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The Rappahannock Makes a
Dcscent on Tongers.
abandon their boats;
The Camp of tho Seventy-FI.3t Regl
ment Commoncos at Ocean View
To-Day?Delegates to Negro
. . ' Conventlon In Rlchmond.
(Special to Tho Tlincfi-Dlspatch.)
NORFOLK, VA., August '.'_.?Tho ad?
vance gunrd of iho Franklln and Em
porla.Companies of thc Ba van ty* first regl
ment arrlved hore to-day to nrango for
tho encampmenl of thoso commmids nt
Ocean View, whlch bcglns to-morrow.
It wlll contlnue len ditys and durlng that
timo. there wlll no doubt bo excliangcs
of courtesles botween the locul and visit?
lng mllltury.
Willlfim nnd John Btnen and A. M. Al?
len, ro-lilciits of Atliintic Clty Ward, nro
to have u Irlal Monday upon thn chargo
of longlng pysters In iho mouth of Tnn
ner's Creek out of season, Tlio prose?
cutlon wns brought nbout by tho oyster
'gunboiit Rappahannock, Captain Wllllum
E. 'Hudglns, runnlng down unexpectcdly
on the tongers Thursday morning.
Tho tongers, It ih sald, had learned of
Captain Hudglns' ausence wltli the Rap?
pahannock on ofllclal huslnoHS in lower
Chflsapcake Bay, btu tho lltllo gtinboat,
comlng into Norfolk under Ihe covdr of
nlght Wednesday, wns not observed by
tholr outposts. Captain Hudglns found
tho nook full of oyslcrmon. They were
ln shallow water. nnd hnd to bc chused
ln the Rappithnnnock's small boats, Most
of tjiem got away, but sorne of the oyster
men JuniSed ashoro und left tholr bonla
to the oyster pntrolmcn.
The Petersburg Pythlansi who hnve
beon ii t Ocean View for a week, broke
camp thls morning. nnd are leaving for
home. The. last ,of them wlll get away
bv to-morrow eve.
'Norfolk has elected upwards of opo
hundred rlcic..ntc? to the Negro Suffrago
and Industrlnl Conventlon, whlch moets
In Rlchmond next Moridiiy and Tuesday.
lt |s expected that 1.IKX) delegatcs wlll be
The. first reports nn 'he SUjts brought
some tlme ago tr, tost tho new State Con?
stltution wlll be mnde nt thls conven?
tlon. Jord.-m Thompson. of Iho Norfolk
r.ostofrire. Is presldent bt! the convonrlon. -
R. Brown. n ncKro preacher. ls held in
tho Norfolk county Jail to nwalt trlal on
the charge of crlmln illy assaultlng thn
.ecble-mindcd diiughter of Mrs- Mar
parel Burke. of Pugl.town, Norfolk
cpunti'. The deed wns commltted on
June 24th, and whlle the preacher wns
not cnptur.d untll thc 5th of August.
ihe glrl Identlf.ed hlm. Thls Is Iho one
weak point ln the case, In view of her
mental trouble. The negro preacher ls
salrl to have gone to the home of Mrs.
Burke ln her absence. and there com
mllted the crlme. He clalms that he can
prove an allbl.
Mr E S. Wnddlll. a .on of Judge Kd
mund Waddlll. of Rlchmond. wns to-dny
sppoi'nted a Hiib-lnsnector In the depart?
ment of yards and docks at the navy
ynrd In thls clty.
(Contlnued from First Tage.)
nmld at, Intenso hush throughout tho
court-room, lo make her promlsed de
velopments. She seemed to be lnhorlng
under a great effort. and paused nfter her
flrst emphntic ctatemont that the-Craw?
fords and the mllllons exlstcd,
Then she began formnlly:
"Gentlemen of the jury; When 1 wanted
the address of Mr. Crawford he a
" 'You cannot know me. T nm not
called Crawford. 1 am not known by that
name.' _, , _
" Thon what name? I asked.
"He replled: 'My fortune was mnde dur?
lng the war of 1870 hy relnvestments of
Rentes whlch were then very low,( and a
lorpro quantlty were bought here' "
Madame Humbert paused again, length
lly, andi then contlnued:
"Hls name Is Regnler. the Interme
dlary between Mnrshal Bnzolna nnd tho
Oermans. I had already transnoted busi?
ness wlth one Regnlor. who appeared to
mo to bc a mysterlous personage, and
who sald to me:
" 'Be careful, Madame, not to confuso
me wlth tho notorlous Regnlor.'
