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Corporatlon Commlsslongoes
on a Trip To-bay.'.
Business of the Commisslon Working
Smoothly?Mr, Upshur's Good Sys?
tem?A Number of Charters
?tlie State Corporatlon Commisslon, con
sleti-ig of Judge Bev. T, Crump, Mobsis.
Honry C. Stuart and Henry Fairfax, nc
companled hy Mr. John A. Upshur, see?
retary of the commisslon, wlll lou.ve thls
morning vla <the Chesapeake and Ohlo
Railway for tlio annuai inspection of the
proportles of that company Wlthin thtfl
Stato. They wlll go west from thls clty
vi'a the Jnmes Rlvor division, travellng
ln tho prlvate cara of tho presldent und
genernl manager, and wlll bo accom?
panled on tho trip by Presldent Ooorge
W. Btovon8 nnd Oonoral Manager C, E.
Doylo. At Cllfton Forge tho party wlll
chango to tho maln llne of the Chesa?
peake and Ohlo Railway, ' and wlll go
thencc to Alleghany, on tho Weat Vlr?
glnla llne. Roturnlng, the party will take
the maln lne from Alleghany to thls clty,
arrlvlng hero on Thursday evenlng. On
tho trip they wlll go ovo rand innpect
the trip thoy wlll go over and lnspect
Tho Itlnerary ot tho trip haa not beon
further mapped out,1 tho eaatern uivlslon
of tho rond havlng boon Inapected last
Lnter on the commisslon wlll Inspect
the other llnes of railway in tho Btato.
The commisslon Is now gettlng down to
work In rcnl earnefit s'n the new quarters
In the Clty Hall. Seeretary Upshur, who
has a remarkable talent for organua
tlon, has ovolved order out of chaos, ex
Istlng when tho commisslon located in tbe
__,lbrary bulldlng in inadequate quarters,
and now hus everything so nrranged as to
greatly facllltato work. Wlthout a prnc
ti'cal rallroad man tho commisslon xvould
have been grently handlcappod ln lts
work, and the solecllon of Mr. UpShur.
with hls great tapaclty for work, has
proved an excellcnt one.
The other force In the offices of the
coramlsslon, besldes Chlet Book-ke.per
Wysor nnd Balllff Williams, embracoa
Mr. Joseph Newby, formerly with tho
Che.sapeake and Ohlo at Korfolk, as ston
ographcr: tho Mlsaes Powell, ih clorlcal
cnpacltles, and Mr. Norvoll Atklnson,
formerly a page ln tho Constltutlonal
. Conventlon. BuslnegB wlll proceed Bmooth
ly whlle the commisslon and lts seere?
tary are away.
These charters havo been granted by
the State Corporatlon Commisslon:
Tho Mantaplko Cannlng Company, In?
corporated. of Klng and Queon Court?
house. Capltal stock, from $3,000 to .10,000.
President, R. N. Pollard; Vlce-Presldent,
W. P. Walker; Seeretary, Thomas Lat.ine.
Tho H. J. Lewls Company, Incorporated,
of Newport News. Authorlzod capltal,
from .10.000 to $_-,0W. Corporators: H. J.
Lewls, presldent, and W. B West, J. A.
Wlllet, Eli'as Peyser and W. C. Stuart.
The Blackwater Soclal Club, Incorpo?
rated, of Prlncess Anne county. Capltal,
from .200 to $1,600. CorporatorB: T. B.
Tancey. presldent; E. H. Slvlls. vlce
presldent; C. A. Simmons. seeretary and
McDonald & Company, Incorporated, of
Norfolk. Va. R. XV. McDonald, pf_si
dent and treasurer; R. A Gordon, seere?
tary, and' P. W. Wllllams. Capltal au
thorlzed. from ._0,000 to $50,000.
Anchor Coal and Coke Company, In?
corporated, of Roanoke. Capltal, from
%ia.VX) to $25,000. Corporators: Henry
Bcholr. treasurer; J. W. Waynick, presi?
dent; Louis A. Scholz, seeretary.
The P. W. Lee Lonn Company, Incor?
porated. of Fails Churoh, Va. Capltal,
15,000 to $25,000. Corporators: P. W. Leo,
presldent; Bruoe Mclntosh, seeretary and
treasurer; 3. E. Falllng, Jullus Graham,
a j3 Piixson.
The Wa-hlngton Coal Company, Incor?
porated, of Coeburn, Va. Capltal, from
$...000 to $25,000. James P. Mason, presi?
dent; M, M. Morrls, vlce-presidont; S. W.
Tep at H?*i Coversd wHb ScalM
Whlch Pea.ad of. taking
Halr wllh Thsm.
" My fe&by was sbottt ?lx wenltB old
when the top of h-f head became .or.
