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Miller ? Rho?vds.
Miller ? Rho&ds.
Well Shaped Winter
Underwear for Women
.... And Children.
Underwear that fits?for no matter what price one pays for Un?
derwear if the garment gathers in ridges and lumps it's not the kind
to wear.
Part wool Jersey Ribbed Vests and Pants for ladies. Just enough
mixture of wool and cotton to prevent shrinking 60c.
Shaped Vests for Indios with finished
?earns?part wool In white and natural
The Pants mode with a French
band 75e.
Scarlet wool Vests and Pants all
?lies $1.00.
Fine Merino Swiss Rlbbnd Vests
trimmed with Bilk around the neck
rarely evor discard them for ?operate
Finely made and shaped Union Suit?
of part wool I1.B0,
Fino Egyptian Cotton Veete and
Pants for ladles In white and un?
bleached , all sizes 60c.
Union Suits for children?Jersey rib?
bed Cotton?fleece lined BOo.
Heavy flocco lined Shlrta and
Women thnt once wear a Union Suit | Drawers for boys 2Bo eaoh,
Last of the Week Bargains in Childrens
The Broadcloth Coats for children between 2 and 6 yoars old that
we've been selling for $2,98 this fall are remarkably good values as
they are strictly all wool, and tailored in a very nice manner. Getting
down in numbers now?only 22 left in Tan, Rod and Blue. ?
You'd better not let the opportunity slip by, if any of tho little
folks need a Coat before Christmas.
Six Black Volvet Coats lined with fine Italian cloth, largo Velvet
Collar covered with lace $5.75.
Handsome Black Velvet Bonnets for children with niching of
poplin and lace medallions $1.00.
Considerable Progress Was Made
by the Senate at Yes?
terday's Session.
Mr. Gravely Seeks to Amend
the Law to That Effect?Sen?
ate Quorum Hard to Get.
Both Senate and House yesterday got
to work on the consideration of bills em?
braced In the supplementary report of
the Joint Committee on /Revlslon. The
failure of the two bodies to agree on any
Joint resolution left each to proceed aa
It pleased, tho Senate with a Steering
Committee and the House without on?.
Little more could be done yesterday than
give a number of these printed bills their
first reading, and In some case? amend?
ment? wero proposed. The Senate con?
sidered fifteen or sixteen bills, some of
them rather long ones.
In the House of Delegates, Mr. Henrf
H. Lee, of Nottoway. was seated as mem?
ber from tho district of Amelia and Not?
toway for the unexplrod term of Con?
gressman Southall, on recommendation of
the committee.
Owing to some misunderstanding as. to
the hour of meeting or to an aversion
to such an early hour, the Senato could
not muster a quorum at 11, and had to
wait until noon beforo It could transact
? numbor of bills, most of them relating
to dogs or tho game laws, were offered,
and Mr. Stearnes presented In the House
a bill proposing to pinco primarles under
the same laws and regulations applicable
to general elections.
Senate of Virginia.
The Senate convened at 11 A. M. yee
te'rday, pursuant to the resolution of
Mr. Anderson, adopted Thursday, but the
body was unable to accomplish anything
owing to the failure of a quorum to
After Dr. Cecil had offered prayer and
the reading of the Journal dispensed with
as usual, Mr. Ople offered the report of
the Commlttoo for Court sof Justice, the
printed volume embracing 104 Senate bills
reported from the Revision Committee,
Social and
At the marriage of Miss Elizabeth
Herndon Rlxey, the eldest daughter of
Mr. C. Jones Rlxey, of Culpeper, Va.,
to. Mr. E. "Wllley Steams, of thle city,
which took place last Wednesday In St.
Stephen's Church, Culpeper, the Rev.
J. W. Ware was the celebrant.
Miss Geor?la H. Rlxey was the maid of
honor and Mr. Charles P. Steams the best
The list of bridesmaids Included Miss
Alice Stcarns, MIrs Mary Barbour Rlxey,
Miss E. Georgia Flint, Miss Emily
Steams, Miss Lena Rlxey and Miss jean
nle Gray Miller.
Dr. Brodle C. Nolle, of tho University
of Virginia; Mr. Stcarns Halsey, of Cul?
peper, and Mr. George G. Hlden offi?
ciated' as ushers. Congressman John P.
