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favor of a secret ballot, so safeguarded
as to Insure fairness.
Very truly yours,
Editor Virginfan-Pllot.
Norfolk Dispatch.
Norfolk, Va., Nov. S.
Editor of The Times-Dispatch:
Sir,?In answer to your questions, would
say; first, that j- do favor the primary
plan for choosing candidates; second,
that I d? not favor the viva voce system
of voting either In pr.maries or in the
genera] election.
So far as the genera) sentiment of the
Tidewater communities Is concerned,
would say that 1 have heard absolutely
no endorsement of the v.va voce system
of voting, and have not heard a single
object.on to the primary plan of muk ng
nominations. The ? va voce system has
not had a fair trial in our section; but
the objections expressed to it are funda?
mental. I am
Very truly yours,
Editor Dispatch,
Fairfax Herald.
Fairfax, Va.. Oct. 31.
Editor of The Times-Dispatch:
Sir.?Replying to your Inquiries, I would
1. I doubt if It will prove satisfactory,
but am willing to give It a fuir trial.
2. No.
3. No special feeling has been manifest?
ed On the sufcjeet. S.uch expressions as l
have hoard? have been adverse to the viva
voce plan.
Editor Fairfax Herald,
Staunton Argus.
Edltor of The Tlmes-Dispatcn:
S r.?Eelow you will find my replies to
your several quest'ona:
1. Do you favor the primary plan?
2. Do you favor the viva voce of voting?
t. What If the general sentiment of the
people in your community on these two
They favor the primary plan, but do
not like the viva voce style of voting.
In' the recent primary many business
men failed to vote, for the reason that
they and their clerks had friends among
the candidates and did not care to make
their preferences a matter of public re
Editor Argue, j
Franklin Graphic.
Franklin, \Ta., Nov. 2.
Editor of The TJmes-D spatch:
S>.?Your letter received. It gives me
pleasure to answer your questions.
Answer to No. 1. Yes heartily.
Answer to No. 2. Have always been and
am now opposed to viva voce voting,
Answer to No. 3. The great majority of
people In this county and nectlon favor
making nominations by primary, but are
opposed to the uva voce method of vo?
Your* fraternally,
Editor Grupnin.
Clinch Valley News.
Tazewell, Va., Nov, 2, |
Editor of The Tlmos-D.sp?ten.
S r.?Replying to yours of October '^thj !
Neither plan to which yo*i? letter refera j
\mi t'een tri?] in this county and, there?
fore, 1 am unable to say what the genera]
vent Imeni" Is among the people. 1 do w|f
ll?'nk, however, that viva vore vo |jig v>i,|
be acceptable to our people. This Is im ru?
ly a pcrtonal and private opinion. I used.
upoo a few expressions heard from aoine
cif our citizens.
3 have heard no particular objection?
mide to the primary plan,
Your?i vory truly,
J. A. ?.E8L1E.
Editor New?,
Danville Methodist
Dacvlll*. Vs., Nov. 2, iSiii,
tiiXttt Of Tt6Ti?M-Dl*p*tCh:
??f.,rji*?*rrlr.g lo your circular lutter
%t uwuU-y. dai?! ?etob?r '?Uh. I Wv*. thus
to ??y:
TUtt? Ufi? b**a no primary hud in Dan
ville under tho new plan. I think St the
test possible way of securing the will
of the people In nominating candidates
for office.
2. Personally, I very, much favor the
viva voce voting, but It Is not a popular
method with the masses.
3. The general sentiment In Plttsyl
ania county ajtter the recont^prlmary held
is decidedly against the primary plan.
It has given general complaint among
the voters of this county; Indeed, many
say they will never take part In another
primary election under the same plan.
Yours ' fraternally,
Editor The Methodist
Staunton Spectator.
Staunton, Va., Nov. 2, 1903.
I Editor of The Times-Dispatch:
j Dear Sir,?In reply to yours of recent
I date, will say that I am In favor of the
' primary plan?with the ballot.
I The viva voce feature is, I believe, un?
wise as a party measure and unpopu
I lar.
