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The times dispatch. (Richmond, Va.) 1903-1914, August 23, 1903, EDITORIAL SECTION, Image 8

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Chronlcle of Events of Seven
Days Past.
Ohlp-ln Parties Are Stlll Popular, but
Prlvato Entertalnments Aro Now
So Frequent as to Crowd Days
nnd Nights With Amuscmonl.
(Speclnl to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
August 22,-The hotel nnd cottages are
crowded, nnd ln every nook there s laugh
ter and mlrth nnd musle and color, H_
n holldny maklng crowd. a joy roflcctlng.
ph.asi.ro huntih. throng, wlth eyes a
smlle nnd months a-laughlng. For llfe
and ono's vacatlon both nro short. So
end fofho next two weeks every hour
*"l. be fllled wlth an engagement for
B0.'chlp'"n<' n" stlll Qulte popular, but
nrlvate parties hnve become the rnge.
ffihe guests nro vlelng * ^.f?h,f^
to see how many cnn bo ero.Wded.in he
_oro thls dcllghtfiiV; iseason begln. to
^Monday mornlng Mrs. Stelneir of Bal?
tlmore. tntertnlned nt elght-hano euchre
_, her drnwlng-rooms at Jefferson Cot?
tage. Her prlzes were won b> Miss
Plnnche Slaughter. of Owensboro Kj...
Mrs Alllson, oY Clnclnnatl;MrsCharles
AV Warren, of Bacon's Cnstle; Miss Anne
Mayer of Norfolk; Dr. Ii. C Broclt, o
Smlthlield, Va., and Miss Lettle Boyd, of
^o'fh.rgues'tr enjoylng Mrs Ste.ner's
hospltallty were Mesdnmes Thorons N.
Jones, N. A. Richnrds. George Cunnlng?
ham. 'ii. C. Brock, Alfred T. Pope John
A Armstrong, Jncob. Robert .T. Pa ton.
L P. Guest, Strothcr Smith. I.ockwood,
lA: H. Boyd, R. C.? Norfleet, VVort Adnms,
R. B. Rnney, J. B. Jncob and Mlsses
Cecll Tallaferro. Lula Green. .Norvell Ad?
ams, Denson and Rives.
Monday nlght a very elnboratc progres
sive euchre wns enjoyed, nt whlch Mi_.
Snnford Gardner, of Augusta, Gn? won
the flrst prlze, n handsome sllver enrv
Inc rest; Miss Flournoy. of Rlchmond.
Vn., the second; Mrs. Alfred T. Pope.' of
Loulsvllle, Ky.. the consolntlon, nnd Miss
Denson, of Raleigh, N. C , the booby.
Llcutenant-Commander Strolher Smltli,
o< the United States navy, won the gon
tlomnn'.. flrst prlze. Others pnrtlclpntlng
were Mesdnmes Warren, Jncob, Patton,
Guest, Armstrong, Steiner, Raney. Smith
ond Adams; Mlsses Tnllnfo.ro nnd Mayer
nnd Messrs. Pope, Steiner. Lewls and
Llpplncott. ; _
Tuesdav nlght Mrs. Wlrt Adams, nf
Jackson. Miss.. entcrtalned at progresslvo
euchre In honor of Mlsses I.ula Green nnd
Norvell Adams. of Jackson, Miss., nnd
Miss Denson, of Rnlclgh. N. C. It wns n
most nrtlstlc and tinlque nffnlr. The
color scheme. red nnd green. the seore
cards cnrnlval glrls, s-catterlng cnnfettl.
The spaclous pnrlors wero claborntely
decorated ln palms. oak leaves nnd lamps.
wlth red shades, castlng a soft slow,
and prosentlng n scene of wonderful
beauty. Mrs. Adams was cxtremoly h.nnd*
somo ln n robe gown of black lnco nnd
soft sllk, and has been throughnut the
entlre season one of the most popular
of the rnarrled set. and deservodly so,
fnr sho comblnes all tho charms nnd
grnees thnt go to mnko a truly roprc
scntatlvo Southern woman.
Tbo prlzes were unusuaily hrindsomo!
The first, an exqulslte salad bnwl, was,
won by George Cunnlngham, of Rlch
inond, Va.; the second, a rnre Dresdcn
china bon bon dlsh, by Mrs. R. L. Powers,
of Rlchmond. Va; tho consolntlon, n
Duchess lace fan, by Miss Anne Mayor,
of Norfolk. Va., and the booby. n clerk
of cards, by Miss Mary Mayer, of Nor?
folk. Va.
Other guest.. wero Mrs. R. L. Powers.
Mrs. Strother Smltb, Mrs. Thomas N,
Jones, Mrs. Charles XV. Warren, Mrs.
L. P. Guest, Mrs. John A. Armstrong.
Mrs. J. 13. Jacob, Mrs. Alfred T. Pope,
Mrs. N. A. Rlchards. Mrs.'. Absalom
Wnller, Mrs. L. C. Brock and Mlsses
\. Tnllnferrn, Denson, Rlvns, Green, Nor?
fleet, Adnms nnd Slaughter. .
V.I-ET-1/. _n_CHR_.
Wednesday nlght thn large weekly
euchre was greatly enjoyed by all tho
. gueste. Thn prljso-wlnnera were Miss
RIvcs. of Solmffr'Ala.;/.Mrs. John A. Arm?
strong, Mrs.'J. K: Jncob. and Mr. Pondlo
ton Popo, of Loulsvllle, Ky., nnd Mr, l.tp
plnoott, of Phlladelphla,
Wlth n graceful speooh, Mrs. Thomas
N, Jones, of Islo of Wlglu, Vn., pre
sented Mrs. L. P. Guest, of Rlchmond,
Va.. wlth an exqulslte brooch, nn honor
prlze, as n souvenlr from her frlends,
In tnken of her pnrtlng.
Thursday nlght Mrs. ThomaR N. Jbno...
of Isle of Wight, nnd Mrs. Chnrles XV.
Warren. of Bncon's Cnstle, Vn., gave a
very beautlful progresslvo euchre. Tholr
guests were Lloutehant-Commnndor nnd
Mrs. Strolher Smith, Mrs. R. L. Powers.
Mrs. Wlrt AdHiiiR, Mrs. R. B. Rano.V,
Mrs. Alfred T. Pope. Mrs. Pencllototl
Pope, Mr. and Mrs. N. A. Richnrds, Dr.
nnd Mrs. I.. C, Brock, Mr. nnd Mrs. Rnrt
'Alllsons. Mr. and Mrs. Stunrt Rowo, Mrs.
J. B. Jacob, Mr. and Mrs. S. Steiner,
Dr. and'Mrs. A. H, Boyd, Mrs. John A.
