve, _,?-?-_ -
lt Is not long stnro ho gave $20,000 for
tho boneflt of- crlppled and dependent
veterans ln tho Stato.
;E. B. Ellicott,
(Special to Tho Tlmos-Dlspatch.)
FR_3DHHtCKSl_UnO, VA.. Aug. IJ.
>lr. E, B. Ellicott, of lower Fauqtiler
county, a well known ex-Confedorato sol?
dler, ls dend. i Ho Is survlved by & v/lf
and t_so dnughtcrs.
Mrs, Lucy Hcnson.
(Speclnl to Tho TImes-Dlspatch.)
Mrs. Lucy Honson, a wcl -known lady o?
Loulsa county, dled yostordny at her
home, near Polndexter....
i Mrs. Anne Jenkins.
(Special to The Tlmos-Dlspatch.)
FR-TDERICTCSTJDTro. VA.. -ttlg. 22.
Mrs: Anne Jenkins. an aged lady of Spot?
sylvanla county, wns found dead at her
homo noar Curtls' Shop, where she llved
nlono. She ls supposed to _i__y? dled ol
old age.
/ Mrs. Alice Skinner.
(Special to Tho Tlmos-Dlspatc-...
Mrs.- Alice Skinner, wldow of tho late A.
B. Skinner, of Carollne_ county. dled lost
night at her homo ln .thnt coiinty aged
forty-flve yoars. Flve children surviv*
Henry Purroy Dead.
(By Assoclated Press.) ,
SARATOGA,1 N. Y., August 22.-Henry
D. Purroy, ex-presldent of tho Board of
Aldermen, of New York clty, dled ot
heart fallure to-day.
SU-.I,IVAX.-T>led, Ang.ust 20th. -t ^o. 018 N.
Thlrtloth Streot, Mrs. MAItT SULLIVAN,
wlfe of Patrick Sullivnn. _-.??-,_ ?- nAV
Fdncral from St. I'ntrlclc's Church TO-DA\.
(Sunday), nt 11 A. M.
Sm-irtY.-Dleil, st bl_ fatber'. roaldonco. .ln
Witshlii-tim. D. C, Friday ut 11 P-M.. Ill/S
SELli COLEMAN. Jyoungcst son ot Annle . cr
n.."oi,gb u.td John S. Sbelry.t aged fourtoeu
."uirr-BonbHrg (Vn.) pnpers plenao copy.
TAYLOK.?Dled. nt hls homo, No. 2308 East
(iri.ee Stroet, Rlchmond, Vn.. on August 22,
1008, OEOIIGH KMTII TAY..OR, lu tho B-T
cnty. second year of hla ???? T h ,_ church
tuneral gcrvlci-.froin Old St. Jonn s unurcii
on MONDAY at 5 V. M.
Whereas, our heavenly Father, ln Hls
all-wlse pi'ovldonco, has seen flt to take
unto Himself tho soul of. our beloved
rector, Buckner Maglll Randolph we, the
vcstry of the Emanuol Church, deslro to
make some record of .the oyer grow Ing
lovo and esteem borne toward him by tlie
members of thls parlsh. a nd out? aense
of lrreparable loss' caused hy hls death.
From his earllest chlldhood Mr. Rau
dolph showed thoso tralts of manly *weot
ness that mado men hls frlends and kept
thom so forover. The samo charuoterls
tlcs camo out more bea.tlfully when.on
tho brcaklng out of war, Mr. fandolph
cnllsted ln tho defense of hls State and
dlstlngulshed hlmsolt by vnlor nnd judg
ment ln the nrduous and dangerous.posi?
tlon of captaln ot a company of Bharp
shoot.rs. whose duties were always on
tho flrlng llne. Those who had seen Mr.
Randolph only ns a ^de ., fJ;len* ?V0hT_
ing pastor, and a gentle .fo lower of hls
Master, llttlo knew the enthusiasm that
"Captnin Buck's" prosence aroitsed ln the
old veterans, who hnd known him ns theli
bc-lovod and darlng leader.
After tho war Mr. Randolph took up
clvll cnglnoorlng, ln whlch professlon ho
had been educated. and followed t for
somo years, but boing called of God to^.a
noblor work, ho entered the mlntstry.
