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burnlshed harnoM, the handsomfi trnp
plbrs and evory drtatl ihnt rnn fldd tO
or dOtfaet front tho r-rfeet!on of Ihe ?**
Ml.ltK. whlch Ihe tstabte m?n mus looK
after, and whlch they take n peffonal
prtde ln flolng, Thlfl hOMS haa won Mtlft*
?t thl*, that an.l the other show; 1 a1 one
18 golng tn oarry off 'ho rlbbons l. h a
or that evont, or thore will bo dlaappolht
?l ind dlaconaolata bostlors. ln the rear
of tho amphltllOatre and ln the great
brown arehfl aro dlaplayed tho wnart
trapa and tho taulllosa oaulpoges ot tlie
rrlJ-.e stnblcs repreaented ?>??*? ?**?;
vitt-lov of VChlelO, 1ua( nrrivcd by I"". I"
," . g Hgged up for aervleo and poMriied
Bhil brlghUned tlltlll taeri l? a mlnlatme
rnlfror ln every part. Upon the berfectlon
rf the rlg and appolntments moy depend
?ho covoled rlbbon, whlch from thls ahow
nnd from auch competitora, ls far more
hlghly vnlued than the niere money piizes
Pdvertist (1.
iVagnifieent Hunters,
Already noarly all the stalla aro fllled,
nn<i all tho famoua atablee with tho cx
eeption of that of Mr. Hurkamp aro here.
nnd the hors'os lhat aro later to brlng
forth evohmatlons of admlratlou from
dollghted thousands nre munchlng owoj
ouletly and eontentedly In Ihelr stnlls.
Joker and i.a Tour<tlne, Mr. T. L,, Bvana
mngnlflcent huhtera. wero lylng down
on the clean strnw fh their atalls JCS
terday afternoon, after a Jmirnoy -
Ihreo days and nlghts. They v. 11 be
readv m competo ln tho open-for-all
hunter clnss lo-nlght. Among ollior fa
mous hor*M ?esn In tho stalla ls Mra.
Rlalr Johnsnn's supo
laddlcr, R'iMn
Adalr, Mr. McComb'a KentUcky^Cardlnal,
n prlzo wlnrier nt many shows; Mr. Rieii
nrd Donnelly'a grcnl hlgh .lumper Rifle.
nnd many nthcrs whoao namc will be ra
mili.ir beforo the shOW ls threo days old.
Tn the rear of the ampbithoatro tlie
on'rpentors are haromerlng away ln tho
rffort to eomploto an addltlonnl sheltot
for the vohlelea whlrh have overflowed
all the avallable space. Thls ahed will
be readv to-day beforo the show opena.
Meanwhlle many of the vohlelea nre
ptored temporarily in tho rinp.
Great Euiliing Adorned.'
The great bulldlng now haa on its gala
rdtlre. It has bcen ndorned with elo
gant tasto and the structure, even In Its
vacancy and silence. preaanta an attrac
tlve appearance. whlch la but a harblnger
nf what will be aeen wben evory tler of
peats around the great brpwn elllpse,
from the base to eavea, ls fllled with tho
fashlonables on dross parade. A .mpre -
beautlful spectacle ls seldom boheld than
thls bewllderlng array of humanlty, tho
masoultne portlon ln aombre blnck and
rnowv whlte, whlle the femlnino ele
ment.are orrayed ln all the varied eolora
lhat fashlon nnd the prodlloetlons of tho
wenrers will permlt. Tho audtences thls
vear promlse to excel even the great
assemblages of last year and year be.fore,
both In mimbers and in personncl. ihe
Pxhlbition la no loss a beauty show than
b horse show. and to many the human
clement ls the m"re Interesting.
Around the upper timbers of the bg
Ftructure ^hlelds and crossed fHgs al
ternate with many colored roso.ttos of
draped buntlng, ln whlch aymmetry of
arrangement as well as the harmony and
vaiietv and color? nroduce a qharmlng
decoratfve effect Cldsse to the ring aro
the white-robed boxes. fit framea for the
pict-jres of beauty to he aeen therein,
whlch OTtend all around the creat bulld?
lng Thefe boxes are e<iuippcd with
cOnifortablo chairs and will seat oach
form =ix to nine pereons, aecorasne to tho
pleasure of the own<T. For the con
cert? durine the week the entire house
?will be free to the pun-haser of gen?
eral admlaaion Uckets. At other times
the boxes and many of the best seats are
reserved and are open only to the hold
rr? of the coupona correspondlng to the
<.0it numbera. Begfnnlng ?with No. 1 in
each row. juat nver tho entrance, the
reats a.re numbered to the eastward ln
each row bv consecutive numhers all
around to the bulldlng and back to the
'polnt whence the number slarts. the
row? belng deaignated by letters from
A r.o J the first letter being the row
next to the boxes and 3 the hlgheat row.
extending to the polnt where the roof
nnd stdes meet. A seat ln nny row af
fordH n full view of the oval rlng that
lies daik belbw the glimmer and glare of
are and Incandescents, With whlch the
hou^o ls bountlfully equipped. The llght
)ng of the bulldlng ls a featuro of the
preparatlons for the show.
Exits and Entrances.
The bulldlng has an abundance of exltg
and entrances, so that it can be empticd
in a few mlnutes If dealrod. Besidea the
great doors ln front and rear thore are
exltn at Intervals all around. The pltoh
of the bulldlng aftorda ample ventllatlon
for the great crowd. The cafo is altuated
as last year. at the extrcme southwestcin
corner of the building bonoath the tlers of
seats. l.'nder. the building all around are
stalla where raanj' of. the horaes aro shel
iered. fe'xtfa "pollce will be on hand to
maintain perfec.t nrder and to p.rcvent
^moking and obvlato oongeatlon of tho
crowd at pointa of entranco and oxlt.