Armstrong. Mrs. .1 W. Carpenter and
Mrs. nnd Mlsses Mayor, Tallafnrro, Green,
Rlanehe Slaughter, Lottte Boyd nnd Judge
Kdmund Waddlll. Judge Branham, Judgo
Waller, nnd Messrs, Thomas N. Jones,
Charles XV. Warren, 1 .1. Ilofmnyer,
The gamn was scort-d bv Mr. Wnlko'r
Pegram Warren and Miss Prances Mayor,
Frldny nlght n testlmonnl concort wns
glven hy tlm tnlented young planlBt, Mr.
Clnrenoe Adler, of Clnclnnntl Mr Adler
-was asslstod hy Mr. Oscar Sohattl, vlo
llnlst, and Mr. Theodoro Menzo, eornet.
lst. It was a brllllant success and grcntly
enjoyed by a large and npproclatlvo nu
dlenoo. Bnturdny ntghl Dr. nnd Mrs
3.. C. Brook. of Smlthfleld, Va., gavo :,
rnosi enjoynble progresslvo oiichro, Host.
Uostes.es for next week will bo Mrs
Alfrod T. Pope. Mrs. J. R. Jacob, Mrs
John A Armstrong, of Loiusvilic, Ky.,
ni.d Mrs. Burl Alllson, of Ciiu .iinutl,
Tlm wcck's arrlvals nm: Judgo John
ri:.inli;,m Rome, Gn.i R. T. Pnrx.y, Al
j.'nta, fis ; Mr. and Mrs. MlddlelmrH,
rii-rleston, W. Vn.: W. S. Marbinv.
Baltlmore, Md : E Flash, Jr., -New Vork;
0, J. Colllns, Norfolk, Vn.; John OJIver.
Atlanta, Ga.; Wllllam F. Greever, ("ol
llfi-town. Va.; AVilllain Faubre, l.an.s
vllle, Ohlo; T. L. I'nurtnoy. Itlrhrimml.
Va.: Mr. ar.d Mrs Rtunrt Rowo, III. h
monrt, Va.; 0. Olivln Brnrk, Washlngton,
T> C.l R. W, Powers, Rlchmond. Va.:
Mlss Sopble White, Rlchmond, v?.; j. \v.
Bomervllle, Culpeper, Va.j Wllllam F.
XVite and wife, Norfolk. Va.; Qordon
ThorniiR, Alexandrla, Va.i Mr, and Mrs.
T. 8. Garnett, Norfolk, Vn.; Mr. nml Mrs
J. Grote, NeW Orleans; Mrs. H. I.. Enn-ry,
r. li. Emr-rv, Jr.. New Orleans; i". Adaiii
e.ur,, Phlladelphla; W. XV, Taylor, Cllfton
Forge; C. P, Nr-mmo, Cllfton V<.n-<-:
jt. L. Raby, Vlrglnla! Jolin T. Klni. and
wlfe. Port?mftuth, Va.i Mlss Nellle Thomp
fj,n, phlladelphla, Pa ; Roger K. Wood
hull, Dayton, Ohlo; I>. XV. Allnmori aiul
-wife, Dayton, Ohio; L p. pearsnll, Rocky
Mount. N. C.; o, H. Wood, Washlngton,
P. C; Mrs. F. E. Ward, Roanoke; John
Q. Dlckensnn nnd wlfo, Charleston, W
Vn.; Mlss 3. C. Road, Rlchmond, VO.,
Ml.s .). 13. 81n.if.hlor. Danville, Vit,,
Mrs. B. ... Nnsh. Mrs. B. %?jVV,j%?nfr?.
W. Mluo. Woodward, Mlss Mlldrrd Wood
ward, Mlss Woodward. ?lo,,|"6",",*i}i*',
Mrs. W. H. Drool., Bnltlmoroi 11. C. V. ise,
Lexlngton, Va.
Schedule of tho Week Oontalned Both
Vnrlely nnrl Novelly.
(Pp.rlnl lo Tho __h._i.t.l__i4--ll..
Dcsplto lotverfng sklcs nj, rroquciit Iiilor
vals thc pnsl week has probab _,? boen tho
mivest Croeketl hns hiul thls season.
Tho records show two permnns, morning
nnd r-voiiliig eard partlo. ,n bowllng pnrty,
Impromptu hop, n mlnstrol Hhow, a
good doal of drivlng nnd rldlng, nnd
...?ccvi-al pcdestrlnn parties of unusuiil
niiibltlon. One of tho lnttor. Includlng
ilb-tll o'ght couplos, clmperoiied by uov
ernor Flcmlng nnd Mrs, Wood, wnlkca
to tho ursoUe mlncs niul back, whlch ln
VOlVca about n llfteen-mlle strolch of all
sol'ls of country. Walk lnst parties to
Styles Fails an__ tho Alleghany ure itl
wnys popular. _ .
Ono of Iho dellghtful events of tho week
wns Iho gcrinnn glven b.v -Mr. Di-owrV,or
UlchtnciiHl, to Mlss Ponn, of l.clitsvil c,
N, C. Tho chnporoncs who gtacoil tlie
occaslon wore Mrs. Buchu nnn. of Hleh
inoiu],.Mr?, Penn, of RoldBVlllc, and Mls.
Kerr, of Ashland. Va. Dr, Moonuiw. of
Roanoko, lod. Tlio coUples who rinrtl,
clpated wore Mlss Proston "nd Mr. Clins.
Flidiburn; Mlss Jlnrshall ^'Vlr-'fevorl-!
FishiH.m: Mlss Kerr nndjMr,t-Dbjerie,
Miss Bchocn and Mr. Scott; #1* _MoC ch
eilll nnd Mr. H. Fishln.rn; MIsSvBorj 11
nnd Mr. Ovorton Pratt; MJM,.3>ora SCI
pell nnd Mv. i!urlll,.!ll,\ r, rn
kir n.oi-irp Pratti Mlss Mnrgarei unr.
S5_. mV'tvi'.i; _5al^SR^?ii'83f?
bell; Mlss Troutnnd M^.Chn lo Maiin
nn.l Mlss Ponn wltli tho h?t;rJttr.,.Dre?ry.
Dl.g IntonnisHlo.^ nml nt "? f^
coollng bevcrnges and dnint. icutsn
'"tC ^r? ,.a^ g'ven byMr.WWca,
Mrs Thomas. of Crockelt, wns i. c hniim
Imr success. The p ayors were aeatea nt
twelve tables. Tho tnlly cards were
unlquo affalrs, nn.l tho prlzes w<; J
handsome. Mrs. Polo nnd Mr. 11unn und
won tho lono hand priMW'pr.^Shanks^iia
Kijlltleinen's prlze and Mlss Jano Seipeii
ihe indles', whlch was a boautlf.il whlto
shawl knll by the hostoss herself, Mis.
