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I'AOE 6.
WASHINGTON, 0ct. 2S.-Forecast for
Thursday ami frldny! ,
Vligfnln-Falr Thursday, with warmer
In central and west portions. Frldnv fair;
winds slilft'ng to fresh sont'iwest.
North ? ml Sont], enrol Inn-Fa Ir Thurs?
day and Friday; light to fresh variable
niellinomi enjoyed tho "October sun"
yesterday to the fullest extent. Th? day
?was thoroughly delightful/ bright and
moderate In temperature.
. STATE OF filii. 1'r?ERMOMttTER.
k\? M. 43
12 M. 49
8 P. M.ut
f. P. M. 61
? P. M.j. 51
? J2 rnldnlght . 51
Averngo . 00'i,
Highest temperature yesterd'.y.f>8
Lowest temperatura yesterday. xn
Moan temperature yesterday. ??7 ?
Normal t<>mpen?i>e for October...?... G?
Departure from normal temperature.G.', oi
Precipitatlon during ptist -I hours.UO
miniature almanac.
ru ?-il.rr :n. 1003.
Sunrises. 6:??3 I HIGH TIDE.
Bun set*. S:l!i I Morning.li:3?
Moon ??jis.12:i>j ? Evening.U:S3
Hon. XV. ? Rarksdale agaln^speAks In
ilinr'co in th? Interest of Brauer faction
-Hon. D. C. O'Flaherty to aid law
rattner In political race-Mrs. Bottome
deliver? two excellent addresses before
the King's Daughters; to-dai's" meeting
and r?ception to-night?Btlr up In- Met h -
odlst Conference expected; mariyi Rich?
mord pastors win have to ??>?-justice
Cmtchileld has unusual number of drunks
? Madison Ward Democrats kick? Pretty
wedding at Laurel and a surprise mar?
riage in the East End-?Bishop Whittle's
residence sold?Attorney-General In Nor?
folk to fight for Constitution?Corpr.ra
llon Commission trying to establish better
railway schedules between Valley and
Eastern Virginia-Board of Agriculture
transacts routine business?Cattle
quarantine to be lifted after .November
1ft?Final decision of the oyster ques?
tion may be postponed until after new
Legislature meets-Reported here that
.Senator Koezell will win his ficht In Rock
Ingham-Railway men conclude their
meeting and many left at once?Two Im?
portant trade mark suits to be heard by ?
Judsu AVadd'lI to-morrow. .MANCHES?
TER-Superintendent Allen to entertain
patrons of bazaar to-night; .treat auction
<vale of everything to-morrow night
Pretty marriage solemnized-Proposition
to clear Manchester's water
Orvrd Can<p of Confederate Vetetans In
seseltr. at Newport News; welcome by
Mayor Moss and Grand Commander's re?
port; stirring speeches' histor.\ report to
be lead tQ-day-Congressman Flood and :
Waiver N. Watson speak at Cumberland j
??Fulton makes a fine political speech at I
Patrick County Court-Ci ngressroan ?
Rl.xey addressed the voters of Orange In
the behalf of Candidate Graves-.Tho i
Republicans of Stafford pasa resolutions ?
urging their candidates to adopt the
Barksdole pure election law-Lien for |
large sum filed In Newport News against
Hampton Roads Railway and Electric !
Company-A.ccomnc teachers Rlvan holt- ?
day to attend an educational rally-The ?
programme for the reunion of Crater sur- ?
xivors ut Petersburg expands as It de> !
vel?ps-The Eastern Virginia Christian
Conf?rence to ask Legislatur?? to repeal
'he' social club -law; against \shiskcy_ .tr>
htjceo, Sunday newspapers and excursion*'j
and divorce-Piomlnent citizen of Ab?ng- j
?Ion found dead In bed-Johnnie Dey's?!
alleged oonfess'on not admfltf-d In -his
trial, and the Norfolk buy, charged with I
> poisoning his step-moth?r, goes free- ;
Attorney-General Anderson and Mr. Frank |
XV. Christian In conference In Norfolk in
regard to registration cases In which |
nuits are brought against the validity of -
tho Constitution?A tennis tournament
arranged at the University between Vir?
ginia and North Carolina.
