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(Continucd From Flrst FaRC.)
Jolnlng cotinflrs, nnd to other parts of thft
fltato, nnd iniiny have marti; tholr nmrk.
These Tar-Heel-HoosiorH Boftrd of tho
old homo day celobrallon jero, anil they
gfllfiorcd at Indlanapolls, Chartefcd n
traln nnd cnmo in this mnnlng, two liun
drtd and flfty strong. Tiey nre a giood
looking, |W?U drosscd ib<l onthuslanttc
delogallon. Now wo eiiiiilndorptnnd Vhy
Indlnna po ofton goos umocratlc.
Thorn are natlve Tni'JIeels hero also
from every ono of th<< Mlddln Western'
States. The Olilo delugfllon Is heculcd hy
tlio veneralilo Mur.it M/IMond n JomnaMst
and atatosinati, whoBo/mmo Ih a natlohnl
liousehold worri. Mr.'Mulstend, who is
now atvay up ln the st'ontlcs, ls proud of
hls Tar-lleol llncago Ihd dellghls ln the
coples of thn IhBcrlptpns on hls father's
and mother's tomhutiies, in whlch lel
terlinj tho fnets are riide prnmlnent thnt
iiln father wns a natljo of orafigo eounty
and hls moihor a nsLlvo ot I'nsquotnnk
county, N. C.
Nntlvo Tar Heels ivho hnvo rcachod
hclghta ln other Htiles nre here from
as far west as Monbna, Cnllfolnla nnd
Ncviuln. lowa, Mliteadta, Wisconsjn,
Iillnols, Mlssotiri an nll th^ Botithern
Elates are roprescnwl. 'I'nr lleels from
MassachUBotU, KhodfJaland. Oonne.ctlrut,
New York and Ponaylvanld aro ulao
here. ' /?
Vlrglnia?well, Vlfilnla ls slmply too
numcroiiB to menlon. 'i'ho Richmond
dclcgatlon Ik hcada by Dr. \V. W. Mooro,
who yesterday praohed In one of the
churchos and to<ay made one of the
aprlthlHest of thoinuny sprlghtly npecch
es made to tho fidlenre In Oroensboro's
beautlful and roimodlotiH Opora HOUse,
Norfolk, Portanouth, Newport Nowu,
Dunviiie, Lyncl/urg, Staunton, Roanoke
and a dozen Hinller towim aro nlHo rcpre
ecnted by delaatlons of natlves who
have helped i make thoso lowns and
cllles what tliy are.
By tho way.Panvlllo'la furnlahlns tho
muKlc for tlie occaslon. Luther's sllver
cornut band, t Danvllle, Is belng praised
on every hanl for tho good inusic which
cheors tho vst aKsemblles. Vlrglnia, Is
atrlctly ln it'ln Oreensboro to-day.
' Greensborohas a pretty Opcra House.
?'?, will holdnearly aa many people as
VIchmond'sAcademy of Musle. llow ho
U,ni| u t0m supports such a blg Opera
Siuse Ih ccounted for by tho markut
'}.' i butcpr Htall3 undernealh. It's a
s 'd way.to have an Opera Houso 1?
i-U can'tket lt ln any other way, but
o Bplle o.ihe muttonl?h smell the Opera
Aoubc w? packod to its utraoHt eapaclty
ihls aftenoon at the blg reunlon proper.
1 Gcncrn Matthew \V. Ransbm, who Is
pre-cmlrntly ontitled to be called North
Carollms "grand old man," presldcd,
and hls riltlal speech was a gem. There
were mny short and splcy spceehes at
the reulon, but the gems of the occa
Blon wtc thofic made by Governor Ay
cock, CdgreSBman Bhober, of New York,
and Dr.Moore, of Richmond. My verdict
Ik forrrrl as well frorn the applau?e of
tho vasaudleiice im from my own Judg
To-niflt there were receptlons R-alore.
At th?Greensboro Female Colleg-e, at
tho Nfth Carollna Btato Normal and
Ind'JHtal College, of whlch Dr. Charlea
D MO-'er Is presldent; at the edltors'
hendqiifters, at the Masonlc and Py
thlan /lllls, and, ln fact, at nearly every
r<tldf.irt ln tho clty.