Wlcks. A siipper of mnny.dollcacleB._ans
served In courses, and nt the close of tno
evonlng the guests gathered abou^the
lady from Kentucl.y and sang Old lten
tuc'ky Homo."
Mlss Flshburn. of Roanoke. . K'is a
bowllng party Monday morning in honor
of Miss Marshall. of Roanoke. About
thlrty guests took part ln the.Bamo,
with Mrs. Johnson, of Vlcksburg, ns
.imperono. Mr. Knight. nf Wohmond,
and Mlss McCutchen, of New *orJc >won
tho cnptnlns. Tlio prlzes were unustmlly
attractlve. Mr. Knight nnd Mlss Maiga
ret Carrlngton, of Richmond, secured tlie
first prlze-n leather hlll case and a
ilulntv gauze fnn. Mr. Drcwry, of RIcli
mond. nnd Mlss Peters, of .Lynchburg,
received the consolatlon prlzes, Aitor
the contest was fought and won or lost
refroshments wcrc served. '
The vcrandn of "Ruckwood cottage
was the soeno agaln thls week of a
scoven-hand euchre party. The hostess,
Mrs Tatum was iiKslsted ln recolvlng by
MJv'nnd Mrs. Drowster. ( '.;.? : ..
There was n prlzo for the highest scoro
nt each toble, They fell to thn lot nt Mrs;
Johnson. Mrs. Churchlll and Dr. Shanks.
Mlss Norn Sorpell nmi Mr. '1 liomiis re?
ceived consolatlon prlzes. A tlellclous
luncheon was served.
Crockelt bbasts of the most versallle
wallers oxtanl, excellent In varlous llnes
ns woll n. In thelr own partlcular choscn
calllng. On Tuesday ovenlng the guest.
reptiircd to thc dlning-room agaln. n
short tlme after supper; tc. flnd It ma<>
nueradlng very cffectlvely as an oper.i
house. Chairs, curtalns nn.l stage, wlth
Uncle Sam's flags as decoratlon, looked
galii. The porformnnco was very credl
inbln, nnd Iho antlcs and songs of our
bl'stwhlle riblseless nnd linobtruslve sorw
tors of thc dlnlng-room uffordod a good
dc.l of fun.
The Bcconil german of the we k wns
glven bv Dr, Willlums, of Roodsvllle, N.
C, lo Mlss Ponn. of Reldsvlllo. and M s_
Blll, of Spencer Va. It was a most np
jovablo affalr ln every rosprct. Or.
Willlums led wllh Ml__5 Foiin. Tho pre
s'lllng splrits wero Mrs. Buchanan Mr-.
Penn Mr. nnd Mrs. Thomns Dr. und Mrs
I-ratt, Mrs. Churchlll, Mrs. .Hollaml nnd
Mrs. Hanimond. .Muny couplos wero on
the floor There wero u long list of n -w
arrlvals durlng the week.
'v'any Guetts r.t Old Point, but "Vcrv
Little Gn/oty.
(Si'ieclnl to The TiineM-ispiitrh.'. ,
Southerriors havo thken possession of OM
Point an dmost of tlie guests durlng Au?
gust havo beon from the Stntes south of
Mhso nnnd Dlxon|s llne, But desplte tho
many guosls, whlch crowd fjic hoiel...
Ihero ls no enlortalnlng dono on n larger
scalo. Small dinncrs bofore iho Iiojik and
suppcrs afterward nro very popular. Out
doora ono sulls, swim, hnd plays golf and
Among the recent arrlvals nl Ihe Chnm
berlln nre Mr. and Mrs. W. Gering, Mlss
C. Gerlng nnd Miss W. p. Gorlng, of
Cntonsvllle; Md;; Mr, nnd .Mrs. J, Good?
man, of linlllmoi'c; .Mr nnd Mrs. Louls
A.ller, of Dayton, Fla.; Mr. und Mrs. H.
\V; Carrol nnd Mlss Nell McCnll, of Bon
nottsvllle. S. C.: Mr. nnd Mrs. H. Ti.
Campbell, of AVnshlngtnn; Mr. S. W.
McComb nnd Mrs. I.yman McComb. of
Jclllco, Tcnn.; Mr. nnd Mrs. J. C. Drew,
fif Now Orleans, Ln.; C, Kramer nnd ivli.-s
Krnmcr, ol' Stondwall, Mlss.; Mlss Agglc.
Jenn Hall. of Memphls, Tonn.i ^l>'. nnd
Mrs. 11. G. Connor, of Wllson, N. .c.;
Mrs, XV. U. Wells. Mlss Dnnelln Wells.
W.l,. Wells. Jr.. C. A, Wells and K. D;
olls, of Vlcksburg: Mlss.; ii. x. MUchklssi
Mrs. C. A. Hotcllklss. Mlss Roso Oppen
helmer nnd Mlss Sndlo Oppoiiholmer, of
BultliriU'iQi Mh-s Allls, of Easlvl lo. Va.;
Mrs. . J. H.ites nn.l Mlss l.ates, of Wheel
ln-'. W.. Vn.; Mrs. John Harrls ,'ni.l Mr.
and Mrs. J. N. Buchanan, of MorJdlen,
M'ss.; Mr. and Mrs. II. Rain, of Nash?
vllle, Tonn.i Mrs, A. F. Hl<h and m|sh
Gertrudo Wrlght, of Memphls, Tenn.j
Mr nnd Mrs. J. L Oanf/.lar and ,J. Ii.
Dantzlor, of Moss Point. Mls?.
-f I v^.'
A Channlng Bevy of Them
at the Jefferson Park
(Spcclnl to Tho Tlmefi-Dlspntrh.)
?_S_\_ ..RSON PARK HOT33L, VA? Au?
gust 22.?Tho nunihor bt charnflng young
mnrrled lndlos now nsombled nt Jcftci'son
Park Holol jusllfy a lottor wrltton c.\
cluslvely ln tholr honor.
Wcchu'sdny evenlng?tho gcrmiin ove
lilng?Is looked upo"ii by ull us belng pre
oiiiinently tho young I'dlks' tlmo, but
Saturday evenlng and Suiidny, when the
"grass widowcis" begln to pour In tho
yoting lndlos hnvo to stand nsldo for tholr
eldor slstors, who, nt lhat tlmo, cortnlnly
hn.'o tho larger shnio of bonux. Iflltoll
mntrnn Btnnds by her own lord. but by
hgreomoht thore ls sonlotlmes n goneral
shulllo, and n "lndlos chnngo" nriaiiec
inetil thut gets thlngs mlxed up del.ght
fully. Much to tho, nmusorncnt ot tho
crowd on Sunday evenlng lnst, tho gen
tlomon wlth tho bowltehlng dlmples nnd
fnultloss teelh wns seon promenadlng
wlth tho young lady who loolca hor hils
bnnd In tho room whllo sho ]ilays cards.
