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mond and Virginia is
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The Weather.
WASHINGTON, Doc. lS.-Forecast for
?Sttiuttluy nnd Sunday:
Virginla-Furtly cloudy and warmer
statuiti'..y ; nosh to brisk northeast tu
?oujiouhi w.n?3 on tlio eon^t, Itulrt In
Ill ght and Bin.u.ty, except probably snow
fu extremo western portion.
North Carol.mi?Kn Ir, warmer Saturday;
rain at. night on Sunday; fresh to brisk
northeast to southeast winds.
i;ool bracing weather continued during
yesterday, the low tempe aturo ? osi.lt.ng
in ttiich ico on tho various ponda niir
rounding ? he diy, und Ilio conteiiuent de.
lieht? ut ?Hilling,
t ?. M.;. 28
XI ?.?it
? P. M.,. ?J
b P. M.-?2
? V. M.31.
U Midnight .'.?._*
Average .?IJ ?-?
Highest temperature yesterday .?!?
Lowest temperatura yesterday. --
Mean temperature ycMetvay. ?J
Murami temperature for December.... 10
?>eparuire irom normal temperature.... 11
aVieelpllatlon during past ill hour?. U
December IU. 1903.
Bun rises.7:21 I II.Oil TIDE.
bun tots.4:63 I .Morning.?:?
Moon sots.b:? ) Evening..6.08
The House secures the wlilphnml of thc
Senato?UH to break the Baylor Survey
Is killed; no oyster legislation expecte] ?it
tills session of tho Legislature????????
comes cd election ca?o te.erred to a ?..b
cominltti.e of three, which will visit lini
?easlde e.ly and ta.io evidence?(jovernor
HiKiis the i.lll approprio lug $?0?? lor a
t?tulo biil.'ding tu Sf. Zaun?ideali o?
Jtiev. iinriioy Cafmlchacl?Funeral of
iiiiijor Hkmkcr this afternoon?Splendid
?ddres.s of Mlshbp Randolph l.ctofe the
Virgin a Historical Society-North Caro
Unlai.s form n Boc.ety-Negro killed by ii.
fall at the lUnci Richmond?The, ?ocal
club bill us amenace!?ito*. John Hai,non
to preach to veterans?1-cc Cam? pro?
tests against Ihe Hlxey bill, and will ask
that It be withdrawn-.Mayor ??? oves
oralnnnce raising tho salaries of ilio c.ty
judges-Slid man winner In the pool
tournament. Manchi.steh.-Mi-. ?. M;
INunnally is elected city auditor?Hcs'jU
tlons of respect lor the memory of thu
laic Mr. John VV. Hall?Roar?! of Aldov".
men meo s-? Session of tho assembly
Tuesday night to pas.? thg rcappofuof.merit
ordinance,?? wedding announerneiu
Ht'ptatojihs eitel ullicera?Oltirera of thc
C?d ? Fellows?Condition of Mrs. Basa
John Ward Adklns, fugitive for murder,
v.-lio escaped f om Virginia years ago.
/He? In Tenncaeeo?DaUrih.e.s of t..o
Cun.ederucy at Lexington yet out a bund.
como booklet-ico seventeen Inches
thick icpor'.ed ;n Highland county-n?v,
ijr. Mercer ?'. Doitiin, ol WythevJlle, de?
cline.? a ca.l?? six year old ooy n,.ot in
the uye, nt Cascade with a rille-Thu
town sergeant of Wllllamsburg exur.er.it.
co irom tho charge of ururitenness
j.'rcderleksLurg City Council elects several
tew urlleers-S, M; Boiling, new suporin
i? .dent of the penitent a.y, redigi.? us
cierk ?G Uedlord to Mil his new oiiKu
? fcox kite Hying machine, with sieani
engine -given u. auect?atul trial at Kilty
i_mwK. a lonely point on the North enru
??.,a coast, und ?eporleil troni Norfolk
-HAlV-r? thn ua-oa-e-laaHoTi of Ck-rk-Alvaii
n. iiinrL.n, of Nur.oik county, an intor?
batine but rather hazy report-A pa.ly
r?f (?oven Congrep.suien ? speak at Porls
inoutn In the interest ?l the Jamohtown
North Carolina.