?red wlth tblck scales, whlch would
pod and come off, taklug the halr wlth
it. lt would soon form agaln and be as
bsdas before. I trled scferalthttigs aad
then went to the doctor. HeSaJdltwili
Eciems, aad prescrlbed an <?ntmont.
whloh dld not do any good. A 'rleml
spoke of Catlcura Soap, I trled lt.and
read oa tho wrapper about Cuticura
Olntment aa a remedy for Ec*ema. i
boOKht a box aud washed Jhcr head ln
warm water and Ootleorr Soap.and
^ *ently combed the scales ?tf. They dld
Sot cbme back and her halr grew out
flne and thlfck. Bha ls now a war mi
_. balf old and has no traca of Ecserna.
You bave my permt_a.on to publish my
lett0,#" MR?. 0. W. BtiRoas,
689 Iranlstan Ata., Brldgeport, Coun.
Fcb. 21,1898.
flra. Bargas Wrltta, Feb. 26, 1903.
?<M. baby, who had Eoicraa very
badly on ber head, as I told you before,
after uslng tbe Cuticura Remedies waa
cured. I thlnk It wns about a year latet
it made lt* appearance agalu, but wlth
the samo treatment lt very qulckly dls
appeared, Bhe 1s now six years old
ao'd tiaa thlck halr and a clean scalp."
And Tlred riothera Flnd Rest aad
Comfort ia Cuticura.
Instsnt rellef aod refrenhtng aleep
fnr Hkln-tortured bsbles and.rest for
tlred, worrled motbers In warm batha
wlth Cntlcora Soap, and gentlyanolnu
loga wlth Cuticura Ointmeot, purest of
emollleot akln curea, lo be followed In
-over- cases hy mlld doses of Cuticura
Resolrent. Thls Is the purest, aweet
ca_, most epeedy, permanent and I'.co*
uomtcal treatment for torturlng, dls
flKnrlng, itchlnt:, haroloR, blcedlng,
scaly, crnsted and plmply skin and scalp
hurnours, wlth loss of balr. of infants
snd children, as well as adolti, and Is
iu re to aoccocd when all otber remedies
and tbo best physlclans fall.
lolil .-,o?_-o?< th. w?rl_. Cflttojr- a_.oh-.it Ut,
,.? form ol C-M-l-MCo_to4l.il-, We. Mr Jil ?l *!.
?.__. ?__.i P-rU. A )ln. rt. U P_l_ i BMtoB. IS. Colura. __
?T.. Polt.i Drur - Cb.m. Corp.. 8?l<i PropriMork
tr ??_? loi " Th. Urew lluawar Cure."
Keys, iocretary and treasurer; J. D. Wll?
llams and 8. M. Ewen, corporatora.
The Bastern Normal College, of Front
Royal. was allowed to change lts corpo
rato name to the Eaetern College. J. 3.
Gruver ls president and H. C Barrett
Noltlng's Drug-store Suffared From
Flames Sunday Night.
Noltlng's drug>. store, at No. 214 East
Broad Street. was darnaged by flre Sun?
day Dlgbt, shortly after 10 o'clock. The
orlgin of the flro ls unknown, but it
started in the basement, and was conflned
there by the department, whlch did good
work. '_??,.;
Tho damage Is covered by Insurance,
but tho exact ? amount of loss cannot be
aBCertalned until the water ls gotten out
of thebasemont. The store ls open for
business aa usual.
Dancing Classes Begin To-Day and
Dramatic Department Next Week.
The Danlels School of Aeting wlll be?
gin Its term on to-day, when Mlss Sallle
Partlngton wlll begln the classes In dano
Ing. On September 7th, the dramatic
department, under obargo of Professor
Danlels. wlll begln. The school haa
achleved a flattorlng reputatlon ln lts
three years' exlstenco here and many ot
lts puplls have entered Into the profea
Blonal ranka.
This week we will reduce the price on
each and every Parlor Suite or Parlor Piece in
our stook (50 parlor suites and a great many
raore odd pieces of mahogany, gilt, &c.) froin
10 to 33 1-3 per cent. All our August Furni?
ture Sales are attractive, but this one is partl?
cularly so, as some of our Fall Goods are in
and included also. Come to see us, it costs
you nothing to look.
419-21 E. BROAD ST.
We are still giving off 25 per cent. on Re
frigerators, Baby Carr.ages, Go'Carts and Sum'
mer Porch Benches, Ohairs, &o., &o,
Oredit if you want it,
Nlne Competlng Equestrlan
Desltfns Are Entered ln
Seven artlats are in tho compeiltlon for
lhe'award of tho J. E. B. Stuart Monu?
ment Assoclation, wlth ,nlne nne eques?
trlan models, threo of them belng sub
mllt6d by one soulptor, Mr. L. Amatob.