Judge Peebles 111 at his horre In North?
ampton, and his court belila adjourned
from day to day-Not in ten years hits*
there been e? much cotton In P.aleigli.
Planters holding for 12'?'? ce-iw-Negro
Medical Association In session-A double
header freight in collision at Beasemer
on the Southern road; four :.\en killed.
Close of stock market easy and price
changes trivial; money market firmer-??
Long lines of depositors crowd around
St. Louis trust companies' doors and
much disorder prevails; exclu mem sub?
sides as day progresses, and officials say
that affairs are In good shape and that
there will he no more disorder-Brother,
and lover of Miss Rechte), who was mur?
dered in Allehtbwn. Pa., are placed In jail,
and police believe they have done much
towards unravelling thn mystery of the
murder-Mexican who was thought to
have made an attempt on the life of the
President of Mexico was only celebrating
by firing ? salute with his pistol In honor
of the. Chief Executive-Governor-Gen?
eral of the Caucasus Is stabbed three
times by would-be assassins, but escapes
with his life and Ids assailants are shot
down by Cossacks-Lou Bilioni goes the.
mile to "wagon In two minutes fiat on clos?
ing day of trotting meet nt Memphis
tn,ck-Sam Parks, the New York walk?
ing delegate, on trial for extortion /rom
Tiffany Corporation?Georgetown defeats
the Middles nt foot-ball by score of 12 to f
-?Members of Virginia Corporation Com?
mission pay a visit to Washington-John
Alexander Dowie says he controls elct:
tlons in Chicago, and predicts that In live
vears he will hove the sumo power in
New York city-Election day In New
York cltv will bo as dry as It Is possible
to make "it there?Foi mer Senator .lames
? Jones predicts a victory for Modellai!
In the New York mayoralty fa co.
?.U..PaI->E weldixg
tle;day evening
To tho complete Burpilso of their friends
and many of their relatives, Mr, Lewis
H. Mumlln und Miss Alma May Chap
nan, two wed known young people "?
Hentico county, wero man.ed Tiksuuy
uVfcnlnR at 1 o clock in the parlor of tne
Re.v. Joel T. Tucker, pastor of the East
land Baptist Church.
Tho br.do Is Ino .ittnrctlve daughter "f
Mi. .mil Ms. I. :t (. hapimin, of llei.
r.co." She wore a brown cloih travel., g
suit with bat anil Rloves to match, Mr,
.Vi.nd.n is a prosperous nuwehant ut'
Richmond, Wliora ho Is exceedingly well
known. '
Tho couple left on ? Im 8 o'clock train
Tuesday night lor Washington. AiUr
spending some days there and In other
Northern c.tieu, they win return to It di?
moili!, where they will malto their homo.
(liy 4s*ucluloil I'run.)
NEW YORK, Oct. 2S.-AI Tammany
headquarters il was announced that
former Saltatoi' James 'K. Jones, of Ar
kun.sas, chairman of the. Democratic Nu.
IRitmi l'oniiiillte.?, had called at ??|?. Mo
CleUui'ri heiulquaiiers tii-dny mid i^??
pressed himself as satisfied that the
Democrats wore going to win a tremen?
dous victory. ?
Thu Oomocrals are very fovttintitu in
having a candidato of Colonel McCl'ellaii'a
menial calibre?," said Air. Jones.
"Uls election la assured and will meet
..With the universal approvai r>f ""Vw??
**?? *?r?t>t?lrr**' '"W^.'??.^^
Police Unable to Control
Crowds in St. Louis.
Their Hats and Gjwns Torn
in Crush and Jam.
Trust Company Officiali Say Situation
is Thor..u0hl/ in Hand, and that
They Have Fu .ds in Plenty.
Other Insti,utions Offer
Them Aid if it is
1 Needed.
(By Associated Press.)
ST. LOUIS. MO., Oct. 28.~The state?
ment o? President Jul.us S. Walen, ot
tho Mississippi Valley Trust Companj,
whose sentiments are echoed by ot.;*r
trust company officials of St. Louli, that
"the situation Is thoroughly in hand, the
excitement has subs.ded and from this
on we expect business will be conducted
In the usual orderly manner," express?-*
the opinion that 3eems general to-nigr.t
after the unwonted financial condition*
which prevailed here during pans ot >??
terday and to-uay. uilicers of all tne trust
companies staio that voluntary otters of
help were received from linancial Institu?
tions In Now York, Piihadelphla, Ch ca<?o.