"That |s how I suddenly learned Craw
ford's nome. 1 never told my husband. I
swoor on my daughter's head. Thls is
tho flrst tlme he hears tlm name."
Addressing thc presidlng Judge, Mad?
ame Humbert went on, exclnlmlng:
OF ?
On any of our Refrigerators and Ice Chestswe offer
a special discount of
An opportunlty to buy a Refrlgerator at a very low price
The E. B. Taylor Co..
101IE. Main Street. 9 E. Broad Street.
"Whnt 1 'sny ls tttio. The Crnwfords
ovlsl, iho fortuno e.lsls, nnd 1, Mudnmo
litim.ei't, will brlng _tf_t.lc.ri-t ngnlnst tho
Turrlng lo tho Jury nrtnln, Mndnme
Humbert siildl
"CloDilomon, I will not sny nny more.
lt Is enough lo toll you thnt tho fol'luti.
oxlsts. nnd thnt l never Ch.fllbd nny ono,
Now you hnvo the whole Humbert caso
nnd lhe wholo Crawford ciipo."
Mndnme Huinb. rt conlliiuod, mnklng n
riimbllng, Indeflnttc slntomont, erltlclslng
M. Vdlle, tho'tnlnlstor of Justlce, ln con
tuplliju wlth tho Cnttntil cnte, nsscrllng
hur u .illifuln.sM, uml UoeiiiPlnB lliftt whon
ftcdiiltlnd hor C.&dllors wnlild ho ablo tn
flnd hor. Slle wnlild do her tluly, sho snld,
iit.d If nny one offoro d hor monoy she
would show l.lin tho door. Sho concluded!
"I hnvo full, (;omplcto conlldonco, nnd
how .1 uwult triy fnto."
A prolongod tnovemont nmong lhe spoc
tntors followed the _?utoment, whlch
caused ? general fecllng of dlsnppoln.t*
rr.ont, owlng lo tho Iti.orl.ltlBlve nittnro of
Mndaino Humbert's dcclnrallons. Mnltrc
Lftbo'rl, nddresslng tho Jury. snld:
"Xnw you hnvo tho socrot of Mndnmo
llunjb.it.. She hn_ told you the same she
told inc."
Counsel, conllnulng, rond n sketch of
Rognler, ctntlng thnt Hognlcr nctcd ns
tho Intcimodlnry hctweon Prlnco BIs
rnnrrk nnd Marshal Bnzalne.
Mnltro 1-nborl nul<l ho hnd boon unnble
ln lenrn whnt eventunlly bednme of Rog?
nler. After belng condomncd to death by
court-mnrtlnl, Rognler dlsnppoarcd,
Counsel concluded wlth nn nloquont ploa
m the Jury not tn comlernn tho prlsoners,
whlch nrousol loud nppl.tuse.
Tho presldont of the oourt thon submlt?
ted tho ciiso to the Jury.
Mudamc Hurnhort's mentlon of Uognlor
Introduced lin entlrely uncxpected namo?
ono whlch hnd beon almost ontlrnly for
l.ottou. iilthough II was that nf n noto
rloue Ilgure ln tho Int ter days of tho
JrVancp-Pr iisslan Wnr, Tho l.lnerte prlnt?
ed the followlng skotch nf the mnn:
"Rognler wa_ flrst henrd of In connec
llnn wlth tho rcvolutlon of 18-J8, ln whlch
he.'played a doubtful part. In September,
3K70, the Kmprc.s lS'iigonlo, then nt Hasl
Ings, Knglnnd, entrusted him wlth a mls
.lon to Prlhcc Blsmarck. Rognler Intor
Three Young Lawyers Maklng
Race for the House.
Speculatlon ln Petersburg Has Done
Wore Harm than a Bank Fallure,
Awards of Condemna
(Bpoclnl 1n Tho TImes-Dlspatch.>
PETERSBURG. VA., August 22.?Live
ly Interest Is bolng taken ln the legtslu
tlvo contest In thls clty, _ho threo candl?
datos aro e'nrnostly at work. They uVo
Moasrs. Bartlett Hoper, Jr., Charles 13.
