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aSmVMs^ry ofburning ofthe nation al capital
(Special to Tho TImes-Dlspatch;) '
WASHINGTON, August 22,?Monday,.
A.ugust 2.th, marks tho elghty-nlnth n.n:
nlversary of-tho sncklng and hurnlng of
tho'Natlonal'Capltnl by tho British nrmy
under General Ross, but tho real torch
bearer was Slr Ooorgo Cockburn, whose
record sbowed thnt ho dellghted in such.
Robs hnd carrled on war In tho Pennlrr
?ula nnd In France under a dlfferent
aplrlt, nnd it wob hls wlsh that the Ameri?
can capltal should be treated as It wns.
but he waB forced to oboy orders. Wlth
Cockburn to lead, the work was accom
pllshed speodlly; tho unflnlshed Cnpltol,
tho Llbrary of Congress, tho Whlto
House, the War and Trensury buildlngs,
the Arsenal and Barracks, together wlth
a number of prlvate rosldonces, woro Boon
in flames, and nothlng was left but thelr
emoklng rulns. The AmnVicans added to
the horror by settlng flre to tho navy
yard and a vessel, nnd the Vlrglnla end
of the long brldge, whlle Cockburn's mq'.l
flred tho Washlngton end. When thls was
flnishod Cockburn set flre to the offlce of
the Natlonal IntelllMcer, the ??'-ern
mont or_r*n. and, butJr General Ross, he
would havo rlestroii ovory ofllco and
dwelling ln the cltyJ ?nTtBlr
It was at the W/e House where tho
British took tho g?}eat dellght ln thelr
foarful work. anchfor mutllating and
dr-stroylng vnluah.furnlturo, palntlngs,
crockory nnd such.rtlcles, tho men seat
ed themaelves at>>e dlnlng tablo and
partook of n sple.o" fllnner, whlch Mrs.
Madison had ilf|, propared for guests.
Thelr repast fn f'lhomo of thn American
Presldent flnlsh* Cockburn alded hls
men In applylngio torch to tho splcndld
bulldlng. Mrs. J/llaon had been warned
by tho Preslden.sorvant to seek a pJaco
of safoty,, but fore leaving the White
Houso she sccur tho orlg'nal Daclaratlon
of Indcnpcndnn ""d ha<l tho full length
portralt of G*ral Washlngton tnken
from the frarrpnd carrled to tho bulld?
lng now'ownfeW I"0 CosmoB Club, one
of tho gentlejh nsslstlng Mrs. Madison
ln thls worfbelng Mr. Jacob Parker,
afterward a well known banker of Now
All nlght long tho Brltlah kept up thelr
work of plunderlng nnd burnlng, nnd
such a day nnd nlght of horrorB the clty
has never known. It was not tho lntentlon
of General Ross to hold the terrltory uc
qulred by conquost, rind on tho ovenlng
of tho 26th, thoy retreated toward tho
Patuxent, hai.lng left anything but a
record of modern warfare. Presldent Mad?
ison sald ln hls mesage:
"Thoy destroyed the publlc edlflces,
havlng no relatlon ln thelr slructuro to
operations of war, somo ot these edlflces
belng also costly monuments of taste and
of tho arts, anrl others deposltorlos of the
publlc archlvos, not onjry preclous to the
nation as the memorlals of Its orlgln and
lta early transactlons, but Interesting to
all natlons ns contrlbutlons to tho genernl
stock of hlstorlcal Instruction and poll?
tlcal sclonce.
. Tho London Statesmen newspaper was
blltor In lts denunciatlon of the work of
Boss nnd Cockburn, saylng: "Wllllngly
would v.o throw a voil of ohllvlon ovor
our trnnsnctlons ot Washlngton. Tiic:
Ccissacks spiired Parls, but we sparcd
not the capltal of Amerlcn." Yet 13ng
lnnd'B ffiitis wero fired ln honor of Itoss;
I'nrllamotit thanked tho vlctors; erected
a montimont to Ross, who wns killed at
Corsuch's farm, seven mllos from Bal
tlmore, and nbout tho same dlstanco
from North Polnt, whero the Brltlsh
hnd Innded. Parllament authorlzed tho
descondants of Ross to forevcr stylo
themselves "Itoss of Bladensburg," th.it
belng the lnndlng placo of thn Brltlsh
Vsoldlers when they marched Into Wash?