Rlxey and Surgeon Rlxey, ti? uncles of
the bride wero among the wedding
When Mr. nndi Mrs. Stcarns return from
their wedding trip they will have apart?
ments with Mrs. Samuel W. Travers, of
West ?Franklin Street.
? - ?, ?
A meeting of the Richmond Cotillon
Club will be held In the Masonic Temple
Monday evening, November 10th, at 8:30
o'clock. /
As business of Importance In detail will
come before tho members, each nnd every
one Is requested nnd expected to be
The club has reorganized under the
roost auspicious circumstances.
? ? ?
Those who have had the pleasure of
hearing Mr. James Young at the Wo?
man's Club, will be glad to know that ,he
will visit the club -again this Saturday
afternoon. ' after tho mntlnee, when a
large audience will doubtless greet him.
Mr. Young will talk on "The Defense
nt Shylock" at half-past 6 o'clock. He
In known throughout the South as an
artist of gTeat ability. He plays Sebas?
tian to Miss Allen's Viola In Twelfth
Night at to-day's matinee and to-night's
performance In the Academy. He was
lately connected with Sir Henry Irvlng'n
company In England, and was for some
years a raemh?r of Augustin Daly's
Shakespearian company.
? ? ?
The Washlngtonlan-Mlrror, of Lees
burg, Va., has In this week's Issue tho
following pleasant Item In regard to Mrs,
Le Bourgeois, who Is recallPd In Rich?
mond as Miss Katherine Buckley Powell.
It fay ?:
"Mr. and Mrs. Le Bourgeois have re?
turned to spend a few days with Mrs.
Lewie Powell, the mother of Mrs. I,e
Bourgeois. The young couple, who were
married In St. James' Churoh, of this
place, last Wednettday, tire on their way
to New Orleons, which place thoy will
make their home. Mr. 1.* Bourgeois la
prominent In railroad circle? In LouiHlana
and Is much admired hy all who know
him. Mrs. Le Bourgeois Is one of Lees
burg's brightest and most attractive
young ladles."
? * ?
The Turner-Ashby Chapter, Daughters
of tho Confftderary, are arranging for
their annual box to be tent to tho vet?
erans Bt the Soldiers' Home.
? ? ? ?
Invitations have been sent out by Mrs.
Susan W. Page for the marriage of her
daughter, Mine Mary Woodley Page, and
Mr. Jame.8 Lownde.s Phlppen, Jr.
The wedding date is ivst for Wednesday,
November 25tll, at C:M P. M., In No. 117
North Iximbfirdy Street.
Miss Tage Is tho daughter of the late
Charles II. Page and hur fianco le a eon
The World's Best
JJrllliuut, Sparkling, l'.xt-luslvr
Doui?ttH?A warded Ui?Utut Module
Th? /ik]t%?trp eneraveii on
name c?<^^\Sy every pice?
Exclusive Richmond Agent?,
1011 E. Main bt. 9 e. Broad St.
o? Mr. James Lowndcs Phlppen. The
young people are both well known and
very popular.
Personal Mention.
Mrs. J. H, Matthews, of Martlnsvllle,
Vn., Is vlBltlng her sister, Mrs. N. C.
Shelton of No. 418 East Grace Street,
? ? ?
Colonel John Murphy nnd his bride, who
have been touring Canada, will attend
the New York Horse Show next week
? * ?
Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Dickinson, Mrs.
E. G. Dickinson Mr. J. A. and Mr. Walter
Scott, of this city, attended the Spolden
Croplcy wedding, taking place near Mil
ford, In Carolino county, recently
? ? ?
Miss Katie Disney has returned from
a visit to a friend near Winchester Va.
? ? ?
Mr. Charles Stacy, of Ronceverto, W.
Vn. who spent yesterday In Richmond,
returned to Ronceverto last night.
? ? ?
Mrs. Florence Brown FHppen, of Cum
berland county, is the guest of Misses
Ada and Nellio Gray.
'?'? ? *
Mrs. James A. Hoofnagle, of Ashjand,
Va., who was recently operated on at Me?
morial Hospital, is convalescent, and able
to seo her frlpuds.
Friends of Dr. Stuart N. Michaux will
be glad to hear that ho has almost re?
covered from his recent Indisposition.
? ? ?