The competltlon ended by llmltntlon on
Monday, August 22d, and when the doors
were nnally closed and looked yesterday
mornlng thoro wero deslgns In tho room
submltted hy L. Amatels (three). George
T. Brewfiter, Louls A. Gudebrod, Edward
Morahan, William Slevers nnd V, E.
Trlebol, from tho North, nncl T. A. Wel
lel. of thla clty. Mr. Slevers ls a. Rlch?
mond boy," havlng formorly llved here.
The models, whlch are, of course, of Va
/ylng degreca of excellonce, wero num
Mred'ln the Order of thelr arrlval, nnd
wlll be oxntnlned and voted upon by thelr
numhers only. Thoy aro all ln place ln
the halt over Brown'J> cafe. at No. 623
East Broad Stroet, where the commlttee
will meet at some early dato to plck tho
winner. In the meantlmc, in order to pre
vtnt nnd avold any of tho trlckery and
wire-pulllng whlch so often dlsgraces art
competltlons, tho public are to be rlgidiy
excluded from the modcl room, under tno
terms of the followlng order. whlch was
poslod wltb Mr. Cooke, tho proprletor ot
tho Csfe, Monday mornlng:
24th August, 1903.
J E. B. Btuart Monument Compotltlon:
The compotltlon havlng closed by llml
tatlon on August 22d, and the commlttee
belng responslble for tho models, the
model room is ordered locked to all vls?
itors except the Committee ,of Award un?
tll further notlce. Thls l? the custom ond
tho rule ln competltlons of thls kind. ,
No one, artlst or otherwlse, except the
mc-mtiers of the Executlve Commlttee, Is
to be admltted wlthout the presenco or
upon tho order of an offlcer of the Execu?
tlve Committee, unless some emorgoncy
shall rfequlre lt. Those ofllcers are:
Captaln Marlon J. Dimmock, chalrman.
Captaln W. Ben Palmer, secretary.
Mr. Jeffry Montague, asslstant secre?
tary. ? i
Mr, E. A. Catlin, treasurer.
The other members of the Executlve
Commlttee are General the Hon. Fltzhugh
Leo, ox-ofllcto president of the Veteran
Cavalry Assoclation of the Army ot
Northern Vlrglnia, which is popularly
known as the J. E. B. Stuart Monument
Assoclation: Colonel the Hon. Charles
T. O'Ferrall; Major A. R. Venable, Cap?
taln the Hon. John Lamb; Judge E. C.
Mlnor and Messre. Joseph Bryan, James
R. Gordon, John W. Gordon, P. H. Mayo,
Frank T. Sutton, Joseph W. Thomas,
James Voss, L. B. Vaughan and James
K. Werth.
It wlll be remembered that the monu?
ment ls to be erected on the edge of the
Capltol Hlll. rlght ln front of the pll
lared portlc'o. It wlll cost H20.000; cxclu
slve of tbe pedestal, whlch wlll be built
by the commltteo.
The plcnlo and entertainment at Beulah
wa? a success, commonclng at 2 o'elock
ln tho afternoon and extondlng through?
out the evenlng. Among those who took
a part ln the recltations were as fol
lows: Miss Wyrtle Barker, Miss Ester
Owens, Miss Irene Burton. Mlsses Mattie
and Norma Bosher. Miss Vlnnie Jenkins,
Miss Annle Bosher, Miss Sarah Alllson.
Master Herbert Jenkins, Miss Hettie
Martin. Miss Nettle Heath. The guests
were invlted to supper, wbere -tney
sumptuously feasted on the goodles. Many
vlsitors enjoyed the occaslon.
Little Charllo McGhee. who was thrown
by a horse and had hls leg so badly
broken that he has been an lnmate at
the Shelterlng Arms Hospital slncei Sep?
tember, has returned home, but ls unaoie
to walk wlthout the ald of crutches.
Miss B. Williams has gone to West
Polnt to spend a few weeks.
The little chlld of Mrs. James Jones is
improvlng. but very slowly.
Mrs. George Parker ls vislting rela?
tlves in King abd Queen county.
Protracted meetlng wlll begln on the
flrst. Sunday ln September at Black
Croek Baptlst Church and servlces at
11:30 o'elock A. M. and S in the evenlng.
There wlll be a plcnlo and feast at
Black Creek Baptlst Church on Wednes
aJiss Josephine Wingo and Miss Elvla
Blunt have gono on a vlsit to her old
home in Amella county. The sudden
death of an aunt called Miss Wlngo
home very unexpeotedly. She expecta
tobe absent soveral weeks.,
Miss Rlcketts. of Lynchburg, ls on a
vislt to her aunt ^".,?_i_
Mrs. Alphonzo Bennett and daughter,
Miss Ester Bennett. of Rlchmond, are the
guests at "Tbe Gllffs."
