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The Minority Report of Hon. S.
Wilkins ?rV??lheWs Presented
t<~i the House. '
.Cession of the Legislature Yes?
terday Devoted Almost En?
tirely to Routine Matters.
? The Genera! Assembly, sat for two
hours yesterday, but without ? quorum
nf either house. The time was consumed
In reading bills embraced In the supple?
mentary report of the Revision Commit?
tee for amendment, The Senate read for
amendment tho bills from WS to -KM, and
? number of verbal amendments or
consequential changos designed to perfect
the bills were offered. It was the dry?
*st, dullest session yet held. Several
bills which had passed both housos and
been engrossed wore signed by tho Presi?
dent of the Senate.
Not a single bill was Introduced In the
Ecnnl?;, nnd in tho House only one of
general Interest, that of Mr. Green, to
permit law students under twenty-one
years ot age to take tho examination
befc#J tita Supremo Court ot Appeals
for leave to practice law. Several local
bills were offered in the House.
Mr, Mathews, of Accomac, offered the
inlnorlty report of the Joint legislative
committee on the oyster, nnd It was
ordered printed.
A bill will be prepared and Introduced
next week currying into effect tho rec?
ommendations of the majority or this
committee, which, In brief. pTVVldes for
the breaking ?G the Baylor survey und
. the leasing of barren or depleted oyster
rock to the highest bidder. This bill
will take the usual course, going to the
Committee on the Chesapeake and Its
Tributaries. Whether or not this com?
mittee will givi: hearings to oystermen
on the bill to be presented remains to be
teen. If the oystermen ask a hearing
it Is presumed the. committee will grant
It, but It may limit tho timo ot hearings.
? A prolonged contest is in prospect over
the oyster question. That is assured.
Tho members from tho oyster counties
bave received voluminous petitions pray?
ing tli?? General Assembly not to break
- 4he survey.
Senate of Virginia.
The Rev. Russell Cecil uguin offered
the opening prayer in the Senate yes?
terday. There was not a quorum of
members present nt any time. Ai%>ng
those In their seats were Senators Bruce,
Of Wise, and Rewrcomb, of Allegheny.
Throe bills, which had been engrossed
by tho presiding officer, as required by
law, now go to tho Governor for his
signature. They are as follows:
To validate osxtaln recorda of the
County Court of Budford.
To require clerks of circuits courts of
counties or . corporations or hustings
courts of eitles to send to the Secretary
.of the Common wealth certified lists of
county, district and city officers, and
providing a penalty for failure so to do.
To require commissioners of the rev?
enue to assess all duly registered voters
with the State poll tax or capitation
tax, and to require the treasurers of
counties and cities to receive the.State
poll or capitation tnx ot any person who
is assessable therewith, although he has
not been assessed therewith by tho com?
missioner of revenue.
The Senate then resumed work on the
consideration of the volume of Senate
bills reported by the Committee on R.s
ylslon, the hills being read at length for
amendment. A number of amendments
designed to perfect the language of the
bills or tho^e made necessary by other
changes In the draft, of the bills wero
offered. This was nil that could bo done
?with the small attendance of members.
Tho Senato made considerable progress,
concluding the bill No. 403, tho last bill
considered being thnt providing for tho
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government and control otf the State
It was 1:40 o'clock when the Senate od- ?
Journed until Monday.
The House.
The House was called to order at 11
o'clock by Spealcer Ryan, nnd prayer
wns offered by Rev. William Meade
Cbirke, of the Bplscopal Clmreh.
Mr. Lnwson offered a bill to remove
the political dleablllUes otf George T.
Croxton. of Essex, and another was
offered by Mr, Green, allowing law stu?
dents under ago to tako the examination
before the Supremo Court. They wero
both referred and the House ordered a
number of bills on tho calendar to their
'Mr, Mathews presented his minority re?
port from the oyster commission, against
breaking the Baylor oyster survey, and
It was ordered printed.