As far as I am able to Judge by a gerir
! eral expression of opinion, the people
I of Staunton and Augusta county are
?very largely in fa\or of a primary for
the selection of city and county nomi?
nees. But in State and district politics
there is* a, demand for the convention
method of selection, as it is contended
that none but candidates of means can
meet the legitimate expenses of a gen
oral orlmary. I
Popular sentiment In this community |
?e opposed to the viva voce feature of ?
the primary, and the publicity of It has,
to my knowledge, caused many party
men to decline to vote. Among the old- '
er vot.ng population there Is a sentiment
In favor of the viva voce plan, as that i
feature revives the accepted method of
voting In ante-bellum daye; but this clase
Is of necessity a small minority of the
party strength.
Very, truly yours,
Editor Spectator.
Claremont Herald.
Claremont, Va.. Oct. 31, 1?C8,
Editor of The Times-Dispatch:
Sir,?In answer to yours of October
-Sih, will say:.".'
1. Yes.
2 No.
2. General eentlinent soems to be for
primary, though a majority of the coun?
ty Executive Committee opposed it.
Editor Herald.
Salem Times-Register.
Salem, Va., Oct. 31, 1903.
Editor of The Times-Dispatch:
fc'ir,?Answering your circular letter Just
received, I beg to say;
1. I earnestly favor the primary plan.
;. I am opposed to the viva vooa sys?
tem of voting, because I think It tends
to lessen Interest In primary contests and
materially decreuses the vote that should
lie polled.
3. Go far as I am ablo to Judge by
expressions on the subject, the general
eenllment of the people of this communi?
ty on these two questions Is In favor of
the primary plan and opposed to viva
voce voting. Of cours?, some favor oth?
er systems, but my impression Is that
the prevailing sentiment is above out?
lined. Wit., best wishes, 1 am
Yours fraternally,
Editor Tlmes.Rogl3ter.
Wytheville Dispatch.
Editor of The Tlmes-Dlspatch:
Dear Sir,?In response to your ques?
tions, ? reply;
1 am In doubt (is to the advisability of
continuing the primary plan. While It
d|spo3oa of much unfairness In packing
muss-meetings. It deprives the party of
tht enthusiasm engendered by these pub?
lic m m Hing?, and puts the candidate to
the uxpepge und trouble o. going mroiigh
two campaigns.
1 heartily oppose the viva voce sys?
tem of voting. It is antiquated, and Is
a prompter of vote-buying and pyil
The people ?G Wythe seem to huyo eli?
oni; ed the primary plan by the, large
turnout '" Hie recent primary. The gen
| era| sentiment I? opposed to the viva
I voce ?ystfcin.
Very truly yours,
ALEX. ioitlVABD,
Editor Dispatch.
Floyd Press.
Floyd. Va,, Nov. i, lu*.
Editor Of The Tim?s-Dlsp*tch:
Dear Slr.-In reply to your? of ta? f?th
vlu in rtc-ird to ascertaining the tri.'?
(tntiment of th? ptopl? in thl* county
? on lbs primary pUn of choosing candi
i <i?t*? ?nd ?..* viv?. voc? mod? of vot?
ir.g. will ?ay that I am not v?ry well
posted on these question?,' but will an?
Mver them to tho best of my Judgment.
1 Yes.
2. No.
S. The people in ?eneral favor flho
primen,? system, as by It you get the
pense of a majority of the voter?, 'ine
viva voce plan of voting I? condemned,
the people preferring to vote by secret
Believing this to he the true sentiment
of the poople ot.thls county, and trust?
ing that this answer win serve your pur?
pose. ? beg to remain
Fraternally yours.
Editor Frese.
Nelson County Times.
Lovtngston, Va., Nov. s, 1903.
Editor of The Tlmes-Dlspatch;
Sir,?In answer to your queries:
1. Yes.
2. Personally, I see no good reason
why the viva, voce feature should not b?
8. Sentiment la somewhat divided, but
I th.nk that In favor of the primary
plan predominates; But a majority'seem
to oppose the viva voce system,
Editor Times.
FrederkksbUrg Free Lance.
Frederlcksburg, Va., Nov. 3, 1903.