Tonnrrow all the fun will be on the
old'Giilford Courthouse hattleground,
un .lorno oratorlcal eannons of very big
bce will be flred off.
reunlon of Bcattered natlves Is a
irjhty good thing to have. Homo Tar
I^la have learned to-day. as they never
iew before.^-what-great thingu the mns
cthc old State have been dclng In thelr
lopted States, and many of Uiem have
Imbed the ladder of fame. All have
>no falrly well.
Tho returned wanderers luivo learned
'hat a grand edlflce those they left at
,ome have erected on tho ftrm founda
ions lald by thcir patrlotic and llberty
.cving fathors. Mutual congratulations
are the order of the day, and such
another handshaklng the Old North State.
has never known.
A reunlon or old homo day is a g-ood
thing If you work it rlght, By all mcans
Vlrglnla should have ono. and of course
Richmond must be the acene of the g-ath
trlng. Oratory, sentlment and "bun
eomlie" are the prlnclpal ingredients.
These ore plentiful and chcap In Vir
An old home day in Richmond would
not cost over 125,000. Certalnly 15,000 scat
tered natlves would come, and each one
would drop at least |5. Don't you see?
Richmond would be $50,000 anoad of {he
sjamo. Bully! Let'B have au old home
day or a wholo wcek.
Thlrty States Rspresanted in the Re
turning Thousands.
(Speclal to Tho ThncK-Dlspateh.l
GREKNSBORO, N. C? Oct. 12.-The re?
unlon of North Carollnlansi resldln^ in
other Btates begtin here to-day, and will
be concludod to-rnorrow.
Ex-Unlted States Senator .Matt. W. Rtn
aom Is prosld ng as master of peremonio <.
Ho was introduced thls mornlng ln nn
address by Dr Charlew D. Mcfvor, pres.
dent of the State Normnl College. T.'.e
address of welcomo on beluilf of the St.ite
wus dellvered by Charlea B. Aycock,
Governor of North Carollna, and the ad?
dress of wolcome ln bohalf of Qreensboro I
was dellvered by Colonel James T, Morc
Tho city is profusely decoratod with
buntlng and flaga.
To-day from enrly dnwn untll tl! o clock
evory ln-eom.iiB traln haa hterally poured
pasaengcrB f:om po.nts ln and out of the
Stute, and when at ^ o'clock the formnl ,
exerelseB at the Opera Hoihc, w th a seat
ing capacity of 2,0(KJ peoplo, began, lt wes \
Been that not half tho v.sitoVa ulone could :
be acoommodated,
What an oxtraordinary gatherlng lt |
wn.?. for dlstlnguished men and pluln oitl
renH returnliiK homo to look upon. In !
one group on the Htago they could look
PABST invented
and. uses to-day an
uniquesystem ror
conveying beer ar
rect from yat to
kottle without ex
posing it to atrnos
pneric impuritie*s.
a/ways pure-~
not a speck of dust
or dirt can reacn the
beer, and even the
Pabst Brewery0
ltseifis as clean and
spotless asyourown
kitcnen. For a
liealthful and de
licious table beer
nas no peer.
In the faces of every Stato offlcer of
North Carolina. everyone of Its dla'lp
gulshed Supreme Court, one of Its Unlted
States Senators. Its two Unlted States
judges and its ten representat voi in Con
gross. Another group, !i.-aded by the
noblo Rarlsom. wlth the Govornor of the
State, the Lleutenant-Govcrnor, the
Speaker of the Houso of Representalives,
to add to tho splendid galaxy.
Officlaldom in- essence. but an assem
blage of faltbful public snns that tha
old mother took tjrlde ln showing off be?
fore hor wanderlng. but returned, chll?
dren. Tho exercises begnn by a fel cltoua
IntrodUction bv Dr. Mclvor, presldent of
tho Board of Managers. In a brlef, but
oloquent, talk. G'enoial Ransom cailed tho
great assemblage to order, recelvlng an
ovatlou beforo he could reach an uprlght
posturo that cheored his bravo old heart
and choked his utterances and for sevo:al
momcnts after he had sat down here W13
round after round of applause and calls
for more.
