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Tramps Cut the Boys and
Boy Arrests Tramps.
A Grand Entertainment In King Goorgo
by the J?nior Mechanics' Tourna?
ment, Featitlng and Dancing.
Grain Shipments.
(Special to Tho Tlmos-Dlspatch.)
, FREDEBlOKSBtmO, VA,, August 21).
Loto yesterday evening threo whlto
tramps, on Iholr way to this city, mot
threo hoys, two of them sons of Mr.
Goorgo Hosklns, of Stafford county, and
tho other a son of Mr. Alexander Jenkins,
of this city, near the end of the railroad
brlclgo over tho Rappahannock River,
nnd becnmo Involved In a cllfllculty with
thorn, A general free fight resulted, In
which one of tho Hosklns boys ond til
Jenkins,boy wero severoly cut. Tho old?
est Hosklns boy sont for his gun, and
pointing It at two of tho tramps, brought
them here and turned them over to olll?
cers. Tlio third mado his escape. The
injured boys then had their woUndrf
sowed up by physicians. This morning
tho' two tramps, who gavo their names
ns Charles Pendleton and John Poloy,
were brought before Magistrato 8. J.
Qulnn, who is presiding In the Mayor's
Court In the absonsc of Mayor M. 0.
Willis, but as the wounded boys woro too
badly hurt to appear, the caso was post?
poned until next Wednesday and the
, tramps remanded to Jail.
( : n.\ n d ente rta ? nm e NT.
An entertainment was given nt King
George Courthouse ?Thursdtay by the
Junior Ortler United American Mechanics,
which was attended by an Immense throng
of people. The entire day was filled
with interesting events, and the King
George people, with the many visitors
In that county, have not been so well
entertained for a long timo. The features
? of tho day were a fine old fashioned
tournamirnt, a musical and literary pro?
gramme, fe.-istlng and dancing at night.
The sum of J1S0 was realized for the ben?
efit of tho order. The tournament was
very exciting and many knights on spir?
ited steeds rode for the rings.
Mr. William Smith, th- "Knight of the
Order," took the greatest number of rings
and hnd tho honor of crowning the queen
of love and ben uly. He selected Miss
(Lucy B. Mason for that distinction.
The second successful knight was Mr.
Dangerfleld Astllon, "Knight of Water?
loo," who chose Miss Daisy Brown as
the first maid of honor; Mr. William
Garnett. "Knight of Mt. Lebanon." the
third successful knight, chose Mies Jos?
ephine Garnott. us second maid of honor;
Mr. J. Ogle Taylor, "Knight of Infenls,"
crowned Miss Bessie Mason third maid
of honor. ?
The river steamers which ply between
this city and Urbanna brought on two
consecutive clays this week over 2,000
bushels of grnln nnd carried bags hack
for G,.??? bushels more. The farmers gen?
erally along tho river are shipping their
grain to this city now. Tho prices hero
are equal to and In many cases higher
than In the largor cities, and the ship?
ping facilities are far better and cheaper.
The advantages of these river steamers
to Prederlcksbnrg and the farmers along
the Rappahannock River are Incalcu?
lable. It Is estimated that theso steamers
bring over 510,000 a mon^h In trade to thia
The store of Messrs. Perry ft Brooke,
at Screamcrvllle, In Spotsylvanla county,
was robbed Thursday night to thn amount
of *7r, In money, stnmps, etc. The post
office was kept In the store. This Ir the
third time within a year that this store
has been robbed.
Mrs. Elizabeth Gruver has entered suit
lh the Corporation Court hero for $.'!M)
damages for alleged personal Injuries,
which It Is charged were due to a defec?
tive pavement.
The Kenmore Shoe Company, of this
city, hns entered suit ngalnst the Weems
Steamboat Company for damage.? of $80.'6*1
for a consignment of shoes, and against
tho Richmond. Fredericksbiirg and Poto?
mac Railroad Company for damages ln
the sum of ?.""? for failure In delivery In
a consignment of shoes.
Mayor M. G. Willis Is sojourning at
Atlantic City, and during his absence
Magistrate S. J. Qulnn Is presiding over
tho Mayor's Court.
