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Miller & Rhoads.
Miller & Rho&ds.
P. N. Corsets Are
Boned With Aluminum Steel and
Satisfactory in Every Way
The illnstralion shows No. 733 whicli is mado
of fine Jean and is a perfoctly fitting Corset for
flio average figuro.
. Tho bust is cut tuedium high; habit hip?nn
0speciaily good valuo at $1.00.
P. N. No. 435 of fine Ooutil for slonder figures ;
trimmed with lace aud ribbon; low bust $2.50.
T. N. No. 311 is a beautifttlly mado and fin.
isihed Corset in light blue brocade, -nipdium low
bust with long hip, trimmed with lace and rib?
bon $3.00.
i Soccai and
I ^er'sonal |
'i -'*
Through an error tn the composlns |
room. an artlcle nppeared yesterday on
Ihe Woman's Page Sunday, over MravM.
M Dash eil's Blgnature, of whlch she was
not tbe aulhor. To correct tho. misinte,
Mrs Dashloll's toxt for her Sunday s
lllustratlon ls corrcctly quoted here. lt
bUiMiich of tho charm of our morlern
homes depends on the quaiht belongings
whlch have come to us from mosdames,
our grandmothors.
??They remlnd ono of the eamplors and
heedlevvork gjonerally when soemed .to
domlnate their qulet, well-ordered l.ves.
Too qulet for their descendants, who
would shiver were they compelled to glva
up their clubs nnd outdoor amusomentt
to r-cord the stltched thoughts, whlch
no doubt were responsfble for caps nt
?liirtv and folded hands resigned to tlio
future a few years later. ?
"Much of my time. has run to waste.
nnd 1. pe.rha.ps, am near my home.
Thu-; laborlously embroldered a small
malden about the year 1820. at the roa
turb age of ten. One wonder if she.
was trarislated oarly, or what she could
have been if she was not. Still. they be
eame Fome old lodles In black sllk gowns
with 'kerchiefs nnd mellowed ln.co such as
this strc-nuous day can never produce:
and, as we recall them, we turn with a
slgh, from wmc gushing thing of sixty
in' couleur <le rose, with a Gainsborougd
hat and a qulzzing glass. We know that
she w 11 never sew at the little work
stands and will scarcely have the lelsure
to re-st and biow a dish of tea in tho
hlgh-back chairs.
But we are glad to own them. though
We would bo bored to death if we hnd to
u^c- them; we prefer to educate the pufcbc
and manage ihe board of aldennei, and
read out vlews on things ln general, to
sorrowful and patlent nudiences.
Mrs. Lavinia Blnckburn Peck has sent
out cards announclng the marriago of her
daughter. Theodora Russell. to Mr. James
Cornelius Gray, the ceremony taklng place
in this city yesterday, October 12th;
Mr. and Mrs. Gray will be at home
after October 28th, at No. C30 College Ave?
nue, Plttsburg.
Invitations have been received ln Rich?
mond from Mr. and Mrs. James Walker
I.anford. for the marriago of thelr daugh?
ter, Mlss Pattle Wills to Mr. I-lenry Kon
nedy Graves.
The wedding will take place Wednesday
mo'n'ng. October 2lst. at half-past -J
o'clock,' m Bfthol Baptist Church, Flu
vajina county, Va.
ln Petersburg, at the home of the brlde's
parents. Mr. and Mrs. George F. Rolfe,
on Sauth SWre'bt, 0otober '7th. fut ?):;*)
P. M., by/'the'pastor Of High-Street M.
E. Church, the Rev. George E. Booker,
Miss Mary Ella Rolfe wns man led to Mr.
Edward Everett Johnson.^
By reason of the rocent death of the
groom's brothor, Robort, tho marriago
waa a very quiet one. The brido is a
very attractlvo nnd accompliahed young
lady. After graduatlng with hlgh hon
ors from the Petersburg Hlgh School, two
years ago, sho held the posltlon of ste
nographer for a lead'ng Insunince com
pany of thls clty, nnd was recently with
the Petersburg Iron Wbrks In a plml
lar capaclty. Sho had just returncd from
an extended trl|i to Plilliidelplila. Ba.ti
more and Washlngton, on a visit to rehi
tlves and friends.
Ultull reifJUtly, Mr. .|ihnson vas nn
employeof tho Virg'nla Pasnenger ond
Power Company, nnd ls a well-known nnd
very popular young clHzen. Followlng tl o
marrlage the happy coupl'e left on the 5
o'clock south-boiiiid traln for a brlef stay
with relatlves ln the country, oarrylng
with thom tho best wlshes of a hosl of
friends. On thelr return liorae thoy will
retide on Plne Street.