New Orleans, Kansas City, Boston a..d '
many of lue siiiaiier towns ot M.ssouri j
and Illinois, but all were deciit.ea ur
tho reason that they lia/J suut'ifent cash |
With which to hind.e the r business. Ex- ?
pressions of confidence and o.iers of aid ?
on ti.e part ot ine .??uuiiai uanr.s, iil,a?
etal and other lnsutuuoiis of St. Lou s
have helped to strengthen the situation
', and restoro confidence.
? -Long b'tforu lit o'cIoob, the hour of
I Opening, . 1 n<rj o? depositors sti etched
atvay from ine closed doors o? the Mis?
sissippi Valley Trust Cmpany, the Lin?
coln Trust Company, the Mercan.i.e
Trust Company and the Missouri Trust
Company. Small crowds were aste.n
bled before the doors of some of the
other savings institut oils also. H w.iB
observed that most of those In line were
working people and many o? them wo- j
men, whose savings were not heavy. Ow- |
Ing to the action taken last night by tne !
officials of the eight trust co.'npan.es doing
business In St. Ixiuis, requiring thirty .
and s'xty days' notice of Intention to '
withdraw iunus. depon tors were not .'ble
to get any money. All they could do was
to declare tliclr Intention ui ..? ..ur.i ,.n.g
their deposits at the expiration of the
time lim't.
Tho greatest crush was before the
doors of the Mercantile Trust Company,
on Eighth- and Locust Streets. At 9
o'clock th edoors were opened and ine
crowds surged in with a foro': that swept
aside tho Hues of police and bink e?ii
ployes formed to preserve a regular line
to the windows of tho paying tellers. The
police were unable to handle the crowds
and Festus J.' Wade, president of the
Mercantile? Trust Company, mounted a
chair mid made a statement that unless
the depositors formed In line they would
be all ejected from the building. Ho
explained that It was 'mpossihle to wait
on them If they Insisted on crowding In
such? a manner. This announcement had
the desired effect and some semblance of
order was restored.
By 10 o'clock the crowd around the
Trust Company's building had Increased
to such an extent that the police wero lo?
tti lly unable to control It, and the officers
stationed at the doors were swept away
from their stations almost as rapidly as
they could regain them. Women, who
Constituted a large percentage of tho
crowd, were crushed In tue Jam and in
the struggle their dresse? were torn and
their liats knocked off.
Tho policemen In trying to hanrtlo the
crowd pushed many of them Into tho gut?
ter, end In severnl instances perso al
fights wert? averted only by the Inter?
position of cooler persons.
Shortly arter the doors of tho Mercantile
Trust Company were opened, tho streets
were crowded for a distance of several
hundred feet, and all efforts to koep them
clear were practically abandoned, while
the police directed their efforts, chiefly,
toward maintaining some degree of order
at the doors.
At \t o'clock In tho afternoon the un
ea.slncsn of small depositors In the tru^t
companies seemed to have been removed.
At this hour there were only a few de?
positors withdrawing their dally balance
accounts or giving notice of withdrawal
of savings deposite at the Mercantile und
th? Mississippi Valley companies. Many
personn who withdrew money yestcr.'ay
deposited It again to-day, and in some In?
stances new savings accounts wore open?
Officers of the different Instituttons
made reinsuring speeches to the deposi?
tors before their doors'and this helped to
send others away. The arrival of serer.il
boxes of gold and sliver In exp ess
wagons guarded by armed officers seem?
ed to restore a degree of confidence In
tho crowd before tho Mercantile Trust
Company's building. ,
At the other trust companies the with?
drawals we,re but llttlo In excess of t^e
normal. One effect of the withdrawals was
cbKerved at the City Hall In tho great
Increase In the payment of taxes.