Mlsiesf G'race and Maybelt Baln,, of
Washlngton, D. C. have been vislting
the home of Mrs. George Gaulding re?
cently. ,
Miss Hazelgrove ls vislting her eouslns,
Mlsses Bennett, in Hanover. _
Miss Mamle Garthrlght. of Rlchmond,
ls the guest at Mra. Woods.
Mrc Smith, of Hlghland Sprlngs. vls?
lted her daughter, Slrs. Martin, durlng
the past week. . '_.??. ?'??.
Mr. and Mrs. Campbell, of Rlchmond, la
vislting the latter's parents at Mt. Alry
Mrs. Bettle McGhee has returned to
Rlchmond after a two weeks stay wlth
her mother near thls place.
Mrs. Camnle McGhee has returned from
Rlohmond. where sho has spent a week
wlth her mother, Mrs. Burnett, on Church
Mrs. Ollle Peace has been lndlsposed
durlng the past week. _,__"_
Mrs. K. Gaulding spent a day wlth ber
slster ln Rlchmond recently.
Mlsa Allce Lyle has returned home
muoh dellghted wlth her vlslt tfi Baltl?
more. ???/,_
? ^airmount 7fows% g
Mrs. B. Q. Blvens, of Newport News,
la the ipiest of her frlend, Mrs. Charlle
Mr ?wrT. Johnson, wlfe and famlly
aro spending somo tlme wlth Mr. John
son's father in Norfolk county
The ladlos of tho Falrmount Baptlst
Church hold a very successful lawn party
Jast week In the church yard, and a snug
sum was reallzed.
Master Androw Troxlei; ls,, spending
some tlme with his couBin, Mr. S. D.
Troxler, on Chestnut Hlll.
Little Wlngflold Slms, who Ib III wlth
fever. Is reportod alightly better,
Master Jessle and James Tuckor, sons
of Rov. Jool T. Tucker, are ln Bucklng?
ham county vislting relatlves.
Ml6s Gussle Kubn. of Baltlmore, has
returned to her home after a vlsit to
Mrs. Amella Pendleton and olher rela?
tlves and frlends.
, Mrs. Llzzla Tulloy, of Baltlmorei |B vis?
lting her nlece, Mrs. Jack Mlffleton,
Mra. Jamea Plckles, accompanled, by
llttlo Elsie Smith. spent several days last
week wlth Mrs. Isbell. in Henrlco county.
Edward, the Infant son of Mr. and Mrs.
Douglass Mlffleon. ls qulte lll at hls pa?
rents' resldenoe onthe Turnplke.
Mra. Vlrglnla Qulnn and nlece, Miss
Vlrglnla Sumnter, of Kentucky, are via
itlng Mrs. Willle W. Pendleton on Ven?u
blMrStanad' Mrs. J|m Wltteford have re?
turned from a vlsit to Islo of Wlgitf.
Mrs. fihejton and daushter, Miss Ma?
mle. have returned ^rom North Car0.
llna, where they apont some time vislting
r?MrsyeWaYren Hobeon la very muob ln?
dlsposed at her home on the Avenue.
Mr. Charles Logan ls nu te sick at hla
home on Nlneteenth Streot.
Mrs. 8. S. Wells ls vislting at Letter
Manor, and wlll also vleU relatlves at
West polnt before .cturnlng home.
Mlsa Pattla Miller is apemjln* soroa
tlme wlth her slsler-ln-lnw, Mrs. Mary
M_vnBB Mnrla S. Mouston has l.ft for
tfiS* Wllllam oounty, whero Bhe wllinpend
aome Ime wlth her fathor.
Mr W. 0. Trlmmer, of R Btrent, ln
visitlng hls father In Klng william
C?M?s*-tfannle Miller returned Friday
from Qreen Hay. Whoro sho vidlte,. Mra.
V!8ifal-6ftrWtO? M. tto.islon.af Klng
Wllllam county. Who Is wlth hls slstor.
Mrs W. O. Trlmmer. fttid who ls under
tho 'caro Of a physician, l_ reported, ns
nMr.? Hnympnd Plerce who h*. h?.en
vlolilne hor brothei', All. DlrKorsion, nt
Newnorl Nows. has retorn.d home.
Mr. h. B. Ponny, of Klng Wllllam
countv. who hae been v sithu- rolatlyos
ln Falrmoiint. I? now visitlng her mother
on Church Hlll.
M.h nradloy l? very much Imllsposed
nt hor home on Twcntleth Stroet,
Mra. Mary Burrotighs. who has boen
sufforlng with a spralnetl nnkle, ls now
ahio toT.o about.
Irvln. the little son of Mr. and Mrs.