Editor of The Times-Dispatch:
Sir.?Replying to your several questions,
I would state, first, that whilst tho pri?
mary plan Is objectionable for many rea?
sons. It Is necessary to adopt some means
for determining the choice of a party
for ? candidate where tne.re are a num
bet of aspirants for ine tamo position,
and-no plan could probably ' be devised
which would not be unsatisfactory In
many Instances to the defeated candi?
dates. Except-in cases wheio the minori?
ty party would possibly -secure the elec?
tion owing to the number of candidates
of the majority party, a free-for-all fight
seems preferable. In that case there can
be but one election, whilst, with the
primaries, when there are several can
d.dates, there are frequently two elec?
tions, with the primary a? the most
bitter of the two. The primary r|lan
has caused a great amount of bitterness
within the party.
In answer t? your second question, I
do not favor the viva voce of voting, and
do not bellevo that it will ever become
popular with the masses. There are a
great many quiet, deserving eltliens who
do not meddle In politics, and many of
them would stay away frptp the polls
rather than publicly announce the names
of the candidates for whom thoy vote
The primary does not seem to arouse
enthusiasm within' the party; as tho vote
In tho counties In this section in the
primaries has been extremely small. The
people seem to prefer the old-fashioned
style of convention nominations.
Very truly,
Editor Free Lance.
Falls Church Messenger.
Falls Church, Va., Nov. 2d, 1903.
Editor of The Tlmes-Dlspatch;
Sir,?In reply to yotfr favor of Octo?
ber 28th, will say:
I don't suppose my opinion on the pri?
mary election plan will carry very great
weight, as I am a Republican. I think,
I however, the general sentiment of tho
? ??>???????a?3 of this community? are In
! favor of the present, .primary election
plan,\with slight mortifications,
"tours very truly..
Editor Messenger.
Blackstone Courier.
Blackstonfi. Va., Nov. 2d, 1003.
Edltor of Tho Times-Dispatch:
Sir,?Replying to your quostl?ne In' the
order asked, will say:
1. Am in favor Of tho primary plan,
provided the viva voce feature Is re?
tained. Shoul6 tho secret method be
adoptei, am fearful that the charges of
fraud would bo made, whether actually
committed or not, and there would? cer-.
tatnly be a temptation to commit where
partisan fooling ran high between friends
of opposing candidates.
2. Personally, am lp favor of viva?
voce method In all elections, .but recog
nlelng the many conditions, especially In
the cities, and where largo corporations
control many voters, there Is a ques?
tion with me whether It Is best for the
State at largo.
8. G believe the general sentiment Is In
favor of the primary, but not for the
viva voco feature. This latter objection
is undoubtedly true a? to the lenders.
? think II was the viva voce f?;Uure
tlmt caused our county committee to
cV?ol.de not to hold a primary for county
officers, but to leave th,e fight for these
open to the regular election to-morrow.
My vi'ws on public, questions are pub?
lic property, as ? think all editors' should
be. In the above cases they have been
ropcntedly published by me In my own
paper. W. A. LAND.
"Personal."?I am glad you have taken
the above step, as I? am much Interested
in knowing what tho general sentiment
Is, and I know no bettor method of get?
ting It, provided all will report honest
views of public Fe?t|rr)?pt. as well as
their own preferences, This J am sure
they will do. I shall await your pub?
lished replies with much Interest.
With klnde?t regards both for your?
self and dau-rbtor. whom ? had the pleas
ure of meeting at "Ocean View," and
best wishes for yourself, ? ani,
Very truly yours.
. W. A. LAND.
Editor Courier.
Methodist Recorder.
Blaekstone, Va? Oct. 31st, 1003.
Editor of The Tlme?-DlsWclv."
Sir,?Your letter of Ortohep 28th re?
ceived, and ltv reply would say:
First. I favor the primary plan of nom?
inating candidates, believing- It Ito be the
only fair method, Tt Rives to every voter
equi) weight In the selection of a candi,
dale. If he does not ohoose to exercise
hi* right he qinwot complain that nomi?
nations are marfe by a ring, ? I am sure
there were a groat many more persons
vqtlhP In "in? lest nrlmnry thin would
have attended a pree.lnct mass meeting.