Air, R. S. Blackburn Smttli, who was
In his scat for tho first timo during
the short spsslon, offered two local'
bills, relating to the borrowing of money
nnd the construction of bridges In Clarke
nnd Wo'rnsn counties.
The House, at 1 P. M.. adjourned to
meet at .11 o'clock on Monday,
A Strong Paper Against Break?
ing the Baylor Survey.
The minority report presented in the
Mouse yesterday by Hon. S. WUlelns
Mathews npialnst breaking the Baylor
oyster survey tnkes Issue with Hie paper
of tho majority on almost every point.
Mr. Mathews admits that there ure
about 225,000 acres of oyster rock em?
braced within the Baylor survey, but de?
nies that seventy-five per cent, of this Is
barren or depleted. The Joint committee,
though absent on Its inspection trip about
seventy-seven days, was engagea actively
for only about half that time in exam?
ining oyster rock, and in the opinion of
Mr. Mathews actually examined only
about ten per cent, of tha total area. It
cannot be presumed that because seventy
five per cent, of the area examined was
considered barren, that the same propor?
tion of that not examined Is also de?
pleted. On the contrary, It Is said by
oystermen that conditions vary greatly
with different rocks.
One point which Mr. Mathews most
earnestly impresses is that it Is upon
the natural rock which It Is pro
posea to open to lease that the oystermen
derive their nupply of seed oysters, and
with this leased out to large planters
and packers, the small oyster planters
and tongers will have nowhere to obtain
their seed, and thus almost tho entire
population, aggregating 60,000 or 60,000, will
be thrown out of employment and reduced
to hardship and pauperism.
Mr. Mathews denies that the oyster In-,
dustry Is In dnnger of extermination,
und contends that so many oysters
have never been tnken from the oyster
grounds of tho State ae now. The
apparent diminution of the supply of seed
oysters, ho contends, is due merely to the
larger demand for them, owing to the
larger number of planters and men en?
gaged In oyster production. ?'?
Til? minority report contends that the
planters, who wish to break the Bay?
lor Hiirvey will -not want tho really
barren rSck or bottom embraced In
the survey, hut tho productive rocks, thus
cutting off others from a supply of seed
oysters. He admits' that there Is some
barren bottom embraced In the survey
that ought not to bo Included therein, but
Main and Fourteenth Sts.
Main and Fourteenth Sts.
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the area Is small, and that It would mean
the destruction of the oyster industry to
once break the survey under which the
Industry Is now paying to tho State a rev?
enue of about ?3O,00O annually.
Another point made by the Accomac
member Is that the lease of the State's
oyster rock would put an end to the clam?
ming and crabbing Industry, and thus
Impose a grreat hntdslrip by destroying an
Industry from which several thousand
derive a livelihood.
Rev. C. C. Cox, who has been attending
tho Baptist General Association, held in
Stounton? will" return In time to fill his
pulpit to-day.. "'
Mr. WMUe.fFollaid; -who was operatod on
for appendiciti*^ at .Uie Retreat lust week,
was brougut'htfme'Friaay, and Is getting
on nicely. ?
Mr. Willie E. Binford and bride, who
were married Wednesday In Newport
News, were the guests Thursday of. the
former'e uncle, Chauds Pollard, of No.
110S Twentieth Street.
Rev. J. T. Tucker is in Staupton at?
tending the Baptist General Association.
Mrs. Margaret Cobb, of Caroline county,
who was the guest of Mrs. Willlo Smltn
during the week, lias returned here.
Miss Ida Boudles, of Hanover county,
Is visiting her brother, Walter Beadles.
Mrs. Jort Hurley continues aulto ill at
lier home on the avenue.
W. C. Gentry is now located In Fair
mount, where he will reside. ?
Mrs, Willie Johnson Is out again after
a severe spell of illness.
Mr. John Haynes, who formerly lived
on Twentieth Street, has moved his fam?
ily to tho city.
The pulpit of Falrmount Methodist
Church will bo filled to-day by Mr. T. J.
McConncll at 11 A. M. and bv Mr. Fizer
at 8 P. M.
