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W'AHIlfNOTON, D. C, Oct. f,.--Forccast
for Wednesday nnd Thursday:
Vlrglnln - Partly: eloudy Wednesdny
rnin nnd coolef Wednesday nlght and
Thursday; Inereaslng southeast to Boutn
North Carollna, Oeorgla nnd South Car.
ollnn-I'nrlly eloudy Weilnesday and
Thursday wlth raln und cooler ln tne in?
terlor Thursdny; fresh east wlnds.
Bomowhat sultry nnd unpicnsnnt wns
yesterdny witli an oocaslnmil fall of tnlti.
To-day ls Ilkely to.bc i-o.new nt similar
Accordlng to the - prdsent ndlcationB, lt
Wlll be cooler to-nlght nnd to-morrow.
5 A. M. J?
12 M.2}
3 P. M. !?'
6 P, M. $
1_ mldnlght.^_
Average .
7t o-t;
Hlghcst tompornture yesterdaj. ?2
LoWCBt tempeiature yesterdaj. t*?
Mean tempeiature yesterday.... 'J
Normai temperature for month...w
Donarttlro from normai lemporature.... iz
Preclpltatlon during past 2 hours. oi
Bun rli-cs.0:11 I HIGH TIDlJ.
Sunsets.6:45 I Mornlng. :o,
Moon rii'es.0:20 I Evenlng.o.l2
Itemalns of General Bradloy T. Johnson
escorted to the Capitol by lbe mllItary
nnd veterans where they Ile In staUi to
be taken to Baltlmore to-day foi Wtjr
mont?Robbery theory advanccd_ by de
tectlves ln Scott murder case?-Hes. Dr.
Strango Ilkely to be elected a blshop to
_ay?Education Commtaslon to meet tms
mlrhlng-Stuart monument, model to bo
solCCted to-day; commlttee divided on tno
quention-Vlsltors here from Bulgaria
?Many charters granted yesterday
Itev. II. D. C MacLaughlln to be called
to Bovehth-Btreet Chrlstlan Church-?
Hook of rules for tho pollce?-Schet u\e
of the various events at tbe Horse Show
next week-Sllver wedding to be cole
brated to-nlght-Buslness men resolve
not to use tradlng stamps?Railroad at?
tornoys to gath.-r here to-day?Rlch?
mond Howltzera to be Inspccted to-nlgnt
-Mr. James Caskle sorlously considr
erlng the questlon of runnlng for tho
mavoralty?New Henrlco Commlttee
Ilkely to revlve the Brauer-ToddfCase~.
Colonel Button ilkely to succeed Mr. Ilan
klns as secretary of Stnte Commlttee?
Munlcipal Investlgatlon Commlttee meets
to-nlght-?Questlon pf redtettleUng .the
Clty to come up agaln. MAM IUBSTJyi
?-Death of Mr. George N. Porter-?
Republleans cxprcrts confldence 01 wm
nlnV ln tbe Jegialatlvo flght?Olympla
Club preparing for Its annual oyster sup
p?r-Commlttee on Masonlc bnzaa hoia
a meeting-Funeral or J. A-*',ocsc.,?;""'
feVday?Dr. 13. S. llili and Mlss Ellza
bcth Iield to be married in Mende-Me
morJal Church this evenlng-Re?**
servlces?Quarterly Conference at W est
End Methodlst Church to-nlght.
Prominent cannor and merchant of
Westmoreland fatally sboots a negro
plcking ehestnuts on hls land-Baltlc
shlp Malne leaves Newport News for a
iovere test-Several arrosts ln Norfolk
for lllegal registration-?Ta.ewe 1, 1; air
opens wlth races, gun shoot and tourn.i
nenl-pieet of torpedo boat destiujors
arrives off Yorktown-A Frenchman
found dead in bed at hls home near Oor
Uon-vflle--Wllllam Rotkln accidenta ly
kllls hlmself with a shotgun Ui'-BiSniava
-A mud dog scitre. W'th, anlmals ,and
persons bltten, ln U<^rd-?Adm l. 1
Slgsbeo glven social honora at ChlnCOr
tcague?J. C. Reed, well known resldent
of Amherst, fatally shot by ?? negro?
Impro'per signals lound to be the cause
.f wreck at Boonc?l-nloadlng burning
cotton from Oorman shlp In NOrlolK nar
_or__lpi_n further dlscursed for tunnel
under Ellzabeth Rivor to connect wlth
Cape Henry llne-Judge Farrar to pie
Blde ever Chesterfleld Court; seyeral mur.
der cases-Free for ull light In Powha?
tan products many csndida.c;-?Arcnle
McKlnley missing since be started to
cross the Appomattox in a boat at Lt
trp._.s---Charlty ball ln Danvtlle a great
social event, and flnanclal success.