For the. convenlonce of coupon
holders a largo forco of uahera
haa been engaged, and ln ad
dition to these thcre are many boys scll
Ing the handsorne progrommea of the
Fhow, tho largest and flneat ever Isstied
here. The privllogo of sclllng confec
tionerie* has been let, and Huyler'8 can
be had at any inoment durlng the show.
The horsea, whlch after all cbntstltut'fl
the show. woro nevor ^o numerous or of
auch a i-lan:,. Bqth ln the harnoaa and
aaddlo claaaea thcre are many eutrlea
and a variety sucb aa seldom seen. The
mo?i famoua atralna of horaoa are here,
and th'-ro are so many flne anlmals ttiat
it is golng to puzzle dlalntoroated oxporl
judgea to plck the rlbbon wearera from
auch rnagniflcent flelde,
Well-Known Cvners.
Aniong tho well known li"rao owoore
whose atablei are here for oxhtbition at
thl* greateat ot all aoutliern lloise Bhowu
and one of the gioaust evor bold, are
thosc of Mr. and Mra. Thomaa Deford,
and lieford and Willlams, of Baltlmoro;
W. K. Boeing, QreenwoQd, Va.; John
K.rr Branoh, Rlchmondi '. harlos v. Corn
Ing, Baltlmoro; Mis. a k. Dletorich, New
Yorki Rlchard Bonnollyi Mamareck, N,
j'.; T. i. iji'ana, VVarrootoni Uenry Falr?
fnx, Aldle; Gedney farm, Whlto Plalna,
N. V.. Mra. Jomea M H Groavpnor, Now
y :?:.; (i,i bot and Garuor, HaTrlaonburg;
.M:.-. John '!? rken. Graveaend, n. v.;
Jamea H. Grani, Rlchmondi Jack Hendor
boi . Orange; (i Trowbrldgs Holllater,
Bc iradalo, N V.| B. J. Holloway, Soara
iJale, N. ST.J Mlaa Holloway; Mr. and Mra,
Blair Johnaen, Worrentpn! J- B, MoComb
Komeriet, Va.j Moure and Poodyeafi
Charlotteavllle; Morrla and Jo?lyn, Alhw
marle: Mm, Jullan Morrl* AJbemarlej J.
Bcotl Parrlah Rlchmond rame B. Pnr?
ter, Uoulaa: l 0 Pa?aai u, Worrentoiti
\i,u. Va., it. (' Beldon, Btokt b, Vu ; C W
Hiiiiu., Warrenton, ve ?, h m b ?:.<'?..
I<ynchbvjrgi Roberl M Taylor, Ton on
iii! ; i lum an Wrlght, Potorahuig, \'.i
Joaepl v, o M-nf.-M, liaitUnoro; Mr*. W. B,
r; \s lljiaipa, Baltlmorei VV n W ? ?, !;. |,
llup ,. M< icwell IVyeM M raball V{
Rlchard Wi llaol, WarT< ' '-' n.-,..
nttia \sreatherbeo Mamai n k N v.
BUlouknebB, Bour |toi><ftvO| cousti)
tion ejud all llver 1U? are ciueu i
$8oml'$ PaSte
The tum-lrrltatlia-' cuttjartlc, T
& cenu o! all druggibtB or oy u?s?i
Evorything hore ln whlch lo
properly regale yourself for
Sir Walter Raleigh, on court
days, wore shoes covered with
precious stones, exceeding the
vnlue of sixty-six hundrod
What would he have thought
ol comfortable, durable, fash
ionable shoes, such as we sell
at $3.50?
Hannns, the best to be had?
$5.B0and $6.0O.
Dr. W. E. A\'nodend, Now York clty;
Lewis G. Young, New York. and many
Many Crowd Around the Amphitheatre
Viewins; th? B?au'iful Ar imals.
The scenes ahout the Horse Show
grounds are eniinently suggestlvc of a
holiday. Crowds aro all the tlme trylng
to get a gllmpse of the arena, in whlch
nre to be the final exhibltlons of tho
equine beautles whose charms nre at
tractlng so many visltors and excltlng
the extravagant claims of partlsans.
Yesterday was ideal weather for visl?
tors to the grounds, save that the rafn
of Sunday night mnda walklng a matter
Of more Interest than plensuro. Outsldo
the arena there was mtid-mud to tho shoo
mouth everywhere. But mud does not
matter to the man or womnn who Is in
search of fine hnrseflesh, and the crowds
?who vislted the stables yesterday after
r.oon wera as large as should have been
exnected on n fine day.
The stables of Dr. W. ? E. Woodend
are tiie most extensive at tho grounds.
rhey were tho objectivo point of all
visltors yesterday. Other horses mlght
::laim attention later, but tliose in the
stnlls of the New York man were surc
to get flrst attontibn.
A stroll through the stablcs proved
most entertalnlng. Tt looked as though
the proprietor had tried to have on hand
r. horse for every class. A beautlful Shet
land pony and a coach dog, each as
gentl'e as a poodle, oecupied nn open stall
at tiie entrar.ee to tho row of stalls de
votod to Dr. Wobflend's stud, and there
was no stall on the grounds more popu
Baron Brown, Brown Baron, Snam
rock nnd Santos are the names of four
brown geldings whlch. as park fours,
have taken flrst prlzes at many leadlng
shows in thls country, North and South.