Second. 1 favor the viva voce plan of
voting. It |s Impossible to perpetrate
fraud, If the people are watchful. Tf
there Is any finest Inn as to whether fraud
has been porpetriterj, the matter can
ho positively F?-ttl?d hv Inspection of
the its'?. It pn)tlvn*?n also Independence
and given a death blow to the deceitful
statements of ? two-fan??' man, U 'hows
exactly where every man stands In
every publie contest, ntid surely no mnn
can ro'iBonnhly oblect to having people
know exactly how he stnnds on any ques?
tion which is worth voting upon.
Third. I do not know how tho majority
of the people stund on this subject. From
what 1 have he'irA. 1 think (he people
who have Independence inni the courage
of their convictions believe both In the
primary and In the viva voco method,
but those who ?re unwilling to talte ?
positive stand prefer tho secret ballot.
Your* slnceroly.
Editor Southern Al?thodlst Recorder.
Bedford Bulletin.
Bedford City, Va.. Oct. 51.
Editor of The TImes-DItpatch:
Sir.?Your favor to hand. Besides an?
swering your que*iiorii. I enalo&e you
editorial that appeared In the Bullotlu
som? time back.
Fraternally ypure,
1. Do you (?ver th? primary plan?
2. Do you favor tfa? v^vt vow of voting?
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3. What Is tho general sentiment of the
people in your community ?? theso two
Same as above. ,
Editorial from Bedford Bulletin, Sop
temper 24, 19U3:
Tho primary plan has been used In
Bedford county since 1SSS. It was de?
manded by the people, and It has proven
moEt satisfactory. There has never been
a single .nstunce that we can recall where
the result of a primary was not cheer?
fully acquiesced In, and all factions gath r
od to support tho nominees. In the old
convention system there has been such
dissatisfaction that -Independents have
been encouraged to como out. In a con?
vention, however representativo It may.
be, a few leaders will control, while In a
primary Ilio vote Hi' one section can off?
set another, and a true majority rulo..
Euch man has the samo vote in a primary
as another, and if he doesn't oxeiclse his
privilege It Is his own fault. The people
do not 1 ke the viva voce system, but
even then tho-vote in Saturday's primary
was nearly as large as usual. Take this
feature away, and no more satisfactory
method could be devised.
Montgomery Messenger.
Chrlstlanoburg, Va.. Oct. 81.'
Edltor of Tho Times-Dispatch:
Sir.?I reply to your c.rcular letter of
October 2Sth, with great willingness. I
am very much in favor of the primary
plan of choosing eand dates. If there 1?
any reason why that plan is lllog cal. It
will apply equally well to our general
system of elections. Tho nearer we get
to tho body of the people the greater the
s.ifety of our polit oal lnstltutons; and,
certainly the farther away we get from
them, the greater the danger. That Is
my principal reason for favoring the
primary, as against our former method of
conventions, in which a handful of In?
terested polit elans do tho whole work
of selecting the men who are to represent
the people at largo. I
I do not favor the viva voce form of ??? ,
ting, and my reasons for not doing so nre, I
that, in such a method of expressing one's
rholco a man Is not loft, entirely frea in
the selection of candidates, as the pub?
licity of tho vote will causo the voter to
lo more or less politic, bojng Influenced
by various causea which would not apply
If h's vote were secret, and not capable
of being discovered. I have not heard any
complaint against the viva voce method nf
voting, but 1 think our people would
greatly prefer not to voto audibly. They
aro generally In favor of the primares,
but some of them object.to tho heavy ex?
pense that some candidatos have been
subject to, and besides this, there aro
others who would rather cling to the
old methods. Those men aro doubtless
s ncero lu their choice, but aro op-? to
the BUSn'clon of self-aggrandlaemont
tliat is, that they think the r methods bet?
ter for themselves than the now way.
I have no objection to havo my opinions
published, as 1 havo taken this stand in
my paper. . -
Very truly,
Winchester News.
Winchester. Vii; Nov. t, 1503.