The expected hns happened, or is about
to hapjon. Breatbllt county, the "dark
and bloody ground" of old Kentucky, Is
soon to appear In romance. No less than
four books, with the feuds and the shoot?
ings and tho burnings and the court trials
nnd tho nPlltlcal wrangles that have
made tho countv famous, or infamous,
as tho literary groundwork, aro soon
to come from tho press and go upon the
counters and In tho show windows of
tho book stores. It doth not yet appear
what they shall be, but no risk w.ll bo
taken In guessing that those volumes
will bo on tho old time yellow back order,
and ? will abound greatly in blood and
thunder. Broathitt county has a bad
name now, a verv bad one, but theso
"yellows" will mako It even worse, for
the authors of teom will not fall to tako
an ell for every Inch of license allowed
tho romncer In onlnrglng upon tho facts
upon which ho Is to build. Tho historical
facts, as to Broathitt county, as far as
Its history has boen nitido within tho past
t??o dociides, aro bad enough to blast
an otherwise respectable name, and It Is
probable that these blood and thunder
novels, or whatever tho books aro to bo,
will make tho damnation of the name
Breathltt completo, but It was originally
a highly rospucted and honored Virginia
Breathltt county was named In honor
of John Brqathltt. who was twlco tho
Governor of tho Stato of Kentucky. He
was a nativo of virginia., having beon
born at Now London, In Campbell county,
ln tho year 1793. His father was William
Breathftt farm, located two and a huit
what is now Henry county, Tho old
Broathitt form, located two and ? half
miles from Martlnsvllle, was, and Is, one
among tho best tobacco farms in that
iamous tobacco county. It is now owned,
I think, by Mnj. J. Watt Ilalrston. William
Breathltt and William Whltsitt ownod
adjoining farms, woro groat friends and
bocame more closelv allied by marriage
ties. Breathltt married Whltsltt's slstor
1 and Wlllam Whltsitt returned tho com?
pliment by seeking and winning thn hand
of Breathltt's slstor. These two neigh??
? bora were Indood as brother, and when
ono decided to sol) out In Henry county
and locato In Campbell county tlie other
was quick to reach tho same conclusion.
Tholr hinds,wore purchased by tho Hair
eton family, descendants of whom, 1
think, still own them. Breathltt and
Whltsitt bought farms adjoining, near
what was thon Now London, in Camp?
, boll county, and moved thoro In tha
yer 1700.
Now London was quito a famous placo
In those days. Patrick Henry lived not
-51 groat Ways from Now London, and
Often made speeches to great crowds of
people thoru, making the rmtrlotlo fever
rise to degrees of bout which no other
erator'could drive lt.
The-Revolutionary War had beon over
Just long enough to put the people to
gAf? Sold regularly
"?SS ?n Car-load lots
Tue on|y brand whose meri r
has creata) such a Cremen?
dousdemand as to admit
of Train-Load Shipments.
Manufactured by
The ?Southern Manufacturing <?o.
thinking about what 'thoy would do when
other wars and rumors of wars should
come, for they had every reason to ex?
pect them. Allllllu laws were made, and
milltIh companies were organized In ev?
ery county and township In Virginia.
Tho old-time county "muster day" was
instituted and muster grounds were se?
lected here and there In the 'counties.
New London became a ' famous muster
ground, and on muster days great crowds
of people, about ull of the male popula?
tion of Campbell county and much Of
that of other nearby counties, flocked to
New London, These were the crowds
that were addressed by Patrick Henry at
New London.
In these stirring time.?-, In tho fall of
170.1, John Breathltt. a future Governor of
Kentucky, was born. ? lew yojrs later,
about the year inno, Ignee?, William
Breathltt and William Whltsltt de:i oil
to move again. Kentucky and Tennessee
wore the El Dorado* ot tiiat day, the land
to which ambitious men turned their lous?
ing eyes nnd yearned to go hither and
??grow up with tho country." William
Breathltt and William Whltsltt moved
again, "but this time thoy senara ??a,
(Breathltt settling In Kontucky and Whlt
sitt locating in Tennessee. Jonn Broathltt
was then seven or eight years o,d. H s
father succeeded well In Kentucky, and
'.van able to give his son every advantage
of education. John grew In statue, be?
coming ono of the tallest and finest look?
ing men In the State. He was a typical
Kontucklan. brave, handsome, gallant to
women nnd fond of good horses. He
became a statesman, not a quarrelsome,
wrangling and whiskey guggling politi?
cian. Ho served in tho Legislature ar.d
In other positions of honor; took part
In many warm political campaigns; was
twice elected Gov?rno/ of Kontucky, but
never "killed his man," and was never
shot at.