As a nnturnl cotisenuonoo tho pnrtners
loft hnd to palr, so Maclamo Dlmples
ancl Mr. Ilenpock foll ln llno. Ono lady
was ovot'henrd sarcnsllcnlly remnrklng lo
hor pnrtner for lifo thnt tho reason ho
found so much plonsuro ln' sovcnrhnnd
cuchro wns thnt thoro wns a "wldow" in
Thoro nre somo charmlng danecrs among
tho young mntrons, notlcnbly Mrs. J.
Watts Martin, of Norfolk; nnd Mrs,
Frances M. Boyltln, of Boston; Mrs. K. P.
Ifnll nnd Mrs. J. W. Hohry, of Wnshlng?
ton, D. C; Mrs. J. A, Kdgc. of Lexlngton,
Ky.; Mrs. Tnto F. Chonery, of Ashland,
and Mesdnmes N. L. Mnssey, A. H. Snnds,
Used bv Amtritm fhV?MantntarlVtD\ltaru
Clcahsniicl settlns tlio stomnoli. keeps tlio
hfiwels . freo, tlio llver actlve; lt nms
tligcHtloii nud la"Booil forchlUlwrti too.
tlOo. nnd * I, Kt DrugglBlii or by imill from
THE TARRANT CO., 21 Jay Street, NswVork
Thomas Fltzhtlgh, Charlottesvllle, Vn.',
Miss A. P. Motlgson, Staunton, Va.; W.-'.A.
.Tnhnson, West AMrplnln; Miss Loulsa
Uiuidolph, AVnsnlnKlon. I). <-'.; Wlrt W,
M'nylor, Rlchmond, Va.; XV. A. Williams,
Rlchmoncl, Va.; \V. P. Tavlor. Klchniond,
Vn.; Mrs. F, A. MiyUglilnn. three chlldren
nncl ntirso, Rlchmond, Va,: 0, XV. Tlller,
Rlchmond; XV, 35, Adams. Aimn, Vn.; J.
K. G.nves, Wost Vlrglnla; V*'. C. Latlmor,
Ilollon, S, C.| B, C. Burks, Vlrglnln; G.
\V. Won.'oi', Toxnrknnn. Ark.i A, Rttinrt
Boiling, Vlrglnln; Saul ,T. Cllmaa, Norfolk.
Vn.; C. E. McPeeli, West Vlrglnln; F, Ai
Ilnughton, Rlchmond. Vn.; C. B. Wood
Ing, West Vlrglnla; Mrs. Tato 1 . Chonory,
Aslilnnd, Vn..; Miss nianehe Chonory.
Ashlnnd. Va,; MI's l.llwibeth Chen
cry, Ashland, Vn.; Master Rlchnr.
Chonory nnd nurso Ashland, Vn.; Mrs.
J. K. Martin, Frodorlcksburg, \ft.i Miss
L. M. Knox, Rlchtrionil, Vn.
(Speclnl to Tho Timo'-Blspntch.)
Va., August 22.?Tho guests of Bel Alr
hnvo suffered llttlo dlscomfort from the
bad weathor whlch swept over tho coun
one of tho bellos nt. JolTor. on Park.
W, P. Taylor, XV. 1_. Taylor, XV. A. Wil?
liams, E. A. Roblnson, A. ].. Watklns and
F. A. Miiughton, nll of Rlchmond,
ospoclally o'njoy a game of sevqii-hand
euchre, and evoiy evenlng flnds a inorry
crowd gathered logothor good nauuedly
blddlng agalnst each othor for trilmps.
Whlstl spoak low and troacl gontly
whllo such plnyers as Mosdames F. L.
Boykln. B, II. Norment, J. E. Martin,
Mlsses L. M. Knox, N. L. Roblnson,
Loulso Randolph and Mrs. J. W, Thomas,
wrostlo over un "odd."
All card lovors oomo together on com?
mon ground at thu wookly progrcsslvo
euehro every Friday evonlng
Uowllng Is n fnvorlto puBtlmo, nnd ut
nll hours of tho day morry partlos mny
bt) found rolllng for oxorolse, nnd at tho
samo tlme trylng to mnke oiioh scoro
hlgher than tholr opppnents, Mrs. T. J,
Woodlng has tho honor of iriaklng tlm
hl.'.ln'Ht scoro among tho ladies thls sen
Mrs. SV, P. Dodson, of Norfolk, Ih one
of iho iiniKlHOineat aml most popular
llldioa at tho hotol.
Mrs, 13. A, Roblnson and her two bIh*
lers, Mrs. W. A. Williams and Talc)
Chonory, form n vury attractlve trlo. Mrs,
Roblnson, as hostoss, has recelved cii'ii
pllments BUfllcleiit thls Bpnsoti to tom.
pletoly bwoII tbo head of ;, lons senHlblo
pol'son, Mrs. Williams, accordlng tu an
admlror. hop a ".uudoiina fttC.Q and un'.
gollc smllo." Mrs. Chonory makes all
l.iighl and linpny as sho goea wlth hur
spnrkling wlt und raro good soiiHit.
Mucli 10 iim regroi of ijor many frlends
hero, Mrs, lt- IL Normont lort on Thura
day for Itlolimond, whero slio will SPOflll
BOinO, tlmo bol'ori! ictiirnlng to hor homn
ln Now Orleans. llnr mother, Mrs. C.
T. Royhln, ao.'oinpanlod hoi', and hflnr n
slny of u few days ln llio capltal, will
iHiinn to Joffersoi) Park. All will bo Blad
to WOlcnmO hor haok.
Mlsii lMltb llalolior, of Caroby Hall.
Fluvanna i-nimly, ls a guost at Iho hutol
m>w and tlolljjhla all wlth hur urtlstlc
piano porformancos.
Among tho roiiiit ari'ivuhi nro: MIhb
Llii-lf; Roynolds, I'Todoilcltuhuig, Va.;
K ,1. Urown. Annopnlls, Md,; I'Mlth l.og
wood Hatcher, Ciuehy Hall, v.-i.; 01inY|fi-i
I.. Pettlt. Norfolk, Vu.j 13. ''. Boykln,
Hlohniond, Vn.; Iluul.r Karrinh, Albo
niailo, Va.; N. .). Couho|, Kan Antonlo,
Tfex.j N. L. ftliiBOy, itlchinonil, Va,;
ty, for the hotel was so snug nnd com
fortablo wlth lts cozy roomsi and brlgbt
flros thnt tho dull days passbd dellght -
Two or three merry candy pulls on tho
covored porch also enll'Venod the young
lolki! durlng ralny weather.