I'lummor and J. II. P. Lolgh, all of whom
nre young luwyers. Mr. O. M. I. Bttss; the
voteran prohlbltionlst, sald to-day that
hls party would havo a candldate ln tho
Tho votlng wlll bo vii.a voce, and wils
wlll probably koop muny voters from the
polls. ln fact many say that wlth thls
Hyste.m of votlng In the placo of tho so
crej ballot thoy shall'-tuy from the polls
when tho primary ls held.
Thc Clty Committeo wlll meet withln
a wool: or two to declde on the day for
the prltnary, and arrango other mattors
ln thls conoctlon.
a conservativo business mnn sald to
day that tho losses ln Petersburg as a ro
Kult of stock speculatlon ls dnmnglng
business more than a bank fallure would.
(Contlnued from Flrst Vnge
commlttee, nnd these nsplrants for i??
viit'iuicy thorcon: Bdwln M. Pllchor, C. 8.
Cookd nnd A. W. .Jrowhlng.
Leo Wurrt-Dl'. 0, V, Cnrrlngtnn, 0, lt,
Wlnston, Wllliam H. Butler, It. i;. p?y,
ton, Jr., nll now HIOMbois of the cohi*
mltice, und thoso now nsplriihts. .1. W,
1 Pc'rcfvni, ,t. P. Ycamntis.
Ainni'oo Ward?Wnltor (1. Uuke. itussoll
llnrgnmln. J. Smith prockmiboio.igh, A,
V. Slicit nnd Jnmos K. McKonny, nll hut
tho IhhI niimrd genllomaii boing tnnmbora
of tho cnminlttoc. Mr. Ordwny I'uller Is
tho retlrlng mombor. .
Madlson Wnrd-Joscph C. inylor, fl. G,
Shleld D. M. BurgosB, Mlhctr.o Kolkos,
and \V. H, Wiilden, nll candldates for
Jeff.-rson Wnrd-B. J. Ffignn, Jnmos E,
Philllps Jr., A. T. Orlfnth. nll Inoutn
benls, nnd Sam Steiner nnd Ctirlx Mnn
hlng, ,Ir? new aspirants.
Juckson Ward-Jnincs B, Dohorly,
Mlcliaol Wood, John R. t.eaninn nnd P. A,
f_.no, now monifbcrs of tho commltoo, nnd
Wnltor Poay. , *
Mflrflhall Ward-.Tohn B. Welsh, C. B,
Hughes, Albort H. Flournoy, J. \V. Wood
wnrd, nll members <>f iho commlttee now,
nnd ro. C. Hlcks. ,__. _.__
Mr. Harmnn, tho only onndldnte for
tho Senato ln tho now noiritnrl.il district,
pald up hls ..Be?mT>-'1 "t * .1 Messrs.
Chnrles J. Anderson. Sflwln P. < ox, Sam
M, Wallace, 1_ T. Christian nnd Harry !_
Watson oach pnld $70 for tho prlvlcge nf
runnlng fnr tho D6m0cratlc nomlnatlon
for tho Houso. Tho. forty candldnlos for
member. hlp <m Iho <").iimlttoo each piicl
up $2.50 ns tholr shnro of the oxpease nf
the primary. Tho total amount pnld In
ln PiVj, nr nn avornge nf $'?>'* per ward
fnr tho oxpenso of the primary.
Thero being no opposltlon lo Mr. A. C.
Harmnn for (ho Stnte Senate. ho will be
declared tho nomlneo by tho cnrnmlttee,
In ncoordanco wlth tho plnn of primary.
tha: is atoi.co cnchaiitlng and rc-tlul.
went to Metz, Introduced hlmself to Mar
shal Bazalne, and urged on Bazalne that
the wnr should have ended after the bat?
tle of Sedan, and that hls nrmy, whlch
was iisele.s at Molz, ought to malntaln
order ln the Interlor. Bazalne thoreupon
accepted tho Idea of treating wlth the
Germans. ? , , , _
"Rognler-'s object wns slmply to Induco
Bazalne to capitulatlon wlthout ralslng
any dlfflcultlcs. The surrender of Metz
followed. Regnler's compllclty was proved
ln 1S74, when Regnler. durlng hls ab
sencc, was trled and condemned by court
rnartlal held ln Paris. Ho dled ln Eng?
land in 1880."