Aficr complctlng hls studics at tho Vir?
ginia Tbeologlcal Semlnary he went to
Powhatan, whero hls Hrst parlsh cm
braccd a wldo and dlfflcult hold of sovornl
churches, cntalllng groat physlcal labor
upon tho pastor. From that charge he
cuino to Emanuel Parlsh. ln Henrlco coun
ly, on Octobor 1, 1885. For olghtoen years
he hnd been a falthttll sh.phord among
us, ever rendy to give splrltual counsel
ond help or bodily care to thoso under
his chargo; ancl more than ono of thoso
who sorrow to-day over hls death owo
thelr lives to hls lovlng watchfulness.
Hls. presenco wns a blesslng, and nono
mot him as pastor or ns frlend wlthout
seelng ln him tho consecratlon of a gen
tlemnnly llfo and tho sweotnoss ond
strongth of which lt was tho sourco.
Hls exnmplo was that of tho joyfulness
of walking In tho porfoot law of lovo, nnd
though hls last years wero ofton fllled
wlth sufforlng, he wont cheerfully about
hls duty, ns ono who.o source of happi?
ness was hlgher than mero bodily
health. But no one was propnred for
tho HUddcn chango that brought his
death. As hls 111 henlth Increased Mr.
Randolph went to hls old homo ln Fnu
nuier, hoplng that the alr of hls ?chlld
hood's home might glvo him sufflciout
strongth tn resumo hls duties. Ho grow
rapldly worso, howover, and at tbo plnco
of hls blrth ho lald down his llfe, givlng
Hls hody to that pleasant country s earth,
And hls pure soul unto hls Captaln.
Chrlst, , _-,
under Whose bannors ho hnd fougbt so
Whllo wo doeply mourn, we know thnt
our loss ls hls eternal gain. Ho has
fcught a good llght, ho hat' flnlshod hls
course, he has kept the talth. l-rom
hcncoforlh thoro is lald UP for him n
crown of rlghteousne. 8. which tho Lord,
tho Rlghleous .rudgo, will glvo nnn.
Now, therefore, be lt ,
Resolved. Thnt wo, tho vestry and con
Bi.gatlon of Emanuel ct)mch.J!{QVJ"
his boreavcd famlly ln thelr aftllollon the
s.mpnthy of thoso who sorrow wlth
them, nnd knowlng that thls woild cn,i
offer no solaco llko the meniory ot hls
llfo lu hls own home, we pray that Ood
will grant them Hla peaco, Which pastoth
nll understnndlng, i , ,,
Bo lt resolved, Thnt these rosolutlnnr
._ .?.._ .?_ .__ milnlt of I'.mnnuc
n. powbll dunn,
K. M. B?PP_-nT?
,,; ? I'JNOKNBVv
August 21. -XC. !"?"''
Chestnut Jftll and
Mr. and Mrs, Joseph M. Fourqureatt,
daughter nnd son left Thursday to spend
a week or ton. days wlth relatlves ln New
York clty.
Mrs. Wot-ver, of Fourth Avenue, hns
for the past several days been the guost
ol Mrs. Alvln Quarlos, of Atlee Statlon,
Hanover county.
Mr. Rtisaell Henley, of Thlrd Avenue,
who haa been ciulte slok at hls resldonoo
for somo tlme, ls slowly improvlng.
Mlss Ellle Noel, who has beon the guost
ot her frlend, Mrs. Charles L. Eubank,
for n fow days, has returned to her home
ln Bon Alr.
Master Gordon Wnrrlok ls now visitlng
Mrs. Charles Q. Shnfor, of Thlrd Ave?
Mr. Richard Salo and two sons, Mas
ters Wlllle and Boal Sale, left yesterday
to vlslt relatlves ln Ashland,
Master Andrew Troxler, bf Falrmount,
is the guest of hls oousln, Mrs. Diok
Troxlor, of Chestnut Hlll.
Mlss Maud Llvesay haa returned to
lier homo aftor a vlslt to relatlves on
the "Hlll." . .' <
. Mlss Myrtle Rcdford hns been visitlng
her frlend, Mlss Ellle Noel, of Bon Alr.