" The Supremo Court. In the Biggs
case delinea- what tho prietlce of
n.edlelne Bhall mean-A knife and fist
light, ,n which young man ni (tree..sboro,
stood up against coiil steel successfully
w.th only his bate kni.ckli.-s?'flic preva?
lence of srnal.pox in uavldHun county
\..u hardly interfere with seeming the
cotton crops-Canned ti.at two deajji:?
oecu.red irom vaccinatioil-Jutlgo,.S)nisv
ot Luuiiu, to sit In Norfolk eounty-t?,
t l?ty candidates go heioce the medical
?.card. In kynebburg.
Strength of steel stocV? on determina?
tion ?? the bhlet pool io main.a.n prn.es
has a sustaining Innuejice on fi.e wno.e
1 st, and sio;.s ilio backward tendency of
price?btnaior Daniel makes u speech
or. tho aii.on of ndminJsini.iun m ccg
? z.iig new icpubllc oi fanaum, which is
listened to wiin closest attention a..d :?
icatere of day's session of the Sonate
Ir. executive session of Senate i.ow uo.ty
wjlh China is ratllied wuhoi.t division?
Death In lijgorstown, Maryland of Gen?
eral Henry Kyd Douglas?eommumluiit
*.?? ou, o? tau United States Marino!
corps, may be dle/'alclied to Panama o.i
Dixie if the situation betv>eon t.iis country
and Colombia does noi assume a m?'tio
truel aspect-Colombia is (.elerniined to
iiecia e war, If sne falls to obtain sat.s
juctlon from this government oi tluougn
ur..itiat,oa nt 'the Hague trillili.?U
Weekly Hade reUew reports generally
good Holiday business in till lines?Bal?
umoso North Carolina Soc ely holds us
r.;.nu?| cetODriUlon?Ceiebralion of tl.o
purchase of Unilslann tenitory Is beatili
in New urle-aiiH with naval review and
grand bu.* ?l'i,"Stottlee frauds and requet
lor full information ofi tlio euoject are
matter? of discu-siun in tho Houa?.
(By Associated Press.)
NEW OULEANS. Dee. 18.-Favorcd
wILh ideal weather, which made tho
naval review on tho river a brilliant
function, tho series ot thr?o days' cele?
brations In commemoration of tho trans?
fer of tho province of Louisiana from
Franco to the Un.'teil States was Inaugu.
rated to-day, it was In Now Orleans
on Decomber 20th, a century ago, that
the tlramntlo scene was enacted which
gave tho American republic an empire,
and to-morrow, in the same room of the
Cabildo, In which Governor Clalhorne ami
General Wilkinson reco:Ved the transfer
of the mighty territory which, onli|
twenty days before tha French had ac?
cepted from Spain. The events of that
memorable act will have a ceremonial
Tl'jJ social event of Hie celebration was
tho ball given to-n"ght In thu French
Opera Houso which the naval olllcers,
the French ambassador, the Spanish cou
nul, Presldont Francis and party, the
Governor, Mnyor Slate and city officials
nnd society Madera of New Orleans, und
ti number of other cities attended.
Tlio grand ontree, which opened the
ball, gave tho effect of a brill Ulli I court
iocept:'on, tho marchers being dressed in
the costume of colonial days. Fifty cou
plea danced a minuet and gavotte. An
elaborate sorles of ceremonies Ima been
arranged for to-morrow.
(Speo'al to The Times-Dispatch.) '
BADT MORD MD., Deo. IS.-Slmon
J'iasintin was convicted In the Criminal
Court to-day of the larceny of ?G50 (rom
Robert R. Johnson, of Richmond, ?a?
? Johnson caino T.oro from Virginia with
money, to buy a bakery. While looking
over the Held, he eg.stered nt ? fifty
cent per day hostelry. Ho got knock-out
drops and lost his seimea ior twelve
liours and aleo his iiiW,
Transportation Compa?
nies Not Liberal.
Exposition Company Will Have
to Hustle During Next
Ten Days.
It is Learned, However, That
the Companies Agree to Take
Only One Hundred Thou?
sand Dollars of Stock.
Much More to be Dis?
posed ' of.