(By Associated Press.t
NEW YORK. Oct. 2S.-On tho Ameri?
can Line steamship New York, wh'cn
sailed to-day for Southampton, -were
Lieutenant-Commander Wm. F. Slmms,
Lieutenant-Commander Robert E. Peary
and Surgeon Henry G, Beyer, of the
navy. They cornprlso a commission re?
cently appointed by the Navy De-art
men t to go abroad and examine foreign
naval barracks and report sugg?stl ns
for the barracks to bo built at the I.eguo
Island navy yard and that at Norfolk,
for which an appropriation has been
(Special to Tho Times-Dispatch.)
SUI?' Vu ?., VA., ucl. ???.?ila t?. chand?
ler, of Church Roads, Va., brother of
Mrs. Ida Joyner, whose death was brought,
on because of grief for her missing girl,
Luna Joyner. to-day had a telegram ask?
ing him to co i" the scene in North
Carolina to Identify luna.
The first report of Luna's discovery
came from a postmaster, to whose office
a. colored woman with the supposed
Lunn frequently had come. Doteetlves
refuse to name the postoiflce. There Is
still a 720O reward for her flndlui-.
(By Associated Press.)
NEW YORK, Oct. 23.?Election day is
to be practically a "dry day," according
to an order which Po.lce Commissioner
Green sent to the uniformed force to?
day. In which he orders them to enforce
strictly that sect/in of the election laws,
which says that It shall not be lawful
to sell or give a'way any liquor within
a quarter of a mllu ot a voting place
while the polls are open on election
(By Associated Press.)
WASHINGTON, D. C, Oct. 2S.?Act?
ing Secretary of the Navy Darling this
afternoon sent orders to the Norfolk
'navy yard for the cruiser Baltimore to
proceed forthwith to Puerto Plata, San
Domingo, to look after American inter
' esls at that blockaded port. It Is ex?
pected the Baltimore will leave to-mor
row, and she should arrive at her destl
i nation by Tuesday.
(Special to Tho Times-Dispatch.)
Mrs. W. Ft. Scovi.lle, of Hampton. Va.,
has bought with her sister, Mrs. Edttli
Tal bot, of Boston, a fine estate at this
fashionable autumn resort, lately be?
longing to Daniel B. Williams.
Barksdaie and Sands
Make Strong Speeches
Declares Todd Employed Alan
to Get Votes.
Auth-r of Pure^Elec?'on?' Law Declares
That Todd H sVolat.d That Meas?
ure, if Assert on in Affidavit is
Correct?Mr. Jas. Russell.
AloO Speaks for Erauer.
Flood To? Ni Jit,
Something close #kin to excitement of
an intense character prevailed in a near?
by Henrlco precinct for a moment last
night, when In the midst of one of the
hottest political meetings the county has
known in years there was sprung a sen?
sational public announcement to the effect
that perBons then in the room were In
possession of letters and papers that, if
rustalmed, he beileVed, would oonvtct
Todd, the nominee o? the County Com
mltteo, of violation Of the EarksdaJe pure
elections law, would render him inellgl
blo for the.ofllce for. which lie is making
bo vigorous a fight.
It was at the clone of a brief opening
talk that Mr. Wllliarti H. Sands, of Rich?
mond, Bpeaktng In the Interests of Brauer,
the State Commlttee^andldate. struck the
spark that touched off" the magazine. He
approached the subject unwillingly, he
said. It was not hie-desire at this time
to touch upon a matter of this sort, but
he was .provoked to It by the attitude
assumed by Mr. Todd, Thie latter-gen?
tleman, he said, .lip-?'?ie'?'?.' posing, as-,the
apostle ?t purity, ami had been attempt?
ing to hoid Mr- Brauer up as a very differ?
ent person..'But all the while he was
himself guilty, more guilty, than the'man
he accused. Mr. Sands said he could sub?
stantiate his words with an affidavit and
a letter from Todd himself.? He waved
a. paper in his hand,, while somebody in
tho crowd yelled for names.
'?'Understand mo, gentlemen," said Mr.
Sands, "I didn't mean to say Mr. Todd
has violated any law. But I have here
an affidavit which proves him to have
loaned money to a voter a few days be?
fore tho recent primary. All I mean to
say is that it Is unfair tor him to say
Mr.- Brauers politics are Impure, because
he charges that he (Brauer) has done
wiiat ho (Todd) has himself done. I don't
pass upon the other question. I don't
know whether this Is a violation of the
Barksdalo law or not."