Two passenger tralns come together
near Goldsboro; both englnes leave tbe
track. but nobodv Is hurt-Saloon-keeper
shot by a lawyer at Greensboro-Judge
Peoples severely critiel.es method of ox
amlnlng wltnesses by State's counsel In
the Haywood trial-The prohlbitlon elec?
tion in G'reensboro postponed to get a
new registration-S. H. Terry sboots hls
jion-ln-law doad on slgbt ln X\ llmington.
Stock market lethnrglc owlng to sus
pense over action of street corporatlon
dlreotors-Tlllman trlal postponed owlng
to ilhiess of a Juror. but it may proceed
to-day-Five favorltos and an outsider
cupture the pursea at Morrls Park
Mlnlster badly stabbed as he leaves
church by hls grandson, whom .he- had
cliustised for dlsobodiencc-Joseph Cliam
borlaln makes speech on fiscal polley at
GlasgOW-Unlted States Steel Corpora?
tlon directors cut dlvldend on common
stock ln half. owing to decroase ln earn
jng8-Slr Mlciiael llerbert burled atWil
ton nnd solemn servlces are held ln Wasn
lngton also-Accountlng officers ln Pnil
ipplnes steal money nnd start for Island
of Borneo-Trustees of estato of Mrs.
Florence Maybrlck alleged to be short ln
uccountH to extent of $76.000-Senator
Platt announces dato of hla approaching
marriago-Name of (Irout for comptrol
ler dropped from fusion ticket and that
of lllnrleks ls substituted-Dan Patch
and Prlnco Alert are to raco for a charl?
tablo purpose-Weekly crop bullutm re?
ports that cotton plcking Is proeeeding
under fnvorublo condltlons-Cabinet In
session two hours dlscusslng matters of
linportance-Tenslon ln Japan lncreases
us dato for Russlun evaeuallon of Man
cbuiiu approache.s?-Flgures for past
year show deflclt of four and a hnlf mll?
llon dollars in postoffice department??
Dynamltors blow up track of railroad ? ln
an endeavor lo wreck traln-Unlted
States Shlpbuildlng Co. wants aPPOlntj
ment of recelver revoked-EsplpnagO
system to bo adopted ovor Chlcago clty
employes?Death ln Costa Itlca of
Domotrlo Igleslus._
The Mnsonlc Rellef Assoclntlon of tho
Unlted Stiue.s and l.'nnuda wlll nu-ot at
tho Masonic Temple in tlils clty to-day
a> 10 A. M., and will contlnuo In session
untll Fridiiy. Alrendy a largo number of
tlie members have arrived und many
wero present at a lodge meeting at tho
Temple last nlght. Many of tho guests
aro at Jefferson, not far from tho Tom
plo. Among them are Vlce-Pr^ldont T.
J. Newion, of Washlngton; .Secretary
John it. Pope, of Now Vork; Treusuror
Wllllam Delamater, of New Vork. Mr.
L, T. Clirlsctlan, of thls olty, is presl?
dent of lhe associatlon, Tlie number of
Uiiegates expected ls aiioul flfty, und ul
most that number are now horo.
To-nlght at the Temple the local mem?
bers of tlie I'raternily wlll aecord lhe
vlsltors it fraternal recuptton and ban
Qiiet. Tho local rellef board wlll lm\?
charge of tbo ari-ungoinonia for tho ro
Richmond College foot-ball team wlll
to-duv play a nraotjee gamo wlth the
Petersburg V. M. O, A. To-morrow they
plr.y Fi-odeilcksbiirg team, this being the
t">imtlnnuhln game,,. ?.</,, ,
0<-i. V'lu,!'1'^ Hund
^o >p of tho
"? _,j not a
Mr. Joseph Chamberlain
Outlines His Policy.
He Pays a Hlgh Trlbute to
Premler Balfour.
Tho Former Secretary of tho Colonlea
r/lakes an Earnest Appeal for a
Change In Pollcy Which Ho
Saya ia Disintegratlng
tho Brltlsh Em
(By Assoclated Prosa.)
OLASOOW, Octob.er 6.?Wahteyer may
be the oplnlon held regardlng tho great
questlon whlch Alr. Chamberlaln has
ralsed or tho probable lssuo ot hls cam?
paign, It ls genorally admlttd that ho
has opened lt ln a maaterly manner, bo
(Uting the momentous occasion, and that
he can no longer bo accused of nebulos
Ity ln presentlng his case.
As though lnspired by tho knowledge
that the pra.ctlcal collapse and break
up of the L'nionlst party left him in
sole possesslon of the fleld, ho spoke
wlth more than his customary cnergy
and persua8lveness, lacking nothing ln
lucldlty, elther in phrase or nrgument,
v.hllst hls appeal to the worklng classes,
upon whom, more than any sectlon of
the communlty, especlally slnce tho de
fccUon of the Duke of Devonshiro from
the Unior.lat admintstrntlon, the success
or fallure of hls preferentlal scheme will
depend, was cminently calculated to en
11st their support..