(Prom Our Regular Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON. D. C.. Dec. 18.?The
crfort to have the transportation lines of
Virginia assure the hucci-sh of tho James?
town Exposition by subscribing to the
stock of the Exposition Company a suf?
ficient p?p? to niako up the million dol?
lars without which the State appropria?
tion or t2c>,000 Is unavailable has failed.
Representatives of fourteen railway and
steamboat lines met here to-day, and,
after hours of deliberation, agreed to
subscribe ono hundred thousand dollars to
the enterprise.
A string was attached to even this small
r. niount, as It is to be given, provided that
It will assure the success of thc enter?
The conference was held at tho Ral?
eigh Hotel, judge Degli R. Watts, gen?
eral counsel of tho Seaboard Air Dino,
presided. In the conference were many of
Ihr best known railway men In Virginia,
Including Messrs. Alexnnder Hamilton,
of tho Atlantic Coast Line; President L.
E. Johnson, of the Norfolk and Western;
A. li. Andrew?, one of the vice-presidents
of the Southern; President YV. D. Gu;l
luudcu, of the Old Dominion Steamship
Company;1 trvlngv Welsigar, president-o?
the, .Virginia Navigation Company; R. 13.
Ccnke, of Norfolk, representing the New
Vork, Philadelphia and Norfolk; Mr. De?
vant, the Norfolk and Western; John R.
Sherwood, of tho Baltimore Steam.Packet
Company; General Manugcr J. M. Barr,
of the Seaboard Air Lino, and several
Tl.o session began about noon at the
Raleigh. Soon after the conference was
convened. General Eltzhugh Leo appeared
and made an address, In which he urged
the companies to respond as liberally as j
they could, and make tho scheme of a ?
?reat Exposition on Hampton Roads to
celebrate the foundation of the first I
?ingle-Saxon settlement in the new world
a success. He was followed by Mr. Theo
dort Wool, of Portsmouth, one of the
viie-presldent.s ot thc Exposition; O. D.
Bachelor, of Newport News, of the Ex?
ecutive Committee, and P. S. Southgate,
of Norfolk, also an official of the com?
pany. G
The addresses of representatives of tho
Exposition Compnny consumed about an
hour. At 2 o'clock the conference took a
recess until -8 for luncheon. The session
wai' then resumed, and with the exception
of an intermission of half an hour, i>e
transportation men were In continuous
session until about 8 o'clock to-night.
None of the members of the conference
would give out nny Informinoti us to
what had been agreed upon, or even, that
an agreement had .been reached us to
anything, but tho foregoing Is a correct
summarization of the work done.
Summed up, the situation seems to be
that If tho Exposition Company can
raise upwards of two hundred thousand
dollars In ten days, there w 1. be an Ex?
Colonel James S. Browning, of Pncn
hontas, and ono of tho leading? Republl
Four of the Pupils? Are Killed
and a Large Number of
Others Injured.
(By Associated Press,)
NA8HV1DDJ3, TENN., Deo. 18,-Fotir
persons aro known to have been kllloil
anil perhaps thirty othors Injured, twelve
of thorn seriously, In a flro hore to?
night, which has consumed tho Central
Tennesseo Collogo for Young Negro Wo
mon, a department of the Waldon Uni?
versity, It is possible that the ruins may
contain tho bodies of other victims, Tho
properly loss Is estimated at $'?"?,000,
The known dead are; SWilu Atldlaon,
Port Gibson, Miss.; Mary Moore. Hunts
villo, Ala.?, B-iUlo Dao. Hopklnsvlllo, Ky.;
Nannie Johnson, Hattlosburg, Miss.
fatally injurod: Eleanor Mooro (white),
preceptresa, Chicago.
Pire brolle out about UiOa o'clock. The
building was four stories high without firo
escupes, it was occupied by about sixty
studente, who were usleep when the
alarm was given. Tho wltuest panic on?
supd, tho women and g.rls rushing,
Renaming to tho windows, from which
tliey Jumped In droves, tho dead and im
jured lying In heaps where they fell to
'be fallen upon by those following them.