An interestlng announoememt to frlonds
:n Hatiuver and other places brlngs tlio
engagenient of Mlss Ruby FrHiiltlin
Heach, of Old Church, Va., and Mr.
Muury Cullen Tlmberl&ke, of Atlee, Va,,
who Ls now aae iclated in business with
H. P. Cadoza, of Richmond,
iv,t*. paxtles are very promlnent young
people at Hanover am} have a hoat of
The announcoment of the engagement of
M ?h Mary Loulse O'Connor and Colonel
John Murphy crented u Uvely npplo of
Intei ??? i yesterday,
.-.;, O'Connoi - from Charleaton, k.
C, and la i I if Mra. H, Cllnton Boif
dar, thls clty. Bhe la sald by all of her
a most cultivated and
many friendu to be a m
i ptei i;.ir,Ir.?-- young lady
Colonel Murphy i.1-. kw
moat ifeniai hotel propr'etora
mo of tlie
The World's Bost
Hat recelvod the hlxhest
Jtwardi tor t/uutity at cfrfry
cumpotltlva exhiblt
Exclualve Richmond Aqenls,
1011 E. Maln &t. 9 E. Broad St
South. He is a. Confederate veteran nnd
a pubilo-spirlted auecessful citi7.cn, who
hiLs as many friends as any man In Rlch?
mond. Many of these cailed to orter
their eorigratUlations yesterday.
The weddirig wlll take place very qttlet
]y at the Cnthedrn.l on November 4th. Tho
ceremony will bo witnessed only by the
ftunlllea nnd most lntlmata J.-iends of
the brltle and groom.
Tho Shclterlng Arms Freo Hospital ls
now ready for the rbceptlon of patienta.
For two months the work had to be sus
pen'ded, due in a lnrge measure to tl.o
noed of funds and necessary ropalrs.
Then aro now several patients witinn
it.'?-walls and many mr - expectcd.
Tho general board wlll hold its flrst
fall meetlng Alonday at noon ln the pnr
lor of the institutlon. A large attend
ance is desired, as arrangements for do
nation day in Noven-.ber will be made.
Miss Ada Susle Parrlsh and Alr. T. Asa
Broaddus, of Suffolk, Ara., wlll be mar
rled nt 8 o'clock thls morning, ln the home
of the bride, No. 2^22 East Gruce SirteL
Miss Parrlsh ls the daughter of Mrs.
Ella A. nnd the Into J. AV. Parrlsh. Mr.
Broaddua is nssoclated ln buslness wlth
the Suffolk Stove and Foundry Company,
and the announcernent Is an Interes'ling
ono to "iho many friends of bride- nnd
Personal Mention
Miss Eva Day, of Loulsu'lllo, Ky., and
Allss Clara Tinsley, of Gloucestor county,
are the guests of Aliss Sara Harvlei of
South Thlrd Streot.
? * *
Hon. AVilllam A. Jones, Congressman
from tho First District. and Mrs. Jone.
wlll be the guests of Captaln nnd Alrs.
John Coke, of No. 7 West FranUlin Street,
durlng the Horso Show.
Allss Anno Fletchor, the. diroctor of
classes at tho Rlchmond Art Club wlll
j bo bo In Rlchmond this week as the club
i wlll bo open for work October 15th. Slnce
her return from Parls, where she stud ed
i durlng tho summer, Allss Fletchor has
I been in New York.
? T ??
Alr. Jamos B. AlcComb will leave for
Phlladelphla to-day, hls marrlage thero
J to Aliss Regina Courtney Smlth, the
daughter of Mr. and Alrs. Carroll Hubert
Smlth, taking placo Thursday, October
j 15th, at noon.
Alr. AlcComb wlll brlng hls bride nt once
to Richmond, and wlll remaln here untn
tho close of the Horso Show.
Alrs. Alarlin E. Olmstead, of AVnahlng
I ton, D. C.; Mrs. Rlchard Evelyn Byrd, of
| AVinchester, Ara.; Hon. H. D. Flood, of
! Appnmattox, nnd Alrs. J. R. A. Hobson.
' of Savannah, On., nre the guests of Alrs.
A. B. Camm for tlio week.
Allss Ailcen Pettit, of Norfolk, wlll
vlslt friends in Rlchmond durlng thi
Horse Show.
Alrs. AVilliam Sclnter, of Palmyra, A'a.,
is in the clty and will spend the Hrose
Show week wlth Alrs. Iuainhoe Sclater, of
No. 2721 Floyd Avenue.
Alr. and Mrs. Schuyler Hamllton, of
New York, nnd Allss Ruth Gray Hebbard,
Alrs. Hamilton's daughter, aro here for
tiie Horse Show.
Alr. Hamllton has recontly purchased
No. S15 AA'est Franklln Street, nnd, wlth
his family, wlll occupy lt for tho wlnter.