It waa an lnsplrlng scene wlthln S_
Andrew'B Hall, wlthln which he deliv?
ered hls speech. Evory corner of the
auditorium was packed with men and
women, cheering, Hlnglng and wavlng
handkerchiefs,- as the ch.-tirman. Sir Mat
thew Arthur, led Mr. Chamberlaln to the
platform. A distlngulshed company of
pcers and members of the House of Com
mons wns present, wlth a host of ladies,
including Mrs. Chamberlaln, ln the re
served gallery. When the applause
whlch greeted his arrival had subsided.
Mr. Chamberlaln began to speak, and in
addltlon to encouraging cheers from time
to time in the course of his oration, he
was greeted at tho close WKu a sreat
The former Colonlal Secretary. com
mencir his npeech, sald that hls flrst
duty was to thank the great representa
tlve r.udlence for offerlng hlm the op
portunitv of explulning for the first time
in somo detail hls views on the subject nf
the llscal pollcy In the city fi-om whlch
free trade (Irst took blrth, and ln whlch
Adam Smlth taught.
Contlnuing, ho paid a trlbute to Adam
Smlth. to whom, bowever, he sald lt was
not glven to foreseo all the changes which
had occurred durlng the last century and
a half.
Heneo tho speaker was not axrald In
Glasgow to combat free lmports and
preach preferenco ?o cho eolonies. Ir
was known to every man that Scotland
liad contrlbuted out of all proportion to
her population to tho bullding up of the
emplre which genlus, capteity and eour
age had created and malntalned.
"I do not regard thls as a party meet?
lng," lie saia. "I am no longer a party
leader, but an outsider. I do not thlnk
it rlght to ralse any excluslvo party is
(Continued on Second Page.)
Seriously Thinking of Enter
ing Contest for the
It seems now very llkely that Mr. James
Cuskle will bo a candldate for the Demo?
cratlc nomlnatlon of Mayor of Rlohmond
next year, though tbo popular lawyor
and fortner Counollman is not yot ready
to make any formal announeometit elther
ono way or another.
For tho past four or flvo months, strnng
and lnfluentlal frlends of Mr. Caskie
havo been tirglng hlm to consldor tho
advlsablllty of enterlng the contest, and
ho Is now glvlng the matter a good doal
of thought.
When soon at hls homo hy u reproscn
tntl'i-e of Tho Tlmes-Ulspateh last nlght.
Mr. Caskie sald:
"It ls true that I am consldcrlng tho
questlon of runnlng for Mayor next
year, ln response to tho urgont request
of a largo number of frlends, but at
present I hon-e reached no deflnlto con
i-luslon on tho subjeet. I fool very grate
ful to those who havu thought mo worthy
nf tho honor, und 1 shall give tho" mat?
ter my earnest conslderatlon."
Mr. Caskie Is a man of grent popularlty.
and ls woll posted as to tuuttoi. re
lat Ing to inunlclpal government.
He was for n long tlmo a member of
tho Councll from Mndlson Ward, nnd
Horvod at dilfereiit times as presldent of
tho body. and as chalrman of tho Jolnt
Flnanoo Commlttee.
Ho Is a lawyer of ablllty, and wns for
a long tlmo tho pnrtner of Judgo S. 13.
Witt, beforo tho latter gcntloman wont
on tho bench. v,
'l..u frlonds of Mr. Caskie are i-laimlnjj.
that If ho i-nleis Iho contest, he will Htand
a flne eluuice of \viiiulu_ ttiw iiomluu
(Ily Anfloclntod I'rfM.-j
I.ONDON, October 6.?Tho remains of
Slr Mlchael Hcrbcrt, tho lato Brltlsh am
bassador at Washington, were lntorred
thls nfternoon In iho famlly burylng
giounds at Wllton, Wlltahlro. Tho fun?
eral was largely prlvate. Klng Edward
nnd the Prlnco of Wnlos sent represent
atlves. Ambassador Choate, Secretary
Whlto and Second Secretary Cnrtcr, of
.the Amerlcan embassy, represonted the
^Unlted States.
WASHINGTON, D. C, Octobor 6.?Ser?
vices, solomn nnd Impresslvo, In memnry
of tho late Klr Mlchael Henry Herbert,
the nmbnssador of Oreat Brltaln to tho
Unlted States, wero held at noon nt St.
John'u Episcopal Church. They wero at?
tended by the Presldent and Mrs. Rooso
velt, Mlss Hoosevclt, members of tbo 1m
medlato famlly of T,ady Herbert, Presl?
dent Roosevelt's Cablnet, members ot the
dlplomatlc corps, represcntatlves of the
Unlted States Supromo Cdurt, dtstln
gulshed offlcers of the army, nnvy and
marlne corps, and promlnent ofllclala of
tho Unlted States Government.
Tho grand Jury of tho Unlted Statea
Dlstrlct Court wlll report for duty thls
mornlng. Tho petlt Jury drawn for the
term wlll report to-morrow. The crlml
nal dockot of the court Is very llght, and
there ls no caso of wldo-spread Intorest
to come boforo thls tribunal. Nor aro
thero many cases of any lmportance for
grand Jury inquiry.