It hns always heen chnrged that tho
"President and Cahlnet woro nnpplng or
the Brltlsh would noyer have Innded nt
Bladensburg," ancl Cenernl Wlnder had
Imposslbllltlos requlred -of him hy the
Secretary of Wnr, there hclng only r,i2
regular troops nt hls command. notwlth
stnndlng tho fact thnt general uncasl
ness hnd prevnlled ror mnny weeks,
and there had been ample tlme to cnn
ccntrato troops, nnd when tho enemy
wns right nt the door of the clty tho
genernl had less thnn nre now withln
thn District. Not only was Oencral
Wlnrlor pressed for , mon, but he wns
forced to Ilsten to surb.hIIohh from tho
Presldent, tho Cablnet oflicers, nnd hun?
dreds of clvlllana who wore Ignornnt of
military nffnlrs., Tho British were nt
Upper Marlboro.ig.il, nnd thoro 'wns no
questlon hut- thnt Washlngton would he
invaded. Wlrtder's hendqunrtcrs wero nt
Cornb's, near tho Eastern Branch brldge,
nnd there it wns thnt ho was vislted by
thc Presldent nnd Cablnet offlcers to dls
cuss tho'best means of defense, anrl ho
plalnly told thom that he saw but little
hope of puttlng up anything like a de
foiiRe whlch would be ln the lenst ef
fcctlve. Whllo they wero in councll Ross
hnd' moved to Bladonsburg, at whlch
plnco Stansbury's forces wee r.ntrenehwl
near the old mill, n. few hundred ynrds
from tho brldge over whlch tho British
must cross ln order to got lnto Wash
Ington, Informatlon of the movements
of Ross wns sent to Wlndqr, who be
Ilflved thnt tho, nttack would be mndo
from Fort Washlngton, nnd wns not ex
pectlng tho nnnouncemont thnt ho re
celved. General Wlnder ordered aene
rnl Smith wlth hls troops to move to
ward. Bladonnburg; narney, wlth hls
four or flvo hundred scauten was sent
tho samo wny, nnd tho Secretary of Stato
was sent to nld Stnnsbury. Tho Secre*
tary ot War followed, then the Presi?
dent and Attorney-aenernl, wlth frlends
on horseback. Thls wns 10 o'elock In
tho'morntng. and by noon tho Maryland
soldiers, somo regulars and others vol
unteers, wero ln'positlon to nld ln the
protectlon of tho capltal.
Half an hour nfter noon tho Brltlsh
woro mnrnhlng down tho main slreet at
Bladensburg and presslng on toward tho
bridge, but wero for tlio tlmo belng
drlvon back by tho Americans" ennnons.
The second attempt to cross the bridge
wn's met wlth nn nrtillery flre from
Wlnder's flrst and second llnes, sweeplng
down n. whole company, nnd Plnckney's
cnnccaled rlflemen poured hot shot Into
them. Thc British socmed to be con'i
tlnunlly rclnforced nnd pushed gnllantltf
to tho front. somo over tho brlrlgo nnd
others fordlng tho stream, fnlllng so
heavlly upon thc flrst nnd unsupported
llnes of tho Amerleans that they wor?
compelled to fall back upon tho socond.
Then there wns flghUng, tho Brltlshi
throwlng off thelr knnpsacks nnd tnkin*
care of thelr guns only. Twlco woro tha
British drlven back into tho "Blooa
Run" duelllng grounds, leaving sovernl
Ot thelr wounded oflicers ln the handa
of tho Amerleans. It dld not tnke a,
great whllo to show thnt tho little hand
ful of District, Marylnnd and Vlrglnial
soldlcrs could not cop'o wlth thc experi?
eneed Brltlshers, nnd Wlnder ordered .al
genernl retreat, leaving the bnttleflcld ln
full possession of the enemy nnd thelr
wny to tho Nntlonnl Capltal unobstruct
ed. The Amerleans lnst 2fi killed nnd 51
wounded, whlle tho British loss waa
much greater. probably 500 killed and
All Are Much Stirred Up Over
Oyster Leglslation.
A Proposed Stage Line from Lee Hal
or Williamsburg to Yorktown?Much
Frelght Goes from Lee Hall
to Yorktown Already.
(Spoclal to Tho Tlmes-Dispatch.)
? YORKTOWN, VA., August 22.?AU ot
the 'tongmen aro extremely anxlous to
learn the condltlon ot the public seed-,
beds In James Rlver. Wlth a good strlko.
comes good tlmes for tho oystermen, and'
correspondlng dopression lf the vlval.-o bCp
scarce. t
All those ln any way connected wit'h
tho oyster trade are watching for result JJ
tn oyster leglslatlon durlng thc next so
Blon of tho General Assembly, and th
are vory careful to wlthhold thelr s\:
port from any leglslatlve candldate, v,
they havo roason to believe ls In f
manner favorable to the Jordan blll. Nf
bers and numbcrs of the tongmen aro'
cldedly dublous anrl even gloomy or
thls now famous measurc, and are o,:i
heard to complaln bltterly of what M?
believe practlcal annthllatlon of thoir \?
tlon. They vlow the matter from a tha
nnd butter standpolnt, serious cngh
to even threaten thelr very exlstb-.