Mlss Ellzabeth Qulnby has returned
to her homo aftor a pleasant stay or
three weoks or moro wlth relatlves m
Now Jersey. ?';'?_ ,
Mr. and Mrs. Cortez V, Jones, ot
Fourth Avenue, havo roturned home from
a vlslt lo relatlves _}p CharlottoBVlllo and
Stony Point. .
Mlss Allco M. Shafer, who for several
?weeks past has boen visitlng relatTVes ln
Rapldan, oxpects to leave ln a <ow days
for Staunton. -? . .
Mlss Cora Hlckman ls now Ihe guost or
hor frlend, Mrs, Hoover, of Socond Avo
" Mlss Marle Klnsley ls> visitlng Mrs.
Gudo, of Third Avenue.
The congregatlon of Hlghland Park
Methodlst Church hope soon to bogln the
oroctlon of a handsome parsonage on
ono of tho popular avenues.
Mrs. Donn and her daughter, Mary, or
Portsmouth, were hero last weok, tho
guests ot Mrs. Vlrglnla M. Sparks.
Mrs. John Davls, of Hlghland Park.
wlll leave Tuesday to spend -overnl
months wlth her parents ln Cumberlond
"<Mrs. Gllbert Satterwhlto, of Fourth Ave?
nue. contlnuc-i qulte slck at her resl
Mrs." Taylor, of Phlladelphla, ls visitlng
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dalton, of
Hlghland Park. ,
Dr. Wlngfleld, of Henrlco county, wlll
bulld qulte a protty resldence on Hlghland
Park In the noar futuro.
Mrs. Edmund Henshnw and children, or
Fourth Ave_#_e, aro tvtsUlng relatlves
near Somorsot. _'
Mrs. Vermtlerla contlnues slck at ner
resldenco on Fourth Avenue.
?????? ?
., , ;,y;x^><S*jX*>-K^*.^^
The polltlcal fever ls at lts helght ln
lower Henrlco county and much uueiesi
ls boing manlfested in Fulton. wnlch ls
partly in Fuirfleld and Vanna d.strlcts.
Mass-meeting are belng held nigntly
throughout tho two dlstrlcts, and are well
attended. . , ,.
Miso Bertha Austln, who was palnfully
injured a tow nights ago by a fall fiom
a verunda, whlch gave away, is much
Improved. . '
Miss Austln, wlth a number of frionds,
wero dn attendance upon a blrthday
paity, nnd wh.le the merry party was
standing on tha verandu, lt gavo way,
throwing them to tho giound, a dlstaiuo
of ulmost twelve feet. In the fall Miss
Austln was rendered unconsclous, whlle
the rest of the party escaped unhurt.
lt is very Ukely tnat tho Commit.se on
Pastor of Fulton Baptlst Cnurch will
make known thelr report to-day on the
call extonded Rev. Mr. Hopburn, of tho
Socond Buptlst Church of Baltlmoro, on
last Sunday. A reply to the call Is sald
to be in the hands of tho coinrnlttee.
The church haa been wlthout a pastor
sinco April lst, whon Rev. W. B. Loake
res,gned to become State missionary.
Mr. Bernard Marlow and Miss Lou
Perry, delcgaies from tho Stato Council
of Daughters of Llborty. left Friday af?
ternoon for Detrolt, Mlch.. to attend tho
i.auonal Convention, whlch convenja
there Monday. Tho State Councll is en?
tltled to flvo delcgatos, and Fulton feh.l
tates ltself upon havlng the honor of
furnlshing two of tho delegates.
Mrs. Ellen Bowler, whoso husband died
last wcel_ after an lllness of ,twelve
months, Is ln almost dostltute clrcum
stahces, A fow dnys before her husband
died they we;. robbed of every cent they
possessed. Any asslstance rendered the
famlly will be cheerfully recolved,
Mr. and Mrs. R. Nelson arrlvcd Wed?
nesday from a throe-months' tour through
Europe. They spent several weeks wllh
thelr relatlves ln Donmark, whom they
had not seon for newrly thlrty yoars.
Rev. A. A. Jones will occupy hls pul?
pit nt both servlces to-day at Denny
3ti oet M. E. Church.