Kentucky, like Virginia, North Carolina
and some other States, sometimes seeks to
honor her great men by naming counties
for thein. Thus she sought to honor John
Breathltt and thus the land of Judgo
Hargis, murderers Jett and White, the
land of disgraceful feuds and the homo
of the most detestable brand of dirty pol?
itics this nation has ever known, was call?
ed Breathltt county. Could the spiri', of
the good Governor, whose life and wi
did honor to the old Commonwealth which
gave him birth as well as to the younger
State which he served so falthfull?* ari
well, have re turnen to earth and read
tho dally papers of the past few months
and thus learned how his name bv l-e-rg
given to a county ln his. honor; had be?
come a stench In the nostrils of <:lvlli?-,
tion and common decency, could this puro
spirit have come back?O, well wr>?' a.
blessed thing it ls thnt It cannot. Won?
der if it Is the proper thing for States
Virginia for Instance, to name undevelop?
ed counties for great nnd good men. It
may not always honor the name It is
Intended to honor.
Some other good men and several good
Governors come from this Bretthlt'-Wh'?
sltt stock. Two other Governors of Ken?
tucky, whose names have escaped me for
ihe moment, wero grandsons or great
grand-ons of Wlllim Breathltt, ond so also
was Governor Woodson, of Missouri. Gov?
ernor Alarmad like, another Governor of
Allssourl. was a grandson or great-crnnd
son of William Whltsltt. The present
Senator Carmack. who so ably represents
Tennessee in the upper branch of Con?
gress, is a descendant of William Whltsltt
being the grandson of one of his daugh?
??,,....,,.,.?? the ?-??-??-???? -l'-- "Ot take to
pcllt cs with great ?eal, but hey were me
of le ers. iie'v. ->'. >. - m ... Wii?'... .t,
the Church histor'-n. professor in Rich?
mond Collece, nipd one of tho most ac?
complished end ":mlable of "e-*Heme*i, Is a
grandson ot William Whltsltt and was
reared on the ancestral estate ln Tennes
F. S. W.
Went Ashore.
(Bv Associated Press.)
ATLANTIC CITY. N. J,, August *?>.
Standard Oil barge, No. 91, came ashore
to-night near Little Beach iTfe saving
station, with no one on hoard and without
any cargo.
Organize to Resist the Rental
by the State of Oys?
ter Rocks,
(Special to Tho Times-Dispatch,)
MATHEWS C. H., VA? August 29.?A
largely attended mass-meeting of tho
oystermen and other citlzons of Aluthews
county, was held pursuant to notice In
this courthouse this afternoon for the pur?
pose- of substantially resisting the offort
now being mado to have tho State Hoard
of Fisheries assign to private individuals
five hundred acres of oyster beds Just
back nf Gwynn'a Island Rocks and adja?
cent thereto,
N. E. Alliier wus chosen chairman and
G. E. T. Lane secretary of the meet?
ing. Air, L. C, Rnrnett moved that a
permanent organization be at onco ef?
fected, to be known as tho Malhows
County Oystermon's Association. This
being duly adopted, and election of oifl
ct-rs gono Into, the following wero unan?
imously chosen; James II. Brooks, presi?
dent; Georgo Vf. Foster, first vice-presi?
dent; George Vf, Towlo, second vice- presi?
dent; Allnor B. AIntthows, treasurer, and
G. E. Ti Lane secretary.
Tho mooting adjourned to meet agalu
at this place at a o'clock Saturday, Sep?
tember Atli.
And drives this dread disease from the
system. Thirty days' treatment can be
had from any druggist for 2?o.
Many Interesting Matters Will
Be Up for a Hearing.
Volunteer George O. Clack's Mother
Will R-celve the Pension that Would
Have Come to Her Son Had Ho
Lived?Another Candidate.
(Special to Tho Tlmes-DIspatch.)
PETERSBURG. VA., August ??.-There
will bo many cuses boforo tho Circuit
Court, which begins next week./Among
them are those of J. H. Pcttus, against
tho Bouthorn Railway and Development
Company, on denfendant's motion for a
now trial, ?