Modestly wnltlng for the tumult to bu'd
sldu. the young Governor, just Introduced
so graclously by tho Old Romm. carr.o
forward and dellvered an extraordlnarlly
valuable epltomo on the true hls o I al
lifo of tho State. coupled with an elo
ciuoncc and sentlmont, unsurpassod 111 this
Kollowlng th's carrte the addross of wel
come on the pnrtof Greensboro and Gull
ford county by its most houored cit.zen.
Colonel Jamcs T. Morehead. whoso very
namo ls llnked wlth the history of the
State In Its proudest perlod of projross
and development. Then came eizxpjont,
feellng and npproprlnte br'of ros'onsei
from represontatlves of sons abroad,
These exerclpos closod the romarknblo
first aession of tho flrst Stato reunion.
To-nlght the clty ls ablazo wlth llght and
jovial jrood fellowship, tho ligh of beam.
jng companlonshln, shining ln evt ry face
rlvnllng thn artlflcial splou 'or aff rded
by the genus of nmdern thought and In
Informal ontortainments, recoptlons,
amokers, elfl.. aro ho ng glven nt as m nv
ns flfty speclal hoadquartcrs, derghtful
entertaitiments aro belng ghon ai tho
Stato Nornial Collego, whore more than
flve hundred women from every ooti'ty
ln the stnto ronresontod aome historlol
or other dlatlnetlve foaturo of each coun?
ty, nnd at the rireensboro Female Col
lege, two hundred young lad es are g vhig
another entertalnment and general re
To be tired out from bard work or bodily
exercise is uatural and rest is the remedy, but
there js an exhaustion without physical exer
tion and a tired, never-rested feeling?a weari
ness withottt work that is iinnatural and sliows
eome.serious di3order ia threatening the beaUh. One of tbe cbief causes of
tbat ''Ahvays-tired, never-rested condition" is impure blood and bad eircu
lation. Unless tbe body is nourisbed with ricb, pure blood tbere is lack of
nervptlS force, tbe UlUS- Foroverfouryearfl x Bllfrered with gonerol dobillty.
Cles pecomeweak; tnecil- omiHingathoroueb breakingdownof my ayHtem. My
frestion imnaired and oouain, who had beon beneJIted by S. B, B,, tpld mo
gcuion lmpaiifcu, uhm ftbout ,'ti i tried it und it ourod me. I heartily ro
general disorder occuxs oommond B. S. B. to all who muy foel the nood of a
tkroughout tbe system. thorougUly good blood tonW IQSgffifi^SMat
Debility, insomnia, ner- 44 w. Ninth Ht.,Oolumbit,,Teua.
vousness, indigestion, . .
dyspepsia, loss of appetitci strength and energy, nnd the hundreds of little
aihfients we often have are due directly to a bad con?
dition of the blood and circulation, nnd the quickest
way to get rid of them is by purlfying and building
up the blood, and for this ptirpose 110 remedy equals
?S. S. S., which contains the best ingredients for
cleansing the blood and touingup the system. Itiaavegetablebloodpurifier
aud touiecombined, thatenriches the blood, andthrough ittheentire system
ie uourished aud refreshing sleep comes to the tired, never-rested, body.
rf'Ptlon. And tho nlKht ls fllled with mti
Bundny wag glvon over to rellgtous cx
erclyes look nt; to tho futurc; ti-day
dlstlnctlvoly North Carol na Day hns bv on
glven over to tho present and to-morrow
nt the Oullford batJo ground with Hon.
[ Hokn Smlth. Wnlter II. l'.ige, 13. A. Al
I derman, Paol Bnrrlrger. os"? D toll
and Murat Halstond, tho paat, tho present
and the future of tho State nnd the na
tlon will come in revlew ihe days of the
Revolutlon belng tho starting po.nt.
Governor Aycock G.ves Warm Welcome
to the Vlsitors.
(Special to The Times-Dispatch.)
rjRFENSBORO. N. C, Oct. 12.-ln Prosl
dent Mclver'B gpeech, open.ng tii ? excr
c.ses thls morn.ng and lnt.oducl. u Sona
lor Ransom, ho declared that tho pur
poses of tne reunlon v\olo threo:
1st. To futniah nn opportunlty for North
Carolinians. nt homo ,.nd abro-.d, .o renew
and Htrengthcii old tuondsnipa and to
fonn new ones.