Mrs. lisst, ot Ronceverte, Vf. Va., who
has been spending some time In New
York city, has now joined her daugh?
ters, Miss iKlorencc and Miss Caroline
! Best ut No. 215 East Franklin Street.
? ? ?
Mrs. J. T. Temple, of Richmond, and
Mrs. T. H. Walker, of Pemborton, Va?
left yesterday to attend tho New York
Horse Show.
?. ? ?
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Withers, Jr.,
of Pittsburg, Pa., are visiting Mr. and
Mrs. Stephen Putney.
? ? ?
Society Is much interested ovar the ap?
pearance of Viola Allen In Twelfth Night
at the Academy. Present Indications
point to a crowded houso and many box
parties for the matinee an> tho evening
production. Mr. Young Is said to be
fino in his make-up as Sebastian, a fact
that adds much Interest to the perform?
Acca Temple Accepts an Invita?
tion From Botimi.
The Baltimore Shrlnors, who came to
Richmond to attend the meeting of Acca
Templo, have returned to their homes
with the most pleasant of recolloctlons.
Acca Temple will visit Bouml Temple, In
Bultlmore, on the 30th, when a large del?
egation will go.
Among those who went over the sands
was a gentleman aged elghty-two yoora.
He is the oldest member of the body in
tho Stato.
Society for the Prevention of
Cruelty to Children Needs One.
In the report of Superintendent Davis,
of the Society for the Prevention of Cru?
elty to Children, he stutos thul the so?
ciety Is In need of a house of detention
while homes are being found for the chil?
dren, nnd this point will be dlscuseed at
tho big meeting now being arranged for,
Property Transfers.
Hlohmnnd-James E. Allon und wife to
Idu t and IS. C. Clarke, thirty feot on
north side of Broad Street, 73 1-2 feot
cast of Thirty-second, $1,140.
John O Bradley and wlfo to Mrs. A. L.
Bailey, 29 11-12 feet on east sido of Twon
iy-llflh Street, ? feet north of P, $1,1,00,
Allen Jonathan and wife's trustees to II.
I?'. Jonathan, ?? feet on west fclclo Sov
ei teenth Street, between Gruce und
1? rank Un, 11,7??.
J. W. Johnson to Myt-r Klrsh, 22 11-12
feet on west side of Fifth Street, 67 1-13
i ? et suutii of Puya), J?.OOO.
\? ?Mum A. Moiicure. apocini commis?
sioner, to ltamoii D. Garelli, forty feet
on west ??Ido of Thirtieth Slroet No. 7:'2
Tax Title Company of Richmond to
Mury Freeman, fifteen feet on east side
St. Jrhn Street between Baker und Du
\al, JIM.
Jieiii'ico?John L. JNlxson und wife to
Joseph Harris, ti 3-4 aeres uuout nine
n?..es west of Richmond, $D0.
The Tax Title Company of Richmond to
L. A.-.Washington. 22 feet on west side
c>l Twentv-slxln Street, twenty feet south
of T. *iiO.
Rule 1.. anil Albert B. Wharton, Jr., to
J. E. Ruppert, 23 feet on south side of
l'ioyd Avenue, 4? 1-2 fiiut weal ?G Pork
and again reported by the Committee for
The chair was vacated for an hour, ow?
ing to the failure of a quorum, and the
fact that tho printed calendars had not
reached the body. Mr. Ople who made tho
motion to vacate tho chair, explained
tnat there was apparently some misunder?
standing as to hour of meeting.
Thereupon Mr. Braksdale, of Halifax,
delivered a bit of a lecture and served
notice that unless a quoruni was present
on any day hereafter he would demand
a call of the Senate and enforce their at?
When the chair was resumed at noon,
Mr. Mann, of Nottoway, offered this res?
olution relating to procedure, and It waa
adopted without dissent:
Resolved, That the following procedure
on the pnssage of the bills reported by
the Committee on Revision be adopted:
1. When such a bill Is reached on the
calendar, a motion to dispense with the
constitutional rending will be made; but
when the bill comes up on Its second
reading, It shall be read at length, sec?
tion by section, for the purpose of amend?
2. Such recommendations will be made
from time to Urne m reference to debate,
calling or pending' question'* and other
procedure as may ? be required.
3. The first bills to be considered and
acted on are Senate bills 393 to 404; inclu?