They will go to work this season |th
heavy hearts, not ttnowlng whetheiby
? the tlme another twe. .o months >ns
passed, thoy wlll bo ablo to put a pa, if
i tongs overboard or not. Dlscontent. Ub
dued excltomont, wlth very little fal| In
the happy endlng of thelr troubloslho
Vlrglnla oystermon cnn only say "\hit
wlll ...e harvest he?" ? ',
Tho watormolon crop of both York ind
Gloucester countles has boen n pronoured.
fallure thls soason. Whlle tho acmge
.,has beon fully up to the average, the
yleld has been qulto poor. duo to Uh
terrent condltlons of tho growlng peiod
Tho prices reallzed have beon dlsappdnt
ingly low, maklng tho crop roturns ;;ery
iinsntlsfactory. Tho fruit has beon. iicry
Bmnll nnd Inferlor, way below tho nvcng1-'
product of tho nolghborhood.
Thore ls a. proposltlon nfoot to c?n
n'oct Leo Hull or Wllllamsburg, on tho
Chesapeiiko and Ohlo Rallway, with York?
town by atago routo, lt is lenrned that
soveral Rlchmond business mon aro ln
torestod ln tho scheme, nnd thnt the rall?
road pooplo havo been asked to Invostlgate
tho matter. Thoy are hollovcd to bo
'' somowhat partlnl to tho lilmi nut Boovn
to favor tho locntlon of Wllllnmstauig,
rather thnn I.eo Hall, owlng lo, tlio ttfij
perlnr business opportunltles to bo nh.
telned there. An onormous frelght tmtflzt
a heavy Hno of pnHstf..;;-!' sm-vloo, and a
large amount of express matter ure
handled at Leo Hall. hllled to Yorktown.,
as well as tho prlnclpal mail supply toh
the enst lnstead of tlio Ponlnsuln, anh
both Gloucestor nnd Mnlhows count (fjP
Tho matter Is ono of grent Jmportanc:'
and do.eloptrionts aro nnxlously awai
as to tho probable outcomo. Slnce
Yorktown, Jumoslown nnd Old P'l
jyailroad has boon so slow In mntqtj
Islng, the hopo Is exprossod hore, .(
wlth the ostabllshmont of tho stago i#<
It may act aa an incontlvo to tno laf
corporation when the avullnbllltlesP
thoroughly demonstrnted. 1
?lhe late scliool exnmlnat.ons for teaf13
aro a much dlscussed toplc just a t's"
eht, and some of those who went tr&"
the ordeal aro hlazlng mad at tlie^1"
Out of a dozen appllcanta whose n-4'M
came beforo tho superlntondcnt, /ro"
turned flve thlrd grado eertlflcat,"''^
seven rojectlon blanks. Not a BlnrJ'"
grado or ovon second grade papvtta
Mr. W, E. Gofflgon hns held H '"
V tlon of county chalrman fo;- twdf;,,' "
Becutlve yoars, nnd hns just bejj?">
rnted for a uow term by tho nf ,?"
tlve committee of tho county.P J>?a
been a member of that comnP ???
tlnuously for thlrty-throo ye/ ."*??
teen us a district represonr J*1"
nineteon as Its executlve. M'"l_t?
ls a- widely known rnan, Rir,?'"*.8'/
by his assoclotoa, and greatl?' WgR
by all. He haa never heen/"Sl'i an
*nr county oflice and hasr* *"*??
nny ollico h?er than supervlsor. thrust
upon hlm dinst hls wlll Though ur
contlv nndepeatedly entreated to___ac
-...LLy-loverythlng-wllhln-the glft
of elther -nt>' or d|slrlct- hls mnat0
mb-eaty 1 caused hlm to refuso and
become a1 Tf! ardent advocate of D_mo
criitlc pr/P'es' a verltable whoel-hor_o
uf Jpfferllnn Ideas.
The n.0CB of botn nrulon and Ncl"
son dlst's aro preparlng to make stren
uous ef1*. desperateiy detormlned to
make heavy Increase In thelr votlng
Btrengt" the ne..t reglstration, to take
iilnco -y shortly. Sons of soldlora wlll
riso oof ,h0 very e!irUl and lay "oavy
rl.',im tho right of suffrage.