2d. To secure for North Carollna from
thoso who, ln the fortunes of l.fe. have
lott her borders and mado thelr homes
elsewherc, the insniration and instiuuiion
that thoir varled oxpcnence and v, Ider
view make them capuble of glving to us
who are actlvelv Ohgagcd ln tno work of
UpbUlldlng our mother State.
3d. To adverUse to tne country North
Carollna s contributlon to Amerlcan clti
zcnstup, *nd to so organlzj her aoni
and daughtera, res.dent nnd nori-reslue.,t.
that whateVer of good there ls ln tne
character. tradit.oim nnd lilsto. y of tno
sturdy old Commonwcaith may he lm
prcBscd upon our nationnl llfo.
Governor Ayoook'a address was a mag
rilflcont trlhuio to the proud hl.tory of
North CarolinH?a histo lcal ske cht full
of lnterest to every son of Ihe old North
Btate m hearlng. Hls woids of welcome
were warm nnd henrty. B.ild lie:
Wo are glad to have you w.th us onco
more. You come to us not as jounger
sons who have waated your pordo.ia
in riotous llvlng, but nn aons wh>
left us with our blcsslng to seek the fa
vors of fortune elsewhero, nnd h-vin,'
won ypur places ln other States. h. vo
come home at last to renew your acqualn
tance with old fnends and rejoice agaip
nmld the scenes of your youth. Wo Hhall,
therefore. klll no fattcd calves for you,
no robos will be brought out and no rm^s
placod upon your fi.igers. You a e at
home agaln to share with us nll he ningg
whlch wo have. The North Carollna look
ls ln your eye; her specch is on your
Ilpn: her ideals llvo in your heats. We
rejoice In your presence; tnke del-ght ln
your prosperiiy; praise you for tho thlnss
whlch vou have dono and hope the ut
most of your future.
We wish you to feel that thls ls now
agaln your State. "We would awakcn the
memorles of your early youth and stir
afresh the old t,me aft'cction. And thls
State of your natlvity Is worthy of your
love. Her hlstory ls such as to Justlfy
your pride in her. Her achieve.1 en s
comparo with those of any other Suiie,
and make her sons, wherever they be,
proud to be known as North Carol niani.
1 am dlrooted to express the appreela
tlon of my people for the manifestat on
of your continued affection wh.ch has
brought you togethor in your diatant
homes under the name of the dear old
State. It ls delightful to us to be thm
remembcred by you. It Inspires us to
our best efforta to maintain that affec?
tion whlch is so beautifully expressed in
your act. It deters us from dolng any
thlng to bring dlshonor upon t..at fa r
name ln whose honor you assoc ate. It
ha3 been mv pleasure onco slnce I have
been Governor of thls State to be tho
guest of a North Carollna soclety n a
dlstant clty. It was to me a great hap
plness. I rejolced in their prosperity. I
delighted ln their man.fest joy when
ever the old mother State was mentloned.
They tried to slng for me the old North
State. but they broke down bcfo 0 iln
ishlng the first stanza. Gentlemen, you
eannot slng the songs of Z on in str ngo
lands. The muslc of the old North State
1b for home. Like our scupernong grapo,
it is racy of the soil and eannot b3
Vought to perfectlon elsewhero.
Large Delegation Headed by Rev, Dr.
W. W. Moore?His Eloquence.
(Hpeclal to The Tlmes-DIspatch.) t
GRliENSBORO, N. C, uct. 11?Vlr?
glnia, of courso, had the largest delega?
tion here to-duy, headed by one of North |
Carohna's most disting-uishod sons, Rev.
Dr. W. \V. Mooro, presldent of the Unlon
'J'neologleal Seminary at Richmond. He
made the response to the addicsaes of wui
come in behalf of tlie North Carollna So
cicty of Richmond. Dr. Mooro said ln
part aa followa:
Accordlng to the last census, there are
53.235 natlves of North Carollna now llv?
lng In Vlrglnia. If that is a correct es
timato, and there Is every reasoii to be
lieve that the number is now larger rath
er than smaller, than lt was ln iW). lt
means that. besldes the scores of ua who
have tho delightful prlvllege of tespond
ing in person to the call ot our veno
rated mother to sather agaln under the
ancestral roof-tree, there are some fitty
thousand other sons and daughtera of
hers within the bounds of the Old Do
mlnlon, who thlnk no less tonderly and
proudly than we of tho good old State
that gavo ub blrth, whose hearts turn
wistfully to Greensboro to-day, and whose
memorles echo the stately muslc of Judgo
(iaston's hymn;
"Carollna! Carollna! Heavon's hless
lngs attend her!