Miss Amy Murray gavo a charmlng
evenlng of Scottish songs on Wednesday,
whlch was greutly enjoyed by nearly all
iu tho hotel, rolnforcod by a good many
of tho New Cnstlo peoplo. Tho nntortuln
iiioiit was glvon uiiclor tho nusplces of
Mrs. Wllliam A. Anderson, of Lexlngton,
for tho bulldlng fund of tho Eplsoopnl
chupel sho ls Intcrosted ln eroctlng In
ibls plnco.
Many more nrrlvnls have reglstercd thls
weok, among whom aro Mrs. F. II,
Caw'thoriio, Mnntor Phlllp Cnwlhorno, Mr.
G, K, East, Cllfton Forgo, Va.; K. Floyd
Gny, Smlthflold, Va.; Mrs. W. A. Ander?
son, Loxlllgl. Va.; Miss Carllo Mlnor.
Mr. AV. W. Areher, J. F. Mann, Cllfton
Korgo; Miss 13dwards, Col.! Miss Preston,
Toxrisj Charles ,s. Ashbiirn, MIsb M.
Seuton, Miss Soaton, Ashland, Ken?
tucky! Mrs, \V. Ci. Raldwln, Bluofleld,
Va.; John G. Hpcsncer, Lynchburg. Vn.;
Miss Jesslo Kko.n, Covlllgton, Va.! MIsh
C'uldwoll, Lyiiohhiirg Va.l Mr- ?"*? H.
Thack nnd wlfe, and two chlldren, Blr
inlngluim, Ala.; Miss Amy Murray. pf
Now York; Or. A, XV. Torrcdl. Mrs. 'lor
roll, Miss Martin. of Lynchburg; Mr. F.
W. King of Mneon, Oa.j J. E. Davonport,
Mrs. J. 13. Davoi.rt nf Norfolk; lt. A,
fiimndors, of Norfolk; L. Hranlgnn. <>f
Wnshlngtoni w. c, _ull..an, E. 11.
Toonoy, of Wnshlngton.
Dr. IL .1. Wllllngh.ro will. ln conre*
ciuonon of iho hIi-Kiicsh of Kov. ?> ?.
l.-ii.fiiuiii. preaoh al tho Second Baptlst
Church llilK mornlng nt 11 o clock.
0__kw)S"_.C_>_-l.X-A.? ....
fXwi tho a lhe Kind You Hav. Bffl Bci_M
.igmituro /*!/*
Mt W. W. Laudrum wlH noi bf ahlo
lo .111 hlK iippo'tiliuonl at tho S?""rt?U|
t!sl Churoh tlds mornliiB, nnd ??>''?? V,
Willlnghaiu, n. u.. will preach ut u
Pretty Footprints ln the Sands
of time.
A Tacky Party Rlvnlllng In Gostumos
Ihe f-'nshlons of Mrs. Wlgga ln tho
Cabbage Palch?Melon Feast,
Bcwllng nnd What Not.
(Speclnl to Tne TlmpB-Dlspnteh.)
Tliat old slnner, Father Timo, mj,r "Pled
Plper," hns plped nnollipr merry tune,
nnd sovon more glorlous Biirnmer tlnys
havo danced to hls plplng and been lost
to slght In tho rlft of tho mouulaln! but
thelr flmt-prlnts remnln, nnd to tho
summer colony of Blue Rldge Springs
each ono tells a story, and 1 am golng to
tell you tho stories thoy told mo. Thc
flrst Uttlo foot-prlnt told of a morning
at cards, ond boasled of tho prettlesl,
dnlnllost lltllo maid from Rlchmond, who
played (lio part of hostoss to a wholo
bevy of folks, slxty In number, nnd how
they played slx-hnnd euchre and had the
"mostest fun," nnd when ihe game was
dono, how good thlngs to eat, pretty
thlngs lo koop, made a morning most
cmnploto. Tho dnlnty llille maid was
Mlss Mary Orecnhow Johnston, nnd ns a
hostoss she wns nll thnt could bo dc
slred. Tho prize-wlnhers at hor party
wero Mlss Evolyn Wlnthrop, of Tnllnhn..
neo, Fla., who took tho Indy's head prlzo;
Mr, Wntklns Bllersbn, of Rlchmond, who
provod hlmself a champlon by wlnnlng
the gentlemnn's first, and Miss Mary
Temple, who found consolatlon for. defcat
ln a generous box of Huyler's best. Mr.
Langstnff Johnston played In luck, ns
far as carrin anrl games went, hut was
barred by reltitionshlp from wlnnlng a
prize. Hard luck!
The next Uttlo foot-prlnl sang tho
pralses of Mrs. W. H. McAllster and .ior
two charming daughtors, tho Misses
Amelie and Florence McAllster. of New
York clty, who were the grnclous host
esses al a large bowllng party. glven In
honor of'Dr, and Mrs. S. T. Elliott, of
Danville. Va. The vlctors In thls dellght?
ful contest wero Mrs. Bidgood, of Moblle.
Ala.. who made the highest score nnd
received tho lady's flrst; Mlss Ellzabeth
Adams. of Lynchburg. who wns only a
few points behlnd, came In for second.
The pentlemnn's flrsl was carrled off In
trlumph by Mr. J. B. Balley, of Emporln.
Va.; tho Becond falllng to Mr, Arthur
Rnndolph, of Tnllnhaasee, Fla.
At both of these beautlful affalrs Mrs.
Cornella Branch Stone, nf Galveston. had
Iho honor conferred upon her of beins
asked to make the prosontatlon speeches,
and In both Instances she ncqultted her?
self llko n vetera'n In tho nrt. Sho. also
nsslsted Mrs. McAllslor at tho punch
bowl In dlsponslng a very refreshing
The next little footprlnt to speak up
In the meetlng told of a melon feast
glven nn tho rustlc brldgo by Mr. Robert
L. Chandler, of Baltlmore, and how thc
young people nto and ate, aB though
thev never had tasted anything half ao
gnnd. Thls w.as Mrs. Chnhdlp.'s fardwell
untll tho next summer. The merry Uttle
footprlnt left by Tuesdny Is stlll Iau_.li
/?ng over Iho "tacky party" held in tho
ballroom that evonlng. nnd the vm
tonriuo costumes of tho guosts. Vlllnge
bellos. In nll thelr party clothes, wlth
rlbbons of every hue, danced and co
tiucttPd wlth village swolns In thelr
"Sundny best."
Mlss Evelyn Wlnthrop, of Florlda. wns
rewarded wlth a prlzo for tho "tacklest"
costiime among the ladles, nnd Mr. J.
R. Bnllev wns also slngled out. for a
like dlstlnctlon. Mrs. Stone, In n cos?
tiimo rlvnlllng thnt of "Mrs. Wiggs."
presented tho prlzes wlth npproprlate re
marks. Little Lulle Johnston, of Rlch?
mond, wns tho most nttrnctlve "tacky"
child nt tho party. with hair plaltod In
tlght lltllo brnkls and tlod wlth many
colored rlhtjons.