Barkesda e Taues the Fioor.
But then and there arose upon his feet
the author of the law himself, none less
than the Hon. William P. Barksdaie, of
Halifax county, who was present In tho
room as a member of the Stato Com?
mittee, and a speaker In behalf of Brauer.
In so many words Mr, Barksdaie declaied
am d a chorus of yells, that what whs al?
leged in the affidavit was a clear violation
of the law that bore his name The stat?
ute had been purposely made to Include
"Gentlemen of Henrlco county," said
Senator Barksdalo. "If what is charged
In that affidavit, regularly sworn and
subscribed to, Is true, Mr. Todd can never
occupy the office of treasurer of Henrlco
county, whether he is elected next we. It
or not. If It Is true that he loaned this
(Continued on Second Page.)
Christian Ccnvention Aqainst
Use cf Alcohol and
(Special to The Times-Dispatch.)
SUFFOLK, VA., Oct. 'J.S.?At the sec?
ond day's session of the Eastern Virginia
Christian Convention, at Antloch to-day,
a blow was passed up to that part of
the liquor law which permits the char?
tering of social clubs.
After M discussion of tho Moral Ro
forin Committee's report it was decided
that tin? body would memorialize the
L?gislature to repeal the social club
Tho convention also disapproved of
alcoholic stimulants as a beverage, de?
claren against tho reading of Sunday
newspapers and Sunday excursions,
agallisi divi,reos und against tilt? usi
of tobacco lu any form.
liev. Ih?, C. J. Jones, of Marion, Ind.,
prono hod the leading sermon of tho day.
He took a strong stand against sancti?
fication. Ilo said nobody wits holy or
The ordination of Rev. Jesse M. Bob
orts, of Windsor, was recommended.
D'x y Was Exr. lient,
(Spedai to The Times-Dispatch.)
NEvvrOitT NEWS, 'VA., Oct. 23.?
Henry E. Dlxey presented tho farce,
? "Kaclng the Music," at the Academy
Liiere ?o-nl?ht. It Is up?1**-**4?* V?ti ?Mi
/Y.ex'can was Drunk and Cel
ebra.lng and Did Not At?
tempt to Kill Diaz.:
(By Aesoclnttd Pre?*.)
MEXICO CITY, Oct. 28.?Reports from
Guanajuato minimize the first details
of tho alleged attempt on the life of
President Diaz. It Is now statod that
Toscano was undoubtedly drunk.
The Mexican Herald's special corre?
spondent has wired that Toscano, who
was on horseback, fired Into the air as
tho President's car waH passing. The
man claims that he was moved at tho mo?
ment to salute the President, but th#<
story is denied In some quarter's. Tho
car wns ?rowtted with officials and
friends of tho Presid?nti so that had
Toscano flreii at tho car somebody- surely
would have neon hit.
President Diaz wires hero that the re?
port of tho attempt on his life Is falso.
However, It Is known that procautions
were taken on the President's going
to Guanajuato lest some fanatic or crank
should make an attempt on his life,
Them was no reason to fear anything
from the people of (hat c|ty, whose wel?
come has been entjiuslnstle. Rut slnco
the recent attempts on the life of Presi
dent Roosevelt, It' was deemed, wise to
protect President Diaz, as It is known
there Is pinch In suggestion to a weuk
mlnded man, High officials of tho gov?
ernment deny that Toscano had anv ?%
'evrtV*? S V?-tton*** til* BwsAAtoi,
Woman on Stand Swears She
, Perjured Hersalfauhe
.. '.Previous Trial.
(By Associated Prese.)
BERLIN. Oct. 2S.-At to-day's session
of tho court before which Countess Isa?
bella Weslerska Kwlleckl and her hus?
band, Count Kwilecld, as an ticcessorv to
the crime, are being tried on the charge
of presenting a male child, not their own,
us tho heir to (in estate at Wroblewd, pro?
vince of Posali, count Hector KwileetU,
who, with his father, are contesting ilio
legitimacy of the ullesed hon-, tostliFd
regarding his efforts to discover the no
tual mother of the child which iho C'ou.i
tees Isabella claims as her own.