. J. F. Ruflln against tho city of Peters?
burg, on plaintiff's motion for new trial.
John F. Miller against the Norfolk and
Western Railroad Company. Action for
damages for putting guard with insane
person in a car for colored people. Tho
company maintains that the Insano per?
son was too boisterous to rido In a car
filled with pnssongers, and thero was only
a small boy In the colored apartment.
Russell Wallace Collln against the Vir?
ginia Passenger and Power Company, for
$20.000 damages for tho loss of a leg.
The caso of Theodore Glazier, convicted
In the Mayor's Court of running a gamb?
ling housu. Appeal on the ground that the
ordinance Is unconstitutional.
Mr. James T. Kahlly. who has under?
taken the defense of Doc Bacon, the negro
condemned to liane on tho charge of at?
tempted criminal assault, went to Rich?
mond this afternoon to urgo Governor
Montague to grant a respite to Bacon in
order to give time to'lake an appeal. Mr.
R.ihlly anticipated no trouble ln con?
vincing the Governor of the Justice of the
Mr. C. A. Clark has been notified by
tho Pension Commissioner that the claim
of his son, the lato George C, Clark, lina
been allowed.
Mr. Clark died several weeks ago, but
his mother will receive the pension nf
$21 per month.
The health officer's report shows that
there were sixty-one deaths in Petersburg
during tho past month; thirty whlto and
thirty-one colored.
Rate of mortality, 29.28 per thousand
per annum.
Captain James M. Gallagher, the agent
of the Old Dominion Steamship Compuny
In Petersburg, has returned from Now
York, whore he attended the .yacht races.
AI. G. Field's Minstrels will be the
attraction at the Academy of Music next
Thursday night. The advanco sale of
seats has already been very large.
Mr. John Watson, another young attor?
ney, has announced himself a candidate
for the Legislature. This makes four can?
didates in the field, all of whom are
young lawyers.
The City Central Democratic Committee
next Tuesday night will. receive the re?
port of the subcommittee', appointed to
formulate plans' and select a' date for the
The heat In letorsburg for the past
week has been Intense. There have been
no serious prostrations, howovor.
Mr. Duncan Wright has shipped to
Baltimore by'express four beautiful Shet?
land ponies.
Appreciating the splendid work dono by
the Cummlngs Stock Company during the
season, many patrons of the Casino ha?
prevailed upon Manager Hurst to give
the throe final performances next week for
tho benefit of tho Individual members of
the company as a reward for their meri?
torious efforts during the past six weeks.
The Red Mon and D. of P, will give a
picnic at Falling Creek, on the Richmond
and Petersburg Electric Railway, next
A Splendid Farm Sold for Twenty-five
(Special to The Tlmes-DIspatch.)
CULPEPER, VA.. Aug. 29.-The new
municipal public building Is nearlng com?
pletion, under the supervision of Mr. Ed?
ward Walters, the builder. The building
Is to have a Mayor's office, council cham?
ber and an apartment for the safekeeping
of the Fire Department apparatus.
Mr. S, S. Bradford, of this county, has
sold his beautiful farm "Afton," near Cul?
poper for the handsome sum of $25,000,,
A party' consisting of Mrs. J. T. Tay?
lor, Mr. S. D. Trevllllan, Misses Nannie
and Nonnie Smith, all of Richmond, and
Messrs. L, Higgans and H. H. Gllllam,
passed through this placo yesterday on
tholr return from a most pleasant visit to
the Lurny Caverns,
The preliminary hearing of the three
negroes. Robert Clark, Walter and Arthur
Road, was hold hero to-day for shooting
Into a crowd of negroes at a church meet?
ing, near Lignum, in this county, several
days ago, and wounding severnl negroes.
They were sent on to the grand Jury.
(Special to The Tlmes-DIspatch.)
ASHLAND, VA., August 20.-W. B,
Newton Camp, C. V., hold a well attended
meeting at Ashland Park to-dny. Many
war stories wore told and a most delight*
ful spread was en3oyed.
Messrs, W. A. Wllloroy nnd B. F. Gar
ber, candidates for floater delegato to the
Leglslaturo from King William and Han?
over, wero in Ashland to-day.