Lewis Renominatod.
(Special to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
AVARRENTON. VA.. Aug. 22.-Incom
pleto returns from the Democratic prim?
ary, held throuBhout the county to-day,
& a very close llght for ??e "" ? ?E
sherlff, Tbe Incumbent, A. S. Humlltoi .
i_ i nnosed by F, E. B ackwell and J. ,L.
Olinro. No correct estimato can be
given nt thls hour. All threo are pretty
Ww' 1.,_,KLeewis?fs<!,ronromlnatod for Float
er from Fnuquler and Loudoun, defeat
Ing AV, A. Rucker.
Men heretofore careful ln flnanclal mat?
ters have speculated largely and lost
heavlly. Many others slmply li.restlng
thelr money have lost seriously through
the decllne In Vlrgln.a-Carolina Chemicnl
stock. Purchases in most cases were made
nt prlces about 130 for preferred and 1-5
for common stock.
The commlssloners ln the case of tho
Norfolk and AVestern Rallroad Company
of.alnst Godsey and Perklnson and E. L.
DeJarnotte last nlght awarded Godsoy
and Perklnson {2,150. and E. L. DeJarnetto
.2,600 damages to land needed for the
company's purposes. The award of the for.
mer commlssloner was'set aside by tho
court as exceslve. In the award last nlght
the prlco allowed by, the commlssloners
was $200 moro than that flrst awarded.
Nothlng deflnito has been heard from
Bev. Dr. Taylor, of Indlanapolls, Ind.r
who wns recently called to tlio Flrst Bap?
tist Church ln this clty. Dr. Taylor has
beon on a vlslt to hls mother In Oregon,
but wlll come East during the month.
The senlor deacon, Mr. Bartlelt Koper,
ir, absent from the clty, and If he has
recently received any deflnito news from
Dr. Tnvlor he ha.' not yet hnd time to
commuiilcato lt to hls committee.
Ornding hns nearly been completed, and
the track from Forndnle Park to the hend
ol thc canal wlll soon bo bullt. The con
trnct for tho largo dam has not yet been
glven. It ls estlmated that $2,600,000 wlll
bc necessary to complote the work begun
r.ear thls clty by the Vlrglnla Passenger
and Power Company. The Lane Construc
tlon Company, of Scottsvllle, Vn., ls now
ready to begln tho work of wldonlng tho
Mrs A. N. HoBklns, wldow of the lnto
Ahlo Ni Hnsklns, ls. extremely 111 at her
home, "Vlolet Bank," Just across the
river from thls clty. .
Mrs. Hasklns has beon undergolng treat?
ment nt tho Kellum Hospltal, ln Rlclr
mond, and enme home a few weoks ngo
grontly Improved. Her mnlndy agaln
grew serious, and she ls now In a crlt?
lcal condltlon, wlth Uttle chanco of re
Manager French has thus far booked
forty shown for the comlng theatrlcnl
season, whlch wlll bo oponed in thls
clty next Tuesday ovenlng wlth "Tho
Telephone Glrl." Tho Acadomy, whlch
was recently purchased by Mr, Joseph
AA'. Soward, has boon Improved, and tho
comlng season blds falr to bo tho most
successful of many years. The mnnage
mont wlll do all It can to present only
tho best .hows ln> Potersburg, Al. O.
Flold's mlnvtrels Wlll appenr ln thls clty
tho flrst week In September.
Rov. C, II. Nash, D. D., of Hopkins
villo, Ky., wlll preach nt AVest End Bap?
tist Church to-morrow ovenlng at 8:16
o'clock. ,??"_.-__;_
Dr. Nash organized AVest End Church
ln 1882, wlth fnrty-two n.embors. The
membershlp Is now ono of tho largest In
the clty.