Whlle we llvo we will cherish, protoct
nnd defend her;
Though the scorner may aneer at and
witlings defame her,
Our hearts swell with gladness when
cver we name her."
For these flfty thousand Vlrglnla-Caro
llnians, or Carolhia-VIrginlans, which
ever you may prefer to call them?and I
do 1101 btlleve thut any bottor brand of
elther Carolinians or Virginlans ovor
drew breath?for tlieso lilty thousand
brothers nnd Blatcra of ouri; whom North
Carollna haa loanod to Vlrglnia. and who,
though busy und happy ln the State of
their adoptton. noyortbeloss turn longlng
and lovlng eyes towards the State of
their blrth. 1 wish to be spokesman in
part thls morntng, and e:peeially for
that thrice happy contlngent whose good
fortune lt ls to llve ln tlio famoua and
bcnutliul clty by the James, which ls the
rapltal of that Comm.oinveiilth, and whlch
was, and la, nnd over will bo, ln hlstory
and ipemory, tho capltal alao of tho Bhort
llved, but imrnortal, Confodoracv.
Thore la no clty in the world whose
namo ithfllls the heartH of all truo Uiiio
jlnlans with such tonder and herolc inem
ories. When tho rcd wavo of war rolled
around her forty yeara ngo and tno
tronps of all the conl'ederated Statoa vivd
With each other in tho defenso of tholr
belonguered ocipltul, thoro wero nono
whoso blood floweil more Croely In her on
hall' than that of tho sons of North Caro?
llna: nnd so to tho boiih of North Cnro
lina in every succeedlng genorntloil Ihe
vory Boll nT Richmond will bo holy ground
by reapoil of that baptism with North
c'arullna blood. ln lier peaceful ceiniv
teriea at Oakwood nnd Hollywood hun
difds of tho herocs Bleep win, at ti.o.r
country's call, lell tlieso hllla and plullia,
Whlch they loved no less than wo, to lay
down thelr llvos on tho flolds of Vlr
Kinla. ,
For thoso reaaons North Carolinians ean
never be IndllTorent to Richmond. run
can Richmond over be indlfferent to
ln the Confoderate Museum, whloh oc
c.uples tho war-thne rosldence of Prcsi
rlent Davla, there Ih a North Carolina
rporrii along the fildo of whleh ln lurge
lett'i's, rniiB Ihe ilugliiij Ilnc, whlch biiui
niailzoB our rocord in the war: <i''iist
at i.u.ncl, Fnrtheat at Oottysburg, Lust
at Aiipomuttox," nnd from the walla ol
whlch, among tlio portralls of other men
of our Htock whoni Vlrglnia dellKhts lu
fionor, thoro loolts down tho strong and
Eenlal faco of thut transcondent North
Caroiliilan, Zubulon B. Vunco tlio grenl
ctt war governor of nny Slate, North
or Kouih, und tlie mjtn Who, on 11 lutor
occaslon. when Vlrglnia lnekod a llt chani
pion of her own 011 tlie lloor of tho i^cd
eial Senuto, beeumo her defender, und
Blood (ih fiiurU'K.siy for the rlghta of lmr
pepple as he had ovor stood for tlio rlghta
of liia own. Vlrglnia will never forgot
that Borvlcp. Wutlngulshod nutivea and
re.^ldenta of the Btnte have vled with each
other In oxprossing tholr euthuaiuatlc np
preclatlon of tho character und aorvluos
of our tft'oul Benator, and of the great
people whom he represented. Only yes?