?Alrs. Homcs, of Boydton, Va., nnd
her daughter;, Allss I-Ielon Homes, aro at
No. 215 East Franklln Street.
? ? ?
Dr. C. A. Bryco nnd fnmlly have re?
turned to tho clt.'a nnd aro now located
at Twerity-slxth and Graco Stroets.
Allss Alargaret Ethcrldgo, of Selma, N.
C? will be the gueat of Alrs. Alfred AA',
Hanklns, of No. l South Jefforson Streot.
Alfsses Bosslo nnd Llllle Heohler aro
Iho guosts of Alrs. R. A. Hutchtna, in
Portsinouth, Ara.
? ? ?
Mr3. AVIllinm H. A'ennble has returned
tc> Norfolk, after a plensant vlsit to
friends here.
? * ?
Alrs. F.. G, Nur-kollH, nf Rockville, Vn.,
Is vlsltlng her dnughters, Alrs. AV. A.
Bnker and Mra. K, II. Thomson, Jr., of
Alr. nnd Mrs. John A. Hft-Bchbcrg havo
returned from n dellghtful lionoymoon,
spent In Washlngton, Philadelphia, Nlng
urn Fiills nnd Canadn.
Atlsses Jeannetto nnd Charlotte AVrlpht,
of Tappahiiiinook, Va., uro the guests of
Mra. Lurkln W. Glazebrook, of No. 208
West Alaln Street.
Allss AInbel Dorothy Baker has returned
home after n pleaaant vlslt to tho Misses
Niicliolls, of Rldgn HIU, A'a.
? ? ?
Allss Annle Ellls, of Portsmouth. A'a.,
who hns been vlsltlng friends ln Rlch?
mond, left for home several days ago.
I ? ?
Mrs. R. AV. AVliltcburst, of Norfolk,
la hore for the Horso Show.
Allss Emlly Pngo Jones, who has spent
the BUinmer In Boston, tnkhig n couree
thero ln tho ortliopucdle cllnlo of tha
Chlldren's Hospital, la in the clty agaln,
Allss Emma Whltfleld, who ls lately
home from art stuily ln Parls, ls now ln
Baltlmore preparlpy to move lu-r studio
Ki Rlchmond, where ahe will be eslab.
linried for classes this wlnter.
MIbr Whltfleld wns most auecessful
last wlnter ln Baltlmore, where she dld
u good flenl of decoratlvo work on pianofl
for the Knabe Company.
Her advantagei durlng tb? past mini
rner have been unusually fl'ie.
Mlm Nannle T, Pegram, of No. 1210
AVest Atnln Street,. nnnminces that her
evening classes In mnthomntlcs nre flllod
nnd it wlll not bo posslblo for her to take
another studont.
Mrs. B. nt, .Tohnson, of North Cnrolinn,
Is vlsltlng her daughter, Alrs. K. H.
AVcrne, on Thlrd Street.
Mrs. Frank Brnne, who hns been vlslt?
lng Alr. nnd Alrs. Abrahnm AVnllor, has
left for her homo In Augimta, Gn.
Allss Besslo Mnrtln, of Fnnnvlllo.
reuched Rlchmonil Snlurdny nnd Is wlth
Allss Nelllo Grny, at No. .110 East Frank?
lln Slreot.
Aliss Allee Pettlt, of Norfolk. Is vlsltlng
Alrs. II. Selden Taylor durlng the Horso
? * ?
Aliss Loulso Blnford Is vlsltlng Miss
Josephlno BUdd, of Petersburg.
Y. M. C. A. WORK
Dr. John Hannon Addrosses the Men.
Railrnad Y. M. C. A.
Dr. John Hnnnon, nf Uhlotl Statlon
Alclhnilist Church, dcllvered tho address
btinilay nfternoon at tho men's meetlng
held nt the Y. M. C. A. Hls suhject wns
"Splrltual Dynamltc."/ The attendaneo
wns excollent, and much Interest was
manlfested in the service. There wero
slx professlons of falth. Tlio sololst was
Alr. Hnddon S. Wnlklns.
Tho State secretary, D. A. Coulter
Spoke Stindnv nfternoon nt the Rallrond
V. Al. C. A. to an excollent gulhorlng
of young men; About thlrty attetrdad tho
B ble clus, whlch followcl, nnd iwenty
remalned for tho luneli and coiiference.
Next Sunday tho secretary Is to spoak
nt tho men's meetlng In Cilfton Fprgn
nnd tho AVhltc Rlbbonors wlll conduct a
service for tho rallrond men, their f.ml
lles and friends. Alr. AV. Al. Blckers,
ohalrman ot the Rellglous AVork Com?
mittee, nnd hls wlfe, wlll have chargt
of the servlces. Rev. George H. Wiley,
of tho Aleihodlst Instltnte, wlll conduct
the evangellstlc Blble class.