When tho Bll'l troia Parnjie, alleged to
bo the child's mother, wan questioned jn
couit to-day, she adniltled giving her
child away, The witness whh elmwn pho?
tographs of six children, and was united
If she recognised her own ohllu, She ?io
lectetl the right one from Its resemblance
to her elder ?on,
Krau Ossnwsltl, who treated the coun?
tess with massage dining the crlt.c.a)
months of hin? Illness, and who luid tee..?
fled In tho d?fendant'? favor at tho pro
vlous trial in Posen, and w..q ... now
accused of perjury, admitted to-day thai
i<he> had perjured herself at Posen. 'Ine
witness said her former testimony whs
influenced by pity for tho Counters Isn
bella, and especially, for the little oy, for
whom sJwwwited w* *?v* ?v" *??-?*% and,
E. L. WENT2/,
Strong Belief that Negotiations Are in Progress
with E. L. Wentz's Captors and That They
Are Preparing to Pay Over the Ran?
som for the Young Man.
(Special to The Times-Dispatch.)
BRISTOL,. TENN., Oct. -o.-.uunoeu
I"vers on the part of confidential ageats
1 ol to? VVentz . faro'!*- to-day Indicate
-' that either an important clue has been
! gained regarding Edward "tu \Vcntz, the
j missing millionaire, or that ho- has ac?
tually been ' located. ' J. L. Wentz, tho
missing man's brother, suddenly appeared
hero to-day in "company with Treasurer
Prescott, of the Virginia Coal a.nd Iron
Company, and the two'went south from
J. L. Went?, and another agent of the
company made this same move three
dnrs ago. It indicates a strong proba?
bility that the rtctalls of an agreement
with the supposed captors of the young
man are about to bo. perfected, and tho
fact that tho treasurer of the company
which offered the reward has gone, on
this unexplained trip, would seem to
Indicate that arrangements had been
made to pay over the necessary ransom
for the return of the missing young
The Wentz family are-.reticent.
Possible Cor,s3l?datlon of the
Two Roads.
A. B, Andrews, of the Sou'.hern, and
James M. Barr, of Seabo.ird, Meet
Behind Closed Doors?V r.ous
Surmises as to Purport,
(Special to The Times-Dispatch.)
NORFOLK, VA., Oct. ^.?A. B. An
drews, vice-president of the Southern
Rallwuy Company, and James M. Barr, ?
vice-president and general nianngor of
the Seaboard Air Line Railroad, had a
long privato conference at tho Monti
cello Hotel and various aro the sur?
mises as to what Is lu the wind. It Is
believed Hint the conference was In re?
gard to tho possible acquisition of tlm
control of tile Seaboard system'by the
.Southern or by Interests allied with uto
house of J. P. Moigan & Co.
It has been reported within the patt
day or so that tho committee who ine
endeavoring to adjust the finan?ai dif?
ficulties of Messrs. John L. Williams &
Sons, of Richmond, mid J. W. Mldden
dorf, of Baulmore, have received f. om
two or more Interests, offers for ti.'e Sea?
board stock held by these firms, and It
Is conjectured that the Morgan Interests
may be of those. While it is Impossible
to obtain iinyili ng authentic, It Is le
porled that Morgan bus set out to secura
control of the Seaboard,
(?Ml? ?????????????? Pre??.)
PADUCKAH, KY., Oct., 28.?Klro. which
started lute to-night In tlie wi.o.u.a.e
grocery store of M. Livings,on, at Sec?
ond and Broadway, has spread rapiu.y
until at l'-':;tO o'clock It threatens t..o cil
tire wholesale district. The loss already
Inflicted la OH'.lmuted at *-lw,i)(X) timi ,t
may reach a million before tho flamea
tire gotten under control as a number of
other Inrgti establishments ad^o.ii tuota
now burning and there soetna little pioj
peet of tile, (treman being a bio to save
From the establishment O? Livingston
& Son, the flamee spread, successively to
the H- Well & Son wholesale whiskey
iioiiso, the Lagomurstno Hotel, Michas)
Bros., wholesale saddlery. Lang Bros,
drug fetore und tho Western Union Tele?
graph office. All these buildups will prove
,ii. total love. '
Three Arrests Made in Bech
tel Murder Case.