The Senate thereupon took up and read
the first bill reportud from the Commltce
for Courts, Senate bill relating to reap?
portionment of representation, as amend?
ed. An amendment was offered by Mr. An?
derson and further action went over until
The next bill, ono relating to the fran?
chise and designed to carry out the pro?
visions of the new suffrage clause of the
Constitution, was read for amendment and
sent to Its second reading.
Altogether eleven bills covering eighty
eight printed pages were read and ad?
vanced toward passage.
At 12:30 o'clock, after a very dull eee
slon, the Senato adjourned until 11 A. AL
The House.
The House was called to order at 11
o clock by Speaker Ryan, and prayer was
offered by Rev. William Meade Clark, of
the Eplsoopal Church. The following bills
were offered and referred.
By Mr. Gravely: To permit the net?
ting and trapping of partridges In Henry
By same: To amend the dog law so
as to exempt from taxation one dog
tor each householder or head of fam?
By Mr. Weaver: To repeal a law re?
lating to tho shipment of quail killed
in tho counties of Carroll, Grayson and
f atrick.
By Mr. Stearncs: To provide that all
party primary eloctlons he hold under
uie general election law.
Hy Mr. Woodard: A resolution from
the Board of Trade of Norfolk praying
Hint protection bo ufforded the llsh In?
di titry of Virginia.
A large numb, r of bills were reported
from the Committee on Roads. Courts
of Justice nnd Uoneral Laws, among the
latter being that creating a Bureau of
il;syranco, which wus drawn by the Re?
vision Committee.
The ivport of the Revision Committee
was tnlten up, and the bill providing for
assessors of real property wn^ ho amend
u'd us to allow cities of 15,00(1 inhabitants
and over to have two assessors, The bill
was ordeiud to Its engrossment.
Mr. Kelley presented the report ?f the
Factions Committee unanimously recom?
mending tho seating of Mr, Henry E.
i.en for tho unexplrcd term of Congress?
man R. G. Soulhull from the district
(imposed of the counties of Amelia und
Nottingham, and It was read at length by
the clerk. The report and resolutions
accompanying woro unanimously adopted,
and Mr. Lo.? wae sworn in as a member
ti tho House, amid groat applause. Con
?'iieratltm of the calendar was resumed
fand a number nf billa - reported from
ine Revision Committee were ordered en
(.Tossed, Mr. Boaz, of the committee, cx
piuliilng the changes in the present luw.
Bills Passed.
To validate certain records of tho
County Court of Bedford.
To amend and ro-ennot an act author?
izing tho quulllled voters of Prince Ed
word county to vote upon the question
ot Issuing bonds.
An English Author Wrote;
"No shade, no shine, no fruit, no Dow?
ers, no leaves?November!" Many Amer?
icans would add no freedom from calurih,
which Is su aggravatili during this month
that It ln-i'i"iiii?s constantly troublesome.
There is abundant proof thut catarrh la
u constitutional discus?. ? in leluted to
<? i-i ulula and consumption, being one of
the wasting diseases. Hood's Bursupurllla
has shown that what is capable of orudl
cutiug scrofula, completely cure? catarrh
and taken in time prevents consumption.
We cannot see how any sufferer can put
ufi taking this medicine, In view of the
vldoly published record of Its radical and
permanent cures. It Is undoubtedly
America's Greatest Medicino for Amer?
ica'? Greatest Disease?Cutarra.
W. L. Douglas $3.50 shoes have by their excellent style, easy-fitting and superior wcaring qualities,
achieved the largest sale of any $3.50 shoe in the world. They are just as good as4ho.eethat cost you $5 to
$7?the only difference is the price. If I could take you into my factory at Brockton, Mass., the^largest m
*' ?? J- " ?? n'?fin^*rinMnnr! show vou the infinite care with which every pair of
wherein the world. If I could show you the difference between tne snoes mauc "? ? {, Cf^Th??G^??
othermakes, you would understand why Douglas $3.50 shoes cost more to?^e? ^y.^^S^".^
fit better, wear longer, and are of greater intrinsic value than any other $3.50 shoe m the market to-day.
' Corona Colt is the highest grade patent
leather made. That Douglas use? It
proves there 1? value in Douglas $3.d0
shoes. Fatt Color Eyelets Used Exolualvelg.