Every ambulance In the city was soon
on the scene, and tho Injured wore hur?
ried to hospitals. When the flames wore
fust discovered they seemed to entirely
envelop tho bullding und It Is considered
uimost certain that some of the terrorized
occupants were overcomo by the smoke
bet?re reuchlne the vlnaowa,
cans |n Virginia, though ho Is hardly In
good standing with tho Pr?sident, owing:
to his optspoken criticism of the a<1?>
mlntstralfon of? President Roosevelt, saw
the.President to-day in behalf of Mrs, J".
Hamilton Hoge, who wants to succeed
Postmnsler Elliott, nt -Blacksburg. Tho
colonel did not recolvo any encourage?
ment. It Is pretty well understood Lhut
whatever Representative Slemp says
about, nppolnlmonts to Federal. ofllcoa
In Virginia gocR with tho President,
Senator Hoar has a long memory for
nffronla to him or hie friends, Tho
remark Is suggested by nn Incident which
Is being talked about the Capitol to-day.
On yesterday Senator Mitchell, of Ore?
gon, nnd Mr. Scott, tho editor of a paper
published at Portland, In that Stato, were
In the Senate elevator at tho Capitol,
whoii Senator Hoar entered.
"Senutor Hoar," said Senator Mitchell,'
"allow mu' to present Air. Scott, otlltor
The Massachusetts senator made somo
kind of a bow and put his hand behind
hime, while Mr. Scott extended hfs.
There was some embarrassment mani?
fested by all three ?G tho gentlemen,
ami the elevator had not proceeded far
when Mr. Hoar exclaimed:
"I will tell you, Mr. Scott, why I do
not offer'you my hand. Some years ago
yon fa Id. In your paper, that my old
frlentl, Senator Morrlll. of Vermont, had
been living several years to savo funeral
"I have no recollection of any such
publication," replied Mn Scott.
"But you arc,the editor of tho paper,
are you not?" asked the senator, "and
are you not responsible for what appears
In it?." .
."I,am," replied Mr. Scott.
"Then, sir. I shall not shake .your
hand," replied the venerable senator.
Thereupon he turned his back on the
Oregon editor ami th-s Oregon editor
turned his back on the Missachusetts
senator, and there was no further'word
from cither until Senator Hoar had left
them, when they had gotten out of the
The State Committee Refers the
Election Contest to a Sub
Captain Dcy Had Them, But He
Brought Them Back?Sub?
committee Named.
After wrestling patiently with tho con?
tesi growing out of tho primary election
ir. Norfolk city, held on October 13th,
the State Central Democratic Committee
ut 2 P. ?L yesterday discovered what it
might havo ascertained at first?that It
would bo unfair to admit affidavits for
one side without giving the opposing side
opportunity to rebut them and to cross
examine affiants?and It accordingly* de?
termined to leave the taking of further
testimony to a subcommittee who shall
sit In Norfolk for tho convenience of all
parties, and meanwhile to adjourn until
nach subcommittee Is ready to lay be?
fore tho full committee tho evidence In
the case. With tho adoption of a roso
lulion offered by Hon. D. Q. Eggleston.
embodying this plan, tho committee there?
upon adjourned, subject to the call of tho
The Subcommittee.
Chairman Ellyson named as tho sub?
committee to take evidence, Messrs.
Lioyd T. Smith, First District; Robert
Ci-llani and A. D. Watkins, Fourth Dis?
trict. The tally sheets and all thc docu?
mentary evidence was turned over to their
custody. It Is understood that It will
be a month or two before this subcom- '
inlttec Is ready to report. Meanwhile,
thn decision of tho question as to who
are the legally elected members of tho
City Democratic Executlvo Committee of
NerColk will remain undetermined, with
the Dey faeton eontrollng nd Interim.
The agreement of the State Cintra!'Coro?
nili tee was satisfactory to both parlies,
who, by accepting It, agree to share be?
tween them tho expenses Incident to tlio
(Continued on Eighth Page.)
Nine Million Dollars Turned
Over to Pope Pius by Car?
dinal Gotti.
(By Associated Press.) ?
ROME, Dec. IS,?According to tho Tri?
buna, the Vatican had sudden wealth
poured into Its coffers to-duy.