Rev, Mr. Haisllp, of Southwest Vlr?
glnla, will flll the pulpit at Fulton Bap?
tlst Church to-day. ,
Mrs. Thomas Farraiyl has returned
from a vlslt to hor daughter, in Boston
Mrs. Dora Chalkloy is vislting frienda
at Elko. ,
Tho revepue eutter Mohawk, whlch had
been tled up opposlto Hnyuo Street for
soveral months, has beon towed. up to the
cltv wharf and ls now undor full stoam
ancl will be taken tp Norfolk for comple
tlMlr.n>Vank'eaoJ.hill. who wns badly lace
raled by a machlno at tho Vlrg nla-Caro
llna Bag Works last weok, ls Improvlng
"'mJm Josephlne Tindale and little, nlece,
Nelllo Bolan, nre vlsiting relatlvoa ln
Washlngton. -. tar& for Bt
t o.Vl_ Mo where ho goeB to work on tho
Un.cd Btat-s' Ftsher. Bulldlng for the
Exposltlon ln 1904. The "JptgJu^^
bulldlng was secured hy Mr. Reuben _?ur
WK_K._,?$__?__laSl_5d ?/'
n__- ?"- vStinb- ?_UV- ?-r B?C
MlM Mayme JordM h?. rriu?.? fwm
Berkley, whore she was tho guest oi ??.
mMr' AnhuJr0l"yaPn.aca,Bhler ot the North
t^olt,mr Wheel yWorks, is conflned to his
r,M?ew.ll7am Ho?. who wns Injured at
So'utiiein shoV last' week, ls able to bo
UMr. Manly Brown hus rel-urried from a
hnslnftss trin to Phlladelphla.
Cimncllinaii F. H. Garber has return
ed from Ocean Vlow.
Cuntiiln J. M. Bryant nnd daughter,
Mr. Bessle Plarco, who have been on
? H-X?oiul_d vIsU; to frlend., i? tho New
i.'nrrinn,! Rtatos. have retumou nome.
Lng and BW^ ? 0?, jdrpn .who
!,.?._? boVn visitlng relatlves ln WaaWng
ton. hnvo roturuod home.
Mv Pv Wi Battorhy ls able to he out
"M^-s'^^M^tunsuulle slck at her
on1,1.' vlsll to'^ils latlier. Mr. \Y. J. Mnys,
ofJ?%ffieu; anrbor and son wtr,
wl,orbhav_eb-en qu'to slck. are both much
""..?Nelson Wormon, of Bolhl.ham. Pa?
WSi^l^wiiTfl -turn
etl from Ocoan View.
Mih R. W. Battorby ls visitlng hor
mother, near Bon Alr.
bo^o^'W ? con?bSto'a gftft
s.'V._s^!.8tew^VFYcrttl 'voeks ago'
/''a-..e^hln%f!U^'TTho has been 1.1
This week we will reduce the price on
each and every Parlor Suito or Parlor Piece in
our stock (50 parlor suites and a great many
mOre qfid pieces of mahogany, gilt, &c.) from
10 to 33 1-3 per cent. All our August Furni?
ture Sales are attractive, but this one is parti*
cularly so, as some of our Fall Goods aro in
and inoluded also. Come to see us, it costs
you nothing to look.
419-21 E. BROAD ST.
We are still giving off 25 per cent. on Re*
frigerators, Baby Carriages, Go-Carts and Sum
mer Porch Benches, Chairs, &c, &c.
s Credit if you want it.
wlth fever at the resldence of hla father
311 Denny Stroot, ls much better.
Mls? Bordlo Davis has returnedn ffom
_ pleaBant stay wlth relatlves ln Kon
l_Ir.'john Duko, who has been III wlth
typhold fever, is improving at hls rcsl
-ence, No. 510 Nlchol-on Street.
Mr. Martin Fall, ot Baltlmore, wbo has
been on a vlsit to hls old homo, has ro
tUM?d JoCVaughan ls qulte sick at hor
reMdonco. No. 502 Bonny Streot ?
Mr Claronce Ayors, of Mlllvillo, N. J.,
I- vislting Mrs. P. H. Pearmnn.