Theme are the reeaonm W. ?? Doug ta?
make? and motta mono mon1? Good
year* . Watt (hand-mowed proco??)
$3.BO ?hoe? than any othon manu?
facturer In the world.
$25,000 Reward
will be paid to any one
who can d lap rovo this
.^Shoes hj. mall, S5o. ?xtra. "Write for Catalog.
? W. L. DOUGLAS, Brockton, Mass.
623 East Broad Street.
?V. L. Douglas High Grado
Boys' Shoes,
02.00 and $1.73.
Mr. Stearnes Offers a Bill Chang?
ing the, Primary Method
Now :jn Vogue.
Follows State Primary Plan and
Applies Present Election Laws
to Nominations Made.
The apparont dissatisfaction with the
viva voce system of voting In primaries
In Virginia le likely to receive attention
from the Legslature through a measure
offered by Hon. L. P. Btearnee, of New?
port News. In the House on yesterday.
The bill of Mr. Btearnee. which wae
referred to tho Privileges and Elections
Committee, provides for legalizing pri?
maries held for all officers named
In the State Democratic Committee's plan,
and further that In suoh primaries the
present election laws shall govern. This
means that the voting shall be by secret
blallot. rather than under the viva voce
The bill follows the State primary plnn,
and leaves It optional with local commit?
tees a? to whether local officers shall
be nominated by primary or in conven?
Mr, Stearnes said he had offered the
bill In good faith, and that he would
simply let It stand on Its merits, without
making any fight for It.
Tho bill will llHely causo something of a
fight In the committee, and efforts will bo
made to amend It In many particulars,
The full text of the measure Is as fal?
Ho It enacted by the General Assem?
bly of Virginia, That all party primaries
held or conducted by any political party
In the Sluto of Virginia, for the purpose
of nominating party candidates for eloj.
tlon, shall bo held and conduoted under
the general eleotlon laws of ?he Stute
governing general elections
2. The said party Executive Committee
having the said party primary election In
charge .shall appoint discreet men us
Judges und clerks for said election, so us
to represent all the sal dparty candidates
as far us possible.
In canvassing the ballots each candi
date shall bo allowed to have a repr??
sentative present, as Is now provided for
political parties In general -elections.
3. When political >artlefl do not wish to
havo primaries, but prefer to hold conven
tioiiB or muna-moetlpgs to nominate their
candidate, the same laws shall govern the
suld conventions or mass-meetings ns are
applicable to primari-??. In so fur as the
appointing of Judges and clerks and the
canvassing of the ballots ?J?. concerne?^
and In no case shall any.one vote except
legal registered voters, who are entitled
to vote In the following regular election.
4. This act snail be In force from Its
Virginia People Have Subscribed
$7,500 So Far.
The general subscription for the eroe
tlon of tho Virginia building at Bt. Louis
Is going on encouragingly, and as tho
time for beginning upon It approaches
more and more of the people are sub?
scribing, there being now about $7,600
Superintendent George 13. Murrell, who
was In ,Sl. Louis recently, reports that
tne State buildings arc going up rapidly,
thlity-flve of them being under way or
?bout to begin. Wisconsin, the laut to.
begin, waa up and under roof ln-twu.ve
dnys from the time the foundation was
Tennessee, like Virginia, ha? to roly
upon private subscriptions from Us citi?
zens, and they are taking a : great deal
of Interest In It. At a meeting ot the
Commercial Club In Jackson, Tenn...the
other day,, after addresses by? Major. K.
B. Stahlman, president of the State Asso?
ciation, nnd Hon. B. A. Enloe. secretary,
the business men guaranteed fl,000 for
the fund, ?nd said they would nul?? It
$2,500 rather than have no building.
Memphis tea signified lier wllllngnee?
to contributo liberally, and now has
thirty committees nt work soliciting sub?
The Board of Directors of tho State
penitentiary will somo time prior to J*n- i
uary 1st elect a successor, to the present
superintendent of that institution, Major ?
George M. Helms, of Franklin, and there
ure a numbor of applicants for the placo.
Malor Helms Is a candidate for re-elnn
tlon, and the other aspirants are Mesera.
S. M. Boiling, of Bedford; BY J. Wyaijr,'
of Rilancili; ?. W. Lynn, of Loudoun, and
8. M, ls'ewhouse, of Culpepor.
Th? now term la for four years, and nil
tho aspirant's ure well known.