SIdney Manley, who ls nt the head of
the stables. and as a professlonal coach
man stand's at the head of hls class In
Loridon, declafes that Maplo T.enf, the
beautlful bay mare whlch attracted so
much attention, is wlthout a rlval in all
Aroerlca as o lady's ri<1lng mare. She
has taken flrst prlze at nearly. every
show'where exhiblted, and tho spectator
who spends a ten-minutes pattlng her
nose and smoothing her glossy coat
comes nway wlth the Impresslon that
Maple Deaf should have aboitt all she
contonds for.
Then thero are Harmony, Melody and
Pltter-Patter, a landom team, that holds
an unbeaten record. Thls fine trlo will
create a sensation when it enters tho
Gold Leaf, who holds an unqroken
record as wheeU.-r in racing tandems, also
attracted a great doal of attention yes?
Dr. Woodend's staola Is at present the
feature of tho Horse Show. AVhether the
samc can be sald "fter to-dav rqmalns
to be seen. Dr. Wpodcnd hlmself will
reaoh' Rlchmond to-nlght. Hls horses
are sald to he the flnest In any gentle
man's stable in New York. and his cbacri
man and grooms rlalm that only.pro
fessionnlfi can beat 1dm.
Dr. Woodend's stables are the most
extensive at the Horse Show grounds.
There are many othor horses stablect
there of coursc, but yisltora were not
generaily rdcelved at other stables.
Air. Hepry Fairfnx has a number of
horses entered, and \V. E. Boelng, and
Mrs. John Gcrkcn. Graifsenil, T,. I..
also have oxtensl've stables at the
It ls not posslblo to give anything liko
an cxhaustlvc doscrlption of the stables
at the Horso ShOW grounds. If all tho
horses are not there they will be, as tho
classes are cailed from to-nlght.
Some of tho Entries in the Various
Events?Fire Protection,
Not only have th? management of the
Horso Show ''|,:"; e^erjfthlng poaslble for
tho pomplete buccpss of the show; they
have IlkOWlse mado every provlslon In the
way oi precautlon aaalnst aocldont or
flre, a tiie Btoamer will be statlonod J".<t
outslde the amphlthoatre wlth ampju hoae
for any need, and flve flremon aro kept
ln contstant atlondance to smothcr In o
twinkling any blazo. .should "no orlglnate
in any way. Thls foreslglU will bc n fet'l
Ing of addlllunal rc.-unty to all who at
I tend t>ie t-how. Btrlcl regulatlona agalnst
! smoklng in the buildlng w|ll b? enforood
I by tlw speclal pollce provlded by the aaso.
i atl ni
Atnong the horsea entered ?i Ihe show,
but Whiph will iwi be seen bere thls emi
Bon, i; Gernet Ripple, u hnndsome i>ay
: gcldlng, lonnetly uiwie,) and (liteied hcre
by Mr. c, W Smlth, manager of Uiis and
* tho i.>?!:?! burg shows. GnrnaK i? a m?g
i i nuntor, slighlly o>rer slxteon
. .|| o ?.-. ?rs ojd, He wop u blue
ribi n ,; '? ? Rl hiuond ithow |tutt year,
a few da) i ,'ii i -t !?:>" hburg Qarneti
Bjpple wei "lu to Mr. Courtland II,
Sm i lii "i tbt! ilampton utqck farm,
| w'lm ii (t will) him Baturday for Kunsua
rnett ltipple, acqarding to wtii
. | port. leaiizeil 5 J...IO i..i |) i
. |lng !?> a go "I one, ant)
? i. h new owner i ons!d>ru'
: ? fon the f- n on ends.
the other prUfl wlnners Imrt
whl i. won Ihe tilgh jumii
ii fine flold, Thi mare wo?
?:i m Tayjor Uei ipr|ng
1 i Dgtd lioreelf in het
u'b winnere whlch
Will not ho horo is I.lghtfoot, tho bcoutl
ful black goldlng whlch cnrrled olX the
bluc rlbbon and the charhplohshlp laSl
year over auch a prlzo wlnner as RoBUl
Adalr. Llghtiool was sold nt thu closc of
tho ahow laat year to Mr. Mooro, n
weallhy Chlcagc horso fanclor. 'I'hc Mo
C'omh Btablea hftve n worthy successor
on cxhihltlon thls year ln Kontucky Caf?
dlnal, Mr. Waller Molllday's bay goldlng.
Kontucky Cnrdinnl is by lllghland l)en
mnrk. by Mlss Tllton, and la a beautlful
lmy, slxteen hand3 hlgh nnd Just slx
yoars old. Another horso whlch promiseB
to mnko Robln Adalr to look to hls
laurela i, Maple I..enf, the mngnlficont
bay mare owned by Dr. W. 10. Woodond,
Whlch has won blUeS nt all Ihe great
shows of tho North and lOasl. Maple Leaf
Is h beautlful mare, Bixteen hands hlgh,
prottlly innrked. Shc Is Juat flve years old.
Tho most dimunltlvo of all the ponles
hert ls Peter Powcll. n prelty black. only
tcn hands and two Inches hlgh, nnd Just
?ko years old. Peter Is wonderfull.v traln
ed, and will be thn sensatlon of the day
in tho ponles' harness class on Thnrsday
evenlng, Tho next amallest cntry ls
Liisslo, only forty-nlne Inches hlgh, ex
lllblted by E. Strtidwlelt, .lr.