Cardinal Gotti, protect of the propa?
ganda, accompanied by Monsignor Mar?
zolini, ono of tho late Pope's secretaries,
drove to tlio Vatican to-day anil carried
a mysterious package to tho apartment
of Popo Pi'us, Tlwy were Immediately
admitted, and remained for two hours,
Intense curiosity was nrousod by this
act, and It became known that the bag
contained tt.W.W franca-*!i,0??,OV In
bank notes. When Cardinal datti en
'ered tho presence of the Popo ho sank
to his knees, and, pointing to hie bur?
den, said:
"Your Holiness, the lamented Deo. Just
before his death, confided to me tha?
moKi>y which I now lay at your feet,
suylng that If I succeeded him l was to
use it as I thought best, but that If an?
other took his place I was to turn the
money over to him after a period of four
months had elapsed. This I now do in
the pr?senos of Monsignor Marzolini, who
has been the only other person to share
the Secret."
Tho Pope was much affected,
Tho Tribuna goaa on to relate that
Just about the time this scene was being
enacted in tho Papal apartments an olee
irrelati, while removing th? hangings In
ti.o late Pope Leo's chambers, In order
to get at tho oiectrlc light wlrco, found.
|n a hole In the wall several bags, which
were carelessly tied, Thcs.a bags, when
opened, wore found to contain ?.?W.OO?
mue? QkW>m%
The Baylor Survey Not
tobe Broken?s Yet.
'KEc-Z?ll'S BILL
The Senate Refused to Pass It
?by a Vote of Twenty to
It Will Not Make Its Appearance
.'Again During the Present
Legislature?A Fine Argu?
ment Made by Mr. Sears
, Against Its. Consti?
After one of the longest and liveliest
seasons In its history, the Senate uf Vir?
ginia laie yerfteruay. u'liernuun t-jjecied
the Keezell substituto, and under tho
form of. recommittal, sent;Into the sleep
that knowa.no waking? tho original bul
drawn by Messrs. Jordan' und Cardwell,
designed Lo break the Baylor geodetic
The debate leading up to this action
was notable In many respects. A bril?
liant argument against the oyster billa
from the young senator from Mathews
consumed the better portion of the ses?
sion, and then the Keezell ? substitute
went to Its death. The opponents of the
Jordan-Card well bill w?r? Jubilant, and
In tho contempiatlon ??.??f strength they
mustered?SO to 11?were 'ijroparing for a
toothsome meal .over .who), was left of
tho attempted oyster legislation. But
this sweetest fruit of their,triumph was
to be denied? them, tho?gji they fought
bitterly to grasp It. -Distinguished isena
tors who favored the;pj.ncipie Iti the
oyster bill, but not tho''methods It em?
bodied, refused.to havo the Senate abso?
lutely defeat It In a'vote, and after .a
brisk debate, :in" ? tho course of 'which
there wero a number otlanirp...tilts, suc?
ceeded in, having? It rccoiAmitted. There
; It will sleep, to'wake no- rimi?/ '- .
Thus ends the oyster fight'' with, tho
bill pigeon-holed In a committee that; at
the end.of the:session, Is utterly.power?
less to touch, tt. ; Tl>3 fight will be.up"-ln
the new, Legislature, and one of the
charges.'made yesterday was that the
Tidewater people wanted to defoat the
bill on an actual voto beforo the Senate
so as. to use this? fact:as an argument
before the'pew body.
Botli hous.33 spent busy days, and both
adopted the'conference report on social
clubs. The Senate also passed an
amended fence law and transacted a
number of other matters.
. In, the .-.House the measure conferring
additional powers on the police board
of Richmond was passed.
Session of the Senate.
Business was delayed until 10:i5, when
the calendar was taken up, and by unani?
mous vote of the members p.esent con?
curred in the House amendment to Sen?
ate bill No. 370?To amend and re-enuel
section 1?3 of an act to raise revenue
lor support of government and free
schools. "Several bills wore called und
were tempo arlly passed by.
House bill No. 408, providing. for the
appointment of police Justices, their pow
?ers etc., was token up and pnsaeu, a.ter
which .Senator Cogbill, of Cheaiortleld.
succeeded 1n culling uu out of ,ts special
order ilou;e bill No. 207, to nmond sect-on
' 'Ai4S, in reference to ihe fence law. Tho
! odi with Mr. Cogbill's amendments,
leaves It possible for the Supervisors of a
county of Lhoii' on moilon to declare tho
boundary of any tract of land, and change
the fence law, If necessary, But It goes to
step larther ?nd compels thu board to
take such action upon npphcat.on of. a
(Continued on Eighth Page.)