Mr nnd Mrs. John W. Turnor, of
Marlon HIU, aro vislting frlends In Douisa
C0_l"l>and Mrs. W. H. Reekes left yester
__y to sepnd several weeks at Buftalo
LiSaulreSJames B. Grady. who has been III
for soveral weoks, ls somewhat Improved.
Dr. John Wllds. of Fulton Hlll ls vis?
lting h_> old homo In Dogansport, Ind.
ni 3:30 o'elock._
A Warm Contest in" Amherst for th
(Special to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
. .mjtttjc.t VA . August 22.? 1 no jury
lA'he case of Paul Pnlnter. for the k 111
yZnlt Cash returned a verdlct
w nii nf whom hnd to come a dlstnnce ot
. 5S? F_ .h-rl_*?0_. P- -?* ????
_s___fa!fs?s. ????&. as
from thla county last wlnter.
Will S?e Other Cities.
for stroet improvements. aawver.
?_k_mnreant le house ot ti. t. -ttwjn,
_f Now Eondon, Stnnlv county, wns
C^y Si i8BK?S? o?.
A w .__?k_ and R. H. Hardln
CB?e[_edG'aWdls?IUery8 eTablTshment near
Statesville, i-redell county.
Polltlcs in Charles Clty.
(Spoclal to Tho Tlmos-TJlspatch.)
nf elork treasurer and sherift ur ynaiu-s
ritv county Thero will be four'.undi
datos for comhiIsalonor of rovonuo and
Uvo tor Commonwealth's attorney-Mr.
tJ M Nance, Incumbent, and Hon.
T> a Tyler, whe lins announced himself
a 'candldate for that offlco.
f Mainly About People |
Mr and Mrs. J. W. Boswell, of Roa?
noke have returned homo nfter spend
"w Borne tlme ln *hls city and Virg.nla
-M.saYs J. V. Hardenburg and F. B.
I.oi.gan returned from the Whlto Sul
nhur Sprlngs last oventng, whore they
have boon spending the past week.
Miss Helen .Varrcn.of Xo. 318 East Lelgh
Stroet, hns loft the clty fnr Sklnnunrtor.
where she will be entcrfnlned by Dr.
Slms for several woeka. ___ ."-';"'?_,
MlKs Ruth Turnor, of Emporia, ls tlio
Kuost of her frl. lul. Miss Otey Mlnor,
... her homo ln Barton Holshf..
Mr nn dMrs. Chnrles T. Hardwicke nnd
throo children, of North Twenty-fourth
Streel, have returned to the clty. after
a most delightful vlslt to Mr, nnd Mrs,
XV. h. Ellls, of Pea Rldge, Albemarle
e_v.rsy'julln Atklns and chlldren ,of Bal
tim-r-'. Md.. loft yesterday forJjielt homo
_cc.mpai.led by Mr. nnd Mrs. J. AV. Neu
Dr. XV. XV. Lnndrum will not ba able
'to.il hls oppointment at tho Sacond Bau*
i ut Church thls morn ng. .and Roy. J}. J.
.Vl.lm.h_m, M. K"m Pwl0h ttt "
? nq lady oan'do wlthout powderi but
buy the best; It's Satin-Skln J ao.
Powder; flesh, whlte or brunet. 3?o.
Miller ?& Rhoadg. . .,?
rohr und Mlss Rena Neurohr.
Mrs. Bobert N. Bass, accompanled by
hor little nloce Bessle Scruggs left yester
day tq vlslt rolatlvea In and around Pal
MIs. Mattle Mahon of Church Hlll. ls
spendlng a few weeks with relatlves la
Curollne county.
Mrs. Dr. Gcorijo Cooper and Mlss Alta,
nro visitlng Mrs. Mary Miller, of \VJ1
ltnmsport, Pa. Later they wlll be tbe
..uests of.Mrs. Or. Nutt, at her cottage, at
Eaglcsmcro's Ne3L Ba,
Misses Mamlo and Annle Cosby have re?
turned homo attor a dellghtful vlslt to tho
Misses Conners, of Wllloughby Beach and
Oceun Vlow. _ ?
CREDITORS. _, _. . __,?__,
ln tho mattor of ) No. 474
? Bankrupt. J In Bankruptcy.