MJsl Amy and Mlldred McBvpy, who
havyoen guests of thelr brother, Mr.
R -McEvoy, nt Temple farm, havo re
,u'n to thelr homes in the far West.
y, j. XV. Rogors ls conslderably Irn
I)r,d nfter a severo spcll of slckncss
i,,e early part of the week.
s. W. E. Gofflgon ls bcttor after a
,,'racted spoll of slckncss, lasting slnce
tflrst of tho year.
r. and Mrs. Adolph Wagncr. of Now
t News; Mlss Catherlno Cross, and
.sos Emma and Dalsy Schulle, of Baltl
ire, have spnnt tho week the guests ol
r. and Mrs. John C. Bcer. .
,tr. Robert S. Rlves, Ihe woll known
iung attorney of Manchester, Is spend
ig the summer hero with hls famlly. Mr.
Ivos, Is greatly Improved ln health and
maklng an nctlve flght for the Logls
ture, as a member of the House of
elegntes for the c'ty of Manchester anrl
Iie counties of Chesterfleld nnd Pow
ata'n. Hc expects to stnrt on an activo
ersonal canvass about tho flrst of the
brrilhg month and bo strlctly In line for
tho primarv on bepiemner .-un.
Mr. ancl Mrs. Mark A. Tyndall and Miss
Ellzabeth Irvlne. of Washlngton, are
maklng n stay of several weeks here.
Mr. Tyndall is n woll known lawyer of
the natlonal capltal.
Thus Ran A Texas Train.
lut It Arrived Allee ,
/ Same.
BEACMONT, TEXAS, August 15.?On
Sundarnorning, July 2Cth, the only trnln
runnlnion the Gulf and Interstate Rall?
road pled Into the passenger station at
Beaumit just 1.010 dayso lato. Start
lng frfi Galvoston on tho mornlng of
8epler/or 8. 3900, It has been stalled half
way twoen tho two cities sinco that
date. ipeclnl festlvltles mnrked tho ar
rlval' the bolntod No. 1.
Of e paasengera who started wlth the
trair. nnv met thelr denth. Tho others
walji and rodo.ln wngons, leaving tho
cnK[' more than two yoars nnd a half
beiv-'' In t,ie wlnd, raln nnd weather
t)10aln has stood where lt wns stalled
so 'g ago only to bo flnally rescued
anyrought to covor ns a rellc of other
da1 The, sdme locomotlve that startod
srjns nito pulled tho samo woather
"p^n and dllapinated coaches through
if/o desllnatlon that should have beon
,./icd four hours aftor the start was
)o G'ulf nnd Interstnto Rallroad was
yinallv constructod na a frelght road
'the haulago of granlto for uso on tho
/voston Jettles. Passongor tralns were
l on, nnd tho road did a prosparous
Mlness up tn tlio tlme tho train left.
ilveston on the mornlng of September
./1000. Ilnlf wnv betweon tho two cltlos
?o train was caught In the terrlblo storm
liat -Qvorw,hclmod Galvoston.
Sonib of the passengers loft the coach
j to e.t'K .itfcly in the house closo at
and. Others remnlned and woro Jolped
y liihnhltnnts from round about, Not a
orson who remalned on the cars was In
iredi Those who left mot denth 111 tha
?nter that rose up ovor the land.
Hut tho truck both ahead nnd hehlnd
thu trnln wns washed away, Not a vls
tlgc- of tlio ralls romalned except beneath
thf wheels of the trnln. The passon
nei's subslsted for two dayB upon supplles
brought from farm-houses bofore the full
force of tho oloments swopt thom away,
nnd upon the frult nnd candy ln tho
stock of tho traln peddler. Whon the
wiilor went down and tho ground drled
out the men nnd women who had started
from Galveston on tho morning of the
storm sot out to walk tho remslnlng
thlrty mlles to thelr tlestlnotlon. Thoy
reached Heaumont ln safoty.
Slnce that timo the road haH boen ln the
hands ot a recelver, The destroyed track
was not rebuilt, nnd tho abandoned traln
Iin- for almost threo yoars been atand
ing on tho pralrle ns though lt had been
plckod up and dropped on the spot.
Withln tlie past year the road, as much
ns was left, was sold. A bnnus for lts
reeonstructlon was rtomanded, and the
amount ralsod ln Beaunloiitand Qnlves
lon The old road-bed has been utUUed
for the now truek, and the ralls lald to
tho abandoned traln. An englneer wns
sont to Iho rusty locomotlve, and succeed
_d in flxlng It in shape for the run to
B-niimont. , . ?, ...