The Christmas issue of the
Sunday Times-Dispatch will
surpass any holiday edition
ever gotten out in Richmond.
It will not only be one of the
largest, but will be the best.
Every department will be
up to the usual high standard,
the news of the world will be
thoroughly covered, the illus?
trations will be even more at?
tractive than usual, and there
will be a full page Christmas
illustration in colors.
It will be a Christmas paper.
There will be holiday features
of special interest to men, wo?
men and children, Distin?
guished men will discuss thc
beauties and the practical les?
sons of Christinas; there will
be several pages of letters to
Santa Claus from our boys
and girls; on the Woman's
and Society pages will be
found matters to engage the
attention of every feminine
reader, and there will be spe?
cial articles of local, State and
national interest,
If you want a complete
newspaper and magazine com?
bined, don't fail to get the
Distinguished Confederate Of
' ficer Passes Away After
a Long Illness..
Rose From Private'in Ranks to
, . be an Officer on Stonewall
;?- Jackson's Staff.
CBy Associated Press.)
HAC5ERS?OWN, MD.. Dec. l8.-Gonoral
Henry Kyd Douglas, tho noted Confeder?
ate officer, author, public speaker and
Jurist, died at S o'clock to-night nt his
homo "In this'city. ? ????'?
Several. years ago,'his health'became
Impaired, and ho so fully, realized his
condition that ho sought.strength by fro- j
' quent trips' North und South; He, how- j
over, gradually grew worse, and since last
summer, was confined to his houso. For a ,
month, he had been In a'critical condition.
The end was peaceful, and ho died sur- |
rounded by his relatives. General Doug?
las was a bachelor.
Sketch of His Life.
Henry Kyd Douglas was born at Shop- :
herdstown. W. Va., September 2'J, l?4j. Ho
was educated at Franklin and Marshall
College, Lancaster. Pa,, and at his g ttd
uatloiv received his d.plonia_ from tlio
hands of James Buchanan, then Presi?
dent of tho United States.
Afterward he attended thc Law Uni- '
vorsltv, at Lexington, Va., and graduated
Eton? that Institution with high honors.
After completing ills law course he went
to St. Louis. Mo,.' and engaged In the '
practice of law, but did not remain them '
long. When the civil war broke out and
his native State (Virginia) seceded from
tho Union, young Douglas, fired by the
nmbltion to become a soldier, returned
homo and enlisted as a private In Ihn
Confederate army. Prom the ranks of
Company B, Second Virginia Hoglmcnt,
(Continued on Third Pago.)
More Damaging Facts Drought
Out in Ship-Building Re?
ceivership Case.
(Dy Associated Press,)
NBW YORK, Dee, is.?Only a few nudi
tors wero present when the hearing of
the United Slutos Shipbuilding .receiver,
ship proceedings wore roaumed to-day,
Mr. Untermyer .continued his examina?
tion of Charles U. Alexander, uf the
firm of Alexander ? Croen.
The hearing opened with a tilt between
Messrs. Gulhrlo and Unterntyer, Mir,
uuilirie rising to stato for Mr. Alexander
that nono of tl.,? e.iblognims which ho
Edit from abroad dtir.'ng ilia summer of
UW'.', In regard to selling securities, re?
ferred to shipbuilding slock, and liuti if
Mi?. Unlermycr desired to "pry Into Mr.
Alexander s priva?.s business aifa.is" the
cablegrams would bo opened to his In?
spection. Mr. Alexander coniinucd his
tucties of declining to answer most ques.
tlons-ubout correspondence, on tho ground
that It wus pr.'vil'-igoil,
Harun itogiilut, ono of tho French un?
derwriters. Mr. Untermyer elicited from
the witness, had complained to Mr. Alex?
ander In Paris thai. John W. Voung had
deceived him about tl.i ahlpbui'ldlng se?
curities, und had assured him that tho
iruuu had been a success, and that, on
account of being so deceived, Huron Hog
nhit declared that ha would not fulfill
hi'a part of tlw agreomont. Mr, Alex.ud
ner said that ho explained to Huron Hog.
nlat that It was customary In America
to udvertieo every Issue of soeurltles u
suceess, and then proceud to sell tho
securities. It was brought out (hat
$?0,000 worth of shl'puulldlng securities
had been set asida for thu purpose, of
BUbtjtaiiing tho l-'reuch yres?, ,t
None Now Exists on Three Im?
portant Sub?