Girl's Lover and Erother Are in Jail
Mother's Story Belitvad to Be an
(By Associated Press.J
ALLENTOWN, PA.. Oct. 28.?With Da?
vid Welsenberg under $5uu ftall, sup?
plied by Congressman Kl.no and with
Thomas Bechtel, her brother ?xjid Alfred
Eckstein, her accredited lover, locked up
In a police station cell, the Allontown po?
lice aro rest ng In their work on the .Ma?
bel II. Ueclitel murder caso of yestord.iy
morning, ?ntll Coroner Schlorer.'s ju.y
moots to-morrow evening.
The mystery Is still practically unsolved
except, that Indications point to a family
row In which Eckste ? may have figured
as ho admits he was at Miss Bechtel s
home on .Monday evening for an huur
und a half. Because Mrs. Bechtel bad |
said her daughter left tor a drive on |
.Monday at 0 A. ?G, efforts were made to
trace the girl's movements awuy from
home. Rumors that she was at a road
house near Ih.s city, were toun.? t , u?
groundless und the police do not be.levo
ilo girl was away from home ut all on
?Monday. Ho brothers, Thomas, John and
Charles, say they did not see her tu that
day and also says her her sister. Mr.ilha.
Martha usually slept w th her widow*,!
mother In Hie second floor rear ro.m.
Thomas occupied the middle room and
?lohn und Citarles the front room. In tl.*>
latter the police to-diiy, on thorough ?
search, found blood stains on the carpet
and on tho wall paper, and it looked us
If vigorous efforts had leen ????,,? 1.1
wipe them out. Thomas' bloody ove.alls
were found this afternoon In n, r.e gh
bor's yard, hi a drawer of ti c'osi?, lu
tho third story was found part ? f
Charles' hntcilet. such as ^la es eso.
slato roofing being lis trade, The re?
mainder of tho handle was t'oun 1 In an?
other drawer sonic d Stanco away. Tliu
break In the handle looks new and fMibh.
The police th s afternoon put the ep
llie [Spoilte| family, except tlu, inn'b;r.
under thorough examination, All icny
any knowledge of how Mabel onmo !o her
death, or who placed her body m <he
areuway unilnr the home on Tuesday
morning. The mother was not called
becauso of her hysterical condition,
is f ny Quarr ??,
Keltsleln was .Miss Heehtei's .tcuiju d
lover, thougii she also received attention!)
(?'??? Welssuberg. Eckste.? and the ??i|
wore to have heen married November ."-i
bul thcNlntO was recently postponed m til
Christmas. Tiny had frequent quarV'ils
over Welsenberg's attentions l-lcn.-U-ln liv?
ing Jealous of .him. He bad expiei I
threats to sovorul percent thul he would
Cf?vjiinued oa ppeond PWS*0
A Brilliant Scene in the
Academy of Music.
A Fine Gathering of Distin?
guished Ve.erans.
A Ringing Address by Grand Com??
mander dames Magill?Mayor Moss
E,ids Welcome, and Tells of the
Wonders of Newport News.
The Report of History ?
C^mm.ttee To-Day.
(From a Staff Corespondent)
NEWPORT NEWS, VA., Oct. 28.-^
Stream.ng through tho windows the noon
tidu October sun flooded with go.den
light the Academy of Music, and threw a
halo around the white heads of the sur?
vivors of the i.ercest civil struggle known
to history, when Grand Commander Jaime*
Macgill called tho sixteenth annual ses?
sion of the Grand Camp, Confede, at?
Veterans o? Virginia, to order.
i he Academy, flag-bedoched, presented
a scene ot beauty and brilliancy, idled as
It was with -veterans from every paito!
the State, tu.r sponsors and citizens of
Newport News.
On the piti tform was a distinguished
gathering. In tne center sat Senator John
Vv. Daniel, arrayed in a suit of Confed?
erate gray, and looking the plctura of
health; Grand Commander James .Macgill.
First L.cutenant-Conimander George L?.
Christian, Adjutant-General Th'jiiiOM El?
icit, Inspector-General T. C. Morton.