Mrs. Ovorby and Mrs. Nat Flanagan
visited Mr. Willie Overby during the past
Mrs. Trainer, of No, 2320 "Venable Street,
is quite sick. .
Mastor Bernard Clayton, who has been
suffering from a severe abscess, is better,
Mrs. Mary Luck, of Caroline county,
who ?as been visiting Mrs. Willie Smith
for several days, has left for Pole Green
to visit hor son, Emmott Luck.
Rev. H, J. Goodwin,, of King William
county, stopped over to vIST?^ his father
while on route to Staunton to intend tlio
Miss Hortense Watkins Is very much In.
disposed at her home on Twenty-second
The Sir Knights and Lady Maccabees of
Falrmount Hive will have an oyster sup?
per to-morrow night at Curd's Hall.
The regular meeting of the Dadlos' Aid
Society of Falrmount Methodist Church
will be held to-morrow evening ut tho
usual hour.
Mrs. Lena Bradley Hawks entertained
a few friends informally Thursday even?
ing at her homo on Twentieth Stteot.
Music and parlor games were tho pleas?
ures of tho ovenioff until ? lato hour,
when the Kuosts were Invited In the din?
ing-room, where an excellent supper whs
served, -a????? those present were: Mis,
Frimer, Mrs. Matilda Stiller, Mrs, Thomas
Anderson, Mrs, Crew West, Mrs, Lena,
Valentine, Mrs. Louise Keck, Mrs. Adltm
son and Mrs. Blumberg.
United States Circuit Court.
.The United States Circuit Court of
Appeals was enguged during all of yes?
terday's session with hearing argument?
in the case of R, W. Brown, plaintiff In
orror, vs. II. S. llarklns, commissioner
of Internal revenue, from the District
Court at Ashovllle, N. C. This case In?
volved tho payment under protest by the
plaintiff In error, of an additional stamp
tax on a package of distilled spirits, the
collector claiming that the package hud
been refilled and reshlpped. The cane was
submitted on a brief by the plalntlfl? In
error, and arguod orally for the do
fondimi In error by United States Attor?
ney A, 13, liolton.
Judges s I mo u ton and Morris and Mc?
Dowell were sitting yesterday.
On motion of United States District
Attorney A. 13. Holten, the casu of Law?
rence Pullium, plaintiff in error, vs. tho
United States, defendant In error, from
the District Court at Charlotte, was
docketed und illmilssocl.
Change Superintendents.
(Special to Tho TJmns-Dlbpnteh.)
YORKTOWN, VA., Nov. 11.?Mr. Wil?
liam T, Vandor, late superintendent of
tho Natlunul Cemetery here, has been do.
lacked und orderet] to Knoxvlllo, 'i'enn.,
leaving on yesterday for his now post,
Mr. John C, Beer Is actiinr supurln.
tendent ad Interim until the depurimeli!
appoint? a new man. It is probable that
Mr. Thomas Ridge, the present superili,
tendent, ut Knoxville, muy succeed Mr,
Mrs. Liny Wlnno, tho aged mother of
the lato Mr. Robert Wlnno. and Mr. Ro?
bert Wlnno. Jr., a young man <>C twenty
five, oro both dangerously 111 ul their
home in Crab Neck. Them is but lltUo
hop? ot Uiwir ivcuwry,
Large Barn on the Farm of Mr.
W. E. Gregory, With Two
Fine Horses, Destroyed.
Broad Sttect, Richmond, Wants
Rev. S? C. Matcher?Afternoon
Tea at Country Club.
(Spcclnl to Tho Tlmcs-l'Jlsrwttch.)
PKTKnSBURO, VA? Nov. U.-<Flre
lust night about midnight destroyed the
largo burn on tho farm of Mr. W. K.
Gregory, about two m I los from this city,
in Prince George county. Tho origin of
the fire Is not known. Mr, W. 1C. Per
klr.son, the manager of tho farm, used
his best efforts, bill In vain, to subdue
the flro. Ho succeeded, however, In pre?
venting the destruction of an adjacent
burn and other property. Many farming
Little Miss KUznbeth Watklns Drewry,
dnughter of Dr. nnd Mrs. W. ?.