To tho credltors of M. M. MOORE, of
Rlchmond, ia- tho county of Henrlco,
and district aforosalu, bankrupt:
Notlco ls horeby glven that on the 24th
day of July, A. D. 1U03, the sald NL M.
MOORE was duly adjudged a bankrupt;
and that tho llrst meetlng of hls credltors
wlll bo held In my ofTice, Room No. 10,
Poatofflco 'Bulldlng. Rlchmond, Va. on the
_l.Ht DAY OF AUGUST, A. D. 1903, at U
o'clock In tho forenoon, at whicn limo
the suid credltors may attend, prove their
clalms, appolnt a trustee, examlne the
bankrupt; and transact such other busi?
ness as may properly come bofore sald
meetlng. _ . ' ?'?
Referee ln Bankruptcy.
August 12.190-.
Edgar Allan, Attornoy for tho BankrupL
In tho Matter of "I No. 478.
Bankrupt. J In Bankruptcy.
To tho credltors of JOHN MAXWELL, of
Richmond, In the county of Honrlco, and
district aforcsx'd, bankrupt.
Notlce ls hereby glven that on tho Oth
day of August. A. D. 1903, the sald JOHN
?MAXWELL. was duly adjudlcated a bank- ?
rupt; und thut tho Ilrat meeting of nls
credltors wlll bo held ln my offlce. Room
No. 10. Postofflce Bulldlng. Rlchmond,
Va.. on tho lst DAY OF SEPTEMBER, A,
D. 1WW, ai 10 o'clook In Ihe forenoon. at
whlch tlme the snld credltors may attend,
prove thelr clalms, appolnt a trusloe. ox
amlne tho bankrupt, nnd transact such
other business as may properly como be
fore sald meetlng. rq __ ,FXLhKX>
Referee in Bankruptcy.
: August 21, 1903. ?
John A. Lamb, Attornoy for Bankrupt.
CREDITORS. ___ ' __.??
ln the Matter of } No. 477.
R. E. BRUCE, |
Bankrupt. 5 In Bankruptcy.
To tho credltors ot R. E. BRUCE, of
Rlchmond, ln tbo county of Henrlco,
and district aforesaid, bankrupt,
Notlce ls horeby glven that on the -ttj
dav of August, A. D. 1M_, the sald R. A.
BRUCE was duly adjudlcated a bank
ruut: and that tho tlm meeting oi nls
credltors wlll be hold in my offlce, Room
No 10 Posto llco Bulldlng. Rlchmond, Va-,
on tha lst DAY OF SEPTEMBER, A. D,
iflua a. 10 o'cloci. in tho forenoon, at w_lich
timo the sald credltors may attend,prove
tholr "lalms7 appolnt a trustee, oxnmlne
the banlmipt, and transact such othor
-ii?inl_-s as may properly come before sald
meetlng. v ( BO H| TALLEY,
Referee In Bankruptcy.
AlifrLG,8Colllna. attorney for bankrupt.
No ussots returned in bankrupt's schod.
NOTlt-1- "* 0RKpiTOBS.
jr, tho Mattor of ) No. 476,
R. E, CHELF, >?
Bankrupt. ) ln Bankruptcy,
To the credltors of RUSSELL E. CHELF,
of Rlchmond, ln the county of Hanrlco,
und district aforesaid, bankrupt,
Notlce Is horoby glven that on tho 4to
day of August, A. D. 1803, tho sald R.
K. CHELF was duly adjudlcated a
bankrupt; and that tho llrst meetlng of
His credltors w)U be held ln my .offlct,
Hoorn No. 10, Postofflce Bulldli " illoli.
moha, Va? on tho lst DAY OF BKPTH-*
jiwh a. D. 1003, at 10 o'clock ln tlie fore*
noon at whlch tlme the sald oredlttn*
may attend, prove thelr clntn.s. appolnt >
tn.btee, cxaniln. the bankrupt, and trar.-J
act such othor business as may properly
Come before sald mootlng. ^^
Referee ln Bankruptcy.
AtiBUst 14, 19011,
George J hooper, Attorney for Bankrupt.
No assets returned ln bankrupt'i icb.4*

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