ChaHoB Avoll, of Twenty-tlilrd Streot,
colobratod hls twelfth blrthday Friday
evonlng on the lawn at IiIh homo. Many
young folks wero present and Indulged
ln Kamca of all klnds untll n lato hour.
Rcfreahmenta were served durlng the
ovonlnx , .
Mr, ualhrlght han completed hln homo
on Twanty-tnlrd Street, and hns moved
hln famlly to thelr new homo.
M1._J Irone ford left Thursdny for
Staunton to vlslt relatlv-OB, nnd wlll be
gone about ten days.
Mlss Flagg Mltcliell and hor nlece.
MIsb Ollve Quarles Mltchell, wlll leavo
to-morrow for "Stimmer Rost," and wlll
stop over at "DoswelL Hanover county,
to visit frlonds on their wny home.
Mr. Robort Lawrence loft yoriterday
for Lynchburg.
Rov. C. C. Cox wlll occupy hls pulplt
Sundav at both services. i Hls subjoct
for tho morning sorvice wlll b_o "Money
and Other Olfts."
Mlss Loulse Lawrence loft yesterday
for Amhorst county, where she wlll vlslt
Mr. and Mrs. Chrlstlan.
Mr. Raymond Plerce has returned
from Cllfton Forgo, where hc vislted hls
glBtor. Ho also pald a short vlslt to
Rov. J. T. TuSker Ib ln Essox county
asslstlng In a protracted mojtlng,
Mr. S. L. Ledman Ib In Now Tork for
a fow days on business.
Rev. H. J. Goodwln. of Klng Wllllam
county. vislted hls father, Mr. R, J.
Goodwln, a few, days last week,
fiarton fteights.
MIsb Lillle. Carter, who has been vlslt-'
Ing Mlss Pi'tt ln Washlngton, has re?
turned home.
MIbs Ollle Taber, of Newport News,
who has been visitlng MIbs May Harrls,
has returned home.
Mlss Marle Carter, who has been qulte
slck at her homo ln Brookland Park,
ls ablo to be out.
Mlss Mamle Tate, of Washlngton, ib
visitlng Misa Coffey, of Brookland Park.
Mlss Nora Fall, of Hanover, who haa
been visitlng Mrs. George _}. Carter, haa
returned home.
Mr. J. Bryant O'Bannon has returned
from a Southern business trip,
George Vermlllera, who has been quito
slck at hls home In Brookland Park, is
Mlss Maggie Burruss has returned to
Loulsa after a visit to her sUter, Mrs.
Ben. MCLellan.
MIbs L. B. Pemberton, of Phlladelphla,
la tho guest of Mrs.'George Vermillera.
of Brookland Park.
Tho Misses Brogdon entertalned the
Country Club and the nurses of the intef
medlate class of the Vlrglnla Hospltal
Wednesday evenlng at thelr home, "Lone
some Hurst," near the Semlnary. Those
present were Mr. and Mrs R. C. BalnB
bury, Ml-se's Mollle Anderson, Grace Kers
man, Mary Llndsay, Lambcrt, Davls.
Snoddy, Mi'ddleton, Peake, Daniel and
Curtls, and Mosby, Mdntosh, Lockett,
Hersman, Selvert, W. B. and) Robert An?
dorson.. A sllp of paper and a leaf of
somo plant wore presented to each gueBt,
wlth the request to make a poem on the
leaf. Much laughter was cauaed by the
readlng of theso effuslons. Prlzes were
awarded to the most successful poet.
RefreshmontB wore served.
Rev. __,. C. Moore, the pastor of the
Methodlst Church, has left for Bock
Mrs. J. H. Knott, of Ashland, Is visitlng
her mother, Mrs. W. H. Bevorldge.
Mrs. G. C. Hartln, of South Carollna.
Is visitlng Mr. and Mrs. L. O. Wenden?
burg, of Edgemere.
Mr. E. P. Saunders has left for Newport
News on business.
Mrs. J. W. Knapp and children have
returned homo from a vlslt to relat.. es ln
Mlss G. T. Watkins, who has been visit?
lng relatlves ln Portsmouth, ls now visit?
lng Mr. E. J. Watkins.
Mr. and MrB. ,Tohn L. Dunnelle. who
havo been In West Point, have returned
Mr. J. C. Schlssler wlll leave ln a few
days for Baltlmore.
Mr. W. ti. Ragland has left for Lex?
lngton on business.
Oscnr and Elsle Wllson, of Miller Ave?
nue, are visitlng their uncle, ln Chester?
fleld county.
Mrs. William Spratley ls ?.ery slck at
hor home, in Hlghland Park.
Mlss Mamle Coalter and brother, Henry,
have left for Rldgo Springs, Roanoko and
Miss Dora Shatv, of Pennsylvanla, ia
tho guost of Mr. and Mrs. .W. A.