Thoro aro sumo vory happlly named
palra in the varlous harness clnssea to bo
seen thls year. For instanco, Dr. Wood*
end has a palr of hrowns named Baron
ltiuwn and Brown Baron. Mra. John
Gerken has n well nnmed palr ln News
bov and Shbpglrl, each nbout Courteen
hands three inches hlgh, nnd enlpred lu
Ihe harness clnases. TarqUln and BrutuS
nre remlnlscent of Romau hlstory, and
Brandy and SojJti, Mr. T. F, Johnson tt
hafnOSB palr, WOllld appoal to the nver
ago Brltlshor eloquently. 'Mr, Holllster
has a beautlful palr of chestntit geld
IngS, each Jti3t ilfteen hands hlgh, and
nboul the snme age, nnmod Fasclnntlon
and Elevatlon,
Mr. T. L, Kvuns, of Warrenlon, has two
fim. .tlioroughbred huntera here, whlch
have juat gotton ln from the far North.
They are Joker and La Touralne, tho
llrst n brown geldlng, the latter a bay
mare, llve and scven years old, respectlve
ly. Joker, with hls height, is u strong
candldato for the rlbbon in thls class.
?\mong tho horses ontered ln the ladlea
turnout class ls Lady I.lghtfoot, owned
by Mooro and Goodyenr, of Charlottes
ville. Lady Lightfoot la a brother o?
Llghtfoot, last year's ohamplon saddler,
bbth havlng been sired by Feslor. Tlie
Lady has n formidable fleld ogainat her
In ihe class aho ls ontered ln, among
them be4ng such stcppers as Lady Mar
jory, Prlde of Dahelm, Lady Olga, Car
tnenclta, ali of whlch wero seen here last
year, and Dr.i YVoodend's palr of ladies
ilrlvers, King Brillinnt and Snapshot A
biue rlbbon in sueh company is worth
moro than the prize. monoy.
Many Old favorltea will be seen agaln
at the Horse Show thls year, both ln tho
harness nnd saddle classes. Among tho
hunters are Mrs. Dleterlch's Buck, Mrs.
Harwood'a Jaybird, James E. Portera
Forest King, son of Blackblrd; R- M,
Taylpr'a Grey Rock, C. \V. Smlth's Chlp
munk, B. B. Tennanfs Jubllee, Mr. L.
G Young's Bllzzard and Pathflnder, Mr.
Ecattie's Deep Run, Mlss Selden's Jack of
Dlamonds, and many never seen here
l.etore. Among the favorltea of last year
that will not bo seen thls year aro Du
lsny's Bachelor, Courtland Smlth's Ln
to-Date and Tip-Top. Banlster and Sea
Gull Ogonquit, Mr. Dulany's Kathleen
ond'manv others. In thelr placea, how
cver, are more famous horses, and horses
that will prove even bettcr performers.
Among these are Chapple, Kllle, Ymir
Fellow; Lady Winsome, Freelance, Joker,
La Touralne, Colleen Bawn, Marjorle
I ong Red Raven, Hlawatha and many
others that have- taken rlbbons in fast
company. ,, TT
ln tho harness classes David Hurum
and Ixird Radlant, Rajah, Pasha and
B.ownetto, Lady Olga, Lady MarjoriO
and many local horses. Besides these
there are many. new ones, iucluding
manv wlnners at the big Xorthern shows.
Wlthout dlsparagerrient of last years en
trles, it Is but truth to say that tho fleld
of competitors ln every class is a more
brillinnt one thls year than last.
Vanguard of ?hs Ho ss Show Throng
Crowds All the Hostelries.
The hotel accommodatlous of the c.ity
will be taxed to the utmost to entertain
tho crowds that will be here to attend the
Horse Show. The Jefferson has not a
vacant room, if the roservationa be
counted. The same is true of Murphy B
and the Lexlngton. Rueger's ls nearly
lllled up. The bbardjng houses of the city
are overflowing. By to-night it will be a,
difficult matter for the stranger to ob
taln bed and board in Richmond. The
m-.mber of visitors thls year Is far greatcr
than In any prevloua year. and holcl men
are not at all hopeful of belng ablo to
corb for tho Inilux of vlsltors.
Tho horse lover found hotel lobbles a
most congenlal fleld last night. The
breeder and tho exhlbltor of tho equlne
from all over tho Stalo wore there, and
they wero always wllllng and ready to
talk horse. The average Vhginlau la as
naturallv a horseman as a duck ls a
wuter fowl, but thefact ls not so clearly
rcallsod untll the Richmond Horso Show
i? on. It could not bo doubled by tho
lounger In hotel lobbles lust nlght
The crowded lobbles gavo forth the tm
proasion of the evo of a hollday. Horse
talk made many a late hedtlrne.
The Unlted Statea Marlne Uand, whlch
ls to furnlah the muslc for tlie. Horsa
Show artived last nlght. There aro forty
two mombera of thu -.and horo out ot a
total of scventy. whlch eompose the, or
ganlzatlon, Tlie mwaiclana are quartered
|n a boarding hOUBO at Tentli and Clay
SUeetS but Lloui. \V. II. Salehnan, tho
leador, haa lodglnga at Murphy's. He aaid
lust nlght that he had assurud tho boys
undcr hlm they would have a flne tlme
at tho Richmond Horse Show. uiid hls ob
gepratlon thua far had led hirn to bellovc
he would not havo l? tako anythliig
Tho mualclans who will furnlsh tho
melody for the show are about cqunlly
dlvlded botweon brass and rcod per
It is aomowhat romarkablo, and rathcr
funny that many people who are here
hosltato to say that they camo to
Richmond to attend the Horse Show. Sev
oral staid lnwyers from dlstatit countlea
aro ln the elty lo romaln untll Saturday.