When lt pulled Into the statlon, two
years, nine months nnd twenty-slx days
behlnd, I. wns greetod by sulutps from
all the onglnes ln the Beaumont yards,
ln tho cars rorie the offlcials of the road,
The event was piade the occaslon for a
general celebration ln the clty.
The Tree Swallows' Tenaclty
ln Home Duties.
"aysinOlher Birds' Nests?Instances
of Courage?The Partridge At
tacks Intruder? Defense
of Young.
(Assoclato m.ember Amerlcan Ornltholo
gists* .Union.)
If you are looklng for luck put a s.arch
box wlth a hole In lt on your roof and get
a tree swallow for a neighbor.. The blrd
is cqually at.home above the clty streets
and about tho country strearas. All lt
asks Is a'place to nest and a welcome.
The Indlan held the tree swallow, with
the purple martin, a mascot of mascots.
In tho oidon days every tepee pole had a
gourd at its top for tho use of elther spe
des, and the bravo who had no taimmer
blrd twltterlng above his door looked for
tvil happcnlngs.
The treo swallow (Tachyclneta blcolor)
origlnally dwelt ln hollow trees along the
water courses. The custom ls followed
largely to-day, but tbe blrd has found
that among men there Is protectlon from
its natural enemles, and so lt ls gradually
forsaklng old ways and seeklng civillza
tion. This srwallow ls a beautlful blrd.
It has pure whlte underparts, whllo Its
back and sholders, when the, sun strlkes
them, aro a shlmmerlng green.
An experlmentlng irlond of mlne put
a box on the roof of hls clty resldence.
A palr of tree swallows came and dwelt
there. The mothor blrd doposlted fivo
peaily whlto eggs, The ex,perlmentor
took tho eggs. The blrds were loath to
leave. ln a few days thero wero flve
moro eggt' In tlm box. Whlle hls heart
tmote hlm, the exporlmontor took those
trensures nlso, The blrds stlll remnlned
about tho box. Four moro eggs wore lald
and were taken. Tho troe swallows would
not glvo up. The foraalo ]nld threo more
eggs, and tho hand of tho despollor' wns
stayed. Tho blrdB ralsed thelr young,
nnd the next senson thoy returned and
were not molestod,
Not long ago a Georgla man wrote to
me and .'Uggested that gourds ho hung
up for the purpose of determlnlng if pur?
ple martlnB would use them for homes |n
the North as they do lu tho South. A
gourfl was swung from a I10'0 Ifl ln?
yard of a frlend. The purpla rnartlns
ovcrlooked It, but a palr of tree swal?
lows pro-empted lt, and In the swlnglng
hc mo ralsed a famlly.
Thoro were several foet nf cord at
tached to the little home, and whon the
wlnd hlew tho gourd wns thrushed nbout
#larmlngly, Tlio mother blid, howevor,,
saved tho eggs from destruction wlth
tho closo, soft fenthers of her breast,
and before long four little treo swallows
peepod out of tho entrance holo ready
for thelr Ilrst fllght.
Ono of tho most abundant wooclpcck
ers, tho lllcker (colnptcs aiiratus), llko
tho treo swallow, is Joath to leave lhe
placo it has chosen for a summer home.
Tho flicker nests In a hole whlch It hol
lows out of a decayed treo. Pcrsons
wlth callons consclences hnve taken set
nfter set of the eggs of tho flicker, tho
blrd keeplng up the laylng and tho at?
tempt to riilso a famlly untll naturo wns
well-nlgh pxhausted.
The flicker has nearly forty names. It
ls known ln dlfferent parts of the coun
trv ns hlgh hole, yellow hnmmer, plgoon
woodpecker, yarrup, yellow-shnfted flick?
er. and so on to the end of the 11st. It
ls abundant everywhere, and In recent
yenrs it has become a blrd of the. lawns,
whero it ents thousands upon thousands
of destructivo ants. An lpvestlgator
THE EGGS.?(Photographed From
connocted wlth the blologlcal survey
found 1,200 nnts ln one llicker stomach.
Tho blrd noedsv protectlon. for every?
where it meets wlth tho persocution of
the thoughtless.