Mr. Johnnle Edmunds. of Portsmouth,
Is visitlng Mrs. Sarah Goyne.
Mr. James Howard, of Pennsylvanla,
who has been visitlng Mr. John P, Jen?
kins, haa returned home.
| Hlffllll 8PMNQ8
Protracted meetings wlll begln at Hlgti
lnnd Sorinns M. E. Church on the second
Sundav in September, when promlnent
mlnlsters of othor churches wlll asslst
th? nnator Rev. J. F. Cuthrlell.
O PF Ormborff, a capltallst of Wash?
lngton ' D C. was hore the past weok
on business. belng lnterested in several
large tracts of land. whlcU. he contom
plates Improving in the near fuTUi'e.
Mr Fred Read, also ot Washlngton,
accompanled Mr, Ormborff on hls recent
trip where both were the guests at tho
home of Mr. Read's parents. Mr. and
Mrs E S Road. of tho Manoo Houso,
Henrv D. Wrlght and J. S. Tuttle. of
Massachusetts, spent the past week here.
?mnklng arrnngom.nls to purchase sul able
Bltes for wlnter homes for thelr famllci.
MIbs Julla Bullard, of Radford, ls a
guest nt the homo of Rev. nnd Mrs.
A. N. 8omer.,.on Grove AventiO,
Messrs. Carins and Ger_w. archltects
and bullders, hnve under cpnstruction
a homo on Oak Avenue, for W. S. Grlf
Mra Vaughn and son, Mr. Itobert
Vaughn, of Phlladelphla, vwho have boen
Cured of Asthma
After 35 >'ear3 of Suffering.
It wlll bo gratlfylng to Asthmatio
readers to lourn that un absoluto cure has
at last boon dlscovcrcd by Pr. Schl-Imann.
Thut tho remedy is un offectual one can?
not bo doubtod after porusal of such testl*
mony as that of 0. W, Van Antworp, Ful?
ton, N, Y? wlio says: ,l\our ramody
(Schiffmanu's Asthmi. Curo) ls tbo best!
eyorusod. I boiiijlit _. puekago of our
drugglst und U'ied itnnd ono boxentlroly
cured meof Asthma, and I havo not had
It slnce. I can now go to bed and alcop all
nlght wlth perJect comfort, whlch I havo
not dono before for 85 y eard and Ithank
you for tho Iiealtli tbat I now enjoy. I
Kpo that you wiH l>.>,,llsh thls lettpr.Uat
other- nav loani-iltswondorful vlrtuos."
Sold W a 1 drii-gl*|9 at Mo and 91.00.
.Send Bcs.amp to l)r .ll.Hohl 1. mann.Box891,
St. Paul, Mh ii., lot? f"*98B?Pla paek??o.
Cigar You
Never Tire oL
The clgar that
never varles in
price, quallty
or aronia.
Sold het'e, then and
every where.
of Clgars
in the
The Band ls thi
Smokir't Protectiem.
guests of Mr. and Mrs. P. L. G^row. qn
Beeeh Avenue, havo returned homo.
Miss Lucy Warrlner, of Henrlco county,
nnd Miss Mamle Baughm, of Rlchmond,
were vlsitors tho past week of Mlssex_Ina,
Lou and Jarte Kldd. '
Messrs John Spears and Fonnels and
Mrs. J. W. Kldd and daughter, Blanche,
were guests ot Mr. and Mrs, Jeol Kldd,
early Tn the week.
Mrs. Horton and daughter, Miss Hor
ton, of Newport News, made a flying
trlp the past weok to "Bellvlew," tho
guests of Mrs. W. P. Turner.
Mr. Samuel D. Turner, ot Rlchmond,
accompanled bv hls son, Samuel D. Tur?
ner, Jr., vlslted, Mrs. W, P. Tunlor on
Thursday. ?.??','
Mrs. C. W. Strawbridge and daughter, lit?
tle Miss Vlrglnla, of Rlchmond, have
beon guests of Mr. and Mris. AtklssoQ, on
Dalsy Avenue.
Mrs. Margaret Schnoider, of Rlchmond,
visltod her daughter, Mrs. Amos Pleroe,
on Elm Avenue, during tho week.
Miss Nellle Schnelder also vlslted h>r
slster, Mrs. Plerce. /
Mrs. Plerce, of Ashland, vlslted her
aon, Amos Plerce, durlng tho week.
Mrs. O. XV. XV. Rltchle, of Richmond,
who is spending some tlme wlth her son,
Mr. Bertlo Rltehle, ls somewhat Im?
proved in health.
Mrs. Alblan Stagg chaperoned a party
ot little folks on an outing at Fulton
Park Thursday.
Little Louls Marano, son of Mr, and
Mrs. Louls Marano, of Elm Avenue, has
been laid up tho past week wlth a badly
hurt foot, whlch, however, ls now some?
what lmprovlng.