Recentlv there hns been a movement
started to unlnnlzo tbo labmors conneoted
wlth the publlo works of Nashvllle,
Mr. Harmnn |s the only one of thoso to
be choson who will pnrtlclpate In tho elec
tion of a successor to Senator Martin ln
11KX5. It ls understood, and has been
generally understood, that Mr. Harman
favors the Junlor senntor to succeod
himself, and unless Instructed hy the
primary to be hold two years honco to
voto otherwi'so, will east hls vote for
Senntor Martin. Mr. Harman hns been
warmly congratulate.l hy hla frlondB on
hls nomlnatlon wlthout opposltlon by tho
party. Ho is now serving a term In tho
House of Delegntes, where he has provod
n hard worker and lins mado n flne roc
ord. Mr. Harmnn'? nnmlrintlon Is equl
vnlont to electlon. lle i'h well known, nfit
only In thls clty. but throughout tho
Stnto, ancl especially nlong the llno of
tho Jnmes Rlver. for ho wns for many
years eonnoctcd wllh Hnrmnn's
dnlly li'no of boats on the.old Jamos Rlver
and Kanawha Cnnnl. Ho Is now con
nected with the Real Kstato Trust Com?
pany of thls clty.
Republican Daily.
(Spoclal to Thn Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
LI-KSBURG, VA.. Aug. 22.?Mr. Y. T.
Browili at one tlme edltor of tho Loudnnn
Telephone, a Republlcan weekly, ancl a
woll known cltl.on nf upper Fnurpiler
couaty. Is snld m bo Intoersted ln tlie
Republlcan Journal nt Alexandria, Va.
Shamrocks Defented by Ginrts.
Tho Giants nnd Shnmrocks 'orossod bats
on tho Woodvllla dl'i!PJ)_^V^j,tA,_lH._i__?
scoro in many ininn.j- '_?> ". wa .. ?..
thlrd, flfth und siiventh they got together
and bogan lo bunch tholr hlts, nnd ut
the end of the nlnth Inning the score ston_
15 to f. In thelr favor.. Iho features of
the game was tho .attlng of the Glanls.
Two home runs were mnde hy l-.elds
nnd one bv Bolton, also throe-l.iso h:ts
by Hnles, Wllkhison nnd I'lolds.
Scoro Ri W. EJ
Ol.nts .4 0-06 0 4 0 0-.W II .!
Shnmrocks .0 ft "'! n '{<'?, ]~ .? B 7
Batterles-Ollllnn and Molds. Giants;
Burnott and Samuels, Sliamrocks. Mr.
J. 10. Thorpe umplre.
N__ .V 1300K,
Can Now llnllmlivt
THK jmUU HOO^ & HTA'ttY 00.
\)ll lv Main Stront,
Ol.i ?i. Hro?d Stroo.,
And nt othor l!(,ok,i;^/,'?rr3lo"u<t10Nows
Stniitls, or by a I "'itlou to
Pe-ru~na is Invaluable in Such Cases.
Fred R.Pennell.
Pe-ru-na Creatlng a Natlonal San
sation ln the Cure of Chronlo
Ailmants of the Kldneys.
Fred R. Pennell. Planist, Grand Opera
House, Hot Springs, Ark., wrltes:
"Two years ago I-came to Hot Springs
to tnke thc baths anU be treated for
bladder and kldney trouble. After spend?
lng two months here under the care of
ono of ,thc most promlnent physlclans
and recelvlng little. or no beneflt. 1 wns
porsuaded to try Peruna. I hnd Uttlo
faith In It. but after uslng one bottle I
notlced n mnrked lmprovement. Three
bottles entirely cured me. I cnn cheer
fully recommond Peruna to nny one af
fllcted ns I was."?Fred R. Pennell.
Thomas M. Hlcks. 1131 13th Streot.
Loulsville, Ky., wrltes:
"Neglected colds. Irregular hablts and
ovcrwork brought on serious kldney nnd
bladder trouble. My blood seemed In
flamed wlth polson, my stomach became
entirely demornllzed. a bad odor ema
nnted from my urlne, nnd I renllzed I
wns a slck man. Tho doctors dosed mo
to thelr hoart's contont. but I kept grow?
ing worso. Then fortune brought Pe?
runa to my notlce. nnd I at once began
to mend. I kept tnklng it for fivo months
before 1 was complotely cured. 1 feol
now thnt I owc my Hfe to Peruna, and
wlll never cease to be grnte.ul."? Thomas
M. Hicks.
S. L. Earle, Superlntendent of Streets,
Jacksonville. Fla., wrltes:
?1 am a flrm bellevor In Poruna. I
flnd thnt It hns been of practlcol beneflt
Thomas m.Hicks.
to a number of the men employed In the
Strcet-Cleanlng Depnrtmnnt ln the clty
of ?nck-onvllle. They nre especlnlly ex
posod to the inclomency of the weathor,.
and n number who caught cold, whlch
late. dcveloped lnto pneumonln; kldney
or livcr trouble, wero cured through tho
use of Peruna."?S. L. Earle, Superln?
tendent of Streets.