??I came to Ryrhinniid ln connoct'nn
with tho 0880 ot tho Ponnsylvunla Rail
way and tl'.e two tugfl the Trlgg f'o nj-inv
was bulldlng for the railway pompan}'
wlion Ihe shlpyard wt'iit lnto the ham'a
or a reeelver." snid Colonel Franola L,
Binlth, of Aloxandrla, at Muridiy's. IIo
will be here oia- or two dfiys and will at?
tend the IJorso Bliow.
"1 am hard at vvork on sonio logal rnat
tcra whlch will kaep mo. in Richmond tin
tll Batiirdny," aald llon. 1'ombroko Pet
lli. of Phivanna eounty, at Murphy's. Ho
mI|| attend thn ahow.
"JukI here to look around," aald E. <L
AkerSi form-r storotai'y lo tho RaJlrond
r'ommisnk>iior. 1K- aftorwardH udmltted
(1,???.], Iniorost In the lloiro BhOW,
??I didn'i flxpect to be here thls w-.k,"
PreeorlpHo! I UU)U04
Rheumatlsm ????? jiww R(htomi.
At iIiukki"!". ri?. UoUl*. Poitul brhiya booklet.
II. Mui.i.ni.l'ulror?|ty I'lu '
BecauKo It (suppllea
tho strength t0 the
l)ody to throw oft
tho coid nnd prev-mt
pupumonla nnd con
sumptlon, la why
phys ci.ins bfidorsi
Fnther John's Me<l
Iclno for all throa
niul lung trouble .
Its nou.lhlng qu'ill
ties furnlr.li v li II v
by wli ch tho svs o '
is able to Wafd off
attaiks of cold^?H
helps tho ftomnch
to nss nillate food
and forci's nutrltion
Into tho blood. Not a pntont mcd clne,
and rrce from Wcakenlng stlmulants, i i
colJOl or nerve-destroylng and POlspnoua
drugs. Wo are able to guarantoo lt bo
Cattsa it has nevor fnlhd to do all tnai
Is clftlmed for lt, durlng th- flftV K'?'?
of Its BUCCeBS, slnce it was prrscribed foi
the late Rov. Fn her John O'Hre , ot
I.owoll. Mass., by whom lt wns roc m
ttioildod and from whom lt doriv; d lilj
liaine. Fnther John's Mediolne ls t ?
sale by Owens and M ner Driig C m
pnny, 1007 Enst M iln Streot; Clty D Ug
Storo, 1444 Hnst Mnln Streot; People ?
DrUR Storc, 391)0 Wllllamsburg AVenU?|
Northsida Phartnacyj 091 Npr'h I ?t"
Strcet; I'lne-S reet Pharmacy, 334, SOUtn
1'ine Streot; JSast Pharinncy, 2C01 Vcnob.o
Street. __
sald J. G. Foster, of Roanoke. "Yes, I
suppose 1 Bhall Beo tho Horse Show, now
that I tira here,"
"I will go home to-morrow night." tta d
Dr. Tom lt, Farrlsh, of Charlottcsvlllc.
"I inny sce the show."
And Mr. T. W Rhodcs, of Albemnrle,
who it wlth Dr. Farrsh, laugt.ed. He
knew ,is well as tlK doc.tor (hat they
v.ould not seo Charlottesvillo to-nlght or
even to-morrow. Dr. Farrlsh, though a
Kcntuclclan, and horso man In the truest
sense, was moro Incllned to dlscuss his
eandldncy for the I,eglslature against
Hon. W. H. Boaz than horses.
Followlng are some of the ladlos and
gcntlemcn from Vlrglnla and athtir
States who nre here to attendithe show:
At tho Jefferson?Mr. and Mrs. A, E.
Smlth, New York; Kenner T. Crawley,
Fnrmvlllo, Va.; C. C. Maycr, Philndel
phln; Georgo S. Norfleet and wlfo. Wln
ston, N. C,| F. Madduck and wlfe. Phlla
delphla; MIbs Brttce tind Mlsa Bnylor,
Vlrglnla; ,Mr. Rnd Mrs. J. N. Brazler,
Philadelphia; E. O. Meyer, Charlottes
vllle, Va.J Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Har
rlson, Lynchburg, Va.: Dr. W. E. Wood
end and, valet, Mrs. Woodepd and Mlsa
Kennedy, New York; Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas Deford. valet and maid, Baltl
moro; W. H. West, Baltlmore; A. K.
Fletctier, Jr., Harrlsonburg, Va.; S. W.
Stlllwcll, Shelburne. Va.
At Murphy/s?R. C. Lewis, Culpeper,
Va.; G. T. Hawkins, Falls Church, Va.J
L. M. Balley, Fortsmouth, Va.; E. L.
Splttlc. Alexandrla, Va.; R. L, Murphy
nnd L. M. Davls, Wilmmgton, N. C; Mr.
and Mrs. Li. H. Fender, Greonville, N.
C; Pembroko l'ettit, Virglnla: J. R.
Allen, Danville, Va.; W. W. Hawklps,
Ingrani, Va.; L, D. Parsons nnd N. A.
Beme'r. Warr^nton, Va.: J. \V. Wh'snour
nnd A. H. Oliver, Wake Forcst, N. C;
W. A. Payne, Staunton, Va.; C. H. Pax
ton, Natural Bfldge, Va.; W. B. Gillea
ple, Lexington, Vn.; Robert (3. Scott,
Amherst Courthouse.