terday 1 was rcndlng such a trlbuto from
General Btadley T. Johnson, over whoao
blor Vlrglnla howed herself wocplng, less
than a weok ngo. Ho says ihat Governor
vnnce's pureiinso of Btcamers with the
St.'ite's moncy durlng tbe war, and ltts
organlaallon of a llne fiotn WHmlngton
to Bcrmuda, kept North Carolina aoldleta
tho Lcst armed, best. rlotned and b.at
eq.dpped of ally ln thft fleld; and bo useh
the fnct as ati lllustratlon of what he
call8 our cxtraonllriary capacity of know
ing what to do, nnd of dolng It. For ho
declareg that tlio most marked char
actenstlc of tho North Corollnlan Is hla
oxccutivo capacity? hls nbliliy to do
tblngs. And, ho ndds, thls beats to notn
ing the nbillty to talk. He has uover
disttngulshed hlmself much ns nn orator
or as a wrlter. He has nc\or been a
Pntrlck Honry nor a Jefforson, but In
scelng tho thing to do, and In dolng It, he
surpassta all riouthern mon. The satno
galiant soldlor says that In IXCX the mlll
tnry populatlon of North Carolina was
llo 260, and she furnished 125,000 men to
tho Confederate army, hear oi.o-th.rd of
whom perlsbcd durlng the contlict, And
yet, when tho end came, both at Appo
[ mattox nnd at Oroensboro, she stneued
mor muakota than any other state of the
( Confedoracy.
Theso generaus worda Indlcato fnr
more flttlngly than any hlng whlch lt
would bo pioper for tno to say, the hearty
admliailon felt by R.chmond for North
Carolln.ans, and, ns I need hardly .id 1,
tho North Carollnians rcshlenl there
roclprocate the feellng, hoart and soul.
Ono of tho most honored veter.ms In R ch
mand. and ono of rny warniest personal
frlends. whlle yleldlng to no man ln hl?
ndmi.ation of North Carol.na's dovotion
and courago, thinks thnt, porhaps, ihe
claims thus put forward by wrltors from
Vlrglnla and Marylnnd, ns to North Ciro
llnt's part In the war, hnvo boen a trlfle
overdrawn. but, after every abatement
in the Intoraata of absolute accuracy, it
romalns a glorlous rocord. And the Vir
ginlans rejolco to recognize it.
Another galiant geiitloman and C^n
federate veteran, ono of tho staff oiflc r?
of Stonewall Jackson, now my neighbor
and intlmate por.-onal fnend, who could
havo marchod wlth Deborah's sold ers p'Ut
of Zebulun, accordlnK to elther the Au
thorzed Version or tho Revbed. slnce ho
can handle wlth cqual ease the marshal's
baton and tho pen of the wrlter, but who
has now laid asldo the s>\ord for good
nnd ls permanently engaged In the peace
ful pursult of edltlng a rcllgious newa
paper, says hand-omely In hls last lssue
that tho reanon thero aro so many dia
tlnguished non-resldent n.Ulves of tho old
North State. ls that they are In such
great demand elsewhero, addlng that lf
North Carolina were to w.thdiaw from
Virginla hor many sons and daughters,
there would bo a serious diUu ba;.ce if
not a brcakdown of some ln?tltutlons.
These kindly expresslor.s lndlcate well
tbe dellghtful rola.lonn exlstlnjc betwe.n
the North Carollnians llvlng In Rlchmond
and tho people of tho falr clty of their
, adopt'on.
i Another thlng whlch has mlghtily pro
' moted the commerclal, as well as social.
i intlmacy of tho two Commonwealths ls
I the way lnxwblch tho rallroads have been
l oullt- Great trunk lines, runnlng North
and South, and traversing the wholo
wldth of both, and sending laternl raml
hcations thls way and tnat, havo bound
the tW" States togvt'ier tr> buncis of ateol.
Our North Carolina railw'ayB havo hought
the sea as much, or more, by the deop
water ports of Vlrglnla than by thoso of
our owu State, and have poured our
cotton and tobacco and other products, as
well as our men and women, Into Nor?
folk and Rlchmond ln a steady and en
richlng btro.i.n. li is lY.i radiating rnll
ways of Rlchmond which have made her
so largoly the distrlbuting center of North
Carolina as well as Vlrglnla. And ln thls
day of shiftlng properties and more elab
orato organlzatlon, with their promlso of
stlll larger prosperlty. lt well becomes
both Rlchmond and North Carolina to
recall tho debt they owe to the men. liko
Colonel Buford und his colaborers, who
first developed the great system, whlch
has ever slnce beon, and must contlnuo to
t>e, the keystono of the arch, so far aa sya
tems of transportatlon between North
Carolina and Vlrglnla are concerned.