Edgar P. Brothers, of Falrmount, at
one time a resident here, ls a candldate
for constable for Falrflold District for tho
comlng eloctlon, subject to flie Democratlc
primary. Mr. Brothers is ei popular and
deserving young man.
Mrs. Brothers, accompanled by her little
daughters, Nettlo and Ethel, have re?
turned from a pleasant vlslt of two
weeks, at Newport News.
Mr, and Mrs. E. P. Brothers and little
son spent several weeks wlth relatlves on
Dalsy Avenue.
Cleveland Brothers left early ln the
week to engage in business at Newport
Miss- Allcev Allard, of Fort Lee, has
been a guest for tho past few days
at Lynnhurst.
Mr3. M. J.. Carter left on Friday for a
vislt to friends at 'Meadow Station.
The famllles of Mr. And Mrs. Jacob ZeK
ler and Mr. and Mts. P. A. Allard had
a most delightful outing at Deep Bot?
tom, on James Rlver, Saturday last, when
boatlng and flshlng were indulged ln to
thelr hearts' content. Many flno flsh
wore caught and transformod Into a lish
chowder, and wlth the addltlon of well
tilled baskots of other provlslons a most
temptlng table was spread, to which the
entlre party did amplo Justlce.
An Ice-oream festlval was .one of the
features of the past week's pleasures,
glvon at the home of Mr. C. Balley, and
wns largoly attended by resldents of thls
and adjolning communltles.
Mrs. NJel Larson, of Richmond, Is the
guest of Mrs. Frank Btondlo.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Whltlock have
returned from tholr woding trlp to Ohlo.
Mrs. Sam Tyree, of Rlchmond, spent
tho past weok with her mothor, Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs. McGinley spent the nast
weok wlth Mrs. McGinley's mother, Mrs.
Lou Huxter, at Lee Cottage.
A protrncted meetlng' wlll begln at Beu
Uh Methodlst Eplscopal Church on the
flfth Sunday, on whlch day nn all-dny
meetlng wlll be held, there belng prench
lr,g sorvlco at 11 o'olock A. M., 3 o'elock
P. M. and overy evenlng thorenftor dur?
lng the weok. beglnnlng at S o'elock. Rev.
Norman R. Smith, a mnn possessed of flno
nddress nnd much oratorlcal nhlllty, wlll
aislst the pastor. Rev. John F. Cuthrioll,
in thl? serles of meetlng.
The electric cars aro ifjw belng genor
ally patronlzed, havlng regalnod nearly
their normal travel, and whlle tho prosont
employes of the company aro exccodltigly
courteous, there aro few who would not
clndly welcome back the old men.
There have been a largo number of
vlsitors, prlnclpnlly tourlsts, durlng tho
MBt weok. who. nfier havlng traveled
thousands of mlles. thought tholr Journey
lncomplete wlthout noelng the famous
bnttloflelds. - ''"?;",?".'?'"__ .
Mrs ira Watson, who has heen serlous
lv 1)1 wlth typhold fovor, ls rapldly con
valescing under tho offlclont treatment of
Dr. G, T. Colllns.
Falrflold District is ooyrllowlng wlth
vl'Hlots, Includlng ritndldates for the
CThenSnow Tack for tho Sevo,, Plnes
llne has been Inld as far as Hardln o
Shon lt ls a grand move in tlie rlght
dlrectlon, and moans thrlft both for tho
tne clevico for fertlllzing.
Harry Hechler, county pollco offlcer,
who ls .acting as watchman on the trestle.
had his limb badly brulsed between sllls,
MlssD,Nelllo' Weetman and sister, of
Norfolk, are vIsltlnB at the home of Mr.
ancl Mrs. A. B. Llttlo.
tfulton Tfotes.
^m.m*w..?..'.?"""""?"'"' *''*'*' ? vtttitn ? rmmmiffrfttirm^
Tbo horne of Mr. nnd Mi-s. August
Ounlach, of Loulslana Street, wlll be the
Breno of n pretty home, weddlng thls
afternoon at 8:30 o'elock. when thelr
daughter, Mlsa Llzilo, wlll become .tho
Saturday Night, Sept. 5th, 1903,
Round-trip Tickets to Norfolk..75c.
Round-trip Tickets to Newport News, 75c
Children Under 12 Years..........50c
Tickets Also Good to Return Followlng Tuesday.
Last week we ndvertlsed 9 Plate Camoras at dlfferent prices; four of
theso nre nll we havo .left. Don't lose this opportunlty to get a hlgh-grade
Camera below cost. \_ ???.'-. . ? , ~ ,
Cat. Price. Sale Price.