Another Uttlo gosslpy footprlnt Is tell?
lng tho good tlme tho young peoplo hnd
nt n morning permnn glven hy Messrs.
J. B. Bnllev nnd Porcy Trotman and led
bv Mr. Ouy Wlnthrop. Thesn young
nien nre always plannlhg somethlng for
tho pleasuro of tho young people. and
thls Is only ono of thelr many happy
though ta. Thoy eompllm_nt.d Mrs.
Stone nnd Mrs. Carney by asklng them
to chaperone thls dellghtful affalr, whlch
was the first morning german of tho
Another Uttle footprlnt ls hegglng to
tell or tho progresslvo "chlp-ln" euchre
pnrty Wcdnesflay ovenlng. whon forty
people trled thelr luck nt cards nnd
found thnt everybody couldn't wln. The
fortunnto few on whom tho lltllo god
smlled wero Mlss Temple, who letl the
vnn, wlth Mrs. Bidgood second. both nf
whom received nxruilslte souvonlrs of
the occnslon. Mr. W. E. Monslng. of
Galveston, wns doubly lucky ln securlng
two prlzes, tho gentlemnn's flrst and the
lono hnnd, but wlth hln usual gen. roslty
h" presented ono on thls ooonslon to
Mlss Rosn Moss. Mr. John Wlnthrop.
of Florlda, ls the .ortiinnte posscssor of
the socond! Mlss Bland t--P>?. ot
Belersbnrg, has the consolatlon. and
Mrs. Zoi-lor. of Or-lv-tnii. th" InnlnV
lor\o hand. Other affnJrs of a like kind
nre belng tnllcpd of, ns they are nlways
plensnnt, ,, .
Th. lnst llltln footprlnt on Ihe )l-'t wns
lcfi by n luckv Friday. and lella ln srlow
Inr; language tho boauty nnd hrllllnncy
of a gorman danced by thlrty-elght cou
plea, numerous .'Btngs" nnd a goodly num
ber of married people, under th* able
leadershln of Mr. Flgpat, of Ronnoko.
A speclnl trnln brought Its usual riuotn
of young pooplo from Rnnnoke lo <m_oy
thls beautlful affalr. The "bal pondro
Klven bv Mlss Emlly Snmplc, of Mont?
gomery. Aln., ls stlll tho talked nf event.
The voiniK penple who grnced the occa?
slon In palnt, powder nnd palehas wero
Mr. Chnrlos Hamrier nnd Mlai. Emlly
f-vmple Mr, Harry P'nVWt and Mlss Mnry
Temple. Mr. Darrlngtnn Tomple nnd Mlss
Blnml Temple, Mr. R. Roamey nnd Mlss
Florencn McAllster, Mr. Rlchard Nelgh
bors and Mlss Grace Stevens, Mr. Frnnk
Wmihrop nnd Mlss Ellzabeth Adnms,
Mr. J. B. Balley nnd Mlss Ellzabeth Car
i:ey, Mr. Wntklns Eller.-n nnd Mlss Eve.
lyn Wlnthrop, Mr. Clnphnm nnd Mlss
Mlnnle Darrten, Mr. Ony Wlnthrop nnd
Mlss Ann Patorson, Mr. jjarlnnd Hop?
kins nud Mlss Julla Todd, Mr. Miller and
Miss Cnrrle Dnrden, Mr. Tom Watts nnd
Mlss Kate Patton, Dr. Elliott ard Mrs.
Elliott, Mr. Humphrles and Mlss Lottle
Smlth, Mr. Sandy Flggat and Mlsn Ro?a
Moss, Mr. Arthur Rqndolph and Mlss
Kate V'retlnw, Mr. Jacoh Pretlow and
Mi.-s Mary P. Rnndolph, Mr. Parker and
Miss Mary Patterson, Mr. Paul Roper nnd
Mr*. Hldgnnd. Mr. Robert Bnale and M ss
Amello McAllster, Mr. Oray and M ss
Mary G. Johnston, Mr. Watts and Mlsii
1 lln lves, Mr. Oreenhow Johnston nnd
Mlss I'Pn.lor. Mr. Dlckinson and M ss
Wales, Mr. Robert Cundler nnd Miss
Arrlvals nro stlll the order of the day,
nml recent addltions Include a promlnent
prttty of s-Voti _MlVe?tOhl_.n., who have
pnld GreenbHer Wlill. Stilphtir a vlfclt.
They nre Mttt, and Mlntt Menslng, Mfo.
and Miss flreath, Mr*, S-elglof, Miss Selns*
helmer and Mr, XV, B). Menslng.
the younr ladle,' at. a ohfcrmlhg trlo
of.hinlds to add to tho fllue Mdge bott*
quot of "Aj_*rld_n fleautlos," and thelr
populftHi. I? awured.
Miss Ella M?h?lng mndo a. host of
frlends In Vlrglnla durlng her stay nt
noeltbrldge Allitn Sprlnga last season,
and Miss Carrle Lotil-e flrenth _as a
pnpulnr little miss at Blue nldgo before
sho dnnncvl Innft dreittes, Arrlvnls nrnl
Mr. nnd Mrs. j. P. Mtiggiih, 'Pattersau,
l.rt.| Miss Ahhn. Pender,-PnttorAOn, l..a,;
Mr. MMtfolm Ponder, Pntlorson, La.; M_
Nlckels, Now Tork elty!?Mlns Pnrkir,
Now York cltyl Miss Mlnnle Dnrdon,
Nowsnms, Vn,; Miss .Carollno tmrden,
Newsomp, Vn.; Mf. B. H. Mlllor, Diw
vllle, Vn.: Mr. Cthftrlos Blncknnll. N. C.'l
Mr, ,1. V. Carne.v, Churchlnnd, Vn,; M.
A, 1. Pntton, nanvlllo,'Vn.; Mr. IL Ci
Fnlton, Dnnvlllo, Vn.i Dr. Frank Hnln,
Petersburg, Vn.; Mr. Percy Trot mnn. Vlr?
glnln: Mr. Ilnrry Trotmnn, Vlrglnln: Miss
Lola Botls, Wn.hlngtmi, D. C; Mr. J, M.
Nowcomb, Pnterslntrg. Va,; Mr. J. T,
Furcron. Manchester, Vn.: Mr. L. E.