Tho Ashland nnd Laurel base-ball teams
met to-day on the diamond, Tho Laurels
won, the score feeing 7 to 5. Ashland took
the previous games from the Laurels. /
(By Associated Press,)
LONDON, August 29.?A cable dlspatob
wau sont to Sir Thomas Llpton to-day
offering to guarantee the exponses If he
will nrrango for a aeries of five rncoa
between tho Rollnnce and tho Shamrock
III, with their crows exchanged,
Models for Stuarl's St ttue.
Editor of The Tlmos-Dlspateh:
Sir,?It Is gratifying to observe, among
the contestants for tho proposed eques?
trian statue of this renowned Confederate
cavalryman, tho name of o young Vir?
ginian, who Is rapidly ascending tho lad?
der of faino as an nrtist of no small
reputation In this country antl Europo,
whero ho has spent years In tho sludy
of his profosslon, I refer to Mr. William
Selvers, born and reared upon our own
eoli, and Who Is now associated with tho
groat artist, "Carl Bitter," In construot.
Ing models of animals for tho St, Louis
Exposition, by whom ho is especially re.
cognized, as a man of marked, ability.
It Is to bo hoped that tho committee ap?
pointer) for tho selection of a model of
this groat cavalry lender will not loso
sight of his claim for this high honor,
In Purls and Berlin ho has. carefully
studied tho equostrlan studies of celo
hrated European leaders, and made them
a specialty, they bolng recognized among
the finest productions of the world.
Five Long-Term Military Pris?
oners Leave casements.
They Swim the Wide Moat and Mak
Their Way Successfully Through
Old Point, Phoebus and Hamp?
ton to the Open,
(Special to Tho Tlmes-Dlt-p-itch.)
NEWPORT NEWS, August ?.D.-By
sawing through tho heavy steel liars that
kept them from liberty, swimming a wide
moat and passing through Old Point Com?
fort nnd Hampton, five long term mili?
tary prisoners, Who had been confined in
tho water battery casements of Fortress
Alouroo, last ji'sht made their escape, and
up to this time have not been recaptured.
One of the men was In solitary confine?
ment, occupying a casement to himself.
The other four were together in another
They sawed their way out, then cut
through the rollers on the heavy Iron
door of the solitary casement, which al?
lowed tho .door to bo pushed open far
enough for the man to squeeze through.
The five then'crawled through a window
overlooking the moat, Bwam across the
stretch of water and escaped. Their terms
ranged from threo yoars up.
As soon as tho absence of the prisoners
was discovered, an alarm was turned In
and detachments of artillerymen were or?
dered out to search for tbe fugitives. If
tho prisoners are recaptured thoy will be
glvon additional time.
Fort Alonroo'has been mado a goneral
military prison and the men who escaped
were sent there from Other forts, nfter
being tried and .convicted hy court-'
martial. TITe names of tho fugitives havo
not been given out.
The Albemarle Club will hold a big
shoot on Labor Day at their grounds.
There will be good things to eat and an
all-around fine time ls promised.
Mrs. C. D. Yarbrough,
Airs. C. D. Tarbrough, widow of Vf. J.
Yarbrough, died August 28, 1903, at her
borne, No.' 2215 East Broad Street. Airs.
Yarbrough was one of the oldest residents
of this cltv, being In her eightieth year.
She is survived by three children. They
are Airs. A. R. Yarbrough. Airs. Saille Y.
Shelld, Airs. D. G'. Alinor. The funeral
services will take place this Sunday after?
noon at 4 o'clock from St. John's Church.
The Victorious Stars.
The Church Hill Stars came out victo?
rious ln their game with the Whlto
Ducks, of Alanchester. Score 17 to 10.
The featuro of the game was the work of
the Stars' battery, Bowers, Brlzzolara
and Aleade. The opposing battery also
did good work. .
Is "Mannie" Newman.
By an error the name of Alaster Alannl?
Newman, who received one of tho T. D.
C. C. buttons, appeared as "Allnnle" New?
man. He is a sturdy young man and not
a girl at all. He lives at No. 10s East
Clay Street.
A Public Meeting.
Thero will be a publlo meeting at the
Fourth Baptist Church Alonday night at
8 o'clock under the auspices of the Wo?
man's League Training School and Hos?
pital (colored). Dr. R. E. Jones will ad?
dress the audience. Admission free. All
are Invited to attend.
Reaching for an umbrella
She Knocked Down a
Loaded Gun.