Editor of Th* Tlm*?tPt?P*tch:
My Dear & r,?In answer to your? of
October 2Sth. will say thttt I am certainly
in favor of the primary plan, ae follows:
That voting ?hall b? done by viva voce,
and none but white Democrats allowed to
participate. This I fcelleve to be the
pio In this section, and has been over
since the Norfolk Convention, and espe?
cially since It had tho endorsement of the
State Convention,
Fraternally yours.
Editor New?.
Charlotte Gazette.
Charlotte C. H. Va.. Nov. 3, 1903.
Editor of The Times-Dispatch:
?Sir,?I have delayed answer to yours ot
recent date because yesterday was our
County Court day, and G thought ? might
have opportunity to see leading men
from all parts of the county and gain
some definite Idea us to "primary," For
myself, I am so wedded to old methods
1 am opposed to ''rings," anything like
coercion In politica; an "all-day primary"
Is expensive. AVith us It hag been pre?
ceded by an active canvass. A clquo
controls a majoclty of tho precincts, and
thus nominates the candidates. With MS
the "primary has been the cause.? of
much troublo, and the election of House
Delegates hag. represented the clique, and
not tho peoplo,
This Is the general sentiment of nil our
people. Could the people ha.e a fair op?
portunity to exprees their wish In each
precinct, without price or canvass, a
primary would be the thing. As they have
been conducted here, sentiment le very
equally divided.
Editor Gaiette.
Rockingham Register.
Harrisonburg. Va., Nov. 8, 1003,
Editor or Tho Tlmes-DIspatch:
Sir.?Replying to your inquiry of the
?8th ult., I beg to say:
1. That I am heartily in favor of the
primary plan for the nomination of all
officers who are voted for by tho people.
?2., I am opposed to the viva voce meth?
od of voting. It is calculated to deter
the very element which we are trying to
attract from taking part In primary con?
tests, thereby turning the primaries over
to tho quasi professional element. Our
people here will never turn out generally
to a primary, for local office?, partic?
ularly, whcro the viva voce method is
8. I believe that In the answers above
given I have voiced the iprevalllng Dem?
ocratic sentiment of Rockingham county,
Very truly yours,
Editor Register.
Harrisonburg Free Press,
Iiarrlsontiurg, Va., Nov. ?, 3903.
Editor of The Tlmos-Dlspateh:
Sir,?Replying to your Inquiry of Octo?
ber 28th regarding primary plan of choos?
ing candidates and vlvu voce modo of
voting, I beg to say that our people gen?
erally are In favor of the primary plan
and want It legalized. As to whether tho
voto should be by ballot or viva voce,
there is a division of opinion, but ouir
people are willing that this should bo
settled by tho Leg suture.
Yours fraternally,
Editor Free Brcss.
Bristol Herald,
Bristol, Va., Nov. 4th, 4003.
Editor of The Times-Dispatch:?
Sir.?Your iettar ct the 2Sth ultimo,
asking my view? upon the primary plan,
the viva voce ?yattm of voting ana the
I etrntlm?nt of th? peopl* of thl? com
? munity upon these two 'question?.
? J tavor the primary plan of selecting
I candidates, and would ?ee every can
| didate, from the high office of United
Contains All the Political Information and Bevlsed Game Lavi for 1003-04.
CLYDE W. S?5JNDERS, Owner and Publisher.
?tates Senator down, ?o nominated. I
believe that every nominee should rep?
resent the will of his party as nearly as
It Is possible to secure the popular ex?
pression, and that no man who feels
himself to be the choice of his people
could object to having Ills name passed
upon by them.
Tho viva voce system of voting, 1 think,
should be abolished. It appears to be
the one obstruction to the complete eue
ces3 of the primary plan. It does not
prevent, fraud and does embarrass the
It Is impossible for me to say what the
prevailing sentiment In this section le
In this regard. I believe the prrnary plan
if> popular, and that with the elimini lion
of the viva voce system of voting it
will r* given full and earnest support.
The Herald advocates the primary plan.
Yours very truly,
Editor Herald.
Spirit of the Valley.
Hnrrlsonhurg, Va., Nov. 4th, 1908.