Mr. C. H. Moore, who is tho prcsident
of tho Charlottesville Horse Show Asso
clation, came to tho clty last night on
the prlvato car of General Superintcn
d'ont C. C. Walker, of the Chesapeako and
Ohlo. Mrs. Moore nccompanled him.
Mrs. Walker went to Charlotlesville and
nccompanled Mr. and Mrs. Moore to
This the Reason tor: the Withdrawal of
Heatherbldc m and Others.
Efforts' are hcing madeto arrange wlth
Mr. Rlchard DonnelbYtbo owner of Rifle,
to induco him to substltute his great
Jumper for Heatherbloom ln the trial for
a. record high jump at Baturday eve
ning's perforroance. Rifle won the chnm
plonship at Mudison Square Garden last
year, defoating Heatherbloom, and haa
a record of sevon foet elght inches, whlch
was tho record until tho Willets wondcr
raiscd It a few weeks ago. lt is now be
lieved that Mr. Dohnelly will consent, and
a great exhlbitlon will be offorded.
The withdrawal of Heatherbloom, Cis
sle, Crow, Jack, Toronto, and others was
necessitated by tho recolpt of the follow?
lng telegram from thelr owner by Mr.
DonneJly, who has tho horses in hls
Rlchard Dormclly, care Rlchmond Horse
Show Association:
Master Jack dylng. Withdraw our en?
tries and shlp horses liomo at once.
(Signed) H. WILLETS.
'After tho roceipt of that telegram an<
other announced tho death of the lad,
Mr. Willet's Bon. Unlwersal regret Is ex
pressod at thls sad lnterrupllon ot the
programmo. '
Popular Fredericksburg Horse Owner
Detained at Home Thereby.
Mr. J. T. Andcraon, prosident of the
Horse Show Assoclatlon yesterday re
celved a telegram from Mr. C. H. Hur?
kamp, at Fredericksburg, informing of
Mrs. Hurkamp's critical iilness, and
statlng that unles.s there wns marked
Improyoment ln her condltion he could
not be here with his pprses. Mr. Anderson
last night cxpressed tho hope that Mr.
Hurkamp would yet bo ablo to come and
pnrtlcipate Iri tho huntcr classes In whlco
hlH great Amaret and Mrs. Hurkamp's
Hornplpe aro entored, Mr, Hurkamp If
one of tho bost rldera and most popular
gentlemen that luuvo ever rldden at u
Rlchmond sh"w. If Mrs, Hurkamp's con?
dltion pormlts him to get hore, he will be
giveu a great ovatlon. Mr. Anderson Is
very hopeful that the Fredericksburg
gentleman will be here boforo tho hIiow ls
two days old.
(t'ontinued From First Pnge.)
mltted to the court thelr rcqueats for ln>
structlons to the jury. Roforrlng to tho
odltorlala in Tiie Stuto. ho Biiid they weio
befpro the Juiy to show feelings. He re
forred to tha litmrty of tho.piess. The
Koilcitor dovoted hlniself largely to a re
vlew and suiiiinlng up of tho ovldence ad
duced by tho prosecutlon concernintf
threats, next tuklng up <nd oompnr pg
the tostlmoiiy of wltuesses on the two
sldes lolutlve to the shootlng wlth n VIO'W
to Hhowing that Mr. CJon??lea was unnrm
c?d and sought to avold a dlfflculty wlu-n
he mot tl?o defendant on tho day of tho
The Holicltor was followud by Ml'- "e">
bert, of couniiol for tho defenso, wlio satd
among utlwr liiiigs that tlis defense dld
not conot'do lli.it N'. Qi Gonzales was
uiianned at thi tlmo lio was shot. Ktrcss
w.i- lald by counael in"" tho charge
ni.ide by Mr. I'b.nzales agalnst tho dofeuU
anl lo ehow, aa lu. stated, tho intluonoo
they had on the dofondant's mlnd, when
he mot Mr. Gonsalea, January JptlV
Attomey 'Villlani Elllott. Jr., followed.
iie pontended that Mr. Gotiealcs wns
Wlthln lil? t'lghl ln dlscussing a man In
puol'o lll.? uui] useortOfl that Mr- Tillman
l,..,! ipcotirso to tho llbol law for re-drees.
Iie nald thul ?? iiuinbur of utterances con
j tali.td ln the cditorlals whlch hatl been
read woro exlrncts from other newapn
pors, nnd added that ?*r, GohBale? had not
mentlonod tho home llfe/if tho defendnnt,
Mr. Elllott sald tho'dylng deelaratlon ,
laken down In shorthnnd hiul not been
InlrodiKjed booauso tho stonogrtilpher ,
muklng II wna Kditor G<mzn\e?' pnvato ,
Mr. Mlllotl mado "?(> Of. tho stnlcmelH
mndo by thtf defendnnt lhat ho luid tho
"drop" on Gohznlofl,
Colohol George .lohnslono began hls
nddrcss to tho Jnry In bohnlf of the de
fendant, when COtlrt reconvened at 3 l\
M. and .-spoke for two and n half hours.
IIo contonrted thul tho llborty of the press
dld not glvo the rlght to U80 denunclatlon.
He rervlowotl the loHtlmnny leadlng up lo
Ihe shootlng nnd Ihslflted lhat tho two
statements testltlod to as tho dylng do
elarntlons of I-'Alllor Gonz.iles wero at
Vnrlnnce nnd that tho varlanco wna dua
to the morphlne ndmlnlsterod to hlm af?
ter ho was shot.
Mr. Johnstono had tlio shorlff stn.nd be?
foro the jnry with Mr. Gonzales' overcoat
on and polntlng to tho bullet hole. claimod
It stipiHirtod the dofondnnt's verslon of
tho ahooting.