Senate Passes Bills Repealing
Laws in Relation to Eminent
Domain, Corporations, &o.
! A most unique and Interesting situation
has arisen In the General "Assembly, the
effect of which wlll.be to bring the'body
back here after tho Christmas holidays,
or leave tho State without any written
law on ? tho subjects, the right of emi?
nent domain and public service corpora?
tions, and probably lnsurunco, unless
the Houso shall decide to rotruco its steps
and help the Senate out of a dilemma In
?which tho latter body has unwittingly
gotten Itself.
The Keviston Commltteo prepared and
reported bills covering ovcry phnso of
these three subjects, und nlohg with them
i\mo mensures repealing all laws in com
fltot with them. The Houso passed all
thine of these bills along with the com?
panion ones tor tho repeal of conflicting
statutes. They all went to the Senate,
where tho principal measures are now
pei.riing, but the repeal bills were ullow
cil to.pass In their regular order with?
out objection. The Publie Sovlco Cor?
poration bill nnd that relating to the
right of eminent domain are In the Com?
mittee for Courts of Justlco and tlio In?
surance mensuro was defeated, recon?
sidered and recommitted to tho same com.
The Se?alo yesterday pnssed under sus?
pension of its rules, bills to repeal thoso
already passed by both houses repealing
the statutes referred to above, but In?
stead of being acted upon by tho Houso
that body referred them to ? ho Commltteo
on Itontls.
Mr. Churchman, tho chairman ot tho
(Continued on Third Pago.)
Commandant of Marino Corps
to be Sent to Seat of
(By Associated Pross.)
WASHINGTON, ioc IS.?After a con?
ference lo-duy between Soerotary Moody,
Rear Admiral Taylor, chlof of the Bureau
of Navigation, und HrlBUtllor-Geuerul
George Elliott, commandant of tlw ma?
rine corps. It was decided that If ,present
conditions on the Isthmus ot Cannimi
continue Qonarnl Etilati will will for
Colini on the Dixie irom Philadelphia
when that vensul goes south with the
new battalion of mur.'nos, which lias been
ordered nsseiiil.leil at Philadelphia tor
dispatch to the Isthmus. Tho Dlxlo is
now on hor wuy north for tills purpose.
G. moral Elliott has beep anxious for
some days to be given a Held command,
unii It ?? thn present Intention of the
Officials to gr.uu his request.
It la said at tho Navy Department to?
day that in vJfcSy of the growing complica?
tions over th.? Panama situation, It was
?Oadvlsable longer lo announce the plans
of tho Department with the freedom
shown during tho lust few weeks, and for
that reason a cablegram roeelved to-day
from Rear Admiral Coghlan was not
made public.
(Vr ?<?...?? ??0 I'm'?*,I
WASHINGTON,. D. C. Dec. lS.?Tho
'Kei.utu today passed a hill providing fur
tho construction of a light bouse at Diu
rvonq Shoal ou the cou*i of North iiun
He Addresses Senate on
Panama Situation
The Closest Attention Accorded
Speech, Which Occupied
More Than an Hour.
Declares That the United States?
Rushed to Aid of New Re- )
public. Though,. Like Rich?
ard III., It Had ?om.e Into '
"This Breathing World
Scarce Half Made Up." '
"(From Our Rogulttr Correspondent)
WASHINGTON, D. C, Doc. 18.-T1W,
Epecch of Senator Daniel, In support ot
tho Hoar resolution, calling on the PreeU
dent for all tho Information In the posses
sion of this government regarding tho
part taken by the United States In the
Panama revolution, was tho : feature o?
tlio session of the Sonato to-day. .,. '
Senator Daniel's was tho first ^speeds
which has sought to present in consecu?
tive order the events preceding the decla- ,
ration of the independence of the republic
of Panama, and recognition .Immediately^
accorded It by this government, together
will, tho action of tho United States in,
Interfering to prevent? Colombia from
landing troops In tier own territory. Ho'
spoke for over an,hour and recelve'd tho,
clcsest attention of senators on both'sides??;
ot the chamber and of the gallerlt% It
was not an oration, but moro of a legal j
argument, such as would-be mado by a1
great constitutional lawyer.