PONY PREMO, NO. 2, 4x5.?H-00 ' $7.00
PONY PREMO, 5x7.25-00 17.00
CYCLONE, 3UX4U. ?g ji 4.00.
BAY, No. 1, 5x7.. 2B-00 17-00
ALBUMS, Brownle Camera alze.40 ? - .19
Also a general ossortment of dlfferent size Albums at same reduotion,
Mot Cards. slngle photos, 12c. dozen; double, 25c. dozen. Rochester Carrylng
Cases at one-balf list price.
Ninth and Main Sts.
*?\ CEMEMT ^
\ViiCHMr?*?'i ctittMiCnj
Opposite Old Market
Carringe and Wogon Matorlals, V-Orlmp
and Corrugated Rooflug, Tin Plate, Out and
Wlro Nalls, Poultry Nottlng and Ifenoe Wlre,
Bulldors' nnd Carpenters' Toola, "Medal"
Brand Oarson Llme, Old Domlnlon Portland
Cemenb, Torra Cot.ta Plpe and Flvo Olay Fifr
tings, cau ALL be found ut
Baldwin & Brown's,
1557 East Main Street
brldo of Mr, Otto Sadowsky. of PittB
.vifils Guulnch ls vory popular In Fulton,
whoro.sho hns reslded for aovoral yoars.
Mr. Sadowskv ls a young huslness man
of Plttsburg, the former home of tlie
bR_v. _\Ir. Hopburn, of Baltlmore. haa
not vot accepted tho call extended to hlm
bv Fulton Baptist Church on Sunday
a week ago. An answer Is expected ln a
lay or "o. Rev. Mr. Hepburn occupled
Ihe pulplt of the church eoveral weeka
ago. and waa much llked by the congre
S"MrUlFrank NIcholson, of Varlna, la ln
Now York on business. ,,_.__.
Mrs. Edward Hlggins is on a vlslt to
her old homo ln Toledo. Ohlo. .
Mr. John Duko. who has been 111 for
several weok.. wlth typhold fever at hla
resldence, No. 610 NIcholson Street, is
much Improved.
Mr. Arthur Ryan, who has been qulte
slck with fever, ia improving. ,
Mrs. Davld Cobb ia on a visit to her
mother, Mrs. Dowdy, at Amella Court?
Rev. XV. B. Halsllp, of Loudoun county,
oecupif>_l the pulplt of Fulton Baptist
Church at both BOrvlces on Sundny.
Mr. Gainett Welmer ls citilto slok at
tho resldence of hls father In Penn)
MlssCora J,eonard. of Washlngton, Pa ,
who has beon on a vlslt to Mlss MO?
dovan, of Fulton HI1L lett yesterday ,
for her homo. , ?.,,, !
Mr. and Mrs. Danlol Gorhardt, of Phlia
delpnla, have returned home attor span'i
lng sovernl weeks wlth Mra. Alma CUip,
of Varlna.
Mra. Andiew and Mrs. Holt, of Man
ch. .ter, vislted Mih. J- \V, Powers durlng |
Mrs.lWynn, of lllghland Sftilngs, was1
a guest of Mrs, S, W, MoKlnnay the paat
Mrs, MoKlnney's foot, wlth whlch she
haa been suffering a great deal, ls very
much Improved.
Saya the Forcos of Law and Order
Favor Hls Candidncy.
Frlends of Mr. XV. J. BInford, candldate
for the Democratlo nomlnatlon for the
Mouse of Deletratoa from Henrlco, are
displeased by a rocent publlcation In a
local paper concornlng the contest for
the primary nomlnatlon. and lu which
Mr, Thomas XV, Gardner ls referred to
ns the representativo of the church and
law and order element of the county.
The objeetlon ls thnt tljls charnctorlza
tlon Implles thnt other candldates ure
not favored by the churcb-golng popula?
tlon und the forces of law and order. Thls
ls emphatlcally denled by frienda of Mr.
BInford nnd by other candldates.
Mr, Binford's frlends claim for him
that four of the slx whito mlnlstera of
lhe county are cordlally supportlng him
for the nomlnatlon and that ho has al?
ways os a citizen enjoyed the frlondshtp
nnd Rympathy of the hesv <.'V.rn?nt of the
county populatlon. Mr. tfinrord ls con
tent to awalt tha verdlct of the people
nt tha poll of voters on September 3d,
and ls satisttad that even if he doea not
get a plurallty of the votes east, he wlll
certainly get hls full share of the votea
of the ehurch-HoIng and law and order
element of the county.
TIRED M0THI3RS.?It's hard work to
take enre of chlldren and to cook, sweep,
wash, sew and mimd bpsldes. Tlred moth
ers Bhould tako Hoo.d's 8areapariIla-M
refreahes the blood. linproyes the appe
tlte, assures reatful sleeu. and hcloa la
many ways.

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