Another War Eook.
Captaln James E. Phllllps, a promlncnt
Confotlerntc reteran, Is engaged In wrltlnB
a remlnlscont volumo on the war. In n
measuro the book wlll be n history of the
Rlchmond Grnys, of whlch he was n
member. Cnptaln Phllllps was present at
tlio John Brown hanglng,
V hit Made the Differpnce.
The Bengnl tlger and the clown In tho
show bad a lively dlsputo one day as
to wh ch of the two waa upe lor. "Po h!"
suld the tlger. "there is no. tne slightest
doubl about it. Look at mv reat
! strength. AVhy, with one blow from my
paw I could crush out your pun/ llf^.
A'ou poor Httle weakling. I pl y y u.
Your volco Is weak. your nrms are wo k.
AVhat chanco would you have In n c n
test with me? You couldn't hold out for
a moment."
"Arery well sald." roplled the clown,
"but 1 carrv some hlng .n my little ih n't
box that can match all your br-te
"Wlia do you meanV" g o?led the tl cr.
"I mean." Nild the clown, dryly, "that
If you had what l've got and you lauk
you wouldn't havo walked Into that trap
ln tho Jungle."
At thls the tlger begnn to roar w tn
rage until tho cage shook. But the clown
seized his 11 tle wh p and dealt h m
blow after blow through the bars. The
tlger toro mndly from end to erd
of hls cage, stung to a frenzy of -rgor
bv the cuttlng lash. Ho threw him elf
with all hls strength agalnst tho Hon
bars. but the clown smiled and la hed
him stlll. , . _
"A'ou vllla'n!" ronred Iho tlger; "lf I
could only get out at you?"
"Ah! that's exactlv lt,' amlled tho
clown. "You can't, my frlend, and so
"AVhat do you mean?" said tho tlger.
"That the bralns whlch pu up those
bars tn keep you ln are worth all your
brute strength. Thaf.^n.^ ^^
lt you want bonrders, use n Tlmcs-DIs
patcb AVnnt Ad. A'ou wlll got them.
$3.50 and $2,50 SHOES=
Boy's Shoes, 82 and $1.75.
John II. Scuitdor, President of the Flrst
Nutioiiitl lliuilc of Trentoii, wrllrs
Alr. Unugliu : v
" A'our S-'i-M hhoes e()iial custom made
shoes for which l havo formerly palil $H.U0 ;
nnd tliov wear longor."
Tlila U lli? ituiHon W, I? DiMiulua nutliea
i and ??li? iiiiM-o uirn') (loodyear ? eitdimui
I Suweil l'roenaa)?hoea t Imiiiiiiyolliuriiiiikor.
AV. I,, Pouclna S2.C0 sliocs are made of
1 Imttnr loatlier, have.ontylo and will wear
] loiicprtliaii any ollior 82.00bIiob, Tliesame
illgli gradfl workiiiunsliip as AV.I,. Douglus
I 83.B0 slious? tho best in tho worlil.
! That Douglns ueos Coroiui Colt piovcB there la
valua l. Douglaa .v'l.M) ahoia. t'uiena Colt is
tha hij(lioat pnida patent leuthor tuaile.
ar K?MH aiul in lee nn liulloin. 'lake ne mil.mltuie.
I'u.l Ouloi- fcyoleU iiaed Mplllllvply.
Slior? liy iiinil, S6 ctt. etim., IlllUtnjjCil t'tttalou Iree.
RICHMOND:''623 EasVBroaVstfeeT
Largest Manufacturers, Importers and Dlstrlbutors of
Lowest dellvered prices quoted, on applicalion, on Standard Brands, In enr
go lots, earioad lots, smnll lots, to nny point In Amerlcn, Full stocks nt Interlor
mllls; nlso nl Bnltimore. Md.; Newport News, Vn.: Norfolk, Va.; Portsmnuth,
Va.; Wllmlnston, N. C; Charleston, S. C; Savnnnnh, Gn.; Fernandina, Fla.;
Jncksonvllle,Vln.: Pensacnln. Fla.; Moblle, Ala.; Now Orleans, La,; Oalveston,
Tex.; Blrmlnglmm, Aln? nnd Atlanta, Oa.
Wrlto for our prices.