(Special to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
CARTERSVILLE, VA.. August 29.?A lit?
tle niece of Airs. Randolph Dawson was
shot and Inetantly killed at Airs. Daw
son's homo yesterday.
Mrs. Alattle Lou Swann and children
were on a short visit? to Airs. Dawson.
One of the children, while attempting to
reach an umbrella, knocked down a gun
In tho corner of the room. The gun, In
falling, must have --truck the corner of
the marble slab on tho washstand, caus?
ing It to Ore, the load tearing Into the
s'lde of the little sevajrHyeaa-old atri.
The child died almost Instantly.
Airs, Swann was so thoroughly shocked
and grieved at tho sudden death of her
child that she required the constnnt at?
tention of a phyt'lclan during the night.
Air. and Airs. Penjamln Johnson, of
Richmond, the mothor and father of the
distressed mother, came to-day.
The father of tho dead child was tele?
graphed for, but being In Wost Virginia,
hau not yet been able to roach hero. The
funeral took placo at Thomas' Chapel this
Whiskey and Beer Habit
Physician? and eclcntlnte tltroitsrhout the
world have lon-r since ?rououiiceil drunkenness
a disease of tho nervous system, creating a
htorbld craving for a stimulant, .Systems vary
as to thu klncf of driiil? that will satisfy this
craving?some want whiskey,others beor, wine,
klniinel, etc., the u?e of which will eroiitually
result In ruining the liealth and bringing on
disease, In many casesending lu doa'h,
" ORRINB " permanently removes tlio crav?
ing (or Honor, restores the organs of tho
stomach to their natural condition aud li.v
quires nc iflice or sanit?r urn treatment, but
pan betaken at home. "? e will refund the money
if it falls to do all ma' la eia mod for it.
Air. ? T. Sims, Hrnoklyn, N. Y? writes t
'Uso my name as a twenty-year drunkard re
?tored to manhood and health by 4 boxes of
'ORBING ' It Is a wonderful aud marvelous
:uve for the drliiK '???????? ? . t. ',
The price of 'ORRINE*? Is $1 per bo?,
? bo-tea for?5. Alalie;! in ? aiuusealcd wrapper.
byOnicii-K Co.. 8? Hill f,t?.? ". VV? Washing
t?ftirS??? lHtere>tl?lf hooWiej (sealed) Recul*
rcc-aica-t. Sold and retonimeiideil by
101 East Broad, Cor. First Street.
? aj31 east Main Street.
Pe-ru-na is a Tonic for the Weakness and Debility
Incident to Hot Weather.
Two Beautiful Women Cured by Pe-ru-na.
West Lexington Streot, Balti?
more. Md.. write??.
"Lato suppers gradually affected my
digestion and made mo a miserable dys?
peptic', suffering Intensely at limes. 1
took several kinds of medicine, which
were prescribed by different physicians.
but still continued to suffer. But tho
trial of one bottle of Peruna convinced
me that it would rid me of this trouble,
so I continued taking It for several
weeks, when I was In excellent health,
having gained ten pounds."?Camille
Miss Mayme Kearns, 1006 Dean St.,
Brooklyn, ?. Y., writes:
"Peruna means health, and health
means happiness. To mo Peruna means
both. Lnst summ-ar I felt unusually
prostrated from the heat, ? My appetite
and sleep failed me, and my strength
seemed to ooeo out with tbo perspira?
tion, and 1 hnd a weak, gone feeling.
"Three bottles of ' Peruna changed all
this. I recuperateti quickly and blessed
sleep and rest ca" m to me. Pul-una'Is
better than a so.-isTde trip, bettor Uinn
a vacation; In fact, better than anything
1 know to build up tho system."?Miss
Mayme Kearns.
Peruna Is Just ns suro to bring an Ap?
petite as the sun Is to bring tlio day.
A good, healthy appetite and good di?
gestion of food generally correct a ho3t
of aliments. Loss ot strength nnd loss
of sleep depend In a majority of cases
upon a loss of nutrition. If the nppe
tlte fntls. sufficient food will not bo
taken. If sufficient food is not token,
8 Mrs. M. Brlcknor, D!) llth St., Mil- S>
9 waukeo, WIs., writes: 9
0 "I have strong faith In the efficacy ?