Drewry, who unveiled the tablet
to Revolutionary heroes In Old
Blnndford Church.
Implements nnd ? considerable quantity
of provender nnd two fine horses wer,??
burned. The loss Is about $2,000, with
very litio Insurance.
Judge Hancock this morning continued
the case of Collier against tho Virginia
Passenger and Power Company until
Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock. Judge
Hnncock Is lightly Indisposed.
Tho October term of the Corporation
Court adjourned to-day for the term.
The November term will begin next
Thursday, the 10th.
Rev. Father Sullivan, who' conducted
the mission In this city several months
ago nt St. Joseph;? Catholic Church, will
preach nt that church to-morrow, morn?
ing and evening. '
Mr. and Mrs. John McS. Buehanun have
Issued Invitations to the marriage of
their daughter. Miss Susie Austin Buch?
anan, to Mr. Edward Gaston Russell,
of Washington, D. C. The wedding will
take, placn Wednesday, November ?iHh,
ut tho residence of the bride's parents,
on Tnbb Street.
Mr. K. Gill Hinton is quite sick with
fever at his home, oil Tllnton Street, In
this city..
Probably Rev. S. C. Hatcher, pastor
of Market Street Methodst Church, or
Rev. George B. Booker, pastor of High
Street Methodist Church, will bo re
moved by tho Virginia Conference at
its present session and transferred to
some other church. It Is genernlly known
that Broad Street Church, Richmond, le
very anxious to have Mr. Hatcher as
r.nfctor. Rev. R. T. Wilson, presiding eld?
er of this district, was waited on by a
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large delegation from Wesley Method 1st
Church and requested to' exert his Influ?
ence to retain Rev. ,1. A. Thomas as
pestor of this church,
The usual Saturday afternoon ten was
ssrved at tho Country Club this after?
noon. Among Hie young ladies ?issisiinni
were Mlsnes Jon Mcllwnlne, Lucy MC?
llwnlne, Lucy Prlend, Martha Collier,
Anulo Gill, Berta Gill, Julia Iludd, Jeso
phlnn Budd, Mary Beasley, Helen Ven?
ablo, Gerald 1'ryor. Mary Kilon Wliytc,
Misa Thompson, Ml?? Annie WIILson,
Mlf? Mnry Q, Gllllnin, Miss Louise Jones,
Miss Rosa LunSford, Miss Virginia Mc
Kenn?y. Mies Mary Pettcson.
Tho list of delinquent land and insol?
vent capitation and properly tax was.
entered In the clerk's ofTleo yesterday
nnd allowed by tho court. The d?linquant'
list on property Is $G*? In excess of last
year's and the capitation tax Is much
smaller, due perhaps to the removal from
the city of (t large number ol negroes.
Quintan and Wall Minstrels will play
nt the Academy of Music In' this city ?
November l?th,
The remains of Mrs. Mariha Morton,
tv Ido w of tho lato ?. L. Morton, for-|
merly Of Petersburg, wet'b brought to
this city to-day ,for Interment. M,"rs. ?
Morton died at the homo of her eon, Mr, '
'J'. I,, Morton, In Savannah, Go.
Hunting Accident.
(Spechil lo The Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
WVTIir.\'II.I,H, VA., Nov. U.?Jamen j
C. Patterson; a young fnnner, accident- !
ally shot himself nt his home, In Crock?
ett's Covo, Wythe county. While load- '
log his shotgun It fell ncrosa tho log
against which It wns standing and I
was discharged.
TJio load lore tho flesh from acroes lila
chest,, but penetrated no vital part.
News from Ivanliuo to-night Is thai
Bessie WnrnOr, who was burned Mon?
day, Is still living. Her ?Bath has hourly
been expected wince the accident.
Picture of the Tablet Unveiled In Old Blnndford Church by the Francis Bland
Chapter, Daughters of the Ameri can Revolution, last Thursday, In
honor of the memory of the heroes of tho Revolution.
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