Richmond Man Was in the
the Fight-Attractive Real
Estate Sales To-Day
Tho Atlanta Termlnal Company has
awarded tho contiact for the orectlon of
pnssenger station bulldiiiK of that com?
pany in Aialtnta to Messrs. Gudo and
Vsulker. of Atlanta. Tho bid of these
contractors wus *334,4G3. tho lowcst of
sixlcen, and moio than .-eventy-iour thou
snnd dollars below the h.ghest of tlio uia
teon. Richmond peoplo will ho Intorestea
ln tho result from the fac , among otho.s,
tliat a Richmond contraotor had tno en
terprlso to flguio on the work. Thls w s
Contraclor John T. YV.lson, who has re
contly been awnnb-d tho bulldlng of tho
Both Ahaba Syiiago?ue, of this clty, and
the postofllce at Mar.insvi.lo.
To-day semos to na\o ueen choscn for
some of the most attractivo sales of tho
wcek. Thls afternoon nt 4 o'clock John
T. Goddln and Company w 1, uffei f,ir
salo two brlck dwolllngs known as Ni s.
?111 nnd '113 Nrtrth Is.nth Str et. At
6 P. M. tho same f.rm will sell two o;s
at the corner of Clay Strejt and the Ha>
mltage Road. ; , _ . .
i i.e CharlottesviUo Clty and Suburban
Railway Compnny's proporty, consisting
of tracks nnd roll ng stuck. olectric l.ght
and ice plants, will bo offored for salo -n
CharlottesviUo to-day at noon.
Pollnrd and Bagby and R. B. Cl.affln
and Company w.ll offer for -ale at il:aO
to-day tho three-story brlck store und
dwell.ng. No. 10 North S?vo .teen h
Street. At 5 F. M. the same f rms wi 1
offer tho frame dwelll .g at the northe ISt
corner of Twenty-thl.d Street and Ch.rch
11.11 Avenue.
A. Li Adamson. of Manche-t-r, will
offer for snle at 5 o'clock thls afternoon
No. 117 West Tv.enty-first Street. Maa
chestor. -_;
A Most Interesting Meeting Sunday at
Fairmouct-Avenue Ch rch. ?
The regular monthly meetlng of the
Mcthodist Sunday-school Soclety of Rich?
mond was ? held at Fnirmount-Avenue
Church Sunday afternon. Mr. H. C. Os
terblnd preslded; Dr. F. W. Stiff, secre
The attendance was excellent, notwith
standlng the lnclement weather, and the
exerclses werevery enjoyable.
The metlng was opened with prayor by
Rev. R. M. Maxey, of Asbury Churcli,
after whlch the following programme was
rendered by tho school:
Recitatlon, "In Three Groups." by a
number of. chlldren.
Recitatlon, "In Blossom Tlme," by
eight girls' and boya.
Recitatlon, by Mabel Pollard.
Flag drill, by girls and boys.
Tho soclety was then addressed by Mr.
Gilbert J. Ilunji. on "A Life Plan," and
Rev. R. M. Maxey, on "Grasshoppers."
Mr. Maxey was of the opinlon that there
wero many grasshopper Chrlstlnns, in
that they wero selflsh, absorblng like a
spongo the good thinga of llfo. and glving
out nothlng, or were sunshine. revival
Chrlstlans, and worth llttle at other times,
or kicking Cliristlans. Ho thought tho
best way to treat a kicking Chrlstian wns
to out-kick him and kick hlm out of the
church, whenhe mlght do better on his
Tho schools reported as follows:
Roll. At. P. C. Col.
Unlon Station... 832 483 58 $30 84
Fairmount-Avenue . 539 320 59 G2 12
Denny-Stieet . 461 274 60 19 62
Cl'ty-Street ..'.. 390 19x B1 46 07
Laurel-Street . 360 221 48 20 60
Trinity . 318 184 &8 17 66
Broad'-Street. 312 173 W 20 12
St. James. 290 173 59 16 82
Asbury . "4 l?l B2 9 89
Epworth . 160 91 57 18 15
Highland Park. 127 82 65 7 04
Methodlst Mlsslon. 121 ?9 57 2 06
New scholars reported, slxty-nine,
The next meetlng of tho soclety will be
held at Asbury the second Sunday in No?
Tho Bonrd of Directors will meet at
Broad-Streot Church on the fourth Sun?
day of thls month.
(Speclal to The Times-Dispatch.)
YORK, PA., Oct. 12.?What is probably
the tlniest Infant In the world arrlved
yesterday at tho homo of Mr. nnd Mrs.
john King, ih the villago of Eberton,
near thls clty.
Tbe babo, a pretty glrl, with a full
head of glossy black hnlr, weighs 21 3-4
ounces scant, and a clgar box would
make n nmmy cradle for her. She Is
perfectlv formod and glves ovory Indl
catlon of belng healthy. Tho physiclan
ls aangulne that thls mlto of a bnbo haa
a strong lense on llfe. Slnce her nrrlval
hundreds of nelghbors have called at
the King home to vlew the dlmlnutlVe
vlsitor and congratulate tho mother.