Mr. J. Brake, of Petrolla, Ont., Canada,
"Four vears ago I had a severe attack
nf Brlght's disease, whlch brought me
so low the doctor Bald nothlng moro
could be dono for mc. I began to tako(
Peruna nnd Manalln. and ln , three
months I was a well man, and hnve con?
tlnued so ovor slnce."?J. Brake.
At the appearance of the flrst symp
tom of kldney trouble Peruna should bo
taken. Thls remedy strlkes at onco the.
very rnot of tho disease. It nt once re
lleves the catarrhal kldneys of thc stag
nnnt blood. preventlng the escape of
serum from tho blood. Peruna stlmu
.ates tbe kldneys to excrete from tlie
blood tho accumiilating polson. nnd tnus
prevents tho cbnvulslons whlch nre sure
to follow lf tho polsons nre allowed to
remain. It glves groat vlgor to the
heart's actlon nncl dlgestlve system, both
of whlch nre npt to fnll rapldly ln thls
Poruna cures catarrh of tho kldneys
slmply becauso lt cures catarrh whcre
ever located.
If you do not derlve prompt ond sat
lsfactory results from tho use of Poruna,
wrlto nt onco to Dr. Hartman, givlng a
full statement of your case, nnd he will
bc pleasod to glvo you hls valuable ad?
vlce gratls.
Address Dr. Hartman. Presldont of The
Hartmnn Sanltarlum. Columbus, 0.
Reorganization of City Coun
cil at Next Meeting.
Mr. Reams Will Probably Succeed Mr_
Wakefield?Mr. Rives Conductlng a
Still Hunt?ServicesinChu c'les.
Personal Notes and Gossip.
Manchester Bureau Times-Dlspatch,),
. No. 1102 Hull Street, 5
Tho Clty Councll of Manchester will be
reorganlzed at the meetlng next week.
Thero Is llttlo probablllty that there will
be any material change ln tho make-up
of the commlttees, a. no electlon has
taken place sinco the organization, owlng
to the provlsions of the Constitutlon.
Councilman Wakefleld may send ln hls
resignation as a member of the lower
branch, but thls Is by no means certaln.
For soveral months he has boen In Phll
odolphia on business as ln.pector for the
_outhorn Railway, nnd accordlngly has
not beou ablo to attend to hls councll
manlo dulles. He is president of the
Common Councll, and In the reorgantza
tion he will probably be succeeded by
Vlce-Pi'osldont Reams, who hns been act?
ing for him slnce he has beon In Phll?
Mr. Ronms Is a constant nttondnnt upon
tho sessions of tho Councll, and ls an
onorgetlo worker. As vlce-presldont he
Will probably bo succeeded by Councllmnn
Bradley, nnother prlmo worker In tha
Council nnd chalrman of the Flnunce
Commlttee. Mr. Bradley has beon In the
Council a number of yoars, nnd is prob?
ably better acqualnted wlth tho affalrs
of the clty than nny other inan In tho
lower branch.
Mr. Putrnm will, ln all probablllty, con?
tinue as chalrman of the Streot Commlt
tPo, in whlch positlon he hns done falth
ful servlce, ns has Mr. Owen, chalrman of
tho I.ands nnd Bulldlngs Commlttee.
Thera nro no mootlngs scheduled for
thls week, but beglnnlng wllh noxt week
tho month of September will prove n busy
one wlth Councllm.n.
Mr. R. S. Rives, who see-ks lo succeed
Mr. D. 1.. Toney ns momber of iho Degis
Inture from thIS otty, Is concoded to hnvo
a hnrd rnw tn hoo. Hls opponont ls Mr.
Carter Jfi Harrlson, of Powhatan county.
Mr. RIvob oannot hope to wln wlth tho
vote of Manchosler alono. Ho must got
othor support, and Mr. Hnrrlson's frlends
rlalm that ha cnn wln out nhond of Mr.
Notwlthstnndlng thls, Mr. Rives Is In
duHtriously nt work, nnd is maklng a
grent onnvnss, whnt tho Republlcans used
to sny. "n Ht 111 hunt."