Orsnt, Atlnntn, On.: Mr. and Mrs. Georgu
Banks, Norfolk, Vn.; Mr, W.'n. Btovenf,
Portsmouth, Vh,: Mr. C. W. Coleman,
Porlsmouth, Vn.: Mrs. G, H. Mnnslng,
Galvoston, Tox.; Miss Elln Monslng, Gal
voston, Tox.; Mm, W. F. Brlath, Galvos?
ton. Tcx,; Mrs. II. L. Zlegler, Gnlvoston,
Tex.; Mr. W. L. Monslng. Onlvcnton,
Tex.i Mr. W. h. M'lnslng, Galveslon,
Tex.; Miss Vllrglnla Pool, Petersburg,
Vn.: Mrs1. Bnyly Brown, Accomnc, Va.;
Miss Florenpo Brown, Accomac, Va.
Days Spent Pleasantly Under Shadow
of Elllott'a Knob.
tSpeclnl to Tho TI r os-t. sp.'tch 1
Neslled closely under tho shadow of Et
llott's Knob, stirrounded by benutltu!
scenory, Vnrlety Springs has a bouse fuil
of pleasant peoplo. Tho summer days are
Hylng by nll too fnst and ltU_ sad to rcnl
Ue that the tlme ls comlng when all mtiBt
reluctnntiy take tholr depnrture.
The swlmmlng pool ls thcattractlon for
the young peoQlo In tho afternoon and
mnny have alrondy learned to swim here,
At nlght tha crowd Is dlVlded between the
bail-room nnd thn card tables.
jMrs. J. L. Ford, of Rlchmond, gave
a clerglitful card parly In honor of her
dobutant daughter, 'Miss Naornl, and her
frlend, MlssSusle Edwards, also of Rich?
The psrlors were hoautlfully decoratcd
for lhe occaslon nnd nfter tho gnrno ro
fresliments woro served In tho dlnlnn
rooni.' Mrs. Mny, of Ornnge, kept score.
The prlzes were nworded to MIbs Mattio
Lipscomb, of Rlchmond; and M!ss Ed?
wards, Mr. J. A. Wlse, of Staunton, re
celvlng the gentlemnn's prlze.
Mrs. Ford's other guests wero Mr. and
Mrs. J. R, Gregory; Mr. nnd Mrs. H. G.
Eichelborgor, Mr. nnd Mrs. O. W. Fre'
well and Mrs. Blssoll. also Mlsses Rosa
Klrlc nnd Mnrgnret Crawford, of Ric
mond: Mlsses Bos.lo Crawford, Fannle
Cftimpler, Bessle Baker, Dunlgati; Messrs.
L. A. Connell, C. C. Croft and Drs. W.
R. Cl.rnents. Charles I-'chclbergcr, J. J,
Miller nnd D.'W. Hnrmon,
. Saturday nlght nn nuctlon pnrty was
the feature nnd much merrlment was oc
ca. loned by the contents of packnges re?
Some of tbe recent nrrlvals nre C. L.
Baln nnd wlfe ,of Norfolk: C. W. Hor
imili. nf Columbys, On.; H. A. AVIlson,
Miss A. E. Wilson, of Tnrnnto. Vn.; Miss
Ellzabeth Clemmer. of Mlddlebrook; M'.s
Mattlc.Bnln, of Rlchmond; Enos Ott, J.
A. Wlse nnd fnmlly. C. C. Croft. rf
Staunton: J. R. Kemner, of Flshervllle;
Mrs. Taylor Blssell, of ..Inunton: Mrs. F,
P). Wood, Miss Vlrg'nln Mno Wood. of
Cralgsvllle; C. P. Hancer nnd fnin'Iy. of
Staunton; L. B. SchUlberg. H. S. Urbnn.
of R'chmond; R. N. Blnckford, Mr. and
Mrs. P. B. Sublett. Miss Annle Elder. of
Staunton: E. M. Dudley. of Mossy Creek:
.1. M. Blaln and wlf__ of Wnynesboro;
Mrs. J. R. Tnylor, Miss Mattie Taylor.
of" Staunton.
Many Summer Visitors? Dr. Hannon to
; Preach.
(Special to The Timos-Dispntch.)
OAK. VA.. Au.ust 22-The vlllago of
Oak has becomo niilto a summor re=ort.
Ainong the many happy vlsitors of thls
illage aro Mrs. S. il. McKeon, Mls.es
Pearle and Ruth McKeen nnd Mr. Mnrt
MclCcen. of Koyport, N. J.; Miss Magglo
Eainesi of Baltlmore; Mrs. Tom Williams,
of Flnrldn; Mr. and Mrs. G'. W. Blngley.
Jr.. Mr. nnd Mrs. Jnmes Poste. Mr. and
Mrs. P. H. Phuup, Mr. ancl Mrs, Percy
Knlght nnd two chlldren, Mrs. D. C.
Duvall. Miss Hattlc Mllls, Mr. Albert
Wlllinms, Mr. and Mrs. II. E. Mllls and
children. of Rlchmond. Va.; Miss Llzzlo
Crouch, Miss Mnry Sparrow and M:ss
Gertle Ironmonger, of York county.
Tho vlsitors aro spending a delightful
tlmn huntlng, llshlng and attendlng re
vlvnl meetlngs.
Mr. James D. Austln has returned home
from Fssex, where he hns been attend?
lng a glorlous meotlng, nnd showers of
blesslngs havo been bostowed upon many.
A great revlval is expected at New
Kent Chajiel next Sunday, bOKlnning.wlth
all day servlce. Tho Rev. Df. Harinon.
of Rlchmoncl, Vn.. Is expected to atjsist
Brother Lllllson In thls grcnt work.
Mr. E G. .V'ooten has recently pur
chnsod a large qtiantltv of timber In thls
ncilghborhood nnd started h.'s engine to
work to-day.
Tho corn crops are looklng qulto pros
perous thls season. The farmers nre
now thlnklng of maklng addltiops to thelr
barns In order to store thelr crops for
wlnter. Molons-aro now belng shlppod
ln large quantitles.
Miss Magglo Mllls hns beon qulte sick
fnr tho pnst weok, but Js now conva
Mr.' J. AV. Eumcs Is Improvlng afler
several days' lllness.
Monday, Septornbor 7th; two days ln
Washlngton, only $2.60 round trlp.
For Infants and CEldren,
Tfio Kind Ygu Hava Always Boughi
kiQurs tho
Signaturo of
Well-Known People Amonfl
the Guests Now There.
Conslderable Gayety Arranged for the
Comlng Week?Many Guests Ar_
Booked for September? Some
of the Attractlons.
(Speclal to Tlni Tlmnn.niBpntcb.)
COVINCUTON, VA? August 22.-As the
day. roll on a sojnurn at tlio Intormont
grows moro and more delightful, Guest_
nro comlng ln Btondlly, and many have
engaged' rooms for next nipr/i.