? of Peruna to cure the Ills peculiar to O
<?> . "A short time aoo I found my condition very serious. I had headaches, ??>
X pains In the back and frequent dl?y spells, which grew .worse every month; ??,
Q I tried two remedies before Peruna, and was protty discouraged whon I took O
A the first dose, but my courage soon returned, as I could see that I was being ?
<" benefited, and In lesa than two months my health was restored."?Mrs. ??'?*?
J, Brlckner, ?S>
? . . j-?: /_._ ^._?
thn system suffers from starvation. This
will surely lend to a host of ailments in
time. Peruna. hy restoring the apiletlte,
cures tho whole matter. By freeing tho
mucous membranes nnd stomach, as well
as the digestivo organs from every traco
of catarrhal congestion, Peruna corrects
tho whole trouble.
Catarrh of the Pelvic Organs is
a Very Common Disease
Among Women Nowadays,
This Affection Is Generally Called Fe?
male Weakness, Female Disease and
Many Other Similar Names.
Most of the women afflicted with pelvic,
diseases havo no idea that their trouble
Is due to catarrh. The majority of fne
peoplo think that catarrh Is a disease
confined to the head alone.
This is not true. Catarrh is Hablo to
attack any organ of tho body?throat,
bronchial tubes, lungs, stomach, kid?
neys, and especially tho pelvic organs.
Many a woman hns made this dis?
covery after a. long siege of useless treat?
ment. Sho has made the discovery tbat
her disease Is cntnrrh, and tr?t Penimi
can bo relied upon to cure catarrh
wherever located.
If you do not derive prompt and sat?
isfactory results from tho use of Peruna,
write at onco to Dr. Hartman, giving ?
full statement of your caso, and he -will
bo pleased to give you his valuable ad?
vice gratis,
Address Dr. Hartman. President of The
Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus, O.
(Speclnl to Tho Tlmes-Dlspntch.. I
WELDON, N. C? Aug. 20.?A well-pro
served and Intorastliig rolle of the dark I
days uf ISiiO, tho Clays of reconstruction,
is now in tho hnnds of a citinoli of
Halifax county. It is a gonulno Klu Klux
banner used by tho regulators in Cabarras
county In 1803 and presorvod by Mr. Tulio
Speers, who was a member of the organ?
It was during the dark days nf rocon
structlon, when tho conditions nf society
woro so bad, under a government which
was obnoxious In Its creation and hateful
In Its conduct, tlmt well organized bodies
of horsoment appeared In various part** "G
North Carolina, commonly called Kir
Klux, They rode about nt night In dis
guise and punl.'ihoil crimes which the law
failed to punish. Thn pinture accom?
jiiinvlng this sketch will givo some (den uf
tho banner carried by tho Kur Klux.
This Mag Is mudo of orange colored
goods bordered with pink. It Is thn simpo
of 11 sharp trlnnglo und In Iho center is
rullinoti In deep black a dragon, with clo?
ven hoofs forked lull and llery rod eyes,
tlio fierce looking creature luis a long
arrow 'lipped tonjue, nml horns on l'a
head. Surroundlns Oto picture nre-the
word?! "Quod Semnpr, QlWd tibio,??6? Quod
Ah' Omnibus." which mo'in--?. "Wh?? al?
ways what everywhere, what by all has
been held to bo true."
The Kuf Klux citino to cure some of tbo
unbearable evils of Ilio timo and oven
Governor Holden oualled before the or
gallinai Ion and from his gunrdotj bruise
issued proclamation "fr("' proclamation,
bul they would not down nt Ms bedding.
Th?' negroes were badly frightened, and
manv of tliein would not venture out af?
ter dark. Thoy looked upon the Kur Klux
?is supernatural beings and tholr appear?
ance always caused cniislerniillon among
the blacks. , '"., ,, , , ? ???, , ,, i
When tho organization disbanded "T"b,V
Spoors went to Texas and look the ban?
ner used bv his organization with him. I
lie afterwards nrcsonted It to a cltlzon of
Bryan, Texas, and the owner nf tho relio
moved to Woldon and Is now a resident
of this town, There con bo no question
about tho genuineness' of the banner nnd
the owner has refused soveral very flat?
tering offors for It. It would bo a val?