Quartermaster-General Washington ,T.ly
ler. Surfieon-Ceper..l gohn'?. Powell, dup?
la.?-General J. B. Hyde, Hon. J. C. Fe.h
crston, Judge J, W. Marshall, and others'.
? most excellent band stirred'rhe. 'en?
thusiasm of the veterans from time to
time with kl'r? dear to the Confederacy.
The old soldiers were welcomed to th*
Shipbuilding City by Hon. A. A. Mo s. its
Mayor, who, after bidding tho veterans
make themselves thoroughly at heme and
not to be afraid of tho police department,
devoted a large portion of his address to
te,ling of the wonderful progress made
by Newport News In the comparatively
short period since it came to the front.
He spoke of tho grand harbor, mag'.lfl
cent ship-yard, and unexcelled railroad
facilities and then called especial atten?
tion to the exposition to be. held In WO",
which would, he said, draw the' eye^ of
the world upon this section. The Mayor,
also, called attention to the healttilulnosd
of Newport News.
"Why," said ho. "few get sick down
here, and most of those get well and pay
their own doctors' bills."
The excellent address of the Mayor
was responded to by Grand Commander
Mucglll. whose remarks, though brief,
wero most happy .and aroused much ap?
plause, especially his pretty tribute to the
beautiful women of Tidewater.
In welcoming tho veterans on behalf ot
Magruder Camp, of Newport News, Hop.
Maryus Jones nrousod them to a hlgn.
pitch of enthusiasm, by his stirring refer,
enee to tho deeds done by the Army nf
Northern Virginia., which was so often
victor, though confronted by overwhelm?
ing numbers.
"Lot us," ho said, "teach our children
thoso principles which actuated the sol?
diers of the Confederacy, that they may
bo perpetuated forever."
"We will," responded a ?veterans, and
there word ronrs of applause.
Strikingly attractive was the addre?s ot
Judge S. W. Williams, of Wythevi'lo
who took the place on the programma
which former Governor Charles T. O'r er?
rali was prevented from filling. Judg*
Williams "followed the white flame o?
Fita Lee" In the days of 'fil.
The speaker so aroused his hearers by
his ','lgoroiis. clear cut sentencies. In
which he paid a grand tribute to the Con?
federate soldiers, that he wus urged again
and iigi'n to continue.
Anioni; Hie striking tilings said by Judge
WHI'ins was In regard to the neople of
the South being roeopo'led to their ene
role? of nearly half ? century sgo. He s?? id
the only wiy that be was willing to be?
come reconciled to his former enemies
was for them to meet him on the sime
high plane that the southern ?.nldlerH
met them '" ".1"' '" d*vs.
The exercises of the niorn'ng co-cledcl
with the adoption >f a motion, ?nbml'ud
by Dr. J. William Jones, to hen- t ?
rending of the report of ilio History ?"-"??
mlttee at ? o'clock to-niorrnw mo n'nij..
Tills whs prepared by 'ts eha'riian, Judge
George L, Chr'stlsn, ami Is sn'd to l"o an
exceedingly able and highly Interest ng
pa pel
Ill a graceful aneeehi Cantal-i Jn-^es
Bitmgardner, of Stannton, presented., on
behalf m' Mrs. Nelms, of the Da-g ter*
nf the Confederacy, a gavel ma'e from
the timbers of a ?hip now building ?n tho
harbor here,
it >\as accepted and thanks ret u ned
by a r'sinu vote.
Grand Commander Maoglll pwntui
hla annuii report, whjeh is one of the
most encouraging, since the organisation
,.r the Grand Camp
It reids as follows:
lleadauarters Grami Camp Confederati?
Department of Vlruln'-?'. ?
Ftllaskl. Vs., Oct N. Ji'-J.
Comrades ?f the Grind ."amo. Cos^rJ.
el.ile Voler.? us of Vlri'lua:
H h with pie?sure ttv-u I tender to you
a cordial greeting to this, our *ljct*fPtlj
nnmial mooting, and tt !s espee'olly gratW
fy'ng that we have so many with'?* nn
tiits occasion, (howlnj that as we ?row
,*lder tho cause we loved ta de*r U mil

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