About a year ago a malo chlld. weigh
Ing 24 ounces. was born In this clty, but
dled a day nfter ita birth,
Tho King Infant breaks the record.
? '
Drastic Measures Adopted
by the Rev. George
H. Wiley.
When n. Weary Wllllo, or Tommio.
eltlier for lhat mitter, reglsiors ut tho
de.-k of ihe "Mothodist Institute" he ls
randc-d a hul of lvory Soap and n towol.
\\ tt|i n pollto "down sialrs, plcaso, Mr.
McLean ie.tds the way to a aet of showor
and tuh hatha,
Gemr.illy the gentleman from Fverv
where klcl's. Ho may say "I havo only
a dimu for my bed; I can't pay for a
bath," "but there is no churgo for t.
"1-1 I ki.ow but Us cold. and I dHnt
tuiiig my bath-robe." "I kn^w, but Mr.
VY-.ey, tho suiiertntendont, says, "t\o
bath. no bed-"
"what, man you will break up other
plaoos-jjiv.ng a bed for 10 cents and
throwlpg lu a bath. I won't Impose on
you ln lhat way. Como. let's go up stalrs;
tl.e sphish of that water gives me shiv
ers." "No bath. no bed," roplles Mr.
McLedn, .md Wi:ile, for tho llrst tlmo
slnce he wns ut Munilla. it may bo, takes
the llist stup poastbly, towurds Salva
tlon, for Mr Wlloy holds lhat "all thinga
heing equaj, a man Is more llkely to
vruy wliup bathed thun otherwlse,'
Rev. Mr. Goodwln Wants Mor
als Taught in the Public
Schools of Rlchmond.
Atfer a vacatlon of several months tho
MInlsterlal Union of Rlchmond nnd Man?
chester mot yesterday In tho parlors of
the Y. Al. C. A. wlth nn exccllent attend
anco present.
Tho chlef mattor of Interest before the
union was the qucstlon brought up by
the Rov. Jnmes E. Cook of holdlng
ovnngelistlo serviccH hero wlth a vlew
to arouslng the dormant splrltuallty of
Rlchmond. In thls connectlon the Rov.
RObert A. Goodwln, roctor of St. John's,
made a rathcr startling Speoch, In w.hlch
ho doclared that there wns a great need
for the teachlng of morals ln the publlc
schools of the clty. He sild he dld not
refor to rellglon of the Blble, or even tho
Ten CominundiiiOius, but iu uioiuis, anu
i\e wanted to know If, desplto tho sepnra
tlon of church and Stato. thero could
hot bo somo moral tralnlng In the
schools. Tho Rov. G. Otls Alead, of
Chrlst Church, also spoko, doclarlng that
Iie was told by a buslness man that the
majorlty of tho womon teachlng ln tho
publlc schools nre not church members.
Mr. Goodwln and others aroso to state
that thoy personally knew a numbor of
tho young lady teachcrs who wero all
members of Church.
Tho orlginal propositlon to hold ovan
golistlc suivices v,uti lecelvcd with In
stant approbatlon. Somo dlstlngulshed
evangollst aa Dr. Munhall or Dr. Chop
man will be socured for t.ho meetlng. The
whole queBtion waa rcferrod to a com?
mittee composed of tho Rev. J. E. Cook,
Mr. S. K. McKee and the Rov. J. B.
Hawthorne, D. D.
Mr. AIcKoe spoko ln-roference to the
Stato Y. Al. C. A. Convontion to be held
In Rlchmond next spring, and asked for
a committee to co-operate wlth the gen?
eral committee arranglng for tho convon?
tion, and for the Jubilee of the Rlchmond
associatlon to be celebratod next March.
The followlng were appointed on this
committee: Revs., Jore AVltherspoon, D.
D., Robort Strange, D. D., AA'. W. Lear,
D. D., C. P. Stealey, C A- Marks and
Paul Menzel. D. D.
Dr. oeuige Coopor prcriaed over tho
meetlng of tho union. The followlng new
members were elected: Revs. J. S. Crow
ley, AV. AIcS. Buchanan and Davld Hop
Has Accepted Call to the Seventh-Street
Church, of t is City.
As antlclpated somo tlmo ago, the Rev.
H. D. C. Maclachlan. of Shelbyvillo,
Ky., haa accepted the oall recentiy ex
tended him by tho Seventh-Street Chrls?
tlan Church of Uiia city.
Tho exact date of Mr. Alaclachlan's
arrival ln Rlchmond ls not yet known.
It is expected, howover, that he wlll
take up his work hero vory shortly.
Needless to say, the young minister wlll
recelve a cordlal wolcome to Rlchmond.