There were no outbursts, no flights Of
elonuouco, no violent denunciation of the -
administration for Us coursQ; irtjho piwrr?.
if.es. it'was just such, an argumeht?.as'
the senator makes when ho uddresses a '
Jury, and a jury would not have given
closer attention than was given him by
his audience.
Very Nervous.
Senator Daniel, In opening his speech,''
said that the Panama Canal iroaty had',
been discussed by tho President In hla
message amply In some respects, but
scantily In others. Senator Cullom, oC
Illinois, Interrupted him to remark that
as the treaty had not .been acted on by'
the Committee on Foreign Relations, It
was hardly a proper subject of discus?
sion. >'? '?
"There Is so much nervousness on th?'
other side over any Inquiry," said Sena?
tor Daniel, "us tu cause them to jump
b<:iore they have been spurred."
Senator Daniel said he did not want
to seo the United States fnvolved In war
with either Colombia or Franco, nnd lie
dttclnred in a humorous way that he was
inclined to take with a grain of salt the
story mid ip tho dispatches of a few days
jg<", In which acting Secrotary Loomls
and Minister Bunuu-Varilla, In speeches
in New York, hud more than hinted that
out for the action of the admlnistraUon
In li. icrposing to recognize the IndepenoV r
enee of Panama republlo, thero might '
have been war with the countries named,
'.'Agitator, stump-speaker and promoter'*
was tho waj In which the senator referred
to Bunnu-S'aiillti.
.Mr. Daniel said of him that while it Is,
true that nil men play many parts In the'
course of their livos. that gentleman had
"played more parts In a shorter time
than any other actor who had challenged;
favor from back of the footlights."
Grain of Salt.
Takl?ig up tho resolution, ho said that'
he did not want to seo the Unltod Statee
Involved In war. either with France ou
with Colombia, and ho was inclined ta
accept with a grain ot salt the sensa
lloniil hendimos printed in the par-ars
yesterday over tho speoches of Acting
Secretary Loomls and Minister Bunau?
Varilla, Somo people, ho said, seek to re?
establish a wide open republlo, as If some
prodigious Tammany wore about to take
possession of the country, and they are
HliakhiR? their red llghtsi from many
frt? contended that the Independence
of Panama had not been woll established,
as has been stated, nnd In this connec?
tlon called attention to Hie fact that the
country has no constitution. '
Mr, Daniel said ho knew of no ro
riulr.iment In International law for tho
recognition of a new government before
It wiH formed.
Things wore happening In Washington
bol'oro there was anything do'ng on tha
(Stlim?S. When, where and nt what time,
he asked, limi Ilio Unltod States under,
taken to send our forces to the border
of any country to prevent that country
from keeping r-sace In Us own territory?
There was not at that time oven the
Kenn or a republic? not even the phantom
of ? republic, Indeed, he declared, tho
Unltod States bul rushed le the aid pf
tho new republlo, notwithstanding that,
111, o Richard 111., It had come into "this v
breathing world sonico half made up."
"It was not the St'ito of Panama that
Organised tho revolution." said Mr. Dan?
iel, "It was tho city and not tho State
thai Is responsible for the outbreak of
the revolution on the Isthmus. It was
the niunlclpsl ol?c?rs, hor common coun
c'Uors. and her citizens that orginlzed
the Fccesslon. Without delay an am?
ImHsmloi? was appointed to this country,
ami If that new runubl'o bad any Inde?
pendence It w.is soon snuffed out by tho
acts of that ambassador."
Uo declared that the populace of tha
United States fhoulil not allow thelf
serenity to be dUtuibod by a roinietor
from, Panama, flitting from place to placu
and commenting unoti Colombia's atti?
llalo G? unfavorable terms. Ho hopetf
that In this natter tho Tnlied St'ile.?
would pioce.?il in peace and in ordor,
i'.vi.iillnc nil foreisn oiitutmlementa.
yr, Pulton (.Oregon) mude a woeetb. le

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