uable acquisition to any collection of tho
quaint and curious an? he might be lu
ducod to part with It,
Sorgeant Savins and Iforseshoer Camp
boll, of Troop II. Tenth United .States
Cavalry, from whom Private J. S. Alor
gan, a prisoner, escaped In Lynchburg
on l'Tlduy, arrived In. the city yesterday,
Thoy wore convoying Alorgan from Chlok
nniHuga to Port Monroe, and whllo at
Lynchburg tho handcuffs wero removed
from Morgan out nf humanity whllo I
awaiting a train, Tho prisoner escaped I
from his guards, aim hus not been re?
captured. .Sergeant Savins will bo order,
rd buck to Clilckamauga^uiidor arrest,
and will probably hnvo to undergo (flu? |
by coiii-t-inartlal himself for allowing iho !
prisoner tn escape. Alofgan was charged
with desertion.
Tho lawn party that was to have boon
given June '-"-'"I, and was postponed on
account of tho strike, will lake pluc*?
next Thursday night, September 3d, at
Air. T. E. Tragle'H at Highland Park. It
Is for the benellt of both churches, the
Alothodlst and lilplsuopfll, Tickets here
tuf oro scu-iuvU "^ua U? --uud. wt ?*???* lJ*ie,
A. F. Jahnke. Jr.. of Rich?
mond. Virginia, Elected
(Special to The Tlmes-DIspatch.)
STAUNTON, VA., August 29.?The State
Optical Association met In second an?
nual session at trie Eakleton Hotel here
to-day, and this evening elected the fol??
lowing officers for tho ensuing year: A,
P. Jahnko, Jr., Rlohmond. president: Dr.
A. Week, Norfolk, ndce-presldonitj G. D.
Hall, Norfolk, treasurer; John W, Buch?
anan, Richmond, secretary. /
The following Executive Committee wai
appointed-, C. H. Rudd, Richmond; ?. E.
Shrlver, Richmond; B. R. Tucker, Nor?
folk; G. B. TUghaman, and Frod il.
Whlto, of Loxington.
Several very Interesting papers were
read by Air. Tucker, Dr. A. Week, N. L.
Lang nnd E. B. Shrlvor.
A clinic was held after the.e.ootlne,
ln chargo of B. V. Gilbert, Richmond. ,
A number of applications for now mem?
bership woro entertained. There was a
great deal of enthusiasm shown at the,
meeting, and thero is no doubt but thle
Is tho largest optical asoclatton In the
The members spent several hours thla
evening driving around and -visiting differ?
ent points of interest In tho city, after
which tho assoclnllon lie?f! -a big banquet
at Eakleton Hotel,
Asks Information.
Editor of Tho Tlmes-Dlspatoh:
Sir,?Has a peddler who bus paid his
license tho right to buy a carload of mel?
ons and offer them for solo at tho market
after offering to pay tho market rent?
Can two supposod-to-bo truckers forco
Captain Sullivan to havo the melons
moved bock to tho car before notifying
Dr. OpponholmorT
(Signod) C, WEIMAR.
At tho solicitation of a number of prom?
inent citizens of Manchester District.
Chestorllold county, Mr. Joseph Mlddou
fl?rC, a well known farmer nnd stone con?
tractor, to-dny consented to bo a candi?
dato for thn Board of Supervisors of ChoB
ttrlloltl from Manchester District, sub.
joet to tlio Democratic primary to bn hold
on tho -'litli of .September. Tho present
Incumbent It? Mr. it. A* Bowon, a promi?
nent merchant of Manchester city, who
has not as yet announced his Intention
tu sock ro-elei.'llon.
Mr. Mlildeiulorf, In replying to the del?
egates thai called upon him yesterday
niornlny, said: "Gentlemen, ? am not
sicking any oltlce," whereupon a mem?
ber of ilia delegation replied! "But we art
seeking you." Then Mr. Mlddendorf an?
swered: "If that be tlio case, and yoti
elect me, I will render you tho best ser
vico 1 can."
Beats the j* lW Kind You Have A\vays BougW
Burns, chaps, sores, chafing, tender skin
honied by Hatin-skln Cream..Vlftc, Mil
1er & Rhoads.
Embraced In the Moore collection o?
antiques, 1017 Sommes Street. Maitcht-ster.
Is a heuutlful carved, tall post bed and
many other unusually ratij specimens.
House own after ii'M P. M.

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