Wo feel, then, that North Carolina
has contrlbuted no llttlo to tho upbulldlng
of Rlchmond. In ahort, we feet that in
every way our lnterests aro largely lden
tltied. As Tarheels born, we can never bo
weanod from North Carolina, but we aro
thoroughly naturalized at Rlchmond. We
feel pcrfectly at home there? they ovon
g^vo us water to drink and bathe ln,
Whlch, by its color, rcminds ub contln
ually of the namc of Tur River?and. In
ttood, when I meot them on tho streot, I
flnd it as dilllcult to tell tho Richmondor
who was born in Virginla from the Rlch
monder who was born ln North Caro?
lina as it 7/ould be to tc-ll tho Dromio of
Kphesua from thu Dromio of Syracuso.
Tliey are aliko courtoous, gontlo and
lust, mnnly, stralghtforward nna truo.
Klchmond's lnterests are our lnterests,
and. as wo think of her splendld nnlural
advantages J fcr clevatod inland sltun
tlon, with hor llno hllls and breeay
plateaus, midw.ay between the mountulns
and tho fioa, at tho head of steamboat
navigation, wlth the falla of tho Jnmes
to drlve her iiiachliievy?as we think of
her buslness onterprise, hlstorlcnl Inter
est, sociftl rc-linemeiil and oducational fa
ciiitieB, all rosldenta of Rlchmond, Tur
heel nnd TuckaliQQ aiike, oxclalm, wlth
affectlonate piido ln tho longuago of tho
great aposlle, "Wo aro cltizcns of no
nn'im clty,"
Mr. Prcs dont, wo feel to-day llke tho
llttlo l'oy to whoiii tne m'lllstor suld,
??Well, Johnnie, 1 hear you are going to
school now." "Ves, slr," was tho reply,
"And what port of lt do you llke best?"
asked tho good man. "ComhV homo,"
waa the prompt und truthful answor.
U'hat's the way wo feel, slr. Tho best
thing about gnlng away from Nojrth
Carolina Is contlng back agaln. Govornor
Aycock, you havo welcorned us to-day
in words that will warm our hearts ns
long ns wo llvo. Lot mo say to you In
reply, that if tho North Carollnians .who
do Jivo in North Carolina aro ns glad to
seo the North Carollnians who don't llva
in North Carolina ns tiie tV/irth Carolln?
ians who don't llvo In North Carolina aro
to seo tho North Carollnians who do llvo
in North Carol nn, llten, slr, this should
bo tho lmppiest pecasion in tho history
of tho Stato. (It is n poaltlve plonaure
to roll tho good old numo froru ono's
tongue over and ovor).
My oonutrynieu, In concluaion of theso
rtrnarks upon iho rcliitlons oxlsting be
twoon North Ciirollnlnnn and Virglniaiia,
l givo you tlio sentlment formulated on
tho liold of Appomattox, ln tho hour of
hls niiRiilsh, by that illustrious Vlrglnian
who had watcbed for yeara with evar?
tncroiislng iidiiilrutloii tlio stendfust cour
ngo nnd tiiisiirpas.sod dlaclpllue of tho
troopa from North Cy-ollna, As ho walt
e.d, heart-broken for a oourler ciirrylng
some mossago concornliig tho aurrendor,
whlch all now know to bo lnevltable, hlB
military enr caught iho ;lrm and ateody
trauip of a brigado niarchlng Into actlon
In aa good ordor. nnd wlth as dnimtloss
courago, ns lliuigh thoy wero on tho
cvfl of u sweeplng vlctiuy Instead of tiio
inovitnblo ilefoat, whlch every man foro
saw. General Lee lifted hla head and
?ibh-ed Bharply, "Wlint brlg/ado ls that'.'"
''Cox's North CiSfollna-i roplled an
omcer, .
Tho great Vlrginians eyea fllled wlth
tears, and ns tho inon swopt past him,
ho lifted hls liat and saldt "God bleaa
old North Caroliuul"
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