Editor of Th? Tlmnn-DlBpitch:
Sir,?In a letter of the 28th ultimo you
ask theso three questions;
1. Do you fnvor tho primary plan?
2. Do yoy favor the viva voce mode of
8, What Is tho general sentiment of the
peoplo In your community on these two
In reply to the first question, I say, I
Secondly. I prefer a perfectly secret
ballot, If It can be made secure fro-n
fraudulent manipulation. If not, I would
Ilk? to ??? the viva voce system adopted.
In replv to the third question, ? have
to say that I have never heard very
much dlBeuKslon of the matter, but am
of the opinion that a large nnlorlty of
our people of all ports and conditions de?
sire on honest ballot, and would prefer
a secrot ballot, provided It ein be made
honest. Yours fraternally,
Roanolre Times.
v. Roanoke, Va., Nov. 2d, 1003.
Editor of The Times-Dispatch:
Sir,?Replying to your recent fovor, I
bue lo say that I strongly fivor the
primary as a mode of nominating and
that 1 am oppose?! to the viva voce plan
of voting. In both respecta ? think I om
so fortunate us to -agree with the pre?
vailing Democratic sentiment in this city
and section.
Yours very truly,
Editor Roanoke Times.
B?ffolfk. Va., Nov. I,
Editor of Th? rinjM-EXipat^h: .
Sir,?ReHylni i? your? of the istb wit.,
I beg to answer your question? a? toi.
1. I do not favor the primary plan tor
all officer?, but I f >? opposed to repealing
the present primary plan a? Its continua?
tion will mean the defeat of many men,,
who would ride Into onice as primary ad?
vocates In caue the present primary p.an
should be repealed.
2. I do not favor tho viva voce method .0
of voting. fin
3. The sentiment of the people In ouri$?8t
county la somewhat divided, but a ma-li"1
Jority seem to be against the prlmaryM1'*'
plan. You will find in this county scarceb!??rrt?
a man who favors the viva voce me-thod%"y
of voting. **?;l5
Your? truly, Jfrijnn
J. IE. WEETir'd w
Editor Heralif" edl
I-, ;?iat the
Washingtonian Mirror. %%$
Leesburg. Va.. Nov. a. 1
Editor of The Tlmes-Dlspatch: - |.
Sir,?Your letter of tho 2$th ult. nrstL!
dulty received, and would have had atjpou
more prompt answer If I had not been/bo
away from my ofllce In Leesburg. upomjlih?
Jta receipt. an?
In reply to your Inquires, I takAftlst
pleasuro In answering them as follow?: \j la
F.rst, as to whether or not I favor the? if*
primary plan, will say that I most heurtl*y'
ly endorse this method of selecting can?*/
dldates. as a genera) rule, but bellev?"
that It can be made somewhat obnoxtou?
If carried too far, I favor It, however for
United States Senators, as It ? a dii?et
Instruction from the people to the Legis?
lature, but as I am opposed to doing
away with convent on, and at the same
time a believer |n uniformity In e'ectlon?,
I have for a long time, advocated thai
the least objeotlonable way to nominate
a Governor Is by a primary election for
delegates to a convention, provided all
primaries are held at each pvoclnol
throughout tho entire State, on the same
day, I also am In favor of a primary for
tho eloctlon of dologatoa to a congre?*
ninnai convention, provided all such pr|?
mares are hold at euch precinct In th?
various congressional districts on the
?amo day.
The reasons for the above, 1 think, will
appear to nil, so particularly fair and
impartial that discussion will be useless,
As to your second Inqu'ry, regard ng
viva voce voting, will say that I urn
unquestionably opposed to |t In primai.?
elections within our own party. I fall to
seo any sound reasoning for this method
between friends within mir own party
while wo adhere to the secret ballot, when
Democrats face Republicans.
Third. I feel that the above is prac?
tically the sentiment of the Democrats o?
Yours very truly.
Per Robert N. Harp?*.
Virginia Citizen.
?rvlngton, Va., Nov. ?th. 1808,
Edltor of The. Tlmes-Dlspatch:_,
iContlnued on Fourth Pate.?

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