It Is ncl expected that elther or both
courts will occupy many days ln dls
poalng of their dockets. Nearly all the
common law cases on tho Clrcult Court.
dockot are elther up for diamlssal or wlll
be postponed awaitlng actlon in other
cases. Tho equity docket conslsts of old
cases, few, lf any, of whlch wlll bo trled.
at thls term.
Judgrj Waddlll and the other court of
tlclals a.r*in tho clty ready ror tho work
which will be gln to-day.
(By Assoclated Press.)
FH1DADELPHXA, PA., October 6.
Argument was noard by tho Unltod
bt-tes Court of Appeals ln thls clty to
day on tho appeal of tho Unlted States
Hhlpbulldlng Company from a declslon
of Judgo KJrkpatrlck, of tho New Jor
aey Unlted States Clrcult Court, appolnt
inp J.mos Smith, Jr., receiver of the
shlpbulidlng company. The ship com?
pany, after denying all the allegatlons of
thu blll upon whlch the receiver was ap?
polnted, nsked that the order of Judge
Klrkpatrlck anpointlng Mr. Smlth re?
ceiver bo revoked.
Docison was reserved.
(By At'soclated Press.)
BUFFALO, N. Y., Oct. U.?Wilson S.
Blssell, former Postmaster-General, dled
at 10:15 o'clock to-niglit. At about noon
he sank Into a deep sleep. and it was
wlth dlfflculty that he was aroused at
intcrvals during the afternoon for nour
Ishment and medlclne. The end came
easily and peacefully. Dr. Dewltt H.
Shorman, the physlclan. who haa been
attendlng hlm durlng hls recent lllness
and members of tho famlly, were at hls
(By Assoclated Press.)
INDIANATOL.1S, I.ND.. Oct. 6.?The
Natlonai Executlve Commlttee of the
Unlted Mlno Workers of America devoted
to-day and to-nlght to considerlng the
Colorado nnd West VLrglnla sltuatlons.
Nothing flnal was determlned upon to-day
nnd nothing wlll be declded for two days
at least, as other matfjers will be taken
up to-morrow. In West Virginla 600 men
aro out and an applioatlon has been flled
for 6,000 to strlke. The appllcatlon will
not be acted upon for several days.
(By Assoclated Press.)
NEW YORK, October 6.?Senator Thos.
C Platt, of Now York, announced to-day
that hls marrlago to Mi|>. hillian T. Jnno
wnv wlll take place hero Thursday, Oc?
tober 15th. They wlll reslde ln Wash?
As Date for Russlan Evacu
ation of Manchurla Ap
(By Assoclated Press.)
YOKAHOMA, Oct. G.-Wlth tho np
proach of October 8th, tho nomlnal dato
for Russia's evacuatlon of Manchurla,
groat tunslon ls observablo among the
Japanese populaco, but in dlplomatlc clr
clos, It ls roafllrmed that bopofulnoss
provalla of nn amlcable settlement of the
imbrogllo between Russla and Japan on
tho basls of mlnor conco'sslons by Russla
ln Coroa and Manchurla. though ofll?
clala do not profess to expect that the.
evacuatlon of Manchurla wlll bo offected
on the exact dato named.
Popular feollng ln Japnn ls exaspernted
at Russia's dllatory tactics, and tlie ox
cltement has been nggravatod by the
sensntlonnl press, whloh l_ constantly
elreuatlng rumors of fresh Russlan ag
The Commltteo on Charter Ordlnanoes
nnd Reforni wlll meot to-nlght ut 8 o'eloek
to further consldor the questlon of 10
dlstrlctlng tho city Into wards, tho wholo
matlor liavlng beon rt-commlttud by tho
Counoll 011 Monday nlght.
All members of the Counoll and Board
ot Aldeinien who fool an lntcn-st lu tho
Mibji-ri, aro Invltod to uttend and be
A llvoly _es-ion of tlio body ls e-jiecte..
Attacked Father as He
Came from Church.
One Wound is ln the Throat
and May Be Fatal.
Father Thraahed Young Man Soundly
for Refusing to Do Hls Bldding, and
May Pay With His Llfe?Ho
Aska that Hia Son
Be Not Pros
(Speclal to Tho Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
VADDOSTA, GA., Oct. 6.?Just as. he
Btepped from the church at Argyle, ln
Cllnch county, whero ho preached last
nlght, Rov. Rlchard James, a promlnent
mlnlster of tho Prlmltlve Baptlst Church,
waa attacked and cut to pleces by hls
son, Seward James, whom he had chas
tlsed Just boforo the servlco began.
Tho young man, who ls twenty-two
yoars old, stabbed hls fathor ln thlrtcon
place3. One of the wounds ls lh the
throat and fears are ontertalned that. ft
may prove fatal.
Tho trouble aroeo over tho refusal
of tho son to do tho father's bldding.