Mr. Asbill, also of counscl for the Statc,
was the last to nddress tho Jnry, but hud
but fa'rly begun when tho bour of nd
journment arrlved. Ho aald It was llvo
months after tho last odltorlal was wrlt
ten concernlng Mr. Tlllmnn that tho
ahooting occurred and contended tlwvt tho
edltorlnls must bo ellmlnnted from con
(Contlnued From Flrst Pago.)
fuinil thelr engagomont to evaouato
Manchurla on that dato. Ho, howover,
had heard nothlng from hls governmont
on tho Bubjeot
Cho Foo. the sourco of the latest alarm
Ing nows, la sevoral humltccl rnllea from
Ma-San-Pho, ho tho reports of Japanese
military movementa thero aro llkely to
bo a repetltlon of slmlhir storles ctrcu
lated last weok, whlch later accounts
Announcement of La^se of Convention
Heard With Ridlcule,
(By Assoclated Press.)
YOKOHAMA, October 12.?The n
nouncement by M. Leasar, the Ruaalan
mlnister to Ch'na, that tho Manchurlan
convention betwoen Russta and Chlna
has lapsed, la rocelved here with ridlcule.
Dlspatches from Cho Foo report that a
Russlan warshlp and a transport with
&00 trops left Port Arthur October 4th, for
Corea. Slxty Japanese clvlllana left Port
Arthur October 10th for Nagasakl. The
Russlan forces at New Chwang are ro
rorted to have been increased. General
TCodama, Japanese homo mlnister, has
been appolr.ted chlof asslslant to tho mil
Itary staff. Tho premicr will assume
General Kodama's portfollo. The premler
and the mlnisters for war, noA'y and for
olgn affalrs had a simultnncous audlenee
with the Emperor to-day. Baron Von
Rosen, the Russlan mlnister, and Baron
Knmura, the Japanese forelgrn mlnister,
have not yet had a conference.
Relations Between Japan and Russia
Reach a Crlsis.
(By Associated Press.)
BERLIN. October 12.?A dlspatch from
Shanghai t.o the Frankfurtor . Zeltung
states that h'ews haa roached thore from
Cho Foo to the elTocl that tho Japanosf
have ocoupled Masampho, and that an
olliciul declaratlon of war is expecled.
The relations between Japan and Rus?
sia have reached 'a crlsis, accordlng to
the ofllcial view here. The exact nature
oi the dlplomatlc exchanges between the
twe governrnents' that brought out the
prosent tenalon appear to be unknown ot
the legatlons of the two countrles here
or at tho German legatlons at St. Potors
burg and Toklo, although It ls under
stood that Great Brltaln Is prlvy to Ja?
pan's movements.
Russian Papers Review Japan's Military
Streng h.
(By Assoclated Press.)
ST. PETERSBURG, Oct. 12.-Slgnlfl
cance Is attached bero to the fact that
tho ofllcial Messcnger and the Journal do
St. Potersburg print tho Berlln T.okal
Anzleger's dlspatch relating to tho moa-e
ment of the Russlan flect and tho posslble
colncldent landlng of Russlan nnd Jap?
anese troops ln dlfferent parts r?f Coreo,
Sevoral hewspapers have publisliod rc
vlews of Japan's military . and naval
Japanese Legation in Washington Has
Heard of No Act of War.
(By Asuoclated I'ress.)
WASHINGTON, Oct. 12.?Asidc fro.-n
extenslvo military preparatlons by both
nations, tho Japanose legation here ls
not udviserl that elther Russia or Japan
has as yet commltted any act of. war,.
The Japanese Mlnister Is belng kept con
stnntly advlsed by cablegrams from
Toklo of tho sltuatlon, and reallzlng its
gravlty, he ls mpvillg with great cau
tlon. Tho negotlatloua botweon Russia
and Japan, accordlng to his ndvlcos, aro
still ln progroHB, and there la hopo of a
dlplomatlc sottlement of tho questlons
at lasuo.
thips Qatl-ering.
(By Assocliiloil Prens.)
PORT 8AID, EGYPT, Oct. 12.?Tho
Russlan battleshlp Czarovltch and tho
Russlan nrmored orulsor Bayan arrlved
here to-day, bound fur Chincse waters.
The Czarevltch proceeded to-day.
1'ANAMA.?Tlie ti'lcgrapli asrvloe hiih been
rcMtorril, but nothlng waa rcoolrod here COHllrnV
ing ihe report" ,,f ,l revolHllonury plot, it ih
liollevi-il that thi' fact tlnu llie Korernmeiil kllOW
i,r tho iiiiiu loim beforo tlib dute flxed for it?,
ClCCUtloil dooina H to fulluru. Thu couutry BecuiU
tt) h? ngaiiUit furthiT wtirdiru.
"I flnd CaseoreU bo iood tlmt I woold. not be
wltliuut thein. I wiui tratibleii t jrrcat ilcul with
torjild llvur nnd Itc?du<!ha. Nmv binco tathig
Oancurela C'anUy C.'alhailiu 1 feel very uiiudi btttcr
J Bhall cBituialr reooimueiut thtui to my frlciula
?? tbcboit woillpliio 1 liavo sveraeen,'1
Auu? llatiuut, Uvbvru Mill No. 8, t'ull lilvor, alan.
Pleaiant. P?l?tabl?. Potent.TaetoGnod.J)oOooil,
inl'l in Imlk. Tho t-'-uiiIno lublct ?tamiiod 0 tJ 0.
auarantocd to curo or ynut nioncy bttek.