Mr. Rul.-'r ls concoded n winner, and
thore ls a pretty flght golng on for tho
Sonato between Mr. John 0. Rohortson
nnd Mt', J. P. Bndler. Frlon.la nf both
oandid.ites aro clalmlng everything for
thelr man.
Tlio primary plnn will be nut to-morrow.
I.nst nlghl n number of citizens of
proininonco exprossod thomsolves iih op
pnsod to a primary. They t-ny that a
voto in llio primary means tho support
of the iiomlneos. "And such support
means U-*t . f(,iiow ,nil,t w,fl fnr tl10
man ho may have blUmiy opposed," snUI
ono of them, a promlnent busihess niiln,
Thore Is much lulk oonocrnlng tlio pos?
slble CoinmonwaiUth's attorney for Chas
terfletd. ond the groat majority of thoso
who aro oxprosslng themselves say that
Judgo Gregory wlll be tl.e "uccesstu
candldate. although Mr. Lawrenco Pool
ls dolng somo hustllng nnd' wlnnlng many
AVUllo Mayo was fmed $2.50 for belng
drunk and dlsorderly. .... ?
Bddio AAMnfree, chargod wlth tho same
offenso, failed to appear after havlng
been recognized. and an ottachment was
lssued. ilcJ.
Rov A. C Borryman wlll preach morn?
ing and nlght In West V?<\Cn"?h-any,
Rev Dr B F. Dipscomb wlll preach
at Central' Methodlst Church at tho morn?
ing servlco. nnd Rov. E. V. Baldy wlll
lead the unlon services nt nlght.
Rov. J. AV. Mltchell will preach at
Clopton Street Church.
Rov J J. Flx wlll conduct the ser?
vices at tho Presbyterian Church both
morning and nlght. _, .
Rev. R. W. Crldlln wlll preach at Stock
ton Street Church morning and nlght.
The funeral of the Infant son of Mr.
and Mrs C. T. Smlth took place from
the home. No. 7_U Semmes Street, yes
terflay afternoon nt 4 o'clock.
Charles A. Rnlncs, Jr., who has beon
111, Is better. , ,
Samuol Brown and Walter Harriet are
under arrest f"r r-.-notinr- r--.r>s.
At Orphan Asvlum.
Thore wlll be. no services at the Malo
Orphnn Asylum thls afternoon, ln conse
qt_er.ce of Mrs. GIU's belng at tho Soldiers'
Homo Chapol, whoro tho boys wlll slng.
Mrs. Gill's Excursion.
Mrs. Glll will run nn excursion to
Washlngton the thlrd weok ln September,
tho date to bo anounced later.
Young Canadlan Roblnson Crusoes.
A couple of young Canadlans had an
nccldent to thelr canoo and wero left
upon a small unlnhnblted Island for tour
days bofore help camo, durlng whlch
tlnio they had nothlng to cat but a couple
of pncknges of Grapo-Nuts.
In telli'ng tho story, ono of them says;
"Thero was qulte a party of us, nnd wo
prepared to spend a Jolly tlme huntlng
In Muskoka. I provlsloned the party and
among other suppllos lald ln a Btock of
Grape-Nuts food, of whlch I nm very
"Ono day we left camp to paddlo to tho
nearest steamer landlng, twolvo mlles
away. Just as wo pushed' off, one of our
companlons threw lnto the canoe two
packugas of Grape-Nuts and a can of
condonsod mllk, saylng, 'Leave theso nt
Verno's wlth our-compllments; they woro
wishlng they hud somo yesterday.' AVo
hnd gone about half Ihe dlstance when it
began to blow, tho Lako becoming vory
rough; so wo turned our frnll boat toward
n small lslnnd nnd pnddled wlth all our
mlght |o gnln thls sheltor. Heavy rain
began to fnll and wn drove the boat
nshore wlth moro haste thnn cautlon, nnd
In ilolng so struck a suukon log and tore
a lnrgo hole in tho llght canoe. We
srrnmbled ashoro nnd hauled tho bont
up after us, and a nlce pllght we were In.
"Wo wero on a small Island of about a
nunrtor of an ncro, and out ot the track of
stea.ners; a holo a foot long In our bont,
wlth noithor tools nor materlals to ropalr
It; no nhelter except some blg trees nnd
our canoo, nnd no food except the Grape
Nuts nnd mllk,
"Por four long, dreary days wo walted
and hoped for help, and flnally our friends
missed us niul orgnnlzoil a search pnrty,
and found us on the bare llttio lslnnd.