Whon the wagon whlch tho family rode
reached the church, lt was found that tho
tail gate was misslng and Seward -was
told to go back and flnd lt. When ho ro
fused the father declarod hla purpose to
rule ln his famlly and gavo tho rebelllous
son a sound UvraBhing. Thls angerod
Soward to bucIi an extent lhat ho walted
for hls father after' jiroouwng a kntfe,
and assalled hlm as eooo as he left the
After the affalr, the son surrondered
to tho sherlff. The father says that he
ls hlmself to blame and has asked that
hls son be not prosecuted.
Many Rlchmond and Virginla Couples
Tied in Nuptial Bonds.
Many Vlrglnla couples were llcensed to
wed ln Washington yesterday, among
them belng the following:
Warren Carter and Ida F. Scott, both of
Wllllam H. Frye and Estelle Fanear,
both of Richmond.
James L. Moore and Clara E. Napler,
both of Rlchmond.
Edward C. Atklns and Lena Cogblll,
both of Rlchmond. _J ,.
Henry J. Wclland. of Norfolk, nnd L.1I
lle C Brokhagen, of Washington.
XV H London White. of Norfolk, and
Ida Ellis, of Eaatvllle.
S C. Neff, of Staunton, and Gertrude
B. Hollar, of Ranean, Va.
The Rlchmond Howitaera will be ln
spected to-nlght, after which there wlll
be a dance. ?
The battery meet last nlght wlth a
largo attendance. It received and nccept
ed an lnvltation to attend a meetlng of
tho survlvors of the hattle of the Crator
in Petersburg, October 31st,
Sald to Be Discrepancy ln Ac
counts Which Reaches
(By Assoclated Press.)
NEW YORK, Oct. 0,?The actlon re?
cently begun by representdtlvea'ot* Mrs.
Florence Maybrlclt, who wlll bo relousod
from prlson In July of next year, to
compol an accountant of inombora of
Board of Trtlfltoes of Mrs. MuybrlcVs
aneestors' ostato was contlnued to-day,
whon Attorney Samuel B. Ilnyden, of
Washington, D. C, exarnlnud Wllllam L.
Gardner, of Brooklyn, one of tho trus
tees, regurdlng fUllda sald to bo duo the
estate (and Mrs. .Maybrlclt) from sa_as
of land ln Virginla, West Vlrglnla, 1111
nols and Kentuolty.
"What appeared to bo u shortugo of
about $75,000 ln tho irusteos' aeeounts was
dlsclosed ftt tlils henrlng. Mr. Gardner
was asked speolfh-ally as to hls know?
ledge of tho HiguliiK of doods reh-nslng
tlie Baronoss <lo lU'cquea nnd her daugh?
ter, Mrs. May brlck from tltlo to property
In Amerlca. Ono itiuii of forty thousand
acres of lrinil, it ls allegod. wus sold
for elghty-I'lvo thousand dolhu-s, and of
thls sum, only ten Hiousancl dollars was
admltted as r.-Olved by tho trusteos. .Mr.
Gardner sald thut lie dld not tuku parllcu
lar cngnl-ani-e of Hw valuo of tho proper?
ty, addlng that so far as ho knew only two
thousand flvo hundred dollur.s norruod
from this aale, All neoountlng of thls
last mentlonod sum wns nuulo lu 1M13,
but slnco that tlmo, the trustoes hnvo
mado no furtlier accountlng, Tho hear
lng wlll I") contlnued on Ootober gOtll,
When aslu-d HPQIlt Iho shortage of
|7r,.000, Mr. llaydi-n would say nuthing
doflnlto. "Wo would uko to know what
became of th. uuxuuy," lie euld.
(By Assoclated Press.)
hONPfiN*. October i!.--It was announced
nt the War Ofilce to-nlght. ln connoctlon
w th thn controversy botWCOll Hear Ad
mirnl I.ambton and General Slr Arthl
bald Hunter, comm.-mder oT the forces in
Scotland over tho sneerlng rem.-irka made
bv the latter nt the rnnrksmanslilp or tho
crew of tho naval guns at tivi slogo 01
jbndyatnlth, that General J-Iunter has of
llclally intlmated hls rogvet at the ex
prettaiona he used, whlch he wlthdrawa,
thOUgh he cannot nlter hls oplnlon and
deplorcg the lncident ns londlng to di
mitilah tho good fe.ellng.between Ihe army
nnd navy. Adiniral lxunbtun nlso wlth
drnws tho letter ho Wl'Ote to the ndmi
ralty demandlng an unreserved npology
ricm General liuntor, and exprossea lils
rcgret at hls personni re.marks. The ln?
cident is now closed.
Tho Commlttee of Munlclpnl Investlga?
tlon wlll meet In room No. 11, Clty Hall,
thls afternoon at 4 o'clock and whllo lt
cumot bo learnod delinitoly who will b?
put on tho stwid, It ls rumored that Al?
dermen W, H. Zlmmerman wlll be on?
of tho wltneases. It is also llkely that
somo othor streot railway offlclnls and
attorneys will bo put on. Tho commlttee
wlll mako a desporato offort to complete
lts work ln time to mako a full report
to tho Councll at: tho flrst meetlng of that
body ln November.