Warbling vlreos thls year nro nestlng
In the clty pnrks. Posslbly they havo
dono so for years, but thls senson Is tho
flrst thnt ono observer at lonst cnn set
tho occurrence down as n fact. Hero Is
a blrd with a lesson to teach mnn. The
husband vlreo shnres nl! housohold duties
wlth hls wlfe. Ho Is on llio nest cucl
dllng tho eggs fully half of tho tlme, nnd,
so fnr from enterlng complaint, ho sings
joyfully nt his tnsk. Flnd a warbllng
vlreo's nest, nncl if master vlreo is In
chargo he will be found "slnglng nt hls
slttlng." He flnds Joy ln drudgory nnd
ls not nshamed to lot the world know It.
The wnrbllng vlreo (vlreo gllvus) ha3
ollvo grav uppet- parts. wlth wlngs nnd
tall of du'sky brown. Tlie undor parts nro'
whlto shaded. wlth greenlsh yellow nt tho
sldes. A whlto streak runs through th .
oyo. Tho blrd's nest ls hung In tho tork
of n treo, and Is compactly mndo of Innor
Imrk, H'cgetnhlo flbor n"d dead loavos.
Tho llnliiR occnslnnnlly Is mndo of plno
necdlos. It Is ono of tlio prottlost summer
homes fashlonod by blrd kl_. ?
Tho eeclur birds nre busy ln thls August
soason wlth tholr young. Something of the
character tralts of these hlrds wns glvon
In a provlnus nrlleie. A pnlr of codar
birds have flgured ln nn Incldpnt, whloh
ls of groat Intorest to tlie world of "blrd
sclenco," A nest wns found In nn orchnrd.
It contalned threo ceilnr blrd eggs. of
gray, with brown mnrkhiRS. nnd In addl?
tlon, three large blt|e-greon eggs of ono of
tho spocle's of Anierlean c-uc-koos,
.Here wns nn (nstance nf tho rovertlng
to what unnuostloiiiil'ly wns the hnbtt of
an ancestor. The English euckoo Invn*
rlahly )aya Its eggs ln other hlrds' nnsts.
Tho Americnn cucicon biillds n nosj of Its
own, but tho constructlon of tho nost
is of such a fllmsv naturo thnt ,lt shows
hnuso bulldlng wlth Hw Amorlcnn blrd
Is a compnrutlvely receni aoq ulrement,
Ono euckoo, at least, n-nogrndocl nnd
Imposed lts eggs aml lhfl cni'? ot lts
young on the mniiierly cedar lilnl.
Had a cuckno's nosl beon sul.Jeetod to
the rattllng hallstnrm assault whlch two
roblna' nosts under my obsorvatlon wlth
stood successfully, Ihoro would not hnvo
heen n shrert ol' the bulldlng ninterlnl lu.t
to toll the talo. The cluuices aro tho blrd
Itsolf would Inwo floil for thloUer ?ll?....r
when tho'flrst poltlng I'H "f, -]<?? fell. lt
was a terrlfic storm. t'1" *"'l(!t'>' '"cul.
boing conflnod tn nbout one sfiuuro inllo
of terrltory. Ono palr of r<.'? n?d placed
a nost at tho very to. <>( il free. lhe
hall toro tho follago aml 'ho wlnd hroko
tho branches abuut mo llttlo home, buf
the mother robln sat on'her preclous eggs
through the terror of It all. The edges ot
the nest woro cut nnd torn, but_ the body
of tbe structurc held, and tho lirave blrd
saverl her eggs. Anothor robln. wlth a
homo near at hand, hnd exactly the samo
Thoro ls a vast dlfterence In the couraj.*
of blrds?the moral courago If ono mny
so call lt. Tho domestlc Instlnct ln soi^,*
of thepi Is doveloperl so hlghly thnt thyy
wlll hrave all -nnd suffor nll rather than
nhandon thelr homes. others appnrontly
are unconcorned when thelr nests nre
hnrrled, nnd even though lt be early
ln the season thoy wlll glvo over all
thought of oftsprlng nnd nppenr to be
rather glad thnn otherwlso that they are
not to be burdended wlth tho caros of a
It ls pleasant to be able to sny that
the henrtloss onos among tho songsters
nro very much In tho minorlty. Man hns
spent tlme and study In tho effort to
fix tho reason for tho mlgratlon of tho
blrdii. By far the most pootlcal, lf noi
the most sntlsfnctory, theory whlch cnn
bo ndvnnr"vl Is ih"t th? nnr'hward flv
lng on me oi;as in tlie sprlhg is promotod by
the homo love, ns strong ln most song?
sters' hearts ns lt ls ln the hearts of
I onco saw n female orlolo at work
bulldlng her nest. Tho malo orlolo sen
sibly leaves thls work to hls mate for hls
brllllant colurlng would nttract the at?
tention of thn foes of blrd life to tho nest
Ing slte. Tho mother nrlole had the nest
nbout half completed. I notlced that
she laborerl whon sho flow, and that on
the ground the movements wero awk
wnrd. A closer Inspection showed that
the blrd had a broken log. Sho tolled
away heavlly. "Have I not como thou?
sands of mlles to the old homo scenes?"
doubtloss was the thought ln hor blrd
mlnd, "nnd must I not once moro swing
the cradJe fnr my bables?"