"As wo luid n'o flshlng tackle wo qauld
not flsh, und not havlng a flro wo ouhi
not cook. But wo had threo nieals u dny
on Grape-Nuts und condensed mllk, and
when ros.iucd wo were nono tho worso
for our oxporlenco. Tlmnlis to the Ornpe
Nuts, on whlch wo hud llvnd und kept lu
gooi. health for foiir days.
"Aftor tho. adventure 1 nover drlve a
canoe lo hIioio I.ii n liurry, und I never go
ou a huntlng trip wlthout r, supply ot tho
ready cooked, roudy-to-eal and nlways
accoptiiblo food, Grape-Nuts."
Names glven by Postum Co., Bnttlo
CreoU. UM*.
Mr. Caskie F. Toler Meets
? With a Very Painful
About 10:30 o'elock last night Trnctlon
car No. 150, golng west, collidod wlth a
hlcycle rldden by Mr. Caskie F. Toler, a
brlcklayer. Mr. Toler was thrown from
hls wheel, the wheel waa demolished, and
Mr. Toler was badly Injured. He wa_
placed on an east bound car and carried
to Bennott-s stabe, whence he was taken
In Bennett's private' ambulance to the
Virginia Hospital.
At the'hospital lt was found that hls
lower Jaw bone had been broken and hls
collar bone broken.
He wns operated upon by the attend
Ing physlcians and made as comfortable
as posslble.
Mr. Toler was riding Into tho clty on
hls wheol from the Hormltage road, and
was comlng Into Broad Street at Mea?
dow .at a good cllp. He saw the car com?
lng, and Motorman Judki'ns snw him.
Both trled to stop, but lt proved an lm
posslblllty, and Ihe wheel and car came
together wlth tho serlous result recorded.
Mr. Toler was not belleved to be ln
a. serlous condltlon by the physlcians
last nlght.
But Three Commlttees Are Called ' to*
to Meet this Week.
Thls weok will prove a dull one In
Councll clrclos. Only three committeea
aro schodulod to meet. One Monday
evenlng at 7:110 o'clook. Chalrman Peters
will try to get tho Mnrket Commlttee to?
gether; on Tuesday at noon, ,a sub-com
mlttee on "Wnter will meet, and on.Fil
dny at 5 o'clook the Commlttee on Streeta
.111 moot.
The sub-Commltteo on Water will prob?
ably consider a roport from Mr. D. H.
M?ury, Jr., on tho electrolysis sltuatlon.
Mr, Maury's roport will take tho ground
that the true remody agalnst tho ovil Is
a metnilc etum clrcult, eithor overhenfl
or underground. The report will further
Bay that tho schome as proposed hy ex
nert wntermen of the Passenger nnd
Power Company Is not fonslble.
Thls roport will, ln all llkollhood. oc?
caslon much debnto, lf It comes up at th.
meetlng on Tuesday.
Conductor Wright's Condition.
Cohductor Wrlght. of the Passenger nnd
Power Companl, who wus hurt by belng
struck hy n wagon of tho Ploneer Tratis
fer Company Friday afternoon, wug re?
ported, from the Vlrglnia Hospital, a?
gettlng along nlcolV last nlght.
Young Man. Well Known ln
Riclunond, Dies ln South
Bend, Ind,
A telegram to tho Rlchmond Elks from
lliu _J|ks <>f South Bend, Indi'iina, l_i.t
nlght unnouucod the .sudden doath there
oi' Mr. Wllliam MoKlnnvy, formorly so
well known in thls city. No pui'ttoulars
wero glvon.
Mr. Mcl.lniiey was a brothor of Mr.
Chnrles McKlnney. of thls clty, Hla
slbler Im Miss llolon MeKlnney, who I's
n.iw vlslilng hur e.u.lii, Mrs. Frank
Uoforcl, lu Baltlmore,
Mr. Charles McKlnney was notlfled of
hls bri.tlier's doalh, and notlfled the
South Bepd) I'llks tQ send hls body to
Rlohmond. The young man h.ul boon on
gagod ih lhe Wost with tho Htundar, OU

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