Tho chlef evldenco on tho stroet rail?
way franchlse subject Ib now thought to
be ln and no moro splcy sessions of the
body aro expected.
?2011 o" n " i 'Ks i_
(By Assoclated Press.)
Oct. 6.?After tho axhaustlng work of
tho past two days, tho troops hero ro?
colved 'wlth satl3fnctlon the announce
ment that llght drlll3 would b0 all thnt
wns requlred of them to-day.
Tho soldlers spent much time In puttlng
themselves and thelr accoutrements in
order for tho dlvlslon review In whlch
ten thousand men wlll partlclpate to
morrow. Governor Beckham npd hls staff
wlll be present, and thousands of other
vlsltora are oxpected.
(By Assoclated Press.)
-UTTE, MONT., October ?.?A Holena
sroclal to the Mlner says tho Northern
Paelflc Buffered agaln last nlght from the
work of the dynamlters. At 10:30 P. M.,
when nn extra westbound frelght was
three mlles we3t of Blid's Eye, a station
eight mlles west of Helena, tho explosion
occurred. As a result of lt a portlon of
the tracks was destroyed, as wero the
pMot of tho englno and tho headllght.
The englneer stonped tho traln quickly
and thus prevented lt belng dttchod. No
one was hurt, but the roadbed was torn
up and frelght tralns were tiod up untll
renalra could be midn.
(By Assoclated Press.)
MAN IDA, Ootober 6.?Georgo Forman,
chlef inspector, and C. J. Johnsc-n, con
stahulatory supply offlce, both stationed
at Missamis, Minadanao, whose accounta
were under Investlgatlon, took $?,000 from
tho safe, selKOil a steamer nnd have
stnrted for Borneo. Runnlng short of
coal they stopped a natlve vessel and
took from her a now supply. A steamer
had been sent to Borneo to Interrupt the
(By Assoclated Press.)
_ WASHINGTON. D. C, Oct 6.-For
nearly two hours to-day the Presldent
and members of his Cnblnet now In the
cltv wero In consultation nt the ExeQUUVe
Offices. It was tho flrat formal meetlng
of tho Cnblnet slnce the coneluHlon of
the Presldent's summer vacatlpn. Secro
tarles Root. Hay and Hltcheock wore the
only members absent._
The Masonlc class of Rlchmond and
Moncheatcr will hold a speclal meetlng
at Doo Camp Hall to-nlght fnr tho pur
pose of conferring tho Wlves' and
Daughters' Degree on the wlves. daugh?
ters sisters and molhers bt master Ma
snns nt S P. M. All such are Invlted.
They must bo at least sixteen years old.
Figures for Past Year in Post?
offlee Department Are
Made Public.
(BSaj,T p31U|30SSV -B)
WASHINGTON, Oct. 0. ?Henry A, Cns
l)o, auditor for tlie Postoilleo Departmont
to-day completod tbo trlal balani-o for
tlio fourth quarter of tho year, whlch al
lows a flnal announccinent of tlio Income
and outgn of tho entlro postal servlce for
tho flrst year endod Juno 30, lfKM. Tbo
footlng aro as follows: Expencllturoa,
$13S,7S1,-IS7; roctpts. *131.__.. 11-; doflclt, ?-l,
Tlie tolal flnanclal trnnsactlona of tho
postal servlco for th0 year Inellldlllg tho
iiKuiey ordor ayatoin aro *f 1,020,731,08, thus
fm- tho flrst time passing the hllllon dol?
lar mark.
Durlng the slx yoars of tbo audltor'a
ineumbeiicy, tho aggregalo flnanclal
transiictlons, w hlr.lt lui'i'e been niidltoit
and BOttled lu tbo bun-aii arnount lo
f|V0 thousniul mllll-n dollars.
(Itv Assorlaled 1'iv.ss.)
Soritembei* 88.-I'enintilu Tglcsliis, ex-viee
m-caldent of Ooata Rloo. dled to-day. l lo
ncled as presldent wben hls ?<>n, tho then
pl.Vident'.u' |he. renubUo, Wtmt (o I ?a
bnltOfl Hlatea on a Irleiidly vislt to tho
late l'n.-.ident McKinh-y. BOIIO".' IkIcsI.is
dled in Um arms pf hls son, who had
v.-atc-lK-,! d ly and nlght h.V his luthur3
^ido durlu_ tho l-U>.# W-?*
Hls Model of Stuart Monu?
ment May Wln.
Committee lo Meet To-Nlght, and the
Result is Somewhat in Doubt?To
Boa Well-Attended
Tho contoflt among artlsts for tho
honor ond "buslness" of doslgnlng the
equcstrian stntuo of General J. E. B.
Stuart promiscs now to be far more in?
terestlng than at flrst thought.