At tho meetlng of the Mlnistorlal Union
yesterday morning Mr. Maclachlan was
proposed for membershlp on one of the
commlttees appointed. Hls name was af
terwards wlthdrawn, and ho will be
elected to the committee when he arrives
No. 44G7.?Stmple deslgna are genorally
more becomlng to young gtrls than tne
more elaborate ones, and a pretty frock
whlch comblnos both slmplicity and good
tasto Is shown here, inado up In red casn
mere and crcam colored laco. Tho dress
may bo made wlth or without a llnlng,
and may bo flnished wlth a guimpo or
made all In one. Narrow tucks ln the
walst and sleove add to tho attractinre
ness of the deslgn, and the handkerchlef
frlll la the latest flntsh for a gulmpe
dress. Thls stylo ls fltted to the yoke
edge, wlth polnts at front, back and
shouldor. The llnlng may bo faccd to
yoke depth wlth laco or made of con
trasting materlal. The attachod sklrt la
the f.vo-gored stylo, and may bo made
wlth or without the clrcular flounco. The
back may bo gathered or fullnosa taken
up by an Inverted box pleat.
A protty dress for school or genoral
wear mlght be constructed In bluo sorge,
wlth bands of Russlan embroldery or
rows of soutache brald for trlmmlng.
The brald Is qulte Inexpensive, but very
Slzes, flve, slx, Beven, clght, nlno, ten,
twelvo and fourteon yeara.
On recelpi of 10 cents thls pattern wlll
be sent to any address, All ordors must
bo dlrected to THE LITTLE FOLKS
PATTERN CO., 78 Flfth Avenue, New
York. AVhen orderlng ploase do not fall
to montion number.
No. 4161.
la tae itauiiurd ?v?HH'ba^ Sold b? U?t*ro??ra.
Every Want
Can be satisfactorilyand promptly filled
by us?Exclusive Full Dress?Tuxedo and
Prince Albert Suils?Long and Short Top
Coats?Cravenette Coats?and every ~
thing that is new and correct in fumishing
We are agents for "Knox*" Hats too,
which means that we have the best and
most representative Hats to be had.
-TUIi? ?
Wo lovo to bo awakened early ln the
mornlng by the gentlo wattlng of brcozes
as they murmui through tho wlndow to
the llttle hnll room whcreln we repso.
When wo aro thim awakened lt matos
Us feel good onough to go out to tho
rlver and lay down on tho mossy bank
and watch the llttle flRhcs swlm about.
We love at such ttmcs to go off, far Uway
where sun doth not burn', nor nolse of clty
dlsturb tho thoughts as one thinka up
good things to wrlte.
With gentlo zephyrs floatlng around, wc
do not feel lmpelled to go out to the wood
house to soe whether thore is wood
or coal enough to last ovor Sunday.
We thlnk Hoyt wroto better comed!e3
than Bhakespearo.
Tha atter's songs and muslc aro on
tho bum, and his danco muslc aln't half
as good as "Under the Bamboo Tree."
Tou take, for Instance, the song ln
"As You LIko It," whoro the gang gets
togethor under the trees and slngs "Come
If a crowd ln the modnrn farce comedy
ever attempted to slng a song like that
to that tuno, they would feel sorry that
they had extended the lnvltation to
"come hlther!"
Wo are 'very glad thnt Shake dld not
attompt to write a farce comody or a
meo drama,
? ? ?
Mr. E. Eugene Davis. wants anothor
He has already sevon or clght, but still
he ls not Bntlsfied, and wantn anothcr,
and lf nny of our constltutcnta have any
old banjos around, tho hom0 they may
do somo business with E. Eugeno at tho
water offlco.
Ho Is well known as belng tho best
manlpulator of the banjo ln thls sec
tlon. and we hopo he may find a banjo
to sult his taste.
Mr. Ayres had some chlckens.
They used to roost on the^ighest perch
ln the shed at tho coal yard.
And somo of them wero game chlckens.
So he was proud.
And used to go out and show hls
chlckens to tho people as tllcy camo up.
"Flne, I tell you!" sald hls friends, and
then Mr. Ayres went out and got some
moro eorn and gave to tho chlckens.
One day Mr. Ayres didnt hear no
chlckens crow out ln the yard, and
ho Investlgated the reason.
All the game chlckens had been lost,
Btrayed or stolen, and ho was much
He dldn't see some feathers around tho
yard elther.
Then ho sald he'd glve tho other
chlckens away for ho was dlBconsolate.
Therefore, he lald low, bo he could
catch them, and when ho reached up to.
get tho pullet on tho top roost ho found
a palr of hand-cuffs hanglng thero.
Now he hopes the pollceman who took
hls chlckens will please come back and
get his hand-cuffs
The greatest tlde reglstored In Jamos
Rlver ln years waa rocorded Sunday af?
ternoon, whbn the wator reached a few
inches over slx feet. The tlde usually
rises to threo and a half or four feet.