Dr. Charlea V. Cnrrlngton, tho surgeon
to the Institution, Is understood to have
no opposition.
Both Accused Acquitted,
-llenrloo County Court, Judge Wlckhnin
pi'OMiiiiiig, disposed of two cases yea
lerciuy, acquitting/ both, prisoners.
George 1'atterson was charged with
Rrniid larceny. The Jury was out but
a few minutos and brought lu a verdict
of not guilty.
Lynn Newmnnn, a white boy, accused
of breaking into a dwelling at Fair Oaks,
nnd stealing $fl, was also promptly au
Is Getting Better,
Assistant Clerk of tho Huuso Thomas
Sri. Bigger yesterduy received a letter
from Ciipt. A. O. Sullivan, who Is ill
;?t tho Johns Hopkins' Hospital In Balti?
more In which ho stated that ho was
improving unii hoped to bo at his post
us iloor-kocper of the House In a snort
Captain Edwards III.
New? from Norfolk la to tho effect that
Cupt. Usuar Edwards, of that city, presi?
dent of the Virginia Pilot Association, la
seriously ill at Ids home there.
I'repurctl from ?Ivetou Vuulllu llvuus. warranted.
New York, Nov. 16th to 21 st.
The Old Dominion Steamship Company's tenth annual por
fonally conducted excursion to New York will leavo Richmond
via Old Dominion Night Lino Friday, November 181b., at 7:00 P.
M. ; via Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Company Saturday, Nov.
Hth, m 4:00 P. M? or Norfolk and Western R. R. 8:00 P. M., con?
necting with Old Dominion Lino Express Steamor at Norfolk;
' arriving in New York Sunday U P. M.
Fare for Round-Trip Only $12,Good for 10 Days.
One Way Rate, $7.00.
Including Meals and Stateroom Berth on Steamer.
Ae New York !? crowded during Horse Show Week, apply
early and secure good steamer and hotel reservations.
JOHN F. MAYER, Agent, 808 East Main Street'
Wants to S?e His Doctor?Noth?
ing Serious-?Police
'Squire Grave appeared once more upon
the scene In the Police Court'yesterday
In the absence of Justice John, who took
a flying trip to the metropolis to see his
old friend, tho doctor.
The two boys, Nobby Stratton and
Harry Penny, charged with assaulting
nnd robbing 11. ?. Bushnell of M. were
euch placod under socurlty for six months.
Muck Douglas was given sixty days
flat for taking a coat belonging to J. W.'
Then there was a Uno of drunks and
the usual small disorderlies, eaon ono.of
which was attended to In the right way.
The civil dnckot was a long one. hut.it
wits In the afternoon before tho, 'Squire
hud .'a. chance to go dut and breath some'
pure ozone.
Not a Single Report of Robbery
Received by the Police,
Captain Tomllnaon escorted "Samuel of
Pofctsn," otherwise known as Sam Hull,
the veteran pickpocket, to the depot, and
told him to go hence yesterday.
Samuel had been arreeted by Captain
Tomllnson tlio morning the circus got to
town, nnd he was detained In Jull until
It went away.
This good work on the part of the
Captain In nil . probability saved many
watches and pockotbooks to their law?
ful owners, as not one theft was reported.
S. A, L. Stock Higher.
The sudden rise in Seaboard stock yes?
terday was thu feature of chief interist
in the local market. 'J'bfl Soubourd tiu
turltles opened strong ond soon went up
two or three dollars a share. No spu?
tine reason is assigned by representatives
of the system here, but It Is learned from
.Now York that reports a,re, bphig alrcu,. I
Freshly Ground, di*
rect from the largest
slaughter house in this
country. The best o??
fertilizers for use on.
fall crops and as a per?
manent improver* o?
the soil. Write Sor
price, or call at
No. 12 South 14th St., near Main,,
1 Cor. 6th and Marshall Sts.,
1707 ?, Franklin St.,
A Cure (or Deranged Nerve?,
Washington, D. O.
luted, the burden of whloh are that ne?
gotiations arc proRTesHlng with eatls
iL-ctton to all concerned, which will load
lo tlit? great enhancement of Seaboard
No rise In othor railroad value* waa ?
noted .-?'?" ? ? ?.

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