From what cnn bo learned hero and
thero, tho mnjority of tho members of
t?io commltteo who resldo ln ltlchmond
thlnk that tho best model for tho pro?
posed statue Ib that of Fred Moynlhan,
formerly of Rlchmond, but now located
In New York clty.
Tho appearanco of General Fitzhugh
Leo and Major A. R. Venablo. of Farm
vllle, on tho scerte, has conslderably
complicatod mattors. It Is understood
tbat they favor the model of Monlhnn,
also nf New York. It Is snld that Gene?
ral Leo ls very much moro Impressed
wlth that of Monlhnn than any othor,
whlle Major Venable ls posslbly opon to
a llttle argument and mlght be brought
over to vote for Moynlhnn's. But thn
reported division in the commltteo ln
tnsto ls likely to be productlve of some
interestlng votlng to-nlght, when the
flrst formnl meeting wlll be held.
One of Three Courses.
It must not be understood that any
member of tbo commlttee has voted for
thls or that, but all the models have been
seen by all of tlie members of tlio com?
mltteo save Mr. Joseph Bryan, and they
have all expressod oplnlons. From what
can bo learned of theso cxpresslnns, all
f-nve Gonrenl Leo and Major Venablo
gave the most abundant pralso to the
inodol of Moynlhan. Oeneral Leo ond
Major Venable, lt1 ls reported, vislted tlio
hall together, nnd eame away convlnced
that tho model of Moynlhan ls tho best.
Tho real contest ls golng to bo between
theso two models. Those who think
Moynlluin's ls most desirable aro alilo
to see many good polnts In the model of
Monlhnn, und probably vlce versn. Cer
(Contlnucd on Second Page.)
Frederlck W. Hlnrlcks Put ln
Hls Place as Candidate
for Comptroller.
(By Assoclated Press.)
NEW YORK, Oot. tl.-Frederlck XV,
llinrlehs, of Brooklyn, wus sploatod by
tlio fusion conference conventlon to
tilght for tho fusion caiidiilale for i-oiiip
tri.ller, to succeed Edward M. Clrout.
No qandldate for presldent of tho Bourd
of Aldermon wub Bolected, udjouriiment
belng titliou untll to-morrow afternoon,
The motlon lo BOloet wns made by
Tlinolliy I,. Wondruff and was adopted
The only developniont of Interest early
m tho day wns a stato'ment by Stntn
Senator Partck H. MeCarren, organl
y.allou Deinociat, of Brooklyn, to the ef?
fect that be Inlended to support tbo Dem
oorntlc tloket, Includlng Tioth Qroiit und
Fr.rnes. lio dld Ihls, lio sald, pecaum
they hud been nominated ut tlio clty
Democratlc eonventloii.
Mayor I.OW sald to-day that ho hud
wrltten bls last letter to Mr. firout In
the di'seusslon whleli bun heen golng on
botween them un to whotlier Mr. Low
at flrsl appl'oved tlu' UCCBptunCO Of ft
Tamuiaiij- oiidoraomenl by .Mr. Qrout,
"That Incldent Is closed," he sald. Ho
drelliH'd lo tnIk pollt|C8. ?
diy Assoclated Preas.)
CI.U'Aiiu, Oolob.r *???Aitor hearlng.
nn oxplaualioii from Mayor Harrlson eun
cornlns tlu- niunii-ipal --giafl" .hargtts,
iie Chlcago City Couneil laat nigiu votod
t,,' ..tubllah ii system of esplonage over
the clty einployoa, lt alao uppolntod a
ci ramltteo of ititui aldenuen lo oqnduot
Wu invv_ll_ulioii uf LU? oikf depailu_*i_.
Soldlers Guard Remains
of General Johnson.
An Impressive Funeral Pro
cesslon Last Nlght.
The Remains to Be Taken to BaltlmoroJ
Accompanled by a Detail from thls
Clty, and Laid to Rest in Lou
doun Park Cemetery?Many
Viewed Faatures ofthe
Dlstinguished Dead,
When Vlrglnla wlah.es to honor a de_
parted soldler or statosman slgnally, aho
brlngs hls remains to hor anclent and
hlstorio capftol and placos them fort
awiiilo bcnoath the shadow of her Wash-.
Could-.Houdon have put llght Into mlld
eyes aa he put tho llkeness of llfe Into
tho bolovcd form of the "Father of Hla
Country," they would havo beheld laatt
nitght .througli 'tho all?|nt watchea br|a
mantled form of ono of tho braveat and
gentleat men who ever Ufted a aword fon
nls country's' freedom?Bradley Tyiur
General Johnson's body reached tho clty]
from Rock Castle, on the James Rlver
Dlvlslon of the Chesa-peake and OhI<n
rotvd, last ovenlng at 0:35 o'clock. Thosa
who cnme down wlth the remains were
Colonel and Mrs. Bradley S. Johnson,
thelr son, Naval Cadet Bradley T. John?
son, Jr., and Mrs. Ann S. Rutherfoord,
mother of Mrs. Johnson.