.Enjoying tho rest and rpilot now are
WoJor ^Jobrji..w. .Danlel, of Lynchburg;
Colonel John.Murphy, of Rlchmnod, and
Mayor aiid .Jvlr-,., Morrls, of i Frederlcks
hurg. Tlie Mayor ls a most dollghtful
companlpn. . i
Hon. Wllliam Flsher, of Pcnsacola,
Fla., wlth hls charmlng fnmlly of oight,
will bo hero on the 26th for a conslderable
Judgo Oeorgo J, Hundley, <?' Farmville,
was a guest for a short whllo on hl_
way to tho meetlng of tho Bnr Assoclation
nt the Hot Sprlngs. Ho Is expected to re?
turn for a brlcf stay next week.
Most deslrnhle ncqulnltlons to tho colony
al tho Intormont nre Mrs. Wnshlngton
Rocd nnd her two charmlng daughters
nnd Mrs. Chnrles T. Parrlsh. of Ports?
mouth, who will remaln tho rci. of the
month and through September.
In the comlng week conslderable gay?
ety Is projected. There will ho a num?
ber of whlst nnd euchre partlc., and on
tho 20th a "tacky party" wil] bo glven.
Thero ln no place ln Vlrglnla where a
siimmcr cnn he spent moro dellghtfnlly
than at the Intermont. Tho new manago
ment, hended by Mr. W. C. Hundle.,
hnn tnken hold vlgorously and brought
tho hotel up to a hlgh standard. The
rooms nro nll elogantly furnlshed, nnd tho
servlce now ls of tho very best.
Tho ball-room Is ono of tbo flnoht ln
ihe South, nnd the floor Is unexcelled any
Tho casendos of tho Falllng Sprlngs aro
wltln'n about elght mlles of the hotel,
over a good road. The falls are one
hundred feet hlgh, and are surrounded by
romantlc nnd beautlful scenery. About
Iho same dlstancc, ln the opposlto dl
rrcMon, are the Low Moor Caverns, a
place well worth vislting,
Of easy access nre the Vlrglnla Cress
Farm, Natural Well. the Heallng,. Hot,
and Wnrm Sprlngs, Whlte Sulphur, Old
Sweet, nnd Sweet Chalybentc Sprlngs,
il) wltllln a r.'idlus of twenty mlles.
Among tho guests now here aro tho fol
T. Tlubert Box, Lynchburg; B. L. Oath
rlght, Blchmond; J. D. Logan, I'nlon, W.
Va.; 6: W, Callnghnn, Baltlmore, Md.;
W. Hatcher, Vlrglnla; A. J. Litch, Char?
lotte. N. C; Fred. S. Ball, wlfe nnd son,
Montgomery, Ala.; L. B. Ogdcn, Thur
mond, W. Va.; G. L. Johnson, Thurmond,
W. Va.; R. II. Cnrter. New Orleans;
Mrs. Washlngton Beed. Portsmouth:
Va.; MrB, Chnrles T. Parrlsh. Ports?
mouth, Va.; Mlsa Beed, Portsmouth. Va:;
Miss W.'Beed, Portsmouth, Va.; 0. F.
D.irnell. "vlrglnla; J. A. C tterbnek. Bos?
ton; Thomas B. McCArtney, Jr., Char?
lottesvllle. Va.; H. K. Cofer, Charleston,
XV. Va.: A, K. Ashworth, chiVngo: L. Ii
Lloy'd Baltlmore; N. E. Spossard, Ne??
Castle. A'a.; R. Spencr Harn.r. Pltts?
burg. Pa.: R. T. Foulkos, Medla, Pa.;
J. L. Gno.loo, Rlchmond; J. C. Von Fos
ser. Phllsdelphln. Pn.: J. D. Henrn. Phll.i
r.Y.phin; H. ' A. Bdmondson. Eagle, W-.
Vn.; P. II. Tront. Staunton, Vn.; Miss
Lllllan Bog. St. Louls, Mo.; F. Jackson.
Bluofleld, W. Va.; M. W. Anderson and
famlly, Knnsns Clty; O. L. Gllllnm. Vlr?
glnla; J. E. Bowors. .Vhcellng. W. Vn.;
Mr. nnd Mrs.' Paul Gores, Chlcago; L. P.
Johnson. Bochester, N. Y.: O. W\ Branch,
Rochester. N. Y.: F. D. Williams. Rlch?
mond; Mrs. F. D. Williams and maid,
Rlchmond: Mr. J. XV. Ensley. Vlrglnia;
Mr. nnd Mrs. C. H. Loudon, Rlchmond:
G N Hancock. Montgomery, W. Vn.;
XV. li. Bloomer, New York; E. XV. Corgh
lln New York; XV. D. Potts. Hiintlnaton.'
w'va.; Mrs. Dr. E. S. Bufllngton, Hunt
Incton. W. Vn.; Mr. nnd Mr. E. Taylor
and fnmlly. Oalveston, Tex.; W. S. Hatch?
er. Columbus. Ohlo; J. H. Lewls, Lynch?
burg; Major John XV. Dnniol. Lynch
burg; Home Mlnster. Columbus. Ohlo;
J. E Hardy. Mllwaukee. WIs.; F,. D.
Williams. Bnltlmoro: P. H. Powers. Rloh:
mond; C. R. ,Wolf. Clnclnnatl. . Oho; D.
C. .Randolph, Vlrglnla; Jnmes Stark nnd
wlfe, Hlnton, W. Vn.; C. S. McGIII. Baltl*
more; Colonel John Murphy, Richmond;
V.' A. Blnckman, St. Paul; Miss A. \\.
A.'Blackman, St. Paul, Mrs W. A. B ack
mnn .t Paul: A. M. Nelson nnd wlfe,
Kansas Cl.y. W B. Beed. Phllndelphla;
W H Robortson nnd wlfe, Lynchburg:
Ml'ss Junla Ornves, Bedford Clty; 1-rank
D Crenshaw, Chlcngo; Mlsa Lllllnn Car?
penter, Vrrginln.
Foach P.-rk Concnrt.
The followlng selectlons wllL.be ren
_ ' i i.? iiioin'a orchestra at Beach I3nr_
Kv^Augu"" m. under tho dl.ec.loil
of Professor Steln:
1. March. Tho Calvaryronn. T Ash(on
Mnnufiicturml Under .Forolgn nnd .Do
mpstlo Patents.
onorato thom. They ara permlttcd by tho
gnal IJoard of glro Umlcrwrtters,
Tho Inatallatloii of AOKTYLENK GAS
MAOHINKS from ten to sovonty-ilvo.
llglits for Prlvato roslilo.ices and ptibllo
biitldlngs our SPISOIALIY.
Kstimates fltven on I.lghtlng Syatoms of
any capaolty
Ageiuits glven In un occupled terrltory to
rcspoii-ilble parties,
Niarfara Fails Acetylene Gas Genep ator Co,

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