That devoted orlolo worked palnfully
for an hour withln my slght. Sho found
a.ploco a strlng nt the last and wove lt
Into tho structure nt tho tlps of the
olm's <Vrooplng branches. It was a
flnal effort and she fell flutterlng and
dylng to enrth. I killed the orlole, belng
cruel in orrler to bo kind.
Onco whlle pnsslng through a wooded
ravlno. near tho clty, I was attacked by
a mother ruflled grouse (Bonasa umbel
lus) locally called partrldge. The as
snult was as suddon as a shot. I know
nothlng of the blrd's prosonce untll I
heard n whlrr.Uko a mill wheel nnd n
hoavy body struck my kneo- Startlod, I
sprrwig back and 'then lookod down.
Thoro throo feot ln front Of.mo. was tho
grouso, wlth evory fenther on ond, while
sho spultorerl nnd lilsso.l. llko tho iingry
Old hon that sho was. Agaln Bhe came
nt mo, but l had henrd of tho trlek bo?
fore, and I pnl'l Uttle ntlontlnn to my
nuti gonlst, but lookod carofu ly about
,l,o ground for a slght of hor Uttlo onos
thnt I know were sou'.lllng for 6 lolter,
whllo thelr parent miido a dlvorslrni In
tlielr favor. 1 saw tho lnst two ns thoy
rUsnpponrod under the b.vish, hon the
mother wns nwuy llko a holt anrl I
wnlkod on gbiKi-ily. ffailn- tQ-traM ?U.
Inimcent llfo l.vlng -loscMo onrth henoath
tho fallon leavos and boughs.
The Valentlne Museum
OPEN 10 A. M. TO 5 P. M.
>a_+as cui -UTURl-AKa
Alr. Theodore Wool Appolnted
to Charge of Offlee of the
(Special to The Tlmes-Dispatch.)
NORFOLK, VA., August 22.?Tho
Jnmestown Exposltlon Company hns re
quoited Mr. Thoodore J. Wool, of Ports?
mouth, ono of tho ivice-preslrTents of the
exposltlon, to tako chargo of the oflice of
the company, and arrango for tho salo ol
the stock of the compnny, both common
and preferred, 30 as to qliallfy under the
charter by the lst of January, and practl?
cally assure the holdltig of tho exposltlon.
Mr. Wool states that ho roluctnntly
takes chargo of thls,work, .knowlng full
WelJvthe dlfllculty to bo oncountored, but
foollng that he will uso hls tlmo, energy
and ablllty In showlng to tho people, es
poclally to thoso of our State, tho groat
advantages that will como from tho hold?
ltig of tho exposltlon. '
* He belleves that when tho poople do
ronllzo the hoheflts . to accruo to our
State, they will Interest themselves ln
placlng the exposltlon oh a sound flnan?
clal footlng. Subscr.l ptlons to the capltal
stock of tho company aro:whnt Is neoded
at thls tlmo. Tho pnymonts on tho sub
scrlotlons will exiond throughout the
entlro prelod from how untll tho holdlng
of tho exposltlon. ?
Tho company, aa at. present. 1 organ
Ized, Ih managing the affalrs of
the exposltlpn for 'tne,' tlme . belng,
When a. siifTlclent' amount ot the
stock has been pl'nced" to assuro- the hold?
lng of the expositloiv thc-stockholders will
bo cnlled together. and.-thoy,themselves,
will seleot thelr ofTlqors and dlrectors.
Tho exposltlon can only'bo hold suo
cessfully by tho Interest nnd co-oporntlon
of all our people, It ls an onterprlse of
great magnltude,- nnd will requlre tho
vory bost manngement ln order to glvo
to Vlrglnla tho credlt'of holdlng the flrst
thoroughly succossful exposltlon whlch
shall return to lts stockholders the money
thoy have lnvested ln the entorprlso.
Consequontly. sald Mr, Wool. everything
connected wlth the onterprlse should be
done on broacl and patrlotic llnes.'