At tho Main-Strcet depot wns a great
company of peoplo. Not for years, prob?
ably, have so many promlnent men of tha
clty aml State been seen together.
Tho honorary pall-bearera were General
Fltzhugh Lee, Captaln Louls F. Bossloux,
Major Robert Stiles, Colonel John B.
Purcoll. Mr. W. W. Wood, who was de"
voted to General Johnson, A. R. Eiler
son, Colonel Archer Anderaon. Judge
James Kelth, Judge Georgo L. Chrlstlan,
Major E. T. D. Myers, General Eppa Hun?
ton, Dr., Geo. Ben. Johnston, General
Charles J. Anderson, Judge B. R. Well?
ford, Vlrginlua Newrton, Thomas M.
Rutherfoord, John P. Branch.
"Gu.ir.l of -lonor."
R. E. Lee Camp was represented by
a. ideitail who compoaedi tho guard ol?
honor. Theso gentlemen who wlll accom
pany tlio remains to their flnal restlngj
placo ln Loudoun Park Cemetery, Bnltl?
more, are Comrados George L. Chrlstlan,
J. Taylor Ellyson, Jamoa E. Phllllp3,
John B. Purcell, Wllllam L. Royall. E.'
Lcslio Spence, E. W. Martln and Jamea
T. Gray.
Somo of Plckett Camp's best flghtora,
formlng the detail of thnt veteran body,
were present. They were Comrades
John Lamb, J. C. Wren, Dr. T. E, Strat
ton, W. U. Bass, O. J. Chnpman, J. B.
Owens, Sldney R. Gates, A. _Immer and
James D. Redwood,
Th*- traln cnme Into tho depot on tlmo
and wlthout deluy. The caskot waa ra
movod to the hearse, while tho family,
nnd pall-bearers entered carrlages,
formlng a part of tlie long processlon.
Walting on tlio street were the Lee and
Plckett Camps, ln uniform, and Com?
panles A and H, of the Seventleth Regl?
nient, whlch years ago, when called tho
Flrat, was commatuled by General John?
son as lts colonel. lardella's Band play*
cd tho marchea.
Order of Proces?ion.
Tho order of the processlon was: Tho
hearae', famlly and honorary pall-bear.
ors in carrlages, Leo Camp, Plckett
Camp, lardella's Band. Company A and
Company II, As actlve guard for the
hearse, Captaln Sklpwlth ln commnnd,
wero Sergeant Norfolk. Sergeant Rng
land, Sergeant Roblnson, Corporala
Clements nnd Evans, Privatea Rives,
WobBter, Harris and Rlddlek, n detail
of Company C. Tho detail of Company
C woro tho pall-bearers. Tho proces
sion moved up Mnln to Nlnth, up Nlnth
to tho G raco -Street entrunce of the
Square, at the Capltol removlng tho
caaket from tho hearse to tho rotunda,
Detalls froni Companles A und II as?
slsted thls detail ln the watch over tha
caaket durlng tho nlght. Captaln Sklp?
wlth was ln command of tlio throa
guarda, aud was froni tlmo to tlmo ro
I leved by Lleutehant XV. A. Stack, of
Company B.
Tlie detail of Company II was com.
poaed of Corporal A, F. Pohllg, Privatea
MoNanieo, Johns, Phillips, Tyler, Ash
wertli, Ailams and Rlchardson. Tho foi.
lowlng wore asalgned to duty ln the de?
tail of Company A; Corporals Day and
llongeis, Pl'lvates Blackburn, Bern
stein, Duroh, Pettua nnd Meonl.
fviany People Came.
From 7 o'clock untll mldnight the caa?
ket romnined open, and tho peoplo of
Rlohmond passed through the Capltol aud
saw tho fuco of thu old soldler, the stern
llnes now smoothed away. llundreds of
j), oplo eanio In from evory part of the
great olty to look for tho lnat time upon
tho oountenance of the dlstinguished sol?
dler and cili&on, wllose llfo, public and
priVtlte, WftS pufe and unseltlsh. lt was
vory gratltylng to the peraonal frlonds
of (lener.il Johnson that such a liuga
numbor Of ropruseutiulve men and wo
mon Ihus nianilesu-d thelr eaieom for tho
M_rylandor who loved Vlrglnla so well
that bo loft ft beautiful homo lu hls na?
tlve Stato to spend tlie cloalng yoars of
h;>. llfe ln tho old Domlnlon.
The man, as woll as tho soldler, was so
CQlieplCUOUa lu Uoni-rul Johnson that on
one occasion, at tho battle of Malveru,
II ill, General Charles W'lnder was In f_
tighl place, und tJeneral Johnson luml
to his rescuu. Wrltlng of tho lncident
yeara after, floueral Whulor referr.d t_
lt ln theso words; "This gnllant soldler
und gontletuan, Bradl.y T. Johnson,
i-uino to rny rescue."
Taken to Ualtirnore.
Threo other great Confederate iMdttt
_*?,, ?i_cn honured sluiilarly \vlt_ thu*

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