Tbe men on tho rlver were much sur
prlsed at the tlde, whlch was caused
by the heavy wlnds of the past few daya.
Gas and water bllls may be paid at
the substatlon at R. L. Harrlson's drug
sloro to-day between tho houra of 0
A. M. and 3 P. M.
Mr. John Tuck. an aged cltizen, resld
ing at No 1122 Graham Stroot, died
very suddenly Sunday nlght. Mr. Tuck
was about slity years of age. Hls death
was duo to npoplexy.
Mr. Tuck ls survived by hls wife and a
number of chlldren. The funeral took
placo yesterday afternoon.
Mr. Oscar Holmes waa badly bltten
early yesterday mornlng by his Gordon
setter whlch la supposod to be mad.
His wound was cauterlzed by a physlclan.
Mr. Holmes thmks hls setter wns at
tacked soveral days ago by a mad dog.
He has pennod hla dogs up to awalt do
Hundreds of resldcnts of Fulton and
ecores of poople from all sectlons of thn
clty are put to a great lnconvenlenco by
the cuttlng off of the Fulton Sprlng.
fountaln nt tho corner of WUHamsbtirg
Avenue and Loulslana S,troot. Tha water
was temporarily cut off last week ln
ordor to repair a broak In the mnin.
Sinoo then there has beon a movoment
on foot to chnnge the location of the
fountuin. In thls movement there seems
to ba a olash betweon sevoral property
owners and clty ofllclals. Consequontly
man and beast are sufferlng for the
want of pure, clear water.
A basaar was opened Inst nlght at
Kerso'o Hall, under the aufplces o\
Powhatan Councll, Daughters of Uberty.
Tho hall fs unlquo ln Its decorations.
A large crowd was out last nlght to
witness the openlng. A dlfferent pro
gramme wlll be presented each nlght.
Mr. Thomas O'Connor wns tnken by
aurprlse last week by sevoral friends, and
pre?ented with a handsoma blackthorn
stlck. The stlck waa brought from Ire
lund recently.
Mr Log3n Mann. a well known young
man of Varlna, was aerloualy Injured
last week at the Rosenegk Browery Com?
pany. ,Mr. Mer.n foll through an elevator
abaft and was badly bruuied. and broken
up. Ho was removed tn tlio A'lrglnla
Hospital, where ho Is dolng as well as
can bo oxpected,
Alrs. Ruth Elsom, of Mndlson, "WIs.,
wifo of Dr. Claudo Klsom, of tho Unl
verslty of AA'IsconsIn, Is vlsltlng her
pnrents, Mr. and Alrs. J. AA'. Reams, of
Honrlco Councll, No. 7.'t3, Royal Ar
canum, wlll hold an Important meetlng
Thursday night.
A rendlng room has been establishcd
In conncctfon wlth tho night school at
AVeddell Memorlal Chnpol. Tho room Is
open on Alonday nlghts nnd Is supplled
wlth good lltcraturo. The night scliool
ls prngresslng very satlsfnclorlly. Tha
school h open Tuesdays, Thursdays und
Tent to Come Down,
On Rceount of tho unscttled weathoti
hns been declded to take down tho
lican-d on the Corner ot Twei.iy
nnd N Streets, and contlnue the seH
In tho hnll corner of Twcnty-fifth(
Clay Street*. First service TuosdayJ
P. Al. I'astor H. C. 'Basnov wlll di"
hls second sermon on the "Splrit of
as announced for last Friday night.'
[email protected]@s9
are all to be found in overy
variety and at prices to suit
at tho
75c. Half-Soling Men's Shoes
Ladies', 60c.
Every palr AA'olt Shoo restltched on
our Eloctrlc Stitchcr: no blg ugly sew
Jng around the solu llke a cobbler gews
by hand; no nails, no pogs; tlio only
up-to-dato plant for repalrlng shoes ln
untfB o SHfJE pACTORYi
716 East Maln Street.
'Phone 20U7, will send anywhore and
Thls advortlsemont good for 10c.
Do You
Wan) BoarJers7
Have You
Rooms to Rent7
It pavs to uso
AVant Ads.
The qulokoat and
surost way to se
ouro Bonrdora or
Rcnt your rooma
ls through a
Vigorous Rubbing
wlth Dlxle Nerve and Bono Liniment wlll
cure Rhoumatism, Neuralgla, Drawn
Miiscles and Sinews, Enlarged Jolnts,
Paln In Sldes, Back. Shoulders
Llmbs, Best on earth for Alan and Boast.
For a lame hor
it has no oqual.
Urae Bott!e25c. Everywhsre

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