Tho presont perlod ot flnanclal dopres
slon, lnrgely nmong moneyed men, wll!
naturally causo some of our best cltl?
zens to hesllato ln maklng large sub
Bcrlptlons. But. when It ls rpnll-Ctl that
thls opportunlty only comes once In .105
years, and thnt lt offors n chance to in?
croase our pbpulntlon, de?.e|op our re
jsourcos, Incroase tnxablo yallios and thu..
harden tho sociirltles held by tho very;
mon who Just at present took nskonce
nt nny Investment, wo fcol thnt they
?wlll feel Justlflod ln hacklng tlio ontor
prlse to the oxtenl of thelr abllltlos.
Ono thousand of our cltlzens, Invost
ln&- ono thousand dollars oach In tho pre?
ferred stock of tho Exposltlon Company,
would give tho requtsilo mllllon dol?
lars cnpltnl, nnd Would' only rcqulre tha
payment of $12 o.ery six months. Somo
of our patrlotic cltlzens In Rlchmond nnd
Norfolk, snld Mr. Wool, havo nlrondy
sub-crlbcrl nmounts ranglhg from .500 to
$2,500 to tho proferrcd stock, whllo ono
BU.-S'Tlptlon to the common stock has
beei> nado for as lnrgo n sum ns .2..I10O.
Thls, 1.' view of tho fact that no organlzed
offort . is yet been mnde to placo Uia
Mr. \Wool oxpects to open the offlce of
the company next Monday In tho New
Atlantic Hotel bulldlng, Norfolk, and exj
presses tho hopo thnt whon tho plan is
fully understood by our cltlzins, as wlll
bo outllnerl ln tho press from tlme to timo,
thnt every mnn nnd woman ln Tldowater
Vlrglnln and throughout tho whole Stnte
wlll glvo thoughtful conslderntion to tha
amount of stock thoy can _. fforrl to take
nnd sond In thelr subscrlptlons on blanka
whlch wlll be furnlshed by the company,;
wlthout mnklng It nocesnry to employ a
largo ngoncy forco to sell tho stock.
Complimenls Mr. Kolner.
Tho Martlnsvllle Standard has the fol?
lowing to say edltorlnlly in regard to tho
work of Commlssloner Kolner and the
board: ? ,_ ?;
It ls a matter for supreme cratlflcatlon
to note the rapld strldes that Vlrglnla Is
mnklng under the wlse admlnlstratlon of
Hon. G. XV. Kolner, commlssloner ot ng
rlcultiire, nnd hls able nsslstanls, tha
members of tho Board of Agrlcultur..
Especlnlly nre the farmers of tho Fllth
Cnngrosslonal District to bo congrntula'od
for tho Improvod methods ln farmlng
whlch thoy aro .adoptlng. Much of tha
I improvemont ln fnrmlng ln thls sec?
tion of tho Stnto ls due to the now life
that has beon Infifcd lnto tho fnrmeia
hv Commlssloner Kolner and hls co
w'orkor. Hon. J. M. Barker, member of
tho Board of Agrlcultino for the Flfth,
Will Visit Texas Oil Fields.
Mr. C. A. Rlchardson wlll havo t"-o cltv
Ihls woek on a business trip to Texas.
7-lo wlll spend several weoks at Sour ln a
ln tho groat oll district. Mr. Rlchard. on
Koes to Texas speclnlly ln the Intorost of
stockholders In Atlantic nnd Paciflc Oll
Company nnd Intcrstnto Petroleum Com?
Small California Hams, per lb., 10,4.
Lnrgo Irlsh Potatoos, pock.25c
Onlons, por quiirt.oc
Applos, pcr peck.18c
Brcnkfnst Bncon, pound.1' V.?
Slloeil Otiokctl Ham, pouiul.Hc
Knglish Shouhlors, pound.... 11 V_c
I -lb. Packages Roasted Coffee oniy 8c
Jlost Full Oroam Oheoso, lb.. .16.^0
Flno Oountry Iluttor, lb.22c
Greiunory iluttor, lb.15c
Country Monl, pock.20c
Full quart jarSyrup.'<>?
8-lb. stono crook Presorves.20c
Fine Elgin Butter per pound only 25c
j.Jb, can Baking Powdor.
Freo.lng Salt, pook.,.,.,
Lomoiis, por ila/.on.
..5c OJS-Jbs, Sn.lt Park for.25c
, l Oc Puro Lenf U.nl."c
,15c II Ciins riulinon.25c
Prompt nttontion td all orrtors, uml quiok clelivory.
Oi August Grocery Co.
611 East Marshall, 722 West Cary. 18th and Main,
'Phone 1232. 'Phona 354, 'Phone 1397,

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