Bterllng Reinedy Co., Chlcago or N.Y. 6oi
(Succsssors to Thonias R. Prlce & Co.)
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Contlnucd From First Pnge.)
nnd pummel cach other untll the fur will
be Hylng at a right brisk rate.
^Commi.teemen fvlay Come Out.
All sorts of rumors are floatlng abroatl
and none of them ls more Intorestlns
than that to the el'foct that certaln merri;
bera of tho State Democratlc CommKtoe
arc proparing to cnter tho llsts and stump
tho county for Brauer and agalnst tho
man who, wlth a portion of the county
organtzation has hurled dofldnco In the
faco of tho StatC head of the party.
Tho aotlon of the County Commtttee
last Saturday, when for a second tlme
lt came fortli wlth a denlnl of any
jurisdlctlon over |t on tho part of the
Ceptral Committee, has provokod no llttle
feeling among somo of the niembers of
tho |aet namod body, Thla socoud doflant
ll'rohounooiTient from tho county haa very
conside.-ably aggravated a Hltuatinii al
rnaUy acute, and thnre aro Indlcatlojis of
a posslblo devclopmpnt or two from this
Alroudy it is ?ald that somo of tho
ytato oommltt'eemen will got squaro down
Into the flb'ht and work for tiie man
whom they hav0 recognlzed ns tho Domo
eratio nomiuoe. Among tue ntimes men
tloni-rl ln thls connectlun aro thoae of
Judga Aaa Wutlflns, ot Farmvllie, atid
Mr. J. C. Porkor, of Houthampton. Both
of theso gentlemon aro oxcecdlngly wull
knuwn, nnd If they enter tho Jlets ns It is
Bald they will do, wlth a posslblo one or
two moro, there Ib uvory reason to be.
llovo that. warm t|mea aro ahead. Judge
Watkins Is Commonwealth's attortwy of
h's county, and was formerly county
judgo, nnd now a member of the Btato
Bermto, Mr. Parker wap a member of
l|,o Legislnture, and lt? one of tho flnest
epeahore ln the State.
When Imiulrles were meilo yesterday at
the offlco of W. H- Bands, Brauer'K
uttornoy. nothlng poaitlve could be loarn
ed about thn matter. Mr. Bands. admhted
tliat they were ln correspondenco wlth
both tho gentlemen niuntloned, but snid
nothlnc definlto had been heard from.
them. The speaklng will begln soon, but
lt is Impossiblo to fix the datc exttotly.
A-o'her County Co'imittee?
Another rumor ot equal or more ln.
lerwst and Importanco ls that there will
, Bhoi tly spring Into polng a now Demo
cratic Commlttee of Henrlco eounty.
It waa gatlr-rod yesterday that thero
has been somewhat of a change of plun
alnce Saturday; and that the four gen
tlemen?Messrs. Ryan, Meyor, Graves and
Kellam?who .si'g/ned a poper owning alle
gianco to the Stnto Commlttee nnd do
plorlng tho atand taken by tho County
Commlttee. will not realgn from tho last
numed bndy, of whlch Ihay are meni
bera. They will certalnly not do thls
at present. There la aomothlng more start
llng browlng, nnd the sum and substnnce,
of It ls that a movement l? belng- quiotiy
mado to have theae gentlomen become
the nucleus of a now county commlttee.
Havlng profcased alloglauce lo the party
hoad, thoy will refuae, It Is auld, to affll
Jato with any who have decllned to do
llkowlse, will wlthdrnw, constl'tuta them
selvea a new commlttee, and proceed ut
onco to flll the vacanclea iu Its membor
ahlp. It will then go to tho State Com
rni'ltoo, aaklngr for rocognltion, and the
ohances are protty good that It will ba
recngnlzcd. Thls movoment, If It Bucceeda,
would havo the effect of placing tho
eight men who voted for Todd ln tho posi
tion of hnvi'ng bolted. from tlie party.
Should the achemo work, It ls belloved
that Mr. iMward L. Ryan will bo chalr
nuin of the now comnilttoo. Mr. Ryan
was acoii yesterday, but was not pre.
pared to dlscusa the sltuatlon at any
length. He mrrelv sald that tho movo
memt waa on and that thore inlght ba
some carly developmenta.
Have R,-gun Hght.
Rolh Brnuer nnd Todd have begun thelr
flght. Thu former has flooded tho county
with. rards ealling upon the people lo
vote for hlm as the Bemocratlo nominee
for the oflleo of treasurer. Yesterday he
isaued a lengthy letter, atotlne furtner
concernlng hl? intorview wltti Chalrman
Rutlln last week.
Mr. Todd hou also lasued hla cards, on
whlch ho claVms the party nomlnation,
lle 1ms sealterPd broadcast oirotilars ec-n.
talnlng eoples of the resolutlona sdop ert
by tho County Commlttee. .. Along with
each olrcultir eoes a enrd bearlng the
To tho vnters pf Henrlco county:
Havlng boen declnrecl the regitlnr Demo.
c.ratle nomniee for the otllce of treasurer
of Henrlco county, to be voted for on
November !ld, ll>?5. o? will uppear from
tho resolutlons of the Henrlco Lemo
crutlc Commlttee, of whlch the enclosed
ls a true copy. 1 hereby announce my
acceptance of sald nomlnation. Thank.
ing you l'n advance for your votes and
influence, I am,
Verv truly yours.
Tak? Lixnllvu Itrouio Qululiio Tahlets. All
rdSHfV-.? rrtlnd the money |( lt f.ll. to enr..
E. \v. Gruve'b signature ia ou each box. J?c.

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